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Alrighty then, before we start, I'm going to go over header format for this RP. When posting, you should have a header that indicates the following information:

Character Name
Character Faction
Character Location --> Location Traveled To*
Affected RPers**

*This is only necessary if you travel from one location to another during a post. If this is the case, the "Character Location" is where you started from and the "Location Traveled To" is where you ended the post.
**This indicates which character you are interacting with, if any. If you are not interacting with another character, just write "None" in this spot.

Now that I've covered that, you may begin posting. Everybody should start at sea approaching Kibou from the east. From this point you are free to navigate to whatever location you please.


Accepted Sign-Ups

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MAP OF KIBOU (http://img571.imageshack.us/img571/6246/kibouforumwar.png)

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Juan Rivera (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3408931&postcount=21)
Miniera (PE2K)
Starwisher Sea --> Northmarch Island
Affected RPers: None

The thing that Juan Rivera's crew desired most at the moment was alcohol. Mid-voyage the crew had exhausted their supply, Juan having opted to carry more food, a necessity, than alcohol, a luxury. Unfortunately, the crew had felt otherwise, and to them any sort of spirit was necessary to the success of the expedition.

As such, some of the crew members had attempted a sort of alcohol alchemy in their off time, attempting to turn bread into beer. They had taken some of the rotten loaves and attempted to mash them up and mix it with water. The result was a putrid, foul tasting drink that made those who drank it sick for the rest of the day.

Fortunately, these efforts were abandoned two days after the last barrel of rum went dry, and while the men grumbled about the lack of libations, they were hardly mutinous. On the contrary, the sooner they reached Kibou, the sooner they could brew their own drinks, or better, take some from the Nomade who they planned to drive from the land.

Juan Rivera walked across the deck, making his inspections as usual. The men worked at a slower pace than usual due once again to the alcohol shortage, but they remained disciplined enough and could hopefully survive until the shores of Kibou came into sight. Juan Rivera moved to the bow of the ship, peering through a periscope at the horizon. No sign of land was to be had at the moment, but Juan knew that Kibou was close. He could just feel it.

Putting the periscope away, Juan walked back across the ship to his quarters, where he slept and kept a log of his travels. Grabbing a candle and lighting it with his tail, he placed it on his table and grabbed a quill and bottle of ink. He flipped to a fresh page in the manuscript, and began to write about the day.

Log Entry
6th Week At Sea

It is the morning of our 6th week at sea, which has, like the others, passed without much occurring. The crew has been surprisingly tolerant of our shortages at the moment, and I pray that they continue to be compliant.

There is yet again no sight of land, though I am almost positive we near Kibou. Good fortune has blessed us with a pleasant voyage, and we appear to be on schedule so far. Finding ourselves to be completely off course would be such a disappointment.

It is early right now though, so I shouldn't give in to such fears. Perhaps later in the day we shall finally have a glimpse of this fabled land. More than anything, Kibou is what sustains the crew in the place of spirits. Each of us has invested everything in this new world and what it may provide for us, and we shall see to it that we find success in our travels. May Arceus bless us with the outcome we desire.

Finishing this passage, Juan sealed the bottle and put away his quill. Having no more need of the candle, he blew it out and relied on his flame to provide necessary light. Making his way to his bedding, Juan made himself comfortable. In order to prevent himself from lighting the ship on fire, Juan wrapped tail around himself so that the flame rested upon his belly. He then placed his hands behind his back and dozed off.


"Land ahoy! We've spotted land!", Juan heard almost immediately after he woke up from his slumber. Rolling his tail of himself, Juan rose from his bed and moved to a weapons rack where both his arquebus and Valentía were standing. Placing the sword in its sheath and carrying his gun. Juan moved to the door and stepped outside. The Pansage who had spotted Kibou climbed down from the crow's nest and handed the periscope to Juan, who inspected the sight himself. There he saw the gleaming white sands of an island shore, almost assuredly that of Kibou. Grinning, Juan let out a hearty cry.

"Behold, our destiny awaits us!"

08-19-2012, 09:33 PM
Richard Thompson
Global Mercenaries (Nomade, GTS+)
Starwisher Sea --> Coast of Defender Island
Affected RPers: Dragonwish2, Dan Magnus, Rufa, (Prospectively Almost Easy)


So they were continuing with his brother's plan. The way to ensure the "stability of Nomade on the new continent." Favorable winds (They were always favorable, if a little weak), had allowed the fluyt Rising Sun to make good time across the ocean. If Richard had followed the Sextant properly (Marco was the navigator, but he had been learning), then they should be coming up on Defender Island.

They wouldn't be stopping there. No, they would be rounding the island and heading into the bay beyond. From cartography that had been done on previous expeditions, they knew that what they were searching for was on Prophet Island, further west. The tallest point in Kibou. On it, one of the seven cities of gold, Zerua. That was the rumor at least, but like hell they weren't following it.

Inside the city was something they wanted. A Compass, that could point to whatever the wielder desired. The Compass's power was the doorway to the other six cities. Again, according to rumors. If this power existed, then they, as citizens of Nomade, could not allow it to fall into anyone's hands but their own.

But Richard was worried. Without Marco, they were not as well oiled a machine as they used to be. They were doing what the Floatzel would have wanted, or at least Richard was. But he wasn't captain, he was too young. He was the Executive Officer, so theoretically he ran the ship. The Buizel was worried, however, the smell of mutiny was in the air. The other crew members could take control at any moment, especially now that their goal was close.

"I see land!" came the call from the Crow's Nest.

Defender Island was only miles away. Now the show truly began. They had the food and water to make it to the coast of Prophet Island, and they would resupply after returning from Zerua. There was no alcohol on this ship, there hadn't been any to start. A number of the crew had voiced displeasure at that, but the promise of a bottomless bag and an endless supply of rum, should they get the Compass, had kept them placated for the most part. But now it was time to see if their loyalties laid with Richard.

"Turn starboard, follow the coast but don't get too close," he called to the helm as the island came poking over the horizon. "Keep the wind at our backs, and watch for rocks and hostile ships!"

08-19-2012, 11:13 PM
Annelise Chanceler
Global Mercenaries (Nomade, GTS+)
Starwisher Sea --> Coast of Defender Island
Affected RPers: Dragonwish2, Dan Magnus, Flynt

The clouds were scattered across the sky like little, soft cotton balls that took the sun into its foggy embrace. They swept by the blues above by winds that had proven to be favorable to the ragtag mercenary crew; the weather was good enough to pass as 'fine' at the moment, and that was good enough for the Crobat who was hanging upside down from the bottom of the Rising Suns crows nest.

She'd be having the nights watch normally, mind you, but the amount of pokemon who sniveled were pretty darn high down in the bunks right now; the storm that hit them a few days ago had forced every hand onto deck, and no one had just felt really dry ever since. Well not the Crobat at least - which was why she had traded her own watch for this one. She bared her sharp, tiny canines in a large yawn and stretched out one of her legs, hanging by only one as she did the same with her four wings. Attaching onto the planks with both of her feet again, she slowly shuffled over to the other side of the barrel, one upside-down step at the time.

Annelise - that was the Crobats name - slowly shifted her eyes to move along the horizon, scanning the ocean for just about anything that moved in a funny way. She might've been tired, but wasn't dumb, and she took her job incredibly seriously. The crew was a bit high strung, but they'd listen to Richard for a little while longer. Probably. Nothing wrong with the boy really, they just weren't certain that he was the right kid for the captains job. There were other seamen on this ship - older seamen. Older navigators. Guys with scars and experience and more than one arrow-pierced 'I <3 my mom' tattoo. The young Buizel was thinking about his right of inheritance after his older brother Marco, the former captain. Admirable, perhaps, but the crew were more concerned about their lives at the moment. And the question was for how long they'd keep trusting something that precious, something that valuable, in the paws of a little sea weasel cub who was wet behind his ears in more ways that one.

But oooooh, it was so exciting! It made Annelise's belly stir whenever she was thinking about it. Bad tact maybe, but she just couldn't help herself - she smirked vaguely to herself as she pondered on what the future would hold in store for the young 'captain' and his crew. Would he prove himself and be able to truly step up and take his lost brothers place? Be the man needed to make a mark in the course of history? Or would he fail to do this, and lose the chance to someone else? Or worse - make a bad move and doom them all. Well, Anne certainly wasn't hoping for the latter, but the other two options didn't matter much in her opinion. Whatever happened would be worth remembering. She wanted to put it on paper. Record it, share it, maybe use it for inspiration for her own fiction stories once she returned back to Nomade.
As for now, she'd go along with whatever happened. And what was happening right now was that she was on watch duty; she rotated her head twice to check her sides before fluttering her wings, and landing on the upper edge of the rows nest barrel. Two red- and yellow eyes moved in their sockets, two sharp, acutely sensitive ears twitched in the wind --- the skies were clear as well.
There was a light mist into the direction that they were moving into however - not thick, but it had to be worth keeping an eye on. She fixed her gaze upon it - it was little more than a white streak upon the horizon, but she stared at it anyways.

