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Dawn of Discovery
A PMD RP developed by NES2 and Avenger Angel


It all began with a single expedition. Years of stability and growth had spurred the rapid development of three great nations, Miniera, Somnum, and Nomade, who in previous years had fought among one another for dominance in their realm. Peace now accomplished, however, the Pokemon of this world, known as Lurra, turned to the horizon and what lay beyond it. For centuries, all that mattered was what had occurred on the continent the three kingdoms inhabited, the region considered the only inhabitable place on the planet. However, once the wars ended that changed, and the Pokemon of the realm, curious as to what else there was, set out from their land, exploring the seas beyond their own realm.

The groundbreaking discovery was first made by a group commissioned by Miniera under the command of a Dewott. The Dewott's name, Curant, would become legend, for he was the first to sight a land that was later called Kibou. After a brief landing on one of it's isles, Curant rushed back to bring news of this new world to the Minieran royalty.

From there, the rest was history. Word of this land spread fast, even across borders. The Nomade also heard of the tales, and developed interest in this land too. Both of them soon came to the same conclusion: Kibou belongs to our nation, and none else. This, of course, sparked conflict once more. The two kingdoms rushed to set up colonies in this land, and began to gather knowledge about this land. Each sought to control it, and the riches it was soon discovered to possess as they came back from the isles. The rumors, of course, grew greater, and the island soon held an irresistible appeal to all seeking adventure and fortune. Navies were built, armies trained, and forts built as each faction prepared to claim Kibou as their own.Meanwhile, all sorts rushed to ports seeking passage to this new land which promised all they desired, and thus did a new adventure begin.

Welcome to Kibou. Welcome to Dawn of Discovery.


There are three factions of Pokemon vying for control of Kibou. Each faction, represented each by one of the participant forums, have unique cultural backgrounds and powers derived from years of development in their primary lifestyles. These nations once fought over control of the Old Continent, where their civilizations began and grew over numerous centuries. A relative time of peace between the factions arrived in the and lasted for a period of time until Kibou was discovered 100 years later. Old rivalries ignited once more, and the eternal war between the three kingdoms soon resumed, this time over control of the newly discovered land thousands of miles away.

The Kingdom of Miniera - THE BLACKSMITHS (Pokemon Elite 2000)

The citizens of Miniera has had a long history of mining and metal working. On the Old Continent, no faction is better at forging weapons, tools, and creating artisan jewelry. As such, they have developed abilities that revolve around earth, metal, and fire. They are also interested in Kibou to see what secrets it has in store, and if it may help improve their metalworking abilities even further. Not to mention, finding one of the Lost Cities of Gold would undoubtedly bring Mineria a mountain of wealth and precious metal that they could use to enhance their metalworking industry immensely.

Cultural Benefits:

Metalworking - These Pokémon are the only ones that can wear metal armor. Because Pokémon come in all shapes and sizes, it is impossible for other cultures except this one to be able to create one uniform metal for all Pokémon. However, this faction is so proficient in blacksmithing that making customized armor for each individual Pokémon while making them ornate and artistically crafted is easy for them.

Superior Weaponry - These Pokémon carry some of the most powerful swords, axes, guns, and other metal weapons. These weapons are often very artistically made, with ornate handles, fanciful blades with artistic carvings, and the like. In fact, most other nations and cultures badly covet the masterful craftsmanship of these weapons, tools, and crafts.

Weapons Expertise - These Pokémon are masters of using their metallic weapons, as well as creating siege devices and superior metallic tools. In addition, they are also master tacticians and strategists.

Shipbuilding Talent - These Pokémon have larger quantity and better quality of ships than the other nations, possessing powerful and devastating weaponry.


Night Vision - Years of working in dark mines has allowed these Pokémon to be able to see better in the dark.
Earth manipulation. These Pokémon can shift around stones and earth with simply their wills and intricate hand-gestures.

Metal Manipulation - These Pokémon can also take any piece of metal and reform it on the spot, able to turn a spade into a spear, or a metal anchor into a massive axe.
Fire Manipulation - Years of working with burning forges and under heavy heat has allowed these Pokémon to understand the power of fire. As such, they can use fire-based attacks, as well as fire-enchant their weapons to burn, allowing them to do even more additional damage.

The Kingdom of Nomade - The Explorers (Global Trade Station Plus)

Naturally drawn to Kibou for its mystery, the Nomade people have always been inspired to explore and investigate every hidden secret of the world. Living in a remote region of the Old Continent considered uninhabitable by others, the Nomade have made their home in the most difficult of climates. Many of their members yearn to see every landmass, the darkest depths of the seas, and even the reaches of the highest clouds. Their culture is based upon exploration and archaeology, their goal to map out the entire world from sea to land to sky, and maybe, someday, even head into the outer reaches of space to explore the cosmos. What is remarkable about these Pokémon is their ability to physically and mentally adapt themselves to any situation, able to switch their typing and physical features at will to adapt to any situation.

Cultural Benefits:

Wilderness Tradition - This faction has cities in harsh places where other Pokémon wouldn't even dream of going. Meanwhile, with their superior navigational skills, these Pokémon are talented in travel and location, always knowing how to get to where they want to go.

Survival Talent - As talented survivalists, these Pokémon can survive on almost nothing for food and water, and construct buildings and structures easily and almost instantly, no matter what the environment.

Powers Entail:

Extreme Adaptability - A member of the Nomade could jump into the air and spout wings to fly just moments before plunging into the ocean to lose the wings but grow fins and gills instead. Minutes later, they could dive into a volcano and adapt to the lava by becoming a fire type, as well as blend into the shadows to become a dark type when the night arrives, or easily survive with toughened or rocky skin as a ground or rock type in the stinging sands of the hottest, most unforgiving deserts. As such, these Pokémon can change their typing to suit their environment instantly.

Enviromental Manipulation - While in these environments, these Pokémon have even more power and control over their surrounding environment than even the naturally born members of it. However, these powers only reflect the environment they are in. Thus, a member of the Nomade could cause whirlpools and tidal waves in an oceanic setting, but not in the middle of the desert.

The Natives - The Unknown (NPC Faction)

The mysterious indigenous inhabitants of the island, the natives are a mysterious civilization which call Kibou home. Not much is known about them, though rumors tell of mysterious magic and rituals, the ability to blend into shadows, disappear into thin air, and other strange abilities. They are vehemently hostile to outsiders, and will stop at nothing to protect Kibou from encroachment by the other factions.

Privateers (RP Groups/Teams)

Individual groups who also seek the wealth of Kibou, privateers are crews that sail privately owned vessels, normally in the service of the kingdom they hail from. Privateers are hired as mercenary ships, the factions rewarding the sinking of enemy ships and in exchange, getting a cut of whatever plunder they capture. Privateers must manage their own supplies and survival however, and receive little aid from factions.

More than just hired guns, however, privateers have their own individual goals separate from those of the warring factions. These goals are set as the privateer group pleases, and may even conflict with the goals of the main factions. As such, a privateer group can be viewed as valiant heroes, cruel villains, or anywhere in-between.

Kibou and the Seven Cities of Gold


Located in Kibou, the Seven Cities of Gold are ancient cities rumored to be hidden in Kibou. Citadels of native civilization, these glorious locations were built by the ancient ancestors of the natives who once possessed great knowledge of magic and technology. Each city, while possessing physical riches beyond the imaginable, also possesses unique and mystic artifact that possesses immense power so great that they are sometimes believed to be the product of myth. Scattered throughout Kibou, these cities wait to be discovered by intrepid adventurers worthy of their splendor. The natives, however, fiercely guard these cities held sacred by their culture. As such, only those prepared for a confrontation should attempt entry.

Ura – The Ocean Palace

A city located mysteriously underwater, Aquanta has sat on the seafloor for centuries. It’s water, mysteriously breathable, allows those exploring the ruins to swim indefinitely through the complex without the need to come up for air. Murals line the flooded halls of this city, depicting the ancient history of Kibou. It’s artifact, the Voice of the Seas, is a silver conch horn that allows the user to summon storms at will, and to control the flow of wind and direction of currents.

Zilarrezko – The Bountiful Land

Zilarrezko was a city of plenty. Located in the middle of a vast plain, it’s fields grow the finest produce in all the land, and it’s crops never rot or go bad. Food can be picked and eaten without preparation at all, and is mystically replenished without need for labor. The artifact of this city, the Bottomless Bag. This object allows the holder to pull from it almost anything they desire, want, or need, and store anything they don’t need. It is basically an endless supply of everything, with the exception of the artifacts, which cannot be retrieved from the bag unless you've placed them inside.

Baso - The Mystic Forest

A city built into the canopy of thick jungle, Baso was a city which was designed to be one with nature, the former inhabitants built their city using the forest and as a part of the forest. Buildings were built and even carved from the the massive towering trees , and walkways connect these spaces to form a massive above-ground complex hundreds feet above the surface. Though some of the structures and bridges have collapsed or rotted away, much of the ruins still remain, most of it accessible without hassle. The center of this all is the Basako, a massive temple to nature carved into the insides of the most massive tree in the forest, comparable in height and size to a skyscraper. Inside is the Staff of Healing, a wooden artifact whose touch can heal any wound, no matter how severe or permanent.

Armadurak – The Vast Mines

Armadurak is known for its mines, which run deep beneath the city and to some extent is the city itself. This city’s mines provided the wealth that can now be found scattered across the remnants of the Golden Cities, as well as armor made from a powerful material known as adamantine. This material is more durable than the most refined metals, and can be extracted from stones as strands. As such, adamantine can be woven into cloth that possesses the same protection as a combination of plate and chain armor. The artifact located within this city is the Unbreakable Shield, make from solid adamantine forged so that the shield cannot be pierced, broken, or destroyed by any weapon or attack.

Zerua – The Sky Retreat

Zerua is located at the peak of the tallest mountain in Kibou, high above the clouds and only accessible by a single path. An isolated paradise, the city has a system of running water that was once used for fountains, baths, and other facilities. This water is pumped by still working mechanisms from rainwater collectors on the lower parts of the mountain. On a clear day, one can see a great distance from this city, revealing most of the great expanse that is Kibou. The artifact of this land is the Compass of Truth, which points to the direction of whatever location you seek.

Iruzur – The Backstabber’s Bog

Iruzur was built in a maze-like bog shrouded at all times by a thick mist that obstructs all sight. Even its buildings are concealed, most travelers confused even as they stand right in the middle of the city. Traps and puzzles await those who manage to find Iruzur, and in this place, nothing is as it seems. The artifact located here is the Shapeshifter, a mask that allows the user to take on the appearance, but not the abilities, of anything or anyone they wish.

Zigilua – The Forbidden Citadel

Zigilua the powerful bastion and capital of the natives, and the only one still inhabited by the natives. This city, a near impenetrable fortress, is said to withstand all but the power of the artifacts located in the other six cities. Death meets those who otherwise try to make their way in. Walls of thick and solid stone defend this city, located high atop a rocky outcropping. Its artifact is the most powerful, the great and unknown power sealed deep within. Only the measures taken to protect this power can act as a testament to its nature.


No bunnying. Bunnying refers to controlling the actions and responses of another user's character without the user's expressed permission.
No teleporting. Any and all travel must be described both in the header and the post itself.
No godmodding. Any powers your character does not possess as a Pokemon or a member of a faction cannot be used. Furthermore, your character is not immune to damage or attack, and in combat must reflect this realistically.
Characters cannot be Legendary Pokemon, Humans, or anything from outside the Pokemon Realm, nor can they consist even partially of anything described as such.
Be nice. Don't abuse fellow RPers in any way, and either settle any disputes yourselves, or if that is not possible, through me.
Violence and Romance is kept PG-13. I will ask that any posts that get too explicit be edited or retracted.
Weaponry and technology must be kept period to reflect the setting of the RP. Anything that physically (that means no DaVinci contraptions derived from sketches, got it?)existed before or during the 16th Century (The 1500's, Renaissance Era, Etc.) is permitted. Everything else is off-limits. This rule also pertains to Pokemon who are naturally composed of, possess or utilize modern technology, and as such, those type of Pokemon are also banned.
No mixed-faction characters. It creates too much confusion for me and other roleplayers.
Try and keep a minimum post length. Two five-sentence paragraphs is the bare minimum everyone is required to maintain.
Have fun! Don't take this RP too seriously, it's not a competition.

SU Sheet

Character Name: (What's your character's name?)
Pokemon: (What kind of Pokemon are you? Resist the urge to break into song.)
Gender: (What is the gender of your character, Male or Female?)
Faction: (What faction does your character hail from? This must correspond with the forum you are representing.)
Privateer Group: (If you aren't a member of a Privateer Group, leave this blank. If you are a member of a group, indicate which group you are a member of.)
Character Description: (Describe your character's physical attributes. Pictures are optional, but a paragraph of descriptive information is required.)
Character History: (Describe your character's backstory. There is a two-paragraph minimum of information required.)
Weapons: (If your Pokemon wields weapons, list them here. Descriptions are purely optional here.)
Other: (Anything else you would like to say about your character goes here.)

Sign-ups are open, get posting!

08-09-2012, 05:15 AM
Character Name: Richard Thompson
Pokemon: Shiny Buizel
Gender: Male
Faction: Nomade
Privateer Group: Global Mercenaries
Character Description: Rick’s outfit is fairly much designed to withstand the elements. He wears a long light gray coat, worn closed and tight. The coat goes down to his knees. Along with it, he wears a pair of worn gray pants, which are very baggy, and appear to be hand me downs. Their cuffs are permanently stained tan from trekking through mud and sand. Gray fingerless gloves cover his hands, and a crimson scarf is wrapped around his flotation sac. Finally, he has a gray wool cap on his head. His claws are very sharp, hints of a mutt lineage.
Character History: Richard is the third and youngest child born to Reese Thompson. He inherited his claws, and the ability to use Slash and Fury Swipes, from his father, who got them from his own father, a Weavile. His parents died while he was still young, and in the process his middle brother vanished. Thus, Richard set out with his eldest brother, Marco, a Floatzel.

In order to bring in some form of stable income for themselves, Marco and Richard formed the Global Mercenaries group, and started working for their kingdom. They pooled their savings and purchased a ship. Things went well for a while.

