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Dog of Hellsing
12-23-2012, 05:55 PM

There is a place called Silent Hill, where unspeakable things have happened in the past. Where monsters roam the streets, and where reality is twisted into another dimension altogether. It is a place where nightmares dwell and hope is non-existent. It is a place lost souls end up, trapped in a purgatory of ash and darkness.

But there is something even more terrifying lurking in the town than there used to be. A creature of myth and terror, he goes by many names. The White King, Der Ritter, The Tall Man, The Faceless One, The Operator, Slenderman. A tall being wearing a black suit, a red tie, and with an empty white slate for a face. Those who are hunted by him know only fear before their death, those who are chosen by him become his faithful slaves. He rules over a realm known as The Path of Black Leaves, which has recently lead him into the cursed boundaries of Silent Hill. There, he stalks the lost ones, always watching…

You wake up in Silent Hill, unable to remember how you got here. What you do in the course of your “visit” will determine your fate. Will you find salvation and escape, or will you find death? Or perhaps, you may give in and simply join the man that haunts your mind…


1) Follow the ToS (Terms of Service, those things you agreed to when you joined the forum)

2) No bunnying other characters unless given permission by their player (Slenderman’s character, by default, is capable of minor bunnying)

3) No god-moding (Again, by default, Slenderman’s character has god-mode active as a default)

4) Keep cursing to a minimum, please.

5) If you want to get into heavy petting or whatever, do it over PM, not in the main RP. As a rule, if it’s more than kissing or hugging, it belongs in a PM or a private RP thread separate from the main one.

6) Please try to be relatively active (post three or so times a week, at least). If a character is inactive for more than a week with no prior notice, I’ll send a PM to the character’s player. If there is no response within five days, Slenderman either gets to kill the character or turn them into a Proxy for the sake of preventing the RP from dying due to inactive members.

7) Literate posts please; no chat speak, one liners, or posts full of emoticons or smilies.

8) If you have an issue with another player or any specific outcomes, please contact either me or Zolar about it, rather than posting in the RP or here.

9) Try to keep OOC content in the RP to a minimum; if you’re discussing ideas or want clarification on something or whatever, please make use of the discussion thread (aka here) or PM the other members.


1) Slenderman’s domain is known as the Path of Black Leaves, and only he and his Proxies can travel there at will. Characters that get taken there may have a chance at escaping back to Silent Hill or even back to the Real World, though in almost all cases characters will remain in the Path of Black Leaves until they are brought back by Slenderman or a Proxy.

2) Proxies are people who have been completely broken, emotionally and mentally, and are now servants to Slenderman. They carry out his will in the Real World, such as taunting victims or taking them to the Path. They do this in Silent Hill as well, but they are more dangerous and numerous than when in the Real World.

3) SH monsters exist as normal. Monsters from all the games as well as the movie are fair game here.

4) Slenderman mostly moves around in the Fog World, appearing much less often when the Otherworld forms. He will still appear occasionally and is much stronger while the Otherworld has formed, but in most cases he will leave the stronger monsters that roam the Otherworld to terrorize his victim. Depending on what he has planned for anyone specifically, he might step in to prevent someone from being outright killed, but otherwise will not interfere with the actions of the monsters (this applies to the Fog World as well). Also, the effects of Slender Syndrome are stronger while the Otherworld has formed (Slender Syndrome is explained below).

5) In cases where characters are “taken” (abducted into the Path of Black Leaves, either by Slenderman himself or a Proxy), a private RP can be done between the character, NPC Proxies, and Slenderman, if so desired. Because time passes differently in SH as opposed to the Path of Black Leaves (for the sake of this RP, at least), a character can be in the Path for weeks, but upon returning to the Fog World find less than an hour has passed. This will help prevent any weird time conflicts and also means members don’t actually have to wait a week before returning to the main RP. There is no time/post limit a taken character has to wait before being able to return; if your character is taken, your next post can have them returning regardless of how long it’s been since your last post or how many times others have posted.

6) If you decide you want your character to become a Proxy (see the Possible Outcomes section below), work out the various details with Zolar (who is playing Slenderman for this). You can also talk to him in regards of deciding when your character is taken, how long they’re gone for, how often Slenderman approaches them, and so on and so forth. Keep in mind that most of this will be random to keep the RP from getting stale and planned and Zolar has the right to refuse setting things up with you if he wants to.

7) Slenderman is pretty much indestructible in this, unless someone happens to escape Silent Hill and find information on stopping him…With that in mind, be aware that his character can bunny to a small extent (saying he grabs someone’s arm or something along those lines), and that pretty much nothing can be done to hurt him.

8) Slenderman, like the monsters of SH, will cause electronic devices like radios, phones, and camcorders to emit static when he is nearby, but only when they are turned on.

9) Slenderman’s presence causes intense fear in those near him (except for Proxies). It can be a good way of knowing when to run…or a good way of being frozen from terror and unable to flee…

Slender Syndrome:

Those who spend too much time in Slenderman’s presence or in the Path will begin to suffer from what is known as Slender Syndrome. These are various effects on a person’s body that range from mild to intense depending on how much time one has spent around Slenderman or in his domain. The less time one has spent around him, the less severe the symptoms, and the more time one has spent around him the more severe the symptoms become. Here is a list of the symptoms (note that they don’t have to develop in this order or even at all; it’s a sort of case-by-case thing, as different people react in different ways).

Headaches ; dizziness/vertigo ; nosebleeds ; coughing fits ; coughing up blood ; paranoia ; insomnia ; memory loss (occurs almost 100% of the time after being taken, with the victim being unable to remember anything about the time they were in the Path) ; blacking out ; nightmares featuring Slenderman (as he has the power to manipulate dreams) ; and obsession with the Operator Symbol (a circle with an X through it; this obsession usually manifests in drawing the symbol over and over again on any available surface with any available material, including blood if nothing else).

Slender Syndrome generally begins to manifest within a day or two of being in Slenderman’s presence or of returning from the Path for the first time, and usually starts with coughing fits. Again, this may or not apply to individual characters, who can decide everything about the Syndrome from when it starts to how quickly it escalates.

Goal of the RP:

There are different end goals for the RP, depending on what you want your character’s ultimate fate to be. If you want to escape Silent Hill, your efforts should be put towards finding out how you were brought there in the first place. If you want to become a Proxy and help kill/recruit the other characters, you should focus on trying to encounter Slenderman/other Proxies as much as possible. If you want your character to suffer some horrid fate too dark to speak of, work towards making it happen. There’s no right or wrong way to do things in this RP.

Possible Outcomes For Characters:

There are a number of different things that can happen to your characters over the course of the RP, but most of them will culminate in one of three outcomes; the character’s death, becoming a Proxy, or escaping Silent Hill. There’s a possible 4th outcome, but that one’s going to be kept secret for now and revealed privately to people should the need arise in the RP. Each outcome has its own pros and cons, which are listed below.

1) Character Death
a) Ability to bring another character into the RP who will have a better chance at resisting the influence of Slenderman and his Proxies (less fearful, less prone to madness)
b) Better chance of new characters to resisting being taken, or if taken, better chance at escaping Slenderman’s domain before normally being returned
c) New characters suffers less from the effects of Slender Syndrome
d) New characters are less likely to become Proxies

a) Because of being less afraid, new characters are more likely to attack Slenderman/Proxies instead of running, which may result in injuries or attempts at being taken
b) New characters are less aware of when Slenderman is around thanks to the dulled effects of his presence
c) All progress of the previous character is lost, and they cannot be “reborn” through the new character. Once a character is dead, they are dead for good.

2) Becoming a Proxy
a) No longer hunted by Slenderman
b) No longer affected by Slender Syndrome
c) Most monsters of Silent Hill will no longer attack a Proxy, save very strong ones or ones that have the most base animal instincts
d) More resistant to physical injuries
e) Increased strength and stamina
f) The ability to travel to Slenderman’s domain and, from there, into the Real World

a) When the Proxy mindset takes over, the character will be unable to remember what they did during those timeframes
b) Unless of a very strong will, Proxies will be unable to ignore Slenderman’s commands when under the Proxy mindset
c) Most Proxies cannot control when their Proxy mindset takes over, though it typically will not happen when in the presence of those who don’t know the Proxy is working with Slenderman (generally, a Proxy and Slenderman will work in advance to determine when the mindset is active, though as long as it’s not too often, players can decide when to activate the mindset on their own)
d) Proxies tend to be emotionally unstable thanks to their minds being broken in the process of becoming a Proxy. Those who have a higher will can usually hide their emotional instability

3) Escaping Silent Hill
a) Ability to research Slenderman and his Proxies in order to learn ways of hurting them, killing them, or even just keeping them at bay
b) Ability to return to Silent Hill in order to put any information learned to use
c) Slenderman will not come after those who return to the Real World unless/until all other active characters are dead or have become Proxies
d) Option to not return to Silent Hill and instead opt to apply any learned information to the Real World as a means of protection

a) increased chances of paranoia from dealing with Slenderman/Proxies/Silent Hill’s monsters
b) Slenderman will not himself travel to the Real World to hunt characters who escape, but will send many Proxies to stop the character (either by killing them or bringing them back to Silent Hill)
c) If a character returns to Silent Hill, they will immediately become Slenderman’s highest-priority target, even if the character didn’t learn anything that could be used against him while back in the Real World
d) Somewhat more susceptible to the effects of Slenderman’s presence and Slender Syndrome upon returning to Silent Hill, whether done willingly or by force
e) Characters returning to Silent Hill have a slightly higher risk of being turned into Proxies thanks to being more vulnerable to Slender Syndrome


If you want to read up on the Slenderman mythos or become more familiar with the world of SH, here are a few links to check out.

Slender Man - Mythical Creatures Guide (http://www.mythicalcreaturesguide.com/page/Slender+Man)
The Slenderman Wiki (http://theslenderman.wikia.com/wiki/Slender_Man)
The Silent Hill Wiki (http://silenthill.wikia.com/wiki/Silent_Hill_Wiki) (the Monsters and Mythology sections will be of most importance here)

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Dog of Hellsing
12-23-2012, 06:50 PM
Krystal Tompson
West Silent Hill

“Hey! Hey, wait up!”

I jogged after the misty, pale-blue figure as it silently floated away from me, never once stopped to acknowledge my presence. It was unnerving that the Beings in this freaky place were ignoring me like this. Some of the ones I’d met in the past weren’t very talkative, but they’d always, at the very least, nodded at me or said hello or done something to let me know they were aware of me. But ever since I’d woken up here (wherever the hell here even was), the Beings had either refused to respond to me, or weren’t aware of me. Whatever the issue, it wasn’t a comforting situation I now found myself in. I was desperate to try and find someone who could tell me where I was and possibly give insight to how I’d gotten here, but had met with nothing but failure.

“Hey, come on already, WAIT!” I yelled, but the Being kept on going. Transparent and wispy, it looked like a young woman dressed in tattered modern-day clothes. Everything below the knees was just a whirling fog, which was normal for humanoid Beings. She wasn’t exactly speeding along, but she was moving at a brisk enough pace that I was starting to get a nasty stitch in my left side. I’d been following her for about seven blocks now, often having to detour around various buildings as the Being phased through them. I finally decided to quit playing “Follow the Leader” and put on a burst of speed, running past the Being before turning and facing her. I put all my willpower and focus into getting her attention, hoping that it would do the trick. Beings fed off of being acknowledged in a lot of cases.

It didn’t work as well as I’d hoped, though. In fact, it didn’t work at all. The Being floated towards me without slowing down or focusing her distant gaze on me, and eventually passed right through me. Ice replaced my blood for a second as a vicious chill engulfed me, only to be replaced by searing heat that was like someone pouring lava into my veins. The unpleasant sensations soon faded, but I shivered for several seconds afterward from the unnatural contact. Once I’d recovered I turned to watch the Being continue on her way, grumbling to myself as I massaged the stitch now throbbing full-force in my side. I watched until I lost sight of her before turning away and looking around, trying to get a feel of where I currently was.

It was a residential area, with two-story houses of various color and build lining the streets. Most of the houses had windows broken or doors hanging loose on their hinges, though a few looked to be in relatively normal condition. I couldn’t see very far in any direction thanks to the fog that blanketed the entire town, but this area looked as deserted as anywhere else I’d seen so far. I sighed and picked a random direction, heading off in what was most likely a futile effort to find another Being to try and get information out of.

I only got a few steps before I felt something in my right pants pocket vibrating. I paused and pulled out my old phone, a flip-open Virgin Mobile that was probably going on six years old. It was beat-up and scuffy, covered in scratches and nicks. The speakerphone button didn’t work anymore and there were a couple of pixels that always stayed black, but it still carried out the sole function I’d gotten for, which was to talk to people. I could also send texts and get them, but the phone was so old it usually took several minutes for messages to get through either way. I opened the phone as it stopped vibrating and found I had a new text; unsurprising, since the phone didn’t have any sort of signal here and couldn’t get or make calls.

I opened the message and scrolled through it, but it was little more than random letters and symbols. It was the second one I’d gotten since arriving here, and I wondered if whatever was preventing the call feature from working was also corrupting the texts I was getting. Either that or maybe the darn thing had finally crapped out on me and needed to be chucked into the nearest river.

Sender: b)(f3#Faf1d2f[][][][][]….fefF#Ff3VERVR
Date Received: 12/23/12
Subject: {][RTtttttTTTTttttt#######p

The actual text itself was more unintelligible garbage:

YYYg3$T34g--#%#52fF## ___[][pofo3fF#
Q#DF#333#:F;fQFE F#F F#F FF#33fs -_-_-+++==;/;/
_ _ _f3f3f/.,WR>V<<>E<VE{{:F{oooOoo
…//..,mowevme____( X ) ____3wfe{PP3,pe

I shook my head and closed the phone, shoving it back in my pocket and suddenly getting a chill down my spine. I nervously glanced around, feeling jumpy and on-edge after reading the strange text. Something about it freaked me out even though it was just a jumble of words, letters, and symbols. I think what left me feeling so uneasy was the fact that someone had my number and was sending me these things to begin with.

