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06-29-2012, 10:48 PM
Pearl Guild!
I apologize I didnt read the rules a mod can lock this

Hello, and welcome to Pearl Guild. I am Lopunny. Here all members of the resistance, who want to get away from the darkness, can help defeat it, through missions. We are very small, but I think we can make a big difference! Before you join the Guild allow me to introduce you to everyone here!

Greetings, I am Litwick, Lopunny's assistant. I usually make sure everything is in order. My father was an elite member of the darkness, I disliked his actions, and ran away. Lopunny found me and took me in. If you have any questions you can ask me!

Howdy y'all I'm the nurse of Pearl Guild, but y'all can just call me Chansey. I make sure everyone's feelin' shipshape. When I was a youngin' the darkness stole my egg! I was outraged and alone, until Lopunny came along, and got my egg back! If you ever need some help just come on over to me!

Hello I'm the brains of Pearl Guild, but you can refer to me as Ninetales. I sort through and create the missions. I manage all of the information, of the Darkness, and of the Resistance. When I was young the darkness burnt down my hometown, I swore I'd avenge my hometown, so I joined Pearl Guild. If you ever need to know anything about missions, ask me!

Ummm... Hello... I'm new to Pearl Guild, but I absolutely despise the darkness!!!! I'm the messenger of Pearl Guild, oh yeah and I'm Sentret! I'm usually out delivering, but I'm always back in time for dinner!

The darkness is an evil organization that is trying to destroy the world, and then rebuild it as something they call "Better". Everyone here would agree that the world was "better" before the darkness had to mess everything up. Anyways we need your help to stop the darkness, can you help?

Pearl Guild Application

What Pokemon are you?:
What is your name?:

Accepted Applications:

What Pokemon are you?: I am a Shinx!
What is your name?: My name is Kid
Personality: I am very happy and playful, although I'm very childish. I love fish! My mom always told me I have a short attention span, and I'm very passionate, I want to save my mom more than Anything!!
Bio: I was raised by my mom, she was a fierce battler, so I got a lot of battling experience! One night while I was sleeping a Magmortar of the darkness came in and stole my mom away. From that day I swore I'd get my mom back!


-No God-Modding!!
-No Legends!!
-PE2000 Rp rules apply!!
-Stay Active!!