"... Wait." she muttered to herself. The bat kept her eyes fixed on the sealine that divided the ocean from the sky. Was that... her eyes widened slowly. She wondered if perhaps they did deceive her, but as the faint, dark line on the horizon became thicker, she realized that they didn't. Holy Mew - that really was..! Annelise felt her jaw drop as she stared in awe at the world that they had been heading for during the past several weeks, slowly turning into a grin and a tiny bat heart that beat hard in excitement. She inhaled deeply and shouted as high as she could;
"I see land!"
"Turn starboard, follow the coast but don't get too close!" the young Buizel shouted from his spot down the deck. "Keep the wind at our backs, and watch for rocks and hostile ships!"
... Well, Annelise didn't need to be told that last part. But still.

08-21-2012, 10:04 PM
Mercy Burnstone
Global Mercenaries (Nomade, GTS+)
Starwisher Sea --> Coast of Defender Island
Affected RPers: Rafu, Dan Magnus, Flynt

The salty sea gust blew into the face of a calm Lucario, who breathed it in deeply. Her ears pricked at the sound of the waves splashing agains the prow of the ship, the whistle of wind as it struck the canvas sail, and the ring of metal on metal as someone sharpened their blades. With a small smile, Mercy Burnstone closed her eyes, letting her instict overcome her and fill the void where her sight had been seconds ago. Ther crew appeared in her vision, slowly at first, mere wisps. Their strength and solidity grew as she concentrated, until she could make out three figures.

The first was the captaining Buizel, Richard, which didn't surprise the Lucario; he was tense and nervous at heart, and was almost exotic to watch, with reds and blues swirling in his form. She had a decent guess at what troubled him. Ever since his brother had disappeared, the crew had been uneasy. They weren't happy to find themselves on a temporary temperance, and they were unsure as to whom they supported. Mercy felt a certain superiority over her crewmembers, having known her loyalties from the start. Marco had shown great skill when she first joined the crew, and Mercy saw the same in Richard, if to a lesser extent. She still called the Buizel 'Captain', a bold move to make among the shifting crew.

Mercy turned her gaze to the large sleeping form at the prow, a lazy Superior who glowed golden with a soft happiness. She recognized it as Sel, and made a mental note to scold the Superior later, if the captain didn't. Mercy ignored the snake, moving on to the third crew member.

She recognized the upside-down form immediately and stifled a groan. The Crobat, Annelise, hummed with excitement and curiosity, like a child on a ride. Mercy held a strong dislike for her. The bat lacked any valuable strength, in her eyes, and she seemed to daydream about stories too much for Mercy's liking. She kept her feelings to herself, though, as open hatred was the last thing the Rising Sun needed, with mutiny in the air.

The Crobat screeched suddenly about land. Mercy covered her ear with a paw, startled to have her aura reading interrupted so suddenly. She shot a glare at Annelise before eyeing the captain, nodding as he barked an order. Mercy carefully turned the wheel, judging her turn and weighing her feel of the rudder below. As the ship cut a gentle turn through the water, she gave herself a look at the island. She marveled at it beauty for perhaps a good three seconds before her mind became indifferent once more, calculating the distance and the shore. She would enjoy the memory of the view later, when there wasn't work to be done.


Selena Celeste Velrona Pelereuse Mondove
Global Mercenaries (Nomade, GTS+)
Starwisher Sea --> Coast of Defender Island
Affected RPers: Rafu, Dan Magnus, Flynt

A shout woke Selena from her nap, though she refused to move from her spot. The Serperior lay coiled at the prow, tucked inside the open maw of a large wooden figurehead. It was carved to look like a caring Dragonair watching over the sea and guided winds at their back with its breath. She felt safer while sitting inside it, as the serpentine dragon Pokemon reminded Sel of her mother, as though she was there above her telling stories. Sel stroked the inside with her tail affectionately. She stretched in her spot, her gaze avoiding the open water at the head's mouth as she searched the ship. Her sleepy mind thought back to what had woken her. She groaned for a moment until, after a brief moment, she realized the meaning of those three words.

The perfect land was within sight.

Sel looked across the water, her heart swelling a she saw what dotted the horizon. Tears came to her eyes, from both joy and grief. Renee would have liked to see this, she thought sadly. After a few moments, she turned and slithered out of the figurehead, joining the crew in their work.

08-22-2012, 02:38 AM
(OOC: I'm too lazy right now to do a full post for Kuduz Valion, so I'm having him stand silently beside Ernx. Also, I'm going to put the Skythunder Blades behind Juan's Ship and the Global Mercenaries and out of telescope range to give an easier entrance for my teammates. Immediate combat was not what I had in mind to start this RP.)

Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci the 9th
Miniera, Skythunder Blades
Starwisher Sea, North of Broken Dagger Island and heading West For Cragan Island
Affected RPers: All Skythunder Blades members. ALL OF THEM.

Ernx, very briefly, thought the whole affair a mistake. It would seem such a way: He had sold nearly everything, as did everyone else of his newfound crew (most of which were not actually sailors until more than half the trip had gone by), to buy not one ship but two, enough food to support it, and a Letter of Marque to become privateers (which were pretty much Pirates, only with legal right to Pirate instead). It was quite worse when they had one of their ships authorized as "S.S. Ship." Sailing Ship Ship, that meant. That was...Commented on, to say the least. At minimum, the other was "S.S. Spirit" (the one he rode on), though even then someone had figured out what correlation to drunken fools 'spirit' had. So he sailed the seas on the schooners of Ship and Spirit. As if the names weren't disgraces enough, so he also sailed with a crew mostly composed, on both ships, of drunken bums.

He had no ill will against said drunken bums, but also, said drunken bums were ill-learned. They had little to spare to provide for the expedition, little in terms of manners, mathematics, reading and writing, honor, or much at all, even. They were excellent fighters-as a Minieran was-and knew tactics as good as any Minieran, and were not deprived of their powers as a Minieran. However, the lack of intelligence on many affairs is what made Ernx less than cheery about it. Less than a quarter of the crew had jobs. Three-fourths of said quarter had occupations relevant to expeditions like thus-mercenaries or sailors, which was still not much. One other was even a Noble that did NOT sell everything he had in a single night under the intoxication of sweet wine, brought here by a mistake (a servant of his bought one of their ships). His crew was odd. At a bare minimum, ever since they jointly wound up in this expedition, they decided as a whole that they wouldn’t be drinking as much rum. They still did drink rum, but just less, out of fear that the schooners would suddenly go up in flames because of another night in a drunken stupor.

There WERE, however, a good few that were much more familiar to expeditions such as these and ship life in general, and the proposition of an expedition that required no money to join on their part was a good venture. Ernx was speaking with one of those Lurra right now.

"How much time until Cragan? The winds are favorable now, they weren't all the rest of the trip." Ernx said to his Navigator, aiming for an answer that would mean they sailed faster now.

"Let me take a quick check, Sir..." Said one of the first trusty crewmen he could count on. A Navigator, an Empoleon, by the name of Verntz. Verntz was a seasoned explorer of the oceans, and a smart man who knew his Unown runes as much as his Footprint runes, and had a knack for mathematical calculations, but for some reason wasn’t very wealthy at all. He was bigger than most Empoleon, by about a few inches, though only height-wise- he was slimmer and lighter than most Empoleon as well. He wore only a small coat, as his hide was made of steel-who would wear armor if your hide was made of steel? Ignorant to the infernal rocking of the ship (it took many of those that were never on a ship off-guard the first few days and still interfered with Ernx whenever he wrote), he wrote down a few notes on paper in Footprint runes, took a compass (the one that traced lines) and traced a few invisible lines on the map. Still unsatisfied by it, he took a look at the flag above (A small triangular one designed to blow in the direction of the wind), took out a compass (one that showed direction) and found north in relation to the direction of the flag above, then wrote down a few more notes, and at last responded: "Got it. I still can't give any specific times, and the wind still blows slightly to the north, but overall these winds should take us to Cragan Island about an hour early, Sir Zivinci. There is no reason to do any drastic course-changes at the moment."

"Excellent!" Ernx said. "Keep course!" He added. After this, he just leaned on the rail on the Port side of the ship. He was more intent on looking at S.S. Ship than the ocean (which failed to appease his sights after a countless session of seeing them), and think about his journey.

It really all started in a bar. One Lurra-he didn't SEE the Lurra in question or his state, but he seemed sober (to an intoxicated Ernx, but regardless, he seemed coherent enough to make out his speech without much thought)-had mentioned an artifact of great power in an ancient citadel in Kibou, said citadel's name Zigilua. The Natives guarded it zealously. Moreover, only six other artifacts from Kibou's other ancient cities could ever hope to breach it's gates, and that alone wouldn't save you from the seemingly endless numbers of the natives and the trials that await within its halls...But, once overcame, and despite the oddity of it, the artifact within was supposedly one that attracted Lurra of the opposite sex to oneself like a magnet, without hesitation.

