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http://i333.photobucket.com/albums/m399/PowerCampGal/GLADIATORTitle.png (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlEN8svyHj8)


In the early 1990s, a company known as SUMMIT developed a revolutionary video game known as GLADIATOR. It was the first of its kind to reach the Pokémon Universe—a game that allowed players to tap into Pokémon power and fight to the utter finish. Though revolutionary, the game was also controversial; it was the first game to feature human-to-Pokémon combat, which was frowned upon by large in society. As a result, the game was banned in many regions, including Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. SUMMIT experienced multiple setbacks and quickly lost profit through ever-increasing opposition.

However, the company found a safe foothold in the entertainment-hungry region of Unova, where the game quickly became popular. Moving their base of operations there, SUMMIT was able to survive and recover their losses. As the years passed they continued developing their technology, releasing more games despite controversy. It would seem that they were back on the rise—that is, until Team Plasma put a hiccup in their developments. With people beginning to question their relationship with Pokémon, Unovans also began to question the violence depicted in GLADIATOR.

SUMMIT once again experienced a decline in profit. This time, however, the company seemed doomed to failure. As the Plasma conflicts came to their climax, SUMMIT quietly slipped into bankruptcy…


Years have passed since the Plasma incident, and people no longer question their relationship with Pokémon. The entertainment business in Unova boomed as previous excitements died down. As people began looking for more and more ways to preoccupy themselves, movies and particularly video games caught unexpected popularly.

Seemingly out of nowhere, SUMMIT made a sudden reappearance—and with an exhilarating new announcement: GLADIATOR was returning with a grand new adventure. The latest installment would take advantage of the most advance technology: immersive virtual reality. Players would literally be transported to the Battleground of GLADIATOR 2012. Old fans revived forgotten passions, and new fans were quickly made as the game’s features were slowly leaked. Nearly all of Unova—as well as other parts of the world—looked forward to the game’s release.

When development was coming to a close, SUMMIT’s Executive Producer Malcolm Kalsow announced a special contest. Winners would get the chance to play the game a week before the launch, and their adventures would be broadcasted live worldwide. All one had to do for to enter was record themselves playing one of the older games, and explain why they think they should be chosen.


Weeks have passed since that last announcement, and the winners have been chosen. You have eagerly been waiting for some word on your entry, and on one especially bright morning you are excited to find a package from SUMMIT. Inside, you find a DVD with your name on it. Putting it in as soon as you could, you listen as an electronic female voice addresses you. The game’s logo flashes brilliantly on the screen.

“Congratulations. You have been selected to participate in the international pre-release celebration of GLADIATOR 2012. We look forward to your arrival at the SUMMIT Game Center in Nimbasa City Tuesday, November 6th. In preparation for your game, we ask that you select one Pokémon within your possession to bring with you. GLADIATOR 2012 is a revolutionary game that will implement a Link feature that allows you to connect with your Pokémon on a whole new level. More information on the game will be provided at the celebration. Stay tuned for directions and further instructions…”

With Pokémon in hand, you are now making your way to Nimbasa City to the newly constructed SUMMIT Game Center. You plan to show the world what you are made of. And yet, you have no idea what to expect…


1.) No Godmodding, please. Not everybody can be as beastly as Rinzler ;)
2.) No bunnying without permission.
3.) GLADIATOR received an ESRB rating of T for fantasy violence. Okay, just pretend. Anyways, that means I don’t want to see suggestive material or strong language.
4.) As GAME MASTER, I am in charge of everything that happens on The Grid the Battleground. That includes setting, objectives, and opponents. No inventing something that isn’t there. Also, no easy solutions. I have the last say in whether or not your tactics work. I also control all NPCs and Major Bosses. I am officially in charge of your lives. Bwahahahaha….
5.) Posts must be at least two paragraphs long (meaning it should have 10+ sentences). Posts must also show proper grammar and syntax.


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Welcome to the BATTLEGROUND.


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~To be presented by Freddie when the time comes~

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Freddie Spencer
Link: Luxray

The sun shone brightly on Nimbasa that special day, when the city buzzed with more excitement than usual. Crowds were roaming down the streets, making their way to the latest hotspot in town. Some waited with eager anticipation, while others voiced their objection with near-religious fervor. This clash of wills could only be brought about by most controversial topic of the decade—the return of GLADIATOR.

Barriers had been placed around the perimeter of the infamous SUMMIT Game Center, where officials kept spectators at bay. The faculty within the ring waited patiently for the arrival of the contestants, few sporting fake Battle Armor from the game. TV crews were moving in, equipment was being tested, and the game system itself was prepped for the big show. Amongst the hustle and bustle, with people scurrying about like ants, a young man of 19 fidgeted within an empty hall.

Freddie had felt confident these past few weeks with his role in the broadcast. Only a few hours ago did his nerves finally catch up with him. As he paced circles into the marble floors, trying to dispel the jitters, a lion-like creature watched him with sharp yellow eyes. It purred contently, as if trying to calm him down.

He stopped and took a deep breath. “Today’s the big day, Leo. Everything that we’ve worked on has led up to this.”

The Luxray blinked in response. Shifting from its resting position, the Pokémon gave a great yawn as it stretched out its front paws.

“Do you got my back today, buddy?” Freddie turned to him, unaffected by the creature’s sharp fangs.

“Rrrrrrrrrrrr!” the Luxray flicked his tail, beaming at his Trainer with determination.

Freddie grinned, his excitement finally reaching its peak. “Let’s do this, Leo!”

The lion Pokémon let out an eager roar. Feeling energized, the two of them continued down the hall. They soon entered a cavernous room that was—for now—mostly empty. A large screen occupied the far wall, though currently it only showed SUMMIT’s peaked logo. Waiting for Freddie was a tall blonde woman dressed in a business suite.

“There you are, Freddie,” she greeted the moment she saw him. Without waiting for him to speak she handed him a clipboard. Leaping right into instructions, she informed him, “You will wait here for the contestants. They will arrive through the arcade room. Mark each of them off as they come in and have them fill out these release forms. Have them wait here until we’re ready in the VR room. You are not to give them any instructions until you go there—nothing about the game until we’re ready to start, got it? Have you gone over the rules we asked you to tell them? As well as the disclaimers and such?”

Freddie felt a bit overwhelmed, but he nodded, “Yes, ma’am.”

“Good,” she returned the nod approvingly. “Don’t forget to smile.”

Giving him one of her own, the woman turned and quickly strode from the room. Soon, it was just Freddie and his lion.

He took in another deep breath and muttered, “Here goes nothing.”


[Television Broadcast]

“Heeeeellloooo, ladies and gentlemen!” a dazzling MC swiveled on his chair, facing the audience with a bright smile. “You’re tuned in to the live broadcast of GLADIATOR’s grand reveal! Brought to you by none other then the geniuses themselves, SUMMIT Software! I’ll be your host--Michael Kolton! We have yet to connect to the games, but as you can see…”

The screen switched to an overhead view of a crowded Nimbasa.

“The thrills and chills are already beginning as Nimbasa awaits the arrival of the lucky contest winners! Our on-site reporter, Danielle Leeson, is currently roaming the streets of Nimbasa, getting the feel of crowds. Danielle, how’s it going down there?”

A slender young woman with short brown hair flashed onto the screen, gripping her mic with obvious breathlessness. “It’s crazy out here, Michael, that’s for sure. We’ve met a wide array of fans and protestors alike. But the general feel out here is excitement. No one has received word yet of who the contestants may be, but folks are anxiously waiting to see them.”

The announcer’s image popped up next to her in a tiny square. “That’s right, SUMMIT hasn’t revealed the identity of the contest winners. It will certainly be a surprise to see who they are. Why, they could just be wandering the streets nearby.”

“That’s right,” Danielle nodded. “But we’ll keep an eye out for anyone who passed the guards at the Game Center. They’ve been told to let in only those with specific invitations. Hopefully, SUMMIT will release more information as the game commences.”

“We’ll certainly keep you updated on this end,” the announcer concluded. “For now, it’s a waiting game…”



Enter the SUMMIT Game Center

~Avoid protestors and news reporters alike
~Present your invitation to the guards
~Check-in with Frederick Spencer in the lobby (NOTE: The first room you will enter into will be the arcade. You will follow a set signs which will in turn lead you past the games and into lobby area)

~Protestors (x10)
~News Reporters (x4)
~Ecstatic Fans (Unlimited)

11-05-2012, 08:00 PM
Lucas Shutt
Link: Blaziken

It was a nice and shining day, as Lucas stepped out the door knowing that he would soon partake in the greatest game in existence.

He began running down the street towards the Nimbasa arcade. He reached the corner of the block and the first thing he saw was a massive crowd of hundreds of people shouting out at a man on a loudspeaker.

"Man, who knew the game would be so popular? This is gonna be pretty challenging!" Lucas remarked. He pulled out a small spherical item and pressed the button in the middle, and the ball then grew to twice its original size.

He tossed the ball in the air and shouted "Alright! Come on out Blaziken!". "Alright pal" He spoke to the large flaming fowl next to him "I might need you, so stay focused." Blaziken nodded and then leaped in the air and perched itself on the edge of a nearby building. Lucas then began to nonchalantly ease through the crowd of fans.

He was just about to reach the guard when he heard a man shout "Hey! He isn't a fan! He is a contestant!".

That's when the fans began to swarm him and ask how he was able to participate and what his name was. "Blaziken! Use Fire Spin and keep them away!" A small vortex of flames because to surround Lucas and caused the croud to hurry away from him to prevent sustaining injuries.

Lucas then reached the guard and they granted clearance. He walked into the giant glowing building known as the Nimbasa Arcade, where the biggest moment of his life was about to unfold. He stepped inside the large building where he noticed a sign pointing to the right. He followed the sign and was lead to another sign. He followed these signs for a few minutes and found himself inside a large room where he noticed a man standing there.

Cobalt Shadow
11-05-2012, 11:12 PM
As Jacob saw the "Welcome to Nimbasa City" sign, he grabbed his bag, and jumped out of the truck he had stowed away on.

He had arrived via boat from his home town of Lilycove city in the Hoenn region, and got off the boat at Castelia city. Gladiator wasn't big in the Hoenn region. The pokemon rights groups hated it, and made sure that it was banned from Hoenn region. It was on the news, but drowned out by the news of Team Aqua and Team Magmas plots to awaken the ancient pokemon. Not many people knew about it, and Jacob saw this as his chance to redeem himself for the shocking failure he suffered in his last tournament, which almost killed his best friend Gallade.

When he arrived at Castelia City, he was going to walk to Nimbasa, but overheard a truck driver being told by his boss to take his goods to the pokemart in Nimbasa. When he knew the truck driver wasn't looking he jumped in the back, and waited. Now he was in Nimbasa city with a few hours until he was required to be at the Summit game center, so Jacob found a restaurant where he bought himself some lunch. Once he finished eating his nachos, he pulled out a pokeball, and opened it, aiming in the seat opposite. White light emerged from the pokeball, forming the shape of his best friend Gallade in the opposite seat.

"Today is the big day Gallade, the day where we prove them all wrong." Jacob said to his friend, who grunted, and nodded his head. Gallade was excited for this, the smile on his face gave it away.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this? if you are worried about your injuries, and think that they might come back, I can easily use Blaziken, Umbreon or Raichu." Jacob said pulling out a pokeball. Suddenly Gallade threw its fist at the pokeball, knocking it out of Jacob's hand. He was ready, they both knew it.

Jacob paid the bill and left the restaurant, making his way towards the Summit Game Center. The entrance was blocked by savage looking protestors, psycho fans and news crews. Knowing he wanted to avoid them, Jacob grabbed Gallade's shoulder, and told it to use Teleport. Jacob closed his eyes, and when they reopened he and Gallade where inside the entrance to the Summit Game center.

"Nice job Gallade." he said. One of the guards who had his back turned didn't know they were there, and jumped when he heard them.

"You fans disgust me! Get out!" said the guard angrily, advancing towards Jacob.

"Calm the hell down!" Jacob yelled angrily at the guard, "I am meant to be here you idiot!" He pulled out a folded piece of paper and showed the guard.

"Go through that door into the arcade and follow the signs," the guard said as Jacob began to walk, "And Jacob, have a bit of respect. It is my job to make sure those psycho protestors and fans don't tear you to pieces when you aren't looking, keep up the attitude and I may let them slip by."

"I can defend myself," Jacob said coldly, and continued walking.

"The games haven't even started, and there is already conflict. My reporters intuition is telling me that this game is going to be interesting." Jacob heard a news reporter out the front say.
"I've already got a reputation," Jacob thought, "Good."

He made his way into the arcade and followed the signs towards another door. Beyond this door was a young man, not much older than Jacob, wearing a badge, with Freddie Spencer written across it. Jacob walked towards him knowing that this was only the beginning.

11-06-2012, 12:27 AM
Kyle Denmark
Link: Cryogonal

I took a moment to appreciate how large the crowd was. Not because I didn’t expect that many people to show up, but because I was scared of crowds. It didn’t help that this crowd was worse than a normal crowd, and huge. It was filled with not only people who supported the game, but also those who were protesting it. Knowing my luck, only those protesting it would bother to notice me.

I was frozen on the spot I stood. Luckily, nobody paid me much mind back there. It gave me a moment to think about what I could do, but all the plans I came up with were too bold for me, including just walking up to the front door.

“Oh man...” I sighed. This was terrifying.

I finally thought of a plan I could do; sneak in. I mean, I thought of that before, but it was just then I thought about how I could do it. Every building had more than one entrance, so all I had to do was use another one of them. I mean, there was probably a guard there too, and they’d probably let me in with my invitation.

I walked over to a security guard but didn’t look him in the eyes. “E-excuse me, is there, err, any other way in?”

“Sorry, contestants only,” he said, sounding slightly annoyed. I meekly held out my invitation, at which his tone changed. “I apologize. No, the only entrance is the front.”