Recently, however, there was an issue during one of their routine sailings. Marco went overboard during the night, and by the time anyone noticed he was gone, the Floatzel was nowhere to be seen. By right, Richard should take the reigns as the leader of the group, but his young age has called into question his capability, and thus, the Global Mercenaries are currently without their head, and instead act as a pseudo-democracy.
Weapons: Richard makes use of a matchlock arquebus that a little aged. Like all arquebuses, it is somewhat inaccurate and better when used at close distance. Despite its aged look, it still packs a punch, capable of punching a hole clean through some Miniera armors, which speaks volumes for its effectiveness.
Other: He is 15 years old.

Just as a note, I'm not making that up. Depending on the quality of the armor and the power of the arquebus, it is quite possible to pierce even heavy calvary armor at a close range.

08-09-2012, 06:07 AM
Name: Abraham Ash
Pokemon: Heatmor
Gender: Male
Faction: Miniera
Privateer Group: Skythunder Blades
Character Description:

Abe is decently sized, a bit taller than his kind (4' 11) and a bit fatter as well. He walks with a noticeable limp, and on further inspection of his leg it is revealed that a giant axe seemed to cut clean through his foot, and was barely stitched back together. Another scar is a great long cut that goes down Abraham's stomach, but he seems not to notice that, only coughing occasionally. However, those scars are completely covered by the coat Abraham wears, which also covers a light suit of armor. The Heatmor walks with a cane, made of solid steel, the tip of it ornamented with a ruby, his family jewel, and carries a thin sword. The coat itself is a dark green, imported long ago. A silver clasp connects both sides of the cloak (optional, I don't know if Durant exists in this universe, but if it's allowed, may I change the silver clasp to the head of a Durant?)

Abraham is around the age of 36.


Abraham was born to Adam Ash, the first-born of the family, the heir to the massive wealth the Ash family had accumulated over the generations. Abraham was spoiled, bullying his younger siblings, Sophia Ash and Arthur Ash. As he was of an important family, he was trained in the ways of the sword, to navigate the seas, and to mine effectively. He learned mathematics, and how to speak formally, and of politics. Abraham also learned of honor, but he mainly ignored that, until he was forced to kill his friend when a duel was announced. Disheartened at the loss, Abraham started traveling Miniera, on a voyage of land, journeying to know more of the world.

It was when he was almost home when he was attacked by enemies to the Ash family. Abraham's entire group, save the single Heatmor, was slain, and the heir to the inheritance was badly wounded. He miraculously survived, but he was forced to walk with a cane, and he coughed quite a bit. Abraham resented these injuries, lessons as well as burdens.

Years passed, as his parents passed away, and so did his sister, Sophia, due to an illness. Abraham had learned long ago not to be a bully, and he mourned for Sophia. Arthur blamed Abraham for the loss, and the two became embittered to each other. Arthur was later killed in a duel with a particularly skilled Persian.

Alone, the Heatmor caught wind of an ancient treasure that could heal his injuries, and for a year he prepared for the epic quest to Kibou. Finally, he set sail. “To glory,” Abraham said, “And to hope for the world.”

Weapons: Abraham wields a sword, but he is quite adept at almost all weapons. The sword itself is small, the steel being three feet high. The hilt is beautifully adorned with steel carvings of the Ash family, of their many quests and adventures.


08-09-2012, 03:40 PM
@Flynt - Accepted.

@Sheepat - Durant are pretty much covered in the equivalent of plate armor, so they can exist in this world. It's Pokemon that use modern-day or futuristic technology that become a problem. So yes, if you want a Durant-headed staff, you can have one. Kinda creepy though, don't you think? Accepted.

08-09-2012, 10:52 PM
Yeah, it'll be a Durant-headed staff. It represents the Heatmor's victory of the Durant eons ago XD

08-09-2012, 11:01 PM
Character Name: Mercy Burnstone
Pokemon: Lucario
Gender: Female
Faction: Nomade
Privateer Group: Global Mercernaries
Character Description: Mercy wears a black buccaneer style coat that hangs open in the front, with cloth hanging over her shoulders and the sleeves folded to the wrist. She pairs the coat with loose fitting tan pants, under which she wears leather shin guards when traveling off of the ship. A long scar lies hidden on her right shin. A brown shoulder belt ties in her waist, holding two black leather scabbards and a brown quiver. She finishes the outfit with brown leather cap and gloves, each cut to release her ears and paws respectively.

Character History: Mercy was born the youngest of six, her siblings all being brothers. Her mother died in childbirth, leaving Mercy to be raised alone by her father. Her eldest brothers left shortly after Mercy's birth to find work and support the family. With an all male family, often times Mercy found herself receiving hand me downs with great masculine style. In her childhood, her third oldest brother, Leon, left to become a merchant, though soon returned after an unsuccesful attempt in the trade. On his travels, however, he learned swordfighting. Mercy begged him to train her. Leon denied her request, explaining she was too young to learn.

Determined to fight, Mercy trained herself at twilight and dawn, using whittled sticks. Her youngest brother, Howard, found her once, and agreed to help her. He believed that if Mercy could evolve, it would grant Leon's respect. Together, they worked to make her stronger. Their hard work paid off two years later, when she evolved into a Lucario early in the morning. She immediatly sought out Leon, only to find him dead and robbed. From her father she learned that Leon was heavily in debt from his travels, and one of his more violent loaners had killed him in the night to gain his owed money. Mercy took her deceased brother's two blades and cap, which she vowed to always wear in his memory. She set out from her household to track down the murderer of Leon.

In her journey she found herself at a large port while experimenting with fire arms. She bought herself a crossbow and a full quiver of bolts with the last of her money. Knowing she would have to pause her quest to earn money, she searched for a ship accepting sailors. She joined the Global Mercenaries in their explorations, and decided to stay with them full time, though she still keeps herself alert for any rumor of the Pokemon who killed her brother.
Weapons: Mercy weilds a recurve crossbow, which she can keep slung across her back whenever it is not needed. At her waist hangs her quiver of Spearow fledged bolts and two black leather scabbards, each holding an anelace with a black leather bound hilt. She uses her crossbow for long range fighting, though she prefers to fight with her blades.

08-09-2012, 11:01 PM
EDIT: My apologies for the double post, my computer glitched while posting and caused the post to be posted twice. Sorry for the inconvenience.

08-10-2012, 02:59 AM
@Dragonwish2 - Everything is in order, so this sign-up is accepted.

08-10-2012, 10:00 PM
Character Name: Sir Kuduz Valion
Pokémon: Simisage
Gender: Male
Faction: Miniera
Privateer Group: Skythunder Blades
Character Description: Kuduz is a Simisage, of course. Simisage are known for their fierce tails, weapons that can be as effective as many more and then some. Kuduz's deviation from Simisage is a pair of reclusive traits: not only does he have a tail not larger in comparison to other Simisage, but also thornier (that is a word, I checked), especially the tip. It could kill most Lurra that don't have any particular defensive traits or armor in one direct hit at full force. Combine this with a physique that is the result of full-body armor conditioning, and harsh, intense training in preparation for everything from simple one-man skirmishes to all-out warfare, and you have one physically intimidating Lurra.

He wears moderately heavy infantry armor, and it being Minieran, it's designed for as much flexibility as possible while still granting as much protection as the standard full-plate armor. It's half-chain half-plate, the plates covering much of his upper body (especially critical parts) and around his head, and forming a belt to connect with his leggings, but otherwise made of chain mail to provide flexibility. It's only actually patterned around the plate on his heart: the symbol of Miniera was carved there. Outside of that, it is very plain armor, and could almost be mistaken for being a bad attempt to make the armor of the common Minieran soldier, a case far, very far from the truth. He has more casual clothes (a brown traveling tunic), but considering what he's doing right now, he's currently wearing this more often, in case of sudden attack.

He wears a necklace (the same chain as the average chain mail), and on it a ring: the family ring. Made of jade and encrusted with a single, very rare jewel, a diamond of sorts that sported a rainbow of colors and shifts it's colors in many lights (it is not a clear one-it definitely has shading to it), but it is mostly green-ish in its coloring. Nobody he’s met so far has had the gall to touch it. It’s the last memory of his family as a whole, and that aside, it’s valuable well beyond the norm. Even his new ‘leader’ Sir Zivinci had to comment on the rarity. Kuduz believes that either his father was an idiot and bought that for pretty much everything he had, or else he found it but couldn’t sell it, so he gave it to his mother. What he does know of it is that it was a gift to the father from the mother.

Character History: He was born to an impoverished family of Miniera, the 9th and final son. His eldest two brothers had already gone away to live vastly different lives as merchants, and he never met them. His father was aging and sick, and his mother always cared for him, but she was what bore and loved her eight sons and sole daughter, and made this known whenever she wasn't tending to her husband. She didn't have the time to truly raise the family, so the third-eldest sibling, his brother Hexin, and his fourth-eldest sibling, his sister Leita, were his mother and father for all that it mattered. They weren't the best role models: The fact aside that Simisage are violent by their very nature, Hexin was a thief who had to steal to support the family under his parent's noses (but his other siblings were quite aware) and Leita had such a bad temper that even by Simisage standards she was considered absolutely, impossibly violent, almost sociopathic. He saw a few brothers of his get attacked brutally (even Hexin), but Kuduz managed to keep out of her mind before local authorities finally took her to a mental institution to 'fix' the anger. It didn't work and she had to be put down, but the Valion family did not miss her very much. Hexin, despite his still angry disposition, was still pretty much the only role model the rest of his surviving siblings were attached to. It broke the whole family's heart to one day hear news that one of his thieving operations went bad and he was captured. The execution was one that Kuduz did not see, but when he heard the news, well, that rightfully threw a convoluted mass of emotions at him he couldn't really express until he broke down crying.

The remainder of his siblings got some relief when the father died and the mother got full attention to them, but they were completely on their own when the mother caught the sickness the father had. They resorted, like Hexin, to thievery, but the three surviving elder brothers Kuduz knew of did not live-they chose the same building to rob and were caught. Kuduz made more mistakes than his three brothers by an individual comparison, them picking the same house aside, but ultimately was the only survivor, and the rest of his siblings were executed for being caught. Kuduz made a few more rounds before a local group of thieves found out and took him in, baiting him with the cure for his mother's sickness in exchange for his talents. Kuduz considered her the only valuable thing left-it was all he fought for at this point-and the Pansage accepted the offer, unaware that the thieves did not have the cure whatsoever and never would bother to seek it out of their own accord. Nevertheless, he worked with them, developing quite a talent for it as well, managing his skills with some level of intellect despite his natural Minieran talents better used for a more brute-force approach. In time, he even started enjoying it: He managed to keep from physically hurting anyone in question, and he shouldn’t feel bad about taking things from those that had stuff to spare, right? He didn’t feel attached to anyone in the gang, but being able to supply for his mother-and the thought of obtaining the cure to her disease-was enough for him.

…But then, a little while after his thirteenth birthday (the minimal age most Lurra that could and that Kuduz knew of evolved with stones-but he didn’t have the proper evolutionary stone of his own, so this was unimportant), when the illness took a critical turn and his mother was very close to dying. Kuduz, at this point having stolen a good deal of things for the gang-including several pieces of jewelry-now asked for the cure they promised him a few years ago. They said they had lost it a few months but would look for it, but after a few days of this, Kuduz knew they did not have it and never did and never would go and get it for him. You can imagine that was not a fun realization. He was, at this point, quite furious at the state of affairs going on, but continued stealing all the same so that they did not feel the need to dispose of him.

Then his mother died, just a few weeks after the revelation that Kuduz had been working for a cure that didn’t exist. He came home, found her heart had stopped, buried her in the woods (like he had enough money to get an actual funeral), and was crying the whole way. What little he had of the family 'fortune' was now his. The only thing of value was his ring-made of jade and a very rare diamond they found once, having a rainbow of colors in it but mostly greenish. Many believed it a forgery, so he himself couldn’t sell it, but he kept it regardless.

May it NEVER be said that what he did next wasn't nasty retribution for the gang of thieves. Being the only surviving member of the family he knew of, he was touring the streets the following day after his mother’s death-unassuming-when he saw them. The Knights. Specifically, Knights under the service of the Minieran King. They were big. Powerful. Strong. Intimidating. And most importantly, they were awe-inspiring, to the Pansage that usually had very, very little. Even in his teenage years, he was in complete awe at the display. He'd never seen such a powerful force of authority-his mother and Hexin were authority figures without doubt, but they definitely weren't this...Imposing. Leading them was a member similar to his species: A Simipour. She sent word to the townsfolk that they were rooting out the gang members that the Pansage just so happened to belong to. The others weren't there that moment, and had they been, they’d probably have ratted out Kuduz. Kuduz was smart enough to know that they would given the chance-and considering his position, why wouldn’t they? The Pansage, infuriated by the thieves having lied to him and heartbroken by the loss of his entire family, and thinking that this could be his chance to finally have any fortune whatsoever for the family he planned on having (his two eldest brothers that he never met had long been forgotten and), split every last name and detail possible to the Knights, returned every stolen good he could, and pledged service to the knights.

The combined bounty of the thieves he turned in to the Minieran government was enough to lift the Pansage out of poverty, and the Lurra was immediately taken into training as a Page. It was particularly brutal and furious, considering that most start out much earlier (The age of six), but having that source of food and water, free and fresh from disease, was enough that despite the fact that Pages over twice as young as he was were capable of besting him (thanks to no experience whatsoever, Minieran skill aside), he advanced quickly and became a Squire, despite still being above the average age. He trained and trained and trained, and albeit the most action he ever got was sparring amongst his fellows, he was not only completely changed, but happy about it. The Thieves’ life prior was almost entirely forgotten. As far as he was concerned, this was the life he would have and he had no alternative he could take at this point. He took the Knight's code of honor like an absolute law and refused to even slightly bend it. The Simipour that was the head of the knights in his region was no mothering figure, and nor had this kind of occurrence be a unique and unheard-of one, and neither did Kuduz seem of the stuff of the Knights that went on to nobility or take the throne, but she was nevertheless one of the few authority figures he had and complied with her orders unqestioningly. For two years, this went on. He got a gift from a friend and fellow squire on his seventeenth birthday-a Leaf Stone, allowing him to evolve into a Simisage. The reclusive traits that barely showed as a Pansage had became fully noticeable and fully powerful-though this was little concern to the Simipour that trained him or the rest of the Knights. There were many kinds of Lurra that went through their numbers, all unique yet all quite unremarkable.

