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Cobalt Shadow
12-24-2012, 11:19 AM
The Chosen
Before the dawn of time, a crisis was foreseen, and 9 people were picked to be ’The Chosen’. It was their destiny to protect this world from the disaster to come. It is 2:49am on December 21st 2012. The time for ’The Chosen’ to save the worlds has come, and your journey as a member of ‘The Chosen’
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Cobalt Shadow
12-24-2012, 11:19 AM
Mission 1: Allies
1. Locate Meteor
2. Take egg and Amulet.
3. Hatch egg, then Inspect Amulet.
Inspect Amulet, then Hatch egg.
NOBODY must see the egg. If they see the Amulet, characters must lie about the Amulet and where they got it.
Inspecting the Amulet will teleport the character to the Temple of the Chosen. The characters won’t know how to get back home from here at this point in time. Once they are there, they will remain until Mission 2 (Details released soon) is completed.
Characters will not know pokemon species. They will name the pokemon themselves.
Time Limit: 2 Days
Mission End Point Temple of the Chosen

Cobalt Shadow
12-24-2012, 11:21 AM
Name: Cobalt
Location: Train in Meblourne
I pulled my mobile phone out of my pocket. The backlight display lit up with the press of a button, showing me the time. 2:45am. I had been on summer holidays for about a month now. All that meant was sleeping in, and taking the late shift at McDylan’s every night, getting double pay, then sleeping in late. All I knew was that I was tired, and was hoping I wouldn’t get mugged on this train.
I was about to fall sleep, until there was a flash, and a loud bang. I looked out the window to my left, to see the dense bushland dimly lit by flames.
“Eltham Station.” Said the automated voice on the trains speaker system. The train stopped at the station, and I walked onto the platform. It was empty. Nobody rides public transport this late. They are either too scared of being stabbed by some random alcoholic, or are the random alcoholic, partying at one of the nightclubs in the city.
I looked at my phone again. It was now 5 minutes to 3. I fell asleep near the deep fryer at work, and they told me to leave early. Mum wasn’t expecting to pick me up until 3:30. I had half an hour to spare. I looked over to where the trees in the bushland were knocked down. Some were ignited, but not enough to cause a bushfire.
“A meteor must have crashed there…” I thought to myself. I was very tempted to have a look. In the end, I broke to temptation, and found myself walking away from the station, towards the trees. After a few minutes of walking I found a spot where the trees were knocked down and burning the worst. In the center of the carnage was a spherical rock, about 1 meter in diameter. This must have been the meteor. I walked over to have a look. The meteor had created a decent sized crater in the ground. I walked into the crater, but was shocked the moment my foot hit the ground.
The rock split down the middle, forming two even halves. To my surprise, it was hollow. Inside lay what looked like an oversized chicken egg, covered in spots, and a light blue amulet. I don’t know what came over me at this point. I felt possessed, but also felt as if I was meant to be doing this. Before I realized what was happening, I had taken the egg, and put it inside my backpack, and put the amulet around my neck.
I finally felt normal again after a few minutes. Then I heard sirens. The cops must be checking if there was any damage. One thing I knew for sure, a kid near a meteor with an oversized chicken egg in his backpack looked dodgy. I ran, and barely missed being seen by the police.
I sat at the public benches at the carpark. Mum picked me up, and took me home. I was silent the entire trip. Mum probably just assumed I was tired, but there was something on my mind. A feeling I couldn’t shake off.
I got home, and locked my door. I then took the egg from my bag, and placed it on my desk. It was about a foot tall, so whatever was in it must have been pretty big. I laid in bed staring at it for hours, until fatigue got the better of me and I fell asleep. An hour later, I woke up to the sound of clicking. I looked over at the egg, and saw it shaking.
After getting up, I sprinted to the light switch to turn on the lights. But nothing happened
“The meteor must have knocked out the power lines on its way down.” I thought to myself as I ran to the garage to grab a candle and a lighter. I put a candle on the desk, and lit it, watching the egg. After a few minutes, cracks began to appear, until eventually the egg was in pieces, and a small, orange bird like creature stood in its place.
“Torchic!” it squeaked happily. It was bigger than most normal chickens, and this thing only just hatched.
“It turned around, and looked at the flame of the candle. For a few seconds it seemed mesmerized by it until…
“Torchic!” it squeaked again. Suddenly flames poured from its beak, and ignited my curtains.
“Oh Fu…” I began as the smoke alarm began to beep. I picked up the chicken-like creature, and hid it in my cupboard, telling it to stay where it was. I then ran out into the garage again and grabbed the fire extinguisher, and put out the fire.
“Cobalt, why the hell were your curtains on fire?” my mum asked me 20 minutes later. She almost had a heart attack when she heard the smoke alarms go off.
“I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to do some holiday homework. But the power was out, so I lit a candle to see. Accidentally bumped it, and it knocked the curtain.” I said lying through my teeth, hoping the, whatever it was, hadn’t set all my clothes on fire. As dangerous as it was, I wanted to keep it.
Mum went to sleep a few minutes later after making me promise not to set anything else on fire. I went to my room, and found the creature asleep on a pile of clothes in my cupboard. Nothing was singed so I was happy.
“I think I am gonna call you Flare.” I said to it, as it woke up. After seeing it set my room on fire, I thought the name suited it.
I woke up at 1pm the next day. I am lucky I locked the door before I went to sleep, because Flare had left his makeshift bed in my cupboard and was asleep next to me. If mum saw him, she would have freaked.
I got up, and looked around the house. Nobody else was home. I walked back up to my room, and picked up flare, then went down to the kitchen, wondering what this thing eats. I contemplated giving it some of the dogs food, then realised it was chicken flavoured. Not a good idea.
I ended up giving it some bread, while having a bowl of cereal and watching the news.
“At 2:49am exactly in each of the involved time zones, 9 meteors crashed into earth. If the timing isn’t suspicious enough, all of these meteors seem to have split open, and are hollow. This has been giving new ideas to conspiracy theorists, with the most popular idea being aliens.”
The new reporter carried on, but I eventually zoned out. I remembered there was something other than the egg inside the meteor. But I couldn’t remember what. It wasn’t until I grasped the amulet around my neck that I realised what it was.
I pulled the amulet off my neck, and had a look at it. It was round and flat, tied around my neck with a rough string. The amulet itself didn’t look anything special, but seemed to glow dimly. It was light blue, with a white symbol carved into the back of it. What it meant, I don’t know.
I rubbed my finger over the symbol, and suddenly, everything went white around me. When the lighting went back to normal I was in what looked like an ancient tomb. One of the walls had 9 symbols etched into it. I immediately recognised one of them as the same that was on my amulet.
Flare walked up next to me. He must have teleported to this place as well. I looked around, and finally saw a passage, with what looked like daylight at the end. I followed it, as it lead to the rainforest outside. Very little light made it past the canopy, and the humidity was intolerable.
There were rainforests in Australia, but none with these plants. I turned around and walked back into the temple, knowing I wasn’t in Melbourne any more…

Cobalt Shadow
12-24-2012, 11:23 AM
Name: Chelsea Collins
Location: Boarding School in England.

“Did you hear about the meteors?” My best friend Kayla said to me as we left Biology together. It was 3pm on the 21st of December. Our last class for the day.
“Meteors?” I asked, confused as to what she was talking about.
“You know, giant flaming rocks that fall from out of space?” Kayla said in a smug tone.
“I know what a meteor is genius, I was asking what meteors you were talking about.” I replied. Kayla tended to act like this. She wasn’t the smartest girl, and is only here because her mum is a singer, and it is easier on her when she goes on tour. So when she thought she was smarter than another person, she made it obvious.
“Apparently some meteors have been landing all over the world. From memory, there were 2 in Australia, 1 in Japan and 3 in the USA,” she said. “There was one more, but I can’t remember where. Anyway, the strange part is, that they all landed at 2:49 am in each timezone.”
“Really?” I said, knowing she had just looked at some conspiracy website again, thinking it is real news.
“Do you think any will land here?” Kayla asked.
‘How would I know?’ I thought to myself.
“Dunno,” I replied. “I hope not, I’m already stressed enough with exams, and a meteor crashing through the dorms won’t exactly be relaxing.”
We dumped our things in our dorm room, then started studying. Well at least tried to. Kayla wouldn’t stop asking me for help on the Biology work. I was happy to help her, but it was getting out of hand. In the end I gave up, played some music through my headphones, and went on Facebook for a bit.
Dinner time came, and we ate, then went to the common room, where Kayla wouldn’t stop going on about these supposed meteors. In the end I went to sleep early, since I had nothing better to do.
Something woke me up at 2:30am. I think a bird flew into a window. I was too drowsy at the time to figure out what it was exactly. I tried going back to sleep, with no success. My mind just wouldn’t shut off. I looked over at my clock around 20 minutes later. It read 2:49am. There was something supposed to happen at this time. I got up and looked out the window, until I saw something strange. A rock, flying through the air, towards the forest North of the school.
“Well whataya know,” I quietly laughed to myself, “she was right.”
I got back into bed, and tried to sleep. But no matter how close I got to falling asleep, there always seemed to be something that would wake me up. At 3:30 am, I got some warm clothes on, and decided to have a look at this meteor.
I was on the edge of the forest, when I heard something that scared the life out of me.
“Chelsea Collins! What are you doing out of bed at this hour?!” said the familiar voice of my 9th grade maths teacher. She seemed to have a vendetta against me or something.
I closed my eyes and pretended to snore.
“So you’re a sleepwalker now? How stupid do you think I am?” said the teacher.
“It was worth a try.” I replied, as I turned around and walked back to the dorm, knowing I wouldn’t have a Saturday for a long time.
Mission Failed: Didn’t complete objectives in time limit.
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12-24-2012, 12:21 PM
Name: Fenn Simmons
Location: House in Baltimore, Maryland

I groaned as I rolled over in my bed, the sheets tossed haphazardly every which way as I had attempted to make myself comfortable throughout the night. Unfortunately, that hadn't worked out so well and I was left lying awake at 2:30 am....in the middle of the week. I managed to stifle the loud groan I produced with my pillow, not wanting to wake my parents who were in the next room over. I could only imagine how that encounter would go.

