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What if everything you knew wasn’t true?

What if vampires and werewolves and faeries and almost every other mythological creature you were told weren’t real actually were? And what if they were living among you?

Well, they are real, and they are living among you. Except their existence is supposed to be a secret…the key word here is “supposed”. Not all creatures agree with the idea of being confined to secrecy, and believe that they should be able to roam the world as they truly are—that humans should know of their existence and fear them. Others disagree; fear on the humans’ part could only lead to more chaos and crusades against even the most harmless, even helpful supernatural creatures. Currently, secrecy of the mythological creatures is enforced by a handful of parties—special human groups like vampire and werewolf hunters, as well as groups among the mythological creatures themselves. With these groups working separately (and very rarely, together), both secrecy and a fragile peace have managed to exist for quite some time…

And then creatures began disappearing…and reappearing, murdered or mutated in some of the most grotesque ways. Every party imaginable began pointing fingers, and just like that, the peace among the groups shattered completely. Unsure of who to blame, some believe that the existence they have fought so hard to keep secret has been uncovered, others believe that the human groups are turning to mistreating the mythological creatures. Some cry for the discovery of those responsible for the deaths and mutations so that they can be eliminated and the secret of their existence kept intact while others call for the revealing of their existence to humankind in order to appeal for rights of their own.

Welcome to modern times, where mythological creature are real, and they have a problem. What happens is up to you.

All PE2K rules apply, people...
1: For the love of RPs--NO GODMODDING!!!
2: No one's invincible, take a hit every once in awhile, more often than not.
3: For the sake of the RP--PLEASE be active, and if you can't be active, let me know!
4: Don't constantly make fun of RPers, if they make a mistake, kindly let them know, don't bite their heads off.
5: No bunnying without permission.
6: Please limit use of profanity.
7: Keep things PG-13. (Both romance and violence)
8: Try to have decent spelling and grammar, I can understand typos, but not anything really bad.

~SU Form~
Age: (Please make this appropriate for your character)
Race: (Human, Vamp, Were-whatever; what your character is, please give a small explanation of what “rules” apply to them, as there are tons of different kinds of mythological creatures)
Affiliation: (Who are they with, group-wise? Are they for or against secrecy?)
Appearance: (Simple paragraph describing you character’s appearance, if they have multiple forms, please describe them as well—this applies to mythological creatures who need a human disguise.)
Personality: (Simple paragraph describing how your character acts)
History: (Some basic background on your character; paragraph minimum)
Weapons/Abilities: (Does your character carry weapons? Know magic? That kind of thing? Put that down here)
Other: (Anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else in the SU)

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Socratic Sarcasm
12-29-2012, 03:34 AM
Honestly, Winter. Why are you doing this to me? I'm already in a good number of RPs. Reserve me for... Actually, I think I'm going to revamp Michael for this. And an additonal reserve. I'm getting ideas. Evil ones.

Anyway, let's get started.

Name: Michael Mikulak
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Human psychic- Capable of telekenesis, slight foresight, and-most saliently for Michael- reading and influencing emotions
Affiliation: Michael Mikulak.
Appearance: Michael is bony. Very. He stands at 5'9", and only weighs 120 pounds due to his interim in prison and then living off of the land. Although he hides it behind his baggy orange jumpsuit, seing his torso means you can count his ribs, and what little weight does seem to be on him is mostly bone with a very little muscle. His face is gaunt: his cheekbones are high and his cheeks are sunken in. He has bags under his brown eyes, and his brown hair, though short, gives the impression that it was cut by someone completely unprofessional. He's generally expressionless, and his skin has a grayish tint to its normal light brown shade (an indicator of his Latino heritage).

Personality: Michael is... unstable. He often stares into space for no apparent reason, focusing intently on things that are not there. His eyes have a haunted look, as though they have seen things they should not have. His voice is quiet, and he is generally seen dragging a stick intently on the ground. He looks positively harmless.

He's precisely as harmless as an alligator with its jaws around your throat, and exactly as likely to show you mercy.

Michael has knowledge of people, knowledge extensive enough that very few can avoid being manipulated ruthlessly by him then discarded as a useless toy, as he will occasionally do. He is almost completely without scruples, and he has a will that is not only strong, but also insidious. If he gets into mental combat with you, get the hell away. He was formally trained in thr theory of his psychic abilities for five years, and learned practically in the school of hard knocks for another three. He will (and did) torture, kill, cripple, and mentally dominate anyone idiotic enough to get in his way.

But he doesn't go out of his way to do such things. At the end of the day, Michael just wants to be left alone. People walking near him, touching him, or feeling anything anything particularly strongly startle Michael, maybe even scare him a little. The scars on his body indicate someone who has experienced a severe lack of kindness for the last few years, and being around crowds, with all the emotions he can feel, will drive him more than a little nuts. He basically believes that people are to leave him alone, and he'll leave them alone. But if he's crossed...

History: Michael was born to two very magically powerful people: his mother was an overwhelming psychic and his father was a shapeshifter (or, as Michael would put it: a were-whatever-the-hell-he-wants). From a young age, Michael's parents drilled into him that knowledge was power, and taught him of mythology as well as biology (in case he turned out like his dad) and physics (so that he could kick ass of he inherited from his mom) on top of regular school classes. They weren't exclusively concerned with drilling things into Michael, and in Michael's free time, his parents would indulge and show love to Michael, same as any other parent. And at night, when Michael was asleep, his parents would gamble as to whose gifts Michael would inherit.

This went on for a time, until Michael was 13. Then, They (Michael refuses to describe the people with anything else) came. For whatever reason-Michael never found out-They wanted to take the family captive. And Michael saw the true dangers of the supernatural for the first time. Michael's parents fought tooth and nail and fang and claw: Michael's father's form was absolutely fluid, shifting from one form to the next without much of a breather. Michael's mother induced absolute panic among the opposing soldiers, threw soldiers together and away like they were pebbles instead of people, and even manipulated the particles in the air to make fire and electricity. But in the end, Michael's parents were dead, and Michael was taken captive.

Michael still isn't sure what possessed Them to take him to whatever hellhole prison they did, but They took Michael to a hellhole prison. Not four days later, Michael's powers began to make themselves known to him. But a place as seeped in despair and fear as a prison is not the ideal place to come into empathetic powers-indeed, it can be a very bad place. Michael only held on because of one thing, one thing his father said to him a long time before:

"Michael, remember, hope is strength. It is the base strength. No matter what anyone does to you, they cannot take your hope. Only you can give it to them. Once you lose hope, you lose everything. Never give up hope."

This imprisonment continued for three years. Michael trained his psychic powers in the hope that he could use them to break free. And though Michael didn't get formal training (and kept his powers on the down low so that They didn't take precautions against them), he was an absolute natural at employing psychic abilities. But even as his powers grew, so to did the pain they caused him. And, in Michael's sixteenth year of life, he decided he had enough. He made himself as unnoticeable as he could (using his abilities to make himself appear uninteresting) and escaped.

This was not the end of it. For the next month or so, Michael began to truly use his powers and expand them. He could influence people. He could psychically throw large objects with near pinpoint accuracy. He could even manipulate heat and make sparks of fire and electricity, a sign of a truly advanced gift. To keep himself alive, Michael used his biological knowledge and psychic abilites to hunt and forage for food (as Their facility was isolated in the wilderness). But Michael did not forget what They did to him. And Michael is not the kind of person to forgive such crimes. And he needed to develop his talents further, and there weren't many people to practice on in the forest.

Michael began going back to Their building and influencing workers to leave. Only a few at a time, at first, before expanding his talents. And each time the workers left, they weren't heard from again. Michael crushed their wills one by one, and forced them to kill each other far away. In the end, when there weren't as many workers left, Michael took Their facility by storm and painfully executed every worker there before releasing the still somewhat stable inmates and painlessly killing those who were too far gone.

And this is where Michael is now. Powerful, broken, and nearly psychopathic, Michael has made Their building his home (they have well stocked fridges) as he tries to come to terms with himself now. He's jumpy and prone to violence. Proceed with caution.


Agelessness: Due to his powerful psychic abilities, Michael will stop aging after he reaches physical maturity

Telekinesis: Michael is capable of using his conviction to move objects around. His telekenesis is both strong and precise: he once sent 100 knives at multiple foes with a thought. It tires him though, to operate at full strength; if he exerts all his telekinetic might over even a short period of time, he'll be hungry, tired, and probably have a fever from overwork.

Empathy and Influence: This is Michael's strongest psychic gift, and it is both what makes him so dangerous and quite weak. Dangerous, because there is no slipping a lie past him, and he can influence your actions with a thought. If he is facing someone weak willed, he can even completely destroy their personailty, effectively killing their minds and taking control of their bodies. However, feeling that many emotions is very bad for emotional and mental health, and it is only Michael's exceptional strength of will and personality that has left him at all functional. Even then, he's not exactly playing with a full deck, and in a crowd, he'll probably lose it.

Precognition: Michael likes to sing. He even composes songs. But sometimes, those song's verses are prophetic. And he can't identify which is which.

Rope: Michael conceals a long strand of strong rope between his shirt and undershirt. He controls it telekinetically as he needs it.

Name: Mira (no last name she'll admit to)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Changeling- The scion of a mortal and one of the Aos Sí (the original fae of Celtic mythology), in Mira's case, one of the Winter Court.
Affiliation: Mira serves Queen Medb, the ruler of the Unseelie (Winter) Court. Medb favors keeping mythos, mythos to the general public. Mira doesn't personally care, but since the Queen basically decides on Mira's quality of life...
Appearance: Mira looks like your classic Snow White beauty: hair black like ebony, lips red as blood, skin as white snow, etc. Mira has icy blue eyes, and stands at 5'6", with striking features and inhuman beauty. Her outfit tends to vary depending on where she is: if she is in the real world, she'll tend to keep it simple: black T-shirt, blue jeans, hair in a prim and proper bun so that it'll stay out of the way. However, in the realm of Faerie, in the heart of Winter, on formal occasions, Mira will (only literally) let her hair down and wear a long black gown, studded with sapphires (the Unseelie Court could buy most countries at least 50 times) so that she can look her best, as appearances have a lot of weight among the Aos Sí. She, however, always wears one piece of jewelry: a silver ring with a snowflake shaped diamond on the top, which lets her contact or summon Unsselies. She doesn't do it often, though: they don't like to be summoned.

Personality: Mira is stoic. Extremely. She keeps her emotions under absolute control, and she is a creature dictated almost exclusively by reason. She identifies emotions and their potential influences and arrests them before they have a chance to take any sort of hold. She's capable of feeling, but she doesn't see any real logical reason to allow feelings to influence her or dictate her actions.

That said, Mira is a keen assessor of people. She can tell the general strength of a person's personality, and (due to her extensive exposure to the Unseelie nasties) can almost always immediately tell if someone is a supernatural creature, particularly a predator. She can tell with some accuracy the emotions of other people, and while she would never lie, she's very good at misdirecting, withholding information, saying things from a certain poit of view, interpreting statements differently...

Due to her expose to the nastiest of the fae, Mira is paranoid. Not paralyzingly so, but she has a plan in place for everything from chrysanthemums trying to take over the world to people trying to make her explode with their minds (this last one is obviously a lot more commonplace than you would think). She has weapons in her, well, everything really, and is clever enough to know how to use them. She is not bad at hand to hand, especially with her increased strength, and her magic is quite powerful.
History: Mira keeps her history under wraps. Quite a bit. What is known is that one of her parents is a Winter fae, and that it seems more likely to be her mother. We do not know for sure who her fae parent exactly is, although Mira's strength with Unseelie Magic leaves very few (powerful) candidates to be her mother. Questions about Mira's parents tend to end with the asker getting a blade in their guts and are therefore discouraged.

But what is known about Mira is that she has been in the political game between the Courts of Winter and Summer for a LONG time. She serves her Court primarily as a spy and assassin, and she does her job well. She is capable, efficient, and deadly, and her name is whispered among her enemies. But it's not really personal for her. She does her job. That's it.

Agelessness: After reaching physical maturity, Mira will stop aging.

Glamours: Like most of the denizens of Faerie, Mra can make minor illusions and become unnoticeable.

Unseelie Magic: Mira can call on the truly powerful magic of the Unseelie. This magic has a theme of taking: taking heat, taking consciousness, taking order, taking life. It is not evil, but it can destructive.

Inhuman Strength and Speed: Mira can MOVE. Like cross a football field lengthwise in about five seconds, move. And she can lift quite a bit.

Inhuman constitution: Mira will fully heal from all injuries much more quickly than a normal human being. In addition, she is more resilient to damage to begin with. However, the quick healing and toughness can be bypassed if one uses iron, since these powers are of Faerie, or if one can employ magics of the Seelie Court.

Knife of Banes: A wooden handled knife. Its blade is made of an alloy of steel and silver that Mira got from her fae parent, cooled at the forge with holy water, before being enchanted (by a mortal wizard, as the magic of the fae cannot affect iron) to be unbearable and undullable. As befits an assassin of Mira's caliber, it is meant to bypass as many superhuman toughness abilities as possible. Mira gave the blade its name. It's usual kept concealed along with many other more typical knives.

Unseelie Ring: A ring given to Mira by Queen Medb herself. It gives Mira the ability to summon any of the Unseelie Court, but not the ability to bind them. Ergo, she doesn't summon them often. It also allows her to speak to the Lady Medb, so that Mira may inform her of the situation.

12-29-2012, 03:43 AM
Actually I did it because rereading Cassandra Claire's Mortal Instruments series and playing Heroes of Ruin has had me wanting to do a plot like this. Remember those characters I was talking about having in mind? You'll meet them soon enough.

Socratic Sarcasm
12-29-2012, 03:51 AM
Awesome. And Michael's turning out to be even more dangerous and broken than he is Nexen. Yes, that's possible.

12-29-2012, 07:10 AM
Name: Alieena "Leena" Crowfeather
Age: A few centuries old; she kind of lost count...
Gender: Female
Race: Warlock; Immortal creatures capable of using magic due to their half human, half demon lineage, though they are consequentially incapable of having children and bear a "mark" that reveals their nature as warlocks.
Affiliation: Aileena is pro-secrecy, but does not attach herself to any one group, instead acting on her own and helping other groups when asked to
Appearance: Despite her age, Aileena doesn't look much older than twenty, with a lean body that hides her enormous magical strength, covered in clear, fair skin. Wild, almost rust-colored hair, tumbles down to her mid-back in soft waves and is rarely pulled back. Thick lashes frame pale green eyes that seem to testify that Aileena has seen quite a bit in her lifetime. Up until this point, she seems fairly normal, however a pair of large black crow wings sprout from her back, near her shoulder blades. Due to her wings, Aileena tends to wear clothing that leaves her shoulders free, and it she wears anything to cover her arms, it's just a simple pair of sleeves or connected by a little bit of material that crosses her back above her wings...meaning she's most often found wearing things like camisoles and jeans along with a pair of worn looking combat boots that she appears to have a sentimental attachment to.
Personality: Aileena isn't the most outgoing person out there, but she isn't necessarily antisocial, either. She's kind enough to offer her help where it's asked for, though it may come with a price for those who aren't friends of hers. She has a strong protective instinct, but isn't the mother figure most would think would come with that instinct. Actually, she likes sarcasm, really trusts very few, and considers even fewer her friends. She doesn't talk about her past much, and while she is on fantastic terms with her father, don't bring him up. If you value your safety, don't bring up Aileena's family without her bringing them first. She's a bit inquisitive by nature, as well as a touch solitary; preferring the company of birds to other living creatures. By the way, she also has an intolerance for idiocy.
History: Born from the unholy union between a human mother and a demon father, Aileena's had quite the life. It has been made easier from time to time by her father, particularly when she was little, but those instances have been few and far between. As her father is a demon, she's never met the "real" him, though she has very faint memories of a man with dark hair and eyes taking her to another warlock when she was little, after her mother was killed when someone discovered the girl was growing a pair of wings at ten. The warlock she was taken to was kind, and taught Aileena much of what she knows today, though she has no idea what to call the woman who raised her on mostly healing magic, as well as a bit of offensive magic.