Meanwhile, the head of Kuduz's prior thievery gang-for future reference a Hitmontop-left to rot in prison, was training too. Building up muscle and proving his worth in fights with other Lurra in the jails whenever possible, developing his technique and strength, waiting to exact revenge on the Lurra that betrayed him to the prison cells. It was dead-on obvious he was driven strictly by revenge and the thought of freedom. He would (attempt to) have his revenge. He eventually got the chance.

Three months prior to Kuduz becoming a Knight, the head of the thievery gang, after over four long years in prison, broke out and headed to the place where the pages and squires trained into Knighthood, where he believed held the answers to where Kuduz was (unaware that he was a Squire training there), in the dead of night. A much stronger Lurra than prior, he was still stealthy as well, killing the first few guards without raising alarms. However, even when detected later, his strength (and abuse of the code of Honor) overcame them. Among those roused to defend from the sudden intruder was the Simipour that had mentored the Squires and Kuduz himself. Despite Kuduz’s evolution, he knew his foe from anywhere. The Simipour fought the thief first, and the thief killed her like the others, making Kuduz boil in rage. However, after years of Knight's training, he suppressed the brunt of it.

He does not remember the events in full-he wished to completely forget the traces of his past-but before the head thief attacked, he called out Kuduz for abandoning him (completely ignoring that he had betrayed Kuduz's trust) and tried to compare the two of them, though Kuduz promptly ignored the Thief. The fight began, and albeit the foe he faced was wily and strong, Kuduz got the better of him and subdued him. The same day, he and the surviving Squires and Knights buried the dead, including his mentor, in quiet respect. The thief was sent back to jail and executed a week later.

He was knighted, and Kuduz remembers the day well. He was assigned to be under the command of the officer of the navy in one of Miniera’s port towns. However, it was peacetime for Miniera on the Old Continent-the battles were being waged in Kibou. The Noble, moreover, albeit not hearing of Kuduz’s questionable past, had known that he had only trained four years. The Noble trusted Kuduz to guard the town, and albeit a few groups of bandits showed up, they were easily dispatched, few and far between, and Kuduz was privately annoyed at the fact he had not been asked to do anything of more importance. It was definitely important to protect the town, but he personally would have liked to protect Miniera’s interests in Kibou, and help them win over that land, his gift to them for changing his life. Nevertheless, he never so much as uttered a word of his disappointment. He would be absolutely loyal to his Noble.

Then, one day, a Drunken Dewott, fumbling his speech badly, had came up to Kuduz and muttered something about needing a Letter of Marque from the Noble Kuduz worked for. When said Noble finally arrived, the Dewott had managed to (however poorly) tell that another noble, Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci the 9th, had bought a pair of boats and was planning on going to Kibou. The Noble mulled it over-Ernx was a political ally to him-and finally thought of a way Kuduz would be useful. He could think of no better way to see if the Knight was of any worth than keeping some semblance of Minieran authority on the ship? He ordered Kuduz to fall under the command of Ernx and serve as both protection and authority. Kuduz did not refuse (why would he), and delivered the Letter of Marque to the now-sober Privateers under the name of the Skythunder Blades. He was accepted into the group with little hassle.

Weapons: Aside from that tail that could probably beat most of his foes single-handedly? He wields a one-handed War Axe from the Meteor Set. He has his own Steel one from the Royal Minieran Armory (it’s unmarked), but he uses this anyways. Who is he to not accept a gift from a Noble he is currently under?

Other: Years of Knight’s Training has helped to suppress his anger greatly, and usually appears a well-tempered and happy fellow, but he had never had the full of it, and he can still be angered, it just takes a while. If you tip him over the edge (which will take a long while), it’ll take an equally long time for him to calm down.

I have another incoming, NES2, but with both SUs one post would become too large. Also, I feel like I could have done better on the histories.

08-11-2012, 02:25 AM
@Latio-Nytro - Wow, that's quite the history you've got there. And jesus, that second noble's name is a mouthful. I pray nobody actually try and sound that out, lest their tongue fall out of their mouth. Accepted.

08-11-2012, 03:45 AM
What would be The Skythunder Blades without their Noble that got drunk and bought two boats? And yes, that noble is the one with the ridiculously long (but still pronouncable) name. Fun!

Name: His full name is Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci the 9th...But Call him either Sir Zivinci or Ernx.
Pokémon: Eelektross.
Gender: Male.
Faction: Miniera, of course!
Privateer Group: The Skythunder Blades

Character Description: He's a Eelektross, of course. He's taller than the average, by 6 inches, making him 7-foot-5. He's also got two of his head-fins. It's a trait of his family, and a rather reclusive one at that. He has some muscles from his occasional sparring or dueling, but he is not bulging with muscle: It's rather moderate. He's a handsome Lurra, even by the standards of a Lurra-though there are definitely better lookers than him. (He hooks in women with his tongue, rather than with his looks.)

His clothing is suiting for the expedition he's going on, enough so that you couldn't tell he was a noble unless he outright told you: his clothes are fashion-less and bland traveling clothes. The only hint of his royal nature-and even then, not much, considering much less wealthy cloth also wields them-was his weapon: he refused to sell his meteor weapon set even during his drunken rush to sell almost everything he had to buy a boat, and wields one of the set's pieces: The broadsword. Said broadsword was made for smaller Lurra, but Ernx had the handle and hilt adjusted for his hands, so now he wields the large blade-classified in his hands as a somewhat larger blade- as his own. He stores the sheath on his back. When it's out, however, the oddly dark metals and the ridiculously intricate patterns of his family’s history let no Lurra be fooled as to his true nature.

He knew better than to just sell everything-almost everything was sold, but what was left included some light armor, for travel. His coat doesn't hide armor-it IS the armor, having strong iron plates stitched in over important parts of his body (heart, lungs, etcetera), but otherwise providing little-to-no protection. He also has a full Chain Armor that goes under his clothes as well. The coat and chain mail's sleeves extend up until his hands. The clothes also extend until they reach the small flaps that serve as 'legs,' despite his ability to float and not need them (he uses that more often than actually walking with the 'legs')-he preferred them unrestricted. His two head-fins are bound together near the joints by a three steel clasps, steel and unmarked.

He wears no belt, but he does have a lot of pockets in that coat. Don't be fooled into thinking he's got tons of stuff in them There's little in them: Just a few gold coins he was lucky enough to stumble upon, a compass and map of what's discovered of Kibou (including Minieran outposts and strongholds).

Character History: Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci the 9th was born to Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci the 8th, a Minieran noble, and Lola Zivinci, a woman loved and loving said noble right up until she realized she had a child and laid the egg, unto which she departed, unwilling to raise the child. Both were Eelektross, and so would their sole son (and heir) grow up to be. The 9th Ernx knew many things as an instinctive thing, being a Minieran, but having no limbs whatsoever prevented him from doing this. He lived rather jealously of those with arms until his evolution. However, he did not complain about it outwardly as a Tynamo: He knew he'd eventually evolve. They had the Thunderstone waiting for him as soon as he evolved into an Eelektrik, but until that point, he was content with learning his basic moves. Meanwhile, his father taught him everything else he should know: Politics, Honor, Politeness, how one should behave, and mathematics. However, he, above all else, trained hard to obtain his evolution. It took several years, during which time he turned close to his age, but it was accomplished.

However, the day of the Evolution was accompanied by his father's death. His father had the key to the safe box that held the Thunderstone, and that particular day, the newfound Eelektrik drowned his sorrows in Alcohol. Albeit he had the key and could use his fangs to pick it up, he had no clue how to open the safe box in this intoxicated state. Ernx trained a little more in the meantime. It took the following day's time for the intoxication to wear off and think of the solution of using the control over metal his nation's people were gifted with to move the key, and finally, he was an Eelektross. With Hands. He found great joy in having hands. That was also his first bout of alcohol he ever had, and he picked up the bad habit of drinking.

He was still a young man, but that day and that day alone was all the time the world gave Ernx to get into that form before the inheritance of everything his father ever owned came upon him-including his job. His studies and intelligence in such matters proved a good asset, and albeit he had much less time than before, his swordsmanship training started. It wasn’t so much swordsmanship training as warming up to tap into his natural Minieran instinct of wielding weapons, and it took mercifully little time for this to occur. He now trained with his much larger expanse of moves as well, finding it highly pleasing to use more than just what he was naturally endowed. He learned how to use odd attacks like Giga Drain, Signal Beam and Aqua Tail like this.

However, after a year of political business (he wasn't a major noble, so he was thankfully not in any position that kept him extremely busy or in any spotlight for too long) and a small weapons shop on the side, his divulgence in Alcohol, the pleasures of women (he picked that up on the side), and sheer luck made the events that he now refers to as 'The Bloody Impacts' started.

It all started when a Meteor crashed into a thus-far unused plot of land he owned. As it landed there, it was rightfully his, and only his. There wasn't anything that wasn't seen before in Miniera: Meteors had landed on a rare few occasions, but still, each time was a spectacular occurrence nevertheless, and each time the metals extracted were particularly good with weapons-and this one was seemingly of a larger size than normal. Ernx was, as all Minierans, a skilled craftsmen, but he was not as good as some others, who could put the average Minieran to great shame. He hired the best of the Minieran best to carve weapons out of meteors-which, he knew would cost a fortune to have do this, but on the flipside, he assumed he'd get enough weapons and they would be strong and rare enough to sell him a money and grab a profit (not a fortune, but definitely a good deal of money), judging by the size of the meteor alone. He was good with his mathematics enough that, by the measurements, he knew if his calculations were correct, he would become even wealthier than prior. However...This was an odd venture that didn't occur every day. Henceforth, he wasn't going to immediately start selling. He had the first set-which was made from what he assumed was 10% of the meteor's mass-made into varying weapons and tested by him and the blacksmiths hired. They knew that they were more durable and stronger than the average blade, but they weren't invincible by any stretch of the means. Still, it was a relative success, and Ernx believed he had a profit in the making.

Exactly enough metal for two more weapons could be extracted before it was realized the Meteor was hollow-it just had enough metal to keep its form intact without breaking, but definitely not enough to make the full armory Ernx was expecting, and the poor luck cost him dearly. He sold many things and paid much money to pay off the debts, and they slipped him a side-charge for dealing with the foreign metal that he did not immediately foresee, requiring more payments. It left him depressed. He left with almost half of his fortune taken within the week-though he still had much of it, and he still had the Meteor-made weapons. He figured he could keep his life moderately successful and happy, however, by using what was left to become a full-blown merchant and regain his fortune...Or attempt to regain even more of it and expand it beyond his wildest dreams.

He had heard of Kibou, but hadn't really considered going there-and in comparison to the merchant job, a venture he was familiar with, he liked the latter option more. But he still was undecided, so he went to a bar to mull it over. On the way there, he passed two ships: Schooners, two sails apace, priced well and made good, by Minieran standards. He could buy them both...But that would require selling pretty much everything he had. Not a venture he'd take while sober, and certainly not without any good reason.

That particular night, he and several others, seemingly coming to the bar just to either mope on misfortune or dream of more (quite like him), and each and every last one of them drunk, a Lurra yelled aloud a rumor: An artifact from a hidden city called 'Zigilua' in Kibou had the power to make any Lurra of the opposite gender become immediately attracted to and unquestioningly love the wielder. Had Ernx or anyone else there enticed by that rumor know the Lurra that said it was so drunk he died of it that night, he wouldn't have done what he did. But he was too intoxicated.

He rallied everyone in the bar in an attempt to journey with them, and the majority accepted the offer. Somehow while still drunken, Ernx managed to sell his house and most everything in them (but wasn't dumb enough to sell his Meteor Weapons set, some clothes, and a few essentials), buy both boats, rally more non-drunks that were still wishing to go to Kibou by noting that he now had boats, and finally regained his sober status only when the rest had regrouped by the boats at dawn-and only when they sold almost everything else as well to buy supplies for the long journey, and one of them sent word to the Minieran officer of the navy appropriate for such tasks to get their Letter of Marque. Extreme fortune smiled when said officer was politically aligned with Ernx, knew him enough to know his less-than-liked financial resources (sans the sudden sales of nearly everything he owned to get the ships) and granted it. It wasn't exactly celebration that occurred, but much more like relief: had they not gotten it, many had sold everything for no reason whatsoever and would have became impoverished-if not more so (had they been so already). As a bonus, a Minieran Knight-Kuduz-had been asked to help guard the ship and fight for Miniera. They had been asked to go to an outpost on Cragan island. They day they set off was a hopeful one-they hoped for bounty, for riches, for glory, for their well being to be intact, and ultimately for them to come back to Miniera and the old continent better off than they had left it.

At this point, Ernx is about 29.

Weapons: His primary weapon (that isn't natural-the Eelektross as a species of Lurra is well-known for their capability of a variety of moves and surprising physical strength) is a broadsword from the meteor metal set. Well, more accurately, a broadsword designed as such for a fairly smaller Lurra, but clearly more akin to a 1-handed weapon in Ernx’s hands. The blacksmith who forged it knew Ernx would want it after a practice session, and modified the handle accordingly. On its blade, it tells of the greatest triumphs of the 9 Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivincis (Including this Ernx finding the Meteor) in intricate and delicate carvings that even some Minierans would swear over not having. While somewhat larger and heavier than the blades he practiced with, he's gotten used to it. Despite it being made as a two-handed weapon, it definitely was this only for a smaller Lurra, thus Ernx is capable of wielding it one-handed. On his other is a Buckler: It's a recent addition, but he's adapted to it as well.

Other: His patron deity, aside from Arceus (every last Lurra he's ever known worships Arceus), is Zekrom, out of his family lineage. Also, the reason behind his ridiculously long name is because of the fact that the first Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci was a King-and a very good ruler of Miniera. His family never got to the throne ever again, and the fact they were once a royal family nowadays has given them little further credit to their names, but they try to remind Lurra of it by copying the name.

Again, I still feel like I could do better with these Histories.

Socratic Sarcasm
08-11-2012, 04:25 AM
Character Name: Solomon

Pokemon: Starmie

Gender: Reiterating, Starmie

Faction: Minirians (PE2K)

Privateer Group: Skythunder Blades

Character Description: Solomon, at first glance, looks like an ordinary Starmie: purple skin, 10 arms divided evenly among two body parts, etc. There are some subtle differences; Solomon is slightly smaller than the average Starmie, for one, with an armspan of only .9 meters, and the gem in his center is slightly closer to red-orange than actual red, but the main differences involve his demeanor and resting state. For one, Solomon is always moving his back star nervously clockwise, then counterclockwise, than clockwise again. His gem tends to catch light with more vibrancy and frequency than most gems, almost as if it was an eye catching a manic gleam. When he speaks (telepathically), it is with childlike affectations, as though he's just someone who wants to have fun.

