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09-01-2012, 02:08 AM
Hello and welcome to this exciting rpg...

Rules: No God modding, and have fun.

Your character is basically wat you make him/her. This is how your profile will look.






Power: (allowed three)

Here is Mine....

Name: Ty


Gender: Male

Description: He has semi-long black shaggy hair. He wears jeans with holes in the knees and wears gloves that are cut off and the knuckle. He wears a black collared shirt and a tank top under it with the buttons open. He wears black army boots.

Personallity: He is a tough on the outside but soft on the inside. He gets things done. He comes off like a bad boy but he is good in everything he does. He scares most people and the people who try to pick on him he takes care of.

Power: (moves stuff with his mind, He can make fire out of nothing, and can teleport)

Plot: In the year 2020 all of the old x-men got old and retired or past away. There had to be a new for of crime fighting heros out there. Proffesor X's son, Kyle, decided to run the school for kids who were mutants. He helped them control their powers. Now the government hates the school and all mutants they have security guards stationed at ever important building and they are killing or curing mutants everyday.

Now who ever wants to join can. The first person to join I will role off of their part of the story. I will play both my character and Kyle.