I started to walk again, unable to keep myself from looking back from time to time to make sure I wasn’t being followed. I felt silly, but at the same time I couldn’t shake the sensation of being…watched…

12-23-2012, 08:30 PM
So, this is it?

Ever since Serena had entered the outskirts of what she assumed to be Silent Hill, a thick fog had covered the entire area, both giving the area a sense of foreboding and mystery as she couldn't really figure out what something was until she was right on it. There was something that seemed seemed even stranger though- but whatever it was, she couldn't quite figure it out.

It's probably just the lack of people out on the streets, Serena mused. It was almost ironic. She had always wanted to stay away from people, and now they had appeared to disappear into thin air. While it was a nice change, there had to be at least someone here...right? Curious, she went over to the nearest building for a look.

The building, a grocery store judging from the exterior, appeared to be in a moderate state of disrepair. The sign hanging from the roof was cockeyed, one of the supports on the right broken away. In addition, there were no lights shining from any of the windows. In every sense, it looked as if it had been abandoned for years.

Frowning at this discovery, Serena tried to figure out just what was going on. This makes no sense. I remember reading that this place had fallen on hard times, but to just leave a place like this alone? The whole town can't be like this! Out of habit, she readjusted the satchel on her shoulder.

Off in the distance, a muted sound carried through the dead air. Judging from the scuffling it was... footsteps? It was slightly muffled, but it was hard to deny that there was indeed some sort of movement in that direction.

Finally, maybe it's someone who knows what's going on here. “Hey, you over there!” Serena shouted where she thought the sound was coming, further down the street. “Do you know where everyone is?” Walking closer, she tried to figure out what was making the sound, hoping it wasn't just a stray dog or a random drunk in an alley.

12-24-2012, 04:11 AM
Secily Jones
Affected Rpers: Zolar (for a brief moment)
Location: Somewhere

I woke up and stared at the wood above me. The ground beneath me had a frightening chill to it. I couldn't remember drinking last night, but I never remember drinking last night. I began to sit up and realized that, luckily, I didn't lose any clothes anywhere. The air seemed to shimmer around me. There was something strange about where I am. I took a moment and examined my surroundings. I soon realized that I woke up underneath what seemed to be stairs. I also noticed a lack of bottles.

I heard the sound of labored shuffling and heard grunting noises. I sat and watched to see if someone was passing my way. I thought I could ask that person where I was. What came into view, it didn't seem quite right. It didn't seem human even. At first I couldn't see arms, but I noticed they bulged underneath the flesh. I almost gasped at this. I held my breath as it gradually passed. I watched as it walked away.

It was still within view, but it didn't notice me. I began breathing again. Something in my pocket vibrated. I pulled out my phone. It seemed to be having serious issues. I could harldly see the screen. The message seemed to be nonsense. I could not decipher the message. I put my phone away.

I heard footsteps above me. They were heavy. They were far too heavy to belong to anything I could imagine. It began walking down the steps. I heard the wood creak and crack under its immense weight. I could hear it dragging something. I checked and the armless thing was still walking away at its slow labored pace. I watched as the second being, far too large to be a man, walked to the armless figure. It shoved something large and metal, a giant knife perhaps, into the armless being. It ripped downward cutting through the beings lower half. The armless being tried to struggle but soon died. The larger being continued walking away.

I turned my head from the sight. I opened my eyes and saw a symbol. It seemed to be written in something like blood. It seemed old and more like a stain now. It was a circle but there was an X in it. I looked at it for a moment, I looked down and for the first time noticed that not to far from me was what seemed to be remains of someone or something. The sight made me jump and my head hit the wooden stairs hard. The sound made from it was loud and seemed echoed. The larger being stopped and turned slowly. It didn't seem to notice me luckily because it turned yet again and continued on its way.

I blinked a couple times and found that I stopped breathing. I forced myself to breathe. I began to get a headache and the smell that hung in the air seemed to be decayed. I began to get nauseous and strangely enough my nose began to bleed. I looked down at the ground feeling dizzy for a moment and seeing my blood drip did not make me feel any better. I looked up and jumped back. I found myself unable to scream as I looked into the blank face before me. I closed my eyes. Nothing seemed to happen. I opened my eyes and it was gone. My nose still bled and my headache didn't lighten. I struggled to stand, the nausea and dizziness did not help at all.

I slipped between the stairs that I awoke under. I ran in whatever direction that was away from the large being. I did not know where the other thing was or if that thing even existed. I only know that I felt like something watched me as I ran. I found myself near exhaustion and had to stop. I realized that I was not hungry. I only felt fear. Fear that I have never known. I found a corner and sat there. I don't know where I am. I am alone and afraid. I chuckled to myself as I thought how I should be use to that by now.

I began to come to my senses. I realized my nose stopped bleeding some time ago. My headache was subsiding. The air still seemed fowl but it no longer bothered me. I was know longer dizzy nor nauseous. I began to look for somewhere that I could actually call cover.

Dog of Hellsing
12-24-2012, 07:55 PM
Cella Jones
Affected RPers: N/A (unless someone wants to run into her)
Near the Elementary School

My chest still hurt from the violent coughing my earlier asthma attacked had triggered, the dull ache radiating into my sides and making me wince. I wanted to duck into a house somewhere to rest, but after what I’d seen mere minutes after waking up in whatever-the-hell town this was, I was too jumpy and anxious to stay in one place too long.

It had been some sort of…thing. It had been about 8 or 9 feet tall, with skin that looked like mottled caramel. Its arms and legs had been long and lanky, but the most horrible feature had been its head. The appendage constantly hung and was almost as long as the creature’s body, ending in a wicked blade-like snout. It looked like a fleshy pendulum, one with a horizontal mouth that ran the length of the thing’s head and split it in two when it shrieked. I had seen it shuffling around only a few yards away from the car I’d woken up in; I’d almost run straight into the damn thing, since the thick fog everywhere had hidden it from view until I was right up on top of it. Thankfully, by the time it noticed me I had already turned and booked it out of there, but I had made the mistake of looking back when it screeched at me and saw that awful skull split open down the middle.

There was no way I was going to sleep anywhere with something like that running around. I didn’t know if there were more or if it was the only one, or if there might be worse things lurking in the fog, but I didn’t want to find out the hard way. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I could find some people to join up with, people to help keep watch, but I hadn’t seen a single person in this forsaken place.

I absently rubbed the charm hanging from my bracelet as I walked along, trying to look everywhere at once. I was doing my best to stay calm, since the last thing I wanted was have any of my health issues flare up again, but the atmosphere of this place made it impossible to relax. My mind kept seeing malevolent shapes and figures in the fog, and when it wasn’t doing that it was going over all the stories Gram Adelaide had told me. One of them had been about a gray-skied realm known as the Path of Black Leaves, where Der Großmann and his servants were supposed to dwell. The circumstances of my great-grandmother’s death didn’t help put me at ease; she may have been old, close to ninety, but she was in perfect health. It didn’t make sense for her heart to simply give out at random.

Once again I started to think if there wasn’t something more going on. Waking up in this strange place, Gram Adelaide’s abrupt death…Was it possible she died of something else? Maybe the heart attack was brought on by fear? But wouldn’t the autopsy show traces of adrenaline or something like that in her blood? Did they test for that sort of thing? Would the traces have decayed too quickly for them to be detected? If there was something more to my great-grandmother’s demise, why would the doctors withhold that information? Unless…

Unless what, they were servants of this tall faceless man who abducts people and takes them to some other dimension? The thought was a ridiculous one, but I could no longer brush off all of Gram Adelaide’s stories as mere tales. This place…it felt wrong, out of place. Like it shouldn’t exist.

A faint scuffing from somewhere in front of my caused to stop in my tracks. I couldn’t see anyone or thing, but I could hear who or whatever it was shuffling closer. My first instinct was to turn and dart off the other way, but there was the chance I might end up running from someone who could tell me where I was and what the hell was going on. Going against every fiber that yelled at me to run, I nervously cleared my throat and called, “Hello?”

Cobalt Shadow
12-25-2012, 12:32 PM
Isaac Reed
No other Affected RPers
In a house.

It was dark and foggy. In fact, all I could see was fog. I was running. At first I didn't know what from. I knew that I had better not turn around, but eventually temptation got the better of me. I turned around, but nothing was there. I stopped moving for a second to double check. I then turned around again, back the way I was heading. He was there. 12 feet tall, with a black suit, and a white, featureless face. Terrified, I ran away. He didn't move. Just stood still. After a few meters I turned around again. He was right behind me. Tendrils appeared from his back, and bound me. Unable to move, I was helpless as he walked over, and extended his pale hands.

Then I woke up. I looked around where I was. I was in a dirty cabin, on a camp bed. The only light was that of a candle, almost dead. I had no idea where I was, or how long I had been here. It felt like I had been running in that dream for days.
Wondering if I had been kidnapped, I checked my pockets. My phone, hammer and wrench were still in the side pockets of my overalls, and the handgun and ammo in the inside pocket. I pulled out the phone, and had a look at the date. 26th of December. But that didn't help me know how long I have been here, or where I was. I had a look at the message history. The last message I sent was to Kayla. "At the subway station. Be home in an hour." That was on the 5th. Then I remembered what happened.

It was 8pm on a thursday night. I had been working late trying to get my own car fixed. Eventually I retired for the night, and walked to the subway station. I was waiting there for a little while. The platform was empty. Then the train came. As it did, it whipped up loose dirt from the tracks, which got in my eyes. I held up my hand to shield my eyes from the dust, but when I pulled it away, He was there. I only saw him for a second, before everything went black. That was the last thing I remembered.

Three weeks? How could I be out for three weeks? Suddenly, I saw a list of all the missed calls. I had over a hundred calls and texts from Kayla. The earliest was 2 hours after my text, asking why I am not home yet. An hour after that, was a message asking why I am not answering my phone. These messages continued. But I had no reception to reply. Suddenly I heard a scream coming from outside the cabin. I pulled the gun out of my inside pocket, and made sure it was loaded, unsure of whether it was safer in here or out on the streets...

12-25-2012, 09:46 PM
Secily Jones
Affected Arpers: Dog of Hellsing
Location: Foggy place that I don't like

It felt like I was roaming in circles. I tried to walk as straight as I could without leaving an easy cover. When I had to get out in the open I peared around. Once I was satisfied that I there was nothing before me, I dashed out into the open and slipped behind cover. I eventually decided that it was deserted enough to just walk out in the open. I did this for awhile. It seemed the fog I was walking through was beginning to thicken, or it maybe just felt thicker.

After a long while I was getting tired of not just the fog but the walking. I kept moving, but it was more like a shamble. It felt like a long time, but I couldn't tell. The lighting never seemed to change and my phone's clock seemed frozen. I stumbled onward. I actually began to miss society. I then grew fairly angry at it and nearly began to cry soon after. I was feeling sorrow.

I was still shuffling, I thought I heard a voice call out to me. "Hello?" the voice called. It seemed nervous and forced, but it sounded feminine and human. I was overjoyed, but cautious. I felt compelled to move closer, but I did so slowly and nervously. I drew close enough to see that it was human in shape. I stopped and stepped back and called, "Hello?" I was tense and was worried that this may be another manifestation like those I saw earlier. I was also worried about it being a human. I knew I didn't exactly excel at human interaction.

Dog of Hellsing
12-26-2012, 12:56 AM
Cella Jones
Affected RPers: Dragotech
Near the school

“Hello?” came the reply, sounding as strained and uneasy as my own voice had been. I could see a vaguely human form approaching through the fog, and even though there was a chance this could be a trap, I moved forward until the fog parted enough for me to see my new companion. It turned out to be another young woman, probably about my age. She had a haggard look to her that I was fairly certain I reflected. I could care less for her appearance, though, glad to simply have another human around. I might not have been the most talkative of people, but that hardly meant I liked being alone. Even if I were anti-social, I probably would have preferred company in this bizarre town.

“Thank goodness. I was worried you might be another monster. I’m Cella,” I said, holding out a hand and trying not to wince as the movement caused the dull ache in my sides and chest to briefly intensify. It would probably be another hour or so before the painfully went away. In the meantime, I decided to try and get a few answers, if this woman had any to be given. “I don’t suppose you know where we are or what’s going on here?”


Affected RPers: Everyone (Except Zolar unless he wants to take part)
Multiple locations

The Prey were all awake, it seemed. At least those who had most recently been brought to the Dual World had. They would all be tested, in time. Tested to see if their fate decided salvation or destruction. The Masters would see to them whatever destiny they had to fulfill. For now, it was the task of the Lurkers to start putting the Prey through their paces.

The Lost Scholar, the woman with the books who had freely entered their world. She would be a good one to leave clues for, hints and tidbits about the town’s past and the events that were currently transpiring. She had the aura of one who should have been born in their town, the aura of a lost soul returning home. She would make a good candidate for salvation, if she could piece together the clues left for her.

The Marked Seer, the woman with the scars who could see what others could not. But the gift would be of little use here, where the spirits and entities she met existed on another plane entirely. She, too, would prove a suitable choice for salvation if she managed to find a way to reach across the barrier separating her from the intangible ones. If one in the ranks had the ability to get information from the multitude of trapped beings, to use them in order to lure even more Prey to the Dual World, it would greatly assist them in their endeavors.

The Weathered Mender, the man who could take what was broken and restore it to working condition. He would have his uses, should his skills prove useful enough to repair the generators in the hospital. Long since abandoned and left in complete ruins, the generators would be vital to providing the energy needed for the Rebirth when the time came. There were no others who had the experience needed for such a task, so with any luck, this man would be the one to be able to do it.

