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Socratic Sarcasm
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Secrets of the Spirit Callers

Even in paradise, darkness looms.

You live in a world with crystalline waters, blue sky, bright sun, and most of all, peace. What’s more, in this world, there are magnificent creatures of beauty, grace, and power known as Pokemon. Some breathe fire, others control the seas, and still others are capable of wielding telekinesis. What’s more, you’re one of them. Pokemon of all kinds live in harmony and peace, exploring together, playing together, learning together.

But what if you were told that this paradise was less like the Biblical one and more like the city of Omelas?

You see, some Pokemon have the ability to perceive far more than normal. Some see visions of the past or future on contact. Others can see things in such exacting detail that they can match Sherlock Holmes himself in his own game. Still others can feel the emotions of those around them, enabling them to do things like detect lies instantly and choose friends easily.

But you may ask yourself, why would this subvert the heaven that everyone finds themselves in?

The problem is, Pokemon are not intended to see that much. Pokemon with visions may see something so horrible and terrible that they go insane. Pokemon who see in great detail may overload at the sheer amount of information and become mad. Pokemon who feel the emotions of others are not intended to feel that much emotion, and may break from the stress of all the conflicting emotions running around inside their heads.

When humans go crazy, they end up going on shooting rampages and killing others. When Pokemon, who have inhuman strength and speed as well as the ability to tap into forces of nature go crazy, maps need to be redrawn and thousands of beings need to be evacuated.

So when a Pokemon displays signs that they are a Spirit Caller, instead of being revered for their gifts, they are swiftly hunted down and killed, with no more compunction than most would feel shooting a rabid dog. It doesn’t matter if the Pokemon is of good or evil character. It doesn’t matter if the Pokemon is a Sunkern or a Slaking. It doesn’t even matter if the Pokemon is a child or an adult: Spirit Callers are hunted down and killed. Swiftly and painlessly, but killed. In fact, an organization known simply as the Guards specifically formed to destroy the Callers.

The Guards operate with complete knowledge of the public, and, due to the sheer amount of destruction a kookoo Caller can cause, they are very popular, except, of course, among the actual Callers. As if this were not enough, individual agents are kept absolutely secret; thus, confiding in anyone about Caller abilities may result in your head being separated from your neck the next day.

However, there is a bit of hope. A round, black clad figure of an unknown species only called by the name of “Grandmaster of All Things Bad”, or simply Grandmaster, has been employing agents of his own to find Callers, bring them to his lair beneath Treasure Town, and train them to control their abilities and use them to their advantage. In return, the Callers trained by the Grandmaster take orders from him, and act as his agents. The Grandmaster has named his organization The Circle, and operates exclusively in the shadows.

So, what are you in this? Are you a Guard, trying to prevent catastrophic levels of destruction by mad Callers? Are you an agent of the Circle, trying to spare the Callers and train them to control themselves? Or are you just a regular Joe (well, as regular of a Joe as a Pokemon can be), trying to get by? Regardless, life is about to get quite interesting for all those involved...


The Guards:

The Guards are a force dedicated first and foremost to obliterating all Callers. Most of the Guards do genuinely believe they are doing the right thing, even though the “right thing” involves killing many sentient creatures, even children. Even though they operate with public knowledge, the individual members’ identities are kept on a need-to-know basis to prevent problems, and, well, most people don’t need to know. The head of the Guards is not known to the general public; indeed, it is unknown to even most of the Guards themselves. Even the Guards who see the Director only see a floating hooding figure whose presence tends to send a chill through the room for some reason.

The Circle:

If the Guards are the necessary evil, then the Circle is the risky good. As far as anyone outside the Circle is concerned, the organization does not exist. The Circle aims to The Circle is organized into a cell network: most grunt level agents know only of a superior and a couple of agents they are made to work with. The Circle limits its membership to Callers to limit the amount of moles possible in the organization.

Despite his less than promising name, the Grandmaster of All Things Bad is actually quite cheerful and friendly, willing to chat with his subordinates, whom he refers to either by first name or by the term “friend.” He even calls his organization his Circle of Friends, referred to in casual conversation among the agents as “The Circle.” However, he is capable of playing politics as well as anyone, and, if that fails, he is a powerful Caller and Pokemon with the ability to turn most Pokemon into red stains if they give him sufficient motivation. Such is his competence that the Guards only have suspicions about an organization like the Circle, and those only from the statistics of the number of Callers disposed of each year.

Types of Callers:

Not all callers are the same. In fact, they come in seven different flavors:

Screamers- These Callers are your classic “see visions of the past/future” Callers. They practice psychometry, or divination through contact with an object. This may occasionally happen involuntarily (particularly when the Screamer is first coming into his or her powers), but it is usually induced.

Scryers- If Screamers can be said to sense a space through time, Scryers can be said to sense the present time through space. They see the things that are happening at the moment they get their visions, but in other places. Like Screamers, this is mostly voluntary, but may occasionally occur randomly. Note that Scryers can’t control where their visions come from, and have to ID the location based on markers in the vision as opposed to instinctively.

Seers- Seers sense everything in very precise levels of detail. If there’s mud on your foot, a Seer is likely to not only spot it, but ID its precise color, composition, and (if they studied soils) the precise location it came from. The Grandmaster is a Seer.

Empaths- Empaths feel you. Literally. Whatever emotion a Pokemon is experiencing, they can feel it on an instinctual level, even if the Pokemon in question is a master at concealing emotions. Do not try to lie to Empaths. You will fail. Badly.