I turned and looked at the opening in the crowd for the contestants to go through. Perfect. Nobody could miss me.

“I’ll escort you through. The fans are getting more bold,” the guard said. I accepted his offer, surprised by how kind he was being.

It didn’t take long before I wanted to go back, with only my pride keeping me going. A pride that was nearly shattered by all the remarks people made about my appearance. I can’t blame them, either. I went in a pair of black jeans with ripped up legs, a light blue hoodie that was too large for me, and a pair of purple and white boots; one had my jean leg tucked in and the other didn’t. Fortunately I wore my hoodie over my hair and had my hood up, because my hair was a mess too. I dressed like this because I was a genius.

It actually got to the point I had to get out my invitation and carry it, since they didn’t believe I was a contestant. That only caused their words to become harsher. I hated people. For every good one there were many more bad.

I don’t think my face had ever been as red as it was by the time I got into the building. It had taken all my willpower not to sic Cryogonal on that crowd. That and the fact that it seemed like a fire attack had already been used in the area recently, which made me feel better.

I thanked the guard for helping me and quietly made my way into the building, following any signs that told me where to go. The whole way I thought of things I wanted to say to the person in charge. When I got to the room, though, I couldn’t bring myself to say it, so I just took up a spot in a corner.

I couldn’t get into the game fast enough.

11-09-2012, 01:50 AM
Name: Joseph Swift
Link: Krookodile

Joseph Swift was jogging around the Nimbasa in search of the SUMMIT building. He spots it but stops to examine the crowd. He sees the guard which almost sets of his paranoia, but he keeps himself together. He realizes that traveling through this crowd would be difficult. He decides to use his back-up plan.

He draws up the hood of his newly bought grey "I Love Nimbasa" hoodie. He reaches into the pockets and pulls out a pair of goggles and a piece of cloth. He puts the goggles on and wraps the cloth around his mouth and nose. He calls out his Krookodile. "Alex, use your sandstorm attack!" he orders.

His Krookodile unleashes a massive sandstorm on the crowd. The unfortunate guard happened to be too close as well. He casually walks alongside Alex his Krookodile. He strolls passed the "adoring", blinded, not too mention choking "fans". He looks at his new hoodie and watches its ruin. The letters on the hoodie literally being ripped off by the ferocious sand. He stands near the guard. The guard is pissed but managed to react, so he was better off than the "adoring fans". He passes his invitation to the guard. The guard manages a brief enough look at it, and waves him on in.

He steps inside with his Krookodile. The sandstorm subsides leaving a hoard of pissed yet "adoring" mob of "fans". The Alex the Krookodile looks back at the crowd apologetically. He walks out of the view of the doors and pulls of his hood. He realizes he likes his hoodie much better this way. He shakes the sand out of his hair. and empties his pockets of sand. He pulls off his goggles and the strip of cloth, and he places them back into his pockets. He quietly,"Well that worked, but that mob will probably hate me... I think you may have over-done it a little Alexandra." The Krookodile shrugged.

"I guess we should go find where we get signed in or whatever..." Joseph said. Alex nodded with her big Krookodile jaws. "This place is huge... I can't even find the bathrooms!" he continued. The Krookodile pointed. "It appears so... I probably should have named you Navigatr! Haha!" Joseph jested. The Krookodile did not catch the jest and just shrugged.

He continued walking onward through the Arcade. Alexandra followed him loyally. Luckily there were plenty of signs to follow. His paranoia began to rise. Alex knocked it back down at Joseph's expense of course. He didn't complain about it because he asked her too. The two eventually made it to a rather large lobby. He walked around unsure of what to do next or who to talk to.

"I guess I will sit over there until I am told to something else." He said. Alex nodded, followed, and occupied the seat next to him. It was strange to her how she could sit in these human chairs, but she did and didn't care to dwell on it. "Ugh... This is getting boring already!" Joseph stated. Alex nodded in agreement. He decided to talk to an important looking guy with the label "Freddie Spencer."

11-09-2012, 03:47 AM
(OOC: If this sounds cheesey... it's because Freddie is a very cheesey character xD)

Freddie Spencer
Link: Luxray

It took all of Freddie’s self-control not to leap with joy as soon as the first contestants walked it. He kept a professional façade on even while he geeked inside, excited to finally meet the participants. As they came in, the intern wracked his memory in an effort to match the names with the faces he had seen in the SUMMIT profiles.

The first person to enter was a brown-haired boy wearing a bandana—Lucas, he guessed, who went under the pseudo-name Blaze on the GLADIATOR forum. He was accompanied by—gosh oh gosh—a Blaziken! Freddie could already imagine the power-ups the boy would get from that Pokémon.

The second winner soon made his entry; a red-headed seventeen-year-old entered the room, glanced about, and noticed Freddie immediately. The intern smiled as the contestant approached.

“Greetings!” Freddie grinned from ear to ear. “And congratulations, winners! You two must be Lucas and Jacob, am I correct? I’ll be your game guide for this show—name’s Frederick Spencer, but please, call me Freddie.”

Checking their names off his list, the intern continued, “The game’s just about ready; they just need to fine-tune a few things. In the mean time, I must ask you to sign these papers.”

Passing the two the release forms, Freddie glanced between Lucas’ Blaziken and Jacob’s Gallade. “Are these the Pokémon you plan to use, then?”

Leo the Luxray chuffed softly in an attempt to catch Freddie’s attention. Turning his attention from the first two winners, he saw another contestant enter in—one who looked like Freddie’s own age.

“Oh, welcome!” he called to the young man. “You must be… Joseph, right?”

Leo chuffed again, looking pointedly at the corner. Freddie followed his gaze in confusion, until he saw a girl hiding there.

“Hey,” he called to her. “Come on in! Are you Kylie, by chance?”

Cobalt Shadow
11-09-2012, 04:46 AM
Jacob took the forms without a word, and went to a table to sign them. As he walked there he spotted a mirror and saw himself. His usually dark brown hair, was now appearing red due to the lighting in the room (OOC That sprite needs word XD)
Jacob sat at a table, and read through the forms. It was the language of lawyers, lots of big words which anybody who isnt university educated couldn't understand. "They musn't be giving us these if there isn't some danger to the game. I thought it was all Virtual Reality." Jacob thought as he attmpted to make some sense of the papers. After 5 minutes of being unable to understand it he thought, "Screw it, I didn't get this far to give up now". Not sure what he was signing, he signed the papers, and gave them to Freddie.

Jacob turned around and studied his to be friends or enemies. The person with the blaziken would be an even match against him in unarmed combat, but wouldn't cope so well against his telekinesis on the battlefield. But telekinesis doesn't heal a burn.

There was someone with a Krookodile. Jacob knew his tyoe advantages, and knew that Telekinesis would do no effect on the ground/Dark type. But he also knew that dark types where sensetive to fighters.

Then there was the luxray. Electric type. No type advantages here. All a matter of skill. This should be interesting. Hiding won't be an option, seeing as Luxray can see through objects, and those teeth look like they could do some damge.

Then there was the quiet girl in the corner. She was the only one who didn't release her pokemon. Was she keeping it as a secret weapon, so nobody could plan tactics against her like Jacob was already doing to the rest? Was she embarrassed? Maybe she just couldn't care less. Jacob decided he would find out in the battlefield.

(OOC: From this point, the rest of the group cannot hear Jacob)

Jacob went to the side of the room, as far away from the rest of the group as possible. He needed a quiet word with Gallade, away from the rest.

"Gallade, you are a psychic type, can you project images into my mind? show me what's on your mind?" he said. Gallade grunted and nodded. He looked down and closed his eyes.

Suddenly Jacob saw the battle between Gallade and Mightyena the year before from Gallade's point of view. He could hear himself shouting commands, and feel the pain of the Mightyena's fangs digging into his arm.

"Well I need your help. I need you to show me what you do when you use Telekinesis...

(OOC do the characters know what their battle armour looks like, what powers they will have etc? I will change this if they do know)

... I don't know what will happen to me in the game, but I do know there is a possibility for me to have Psychic power. But I won't know how to use it. Can you show me in my mind what happens?"

Gallade grunted and nodded again. He bowed his head and closed his eyes. Suddenly, Jacob saw from Gallade's point of view again. They were in the first battle of the tournament last year. In this memory Gallade closed his eyes. All was black, but a sparkling purple sphere. Suddenly it started rumbling, then exploded. As Gallade opened his eyes, he saw the Primape he was battling pushed away, as if a bomb exploded in front of it.

Suddenly everything dissolved, and reappeared. Jacob recognised the scene. it was his 15th birthday. Gallade was sitting next to him at the table, with a bowl of poke`food in front of him. Gallade's held its hand above the bowl, and Jacob felt the feeling of concentration again. He could feel Gallade imagining an invisible hand in front of him, which was moving the poke`food for him.

Suddenly the scene changed again. It was the battle with the Mightyena again. Jacob could hear himself panicking, and calling Gallade back, but the opposing trainer wouldn't call Mightyena off. Gallade closed his eyes for a few seconds and all was black. He felt a desire to move, and suddenly he could see the outlines of the shapes around him with his eyes closed. there was a blue sphere where he was. Gallade imagined the Sphere disappearing, and reappearing by Jacob's side. he opened his eyes and he was there. he had teleported.

Jacob opened his eyes, and smiled at Gallade.
"So thats how it works? Imagination? Imagine it move and it will?
Gallade nodded.

Jacob walked back to Freddie smiling and said "So, when do we begin?"

11-09-2012, 02:45 PM
Name: Joeseph Swift
Link: Krookodile

Joeseph stood watching as the enigmatic and rather cheesy Freddie bounced from one contestant to another. Alex also watched from her chair. She took a moment to assess her surroundings as did Joeseph. Joeseph was surprised by Kylie in the corner. He did not see her initially. Alex took a look around and examined the Pokemon. She noted the Luxray, and she considered her ground type advantage over the electric type. She looked over and saw a Blaziken. This was slightly less exciting. Her ground type advantage would help, but she couldn't help but think back on the fighting type's advantage over her dark type. She saw a Gallade. She examined it. She knew its psychic type attacks would be useless, but it also shared a fighting type attribute. She was discouraged by these fighting type attributes. She found herself wishing she didn't have that particular disadvantage. She looked over at the girl in the corner and began contemplating all the possible pokemon this girl could use to agitate and exploit her disadvantages.

Joseph also took note of the pokemon. He decided that combat between these individuals could be less than pleasant. He did wonder what that strange girl in the corner could be considering. He wondered what Pokemon she would use. He took a look at the forms, and his paranoia began to kick in. He quickly read the language of the law. Checked the lines between the walls of text. After he was satisfied that there was nothing that he didn't understand. He signed them and handed them back to Freddie.

His Krookodile didn't notice this episode of paranoia. She was busy considering what she knew versus what her possible opponents could know. She regretted Shadow Claw. It would have no effect on the fighting type Pokemon. She had the idea of tossing a little twist into it. She also decided to tweak her sludge bomb attack just a little. She also considered possible passive assisstance.

Joseph sat back down and watched to see what Freddie would do next. In the mean time, he decided to arm wrestle Alex to see if he would finally win. He loses.

11-09-2012, 05:09 PM
Name: Molly Jackson
Link: Porygon-Z

It was a bright and sunny morning. I'd say nice but how could you sleep with the crowd at the Arcade. Don't they know that some people are still trying to sleep or did they not get that memo. Pfft whatever.

Molly got out of bed to see the package sitting on the desk as she ripped into it like a kid on Christmas as she stuck the tape in to watch. Well not really watch she proceeded to get dressed and ready for the fun that was about to take place. "Blah, blah, blah. Come on get to the good part already." She back talked the TV as she was impatient as always. Porygon-Z or P-Z to her watched her from the laptop as it listened into what was going on.

"Finally!" Molly leaned against the bed watching the TV as the lady talked about the task at hand. After the tape finished she turned the TV off and walked over to her laptop. "Alright P-Z you ready for some fun?" The cyber Pokemon bounced around in excitement. "Looks like we've got a huge crowd to deal with but I know we'll get through it just fine." She went over to the window and looked out to see the large crowd as she shook her head.

"Alright P-Z Download." The cyber Pokemon chirped as it started to download itself and reappeared in front of Molly. She grabbed her invitation as they made their way out of the apartment and down the road. "We may have to act dare I say normal and be sneaky. But that's okay we're good at that." As they got closer she pulled a piece of ribbon from her pocket and tied it to Porygon-Z's tail to make it look like a balloon. The cyber Pokemon laughed before floating above her head to look like a balloon as they made their way up to the crowd.

"Oh great another one of those game freaks are here." One of the protesters yelled out as Molly made her way over to check things out. She stood in the crowd and faced the protesters as each side yelled at the other. "Bunch of idiots if you ask me." She said to herself as she made her way though the crowd and up to the guard and flashed her invitation. "I knew she was one of THEM!" "Oh pipe down you big baby. Not like you've got the balls to do something like this anyways."

"Now are you going to let us in or what?" She stood there with her arms on her hips looking up at him. "Yes, right this way." She rolled her eyes as she walked into the building. "Thank god we're finally through that crap." She untied the ribbon from Porygon-Z and stuffed it back into her pocket. "Nice balloon work by the way." Porygon-Z fluttered around in glee as she rubbed it's head. She then looked at the signs posted on the walls. "Let's get this over with so we can get to the fun stuff." They made their way down the halls following the signs until they reached the room that looked to hold the other contestants. They didn't seem to bother her none the least as she walked in and looked around.

11-09-2012, 09:19 PM
Lucas Shutt
Link: Blaziken

Lucas received the waiver from the boy named Freddie and walked over to the corner, sat down, and filled it out.