The Infirm Descendent, the sickly woman whose great-grandmother had, in an effort to protect her, instead drawn their attention to her. Though feeble of body, she was strong of spirit. Her force of will was of course to compensate for the lack of physical capability, and if she could overcome the limitations of her fragile form, her determination and willpower could be put to many uses. There wasn’t much faith in this one, though, thanks to her delicate condition. Perhaps, though, she would impress them all and persevere.

And finally, the Wounded Mind, the woman who was mentally and emotionally imbalanced to the point of near insanity. Her current condition made her ideal to join the ranks, but she would still have to prove herself and her abilities. Her chances of surviving the trials of the Dual World would be greatly increased if she could fool and manipulate others, keeping her true nature hidden until the time to reveal it had come.

The Lurkers moved on spindly legs, their bruise-colored, serpentine bodies practically flat against the ground as they skittered towards the Prey. The first task would be getting all who were awake together. They would be easier to keep track of that way, and having more companions would give them a false sense of security. It would cause them to lower their guard, even just a fraction, and that would give them more chances to harass and torment the Prey. They had to be tested, the full limits of their abilities known. Only if they could survive everything thrown at them, as well as succeeding at their respective goals, would they prove they were worthy of salvation. Otherwise, the slightest failure may result in death.

Only time would tell. For now, it was time to get things started.

12-26-2012, 06:01 AM
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Serena Dawson
Location: Uncertain, near a grocery store
Affected Rpers: none planned, but feel free to add on.

As I approached closer to the sound, the shuffling began to slow little by little. While I still couldn't see just what was causing it, it seemed to be coming from a midsize alley wedged between two buildings ahead and to the right. Whoever or whatever it was, they either hadn't heard me or simply did not care. Again, I opened my mouth to call out to them- and was immediately silenced by a cough as I tried not to vomit. Whatever was coming from there smelled like something long rotten or someone very sick. Was this place closed to quarantine? I wondered, starting to worry about my sudden decision to find this place. It would explain why I had yet to see anyone, but there had to have been a news story on a sickness like this hitting a town. Holding my breath to avoid that awful smell again, I peeked around the corner at whatever was lying ahead.

Lurching with its back towards me, a large shape was currently making its way to the other end of the alley. While it was clear that it wasn't human, it had a shape disturbingly similar to a morbidly obese one. The rotten smell it gave off was revealed as well; across the creature's body lay sores oozing with pus. Once it reached the end of the alleyway it lazily lay down with a large thud, slightly shaking the ground. One of its grotesque hands appeared to be covered in dried blood- yet was definitely not injured.

Immediately I backed up, covering my mouth with a hand as I tried to distance myself from the area as quickly as possible. Whatever that thing was, I definitely did not want to be near it when it decided to be done with its nap. After running close to over a block away and hearing no footsteps following me, I finally slowed down and tried to gather my thoughts. If there were more monsters like that, it was likely that any possible survivors would be holed up in buildings, not idly walking down the street like I had been doing. An apartment may be a safe bet, or even a church. The more I thought about it, the more a church seemed like the best place to check- especially if what I had been reading was a major belief in this town. Taking another glance behind me to make sure that nothing was indeed chasing me, I retrieved my cell from a small side pocket in my satchel. While I had turned it off while driving to avoid answering in case my mother tried to call demanding her books returned. There was no reason to keep it off. Maybe she could even answer just what had happened. After all, sort of hard to deny something when the person asking is standing right in the middle of the place of question.

As the phone began to power on, instead of the normal splash screen it showed a flickering white screen, with static lightly buzzing from the device. Annoyed, I checked the fairly-new phone to see if it had gotten somehow wet or damaged. “Just what is your problem-”

Immediately, the static grew louder as the shuffling began once more, this time faster and definitely getting closer. Through the fog, I could see the large creature awake and making a beeline to where I was standing. “Shit!” I called out, trying to get away as it pursued me. While it was far from fast, it was moving quicker than what its large mass hinted at. While I could try to hide in a building, I doubted something like a door could stop it for long. For now, the only option was to run.

Cobalt Shadow
12-26-2012, 06:18 AM
Isaac Reed
Affected RPers: Dog of Hellsing and Dragotech
Location: The caretakers shack in the school.

Eventually I found the courage to step outside. Not without preparing of course. I pulled out the handgun, and checked how much ammunition I had. The clip in the gun held 8 bullets, and I had another 2 full clips in my pocket. So far 24 bullets total. I put the remaining clips in my jeans pocket (underneath my overalls) where they were secure, and I knew they wouldn't fall out. I carried the gun in my right hand, and my hammer in my left, making sure the claws would hit instead of the blunt end. I ventured over to the door and opened is slowly and silently.

It was foggy, but through the fog, I could see what looked like a school. This must be the caretakers cabin. In the distance I could here what sounded like human voices. I walked over quietly as possible, yet edgy, almost shooting into thin air a few times. A few minutes later, I finally found the source of the voices. 2 women. Both with black hair, one a bit taller than the other.
"Hey! I know this may be a bit blunt, but where the hell am I?"

12-26-2012, 10:27 PM
Name: Secily Jones
Location: standing near a school
Affected Arpers: Dog of Hellsing, Cobalt Shadow

I stared at the woman's hand as if it was alien to me. I was unsure how to respond. I began to slowly raise my hand and mutter that I was as clueless as she was, but then I heard another voice. "I know this may be a bit blunt, but where the hell am I?" I jumped and froze for a moment. In part it was out of surprise, but it was also another person.

I found myself unable to turn and look at this second person, nor was I able to speak. I began to recover and loosen up. "I-I-I d-don't know..." I managed to stutter. I stared down at the ground. I remembered my knife. I checked and was relieved it was still there. I sighed in slight relief. I managed to look at the stranger. He was carrying a carpenters hammer and a pistol. I felt slightly outgunned.

I was uncomfortable since this was more people than I have been with in awhile, but I figured it was alright since I am normally not in a strange town shrouded with fog with strange things that like to stab each other in the back. I looked around and was still unsettled, but I forced myself to become more comfortable.

I looked around to see if the spot we were standing was still safe. I made an effort to introduce myself, "I am... Secily..." It rolled off my tongue uncomfortably and it burned like acid, but I managed to say it. I looked around again. I asked for their names, "Who... are you guys?" It was still quite uncomfortable. I ventured a little closer, but I eyed the man with the gun and hammer.

Dog of Hellsing
12-27-2012, 01:54 AM
Krystal Tompson
Affected RPers: Akinai
Location: Near a store

I’d seen one or two other Beings, far fewer than I’d normally encounter during a stroll around several city blocks. Like the others I’d run into so far these ones ignored my presence, but I was starting to get used to it. Not that I felt any more comfortable with the fact, just that it wasn’t surprising any longer. Other than them, I hadn’t seen anyone or thing else in all the time I’d been wandering around.

I was aimlessly ambling down the street when I heard the distant sound of running. It was coming from behind me, and I instinctively got ready to start running myself. I managed to stop myself, though, and turned around instead of dashing off like I wanted to. A few moments later I saw a shape form within the fog, which turned out to be another person. A young woman, in fact, carrying a satchel of some kind and running as though Satan himself were after her. I briefly thought about trying to stop her but heard what sounded like something very large following the other woman. I hesitated only long enough to see a huge silhouette forming in the heavy fog before whirling in place and sprinting after the other person.

We didn’t get very far before a writhing mass of something loomed out of the fog on a corner across from the street we were on. Some of the mass broke away from the main body, revealing that it was many individual creatures forming a twisting group rather than one whole entity. They were rather grotesque-looking little bastards; they looked like flat snakes that had skin instead of scales, skin that was the same color as a fresh bruise. They had stubby jointed legs that reminded me of a centipede, and the way they moved was unnatural. It was like they scurried and slithered at the same time. One of them looked right at me with black eyes and opened its jaws, which split vertically rather than horizontally like mouths should. Its jaws were lined with fangs that looked like long needles, and an ungodly hiss-scream-cough noise rang from its throat. The other things instantly whipped their heads to face me (or maybe they were looking at the other woman, or maybe even both of us) as they started to make the same horrendous noise. It took me several minutes to realize that under the awful cacophony was another noise, a sort of white static emanating from some unknown location. I paid it no mind and instead abruptly changed course when the little nightmares rushed towards us.

“I’m sick of running!” I wheezed to no one in particular as I ran, feeling the fading stitch from earlier coming back with a vengeance.


Cella Jones
Affected RPers: Dragotech, Cobalt Shadow
Location: Near the school

The other woman seemed confused and uneasy, staring at my hand for a long moment before starting to respond. She didn’t get far before a new voice, this one masculine, interrupted her.

"Hey! I know this may be a bit blunt, but where the hell am I?" The other woman jumped and whirled to face the direction the voice had come, reactions I mirrored almost at the same time. The man was wearing overalls and carried a gun in one hand and a hammer in the other. He looked ready to use either or both if need be, and it made me realize how vulnerable I was, running around out here without any weapons or ways of defending myself. Running was hardly a viable course of action; even on good days, I wasn’t exactly athletic. I could go maybe a block or two before I collapsed from an asthma attack or suffered from a severe round of vertigo.

"I-I-I d-don't know..." came the response from the other woman, who acted like she wasn’t very used to human interaction. She stared at the ground and appeared rather fidgety, but I couldn’t exactly find that suspicious. It seemed none of us knew where we were or how we’d gotten here, and we sure as hell didn’t know what was up with the lack of other humans or the monsters. I was surprised the newcomer hadn’t shot one of us out of sheer nerves yet.

“I am…Secily…” she added after a few awkward moments of silence. The way she spoke made it sound like it was hard for her to talk to people. “Who…are you guys?” She moved a bit closer to us, warily eyeing the newcomer as she did. I couldn’t say I blamed her, since I was starting to feel pretty nervous about that gun myself. What if this guy decided he didn’t like the answers he was getting and wanted to take his frustration out on us with a few bullets? I swallowed nervously, feeling the beginnings of a panic attack bubbling in my stomach. I did my best to shove the anxiety away, letting out a slow breath before speaking.

“As I said, I am Cella. I was visiting my great-grandmother’s grave before I blacked out from a bad asthma attack. When I woke up I was here.” I waved at the others absently, hoping the man would put his gun away or something. The unease simmering at the back of my mind made another attempt at getting stronger, but I wrestled it down and started to rub the charm on my bracelet. The action was familiar, soothing, yet I couldn’t help but feel there was something about the symbol that was far from safe. Gram Adelaide had told me this was His symbol, after all. I suddenly found myself torn between keeping the gift and getting rid of it, of throwing it as far away as I could and putting a great deal of space between myself and that symbol. Sentimental value won out over the end, leaving a hollow guilt in my gut for even having considered throwing the bracelet away.

Cobalt Shadow
12-27-2012, 03:24 AM
Isaac Reed
Affected RPers: Dragotech, Dog of Hellsing
Near the school

The two girls introduced themselves but were looking at my gun nervously. Realising how dangerous I looked, I put the hammer in my overalls pocket, where I could easily grab it if need be. I also pointed by gun in the air.
"Don't worry it is only for protection, in case I see that faceless freak that brought me here. I am Isaac."
Suddenly I heard another scream. I don't know if te girls heard it, but I knew now it wasn't safe out in the open.
"The caretakers cabin is nearby. It's not safe out in the open. You can do what you want, but I am heading back for the time being, and I recommend you both come with me." I said as I pulled out the hammer and turned back the way I came from.

12-27-2012, 06:41 AM
Serena Dawson
Location: Near a store
Affected Rpers: Dog of Hellsing

As I tried to get away from large creature, I saw another figure up ahead. While this one seemed more possible to be human, I didn't slow my running just yet- something told me that whatever that monstrosity was, it was not likely to take orders from people. Sure enough, it wasn't long before another set of footsteps accompanied my own. Either they had seen the monster in the distance, or was trying to follow me.

It could have hardly been a few moments when yet another figure appeared up ahead, by a corner across the street. While this one was large as well, this time it did something else entirely- it split into multiple, smaller pieces. It looked radically different from the last one; while the prior had leaking sores all across its body, these reminded me more of vermin by the way they moved about. One looked over and let out a loud screech, then immediately rushed over.

As I turned to choose another path of escape, a nearby voice wheezed a complaint, “I'm sick of running!” This time, I took a quick look at this newcomer. Sure enough, this one was human, though she didn't seem to be in much better shape than I was.

“I doubt they're coming after us just to have a nice talk,” I called back, running towards what looked like a large building down the road. It was possible we were far enough that the large creature could not pinpoint our location, but the smaller ones could definitely see up. Maybe there was a fire escape on the side of the building... “Help me try to find a way up!”

During all of this, the static noise from my phone never ceased. Even after dashing away, I still had managed to keep a hold on it all this time. “Some help you were,” I muttered, holding down the power button while looking around the side of the building

Dog of Hellsing
12-27-2012, 12:45 PM
Cella Jones
Affected RPers: Dragotech, Cobalt Shadow
Location: Near the school

The man put his hammer away and pointed his gun into the air, where any nervous shots would be fired into the air rather than one of us. The fact that he was making an effort to appear less intimidating was a relief. But when he next spoke, I felt my blood run cold and knew I paled.

"Don't worry it is only for protection, in case I see that faceless freak that brought me here. I am Isaac."

I barely registered the man’s name, his previous words echoing in my head. Faceless freak…The stories Gram Adelaide told me said he had no face, but…he was just a myth, a story, right? It had to just be scary tales, but…Gram Adelaide was dead of a sudden heart attack she shouldn’t have had, and here we all were, in some unknown town without any memory of how we’d gotten here. What if they weren’t just stories? What if it was all real? What if he was real?

At that moment, an inhuman scream jarred me from my troubled musings. I jumped and looked around, but didn’t see any immediate threats. The shriek came from the distance, but there was no way of knowing how quickly whatever made the sound could move. It might be on us in seconds, or it might be going a completely different direction. Either way, I had no desire to simply stand around any longer.