Recallers- Recallers can perceive the memories of other beings through focus, with two catches. One, the memory will be experienced through the lens of the person the memory belongs to; two, Recallers can only read conscious memories, the way their subjects remember them: as such, the memory may not be an accurate depiction of events.

Dreamers- Dreamers can enter the dreams of sleeping Pokemon as observers. Like Recallers, Dreamers perceive the dreams the way their subjects do.

Hunters- Hunters find what they seek, as long as they know what they are seeking. It has to be tangible object, though, and one the Hunter is familiar with. While Hunters are the Callers least likely to throw rampages, they are disproportionately predators, and tend to go General Zaroff on their fellow Pokemon if not carefully controlled.


No Godmodding unless you want to be mysteriously assassinated. No bunnying without permission.

If you spam, flame, or harass anyone, you will get the boot.

If you try to RP a legendary, I will reject you out of hand.

Everything goes in this RP except for explicit lust scenes. Gore? Excellent. Doing it? Fade to black. If you really want to write a lemon, stick to PM, and don’t send it to me.

I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REJECT YOUR SIGN UP IF I BELIEVE THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH IT. I will tell you what’s wrong if that happens. If you do not fix what’s wrong, or have new problems, I will tell you. If you send too many garbage SUs, I will reject you.

Feel free to ask me any questions.

Sign up Sheet:

Name: (You should know this: note that most Mons keep their names secret and go by their species’ name in this RP)
Gender: (I’m not going to tell you how to figure this out)
Age: (Most Pokemon live the same amount of time in human years, with the exception of a few really long lived or immortal mons)
Species: (What the frack are you? Also note what kind of Caller you are here, if applicable)
Allegiance: (What team do you swing for?)
Appearance: (Images are fine, but I still need a paragraph of description minimum. Focus less on the typical species traits, and more on identifiers of the individual that differentiates them from others. And no, Shininess does not, on its own, count as an individual trait (do mention it, though, if applicable). There are multiple shiny Pokemon of the same species)
Personality: (WHO is your character? Give me about two paragraphs worth)
Background: (Why is your character the way he or she is? What shaped him or her into what he or she is? If you want to keep your character obscure, start after the parts you want to keep concealed. If you really really REALLY want to keep your character a secret, PM this to me. Minimum three paragraphs)




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Socratic Sarcasm
11-25-2012, 06:10 PM
Socratic's SU:

Name: Irene Drago

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Species: Seer Haxorus

Allegiance: The Circle

Appearance: Irene’s relatively small, particularly for a Haxorus. She stands at a mere 1.5 meters and has a mass of about 70 kilograms. However, most her body is pure muscle, and it shows. She has many scars on the black parts of her body, and many scratches on her dark yellow scales, particularly on her arms. Instead of tapering off, the tip of her tail ends abruptly, as though the last couple of centimeters were cut off. Her facial expression defaults to something between exasperated and distracted.

Personality: Irene is acidic. She simply gives off a vibe of “I don’t like you” when she enters the room. This vibe is generally proven to be accurate when she opens up her mouth and insults your parentage, your ethics, and your wisdom tooth in the same sentence, in the dryest way possible. In fact, it is very rare to see her talk at all except insult someone in some way.

But Irene is also quite perceptive, and in the course of her insults it is occasionally revealed just how perceptive she is. A lot of the insults she throws around are actual observations, made using her Seer abilities and her general knowledge and experience to deduce where you’ve been, what you were doing, and just how many johns you’ve serviced over the course of the last evening. She generally keeps it under wraps (she is not a fan of being decapitated, apparently), but when you get past her insults, she’s scary smart.

After getting to know Irene a bit better, you discover that, yes, she really is acidic, but she isn’t naturally as acidic as she portrays herself to be. She generally keeps up a front of being a jerk primarily to keep most people away. She has two reasons for this: one, Irene is a bit of a loner by nature. Not a poor-me-angsty-I-need-friends-waa loner, but a genuine I-simply-prefer-to-be-alone loner. She strongly prefers reading or a solo exploration to having to deal with other creatures, as she finds the latter to be draining. The other reason Irene likes to be alone is practicality: she is a Seer, and a really powerful one, and others tend to have a variety of bright colors, make a lot of noise, and have many subtle and not-so-subtle scents, things that can overwhelm a Seer easily, especially one as powerful as Irene. As such, she doesn’t venture out often. Hell, her home is a small cave that most couldn’t see even if they were looking for it, lit only by a single candle, and furnished with a small chest for supplies and food, a mattress for Irene to sleep on, and walls positively painted with books of all kinds. It’s made to minimize the number of stimuli Irene gets, and she spends most of her time there either reading or meditating.

But just because Irene is small and brainy does not mean she is incapable of being brawny: despite being on the small size, she is a Haxorus. She has at least a passable of knowledge of most standard weapons (swords, spears, and the like) and is beyond strong in terms of direct combat. She has more than a working knowledge of attacks that leave wide amounts of destruction in her wake, and is, quite simply, a being of mass destruction. She’s had plenty practice too: she pays the bills by exploring, and she doesn’t half-ass the job.


Irene was born to the House of Drago, a mainly Dragon-type noble family that strongly supports the Guards financially and is rumored to be source of some of their more competent agents. From a young age, Irene was educated about a vast variety of academia, social manipulations, and combat styles, while being repeatedly informed of just how dangerous a Caller can be. She was taught to recognize the different types of Caller from a young age, and to inform her House that they were a Caller so that they could be turned in. Irene, even at a young age, however, didn’t particularly care to turn in the Callers in question, figuring that their danger level had been exaggerated.