Before even looking at it he glanced around to figure out what he was up against. He took mental note as he looked around. Luxray, Krookodile, Gallade... Seems like a tough crowd to beat. Lucas thought to himself I don't have a single advantage over any of these competitors... That Krookodile matches me with it's ground attribute, Gallade will give Blaziken a good fist fight hopefully, and Luxray is a tough Pokemon as it is. But what about that one girl in the corner? Not important now I guess.

He looked down at the waiver and he sighed. "Why the heck do we need to even sign this? I mean we should know the consequences of survival everyday..." Lucas said boringly. He looked through that waiver, Blah Blah Blah, he finally got to the end and signed the paper.

He stood up and stretched out his legs, then looked to Blaziken. "Alright pal! All our training has lead up to this moment. I will need every bit of strength you can give me... Even though I will be the one to battle."

He walked back over to Freddie and gave him the waiver, took a deep breath, and smiled.

11-09-2012, 10:10 PM
Nicole "Nikki" Eelayo

It was a sunny morning in Nimbasa City, Unova, as a woman with platinum, black-tipped hair calmly strolled the bustling streets - pokeball in hand as she whistled a quiet and familiar tune. She wore dashing black sunglasses as her choppy hair trickled here and there framing her light face. Mobs of people were rushing with Pokemon, posters, and picket-signs towards the infamous Nimbasa Arcade. Such fond memories for this gal' - not. Sighing and recollecting thoughts of the past she flicked her wrist and released the electric beauty that slumbered in the small sphere - her prized Jolteon, Lightning. The woman cooed, raising her shades and pushing them into her hair, lowering herself to stroke her magnificent Pokemon, "Hey there, sweetie, are you up for this?" She smiled as the Jolteon shook his fur, beaming a bright and electric smile, "Joooooolt~"

"Perfect," the woman smiled giving a sly wink to the Jolteon, "now let's get going. And remember-" she spoke, raising herself up and flipping her sunglasses back down, "you're on protecting duty." She chuckled as the Jolteon nodded, his spikes prickling up. The woman turned towards a corner in the wall nearest to her and flipped open a cellphone she plucked from her pocket. It wasn't anything special, just a standard flip-phone. She brushed through messages and pictures until she found what she needed - a picture of her invitation and where she needed to be.

Our dearest winner, Nicole Eelayo, we humbly welcome you to try out our newest breakthrough - GLADIATOR!

Nicole, or Nikki rather, glanced through the small picture once more before sighing through her teeth and pushing her cellphone back in her right pocket, "Alright, it's game-time, Lightning."

As the two strolled down the street, reaching the edge of the mob Nikki clicked her tongue and glanced at Lightning. The Jolteon purred and brushed against her stocking letting her know he was ready. Flashing a quick grin the two entered the mob. She could hear screams from fans, pestering protesters, and, of course, the neverending newscasters rambling about the controversy, excitement, etc. The noises were getting to Nikki - luckily the entrance was close-by, sadly though it was occupied by protesters. Nikki raised an eyebrow and bit her bottom lip, "Damnit - I didn't want to draw attention..." She growled, Lightning overhearing and reacting to her frustration by prickling his fur even further out. Nikki glanced and saw his agitation, "Alright boy, you know what to do. Throw out a few fireworks to clear the path then meet at the entrance, okay?" She whispered, leaning over to inform Lightning of the plan. He nodded obediently and scurried a few feet ahead inbetween a few people and began unleashing a flurry of electrical Pin Missles. Screaming and cursing could be heard and cries of "NOT AGAIN" were rushing through the crowd. Nikki took this time to push and rush pass the pedestrians giving out a giggle to the chaos, 'Did this happen before? I certainly hope no one else has a Jolteon. My Lightning is the only one for this game...' She thought hurrying to the door to only be pushed back by the guards.

"Excuse me?" Nikki piped, Lightning hurrying to her side.

"Get back, troublemaker. Our contestants don't need the likes of you to be ruining SUMMIT's groundbreaking day!" The taller guard barked, pushing her back with his baton, slowly placing a hand on a pokeball equipped on his utility belt.

Nikki gave off an obvious glare through her sunglasses, "Oh, really? Well, mister, I AM a contestant!" She roared, hearing a sudden hushing behind her as people began passing the news around. 'Snap...' She thought with a gulp feeling an intense nervous sting in her chest. It reminded her of her school-days. Quickly, Nikki pulled out the slightly bent invitation and showed the guard, "Let me in!" She snapped in a hurry, glancing back at the incoming crowd.

The guard nodded after observing the SUMMIT letters. The other two guards opened the doors as Nikki and Lightning rushed through hearing shouts and cries from behind her. She could hear the guards releasing their Pokemon to back them off as the doors barred shut. Nikki panted, her hair trickling over her sunglasses as sweat trickled down her face and onto her Jolteon just beneath her. Lightning shoot his fur from her sweat and gingerly licked her face, cooing as he nuzzed her sunglasses into her hair so he can see her eyes. He cooed, waiting for Nikki to calm down.

Nikki gulped, placed a hand on her chest and stood properly, patting her spiked friend, "I'm sorry, Lightning... I'll calm down, I promise." She whispered, flashing Lightning a grin. Lightning nodded and the two began their trek down the hall following the signs that lead them into a specific room she needed to be in, "Here goes nothing -" she muttered, opening the door to reveal a flurry of (more like a few) trainers - or, people because not all of them were trainers obviously. Nikki put on a poker face and strolled into the giant room followed by her partner, Lightning. 'This is definitely the start of a new chapter... I hope I'm ready.'

Saraibre Ryu
11-10-2012, 08:07 PM
Jingka Givrali
Link: Shift the Rotom

In a tree just shy above the commotion sat a rather enigmatic female. She sat quietly, swinging her legs back and forth, letting her half open, blue eyes scan the large crowd. Looking at those within the masses of human beings and a few Pokémon dotted here and there while excitement brewed over them. Nimbasa was always a bustling city of energy but it seemed there was even more here; clashing against each other of positive and negative intentions, Jingka noticed the small group of picketers mostly to the right side of the crowd. It didn’t look like a large group at all, some may have left out of frustration or had gotten into a bit too much trouble. Amongst them, on the other side she spotted pairs of people with cameras and microphones. Reporters they were, probably hungry as a starved Mandibuzz for any kind of information as to what was going on.

“Well I think it’s better to deal with the repulsion side than the drawing in side.” Jingka said quietly, seemingly to no one at all. “What do you say Shift?”

Sparks appeared behind her, a jolt of electricity arcing towards the phone held on her waist. It wiggled a bit before becoming quiet, signaling Jingka to jump from her branch and make her way towards the somewhat less pleasant group of protestors. She quietly moved passed people, not having to ask people to move over just a bit too often. The ambiance changed from excited to blunt as picket signs became more clearly visible. Jingka came closer and closer to the entrance, seemingly going right for it when someone stopped her.

“Hey! You can’t go through us!” A man yelled at her. “We’re protesting here, we can’t just let you walk through!”

Jingka acted surprised. “Oh you’re with the protest group? Excellent I was wondering if I would be able to speak with your organizer.”

The man seemed off put, and a bit temperamental. “We aren’t talking to no reporters that are going to screw us over with their selective, out of context quoting.”

Jingka concluded that this gentleman didn’t like much of what he watched on tv, and was a man for all the details, however wasn’t so keen on noticing them about other people. She figured she could use this to her advantage, especially as another female walked up behind the first man, looking over Jingka carefully.

“As Greg said, no reporters. We don’t want you putting our message and ‘mistranslating it’.”

“Forgive me but as you can see, I have no camera, no microphone, nothing of the sort.” Jingka explained. “I however noticed you were all confined over in this area and was wondering, for the sake of my own curiosity, are there not more of you?”

The female gave Jingka a questionable look. “Some were sick or bailed because they were afraid of getting thrown into the slammer for a day. Not like we were planning on doing anything of the such. What’s it to you? You protesting this awful thing too?”

“You could say that.” Jingka answered. “As you numbers are few and you seem very adamant on making a silent statement, from a distance, I noticed that your condensed group looks a bit smaller off to one side. I was wondering if I could offer a suggestion to make yourselves look like a much larger group of people, and in turn, appear as if more people are against this form of entertainment, without having to prove it to the reporters and news broadcasters with words?”

Jingka had a few of the protestors attention, not only the gentleman known as Greg, but the female, and a few more of the younger picketers. The woman looked at her suspiciously before muttering a few things to her associates. “Yeah alright, we’re listening.”

“Wonderful, thank you for your time.” She nodded. “Now as I see many of you have large signs. Spreading them out amongst the larger crowd would give the illusion to camera crews that you are a much larger force, and that would give SUMMIT some bad media no?”

“You have a point.”

“Also should something go wrong, you’re thinned out, harder to nab in case of an emergency.” Jingka continued. “I’m sure you all have some form of cellular communication among the majority of you.”

“We do…and you make a good plan stranger.” The woman told her, nodding along with her points. “However that one guard next to the entrance keeps hassling us if we so much as move in a large group.”

Jingka looked, noticing a rather large, older man in a heavy set who looked incredibly unimpressed and glared at anyone who so much as looked at him funny. The female knew what to do. “Leave him to me, I can be quite the conversationalist. I’ll keep him distracted while you move into the crowd more.”

“Thanks, we appreciate it.”

As the crowd left, Jingka made her way towards the disgruntled guard, who was quick to start tapping his baton in the palm of his hand. Showing no fear, Jingka knew she could get in this way, without the protestors thinking anything of her being an actual BETA tester. The guard, who was a foot or taller than her, and stared down at her, trying to be intimidating.

“No one gets beyond this point, especially none of you protestors.”

Jingka was going to make this quick and simple. “First off, if height is your only tool you assume to use to try and intimidate me; you must not have that much confidence in yourself. Using your baton to try and clear me away would only result in you committing aggravated assault as I did nothing of the sort to provoke you. Should you have a medical condition barring you from such a charge, you would not be working in the position you are in now. Moving on, I am not a protestor, and just because I speak with one does not make me as such. I doubt that logic works for if you spoke to a criminal, which would make you a criminal.” Jingka slipped her invitation in sight, and quickly put it away. “Now if you are concluded with your assumptions and your failed attempts at looking threatening, I believe I am required to enter the structure that is directly behind you.”

The guard mumbled gibberish, wondering who this girl was and why she just broke down his mental state in a matter of a few seconds. Smiling a bit, Jingka entered the building, passing the arcade and entering in where a few other individuals with their Pokémon were waiting, some filling out forms, and some just arriving as she was. Jingka entered quietly, not making a sound and finding a wall to lean against. She observed the people and their Pokémon, noting that there shouldn’t be a problem if some form of player versus player scenario came up. Electric types seemed to be the popular choice for a game, which made sense to Jingka. However, her type was not chosen based on his electric typing, but his ghost typing.

She remained quiet, as Jingka wasn’t one to start conversations.

11-11-2012, 10:05 PM
Kyle Denmark
Link: Cryogonal

I found nothing special about the little speech that the employee--Freddie Spencer--uttered. I actually found it to be a bit preemptive that he spoke it when there were only three contestants in the room.

The other two were named Lucas and Jacob. I wasn’t sure which was which, but guessed that their names were presented in the order they entered the room. The one that would be Lucas had a Blaziken, and Jacob had a Gallade. This didn’t bode well for my ice-typing.

Not long after presenting the forms we had to sign, Freddie was alerted to the arrival of a new contestant by his Luxray. This new contestant’s name was Joseph, apparently, and he had a Krookodile. That put me in a bit of a better mood.

While I was being relieved over the arrival of something I could beat, the Luxray alerted Freddie to me as well.

“Hey,” Freddie called to me, causing me to jump. “Come in! Are you Kylie, by chance?”

Kylie? I liked the name Kylie, because it reminded me that with just one letter my name could be girly. Unfortunately, I then remembered that my name did not contain that one letter, and it probably never would. That reminder made me feel a bit worse than before. As I took a form from him I was frowning.

“It’s Kyle, actually...” I said under my breath.

I didn’t give him time to respond. I sulked over to an empty table, sat down cross-legged on top of it and skimmed through the form. I wasn’t really paying much attention to it. I did notice the warnings about injuries, though. I found this to be incredibly silly, because it was just virtual reality.

I took a moment to consider the possibility that it was dangerous, or maybe even real. It was absurd, but I wasn’t going to rule it out immediately. Crazier things have happened in recent history. That didn’t deter me, though. I wasn’t scared of getting a few bruises.

I paused before I signed my name to consider putting Kylie instead of Kyle. In the end I decided to stick with Kyle because all putting Kylie down would do would be cause a minor confusion that would delay my major goal of getting in the game as quickly as possible.

After handing the form in I took back my perch on the table and looked at the Luxury Ball containing my Cryogonal, Frostbite. I didn’t really care who the other contestants were. None of them were strong or weak against me.

Cobalt Shadow
11-12-2012, 02:08 AM
(OOC: I decided to write in the first person. Also Seises: I am calling Kyle Kylie because Jacob heard Freddie say that, and thinks that's her name.)

I eventually couldn't wait to find out what I was up against with that girl. She was the only one who hasn't revealed her pokemon to the rest of the group. Kylie, I think I heard Freddie say her name was. I didn't need to know what pokemon it was exactly, just the type, and if I could get that out of her. Even if I can't, having a telepathic pokemon has its advantages. But I would rather not invade her privacy unless I really had to.
"Screw it," I thought, "I will go talk to her."
I looked around the room and found Kylie sitting on one of the nearby benches staring at a luxury ball.
"Luxury balls are more expensive than pokeballs, and great balls, just a bit cheaper than an ultra ball, which has a much better catch rate." I thought, " unless she is using the luxury balls effect. She might need it to be happy so it will evolve. "
I started to think of all the pokemon I knew of that need happiness to evolve.
Umbreon, Espeon, Crobat, Blissey, Togetic, Lucario, Chimeco and Snorlax were the first to come to mind, but I knew that there was more. Unless it was a pokemon with Draco Meteor. I hope it's not a dragon.