"The caretaker’s cabin is nearby. It's not safe out in the open. You can do what you want, but I am heading back for the time being, and I recommend you both come with me,” Isaac told us, taking his hammer out again and turning around. I nodded and shot a glance at Secily; she was a strange one, sure, but I hoped she wouldn’t decide to go off on her own. There was strength in numbers, and anyways, she didn’t seem to have any weapons either, at least none I could see. We’d be safer tagging along with the guy who had a gun.

“Let’s hurry, before something finds us,” I said, trying to ignore the dread roiling in my gut. It wasn’t the possibility of the screaming thing finding us that was making me nervous, but instead the chance that something I’d always thought was just a story might be real, and might be after us…


Krystal Tompson
Affected RPers: Akinai
Location: Near a store

“I doubt they're coming after us just to have a nice talk,” the other woman said in response to my complaint. It seemed she’d followed after me when the screeching little monsters swarmed towards us and I’d taken off in a direction away from them. We didn’t say anything else after that, instead focused on escaping whatever it was coming after us.

After several minutes a large building reared up out of the fog. We ran until we’d reached it, at which point the other woman said, “Help me try to find a way up!” I nodded and shot a quick look over my shoulder to see that the monsters weren’t directly behind us, and I couldn’t see their outlines in the fog yet, but they were clearly still pursuing us since their keens were getting louder. I turned back to the building and jogged along the wall, ignoring the stabbing pain in my side from the full-fledged stitch. I was beginning to feel a bit panicked when I didn’t find any fire escapes or anything, but then I came across a door. I grabbed the handle and twisted, and to my amazement (and relief), the knob turned all the way and the door creaked open. It seemed to lead into some type of maintenance room, but I couldn’t really tell since the light from outside was muted by the grimy windows. There didn’t seem to be anything unpleasant inside, so I whirled and shouted, “Over here, I found a way inside! Hurry!”

At that moment I noticed shapes moving in the fog, figures that were low to the ground and scuttling in unnatural movement. The monsters were closing in at an alarming rate, and I could only hope the other woman would reach me in time for us to both get inside before the monsters caught up.

Cobalt Shadow
12-27-2012, 03:53 PM
Affected RPers: Dog of Hellsing, Dragotech.
School Nurses Office
I opened my eyes to an unfamiliar room. It looked like a hospital room, only really dirty. It looked as if it had been abandoned for years. I got up out of the hospital bed, and looked around. It was about approximately 3 meters by 5, with a small single bed on one wall, a sink with shelves above on the opposite wall, near a door. Opposite the door was a window. It was a large rectangular glass pane. I walked over to the window and looked out. It was too foggy too see anything, even how high up I was. I spent about a minute looking out the window, attempting to figure out where I was. Eventually I gave up and walked to the door. I opened it, and on the other side was what looked a nurse. Her skin was grey, and she wore an extremely low cut top, and had bandages covering her face, with a nurses hat on top. But what scared me the most was the knife in her hand. She raised it ready to slash at me. She swung her arm, and I closed my eyes, expecting death the next second. After a few seconds, I opened my eyes. I could feel the cold metal against my neck. The blade barely touched my skin. After a second, she pulled the blade away. Still scared out of my mind, I know of only one way out of this room. I turned around, and ran towards the window and jumped through it shattering the glass which fell with me. As I fell through the air, I was hoping it wasn’t too high up.
Isaac Reed
Affected RPers: Same as above
School grounds
As I walked away I heard a crash closer to the building. The sound of breaking glass, then the voice of a teenager swearing. Not sure of what was going on, I double checked the gun was loaded, and the safety turned off. I walked over, and found a black haired teenage boy limping away from the broken glass. He must have jumped! I turned to Cella and handed her the hammer.
“The cabin is just over there, I am gonna see if this kid’s alright!” I said and ran towards the kid.
“Hey are you okay?!” I asked, surprised he was able to walk. I looked up at the building and found the broken window. He had fallen 2 floors. He should have broken both his legs. Yet he escaped with nothing more than a limp.
I heard the voice of a person behind me. They sounded a fair bit older than me. I turned around and saw a man in overalls holding a gun. Not knowing whether he was friendly, I decided to not stay and find out. I kept limping away, as I heard the man keep yelling. Suddenly something appeared in front of me. Another nurse…
“Hey! Wait! Stop! I want to help you!” I yelled. “I am starting to think keeping the gun ready is a bad idea” I thought to myself as I began running after him. But he had stopped. In front of him stood what looked like an undead nurse, with a long knife. She raised her arm, ready to slash at the teenager.
“Duck!” I yelled, aiming the gun towards the nurse. I pulled the trigger once, and saw blood pour out of her stomach. I aimed the gun up a little bit and pulled the trigger. This time the bullet hit her in the head. She dropped dead.
“Are you okay?” I asked the teenager as I went over and helped him get up.
“Duck!” I heard the man say. I knew what he was going to do. I dropped onto the ground, and held my hands over my head. I heard 2 bangs as the bullets hit the nurse, and she dropped dead.
“Are you okay?” asked the man as he walked over and helped me up.
“Better than I should be.” I replied. I was right. The first nurse was about to kill me, and it didn’t. The fall would have broken both my legs, but it didn’t. Heck, I would have been dead if this guy didn’t shoot the nurse!
“Come with me,” I said to the boy. “It isn’t safe out here, especially after your jump. By the way, I’m Isaac.”
“Come with me.” The man said to me. At first I was suspicious. After a second I calmed down. If he wanted me dead he would have let the nurse get me.
“By the way, I’m Isaac.” He said.
“James.” I replied, as I limped towards what looked like a caretakers cabin.

12-27-2012, 06:29 PM
Serena Dawson

Location: Inside an unknown building

Affected Rpers: Dog of Hellsing

Either I had chosen the worst building ever, or this town had the worst fire safety rules ever. Even though I had passed a few windows, It was hard to tell just what lay inside due to lack of a light source. As the creatures' screeching grew louder, I began to search wildly for any form of escape, whether it be a ladder or door. Even if they managed to find a way inside, it was a lot better than getting caught in the open street.

“Over here, I found a way inside! Hurry!”

Looking around the corner, I saw that sure enough, the woman from before had found an entrance. A metal door currently stood open, with her on the verge of entering. As I moved towards it, there was a faint outline in the fog as the creatures had finally managed to catch up. Attempting to summon one last burst of speed, I dashed towards the entrance, managing to shut the door in time. There was a loud thud as something collided with the door, and a smaller one as something tried to ram it way in.

Please don't let the larger one show up I silently wished, trying to catch my breath. At least the constant static noise had finally ceased, the phone having finally shut off. As I put the device away, the thumping from outside seemed to be dying down a little. With any luck, they were giving up instead of searching for a way in. Plus, this gave a chance to possibly get some answers. Maybe this woman even knew where the other people were hiding, if there were any left.

“So, mind telling me what's going on?” I asked, watching the newcomer for a reaction. “You have to be from around here, right?”

Dog of Hellsing
12-27-2012, 07:12 PM
Krystal Tompson
Affected RPers: Akinai
Location: Inside a random bulding

If we’re being honest here, I didn’t think she was going to make it. Somehow she managed to find the speed needed to reach me before the monsters, though, and we scurried inside with barely a second to spare. The other woman slammed the door shut and the little nightmares outside started to bang against it, but after a few minutes they seemed to get tired of that. They weren’t trying to get in, but I could still hear them out there, shrieking over and over as if making it clear they weren’t happy with not being able to get to us.

I leaned against a wall and did my best to slow my panting to a normal rate of breathing, kneading the painful stitch that was reminding me I wasn’t exactly a marathon runner and shouldn’t pretend like I was one. The other woman was taking a moment to try and catch her breath as well, recovering a bit faster than me as she suddenly asked, “So, mind telling me what's going on?” I blinked and faced her to find her studying me, which made me feel a bit awkward for some reason. “You have to be from around here, right?”

“Hardly,” I replied with a snort. “I have no idea where we are or what’s going on in this place. I was trying to enjoy my vacation and took a wrong road, ended up coming down a dead-end road that led to some place called Silent Hill. As I was leaving, I saw some guy limping around on the side of the road. I pulled over and went to see if he was all right, but as soon as I got out of my car I got this horrible pain in my head and I blacked out. When I woke up I was here.” I sighed and waved my hands to indicate the town in general. “I’m not from here at all, wherever here is. I don’t know where all the other people are, I don’t know what the deal with these monsters is, and I don’t know how I ended up here. All I DO know is I’d like to get the hell out of dodge before something worse than what I’ve already seen shows up.”

As I finished my little rant, a new pain caught my attention and made me wince. It was the scars on my side, each radiating a dull sting that came out of nowhere. I frowned and rubbed at them, but the pain didn’t go away. I started to feel tense and uneasy, like a Mood was about to hit me. I shook my head in an effort to stave it off and instead focused on the other woman.

“So what about you? Know anything about this lovely little stain on the planet?”

12-28-2012, 01:35 AM
Serena Dawson

Location: Inside an unknown building

Affected Rpers: Dog of Hellsing

Unfortunately, it didn't look like the woman was from around here either. “Hardly, I have no idea where we are or what’s going on in this place. I was trying to enjoy my vacation and took a wrong road, ended up coming down a dead-end road that led to some place called Silent Hill.”

Odd, I don't remember seeing any other vehicles on the road. While she continued on with her story, I was only halfway listening as I tried to figure out what was going on. While it was possible she had taken a road other than the one I had taken, something still seemed off. After all, what were the chances of yet another person entering what was apparently now a dead town? She didn't appear to be lying, that or was doing a grand time of hiding it. Since it seemed like she was wrapping up her tale, I keyed back in to paying full attention.

“All I DO know is I’d like to get the hell out of dodge before something worse than what I’ve already seen shows up,” the woman stated, though immediately after she winced as if in pain. She held her side a moment, then shook her head as if it would get rid of whatever discomfort she was having, at least that's what I assumed. “So what about you? Know anything about this lovely little stain on the planet?”

Not enough, apparently, I thought ruefully. Instead, I opted for another topic. “Are you all right? For being injured, you definitely ran well enough to hide it.” Since the creatures outside seemed to have finally stopped trying to break their way in, I took a look around the room we were currently standing in. It appeared to be a mix between a maintenance and storage room, with boxes shoved against the walls. There were a few shelves as well, filled with assorted objects. Upon closer look, they were revealed to be tools, ranging from hammers to an electric drill. “Looks like we're either in a hardware store, or someone really liked to keep around tools. There may be a first aid kit stashed somewhere in here if you need it.”

12-28-2012, 02:30 AM
Secily Jones
Near the Caretaker's Cabin
Affected Arpers: Cobalt Shadow, Dog of Hellsing

I walked with the others towards some cabin that the man with the gun thought a safe place. I was nervous about him. I constantly fingered the handle of the knife concealed inside my jacket. It was not a fancy knife. It was not small either. It did not have an extremely broad blade. Just an average thickness, but it did have a good length to it. It was made of high quality steel. It had a simple sheath. It was a knife that may prove useful here. I was especially surprised that some random kid jumped out of window. I nearly jerked it out. There was a some kind of nurse like creature around. I didn't remember it standing there before. It was quickly shot down by the man with the gun.

I strayed slightly behind the group for a moment after that because I heard something plop down behind me. I spun around. It was another one of those nurse things. I instantly assumed that it jumped out of the window after that kid. It seemed to have come out worse. It was writhing and more broken. I am not sure why, but I slipped behind it and slid my knife out and stuck the blade through the base of the skull. I saw the blade protrude out of what I guess was where the mouth was supposed to be. I felt the gritty coagulated blood on my hands. I jerked my knife to the right effectively severing the connection between the jaw and the rest of the head. I saw bits of more coagulated blood land on the ground. The thing still twitched. I stabbed the back of the neck. My knife plunged into its spinal column and I again jerked to the side, and there was more of this blood. The half decapitated being was dead.

I wiped my knife off on my cargo pants. It left a dark brown and gritty stain behind. I slid the knife back into its hidden sheath. I chuckled for a few syllables, and I kicked the partly decapitated head with my boots. It seemed parts off it loosened. It came off in a very unclean fashion. I was slightly frightened by my actions. Luckily, I was not far behind the rest of the group. They were easily in sight and slightly slowed by the limping boy. It took all of a split second to catch up at slow jog.

Cobalt Shadow
12-28-2012, 04:42 AM
Isaac Reed and James
Affected RPers: Dragotech, Dog of Hellsing
Currently: In the Caretakers Cabin.
(OOC: Writing in third person to make it easier to use two characters. Also sorry if I bunnied Cella, I know she was going to go to the caretakers cabin, so I assumed she went there when James jumped.)

James and Isaac walked into the caretakers cabin. Cella was already there. After a few seconds Secily walked in. Everything was silent.
Isaac helped James, who was still limping, into a seat, then looked around the dark cabin. After a few minutes Isaac found a book on a nearby shelf. It was labelled Silent Hill Street guide. He flicked through the pages. The book consisted of maps, and details on each street. It looked old, but it was the best he had.

"Guys look what I found." Isaac said to the rest of the group, as he put the book on the table, and pulled out his phone. He pressed a few buttons, and a white light appeared from the top of it. As he pointed it towards the book, light flooded past the pages, and revealed something to Isaac he hadn't noticed. Blood soaked into Secily's pants. Judging by the look of it, fresh blood, but it didn't look human (Isaac had seen plenty of that at work). It wasn't all in one spot, so there wasn't a wound on her leg, but looked as if it were wiped.

Trying to avoid looking like he had noticed Isaac continued reading, occasionally looking up at Secily. He noticed something strange as she looked around the cabin. She always kept her hand near the inside of her jacket, and looked on edge. More on edge than the rest of the group.