Since her mother's death and the few discovery incidents she's lived through, Aileena has become a strong believer in keeping the existence of mythological creatures a secret. All she has ever seen from the secret being uncovered has been death and destruction, and she doesn't wish to see any more. That was why she dedicated her potentially never-ending life to protecting those who would otherwise be attacked and killed for being different, as she nearly was at several points in her life. This wish to protect has shown itself in various ways throughout her long life, but has always been a part of her life since she decided that was what she wanted to do with her immortality.
Immortal-Aileena will not die from old age, in fact, she probably won't ever look older than she does now...however well-placed weapon or magic attacks will hurt her, and possibly kill her.
Crowtalon-An old halberd Aileena almost never uses, most often seen used as a wall decoration in her home that definitely shows its old age.
Mage-The demon blood running through Aileena's veins has given her access to real magic, which most often manifests itself in the form of green sparks around her hands when she taps into it to heal or use it as an offensive, where it shoots off her fingers as pale green lightning. She also uses it to keep her wings out of human sight without concealing the rest of her, something she has come to find incredibly helpful over the years. She can use more spells provided she has the right books to list the procedures and materials for her...and Leena has a lovely stash built up, but she refuses to take the books out of her house without a very, very good reason.
Crow-Lord's Daughter-Aileena has been able to understand and speak to birds ever since she was little, and it's often how she gets her information. She is capable of using her wings to fly
Other: She has a single companion one might deem "constant"; an American crow she calls Alois...and don't make him mad. He will attack you. He's also currently Leena's father's favorite way of contacting her.

Saraibre Ryu
12-29-2012, 08:57 AM
Name: Ira-Gaylen
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female [Assumed female]
Race: Tanzanite Gargoyle
Affiliation: Neutral
Image is mine. Steal and be crushed. I did not pick the best line art colours ever...
Ira-Gaylen is a fifteen foot long, seven foot tall gargoyle; eight feet if she stood up straight, with a twenty-three foot wingspan. Her body is a dark purplish grey, with black and silver specs in it, thanks to the granite and galena ore synthesized to create the bulk of her body. Tanzanite crystals of purple, indigo and midnight blue hues decorate her body, mostly along her joints, her wings and the back of her head and neck, even her knuckles. The gems change colour depending on the lighting and the angle they are viewed at, making her very beautiful to gaze upon. Her eyes glow with that of a lighter blue and lavendar shades, and change as the magic flows in her body. She weighs a good few tons, making her incredibly heavy, as so much as her extending a hand is a weight lifting chore all on it's own.
Personality: Ira-Gaylen is a very wise, paced and patient gargoyle, or 'scigren' as the species calls themself. She is able to wait for seemingly endless perios of time where others would most likely get up and walk out. Despite her age, which would be eons old if anyone really knew the number, she is rather quick witted, sharp and up with the times. This does not stop her from speaking in euphemisms, proverbs and general phrases that would confuse many or just make the next impulsive person rather irritated. She does not mind company however when asked to be left alone she often has good reason to. Ira-Gaylen will indulge those who prod enough as she believes the world works in mysterious ways. She is prompt to give advice to everyone, even sarcastically to others that happen to be branded as foolish, brash or reckless. At all times she retains a sense of calm composure, rarely breaking into fits of absolute anger or sadness. Lying is one of her strong points as she rarely does it and only when absolutely necessary. Ira also likes to speak her mind, and has no fear of that others think of her opinions and is always willing to debate when the time is appropriate. She may be difficult to make friends with, as her mannerisms are quite odd nevermind her hobbies. Despite her size and the fact she's made out of stone, she has a great capacity for gentleness and tentative care.
History: Ira-Gaylen came to life in another land called Skysea. As her soul matured to that of a proper gargoyle, mastering her magic of the tanzanite crystals, she had dreams of another place where she was being called to, one that required her help. Long these dreams plagued her until she met with dream speaking monks to help clarify the unusually misty void in her mind. Her calling was coming from another land entirely, one that had not yet matured and was still incredibly young. Ira went to this strange land and spent her time exploring it's vastness, teaching some about the magic's of crystals and their properties, as many of the gemstones were dormant, or dead. For centuries she mandered, looking and keeping away from the world where fear was growing more and more dominant. She watched wars wage on as a statue, peaces made and shattered while many died and were born before her. She knew her purpose had to be somewhere within this world, and she had to find it. Soon enough she came upon a large, vast town sometime in the medieval line of history. There was a tower, a grand and magnificent one with painted glass, stone carvings and arcs a plenty. Somehow, Ira knew this tower would be her home, and made herself comfortable within it's walls. She maintained the tower for another few centuries, and s the times changed and technology evolved, she remained the tower's keeper, and the new surrounding structures within the new city limits. Ira went on nightly patrols, repairing damage done by those of the unknown, as she called them, repairing what she could and would provided she knew it was caused by those who weren't reckless and looking for attention. Soon she came upon a small, morphing spirit from within the tower's bells, almost as if it were a ghost, but very far from dead. It was a familiar, and he had appeared when Ira-Gaylen needed him most. It was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain herself, her crystal garden and the city all in one night, so devised a clever way to keep herself well taken care of. Obtaining a laptop and an internet connection, Ira started selling off her crystals for high prices over the internet, being able to buy her own food and have her familiar, who she called Lexife, retrieve it for her during the day time, as gargoyle's only needed to sleep when they had no other magic left within their bodies. The lack of sleep was beginning to worry Ira, as when she came upon a rather unusual crater in one of the streets, she also found a dead body of a vampire. Immediately she could sense the ambient and rising fear within the city, and returned home after repairing what she could. Meditating on the idea of another war breaking out, but one that would expose an entirely new side of the world to human beings, Ira-Gaylen wondered if it was the time for such a thing to come, or if it was a premature start to something far worse.

Magic Abilities:
Crystogenesis: Can regernerate the crystals on her body when damage has been done to it, or generate excess crystals on the body for additional armor. She can also repair other stone and metals. She can also regenerate her body no matter how much damage has been done, as long as the 'core' or her heart has not been damaged or completely destroyed.
Negative Transmute: Transmutes negative entities, such as large amounts of fear or paranoia, into magic energy to be used either offensively, or defensively. This magic power can be stored in the crystals all over her body. She can also sense large amounts of negative energy this way. This also involves healing negative ailments out of another's mind or spiritual body by absorbing them, and converting them into power. Physical illnesses are another story.
Telepathy: Can comminucate via thoughts privately and can project her thoughts as sound, since she has no other way of speaking as no vocal cords. She can also detect psychic people if they are close by.
Clairvoyance: In a meditative state, she can see and watch multiple people through her third eye. She can also comminucate with various people and relay information between them clearly. She can only do this while meditating. This also enhances he abilities of other psychics if they happen to be somewhat near her as well.
Time Defragment: Tanzanite is meant to help people slow down, so she can slow time down around for a brief moment only around herself. No more than five minutes at most. This appears to everyone else, as that she is moving faster.
Harmonize/Mellow: Tanzanite is meant to balance and harmonize a group or person, therefore magic can slowly be seeped within a small vicinity to calm and steady a small group of people, should their emotions run high. The stone is also meant to mellow out people, so she can mellow out a few targets to a point where they zone out completely and are unable to percieve most of what is around them for a short time.
Natural Abilities:
Flight: Wings, self explanitory.
Stoneflesh: Ira is made out of a body comprised of an impala granite and galena ore synthesis, making her incredibly dense and heavy. Tanzanite crystals grow off of her body as well, making her a living tank of a boulder. She has no blood or vital oragans, and her 'blood' is actually special mineral water. Inside of her body is a tanzanite core surrounded in this water that holds her soul and magic spirit. She does not need to breathe and therefore cannot drown, however, Ira-Gaylen can't swim much at all. She is also incredibly dense and heavy, making it a challenge for even those with enhanced strength to lift her up completely, nevermind a portion of her.
Climbing: Gargoyle's can climb buildings so yeah.
Norcturnal: Ira-Gaylen is primarily nocturnal and therefore operate better at night than during the day.
Other: Lexife is a transluscent ethereal being who can change into real world animals, and of various types. Other than him constantly being a wispy bluish grey figure that resembles some kind of ghost, he has no special powers. He can turn into an animal and gain their traits. He appears as a completely normal animal to those who have no magic affiliation whatsoever, so he just looks like a normal cat to normal people.

Cobalt Shadow
12-31-2012, 03:17 AM
Hey I am very interested in signing up, but I was wondering if there are any restrictions on powers?

Eg if I wanted to have a human who was trained by his father in elemental magic and transformation. He excelled with fire magic, but only learnt the basic water, earth and air magic. So he can generate and manipulate large amounts of fire, and can manipulate small amounts of water earth and air. He can also shapeshift, and take in the form of certain animals. However any wounds, scars or tattoos on his body will be present. The character also requires practise to have an animals abilities. Eg at first he won't be able to fly as good as a bird but after a few times he will be able to fly better. Also: if he turns into a wolf, other wolves will know he is a human. Same with other creatures. He will also have the scent of a human at first. After about 4 hours he will start to smell like the animal he has shapeshifter into though.

Is this too overpowered?

Cobalt Shadow
12-31-2012, 03:17 AM
Hey I am very interested in signing up, but I was wondering if there are any restrictions on powers?

Eg if I wanted to have a human who was trained by his father in elemental magic and transformation. He excelled with fire magic, but only learnt the basic water, earth and air magic. So he can generate and manipulate large amounts of fire, and can manipulate small amounts of water earth and air. He can also shapeshift, and take in the form of certain animals. However any wounds, scars or tattoos on his body will be present. The character also requires practise to have an animals abilities. Eg at first he won't be able to fly as good as a bird but after a few times he will be able to fly better. Also: if he turns into a wolf, other wolves will know he is a human. Same with other creatures. He will also have the scent of a human at first. After about 4 hours he will start to smell like the animal he has shapeshifter into though.

Is this too overpowered?

12-31-2012, 04:57 AM
Restrictions on powers? Yes. A character shouldn't be too overpowered; characters that godmod are both annoying and unfair to other RPers, as they are almost impossible

For a human, that sounds way overpowered. For just a normal human, I'd allow simple Sight (ability to see through the disguises the mythological creatures) or psychic abilities, but not anything like what you're describing. Maybe if he was half human and half mythological creature, I could see the extra powers based on what the character's mythical parent was. Otherwise, though, I can't allow a human to have a vast array of powers like that.

Cobalt Shadow
12-31-2012, 05:09 AM
Hmm okay what about if I have a half human, half fire elemental. Only powers mentioned would be the fire related ones. I am still thinking of a backstory, and how they are half elemental. Would that be OPed?

12-31-2012, 05:20 AM
As long as his powers have limits and he isn't absolutely perfect, that should be fine.

Cobalt Shadow
12-31-2012, 07:10 AM
Name: Cobalt (Fake name, real name is Jacob)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affiliation: For Secrecy. Keeps to himself, and doesn't want to be found.
Appearance: Cobalt has long, strait black hair, with red eyes, thanks to the cult. Wears a grey hoodie underneath a black trenchcoat. Wears black jeans, and a red tshirt mostly. Has a pair of black and green headphones around his neck most of the time.

Personality: Cobalt tends to keep quiet. After running away from the Cult 5 years ago, he has done his best not to be found. This means not revealing details about himself or his past, and lying through his teeth, which he has become good at with practise. It will take a while to gain Cobalt's trust, but once he trusts a person, he will not keep any secrets from them. However if people betray his trust, he will not have mercy on them. Cobalt is usually level headed, and will try and think of a safer solution before trying anything rash. He would prefer not fight, unless it is necessary, and will run before things get violent.

History: Cobalt (Born Jacob) was born into a life of myth. His parents were part of a Dragon worshipping cult. This cult was extremely secretive, and worshipped Dragons as Gods. They were constantly looking for ways to communicate or control the Dragons. Cobalt was born in the same year as 4 other children. The cult had a plan for communicating with the dragons. They managed to capture a young dragon and hold it prisoner. Cobalt was chosen to be the lab-rat in their experiment. The Cult kept the dragon alive, but harvested its blood and forced Cobalt to drink it until he was 5, trying to find out if this would cause any good or bad effects. As a result, he gained his powers (See Below). Cobalt hated the life of the Cult he was forced into and when he was 16, ran away. Since then the cult have been desperate to find him again, due to so much of their resources being used to create him. He has had a few close calls, but hasn't had one in the past 3 years. He currently resides in London.
Weapons/Abilities: Due to Cobalt being forced to drink Dragon Blood for a good portion of his life, he can take on the abilities of a dragon. This physically changes him for a period of time, and can be very painful, depending on the extent of the transformation. Before transforming, Cobalt will have no powers. Depending on the extent of the transformation, he wil gain his powers in the following order (eg he won't have dragon sight without firebreath)

Resgeneration: Heals broken skin and muscle (only used when body is damaged from other abilities.)

Firebreath: Self explanatory. When this power is activated, coughing and sneezing will cause accidental flames.

Dragon Skin: Skin is slightly tougher. More resistant to fire, though he can still be burnt, and more resistant to magic. When gaining Dragon skin, whole body feels as if bugs are crawling underneath skin. Skin becomes a slight green tinge, and scaly

Dragon Sight: Better night vision. Also allows for further sight. This causes his eyes to glow.

(The following are rarely used)

Enhanced Strength: Self explanatory. This ability taking effect causes extreme pain, and is rarely used for this reason. The sudden growth of muscle breaks through the skin (Regeneration is used here)

Wings: Spiky Bat-like wings protrude from his shoulder blades. This is extremely painful for Cobalt at first, due to the shoulder blades being broken, and bones in the wings stabbing through skin and muscle when the wings come out. The wings come out as bone, until muscle, tendons and membrane cover them, creating wings used to fly. This whole process takes 10 minutes of extreme pain to complete, and was only every used twice. When he was 12 and the leaders of the Cult wanted to see what abilities the Dragons blood gave him. He was forced to complete the whole transformation. He passed out from the pain and woke up 2 days later. Second time was when he was 16, and escaped from the Cult. He was much stronger here, and didn't pass out. When Cobalt changes back to his normal self, these wings fall off, which is also painful and bloody.

Other: Cobalt currently works as a member of the London Police Force and is known by the name Isaac Smith. He enrolled after his escape, and his powers (though they remain secret to everyone else) have helped him catch more than a few criminals. Currently has an apartment in London where he lives.

I made the whole extreme pain thing as a way for Cobalt to not be too powerful, since he won't use those powers often. As for the sequence thing (where he can't have the powers lower on the list, than the ones higher) so if he does choose to use the strength, he will not be able to act human.

Seem good?

01-02-2013, 03:08 AM
Name: Manus Flynn.

Age: 35.

Gender: Male.