Kylie was still staring at the luxury ball. I walked over to her. She had her back turned, so she didn't see me come over.
"Hey, I'm Jacob." I said holding out my hand to shake.

11-19-2012, 07:21 PM
Freddie Spencer
Link: Luxray

“It’s Kyle, actually...”

Freddie’s smile wavered for a second, taken aback. He opened his mouth to stutter an embarrassed apology, but Kyle had already turned and left. The intern scratched at the back of his head, feeling sheepish. Perhaps he was more nervous than he had thought—how could he mess up someone’s name like that? Well, he hadn’t met any of these people before… but still, he should have been more professional about it.

Before he could dwell on his mistake for too long, another set of contestants rolled in: Molly Jackson, Nicole Eelayo, and Jingka Givrali. Glancing down, he quickly checked their names off his list. Excitement fluttered in his stomach again as he noted that they were almost all here.

Quickly plastering on his most winning smile, he moved forward to greet the trio.

“Welcome to the SUMMIT Game Center!” he called to them. “My name’s Freddie Spencer, and I’ll be your game guide for this event. Before we can start, the company has asked that you sign these release forms… Of course, there’s no need to worry about injuries in the VR, but—well, better safe than sorry, right?”

Freddie laughed weakly as he passed them the papers, but realized how silly he had sounded. Man, he hoped that he wasn’t going to sound like a complete idiot for the whole game. Come on, fight the nerves, fight the nerves!

The other contestants filled out their papers and handed them back to the anxious intern.

“So, when do we begin?” Jacob asked as he passed in his forms.

Freddie glanced at his list. “Well, hopefully as soon as everybody shows up. Looks like we’re waiting on a few more contestants to arrive.”

11-21-2012, 12:29 PM
Kyle Denmark
Link: Cryogonal

“Of course, there’s no need to worry about injuries in the VR, but—well, better safe than sorry, right?” Freddie said to a new batch of contestants, adding a weak laugh to the mix.

That pretty much made me sure that this game would be legitly dangerous to us. I still really didn’t care, but did find it a bit underhanded that they wouldn’t tell us this directly. Still, it couldn’t be that dangerous. Even though I wouldn’t put it past them to release this game in a dangerous state, I don’t think they would be able to. There were standards for this kind of thing, after all.

I also noted that a lot of the theories I made that are like this did’t end up to be true, and I just make a fool of myself. I decided not to tell anybody about my stupid conspiracy theory.

The boy with the Gallade asked Freddie when they’d start, and the response was that there were a few more contestants what hadn’t arrived by that point. I looked around the room at all the contestants present at the moment and noticed that there a large number of contestants already. I had expected and prepared myself for 5 contestants, so I was a bit nervous about the larger number there was going to be.

Gallade-boy then snuck up on my when I was looking at all the others in the room and said, “Hey, I’m Jacob.”

I jumped in fright for the second time that day and almost fell off of the table. This time, though, I got angry at the person who scared me. Freddie had talked to me when I was looking in his general direction, but Jacob started speaking when my back was turned to him. Why would he even do that?

“W-what?!” I asked, sounding both surprised and annoyed at once. At the time I hadn’t wanted to come off as either of these, but I didn’t have much control over the tone of my voice.

I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself down a bit. Still, he’d startled me, fully aware that I wasn’t paying any attention to his direction. I may not have liked anybody in that room very much, but at that moment I liked Jacob the least.

“What do you want?” I asked, no longer with surprise in my voice but still annoyed.

Cobalt Shadow
11-21-2012, 08:09 PM
Name: Jacob
Link: Gallade

When I spoke, the girl jumped about 10 feet. I wouldn't be lying if I said I didn't think that would happen. I guess talking from behind was a bad idea.
"Did I startle you?" I said, knowing what the answer was.
"Good on ya Jacob. Messed up saying hello. Don't think there is a way worse to ruin a conversation than that." I thought, reminding myself to kick myself later.
"Sorry about that, it was an accident." I replied.
Gallade, who was next to me at the time, poked my arm to get my attention, and gave me a cautios look. I had guessed what it meant. Gallade must have read her mind and found out that she pissed off at me. He likes to do that, and even though I have tried to teach him that it is wrong to invade people's privacy he has never learned.
"Take 5 Gallade," I said, pulling out his pokeball and calling him back.
"Anyway, again, I'm sorry for startling you." I said.

11-21-2012, 09:59 PM
Nicole "Nikki" Eelayo

“Welcome to the SUMMIT Game Center!” Freddie called to them. “My name’s Freddie Spencer, and I’ll be your game guide for this event. Before we can start, the company has asked that you sign these release forms… Of course, there’s no need to worry about injuries in the VR, but—well, better safe than sorry, right?”

Nikki blushed lightly, not listening to a thing the intern mentioned about SUMMIT. The most she caught out the trailing words was his name. As papers reached her hands she snapped out of her daze, whispered a 'thanks' and shuffled off to a distant table before glancing back cautiously, "So, he's supposed to show us around the game?" Nikki muttered, feeling the spikes from Lightning brush against her leg. Nikki sighed and rolled her eyes, "Might as well see what I got myself into." She groaned, sitting across the table from a dark haired woman who looked botherd by the looks of it from this strange boy standing by her. It wasn't Nikki's problem so she payed more attention to the paperwork.

"Ugh, this just goes on and on, Lightning..." Nikki sighed, placing her left hand on Lightning's head, which was nuzzled gently on her lap. The paperwork seemed to never end. She glanced through the topics of which some of these papers were based off of, "Disclaimers, hazzards, legalities... blah..." She griped, 'I just want to see more of that cute intern.' She smiled, taking a glance over her shoulder trying to pretend she was looking over her competition, 'Dang, I can't get a good luck of his face... oh, well.' Giving up in hopes of peeking on Freddie she grudgingly went back to signing the documents.

Damon Eelayo

The day was still young as Damon trotted along the sidewalks of his hometown of Nimbasa City. His bright smile complimented his almost flawless appearance as he carelessly inhaled the bustling air - both hands camping in their respective pockets. The light wind circled on his open chest, giving him a slight tremor in his spine, "Man, Thunder, we missed out now, didn't we, brah?" He cooly spoke, arching one eyebrow as he cocked a grin at his slick partner, Thunder the Manectric. The electric wolf howled out in agreement, giving off a light spark from his mane. His ruby eyes caught with Damon's own emerald eyes and the two just knew what the other was feeling - pride. Pride that they were chosen out of all of the possible people in the world to try out this game called GLADIATOR.

Some women ran past the duo on their way to the arcade when they paused to glance at Damon - his figure was perfect in many ways. Through years of training his body he gained what most wished they had and more, "Sup, ladies." He spoke with a light chuckle. The women swooned and immediately flocked. Damon was definitely used to this and played it off cool.

"Are you new here?" One of the girls piped, placing a hand gingerly on his left bicep. Damon blazed a grin, "Of course not. In fact, I was born and raised here. Name's Damon Eelayo." He smoothly replied, raising an eyebrow, retracting a hand from his skinny jeans and placing a hand out.

The other girl paused a moment, recollecting her past memories, "Hands off him, Delilah. That's Damon Eelayo. Don't you remember him? He was the heartbreaker of Nimbasa High." The girl scowled, giving the adonis a glare.

Delilah and the other girl looked at each other then at Damon, "Woah, ladies, ladies, ladies! I'm a changed man! I swear!" Damon piped, shaking his hands wildly in front of himself. Damon glanced at Thunder, "Boy, gimme'a hand here!" He pleaded, looking to his Manectric for help. Thunder only chuckled, backing away with a sinister grin, "Not you too!" He frowned. Suddenly, a thought erupted, "What if I told you gals' that I could get you into GLADIATOR?" He smirked, regaining his cool.

The three glanced at one another, passed a few whispers and glares around then stepped forward, "Alright, Damon, how do you suppose you'd do that? Huh?" The three crossed their arms defiantly with feet tapping, waiting for his answer.

Damon brushed a hand back in his black tufts of hair, trailing a finger in the aqua curl on his forehead, "Well, m'ladies, what if I told you that you're looking at a contestant for GLADIATOR? SUMMIT's new game?" He grinned, slowly pulling out an envelope from an inside pocket from his black vest. He opened it up slowly, building their anticipation and showed them the top of the letter where the words "Welcome Contestant!" shimmered. The three girls gazed at it in awe before snapping out of their daze.

"So, um... where were we, Damon?" The sassy-mouthed one winked, placing her hands on his chest. The other two followed behind knowing they struck gold. Damon pushed the three aside, "Woah, ladies, I thought you wanted nothing to do with me?" He smirked, crossing his tightened arms.

"B-but, we didn't mean it... didn't we, girls?" The shy one piped, getting the other two to agree almost in sync.

Damon rolled his eyes, stuffing the letter back into his vest, "How 'bout this. You three get me to the arcade entrance without anyone knowing I'm a contestant, and I'll try to see about you three getting in - we have a deal?" He smirked, having another plan in mind. The three agreed in sync and took him by his arms. Damon was basically dragged into the Nimbasa Arcade parking lot with Thunder trailing behind them, "Damn, you gals'ave the strength of a thousand Bouffalant, eh?" He blinked, stopping with them at the back of the mob, "So, how do we get past'em?" He questioned, crossing his arms waiting patiently for their distraction to get him into the doors of the arcade.

"I've got this." One girl smirked, pushing herself into the crowd throwing two pokeballs, "Go, Gyarados and Flareon!" Damon watched as the flying serpent and frolicing hound pushed their way into the protestors and pedestrians. The reamining girls leached onto Damon, pushing him into the crowd as they took the distraction to their advantage, 'Excellent... these girls are doing all the work. The benefits of being ultra-attractive with a pass into GLADIATOR.' He grinned to himself, enjoying the ride. Damon glanced over his shoulder watching as one of his groupies was detained by, what looked like, five guards. He chuckled, manipulation came easy to Damon.

They neared the entrance when a guard blocked the way, pushing the three back with his baton, "You cannot pass beyond this point. Due to the mass numbers of crazed pyschos we cannot allow anyone to even step one more foot near the entrance." He huffed, accompanied by three fearsome Arcanine. One of the groupies stepped forward, "You don't understand, sir, this man has a pass as one of the contenstants!" She squeeled only receieving a pair of rolling eyes, "Unlikely. Do you know how many people have claimed to be contestants today?" He growled, "Now, get back before you all are detained."

Damon shook the girls off his arms, gave a light smile and silently pulled out his envelope, "Sir, what they say is the truth. Please, look here." He beamed, "Now, if you don't mind-" He chuckled, forcing his way through the barricade of hounds, "Oh, the Manectric is with me." He called to the guard, letting his canine through. One of the girls bellowed out in anger, "What about us?!"

Damon glanced back, smirked and kept walking forward, "What ABOUT you?" He huffed in laughter, stuffing his hands back into his pockets as he heard the guards trying to calm the groupies down. Damon presented himself to the guard at the actual entrance, flashed his envelope and rushed into the hallway of the arcade, "A'ight, Thunder, we're in! Dem' gals should 'ave known better than to believe me." He laughed, patting his chest in triumph, "No hard feelings, yeah?" He laughed, finding the entrance. He stopped short before opening the doors, "Do you think Nikki'll be watchin'?" He frowned, reaching for the door. Not receiving a reply he let out a shaky sigh, "Yeah... Well, let's go, yeah?" He whispered, forcing a smile as he pushed the door open.

Damon glanced around, his sun-kissed skin darkening just slightly under the strange lighting, "So, this is the competition, huh?" He spoke aloud, trying to gain some attention. Thunder howled behind his trainer as his feet padded the ground.Nikki was interupted from signing the documents. That voice sounded familiar - too familiar. She could feel a vibration on her lap and as she glanced down she noticed Lightning growling under his breath, "What is it, boy?" She whispered, watching her Jolteon turn his head to stare at the newcomers. Nikki followed her companion's glance and felt her heart skip a beat, "Mother of Arceus, you've got to be kidding."

Cream Puffs
11-22-2012, 06:43 PM
Derick Breekar

"A new day, a new experience, a new world of possibilites." Derick thought to himself as he watched the contestant acceptence video once more before leaving his house that had been only a few blocks away from the main event. He looked down toward his belt where his Purrloin's pokeball sat in wait to join in. As he walked down the three steps to the sidewalk he contemplated letting her out for some play. Derick brushed this thought away and decided to make his way down to the SUMMIT Game Center. Getting there would be the easy part, entering without a fuss would be another matter entirely.

Derick arrived earlier than most of the other contestents. He decided to watch and make a plan on how to get past the crazed fans and news reporters. In only the first few moments of him being there a Blaziken had used Fire Spin of all things.

"What a dangerous way of getting in, that must have been one of the contestants." a girl a few steps away from him mumbled. He glanced at her for a slight moment and redirected his attention back to the Game Center.

Next, there was a commotion, people were yelling at a man who had teleported into the entrance. He seemingly flashed a invitation and proceeded into the center. "Now if I could only do that...." Derick thought to himself deciding to observe more before acting upon his entrance.

Another contestant made her way through the crowd escorted by a guard, "How embarrassing. I'd rather use Purrloin then actually have a guard escort me." He watched as the crowd went crazy over the contestants entering. Derick turned his head to see a man enter the crowd with a "I Love Nimbasa" hoodie on and a Krookodile follow him. A few minutes passed and he had came to the conclusion that he was also a contestant and will also probably use his pokemon for his entrance. Suddenly, a sandstorm flew up and around.

"CRAP." is all Derick could say before covering his eyes. As soon as the sandstorm subsided he looked down at his clothes. They were a mess. His white T-shirt had stains of brown from the sand, the hoodie looked battered up, his jeans had looked worn now, and his shoes looked older and worn. He raised his hands to his hair and brushed out the sand. At least he protected his eyes, many people were yelling in anger while rubbing their eyes. Through the crowd he could spot a girl with a weirdly shaped balloon make her way through the crowd. She also ended up being a contestant.