Finally giving up any attempt to sleep, I sat up and propped myself up against my headboard with a pillow as I contemplated what to do. I wasn't going back to sleep anytime soon and nobody else would be up at this time of night. Twiddling her thumbs didn't seem like a very good idea either. Kicking my sheets off, I decided it was best to probably go for a short walk to tire myself out. My neighborhood was pretty safe, and I usually was out and about late into the night without my parents really worrying. This would be no different.

I slipped on my clothes and a pair of thick gloves since it was absolutely FREEZING outside. No, not the kind of freezing where you get snow. The kind of freezing where it rains and the wind blows but you don't get snow. The Maryland kind of freezing. Silently, I opened my window, wincing at the sudden cold air. I crept out of it, glad to be on the first floor. I would never have gotten away if I had jumped from the second. I began to walk, glancing down at my watch as I went. 2:49, wow it was la-HOLY...!

I almost fell to the ground as something crashed into the forest ahead of me, freezing me in my place. I watched the flames engulf the trees, some already fallen. Crap...if my parents caught me out here...They would have a fit and a half. I glanced back towards my house, which I could just barely see. Maybe they would be in too deep a sleep to notice..? Right, fat chance. I glanced back towards what I assumed to be a meteor had landed, curiosity getting the better of me as it usually did when it came to science and nature and the like. I carefully stepped over some of the smoldering trees, making my way towards the rough rock that had created a particularly large crater. Raising an eyebrow, I approached it cautiously.

A slight gasp escaped me when I saw what was resting inside. The meteor had split right down the middle, revealing a tan egg that was covered in green spots. Gently, I lifted it up, feeling its weight. It was unlike any egg I had ever seen...A glimmer caught my eye and I looked down, a shining pendant resting near where the egg had been. Tucking the egg under my arm carefully, I lifted the pendant up. Without thinking, I tied it around my neck and stood, cradling the egg in my arms. I had better get out of here before any cops show up...

Without a backwards glance, I rushed for my house, managing to climb back in through my window and shut it before I heard footsteps. I quickly hid the oversized egg in one of my drawers, hiding it between clothes before shutting it as my door opened.

"Fenn, you okay?" It was my father. I nodded quickly, moving to sit on my bed like nothing had happened. "Yeah, just got woken up, is all. I'm fine." Thank god the lights were off or he would have seen me in all my late-night trekking glory. He simply nodded "You're mom and I are going to check things out, you stay here." I nodded, relief flooding over me as he closed the door. I moved and locked it before collapsing on my bed, now completely exhausted.


I was woken up sometime before 8:00 when I heard a soft rattling. Rubbing sleep from my eyes as I grumbled quietly, I looked towards my dresser. For a second, I was unsure of why it was moving. Then the events from that early morning dawned on me and I opened the bottom door quickly. Shards of egg were scattered in the makeshift nest I had build, and an odd animal was looking back at me.

"Ar..Aron!" It said quietly, blinking its huge blue eyes as it tilted its head to the side. I reached out carefully, almost scared of it. The creature was large, maybe about a foot tall, and seemed relieved when I had opened its confining nest. With a bit of apprehension, I ran my fingers along the front of it's face. It was cold, like metal, and i tapped my fingers against it again. It WAS metal. The creature gave an affectionate chirp and jumped from the drawer and into my lap. I let out a slight "oof" as it landed, having not expected it to be that heavy either.

"W-woah." I said quietly, looking down as it curled up in my lap "What ARE you..?" I reached my hand up to my neck, pulling out the amulet I had obtained in the same place. I turned it over, seeing a white marking that I could not make sense of. "How are you connected...?" I asked quietly, looking down at the metal creature in my lap. It looked up at me with its big blue eyes and I smiled "Guess I can't keep calling you "thing" huh?" I asked, my focus returning to it for a moment "How does Altera sound." It nodded its head with another "Aron!" as confirmation and I smiled, running my hand over its back as I looked at the amulet again. I traced my thumb along the symbol carefully before feeling a lurch.

Everything went white for a second, and I gripped the little creature in my lap tightly as I squeezed my eyes shut. The air around me changed, warm now. I slowly opened my eyes, looking up at the rough stone walls that surrounded me.

"W-where am I?" I asked quietly as I stood, Altera trotting next to me as I looked around. It was a temple surrounded by a thick rainforest. The temple had several symbols on the walls, one matching the symbol on the back of my amulet. The rainforest was dense and humid, and I took my jacket and gloves off quickly before I began to sweat. Oh man...this was definetly not Baltimore.

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12-24-2012, 07:48 PM
Name: Jack Finnigan

It was 5:00 AM and I was eating an early breakfast. I recalled the events that occurred to early in the morning. It was sometime after 2:00 AM in the morning. I just sent a message off to a friend of mine on Skype, and I heard something like an explosion. I looked out the window and it appeared something had hit my brothers tree house, and bounced out of the yard. I ran out of my door wearing pajamas to see what had occurred. It was cold, for it was December on this Mississippi night. I followed a streak of small craters. It appeared that something slammed against the ground after bouncing many times. When I came to the end it, I saw something like an egg. It appeared that whatever hit the ground had shattered around the egg. I moved closer and I picked up something like a necklace. An amulet of sorts. I returned to my house with these strange things and I went back to sleep.

I was eating a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles as I stared at the being that had emerged from the large egg. I was unsure of what it was. It had a body of sharp angles. It was pink and blue. It did not seem to have any desire to eat. We simply stared at each other.

My laptop was sitting on another table. It was open and charging. I was also on it right before my egg hatched, so it had not gone through the cycle of shutting down due to inactivity. It beeped arousing the attention of my strange friend. The being uttered its first word, "Pory?" It sort of flew over to my laptop and stared at it curiously. It landed on the keyboard. It began integrating with it as if it was some living strand of data. It sort of slid into the laptop and interacted with the technology.

I dropped my spoon and my jaw. I got up and stared at the screen. I watched as the applications began opening and closing. Then it struck internet explorer. I watched as the screen traded off to different sites. It seemed to start with my search history. I was surprised by the familiar sites. It then began to open all the sites it could find. It quickly began to open more tabs. It closed the application and all the tabs associated with it. It opened Microsoft word. I saw words begin to appear on the screen. They were not in English. It looked like a language from the far east. I typed onto my keyboard that I can only read English. It typed, "Oh, pardon me. So I examined this Internet Explorer, and I must say the internet is a strange place." I typed in response, "It can be." It typed in response, "Yes, I would ask you to explain things, but I have already learned all that I saw." I typed, "What all did you see?" In response it typed, "Everything, but I don't seem to have figured out why humans create computer viruses, and of course what this expression known as love really is. I did go through and correct all of the viruses of course. I unfortunately cannot decide what is fact and what is fiction. Love is strange." I typed, "It can be." It backspaced my response and replaced it with, "It is!" I stared at the sceen unsure of what to say next. It opened a different application. I watched Minecraft load. I watched the little Steve avatar walk around. I said to myself, "You can play games as well." It spoke over the speaker. "Porygon pory pory gon?!" I looked at the computer and said, "What? Huh, how did you do that?" It then found my face cam. I saw my face pop up on screen. It typed in chat. "I can hear you?!" I replied, "Well my computer does have a microphone." The little Steve character jumped up in down. The strange creature that was integrated with my computer seemed excited. It began to change Steve. It shifted into a character reminiscent of itself. "Well that is neat," I contiued to watch the screen. "I am just altering game code, it isn't that hard. I think I will also give myself a bow and two stacks of arrows. Hmmm... altering game code... and there we go explosive arrows. Toggle night fall." I watched the screen go dark. The hostile beings of Minecraft began spawning. The modified Minecraft Protagonist began firing arrows at the "mobs." I was surprised when I saw the arrows explode. The itemized dirt blocks began to glitch up and the area glitched as well. "Wow you are glitching my game... and that probably counts as cheating." It typed up, "Yeah game code sorta does not sanction this type of explosive firepower. I will fix that... and done." I looked at the screen and was amused. "You cheater." The character's head spazzed out. "Well I changed game code so it is sanctioned which makes it fair, right?" I chuckled to myself. "I think altering game code is cheating." There was a short pause. "Yeah, maybe. A sound reminiscent of giggling came through the speaker. "What was that, I just experienced... Joy? Checking status... I have been compromised. I seem to have an inability to alter that piece of code. Wow I seem to be... glitched?"

"Well I guess I will call you Glitch then." I said jokingly. "It sounds fitting enough," it replied. I stood up, and I found the ground. I woke up somewhere strange. I looked around. "Where am I?" My phone vibrated and I looked at it. A message appeared from a numberless source. "I downloaded into this... thing via internet. You passed out and disappeared. My research doesn't say you can do that." I blinked for a moment. "I WHAT!!" I shouted.Glitch began to flow out of the phone in the form of code. Glitch reformed. "Pory? Porygon..." It was fascinated by its surroundings.