Character History: As very few know, Starmie are particularly long lived for Pokemon. In fact, Solomon was born about a century and a half before the start of this story, in the seas near the kingdom of Miniera. Although Staryu don't have enough psychic ability to be considered Psychics, they have a minor talent, enough to give them slightly above average human intelligence. Solomon was no exception to this rule, and was, in fact, very curious, even for a Staryu. Enhanced by the combined natural intelligences of Minierans and Staryu, Solomon was a quick learner, a natural scholar. He learned to read (both footprint and Unown runes) within a year and a half and ever since, he could be seen devouring every book he could get his minor telekinesis on. By far the most interesting of the books he read however, were the mythology books. Page after page of epic and legends and wars entranced Solomon, and by the age of 15, Solomon decided that he wanted to become an explorer.

Solomon decided to train himself on a daily basis, in secret from his community. As Staryu and Starmie need little sleep, Solomon was capable of training his body and mind from dawn into the late hours of the night, teaching himself to wield water, cold, fire, earth, even electricity. He stretched his mind to develop his modest psychic powers, as well as to make it easier for him to explore later. He trained himself to observe, even under phenomenal amounts of stress, so that he may succeed in his various explorations. He found the nearest dojo in which he would not be recognized to train, and would spar everyday. And he kept reading into various mythologies, to best identify the various locations for exploration. At the age of 25, Solomon deemed himself ready for exploration.

Solomon traveled far out of his kingdom, hunting for various treasures, learning of even more locations to explore and even making discoveries of mythos long forgotten to the Lurra; he eventually managed to find a Water Stone and evolve. Even after, he continued to travel almost ceaselessly. Of course, Solomon often had to rest in various places (even the most competent explorers need rest, after all), and among the places he stopped was a quaint little village known as Treasure Town.

While resting, he heard of a guild nearby whose Guildmaster was supposedly extremely competent and powerful. Solomon's interest was piqued, and he entered the guild and expressed a wish to see the Guilmaster. Upon seeing the Guildmaster, Solomon was surprised by his sheer childishness and obsession with certain foods. Solomon, being rather miffed with the Guildmaster's apparent stupidity, challenged the Guildmaster to battle.

Solomon was trounced. Thoroughly.

Solomon came back the next day, and issued another challenge. He was, as the internet would put it, ROFLstomped.

Solomon came back a third time. He was almost literally used as a mop for the floor. Solomon conceded defeat.

This experience served to mellow out the star, who decided that he probably needed to kick it down a notch or twenty. While he continued his explorations with even more vigor, he became cautious about the fights he engaged in; instead of playing around before he went for the kill (or knockout, if it was merely a spar), he would fight more rarely and become merciless when he was forced to fight.

Solomon eventually came back to Minera, and decided to find a more steady job. He settled as the resident expert of mythology at the local universities (universities existed at the time, if memory serves, but they were much less formal and the Professors were not necessarily certified. It was more a meeting of the minds, a forum). He wanted to distance himself from his explorer identity (not out of desire: he made a fair few enemies as an explorer, and had an wish to not be annihilated), and, remembering the Lurra who thrashed him years before, took on the role of the eccentric, foolish, child.

One day, Solomon was coming back from shopping in the town to rest for the night, walking behind an oddly extravagant carriage. He had been walking for no more than about two minutes when he and the carriage were surrounded by bandits. Before he could do anything else, a Skuntank among the bandits deployed his gas, knocking out the people they had surrounded, except for a Bisharp (as a Steel type) and Solomon (as a being incapable of smell). The bandits pulled swords and gave the good ole "give me all your valuables". Solomon and the Bisharp barely glanced at one another, before giving their reaction.

There was ROFLstomping to be had. Solomon was NOT on the receiving end.

The Bisharp was, though in the middle of battle, very interested in the competence that Solomon displayed, as he had previously seen Solomon in all his eccentric glory. After the battle, the Bisharp revealed the reason for his extravagance: he was the chief adviser for the king of Minera himself. As Solomon had employed earth and fire in his battle, it was obvious he was a Mineran, and he was obviously competent. Before the others came to, the Bisharp offered a position for Solomon to guard the king.

Solomon accepted. After all, you don't just say no to the person who can command armies to kill you horribly, no matter how powerful you are. However, Solomon suggested that he be a secret weapons of sorts, instead of an official bodyguard. The Bisharp, remembering Solomon's eccentricities, decided to institute him as the court fool, with his capabilties unknown to the king. Solomon liked the idea, and followed.

Over the next few years, Solomon mocked everyone in the court as a profession, through insults veiled just enough through story to not cause Solomon's death (his favorite target was the Bisharp who had him hired, although the Bisharp was competent enough to avoid mockery most of the time). One day, the king had a party with a few of the nobles, including one Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci the 9th. EVERYONE who was at the party got massively drunk, except for the people staffing it (including Solomon, who was one of many entertainments). When everyone was basically passed out (and a Lopunny who was an... entertainer... went off with one of the nobles), some of the other staffers pulled blades and elemental abilities, and advanced- leering- toward the king.

Solomon stood in the way, and gave them one chance to back down. They laughed at him.

Solomon insisted that those stains came from wine. However, unbeknownst to Solomon, Ernx had enough of a tolerance to alcohol to be awake (even through the disappointment of not being the one having fun with the Lopunny), and had seen Solomon unleash an unholy storm of power.

So later, when Ernx got massively drunk, AGAIN, he came to see the king about an exploraation, and specifically requested Solomon to join. Solomon began to suspect that Ernx knew (why would he asked for the somewhat crazy court fool otherwise?), but since he wanted to go on an adventure again anyway, decided to become even more annoying than usual to the king, who became extremely glad to get Solomon out of his hair. Though Solomon did not actually expect the exploration to last more than a full 24 hours (“They’re massively drunk! How long can you expect it to last?), he is still determined to see it through.

Weapons: Solomon does not wield typical weapons like swords or spears (although he is competent enough when he uses his psychic powers: not a master, but alright). Instead he wields needles of two calibers: one kind is made of the Thunderbolt Iron and covered in toxins enough to drop a Mamoswine (with reclaiming made easy via psychic abilities); the other is made of what appears to be ordinary steel, but that Solomon can make burst into flame at a moment’s notice (he prefers to use these in numbers, when he wants to cause big booms).

Other: Solomon's gem will occasionally become cloudy and he will make sound as direct speech, as opposed to his normal telepathy. His voice will be much harsher while this happens and he will be generally saying something that could be applied to the distant future of the Pokémon world (a la prophecy). He will have no memory of this while and after it happens, though.

Almost Easy
08-11-2012, 07:35 AM
Character Name: Oliver Keith
Pokemon: Aggron
Gender: Male
Faction: Nomade
Privateer Group: Global Mercenaries
Character Description: (Describe your character's physical attributes. Pictures are optional, but a paragraph of descriptive information is required.)
Character History: (Describe your character's backstory. There is a two-paragraph minimum of information required.)
Weapons: (If your Pokemon wields weapons, list them here. Descriptions are purely optional here.)
Other: He's steel/rock, so I'm gonna say he won't be able to fly, despite his Nomade attributes.

wip, will finish later since it's almost 1 am -_-

White Knight
08-11-2012, 08:18 AM
Character Name: Aris
Pokemon: Charmeleon
Gender: Male
Faction: Miniera
Privateer Group: Skythunder Blades
Character Description: (Describe your character's physical attributes. Pictures are optional, but a paragraph of descriptive information is required.)
Character History: (Describe your character's backstory. There is a two-paragraph minimum of information required.)
Weapons: (If your Pokemon wields weapons, list them here. Descriptions are purely optional here.)
Other: (Anything else you would like to say about your character goes here.)

third wip in a row :3

08-11-2012, 03:59 PM
@Latio-Nytro - Accepted.

@Everyone Else - Hey guys. I'll be glad to let you guys leave your partially-done sign-ups here, but there isn't really a reserve system since there are no limits as to how many people can join. But feel free to tell me when your sign-ups are finished so I can add them to the accepted list.

08-11-2012, 06:57 PM
Edited my SU a bit, as I've now joined up with the Skythunder Blades

EDIT: My second character:

Name: Jacob Weber
Pokemon: Galvantula
Gender: Male
Faction: Pe2k
Privateer Group: Skythunder Blades

Character Description: Jacob is smaller than most, only two feet high. He is also much frailer. However, he wears metal plate armor on his abdomen and head. His legs aren't as protected, but his front mandible-legs have sharp spikes on the end, letting him jab into enemies with greater ease. Jacob is constantly shaking, just like his previous form, the Joltik. This was a direct result of the scarring of his entire family getting slaughtered, along with the abuse on the streets. The armor on him is awkward, as if it doesn't fit very well (in fact, it's quite comfortable) as he prefers his freedom. Another odd quirk to Jacob is that his main left eye is dimmer than the other, signifying that it isn't as strong as his main right eye.

History: Jacob was born as one of hundreds, a larger Joltik than his siblings. His parents, a male Ariados and a female Galvantula, decided to keep all 321 children at home, raising them all. More than half of Jacob's siblings died due to starvation and bad parenting, as arachnid Lurra leave their kids to fend for themselves. Jacob survived, but that was unlucky for him, as his parents forced the living children to eat the dead ones. This 'ritual' hadn't been done for eons, and in fact had been made illegal near the end of the great wars between the nations. Jacob was so disgusted when he ate his dead brothers and sisters he got sick. His older sister, another Joltik named Judie, took care of him, becoming so obsessed with caring for her brother (who kept getting sick after that horrible feast) she evolved a year later, the first of the children. Now a Galvantula, she was allowed to leave the house, becoming spoiled by her parents. However, she kept taking care of her younger brother, up until the massacre.

Judie and the rest of the family were outside shopping, half of the kids at home, the rest on the parent's backs. Suddenly a rogue squad from the army burst into the market, guns raised. They fired, and the parents and Judie were killed. The children scattered, some getting picked off. Jacob and the rest were abandoned, as no one knew they were home. Being helpless, they started dying off. But Jacob had become strong-willed due to his sicknesses, his body becoming more immune to illness, as so many bodies spread around germs. He managed to escape the household (which had been locked) and left his family for dead.

Jacob now lived on the streets, scrounging for what he could. No one expected him to live, as he was getting frailer. He was briefly adopted by a nice family of Leavanny, but when they're newborn baby was found dead, they blamed Jacob, putting him in court. He barely managed to get out innocent, but he was estranged from the Leavanny family. Once again on the streets, people now looked at him with disdain, as the Joltik's defense had been bribing the Leavanny family to let Jacob off easy, and everyone knew it.

In fact, it got so bad that one day a Scyther tried to kill the small Lurra. The Scyther was angry, and partially drunk, not right in the head. During the fight, Jacob evolved. He became a Joltik, unleashing a sudden thunderbolt to strike the Scyther, paralyzing him long enough for the newly-evolved Galvantula to escape, to the nearby plains.

Jacob suddenly found himself on the land of the great noble Abraham Ash, the Heatmor sparing him from trespassing. Instead, Jacob became Ash's personal servant, and for five years he served him, until one day Abraham decided to sail for Kibou. Jacob was assigned to prepare the ships. Jacob accidentally bought a ship from the Skythunder Blades, causing a dispute, until the Galvantula agreed for his master to accompany them.

So on to Kibou they went.

Weapons: Jacob wears basic armor on his abdomen, and partly on his head. His legs aren't protected for speed, and his mandible/front legs have metal spikes on the end for stabbing.


08-12-2012, 12:29 AM
@Sheepat - I recognize your membership to the Skythunder Blades. I also both re-accept your current sign-up and accept the new one.

08-12-2012, 11:39 AM
Character Name: Luke Hersegoph
Pokemon: Gliscor
Gender: Male
Faction: The Kingdom of Miniera - THE BLACKSMITHS
Privateer Group:The Skythunder Blades

Character Description: Luke the Gliscor isn't like other Gliscor'. His body is dark green where as other Gliscor have a greyish-purple. He wears an eye patch around his left eye.
Another odd thing about Luke's appearance is that one of his pincers are bigger than the other.
He has shiny amber eyes which glisten the reflection of the sun when he is outside.

Character History: Luke was raised by Mr and Mrs Hersegoph, in an environment that was seen as snobbish or rich. When ever he speaks to anyone that isn't up to his liking or standards, he is senseless. Like a zombie. He hasn't ever once worked for anything in his life and is pampered by his parents.

In his early teenage years he was bought a care to sit in when his parents were angry with him. For him this was seen as a punishment which says a lot about how rich they actually are. To others this was an outrage, an insult to all of their kind and they wanted to insult them but they are not allowed to even look at them when they cross the road because of their status.

His parents owned a portion of Miniera he was the kid that was born into the happiest family in the kingdom, born into the biggest house in the kingdom and raised by the nicest parents in the whole kingdom.

Ever since he was born he has been an adventurous character, always wanting to find new things out. Some of Luke's interests are; talking to the dead, spiritually. He exercises his mind every morning by doing brain teaser exercises, has completed the rubix cube 15 times before in one day. You can call him the brains of the kingdom.

One morning he reads about Kibou on the paper and that they're looking for someone with a quit wit and brains and also likes adventure. He automatically knows this is the beginning of his professional life as a hired adventurer.

He meets with the people that are suppose to be the staff and they don't look into his eyes when he walks into the room.
"Gentlemen, no need to be afraid, I am not here to mock, I am here to join thee in your adventure."
They all are shocked and burst out in laughter.
They look at his face for the first time in their life and see that he is serious, they know that he has more than the brains that they were expecting to find in Miniera.

After a long question and answer interview, he was accepted and part of the privateer group The Skythunder Blades. He didn't care about the group as much but he had to play along as a team member if he wanted to venture out into the open with them, so he did.

Weapons: A mini slingshot which fire little metal fire balls after all his faction have mastered the art of fire.
He also carries an axe on his back.

Dan Magnus
08-12-2012, 03:02 PM
Character Name: Vidar Omni Necro

Pokemon: Cranidos.

Gender: Male.