"Dang, how am I going to make it in without this crazy crowd killing me? Will they even believe i'm a contestant looking like I do now?" Derick thought as he waited for a few more contestants to show up before finding a way through. He saw a girl with a Jolteon make her way into the crowd and decided to back away as a precaution. Boy, was he right to do that. The girl attacked the crowd and also made her way inside. He was learning how much distance to keep from the actual crowd at least.

While thinking of another way inside he decided to take a look at how the protesters were doing and saw some weird girl talking them up. Something about them expanding and her distracting the guard. How dumb. Why would she want to help a worthless bunch of idiots. His eyes followed the girl, curious on how she would "distract" the guard. While in the midst of her conversation he noticed her flash a paper and as she did that the guard let her through. Why couldn't it just be that simple for him?

Derick made his way farther into the crowd and spotted another guy make it in with the help of some girls. They seemed pissed about something after the guy entered. A guy he wished he looked like, he seemed perfect. Women must love him. He made his way to the entrance, most fans didn't think he was a contestant because of the way he looked. He had been in the sandstorm and was all worn and battered from it.

"You got hit by the storm didn't you boy?" a man asked as he made his way through. He smiled at the man and quickly replied, "Yeah these contestants are crazy aren't they?" The man nodded to him and he heard a few people laugh at his comment in agreement. People seemed to be letting him through a little easier than people they thought may be a contestant. He smiled nicely at people and talked to a few. Finally he was a few people away from the entrance. Suddenly Derick was pushed by the crowd and fell. The invitation peeked out from his jean pocket with "Welcome Contestant" written on it.

His face flushed and he looked up at the people and one by one they noticed his invitation. He had to think fast if he wanted to get to the guards alive. He grabbed for his pokeball and released his Purrloin. The crowd around him jumped back in surprise from what had already taken place today. As the pokemon took form of his Purrloin there was a wall of laughter from the crowd. "What a pathetic pokemon!!!" someone yelled out. Derick's eyes started to water and in anger he yelled, "Dante use Torment now!!" The crowd in anger and pain backed off and Derick quickly gathered himself and ran to the entrance with his Purrloin, Dante. He showed the guard his invitation and they let him through. The guards didn't seem to be affected by Torment.

As he entered he could hear the anger in the crowd, "I already have enemies...gah. Dante you were a little too harsh there don't you think? But thank you for saving me. I would have been a goner." He chuckled and entered the doors. There were many signs leading the way. Derick grabbed his pokeball before he was in anyone's sight and put Dante away for a surprise later. He looked down at his outfit, "Great. I look like crap. My clothes are all battered and worn from earlier. Damn guy for sending a storm out on the crowd. I'm no better for tormenting the crowd but at least it wasn't physical damage."

Entering the lobby where the other contestants he had seen earlier he spotted a man who seemed of importance. His name tag had said, "Freddie Spencer" on it. He made his way toward the boy, sand falling from his jacket pockets and pieces of his hair as he walked over. "Oh, it's raining Derick....." he thought and smiled. He then realized is eyes were still teary and mumbled something in anger to himself for not wiping them. It was already too late, he looked like a complete weakling.

11-25-2012, 03:07 AM
Freddie Spencer
Link: Luxray

Freddie was glancing back down at his list when yet another contestant entered the room—a muscle-head, from the looks of it (no, no, don’t think that, Freddie scolded himself) that must be around his own age (maybe older). The young man glanced about the room with a cocky smile and asked in a rather loud voice, “So, this is the competition, huh?”

Freddie’s smile was more or less forced this time. Though he tried not to make any hasty judgments, there was something about this guy that ground at his nerves. There was something about him that reminded Freddie of an old high school bully… Still, he was a contestant. Freddie needed to act professional.

Before he could greet the individual, Nikki suddenly spoke up.

"Mother of Arceus, you've got to be kidding."

Freddie glanced between the two, absolutely baffled. “Er, do you two know each other?”

Then again… as he looked closer, he started seeing faint similarities. The intern glanced down at his list, quickly looking up the name of the new contestant. Damon. Damon Eelayo. He lifted his eyes, returning back to Nikki’s name. He hadn’t really memorized their last names—as he thought their first was more important—and the name Eelayo glared at him.

“Are you two… brother and sister?” he returned his bewildered glance back at the duo, wondering how this came to be.

Before another word could be said, however, another character entered. And he was shedding sand. Everywhere.

“W-what the…?” Freddie’s professional mask faltered as he took in the sorry character—with watery eyes and dusty hair. “Good Arceus, are you all right?” the intern asked in a mixture of concern and alarm. “What happened?”

Nimbasa had a desert down to the south, of course, often riddled with sandstorms, but this boy looked like he had just emerged from a sand tomb. For a frightened moment, Freddie wondered if the contestants were being attacked. He was completely oblivious to what was going on outside…

11-25-2012, 11:03 PM
Nicole "Nikki" Eelayo and Damon Eelayo
Jolteon and Manectric

The intern sounded baffled at the comment Nikki had retorted out hastily, "Er, do you two know each other?” which was then followed by a question that rocked Nikki's mind, “Are you two… brother and sister?”

Nikki could only bite her lower lip as Lightning pricked his fur to that question. She could not believe her eyes - her brother - wait, this stranger resembling her brother is standing right in front of everyone. 'The nerve of this... this...' Nikki thought in anger, clenching the pen in her hand. Her thoughts trailed off as soon as she thought them up, there were bigger things to worry about.

Damon obviously ignored everything that was said aloud besides the symphony of one particular woman's voice. It resonated in his ears, driving him to the source, "Nikki, is that you?" He gawked, not recognizing his sister at all. Her once long, raven hair was now choppy, blonde, and tipped with the finest black. He slapped both hands into his own raven locks, "Nikki, it IS you!" He grinned, running to her like a fool only to be stopped by her Jolteon in a flurry of growls and snarling.

Damon's own Manectric rushed to his aid, baring his fangs at his once friend and brother. Damon blinked in confusion, oblivious to the sand-magnet behind him, "Nikki, what's up with Lightning?" He questioned, a tinge of dejection in his throat.

"Stay away from me." Nikki growled between her teeth, "You're not welcomed in my life anymore - you out of everyone should know that." She retorted, slamming her open hand onto the table, "Now, if you don't mind, I need to sign these waivers." She hissed, turning her chair abruptly with a screech, focusing her gaze onto the documents before her. Lightning remained where he was, growls and all.

"Nicole..." Damon whispered, fumbling with emotions. He turned his head in silence, aware of the audience around him. His oblivious stature turned into a self-conscious one as he shuffled to the other side of the room, leaning against the closest wall, Thunder at his side, "Hey, where do I get one of 'them papers?" He asked aloud, rubbing the back of his neck. He felt like a total outcast - his own sister abandoning him in a room full of strangers. Damon's ego fell for the worst.

11-27-2012, 03:07 AM
Name: Joseph Swift
Link: Krookodile

Joseph stood quietly ignoring the squabble of the siblings. He gazed towards the squabbling siblings and to Freddie who managed to get caught in between. He decided not to think too much on it. Alex was a little unnerved by this strange sight. She had not seen two siblings who seemed to disagree in such a fashion.

He looked over towards that guy with a Gallade and the girl who hasn't displayed her hand yet. He was a little unnerved by his ignorance towards her Pokemon, but he couldn't help but chuckle a little when she was startled by the other contestant.

He took notice of the contestant who was covered in sand and considered whether or not he was in the sandstorm he had Alex create. He almost laughed to himself because the contestant looked a little funny covered in sand. His Krookodile peered over from her seat. She felt a little bad about it, but she also felt embarrassed because her sandstorm did get a little out of hand.

He called over to the sand covered contestant. "Hey! You didn't happen to be in out little storm did you?" He motioned to his Krookodile. She stood up and walked over to him. They strode over to the contestant covered in sand. "My apologies." He couldn't help but laugh a little. With a desert nearby, he expected most of Nimbasa to be prepared for a sandstorm. Alexandra stared at the ground. Joe continued," By the way I am Joseph." He looked over to Alex who looked up. "And that is Alexandra, my Krookodile."

Name: Gerald Benson
Link: Ariados

Gerald was sitting on a roof overlooking the madness at the Summit building. He managed to go quite unnoticed as he laughed at the madness ensuing below. Watching next to him were his Pokemon. Scorn his Ariados was fairly entertained. Lyle was cackling despite being a Houndoom. Isis was just waiting for a turn to cause havoc. Saand the Flygon sat up on the roof in utter disappointment of her trainer.

He found the attacks on the crowd to be a great source of entertainment. He especially loved the fact that one of the contestants was escorted by a guard. At the same time, he was slightly dissappointed by the fact that she wasn't ripped apart by the mob of fans and other less friendly individuals. He also saw a sandstorm rise and punish the crowd.

He found an even more hilarious incident where a contestant stumbled out of the crowd that had been caught in the sandstorm. He looked over to his Flygon,"Would you create a sandstorm for me?" He asked this almost mockingly. The Flygon glowered angrily and an ancient force from an old time began to swirl around her claws. The other Pokemon turned to face her. They just waited for her to strike. She lowered her claws and abandoned the Dragon Claw attack she was preparing.

Gerald looked around and decided it was time. "Let's go in shall we? Isis use Hail!" Isis unleashed hail and immediately crystals of ice began pelting the crowd. Gerald and his Pokemon made their way down the building. Scorn carried Gerald who carried Isis. Saand lowered Lyle onto the ground. "Lyle, make a path for us using your Flamethrower." The crowd parted to avoid the furious flames. Gerald jeered menacingly all around as he walked down this path.

He made it to the guard. The guard of course had no choice but to lead him in because he was invited.
The hail stopped shortly after Gerald and his Pokemon entered the building. Isis and Gerald found this disappointing. Saand and surprisingly Scorn were relieved by this. Lyle just really didn't care. However he wasn't particularly fond of the ice that kept pelting him, and he also found the crowd to be mildly amusing.

Once they had reached the lobby following what they believed was too many signs, Gerald examined the other contestants satisfied. Saand the Flygon took a moment to examine a Krookodile. The Krookodile shared the same interest and they felt a mutual respect for their fellow desert dweller. This was short-lived due to the fact that moments after Saand found herself inside of her Pokeball. Isis, Lyle, and Scorn stayed out as to confuse the contestants and make them guess which Pokemon was Gerald going to use.

Gerald walked over to Freddie. "Hey you!" He took a gaze at the nametag. "What now, Freddie?"

Saraibre Ryu
11-27-2012, 05:27 PM
Jingka Givrali

Jingka noted all the interactions from everyone in her corner of the room as she was handed her papers. She first noticed a boy with his Gallade, being friendly but somewhat rejected by the other female who she guessed had some social problems, or just wasn’t a people person of some kind. Since she was here for a game, Jingka could only conclude that she was one to find enjoyment in other’s being bothered.

She next noticed the pair of argumentative teens with their respective electric Pokémon. Based on the girl’s statements to the boy, there was a severe emotional trauma in their past, one that the boy either was somewhat oblivious to, or had completely gotten over. The girl on the other hand, with the defensive Jolteon, hadn’t gotten over it, and based on how the Jolteon protected their trainer, perhaps there was more on the boy’s end to be done to heal the wound.

Then there was a boy and a Krookodile, who looked as if he was pleasant enough as he apologized to the one boy who had come in, sand falling off of his clothing. He only had a Purrloin, but to Jingka, he screamed underdog potential. He seemed a bit confused or unsure of what to do, however that often brought out the best of people when they were under that kind of pressure.

Then there was who gave her the papers. His upbeat attitude that faded for a few seconds here and there, seemed to be a cover. Jingka had a feeling he wasn’t a seasoned leader but was offered the position and he eagerly accepted it before realizing he had no idea what he was really doing. Then again it could have been the argument he was caught between that seemed to be throwing everything off. There was that slight tension in the air.

Jingka then turned to the waivers, looking over each word carefully. They either wanted them to sign these based on things they knew had happened before the BETA testing, or things they thought were going to happen to the BETA testers. Their wording was particular and very clear, but that gave Jingka more reasons to wonder why. She knew there was a loophole somewhere, and that something may happen to them, but that is why she chose the Pokémon she did. Once she had signed the form, she handed it to Freddie without a word. It was then another came into the room, notably with a bit of sand on himself but not as ravaged as who Jingka was going to refer to as the underdog. Freddie’s stammering about what had happened to him seemed a good enough conversation starter.

“I believe some of us are using rather rough methods to get inside.” She voiced, judging from some of the demeanours of the contestants. “Call it being overzealous or over excited among other things, various tactics have been used at getting through the crowd, however some of us may have been in the crowd at the time those tactics were used.”

Cream Puffs
11-29-2012, 04:37 PM
Derick Breekar

Derick smiled at Freddie, "Um, well you see the contestants were using ridiculous ways to get in and I was caught up in one of them." He looked around the room and spotted the guy who had started up the sandstorm earlier. The man approached as he started a conversation with him, "Hey! You didn't happen to be in out little storm did you? My apologies. By the way I am Joseph. And that is Alexandra, my Krookodile."

Derick shrugged, "It's not like you were aiming for just me. It was crazy out there with the crowd going wild and all. I'm Derick." This guy seemed nice, maybe he could make an ally out of him in the long run. "I just didn't expect the storm is all. I avoided other damage from the other contestants so it's alright." He looked towards his Krookodile, "You have some serious skill there Alexandra." He smiled at her.

11-29-2012, 08:02 PM
Name: Joeseph Swift
Link: Krookodile

Alex shrugged. Although she knew she could hit harder, she tried not to show off, and she still caused a bit of a mess. She turned her attention to a Flygon that had entered with a trainer who showed multiple Pokemon. The Flygon was returned to a Pokeball before they could actually communicate.

