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Neku Sakuraba
07-01-2012, 04:48 AM
TOME: Terrain Of Magical Expertise is the hottest game in the year 2030. It involves virtual reality gameplay in which you can interact and battle friends and foes. You can make new friends, or new foes here in TOME. Now that you've been introduced here, you need to make a character, give it a power, and get a class before you can interact and battle others! Once you're done, you're all set to chat, interact, and battle! Welcome, to TOME!

--Forward Note--
This takes place 10 years after Alpha and co.'s adventure. If you need a reference, go to Youtube, and search TOME.

This /might be/ a multiple act Role-Play. SU's will be redone after an act finishes.

Act One: TOME Ver. 3.0

TOME is the hottest virtual reality video game of 2030, like explained above. You are a newcommer to TOME, who needs to create a character, get a class, and create a personal class. You can create your character to be whatever you want using the state-of-the-art character creation technology. You can also use a picture as a reference. When you're done creating your character, TOME will automatically assign you a class. Coming from Fighter, Swordsman, Spellcaster, Animalistic, Morphological, and Mechanical. With the classes, there are many abilities, powers, and attributes. Using the Libra System, you can choose up to a selected amount of powers, to make it fair for the other players. There are three areas you can choose when logging in. Sanctuary, Mechcity, and Lavendara. You can decide to do battle against others by sending a Challenge to another player. If you choose to battle using the Grid System, you are fighting in a different series of dimensions so that you can battle, but not disturb others. The battle ends when the opponents thinks that you are too powerful, or when they run out of Hit Points. (<a class="inlineAdmedialink" href="#">HP</a>) Winning a battle using the grid system earns Experience Points (EXP) and the rank of the opponent you just beat. When fighting without the grid, you can fight while in the scenic area of Lavendara, in which it's the only place you can fight without a grid. Fighting without the grid gets you no EXP or a higher rank, just bragging rights. Below explains the three different sections of TOME.

The area in TOME that is used for battles Off Grid and On Grid. It is also used to meet up with certain people before a battle. It is mainly a purple <a class="inlineAdmedialink" href="#">landscape</a>, except for the forest, where you can set up a camp.

The area in TOME that is used for meeting people, chatting, and sometimes battling. Some areas cannot be used for battle because of it's tight spaces, like lots between buildings. Any battles conducted in Mechcity must use the Grid System.

The area in TOME that is used for social interaction and meetings for certain people. Here, you can meet friends or start your own group. Because this is mainly for social interaction, no battles can be conducted here

This is an updated version of TOME, made so that it is harder for Hackers to, well, you know...HACK. Though, there are still some very talented people who use their abilities for the evil hacking. Players are advised to not get into battles against hackers unless they know what they're dealing with.

*Whew* Now that that's out of the way, let me explain some rules.

1. No spamming/flamming/trolling. You know what'll happen if you break this rule.

2. If you want to team up with a particular person who is also in this RP, you must state in a PM to me saying that both you and the other person agree to team up in this RP.

3. No godmodding. Unless you have permission from someone else who wants you too in case they have to go somewhere, but they want their character to be with everyone else's, you must have proof showing that they are allowing you to because they are going on vacation, have something important, etc.

4. No RP'ing here unless you already signed up and were approved. Everyone should know this rule. xD

5. Well...this is the most important rule...are you ready?

Now, here's the sign-up sheet and explanation:
Character's Username:
Personal Power:

Character's Username, Gender, and Description should be self-explanatory.

Class is where you put one of the six from above. To re-cap, it's Fighter, Spellcaster, Swordsman, Animalistic, Morphological, and Mechanical.

Abilities is where you list any powers/abilities your character has. Let's make the amount six and you need at least one good sentence to go along with it. Some have exceptions, like a basic shield attack.

Personal Power is where you choose a name for your group of powers. Choose your powers as if they were themed and choose a name that would fit it.

Here's what the sign-up should look like:
Character's Username: Polsifer
Class: Spellcaster
Gender: Male
Description: Polsifer is usually seen with one of those fake wizard robes, to make him seem weak. In battle, his gear becomes more light, having mainly the color black with streaks of brown in different places.
Abilities: Hyratio's Protection: The basic shield for Polsifer that surrounds his whole body
Flare Blast: A fireball projectile that goes off and hits the opponent.
Hydro Sneak: Polsifer turns into pure H2O, sneaks up behind the opponent, and strikes without warning
Skill/Ability 4
Skill/Ability 5
Skill/Ability 6
Personal Power: History

Have fun!