Dear Arceus, in such a state, the rumors were completely impossible to resist. He gathered his fellow Lurra, also intoxicated and attracted by the rumor, and offered to get a pair of boats (the ones he had seen earlier that day, in passing from coming to the bar from his home) and set sail for Kibou if they offered to be his crew. They immediately complied. The rest would have had to been seen to be believed, as surely no other group of Lurra alive could have done it in that time. Every Lurra that could sell something sold it at once and bought food, supplies, anything that would be of use (they included a lot of rum, but otherwise they weren't intoxicated enough to not know what they should have been aiming for), and recruit people that were enticed by a free boat ride to Kibou (regardless of the drunken status of the person offering the information), while Ernx sold everything he owned, sans a few things, and bought both boats. He outfitted the new crew with weapons made of a meteorite he had Miniera's best blacksmiths carve out (it was a terrible business decision-the whole set was made in mind to be a small fraction of the metal. It turned out to be most of the meteor, so he only had a fraction of the profit, and the blacksmiths sprung up additional, unforeseeable charges). Then, still intoxicated, they named the boats 'Ship' and 'Spirit' in that order. It was only afterwards, after the rum and wine wore off, that they realized that they probably made a terrible mistake. However, their request for a Letter of Marque, the only item they needed at this point, ironically turned in their favor without any drunken antics, and got a Knight-Sir Kuduz Valion, a Simisage with an intimidating tail-to join the party (he wasn't a talkative fellow, only speaking when addressed or it was urgent-he currently stood beside Ernx, a protection of sorts). Afterwards, a financial miscalculation came to them, and a servant of a Noble-and the Noble himself-came, claiming they bought the boat before. How, then, was it on sale? Bickering occurred, but thankfully the noble joined the newly-formed Skythunder Blades, rather than take over.

Ernx still shook with anticipation at the thought of success and sweated at the prospect of failure. Treasure was his sole goal, as was everyone else's goal for the most part: Treasure meant success, and for many of the crew, treasure meant rebuilding their lives and making something happy of it. If the rumors held true, finding ONE city would be enough, but finding all seven was of the utmost importance for the Zigilua Artifact...The 'Harem' Artifact, he privately called it, though he dare not mutter the name. Most important were the repairing of his family fortune with what Kibou's supposed 'cities of gold' had for him and elevate it beyond his wildest dreams, and grab a harem full of luxurious, female Lurra with the Zigilua artifact (he particularly wanted a lot of Gardevoir), and maybe even get back the Throne his great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather had held, and become the second king of his family. That last one was definately not a true goal, but it would be nice.

The rest of the crew had similar thoughts: They were either seeking glory, trying to attain nobility or even the crown of Miniera through their exploits, or else attempting to get money for an impoverished family. All of them, however, were, despite shortcomings in many areas, obedient and in relatively good spirits, though nervous at one, omnipresent prospect. Being Minierans, operating the cannons was second nature, but if too much was lost, it would basically be the end of their lives, dead or no: The financial requirements for what they were doing meant that mistakes were minimal or else their lives would rightfully be thrown down a drain and beyond the point of return, and at that point suicide was just an attempt to make the disappointment and pain go away. Being Privateered, being sunk, being attacked by a Feral Gyarados, being struck in a nasty storm, being randomly attacked by a Legend for failure to worship them (however unlikely), and more were all just as likely to happen as they were to reach Kibou, if not more so. They were a superstitious lot, even when sober, and leaving on a Red Morning did not help matters. The worst that had happened were inconvenient winds, and at this point that matter was taken care of.

The usual going-ons of the crew were about on both ships, and the mutterings of the crew on the Spirit-and the sights to see on the S.S. Ship-were both open to Ernx's view. The man on the Crow's nest couldn't see any ship other than theirs from the Telescope, so for now, the crew was calm. If there was any definition of a normal day for the crew and the ships, this would be it.

That was good news, Ernx thought to himself. Routine was established. Of course, there were more...Important people that usually chatted about and talked to him. He was prepared for that as well.

Dan Magnus
08-22-2012, 09:30 AM
Vidar Omni Necro
Global Mercenaries (Nomade, GTS+)
Starwisher Sea --> Coast of Defender Island
Affected RPers: Flynt, Dragonwish2, Rufa

As soon as a small gust of wind blew through his ears, Vidar looked up and around his current surroundings, trying to relocate himself where he was standing right now. He remembered he was in the fluyt Rising Suns, commanded by the young Buizel known as Richard, following at his brother's footsteps, the previous captain Marco. At the crow's nest there was a Crobat, Annelise, cheerful as always. And Mercy, a Lucario who seemed to gave a look at the Crobat, only to return to the wheel as usual. There were also other sailors who did the job as they needed it, and were prepared for anything.

And what was Vidar supposed to do now? He heard the Crobat shouting about incoming land, and since there wasn't a station he could take over, so it was best of if he went to look at it. The atmosphere around the vessel seemed to be fine, but with the land now in sight, he might as well grab on to something. Or better yet, just enjoy the view that the approaching island gives off.

It was a beautiful sight, but as he remembered from his abandonment to the hunter's death, he ignored the scenery that that seen in the horizon, before closing his eyes for a few moments to remember all that he was through... All that he was put for, and for what? He figured that that now wasn't the time to go through emotions, and concentrate one of his purposes.

Vidar had many purposes through life, besides getting as much as he could be like the hunter that raised him. He wanted to find out who were his parents, where was his tribe, why was he abandoned and why did they leave him all alone... In that very moment, he thought of the bad things he had to go through, holding back what he thought and what he wanted to say inside him.

Now with his eyes open wide, he saw the island getting closer and closer by the minute. Could this be his home? Or is it just a fraud? He knew those answers will be answered when they reach shore. But for now, Vidar simply waited to reach the shore, without any worries holding him back from saying anything, keeping interaction with anyone in the crew to minimum as always.

Neku Sakuraba
08-23-2012, 01:19 AM
Nniuq Shamroucq
Miniera, Skythunder Blades
Starwisher Sea, North of Broken Dagger Island and heading West For Cragan Island
Affected RPers: All of the Skythunder Blades

A lazy day at sea. Just what Nniuq liked. No troubles, no hazards, no nothing. Except for the S.S. Spirit, the second ship. How the names were decided? Nniuq can barely remember. Though, he does remember the rest of the crew asking what the names of the ships should be. Yet they were all drunk. The S.S. Ship was first, followed by "Spirit." When he set sail after getting everything he needed, he set sail on the S.S. Ship, heading for Cragan Island. He was polishing his pistols when he had just thought of something.

It can't be this quiet...can it?

Being a distance from the S.S. Spirit was getting to him. Not the fact that it was so close, but the fact that it seemed like no other ships were in sight. The crew on the ship Nniuq was on consisted of those resistant to Water-types. Like he would care. Nniuq preferred being alone somewhere than being with others.

Nniuq decided to see how far away from land they were. There was no land in sight. No other ships other than the S.S. Spirit, no threats, no annoying things, none of anything Nniuq didn't want.

"When are we getting to land?" Nniuq thought out-loud. He took another look through the telescope, and saw that two of the privateers on the other ship were talking. "Heh heh, this is fun." Boredom overcomes Nniuq's thoughts as he keeps sailing. Oh, how he wishes to get to their destination, find whatever they're looking for, and just go. Nothing more, nothing less.

He looked at the map and felt the wind. Wait...why was he feeling the wind? He couldn't tell which direction it was going. So, he just looked at the map. At least an hour or two left. Knowing that there was that much time left, he went back into the shade he was in originally and took a little nap standing up.

Socratic Sarcasm
08-23-2012, 02:14 AM
Miniera, Skythunder Blades
Starwisher Sea, North of Broken Dagger Island and heading West For Cragan Island
Affected RPers: All of the PE2Kers

Solomon was on exactly no ship at the current moment.

No, despite the fact that the S.S. Spirit was a very appropriate name for a ship of drunks in Solomon's opinion, and just as he loved the name S.S. Ship like a firstborn child, he was not useful on ships right now. Instead, he had the pleasure of swimming in the sea, his first home.

Solomon liked to think while swimming (despite his appearance as a fool), and this occasion was no exception. He was thinking, at this point in time, about a certain Ernx the Elektross, the noble responsible for hiring the Star. Ernx was obviously not an idiot, despite his drinking habit and his lecherous tendencies (Solomon always wondered why people sought others of the opposite gender: he HEARD it was important, but it didn't mean that they had to go stupid every opportunity it could be on the table), as Minieran politics high up strongly selected against stupidity among its participants. Sure, there may be a certain camaraderie among the nobles, but you were the only one at fault if you weren't cautious enough and got into your back. But was Ernx aware of Solomon's talents? Solomon hadn't thought so until the drunken lamprey came into the king's quarters, requesting Solomon specifically. Solomon thought it was just a drunken rambling, even though he decided to join (drunks make very good prank victims), until Ernx made him second in command, above a very competent knight known as Kuduz. Solomon had first thought he misheard Ernx, or else that Ernx was still very drunk, except Ernx was acting much more differently than his previous normal (Ernx was generally always drunk) and was much sharper than normal (again, his normal drunkenness), meaning his head was probably clear when he was making the decision. It would have been stupid to hire the fool if Ernx was fooled by Solomon's act. Solomon had decided to operate under the assumption that he knew, but he needed some way to verify, and more importantly, keep his secret under wraps by understanding how Ernx found out and ensuring the lamprey wouldn't talk, even if the sea star was forced to make sure the Elektross could never talk again.

Anyway, Solomon noticed two ships: one with a design he recognized as Minieran, the other with a design that he remembered heralded hostiles in the Minieran-Nomade conflict. Solomon decided that he didn't need to start a fight and steered clear of the Nomade ship (not that it was overly hard, considering the fact it was so far off to the side, only his psychic powers showed its existence). However, Solomon decided that the Minieran ship deserved a bit of contact. Solomon decided to contact Ernx and tell him of these juicy tidbits and pretend he was taking orders from Ernx before doing his thing.