"Well, I also considered napalming the crowd with a repitition of Sludge Bomb or shaking them with Earthquake, but the quake would damage buildings... not to mention I'd fall on my face, and the Sludge Bomb. Well I don't need that kind of a mess. You know people thrown all over... toxic sludge covering the street... cause diseases and poison people... Yeah, I am glad I went with Sandstorm on that one." Joseph stopped for a moment. "Purrloin? It is actually quite adorable." Joseph took a moment to consider the small Pokemon. He was somewhat surprised seeing the not-to formidable pokemon.

Joseph turned his attention to a trainer who had just walked in. He examined this trainer unsure of what Pokemon this person was going to use. He did think too much about it and returned his gaze to the trainer he was talking to.

Name: Gerald Benson
Link: Ariados

Gerald stood not really caring about the answer Freddie was going to give. His Ariados began breaking down the competition. Scorn really only cared about those he may have a disadvantage to or advantage over. The Blaziken gave the Ariados a really bad feeling. The Gallade psychic abilities worried him a little. He ignored the electric types. He gave up quickly because there seemed to be a limited amount of Pokemon he had an advantage over. His best retaliation would have to be his venom.

11-29-2012, 10:53 PM
Kyle Denmark
Link: Cryogonal

Jacob ignored my question in favor of apologizing. This surprised me so much that I didn’t even get annoyed at it. Nobody had ever apologized to me without being told to; at least, not that I remembered...

“D-don’t worry about it,” I said, grinning slightly. “It’s, err, nice to meet you, Jacob.”

I almost groaned at my own attempt at conversing. I hadn’t had a face-to-face conversation I didn’t run away from since I was eleven, so it goes without saying that I was bad at it. I knew, though, that I had to introduce myself after he did. I wasn’t going to do that.

“So, I, err, assume you wanna speak about something?” I asked.

As I spoke I messed with Frostbite’s luxury ball, doing such things as spinning it and tossing it up and down. Messing with things like that was how I dealt with stress, and having a conversation was stressful to me.

Cobalt Shadow
11-29-2012, 11:07 PM
Name: Jacob
Link: Gallade

"I just wanted to introduce myself. The way I see it, we are all strangers here. Wouldn't hurt to get to know each other outside the ring." I laughed. Then I noticed her fiddling with the Luxury Ball.
"You can't sit still either? I'm the same." I said, "I have to keep my hands busy otherwise I get distracted by the tiniest things."
The stutter, and her fidgeting made me think that she was scared of me. Could an accidental startle be that frightening? I'm not Slenderman, but still, how scary could that have been? I wonder...

Cobalt Shadow
12-13-2012, 10:23 AM
Name: Crimson
Link: Typhlosion

(OOC: I spent half an hour searching for a clip with Typhlosion, trying to find out what it says XD)
“So this is Nimbasa city” I said to Typhlosion, who sat next to me on the train, as we looked out the window. We could see the Ferris wheel glowing in the dark of night to our right, and to our left, a building surrounded by people. By the look of it there were three types of people. Uniformed guards, people with signs who I guessed were protestors, and people who reminded me of the fan girls at a One Direction concert. They were gonna be hard to get by.
The train pulled up at the station, and Typhlosion and I got off. As I walked out the gate, I noticed a man helping a young boy get his bag. After seeing the man and who I presumed was his son, it made me wonder where my father was. Now I regretted not seeing whether he was alright or not. Heck I was 13, and had been bashed by him all my life. I don’t know if he died in the fire, or if he survived, and where he is now. I would be naïve to say that what happened during my childhood wasn’t his fault, but I think if my mother had have lived, things would have ended up differently.
“Phlo?” Typhlosion said, noticing the blank look on my face.
“Sorry Ty, I was thinking about my father.” I explained.
“Ty…” Typhlosion growl, bearing his teeth and igniting flames on his back.
“I know he did some horrible things, but he is far away now, and we should move on,” I said, “heck, that is if he is even alive.”
“Phlo…” Typhlosion said, extinguishing the flames. He felt guilty about what happened.
“It’s not your fault Ty. You need to eat, and if you didn’t intervene, he might have killed me.” I said to Typhlosion, patting him on the head, “You gave me a chance to escape.”
Typhlosion began smiling again, then looked towards the crowd out the front of the Summit Game Centre. I noticed something I didn’t notice before. A news reporter. And there were probably more. Even though I told Typhlosion that we should move on, I still would rather not be found by my father, assuming he is alive. All he did was sit around the house all day, drinking and watching TV. He may not recognise me, he may not be watching the TV, or he might be dead. I still don’t want to take a risk.
“Electivire, come out.” I said, throwing a pokeball. The Pokeball hit the ground, and opened. A red light emerged, then morphed into the shape of electivire. It was a dark night, and the only light was those of the street lights.
“Electivire, take out the lights.” I said. Electivire nodded, and ran towards a nearby pole that held up the power lines. Electivire climbed about half way, then extended his tails, and used Thunderbolt. Electivire must have sensed the electrical path of the wires, and figured out which one was for the lights, because the rest of the buildings remained lit, but the streetlights overloaded and shattered.
“Electivire, return.” I said, pressing the button on the pokeball, then pocketing it. I slipped past the protestors, reporters and fans, and stood in front of the guard with my invitation. Using my Pokegear as a light, I held up the invitation.
“Hey, I’m Crimson, this is my invite.” I said. The guard stepped out of the way, and I walked through. The first room we walked into was empty, and had a sign that said ‘Arcade’. There were signs with arrows, pointing towards another room, so I followed them and walked into a full room.
In the corner was a boy with a Gallade near my age, talking with a girl a little bit younger. She looked pissed off at him about something, then looked surprised. The boy called his Gallade back into the pokeball, but the girl didn’t have a pokemon out.
In the center of the room was a man a little bit older than me with a Luxray. He wore an official looking badge, and seemed extremely excited. He must have just gotten the job.
Sitting on one of the seats on the edge of the room was an untidy looking man. Untidy was an understatement. He looked homeless. Next to him sat a Krookodile. The man was roughly the same age as the guy with the Luxray.
Next there was a guy who looked a bit younger than me, with a Blaziken. He looked like he was dressed for a personal training session, but hey, I am not one to judge, wearing a black hoodie underneath a grey trench coat.
The oldest person in the room was a woman who wasn’t too much older than the Luxray and Krookodile trainers. She had short brown hair which matched her short hair, and was playing with a Porygon-Z which floated nearby her.
Next was a girl who looked a little bit older than me, with a Jolteon. She had dark green eyes, and light coloured hair. I have to admit, she is hot.
I noticed next a girl with a Rotom, similar age to the girl with the Jolteon. She had dark hair, which contrasted with her pale skin.
The last person was also one of the oldest. He looked just under 6 foot, and had had a cocky looking smile on his face.
I thought about talking to the official looking guys, but judging by how everyone was scattered, I guessed we had some time to spare. That’s when the girl with the Jolteon crossed my mind again.
“Nothing wrong with introducing myself.” I thought to myself as I walked over. The girl didn’t notice me, until her Jolteon saw me and made a noise.
“Hey, I’m Crimson.” I said.

12-14-2012, 05:12 AM
Freddie Spencer
Link: Luxray

Freddie stared at the contestants in amazement. He had had no idea that things had been so rough outside the Game Center; nor could he believe that the contestants had resorted to such drastic measures to enter. He wasn’t sure how this could affect SUMMIT—hopefully, they wouldn’t take too much rap over the actions of the contestants. And, hopefully, it wouldn’t interfere with the game today.

Frowning to himself, he checked over the list one last time. He didn’t have to wait much longer before the last of the contestants filed in. The intern attended to his duties—albeit a little more soberly—and waited patiently for the forms to be filled out. He had nearly forgotten about the earpiece in his ear, until it suddenly buzzed out his name.

“Frederick, we are ready now. Send in the contestants.”

His heart began racing (both from excitement and from being surprised by the voice), despite his best efforts to remain calm. Clearing his throat, he called for everyone’s attention. “All right, everybody! We are now ready to begin the games! If I can get the rest of the release forms… Right! Thank you! Now, if you will follow me, I will take you to the VR room!”

Freddie waited for the contestants to gather, then practically skipped his way across the room. A soft growl from his Luxray reminded him to slow down for his charges. Deeper they went into the SUMMIT Game Center, through wide walls plastered with colorful game posters and displays showcasing GLADIATOR propaganda. Finally, Freddie stopped before a gateway obscured by a thick black curtain. Waiting yet again for all to show up, Freddie pulled back the curtain and motioned for the contestants to enter.

It was dark inside, but once someone triggered a motion sensor, two thick lines of white light flickered into existence on the floor, showing the contestants a clear path to the center of the room. As they continued walking, other lines of light came on, revealing a vast room filled with machinery. At the center was a vast pillar with the GLADIATOR logo glowing at its crown. A circle of television screens encompassed the pillar, each displaying information on one of the contestants—pictures, ages, birthplace, and so on.

Yet what were more impressive were the machines surrounding the pillar. They resembled pods of sorts, with beams rising up into an unseen ceiling. Egg-shaped and as smooth as black ice, a yellow light shone within each that displayed their inviting emptiness. People in white clothing stood by each pod, watching the contestants silently as they entered.

At the foot of the column in the center of the room was a raised dais, upon which waited a handful of important-looking people. Freddie came up from behind the contestants, urging them to come towards these individuals.

A man that stood at the forefront of this group smiled at them welcomingly. His black hair was slicked back into a ponytail without a hair out of place—as perfect as the white teeth he flashed at them. Dressed in a black suite and deep blue tie, he seemed to be in the prime of his life. “Welcome, welcome!” he beckoned the contestants. “Allow me to introduce myself! I am the President of SUMMIT Software, and the Executive Producer of GLADIATOR—Malcolm Kalsow! And may I say, we are most excited to have you here today! With the skills and intellect you each are bringing to the table today, this is promising to be the most exciting game of the century. I am certainly looking forward to seeing you play today.”

Mr. Kalsow motioned the space around them, as if presenting the room to them. “This is the crown jewel of the SUMMIT Game Center—the Virtual Reality room. Surrounding us are what we call Gateways—they are the devices that will immerse you into the world of GLADIATOR. I hope each of you have thought carefully about the specific Pokémon you wish to Link with today, as your choice may be the determining factor of your victory… or defeat. Their strengths will become your strengths—and their weaknesses, your weaknesses. Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself! The rules and specifics will be explained to you shortly by our outstanding intern, Frederick Spencer. I want to thank you all again for your participation! Show us what you’re made of! Fight to the finish! But most importantly, have fun!”

The man stepped down from the dais and quietly exited the room, followed by two employees. The woman who had addressed Freddie earlier that day took Kalsow’s place, addressing the contestants in a business-like tone: “Before you enter the Battleground, you will each be outfitted in BattleArmor designed specifically for you. This armor will transform once you enter the game and download your Pokémon, so the final product may not be the same as what you see now. If you could find the Gateway that corresponds with the screen on the column behind me that shows your profile, our personal will help you get suited up. We ask at this time that you remove any extra items from your person—this includes keys, electronic devices such as phones or PokeDexes, jewelry, and Trainer gear. We must also ask you to hand over all Pokémon other than the one you have chosen to link up with. They will be returned to you after the games. Your shoes must also be removed, as your armor comes outfitted with footwear designed for the Battleground.”

The woman turned and indicated the column, pointing at a thick cord that ran from the television screen to one of the Gateways. “Once you have been outfitted, our intern Frederick Spencer will inform you on the rules, mechanics, and regulations of GLADIATOR.” She nodded and stepped down.

Smiling excitedly at the contestants, Freddie moved forward to locate his screen. Once he spotted his smiling picture, he turned and walked to his designated Gateway. A familiar face beamed at him ecstatically—Molly, one of his fellow interns.

“This is so exciting!” she mouthed at him, hardly able to retain her energy.

“I know, right?” Freddie mouthed back before stepping up before the Gateway. He waited in place as Molly pulled out a rack from behind the pod—upon which rested Freddie’s BattleArmor. The armor slid right over his normal clothes, piece by piece starting with the chest plate. It felt a little bulky now, but Freddie knew that once he entered the Battleground, it would become much lighter and more flexible.

Once Molly was finished, Freddie gave her a quick thumbs up before heading back to the dais, waiting for the other interns to get suited up.




Cobalt Shadow
12-14-2012, 06:07 AM
Name: Jacob
Link: Gallade

My conversation with Kyle was soon interrupted by Freddie's voice.

“All right, everybody! We are now ready to begin the games! If I can get the rest of the release forms… Right! Thank you! Now, if you will follow me, I will take you to the VR room!” he said. Everyone followed him into the VR room where we were told about the game, and given some basic insturctions.

I looked around and located the screen with my details. The attendant handed me my armour piece by piece as I put my bag with all my pokemon but gallade onto one of the trays provided, as well as my shoes. I put on the legs first, then the boots, then the chestpeice and arms. Lastly I put on the helmet. The armour felt like it was made of cheap plastic, and was dull and colourless. Thing that surprised me was the weight. For plastic, this weighed heaps. That worried me a bit. Gallade's main strength in battle is his speed. Then I remembered what we were told. Our armour will change in-game when it downloads our pokemon. I was slightly releived, but still worried about what might happen. The armour at the moment, isn't what I was hoping for. What if the in-game armour is worse? I double checked that I hadn't forgotten anything, and walked over to Freddie.
"I'm ready."

Name: Crimson
Link: Typhlosion

"I guess we will have to redo introductions later." I said to the girl.
"Can't even get in a hello." I thought, "I suppose I should have been there on time."

I walked through to the VR room and listened to the instructions. Then I heard something I didn't want to hear. "Please remove Jewelery."

I grasped my mothers Cross Necklace. It was given to me by her sister from Kanto, before my father moved us to Johto, after my mother passed away. I have had it as long as I remember, and was reluctant to give it up.
"I have the opportunity of a life time, and I am complaining because I have to let someone hold onto my necklace." I thought to myself, shaking off the feeling.