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Cobalt Shadow
12-26-2012, 11:32 AM
Temple of the Chosen

I walked back into the temple, still confused as to how I ended up in the middle of the rainforest. A few minutes ago I was eating some breakfast, then I appeared here. But why? Then it hit me. The amulet! I rubbed the symbol on the back, and it teleported me here!

Still confused I walked back into the room where I appeared. But there was something there that wasn't when I left earlier. A person. In front of one of the symbols on the wall stood a tall girl, with tied-back brown hair. She wore a T-shirt, and held a jacket and gloves. She must be an archeologist. Next to her stood a small, silver creature, a little more than a foot tall. Actually, it appeared to be black, with a metal shell. Its blue eyes stood out most. The creature was the first to notice Flare and I. Flare ran over, looking like he wanted to play. I should have expected that, he is only a newborn after all.

The girl still hadn't noticed me. I walked over, curious as to who she was, and why I was here.
"Excuse me, where am I?" I asked...

Neku Sakuraba
12-26-2012, 11:22 PM
Trainer: Tengu Bhurd
Location: Dogenzka

It was at least a day after the strange events that occurred in Shibuya at 2:49 in the morning. Te was sitting there, trying to figure out what to do with the black bird that was mocking him. ...Wait, what?

December 21
2:49 AM
Shibuya: Near the 104 Building

Te had woken up at an unusual time, even though he naturally had to get up early. He walked up to the 104 Building to see if a store was open, but there was a sign there that said "CLOSED" in Japanese. Living in Shibuya for a few years, Te had managed to learn both forms of Japanese. Eventually, he lost himself in Scramble Crossing. Not bothering to get out, he went with the flow. Going with the flow strayed him even further from 104, leaving him in a field. He went to lie down, with only one thought...

'I can't be THAT far from Ramen Don's.'

His whole life changed that night.

He opened one eye to see...a flaming ball of fire?!

"!!!" Te exclaimed. He made a mad dash to follow the meteor. This didn't look like any regular meteor, though. It was...black? That was the reason why he was following it. To the black meteor!!! He followed it through the wood, passing a wolf with a six-pack and a purple jacket, Slenderman, and some Nobodies. Finally he caught up to it. The meteor was close! Landing...landing...landing!!! ...Where is it? Te looked around until...


Black nothingness...He could see nothing. Nothing to the north, south, east, or west. He was just sorta...floating there, I guess. Until, something appeared on the horizon...Te ran over to it, then...

"Krow! Murkrow!"

"Ugh...So...Tired..." Te managed to spit out.

"Murkrow! Murkrow! So tired! So tired!" The bird repeated. It was mocking Te! Thinking of what to do, he sat in the middle of the field, trying to figure out what to do with the bird.


Te started to write a card. "This bird's name is Krow. If you happen to find it, please return to Tengu Bhurd." Krow made marking noises, copying the marker.

"Please be quiet," Te said to the bird.

"Please be quiet! Please be quiet!" The witch bird proceeded with flying around, ramming into the amulet Te was wearing.


The bright light had faded, as the sun does at the end of a day. Te and Krow had awoken to find a temple in the middle of a forest. Not knowing what to do, they walked up to the temple and entered. Upon arrival, Te could make out three human figures and three non-human figures, each seeming less animalike with each glance. This was a new beginning.


12-27-2012, 02:00 AM
Kenzy Laurel
Paris, Idaho

If there’s one thing I don’t appreciate, it’s being woken up in the middle of the night. For us, it’s early to bed and early to rise—and any interruption between 9 o’clock and 6 o’clock is absolutely uncalled for.

At first, I wasn’t sure what had awoken me. I rolled over in my bed with a disgruntled groan and turned my alarm clock around. I winced as the green lights indicated it to be around 2:15am. I groaned again and pulled the covers back over my head with the determination to get back to sleep. Unfortunately, my determination couldn’t get the job done. I tossed and turned for a dozen minutes before becoming aware of the first abnormality.

Buster, the farm dog, was barking obnoxiously outside. That was unusual, especially since he was usually a well-behaved dog. He didn’t bark unless there was trouble around.


Feeling suspicious, I roused myself from bed and grabbed my boots. There wasn’t too much snow on the ground currently, but that didn’t mean it was any less cold. Winters in Idaho were once notorious for their ferocity, though these last few years we had experience rather mild winters. The wind still blew just as bitterly as it did 10 years ago, though. I pulled on extra layers over my pajamas as I prepared to face the cold.

Outside, the snow was falling, but it wasn’t a pleasant storm. A cold wind blew from the north, whipping the frozen crystals into my face. I hugged my coat closer to me as I braved the weather. Buster’s barks turned into whines as I approached him, and he tugged desperately at his chain. I glanced around, trying to discern why he would bother leaving his heated doghouse. Nothing in particular stood out to me, then.

“Buster, calm down,” I whispered to him, stroking his head.

The dog whined again and wagged his tail urgently back and forth. I turned from him, again scanning the dark, wintry landscape for anything that he would consider a threat. I wasn’t too afraid, seeing how nothing exciting ever happened in this area. Maybe it was a wild animal, like a deer or a wolf.

I had never been so wrong.

I gasped as the clouds above me suddenly lit up with an eerie green light. My first thought was the northern lights—but no, it couldn’t be. I shouldn’t be able to see in on a stormy night… An uneasy feeling filled me. The light was growing brighter and more intense by the minute. Buster whined fearfully and slunk back into his doghouse.

What happened next was a scene out of a sci-fi movie. The clouds parted, spitting out a brilliant green fireball—and it was falling straight towards me. I did what any sane human would do: throw myself to the ground and pray for deliverance. I was utterly breathless as the thing shot through the air, humming with incredible force. Wild thoughts raced through my head, starting with the Mayans and ending with 2012. Could they had been right all along? Was doomsday upon us? My eyes were closed and oblivious to the path the fireball was taking, but it must have shot over my head. The earth shook as the thing crash-landed, but by some miracle I was still alive and kicking.

After a moment of puzzling over my continued existence, I pushed myself up from the snow. The area around me was whole, albeit lit with an eerie green light. Something on the horizon was burning… I did what any un-sane person would do: wander towards it with slack-jawed awe.

The fireball had landed in one of the cow pastures. A deep rut had been gouged into the earth, mixing dirt with snow in an ugly cookies-and-cream blend. At the end of the crater… What I had taken for burning was simply the glow of an unearthly rock, steaming with heat. I probably should have turned around, then. I should call the police or the FBI or the MIB or something. Yet I found myself inexorably drawn to the crater. I couldn’t figure out what had gotten into me. I was not the curious type. Why, then? What was drawing me to this thing?

I approached the stone. Or meteorite. Whatever you wanted to call the creepy space thing. At any rate, I slid down the sides of the crater and came towards it. The glow was slowly dimming, allowing me a better look at the object. It was about 3 feet in length, with a rugged surface torn from its rough impact. A harsh clacking noise met my ears. Right before my eyes, the meteorite split in half. I should have flinched, but I watched with wondering awe as something unexpected was exposed. Nestled in the rock was an odd sphere.

Entranced, I reached out and laid my hand on it. Its surface was smooth and warm… like an egg. Was it an egg? It certainly was bigger than any I had ever seen. Great, I thought ruefully to myself. An alien egg crash-landed in my backyard. This would certainly put Paris, Idaho, on the map. I groaned as I imagined the UFO enthusiasts who would be showing up on our doorstep. My family did not need to deal with that.

I had to hide this thing, and make sure no one found it.

But where?

Someone was shouting in the distance. I recognized the voice of my father. Biting my lip, I swept the egg up in my hand and tucked it inside my coat. I was about to take off before I noticed something else in the rock. I didn’t pay too close attention to what it was, but I scooped it up and tucked it into my pocket hastily.

By the time my father caught up to me, I was as far from the crater as I could be. I acted dazed and confused as he questioned me—which wasn’t too hard, considering that I was dazed and confused. But I couldn’t bring myself to tell him about the egg. I forced out the truth as far as I could, but I lied about climbing into the crater. I felt awful for it, but I didn’t want to worry my dad.

And I was also half-afraid he would try to get rid of it. Strange, how quickly I went from wanting to dispose of the thing to wanting to protect it. As I quietly shut the door behind me, I took the egg out from under my coat. It was still warm, despite the weather it had been exposed to briefly. Overwhelmed with a sudden motherly instinct, I tucked the egg into my bed sheets. If I had an alien baby, I might as well take care of it.

Hopefully, it won’t try to eat me. I sighed as I submitted myself to whatever fate laid ahead, then crawled back into bed for a few more hours of sleep.


(There's a lot of ground to cover, but it's already getting lengthy, so... I'll wait till my next post to write about the hatching ^^')

12-27-2012, 10:31 PM
Fenn Simmons
Temple of the Chosen

Fenn turned as she heard a voice, having not expected anyone else to be here. At first glance the place looked uninhabited, and upon seeing the boy that approached her she figured it must be. His clothes were normal, like hers. He definetly wasn't some native of this forest. Altera let out a yip of glee as his small orange bird came running over, her eyes brightening at the sight of the small animal.

"Where are you?" Fenn said, casting her glance around the temple once more "Uh...I don't really know, myself."

A sound caught her attention and she turned to see another person and animal materialize out of thin air. What was going on here, anyway? Altera made another happy sound as the pink and blue...thing appeared. Were they the same species? No, none of these things looked the same. They didn't even look like they were supposed to exist.