Faction: Nomade (GTS+)

Privateer Group: Global Mercenaries.

Character Description: Vidar looks like a normal Cranidos, but he is actually higher than most other who he met (almost 1.6 meters), slightly lighter than usually, and he has a scar on his back that goes through his usual clothes and ends at the tip of his tail. He wears an old black cape, with a symbol of his head drawn onto it which is up to his legs, a pair of black pants, which were roughly sewn together and with a few red spots on it, leaving a hole for his tail to stick out. As a Cranidos, the top of his head is very hard, enough to break almost any substance known with a good Head-butt. There is even a rumour that he can break diamonds, but it's never been proven.

Character History: History is one thing that haunts Vidar in his dreams, despite his claim of making himself part of history. He would do anything to forget about his wretched past, and almost killed himself at one point of time, only to realize that time is only an illusion, and he had so many things to go for.

It all began for him when he was born, he was cursed by a so called 'Necromancer', giving him the last name 'Necro'. When the necromancer left, Vidar was abandoned by his own people that raised him, and he was alone against the world, with the only thing left to him was a note with his Cranidos name, Omni Necro. Surely a baby Cranidos could survive in a world alone, right? That's what his own parents were told, and they believed it. Living alone in the world made Vidar realize that the world isn't nice, and overtime it was proven to be true when both his eyes saw a display, when he was only a child. He saw what happens after a hunter has hunted the prey, and with both eyes opened, he was treated as a threat when the hunter saw him. The hunter caught him easily, and instead of hunting him down he took him under his care.

Since then, he lived with the hunter at his own home, and was taken care by him to anything he needed. The hunter taught him how to hunt, taking him out to hunt his own prey, growing himself to be like the son he never had. When Vidar was very young, the hunter took him on a special hunt, but what he didn't realize that he was the prey, and the hunter was chasing after him. It wasn't long until the hunter found Vidar, and cut a scar on Vidar's flesh as a reminder of this failure. This was the moment when Vidar started disliking his own raiser.

When Vidar was old enough, according to the hunter, he knew the hunter's true name, but the hunter threatened him of telling it to anyone. The hunter was killed on that same day, and he took on his identity, his name, and both the hunter's famed swords. Now known as Vidar Omni Necro, he began searching for a way to take on the hunter's identity. He discovered something about a group of mercenaries that are famed for their ways and their alliance with the hunter. He left the hunter's hideout to rot, and rushed forwards to find and join the Global Mercenaries. He never regretted this decision, as he is now a full time member, and is glad to be part of this team.

Weapons: Two sharp razor blades with ancient inscription on both of them. He also considers his own head as a weapon and a shield, he knows that with it he can go head-on to enemies without weapons. He then realized it was just a metaphor, and ignored the word play, even though people thought it to be funny.

Other: He carries around a note written by one of his people in the village, which says his name as 'Omni Necro'.

08-13-2012, 07:25 PM
@EVO 2 - Alright, I'm having just a few problems with this sign-up regarding organization and the like. You meet the minimum requirements lengthwise, but you need to clean up your sign-up and make it neater and easier to read, as well as making a few corrections. I'll go over them, and show you where you can make improvements. I've left quite a bit of reading here, but I think you should at least browse through it and take note of what I pointed out. You should also ask your teammates to proof-read some of your stuff and help you out. I'm sure they'll be happy to oblige.

First off, you need to work on placing relevant information where it needs to be. You tend to interrupt paragraphs with information that is irrelevant to the previous sentence without transition. An example:

Luke was raised by Mr and Mrs Hersegoph, in an environment that was seen as snobbish or rich. When ever he speaks to anyone that isn't up to his liking or standards, he is senseless. Like a zombie. He hasn't ever once worked for anything in his life and is pampered by his parents.

Right in the middle of the paragraph you start describing his personality instead of his lifestyle. The paragraph should be rearranged to look more like this.

Luke was born to a well-endowed pair of nobles, Mr. and Mrs. Hersegoph. Members of the Minieran nobility, the Hersegophs lived off a massive sum of money that had been in the family for ages. With access to near-unlimited riches, Luke was given whatever he desired. As such, Luke was brought up in a snobbish environment that bred in him a disdain for anything less than the gold standard. He came to view people of the lower class as unworthy of his time and attention, and often spoke down to others who were "beneath him" in a dull monotone.

I did quite a bit of touching up there, but the premise remains the same: He was a filthy rich brat raised without a personality. Order related information together and use transitions when changing subjects, and you've fixed most of this sign-up already.

As you saw above, descriptive words and phrase help too. You can definitely improve the quality of your sign-up by changing around the words that you use. Case in point, I'll use this passage:

His parents owned a portion of Miniera he was the kid that was born into the happiest family in the kingdom, born into the biggest house in the kingdom and raised by the nicest parents in the whole kingdom.

Words like happy, big, and nice are bad descriptors, and don't add enough vibrancy to a passage. As such, they make reading the paragraph uninteresting. By simply replacing these words with synonyms, you can improve the paragraph immensely:

Luke's parents owned large swaths of land, which increased their already immense wealth. As a result, Luke lived in one of the most kind and pleasant households in the kingdom, free from worry or need. His family resided in a large and spacious abode that quickly became Luke's favorite place to play.

Those things above are the main problems, and once you deal with both of them, you'll be in the clear. For now, you'll recieve a Denied status, but I'll be glad to look things over when you finish making the changes I've laid out. Again, you should look to your fellow RPers if you need further advice. I'm almost done here, but there are two more minor things I should cover:

He exercises his mind every morning by doing brain teaser exercises, has completed the rubix cube 15 times before in one day. You can call him the brains of the kingdom.

That's an anachronism, pal. Rubix Cubes should not exist in this time period, let alone this dimension. It has to go, but feel free to find another puzzle that fits the period. Complex riddles, perhaps? Also,

A mini slingshot which fire little metal fire balls after all his faction have mastered the art of fire.

Just because your faction has fire powers doesn't mean they can light metal on fire for a sustained period of time. You should either leave that weapon out, or adjust it so it makes sense. Maybe they can be small pieces of coal that you light with your powers? You'll have to work that one out.

@Dan Magnus - Sorry about that wall of text. It'll be interesting to watch your Cranidos interacts with the other crew mates, considering his past. Accepted.

I'll get started on my sign-up as well. I've been putting off for a while now, so I best get on it.

08-14-2012, 12:23 AM
Character Name: Juan Rivera

Pokemon: Charmeleon

Gender: Male

Faction: Miniera (PE2K)

Character Description: Juan possesses a standard build for a Charmeleon, and is dressed in light attire at allows for greater mobility. His tail flame burns a bright orange, and is hotter than the flames of other Charmeleon. It occasionally burns red when he is angry, an odd trait that is a defining characteristic in his family. He wears a red cotton beret on his head, and protects his body with chain-mail over a white shirt. On his left arm is a small scar he obtained in a battle between the Minieran army and a group of Nomade separatists who lived in a region Miniera had gained control of in previous wars. his arquebus is carried strapped to his back, and his sword in a hilt on his left side. A bag held on the other side of his waist contains all his other belongings.

Character History: Juan was the first born of a noble couple Diego and Lola Rivera, both Charizards, who quickly produced two more children a few years later. These younger brothers, Guillermo and Carlos, came to be Juan's best friends in early childhood. Naturally, they were in awe of their older brother, who quickly became someone they looked up to.

Being the first born wasn't exactly a blessing though. The Rivera family had a long standing tradition of heroism in Miniera, and it is said that every first born in the family has passed into legend. Each had wielded the family blade, Valentía, and passed it on from generation to generation. Many of Juan's ancestors had been great military leaders, and even his father Diego Rivera had been a man of great renown, fighting for the Minieran crown during a internal conflict. A lone noble whose territory rested near Nomade borders had fought to establish his own kingdom, and when word reached the king of this traitorous rebellion, he had sent his armies to destroy him. Leading the king's massive force, Diego returned months later unscathed from the siege of the rebellious province. Diego was later given the noble's former title and holdings.

Wishing to see his son follow in his footsteps, Juan began at a young age to learn the ways of Minieran knighthood. His brothers also began preparations for their own perceived lifestyles, Guillermo for the inheritance of his father's noble status, and Carlos to become a scholar. While his brothers were to go into simple, quiet livelihoods, it was Juan's destiny that he follow in his forefather's footsteps. Naturally, this put him under substantial pressure, raised to live up to the enormous reputation of the Rivera family.

Juan was trained to wield the weaponry of the knights of old by his father, and prepared to wield the family sword in his own quest. Juan soon found himself to be more adept at the use of gunpowder weaponry however when he learned the basic use of the arquebus, and wishing to not push anything else on his son, Diego allowed Juan to use the arquebus as his primary arm as long as he carried the family sword with him as well. At the age of 16 he evolved into a Charmeleon, and that day he was first allowed to hold in his hand Valentía, the family blade.

At the ripe young age of 18, Juan was set out into the world to find his own adventure. Armed with his gun and sword, Juan decided to head out in search of adventure. In his first two years, he was involved in minor mercenary work, during which he obtained his scar. At the beginning of his third year away from home, he left to a port town in order to seek out opportunity. There he first heard of the discovery of Kibou, the riches that it possessed, and the conflict over control of the island. Juan decided immediately that his journey began in this new land, and that he would seek out his own glory there. After inquiring with members of the local nobility, Juan found himself the leader of a Minieran expedition authorized by the royalty itself. Put in charge of a ship and crew, Juan was tasked with enforcing Minieran claims to Kibou and driving out those who didn't respect it. Thus did Juan set out from this port, hoping to forge his own legacy.

Weapons: Juan is adept enough at the use of various weapons, but has a few staples that he tends to favor in combat. He prefers ranged weapons, and wields in particular a large arquebus he is extremely adept at using. He also carries his family sword, Valentía. The broadsword sees little use though, and is more of a good luck charm to Juan than anything he would practically use.

Other: If you so please, read every post regarding this character in a Spanish accent.

Neku Sakuraba
08-16-2012, 12:30 AM

Character Name: He is dubbed Nniuq Shamroucq.
Pokemon: *Holds back from singing* Snivy.
Gender: Male
Faction: Miniera
Privateer Group: Skythunder Blades

Character Description: Nniuq is unique. He is 2 feet taller than most Snivy, hailing at 4'00". He is normally seen wearing a green leather jacket that has a shamrock stitched in white on the right side. (Seen as left) His, um..."hair" is slightly pointed at the back of his head, but it is barely noticeable. On his left arm there is a patch where it is shiny, as in different color shiny, the bluish-green shiny. It has been there since he was around 10 and stayed there since. Any other remarkable differences would be that he has one of those scars that "tough" guys in stories/RP's like this would have. The mark was on his face has been there since he was born.

Character History: When Nniuq was 5, he was abandoned by his parents. The abandoning wasn't out of hatred, competition, or greed. In fact, it was because they loved him. They couldn't afford to keep him, seeing as they were very poor. He was adopted by a local blacksmith named Udo that was near where he used to live. Every year after he got adopted, he would go visit his family, to see how they were doing and to see if he could give them anything that he could at the moment. When he was 9, both his mom and dad became deathly ill. There was no way that either Udo or anyone could do to help, since they needed a medical doctor, but couldn't afford it. One year later, when Nniuq became 10, his mother died. His dad got killed by a thug, who was trying to rob them, but didn't know they didn't have much. In return, the thug killed the remaining parent. The thug also managed to make a deep slash through Nniuq's left arm, needing amputation or, again, surgery. Nniuq was wandering the streets when he met a shiny Serperior who was a nurse. The Serperior helped Nniuq by patching up his left arm. The patch was the same color of the Serperior, and stayed that way for days to come.

17 years later and Nniuq becomes an official blacksmith, though he mainly makes guns, especially his own two. He went to find the thug who killed his own father. Nniuq has been nonsuccessive in his search for the thug. Though, while searching, he learned that the thug's name is Triad. When Nniuq is not looking for Triad, he hangs out at the local bar. There, Nniuq usually gets some aged rum and goes back to the blacksmith shop he works at with his dad. It was also at that same bar that he learned about the quest to Kibou and the team that was representing Miniera, the Skythunder Blades. At that moment, Nniuq knew that he could instantly help his adopted father with his money troubles.

Weapons: Nniuq is a pistol-slinger wielding two pistols that he first made. It is slightly crude, but impressive for first pistols. If needed, he can make a dagger or two from any resources that's available. Of course, excluding water and any other non-solid elements like fire. Depending on what they're made from, the less crude they are. Such as, if he made two daggers from dirt, they would be sturdy, but not too great as if he used rock.

Other: Um...I'm not too great at this stuff and I hope this at least decent. If not, I'm sorry.

08-16-2012, 05:28 PM
@Metal Gear Snivy - Snake? SNAKE!? SNAAAAKKEEEE!!!

That was incredibly stupid. Lame joke aside, your sign-up looks decent enough. Just a note though: I will allow the pistols, but just remember that these are very early pistols, not some of the modern weaponry we have today, and must adhere to the rules regarding time period. Accepted.

Socratic Sarcasm
08-17-2012, 07:35 PM

Neku Sakuraba
08-17-2012, 11:05 PM
@Metal Gear Snivy - Snake? SNAKE!? SNAAAAKKEEEE!!!

That was incredibly stupid. Lame joke aside, your sign-up looks decent enough. Just a note though: I will allow the pistols, but just remember that these are very early pistols, not some of the modern weaponry we have today, and must adhere to the rules regarding time period. Accepted.

I read the first post, NES. I was talking about the early pistols, for I knew that they had at least that back then. Also, I got your joke. xD

08-18-2012, 02:00 AM
@narphoenix - Accepted.

I've also completed my own sign-up, which means this will probably start tomorrow. Prepare yourselves!

08-18-2012, 02:08 AM
Whoo, faction within a faction...Thing. I'll expand on this later.

Character Name: Ru'ella Odora
Pokemon: Aggron
Gender: Female
Faction: Miniera (More specifically the Church of Groudon)
Privateer Group: Skythunder Blades

Character Description: The typical Aggron, although she's noticeable taller than most, the normal Aggron being around 6'11" whereas she comes in at 6'15", and weighing around 810 pounds. Her horns are also different, having been too small to be effective they were replaced with titanium near the base, held in place by ornate golden brackets. Speaking of her steel hide, however, it is a ruby red compared to the grey of her species. This results from eating a diet high in Ganlon Berries. She also possesses amber eyes, which are also a trait of this peculiar subspecies of Aggron.