Neku Sakuraba
07-01-2012, 04:57 AM



07-01-2012, 08:19 AM
Here's my character. I decided to put some self-damage on his Greater familiars and penalised his pure offensive strenght to balance him out :L

Character's Username: Overlord
Class: Spellcaster
Gender: Male

Description: Overlord appears as what is best described as a 'Winged Demon'. He has a muscular underbody, that is shapen like that of a satyr; Save that he has no fur and has clawed feet instead of hooves. He wears a short, bulky, black chainskirt. His muscles lie clearly visible under his rugged, red demon skin. He has a broad upperbody and wears several thin golden chains around his body, all with amulets or charms of different sizes, shapes and colors hanging on them. A big red eye-shaped gemwith a black iris hangs on a thick golden chainnecklace. His head bears two massive boney horns on his forehead, that first go a bit forward, then strongly curve upwards; His left horn is bigger then the right horn, and appears to cover his left eye. His head is generally human-shaped. He also has Two big, black webbed wings as those of a gargoyle statue. He has a thin, but long red tail with a piece of fur on the end. Several black, small and thin horn-shaped spikes run along his spine, curved upwards towards his head.

-Lucifer Fire; Basic Fire/Shadow magic attack. Fires a magic-charged piece of brimstone that can either turn into a fireball to strike with fire element, Or be infested with a curse and turn into a mass of shadow energy to strike with darkness element.
-Charge; Overlord charges at the enemy, attempting to gore them with his horns, throwing them on his upwards-spiked back afterwards to cut his unlucky victim as he slides off. Overlord is really weak in melee though, and this move is only used to look intimidating.
-Re´ncarnation; Overlord's signature ability. His challengers are often surprised when a seemingly more powerful Overlord rises back up his feet after he was presumed to be defeated. Because he mainly focuses on summoning and re´ncarnating, he's very weak on his own offense.
-Lesser familiars; Overlord summons or creates small critters, such as imps, bats, minor succubi, ... They are weak, but have strength in numbers. Overlord can drain the HP of fire/shadow-elemental enemies in order to create stronger versions of these.
-Greater familiar; Overlord sacrifices a part of his own HP or his lesser familiars to summon a powerful beast, such as a Fire golem, Hell Hound, Greater succubus, ... Also works to summon a weaker, firey clone of anyone defeated in the current match.
-Minion blades; Summon a pair of haunted weapons (Blades, spears, axes...) to strike and attack any enemies. Overlord can also use one of these as a personal weapon.

Personal Power: Summoning

07-01-2012, 09:39 AM
This looks fun

Character's Username: FDK
Class: Morphological
Gender: Female
Description: FDK is a big blob of swirling colours that constantly change colour, she can change her form to fit her attacks and situation but mostly she likes to move around as a large dragon shaped being, a tall slim female with wings, a pointy tail, big blue eyes and, strangely enough, cat ears. She has no mouth, she doesn't see the need to use one, and che can control her colour changes to make them faster, slower, duller or brighter.

Green Sheild ~ FDK turns a light shade of green and morphs her hands into a disk like sheild.
Red Rain ~ FDK turns a dark shade of red and she shoots red needle like projectiles at her foe. (Minor Damage)
Blue Thunder ~ FDK turns a dark shade of blue and shoots twin thunderbolts from her hands at her foe. (Minor Damage)
Black Sludge ~ FDK turns black and shoots peices of 'sludge' that can imobalize a foe to make it an easier target.
Elastic Stretch ~ FDK turns white and stretches a part of her 'body' to another place, making her capable of springing there in a moments notice, she can use it to avoid an attack or to confuse her foe, or both.
Unseen Fury ~ FDK turns her arms into whatever colour the scenery is, making them look invisible, accept for the outline, and punches the foe in rapid succession. (Minor Damage)
Personal Power: Psychedelic

07-03-2012, 06:41 AM
Ah... My character. I suck at descriptions, sorry. ;_; Thanks to Black Fury for the attacks. c:

Character's Username: Sunny
Class: Spellcaster
Gender: Female


Sunny has pin straight floor length brown hair and bi-coloured eyes - One red and one blue. She is always seen wearing the same red top and short skirt with black stockings and short floral black lace up boots. She is very tall and in human height would stand to be 6"1. She often has small red and blue feathers placed around her hair.


Holy Flame - Basic attack /Engulfs the battlefield with flames, attacking all foes around her.

Egg Bomb - Throws phoenix eggs at foes that explode on the count of 5.

Dual Guns - Weapon attack /Takes out two guns that can shoot flaming bullets.

Blinding Light - A beam of light temporarily blinds a foe.

Flaring Dragon - Creates a small dragon out of flames that she can control too attack foes. Can create multiples at one time, but every one summoned makes her weaker. They can also be easily destroyed, but are quite evasive.