However, this changed when, at the age of 10, two things happened. One, Irene witnessed a Caller rampage first hand for the first time. Not the hushed stories her parents and uncles had told her that she never believed, but an actual, genuine Caller rampage. The perpetrator was a Bellossom. The city the Caller rampaged in took about a year to recover. This discrepancy was not lost on Irene, who would have ran to join the Guards at that point if not for the second thing that happened. Irene began to notice things. She could hear the beats of wings, far above her. She could see the specks of dust from several feet away as they were kicked about by people walking around. She could smell the subtle scents that most completely ignored. Now, Irene had always been an intelligent child, and figured out that she was a Seer, and, from the few accounts she heard, a powerful one.

No longer could Irene stand to hear the stories of Callers losing their minds. Each night she went to bed, the thought of the Bellossom destroying city blocks, claiming lives, thoughtlessly, unable to control its actions, haunting her, making her wonder if it was her who was going to be next. And to her ever increasing horror, her Seer abilities were getting stronger. Even going out in public was starting to overload her. As nobles are expected to be sociable, this was getting to be a problem. After nearly snapping at one of many social gatherings that she would be expected to attend, Irene simply left, without another word. She was only 15, and a Fraxure.

Irene then moved near Treasure Town, and used the combat skills she had learned at her home for the purposes of exploring. She never joined a guild, primarily because of the group setting, and spent most her time looking for treasure. Of course, the best way to find out where to dig around for treasure is by listening to rumors. Rumors involve people; people involve crowds; crowds involve stimuli; stimuli involve problems for Irene. She’ll hang out on the fringes and try to listen without overloading, but she’d leave after about 15 minutes, or force herself to stay longer if she didn’t hear anything. She continued this routine for a while, although she would occasionally have to stay home to make sure she didn’t overload.

It changed, however, when an agent of the Circle, a Recaller, was scouting out the memories of the crowds, looking for people to recruit. She happened to glance at Irene’s memories for an instant, and she was startled by their clarity. The Recaller quickly concluded that Irene was powerful Seer and an excellent fighter: just the kind of agent that the Circle needed. After talking it over with the Grandmaster, the Recaller brought Irene to the Circle.

Now the Circle operated on a need to know basis. Very much. Unfortunately for Irene, she could know quickly. When she had a bag placed on her head and tied up in a way to restrain her powers, she still was able to deduce not only where the safe location was, but the species of the ones who brought her there with the sole exception of the Grandmaster, a powerful Seer in his own right who was able to cover up the clues that would have led Irene to her conclusion. Now, Irene wasn’t immediately forced to join (she would have been if she was reluctant); in fact, she was sympathetic with the Circle’s aims. She was, however, not exposed to the other grunts, but instead kept as a single agent to prevent the spread of sensitive information. She was 20 and a recently evolved Haxorus.

Irene rose quickly through the organization through a combination of brains, brawn, and pure gumption. However, her raising and the Bellossom still haunt her, and she secretly questions whether or not she’s doing the right thing. To the general public, she is still the reclusive explorer. To the Circle, she’s the acidic lone wolf who will brook no BS. But Irene still struggles with what she is to herself...

Other: Insert ridiculousness here.

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Name: Amos Altone.

Gender: Male.

Age: Whatever the Salamence equivalent of 30 is.

Species: Salamence Scryer.

Allegiance: The Circle.

Appearance: Amos is large, even for a Salamence, standing at 5'5". He usually wears a calm, if slightly wary, expression, and carries his chin high. His scales are slightly faded and worn from all the time he spends in the sun and wind. He wears a leather satchel, full of inks and blank paper and half-finished maps. The inner claw on his right foot is slightly off-white, thanks to the layers of ink that have stained it over the years. A burn scar from a past fight mars the edge of his right wing.

Personality: Amos is, for the most part, introverted and quiet. He is serious and reserved by nature, and his grave and quiet demeanor isn't likely to change thanks to his Caller talents. He is a brave soul, but he isn't a fool; he will defend suspected Callers publicly right up until the point at which it puts him the Circle in danger. He tends to think objectively and does not generally form strong opinions; however, once his mind is made up there is little that can change it. Because of his ability to remain unbiased, he tends to take on a mediator role in debates. He is very intelligent and well-learned, and enjoys pondering the meanings of life and why the world is the way it is.

While Amos does not actively seek out conversation - and in fact finds prolonged interaction with others quite tiring - he does feel a need to be among others every now and again. He does it for a few reasons - a sense of obligation to his fellow townsfolk, as well as the sense of reality it gives him, since when he is among them he feels anchored to a fixed point, rather than drifting as he usually does in his Scryer visions. He is generally calm and is slow to anger; however, once he is angry it is very hard to calm down. He is very protective of Gretchen; if he knows she can handle something, he will stay out of it, but when he feels intervention is necessary he will not hesitate to provide it. He doesn't have a very strong sense of humor, but he will occasionally crack a wry joke or two.

Background: Amos was born to a middle-class family; his mother was a painter and Salamence like himself, so from an early age he was taught the arts. While he was still young, his Caller talents began to emerge. Most parents would have panicked; however, Amos's parents were Callers themselves, and once Amos grew old enough they introduced him to the Circle. Amos was blessed with discretion and was already seen as a recluse, so fortunately no one thought much of it when he began to withdraw from society to keep his talents secret.