Character History: (Describe your character's backstory. There is a two-paragraph minimum of information required.)

Weapons: (If your Pokemon wields weapons, list them here. Descriptions are purely optional here.)

Other: (Anything else you would like to say about your character goes here.)

Character Name: Tankou Metug
Pokemon: Durant
Gender: Male
Faction: Miniera (More specifically the Church of Groudon)
Privateer Group: Skythunder Blades

Character Description: (Describe your character's physical attributes. Pictures are optional, but a paragraph of descriptive information is required.)

Character History: (Describe your character's backstory. There is a two-paragraph minimum of information required.)

Weapons: (If your Pokemon wields weapons, list them here. Descriptions are purely optional here.)

Other: (Anything else you would like to say about your character goes here.)

08-18-2012, 11:41 PM
Character Name: Selena Celeste Velrona Pelereuse Mondove, though most call her 'Sel'
Pokemon: Serperior
Gender: Female
Faction: GTS+
Privateer Group: Global Mercenaries
Character Description: Sel wears a silver circlet upon her brow, signifying her upper class heritage. When she seeks to travel discreetly, she uses the circlet to hold a up a black mask that covers her face and shades her eyes. Around her neck lies a beautifully Minerian crafted necklace of silver, with a large emerald, though the gemstone usually remains hidden past her leaves. She wears varying colour cloaks, tailored to fasten around the first four feet of her body optionally, and drapes over her tail like a cape. At any given time there are two to four knife straps, though the one constant is a handsome dark rapier scabbard strapped to her back.
Character History: Selene was born to a rich lord and lady in Nomade, her mother a beautiful Serperior named Celestia, her father a powerful Cacturne named Velron Mondove. She was to be the younger of a pair, though the childbirth went wrong and Sel's sister died within a night. The grievous parents found it a blessing that Selene even survived, causing them to be extremely meticulous and over protective of their daughter. They named their newborn Selene, after her grandmother, and Pelereuse, the name they intended for her dead twin.

Sel was raised in a luxurious environment and was spoiled rotten in her youth. Her father worked as a diplomat for Nomade, which often caused him to be away. He often brought home craft from Mineria, such as jewelry, weaponry, and armour. His absences left Sel feeling distant from her father, carrying the negative feelings into her later years subconsciously as a hidden sense of abandonment. She learned to be independent, which frustrated her mother and filled her with worry.

At the age of sixteen, Selene evolved, and with her newfound power she became ever more troublesome for her parents. Velron returned home once to find her demanding heavily for extravagances. He grew angry and sent her to an orphanage called Arbeiten die Seele, sentencing her to a year of work there to learn the value of work and money. Selene cried for days before her departure, begging to be released from her punishment. Celestia promised to return for her the moment the year ended, giving her her family emerald necklace to signify her promise. Sel wore the gem for the rest of her life, though she kept it hidden in public.

Her initial view of the orphanage was contempt and shock. Though seeing how poor life was for the lower class horrified her, she remained firm in her demands for luxury, until she met a certain boy.

He was a handsome nuzleaf named Renado. Sel had angered the counselor after snottily refusing that day's food, calling it manure. She was told to work in the stable and clean up the Tauros poop, 'to learn what real droppings were like'. Renado watched her work from the nearby stall, laughing as she slipped and fell face first. In a rage, Selene threw a wad of the muck at him. The experience ended with them covered in the repulsive poop, both of them laughing at each other. Though sentenced to another day's work for dirtying the entire stable, they became the best of friends. Selene gave him her name, and Renado returned the favor. Selene dubbed him 'Renee', having misheard him. In turn Renee called her Sel.

Sel spent the rest of the year learning from Renee. He taught her how to survive on the streets, how to make a quick escape, and how to stay under the radar. She told him what it was like to live in a small castle, and told him the very stories her mother had once told her of far away lands where everything was perfect. He marveled at the idea, though he didn't believe it was as perfect as it sounded. Sel enjoyed telling him stories when she felt she was forgetting home. As the end of her punishment drew near, she made him a promise that they would return to Sel's home together.

War broke out among the nations. Sel waited for her mother and father to return and take her away, yet they failed to come. She grew heartbroken, believing they had left her for good. The war continued to ravage the land, and news of atrocities came from everywhere. The orphanage sent the youngest away, fearing the war would soon strike them. Renee and Sel remained among the few eldest, but soon even they were to be deported to a safer location.

Renee overheard the plans for them. He and Sel were to be placed in different locations far away from each other. He woke Sel in the night, demanding they run away together. She agreed, but she made him promise they would visit her home first. He reluctantly complied, and they left before dawn.

Using Renee's street smarts, they skirted the worst of the war and made their way to Velron's home. What awaited them was the aftermath of a massacre. The once proud structure lay in ruins, with dozens of bodies. Sel searched the rubble for her parents, though they were not to be found. Renee came upon a note, written in Minerian. Sel translated it as best she could, understanding enough to know her father had been taken for ransom and her mother was sent to the mines to work. Selene wept for them, with only Renado to comfort her.

She took from the rubble a Minerian blade, knives, and a mask that Velron had once bought for his wife. From the remains of the guard's armory she took a pistol, She swore to avenge them, setting out to find those who had taken them. For many years she traveled with Renee, learning to fight with a gun and sword.The war ended too soon for her, however, and she learned from rumor that her mother had died of grief. Her anger swelled, and she became violent in a bar when a drunk Minerian Feraligatr told a tale of a mighty victory against a Cacturne. Thinking the defeated Pokemon her father, Sel challenged the Minerian veteran to a duel. They crossed blades viciously. After several hours, the Minerian used his water abilities to nearly drown Sel. She fell unconscious in the end.

Renee ran to Sel's side, reviving her with mouth to mouth. As she woke, her strengthened and passionate love for Renado threw her into evolution, causing the Feraligatr to pause and watch. Selene drew her gun as the glow faded, holding it with her tail and aiming at the Feraligatr. Renado feared her vengeful state and knew her intentions. He leapt in front of the Feraligatr as the gun fired. The blast hit Renee directly in the shoulder. The Feraligatr, spared of what surely would have been death, fled. Sel rushed to Renee, sobbing as she cradled him with her tail. Renee whispered his last words to her, but by dawn he was dead. Selene buried him nearby, using her new powers to grow a rose bush over his grave.

Newly aware of the consequences for her rage, she decided to travel. She recalled a privateer group her father had mentioned once when she was a child and remembered her stories with Renee of a perfect land. Her fear initially made her fearful of exploration. Thinking of Renee, she left to search the new lands in his memory, knowing he would have wanted her to. She hunted down the Global Mercenaries and signed on to the crew, quickly learning the ropes and becoming a skilled sailor.

Weapons: Selene weilds a sharp rapier with a steel blade and a decorated handle fit for her tail. She keeps throwing knives for long range attacks, though she knows full well how to weild a gun. She simply avoids the firearms due to her trouble with weilding them and her sad memories attatched to them.
Other: Due to her fight with the Feraligatr, Selene is terrified of water, though she doesn't let it interfere with her work.

08-19-2012, 01:13 AM
((I am so pissed right now. I spent the last three hours working on this profile, only to have my account sign itself out when I clicked the 'post' button! Shitsticks! Well its like one a clock in the morning now, so this one will have to be shorter..))

Character Name: Annelise Chanceler
Pokemon: Crobat
Gender: Female
Faction: Nomade
Privateer Group: Global Mercenaries
Character Description: There is very little about Annelise that truly make her stand out from her fellow Crobat, as she wasn't born with any of the individual features that some pokemon seem to possess. There is some scar tissue in her upper left wing - though it doesn't seem to bother her flight - and she carry a small rucksack, carrying some berries, a pen and paper, and a knife for sharpening the pen. The bag is made by simple rawhide.

Character History: Annelise hatched as a creature to which there was no light, and to which sight was a thing she could never have imagined in her wildest imagination. Completely accustomed to a life in total darkness, like all Zubat she relied upon her echolocation for her 'sight' - she knew nothing else, and it worked perfectly for the cause of survival. She had hatched into a nomadic colony of Zubat and Golbat. They moved in the wilderness, being able to rely upon untouched nature for whatever needs they had for themselves. They went on, never stopping anywhere for more than a week, and encountered few creatures more than once. They were safe during the night - few things could threaten their numbers, and consequentially, few ever dared to try.

However, one day a rogue Braviary tore into the vegetation where the bat family were sleeping throughout the day. It was hungry and probably desperate, looking for an easy meal among the small and defenseless Zubat. Unfortunately for the Braviary, the Zubats weren't defenseless though - Golbat in dozens and dozens poured upon the predatory bird, furious to have been attacked in such a cowardly way. But though the battle was swift and the Braviary quickly defeated, the Razor winds it had unleashed found many a target among the cluster of meek bats. Annelise, among others, had her wing torn and ripped and her ability to fly severely hindered.

She was carried to safety later that night. A few of the members had scouted out a town where the locals had seemed to be friendly - they had agreed to care for the injuries for as long as was needed, as the bat population lacked such skill almost entirely. The days and nights that followed were incredibly dull for Annelise. Though she had been promised that her wing would heal just fine, she wasn't allowed to move until it did. To help her kill time, a Chancey was kind enough to reed aloud for her from a childrens story books whenever she found the opportunity. Annelise was immediately enthralled by these fascinating things called 'books' - blind as she was, she was unable to detect the little signs that had been written down upon the pages. Imagine to be able to see words - it was a thought that had never before occurred to the young girl.

Once she was able to leave and return to her colony, she did so with a new goal in mind - she was to evolve and gain her Golbat eyes! She was unable to even fathom the mysteries behind books, and it infuriated her to no end that she couldn't see them. She took her opportunities whenever she could find them. She participated in mock battles whenever she got the opportunity. She challenged herself to fly faster, to become stronger, and when the rest of the nomadic tribe were traveling at normal speed, Annelise flew laps around them. Her diligence eventually payed off, and she became a Golbat a year later, then at the age of fifteen. She had gained her eyes at last, and before her was a world that she could never have fathomed. The colors and the distance and the views, it all seemed to mock the inadequacy of her echolocation.

She spent the next few months simply getting accustomed to her new sense. But having accomplished what she had wanted to do, a new pull became present within her mind. She eventually decided to follow her wants for adventure, and bid her farewells to friends and family once they passed a town that looked like a nice place to stay.
For the next few months, Annalise worked the night shifts at the local Pelipper post office, saving up the money she needed for tutoring, and studying everything she could in the sparse time between shifts and necessary sleep. She never quite learned to read Unknown fluently - though she can do it given some time - however she proved to have a head for reading and she mastered the footprint alphabet with relative ease for someone priorly alphabetical. Thrhree years after she had initially settled, Annalise had become a Crobat and was harboring yet another dream. She wanted to become a writer of fiction.

However, the times weren't the best. Her town was located far into the Nomad mainland, and had been spared from the worst of the war for this reason. But money was scarce as it usually is during turbulent times, and few people could spend it on things such as books, when one needed to make a living. She was a fairly good writer, though - she managed to make a living by writing a serial for the local newspaper, and it kept her afloat.
But she wasn't writing what she truly wanted to write about. While her storied had so far been about the consequences of war which she had seen so much of in her traveling days, Annelise truly wanted to write about adventures. She wanted to write stories like those that the friendly Chancey had read to her out loud when she was a little Zubat, and once again she found herself helplessly lost to the grasps of a dream.

She sold her home and set out into the world in search for.. something. Inspiration, perhaps. An idea, a story to fall directly into her waiting wings. She found only death and warfare, however, which opened her eyes to the state that her home nation truly was in. She'd occasionally stumble upon ruins, the remains of rotting massacres that had been left after enemy raids. Sometimes, there's be survivors. Usually, there were none there, and the bodies had been left to rot, unburied, robbed, thrashed and thorn by the forces that had killed them. Annalise loathed it. She often thought of how her family was doing, but with no way of contacting them she had to let the thought go.

The land that she saw beneath her wasn't the place where she had grown up. Smokes and fires rose from the ruins, and nowhere truly felt safe anymore. She hated it, hated, hated, hated it. For the months that followed, Annalise learned to fight. It wasn't the mock battles that she had practiced as a child, but struggles where only one side would make it out alive. She lucked out a few times. Before she got into the routine. Annalise had never been a meek individual, and by now she had decided that it was time to leave her homeland. Luck was on the side of the young Crobat as she stumbled upon a mercenary crew in one of the harbor towns. They were looking for members who were going to cross the sea into the new land that awaited them on the other side. It suited the bat pokemon just perfectly, and the ship sailed not many days there after.

Weapons: Annalise have no additional weapons aside from the powers that she was born with. She owns a knife, sure, but it's more useful for sharpening pens with than anything that could do any actual damage in her tiny little paws.
Other: (Anything else you would like to say about your character goes here.)

08-19-2012, 07:02 PM
Character Name: Silver McLockhart

Pokemon: Grovyle

Gender: Female

Faction: The Kingdom of Nomade - The Explorers (Global Trade Station Plus)

Privateer Group: Team Charge(GTS+)

Character Description: Silver is quite a bit different than the average Grovyle. Her reptillian Grovyle skin is slightly lighter and more grey than the average, giving it an almost silvery appearance, thus her namesake. Despite this, she's a bit thinner than the average as well, though this just gives her a more lean appearance, nothing too drastic.

The leaf blades on her arms are slightly longer and sharper than the norm, giving the effect of dagger-blades. The leaves on her body, as well as her stomach, are a slightly darker gray than the rest of her body, making her look like she's almost made of a metallic substance. Quite the opposite however, she's prone to being easily injured and is quite commonly found with more than a few bandages around her body.

Bright, icy blue eyes are often found glaring out from the depths of her face, usually directed at a comment Zorva had made. The leafy protrusion sprouting from the top of her head is a bit thinner than what it should be, although this is almost unnoticeable unless closely examined.

Commonly found is a boiled wool cloak draped across her back, hood pulled over her head. Usually, she doesn't have the hood up around he teammates, but in certain conditions, she enjoys the general reclusive nature of having most of her face hidden. Because she's a Nomande, she usually doesn't use the cloak for weather purposes, as she can adapt quickly enough, but it never hurts.