12-28-2012, 02:59 AM
center]Jack Finnigan
Temple of the Chosen
Link: Glitch/Porygon[center]

I got up. I noticed I was not alone. I called out to them. "Hey, any idea where we are?" By the looks on their faces they didn't know. I looked over at Glitch, who had downloaded itself here. "Hey Glitch! Any idea where we are?" Glitch returned to my phone and I got a text. I read it aloud, {Well before I got here, I tracked your phone via GPS. We are in the Amazon, if I recall correctly. Brazil perhaps. BTW your phone service sucks. You need to get a better one... like ASAP.} I saw the data pathway that was Glitch leave my phone and reform. I looked at it. "You don't like my phone service?... Whatever."

"Well apparently guys, we are in the Amazon rain forest, unless Glitch, uhm... glitched." I looked over at my comrade. It looked back and said, "Pory! Gon..." It had a moment of almost looking upset. It cheered up quickly. "Porygon! Pory?" It floated over and examined the other creatures. I watched fairly amused.

12-29-2012, 06:48 AM
Like any other night I (Ghost) was out and about with my mates, drifting up the mountains to the meeting place where we met every night for the past 7 years. It was around 2:30am. The cops were too scared of this place. Mess up a corner and you’re dead. I was a passenger until last year.
In my 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback, jet-black in colour, 302 V8, with the number plate “GHOST”. All the boys were at the top of the mountain just hanging out with their cars ready for a night of street racing. Until I saw in the far distance a strange white/orange light fly from the sky and hit the ground a good 15 kilometres away. I simply got in my car and started to drive off toward it. Jimmy then spoke to me through my UHF radio, “Ghost, Ghost are you there? If you’re there push talk two times.”
So I did. He knew I don’t talk any more. Not since Mum was killed.
“chhhh” “chhhh”. Jimmy came through again, “If you’re going home push three times”.
So Jimmy didn’t come after me I pushed three times. Now they know where I’m going, I can get there a bit quicker, so off I went flying down the mountain 80kph round corners with the rear of the car out drifting round the bends of the road. It came to a straight at the bottom of the mountain; this straight must have been over 10km’s long, after reading the sign, I learnt that this was Smith’s Straight. This was the road I used to drive on with my dog “Nulla” before he passed away. Nothing ever filled that gap with him gone. After thinking of my old dog, I became filled with rage, and totally forgot about the meteor. I drove down the road, leaving a burnout mark that must have been nearly 100 metres long. 70kmph, 100,150,170,200,257kmph. I was flying, until I saw in the distance the road completely destroyed. I slammed on the brakes, skidding for ages pulled to the right and ended up parallel with the crash site, a massive hole with all but a white egg, which had a black blade sort of thing on it. I went to pick it up, but as I touched it the egg faded away, all that was left was a snow white dog looking animal with the black blade coming off the side of its head.
“Ab, Absol!” he cried. I decided to name him Blade. When I thought to name him this he nodded as if he knew what I was thinking. There was something around blades neck, it was an amulet, with a metal chain and the keypeice was again a black blade that looked exactly the same as Blade’s. He bowed down as if telling me to take the amulet, so I did. I felt it and as I rubbed the back, causing a symbol appear. I rubbed it again and all around me vanished then reappeared as a jungle. First thing I did was look for Blade, he was standing right next to me. I felt a sense of belonging to Blade. He filled the gap of Nulla, my dog who I had as long as I could remember. My car was gone, but that didn’t concern me at this current time. There was a giant building of stone with a doorway in front of me. The doorway had symbols all over it, one just like mine. I looked at it and Blade pushed his head against the back of my leg telling me to go in. So I did…

01-01-2013, 04:31 AM
Name: Lee Aomori
Location: Amazonian Jungle

I could hear people talking in the distance. They were here for the training exercise Sensei was putting me through. I had to live off of the land and find Sensei then beat him in hand to hand combat. This was difficult. He could be anywhere in the whole jungle. But this was my first good lead. These men where here on orders to capture me, and if I can beat them they will tell me where he is. But that was going to be difficult. There sound like there were at least 10 of them. Just in this group. I had to be careful. "I don’t have all my weapons now. I should go back to camp and come back" I thought. "No picking up their trail would be impossible in this rainforest" I argued with myself. One of the men was getting closer to the tree I was hiding behind. "Ok I will tackle this guy to the ground and use him as a hostage." I thought. The man came around the corner and I bundled him to the ground. I pulled my knife and dragged him away from the others. The man started screaming and the others followed his screams. I stood up and hauled him to his feet. "Nobody move or he gets it" I heard rustles and people coming around for an ambush I didn't have much time. "Tell me where he is or I kill him" I yelled.
"Don't hurt him we can come to an agreement" Another man said calmly.
"It’s my final offer tell me where he is or this guy is dead" I bluffed. I have never killed and don't plan on it.
"We can’t tell you that" The man stalled. I could hear the others moving around to ambush me from behind. "I have to stop them" I thought. I waited until I hear them again and throw a knife at the sound. The man screamed in pain. Not knowing if that would be fatal I start to worry. "Tell me now or you all will be in that pain" I screamed nervously.
Suddenly a loud noise flew over and the men started screaming. I could barely hear it but the man I was holding broke free and ran. I threw a smoke bomb on the ground and ran, making sure to throwing a flash bang behind me just in case anyone wanted to chase me. I realised I was running towards the sound as it crashed. I had done it subconsciously but the more I think about it made sense. Sensei could be over here. He could have planned it. In any case it was probably a vital clue. I started to smell smoke and slowed down. I walked cautiously towards what seemed to be a crash site. I kept feeling around until I felt a very hot rock. It was rigid and burned my hand a bit. I recoiled and tore a part of my rag clothes off to use as barrier between the rock and my hand. The rag being wet from my sweat was going to hold off the heat for a while but not for very long. I searched the rock and found an opening. I reached inside and found a smooth jar type object I removed it from the rock and reached back in and felt what felt like jewellery. I brought it out and inspected it. "What was jewellery doing here?" I thought. Suddenly I lurched forward and feel over.

I was lying down on a ledge of some kind and could hear voices below. "Have I been captured" I thought. "Where am I?" The voices seemed to echo a bit giving me the idea that it was inside somewhere. The container was lying next to me still warm and was rumbling a bit. The voices were discussing where they were. [/I]"They couldn't of captured me and not know where they are. They must be in the same position as me. But I must still be careful."[/I] Suddenly the jar started to burst open. Then I realised it was an egg carrying something. It opened and creature crawled on top of me I took the rag and shoved it in its mouth and put my finger to my mouth. Suddenly the rag went up in flames but the creature made no sounds. "Fire" I thought it took me back to when Sensei read me The Lord Of The Rings books. "Balrog" I whispered "That's your name" I had a plan to drop down and seem weak and feeble if things went bad they would underestimate me and I would have a chance. I dropped down leaving Balrog on the ledge. I hit the ground on my side hard. Then cried out "Someone help me! I’m Blind!"

Cobalt Shadow
01-01-2013, 05:01 AM
Temple of the Chosen

As I talked to the girl who told me she didn't know where we were either, I heard a thump behind me. I turned around, and saw a tall, Asian man, with a blindfold lying on the ground underneath a balcony.

"Help me! I'm blind!" he was yelling.

I ran over, and helped him stand up. Until I heard a strange noise.
"Charmander! Char!"
I looked up at the balcony, and saw a orange, lizard like creature, about 2 feet tall, with a flaming tail. Except it didn't seem to be hurt by it. As if it is meant to be on fire.

"Hey guys!" I yelled out the the other people there. Now there were 7 of us total, all with a unique creature of their own. "He has one as well! Look up there!"

The lizard creature looked at us, confused as to what was going on, but seemingly liking the attention.

01-01-2013, 05:13 AM
Name: Lee Aomori
Location: Temple of the Chosen

Balrog let out a sound and I panicked. I shoved the person who had helped me up and pulled my the flare gun Takeo had given me out. Hoping they would think its a real gun. "No body move. I ask questions you answer. Firstly who are you? where am I? how many of you are there? What do you want from me? And where is Sensei Takeo." I barked. I waved the gun around hoping to scare them all

01-01-2013, 05:13 AM
Name: Lee Aomori
Location: Temple of the Chosen

Balrog let out a sound and I panicked. I shoved the person who had helped me up and pulled my the flare gun Takeo had given me out. Hoping they would think its a real gun. "No body move. I ask questions you answer. Firstly who are you? where am I? how many of you are there? What do you want from me? And where is Sensei Takeo." I barked. I waved the gun around hoping to scare them all

Cobalt Shadow
01-01-2013, 05:19 AM
Name: Cobalt
Location: Temple of the Chosen

The man pushed me, and pulled a strange looking gun. He was asking questions and demanding answers.

"Please, calm down. We were teleported here like you. We rubbed our amulets and appeared here. According to that guys phone..." I pointed towards the guy who told us we were in the Amazon, then remembered the gunman was blind. "we are in a temple in the Amazon. There are 6 of us here, including you, and we all have a strange animal thing like you do with us also."

I looked at the rest of the group, then turned towards the gunman.
"We didn't bring you here, and we don't know where your Sensei is. I am Cobalt."

01-01-2013, 05:30 AM
Name: Lee Aomori
Location: Temple of the Chosen

The man explained i was still in the Amazon some where but didn't know how he got here. I holstered my weapon and scratched my head.