After a few more minutes of reading Isaac tore out a page, and put it into his pocket.
"I think that the school is on Old Silent Hill road. The interstate is south-east, and to the west is all wilderness. As dangerous as it sounds, I think our best bet is to try and get to the interstate." Isaac said. After a few seconds, James broke the silence.
"How will we do that? I can barely walk with this limp." James said.
"I am getting to that. The four of us will draw too much attention as a group. That is why we split up. I saw a wheelbarrow around the side of the cabin before. According to this map, we have to go past the hospital to get to the interstate. There will be painkillers there for James leg. I will carry James to the hospital in the wheelbarrow, and we will get him some painkillers, as well as anything else that could be useful. When James is able to walk, I will call Cella and Secily, who will make their way to the hospital. From there, we go to the interstate, and try to hitchhike our way home. If Secily and Cella don't get the call, they know we weren't able to make it. I know it is suicide, but it is the best plan we have."
Isaac finished explaining, then picked up his handgun and handed it to Cella, with the rest of his clips.
"The clip in the gun has 6 bullets left, the other two have 8 each. Be careful with it." Isaac said.
"Anyway, any objections to Operation Stupid?" he asked the group.
"I'm in." James said with a nod. Isaac saved him from the nurse, and therefore was the only one he trusted so far.

Dog of Hellsing
12-28-2012, 02:36 PM
Krystal Tompson
Affected RPers: Akinai
Location: Inside a hardware store

“Are you all right? For being injured, you definitely ran well enough to hide it,” the other commented, completely dodging my question. I shook my head again and dropped my hand, trying to ignore the dull stinging pain burning in my scars. I remembered my parents telling me I’d had them after I returned from being missing for a month, and even after all these years I still didn’t remember anything about the time I’d been gone or how I’d acquired the scars. All I remembered is after I came back, I’d had horrible nightmares and wake up screaming pretty much every night, though my memory of the nightmares was pretty much non-existent as well as any memory of when I’d been abducted.

“Looks like we're either in a hardware store, or someone really liked to keep around tools. There may be a first aid kit stashed somewhere in here if you need it,” she added, and I found myself looking around as well. It did seem that we were in a storage room of some kind, or it could just be a maintenance room like I’d originally thought. It didn’t matter either way; what mattered was that some of these things could double as weapons if need be, and if this was a hardware store, there’d be other things on the sales floor that could be used for defense. I waved a hand to dismiss the other woman’s worry and pushed off the wall, wincing again as the movement caused the pain in my scars to flare for a moment before settling back to a dull, persistent stinging.

“I’m not hurt, it’s just some old scars hurting all of a sudden. They’ve never hurt before, so I don’t really know what’s up, but after everything else that’s happened, it ranks pretty low on my list of concerns. For now, let’s see what we can find to protect ourselves with.” I headed to the only door leading into the room and cautiously turned the knob, pushing it open about an inch and peeking out into the main store. It appeared deserted from what I could see, which wasn’t much thanks to the tall shelves set up throughout the store. I could, however, see an isle of paint and another isle with assorted screwdrivers and such, and a bit further down was an isle with pieces of wood of varying sizes and colors. I closed the door and walked over to one of the shelves in the room we occupied, picking up some of the hammers and whipping them through the air. I found a few that were light enough to swing without causing much fatigue but still had enough heft to them to crack a skull or crush a leg bone, then faced the other woman.

“I didn’t see anything out there, but it’s impossible to see the whole store from here, so something could be lurking in one of the other isles or something. You might wanna grab a hammer or two or whatever, just in case something is out there. It looks like this is a hardware store or a DIY store of some kind, so there’ll be better things we can use as weapons out there, but I’d like to have something to protect myself with just in case something attacks us before we find anything else.” I then realized that I had no idea what this woman’s name was, and it would be awkward calling each other “hey you” all the time. “By the way, my name is Krystal. Nice to meet you, though the circumstances are pretty cruddy.”


Cella Jones
Affected RPers: Dragotech, Cobalt Shadow
Location: Near the school

We didn’t get far before the sound of shattering glass reached us. It turned out to be some teenage boy, who appeared to have jumped from a second-story window of the school. We went to check on him but, surprisingly, he was already on his feet and limping away before we reached him. I paused for a moment and looked up at the broken window the kid had jumped, or possibly fallen, out of as Isaac went after him, calling for the boy to wait up. Something didn’t seem right about this…the way he’d hit the ground, he should have been too hurt to be walking away like he had nothing more than a sprained ankle. I tried my best not to let it get to me, since I was already coming way to close to having a panic attack, and instead turned my attention to the others. Just as I was lowering my gaze I heard two gunshots ring out; instinctively, I yelped and dropped to my knees, ducking my head in a rather useless attempt at keeping myself from being hit by any random bullets.

After the echoes of the gunshot faded, I cautiously raised my head and saw what looked like a heavily bandaged nurse wearing a dirty uniform lying on the ground. A wicked knife was held in one of her limp hands, and two bullet holes were leaking a thick, ichor-like blood. I stood and stumbled over to the others as Isaac helped the kid back to his feet; at some point he’d hit the ground again. I skirted around the broken nurse, horrified by how human this thing looked in appearance. It made me realize that even if I saw a human-like shape in the future didn’t mean what was approaching was remotely human in nature. I shuddered as I went by it, and thankfully we were on our way shortly after the incident.

We eventually reached the caretaker’s cabin, and we had a bit of good luck for once when Isaac found a street guide for the place, which was apparently called Silent Hill. I’d never heard of the place, but at least having a name for it made me feel a bit better. What made me feel better was the possibility of getting out of here, now that we had a map that would help keep us from getting lost.

I realized as Isaac was looking through the street guide that the newcomer, who I’d heard mention his name was James, didn’t know my name or Secily’s. I went to stand next to him and got ready to make the introductions, but at that moment the light from Isaac’s phone (which he was using as a flashlight) revealed a dark stain that hadn’t been present on Secily’s pants earlier. There was something dark and wet on the other woman’s pants, something that looked like blood. It didn’t look like it had come from an injury, but as though something that had been covered in blood had been hastily wiped across the fabric. I hadn’t heard anything to indicate she’d wrestled with something, no cries for help or screams of a monster. So where, exactly, had the blood come from? Or was it even blood? I was too nervous to confront her about it, so instead I turned my attention back to James.

“Hey there, I’m Cella and that over there is Secily,” I said. I was getting ready to ask if maybe he knew what the hell was going on, but before I could I heard the sound of ripping paper. I looked over to see Isaac tearing a page out of the book, which he then put into one of his pockets.

"I think that the school is on Old Silent Hill road. The interstate is south-east, and to the west is all wilderness. As dangerous as it sounds, I think our best bet is to try and get to the interstate,” the overall-clad man said, and after a moment James spoke up.

"How will we do that? I can barely walk with this limp."

"I am getting to that. The four of us will draw too much attention as a group. That is why we split up. I saw a wheelbarrow around the side of the cabin before. According to this map, we have to go past the hospital to get to the interstate. There will be painkillers there for James leg. I will carry James to the hospital in the wheelbarrow, and we will get him some painkillers, as well as anything else that could be useful. When James is able to walk, I will call Cella and Secily, who will make their way to the hospital. From there, we go to the interstate, and try to hitchhike our way home. If Secily and Cella don't get the call, they know we weren't able to make it. I know it is suicide, but it is the best plan we have." Once he was done, he picked up his gun and came over, handing it to me as well as a few clips. I stared blankly at the gun, having never fired or even held one in my entire life. It was heavier than I expected it to be, but I didn’t argue about taking it. I put the clips in my pocket and held the gun aimed at the floor, hoping I’d never have to use it but grateful for having something I could use against anything that attacked us.

"The clip in the gun has 6 bullets left, the other two have 8 each. Be careful with it,” he told me, and I nodded slowly. I didn’t bother mentioning I’d probably never be able to hit anything coming at me.

"Anyway, any objections to Operation Stupid?" he then asked, addressing everyone. James said he was in, but I had a bad feeling about all this.

“If you get attacked, it’s going to be hard to protect yourself and James with just a hammer, especially if it’s a group. Also, my phone can’t make or receive calls, so unless Secily has a working phone or James has one and wouldn’t mind leaving it with us, calling us to let us know when to meet you won’t work. And honestly, I think we’ll be attracting unwanted attention whether there’s one of us or one hundred. At the very least, if we stick together there will be more of us to fight off potential attackers, and more people to keep an eye out for threats.”

I feel silent and nervously rubbed the butt of the gun with my thumb. I didn’t mention out loud that I wasn’t very comfortable staying with Secily alone, at least not until I found out if that was indeed blood on her pants or maybe just a mud stain or something. If it was blood, where did it come from…?

12-28-2012, 09:05 PM
Serena Dawson

Location: Hardware store

Affected Rpers: Dog of Hellsing

“I’m not hurt, it’s just some old scars hurting all of a sudden, the woman said, pushing herself from the wall she had been leaning back on. “They’ve never hurt before, so I don’t really know what’s up, but after everything else that’s happened, it ranks pretty low on my list of concerns. For now, let’s see what we can find to protect ourselves with.” With that, she went to the only other door in the room to take a look around.

“Right...” Like a screwdriver is going to help much against those things, I added silently, looking at the shelves around me. While my stepfather had always been a fan of the shooting range, and had taught me at least how to properly hold and aim a pistol correctly, close combat was another thing entirely. Plus, going after one one of those creatures with a crowbar or pipe wrench didn't seem like a good idea. I picked up a nearby box cutter, idly tossing it from hand to hand while trying to figure out what else to grab.

“I didn’t see anything out there, but it’s impossible to see the whole store from here, so something could be lurking in one of the other isles or something,” the other woman said. Apparently she had just taken a quick peek outside rather than explore the entire store. “You might wanna grab a hammer or two or whatever, just in case something is out there. It looks like this is a hardware store or a DIY store of some kind, so there’ll be better things we can use as weapons out there, but I’d like to have something to protect myself with just in case something attacks us before we find anything else.” She had chosen a hammer herself, a fairly hefty one by the looks of it.

I eyed the hammers, debating on whether or not to take one as well. While some did look like a possible weapon choice, carrying around something like a sledgehammer when I was already weighed down would just make it harder to get away from anything. Ditching the satchel wasn't even an option, so something lighter would have to do the job instead. Giving another glance at a shelf close by, I tested out several crowbars before finally deciding on one of the longer ones. “Not my first choice of defense, but at least it's useful,” I remarked.

“By the way, my name is Krystal. Nice to meet you, though the circumstances are pretty cruddy,” she added.

So much for avoiding introductions, I silently cursed, trying not to flinch. If prior experience had proven anything, when someone introduced themselves they either wanted to be friends or stick around for a while. I just wanted to find someone to help tell me more about these books, or maybe even explain what had happened to this town. Sticking around with someone who wasn't interested in either seemed like a waste of time, but no point burning bridges just yet. “Serena, and doubt either of us were expecting to see anything like this today,” I said, waving a hand towards a window. “If you want to leave so badly, I might be able to show you the way I walked here. Otherwise, I just want to find at least one survivor in this 'lovely little stain' as you put it earlier.” With that, I headed out the door inside the store, seeing if there was anything else worth salvaging.

Cobalt Shadow
12-29-2012, 05:19 AM
Isaac Reed
Caretakers Cabin at school
Affcted RPers: Dragotech and Dog of Hellsing
Cella was the first to voice her concerns about the plan. According to her, the four of us would work better as a team. But something was different. Though she seemed panicky before, she seemed more so now. She also kept looking over at Secily nervously and down at her pants. She must have noticed the blood too. Secily continued to hold her hand near the inside of her jacket. Suddenly it hit me. She must have a knife or something similar in there. I pulled the back off my phone, and put it in a good position where I could subtly disconnect the battery if I needed to. I then opened up a note on that and wrote a message.
"Secily has a knife, and has used it. Ditch her? Pretend you are fixing the phone, and write your response here. if she comes, pull out the battery."

"Argh, I wish this stupid phone was working." I said loudly. I looked over at Cella.
"Could you please take a look at this? I know how to fix cars, but I hate phones." I said, handing the phone to her at an angle where Secily couldn't see the display.

While Cella looked at the phone, I pulled out the map and had another look. I then had a look at the book again. On the contents page I found the page for the Police station. On this page was a floor map.


"If I lock her in the cell, she won't be able to hurt us, and nothing will be able to get to her if she is innocent. We will call the cops when we get out of here." I thought to myself. It was right past storage, "Good we can get some guns if things get messy."

"Okay so all four of us will partake in Operation Stupid?" I asked.

Dog of Hellsing
12-29-2012, 03:04 PM
Krystal Tompson
Affected RPers: Akinai
Location: Inside a hardware store

“Serena, and doubt either of us were expecting to see anything like this today,” the other woman said. I snorted in agreement as she waved towards a window. “If you want to leave so badly, I might be able to show you the way I walked here. Otherwise, I just want to find at least one survivor in this 'lovely little stain' as you put it earlier.” I blinked at her words, but didn’t take them personally. It was probably just nerves talking. At any rate, if she could point me to the way out of this dump, I’d be more than happy to suffer a bit of stressed-out attitude.

“I certainly didn’t plan on being here in the first place, so being kidnapped and brought here sorta makes me less than eager to hang around,” I replied in a low voice, following Serena out into the store. “But you said you walked here and you don’t seem all that concerned about leaving. I guess at least one person wants to be here for some reason.” I didn’t bother asking why the hell she’d want to stay here after the things that had chased us and the absolute lack of other people, but I had the feeling Serena was one of those people who didn’t open up well to others. If I tried getting buddy-buddy with her she’d probably ditch me somewhere. Instead I shrugged to myself and fell silent, cautiously making my way towards the closest isle. It was full of metal pipes ranging from an inch or so to nearly as long as I was tall. I picked up a few of them, surprised by how light yet sturdy some of the bigger ones were. These would give me better reach and probably last longer than the hammers I had, so I took the best pipe and quietly set my hammers on the floor.

