View Full Version : No more...I cant take it...*A sonic roleplay*

07-24-2012, 02:28 AM
No more...I cant take it!

You beg...you plead for him to show mercy...but he shows none.
Eggman has had enough losing and he is ready to finally bring his game!
By collecting the chaos emeralds he has finally constructed the ultimate weapon:The egg punisher.This will be the final countdown to the end of the universe.
The heroes of the galaxy,the freedom fighters will stand up to fight no matter the cost they will defeat and be defeated we might lose a fight...but we must not lose the war!

Character sign ups~
Eggmans side!
Metal sonic~Open.
Eggpawn~Open.(This will be a general eggpawn)
Mecha sonic:Open.
Silver sonic:Open.
Sonic's side!

This seems balanced enough! Well not much shadow usually doesnt help sonic but in a way if your playing as shadow you are convinced to...in a way...
Ok yes most of those in eggmans side...are sonics XD rebuilts they will all start out in the egg punisher being activated!
Ok sign up go ahead!