Once Amos grew older and evolved, he decided to move away from his birthplace to a city on the fringe of untamed wildlands, so that he could practice his Scryer talents and attempt to ply his desired trade of cartography. He built a small dwelling-place for himself on the plains in the outskirts of town and began to live in it, slowly forging relationships with the city's denizens. His reputation as a stable and good-hearted citizen grew, and he earned himself a place in the city council.

Not long after that, Amos was walking home one rainy night when he heard shallow breathing. He looked around and found a Deino lying in the gutter, soaking wet with a bloody gash on her lip. Amos asked her where her parents were, and when she gave startlingly specific replies Amos suspected that she was a Caller and he didn't dare to put her in the orphanage. With nowhere else to turn, he decided to raise the child as his own.

Other: I'd try to be funny...


Name: Gretchen Altone.

Gender: Female.

Age: Roughly 12.

Species: Deino Hunter.

Allegiance: The Circle.

Appearance: Gretchen is pint-sized, with a height of only 2'3". She has a long, tapering, almost canine muzzle that usually wears a mischievous, lopsided grin. Her particularly fluffy neck and chest ruff, combined with her gruff voice, often get her mistaken for a male. On her 'ponytail', she wears a Cobalt Bow - which is not a mysterious remnant of her past that she was found with, by the by. Her upper lip on the left side of her face is scarred, making some of her front teeth visible even when her mouth is closed.

Personality: At first glance, Gretchen is an abrasive Deino who doesn't care what anyone thinks. Upon closer examination, she can be revealed as an abrasive Deino who doesn't care what most people think. While she isn't deliberately nasty and doesn't (usually) go out of her way to pick fights with random strangers, Gretchen doesn't give a Rattatta's behind about what the average joe thinks of her and her opinions. She's very blunt, willing to say what she thinks and much less willing to care if others like it. She isn't stupid; she isn't going to go out and say that she hates the Guard and that her life's dream is to light all of them on fire, for instance. However, she has been known to speak without thinking, which often lands her in trouble.

Behind her rough attitude, Gretchen is generally a high-spirited and confident individual. She doesn't easily get depressed, and can as a general rule roll with life's punches fairly well. She is among the first to crack a joke, and picks her targets without discrimination. While she isn't a genius, she is rather crafty, and good at quick thinking which has saved her bacon in more than one pinch. She tends to get very anxious when left alone, and she can be rather temperamental at times when someone doesn't pick up on what she's saying right away. However, her greatest annoyance is when someone sneaks up on her because, thanks to her blindness, the thought that anyone can do that frightens her badly. Do not expect to keep all of your digits if you try to sneak up on her.

Background: "Run, child! Run and never come back!"

That is the first thing that Gretchen remembers: her mother's voice calling out to her as she ran through the night, terrified. The next thing she knew, she was in Amos's cave, lying sopping wet in front of his hearth.

From the first day, Amos made it clear that Gretchen was not his blood daughter, but that at the same time he would do his best to treat her as if she was anyway. Gretchen never really minded this; she merely accepted it as a fact of growing up. While she was a small child, she often mused about who her parents were, but for the most part she discarded this line of pondering as pointless as she grew older. She had Amos, and that was enough.

Amos was very careful in teaching Gretchen how to mask her Hunter talents. When she was a child, her favorite game to play was "Find the stones", in which Amos would give Gretchen several pebbles to smell and touch before hiding them all over the house. The objective was not to find the stones as fast as was possible - which was childishly easy for her - but to make it look as if she were searching for them, and to only 'find' the stones after a good bit of snuffling about and bumping around with her nose to the ground.

As she grew older, she and Amos both agreed that she would never be able to follow in the latter's cartographic footsteps, so she decided to train herself in the fine and noble art of... gardening. She developed an uncanny knack for growing things, and Amos indulged her by setting up a small plot of land by their home. Little crops of berries and herbs provided helpful supplements to both their diets and incomes. Also as she grew older, Amos introduced her to the Circle - being careful to wait until she could keep her talents hidden. She is always eager to help the Circle, doing this by donating most of her garden's proceeds to the order. But she dreams of one day becoming one of their strong fighters, taking the battle to the Guard that she so loathes.

Other: but...


Name: Timor Nettle.

Gender: Male.

Age: 32.

Species: Unspecial Sceptile.

Allegiance: The Guards.

Appearance: Timor is average in height and a bit on the lean side, standing at 5'6". His scales are bright and glossy and slightly more bluish than those of the average Sceptile. His wrist-blades and claws are both long and razor sharp, and the leaves on his tail are lush and healthy. However, the fire that claimed his family has left him with burn scars, mostly on the right side of his body: the back of his neck, his chest, and the lower right side of his face are dotted with scar tissue.

Personality: Timor comes off to some a genuinely nice guy, to others as a sleazy, manipulative weasel, and to still others as a duty-and-honor-driven warrior. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. Timor is sociable and while he doesn't go actively looking for friends, he is usually quite willing to keep up a conversation with someone. He generally has a somewhat positive outlook on life, which when coupled with his smooth social skills make him pleasant company - if you aren't a Caller. If you are a Caller, Timor will stop at nothing to kill you. He takes his oath very seriously, and he genuinely believes that, no matter the cost, the Callers must be exterminated.

On this dark note, Timor can be quite manipulative. He will stop at little short of killing innocents to hound out Callers, and his natural charisma and easy charm only make him that much more effective. He is very honor-driven, and despite claims to the contrary he is rather easily influenced and not particularly loyal to things that aren't him. He also has a temper on him - insult his character or his moral rightness if you want to see him rage - and is given to doubting and discouragement when he is alone.