Race: Human sorcerer, with diluted (1/16) fairy blood.

Affiliation: He is primarily concerned with looking out for number one, but he is highly protective of Cathleen. Secrecy doesn't matter to him because he can play the advantages on both sides; however, if he were forced to choose, he would pick against secrecy.

Appearance: Manus is of medium height at 5'8", and he has a lean, rangy frame. His hair is pale blond, and he always keeps it tidy. His face is angular, relatively handsome, and freckled with a close-cropped beard, and he sports a pair of chocolate-brown eyes that crinkle with deceptive warmth when he smiles. He typically dresses simply but elegantly for shop work, and dresses as practically as possible for field work. He has a gash scar on his right cheek.

Personality: Manus is not a particularly good person. While he is not overly cruel, greedy, or rude, he is quite manipulative and ruthless in the pursuit of his goals. He is very smart, and knows a lot about reading people - even without his mind-reading, he is excellent at picking up cues in peoples' expressions and body language. He is highly charismatic and subtle, and has a way of putting people at ease with displays of somewhat-feigned friendliness. In truth he is a rather outgoing person naturally, and enjoys making new acquaintances. He does have a healthy dose of paranoia, and always does his best to be prepared and on his guard. His temper is difficult to fully awaken, but heaven help you if you attract his hate - he has a sadistic streak that he freely displays to his enemies. However, while he will not hesitate to kill when it comes down to it, he has two rules that he will not break: number one, children are completely off limits to him and everyone else; number two, he will never turn his back on family.

History: Many years ago, a young woman from Dublin fell in love with a fair man who lived in the country. They shared their thoughts, their hearts, their arms, and at last their love, and from their union was born Manus's great-grandmother.

After a time, the young couple was forced to admit that they could not spend their lives together. The young woman carried her child away from the land where her heart had been broken and took her across the sea to a place called America, where they could find a new beginning. The Flynn family grew, but fate seemed bent on reducing its numbers through tragedy after tragedy. Manus grew up with few relatives save for his parents, his twin sister Keelin, and his great-grandmother Isolde. Both he and his sister were introduced to and encouraged to participate in the Seelie Court and its magic. Manus took keen interest and his natural fae skills were honed, while the magic made Keelin nervous. The two grew apart in opinions as they aged; however, they still maintained deep connection and love for each other.

Manus's parents passed not long after he entered adulthood, taken in a car wreck that sent him and Keelin into depression. Manus became sullen and reclusive, but Keelin was buoyed out of her sorrow by love. She found someone - a young man named Thomas Fletcher, with whom she quickly bonded. When Manus found out, he was furious - not only was Thomas a werecat, a group that Manus didn't trust; he was a gang member. While Thomas withdrew from his gang to be with Keelin, Manus never trusted him.

Not too long Keelin had a baby - a little girl named Cathleen - Thomas disappeared without a word. A decade later, Keelin's body was found in an alleyway on the edge of gang territory, with bullet holes in her chest and claw marks on her face. Manus, in a fit of sheer rage, killed the gang leader and then hunted down every werecat he could find. After covering his tracks with magic, he left the city. For the first time he turned his back on his family, walking away from his great-grandmother and young niece. He even left the Seelie Court, although that was mostly because one of Titania's - Titania being the Seelie queen - nobles had made a deal with one of the werecats, which the latter obviously could not deliver on because he was dead. The noble was furious, so Titania was forced to act. she chose to banish Manus from the Court, although she never forbade him the use of magic.

However, months later he received a message from his great-grandmother summoning him to her home. He went, and she announced that she was dying - and that she was leaving Cathleen in his care. Manus wanted nothing to do with the child, but he reluctantly took her under his wing. He now lives in an apartment above his ‘house of curiosities’ store, where he sells psychic readings and ‘magical’ items. He does keep true magical things, but these are quite expensive and exclusively for magical customers.

Wizard Staff: The staff is Manus's second constant companion. It is a long, straight pole carved from oak wood. A polished sphere of smoky quartz is set in the top of it.

Silver Blade: A silver knife that Manus keeps readily available in his pocket. It was given to him by Titania while he was under her service, and it has been enchanted to slip through most magical wards, from disguises to weak shields. Titania called it Solas, which means 'light' in Gaelic. Cathleen has taken to calling it Sting.

Eternal Youth: Manus will not physically age beyond his current state. Ever. However, he is not immortal and can be dispatched by mundane methods like bullets and falling off of a tall cliff.

Fae Magic: Thanks to the fae blood running in his veins, Manus is able to make good use of the magic of the Summer, or Seelie, Court. This magic has themes of giving, light, and summer. He primarily uses mind magic; however, he is currently training himself to better use fire and wind magic.

Mental Manipulation: And how. Manus is extremely good at cold reading, and is fully willing to use his magical prowess to break the sanctuary of someone's mind in order to gain information about them or bend them to his will.

Inhuman Grace: He doesn't show it much, but Manus is capable of moving with a lot more speed and agility than natural humans. He is also fairly strong and capable of healing more quickly than most - unless he is wounded by iron, of course.

Iron Aversion: Like most fairies, iron hurts him to touch (as in, he will break out into painful blisters on even the most fleeting contact), and he can sense its presence. He will actively avoid being near it when possible.

Other: While it doesn't hurt him to touch, rowan also acts as a fairy-deterrent and consuming the berries in any form would poison him. Also, he speaks with a faint but extant Irish accent.

Name: Cathleen Flynn.

Age: 16.

Gender: Female.

Race: Werecat - a mostly-human capable of transforming into a full-fledged feline. Cathleen in particular has the second form of a lioness, which she can turn into and change back from at will. She is able to transform into a semi-human 'half-stage' as well; however, this takes much more concentration than maintaining one form or the other. She also has extremely diluted (1/32) fairy blood, but because her fae powers were never honed, she only retains marginal benefits/weaknesses.

Affiliation: Her primary allegiance is to Manus, as he is her only family. She is anti-secrecy.

Appearance: Here's one picture (http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb320/photophinish_2007/IMG_20130103_213619_zps6eb573ff.jpg), and here's another (http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb320/photophinish_2007/IMG_20130103_213635_zps9d67f585.jpg).

Cathleen's most striking feature is her rather large hair. It is shoulder-length, of a golden blond color, and it is exceedingly curly and puffy. Her face shape is generally round, and her eyes are blue. Her skin is naturally on the pale side thanks to her European lineage, although it has a slight caramel-type tint to it; however, her stocky build and 5'7" height seem to have come from her father. Her eyes are blue, and she has a habit of rubbing them, which means that the adjacent skin tends to be the color of whatever concoction she's mixing. As for clothes, she tends to wear T-shirts and shorts or jeans - anything goes for pants, provided there are lots of pockets. She wears a baggy black longcoat over her shirt most of the time, and is very rarely seen without her leather satchel, in which she stores herbs.

In lion form, Cathleen looks a bit more average - for a large feline, at any rate. She stands at lower-middle height for a young lion - about 3'3" at the shoulder - and has a sleek, tawny-gold pelt. Her eyes are brown, like those of any other lion, and she has a short ruff of darker fur on the back of her neck.

Personality: Cathleen is not particularly nice or outgoing. She is inclined toward introversion and usually will not speak unless spoken to, which is perfectly fine with her. In fact, most of the time she will avoid company altogether. She much prefers the company of her music, her thoughts, and her books to that of human beings. With friends, however, or when she is feeling energetic, Cathleen acts a good deal less prickly. She's quick with jokes and snappy comments, although her opinionated and sometimes vulgar remarks can be taken as insulting. Most of the time she tends not to care what others think of her, often unintentionally regarding others as unimportant. She gets huffy and impatient easily, but is slow to become actually angry. When she does, however, she can be quite rash and even violent. However, she has a deeper side that is caring and philosophical. Whenever she tries to cheer up a sad friend, she can be quite gentle and kind. She rarely ever shows this aspect of herself thanks to her lack of actual friends. She is not a particularly brave person and unless directly confronted, she avoids fights as well as she can. She has been known to go on long rants, mostly about her political opinions or how she hates to be called a lioness because she finds the term 'demeaning'.

History: Cathleen was born to a rather broken family. When she was born - way, way out of wedlock - her mother, an Irish-American part-fae, lived with her father, an African-American werecat and former gang member. However, she barely remembers her father, as he left without so much as a goodbye when she was still in diapers. Her mother was heartbroken, but she still did her best, raising Cathleen with a loving hand and teaching her not to trust magic because of the way she had seen it change her family.

When her mother was murdered by a gang, Cathleen was heartbroken. She went to live with her great-grandmother, until in turn the old woman passed on. She was then taken in by Manus, and currently resides with him and is enrolled in the eleventh grade at a nearby high school.

Pocket Knife: She keeps a small knife in her coat pocket. The blade is made of plain steel.

Potions: Your mileage may vary on how weaponly these are, but she does tend to have quite a few potions on her person at any given time. The more dangerous ones include varying poisons and mixtures that explode into fire or smoke when thrown on the ground.

Shapeshifting: Cathleen can, at any time, transform into a lion. She is still very bad at maintaining anything other than one full stage or the other; however, she is working on perfecting this skill.

Telepathy: At short distances (within 25 feet) Cathleen can send thought-messages to others. If someone concentrates on a particular thought, she can pick up on it as well.

Alchemy: Cathleen has a good deal of skill in the potion-making department of alchemy. She can make a broad range of brews, which have magic-like capabilities such as healing, causing sleep, and granting strength.

Animal Grace: Cathleen possesses more natural grace, speed, strength, and stamina than the average human, which is due more to her being a werecat than her fae ancestry.

Cold Reading: While she isn't as skilled as Manus, Cathleen is no slouch about discerning others' motives and emotions. She can generally tell what someone is feeling whether or not she knows them. Close friends are a lot easier for her to read.

Other: She is friends with a cat named Sable, a stray tuxedo tomcat with whom she sometimes talks. He has been known to follow her about.

01-04-2013, 06:17 AM
Sorry for not replaying to anyone, but reserves have been listed. Cobalt, while your SU could probably be better, I'll accept your character.

...And because I went overboard on Laura's history because I'm a ridiculous detail freak and thought way too much about her past, here's(currently) my final SU.

Name: Laura Blackwood
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Human; Vampire Hunter
Affiliation: Vampire Hunters (barely), pro-secrecy
Appearance: Laura isn't exactly what you would expect for a girl who hunts down and kills rogue vampires. Coming to stand at about 5" 6' and built like an athlete, Laura tends to throw people off with her ruler-straight strawberry blonde hair that falls to her mid-back and bright blue eyes. She furthers the confusion by wearing various camisoles and shirts underneath a red and pink striped hoodie along with various skirts with shorts under them and the occasional pair of pants, with colorful shoes thrown in for good measure. Her brothers and extended family often remark that she looks like the most cheerful killer they've ever known. However, in truth, she really just hates the tight-fitting, all-black gear that she and her brothers have to wear when they go out on a kill mission...which is pretty rare since they aren't really connected to the hunter group they were raised to be members of. It's also easier for her to hide a array of weapons on her in this outfit, including nearly flat throwing daggers made of various metals (mainly silver, iron, and steel) up her sleeves and a collapsible metal bo staff hidden in a sheath attached to her thigh, under her skirts or outside her pants. She also wears a single piece of jewelry; a steel chain-link necklace from which a thumbprint-sized and egg-shaped chunk of peach selenite hangs. She's known to slip the chain and stone down her shirt front during fights.
Personality: Laura is one of those people who gets along with most others easily. Friendly but relatively calm, she often makes friends through chance meetings because of what she considers her job. While often serious, Laura enjoys a healthy dose of humor and sarcasm just like anyone else; particularly around her "family" which consists (in her eyes) of her twin brother, adopted older brother, her boyfriend, and his family, who might as well have adopted her and her brothers. Her feelings towards her birth parents can be quite easily figured out from the way she talks about them: with almost nothing but hate, particularly on the subject of her upbringing. Actually, her upbringing has given her a compulsive drive to help people in trouble, especially those put in unfair situations. She's very close to her both of her brothers, and would readily give her life for either of them...and nearly did in her twin brother's case. She's highly curious where mythological creatures are concerned rather than thinking them to be "the spawn of Hell" like many humans in her position do, rather, she thinks of them in much the same way she does people. She absolutely cannot stand intolerance between races, believing that you shouldn't stereotype a creature, but hold your judgements until you get to know them as a "person" first...and no one can say she's a hypocrite about it, considering her boyfriend and his family are vampires. And don't crack Twilight jokes about them; Laura will have your head for it.
History: Laura's childhood was more horror story than enchanting fairy tale. She was born and raised within a family of high-ranking vampire hunters alongside her twin brother, Angelo. As a child, she found herself more attracted to the boy who looked nothing like her parents and was eight years older than her--her brother by adoption, Wes, who was a more curious and gentle soul than her rigid parents. Expecting nothing short of perfection from their own children, the Blackwood parents began training Laura and Angelo in the art of hunting and killing vampires from a young age, but Laura never had the right mindset for it; her inquisitive nature drove her parents up the wall. The only one who would indulge it in the slightest was Wes, who spent his all his time in the kitchen from age thirteen on, after an incident with Laura prompted him to attempt baking brownies, which came as a surprising success to the Blackwood parents. It was Wes that became her relief from her abnormal childhood of fighting lessons, mythological studies, and lack of parental love. And when she thought it could never get any worse, it did.

Laura and her twin brother grew distant due to their varying opinions on their parents' teachings. Angelo sucked their forced information up like an eager-to-please sponge while Laura questioned things at every turn, thanks to Wes and a rather independent set of morals. When their parents decided to take then out on their first observation hunt at eleven, Laura faked illness to get out of it, but Angelo went. Laura still regards it as the worst decision she ever made, though she never could have known that her brother would be badly injured--he wasn't even supposed to come in contact with the vampire her parents were hunting, but he did, and it nearly killed him. While another hunter with them insisted upon taking the boy to the hospital, their parents considered Angelo weak and would have let him to die even in the hospital had Laura not basically offered up her freedom in return for her brother's life. They knew she didn't like the idea of her future job, yet she was the "promising" one, the "smart" one. She told them that if they let Angelo die, she would flat out refuse to continue training because they would have let him die for her mistake, however if they let him live, she would do whatever they asked of her without a fight. With Angelo now useless to them both dead or alive, they chose the path that would secure them at least one child to continue to bring glory to the family name. Angelo lived, and Laura lost most of her free will, though she considered it worth it to see her brother alive and relatively well...even if it drove a wall between her friendship with Wes.