Flaming Dragon - Creates a larger dragon this time. Only one can be summoned at once but and it takes up a lot more power. Can not be as easily destroyed.

Personal Power: Phoenix

07-03-2012, 12:43 PM
Hey Mew :D! Thanks for signing up :3
I hope that Snivy checks back soon :>

07-04-2012, 12:44 AM
Thats Ok! xD

Yeah, I hope so too. c:

Neku Sakuraba
07-10-2012, 11:56 PM
Sorry I've been neglecting this, guys. You're all accepted. And, Fluffeh, what does FDK stand for?

Ksomething else.

That's all I've got. Now we need...*Subtracts 11 from 4* 7 more.

07-12-2012, 10:35 AM
I forgive you, Metal.
Maybe you could try asking the other Thread walkers about this? And if they refuse, send them a link of the episodes. It'll help them change their mind ;D

07-12-2012, 10:35 AM
I forgive you, Metal.
Maybe you could try asking the other Thread walkers about this? And if they refuse, send them a link of the episodes. It'll help them change their mind ;D

07-15-2012, 06:43 PM
Yay acceptedness and FDK stands for FlufflesDeKitten. I try to use it as much as possible, it's my epic screen name for everything :crackup:

08-08-2012, 08:24 AM
Everyone come join this RP! >:C

Neku Sakuraba
08-13-2012, 12:56 AM
*Looks at sign-ups* ...Should I just start the RP?

Neku Sakuraba
03-02-2013, 06:42 AM
So, yeah...This. Seeing as how everybody who signed up is now inactive, everything is reset. Which means, I'll create a new SU and stuff, so, yeah. Also, the space thing is removed.

/Hopes this isn't necroing

//Forgot what page the thread has to be on to count as necroing

Neku Sakuraba
03-02-2013, 06:42 AM
So, yeah...This. Seeing as how everybody who signed up is now inactive, everything is reset. Which means, I'll create a new SU and stuff, so, yeah. Also, the space thing is removed.

/Hopes this isn't necroing

//Forgot what page the thread has to be on to count as necroing

03-02-2013, 07:40 AM
It;s not a matter of what page it's on--if it hasn't been posted on in 30 days or so, I think it's considered necro-ing, but then again, you also made the thread to begin with, so I dunno if different rules apply or not.

08-11-2013, 08:35 AM
Character Names: Omega

Class: Fighter

Gender: Male

Description: Omega is one of those very friendly-like, quiet, person that that little things serious, and a quick learner video games also. In battles, he always tries his best to beat a mission or a battle. He sometimes haves quick-reflexes and almost never use block nor magic, but if things get peril or serious, he will surely use Block and/or magic. He also uses his fists to break almost any protection magic, but Black Magic.

Abilities: Spinning Kicks: This ability will make Omegas to use his kicks and as he spinning, his leg at fast as possible, he’ll started to fly almost an helicopter-likes skills, and as soon its damage its opponents, it send him or her flying into the sky and down to an hard fall.

Thunder Hands: This ability will bring electricity to each hand to make it like two balls of Thunders. This ability also very effective deadly as will so careful. If Omegas charge up his thunder more than 1 minute his ability will be more deadly than ever. (TIPS: The more its charges up, the powerful and even more deadly attacks it will be.)

Rages: This ability is very powerful, but only for use for any serious battles or a near-death battle. Rages can doubles your stats, strength, defense, Magic, anything you can think of. If Omega use this, his rages ability will not cool down unless for these 3 things, the opponents HP reach to zero, haves to will for more or less than 5 minutes, or if Omegas id defeated. Also if a use once times it cannot be reuses unless it’s more then 4-5 minutes.

Freeze Kicks: This ability will freeze Omega legs, and will use it for an attack, if Omega won’t use it for more than 2-3 minutes, he shall freezes himself, making he’s opponents having an chance to attacks, Omega will be defrost if he wait for more than 1 minutes, or someone or something sat him on fire.

Fire Charges: Now this ability is a bit of my favorites. This Ability allow Omegas to charge up an fire shield, that allows him/her to do many thing you can do with this ability. The main attack for this ability is three things: you allow charging to you opponents, you may use this ability as a real shield, and you can combine any ability Omega will have as a new doubles abilities.

Super Sonic Speed: This ability is pretty simple. This ability will give you a great super speed and it kind of similar than the speed of lights, and if it possible if it continue to be use, it will create an all-powerful-like Sonic Boom. It also will give you a faster attack, faster ability and faster thinking, plus it able to let Omega to reads and dodge your opponents’ movements. It can only last for 5-6 minutes and it’s able to be reuses in about 2-3 minutes.

Personal Powers: Mythology