I then continued to hunt around, eventually finding a carpenter’s tote to put around my waist. Into this went various things; several packs of lighters and a few big handfuls of snack food from the checkout lane, as well as a few warm bottles of pop and water, five small but powerful flashlights and roughly thirty AAA batteries for them, and three miniature first-aid kits. I also came upon an aisle full of nail guns, which would probably be a better weapon than a pipe as I could hit things that hadn’t come close enough to attack me. I checked the specifications of them, looking for the lightest that had the most force behind the nails, taking two of them in case Serena wanted one (if not, having a spare wasn’t a bad thing in case one broke, jammed, or got lost). I then filled the remaining space with nails for the gun, managing to cram about two hundred or so worth of clips or whatever they’re called into the tote. Slightly weighed down by my haul but feeling a bit safer, I went to meet back up with Serena and see if she’d had any luck finding things she wanted.

Unfortunately, I heard a loud crashing noise come from the back room we’d entered as I crept around. It sounded like something was trying to bash the door down to get inside. I instantly forgot my desire to remain quiet and broke into a sprint, trying to find Serena as the bashing continued. I had a feeling that my weapons of choice wouldn’t do much good against whatever was pounding on the door and that our best course of action would be to run. Again.


Cella Jones
Affected RPers: Dragotech, Cobalt Shadow
Location: Near the school

Isaac fiddled with his phone for a few minutes after I spoke up, as if wanting to make sure it still worked after hearing that mine was having issues. It didn’t look like he was having much luck, and eventually he said, "Argh, I wish this stupid phone was working." His voice was loud, probably in irritation with dealing with a phone he’d thought would be working. He looked over at me and held out the phone as he added, "Could you please take a look at this? I know how to fix cars, but I hate phones."

“It’s a good thing I worked tech support for a year or so,” I replied, walking over and taking the phone. I expected to see something along the lines of “Outside service range” or crazy static lines, but instead I found a message on the phone. I quickly read it, resisting the urge to look up at Secily, and erased the message. I then typed out a reply, taking my time and going slow so it wasn’t obvious that I was texting. Every so often I’d stop altogether and stare at the phone, as if waiting for it to react to something I’d done. I messed with the volume and camera buttons as well to make it look like I was really trying to fix it. As I worked, Isaac pulled the page back out of his pocket and studied it for a moment before asking, "Okay so all four of us will partake in Operation Stupid?"

I couldn’t hold back a chuckle. Even though I was so nervous I could barely breathe, this guy was able to make light of a bad situation. I nodded in agreement as I finished typing my message.

We don’t know what happened. Don’t want to be alone with her, but don’t want to just leave her. Keep an eye on her.

After I was done I shrugged apologetically, handing the phone back to Isaac.

“Sorry, I did the same things I tried on mine, no luck. I think it’s this place, doing something to the phones.” I then glanced at Secily, trying not to stare at the stain on her pants. “You’re coming with us, right? It’s not safe to be alone.” Even though I didn’t want to be alone with her, I honestly didn’t want to just leave her behind. Maybe something had attacked her and she hadn’t said anything because she didn’t want to worry us, or maybe she’d tripped over the Nurse-monster Isaac had shot and got its blood on her. It was probably a simple thing that was silly to get so worked up over, but after the things I’d seen so far, I didn’t want to take careless risks.

12-29-2012, 08:13 PM
Serena Dawson

Location: Hardware store

Affected Rpers: Dog of Hellsing

As I walked further inside, there was a short pause before I heard Krystal follow along as well. “I certainly didn’t plan on being here in the first place, so being kidnapped and brought here sorta makes me less than eager to hang around,” she replied, keeping her voice down. “But you said you walked here and you don’t seem all that concerned about leaving. I guess at least one person wants to be here for some reason.”

I responded back with a half-shrug, concerned more with stocking up than worrying about any assumptions she could come up with. Seeing Krystal stop and browse at the closest aisle, I headed to the next one over instead. This place wasn't exactly giant, but it would be faster to split up and search for supplies separately regardless.

There were multiple totes to choose from, but carrying along two bags just seemed like asking for trouble. Instead I searched about, finding one that was a bit larger than my own satchel before transferring over the contents with care. While at it, I searched for basic essentials; flashlights, sturdy tape to somewhat repair objects if they broke, and some bottled water from a drink case. There were even a few boxes of matches stashed behind one of the checkout desks, though they appeared to be thick in dust from disuse. Figuring that having a way to start a fire would at the very least help with distracting creatures in the future, I grabbed a couple of them as well.

Unfortunately, I didn't see anything anything that really improvised as longe-range weaponry. While there were a set of long pipes in one aisle (appearing recently moved, Krystal had likely been here first), nothing else seemed able to reach beyond a couple feet or so. Grabbing a midsized pipe about two and a half feet long, I added it to my collection. At this point I was beginning to run low on room, so opted to switch over to finding food rather than more tools.

I had barely made it halfway to the snacks when a loud crash echoed throughout the store, followed shortly by another one. Judging from the direction it was coming from, it sounded like we were out of time- something was finally trying to force its way in. Giving the food a final halfhearted glance, I dashed towards the middle of the store, trying to see if there was any visible markers for an emergency exit. Along the way, I nearly ran into Krystal as she sprinted down an aisle.

“I don't see a way out save for the front door, but maybe we could drop down something to barricade them in that small room,” I said, nodding over to one of the aisle shelves. They looked heavy, but maybe with enough force they could topple over. As the sound got louder, a sinking thought crossed my mind. “Wait, you did close the door behind you, right?”

12-29-2012, 09:47 PM
Secily Jones
In the Caretaker's Cabin
Affected Arpers: Cobalt Shadow, Dog of Hellsing

I listened to the interesting proposal from the man with the gun. It seemed a bit shy of suicide at best. He offered the gun to the other women which struck me as odd, but he does have a hammer, but that may not be much when there are beings out there that look as if they could cleave through steel with great ease at their own leasure . I considered offering up my knife, but only for a moment. I was mostly trying to remain silent.

I pulled my hand out of my jacket and forced myself to relax. I pulled out my phone. "I can recieve texts, but that is the limit of things I can do with this thing..." I managed to mutter. I didn't want to, but I figured I might as well say something even if it is fairly quiet. “You’re coming with us, right? It’s not safe to be alone.” The other women asked me. I knew I couldn't remain quiet like I wanted. I said, "I don't think I have anywhere else to be, so sure..." I tried to joke uncomfortably. I wiped at the stain on my pants, but it did little more than knock off some of the clumps.

I looked around the room. I walked over to some cupboards that seemed unopened. They were locked and made of wood. The wood was old and creaky. I decided I wanted to open the cupboards. I pulled out my knife. The steel blade gleamed and made me smile. I was very comfortable with this knife. I struck the cupboards with the steel but of the knife. The wood creaked and cracked and gave way. I cut myself on the wood, and I got teary eyed because of it. The cupboard was opened and rather broken. Inside there were some cloth bandages, and I wrapped one around my cut hand. I put the knife back in its sheath inside my jacket.

There was not much else inside the cupboard of use. Their was the bandages and a little alcohol for cleansing a wound as well as some old medication. There was some good tape still in there, and I grabbed that. I decided opening the cupboard was not really worth it. I turned back around and handed the man that used to have the gun the bandages and alcohol. "These... might be helpful... maybe..." I tried not to sound uncomfortable with communication, but that only made it worse.

I slid my hands into my pocket and sat. It seemed that waiting until something moved seemed the best course of action. I wondered if the stain on my pants was making my associates uncomfortable. They seemed to look down at it often. I pretended not notice. I managed to remain calm-ish.

Cobalt Shadow
12-30-2012, 01:32 PM
Affected RPers: Dog of Hellsing, Dragotech
Currently: about to leave the Caretakers cabin.

Isaac walked out of the door, hammer in hand in case he saw any more of those creatures. He walked around the corner a few minutes later with a wheelbarrow.

"As uncomfortable as it sounds, you are going to have to ride in this, with the busted leg and all." Isaac said to me. I nodded, still wondering why I only had a limp.

Isaac walked over and helped me out of the chair I was sitting in, then helped me walk over to the the wheelbarrow. I sat in, finding it wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought.

For the third time he opened the book, to what looked like the same page as usual. There must have been photos of the cells in the police station, judging by what he said next.

Isaac Reed
Affected RPer: Same as above

I helped James get into the wheelbarrow, then had another look at the book. Cella was right. What if she is innocent? We can't just let her get killed. But what if she isn't. The cells were seeming like a better option. But how to tell Cella this.

I continued looking in the book in the section about the police stations, where I found some pictures of the cells there.
"Geez, whoever built these cells did a great job. By the look of it, nothing can get in or out without the key." I said looking over at Cella hoping she would get the message. If we locked Secily in one, then sent the police back for her, the monsters couldn't get her.

I made sure my hammer and the spanner were in an easy to reach pocket, then opened the door, lifted the wheelbarrow, and began to walk out.
"Lets go before something else shows up," I said. "Cella, I need you to be ready to shoot anything that comes by. If you don't want to, then give the gun to James. You can shoot can't you James?"

"Seems easy enough." He said.

As I waited for Cella to respond, I continued walking, and pushing the wheelbarrow, wondering how far we can get undetected...

Dog of Hellsing
12-31-2012, 12:07 AM
Affected RPers: Everyone
Location: All of Silent Hill

Somewhere in the fog-covered town, sirens began to wail. Low and quiet at first, the sound quickly rose in pitch and volume until it reached its crescendo before descending back to its starting tone. The sirens continued to blare out as the gray skies began to darken, but it wasn’t just the sky. Blackness seemed to be descending over the entire town, until it looked as though pitch-black night had fallen. As the darkness blanketed the town, the town itself also underwent a staggering transformation. The very ground cracked apart, parts of it rising into the air before disintegrating. Buildings fell into ruin and the cars were reduced to little more than rusted husks. In many cases, doors that existed were completely gone or covered in unidentifiable substances, while other doors had spawned in areas they hadn’t been previously. Around the town there came the screams of stronger monsters who accompanied the darkness, monsters that were bigger and smarter. The sirens fell silent as this twisted new realm fully formed, releasing its horrors into the town.

The Otherworld had arrived.


Krystal Tompson
Affected RPers: Akinai
Location: Inside a hardware store

I slid to a halt as Serena came around a corner and nearly ran into me, bearing a new tote over the old satchel she'd had. I was going to say that we should probably get going, but she spoke before I had a chance to say anything.

“I don't see a way out save for the front door, but maybe we could drop down something to barricade them in that small room.” She nodded towards one of the aisles, as if indicating we might be able to push one over. A nervous expression crossed her face as she added, “Wait, you did close the door behind you, right?”

“I think I did but I don’t remember for certain, to be completely honest,” I answered. I jumped as a loud crash echoed through the entire store; it sounded like whatever wanted in had managed to finally break the door down. Terror flooded my veins at the thought of something big and strong enough to bash down a metal door chasing after us, but then I heard another sound start to fill the air. It took me a moment to place it; it sounded like air-raid sirens. I frowned and glanced towards the front of the store, my mouth dropping in disbelief as it started getting dark. Within a few minutes blackness had completely fallen. On top of that, the store around us started to just…deteriorate. The aisles were reduced to rust-covered metal, dropping their contents to the floor, which was broken and rusted as well now. The ceiling fell apart, lights and wires falling and hanging haphazardly as the front door decayed away. Large holes appeared in the walls, revealing the storage room we’d entered the store through. The door was lying on the floor, but there were no monsters lurking in there. I gaped at the transformation, barely able to comprehend what had just happened.

“You…you’re seeing this, right? I’m not going completely loony?” I managed to ask Serena, my voice faint and cracking. “What the HELL is going on here?!”


Cella Jones
Affected RPers: Dragotech, Cobalt Shadow
Location: Leaving the caretaker's cabin

Secily agreed that she’d be coming with us before abruptly pulling a rather dangerous-looking knife from somewhere and bashing open a locked cupboard with the handle. She managed to smash it open but slashed her hand on a large piece of jagged wood. I nervously scooted away from her as she seemed to be enjoying beating the cupboard a bit too much. Not only that, but how long had she had that knife, and where had she gotten it from? I was beginning to think that the stain on her pants wasn’t just an accident.

After finding some alcohol and bandages in the cupboard, Secily wrapped her injured hand and gave the rest of the items to Isaac, muttering how they might come in useful. She was so awkward when talking that it made me wonder what her past had been like. It was like she really didn’t know how to act around other people. Once she’d given Isaac the medical items, she put her hands in her pocket and sat down, clearly waiting for everyone to be ready. I watched her for a few minutes before it got uncomfortable just staring at her, so instead I turned to watch the door.

A few minutes later Isaac returned, pushing the wheelbarrow before him. He helped James into it before opening the street guide book again. He stared at it for a moment, like he was reading something, then said, "Geez, whoever built these cells did a great job. By the look of it, nothing can get in or out without the key." He looked up at us, but his gaze lingered on me a bit longer than the others. I understood what he was saying. Leave Secily in a cell where no monsters can get her, and she can’t get US. I nodded, as if acknowledging an interesting bit of trivia, as Isaac adjusted his items, then opened the door to the cabin and came back to grab the handles of the wheelbarrow. "Lets go before something else shows up," he said as he started walking, pushing the wheelbarrow in front of him. “Cella, I need you to be ready to shoot anything that comes by. If you don't want to, then give the gun to James. You can shoot can't you James?"

"Seems easy enough,” James replied, and I headed out of the cabin after them as I pulled the clips out of my pocket. I handed James the clips first, then cautiously offered the butt of the gun to him.

“I’ve never even held a gun. I don’t think I’d honestly be much use with it.”

I’d barely finished speaking when what sounded like sirens started to blare out. I drew to a halt, the sound making me extremely uneasy as it continued. Then I noticed something much more disturbing that the abrupt sirens; blackness was starting to cover the entire town. As far as I could see, the gray, foggy skies were being replaced with complete darkness. On top of that, the town itself started going to hell. The ground was cracking and breaking up, bits of it just vanishing. The caretaker’s cabin, when I looked back at it, quickly rotten to just rusted steel supports and bits of wood. In the near distance, I could visible see parts of the school sagging and sinking as the building was rapidly worn down by invisible forces.