Well, until she got caught by one of her targets. One thing stressed in her line of work? Don't ask questions. After six years of being trained to become a career killer with a single purpose, Laura had learned to shut her objections out; they didn't matter. All that mattered to her was Angelo, that her brother was alive, even if she hated her job and her strict parents and the fact Wes always gave her the cold shoulder. So when she was handed a picture of an innocent looking young man who appeared to be the same age as her and told to kill him, she didn't ask why or what he had done to land him kill orders, though she wanted to. She knew the agency that issued kill orders didn't often look into the claims made against those they issued kill orders against, as many simply believed vampires to be a plague against humans that needed to be wiped from the face of the earth, though she had ignored the up until now. The picture bothered her--assignments rarely came with pictures, and this one had obviously been covertly taken while the boy was out with friends--he was smiling and looked not the slightest bit like the insane mass-murderers and lawbreakers that she had killed before. When she finally tracked him down, her doubts had grown to the point that she hesitated in delivering the killing blow long enough for her target to disarm her and begin demanding to know why she'd been sent after him. Upon admitting that she didn't know and telling him that she was just as in the dark as he was, the vampire's curiosity seemed to get the better of him and he began questioning Laura further while keeping her pinned to the ground. Through the course of this questioning, Laura realized her target was actually about as much of a threat to most humans as a kitten, and when he decided to use her as a cooperative hostage to have his kill orders looked into and removed, Laura didn't mind. She spent two weeks with the vampire and his family, during which time her parents essentially disowned her, Wes took her brother and moved out of her parents house, and Laura became friends with the vampires she found herself living with, as well as their few hired humans. When her now awkward living situation was discovered by her new vampire friends, they took Laura and her brothers in. She eventually began dating the vampire boy who had once been her target while taking it upon herself to continue taking out vampires who posed a danger to humans and the secret of the mythological creatures existence. Things haven't changed much since then; she lives happily among "good" vampires with her brothers takes out "bad" vampires for a living, and hasn't seen or heard from her parents since.
Weapons/Abilities: As mentioned before, Laura carries iron, silver, and steel blades on her at almost all times, as well as her collapsible bo staff. She knows how to use all of them, as well as her body, in a fight. She's got fantastic athletic abilities for a human thanks to all the training she endured as a kid as well as above-average observational skills, but other than that, she's nothing special, just an ordinary human.
Other: She may occasionally be seen accompanied by her vampire "family" members on assignments, but it's rare. Typically she insists on going out alone.

01-05-2013, 02:30 AM

Name: Luca Brown (formerly James Montgomery)
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Race: Werewolf. His rules:
-He morphs under the full moon, always and without fail.
-In times of extreme emotion he may become more wolf like or even fully transform, but this is dangerous to him and others as he tends to be very violent in this state.
-He could theoretically morph when he chooses but runs the risk of hurting himself, as it is a painful process.
-Silver is the only thing that hurts him
permanently. Anything else heals at a faster pace then a human would heal. If silver gets embedded in him, his condition deteriorates.
Affiliation: Luca is for secrecy, mainly because he is concerned for the safety of the people around him.
Appearance: Luca is tall, measuring in at a little over six feet. He looks somewhat scruffy, as he has a short beard and an alarming amount of body hair. Physically he is solid and strong but does not have a body builder's physique. He has short light brown hair and pale skin with grey eyes. He dresses plainly, usually in button up shirts, pants, and jackets. He favors function over form.
In werewolf form, he grows dramatically, measuring in at eleven feet. His fur is the same color as his hair. He can move on all fours or standing on his back legs, although it is more practical for him to move on fours. He has intimidating claws and teeth, and is a terrifying sight. Image: not mine (I wish it was) (http://lepetitdragon.tumblr.com/post/40991904818/starting-to-get-some-pieces-together-for-the-vf)
Personality: Luca is a gruff man, and he is easily irritated and occasionally hard to approach. He is good hearted, but is rough around the edges. He tries not to let others in but is laughably bad at it. He tends to worry about others, often to his own detriment. He has a short temper he struggles to control, which grows worse when it nears the full moon. Unfortunately, he tends to say something unkind that he doesn't really mean and then later regret it. When you befriend him, he will die for you with no hesitation.
History: Luca, or James as he was once known, had a relatively average live with no awareness of anything supernatural. His life abruptly changed for the worse when at the age of eighteen, he was viciously attacked by a werewolf. However, the werewolf was driven off by a demon hunter, who happened to be a close friend of James'. In a moment of weakness, he spared James' life, but warned him he had to get away from town and never return, as the whole town was crawling with demon hunters who would quickly be on to him. James fled town and wandered for months, eventually picking up the name of Luca Brown. After about a year of wandering, he came across an old farm, where a girl named Rosemary, who had latent psychic abilities, had sympathy on him. She convinced her father to give Luca a job there, and eventually figured out that he was a werewolf. However, her father was not as sympathetic as she was when this knowledge came to life. He sent Luca away, but Rosemary followed. They travelled the country together. Luca fell badly in love with her, but Rosemary did not return his romantic affection. They continued to travel, but one day, she suffered the fate that many others soon would- she mysteriously vanished, leaving nothing behind. Luca immediately suspected something was afoot, and when others began to vanish, he began hunting for the source of the problem. He still hopes Rosemary is alive.
Weapons/Abilities: Enhanced senses: Luca has enhanced senses, most noticably in smell.
Strength: Luca is considerably stronger then the average man.
Shifting: Luca naturally transforms on the full moon, but theoretically he could transform other times if he really wanted to, or if he lost control. He had never tried.
Regeneration: Unless the wound is inflicted with silver, it will eventually heal.
Other: Luca smokes. The frequency increases when he is stressed.

Name: Lilith Killough
Age: 20
Gender: female
Race: Human
Affiliation: Herself. She's not really interested in politics.
Appearance: Lilith is small and lithe but with some muscle. She has white blonde hair cut into a pixie cut. She is pale as paper and all sharp corners. She has grey eyes and a small, pointed nose. She wears little makeup besides black lipstick, nail polish, and an inordinate amount of mascara. Clothing wise, she tends to function over form, but is excellent at finding some combination of the above. Her default outfit is usually a tank top paired with a short sleeved jacket, cut off jeans, and boots. Jewelry wise, she wears silver hoop earrings and violet gem earrings further up her ear. She has a tattoo of a pentagram on her lower back in black ink. She could easily be mistaken for not being dangerous but she is anything but.
Personality: Lilith is graceful and clever, valuing her intelligence over her brute strength. She is a smooth talker and good at getting people to do what she wants. What she wants varies wildly- Lilith's motives are often inscrutable. She is mostly motivated to keep herself alive, but this quickly changes when others around her are endangered. In that case, Lilith becomes self sacrificing to a fault. She frequently overestimates her own abilities, and while she is capable, she is often over her head. She appreciates a challenge. She has a good control over her own emotions, often seeming as if she lacks empathy, but when she does crack, she rages like storms. Pray you aren't her target.
History: As a child, Lilith had an interest in the occult- and not the usual Harry Potter obsession type. She was interested in the darker, more horrific aspects of fantasy, and since her mother was not particularly concerned with her daughter's media intake, Lilith had free range to anything she could check out of a library. She quickly dove down into mythology, researching and finding everything she could about the darkest corner of each mythos. When she was twelve, she found out there was more to it then just fantasy, when she became embroiled in a dark magic plot, simply by being in the wrong place in the wrong time. She was taken by a group of demons, who intended to sacrifice her for some evil rite. She was fortunately saved by a group of demon hunters, who she immediately became fascinated in, asking for more and more knowledge. Eventually, they left town, but there was no stopping Lilith now. When she turned eighteen, instead of going to expensive schools as she easily could have, she travelled the country on the hunt of malevolent spirits and creatures (resulting in a poor relationship with the rest of her family). She doesn't have the training other demon hunters do, but her unorthodox methods make her hard to beat.
Physical Abilities: Lilith is strong and fast, and others frequently think she is weak because of her small size. While she is not insanely strong, she is fairly tough.
Guns: She has two pistols that she keeps in shoulder holsters hidden under her coat. She has regular bullets and silver ones.
Knives: She keeps knives on her person- about five or ten, depending on the day, with various metals.
Wands: Lilith once killed a witch (the summoning demon, eat the village children variety). She kept the wands, which as far as she can tell, are powered by some kind of dark spirit kept sealed away. Using them is probably an extremely bad idea. She does it anyway.
Other: Lilith travels around in a used white car. It's banged up but works very well.

Name: Farley Patterson (goes by Patterson)
Age: 21
Gender: male
Race: Ghost- originally ordinary human
Affiliation: Really doesn't care. He's dead what do you want from him.
Appearance: Alive: Patterson was tall, skinny, and unimpressive. He was Hispanic, with shaggy brown hair and bad skin (due more to the fact that he didn't care rather then any genetic fault. He wore simple clothing, square rimmed glasses, and basically looked to be an average guy.
After death: In a spectral form, Patterson would look the same as he did in life, but he would have a yellow hue, and be very translucent, with electricity flickering around the edges.
Except Patterson doesn't have a spectral form.
Because he's stuck in Lilith's laptop.
Lilith's laptop is a basic Mac that probably should have been out of date a few years ago, except Patterson keeps upgrading it. On the top, a pentagram is drawn in Sharpie to keep him from trying any funny business (which he would, probably). Patterson hates the laptop.
Personality: Patterson is very smart, and very aware of it. He's a show off who switches regularly between extreme self pride and self loathing, oftentimes at a moment's notice. He is volatile and moody and hard to work with. He refuses to back down on a challenge and has a hair trigger temper. He is usually frustrated with his current situation and regularly laments it, really out of habit rather then any active hatred. Patterson is eternally angry at almost everything around him, and it keeps him going.
History: Patterson was an intelligent child with a passion for computers. He worked with them his whole, short life, right up to his untimely death. He was a computer programmer who worked in an office which had the misfortune of being near a mess of magic, due to the fact that some magical creatures were in the area. Patterson had been working when the power shut off, very abruptly. He had been in the wrong place in the wrong time, and was unfortunately electrocuted. Patterson still doesn't really remember exactly what happened. However, when he woke up, he found that he was inside the computer system. With the computers as his eyes, he saw his body and realized his predicament. His coworkers discovered the body shortly thereafter and quickly took it. Patterson would have rotted there forever, except he chose to kick up a fuss.
The computers became behaving strangely, and some swore they could hear their dead colleague's voice. Most quickly left, searching for new jobs.
Three days later, Lilith rolled into town.
She heard the stories going around town and headed in. Eventually she managed to communicate with Patterson. However, Patterson had control of the whole electrical system in the building. Still reeling from his death, he was making grandiose threats. Lilith made a decision, and ended up exorcising him. He ended up in her laptop, much to his dismay. Lilith briefly contemplated destroying it, but eventually opted to keep Patterson. Laptops are expensive, after all.
Electronic equipment control: Patterson, if he wasn't sealed in the laptop, would be able to move to and control any electronic equipment in the area. He still has a small influence, but he needs to be plugged in to exercise any real control, and when it's unplugged he immediately moves back.
Electricity: Patterson can control electricity. He usually limits it to static shocks, but if he worked up enough vigor he could probably put someone out of commission (though with detriment to the laptop).
Internet: Patterson has high speed Internet, all the time. It's very handy.
-Lilith and Patterson would probably have what qualified as a romantic relationship if one of them didn't live in a laptop.
-Patterson hates his first name. Like, a lot.
-If you turn the laptop off, he simply goes to sleep. He thinks he dreams, but also thinks that's pretty stupid, machines don't dream. If you destroy the laptop, he dies.
-While Patterson's existence is technically not a secret, he prefers to keep quiet around new people. You have to be careful when you're so easily destroyed.

01-05-2013, 04:46 AM
Luca looks good, Doodle...even if I will be reminded of my cat continually when I see his name. XD And lol, I don't think Laura would be the only one with that mindset, so don't feel as though you can't go with a character with a similar mindset just because I SUed for that kind of character first.

Saraibre Ryu
01-05-2013, 08:01 AM
Okay lame history aside, I done Winter.

01-05-2013, 08:07 PM
I'm interested - would you mind reserving me a spot please? I don't know when I'll have an SU done by - I have exams coming up and the last one is on the 17th, so hopefully I can get it done before, but most likely afterwards.

Well done in bringing me out-of-hiding within the RP board Wints ;D


01-05-2013, 11:55 PM
I have had interest in this RP since it showed up, I haven't asked for a reservation due to a few unrelated things.
I will have to ask two questions first
First of all, I will dissappear in May for 18 weeks which, unless I just fail at math, is about 6 months for Basic Training and MOS training, so I need to check that that is okay. This was my primary reason for not already having an SU posted.
I also want to check to make sure dragons are welcome here.

If you are okay with my dissappearance, then I would like to make a reservation.

Edit: Correction my math is wrong.
3-4 months

01-06-2013, 02:14 AM
Alright just popping in hoping to reserve a spot in this if that's alright? I'm going to start making a character but we're going to leave to see the Hobbit in about 10 minutes so, yeah.

I doubt~ I'll get a reply before I get back but any mythology is good, yes? My friend dragged me into Norse mythology ( a biiit don't quote me, half proper mythology half "Marvel-what-are-you-doing-well-okay" ) and I'd love to do like a frost giant or something but I'm not sure if that's really allowed since they'refromadifferentrealmentirelyorwhat?

hsajdka, Yeah okay so that's my question. If there's no reply to this by the time I get back I'll just make two characters and probably only take on one unless you feel like you guys are full and in that case no worries and stuff, okay. Yup.

01-06-2013, 04:23 AM
Sorry for the time it's taken me to reply, guys, but I had to get back on a plane to go home, and then I just kind of hit rock bottom and fell asleep not long after I got home. XD

Sabi, Ira looks pretty and her SU looks fine. Accepted.

It's nice to see you coming out of hiding, Seal! Of course you can have a reserve.

Dragotech, as long as you feel that you can catch up after your absence and don't leave anyone depending on your character's reaction to anything (because that kills RPs), you are welcome to join, leave, and come back.

Also, I'm going to merge yours and Moofius's questions here; I don't care what mythological creatures you bring in so long as you can explain what they are, make sure they aren't overpowered (look over other SUs for ideas, if you need to), and can also explain how they stay hidden from normal humans (be this by glamour, a secondary human form, or whatever else you can think of as long as you can explain it). Everything is free game, as long as you can explain those three things.

01-06-2013, 09:08 AM
Thank you for the quick reply. Also here's my character, hope everything's cool. Watch me jack the frost giants from the movie Thor, whoop whoop.

Name: Sopi Jarnsmidrson (Mouthful Iron-Works-Son) (People he knows call him “Soapy” and he’s very okay with this)
Age: 1050 –ish Earth years (comparable to a man in his mid to late 30s if he was human)
Gender: Male
Race: Jotunn or Frost Giant of Jotunnheimr
Affiliation: Whatever Side Will Get It Sorted The Quickest

Disguised: He tends to stand out even disguised, standing a good foot over the tallest member of any crowd. If he is not 7 feet tall he is near on, with dark, almost black, skin with slightly darker scar tissue across his lips. His eyes are an icey blue and he has no hair except thick, salt-and-pepper eyebrows. He has some wrinkles around his face, mostly frown lines. Outside of frowns in emotes very little. He is not often seen with other people, living far from the public eye. When he is around other people he is often dressed in plaid and jeans, covered in soot and wood shavings.

Naturally: His height and overall physique remains the same, the most obvious change being skin tone, going from a dark black to a dusty blue-grey colour. Lines of raised skin would also decorate his body, the lines running mostly in pairs in large, sweeping designs, they would be everywhere including his face but not enough to make it “busy”.

Eyes would be red, the sclera a slightly darker shade than the irises.

He also possess two small, brown horns that start above his temples and grow close to his skull, circling around to the back to meet in two equally delicate points (like a little horn circlet {if you call it that he might not be too impressed though}).

His mouth would possess more, slimmer, pointed teeth, like an unkempt picket fence. In the privacy of his home (and the occasional winter storm) he prefers to go about in a loin cloth of brown leather.

Sopi is a very quiet man who prefers to be on his own. He pretty much disapproves of all change but does not fight whatever changes come for he is use to it after being around for so long.