"What about in the ways of food? Water?" I asked "Is this place safe? One second block your ears I'm going to have a look around"

I pulled out a noise bomb and twisted it I threw it on the ground and the bomb let out a massive loud sound. The sound gave me an idea of where everyone was standing and the size of the room.

"Also whats the plan?" I asked after the sound had cleared

Cobalt Shadow
01-01-2013, 05:36 AM
Temple of the Chosen

The man asked some questions, including what the plan was. He then told us to block our ears, as he threw something at the ground. It created a massive noise. But the man seemed more informed about the place. He must see like a bat.

"Plan? I don't know. We are probably safer inside here than out there. We don't know how to get home. I was the first to get here, and since then people have been showing up left right and center. I was thinking of waiting until people stop coming. There are 9 symbols on the wall over there, and each of us seem to have an Amulet with one of those symbols. I have a hunch that 9 people will appear here. One symbol for each person."

01-01-2013, 05:42 AM
Kenzy Laurel
Paris, Idaho --> Temple of the Chosen

The next morning started just as any other day started; though it was Christmas break, I still had to wake up early to get chores done on the farm. Chickens had to fed, eggs collected, cows milked… None of that changed despite the season, though school and the rest of the world stopped. I didn’t mind—especially that morning. It brought me back to a sense of normalcy. Although I kept thinking about the egg tucked away in my bedroom.

Yet it turned out that today was going to be anything but typical. All of it started when the news vans started pulling in. I was just heading back to the house when I saw them. The reporters were bundled in thick winter wear, paired with their cameramen shouldering their heavy machinery. They were talking with Dad, who didn’t seem at all happy talking to them. I moaned inwardly as I eyed them.

So much for keeping secrets. It was hard for a falling meteor to go unnoticed, even in a farm in Idaho.

My thoughts immediately returned to the egg. Slipping from their sight, I ran back into our house and pounded my way upstairs to my room. To my relief, everything was the same.

Except the egg lay in shards in its makeshift nest.

I let out a gasp and quickly closed the door behind me. What had just happened? What happened to the egg? I ran to my bed and picked up pieces of eggshell. Had it… hatched? I knew I should have never let it out of my sight. Panicking, I glanced around my bedroom for some sign of an alien baby.


I glanced down at the floor and saw a turtle at my feet. And barely managed to hold back a scream. I stumbled backwards into my night stand, looking at the creature in astonishment. It was a turtle all right—but it was huge… and… It had a plant growing out of its head.

The thing made that strange gurgling sound again and bounded towards me with a look of joy on its beaked face. This time, I let out a yell and back into the night stand. Just as the thing jumped at me, my hand landed on something.

Instantly, everything was different. The air became thick with moisture as if I had stepped into a sauna. My bedroom was replaced with a wild mess of big-leafed vegetation; noises of jungle life filled my ears.

“Ta-ta-rah!” the turtle seemed quite thrilled with the change.

Suddenly melting beneath my winter gear, I glanced about with wild-eyed wonder.

“What the…?” I breathed. “Where… What… How?”

01-01-2013, 05:56 AM
Name: Lee Aomori
Location: Temple of the Chosen

Cobalt talked of staying here and symbols I didn't like the idea.

"Staying here would be safe but what about food. Do we have any food here?" I asked "Also theses symbols seam a little bit Childish. How do i know you your not just telling me this? When there aren't symbols on the walls" I continued

01-01-2013, 07:36 AM
I walked in the temple where saw 4 people, one with a gun who seemed to be threatening the others. I walked over with blade along side my left leg. I stood a few metres away from everyone as I had no idea who they were and one had a gun! So I decided to take my take my bag off and sit in the corner of the room with my hood on with blade in my lap. I thought to myself "if someone wants to meet me they can come over themselves."

Cobalt Shadow
01-01-2013, 07:46 AM
Temple of the Chosen
"You tell me then, why would I lie about these symbols?" I asked. This guys seemed excessively paranoid.

"We don't know where we are, or why we are here. It is warm and sheltered in here. We don't know whats out there. We should at least wait for a little bit. See if more people are coming." I said, "I am not stopping you from leaving the temple. But I for one am staying for a bit. As for food, does anybody have any food with them?" I asked, hoping somebody was more prepared than me.

"The fact that we all were teleported here, and all have a animal-thing. Do you think it is pure coincidence?" I asked.

Game Master Post

NOBODY must see the egg. If they see the Amulet, characters must lie about the Amulet and where they got it.
Inspecting the Amulet will teleport the character to the Temple of the Chosen. The characters won’t know how to get back home from here at this point in time. Once they are there, they will remain until Mission 2 (Details released soon) is completed.

Just so everyone remembers

01-01-2013, 07:52 AM
I overheard one of the people asking for food, I my bag from when I was hooning before a was teleported here, it contained a 2litre bottle of water, and several packets of chips and chocolate. I took my bottle out and threw my bag over toward him but stayed sitting against the wall as blade appeared to be sleeping.

Cobalt Shadow
01-01-2013, 07:56 AM
Temple of the Chosen

Right after I asked, a bag was thrown from the corner. In the corner sat a myserious hooded figure, with a snow white, dog looking creature, with a blade off its head and tail. He remained silent. I walked over and found lots of snack food. He continued to look in silence.
"Thanks," I said. "I'm Cobalt. Who are you?"

01-01-2013, 07:59 AM
I said nothing looked at the guy and gave a slight nod. after that I decided to have a quick rest and quickly went to sleep with blade.

01-01-2013, 08:02 AM
Name: Lee Aomori
Location: Temple of the Chosen

I didn't like what was happening. Things didn't seem right.

"Firstly I don't know you have small animal? Let me see one of them and I might trust you" I said "Then we can get onto important things"

"Why would they be here. It seems abandoned" I thought. "Someone or something wants us here and I don't want to hang around when it gets here'

Cobalt Shadow
01-01-2013, 08:03 AM
Temple of the Chosen

The hooded figure said nothing. Just nodded. He then shut his eyes, seemingly sleeping. I don't know if he just didn't want to talk, or if he was a mute. I decided not to worry about it now.

The blind man continued to question our honesty, even asking to prove we had the animals. I held up flare in front of him. Give it a pat on the head." I said to him.

I opened the bag of chips, then offered them to the rest of the group.
"Anyone hungry? Don't worry, they aren't poisoned. We will save the rest for later." I said.

01-01-2013, 09:02 AM
Name: Lee Aomori
Location: Temple of the Chosen

I heard Cobalt moving his hands in front of me and he said pat his animal. I put out my hand and touch what seemed to be a beak.

"All right I trust you. My name is Lee" I said. "What kind of a name is Cobalt? Sounds very foreign where are you from?"

As he offered me Chips i refused "Junk food wont do me. Sensei would be mad if I had any."

I realised that Balrog was still up on the ledge. "Does any one see a way up to Balrog?"

01-01-2013, 09:24 AM
blade woke up to a "charmander" "char" after hearing this blade woke me up and looked up to balrog. I gave blade the nod, off he went jumping off the ground onto a statue then the balcony where balrog was. balrog hopped on blades back and blade brought him back down to lee, blade called "sol!" as if to let lee know they were there.

Cobalt Shadow
01-01-2013, 09:27 AM
Temple of the Chosen

The white dog creature ran and jumped onto a statue, then from there, onto the ledge, where he helped the fire, lizard thing get down. I looked at the figure in the corner, and said "You it could have taken the stairs?"...

01-01-2013, 09:33 AM
Jack Finnigan
Temple of the Chosen
Link: Glitch/Porygon

I stood back watching the stange actions the blind man performed. I was not completely sure why he waved a flare gun in the air, but I guess he was threating to shoot it if someone didn't answer his list of questions. His questions were answered and everything calmed down it seemed.

I noticed a bag being thrown over, and I saw chips. I decided to ignore it while examining the symbol that was on the wall. It seemed to match the amulet I found. The one that threw the bag decided to drift to sleep. His strange being went to sleep alongside him.

I heard the blind man say something about a Balrog. I took a swift look to see if something from that "Lord of the Rings" movie was standing around somewhere. I then jumped seeing a strange bipedal lizard-like creature with a flame on its tail standing up on a ledge.

The hooded boys creature lept up the ledge to retrieve the strange lizard. Cobalt afterward commented on the stairs. I couldn't help but chuckle silently to myself.

01-01-2013, 09:34 AM
i heard Cobalt telling me there were stairs so i looked over at them and noticed blade looking at me. i shrugged my shoulders with a slight smirk to cobalt and patted blade

01-01-2013, 09:46 AM
Name: Lee Aomori
Location: Temple of the Chosen

I walked towards the strange sound of what could of been another one of those animals. I walked over to it assuming it had Balrog because it was just next to it.

"Thanks for that. Who are you? What's your name?" I asked the figure that seemed to be next to The creature.

01-01-2013, 09:53 AM
thought lee wasnt facing me I presumed he was talking to me, I stood up and shook his hand with my right hand and my left firmly grasping his forearm, the way i have been shaking peoples hands for most of my life. whilst we met blade and balrog seemed to be playing.

01-01-2013, 10:32 AM
Name: Lee Aomori
Location: Temple of the Chosen

after shacking hands with the man.

"Not much of the talker then?" I asked "Well thats fair enough." Not knowing what to do I decided it was probably best to use this time to some push ups. "Any one know what time it is over here" I said as I bent down and started doing push ups

01-01-2013, 10:32 AM
Name: Lee Aomori
Location: Temple of the Chosen

after shacking hands with the man.