Background: Timor was born the eldest of three siblings to a well-to-do merchant family in a relatively large town, and was taught a keen eye for business: how to haggle and trade, but also how to charm and sweet-talk others. For most of his upbringing, it was understood without saying that his parents would attempt to bequeath to him the family business to him, and that he wouldn't so much as consider accepting it. Even as a child, he was restless, and much preferred to train himself in fighting than the politics of commerce.

However, Timor's lackadaisical attitude toward his future was changed sharply when, while he was still a Grovyle, an aged, kindly Torkoal and Screamer-in-hiding went on a sudden, inexplicable rampage. The rampage was stopped quickly, but not before Timor's home was burnt to the ground. He and his sister barely escaped; his sister, who had become his only living family, died the very next day. As he watched his sister's last breath, Timor vowed that he would never allow another family to be hurt the way his had been again. Once his burns had healed, Timor went in search of the Guard. Sympathizing with his drive and appreciating his agility and cunning, they took him in and trained him.

A small hole opens up in Timor's history there, a patch in which he dodges all direct questions the best he can. What is known is that, while he was still a Grovyle, he fell in love. He will not reveal the identity of his lover; only that she was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes on, although "It took her a long time to realize just how perfect she was". They had a brief yet passionate affair, which was tragically cut short when the lady in question was revealed to be an Empath.

"She is dead," Timor invariably ends this story with that line, and will not say anymore. Most assume that he was forced to kill her himself.

After that, Timor dedicated himself relentlessly to the pursuit of the Callers, forging a killing path and rising through the Guards' ranks, becoming a trusted commander shortly after his evolution. Nowadays, he stalks the streets, fulfilling his oath to the best of his abilities, believing that he is still in the right but never without tethers of self-doubt tugging at his heart.

Other: ... nope!

11-25-2012, 10:29 PM
This sort of sounds like "Push" which, I rewatched this morning ironically. XD I am so totally joining this. Reserve me and I'll get some characters up soon~ :3

Name: Flambe Drace.

Gender: Male.

Age: Fifteen.

Species: Recaller Charmander.

Allegiance: The Circle.

Appearance: (Images are fine, but I still need a paragraph of description minimum. Focus less on the typical species traits, and more on identifiers of the individual that differentiates them from others. And no, Shininess does not, on its own, count as an individual trait (do mention it, though, if applicable). There are multiple shiny Pokemon of the same species)

Personality: (WHO is your character? Give me about two paragraphs worth)

Background: (Why is your character the way he or she is? What shaped him or her into what he or she is? If you want to keep your character obscure, start after the parts you want to keep concealed. If you really really REALLY want to keep your character a secret, PM this to me. Minimum three paragraphs)

Name: Juniper Fox.

Gender: Female.

Age: Twenty-eight.

Species: Empath Shiny Zoroark.

Allegiance: The Circle.

Appearance: (Images are fine, but I still need a paragraph of description minimum. Focus less on the typical species traits, and more on identifiers of the individual that differentiates them from others. And no, Shininess does not, on its own, count as an individual trait (do mention it, though, if applicable). There are multiple shiny Pokemon of the same species)

Personality: (WHO is your character? Give me about two paragraphs worth)

Background: (Why is your character the way he or she is? What shaped him or her into what he or she is? If you want to keep your character obscure, start after the parts you want to keep concealed. If you really really REALLY want to keep your character a secret, PM this to me. Minimum three paragraphs)

Name: Silver Resive.

Gender: Male.

Age: Forty.

Species: Normal Aggron.

Allegiance: The Guards.

Appearance: (Images are fine, but I still need a paragraph of description minimum. Focus less on the typical species traits, and more on identifiers of the individual that differentiates them from others. And no, Shininess does not, on its own, count as an individual trait (do mention it, though, if applicable). There are multiple shiny Pokemon of the same species)

Personality: (WHO is your character? Give me about two paragraphs worth)

Background: (Why is your character the way he or she is? What shaped him or her into what he or she is? If you want to keep your character obscure, start after the parts you want to keep concealed. If you really really REALLY want to keep your character a secret, PM this to me. Minimum three paragraphs)

11-27-2012, 05:27 AM
Name: Leonard Popov
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Species: Mienfoo
Allegiance: The Guards
Appearance: Standing 3’1” and weighing approximately 46lbs, Leonard is above average in size, and his young age suggests he’ll grow even more. His pelt is a bit faded, suggesting a malnourished upbringing. A long scar runs from below his left eye horizontally across his cheek. A crimson bandanna is tied around his neck.
Personality: Leo is an intelligent, driven, and sharp young man. He is loyal to a fault, never questioning his orders from his superiors. He can be very easy to get along with, though his tendency to play straight man has made him the butt of jokes in the past. Nonetheless, he has a number of civilian friends.

At the same time, Leonard is reckless and headstrong. He endlessly pursues Callers, to his own determent occasionally. He is short tempered, and very loud. Moreover, his blind obedience has a tendency to get him into situations he isn’t fully prepared for.
Background: Leonard’s parents died when he was about 5 years old, in an accident. The Mienfoo never really learned what the accident was, nor does he ever want to. As with all the orphaned children, he carried the surname Popov, “Son of the Priest.”

From the moment he first walked in the door, Leonard was always a troublemaker. Not an awful child by any stretch, but one that enjoyed pranks and rule breaking. A firm hand would have lead him out of this behavior, but he never really allowed any potential families the chance. He was determined to only ever have one family, the one that had passed on. Thus Leonard remained a part of the orphanage.