<Ernxy!> Solomon used his irksome pet name for Ernx, <I found a Minieran ship going the same way we are. But I also saw this weird other ship on the South that looks really weird. What do you want me to do with this thingy?> as Solomon telepathed an image of the Nomade ship in front of him.

After he did this, Solomon approarched the Minieran ship and saw the captain, a Charmeleon. He decided that the best cover would be the cover he normally adopted, chose to act the fool. Solomon used a minor Psyshock to slap the Charmeleon in the face to get his attention, before shooting up a thin spout of water. Once Solomon was sure he had the lizard's attention, he spoke the single most complicated, powerful, strong, attention-grabbing words he could think of:

<HI! I'm Solomon. I'm the Starmie down here! How are you?! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!> Solomon started swimming in small circles while keeping up with the ship.

08-23-2012, 04:25 PM
Juan Rivera (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3408931&postcount=21)
Miniera (PE2K)
East of Northmarch Island
Affected RPers: narphoenix

All the preparations for landing were now underway. Once Juan had let out the shout, he had issued a command.

"Prepare to drop anchor. Arm yourself with what you can, and half of you pack what you own and any food or supplies you may need. The remainder of you will stay with the ship until we return", Juan ordered, and the crew of the S.S. Hurricane scurried about the deck of caravel readying themselves for what would come next.

Juan determined that he was landing at Northmarch Island, a relatively insignificant island that lay, naturally, at the northernmost end of Kibou. He hadn't originally planned to land here, but he had decided to set up a base here, and afterwards, sail south. He planned from there to set sail to Prophet Island and search for the mystical city of Zerua. Supposedly there was an artifact there that led to whatever you desired, a compass whose needle pointed to whatever you wanted. A navigational aid like that would be the key to discovering the other fabled cities, the treasure of which he would plunder and take aboard his ship. Juan could see himself already, triumphantly returning, the Nomade driven from Kibou and his ship filled with gold.

But Juan's expedition had only begun, and he had not even stepped upon land yet, let alone seen what these Seven Cities of Gold had in store for him. So he forced himself to think of other things, of preparations, of his route, and of the work ahead of him. The Nomade, he knew, would be entrenched in this land within weeks, even days. He would have to work quickly to gain control of Kibou, or he would quickly find himself at a disadvantage. The Nomade were more suited to survival in this untamed wilderness, making Minieran victory an uphill battle.

As the caravel came closer to Northmarch Island, the crew finalized its preparations and watch quietly as the shore became more visible.

Then, a voice. Juan alone heard it, but it was louder than the firing of a cannon.

"HI! I'm Solomon. I'm the Starmie down here! How are you?! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!", came the shrill noise, and Juan clutched his head realizing what the sound was. Telepathy.

"Hey, can you tone it down? My head may very well explode if you go on like that", Juan replied mentally as he began looking for the purple visitor. He found him swimming next to the port side of the ship, making little spirals in the water as he did so. Juan began now to question the visitor as per procedure.

"Are you friend or foe of the Minieran people?", Juan started, out loud this time, but realizing that no enemy of Miniera would approach the ship in this manner he retracted the question.

"Scratch that. What ship are you sailing with, and what do you wish to communicate?", Juan asked next.

08-24-2012, 12:55 AM
Abraham Ash and Jacob Weber
Miniera, Skythunder Blades
Starwisher Sea, going to Cragan Island
ARP: Ernx

“Remind me how we came with these drunken fools,” the Heatmor said, his eyes closed in annoyance. He was talking to his servant, a smaller Galvantula. The yellow Lurra looked at his master in fear, shivering more than usual. The Heatmor was sitting on a bench on the side of the ship, looking down at the spider.

“I asked you a question, Jacob,” the Heatmor grumbled again, his cloak partially revealing a small sword. Jacob Weber, the Galvantula, shivered more.

“Well,” Jacob said, his small voice barely higher than a whisper, “It was the only ship within our budget, sir.”

The Heatmor, Abraham of the Ash family, looked at Jacob.

“Within our budget, eh?” he leaned closer to the shaking Lurra, “We are one of the richer families in Miniera, Jacob. We have easily enough budget to have bought a large warship, with a very large crew. But instead we're stuck with a bunch of drunkards, a few nobles, a couple heresies.”

“Well,” Jacob said, “We might as well-”

“Might as well?” Abraham stood up, looming over his servant, “I told you to get a ship, a nice warship. With plenty of cannons, and a fine crew. Now we are on a ship called the Spirit, with a sister ship called Ship! What happened?”

“This ship w-was one of t-the only ones in the yard!” Jacob stuttered, his voice rising, “And these Skythunder Blades were also looking t-to buy it!”

Other Lurra were staring at them, this odd pair. Abraham noticed, leaning on his Durant-headed staff. He grunted a bit, his old injuries inflaming him. That was the whole reason he had even gone on this quest. Rumors in Miniera had said of a magical artifact in the distant Kibou which could heal any injury. Years ago, the Heatmor had suffered intense injuries from a battle, and while he had made a good recovery, he needed to walk with a cane, and coughed.

Abraham hated his old scars. Other Lurra said that it was a sign of great bravery, but the Heatmor saw it more of an impediment, an obstacle in his life. He could carry larger weapons without faltering. His best weapon right now was the small sword at his side, a twig compared to some of the weapons other Minierans had carried onto the Spirit.

Abraham walked over to Ernx, an Eelektross. He looked out at the S. S. Ship, which was sailing nearby.

“How long until land?” the Heatmor asked, coughing a bit.

* * *

Jacob had been left to himself. He sighed with relief, skittering away from his master. He was in the Heatmor's debt, as Lord Ash had spared him when the Galvantula had wandered onto his land.

He should be grateful, he knew. The two had a sort of friendship, but ultimately it came down to the fact that Abraham was the master, and Jacob was dirt. He could tell he was dirt as he looked at the other Lurra on the S. S. Spirit. They laughed at the Galvantula, mocked his shaking that had started when he had eaten his siblings as a child. But when they kept their mouth shut at Lord Ash, who carried himself as if he were much older, the experienced one, a Gyarados among Remoraid. Lord Ash had a right to carry himself like this, but it still hurt when Jacob was always insulted.

08-24-2012, 11:42 PM
Jumaane 'Witherback' Mwani
Global Mercenaries (Nomade, GTS+)
Starwisher Sea --> Coast of Defender Island
Affected RPers: Dragonwish2, Dan Magnus, Flynt

Despite its opportunistic namesake, there was very little sunlight beneath the deck of the Rising Sun. In fact, there was very little light at all - a torch lit up the sleeping bunks, though those laid overwhelmingly empty. The halls were quiet and peaceful, largely undisturbed by light and Lurra alike. There were some up, though, and two of them had retreated to the diners which was empty aside from them, a few deserted tables, and a beeswax candle that was stuffed into its own melting grease in a bottleneck. Though they were both grinning, like two old chums sharing a brief moment in each others company, their voices were hushed and quiet, and shadows of grimness of grimness danced over their faces at times.

One of those moments were now. "Ya heard the bat, Witherback." said one of them. It was a husky voice, belonging to a Machoke. "Look, it's been a fun trip so far, but ya know as well as I do that the easy part of this trip is over. Ya know I appreciate having you on my side in a fight. And frankly, I'd much rather have ye on our side in this matter too."
His companion snickered. It was an Ivusaur, and an aging one at that judging by his appearance. The creature had even more wrinkles in his face than what was normal even for his reptilian species, and he was marred by fights carried out in youth.
"I'm still thinkin' yer blowin' this outta proportion, Eiaran. Oh, no no wait, I know. It's the Minierans, right? Finally ready to admitt hat they've gotten under ya skin?" the grass type said with a light chuckle. He held a small pouch in one of his vines, containing a little collection of dried Pecha berries. He picked one up and offered it to his companion, who shook his head.

"If this was only a matter of Minieran ships, I wouldn't be so damn worried, would I? This isn't about those stuck-up sons of female Arcanines. They can shove their fancy metal gear up their rear ends as fall as I am concerned. Especially the sharp pieces of it." Eiaran grunted.

"And if em won't, we'll just give em a friendly helping hand, no?" Witherback answered with a smirk and swalloed the pecha berry in a single bite. "So easen up, then. I'm almost beginning to think that your age is finally gettin' to ya. Maybe ya should've just sat out on this one, old friend." the grass type said, a vague hint of friendly mocking in his tone.

"Hah! Like hell I want to hear that from you of all people! What are those white streaks in your bulb, then? Accidentally spilled some paint? Wither, I'm trying to get ya to see the seriousness in the situation at hand! Ya'r not dumb by a long shot. I know ya didn't sign up just to be herded along by some little pup who barely knows what he's doin'. I doubt he even knows what it is that he is riskin' with this operation."

"You're aware of that though." Witherback said and downed another berry. "Ya were aware of it the moment when a set ya foot on this ship. Risk ye life, or don't come. That's pretty simple."

"It was different under Marco though. He knew what he might lose."

"And Richard doesn't?"

"As far as I'm concerned, Richard is more cautious about losin' his position an his claimed inheritance than something that is actually important." Eiaran scoffed and grabbed the pint of water that stood in front of him at the table. "Like our lives for example. He's too stubborn and too foolish to realize it, though... some major hubris goin' on in that kids head, lemme tell ya."