"Not much of the talker then?" I asked "Well thats fair enough." Not knowing what to do I decided it was probably best to use this time to do some push ups. "Any one know what time it is over here" I said as I bent down and started doing push ups

Cobalt Shadow
01-01-2013, 10:48 AM
Temple of the Chosen

Watching Lee and the silent guy doing pushups, Cobalt though to him self
*content warning*

"Geez look at these cockheads"

"If my theory with the symbols is right, then we are only waiting on 2 more people. Lets try and sit tight. If they aren't here soon, we will move on" I said to the rest, hoping we figure out whats going on soon.

Game Masters Post

GHOST_ASSASSIN, Burnt41, I like your enthusiasm, but I am pretty sure the rest don't want to have to read 20 posts that don't affect the plot too much. Take a break for a bit. I have talked with Eternal Moonlight, and her post should be up soon. I will get the next mission up ASAP, then you can go crazy.

Neku Sakuraba
01-03-2013, 05:13 AM
Chosen: Te
Partner: Krow
Location: Temple of the Chosen

Te opened one of his eyes to see a...a...a...well, I can't describe it. 'What is going on here...' Te thought to himself. He was about to say something, but quickly closed his mouth, only releasing a small gasp.

"Gasp! Murkrow, Murkrow!" The bird went. "Gasp! Gasp! Gasp! Gasp! Murkrow, krow!"

This would be the doom of them all if Te didn't do something. He checked his surroundings. The weird stuff that was going on over yonder and some rocks, and sticks, and pebbles, and dust, and...etc.

>Throw rocks or whatever at Krow
>Find something else

Te went up to the bird, closed it's beak with his hand, and stared at it for a little bit. After a few moments of stern staring, he let Krow go, and proceeded with putting his earbuds in an leaning against a pillar. Now what?

Eternal Moonlight
01-03-2013, 11:34 AM
Chosen: Leah
Partner: Viola
Location: Helsinki, Finland

Leah soaked up the final paragraph of the page and then turned to the next. She should have been asleep a while again, considering what time it was, but putting the book down was no easy feat. They were approaching the climax of the story, and the author was a master at keeping the suspense high. This was the first popular fiction Leah had read in a long time, and she had to admit, it was entertaining.

She was about to turn the page when her bedside lamp began to flicker. Normally, Leah would chalk it up to the bulb dying; however, it had just been replaced a few days back. She shrugged, a little displeased at the apparent defective specimen, but knew there was nothing to do but replace it. Sadly for her reading session, that would have to wait until morning, as she didn’t know her aunt kept the light bulbs. For now, the only real option was sleep…

… however, a blinding flash, quickly followed by an earth shattering bang erased any notion of slumber. Leah’s eyes darted to the window, and despite the darkness outside, noticed a cloud of smoke rising from the nearby woods. There was no way of determining the exact nature of what happened… from here.

The blonde suddenly got an urge to go and investigate. The pull she acquired struck her as odd, as it was rather uncharacteristic, but none the less powerful. After a few minutes of idling, Leah was heading out of the room and toward the closet, not bothering to change out of her pajamas.

Picking out her jacket, even the dim light emitting from the kitchen, wasn’t difficult. It was slightly used and a dark shade of grey, although its colour was the last thing on her mind.
Leaving the condo was a surprisingly easy task. Her aunt was a light sleeper, but wore insanely effective ear plugs and had a mask covering her face, and thus, likely immune to what had just transpired.

Outside, as expected, there were a few curious individuals standing in their yards, looking over toward the woods. However, oddly enough, nobody seemed to be actually making a move toward the smoke’s origin, instead just staying around the compound of their houses.

Moving closer to the forest, the smell of smoke became more apparent, and it became slightly hazy. Of course, this did little to detract the onlookers, who only grew more numerous. Leah did a decent job at avoiding unwanted attention despite this, and it didn’t take her much longer to reach the border of the woods dividing the neighbourhoods.

The atmosphere seemed to change as she disappeared into the trees. It became tenser as the rest of the world vanished. Leah wasn’t afraid, but it uncomfortable none the less. There was little light, the moon was trapped behind a thick layer of clouds, and, not surprisingly, there were no streetlights here. With the haze, and odd discharge from before, it did make for an eerie effect.

Luckily, it wasn’t too cold, nor was the snow all that deep. Despite the occasional frosty gust, it was rather pleasant out, actually. It made navigating the woods that much more bearable.

Despite the lack of density and size, trying to find the source of the smoke and blast in this forest was proving to be difficult none the less. However, after a while, a small clearing finally opened up to her, revealing a fair-sized rock resting in a sizable crater.

The impact appeared to have knocked a few of the trees over, however, didn’t spark any fires or anything of the sort. That would likely have drawn the fire department, or at least, more immediate attention. However, Leah’s focus was solely on the meteorite. It held her gaze for a few moments, its mere presence dulling out the rest of the world.

Finally, curiosity overtook her, and caution seemed to go with the latest gust. The little bit of snow there was seemed to crunch louder than before, the wind picking up slightly, and thick white flakes were now falling from the sky

It appeared to be a textbook meteorite, until Leah saw the backside, which had been split right in half. The darkness had done a good job masking it. However, this wasn’t completely unheard of… what was resting, undisturbed by the collision and break was…

It looked like some sort of egg shaped… egg. And, an amulet as well. Leah was drawn to these objects, despite everything logic and common sense would tell her. However, the sound of a Helicopter, likely belonging to the police or news station, was enough to convince her staying here wasn’t a good idea. Before leaving, Leah grabbed the egg and amulet and headed back the way she came, footsteps already being masked by the wind and fresh snow…

Getting home unnoticed wasn’t too difficult. Most people had retreated indoors, and those who remained outside were in conversations with each other, more or less oblivious to Leah’s presence.

Once safe in her aunt’s guest room, she examined the egg more closely. There were some odd patterns on it that failed to strike her as familiar. It was impossible to tell what this housed, although considering both the possibilities and her usual persona; Leah was oddly calm about it. After a half hour of gazing and handling, she decided it was best to hide it for now.

She got one of her suitcases and, using the thinner pillow, made a makeshift bed for it and put in under the day bed. There was a good amount of room there, and the cascading blankets would suffice in hiding it for now...

Trying to fall asleep after that was a nightmare. Leah knew it wasn’t late enough to give up the notion of slumber, not yet anyway. She tossed and turned, trying to get her mind to a more peaceful place, but that failed to work. However, after a while, the events of both the day and night seemed to finally catch up and Leah was started to feel drowsy. Just as she was falling asleep, however, the young woman heard a sound coming from under the bed.

It didn’t take long for the egg to come to mind. A bit panicked, she climbed out of bed and peeked under, not knowing exactly what to expect. It was dark; making seeing exactly what was there hard to see, but it was obvious there was now another being in the room; she could feel its presence.

“Hello?” Leah spoke softly, not wanting to give the creature any reason to be hostile.

A few soundless moments passed, Leah debating whether or not to try talking again. However, an optimistic “swinub” pierced the heavy silence, causing the young woman to flinch. She, forgetting about the bulb malfunctioning, reached for the nightlight, and as if there had been no issue at all, it came on.

Now, with the illumination, Leah’s attention went right back to the “swinub” or so it had said. Hopefully, the light would help identify it. She lifted the blankets, not quite knowing what to expect resting in the suitcase. There was nothing but shards, which obviously came from the egg. The pillow itself was depressed from the weight that had previously on it… but where was the creature?

“Swinub!” it chirped from behind her, although it wasn’t that close. Turning around, the blonde noticed a furry medium brown… thing eyeing her violin, which was resting on its stand. It then moved a few paces closer, clearly interested in the instrument. Leah didn’t know what to make of this yet-to-be-indentified creature, but so far, it seemed non-violent.

“Do you like the violin?” she asked, pointing to her instrument, making sure to keep her voice calm. It turned her way, and at first its expression was neutral, but it ended up nodding as best it could.

“I do too…” she started, “seeing as you don’t have a proper name, I’ll call you… Viola. Not the same thing, but it makes a better name”

It jumped up, well, tried to anyway, seemingly pleased by what she had to say.

From this, Leah realised it could at least understand a bit of English. Actually, watching making sure the pig-nosed creature didn’t suddenly develop aggression and that it didn’t damage her violin, she realised she wanted to keep it. This sounded strange, having an extraterrestrial as a pet (or what seemed to be on at any rate), but it was the same kind of feeling she’d had going to investigate the meteorite.

Snapping out of her daze, Leah’s gaze went right to where Viola had been… except it wasn’t there anymore. Eyes darting around the room, she tried to locate it… and a small sigh of relief escaped when she found it poking at the closet door.

For something that had tiny feet, Viola sure could move around quickly…

Trying to keep track of it could prove difficult, especially that keeping it hidden. Trying to explain Viola, the strange pendant that had found itself around her neck and their connection to the meteorite… probably wouldn’t go over so well.

Oh well, nothing really was easy… and Leah knew that all too clearly.

00C: This is long. I'll try and be faster (and shorter) on the next one
And, it did get permission to change to Swinub :3

01-10-2013, 01:55 AM
i know this is irrelevant to the plot but when is this going to start it seemed like a while, how many people are we waiting on, its been like 2 weeks

Cobalt Shadow
01-10-2013, 01:59 AM
This thread is role play only. In future please post any questions here (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=119847). We are just waiting on eternal moonlight, and it hae only been ages because I started the RP a week earlier than planned. Things will move forward soon. I have the next GM post ready, and will be notified via my phone when we can move on.