I found the screen with my details. I put Swampert, Scyther, Electivire and Metangs pokeballs into the tray. My only posessions were the pokemon and the necklace. I gave the necklace to the intern who was assigned to help me suit up.
"Please take good care of this. It is the only thing I have left from my mother before she died." I said. The intern nodded, then helped me with my armour. Well at least I think it was armour. It reminded me of a morphsuit. It stuck skin tight to me up to my neck. The only other peice was a helmet. It went over my head, but cut off at my nose, leaving my mouth and chin unprotected. The lenses of the helmet were dark red. The 'onsie' I was wearing was thick, and I could feel myself getting warm from it. There were definately at least 2 layers to it.

I finished putting on the armour, and thanked the intern, then made my way over to Freddie, making sure to get a glimpse of the screen belonging to the girl with the Jolteon. It said her name was Nicole. I found him with the boy with the boy who had pissed off the girl in the corner. They both had thick heavy armour.
"Will we be given instructions on how to use our abilities and armour?" I asked Freddie.
"This is gonna be interesting..." I thought to myself, unable to wait to see what the game would be like.

12-14-2012, 05:59 PM
Name: Joseph Swift
Link: Krookodile

Joseph pulled off what remained of his hoodie and stuck it into a tray along with his bag which contained his Pokeballs. He pulled off his boots and sat them in the tray next to his bag. He suspiciously eyed the the person who came to the tray. He pulled a Pokedex from his pocket and set it in one of his boots.

He looked over at the armor he would have to wear. He looked over at his Krookodile. "Hey you wanna switch places? You can wear the armor and I will be on the other side," he said this jokingly and in response the Alex shook her head. He pulled on the armor. He did not find it very comfortable, but it wasn't as heavy as he originally suspected. He saw another other contestant did not find the armor to be as pleasant. He thought of this as a possible advantage. Of course the fact that it would change may make it even worse. He found that thought to be unpleasant.

"So how do I look?" he asked Alex. She tried not to laugh at him. He walked over to Freddy with his Krookodile. "I am pretty sure I am ready."

Name Gerald Benson
Link: Ariados

Benson quickly scribbled his name on several release forms that he found and was not given. He followed the rest of the competitors over into the virtual room.

He called back Lyle and Isis, and he set their Pokeballs down with his Flygon's into a tray. he pulled off his bag and stuck it in their as well. His shoes were next. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife, and he set it in there as well. He pulled on his armor. He found it to be as unpleasant as it looked.

He and Scorn, his Ariados, walked over to Freddie. "Ready, Freddie," he said mockingly. He sneered over at the man with the Krookodile. The Krookodile growled in response. It appeared she was not fond of Gerald Benson.

12-14-2012, 10:30 PM
((OOC: 2nd Person, because why not?))

Kyle Denmark

Link: Cryogonal

"I just wanted to introduce myself. The way I see it, we are all strangers here. Wouldn't hurt to get to know each other outside the ring," Jacob says while laughing.

You smile sightly. You are still suspicious about his motives for conversation, and don’t really trust him all that well, but you decide to take him at his word. Of course you’re prepared for him to betray you at any moment; you’re not that stupid.

Jacob seems to have noticed you messing with Frostbite’s luxury ball, because he says, "You can't sit still either? I'm the same. I have to keep my hands busy otherwise I get distracted by the tiniest things."

You’re once again surprised. You’ve never had somebody else compare you to themselves positively before. Not that you remember, at least. In truth it probably happened quiet a few times, but those events have never really had enough of an impact for you to remember.

You can’t think of anything to say to this, and fortunately Freddie choses the best time to speak up. “All right, everybody! We are now ready to begin the games! If I can get the rest of the release forms… Right! Thank you! Now, if you will follow me, I will take you to the VR room!”

You beam and jump right off of the table you were sitting on. Fortunately you are pardoned the need to say goodbye to Jacob, because he seems every bit as eager to play the game as you are. Heck, you walk right behind him the whole way there.

The room you arrive in contains monitors with information on all the contestants. Your eyes meet the monitor designated to you and your heart drops. Your name is listed there for all to see. Now everybody would know how weird you are and there’s nothing you can do about it. You just hope that nobody really pays any attention to it.

You silently put the objects you were told to into a tray; and your hoodie because it’s just too baggy(although it wasn't mentioned before, you're wearing a black t-shirt under it); and start sliding in to the battle armor. It isn’t really as hard to get on as you would have thought from looking at it, which you take as being a small blessing. It isn’t that uncomfortable either; it's just a bit awkward.

You notice a few of the other contestants going over to Freddie, and you do so yourself. You take a spot next to Jacob and throw a forced smile in his direction.

“I-I’m ready.”

12-21-2012, 11:24 PM
Lucas Shutt

Link: Blaziken

Lucas was eagerly waiting, bouncing with excitement as he knew it was almost time. He looked at Blaziken and nodded, and Blaziken did likewise.

“All right, everybody! We are now ready to begin the games! If I can get the rest of the release forms… Right! Thank you! Now, if you will follow me, I will take you to the VR room!” Freddie called out.

"Alright! It's time Blaziken! Let's show the world what we can do!" Lucas exclaimed. He walked over to the group of people waiting to enter the virtual world.

Freddie pulled back the curtain and Lucas let out a little laugh "Yes, yes, yes, yes!" He could not contain the excitement.

They finally reached a seemingly futuristic room with many monitors and pods. He took a deep breath and waited for instructions.

Lucas received his suit and slipped off his shoes and handed over his items. He popped into his suit and turned to Blaziken, gave him a fistbump. "Let's do this pal, I know I say it a lot, but now it's time! We need to give it all we've got!" he said.

He turned back to the instructors and was ready to go.

01-11-2013, 05:05 PM
Nicole "Nikki" Eelayo

Nikki's eyes flickered up to see a strange man with jet-black hair standing before her. Lightning huffed out a somber growl low enough for only the two to hear. Nikki patted her partner to quiet him down as the boy spoke kindly.

“Hey, I’m Crimson.”

Nikki pushed a lock of her platinum hair back and was about to introduce herself as well when the cute intern spoke up about the game being ready.

"I guess we will have to redo introductions later."

Nikki watched the strange man walk away with the others as she also rose to join the group, "Hmmm, what an odd boy. Seems nice though - could be used to our advantage, right boy?" She smirked, crossing her arms as the two began their trek to the games. As the duo entered she watched the presentation the game developers gave and proceded to her dais. She removed her boots, placed them on the side and took each partner Pokemon from her waist - Swifter the Swoobat and Artemis the Flaaffy, "You two stay out of trouble while Lightning and I win that title, okay?" She whispered lightly pecking each ball and handing them to the corresponding person for her dais. She looked up at her picture and information - it didn't have much on her but it had enough which made Nikki sigh in frustration. Her eyes gleamed over to the screen adjacent to her own - her brother's. She quickly scanned her eyes over his details wondering about what he had been up to.

Then she saw why he left - he wanted to take on a foreign Pokemon League, "The... Pokemon League?" She muttered, glaring at those words, "He left... to take on the Pokemon League...?" Nikki let out a huff, forcibly turned her head to the dais and prepared herself for the upcoming GLADIATOR games. She thrust on the different uniform peices feeling as though she'd collapse from the weight of it all, "Ugh... Lightning, you're lucky you don't have to wear this garb..." She grumbled as Lightning snickered to himself.

Damon Eelayo

Damon's ego only deepened in a black pit of despair as he watched the newcomer strut right up to his sister like he was top game, "Oh, man, Thunder... That guy is going on my hit list." He blared as quietly as he could as his arms tightened around his chest - his muscles flexing painfully.

Thunder casually rolled his eyes at his obnoxious trainer, 'He can be such a total clutz... why doesn't he just apologize?' He though, laying his head down on his paws with a silent sigh.

Damon's fingers pattered against his bare skin as his right eye twitched in frustration and anger. He couldn't handle the fact another man was talking to his sister. The tension broke as Freddie called the gang to follow him into another room where the preparations for the game were taking place. Damon kept his tight grip on his arms and hurried out to meet up with Freddie, 'I'll see what that little conformation was about later...' He thought with haste, blinding himself from the game at hand. He basically ignored everything the game instructors and President had to say besides the part where he had to strip any carry-on's, extra Pokemon, and shoes.

Damon and Thunder went straight to their dais, pausing only momentarily to take a glance at this Crimson-guy. He watched the boy's gaze advert to the picture of his sister's and felt his heart sink, "I knew it!" He coughed, his throat dry from his stress. The game assistant next to him patted his back and asked if he was alright - Damon nodded in embarrassment and calmly removed his shoes for her. He took out three Pokeballs and looked at each one briefly before handing them to the assistant, "Please take good care of 'em. I don't know what I'd do without 'em." He faintly grinned, rubbing the back of his neck.

Damon began to head for the dais when he was stopped by the same assistant, "Sir, the chain on you jeans and that necklace needs to come off as well." She softly spoke, pointing to each article.

Damon blinked, glanced at his chain and calmly unhooked it, handing the silver-pieced jewelry to the attendant. Hesitantly he reached for the necklace and took it off with reluctance. He twirled the gold-shaped locket between his fingers with a half-smile and slowly handed it to the woman, "Be sure not to lose that necklace... it means a lot to me, okay, ma'am?" He huffed, looking away from the woman as he proceeded to the dais with Thunder. Soon after, Damon found his rack on clothing and silently put the decently-heavy armor on with a grunt after he finished the last piece, "Maaaaan, Thunder... good thing I work out or this would have demolished me!" He laughed, patting his partner on the back.

Saraibre Ryu
01-14-2013, 07:05 PM
Jingka Givrali

Jingka walked quietly into the room after everyone else, finding her screen with a lovely bust shot of her head and shoulders. Luckily her expression was identical to the one on her face; pleasantly neutral. She paid attention to every detail and every word of the explanation they were given. There was something about it that felt a bit odd to her, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. Right now they were being rushed to put their fingers on the armor and to suit up. She found her spot, and her light, violet and black armor, and began to put it on. Unlike the others she put it on as she removed the items in question, such as her phone, her pager and four other Pokeballs. Jingka put them in a particular order on the tray, with her electronics in the centre of the four Pokeballs. As she did, she seemed to count them by tapping each ones of the sides for whatever number she was on silently, and then once more again in a circle.

“Are you fine Shift?”

Jingka got nothing but silence as she looked at herself. “Very good.”

Her armor was flexible in places and she noticed there was something about the back of it where things shifted around quite a bit in a circle formation. Her guantlets also had a shifting piece on them, and her boots she found quite comfortable; that is after she had finished enjoying walking around in her bare feet. With everything of hers secure, she returned to her dais for a moment, looking it over again. Once she was done observing the new area, she walked over to Freddie, whi was going to explain to them all the rules and regulations. She carried her helmet at her side, as wearing it would cover most of her face. Right now she didn’t want that quite yet, however she did want it in the Battleground.

“This may be a bit difficult for what I’m about to ask of you Freddie Spencer…” Jingka began a bit light heartidly. “But when you tell us about the regulations, would you be able to quote them as word for word as possible to us? Just a request from a technical person who reads the Terms and Agreements one hundred percent of the time.”

Thanks to Jingka’s oddness and mannerisms, no one had questioned who her Pokémon was, at least, not as of yet. The girl liked to keep surprises for everyone, including herself. However with her way of thinking, it was very hard for people to present her with their own surprises.

01-17-2013, 05:46 AM
(Well, it’s time to move on—Cream Puffs should be able to catch up at this point)

Freddie Spencer
Link: Luxray

The participants were soon geared up and ready to go. They came up to Freddie, declaring their preparedness or asking questions. Many expressed a mixture of emotions, from steel-hard determination to anxiousness to pure cockiness. Kalsow was right about one thing—with this blend of characters, the Game promised to be an interesting one.

Jingka’s question, however, took Freddie a bit back. She wanted him to quote the regulations word for word?

“Er…” he wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that. Honestly, he wasn’t sure if he could quote them word for word. True, he had memorized the rules, but… He was only human. “I’ll try my best?” he finally offered.

Clearing his throat, he moved to answer Crimson’s question. “I’m only going to tell you the basics of your abilities and Armor; you’ll find out soon enough that everyone will have their own unique battle style, dependant on the Pokémon of their choice. Part of the challenge of the Battleground will be to find out the full potential of your abilities—so I won’t be able to tell you everything.

“However, I can tell you all about the special armor you are now wearing. This BattleArmor is your ticket to the Battleground—think of it as the game controller, the bridge between you and the games. As I mentioned before, your BattleArmor will synchronize with your Pokémon, transforming and enabling you to use your Pokémon’s powers. One of these powers that is universal to all of you is the power of defense. Think about this—Pokémon are often bombarded with powerful attacks like Hyper Beam or Blast Burn, but typically the worst that happens to them is fainting. They are able to withstand incredible forces that would normally destroy a human.

“This is the key feature that GLADIATOR taps into—your Pokémon’s energy protects you from harm. You will now be able to fight one another just as Pokémon fight each other, without fear for lasting injury or fatality. You’ll be able to take a Thunderbolt, endure a Flamethrower, and escape an Earthquake with this BattleArmor on you. However!” Freddie paused, holding up a finger in emphasis. “I need to make one thing very, very clear: pain is a very real entity on the Battleground. While you won’t be seriously injured, you will hurt. A punch is still a punch, and so you will need to be very, very careful.”

Freddie let that simmer for a quiet moment. He warily glanced between the contestants, wondering if any were intimidated by this thought. However, he hoped that it wouldn’t discourage them—though it had its threats, GLADIATOR was the most exciting thing he had ever done… And he couldn’t wait to share it with these people.