"... yah. Prolly." Witherback muttered. "Well, t's gonna be his downfall sooner or later. But I must admit that I'd much rather it'd be later."

"Hang on, ya'r backing this kid up?" the Machoke said and raised an eyebrow. The fighting type was every bit as marred as the old Ivusaur who sat at his side, and his scars danced over his face as he frowned.

"Not really. Not in this lifetime, anyway." Witherback said and let his many fangs show in a wicked grin. They gleamed vaguely yellow in the candle light before he returned to a more serious expression. "However... I'd much rather keep this crew intact. There are some reasonably good fighters who keep backing Richard up. Even you have to admit that. I can't really fathom why, but there is." Witherback said and shrugged.

"Witherback. It's only a matter of time."

"No it's not. It's a matter of Richard. Look, neither you nor I see that Buizel as much more than a temporary solution, but there are two options to it. Either, he proves to be the right man for the job - I doubt it, but he actually might - or he proves to be the wrong guy for the job. My point is that he'll either gain the followers he lost, or lose those he still have. Either way we'll have a crew that hopefully won't beat the daylight out of each other before we even make it 'till this new region place -"

"Kibou..." Eiaran offered.

"Yeah, Kansas - all I'm saying, save your breath. We haven't even seen the pink fancy farts of the Miniera-"

"Don't you get it, Witherback?!" Eiaran hissed lowly. "Once he makes that mistake, he would've doomed us all anyways! look, I'd much rather-" he paused briefly, looking into both directions to make sure that no one was within earshot. ".. I'd much rather fight members of this crew if I had ta. Dat way, survivors can turn back. Regroup. There's no turning back from the dead."

"I'm aware." Witheback said simply. "But we're in a bit of a pinch either way... look mate, I'm no good with numbers. Lets just call it a fifty fifty chance either way?"

"Bad gamble, pal."

Witherback sighed. He let his red eyes rest on his Machoke companion. Eiaran was a bit hootblooded, but he was a good man, and he held a point. Now now, Marco had been a pretty good guy. Good with navigation, decent people person, passed for a fighter too. But more importantly than that, was his ability to gain respect. His kid brother though? Well, he obviously hadn't managed to pull that act together. Frankly, Witherback shaed Eiarans doubts about that pup. That Richard was a fool... He sighed and hopped down from the chair, leaving the empty berry pouch on the table.
"Look mate," Witherback sad, "you're making this too personal. This isn't about survival, it is a simple issue about respect. Now don't think I blame ya, I simply prefer survival meself."


"I'mma get some fresh air while I still have the chance. Ya heard the bat, mate. Ya heard the bat."


Witherback made his way up the stairs and out into the sunshine that sprawled itself out on deck like a warming, cozy blanket of light. Even at the other side of the planet, the sea smelled the same - it was a scent of salt, seaweed and rain that the Ivusaur was comfortable with, and Witherback inhaled it deeply. Ah, he would never grow tired of it! The old man had never been one to worry too much, and some people even argued whether he was too senile to do so these days (though he of course denied this whenever the subject was brought up). Not many people seemed to be at the deck, though of course some were - including the young man that he had been looking for.

Witherback allowed himself to take his time as he strolled over to Richard. He didn't speak immediately, but let his eyes gaze upon the foggy, ragged coast that had begun to spread out far into the distance. That land wasn't just the horizon - that was going to be their fate. He was clear enough on that.
"So," he finally said to Richard, in a not too unfriendly voice, "... how long do you reckon 'till we anchor?"

08-25-2012, 03:29 AM
(OOC: You know, now that I think about it, Neo Emolga (Avenger Angel) made an idea for a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed RP for WAR X. Suddenly, a lot of this makes more sense.)

Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci the 9th
Miniera, Skythunder Blades
Starwisher Sea, Northwest of Broken Dagger Island, Southeast of Northmarch island and heading West For Cragan Island
Affected RPers: Everyone sans Team Charge (NES2 is affected indirectly, and the Global Mercs by nature of not being pursued by us this early on.)

<"Ernxy!"> Solomon used his irksome pet name for Ernx, penetrating his calm thoughts, <"I found a Minieran ship going the same way we are. But I also saw this weird other ship on the South that looks really weird. What do you want me to do with this thingy?">

Solomon was his second in command, and liked to scout the oceans. His help allowed for the intervention of a few reefs on the way, so he ignored the 'y' at the end of 'Ernxy' and, thinking as deadpan as possible (he seemed to like sarcastic responses), thought in reply, "That thingy can be a piece of driftwood for all you need to know. That Nomade Ship looked like it was heading for a port town, and if these Nomade have any sense at all it'll be fortified enough to shoot your limbs off again and again from dawn until dusk and still have plenty of ammunition left, and then smash your jewel in and wear the fragments. I'll not risk our Schooners over it." Ernx knew Solomon knew it was a Nomade ship (the Somnumites didn't seem to know or care of Kibou for the lack of any response from their kingdom), so no need to act foolish and charge in blindly into a potential ambush. The better idea was to do the ambushing.

Immediately afterwards, he could hear the voices of an argument. He turned to see Abraham Ash and his servant Jacob, arguing over why they could but did not have bought a large Warship instead of two schooners. In all honesty, he could see poor Abraham falling prey to Nomade ships if he took a first-class Front-of-the-Line to sea: it would have been a prime target for Privateering vessels the Nomade had probably hired. The S.S. Spirit and the S.S. Ship, by contrast, was not only a pair of Schooners that were despite their smaller size, very well-built for their model and purpose, and very fairly priced by Minieran standards, but also much more low-profile in comparison to such boats as Galleons, Ship-of-the-lines, Frigates, and so on and so forth. Nevertheless, Abraham had every right to be angry, considering he could have headed his own Privateering group instead of being delegated under the command of a Noble who lost everything.

Abraham was finished with his verbal beating of Jacob, and walked up to him. "How long until land?" He said, coughing a little.

"Unless if we're stricken with bad luck or find the chance to privateer a Nomade Vessel on the way, we'll be there in a couple of hours." Ernx responded. Then, feeling the need to ask-he was, at minimum, concerned about all the coughing-"Abraham, I have heard little of the reason you chose to go to Kibou at all. Perhaps you could enlighten me further. You are a noble, a wealthy and honorable Lurra in Miniera: Even I had taken heavy hits to my wealth and had to use this as a recovery and supplement to it. What brings you to journey at all?" Ernx added.


Sir Kuduz Valion
Miniera, Skythunder Blades
Starwisher Sea, Northwest of Broken Daggar Island, Southeast of Northmarch island and heading West For Cragan Island
Affected RPers: Everyone sans Team Charge (NES2 is affected indirectly)

Kuduz stood silent. He watched the nooks and crannies of the ship, as well as every crewmember, to check and make sure Sir Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci the 9th was absolutely safe.


Kuduz, having been watchful for the Noble Lurra he had been ordered to protect, now turned to the other Lurra, a Dewott. He had administrative duties to attend to on this ship-sometimes he forgot he was in charge of a small legion of infantrymen (or ‘Pawns,’ though he did not like the term) at home as well. He figured he made a good leader-not as good as legendary Knights he had heard of, not even considering himself great by Minieran standards, but definitely a leader that wouldn’t unintentionally doom his troops.

"Yes? What would you wish to bring to Sir Zivinci’s attention?"

"It is not of extensive importance now, but I have just remembered a certain tale from a small outpost in Kibou...I think it relates to our...periphiery goal." The Lurra said. It slipped over Kuduz's head, but he misspelled 'Periphery.' Kuduz was ill-learned in such manners as spelling.

The Periphery goal was the capture and civilization of Kibou’s rumored lost cities of gold. Kuduz had dismissed the tales of such locations, assuming them nothing but the handiwork of drunks, believing that there were those , but as his current superior was Sir Zivinci (and technically that Solomon fellow) and he had asked to find it and take the treasures within as his faction's and his country's, he had to stand by the goal. He heard of the artifacts supposedly within, but only in passing, and the apparent nature of the natives seemingly preventing movement into particular locations at all and were apparently weakening their defenses else ware just to protect those points, which many believed to be the location of the Artifacts was an apparently great indicator of their powers, to say the least. He was completely dismissing the Zigilua artifacts nature (it was just too unbelievable), but the other six were seemingly fearsome and very potent: One, apparently, could heal any wound and was even rumored to, if it was very recent, bring anyone back to life, all on-contact. Another was rumored to change the appearance (and JUST the appearance) of whoever wore it-permanently, if they so desired. A third was capable of changing the wind patterns to suit the wielder's needs. He could see the reasons why they hunted them down (should they exist), and knew they weren't the most honorable of reasons for doing so, but ultimately if it was a choice between having Miniera or having Nomade own the artifacts, he'd be true to his nation, as a Knight should.

"And that would be?" Kuduz asked.