It took less than a minute for everything to settle into this new unnerving state, but by the time it was over I found I could barely breathe. Panic was crushing my chest, my heart pounding against my breastbone so hard I thought it would burst through. The world spun crazily as a sudden bout of vertigo gripped me, causing me to stumble and fall to my knees. I squeezed my eyes closed and struggled to catch my breath, fighting with everything I had to stave off the fear and dizziness. Somehow I managed to calm myself enough to be able to breathe a bit better, and the vertigo ebbed away as I wrestled my panic under control. I took a few more minutes to collect my wits before shakily getting to my feet, crossing my arms over my stomach and looking around.

“What…what just happened…?”

12-31-2012, 03:07 AM
Serena Dawson

Location: Hardware store

Affected Rpers: Dog of Hellsing

“I think I did but I don’t remember for certain, to be completely honest,” Krystal replied back. Judging from the way she looked ready to bolt at a moment's notice, it was likely she was more interested in running away rather than than trying to trap it instead.

Irritated, I immediately turned towards where I had found the store entrance while salvaging. While it could have been worse- the woman could have ran back to the door to check if it had indeed been shut-the only safe option left was to retreat once more. Before I could continue further, there was a final loud crash followed by the sound of a door being broken down; the creature had finally forced its way inside.

In the end it didn't matter, because immediately after the world itself began to change.

At first nothing seemed different. A loud siren in the distance began to go off, echoing across the town while leaving a somewhat ominous feeling behind as the noise died down. As the sound faded, the sunlight dimmed away as well, darkening the area. To accompany the darkness, the store seemed to age rapidly as everything began to either rust away or become destroyed beyond use. A few of the overhead lights even fell down, the cables used to support them becoming frayed. As the transformation finally completed, there was a dead silence that hung in the air- the monster had disappeared.

“You…you’re seeing this, right? I’m not going completely loony?” Krystal said, breaking the silence as we both registered what had just happened before our eyes. “What the HELL is going on here?!”

“I think 'hell' would indeed be the proper word for it,” I remarked, trying to sound unfazed. In reality, I was starting to grow curious. Was this a normal event for the town? If so, I should have been able to remember something so strange, even though I had hardly been a few years old the last time I saw Silent Hill. Still, there was a feeling in the back of my mind that I should know just what was going on. “I think it's safe to say that we shouldn't stay here, though. This place looks like it's ready to fall apart any minute.” I took a side glance over at the snack foods, but noticed with disgust that they too had fallen victim to whatever transformation had happened to this world; they now appeared rotten, and some bags were opened revealing long-expired goods.

Whatever had managed to change the area though had managed to somehow leave our items unfazed. Opening my tote revealed that everything still appeared to be in the same condition they had been before storing away. While running a quick inventory, my hand brushed a folded sheaf of paper- the map I had used to get here in the first place. “Completely forgot I had this thing,” I remarked, pulling the map out to take a closer look. On the opposite side, there was a rough outline of the town with important buildings labeled. While places like a hospital, the police station, and even a school were marked, I was unable to identify any apartments or even a library anywhere... there was a sole church, however.

Realizing that I had probably been staring at the map for a while and still had someone waiting nearby, I offered the paper to Krystal so she could have a quick look as well. “You may be able to find your way out of town if you memorize this, though I can't promise that's exactly accurate. If the rest of this place is run-down as well, some areas may be blocked. I'll need that back, so hope your memory is good. That, or you can follow me to check out a place or two and I can personally escort you out of here."

12-31-2012, 07:19 AM
Secily Jones
Location: In a whole new world, and what is left of the previous
Affected Arpers: Dog of Hellsing, Cobalt Shadow

I sat and waited uncomfortably. I felt as if everything I did was like a test to the rest of my group. They seemed to talk amongst themselves. I began becoming increasingly uneasy. It reminded me of back when I was socially shunned. Although back then, I was fine with it. I really did not want to be alone here, in this strange place. I saw the other woman hand the gun to the crippled young man. I muttered to myself on how I was actually pretty handy with a gun. I heard the sound of sirens. I jumped to my feet in utter shock.

All at once the world began to change. The cabin rotted away to nothing. I could swear I heard loud screams in the distance, loud screams that did not belong to anything human. I was beyond shocked now. The strange place that I was in became stranger, and I found myself fearing the dark as I haven't in a long time. The other woman seemed to collapse. I darted over to her, and squatted down beside her. I reached out to try and help but drew back not knowing what to do. I looked over at the men. I didn't see any answer on their faces.

She began to recover, so I stood up and took a few steps back. I looked at her. I asked, "Are you okay..." I paused a moment recalling her name, "Cella?" I felt stupid asking that question. She just met the ground for some reason, of course she isn't okay. I noted she was unarmed. I walked over to the nurse I decapitated. I shuddered at my own handy-work. I also wondered why no one had mentioned it. I thought that they would have to have noticed it. I saw the dead being clutching a knife. It was hardly as nice as my own, but I thought it may do.

I tried to pry open the nurse's hand, but it had an iron grip around the handle of that knife even in death. I found myself extremely agitated. I produced my knife from my jacket and cut the fingers from the knife I was trying to acquire. There was a little blood on my knife from the fingers. It looked absolutely disgusting. I wiped it off in the same fashion as earlier in the same place. I put my knife back.

I decided that there was no point in concealing my knife. I pulled it out in its sheath and attached it to my belt. I liked it better there. I picked the knife that I cut from the dead nurse creature. I walked back over to Cella and offered her the handle. I held the blade hoping she wouldn't cut me with it. I opened my mouth to say something, but closed it again with a loss of words.

01-04-2013, 03:42 AM
Location: Caretaker's Cabin
Affected RPers: Jess

Slowly, He moves through the shadows. Could one see Him? No. He is an enigma. How does one know He is there? A wicked fear will surge through them causing hysteria. Pity? He takes none.


She was struggling already. He hadn't even started. She would be emotionally unstable after He finishes with torturing His new prey. How will he show up to her? A face in the woods? Or possibly a tap on the shoulder. Maybe He would directly approach the woman to induce the fear.

Fear. He feeds on it. As long as someone is afraid, He will be almighty. A staged twig crack to her right forces her head to jerk to the direction of the sound. He feels her heart rate increase to a rapid speed. She is on the breaking point.

Finally, she looks back and what she sees is a tree's branches slowly curling downwards towards its trunk. She is confused, just what He wants. He leans forwards and reveals himself: a faceless head, long, scrawny limbs, and a black tuxedo and red tie. A yell of terror escapes her mouth and she closes her eyes, trying to forget the horror she just saw. A quick glance back and He isn't there.

People hear it. Perfect. His message is across; fear Him.

Dog of Hellsing
01-04-2013, 06:00 AM
OOC: Of course, go after the person most likely to have a heart attack just from seeing Slendy at a distance XD.


Krystal Tompson
Affected RPers: Akinai
Location: Inside a hardware store

Serena didn’t seem too awfully concerned or even surprised by the abrupt shift in reality, acting about as excited as someone who was opening a bag of chips to snack on. For a moment I could only gape at her as she casually started going through her tote. She quickly came across what was revealed to be a map and consulted it for a few moments as I tried to understand how she could be taking all this so well.

Maybe…maybe she’s just really good at hiding shock. Or maybe she’s a little…crazy. Well…hell, I can see ghosts or whatever you want to call them. Try explaining how THAT works. Maybe there’s just something special about her that lets her deal with crazy stuff better than your average normal person.

I shook my head and pushed the musings away. At this point, it hardly mattered why the other woman wasn’t as freaked out as I was, or at least, why she wasn’t showing it. I turned my attention to the map she had, scooting closer as I had the brilliant idea of taking out one of my flashlights and putting a few batteries into it. There was a tiny bit of light emanating from…well, I wasn’t entirely sure…but it wasn’t nearly enough to comfortably see by. Once I got the batteries in, I turned on the flashlight and angled it so the light illuminated the map without shining on the paper directly and causing a glare.

After several minutes of silence, Serena held the map out towards me as she said, “You may be able to find your way out of town if you memorize this, though I can't promise that's exactly accurate. If the rest of this place is run-down as well, some areas may be blocked. I'll need that back, so hope your memory is good. That, or you can follow me to check out a place or two and I can personally escort you out of here."

I shook my head as I took the map and quickly glanced it over, letting out a somewhat irritated sigh. I’d never been able to read maps very well (read; at all), and relied on GPS to get where I was going if it was more than a few blocks from my house. There was no way I’d be able to remember the map, let alone keep all the directions and such in order (I’m also relatively directionally challenged). I handed the map back to Serena after just a few seconds, which was all the time I needed to confirm how hopeless I was when it came to such things.

“It ain’t gonna happen,” I told her with a shrug. “I’m horrible with maps and directions when I’m not stranded in some crazy-ass town that’s filled with monsters and covered in fog and likes to fall to pieces for no particular reason. I’d forget that map within a block and get north confused with south. I’m not the best at that sort of thing.” I aimed my flashlight towards the remains of the front door and took a deep breath, trying to ignore the confusion and panic that were threatening to make me break down in slightly hysterical giggles. “I think I’ll stick with you for a while. Oh, do you want one of these?” I absently offered the spare nail gun to Serena after digging it out of my tote. “I have enough nails for both of them, since we won’t be getting any from here now.”


Cella Jones
Affected RPers: Dragotech, Cobalt Shadow, Zolar
Location: Near the school

If I said I wasn’t surprised by Secily’s sudden concern when I collapsed, I would be telling a pretty big lie. She squatted by me, though I was too busy trying not to break down in a complete panic attack to respond when she started to reach out for me, only to stop and pull away before making contact. She stood and moved away as I recovered and finally managed to stand, and after a few moments she asked if I was okay. As she spoke I could hear by her tone that she felt the question was awkward after what had just happened; either way, she didn’t really give me a chance to reply before suddenly moving off. The darkness that had fallen was as bad as the previous fog in terms of how far one could see, since Secily had gotten maybe ten feet away before I could no longer see her. I shuddered as I realized there was light coming from some unknown source, but barely enough to give one any real visibility.

At first I thought the other woman was leaving us, but she returned shortly carrying a knife. I realized with a start that it was the same knife the weird Nurse monsters seemed to possess. Apparently, Secily had gone back to retrieve it. I saw that her own knife was now hanging from her belt. There were also a few more dark smudges on her clothes, but I decided to overlook them as she approached. I wondered why she’d felt the need for another weapon before she offered it to me, a gesture which left me surprised once more. I blinked a few times, my panic slowly retreating in favor of genuine gratitude. Maybe we’d been wrong about her. Secily opened her mouth to speak but for some reason decided against it, remaining silent as she waited for me to react.

I reached out and took the weapon, gripping the handle and nodding at the other woman as I offered a faint smile. I was getting ready to thank her when suddenly, blind terror leapt within me and made me give a faint cry. I dropped the knife as a twig or branch to my right snapped, jumping so violently I nearly sent myself to the ground again as I whipped around to face the direction the sound had come from. My heart started to race again, beating so hard and fast it was actually painful. It was a struggle to breathe as my chest seemed to constrict, driving what little air I could catch right back out of my lungs.

There was nothing there when I looked, but I knew something was nearby. I could sense it, could feel it watching me. I looked around but didn’t spot anything, at least not until I decided to look behind me. There was a grove of trees that way, leading off to what had appeared to be a small wooded area before the whole place went nuts. Now, as I stared, I saw what looked like a branch slowly moving down towards the trunk, like someone was pushing it down and to the side. And then a figure abruptly loomed into view, as if stepping forward from the gloom around us. I could only gape at it, my mind unable to grasp what I was seeing. It shouldn’t be possible, it wasn’t possible!

I felt myself crumple to the ground as the panic attack I’d been struggling to hold back broke out full-force. My struggled breathing rose to hyperventilated gasps, but it didn’t seem to help get enough air. A chill settled itself in my body and I could feel myself trembling. My stomach twisted on itself in nausea and the world spun crazily as a bout of vertigo chose that moment to hit me. I groaned and clutched my head, squeezing my eyes shut and curling forward until my forehead was pressed against the ground. I wanted to run, to get up and get the hell away from that place, away from that THING, but there was no way I’d be able to run in this condition or even stand up.

Calm, calm, calm… I told myself over and over, a silent mantra I’d developed years ago. The single syllable gave me something to focus on other than my crushing sense of blind terror, though in some cases it didn’t help. At some point, though, the fear started to subside and I managed to sit back on my calves. I instantly found my gaze drawn to the trees, but the figure was no longer there. I quickly glanced around but saw no evidence of anything lurking around. Still trembling and somewhat fearful but slowly recovering, I wrapped my arms around myself and focused on slowing my breathing.

It was…it was just your imagination…just all this insanity getting to you, I assured myself. You just imagined you saw him there because of all those stories Gram Adelaide used to tell and her death and everything…it wasn’t real...

01-04-2013, 09:10 AM
Secily Jones
Near the School
Affected Arpers: Dog of Hellsing, Cobalt Shadow

She accepted the knife with a smile. I managed to force myself to smile back. My expression changed to shock when she jumped and spun. I assume that she must of heard something, so I began to reach for my knife. The fog was thick enough to conceal anything. Cella suddenly was on the ground again. I wasn't sure what was happening. She seemed to be having some kind of attack. I couldn't tell what was happening.

I was to frozen in my surprise, I think it was surprise, to act this time. She began to recover, and she looked as if she saw a ghost or something. She sat on the ground with her arms folded around her. She seemed as if she may have been muttering something under her breath. I couldn't be sure what.
I crouched down again and asked, "Are you okay?" This time I waited long enough to actually get an answer.