Because he is long lived he is not a man to be rushed through anything. If he is given time to figure something out he can be quite pleasant but in today's society he finds his fuse to be a short one indeed.

He does not speak often but when he does it is usually for some time. He has a very long memory but, as was the traditional way of the giants, his teachings and his memories he has created as stories and this is how he tends to pass on any information, whether you ask how his day is or how to perform a task he will start it as a story.

Although solitary he does enjoy a team environment so long as it functions. If it doesn’t seem to be working he may try to make it work. Being as big and strong as he is it’s not uncommon for him to use this to intimidate people into line. If another proves to possess a stronger will then he, one that can control the group, he will gladly fall into place and be quite loyal.

Sopi likes to avoid conflict and, when not an option, generally takes the shortest path to resolution. He doesn't mind sacrificing his own comfort he just wants to keep people happy and quiet. In this conflict he will likely go with whoever (or whatever) plans to make things fixed quickly and with the least amount of change if possible.

He was born after the war on Midgard had ended but his family and a few other giants had been left behind. They were not warriors, only the families or colonies that had not been brought back to Jotunheimr when the war had been swiftly ended by Odin. They did not have the power to take over (and Odin would not allow the attempt) so the remaining frost giants moved to the furthest edges of human contact and tried to get along.

Sopi has lived his entire life on Midgard and considers it home. He was vocal about this and many other thoughts such as his desire to be human and his love of their ingenuity. His father gave him the scars around his mouth when he was still quite young and he became very quiet after that. Not long after he left home.

He tried to integrate with humans but his disguise and the age he lived in made this very difficult in northern Europe since he towered over everyone and the colour of his skin, blue or black, did not sit well with the fearful and uneducated masses. Because of this he tends to keep mostly to himself even though things have improved in the last century.

- Ice Sword: He can form an ice blade around either hand. It’s quite strong and, if broken, can be easily “regrown” quite quickly (not instant though). Weakened in warm environs.

-Ice, Just Ice: He can also have ice form on any part of his body and along the ground and in spires, though this is limited by about 7 feet and needs to be connected to him (IE: If he wants an ice spire seven feet from him he must first form ice under/around his feet, create a line along the ground and then push the ice upwards, not just... have a spire grow, wabam!). This sort of power is weak in warm places.

- Transformation: He can change his shape (most obviously noted in his human form, which is easy to maintain). He can shift into animals he knows which runs the risk of him losing himself as the more basic animal mind sort of passively, sneakily fights for control. He can control his actions but the longer he remains as a beast the more likely it is he might forget he’s a 7 foot tall blue guy and just remain as whatever animal he is. High stress situations could make transformations back more difficult.

- Strength (Super Human): Sopi is a pretty buff guy and also from an alien race (essentially) so he's pretty tough. Anyone with some strength behind them can break his ice and Sopi has no trouble breaking through his super-dense frozen water.

- Cold Resist: He loves the cold and would happily spend the winter mostly naked if that wouldn't have people seriously wondering about their neighbour. Also he tends to turn blue when it's really cold out, unable to keep up the human guise. He can't use his powers without turning blue where the ice touches.
Countering this he cannot stand the heat and becomes easily sunburned. Also, doesn't sweat he sits and pants and is a miserable person in the summer.

- Cold Body: If he's blue and feeling threatened/upset I wouldn't suggest touching him unless you like frostbite. He does have to feel threatened or incredibly angry for this to occur, so he does not have control over outside of controlling his mood.

He identifies as male but is functional as both male and female in the genitalia sense. There is no gender division in the frost giants, all are male and female (unless they choose to take on only one gender which is uncommon). When he refers to his “father” that would technically be his mother. Sopi does not know his “sire” and even after all these years finds the "nuclear" human family unit strange.

Also not immortal, but they do have a long lifespan.

Has a "respect the land" mentality and dislikes big cities.

01-06-2013, 11:36 AM
In advance... Sorry about all the reading in this SU.

Name: Lisa Blackeye

Age: She isn't sure... Old enough to remember the Civil War... She figures she is about 200 years old. She assumes that isn't old for a dragon since she only looks about twenty-ish in human form.

Gender: Female

Race: Western Dragon-An overgrown, winged lizard famous for its fire. Tales of this creature hail from Europe.
Subtype: Unnamed
-Dragons have a ridiculously long life-span, and they age slowly, so they can live for about a hundred years and not really look much older.
-A dragon's growth peaks at early ages. After about thirty to fourty years, their growth rates drop dramatically.
-Dragons are naturally resiliant creatures.
-Dragons do have access to some magics, but very few understand that they can use it.
-Dragons are carnivorous.
-Dragons are naturally cold-blooded
-Dragons have many varieties.
-Dragons of her variety, have a flexible enough bone structure to shift stance from four legs to two legs. This is not comfortable but possible. They tend to prefer the four legged stance. They can also modify their fifth finger into an opposable thumb. Again this in uncomfortable, but is possible. It also has more extremes to its ageing process as well as its growing process.

Affiliation: Dragons show fealty to none! She currently does not affiliate herself with anyone. She herself is not fond of secrecy, but the idea of being shot out of the sky on sight is not pleasing either.

Appearance: As a dragon, she has black scales. She could be considered a small dragon. She is about fifteen feet long, but half of it is tail. With a four foot stance she can look a six-foot tall man in the eye. She weighs about a ton though she won't admit it. She has a thirty foot wingspan, so her ability to get in the air is relatively unquestionable. Her back legs are actually longer than her front legs, but it isn't noticeable unless she switches her posture because it requires a shift in her leg bones and hip bones. When she switches to a Bipedal stance she is over ten feet tall with short but muscled legs. Whichever stance she decided to occupy, she has a muscular, thin frame.
The transition from human to dragon is extremely painful. It can also take a long time. This is her transition phase. She uses it if she needs to get around faster or is threatened. She typically has to feel very threatened or actually need to get somewhere in a hurry. Life-or-Death situation type things. She will stand at about eight feet tall, have a four foot long tail, and a ten foot wingspan. She will have black scales. It is easier to get to this phase from human form or dragon form.
In her human form, she is a over five feet tall, so she is not terribly short. She looks like an athlete because she retains some of her muscular frame. Dragons don't produce milk because they are reptilian, so she doesn't have those on her chest even in human form. She has pale skin. She doesn't look like she sees the sun often. Her eye color is red. She explains that she uses contacts with that tint as a cover-up. She has black hair. It is short and spiked as it is every morning. She manages to comb out the scale-like flakes, so her hair looks human. Her teeth are also pointed, so she doesn't open her mouth often in public. She would go barefoot, but she has to put something on her feet to look normal. She is typically wearing flip-flops. She wears jeans that look worn and ripped. She also wears t-shirts. Aside from that she looks like your average young adult. This is also the form she will stay in for most of the time.

Personality: She has a two mindsets. One is primitive, cold, and reptilian, but the other is fairly human. She normally does not use her reptilian mind-set, but she can regardless of form. It is vicious and purely self-preserving. It does not show emotion aside from fear and the lack of fear. If it does not attack, it does not care you exist. It is not capable of love. It will never like you, it will only put-up-with you at best.
The other mindset is fairly human. She has and can display each emotion. This is where her personality matters. She has already hit the age where she is capable and has the desire to find a mate. She does not feel an attraction to male humans, and any dragons left in the world will be well hidden amongst the population. Needless to say, she feels alone in the world. She knows she will easily outlive human friends. She avoids that pain by not meeting aquaintances. These last for awhile, but she eventually gets sick of them, and she can't exactly hide the lack of ageing to her body. She can't exactly tell people that she isn't human. This secret burdens her heart. She can't make actual friends, and she has to move away often. The simplest word to describe her is lonely. On first appearance she will seems antisocial, but by nature she is friendly, and even a little childish. Unlike the typical mythology she isn't led by greed, and she doesn't see much value in paper money. She is passionate, but she doesn't know about what. She also, like many of her kind, is prideful. She loves the sky and wishes to roam its currents freely. She knows that she simply can't and that is sad to her.

History: Lisa knows that she hatched from an egg. She does not know when or where. She, like a lot of her race in those days, seemed to be abandoned somewhere. She does not remember much as events, but she holds a slight scar of abandonment. She knows she was self-sufficient, and capable of surviving without assisstance. She could remember some certain events from early on. She discovered Winter. It had nearly killed her, but she fortunately learned of her own abilities with fire. She remembered this because it seemed to happen in a cycle. It was hot, and then it cooled, and then it was cold, and then warmer, and then hot again. She was able to survive it, but she didn't like the cold times. Several cycles later, she discovered what could be a new food source, or rather the new food source found her. She was still at a tender age, so they were a little big too her. They stood upright on two legs and had little fur. She was outnumbered, so her better judgement was not to take a bite quite yet. She let loose a little fire for show. This was apparently pleasing to the strange two-legged things. She was moved to another location. She took a bite out of one of them. They tasted very very very bad. That taste stuck with her. Of course she found herself stuck around there for awhile. She did not particularly like living in a confined space and having food thrust upon her. After a cycle or two she managed to escape. Many cycles passed, and she lived in happy isolation. She flew east. She noticed that more of these two-legged things began creeping along. She watched them with curiosity. She was unsure of what they were plotting, but niether did she care. She also began to notice her growth was slowing. She felt compelled to go somewhere. It was a shaman's tent, she found herself here for awhile. The Shaman turned out to be a warlock. It wasn't an immensely powerful warlock. It knew enough to let her know what she was, but that didn't really matter to her. She also learned a little magic. The only spell that she really remembered is transformation. It was found to be painful. She was still very young for a dragon, so she was about as far from imposing as one could be. She was kept as a sort of pet by the shaman warlock for awhile. She didn't particularly like being a pet, and slipped away. She was out for many more winters. She saw first hand how humans treated each other. She also didn't find the event called the Civil War ammusing. Many more cycles passed. She began watching humans closely, as she learned what they call themselves. She studied from their reactions, what could be a language. She did this for many more years. She eventually began to understand the human language called English. Her understanding was limited, but it was better than nothing. As the years pass, she ages very slowly. She doesn't understand much of what is called a society in what is called a country. She has reached a hundred years old. Her growth becomes sluggish as her body and mind begins to mature. In her human form she is still easily considered a child. She roams the streets at learns that humans have some code of something called modesty. She finds herself picked up off the streets and forced into what seems to her a second skin. She doesn't really understand what is going on and attempts to ask. She finds the result of her question is scolding and a slap. This is not pleasant to her and slapping a dragon is not high on the list of smart things to do. One can imagine the result and unpleasant situation the aggressor was in. She did learn something from this encounter. Humans appreciate some strange false skin to cover their own. It was something they called clothing. She noticed her mind was beginning to process information at an accelerated rate. She managed to pick up on the rest of the human language known as English, after a few more years of hard core studying. Some years pass as she is adjusting to society. She acquires a job to help pass the time. She manages to make a tiny amount, and she gains an avid interest in the human game baseball. She finds she enjoys watching the man called Babe Ruth. She also hears rumors that a place out in the east called Europe is in the middle of a war. An important sounding man named Woodrow Wilson said that they would not enter this war. She could remember watching the thing called the Civil War. She did not have particularly fond memories of it. A few years, as she found it was called, she learned that this country was joining the war. She wondered if humans enjoy war. A few years later the war was over. This surprised Lisa a little. A lot of people were happy for awhile. This seemed pleasant to her. Of course the Stock Market Crash ruined this mood. It didn't really affect her much. She hunted for her food and the wild was her home, but the humans' general attitude was fairly depressing. As the years went she began to practice reading. She eventually got the alphabet down, and after that she figured out reading pretty quickly by herself. Apparently people didn't approve of a girl her "age" reading all day. This made little sense to her, but she found other ways to spend her time. Years later after having been on the move again. It seemed that this country was going to stay out of another war brewing in Europe. She sort of doubted it. She found herself correct. She is surprised that the sheer power of two bombs convinced a strange country to surrender. Lisa leaves society for a while. While out in the wilderness she realizes that she is looking for a mate. The idea is shocking to her, but she cannot deny it. She continues the search and returns sometime later to society in dissappointment. She discovers something amazing after returning. The color Television sits playing in a store window. She stares in wonderment at this strange device. She has a mediocre job and hears something about astronauts as the years pass. She finds out what an astronaut is and is trulely astonished. She also encounters alcohol by accident, and that too was astonishing. She decided it was pleasant, but did not like the aftereffects. The next decade is intriguing to her. It seems men with darker skin want to be treated as equals by the men with the lighter skin. The controversy seemed stupid to her, but it was intriguing that the "white" men fought it so aggressively. Aside from that she showed a general disinterest in current events, She did take note of events in a place called Cuba, but she noticed that was a lost cause. To sum up the remaining thirty or so years, she mostly just worked and moved and learned. She stayed under the government radar as well.

Predator's mind: Her primitive mindset. It can be switched on or off at will. On is a lot easier than off...
Angry smoke: When angered smoke will rise from her mouth and nostrils.
Fire Breath: She can release a jet of flame in any form. It is significantly more powerful in dragon form.
Learned Language: She can read and understand English in any form. She can only speak it in human.

Human: She is at her most vulnerable. She can be wounded or killed almost as easily as a human.
Enhanced Strength: She retains some of her dragoness strength. She is a good bit stronger than the average human with the same weight, height, and gender.
Enhanced senses: Her senses are a little better than a humans while in human form.
Mending: Flesh wounds will heal slightly faster.
Tough skin: Her skin is slightly tougher than a humans. It also is slightly fire resistant.
Dragon Shape: She shifts into her true form.

Half: Nothing extremely different from the Human form. She can no longer speak in English, but her scales improve her tough skin. She also can fly, but not for extended periods of time. Her claws and teeth can be used, but they aren't at their true brutality.

Dragon: A true daughter of the skies with a breath that can set a forest ablaze.
Natural Mending: Her mending does not improve, but it beats a human's healing abilities.
Wings: With her wings restored to their full glory, she can fly not only far, but very very fast.
Fire Breath: Her fire breath is much improved.
Dragon scales: She is resistant to fire and her tough scaly hide will help against most physical damage.
Dragon claws and fangs: She has her teeth and claws at their full glory, and they carry the brutality of a butcher with the luster of a many precious pearls.
Dragon's Senses: Her senses are at their peak, and they are impressive.
Dragon Strength: Her strength is the strength of a dragon.
Pose Shift: She switches from four legs to two.
Human Form: She indulges her limited knowledge of magic to take on human form.

If one watches close enough the transition between positions can be observed. She has to go to be on all four legs when shifting. The bones can be observed through the skin by a good eye. This can be exploited. If she takes a hard enough hit to her leg while switching her stance, it could dislocate that hip. It would be intensely painful and crippling. She would be able to force it back into place, but that would take a good moment. During that moment she is pretty much vulnerable.

She is cold-blooded, in case that was missed. This means that her blood temperature is dependent on the surrounding air. If she overheats(she spits fire so she is used to extreme heat and is resistant to it) or she gets to cold(She can survive Winters out in the cold, but she does not like it at all), it could kill her. The cold of course would make her more sluggish, until she gets to the point where she loses to much heat. The heat probably wouldn't bother her.

Her scales can defend aptly against slashing and stabbing attacks. Crushing attacks not so much. Bullets of course exist and those could prove to be a problem to her, and guns are readily available to civilians.

Breathing fire in human form will cause her to burn herself. She resists it, but she isn't fireproof.