Another thing usually found on her person is the quiver and bow slung across her right shoulder. Usually within reach for emergencies, as she's very paranoid about fighting and the like. An Everstone on a leather string is tied in a pouch around her neck. Often enough, it's mistaken for something of much more value than an Everstone, however, because of the way she treats it.

Character History: Silver was born a Nomande, and is quite prepared to die a Nomande. Usually, she's very quiet about her past, not usually mentioning it in everyday talk. Of course, she was born as a Treecko, as green as any other. Over time, however, she gradually grew a bit lighter and more gray in coloration, until she is the light silver that she is now. Normally, this wouldn't cause a problem in her daily life, as the Nomande were prone to doing whatever they could to survive, and some adaptations were a little more bizarre than most.

She realized that she could stop growing lighter by staying at her current stage of evolution, so she gained an Everstone to keep her from doing so. Naturally, she still isn't sure why she is her color that she is now, but is quite positive it's only her color, as many a Grovyle has come and past her in strength, agility, and the like. That's not to say she isn't agile or quick, quite the contrary.

She dislikes how much she tends to stick out, however, thus the reason she wears a cloak. That, and because she generally dislikes talking face-to-face, because she has issues dealing with Pokémon she's never met before. After a good deal of talking, she has the tendency to bring the hood down abruptly and open up, slightly, like a clam revealing its pearl. Generally, this pearl is the slight narcissistic attitude problem she displays at times.*

For quite a while after her first evolution, Silver made her way as an everyday petty thief, her quick-mindedness and lithe speed a key component in a mass array of successful swipes of Apples and Seeds. It wasn't unusual for her to be caught every so often when she first started, but Silver managed to get better as she went on with it. She never tried to steal from the same place twice, and considering she kept constantly on the move, that wasn't too difficult.*

That's not to say there wasn't any consequences, no. Even with the adaptations and survivalist skills of the Nomande, Silver still had a bit of trouble getting enough, every now and then. Mostly around winter, as crops were scarce around that time and Pokémon generally wizened up about keeping an eye on their goods. But she managed to get by with plenty, as it was almost difficult to starve when you were a Nomande.

At around the equivalent age of 16 or 17, Silver began getting into a bit on the darker side of things, choosing to get a bit deeper into crime activities than the normal Pokémon. Working as a kind-of assassin or mercenary, Silver was a bit prone to more deadly means of income. Her archery skills and stealth made her efficient, but the guilt after completing a job or kill was just a smidgeon too much for her. The jobs were slightly tougher, and after months of working, Silver decided that she really couldn't live with the criminal life, petty thievery or assassinations or anything.

Turning her back on her past, Silver quickly turned to adventuring as a means of release, her thirst for excitement making her fairly good at it. Traveling for so long gave her a decent layout of the land where she grew up in, and coupled with her naturally excellent instincts, she realized she could go practically anywhere in her region.*

When she first heard of Mibou, Silver was skeptical about ever entering such a place. But the Grovyle couldn't deny that she had a thirst for the place, a longing to explore every inch of it and uncover the treasures as her own. But she needed a team, a trustworthy group that she could be loyal to and could explore with. Mibou demanded her attention, but it was simply impossible without a team. And so she set out looking for Pokémon.

Eventually, Silver met up with one of her current teammates, a Riolu known as Zorva. Cautious at first, the Riolu soon grew on her as a reliable trustworthy teammate(if a bit of a nuisance at times), and Silver quickly decided that they couldn't wait to go to Mibou. Together, in what felt like a century and a day, they managed to stockpile enough money for a shoddy boat for the journey. Shortly after purchasing the boat, however, another Pokémon joined their group, a Ninetails by the name of Victoria(Tori, for short). And so for Mibou they set off.

She never liked thinking of herself as a leader of sorts, actually leaving most(if not all) leaderlike duties to Zorva. Even so, she likes to do much of the talking and even more of the walking when she can. Overall, though, most navigation, planning, and the like she likes to entrust with her Riolu partner or Victoria. Even though sometimes their interests do happen to conflict pretty badly.

Weapons: She has a bow and quiver slung across her lizardlike back, reserved for long-range and nothing else. Up-close, her leafy blades do the talking, although she does prefer to use long-range whenever it's possible. The arrows lackadaisically arranged in her quiver are tipped with obsidian, black shafts, and are ended with black feathers at the tips. Needless to say, she doesn't want to give her position away with rainbow arrows sticking out every which way.

As for the bow itself, it's made out of the same wood as the arrow shafts, maintaining the stealthy, all-black approach. The quiver is made out of leather, as no Pokémon that she knows as an ally could work a metal one, and she claims that leather is lighter and more comfortable anyway. She's practically clueless about using anything else besides her bow and arm-leaf blades, and doesn't seek out any other weapons.

Not fond of swords or daggers, Silver would definitely rather shoot a bow from long distance than get in up close, painting her as a coward of sorts when it comes to fighting, especially in groups. That being said, she'd actually much rather fight than talk, as she's naturally untrustworthy of anyone besides her teammates, who she's loyal to until the very end.

Other: Wow that history was really half-assed, dwi.

08-19-2012, 07:03 PM
Edit: oh god double post. Glitchy phone. Don't mind me. >>;

08-19-2012, 07:20 PM
Wow, I'm sorry for the delay. Things on my end prevented me from responding earlier.

@Dragonwish2 - I read the sign-up and most of it is in order, but there is just a minor thing I should clarify. The Pokemon of Lurra share a common language, meaning they can understand one another, but have two forms of writing. Footprint, the former, is a sort of practical writing used in standard communication, while Unown glyphs are used in more official writings and documents. Basically, footprint is like an alphabet used by common people, while the Unown alphabet is used among the intellectuals and the upper class, and is kinda similar to Latin in it's usage.

But that is just a minor point made for future reference. Accepted.

@Ruta - That's perfect. Accepted.

@Silvar - Need I say more? Accepted.

Alright, I'm going to get the RP started too. Things came up yesterday, but I have time today to set up the thread. It'll be up within a matter of minutes.

EDIT: I'm moving the character profile directory there too, since the SU thread actually ran out of space.

SECOND EDIT: The RP thread is open (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?p=3410145). Get posting!

08-19-2012, 08:32 PM
Erm, I mentioned nothing of language in my sign up. I believe you mean Ruta, whose Crobat is a writer. But thank you for the acceptance.

08-19-2012, 08:41 PM
Naw, it's your post alright.

Renee came upon a note, written in Minerian.

I just wanted to clarify that while there are two different alphabets in this world, all Lurra speak the same language. Therefore, there isn't exactly "Minieran" writing, but there are different types of it. It's a confusing solution, but it works for the RP.

08-19-2012, 09:14 PM
Oh, woops. My bad. :) I meant to fix the history later anyways, I'll work on that when I do. Thanks for catching that.

08-20-2012, 06:23 AM
Character Name: Scarlette Fierro
Pokemon: Blaziken
Gender: Female

Faction: Kingdom of Nomade
Privateer Group:

Character Description: Even at first glance, one would be able to pick Scarlette out in even a crowd of purely her own kind. She is of the same basic colour design, and even height (6' 3" (though she adamantly claims she's a whole half and inch taller)). However, few things on her stick out, causing her to not go unnoticed. Firstly, is her colour; the bloodred body colour of your average Blaziken is crimson on her, and the cream-coloured "hair" and chest is a smoky grey instead. Other standoutish details would include her overall physique; after many years in the wilderness by herself has caused more muscle growth, giving her a more muscularly built body (though not completely look completely masculine). Although insignificant, her claws are longer and sharper and painted bright, canary yellow.

Character History: Scarlette was born in a village that was in the middle of a vast and virtually uninhabitable desert. Her mother was a woman already with two infants, and Scarlette was the result of a one-night encounter which was not supposed to be anything more than that, and when her mother pleaded with the man to stay, he fled without a word.

Her mother blamed Scarlette's birth for the loss of the former potential lifemate, and thusly, Scarlette lived most of her existence treated like a disease--a virus that was to be eradicated. Since they lived in a community which looked down upon any sort of child abandonment, Scarlette's mother was forced to keep the child she didn't want. So, she resorted to savagely beating Scarlette when they were in the privacy of their home. While out in public, she overtly showed her disgust for Scarlette, wherever they were seen together.

She had two older siblings; a brother and a sister. It was only when one of them stepped in between Scarlette and her mother, would that prevent any violence. And it was her older brother, Phoenix, who helped her whenever and wherever she needed it. It was his faith in believing that everyone--including Scarlette--were equal, regardless of circumstances regarding their existence, or who their parents may have been. It was because of him, did her hope and willpower to keep moving on and living remain.

However, it all changed while returned "home" from the market, which her mother commanded of her.

Upon returning home, she found it completely empty. All of her siblings' and mother's belongings were gone, and even the food stocks were emptied. With no reason to stay in that home, and no one to turn to to help, Scarlette left the town, never to be seen again. She was 17-years-old.

For the next 23 years, she had been living on her own and on the wild, moving from one city to another, even living in the wilderness (made easy because of her Namode heritage). She never stayed one place for very long.

However, on a passing by through a village (which was built on the edge of a sheer cliff overlooking a violent and turbulent sea, and experience regular tsunamis), she caught wind of a rumour, as fleeting a speck of dust on the wind. She heard of several citizens speaking of a mysterious land, but when she would ask of it, they would blow her off, or be intimidated by her appearance to speak any longer. So, she took up the practice of sneaking, so, while eavesdropping, she heard of this "mysterious land"--Kibou. Scarlette needed no other explanation of this place.

She set off for Kibou.

Weapons: The only "weapon" she carried with her was a five-foot long wooden staff with flame-shaped engravings carved into each end that are filled in with gold.

(I really don't know how they travel to Kibou, so I just kept it that she hadn't gotten there yet. Don't kill me Q-Q)

08-21-2012, 12:52 AM
@Amarantha - Sorry to say this, but this sign-up is going to be an issue. This is not because of quality issues, but because of the content of your character's history.

I've set the rating of this at PG-13, and while I'll allow for certain amounts of mature content, this sign-up is comes with too many complications. Rape and abortions are concepts that I'd like to avoid, and they don't really fit the setting either. It's too controversial to be something that I would want as a part of this RP, and it's a bit much for an roleplay that even with guns and all is still about Pokemon at its core.

So, I'm going to deny this sign-up, though you are free to revise your character or start anew. Really, it's for the best.

08-21-2012, 03:44 AM
I'm going to offer some tips to help Amarantha. (Might I also ask if your username has anything todo with the novel, The Amaranth Enchantment?)

As NES2 said, her birth details are past Pg-13 for the most part. However, you could alter it to something like a father who came and went, only knowing the mother a night when the details happened. The mother could, in turn, blame her own feelings of abandonment on your character, becoming abusive and spiteful of her. The brother could feel that she (your character) was equal no matter who her father was, and his faith gave him the willpower to defend her.

The only way to arrive go Kibou is by boat, hence the privateers. A privateer is a ship given permission by their kingdom to plunder other kingdom's ships whilst working under the crown, which in this case is one big land and gold hunt. (New World exploration with a dash of Oklahoma land rush) I suggest joining a privateer group, either Team Sparks (if they consent to it), Global Mercenaries (Flynt), or you can work solo as NES2 is, though j don't know the details of how he does it.

08-21-2012, 05:39 AM
Dragonwish - No, indeed I did not. Never even heard of that novel xD I was going through 20000-names, in the Latin names, and I decided I liked that name--it means "Unfading".

NES2 - I deeply apologise for the impropriety of my character; I was not aware that what I had contained within would be deemed inappropriate, but this is what I get for assuming ^^'
I altered her history up a bit in order to make it more appropriate. Better?

08-21-2012, 09:45 PM
@Amarantha - That's better. Accepted.

08-22-2012, 10:03 PM
Character Name: Jumaane 'Oldie Witherback' Mwani
Pokemon: Ivusaur
Gender: Male
Faction: Nomade
Privateer Group: Global Mercenaries
Character Description:
Jumaane, despite being a mere Ivusaur, is actually quite old. He made the conscious choice not to evolve into a Venusaur, out of personal preferrence rather than any sort of lack of strength and experience. Though he is still both as strong and nimble on his feet as he have always been, a life in harsh climate and hard work have left visible traits.

The most noticeable of such features are the large streaks of white that run across his flower bud. Though the petals themselves are still healthy and strong (just like the rest of Jumaane) they look kind of like a Rembrandt tulip, earning the Ivusaur the name of 'Witherback'. There are some minor chips and cuts in them.

He has grown a bit larger than your average Ivusaur, and somewhat stockier as well. Despite not having evolved, Witherback somehow grew the lower scizors of a Venusaur, and his spots have begun to fade with age. A number of scars run across his body, the most noticable one running down the right side of his head and taking a piece of his ear with it. It is connected to three large claw-marks that run down the side of his face, missing he eye with mere inches.

He carry a belt around his back bud, which hold most of the things he need. There's a small waterbottle and a pouch for berries, but also daggers and a few throwing knives. He even carry a pair of silver decorated flintlock pistols.

Character History:
Jumaane was born to a fisherman family and a fishermans village, and practially had his egg laid on board of a boat. There wasn't a day of his youth that he didn't cherish the scent of salt and seaweed, and that was a love than never perished as the little Bulbasaur grew older. His litter consisted of six other little bulb frogs, in total four brothers and two sisters, born to an Ivusaur father and a Venusaur mother.
His father was actually not that interested in the sea, preferring to tend to their family garden. He grew edible plants mostly, which was always a welcome addition to a diet that consisted mostly of sealife.
Jumaane's mom on the other hand was a fisherman down into the last little vein. She had mastered her Nomade abilities perfectly, and Jumaane remember watching her from the ship with his siblings as she swam underneath, using her vines as a fishing net and picking scallops as she passed them by.

He learned well from his mom, and the litter once received a fishing vessel as a birthday gift from their parents. They were thrilled by the idea of being able to set out alone, and they earned their living the fishermans way. They were gone for hours at the time, then dawn till dusk - then, days would pass by without them returning. With time, they fared further and further away from their childhood home, eventually leaving it behind entirely as they grew into young adults with a lust for discovery.