When Leonard was around 10, he met Adrian. The small Riolu looked up to him, and eventually grew attached to the Mienfoo. It was a bit of an odd friendship, but Adrian proved to be a good influence on him. Leonard began to mellow out, and slowly the troublemaker faded away.

For the next three years things went like that. Leonard continued to avoid potential families, mainly due to stubbornness. By the time he was 13, the Mienfoo only had 3 more years in the orphanage until he’d be set free. But it wasn’t to be. A Caller child, actually one of the ones Leonard considered a friend, went berserk. Leonard was extremely lucky to escape with only a slight scar. But he’d never forget the sight of that child, bathed in blood with a mad look in its eyes.

Taking Adrian with him, the Mienfoo wandered. Eventually he joined The Guard, though to his dismay Adrian wouldn’t be able to join alongside him. Nonetheless, he worked hard to prove himself. He started to get a bit bloodthirsty in his pursuit of Callers, but somehow he managed to keep himself alive.

So things continued for the next four years. He hunted Callers by day and learned from Adrian at night. He managed to pick up Footprint, though not with Adrian’s aptitude. By the time he was 17 he considered himself a self-made Pokemon, capable of taking care of himself and Adrian, who he was increasingly coming to see as a younger brother, despite his deepest wish for no family.

And then Adrian’s abilities as a Scryer first started showing up. As a member of the Guard, Leonard had been trained to kill any and all Callers without exception. It was the only way to free them from their cursed existence, and only way to protect others from their rampages. So he confronted Adrian. And he failed.

Not because he didn’t have the ability. No, the Riolu was smaller, weaker, and would never raise his paws against Leonard. The Mienfoo failed because he loved Adrian, and he couldn’t bring himself to harm the younger Pokemon. So instead, at risk to himself, Leonard facilitated Adrian’s escape. He ‘loaned’ the Riolu his coat, and sent him out to the world.

To this day he still has not said a word about it. He has only gotten more bloodthirsty, more driven. Each day might be his last. Leonard fears the day that someone will find out that he harbored a Caller, and did not kill them. All it would take is a Guard recognizing Adrian. It has been two years since then, and still that day has not come.

Name: Adrian Popov
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Species: Scryer Riolu
Allegiance: The Circle
Appearance: At 1’11” and 39lbs, Adrian is a runt. Like Leonard, his pelt is faded. A scar runs vertically from his forehead over his right eye to his right cheek. Obviously, his right eye is no longer a thing. He wears a makeshift eye patch overtop it. Taking after the Grandmaster, he wears a shabby black hooded cloak, though he claims to be holding onto it for someone.
Personality: Adrian is a friendly, if distant, young man. His life experiences are etched into his very soul. While not as book smart as Leonard is, Adrian has the know how to make it in general life.

He’s an extreme doormat. Literally anything short of his death is forgivable. While he’s extremely friendly, his quiet demeanor and distant personality make it hard for anyone to get close to him.
Background: Adrian is an orphan. His mother died in childbirth, and his father gave him up for adoption, believing that he wouldn’t be able to properly care for the boy alone. As with all children of the orphanage, he carries the surname Popov, “Son of the Priest”.

Adrian’s quiet demeanor meant that a lot of the children his age never approached him. Instead, he fell in with the older boys, where he met Leonard. Unfortunately, said demeanor, alongside his status as a runt, also dissuaded any potential adopters, and thus it seemed like Adrian would remain in the orphanage until he was of age.

That changed one night, when Adrian was about 11. A child with Caller abilities went berserk. The orphanage burned, and many people died. Adrian himself lost his eye, and fled for his life with Leonard. The older boy joined The Guard, determined to never let such a thing happen again. Once again, Adrian’s quiet demeanor and small stature, as well as his new handicap, dissuaded the Guard from accepting him as well.

So instead, the boy took up reading. He had a fairly good grasp of Footprint by the time he was 13, the knowledge of which he passed onto Leonard. By the time he was 15, he was starting to piece together Unown language as well. Everything seemed to be going well for him.

That was when his abilities as a Scryer first started showing up. By all rights, Leonard should have killed him. However, the Mienfoo couldn’t bring himself to do so. So instead Adrian fled, using Leonard’s black coat to hide himself from the outside world. A few months later, he’d fallen in with The Circle. And with them he remains.

Socratic Sarcasm
11-28-2012, 11:53 PM
@Flynt: Two issues:

1) The histories of your two characters are a little too similar. If two of your characters share a lot of history, then there should be different perspectives on the events, instead of mere duplication.

2) You MIGHT want to tone down the effectiveness of Leonard just a little bit. At least enough so that there won't be speculation about him being a Hunter. Because those rumors would last exactly as long as it would take for someone in the Guards with the authority to arrange an "accident" for Leonard to hear them. The Guard does NOT screw around.

11-29-2012, 07:29 AM
Sounds fun! Definitely give me a reserve, I'll be finishing it up around Sunday. One question though, would it be possible to have a Caller character be in the Guards?

11-29-2012, 10:19 AM
An accident sounds interesting, but if you'd rather I'll tone him down. As for history, I'll see what I can do.

Socratic Sarcasm
11-29-2012, 11:10 AM
@Flynt: I'm fine either way. Just warning you of the consequences.

@Latisiblings: Theoretically. But they'd have to be weak enough to prevent speculation. Otherwise, their body may be in Treasure Town while their head is in Blizzard Island.

11-29-2012, 12:07 PM
@Latisiblings: Theoretically. But they'd have to be weak enough to prevent speculation. Otherwise, their body may be in Treasure Town while their head is in Blizzard Island.