"It was from this Minieran outpost on Bat Wing island. Apparently, this Exploration Team was assigned to mark the land north, into the rainforests...There were four of them, and...experionced. Only one came back, and he was in this absolutely wretched shape, mad and...gibbering, going on about how they were approaching this...hallowed-out tree trunk, how they found this large, temple-like structure inside it, and how a 'creature made of vines and bones' had stopped them in their tracks, apparently killed three of them, and the survivor fled before it murdered him. He even swore it looked exactly like a stone statue, but then it came to life...It was late, and he was calming down after a few hours, but at nightfall a native raid attacked the outpost. They were easily fended off, but the only Lurra killed was the man that had just fled the northern forests...If it was a temple-like structure he entered and he wasn't forgetting facts out of...hystiria, or just plain lying, it could be one of the cities of gold...And it means that its treasure is being well-guarded." The crewman said, slipping up several other words that, again, flew over Kuduz's head.

It was enough of a tale that it would have been preposterous, especially considering that it would be so even if he heard it. It was the same place where they heard of the Zigilua Artifact's supposed nature not long afterwards, which was, again, unbelievable: An artifact that made female Lurra fall in love with a male Lurra wielding it, and vice-versa? However, considering the whole thing was the basis of rumor, he had to consider it. "Very well. When Ernx is finished speaking, I will tell him of it...Now, do you have a post to cover?"

"I'm on break, sir. All the posts are covered." The Lurra answered.

"Then that is all." Kuduz replied. The Dewott left, and Kuduz turned his attention back to Sir Zivinci, now engaged in conversation with the only other noble on the ship, Abraham Ash.

08-25-2012, 06:16 AM
Richard Thompson
Global Mercenaries (Nomade, GTS+)
Coast of Defender Island
Rufa, Dragonwish2, Dan Magnus

Did... Did a Serperior just slither out of the figurehead? Richard blinked in disbelief. Marco would have skinned the Pokemon alive if he caught it lollygagging like that. Richard himself, however, wasn't too sure he should. At this point, it would be better to keep himself on the crew's collective "good side". At the same time, reprimanding the Serperior might give him more authority. To be honest, he was a bit frightened of what the larger, stronger, and type advantaged snake might do to him in response. Decisions, decisions...

A voice from behind made him jump a bit. He turned around, and found himself face to face with the rather ancient Jumaane Mwani. The Ivysaur had inquired as to their plans.

Using his most confident sounding voice, Richard replied: "Ah, Mister Mwani." He was pretty sure at this point he was the only one to use the Ivysaur's real name. Call it a tick. "My brother's plan was to round Defender Island and not make port until we reach the coast of Prophet Island, near Alacan Valley. Once we round the coast I'm going to reassess the supply situation. If needed we can stop at Rainmaker Forest, Lost Star Valley, or Sunfire Island." If there was one thing Richard was good at, it was remembering maps. "I don't trust landing with the open ocean at our backs. It invites disaster."

He glanced over to where the Serperior was. "If you'll excuse me for a moment, Mister Mwani." He walked off, in the direction of the Serperior, Miss Mondove, if his memory served. He wanted to look strong for Jumaane, so he would reprimand the Serperior. From interactions he'd witnessed between the Ivysaur, Marco, and the rest of the crew, Jumaane seemed to have the respect of most of them. If he could win the Ivysaur over, he might have a shot at keeping the crew together.

"Miss Mondove!" he called, trying to replicate his brother's reprimanding tone, "If you have time to take a nap then you have time for more duties on board." Come to think of it, what exactly could a Serperior do? A lack of arms made manual labor difficult. He came up with something as quickly as he could. "I want you to do a through check on the ship. Search out, and patch, any leaks you come across." There had been a storm recently, after all. "If there is a large amount of water below decks, have a crew member lash a bucket to your tail and bail it. And if I find you slacking off again, I'll cut your food rations. Perhaps an empty stomach will curb your lethargic tendencies."

Too much? Too little? Richard really sucked at this. The Buizel tensed up a bit, just in case the Serperior lashed out at him.

08-30-2012, 01:11 AM
OOC: Sorry for the short post :(

Abraham Ash and Jacob Weber
Miniera, Skythunder Blades
Starwisher Sea, going to Cragan Island
ARP: Ernx

"Abraham, I have heard little of the reason you chose to go to Kibou at all. Perhaps you could enlighten me further. You are a noble, a wealthy and honorable Lurra in Miniera: Even I had taken heavy hits to my wealth and had to use this as a recovery and supplement to it. What brings you to journey at all?"

Coughing, Abraham looked at Ernx, “I have chosen to leave my homeland to heal myself. These wounds,” he gestured towards the scars on his body, “Are burdens, not rewards for my bravery. I don't know how injuries are rewards in Miniera. I saw a Charizard once, both of his eyes gouged out, covered. He walked with a cane, his wings looking incredibly weak due to lack of flying. And you know what?” Abraham's looked at a crewman, a Scyther, who hobbled on one leg and one piece of wood, “Everyone hailed him as a hero. He didn't even know which direction the praise was coming from,” the Heatmor turned back to the Eelektross, “He was old, Ernx, alive far after he was supposed to die. I'm not going to be that Charizard, hobbling for the rest of my life.”

Looking out to the island, Cragan. Rumors floated around of it having something there. Lurra claimed it was treasure, others claimed it was just an island, that the real treasure was inland. But Abraham believed in the first theory, that it was with treasure. He had modified it in his head. There was no treasure, just a magnificent sword, one that could kill and heal his wounds. He needed a better weapon then the small blade at his side.

* * *

Jacob looked at the Remoraid, freshly caught. It looked disgusting, its eyes still on its head. Its guts were leaking out of its body. The Feraligatr who had caught it glared at the electric spider.

“Eat the grub,” the blue Lurra growled.

Jacob warily poked at the dead fish, then grabbed it with his front mandibles, wrapping it in thin webbing. He started sucking out the juice. He nearly gagged. The taste reminded him of his dead siblings long ago. Choking down the liquid was hard, but the Galvantula did it. Nearby, Lord Ash rambled about a blind Charizard to the captain of the vessel, Ernx. The large, eel-like creature seemed fine enough. Even though he was probably a drunk like the rest of the dirty scum on board, he carried his drunkness with dignity. Solomon the Starmie seemed to be annoying, but dependable enough....

08-31-2012, 10:16 PM
Robert "Dodger" Reinse & Arkady "Ark" Dragic
Global Mercenaries (Nomade, GTS+)
Coast of Defender Island
Affected RPers: Rufa, Dan Magnus, Dragonwish2, Kamaitachi

A screech from above deck caused Dodger to freeze. The Dewott had been cleaning the cannons. The same thing he'd done every day since the start of this expedition. The captain's cautious approach to sailing had nearly cost Dodger his sanity. If that noise was what he thought it was, that all might change soon.

The Dewott poked his head out of the porthole, squeezing his body around once of the ship's cannons. There was a blur on the horizon, and it was steadily getting larger. A ship? No, it was too large. As they got closer, what it was became obvious: Land. There was another shout above deck, an order from the captain. Slowly but surely, the ship started turning, soon running parallel to the land.

"Ark, you see this?" He called, ducking his head back inside.

A shadow in the corner of the room stirred. Arkady, Dodger's childhood friend, had fallen asleep again. Typical.

"Wuzzat?" The Mienfoo muttered, slowly coming to.

"Stick your head out the porthole and guess how far we are from shore for me," Dodger said.

Arkady stood and stretched. The Mienfoo adjusted the sash around his waist, making sure that Dodger's sword was still in its place.

"This better not be another one of your tricks, I still have a headache from the last time you dropped a hatch on my head," Arkady grumbled, wandering over to the porthole.

"Maybe if you didn't leave me with all the work I wouldn't be so keen to do so," Dodger smirked, "But no, this time I'm serious."

The Mienfoo stuck his head out, and the expression on his face instantly changed. "So you are! I'd guess about two, three miles, maybe more."

"Some help you are," Dodger sighed.

The Mienfoo quickly pulled his head back in, before his Dewott comrade got any ideas. "Guess it's time we threw our lot in, then. We siding with Richie, or his detractors?"

"Which ever gets us the staff quicker," Dodger replied, "And right now that's looking like Richard. Haven't seen even the slightest hint of a plan from the others."

'What about those two old guys?"

"They're just that, two old guys," Dodger smirked, "As far as I'm concerned, they're both senile. Now, if that Lucario or Cranidos thought of something, I'd be more inclined to listen."

"I guess we'll have to wait and see how this plays out, then," Arkady shrugged, before finally joining Dodger at the cannons.

09-01-2012, 10:08 AM
Desi Della Sario
Nomade ~ Global Mercenaries
Approaching the Coast to Defender Island
Flynt, Rufa, Dan Magnus, Dragonwish2

"I see land!"

The call was incredibly faint, but Desi Della Sario had rather large ears. He was a Cinccino, and that happened to be one of their more defining features. Sitting up in his hammock, he slowly rolled in such a way that he'd land feet-first on the floor. Still not entirely used to the constant pitch and yaw of the seafaring craft, he found himself stumbling a bit. The Cinccino looked a bit different from the more cutesy, cuddly members of his kind. His beautiful head-fur had been tied into braids which spilled out from under a bandana that kept the normally unruly fur in check. Such a thing proved especially important, given Desi's fighting nature. He also boasted a proud number of scars. When one was creature more renowned for being adorable and mischievous than a tough fighter, one had to work extra hard at rising above the stereotypes.

He cursed under his breath as he staggered around like a drunkard, trying to get used to the infernal swaying. Once his balance had been re-conquered, he made his way topside. Once out of the belly of Rising Sun, he squinted into the light.

