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10-09-2012, 02:28 PM

After 4 years since the events of Pokemon XD, Cipher returns again with their new non purifiable shadow pokemon XD002. And with a tougher, mysterious boss known as 'Scar', the new Cipher seems unstoppable. But a group of kids with Snag Machines might be Unova's only hope...

1. No cheating, swearing, snagging normal pokemon or stealing items.
2. No romance over PG-13.
3. Be fair and have fun!

Our Shadow Monitor has identified these Shadow Pokemon in order:

Elekid (Male)
Magby (Male)
Smoochum (Female)
Horsea (Male)
Taillow (Female)
Slugma (Male)
Lotad (Random)
Ekans (Male)
Trapinch (Random)
Blitzle (Random)
Zorua (Female)
Chatot (Random)
Tangela (Male)
Kirlia (Female)
Pidgeotto (Male, Admin Lovrina's shadow pokemon)
Whismur (Random)
Fearow (Female)

These are all that we can identify, but there might be more than just 18 shadow pokemon.

Form (Choose from Pichu, Munchlax or Bonsly.)

Shadow Pokemon snagged:

10-20-2012, 03:04 AM
Howdy hey!

You have been one busy Beedrill, haven't you? I did not expect to have to reply to three SUs from the same person. However, normally when I post in a RP that is not my own or a close friends that tends to mean I'm about to go into moderator mode. Again I apologize about the circumstances that we have met.

Once again there is no real plot. I don't think I have to repeat myself exactly, but further explaining the plot would be a good thing. Why does Cipher return? What are some more details on their new Shadow Pokemon? Why do these selected kids have Snag Machines? Some plot points really need to be explained further for some RPers to really get interested in a RP you want to host.

Also, to some it could be very disheartening to know before hand some of the Shadow Pokemon, or at least as many as you listed. Maybe just a select few, like ones high ranked member of Cipher may or may not have. Some things like that are probably better left not gone into too much detail in the beginning and left to be discovered as the game goes on.

Lastly I must say that this time I don't think it is a good idea to have only three Pokemon to choose from for a starter. Maybe opening the door a little wider would get more people interested. Just something to think about.

Also, I noticed you posted the RP thread for this already. Not a good move. On PE2K we don't tend to do that. We post a sign-up thread and only after do we get some people interested in it, signed up, and the game master accepts them do we post the RP itself. So next time wait for people to sign up and for you to accept them before posting the RP. Maybe wait for three or four at the least to be accepted.

Once again I ask you to refer to the post I submitted to the first sign-up of yours, and again if you have any questions contact one of us who have a green username and we will try our best to get you answers.