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Master Aqua
07-18-2012, 08:56 PM
Hey we have talked about the mons now lets talk about the teams

Rain teams

Rain teams involve normally bulk pokemon such as rotom-wash firing off powerful stab rain boosted hydro pumps. Pokemon such as jirachi are not uncommon sites either, jirachi has the added bonus has 100% accurate thunder with a 60% chance of paralysis, in a similar vein dragonite is also capible of ffiring off both stab 100% accurate hurricane and thunder dragonite has a nice base 100 special attack and a great special move pool who can make the most of the weather. Speaking of which tornadous and his therian form both need the raina nd are aboslute monsters in the rain being fast and yet powerful fireing off boosted hurricanes as if it were candy. Rain is all about weakening your opponents offences ie fire for pokemon such as scizor and ferrothron and strengthening your own, it's highly bulky offensive and rain teams are infamous for absuing this fact.


Not gonna lie hail is ye, the worst weather, not only are the pokemon who can take advantage of it far and few between but all them preform poorly outside of hail. Hail is mainly about stall as hail hits every non ice type fro damage every turn it's not hard for hail teams to rack up the damage. Tentacruel acts as a wonderful pivoit and rappid spinner for hail teams, byt virtue of his typing he ressist both frie fighting and steel which hails teams are weak to and not only that he can easiy spin them mean rocks away if need be and act as counter to rain teams + set up toxic spikes too, you begin to wonder why he is not on all hail teams. I said hail teams are not really offensivea nd well that is true there are 3 big exceptions to this, abamasnow, kyruem and mamoswine are no slowches offensively and are more than happy to spam their base 100-120 stab moves at the opponent each with greta type coverage from ice grass dragon and ground.


Sun is a great weather type and sun teams are all about offensive and althrough no slouches devsively are not considered bulky due to their common weaknesses. Sun teams are weak to SR, pokemon such volcanora are rendered useless by it and the lead starter ninetales included, the solution- dophan a pokemon that not only is a great rapid spinner but a great counter to top rain threats tyranitar and terrakion. To complement donphan is vensaur the ultimate chlorophylln user and oftent he one real solid counter to suns nemisis the rain team, growth allows him to double his offenses, chlorphyll doubles his speed and sleep powder deals with his enimies, his offensives and defences are decent and with growth his offenses are monsterous. Volcanora is a monster with quiver dance she can bloiseter his offences sp and speed all three of which are solid already to insane levels and can use the sun to increase his stab fire type moves to great effect. Heatran gets an honerable mention as a solid counter to enemy sun teams and solid sun user it's own right, stab stab fire blast is great right?


Not gonna lie sand is not my strong point I mainly deal with the pokemon rather the actual condition, but I know it's value it's a solid weather type that even got excadrill banned from ou and makes loosers such as that terier dog whats call who cares anyways right point proven. doubling your speed int he sand is awesome enough to get you banned like excadrill, who would likely otherwise but uu, so ye don't mess with the sand. Sepaking of things not to mess with, let me draw your attention to the best weather starter in the game, tyranitar, while i neglected to mention other weather starters before, I can't neglect tyranitar. he is a monster huge attack, huge movepool and his own ability makes his defences staggeringly higher, tyranitar is a beast at the top of the game, supportive ovenisive, defensive, offensive and even srfed he can play them all, he is vertile bulky and powerful and a huge threat to most weather starters even laughign at the only weather starter with super effective stab coverage against him, he is a monster only held back by his common weaknesses. Hippowdon I'll mention for stall sand causes residual damage which stall teams can take advntage of and hippowdon is a solid choice being a nice defensive core that can deal with top offensive pokemon such terrikion and tyranitar can play his part too as a solid choice scarfer and lead which can add a bit power to deal with threats more directly.

12-28-2012, 10:58 PM
I actually find it interesting that you labeled hail as the worst weather and that it can just about only be used in stall teams. Offensive Hail is actually incredibly anti meta, and it got me easily to the 1600's on ps during my first week and a half of battling after my 3 month absence. The only team type that actually overwhelms it is sun, which is also really uncommon

12-29-2012, 12:17 AM
It's a shame that Sun isn't that common because they have Clorophyl users who can be really devastating, like Venasaur or Sawsbuck. Maybe it is because of the SR weakness and the fact that they need at least a turn to set-up either SD or Growth.

I think Sun is a very underrated weather as well as Hail, but they can be a surprise to unprepared enemies.

Master Aqua
12-29-2012, 12:47 AM
I actually find it interesting that you labeled hail as the worst weather and that it can just about only be used in stall teams. Offensive Hail is actually incredibly anti meta, and it got me easily to the 1600's on ps during my first week and a half of battling after my 3 month absence. The only team type that actually overwhelms it is sun, which is also really uncommon

This was written quite a while ago before hail was quite as anti meta is now, one should take that into account.

Anti meta dose not make one great, if it were not for the current state of the metagame hail would be lost and forgotten as it's reliant on being bale to counter the current metagame to make it effective, giving it a brief time off effectiveness before it's put in it's place, again.

12-29-2012, 10:17 PM
Until the end, This is just about entirely aimed at your second paragraph, just a heads up.

While being anti meta doesn't make something great, it's what the current state of the meta is that makes something great or terrible. For example, if sun was the dominant weather then hail would still be anti meta, but it wouldn't be nearly as effective. However by the same token, if we took a "great" Pokemon, such as scizor who was Ou for god knows how long and was thrown into the same meta where sun was dominant, I wouldn't be surprised if it's usage was low as well. My point isn't that hail or sun is amazing or that scizor is terrible, what I'm saying right now is that everything in the current meta makes some things better and some things worse. At the moment (and I think when this was posted, bw2 came out by July right?) rain is the meta, so hail is a fairly strong yet underrated play style.

01-20-2013, 02:07 AM
Now that Tornadus-T is banned, Rain is going to have a lot more weight pushed on it. So I recently amde a sun team that I have not tested yet. I started it by wanting to make a team with lapras, the more balanced version of vaporeon. it should be ou like it because they're practically the same thing except lapras is ice and can learn priority ice shard. then i got some more pokemon like specs heatran as it's core partner and i started thinking that ninetales and sun could really help this team out. here's a link


So, Sun might just be what I'm switching into now. It can be difficult but once you get the hang of it rewarding