Zerua was their first destination, luckily. The Compass that pointed to anything one wished for was on the hunk of land in the horizon that Desi could barely make out.

He'd agreed, in arrangement for his tenure, to help the crew find everything else they could. Then, he'd ask to use the Compass. If he couldn't take it with him, then hopefully it pointed him in the right direction. He'd bring that up when the time came; there was work to do until then.

He moved up along the rail, clasping the bar with his paws as he peered out over the vast, endless waves. He shook his head, as if clearing away the ocean's hypnosis and focused his vision instead on his crew-mates, none of whom he'd actually held a conversation with, to date.

There was a Crobat that was apparently called Annelise. She stood out simply because she was a bit batty, and the inherent pun secretly delighted Desi. She seemed particularly excited to be setting foot on the new, excited land. Though, to be fair...she flew. She had four wings and tiny feet, which meant that setting foot on anything seemed more of a chore for her than anything.

Mercy, the Lucario, seemed rather typical of the Lucario species. Desi had worked with a few in his time in the guard, and they always seemed so calm, and so gentle, but with the ever smug impression of: "I know more than you." Mercy seemed to possess the same eyes. Really, they were just calculating, and seeing things in a different light that most Lurra eyes...but Lucario always seemed so self-satisfied about whatever it was they were seeing, as if they simply expected it to be exactly according to their intuition. Unfair prejudice aside, Mercy seemed nice. He had to constantly remind himself that he had risen about the clichés inherent to his own kind, and it was quite unfair that he resorted to defining others by theirs.

A Serperior, named Selena, was apparently around, but seeing her regal serpentine form truly made Desi understand why her species was "Serperior", that awkward-in-the-mouth portmanteau of "Serpent" and "Superior". She seemed utterly majestic, and from what he understood from overhearing gossip, was about as lazy as royalty too. Desi internally shook his head, once again not wanting to resort to judging his crew-mates before actually speaking to them. While it was tempting to chalk them up to what others said about them, he really preferred to get to know them on his own time.

Which made it a pity that he proved to be such a poor conversationalist.

A Cranidos, Vidar, seemed to be waiting. From Desi's angle, it looked something like the Dinosaur had engaged in a game of mental chess, probably against himself. He seemed absolutely lost in thought; hypnotized by the sight and thought of land in the same way that Desi kept falling prey to the ever-shifting ocean waves. He seemed a creature of few words, which meant that the two of them had at least one thing in common. He couldn't imagine their conversations being terribly interesting to anyone listening, but part of him rather enjoyed the thought.

Of all the Lurra on board, Desi had not yet figured out the reason, or position, of Old Witherback the Ivysaur. It made no sense as to why some old goon was on board a vessel. He figured at the very least, the ancient flower-reptile would hold them back, by virtue of simply being old and probably less capable than the younger crew-mates. On the other hand, he hoped that Witherback concealed something of great value that could be offered to everyone. But, were that the case, then Desi would truly be the most useless, or at least the most single focused on board.

Dodger and Ark appeared to be the resident duo on board. The two hardly appeared without the other, so Desi naturally assumed that they were close, in the brotherly sense. Ark apparently carried Dodger's sword, which made little sense to Desi. A warrior carried his own sword. (He knew nothing, of course, of Dodger's missing eye, and hadn't yet been close to enough to glean that information for himself. To be fair, even if he had been, he hadn't paid it much attention.)

Then, after the various sundry crew that appeared to have no other significance except that they were there to operate the ship, there was the young Captain Richard. While not initially keen on serving under someone younger than him, he found quickly that Richard had more expertise than he did in many fields. That, and since he'd essentially been a hire by Richard, and not the "Marco" everyone seemed to speak of, he had no standards to which he could compare the young Buizel.

"Captain" Desi approached, trying his best to conceal the wobble in his walk. "Your orders?". The Lurra had just finished chastising the purportedly lazy Selena. While it further reinforced the gossip, he tried not to let it affect his judgment. She, in all reality, was probably as much of a rookie as he was. As the Captain approached, Desi offered a salute, like they did back in the City Guards. It made no sense out on the open seas, but to Desi, it was a way of showing respect. Surely, he'd ostracize himself from the grumbling and mumbling of the crew from the "Marco" age, but sooner or later they'd learn that that age had passed. Mostly, though, he looked to Richard because he was the only semblance of authority on the Rising Sun.

He waited patiently for his commands.

Socratic Sarcasm
09-01-2012, 05:21 PM
Miniera, Skythunder Blades
East of Northmarch Island
Affected RPers: All of the PE2Kers

<I'm EVERYONE'S friend! I came from the S.S. Ship, and I came to say.............................HI!> Solomon meanwhile, used a little fire manipulation to write S.S. Ship in the air: first in Unown runes, then, remembering that only the nobles and the hardened explorers knew those, switched them to footprint runes. This served not only the purpose of clarifying what he said, but also demonstrating that he was a native Minieran, as Starmie do not normally have the element of fire at their disposal. <Anyway, friend, what's your name, and this ship's?> thereby saying the most lucid thing the star determined he could get away with.

Solomon got a reply from Ernx, and telepathed back,<Oh Ernxy, you're such a kidder. While that would be really fun, they wouldn't do that! How could they? It would not be possible!> The unspoken boast was, of course, that Solomon was competent enough to avoid that fate. According to the star, he could have sunk the Nomade ship without them even knowing he was there. But interesting contemplations aside...

Meanwhile, Solomon took it upon himself to further his image. He took the letters he made in the air with the fire and formed them into a thin line of fire. He then started to make spirals, circles, loopy loops, lemnaicates, and all sorts of other curvy shapes.

OoC: Sorry for the short post, but I couldn't think of anything else.

09-02-2012, 02:00 AM
Juan Rivera (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3408931&postcount=21)
Miniera (PE2K)
Off-Coast of Northmarch Island
Affected RPers: narphoenix

Having questioned Solomon about his ship and self, the Starmie began to elaborate a bit further regarding his intentions.

"I'm EVERYONE'S friend! I came from the S.S. Ship, and I came to say.............................HI!", Juan heard telepathically, before the names of the vessel Solomon was with were lit up in flames that flashed in the air. Juan could read Unown runes, but Solomon had taken care to spell out the ship names in footprint as well.

"Hm, I see. The S.S. Ship. If I'm correct that is a private vessel being manned by the Skythunder Blades. I had heard your group would be in the area, and it is quite the pleasure to meet another Minieran out in these waters.", was Juan's response. The vessel's was familiar to him, and he immediately recognized it as one belonging to the Skythunder Blades. Their leader, whose name Juan could never pronounce correctly, was Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci the 9th. Juan knew of him because his father had met Ernx's father years ago, though Juan had never met him or his son. He had heard tell of Ernx selling off his whole fortune to buy up two vessels for the voyage. Other than that, Juan knew little else.

"Anyway, friend, what's your name, and this ship's?", Solomon asked next, beginning his own line of questioning.

"My name is Juan Rivera, and we are aboard the S.S. Hurricane. We are saling in service of the Minieran crown to rid Kibou of Nomade invaders", Juan began, realizing this as an opportunity to find willing collaborators.

"We are dropping some of our group off at Northmarch Island to set up a base, then heading south to Prophet. If you would are doing the same, perhaps we could coordinate with one another and see if we can sail together. There is strength in numbers, and in this hostile waters, we will need it. With your telepathy, I was also hoping you could act as a liaison between your group and ours", Juan finished, hoping the privateer group would take the offer. Juan's caravel was a small ship compensating with only an intimidating name, and though it was bristling with cannon, it wouldn't last long against some of the larger vessels sailing in this area.

As Juan communicated this, Solomon had taken to making a display of his proficiency in the skills all Minierans possess. Continuing is spirals in the water, Solomon began to make displays of fire in the air. All of this actually impressed Juan, the acrobatic feat certainly something Juan wasn't capable of.

"Sir, we are close enough to begin the landing", a call suddenly came, interrupting Juan and returning his attention back to his own affairs.

"Lift the sails, drop anchor and prepare to lower the landing vessels", Juan replied, beginning to turn his attention to other matters. The crew immediately went to work, scrambling to bring the ship to a halt. Once they had done this, the anchor was lowered into the water slowly, before satisfying hitting the ocean's bottom. Juan watched as the those who would set up on the island were lowered into the water beside the Hurricane, and once this was done, as they untied the ropes. Some began to row, while others clutched their weapons. As they moved away from the caravel, Juan prayed to Arceus that they would not suffer misfortunes while he was away.

09-13-2012, 02:58 AM
Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci the 9th
Miniera, Skythunder Blades
Starwisher Sea, South of Northmarch island, heading west for Cragan Island
Affected RPers: Everyone sans the Global Mercs and Team Charge (NES2 is affected indirectly)

"I have chosen to leave my homeland to heal myself." The Heatmor noble replied, gesturing to his scars. "These wounds are burdens, not rewards for my bravery. I don't know how injuries are rewards in Miniera. I saw a Charizard once, both of his eyes gouged out, covered. He walked with a cane, his wings looking incredibly weak due to lack of flying. And you know what?" Abraham said, looking at a Scyther that had the misery of a lack of a leg before continuing, "Everyone hailed him as a hero. He didn't even know which direction the praise was coming from. He was old, Ernx, alive far after he was supposed to die. I'm not going to be that Charizard, hobbling for the rest of my life."