Uh, I meant it as in, having a character that possesses the Caller abilities, but allied with the Guard instead of the Circle. I was going for a 'templar knight' kind of guy, who believes the Guard is firmly in the right, but at the same time feeling guilty about his Caller traits.

Socratic Sarcasm
11-29-2012, 12:18 PM
Still fine. Doesn't matter how much they support the cause. If someone begins to speculate, and they blab to the higher ups (or if they are the higher ups), the dude is dead.

11-29-2012, 12:30 PM
Gotcha then. Just wanted to make sure it was a-ok with you. Thanks! Shouldn't take too long, then.

On a completely unrelated note, when do you plan to start the RP?

Socratic Sarcasm
11-29-2012, 12:33 PM
Probably not next weekend, but the weekend after. I might get it up earlier depending on workload, but that's the tentative date for now.

12-01-2012, 06:13 AM
I'm a bit sad that the groups are being painted so extremely black and white. I really prefer more moral ambiguity. What you've said about the Guard doesn't really match the "Necessary Evil" you claimed them to be in your first post. There's a difference between dogmatic and excessive. Going after anyone even rumored to have a power is a great way to make sure your group falls apart.

For starters it makes the public hate you. It also seeds distrust amongst the actual members. It also puts you at a disadvantage: Killing off people on your side not only makes your side weaker in manpower but it dissuades new people from joining, persuades them to help your enemies, and, if by chance you do kill a Caller on your side, takes out a significant powerhouse that you could have unleashed on your enemies.

Then again, with the heads of the groups being who they are, I suppose it is sort of in character. Though it doesn't really make sense for the Guard, given how events played out...

In any case, I've updated Leonard and Adrian.

Socratic Sarcasm
12-01-2012, 12:11 PM
I'm a bit sad that the groups are being painted so extremely black and white. I really prefer more moral ambiguity. What you've said about the Guard doesn't really match the "Necessary Evil" you claimed them to be in your first post. There's a difference between dogmatic and excessive. Going after anyone even rumored to have a power is a great way to make sure your group falls apart.

The Guard isn't stupid. Extreme, yes. Stupid, no. Sure, sometimes they publicly execute a target, like the Bellossom in Irene's history. But usually, they go "Oopsy, he fell off that cliff. You have our condolences.

For starters it makes the public hate you.

Sure. If they know what you're doing.

It also seeds distrust amongst the actual members.

Damage from that is going to be limited. I think I may have mentioned this, but I'm not sure: the Guard (and the Circle, mind you) is organized in a clandestine cell network. They already KNOW they're being distrusted.

It also puts you at a disadvantage: Killing off people on your side not only makes your side weaker in manpower but it dissuades new people from joining, persuades them to help your enemies, and, if by chance you do kill a Caller on your side, takes out a significant powerhouse that you could have unleashed on your enemies.

Theoretically, a loose suitcase nuke with a timer no one can read can be used against your enemies, too. Doesn't mean it's wise. And again, it's not like the Guards publicize their every action.

Then again, with the heads of the groups being who they are, I suppose it is sort of in character. Though it doesn't really make sense for the Guard, given how events played out...

What do you mean?

In any case, I've updated Leonard and Adrian.

Much better. Approved as soon as I can move my butt to edit my first post.

Plus, you're forgetting the REAL source of moral ambiguity: the Circle. The Circle is basically a bunch of those suitcase nukes trying to get together and get more of those nukes to try to cut the red wire. And they aren't always successful either.

12-01-2012, 01:37 PM
... You mean it's not supposed to be obvious? I'm an avid fan of the PMD games, played Red Rescue Team and, more importantly for this story, Explorers of Darkness and Explorers of Sky. I won't say if I'm really not supposed to, but this really didn't seem like a sort of shocking twist to me.

Socratic Sarcasm
12-01-2012, 02:20 PM
Well, one of them is totally intended to jump out at you. But the other is not someone you've seen before (well, it could be. But even if it is, it's a minor character).

Frost Dragon
12-01-2012, 08:03 PM
This looks like it could be interesting. Assuming I come up with anything close to a descent character, I might join.

01-02-2013, 02:32 AM
Is this still going to happen?

Cobalt Shadow
01-02-2013, 11:01 AM
Looks pretty sick. I haz plans!

Name: Eclipse (Eclipse is real name. Not many people know. Goes by Flare)
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Species: Empath Blaziken
Allegiance: The Circle
Appearance: Slightly taller than most Blaziken. Stands at 2m, when the average is 1.9m. Green eyes, where the usual are blue, and flames from wrists, and flamethrower attacks are dark blue. Nobody knows why. That's just the way they are. Has a scar that extends from his rights shoulder to his left hip. This is usually covered in feathers (Do Blaziken have feathers?) which are slightly discoloured. This scar doesn't affect physical capabilities. He received it in a fight against a guard (An Absol) years prior.
Personality: Eclipse is determined and proud. If set a task, he will not rest until it is completed. Though he doesn't start fights, he will never run away from a fight, and will fight to the death, need be. This being said, he would rather find a solution to a problem without getting violent. He will defend those who cannot defend themselves, and will not allow anyone to act as if they are better than him or his allies. If a friend is in trouble, he will do what he can to help, even if it means going against what they want.
Background: Eclipse hatched on the day of a full Solar Eclipse. Hence his name. Eclipse's father (A Typhlosion) died before Eclipse hatched, leaving Eclipse's mother (A Blaziken) to take care of Eclipse . Like Eclipse, his father had blue flames on his back, and in his attacks. Eclipse didn't learn the truth about his father until he was 10. At the time, Eclipse's was a torchic, and his mother told him that his father left before he hatched. Until one day Eclipse showed the signs of being an Empath. He asked his mother about his father, because all of his friends had fathers that lived with them. He suddenly felt a great wave of sadness. More so than if he had left. After feeling this, he asked if his father was alive. His mother began to panic, and though she hid it, Eclipse knew that he was right. He felt her fear at him knowing. When he said "Why are you panicking?" she figured out he was an Empath like his father, and told him everything. His father was an Empath, who kept it a secret. But he was found, and killed by the guard. Eclipse didn't know of his empath abilities at the time, and learnt of them on that day, and how he had to keep it a secret.