Shifting between forms is an extremely painful experience. It also at best can take an hour or two, but that is pushing it on a good day. She can switch to the half form in about twenty minutes from her human form. She does not usually stop here if she is changing to human.

She will spend most of her time in Human form. She is currently residing in the southern part of the United States.

Sorry there is probably a lot of reading to this, and things that are probably irrational.

01-07-2013, 07:49 AM
Oh I have a question. Once the RP is started and we get going and everything is rainbows and sunshine (or brimstone and torture, whatever) and maybe things are getting sluggish and a kick in the right direction is needed, could characters be created later on and introduced in RP without an SU? Or if they were introduced and the user to introduce them wishes to make them a proper character, would they have to make an SU for them at some point? Or would it not really be possible to add another character?

Just curious since RP are so fluid and I don't know if I've ever joined a RP like this before. o3o I suppose it's up to the individual RP starter/host. x'D

01-09-2013, 07:39 AM
Name: Theodore (Theo) Martin

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Witch.
-Is NOT a Wizard. Wizards use wands, witches must get their spells from spellbooks.
-Can only cast spells by saying it out loud and saying it correctly. Can be anything from a whisper to a yell.
-If there is a specific person you would like to cast a spell on, you must say it while reaching your arm out at them with an open palm (like if you were making a sign to tell someone to stop)
-No one can become a witch just by reading from a spellbook, it must be in your blood to make the book work.
-Witches can own as many spellbooks as they like. The spellbook must be obtained in an honorable way though, such as through an honest purchase or by being passed down (etc). If the book is stolen it may not work properly or its spells may backfire on you.
-Witches can fly on a broom, but it can't be any broom. The shaft of the broom must be authentically carved out of wood and the brush part should be actual straw. Most witches either have brooms passed down to them or make ones for themselves.
-Witches and cats have a powerful connection, although it is often not understood why, even by the witches.

Affiliation: For secrecy, but often almost outs himself on accident.

Appearance: He is 5'7" and has pale skin, but with slight pink hue to it. He has short blonde hair that he forms into a spike near the front and sparkling green eyes. His right ear is pierced and he always keeps an emerald earring in it, his birthstone and his family's powerstone (a powerstone is a stone that witches used to use to strengthen their magical abilities. It's questioned as to whether or not these actually do anything for the witches, but are commonly kept anyway). His lips are a deep red and he's usually smiling. He is slightly muscular, but still pretty thin and feminine. He likes to wear tee shirts with zip up hoodies, jeans, and converse sneakers. When he is casting spells he often likes to wear a long, black hooded cloak, which ties around his neck and drags behind him. His spellbook is large, green with gold writing, and looks old.

Personality: He's a very nice and outgoing guy. He likes to talk and meet new people and tries to talk to someone new everyday, if he can find someone. He is smart and does very well in school and likes to be involved with choir and theatre. He supports his friends and just strangers all the time and usually tries to do what he thinks is the right thing. He tries to be confident but doesn't always believe in himself like others think he should. He's not sure if being a witch is a good or bad thing and considers himself weird from the rest of his peers because of it.

History: He has had a wonderful life, living with his mother, father, and little sister in a nice sized home in a good neighborhood. Since he was little he's been learning magic from his Uncle Kale in the forest, where they can keep hidden, and has been honing his skills everyday more and more. He has a lot of friends that he's always like to hang out with and usually tries to use his spells to help them when he can, but never with their knowledge. His family has always been very adamant that as witches, they're special, but can't reveal it at all, because it would upset the humans. He goes to a public high school and is very popular because he likes to make friends.

Weapons/Abilities: Knows magic and carries around his spellbook. Also has a broom that was his grandmother's and was passed down to him as a young child.

Other: His sexuality is gay and he owns a pet cat named Midnight.


Name: Snow Skylore

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Race: Faerie
-Faeries can be as tall as humans or can shrink themselves down to a few inches
-They can fly
-Every faerie has their own faeriedust that can do a few specific things, and only those things. These things are different with each faerie
-Faeries and their appearances are mostly white with one other color. The color differs with each faerie.
-Faeries, when in their true faerie form, cannot speak. They communicate with each other using sign language mostly. In their human form, they can speak.
-Faeries have a very strong connection to nature

Affiliation: Against secrecy, but is usually too afraid to actually do anything to expose himself.

Appearance: In his human form, he is about 5'4" with very pale skin and small, very non-muscular frame. He has dark brown hair that is cut short in the back but slightly longer in the front, and he flips his bangs to the left and they go down to about his eyebrows, even when flipped. His eyes are a striking purple and are big and noticeable. His lips are a soft pink, which match the slight blush in his cheeks. He often wears oversized sweaters and sweatshirts with tight pants of some sort and combat boots that lace up. He tends to stay to neutral colors and is often carrying a messenger bag with him that is simple and black. He also always wears a necklace that has a small silver chain and a purple gem on it, in the shape of a heart.

In his faerie form, he is the same height at his biggest and at his smallest he can be 4 inches tall. His skin is a paper white, all over, except for the purple heart that is on his left cheek. His hair, which is still in the same style as in his human form, is purple. His eyes are still purple, and his nails, both fingernail and toenails, are purple. His only clothes are a tight purple tee shirt, which is ripped on the bottom and at the sleeves to make it a short sleeve, and stops at his stomach, exposing his midriff. There are also 2 holes in the back of the tee shirt for his wings to come out of. His wings are large and shaped like butterfly wings are shaped. They're purple with a heart in the middle of his right wing. His shorts are also purple and tight and ripped in the same way, ending at about his knees. there's a piece of purple cloth tied around his right forearm, just because.

Personality: He is very shy and usually don't like to be around people. Because he knows sign language, he prefers to just communicate that way and not use his voice while in his human form, so most of his classmates believe that he is deaf. He will only speak around people that he trusts and feels completely safe with, and most of the time not in public. He is very caring and will help people as much as he can if they need. He is kind and sweet once you get to know him and often afraid to do things, but is pushed into somehow being brave enough to get them done. He likes to spend a lot of his time alone in the woods in his true form, connecting with the animals and being away from the world that scares him.

History: When he was little he was born into a faerie tribe that lived in the woods and kept to themselves, living their lives peacefully and keeping themselves safe. He lived with his mother and father and occasionally saw his older brother, who visited when he could, but lived a city far away, among the humans. One day, while in his faerie form, he was out playing with the animals in the woods when a teenage human boy suddenly appeared. Snow waved to him, but for whatever reason the boy looked terrified and ran away. He slept among a group of deer in the woods that night and when he returned to his village in the morning, he found a mighty battle going on between the faeries and a very large group of humans. As he looked around in fear he saw him, the boy whom he had waved at the day before. He stayed back, behind a tree and watched as the humans overtook his tribe and killed each one of them, seeing them as some sort of threat. After that he waited until night and went out to try to salvage what he could of the village. He cried for days over the loss of his home, friends, and parents and with the help of the forest animals, he survived on his own for 3 months, until his brother came again to visit, finding only Snow and comforting him. His brother took him back with him to the city and since then he has lived with his brother, going to a public high school and often spending his time in the forest, where he can be safe.

Weapons/Abilities: He has faeriedust that he can create with a wave of his hand. His faeriedust is sparkly and purple and can heal, make him and who he chooses invisible for a short period of time, and can help him to communicate with animals.

Other: His sexuality is gay

Socratic Sarcasm
01-09-2013, 08:30 PM
And that concludes my SUs, Winter.

01-10-2013, 06:06 AM
Okay, guys, sorry this took so long again. You'll have to forgive me for not replying; been kind of busy recently. Anyway, everyone who finished their SUs is accepted, however I have to point out two things:

Moofius, using paragraph form for thing like personality and appearance is fine. I don't know that I've ever seen a format like yours. Also, to answer your question, I really think it'll depend on how the RP progresses. I don't mind people pulling in minor characters as NPCs to work with (Laura's family members will likely be popping up all over the place, but I am not filling out fifty billion SUs for Haru's large family for them to appear a handful of times and do nothing important), and RPing ability might have something to do with it as well, but I really do think it will depend on how the RP progresses.

Dragotech, I noticed some tense errors in your history. Nothing big, but try not to do it a ton...I know firsthand it can get really confusing.

...And AcrossTheUniverse, should Aileena and Theo meet, she will probably be totally baffled by him. If she doesn't grumble about humans playing with magic and not knowing what they're doing first.

01-11-2013, 11:15 PM
No worries on the wait. I am curious about my format, like, is it weird? I thought I copied your format and filled it out so...

Yeah, just for my own curiosities sake, how was my form different from everyone else? I felt it was fairly close to what other people put (besides the actual individual character of course). Don't feel rushed in answering this, since it's not pertinent to starting the RP.

And okay, we'll see how the RP goes. I'm really looking forward to starting. :D

01-11-2013, 11:29 PM
It's not that you did anything wrong, however you didn't seem to use normal paragraphs in places, like appearance and personality. Your descriptions seemed like the kind you put bullet points next to, which I've never seen done in an SU before...then again, I've only ever RPed on Neopets and on here.

01-12-2013, 01:49 AM
Oh okay. No I kind of just wanted to block things out a bit in the hopes of making it more readable. The forms, the few times I've used them, were more like a quick references. I could rewrite it in less point form. o3o

01-12-2013, 03:12 AM
Oh, no, you don't have to change anything, I was just pointing out that you didn't have to format it that way. Most people just use normal paragraphs here.

01-13-2013, 04:16 PM
Okay, parts of Patterson's SU qualify as the most ridiculous things I've ever written, but I think my SUs are done, Winter.

01-15-2013, 02:08 AM
My SUs seem to be done.

01-15-2013, 04:55 AM
Lillith, Patterson, Manus, and Cathleen all look good. I think I'ma going to start the RP soon, depending on time, as I think almost everyone has finished their SUs...

Getting in one last SU while I'm at it...I can't help it. XD
Name: Reine Gisela
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Yuki-onna (An ice woman from Japanese mythology known to freeze stray travelers)
Affiliation: Pro-secrecy, however she also believes the mythological creatures should work harder to coexist with humans...hence her day job
Appearance: Reine Gisela (also commonly called "Reine" or "Gisela", depending on which you prefer) is marked with fairly few traits that give away her true nature before she puts on her human disguise. One would have to be her skin, which is incredibly pale, and even sometimes translucent or iridescent in appearance, mixed with slightly blue-tinted lips and almost perpetually frost-coated lashes. Her eyes are often considered her most striking feature, being large and a funny color that seems like a kind of watered-down mix of gray and blue that manages to just barely stand apart from the whites of her eyes, and almost always hold a distant sadness, and sometimes even aloofness to them. Her strawberry blonde hair is surprisingly untouched by frost and falls to her mid-back, though it's often more caught up in two incredibly loose braids, one falling over either shoulder, a simple crown of ice frozen into place slightly askew stop her head. She is often seen wearing a square-necked, pale periwinkle blue dress with sleeves that reach her elbow and would have belled out in a calla lily shape had they not been cut open, though a more wrinkled purple material gives her complete long sleeves that extend past her wrists to cover her palms. The skirt of the dress is floor length, hiding bare feet, though the periwinkle is interrupted in another cut straight up the front that reveals a full purple skirt underneath, and the dress in its entirety is known to glimmer when hit by direct light, as though its covered in frost.

However, she can't go walking around like that all the time. In fact, Reine often spends her time in a toned-down, more human appearance because of her job...as a model. Her 5'7" body is deceptively fragile-looking, particularly because she looks wire-thin, yet completely healthy. Her skin is still nearly snow-pale, but not transluscent, though on occasion camera shots may cause her to appear "sparkly" or come back with an unexplained glare, though she's convinced most people it's just a strange hazard of working with her, and her lips have just the slightest hint of pink to them. Her eyes become a darker color, taking on more of a slate gray with a light blue undertone, and her hair remains the same, minus her frozen crown. Due to her modeling job, she's often seen wearing different kinds of clothing, but you can bet it's probably designer if it's on her body, and she has a tendency to lean towards wearing dresses when she can, and often hides her hands in gloves to keep from accidentally freezing people or things.
Personality: Reine is a hard-to-reach person, she's not unfriendly, but she also isn't very outgoing, either, unless she's doing a shoot or a show. She tries to act like most things don't interest her, even if they do, because she has a hard time believing that she won't hurt other people accidentally...as she's frozen several people and other things solid over the years, both on accident and on purpose. It's lead to her being rather quirky, as well--she refuses to spend time out in the heat unless she absolutely has to, and even then she gets jittery and even faint at times, and she tries not to touch people of let others touch her directly. Most times she feigns being a germophobe, however some people have noticed her inconsistencies, not that they mention them. For them, she a fairly good natured and beautiful model with her handful of quirks. While she isn't the easiest person to befriend, she seems to have grown somewhat close to her security detail...with the exception of one member--Straton Sinclair. Reine is also known to be incredibly opposed to the use of violence in anything, and is really pretty softhearted for a girl made of ice. Part of her reasoning in becoming a model was because she didn't want to become like her mother; the other part was because she wanted to do something good with her life.
History: Reine doesn't like talking about her past. She hates, talking about it, actually, and not without good reason. She was born as the second child of two to a Yuki-onna mother, while she never knew her father. Why, you may ask? Because it's rather likely her mom froze the man to death shortly after the act that created her life...and it wasn't the same man that fathered her older brother, either. Her mother was what most people would call certifiably insane; an inability to control her own powers combined with isolation from others of her kind caused her to go mad, to crave warmth and acceptance she couldn't have...and it led to her accidentally killing a lot of people. Particularly a lot of men. Enough men that it eventually led to her being hunted down by demon hunters and killed to keep the secrecy of mythological creatures in tact, leaving Reine and her older brother, Neige, orphans at ages 10 and 15. Her brother used his own abilities to shift his body of ice into that of a wolf's in order to cope with his grief, leaving Reine mostly to her her own thoughts and rarely allowing his more human form to surface. The two carved out a simple life among the mountains they had grown up on while essentially under "probation" of sorts; if either child began repeating the mistakes of their mother, they would meet the same fate.

And then one day Reine got sick of it. She decided she was tired of living in isolation with no one but her non-speaking brother for company. Instead, the Yuki-onna was determined to become the opposite of her mother--that she would find a way to surround herself with people and be careful not to harm them...a few months later, she walked into a call for models to do clothing advertisements and walked out with a job. From there, Reine's all-around unusual coloring and pretty face made her popular. However popularity has its cons...like lots of public exposure. Her newfound popularity out her in a precarious position, and not too long after she began doing more important shoots, her brother personally went out and hired a human bodyguard for her; a man who simply goes by the name Davide. Davide handled keeping and eye on her for years and brought a few others into guarding Reine, but it was him that Reine took to thinking of as more of a father figure. She's been through several guards for varying reasons, most recently being the tradeoffs that landed both Ashfinger and Straton among her guards... She knows it's because of a recent string of disappearances and murders, however she's also not going to let herself be pulled away from her job easily.
Icy Touch-If she isn't careful, things Reine comes into skin contact with (moreso in her normal form rather than her human disguise) are likely to freeze solid, it also results in an odd trick in which she cups her hands to her mouth and exhales, causing snow to form.
Body of Ice-Reine's body is made mainly of ice, and she can and will build upon it with , rapidly freezing water in the air to weaponize her body to give herself claws, ice swords, a shield, ect.
Ice Queen-Not only can Reine manipulate the ice that forms her body and freeze the air around her, ice seems to obey her, bending to her will should she will it to.
Other: She's based off an idea I got from having to analyzing Dickinson poetry--a more human appearance for her "Blonde assassin" in her poem "Apparently with no surprise." She's also often seen with a large white wolf...her brother, Neige, follows her everywhere he can to ensure her safety.