Ernx felt slightly sorry for Abraham, and defiantly sorry for the Charizard he described. He wasn't personally attached to Abraham, but his reasons were valid, so he'd respond in kind. "I wouldn't blame you for wanting to get rid of wounds that hold you back, and I hope that you find what will heal you, if it exists." Ernx said.

Solomon, meanwhile, had just gotten back to telepathing his response. <Oh Ernxy, you're such a kidder. While that would be really fun, they wouldn't do that! How could they? It would not be possible!>

The braggart would get himself killed, eventually. Nomade ships were not one's he would want to occupy, even if that was the only option (and he was thankful that Nomade ships were the last things Miniera would sell) but going to a port town-which would be heavily fortified and tightly defended by the Nomade, well, that kind of power is one of"Oh, yes, of course, they'd never be able to do that! Their captain would probably scold them for wasting ammunition-if at all-so they'd just skip to the part where they shoot out the crystal and wear the fragments. They'd probably have so many numbers that it would probably come close to making up for their lack of natural skill and intelligence, so there's also that to consider." He said, making a subtle warning that, despite the fact that Solomon was extremely good at fighting and Ernx's sarcastic comments on their lack of brains and discipline, the Nomade could still win.

He would have elaborated (as in, sarcastically commented on the nature of it), but a different kind of thing interrupted his line of thought: "LAND! LAND! Land ho! Westward Land ahoy!" shouted the Lurra on the crow's nest. He was holding a spyglass, so that only he noticed for now wasn't terribly surprising to Ernx.

Nevertheless, he had to alert Solomon. "I would elaborate on how utterly hopeless a fight would be, but we've got important business to attend to: As in, we're nearing Cragan Island, and I doubt the local Minieran fellows would wish for nothing more than to see your bright, shining face-gem." Ernx thought, still being terribly sarcastic. Again, Solomon seemed to like it. Emphasis on ‘seemed’

Ernx, though, was at last, alleviated, to find the duty they were going to: to take their first steps onto Miniera. It was of such power, such emotion, and such meaning-at least to him-that the only thing holding him back from an awe-inspiring speech was the fact that the Lurra he worked with would probably be uninterested.

(OOC: The lateness was totally unintentional. Sorry for nearly murdering this poor thing. :C)

Dan Magnus
09-28-2012, 04:04 PM
Vidar Omni Necro
Global Mercenaries (Nomade, GTS+)
Coast of Defender Island
Affected RPers: Flynt, Dragonwish2, Rufa, Kamaitachi

The more Lurra that he saw, the more time Vidar had to dedicate to himself. Usually, whenever someone new joins the crew, everybody greats them a warm welcome, followed by a small chance that the new person would speak with all the crewmates for anything that he could to to help. Vidar disliked talking much, as he still didn't give up on his goal, never sharing it with anyone besides the former captain, Marco. Vidar asked about the hunter, but Marco's information wasn't enough for him, and to everyone else that was looking, could seem like they were having an arguement, and he was losing it.

It didn't take long until Marco disappeared, only to be replaced by one of his family members. Vidar didn't mind the change, despite holding back quite a lot of feelings at the young captain. He decided that saying nothing would be the best thing to do now, but as he always did, he has to do it. He slightly approached to the anchor, where currently nobody was stationed at.

"Sir. Are we ready to disembark?" Vidar asked straight away, even though he knew what the answer would be, he waited just to be curious of what he would say. Still deciding to keep interaction to a minimum, and now that the ship is closer to the island, Vidar made sure that his thoughts wouldn't leave his mind, as much wild as they got.

Defender Island was very 'alien' for the Cranidos, as Vidar thought about what would happen if his tribe was there. Before waking up, he had a dream about one of the trainings he went with the hunter. This specific one took place when they pillaged a messenger on his way to deliver a message to a royalty. The messenger was a Cranidos, but Vidar didn't show him any mercy, neither did the hunter. Before the hunter had any chance of taking the messenger's life, Vidar learned that the messenger himself was from Defender Island, but didn't have any sort of transportation. The message was never delivered, and it wasn't something he could read at that time, but he only recognised one small thing in the message.

Vidar stopped day-dreaming, and returned to his previous stance. He feared what would happen if he ever meets anyone, but would take the risk if needed to. Truthfully, he hoped that the 'Necro' part in his own name was just fake, despite the many signs he encountered throughout the years.

09-28-2012, 06:51 PM
Selena Celeste Velrona Pelereuse Mondove
Global Mercenaries (Nomade, GTS+)
Coast of Defender Island
Affected RPers: Rafu, Dan Magnus, Flynt, Kamaitachi

It took the grass serpent a moment to realize where the voice was coming from. Selena glanced downwards into the face of a golden Buizel. Her sleepy mind registered the Pokemon as her superior; something in the back of her mind briefly made her wonder why she let the smaller, disadvantaged Pokemon order her around, but her subconscious failed to make her care. It didn't take much energy to realize she was to weak to argue or fight. She shrank back until she was looking up at Richard from below. He continued to berate her, tasking her with the job of repairing the ship's leaks and bailing, with the threat of cut rations. Even half-asleep, she could remember the sensation of hunger, and she quickly nodded her head, before realizing the appropriate.

"Er, yes sir. Right away, sir." She slithered past him towards the entrance to the lower decks, grabbing a bucket of tar with her tail as she dropped. The deck smelled of sweat and salt, and Selena plugged her nose disdainfully. She didn't enjoy spending much time below; it made her feel claustrophobic at times. She passed through crates and barrels in search of leaks and soon found several. With a vine she pasted the smaller holes in tar and sealed them off. She developed a rhythm as she worked, allowing her mind to consider what had just happened. Though indignant at her treatment, she realized, with a yawn, that she would save anger for a time when she was less sleepy.

Selena's thoughts changed when she found her first large pool of water. She growled softly, unsure how to handle it without coming in contact with the water. The Serperior bent her nose to the water, staring into it with a mixture of fear and curiosity. She soon ave out to the latter and touched it, shrinking back at its cold touch. Selena shook off the droplets and set down her tar, searching for an empty bucket. What she found was small for bailing. She was forced to slither back and forth several trips, until the puddle finally vanished. In a flourish of triumph she swiped tar over the hole and moved on happily.


Mercy Burnstone
Global Mercenaries (Nomade, GTS+)
Starwisher Sea --> Coast of Defender Island
Affected RPers: Rafu, Dan Magnus, Flynt, Kamaitachi

Mercy was surprised to see the Serperior back down so quickly. She checked the serpent's aura and found it still blipping with sleep, though the general feeling was of mild annoyance. Mercy looked back at Richard, glowing with approval and giving him a subtle nod before returning to the helm. The island grew larger as they neared, until she felt as though she could reach out and touch it. The sight of it filled her with an inexplicable joy.

She was smiling as she called out to the crew. "We'll be reaching our destination shortly."

09-28-2012, 09:17 PM
Richard Thompson
Global Mercenaries (Nomade, GTS+)
Coast of Defender Island
Rufa, Dragonwish2, Dan Magnus, Kamaitachi

Richard visibly relaxed. He had been worried for a second there. To make things even better, they were now rounding the northernmost point of Defender Island. In the distance, Richard could see the coast of Prophet Island, a little bit more than a blur on the horizon. At this speed, they might make Sunfire Island by sunset, and reach the coast of Alacan Valley by dawn tomorrow. If they kept moving, at least.

It was then that crew members started approaching him, as the Serperior slithered off to do her ordered task. First the Cinccino, Desi. The fact that the older Pokemon saluted him made the Buizel feel odd, but he said nothing. Not really one for words, the Cinccino simply asked for his orders.

"Take stock of our rations, I want to know how many crew members we need to dedicate to resupplying while we search for Zerua," Richard answered.

That was a huge question in of itself. Who could he trust to come with him to Zerua, and who could he leave with the ship? The ones seemingly most loyal to him were Desi and Mercy. He wanted to take them both with him just in case worst came to worst. Despite his age, something about Jumaane made Richard want to impress him. Thus, the aging Ivysaur would likely come as well.

Dodger and Arkady needed the compass as well, though they wanted it so they could find the staff of healing. They would definitely play along for now. So they would be in charge of the ship while Richard was gone. The Rising Sun would likely contain only a Skeleton crew. Some part of the Buizel's mind entertained giving Dodger permission to fire on any boats that attempted to make their way to the fluyt that he was not on board, to mitigate the risk of open revolt.

He dismissed that thought when it started giving him a sour taste in his mouth. He needed to trust his crew if he wanted them to trust him. Hopefully they would give him a chance to prove himself at Zerua. Coming home with the compass would hopefully align their loyalties behind him. Or at least, behind the compass.

Richard turned towards the Crandios, Vidar, when the Pokemon broke him from his thoughts. "Disembark? No, we're sailing for Prophet Island, not Defender Island."

Then Mercy called out that they would be reaching 'their destination' soon. What destination? Certainly she wasn't sailing for Rainmaker Forest? Right? He ran over to the helm.

"Miss Burnstone, where are you taking us?" he asked, quiet enough that only she would hear. "My brother's maps has us rounding Sunfire Island and landing in Alacan Valley, on Prophet Island. Surely we aren't that close already?"