01-10-2013, 10:25 PM
I know its role play only but theres no roleplay happening, I thought it was starting new years? and its been nearly two weeks later and nothings happening, thats all...

Cobalt Shadow
01-11-2013, 06:02 AM
Ghost please try and be patient, and only post RP posts in here. Any discussion or questions goes in the link in my last post. Part of RPing is waiting for the rest. Other RPers have school, jobs, university etc which have to take priority, some of these things out of their control. I have tried to eliminate waiting times with the pairs, so if you can wait until then, you shouldn't be waiting much after that.


Cobalt Shadow
01-12-2013, 02:31 PM
Chelsea Collins
Location: Temple of the Chosen

Last night seemed strange now that I think about it. I had never been a trouble maker. I was always at places on time, doing beyond expected and inside at curfew. Yet last night, I couldn't resist the urge to look at the crash site.

I poked at my breakfast with my fork. Scrambled eggs. I hadn't eaten since last nights dinner, yet I wasn't hungry. I just had too much on my mind. I was so curious to what was going on that I felt sick in the stomach. I couldn't contain this curiosity any more.

I walked to the bin, and scraped what was left of my breakfast into it. I continued to wonder what was with that meteor. Why I was so intrigued. I didn't notice most of what happened when I walked to my dorm room. I grabbed a thick coat, with a hood, and some runners, in case I was seen.

Today I managed to sneak into the forest unseen. Lucky I suppose. If I was caught sneaking around 2 days in a row, my parents might have gotten involved with this.

After an hour of walking, I finally found it. A crater in the middle of the forest. Burnt and fallen trees surrounded it. It was like something from an alien movie.

I walked into the crater, to the stone at the center. It was perfectly spherical which surprised me. As I rubbed a hand on it, I could feel how smooth the cold surface was. What happened next is what surprised me the most.


The stone split open in the middle, and inside was what looked like an egg, and a necklace. I went to pick the egg up, but as I touched it, I felt it shake. Was there an alien in this?

The egg shook, and soon cracked. Little pieces broke off, and emerged from it was a small blue creature with orange cheeks.

"Mudkip! Mud!" it said happily, as if it wanted to see me. Then it sneezed.

I realized how cold it must be, being in that egg out here all night. I took off one of my coats and wrapped the creature in it.

"I think I will call you Blue." I laughed as it sneezed again then smiled.

I looked at the necklace which was still in the rock. I picked it up and had a look at it. On the back was a strange symbol. I rubbed my finger over it, just for the sake of it, not expecting the following to happen.

Everything went white. Suddenly, the light disappeared, and I was in a stone building with 7 other people. Each with a creature, similar, yet different to mine. none of them I had ever seen before.

First there was an averaged size, dark haired boy, who looked slightly older than me. He wore dark jeans and a black hoodie. Next to him stood what looked like an oversized chicken.

Then there was a boy who looked my age, but taller than usual. He had brown hair, and green eyes, regular clothes, with a purple cap with a crow on it. Flying around his head was a black bird, whose feathers gave the appearance of a hat.

Next person I saw was a short boy, who looked older than me. He wore similar clothes to chicken-boy, but with brown boots. Next to him was a jagged edged, pink and blue creature, that looked like it was drawn by a child (OOC I see Porygon as that ha ha)

In a corner were two guys. One a year or so older than me, and one a lot older than me. They were both doing push-ups, as if competing. the one who wasn;t too much older than me had dark hair and clothes, and was next to what looked like a large white dog, with a blade on its head and a blade for its tail. He remained expressionless. The other man was tall, and well built. But what I noticed first was the blindfold. He must have no sight. Next to him was a small yellow reptilian creature, with a flaming tail. It's tail seemed like it was meant to be that way, the way it was on fire, but didn't burn, and the creature didn't seem to care.

There were 2 other girls. One tanned, red haired girl who wore plain clothes. She was tall and seemed pretty strong. The other had tied-back brown hair, and wore a green jacket. Next to them were what looked like a strange turtle with a plant growing out of it's back, and a small four legged creature, with blue eyes, which seemed to be armoured.

The thing that surprised me the most was the fact that we all had an amulet like the one I found in the meteor. They were either wearing it, or holding it but the all had one.

I looked around and found a wall with 9 symbols. 8 of them glowed. I recognised one of the glowing ones as my own. What if these symbols represented the people?

"Do any of you know where we are?" I asked.

Cobalt Shadow
01-12-2013, 02:33 PM
As 8 people walk into the temple, all of the symbols but one on the walls began to glow. You see the one on your amulet glow, and continue to wonder what was going on. On the floor of the room was what looked like a map of the earth. 9 small indents represent the Chosen’s homes. There is 1 of the nine unaccounted for, but it doesn’t appear they will be coming. Against one of the walls is a table, covered in books and pieces of paper, with a computer. Somebody has been here recently. One of these notes stands out however. It is labelled “For the Chosen”. It reads

’20 years ago I stumbled upon this temple. At first I thought it was the discovery of a lifetime, then I realised the knowledge inside here has doomed our worlds. In this temple I discovered that there are 3 other worlds. 1 with strange intelligent, animal like creatures, one with both humans and these creatures, and a shadow world.
The Shadow world contains evil creatures known as Shadow creatures. Every human has a shadow creature, that gets stronger with every sin they make. These creatures cannot exist in their natural form in sunlight.
At first I was sceptical about these Shadow creatures, until I was attacked by one. It managed to find its way into the human world. It was exactly the same as the picture on the wall inside the temple. I knew then that they existed and knew that my knowledge if their hands could be bad.
I thought I was safe here, until I ran into a Shadow Creature in the temple. If they found me, and learnt what I knew, our world and the others will be doomed. If you find this letter, and I am still alive, I will tell you everything. But until it is safer, I will remain hidden in the temple.”
There are 6 doors in the main room. One on the North wall, one on the South, one on the East, one on the west, all four of which lead deeper into the temple. There is a door in the south east corner, which leads to the outside, and a door on a balcony on the north wall. More like a door way, as there is no actual door, and impossible to pass. Just stone.

Mission 2: Knowledge
Cobalt and Jack
Go through the North Door and try to find the Archaeologist who wrote the letter.
Kill as many Shadow Creatures as possible (It will be useful)
Kenzy and Chelsea
Go through the South Door and try to find the Archaeologist who wrote the letter.
Kill as many Shadow Creatures as possible (It will be useful)
Tengu and Fenn
Go through the East Door and try to find the Archaeologist who wrote the letter.
Kill as many Shadow Creatures as possible (It will be useful)
Ghost and Lee
Go through the West Door and try to find the Archaeologist who wrote the letter.
Kill as many Shadow Creatures as possible (It will be useful)
Humans cannot harm Shadow Creatures. Only Pokemon can.
Try and interact with your partner.
At this point in time there are no shadow creatures outside the temple.
6 Shadow creatures (kill 3 each max)
Mission End Point The final room everyone visits. The Archeologist is in the south. Kenzy and Chelsea will find him and escort him to the main room (Mission 3). The rest of the group will give up and head back.

Please try and complete this mission by 01/02/2013 (dd/mm/yyyy)

How missions work
At the beginning of each mission, people will be given individually, or as a group, objectives. There will be a set number of Shadow creatures, and a maximum amount of how many can be killed by each player. There will also be restrictions. At the end of the mission, the following form will be posted.

Mission Completed
Shadow Creatures Killed:
Additional Info
Total Shadow Creatures Killed by Partner Pokemon:

Please contact me over Facebook, (https://www.facebook.com/Japaco.95)Skype (Skype name in PE2k Profile), Visitor Message, Private Message or on SU/DS Thread (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=119847)if you have any questions.

Cobalt Shadow
01-12-2013, 02:40 PM
Mission 2.5: Protection
For Kenzy and Chelsea Only
Escort the Archaeologist to the main room safely
The Archaeologist is injured and limping. He cannot move very fast, and cannot protect himself from shadow creatures.
Humans cannot harm Shadow Creatures. Only Pokemon can.
4 Shadow creatures (kill 2 each max)
Mission End Point The main room where the note was found

Cobalt Shadow
01-12-2013, 02:56 PM
Temple of the Chosen

"Do any of you know where we are?" came an unfamiliar girls voice. I turned around, and saw a dark haired girl with green eyes, wearing numerous coats. She must be from somewhere cold. In her arms was a blue four legged creature, with orange cheeks, wrapped in a coat.

"We are in the Amazon somewhere, but how we got here, I don't know. I am Cobalt." I said. I had another look around, and noticed all 9 symbols were glowing. 8 of them white, 1 dark red. I also noticed something else. A table in a corner with loads of paper. I found one with a large label.

'To The Chosen'

I read through it. It was a letter.

"Hey guys, you may want to hear this." I said reading out the letter. When I finished reading it, I began thinking. If these Shadow Creatures are after him, and he is here, he is in danger.

"I know I sound crazy, but I think we should split up and find this guy. He may be able to answer some questions for us, like how we got here and how we get home."

"Us two," I said pointing to me and the guy who told us we were in the Amazon, "will search the north door. Pushup guys will search the west door. You two, (Points to Tengu and Fenn) will search the east door, and you girls (points to Chelsea and Kenzey) will search the South. Sound good? If you find nothing, come back."

I walked over to the north doorway with Flare, and began my search...

(OOC it has to sound good if we want to move on.)
(OOC Allowing Minor Bunnying for Dragotech)

Cobalt Shadow
01-12-2013, 03:04 PM
Chelsea Collins
Temple of the Chosen

The guy who introduced himself as Cobalt found a letter, and read it out. It was from an Archeologist who was somewhere in the Temple. Cobalt seemed to think that we should find him. He may have answers.