From that day on, Juma and his siblings rarely left the sea for long. Nothing seemed to calm their love for the open blues, even with the accidents that would sometimes occur. It was a dangerous job. First was Isac, the youngest. He was a funny bloke, but careless. He was taken down by a Sharpedo as he fought another, believing there was only one. Issiyah was next, who was simply lost at sea as a wave carried him over board one stormy night while he was cheking the sails. A few years down the road, it was Nnemni and Gwewen - thieves had snuck on board the small ship and killed the Bulbasaurs as they realized that they had been discovered. Now, only three remained - there was Jumaani of course. His brother Chuma was still around, and his sister, Nnaya.

They carried on this way for years. They had all evolved into Ivusaurs by now, Chuma even becoming a Venusaur at a relatively early age. Though it had proven to be a dangerous life, they were still seaborn, and they'd be sea-dead as far as they were concerned. Years turned to decades, and, well, nature happened.
Eventually, Nnaya moved out and onto the mainland to settle down and start a family of her own. Chuma had fallen for a Scyther, and Juma himself had lovely little lady companion in another Ivusaur that he had met at port.
It was with this that Jumaane left his childhood vessel, purchasing two of his own with long-since saved money. One was his fishing vessel, but the other one never left the docks of the little fishing village where the two Ivusaur had settled - it was their home. Soon enough, Jumaane watched as his own sons and daughters begun to fall in love with the sea.

Years passed and turned into decades. Jumaane and his wife had had many children, most of which had moved out and settled themselves. They had decided that the Bulbasaur currently at home would be the last they'd have before they both retired and called it quits.
But life sometimes take unexpected turns, and Jumaane returned home from a fishing trip only to see the village in flames. Another war was upon them, and Jumaane was only one of the many Lurra who had to pay the price for the foolishness of nobles. His home boat had been sunk, and the bodies of his family and his neighbors fretted restlessly in the water.

ut of himself by the grief, Jumaane begun to live for revenge. His home had been attacked by Miniera ships - none really stood a chance. They were fishermen, not trained soliders. He collected the corpses of his loved ones and burned them at sea together with his fishing boat, the only burial that was quick enough for their bodies not to completely rot away. Once he had wept and collected what little belongings he could claim from the rubble, Jumaane left for the city.

He took a job as a pirate. Paid by the Nomade to kill the Minierans - that was an excellent outlook in Jumaanes ears. He wasn't a youngone anymore, but neither was he weak or fragile - Jumaane, or 'Oldie Witherback' as he had begun to be called due to his whitening bud, was still a very much lethal force. He was beyond skilled with his knives, and not too shabby with navigation or environment manipulation either.

He eventualy found himself in a bar, being offered a free pint by a Floatzel. This sea otter guy, Marco, was the head of the ship called the Rising Sun. He was looking for crewmembers to bring to this new region thing that everyone was so hyped up about, and Witherback happily accepted a spot in his crew. His grief had begun to settle and his bitterness with it - his hatred for the Minierans had eased off as the years had passed - but damn him if he let the Minieran guys actually take over the damn place! Over his dead, decaying body!

So without much further ado, Oldie Witherback (now only rarely called Jumaane) set out the following morning, with a bunch of idiots, some kids, and a Captain that ended up falling overboard. He's got a bad feeling about this trip, to be honest with you... not that he doesn't love every minute of it.

Weapons: Witherback have four daggers attached to the belt around his bud. He swings them around with his vines with deadly prescision, and he also carry some throwing knives. Other: (Anything else you would like to say about your character goes here.)

08-23-2012, 05:07 PM
@Rufa - Sorry for the delay. Accepted.

08-26-2012, 09:42 AM
Character Name: Robert “Dodger” Reinse
Pokemon: Dewott
Gender: Male
Faction: Nomade
Privateer Group: Global Mercenaries
Character Description: Muscular, and a bit taller then the average Dewott, it’s fairly easy to see Dodger in a crowd. The Dewott’s eyes are mismatched, green right, red left. The left eye is false, a glass eye. This is made most obvious by a scar that runs from his left cheek to his forehead, running over the eye. Further scars run along his torso, arms, and legs. The Dewott wears a pair of brown pants, with his species’ trademark scalchops tied to a belt. The rest of his torso is bandaged.
Character History: Being the same species as the legendary explorer Curant, Dodger always felt like he had large shoes to fill. The eldest of five, Robert, Dodger to his friends, is quite used to responsibility. And blowing it off. Something of a ruffian, the Dewott commonly got into fights with members of the convoy he traveled with. A master with his scalchops, the Dewott rarely lost these conflicts, though they did leave him with many scars to brag about.

That all changed in an instant. Letting his ego get the better of him, the Dewott lowered his guard on a downed opponent, and quickly found himself lacking in the ocular department. As it turns out, depth perception is a highly necessary skill when it comes to melee fighting. His parents, master artisans, made a false eye for him, giving it an intimidating red iris. Despite their craftsmanship, the eye was nearly always sore, and somewhat fragile. Dodger’s mood quickly plummeted.

Finally, the leaders of his convoy could take it no longer. The Dewott was expelled, left behind in a nearby city. A friend of his, Arkady, stayed behind with him. It was here that the two first heard rumors of a legendary Staff of Healing, said to be somewhere on the new continent. This staff was said to be able to heal any wound, including the Dewott’s missing eye. The two set out to acquire a means of travelling across the waves.

After a few months of searching, the two finally found positions on the Rising Sun. The Dewott, during this time, had switched his focus from his scalchops to firearms, a weapon that only required one good eye. As such, he was given the gunner position, maintaining and putting to use the fluyt’s twelve cannons. He’s come to appreciate the smell of gunpowder.
Weapons: Dodger carries a pair of snaphance pistols. Should his eye be restored, he might also take to using his scalchops in combat, and reclaim his yatagan from Arkady.
Other: Dodger is 20 years old.

Character Name: Arkady “Ark” Dragic
Pokemon: Mienfoo
Gender: Male
Faction: Nomade
Privateer Group: Global Mercenaries
Character Description: Wiry, and a bit short for his species, Arkady is, in many ways, Dodger’s opposite. Though, at the same time, he’s still easily taller then the Dewott. Also in contrast to the Dewott, Arkady has not a single noticeable scar on his body. He wears a pair of blue pants, with a crimson sash around his waist. Said sash has a scabbard and blade hooked to it.
Character History: An only child, Arkady largely grew up surrounded by Dodger and the Pokemon the Dewott attracted. Small for his size, Arkady never was very physically strong. So, when it came to keeping up with his friends, the Mienfoo turned to speed and stealth. Armed with knives, he found quick ways to neutralize his opponents while not getting himself harmed.

When Dodger lost his eye, he eventually entrusted his sword to Arkady. When things went further south, and Dodger was expelled, Arkady was the only member of their little group to follow. It was Arkady who sniffed out the rumors of the Staff of Healing, and found them a ship that they could use to travel to Kibou. Once they find the staff and restore Dodger’s eye, Arkady fully plans to return the Dewott’s sword. In the meantime, he aids his comrade with the cannons.
Weapons: Arkady wields a pair of knives, suited to his abilities. He carries a stiletto, for stabbing, and a short baselard, for cutting. In addition, he is currently in possession of Dodger’s yatagan, though he rarely uses it.
Other: Arkady is 19.

Hope it's not too late to add a few more characters. I've also updated Richard's sign up to include his age.

08-28-2012, 02:10 AM
So...I thought I'd give this a shot.

Character Name: Desi Della Sario
Pokemon: Cinccino
Gender: Male

Faction: Kingdom of Nomade (GTS+)
Privateer Group: Global Mercenaries

Character Description: Desi is a creature that has completely abandoned the stereotypical image of his species. Most prominent of his features is his head-fur, which is not worn out like others of his species. In order to keep the beautiful white fur from getting in the way, Desi had them all braided and tied back into a ponytail. He's left his tail unbraided. His body is covered with scars from the various fights he's been in throughout his life, and he wears them proudly.

While Cinccino are typically pleasant and plump creatures, Desi is lean and built for speedy combat. He wears a dark brown leather vest, left open to show off his scars, and a pair of light brown pants. He wears a belt around his waist, which holds a pair of small, beautifully adorned axes, which he uses in combat. From the left side, another belt loop extends up across his chest to his right shoulder, where he wears a pauldron, the only armor he wears, before it travels back down to join his belt again. On his head, he wears a bandana, with large holes for his ears, that cover up the top parts of his hair, but leave room for the rest to fall out in a somewhat tidier fashion.

Desi's ears are pierced with several stud earrings in the right, and a single hoop near the base on the left. Around his neck, he wears a simple, gold crescent moon pendant on a gold chain.

Character History:
Desi's parents were exemplary members of Nomade, insofar as they possessed the insatiable desire for exploration. They swiftly gained reknown as excellent cartographers, mapping the world, as they knew it, with great scrutiny and utmost care. As a young child, Desi travelled around with his parents and his older sister, Lina, and the family worked together to make a grand comprehensive map of everything.

At one point, Desi's parents were faced with a monumentous task from the highest echelons of Nomade, and without hesitation, they accepted. Not knowing the dangers they would face, they left Lina and Desi in the care of an Uncle. With them, they left a matching set of pendants: one gold moon and one gold star, for Desi and Lina respectively, sealed with their promises to come home safely. With that, they departed.

They never returned.

Left with their Uncle, Lina and Desi were mostly left to their own devices. While the Uncle focused on their schooling, he cared little else for their activities, so long as they took the time to receive proper educations from him. Once Desi was old enough to fend for himself, Lina disappeared into the world in search of their parents, promising Desi that she'd return.

She didn't.

Desi, still fairly young and alone, waited for their return. Finding that he lacked in education, he took work as a soldier in the Nomade Army. He worked as a City Guard, relegated to catching thieves, subjugating rowdy folk, and punishing criminals. Throughout his time, he typically succeeded in his missions, and gained reknown as a stalward fighter incapable of backing down. He wore each of his scars proudly as a member of the Guard, each a sign of his accomplishments.

Then, word of Kibou reached him, and his appetite for exploration, instilled in him by his parents, awakened in full force. Zerua, The Sky Retreat, and its legend of the Compass of Truth caught his ears. With the Compass of Truth, he could find his missing family, or at least he could learn what became of them. He needed to get his hands on it, and most specifically, he needed a way to get there.

He resigned quietly from the Guards, despite protest, and set out to find ways to get to Zerua. Joining an army again didn't quite appeal to him, but he heard of people forming Privateer Groups to head out to Kibou on their own. This seemed like the most logical route, so he set out to join a group. He was courted by a few groups, but none particularly struck his fancy; they typically appeared incompetent, especially by Nomade standards. Ultimately, he settled on a group called "The Global Mercenaries", and joined their crew.

Other: Desi wields a pair of axes for close combat, combined with the techniques and agility of his species, he makes for a formidable fighter.

08-31-2012, 08:45 PM
@Flynt - I'll let you have these two characters right now, but I'm going to watch and see if this affects your post quality at all. I trust you can handle four characters though. Accepted.

@Kamaitachi - Accepted.

09-01-2012, 01:27 AM
To be fair, I don't even know if Marco's appearing in the RP. I haven't even made a sign up sheet for him. Even if he did appear, I doubt he could live up to the expectations that are already being created about him. =p

But, maybe something involving him can be worked out!

09-29-2012, 02:42 AM
Character Name: Eolaerinidias Leon
Pokemon: Dragonite
Gender: Male
Faction: Nomade
Privateer Group: Global Mercenaries
Character Description:
Leon (who very much prefers to avoid his ridiculously long first name, thankyouverymuch) is your every day average Dragonite in terms of appearance. The thing to set him apart would be his size, which is quite a bit larger than the average Dragonite. Leon is still in his late adolescence, and until he reach actual adulthood he will continue to grow in physical size - he suffer from a rare growing disorder that spurs this fact. He will probably gain another few feet until his height settles, but already he stand at a height of 13'8, rather than the 7'3" that is average for his species - meaning that he is nearly twice the size as most of his kind, and support a total weight of almost half a ton.

Leon carry a leather belt wrapped horizontally around his torso, onto which his weapon is attached. He wields a kama with a chain and a simple iron ball attached to the end. Simple, yet brutally effective.

Character History: Leon was born in the far north of Nomade, in the ice seas that were covered by thick ice for the better part of the year. The first few months of his life were spent in what was almost hibernation - he had hatched in the middle of the winter, which his parents spent underground, hidden away from the biting cold outside.
The summers were short yet bountiful, and for that reason Leons parents had chosen this way of living despite the hardships of winter. Leon, of course, knew no other way - he lived during the summers, and slept throughout the wintertimes, perfectly happy with that way of living. He'd heard the stories of lands where inter didn't last for so long, and weren't so harsh, but they didn't really motivate him to leave. He liked his life on the tundra plains, and he had good parents. Under their leadership and training, he grew into a strong and very large Dratini. Actually, he even grew a little bit too much...

Leon evolved into a Dragonair at the age of nineteen. At this point, Leon was stricken by the wanderlust of youth and left his home in the north; he followed the coast down to the much warmer mainland, eventually enrolling in the navy of the royal guard. His unrivaled size made him an ideal battering ram against the hull of the more fragile enemy ships, which he could flip over and capsize easily as part of surprise attacks.

Once again he evolved quickly; he was 22 when he became a Dragonite, this time spurred by a massive yield of battle experience acquired through the battles. But at this point Leon begun to feel conflicting desires - while he still felt his adventure lust, he was now physically an adult and felt conflicted by a faint yet growing desire to focus on family life instead of his military career. But he was - and is - still young and dumb, and while his hormones wanted one thing, his intellect wanted something else entirely; namely to kill, maim, slay, and have a few more years of his life where he could still get totally drunk over his head without drowning his own conscience in the process of doing so. he two wants clashed onto each other heads on, and he begun to feel very confined in the small portal town where he was stationed. It was about effing time he saw places, Mew damn it. He was a Nomade, not a snail.

One does not simply walk out of the navy however, and his frustration grew to the point where it begun to affect his work. After causing a ruckus one time too many, Leon was demoted from his position and sentenced to finally do some of his long awaited traveling, because he was about to embark on one helluva trip. He was actually rather happy to do so, and it was a load off his shoulders to leave the port behind for the open sea again. He was to escort the first ship that the Nomade sent over the seas to the new, rumored region on the other side of it - Kibou. And so, Leon joined the ragtag mercenary crew of the Rising Sun to bright new adventures. Yaaaaay!

Weapons: Leon carry a kama, which is basically a tiny, one-handed scythe. His have a chain with a cannonball attached to it, making it a very versatile middle- and close-ranged weapon.