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Kid Blaze
11-26-2012, 05:54 PM
Rules of the Roleplay
-Do not godmod. Godmodding is when you intentionally take someoneís character and use them for yourself.
-No overpowered characters. This means that you cannot have legendary Pokemon or any Pokemon that is undefeatable. All Pokemon are equally leveled.
-Only two characters are allowed. Ask before making a new character.
-This roleplay is rated PG-13. Blood may be shed, but not in excess. Also, no excessive cursing. The occasional Damn is fine but not if you say it more than twice per post.
-Respect all players in the roleplay.
-Have fun

The Backstory

It is currently the year 2132 and the Gildor Region now lies in shambles. A strange beast who calls himself Aberon has appointed himself the ruler of the Gildor. Not much is known as to Aberonís origin, but his power is not to be underestimated. He can become any Pokemon that he chooses to and keeps himself secluded deep in what was once Isen City.

The human race had already tried rebelling against Aberon, but they fell in the attempt. Aberon has asserted full control over the region and no Pokemon has attempted to rebel.

At least, not until now. In what was once Kinleaf Town, a small group is being formed. The regionís finest fighters, calling themselves the elites, have volunteered to go on a journey to defeat the evil lord. You, the roleplayer, are one of the chosen ones. Can you brave Aberon and his army of darkness, or will this final strike against him end in failure? Only you can decide.

Sign-up form

The name of your character. Last name is optional
What is your Pokemon?
Altered Appearance/Fakemon Description:
If your Pokemon looks different from the species, list it here. Also, if this Pokemon is not an official Pokemon, describe it here.
Your Pokemonís history. The entire lifestory is not needed, but keep it brief and descriptive.

12-05-2012, 02:10 AM
Suggestion: You may want to add more backstory.
It is a bit vague and too brief.

Goddmodding is where you make your character overpowered.
This can also include making your character appear to teleport from one place to another[you are supposed to include traveling and show that it takes time].

Bunnying is where you take control of an opponent.
Suggestion: It is not a bad idea to allow people to give someone bunnying rights in case they have to be gone for a period of time.

I do like the fakemon idea. I haven't seen that option yet. Of course I haven't been here for very long.
You may also want to be the first one to post a character and give others an example of how to model their characters.
You may also consider having more information included in the form such as age, gender, personality, appearance, etc.

I believe this roleplay does show some promise, but you need to seriously enlarge the back story.