...Okay, I lied. Stupid brain generating more and more characters.
Name: Straton Sinclair
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human, Demon hunter
Affiliation: Pro-secrecy, however he also wants to get rid of every single non-human in existence
Appearance: For being such an unpleasant person to be around most of the time, Straton actually isn't very bad looking. His lean body reaches a height of 5" 9' and he tends to give off an air of being ready to take on anything at any time. His chocolate-colored hair is a bit long and shaggy, yet it doesn't seem to bother him in the slightest. His hazel eyes are sharp and unfriendly, though you might catch them looking upon things with other emotions if he's no aware anyone is looking at him; he likes hiding them behind a pair of wraparound sunglasses so it's harder for people to tell where he's really looking, though he's not afraid to go without them. Unlike Davide, Straton doesn't have an official looking guard uniform. Instead, he opts to wear a close-fitting black long sleeved shirt under a black zip-up running jacket and normal jeans. Under the jacket, he hides an array of knives slipped into a single strap that goes from one shoulder and attaches to a belt at the waist of his jeans. While he's often seen reaching over his shoulder when he gets angry, it's a nervous habit--he hasn't been allowed to carry a gun since the incident that landed him his assignment with Reine. A rigid sliver bracelet covered in a vine pattern stays around his left hand wrist while his right ear sports several iron earrings. He's known for producing all kinds of strange pouches from pockets inside his jacket.
Personality: Straton is one of those people whose life goal is apparently to make a huge jerk of himself and tick off everyone around him. He's not the slightest bit friendly, and hates authority, yet willingly obeys it, only to complain later. He despises mythological creatures and wouldn't love anything more than the ability to see every single one of their kind extinct. He's got a mental comeback for almost everything, but hardly ever opens his mouth unless he's spoken to first, so don't ask his opinion on anything unless you really want it. He more than willing to resort to violence as an answer to anything and everything, which landed him him with a job as part of Reine Gisela's security detail in order to make sure she wasn't a threat to anyone and no one was a threat to exposing her true identity. He hates his current assignment with a passion and simply deals with it by acting most of the time as if Reine doesn't exist; he barely looks at her or speaks to her, giving everyone else the impression that he hates her moreso than he hates his job. He's pretty antisocial around others, and has a relatively short fuse.
History: Straton was born the middle child of a large family of extremist Demon Hunters. While his family imparted their strict mindset on how the mythological creatures of the world should be eliminated, most of his family members also complied to the rules set down by a larger Demon Hunter organization...what they didn't teach Straton, however, was to put a cap on the family beliefs to carry out his assignments. They didn't teach him to ask questions, either. He was always reported for overstepping his bounds, falsely punishing mythological creatures, starting anything he could with them. Where Straton Sinclair went, death and destruction in varying forms seemed to follow. Eventually his record caught up with him, however, and an incident in which he killed a werewolf without clear reason got him his last warning: If Straton stepped even slightly out of bounds once more, he was done. He would be removed from the ranks of Demon Hunters. With that said, they took away his gun and bow privileges to remove the temptation of shooting anything innocent and handed him his next assignment: playing bodyguard for a Yuki-onna girl who worked as a model. What he just thought was going to be a rather simple yet annoying job dealing with a spoiled brat mythological creature has since turned into a nightmare, as there is another mythological creature acting as a guard as well as the fact he may now actually have to protect the kind of creature he hates most with all these disappearances and murders going around.
True Sight-If he tries, Straton can see through the disguises of non-humans--it's run through his family for generations.
Trained Killer- Straton was raised to kill demons, and as such, he can (and here will have to) rely on his hand and knife skills in a fight; he keeps an array of knives in various metals on a kind of belt that goes from his shoulder to his pants belt. He can use a gun or crossbow, but he doesn't have one or the other right now--he lost his gun privileges after the incident that had the Demon hunters shipping him off to guard Reine.
Hidden Arsenal- Straton uses pockets inside his jacket to hide various pouches, the two seen most often contain iron and silver "shavings", but no one knows everything he's hiding in that jacket of his.

01-16-2013, 02:12 AM
Added this to Cathleen's abilities because forgetfulness:
Cold Reading: While she isn't as skilled as Manus, Cathleen is no slouch about discerning others' motives and emotions. She can generally tell what someone is feeling whether or not she knows them. Close friends are a lot easier for her to read.

Cobalt Shadow
01-19-2013, 07:03 AM
I don't like having to say this, but I am starting my final year of school in just over 2 weeks. Since it is my last year, I need to do well, and improve my marks. To do this, I am eliminating as many distractions as possible. I am deleting my facebook, and leaving alot of RPs. I figured it wouldnt stuff anyone up if I left this before it began. If this is still alive when I am done with school, I would like to keep going, but I know that if I am on PE2k too often with RPs, when I could be studying, then my marks will suffer.

Sorry for any inconveniences

01-23-2013, 11:37 PM
*parades in and dumps a load of characters at your feet*

Name: Ajax Vale
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Human, but he has a demon “living” inside of him. It attempted to possess him but he proved more powerful so it simply resides in the background. Because of this Ajax has some enhanced skills that exceed a human’s which I will list in the abilities section below.
Affiliation: Since he’s a Demon Hunter, he’s all for secrecy. He would much rather have the Fae and humans stick in their own little worlds with few mishaps but unfortunately such cannot be.
Appearance: Ajax doesn’t look incredibly out of place for a human, not exactly normal but not bad enough to draw lots of attention to himself. He stands at about 5’11”, with broad shoulders and a wiry frame. Don’t let his thinness fool you though, he’s very quick and flexible and his strength is something to be reckoned with. He has a sharp face framed by black hair that is pulled into a long ponytail that reaches his mid-back. His left eye is obscured by an eyepatch with a rune drawn on it and his other eye is a pale blue. Usually Ajax wears black, fitted clothes so that he has no loose fabrics getting caught on anything, even though he does have a long black jacket covering his torso.
Ajax also unintentionally intimidates the people he comes across. It’s the eyepatch and the fact that he has a rather serious, no-nonsense expression on his face 90% of the time. The fact that he usually doesn’t hang around any people does not help at all.
Personality: Just because Ajax is considered stoic and severe by nearly everyone he meets doesn’t mean that he’s like that all the time. There are some occasions where he can be smiling and joking or just plain not-scowling as if he’s irritated with something. Ajax is a very serious person though, especially when it comes to his job, which is why he works on his own because every partner he’s ever had eventually got fed up with him and demanded a transfer. This suited Ajax just fine since he doesn’t like partners anyway, he finds them incompetent and they always get in his way or hamper him in his work. He likens having a partner to having to babysit them, which he most certainly has no time or patience for. His dislike of anybody being constantly stuck around with him only strengthens his annoyance for Xezalka.
History: Ajax was, and still is, infamous for being one of the best demon hunters in the whole organization, surprising for his young age. He had a natural affinity for weapons and a higher ESP than normal, letting him detect and track down supernatural entities much faster than anyone else. He rose quickly through the ranks and earned himself quite the reputation among hunters and demons alike. This inevitably led to plots against him by many of the earthbound demons, which almost killed him.
He had been called out on a mission to a church, where a powerful demon was supposedly lurking and killing anyone who came through the door. The only thing was that Ajax did not go through the door, as was planned, because the moment he got there he sensed a powerful presence in the churchyard, in one of the graves, and realized that something was trapped in there. He ran into the churchyard instead and began digging up the grave, desperately to see if it was some benevolent creature that the demons had imprisoned to draw the Fae and other creatures to them. When he uncovered the coffin it was shaking, as if the thing trapped inside was thrashing around wildly to break free, but the wood was covered in runes and chains, all of them locked tight and sealed. Ajax quickly jumped down and used an iron dagger to break the lock, but by this point the demons had figured out what he was doing and five of them came rushing out of the church and attacked him, catching him by surprise and almost tearing him apart. Ajax tried to fight back but he was immediately overwhelmed and just before he passed out he noticed that there was an ominous red light coming from the coffin…
Then, suddenly a voice came to him, a deep, resonating voice that asked if he wanted to live. It told Ajax that if he wanted to live, then he had to let voice inside of him. At first Ajax refused, but he realized that he did not want to die so he eventually caved and agreed. A roar immediately descended upon his senses and when he came to he found himself lying on the ground, his injuries healed and the bodies of the demons scattered across the yard. But he couldn’t move, something was in him and trying to take control of his mind and body. Ajax immediately knew that the thing he had made a deal with was a demon, and he fought back with all of the strength and skills that he had been taught. It was a long battle, but thanks to the iron necklace that he wore as protection and his own strength he was able to subdue the demon and take control of his body. But he could only see out of one eye. When assessing the damage he saw that his left eye had turned a deep crimson color instead of its normal blue, and there were a bunch of shapes in it, like some sort of rune. The demon had entered his body through that eye, which had killed it in the process and now the creature was housed in there. It introduced itself as Xezalka, a former demon lord who had been conspired against by his underlings and rival lords. Because they could not kill him (the only thing able to harm demons being iron, which they could not touch) they locked him away in a prison which he could not escape and sealed him away in a church so no demon or other creature could accidently stumble across him. Now he was trapped in Ajax; the demon hunter immediately wanted him removed but because he had made a pact with him the removal would also result in Ajax’s death. Both parties were frustrated, Xezalka demanding the control he had been promised and Ajax wanting him gone.
Surprisingly, no one suspected a thing when Ajax came back with one of his eyes wrapped over with a cloth and claiming that a demon had done it. Of course he would have been removed due to disabilities if he had not persisted, and with his newfound powers that Xezalka brought with him he managed to remain with the hunters. However the demon still tries to possess him at times, but they’ve both begun to work together, Xezalka for revenge against those who had conspired against him (not to mention he needs his body to-be in good shape so of course he's going to help protect it) and Ajax because he was still a demon hunter.
Having a demon reside in him has given Ajax a few new abilities, even though the demon is not in control.
Night Vision – Ajax can see just as well in the dark as he can in the daylight.
Improved Senses – He has a greater sense of hearing and smell, and he’s more sensitive to movement.
Improved Strength – He’s a bit stronger than humans (not incredibly so, not near as much as a vampire or other supernatural creatures) and also a bit faster, with a greater endurance.
Demon Sight – Ajax can now see entities that would normally be invisible to the human eye, like spirits and demon/Fae that can hide themselves from sight. He can also see any runes which are supposed to be invisible.
Restrained Power – That eyepatch isn’t just to hide his eye, the rune on it holds back some of Xezalka’s powers, and keeps the demon in place so he can’t suddenly go rampaging around Ajax’s body in a moment of weakness. It’s set so that only Ajax can remove it, and when he does his powers suddenly increase enormously and he usually goes into his Demon Mode.

Demon Mode lets Xezalka take control of him for a while, but it doesn’t last for too long because then Xezalka will get too powerful and Ajax wouldn’t be able to take back control of his body. In it, Ajax’s body glows with a red light and his eyes turn to flames, a pair of horns grow out of his head and he gains a pair of wings. He moves much faster and can perform the same dark magic that demons can, he basically has the powers of a demon except he’s still in a human body. He can’t use any of Ajax’s iron or steel weapons, but can use the silvers one, but prefers to fight with his claws.

As a demon hunter Ajax carries around a variety of weapons, daggers made of iron and silver and steel, a one-handed sword that he carries slung across his back and a rapid firing crossbow that fires iron or silver tipped arrows (if you’ve ever seen Van Hellsing you know what I mean). He also carries little clay tablets which can only be used once due to their fragility, some inscribed with runes for attack and some for protection. He also wears a necklace covered with iron arrowheads, for warding off demon and Fae and it helps keep Xezalka’s powers repressed.
Other: Because of the rune on the eyepatch, Xezalka’s presence is virtually undetectable, hence why Ajax has gone under the radar for so long.

Name: Ashfinger, shortened to Ash
Age: 157
Gender: Male
Race: Mawr Cattân – a Fae creature that can take the form of a human when it wishes. Their true forms are giant cats, wearing armor and may or may not be on fire sometimes.
Affiliation: He works for his people, who are all for secrecy.
Appearance: In human form, Ash is tall and slender, graceful as one would say. He has a wicked grin almost all the time and his eyes are just ever so slanted, with yellow irises. Sometimes when he’s angry his pupils turn into slits, like a cat’s. His hair is an almost golden blond and reaches his shoulders in messy curls that he doesn’t seem to bother to tame. He has the look of someone who is perpetually up to something, leading other to be a little suspicious of him at all times. No matter what else he wears, he always has on a long black coat which hides the whip that hangs on his waist. Since Ash prefers physical fighting his doesn’t have much else on him except a pair of steel toed boots, but his fighting skills are all but unmatched. Strangely though, he always wears a pair of white gloves, although he never tells anyone why.

In his true form Ash resembles a lynx, except it’s about seven feet tall and twice as long and has a long tail. His fur is a bright orange-gold and it ripples in the light, giving off the illusion of flickering flames. He also wears armor that is inscribed all over with runes, they cover his head and all the way down his spine, and along the front of his legs. It’s an enchanted armor that only the mawr cattân know how to make, it flexes with their body to allow them greater dexterity, and it is completely fireproof and can pop out blades on a certain command. They never take this armor off, and it morphs into their human form with them. The armor itself doesn’t show up, but the runes on them become tattoos all over the human’s body. The mawr cattân are best known for being able to set themselves on fire at will and being able to control fire, which is their greatest strength.
Personality: Ash is a bit of a daredevil, loving thrills and anything exciting. Therefore he hates being stuck in one place with nothing interesting to do for long periods of time, but to remedy this he purposely passes himself off as some sort of sly schemer, making other frightened and suspicious of him and thus, easier to scare. He sort of “plays” with people to relieve himself of his own boredom, thus making his a little unlikeable to those who don’t know him very well, although he’s actually very amicable. You just need to know how to take a joke and know that he doesn’t really mean a lot of the things that he says.
History: Ash has been working on and off for the agents keeping the Fae a secret for quite some years, sometimes he assisted them with hunting down rogue creatures and other times he works with other Fae who venture into the human world and help hide them. Which is how he’s landed at his current job, working as a body guard for a model named Reine, who happens to be a Fae as well. He doesn’t quite hate his job, but finds it rather boring, but at least Reine isn’t a bad person. He just wishes that there’d be more action though, and with the recent murders happening then he just might get his wish…
Weapons/Abilities: He only carries a whip, which he usually sets on fire. Other than that he uses physical combat and his control over fire to fight people.
Feline Grace – Ash is quicker, more flexible and much more graceful than any human. Because of this he has catlike qualities, for example he can jump from great heights and not be harmed, he can jump greater distances and has a much greater balance. He also has a stronger endurance.
Fire – Ash can control fire and often uses it as a weapon.
Longer Life – Since he’s a Fae he by default has a stretched life, although he’s one of the few Fae creatures that aren’t immortal through age. Most mawr cattân live to be about a thousand before they die.
Touch of Ash – Earning him his name, whatever he touches with his bare hands sears and then crumbles to ash. This is a side effect of taking a human form and cannot be controlled in any way, so he wears special fireproof gloves so this doesn’t happen.
Improved Senses – Ash can see well in the dark and had better sight and hearing than a human.