Cobalt Shadow
01-04-2013, 01:20 PM
Isaac Reed and James
Affected RPers: Dragotech and Dog of Hellsing
Location: Near the school

Isaac and James were about to leave, until a lot of things happened in a small period of time. First, there were a lot of loud noises, and the world changed around them. Everything seemed to deteriorate. After they got over the initial shock of that, something else happened. Cella screamed. She appeared to have seen something. Whatever it was, it was gone now. Or else it was just watching them, and they couldn't see.

"Are you okay?" Secily asked. James pointed the gun at the place where Cella seemed to be looking.

"What happened?" James asked Cella, as Isaac turned the wheelbarrow around to face the rest of the group.

01-04-2013, 09:20 PM
Serena Dawson

Location: Hardware store, entering the streets of Silent Hill

Affected Rpers: Dog of Hellsing

While I had been going over the map, Krystal had managed to retrieve a flashlight from her pack and had been using it to take a peek over at the parchment as well. Despite her interest, she was quick to decline my offer of using the map to help find a way out of this place.

“It ain’t gonna happen,” Krystal replied, giving a shrug. “I’m horrible with maps and directions when I’m not stranded in some crazy-ass town that’s filled with monsters and covered in fog and likes to fall to pieces for no particular reason. I’d forget that map within a block and get north confused with south. I’m not the best at that sort of thing.” She then shone her light towards the store entrance, as if searching for any hidden monsters. “I think I’ll stick with you for a while.”

Well, it was a win/lose situation either way. I sighed, trying to piece together the situation. Still, having someone tagging along- worse, someone who seemed reluctant to even stay here- promised to make things at least a little annoying. Knowing that Krystal couldn't exactly take the map and run was a comforting thought that hadn't crossed her mind though.

At this point, Krystal was rummaging through her pack once more. Moments later, she pulled out an object; a nail gun by the looks of it. “Oh, do you want one of these? I have enough nails for both of them, since we won’t be getting any from here now.”

Skeptical, I took the offered object and toyed with it a moment, wondering just how this could be a weapon. Experimentally I pulled the trigger, even though it was empty it would still be possible to estimate the force the gun used to expel a nail. Surprisingly, it was more powerful than I expected. “Interesting. Definitely beats trying to fend these creatures off with a crowbar, that's for sure.” Nodding in thanks, I stowed away the newfound weapon before taking a look over at the map once more.

“Just for the record, we're going to be a little lost until we reach a building that is actually labeled on here. Apparently whoever made this didn't think that something so minor as a hardware store needed to be known,” I said, pointing out the complete lack of any stores at all being shown. “However the school, police station, hospital, and other major places are listed. If we find one of these by sight, it will be easy to go from there.” Rolling up the parchment, I prepared a flashlight of my own before proceeding towards the front door. “The sooner we leave, the better.”

Dog of Hellsing
01-04-2013, 10:32 PM
Cella Jones
Affected RPers: Dragotech, Cobalt Shadow
Location: Near the school

"Are you okay?"

I blinked in surprise and looked over at Secily, who was crouching near me again. I shook my head and opened my mouth to reply, but all that came out was a faint grunt. I closed my mouth and swallowed a few times as James added, “What happened?”

“I…” My voice cracked almost as instantly as I started to talk, so I took a deep breath to try and shake off the clinging tendrils of fear. It would be a while before I fully recovered, but at least now I wasn’t a trembling ball of nauseated terror. After I felt a bit more confident in my ability to speak, I tried again.

“I thought I saw-“ I abruptly cut myself off, remembering Isaac’s earlier words about a ‘faceless freak’. I suddenly realized there was no way I could mention what I’d really seen, or rather, what I’d thought I’d seen. It would probably cause the others to panic over nothing. After all, He wasn’t real. There was no need to spread concern when there wasn’t anything to get worked up over. “I thought I saw my great-grandmother,” I lied. “She died not long ago, so it just really shocked me. I have health issues, one of them being random panic attacks. The shock set one off is all. I’ll…I’ll be fine,” I added in response to Secily’s query.

After a few moments I grabbed the edge of the wheelbarrow and used it to pull myself to my feet. I was unsteady and my head still hurt, but I was relatively sure I’d be able to walk on my own. I cautiously bent over to retrieve the knife from the ground and put it in a pocket before dusting my hands on my shirt, trying to ignore the fact that I was still shaking, though not as bad as earlier.

“Let’s get going. There’s no telling what might be lurking around here now.”


Krystal Tompson
Affected RPers: Akinai
Location: Leaving the hardware store, en route to the church

My companion seemed uncertain about the nail gun, but after pulling the trigger to get an idea of the pressure behind it, she seemed pleased with it. She commented that it would be more useful than trying to beat something senseless with a crowbar and nodded her thanks. I pulled a few clips…magazines…whatever, of nails from my tote and took it upon myself to stick them in an open pocket on the front of the other’s bag.

“Just for the record, we're going to be a little lost until we reach a building that is actually labeled on here. Apparently whoever made this didn't think that something so minor as a hardware store needed to be known,” she said after I’d given her some nails. “However the school, police station, hospital, and other major places are listed. If we find one of these by sight, it will be easy to go from there.” She then stowed the map in her bag after rolling it up, getting a flashlight of her own up and running before starting towards the door, adding, “The sooner we leave, the better.”

“You’re not going to hear me arguing to stay put,” I replied, following after her. I didn’t really enjoy the idea of wandering around until we found a major landmark like the school, but it was hardly Serena’s fault that no one had decided to include the names of smaller streets or mark where the store we were in was at. I tried to come up with an idea on how to best search for one of our target locations without ending up going in circles.

“You know, maybe we should go in a sort of spiral,” I offered as we stepped outside. Everything was twisted and in a state of serious disrepair the sight caused a shiver to work down my spine. I again wondered exactly what Serena was doing here, since she’d come here willingly from the sound of it and seemed more concerned with finding information about the town rather than finding a way out. I decided it wasn’t worth worrying about at the moment and shoved the thought aside as I explained what we could do. “ Let’s say we walk two blocks in the direction we’re going now, then walk, I don’t know, four or five to the left or right, then walk the opposite way about five blocks, and keep going that way as we go further and further before turning. That was we have a better chance at running into a big landmark than if we just wander in one direction.”

01-05-2013, 02:45 AM
Serena Dawson

Location: streets of Silent Hill

Affected Rpers: Dog of Hellsing

As I stepped outside, it finally hit me just how different everything had become. While the store interior had given a hint just what to expect, seeing it absolutely everywhere helped sink in the fact that something otherworldly was going on. The skies were shaded in unnatural darkness, blanketing an urban landscape that had all but rusted away. While everything had already been in a moderate state of disrepair before, it was if the effect had caused decades to pass in mere seconds. All in all, a dreary sight. Are we even in the same place?

“You know, maybe we should go in a sort of spiral,” Krystal remarked, snapping me out of my reverie. She seemed to flinch as she looked at the transformed scenery, but continued to speak, “Let’s say we walk two blocks in the direction we’re going now, then walk, I don’t know, four or five to the left or right, then walk the opposite way about five blocks, and keep going that way as we go further and further before turning. That way we have a better chance at running into a big landmark than if we just wander in one direction.”

I couldn't help but show a little surprise at this plan. For someone who had trouble reading a simple map, it was actually a pretty good idea. “That... could work. With any luck we won't have to turn around though.” Traveling around for hours completely lost was one thing, being lost with no idea how to get back to Point A was even worse. Granted, I had no delusions that the store had been a safe haven in the first place. Choosing the opposite street we had came from before, I started forward, Krystal following carefully along.

While the streets were abandoned and almost foreboding before, they were now teeming with signs of life just out of sight. Every now and then a faint scratching sound could be heard, but always faded away after a moment. A few of the alleys we walked past had smatterings of blood on the ground and even one along the walls, some still fairly fresh due to the still-red shade. It wasn't until the around the fifth block or so that we finally ran into someone-rather, the remains of someone.

Judging from the body, it had been a male; a cop, if the uniform actually belonged to the person. He had varied cuts, both deep and shallow, running along his body. What must have finally finished off the man was someone or something else entirely from who made the cuts- his throat looked as if it had been torn out.

“First person we run into, and he's dead.” I immediately looked away, more than a little disgusted by the sight. The finishing blow was probably done by one of the creatures, but those cuts were far too precise in the fact they missed any vital veins or organs. Whoever had done it, they had to be human. I almost made a motion to leave the body behind as fast as possible, but there was a tattered piece of paper pinned to the stomach of the corpse. Moving quickly to prevent touching the body too long, I swiped the note for a closer look.

Paradise is upon us, yet these sinners mean to deny us our salvation. Let this heretic and any who follow him point the way to the faithful, so that we may cleanse them from this world.

Looking up at the corpse, I noticed that one of his arms had been pinned to wall in a manner to point to the left, down a street we had yet to travel upon. Still mulling over the words on the note, I quickly pocketed it and looked over at Krystal, seeing where her stance was on this.

01-08-2013, 02:42 AM
Secily Jones
Near the School
Affected Arpers: Dog of Hellsing, Cobalt Shadow

Cella opened her mouth as if she was going to say something. She managed to grunt, but she didn't say anything discernable. The kid in the wheelbarrel asked, "What happened?" She started to say something. She paused for a moment. She started again, “I thought I saw-“ She cut off for a moment, “I thought I saw my great-grandmother,” I lied. “She died not long ago, so it just really shocked me. I have health issues, one of them being random panic attacks. The shock set one off is all. I’ll…I’ll be fine." She finished by answering my question. She did look like she saw a ghost or something. I somewhat doubted she would be fine. She had to pull herself up using the wheelbarrel.

She walked over to the knife I gave her, and she pocketed it. She dusted her hands off.
She said, "“Let’s get going. There’s no telling what might be lurking around here now.”

I thought back for a moment on the thing I saw earlier. If worse things are roaming, then we have a serious problem. I agreed, "Yeah, I think we should head out." I looked over at the man who had the gun... Isaac and... James in the wheelbarrel. I said, "Good luck, boys..." I probably could have said something better.

Dog of Hellsing
01-09-2013, 09:01 PM
Krystal Tompson
Affected RPers: Akinai
Location: En route to the church

Serena seemed a bit surprised by my suggestion, which caused me to smile a bit as we began to put it into action. I occasionally had good ideas, and it usually had the same effect on others as it had on my current companion. We walked in silence, and I couldn’t help but feel skittish and nervous at how badly the town had decayed. It was almost like the buildings themselves might morph into deadly monsters and try to tear us to ribbons.

We eventually came upon the mutilated body of what appeared to have once been a cop. I stared at it for a moment, not having expected to find a mangled corpse, and the sight was more than a little disgusting. I had to fight back a slight emotional breakdown, telling myself that even though he’d clearly died in a painful way, at least he was at peace now. Hopefully.

“First person we run into, and he's dead.” Serena grumbled, sounding as happy about the discovery as I was. I shook my head and didn’t reply, instead turning my attention to the immediate area. I swung my flashlight around, searching for whatever beast had laid open the corpse’s throat. If it was still around I definitely didn’t want to hang around. I didn’t spot anything, though, and I turned back to Serena in time to see her folding a piece of paper and putting it away. She then faced me with an expression that clearly asked what I thought about all this. I waved my free hand aimlessly.

“I’m not sure what did this, but it doesn’t seem to be here, at least. Not right now, anyways, but there’s no telling if it might come back.” I grimaced at the thought of whatever beast had killed this man returning to eat his remains. “We should probably get moving. By the way, find something interesting? I don’t suppose that paper had a clear direction of where we’re headed so we, or at least I, can get out of this place?”


OOC: Will make a post for Cella once Cobalt replies, or if he doesn't reply in a day or two, I'll post one then.

Cobalt Shadow
01-15-2013, 07:51 AM
Isaac lifted the wheelbarrow, and turned it towards the road.
"You guys are right. If we want to stand a chance of not being killed by one of those monsters, we need to move now. Hopefully we can find a working car or something." James said from the wheelbarrow, checking again that the gun was loaded.

"Won't that be noisy and attract attention?" Isaac asked him.

"Judging by the map, this place isn't too big. If any of you guys are good drivers, we can be in and out within a few minutes depending on how fast we go. Heck, we could even skip getting me painkillers." James said.

Isaac started pushing the wheelbarrow along the side of the road, considering the idea.

"Honestly it all depends on the car. If we find a quiet one, and don't dawdle too much getting it going, it might work." he replied.

(OOC: I am allowing minor bunnying of Isaac and James. It is a pain in the ass to travel in a group if you can't say that the characters you don't control are following you. The most I am allowing is having them walk along the road etc, things they already agreed to do.)

01-16-2013, 12:26 AM
Serena Dawson

Location: Streets of Silent Hill

Affected Rpers: Dog of Hellsing

Unsurprisingly, Krystal seemed more concerned about leaving the area more than anything else. “I’m not sure what did this, but it doesn’t seem to be here, at least. Not right now, anyways, but there’s no telling if it might come back,” she said, making a grimace at the last part. “We should probably get moving.”

Odd, I thought standing in the middle of an alley with a corpse while surrounded by monsters was a lovely idea, I thought sarcastically, holding back on saying the statement out loud. I used my own flashlight to look around a moment, trying to see if there was anything that seemed to stand out or possibly another message. I was shining my light towards the direction the corpse was pointing when Krystal spoke once more.

“By the way, find something interesting? I don’t suppose that paper had a clear direction of where we’re headed so we, or at least I, can get out of this place?” She must have noticed the paper I had grabbed, but had not managed to get a good look at it.

I debated over the thought of sharing the message, but thought better of it. “Just trash that his torturer thought was interesting to pin on his victim. We may find something similar later though, so decided to hold on to it for now.” I shone the flashlight back over on the corpse, pointing out the out raised arm “Doesn't that look odd though? It's almost as if he is showing us the way. We have not found anything else yet, so may as well follow.”

Rather than wait for a response, I began to head towards the street in question. The words on the note still bothered me, as well as the change this entire town was enveloped in. If this place was supposedly “paradise”, either it belonged to a monster or something had changed it entirely. Question was, which was it?