“Now, for a quick run-down on what to expect in the games,” Freddie continued with more cheer. “It will be pretty basic, at first—the world of GLADIATOR is regulated by an artificial intelligence known as the GAME MASTER, and it is in charge of creating unique challenges and environments suited to the player’s preferences. Every level will be unique; every game experience will be different from the last. The Battleground is constantly evolving under the GAME MASTER’s vigilant computations.

“For this run, there will be seven levels. At each level, the GAME MASTER will present you with an objective, and you must use your abilities to complete that objective. Sometimes you will be fighting computer enemies, sometimes you will be facing each other. Sounds simple enough, but here’s the kicker—if you fail to complete the objectives, the GAME MASTER will kick you out. If you break the rules the GAME MASTER has set for the level it can either kick you out or give you a punishment, which could be anything from a status affliction or disqualification. Remember, each objective is catered to your wants and abilities. The rules the GAME MASTER can set are only meant to challenge you further.

“Now, for the overall rules and regulations,” Freddie gave Jingka a side glance. “They are few in number, but they exist for the safety of you and your fellow players. First off, Mirage Pokémon and so-called Legendary Pokémon are not allowed on the Battleground—not because of the unfair advantage they would give, however. They are just incompatible with the gaming system, for reasons we have yet to investigate. Second, you are only allowed in areas designated by the GAME MASTER. If you stray outside the territory provided, you will be subject to immediate removal. Lastly, you are not to remove your or another player’s BattleArmor under any circumstances. As I said, the Armor is you bridge to the Battleground and reality—if it gets lost, it will be difficult to return back to reality.”

“I think that does it for now—are there any questions? Concerns?” Freddie looked about the group expectantly. “Also, given the risks that lay ahead… If there’s anyone who feels uncomfortable with continuing, you do not have to go on; you can leave now with no shame, no questions ask. The SUMMIT Software company understands and is willing to work with any misgivings you might have.”

Freddie waited for their response.


(So we're clear on one thing, I do not consider Rotom a Legendary or Mirage--I'll think we'll find that Rotom works exceptionally well in this circumstance ;) Also... forgive me for my long speeches xD I'm trying to cut this up so you're not bombarded with too much at one time...)

Cobalt Shadow
01-17-2013, 08:20 AM

"I have felt a lot of pain in my life. I think I should be able to tolerate this." I said to Freddie. I looked around at the group. What struck me as odd was the guy giving me evil glares. He wore heavy armour, but looked strong enough to be able to handle it. Had I done something wrong?
"If I have done nothing, and he has no reason, then the best way to get to him is be friendly..." I thought to myself laughing. While Freddie waited for the rest to respond, I went over to him and put out my hand to shake.
"Hey, I'm Crimson." I said with a smile. If I was wrong and he wasn't glaring at me, then I might make an ally. If he was, and for a stupid reason, this should drive him up the wall...

I almost had doubts when Freddie said the pain will be real. Then I remembered why I was here. I was here to prove them wrong. Everyone who said Gallade and I were weak.

"I went through a lot to get here. There is no way I am leaving because of a bit of pain." I said, with as much confidence as I could find.

I was ready, and so was Gallade. We were going to do our best, and prove that we are the strongest...

01-18-2013, 01:10 AM
Name: Joseph Swift
Link: Krookodile

"Well, as unpleasant as pain is, I can handle it, and besides, you did say the armor works kinda like our Pokemons' natural defensive capabilities. This outta be an interesting experience." He shrugged. Alex looked up and thought to herself, "Wait, does that mean I get hit?!" She tilted her head slightly. She was wondering if she was gonna like this game. Joseph was ready to begin. "Let's go!"
Name: Gerald Benson
Link: Ariados

He noted the man with the Krookodile. "Let's go!" This man said. Gerald thought to himself, "Idiot."
"So any pain we inflict in battle is really felt... Excellent. Let's go." He sounded less excited and more as if he was mocking the man with the Krookodile.
Scorn was prepared as well.

01-20-2013, 09:08 PM
Kyle Denmark
Link: Cryogonal

Before entering the game Freddie is asked to quote the regulations word for word. Normally such a delay would annoy you, but you find yourself giggling at how unprepared Freddie is. Also, you figure it’ll be good to know as much as possible about to game before playing it, but you find the first reason to be better.

The part about you still feeling pain is unnerving, but since Freddie used a punch as an example it has less impact than one would expect; you actually smirk. You’ve been in a lot of fights before, and being punched isn’t really something you’re intimidated by.

The part about the GAME MASTER, on the other hand, has you silently overjoyed that they put an AI in charge of the game; this is how it is in some of your favorite shows and movies! Beings like the MCP and Morganna have set a precedent of AIs going evil, and you really want to see if a real AI given that much power will react accordingly. A part of you says that it will, at least if it has a relatively human-like mind.

Then Freddie drops the bombshell that without the armor you’ll have a hard time getting out of the game. You are spontaneously terrified because this could become .hack// in real life, and find this awesome because it could become .hack// in real life. You easily decide that the possibility of living .hack// in real life is too awesome to pass up. You know you’re a weird girl; you’re proud of it.

You do find yourself a bit perturbed that a bunch of the others don’t seem to have picked up on this. Still, you don’t feel like getting into another conversation, even though you know you should. You turn to Freddie and put on a weak smile. “I’m...I’m all set.

01-28-2013, 01:58 AM
Hector Psiana
Link: Eif the Espeon
Location: Nimbasa City, outside SUMMIT HQ, HORRIBLY LATE.

Lopez Nulius. Brianna Chell, and her twin sister Carly. And of course, Hector Psiana. The four-man squadron from the last original GLADIATOR tournament, who won fame across Unova for their epic battle against hyperION, and spawned two memes. The fact that the finale against Joukio was cut short due to the Plasma Crisis reaching its first finale and there being no rescheduled rematch due to a loss of heart by their opposition was of no concern: the DaTaFoX elites, as they were called, won. They lead in points when they were forced to stop playing, they were willing when Joukio was not, they were just cooler, the reasons were many. But afterwards, Hector Psiana saw no reason to be able to re-live his GLADIATOR glory days in the near future. The Plasma Crisis, despite their extremities, had a point that touched too many hearts to not change the way the world looked at everything, and GLADIATOR was among the many once-popular things that started to lose popularity because of it. Even when the Plasma Crisis was over and people's relationships with Pokemon weren't questioned, GLADIATOR still seemed as dead of a franchise as any.

Then SUMMIT came back. Then GLADIATOR came back. Hector was excited, to say the least. DaTaFoX's members surged like mad, even including several members of their old rivals, hyperION.

Then SUMMIT announced a contest to see who would get to play the game first in front of a worldwide audience that would most likely want to be whoever was playing. Fans worldwide, even those that had to move to Unova to play the game and were now back in their home country, were sending videos. DaTaFoX urged their Elites to send one. They did, and they chose their best matches to send, including their legendary Semifinal. Others would also send their videos, what other way to ensure DaTaFoX fame than make sure one of their Elites won and got first access? Hector's believed odds were slimmer than they actually were, but even with that criticism he genuinely hoped he had little reason to assume he'd be successful.

Then the package came. Then he realized that he and his fellows won. They could only send one person, who the Elites decided would be the best of them. Hector was chosen. Hector was very excited now, and you could honestly realize he was excited too. He set his alarm clock early, prepared to play the next GLADIATOR.

His Alarm Clock busted.

Hours later, he was panting, forced to run like hell to get into Nimbasa City, his second time there. The first time, he took a Car over Driftveil's drawbridge, but now he knew why it was the second-Longest Bridge in Unova first-hand, as his legs would demonstrate. His lower body protested against their continued use. He was panting. Heavily. He was in Nimbasa City, near GLADIATOR HQ. Nimbasa City was still the same the last time he came here with his Mother; The city of Glitz and Glamour, the city of the famous and the fortunate. The Electric-Type gym of Unova resided here (Hector resolved that would be his OTHER destination once he was done with GLADIATOR), and so did a huge amusement park and what was considered the Capital of Coordination, in essence. The Unovan (and sometimes worldwide) Grand Festival itself was hosted here on several occasions, Hector knew from his coordinator Mother. But today, GLADIATOR.

But first things first. Hector's obstacles this time included a crowd of people. Some cheering on, eager to watch a giant TV screen for the first instant of footage of GLADIATOR's game. Others angry protesters chastising the game. He wasn't sure how many were here, but this was the largest gathering of people he ever saw. There was also an immense amount of damage done to the area: A sandstorm apparently hit. He heard the crowd mumble about several attacks: Fire Spin, Pin Missle, Torment, and a few unidentified attacks from a Gyarados and an Arcanine. The lights were also busted. He swore, for an instant, that the little time he had left was going to be spent navigating the crowd and avoiding the protesters. At least they wouldn't immediately recognize him.

Hector, however, had a knack of slipping through crowds unnoticed. He planned a route through and started following, Eif held in his arms in case things went horribly horribly wrong.

<"Right at home, aren't we Hector?"> Eif telepathed. You see, Eif, an Espeon, could speak WITH ITS MIND. Hector adored the very concept of Telepathy, and indeed, would become a Psychic-Type specialist (even a Psychic himself, if he had the gift) just so he could hear Pokemon communicate with him WITH THEIR MINDS. He was delighted to see Eif evolve into an Espeon just because he no longer needed his then-Kirlia, Devoi, to allow Eif to speak WITH ITS MIND.

<"Yep, right at home in the middle of the crowd containing people that will come out and attack. Yep."> Hector thought back to respond. He himself wasn't telepathic. Not yet, at least. And indeed, he had to go through many crowds of people before, several of said people out of the many having ill intents for poor Hector. Fortunately, he wasn't expecting such a devout hater that they'd point out Hector as a member of DaTaFoX, and henceforth a huge GLADIATOR fan...He trailed to where the GLADIATOR fans were thicker, though, to prevent any sudden Protester Sign-to-head attacks. Despite the seriously slow movement he had to endure as a result, he was confident that he would make it in time.


<"Oh crud."> Eif telepathed. Not without justification. Hector immediately bolted in the Direction of SUMMIT HQ, abandoning the whole plan of not attracting attention in favor of saving time. He really didn't have too much time to waste. They weren't going to wait for him...The crowd, fans and protestors alike, well, protested against his sudden and strong movement, and some of them started to realize he was a contestant. He had to dodge a Tomato or two, but that was easy moving as fast as he was and having so many more bodies to catch the tomato instead. His face was a blank in terms of emotion, save for a few lines furrowed in his forhead: he was extremely late. He wouldn't be, simply put, if he could help it.

He started to do a full-out sprint, or at least as best as he could with Eif in his arms, attempting to not barrel over fellow fans but managing to do so anyways on a few occasions. However, the crowd kept stiffening and stiffening. Eventually, he had to stop due to a literal wall of people between him and the SUMMIT HQ, thicker than metal. The SUMMIT bodyguards would recognize him and let him through, and he just had to get to them, close enough would work: They were burly types. Nobody would cross them wrong. This required some sensible thinking. That, or Eif moving the crowd WITH ITS MIND. People really didn't like being picked up by Psychics, dangling in midair with no support but an invisible power they couldn't feel acting upon them whatsoever.

Hector thought it through for a second or so: Perhaps a Crowd surf would get him over?

"Psst." Hector went, right in someone's ear. The person turned and looked at him, curious.

"What is it?" He asked. Getting him to turn around was the easy part.

"Can you get me up for a Crowd Surf?" Hector asked.

"Pfft! I've got-"

Today, Eif was impatient, and rightfully so. As the person was turning away, his whole body was lifted off the ground by an inch and spun back towards Hector, rigid; Eif's actions. <"Listen, bub, it's either you lift him up to get on a crowd surf willingly, or I force you to kneel down and turn your back into his Stepping stool, and I don't do gentle. Got it?>

He nodded, probably out of sheer horror of suddenly having his private thoughts invaded by what was to that man in that instant something straight out of H.P. Lovecraft's works. Eif's hovering was done with that instant. The fan got Hector up onto his shoulders, somewhat terrified of the prospect of Eif breaking his back, then pronounced a crowd surf. the Rest of the crowd was easier than that dude to persuade, just hyped too much to care for what they were carrying, and Hector wound up in front of the guards. He flashed the proverbial Golden Ticket-which was in this case an actual ticket with SUMMIT's logo-and he got in, just in time for another message.


Hector ran inside, Eif still in his arms. Arcade, halls, more halls, even more halls, a lobby of sorts, even more halls, and finally-

Hector put on the emergency breaks as he nearly rammed into something-a kind of pod of sorts...Oh my. My oooh my...He ran right in...Right when everyone was getting prepared, armor-on and all that...Oh, oh my...

<"Well, we came in just in time, personally... A little too close, though..."> Eif telepathed to Hector, summing up the situation. He got looked at. That was definitely not the best entrance he ever made, but at least he didn't slam himself upon the pod.

...He again flashed his Summit-covered invite, before an intern sighed, handing him some papers. As calmly as possible, still lightly blushing from suddenly bursting in like a bullet. He calmly handed the papers back upon being finished.

He realized without much need of being nudged in the right direction that he should stand near where his stotic face and details were being shown on a screen. Said details, upon closer inspection, included his status as a member of DaTaFoX, most of his past (including the incident where he nearly strangled Nicholas), and any data relating to the original GLADIATOR in any way, and from what he could read, it made a particular note of his Semifinal match against hyperION (one of the few things he boasted of). However, that alone wasn't enough. He had to ask the other question to the next nearest person-coincidentally, a guy named Freddie Spencer.

"...Sorry about the lateness...Ugh...I'll...Need a walk-through of what's going on...Sorry...Do you know?" He asked, trying to be somewhat considerate. His words came out with little variation from a dull monotone, but the little emotion injected into it was a definitely sorry tone. He didn't intend to be THIS late...He made it, though. He accomplished that, at least.

06-15-2013, 08:10 PM
Why did this have to die? It had so much potential...