For years, he and his mother kept it a secret well. He eventually evolved into a Combusken, and life went on as normal. But they should have known that the guard would have kept an eye on any possible Callers. One day, when Eclipse was 17, he got into a fight with another pokemon. He came home with a bruise on his face, and a large cut on his arm. When his mother found out, she was furious. Even though he didn't start the fight, his mother told him he should have walked away. She pretended not to be angry, but Eclipse sensed it. The guard were watching them at the time, knew they found another when they heard Eclipse yell at his mother "Don't tell me your not angry. Me of all pokemon can tell that you are. Don't lie to me!". The guard broke into their home in the middle of the night. Eclipse couldn't sleep after the arguement with his mother. When they were about to break in, he felt the presence of secrecy (The guard trying to remain hidden), and heard a crash at the door. He climbed out the window and ran, knowing that these were the people who killed his father.

A few days after running away, Eclipse was found by a member of the circle. A Gallade who was also an Empath. They felt Eclipse fear, and recognised it as his own, when the Guard were after him. He took him into the circle and had him trained. Eventually he evolved into a Blaziken, and is now working with the Circle. His job is to locate Callers, and escort them to the HQ of the circle in as clean a matter as possible. Because of this, Eclipse is very agile. However he escorted a caller back, who was being used by the Guard as bait. This ended up in an ambush, where Eclipse got his scar on his back in battle. He managed to escape, and after some time to heal, was back to work.

If there is anything wrong, let me know and I will work on it ASAP. I am off school so I have too much free time on my hands at the moment.

EDIT: Cancelling sign up. I need to focus on school and eliminate distractions.

09-03-2013, 02:58 AM
Name: Aria
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Species: Dreamer Furret
Allegiance: The Circle
Appearance: No matter what she does to it, Aria's fur always has a ragged, worn look to it. Even if she spent the whole day grooming, her fur will always look tattered, so Aria doesn't bother to try and style it much anymore, which does not help at all to improve its look. However, her tail is sleek and shining, so she makes it a point to carry her tail high in the air for fear of diverting it. Aria has wide, clear blue eyes which never seem to blink or shift positions, much like an owl's. Looking into her eyes too long has an almost hypnotic effect. Aria always looks like she's trying not to smile, despite how somber she may feel.

Personality: Aria is quiet, rarely speaking if she can help it. Rather, she sings or hums to herself almost constantly. Through practice, her singing voice has become lovely and flowing in spite of her age. Aria is extremely secretive, refusing to divulge information to most everyone she hasn't known for a very, very long time. Aria is open to tears and despises rough or callous behavior. If hurt, she is known to shun the offender for days, weeks, or even months-Aria possesses mountains of persistence and will never fail to use it if the situation arises. When Aria says "I'm not talking to you", she means it, though you won't usually detect any difference from being ignored and her usual demeanor. Aria never sings on request, believing she is mediocre at best.

Background: Aria lived in an abusive family. Consistently hit or verbally abused, Aria often tried to sneak off in the night, failing each time. Her mother only gave her just enough food, and her father refused to have anything to do with her. She never met her sister, who was hatched a full 8 years before her, and Aria' s brother took it upon himself to play cruel 'jokes' on her, leaving Aria almost always in tears. Even a few Pokemon living nearby joined in, following and putting down Aria constantly. Aria became depressed and even tried to commit suicide a few times at one point or another, backing down at the last moment or being caught each time. Unfortunately, other Pokemon didn't find out about all this until she was already a Furret.

Aria was taken away to live in a foster family, where Aria, not feeling as though she was wanted or needed, still refused to speak. She stayed up late to view the dreams of others, developing dark half-circles beneath her eyes, her fur taking on Aria' s characteristic unkempt look. Never answering when questioned about them, Aria was taken to counseling for her 'sleep problem'. Her counselor, Persian, managed to force Aria to answer written questions and even had Aria sleep one night in a clinic for monitoring, where she pretended to sleep the whole night. When no results were found, Aria was sent back, exhausted from not even dozing the whole night.

Thus, Aria decided to sleep a full night for once. Bad idea. Aria, despite rarely talking whilist awake, speaks at length in her sleep. This night, she cried out in her sleep, attracting the attention of her family. Upon listening to her give a long, descriptive monolouge about entering dreams, along with examples from previous nights, they decided enough was enough and woke Aria to question her. She confirmed all their claims wholeheartedly, thinking, alas, for her whole life that it was normal. When it became clear that she was being followed by a few certain Pokemon on her excursions outside (And even a few times outside her window at night) a deep fear set in. She asked her foster family about the Pokemon, they denied seeing any of them. Aria, in a panic, ran away into a nearby forest, hoping they would leave her alone. A few days after fleeing, Aria braved a visit into town and happened on a member of the Circle, who spirited her away for good to The Circle.

Other: I will take immediate action if anything is wrong, so please tell me if anything is!