At first I was skeptical about it, but if he was right, and we were in the Amazon, we would need all the help we could get to go home safely, even if it meant chasing after an Archologist who may be dead, insane, non-existant or real.

I nodded, then walked over to the girl I was paired up with. It was the red haired one who towered above me. I put blue on the ground, who seemed to get along with her turtle-creature.

"Hey I'm Chelsea." I said to her.

(OOC giving minor Bunnying rights to Charmander009)

Neku Sakuraba
01-12-2013, 03:11 PM
Chosen: Te
Partner: Krow
Location: Temple of the Chosen

"Calling...You hear the cal--" The music went in Te's ears. He rarely stops listening to music unless something interests him more or is just more important in general. This was one of those times. Another bright light appeared, dropping off a girl who looked around his own age. She was accompanied by a blue creature with orange cheeks, a fin tail, and a fin on it's own head. That wasn't as important as what happened next.

"To The Chosen" A boy read. After finishing it, he said something about splitting up into groups. Was he expected to pair up with a complete stranger? It didn't matter, nothing back then really mattered now.

"Alright," Te said. "Come on, let's get a move on." I signaled to the girl I was pared up with and started heading east.

"Krow! Alright! Alright, Murkrow, krow!"

01-15-2013, 07:00 PM
Jack Finnigan
Temple of the Chosen
Link: Glitch/Porygon

I looked at the man. I shrugged and figured that there was no point in arguing. I nodded and said, "Well, let's go."

Glitch looked over at me and nodded as well. "I take it you're ready too then," I said to my strange friend.

We moved on towards the north door. I wondered who this mysterious archeologist was and how could he help us. Of course it would be nice to know why we were in the Amazon.

(OOC: allowing minor bunnying rights to Cobalt Shadow)
(OOC: waiting for everyone to acknowledge the mission or for Cobalt to push us through the door whichever comes first.)

01-16-2013, 07:47 PM
Name: Fenn Simmons
Temple of the Chosen (With Te)

I looked over at the boy who she had been paired with after listening to boy named Cobalt read the letter. Whatever was past these doors was dangerous, and we didn't even know if this archaeologist was alive or not. We could be walking to a dead end.

"Alright, guess we have no choice.." I said "Come on Altera."

Beckoning to the little creature, it let out a soft cry and jumped into my arms. Cradling her close to my chest, I hurried after Tengu. We were silent for a moment, since I was not sure what to say to the boy. Altera, however, happily exchanged what sounded like words with his companion, the black bird.

"Did your animal come from one of those meteors?" She finally asked, trying to break the silence.

Cobalt Shadow
01-18-2013, 02:17 PM
Location: Temple Of the Chosen

The man introduced himself as Jack. As we walked through the dark hallway, I couldn't help but feel as if I was being watched.

"I can't see a damn thing!" I said angrily. Flare must have gotten an idea based of what he did next.

"Tor-CHIICK!" he cried, as a small fireball flew out of its mouth down the corridor. It lit the room up for long enough for me to find something useful. On the wall was a medieval torch. I walked over, and attempted to pull it off. it was stuck. Lucky for my the wood holding it to the wall had rotted from what looked like centuries of anbandoment. After a few strong pulls, the wood holding it to the wall broke. I put it in front of flare.
"Can you please light this?" I asked. It didn't do anything in response other than breathe the fire that lit it. As we were walking I found another one which I lit, and handed it to Jack.

After about 15 minutes, I saw something which shocked me. usually the shadows would move back from the torchlight. But for some reason the shadows moved forward into the lit area. They crawled in front of us, and rose out of the ground, forming a four legged, dog like creature. It was pitch black, with crimson eyes.

"What is this thing? Is it a shadow creature?" I whispered to Jack who seemed as clueless as I was.

Suddenly it ran towards up. I attempted to kick it, but my foot went straight through it, as if it were pure shadows. It ran into flare, and knocked him over, pinning him to the ground.

"Flare! Use your fire breath!" I yelled out. Flare responded with a cry, as flames poured out of its beak. It seemed to rip a hole in the creature.

"Is it weak to fire?" I thought. I slashed at it with my torch, but it went straight through it like the kick.

Flare stood back up, and used it's flame breath on it. The creature disappeared completely, and I assumed it was dead.

"Nice job Flare!" I said, as we continued walking down the stone hallway.

Shadow Creatures Killed: [1/6]

Neku Sakuraba
01-18-2013, 09:54 PM
Chosen: Te
Partner: Krow
Location: Temple of the Chosen (With Fenn) Perspective: Te

After heading east, I took note of the girl's creature. It was odd and unnatural, with a metal plate on it's back with a bump that reminded me of the part you blow into an ocarina.

"Did your animal come from one of those meteors?" She asked eventually.

"...Yeah," I replied. "I'm guessing yours did too, judging by how unnatural it looks." After that brief pause, we moved on. The hallway was long, so it took us a while for us to come across something. Although, we were accompanied by Krow's annoying repeating of "Unnatural! Unnatural!" I swear, that bird needs to learn to shut up. About halfway through (Or, at least, what I judged to be halfway.), we came across some...shadows? At first glance, they seemed harmless, until one launched itself at Krow.

"Krow!!!" He screamed in pain.

"Don't hurt my friend!" I shouted at the creature. I attempted to attack it, but they just kept going through it.

"Krow! Murkrow!" Krow shouted once more. He moved blindingly fast, then threw a sucker punch at it, keeping it down.

"...Good job," I said in the end. "! There's some more! Cover me!" Krow was worn out, so I rushed towards him. Hopefully, the girl and her creature can help us.

Shadow Creatures Destroyed: [1/6]

01-19-2013, 03:08 AM
Jack Finnigan
Temple of the Chosen
Link: Glitch/Porygon

The man that introduced himself as Cobalt and I walked down a dark hallway. His oversized chick blew a fireball down the hallway. A torch was discovered on the wall. He pulled it off of the wall with some effort and had his chicken of the inferno light it. There was another one that he had lit and handed to me. I accepted this torch.

I looked over at my floating angular friend and asked it, "So, his chcken breathes fire... What can you do?" Glitch sorta shrugged which looked odd without actually having shoulders. It kinda continued floating there.

Then something happened. The shadows didn't recede from the torch-light. It formed into some creature... something like a wolf. The other man asked what it was, and I honestly couldn't supply an answer. The Shadow wolf thing attacked. The other tried to kick it which was an ineffective to say in the least. It proceeded to attack his chicken. He had his chicken burn it. Could it be weak against fire.

Another one appeared. "Taste the Torch of Justice!" I shouted. I thrust my torch at it... ineffectively! It passed through me and my Torch of Justice! It charged Glitch. I spun and shouted out Glich's name. I saw Glitch sharpen its edges and charge back at the beast. On contact the foe seemed to be scattered. It faded away leaving the floating being of shapes unharmed. I stared for a moment. I was not sure what just happened. I turned to Cobalt, "So you can't kick it, but your bird can burn it. I can't burn it, but Glitch here can scatter it by hitting it? What is going on here?"

Shadow creatures destroyed (2/6)/(1/3)

01-19-2013, 05:43 AM
everybody went in their desired directions, all that was left was west so Blade an i entered. it was very dark but blade seemed to have enhanced vision in the dark not great but enough to see where we were going. on our way through our path a creature appeared from the wall and attacked! the only thing lighting the place was the creatures eyes and blades eyes. i tried to grab the creature as i didn't want blade to be hurt but it wasnt effected by me it through me off like a feather. blade attacked as he was so agile the shadow stood no chance, blade literally running circles around it and slashing at it with his claws and blade.
i thought to myself "i know to leave them to blade now"
so further in I went.


Cobalt Shadow
01-19-2013, 09:14 AM
Temple of the Chosen

Jack and I continued walking down the torchlit tunnel. So far we had seen two of those Shadow Creatures. We had no idea if there were more. To try and ease the tension a little bit, I attempted to make conversation.

"So where are you from?" I asked. As I spoke, another 2 of those creatures appeared. Flare was the first to notice, and blasted one with flames. He then lifted one of his legs, and used the claws to scratch the other.

"Hopefully there aren't too many more of these things." I added, laughing.

Shadow Creatures Killed [3/3] [4/6]

(OOC Drago do you want to end the mission, or should I?)

01-19-2013, 11:51 PM
Jack Finnigan
Temple of the Chosen
Link: Glitch/Porygon

Cobalt asked a question, where I was from. I would have answered but unfortunately there was another attack. The chicken defeated two more of these shadows. I answered, "Mississippi, you?"
I waited a moment for an answer.

He was interrupted by another attack. I looked over at Glitch. "Hey look Glitch, your turn to play." Glitch floated above and quickly calculated an angle. Glitch fired of some kind of energy beam! The two creatures were unable to survive the blast that penetrated them both. "That was cool!" Glitch nodded.

We moved on for a while, and we came to the end. As neat as the surroundings were, there was no archeologist here. "I guess we outta go back... so where are you from?"

Creatures Defeated (3/3)
Creatures Total (6/6)

Cobalt Shadow
01-20-2013, 03:43 AM
Temple of the Chosen

"Melbourne." I responded as we continued walking. Northern suburbs. I was on the train on my way home from work at about 1:30am when the meteor landed with Flare and this amulet.

We continued walking down the passage that felt like it would never end.

(OOC delaying mission end until everyone else has left the room)