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12-15-2012, 06:01 AM
Hey guys! How have you been?

Iīm here to tell you guys about my story, many of you remember me, for those who donīt I joined about 2007 and I was a really active guy till 2011 I made myself known over here especially in the battling center.

Well my story is with this industry called Organo Gold, it is a Network Marketing based company, I have been in this industry a little bit more of two months and I am making $200 dollars weekly, it is an awesome oportunity or at least I saw it like that.

Many of you might ask yourselfs ĻWhat is Network MarketingĻ?

I think Network Marketing is the future of any enterprise which wants to succeed and grow really rapidly. I would explain this a little further but I will let the guy who gave me my first conference explain you what is this business about:

I met this incredible guy called Holton Buggs in a conference over here in Mexico, a friend of mine knew because his cousin had been in this enterprises for over six years and he wanted to join, I didnīt know what this was about but he convinced me about doing it, about joining this proyect, investing MY own money (It wasnīt much but it was all I had) and picturing my dream and seeing it each time a little bit closer.

Well guys I want to invite everyone of you to join Organo Gold, I think this is the future of business, if any of you would like to join donīt hestitate on sending me a PM or asking over here if you have any doubts, it is good to see this place is still hanging around it is an awesome community.

Thanks for your time,