Name: Corvina Raenwood
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Werecrow. At the light of the full moon she does turn into a rampaging half crow half human she-beast, but other than that she can turn into a crow or any form in-between human and crow. Like all were—animals, she is harmed by silver and the touch actually burns her.
Affiliation: Secrecy, she works as a spy and an eye in the sky for those investigating the recent deaths. She spends most of her time following potential suspects and those who might become victims.
Appearance: Corvina doesn’t have much of an attention seeking appearance. She’s just about 5’7”, with dark hair styled in a chin-length bob cut, with dark brown eyes that almost looks black. Most of the time she has a little fluffy black feather at the corners of each of her eyes, which most people assume is just decoration. She wears a little black dress along with black pumps, although she would much rather walk around barefoot. A pair of iron earrings are hidden in her hair, shaped like little daggers. All of the jewelry she wears is steel or iron, either sharp pointed or inscribed with invisible runes to help make them a weapon. Even the back of her pumps have very small blades attached to them.

She can turn into a crow, and any form in between. When she fights she usually goes into an anthromorphic form, with a human shaped body but with a crow’s head, a pair of wings growing out of her back, and her feet curling into sharp talons.
Personality: Corvina is a rock in a storm, to use the expression. When things seem to be going chaotic and everyone else is panicking, she is the one who remains calm and steady to soothe everyone else. Even though she has a serene, almost mystical quality about her and a confidence that could easily make others follow her, she prefers to stay in the sidelines and watch things from a safe distance. She is an observer, taking in everything and missing nothing, just as if she was on job duty. The only time she seems to lose her composure is during the full moon, when she becomes a raging monster that tried to kill everything that moves. She secludes herself before this can happen though, so no one really thinks about it.
History: Way back when she was fourteen, Corvina was a relatively normal girl living a normal life. She loved nature walks, reading, and was a generally quiet person unknown to many. Even she didn’t think much of herself until she was walking in the woods one day and found a crow lying in her path, shot through with an arrow. It was still struggling trying to fly way, but when he ran over to pick it up it screamed and clawed at her in a pain-driven rage. Bloodied and frightened of the inconsolable bird, and the fact that she was also afraid of coming across the person who shot it, she ran off back to her house. She quickly cleaned the wounds on her arms and bandaged them, but they were still quite sore, and over the few days she began feeling worse and worse. At first Corvina thought that she had the rabies, somehow catching it from a bird, but when the full moon came she suddenly turned into a hideous half-bird beast and came crashing out of her house to go on a terrorizing rampage through her city.
Luckily for her though, she was found by a hunter known as Jema who quickly subdued her and managed to take her to his headquarters. He was the man who had originally shot the crow, and when Corvina was back to normal he explained that it had been a werecrow that had been responsible for a recent string of murders in the community. After he had killed the crow with a silver arrow he stayed around for the full moon to see if the beast had infected anyone with the were-virus before it died, and sure enough Corvina showed up. Jema took her in and said that no matter how much she liked it or not, she now had connections to a secret society where supernatural creatures do indeed exist, and even if she wanted to live her life regularly there would always be people or Fae wanting to recruit her for whatever side they wanted her to be on. He trained her in the art of hunting those who want to reveal the secret of these creatures to the world, either to enslave humans or whatever purposes they had in mind. Because she is a were-animal, Corvina naturally became associated with the vampire hunters, where many more of her kind resided. However due to her general mellowness and her adverseness to fighting she is used for spying and recon than battle.
Weapons/Abilities: All of Corvina’s jewelry can be used as a weapon of some sort, since she can’t carry a noticeable weapon with her on her spying missions. All of here decorations are either made from iron or steel; she has a pair of iron earrings shaped into daggers which are hidden in her hair, and necklace or interlocking iron pieces that can detach into a handful of throwing spikes. Her steel bracelets are engraved with runes for protection and harming any Fae that touches them, she wears a ring that contains a piece of jade in it for protection, and the heels of her shoes have tiny steel blade attached to then. There is also a small iron knife strapped to the inside of her thigh, in case things really get nasty. Other than that she uses her beak, which is razor sharp, her claws, and her strength.

Enhanced Strength- Corvina is not only stronger, but also faster and has a better reflex time than ordinatry humans. She also has a great balance and gracefulness to her.
Bird’s-Eye View – She can also see much better
Transforming – She can turn into a crow or any sort of half form that she pleases
Flying – You all saw this coming
Other: (Anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else in the SU)

Name: Lyceina Astaravkiulaet
Age: 346
Gender: Female
Race: Ocul – a race of Fae creatures that can walk through mirrors and often use them to travel. They all look exactly like humans, except for their eyes, which can be any color and has no pupil to it.
Affiliation: Whatever her king says
Appearance: (Simple paragraph describing you character’s appearance, if they have multiple forms, please describe them as well—this applies to mythological creatures who need a human disguise.)
Personality: (Simple paragraph describing how your character acts)
History: (Some basic background on your character; paragraph minimum)
Weapons/Abilities: (Does your character carry weapons? Know magic? That kind of thing? Put that down here)

01-25-2013, 04:46 AM
Alrighty, because it's been way too long since I've replied to anyone on here...

Okay, Velo, the addition has been noted.

Alright, then, Cobalt. Good luck with school and good grades and such; you're welcome back any time.

Chibi, Ajax, Ash, and Corvina are in. Let me know when you get Lyceina done.

ANYWAY, I intend to start the RP some time this weekend. Hopefully you guys are ready to RP. :)

01-25-2013, 05:00 AM
Just letting everyone know that from tomorrow night through sometime on Sunday I'll be totally unavailable. Hurray!

02-02-2013, 08:33 AM
It about killed me, but the RP is up. (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?p=3450671&posted=1#post3450671) Excuse me while I now go off to curse my stupidity.

02-05-2013, 04:54 AM
Awesome! Super excited! Is there any posting order and if so is it established by~ who posts firsts the first time around or something else I missed?

02-05-2013, 05:04 AM
Nope, no posting order. If we fall into a natural one, then so be it, but right now I'm not going to dictate who posts when--life is busy and putting up and order would just slow everything down more. Go ahead and post whenever you get your intro post done.

02-05-2013, 06:28 AM
Is mentally planning out a post, I swearz

Probably gonna check, but are we all just scattered all over the place?

02-05-2013, 03:54 PM
I think I mentioned that in my post, but right now, yes. Ideally we'll get everyone together at a later time, but right now, yeah we're all scattered...for example, when I finally add in Reine and Straton's post, they're going to be in Europe, as opposed to Aileena and the rest of my crew being in America.

02-08-2013, 02:21 AM
Lisa is heading north.
*feels compelled to head north.

So maybe in a post or two of traveling I will eventually bump into someone else hanging around in the US.

02-09-2013, 04:29 AM
I'll also be north because, yeah, frost giant.

Also, because I can't seem to find it in the RPers guide/handbook/anywhere on google...

What do you guys mean by ARPers? SeriouslyIcouldn'tfinditmentionnedanywherebutpleas eprovemewrong. I'd love to be proven wrong on this one.

Also if anyone is northern now and wants a place where they can stay or whatever Sopi basically resides outside of town in a cabin in the middle of the woods. So it's a nice place to catch your breath and have a bit of privacy while you're at it.

JustsoI'mnotjustpostingreallydumbquestionsalltheti me,nsdjdhksada.

02-09-2013, 04:39 AM
I don't know why we put an A in front of it because I am sure it stands for Roleplayers, but yeah
Sorry bout the short post guys, I didn't have to much to say quite yet.

Is thinking about creating a character based off of a Crossroads Demon from the Supernatural franchise
and maybe giving him a HellHou- Puppy

02-09-2013, 05:34 AM
Thought you said something about Sopi and Europe, didn't you, Moofius?

And "ARPers" stands for "Affected RPers", it's something that got picked up in an older RP where there were a bunch of characters in different places to the point that it made the most sense to basically give the RPers a heads-up as to what posts concerned them. For me and a few others, it's kind of carried over into everything because it's convenient. Sorry. XD

Leena and crew are prolly in New York. I see Leena liking big buildings. XD

And I'm not familiar with Supernatural...but Hellhounds are fun.

Cobalt Shadow
02-20-2013, 11:41 AM
Well this is awkward. Okay I left MM because I hadn't started yet, and I didn;t have the time. Well a bunch of RPs I am a part of have died or become extremely inactive. So I want in again. But with a new character. I am planning on writing a story, with this main character, but I want to RP as him to develop him a bit

Name: Dalton Amaro

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Half Human, Half Vampire

Affiliation: Lone Vampire hunter. Will join others if need be. Pro Secrecy

Appearance: Tall, and pale, but muscular from training. Has long straight black hair which covers one eye, but he ties it back when he needs to concentrate. Wears black jeans, and a Black hoodie, with a grey trench coat. Sewed inside the trench coat are a holster for his gun, and inside the sleeve in a sheath for his knife. He has four lines tattooed on his wrist, one for each vampire he has killed.

Personality: When on the job, Dalton lets nothing get in his way. He is cold, and calculating, and survival is a must. The getting the job done is his first priority. Being nice isn't an option. By the end of it, there must be a dead vampire. He refuses to accept failure.

When not hunting Vampires, Dalton is generally a friendly person, and is more relaxed. He will make a joke or two, and be more optimistic. However whenever he hears word of a Vampire causing problems, that becomes first priority. Though he is a vampire hunter, he will not kill a vampire unless they deserve it, and are generally a danger.

History: Dalton's father was a vampire, and his mother (Mary) a human. His birth father was the head of a vampire gang in the UK, who did horrible things. When Mary was pregnant with Dalton, she witnessed Dalton's father kill someone in cold blood. When one of the members of the gang (Stefan (Another Vampire)) intervened, he was almost killed. He and Mary fell in love, and ran away together to USA. They lived in hiding there, and Dalton was born a little while later. They told Dalton that Stefan was his father, and Dalton still believes this. He has no idea about his true father.

They remained hidden until Dalton was 9. The gang managed to track Stefan and Mary down and killed them. Dalton was told they died in a car accident. After this he lived with his grandparents. He didn't learn the truth about his parents until he was 16. He got into a fight with three guys after school, and won using vampiric abilities.This was the first time he used his powers, and didn't know the truth. They were seriously injured, and Dalton was sentenced to six months house arrest. Later that night, his grandmother gave him a letter that Mary asked her to give to Dalton should the time come where he shows traits of being a vampire. She also told him the truth about Mary and Stefan's death. They were killed by Vampires.

The letter told Dalton that Stefan was a vampire, and that Dalton himself was half vampire, but also said that Stefan was his biological father (lies) and that they were hiding because the gang didn't approve of them being together (though she said it was because she was mortal (more lies)).

During his house arrest, Dalton started training with his powers. By the time he was 19, he had mastered them, and began his career as a vampire hunter, with the goal to find the vampires who killed his parents, and kill them.

He is currently living in England, attempting to find his parent's killers.

Weapons/Abilities: Dalton carries two weapons. a Suppressed S&W .500 Magnum revolver, and a knife (like the combat knife in COD). These are generally hidden from plain sight, but never too far away if the need for them arises.

Due to being half vampire, he has some watered down abilities of a full vampire.
All of these powers but bloodlust do not work in sunlight.

Enhanced Speed
Much faster than a human, but not as fast as a Vampire.
Enhanced Strength
Stronger than a human, but not a Vampire
Enhanced Balance and Agility
You get the picture.
Enhanced Smell and hearing
Dalton has sensitive hearing, which makes it hard to sneak up on him. However loud music, power tools etc, will hurt him much easier than a human.
When it comes to blood, Dalton can smell it. This is how he will distinguish a Vampire from a human. Vampires will smell more like blood than humans, which is generally what will give them away to Dalton. However if a Vampire cleans themselves thoroughly after feeding, they can pass off as a human to Dalton. If a human wounds themselves, and doesn't clean up, Dalton may mistake them for a vampire.
The ability to generate and manipulate fire

Bloodlust (works in sunlight)
Being part Vampire, Dalton needs to drink blood regularly. Not as much as a full vampire, but still often. He will only drink animal blood. He is afraid that if he drinks human blood, he will become addicted, and kill someone innocent to fuel the addiction.
3 days without blood: Headaches
5 days without blood: Nausea
1 week without blood: Hallucinations.
As time goes on these symptoms become worse.

I am hoping this can help me develop the main character for my story.

02-24-2013, 06:31 PM
Welcome back, Cobalt.

First off, I notice one glaring problem: You fail to mention what Dalton's weaknesses as a half-vampire are, minus the fact that most of his abilities don't work in the sun...but how sensitive to the sun is he? I've seen several different kinds of vampire--some can't go into sunlight at all, some need certain items to go into sunlight, others can endure sunlight, but it weakens them or they can easily get wicked sunburn, some aren't bothered by it at all. And how "fragile" is he? Is he more or less susceptible to death than the normal human? And as someone who has a half-vamp character myself (not here, though she was in another RP some time ago) you might want to think about how his mother got him blood before he learned he was a half-vamp for your story. You also might want to think about how you're going to bring him into the RP group...though that goes for everyone. Otherwise he looks fine.

As for everyone else; please, if you're still in, let me know or just go ahead and post. I was in Hawaii for a week and am disappointed to come back to find the no one has posted since Doodle... So let me know if you're still going to RP or not or post.

Cobalt Shadow
02-26-2013, 05:48 AM
Welcome back, Cobalt.

First off, I notice one glaring problem: You fail to mention what Dalton's weaknesses as a half-vampire are, minus the fact that most of his abilities don't work in the sun...but how sensitive to the sun is he? I've seen several different kinds of vampire--some can't go into sunlight at all, some need certain items to go into sunlight, others can endure sunlight, but it weakens them or they can easily get wicked sunburn, some aren't bothered by it at all. And how "fragile" is he? Is he more or less susceptible to death than the normal human? And as someone who has a half-vamp character myself (not here, though she was in another RP some time ago) you might want to think about how his mother got him blood before he learned he was a half-vamp for your story. You also might want to think about how you're going to bring him into the RP group...though that goes for everyone. Otherwise he looks fine.

As for everyone else; please, if you're still in, let me know or just go ahead and post. I was in Hawaii for a week and am disappointed to come back to find the no one has posted since Doodle... So let me know if you're still going to RP or not or post.

Okay so the effects Sunlight has on Dalton:
During the day he feels tired like a normal working class person late at night. He is mostly nocturnal, but can manipulate his sleep patten over the course of a few days. However he will never be as energetic during the day as a full human, but will be much more energetic at night. His eyes are adjusted for the darkness of night, and therefore is sensitive to too much light and prefer's to stay in the shade. His skin burns easily, but sunlight won't kill him unless he gets skin cancer from too much burning.

As for the blood thing you mentioned with his mother, he always had the vampire blood in him. However this didn't kick in until puberty. He wasn't require to drink blood to get his powers.

As for death susceptibility, Dalton will heal small wounds faster than a human, but can still be killed by a bad stab wound or a gunshot somewhere fatal.

Working on post now. I was never notified of your acceptance XD.

02-27-2013, 02:26 AM
I'm still in - just waiting for another post or two.

Cobalt Shadow
02-27-2013, 04:31 AM
I made a post. Dalton is currently in LA. but if anyone wants him to meet their characters, he can easily get somewhere else in the USA.

02-27-2013, 05:11 AM
LA? Louisana? Las Angeles? Somewhere else in the world?

I am half tempted to go ahead and post a travel post to somewhere
How many are left to do there first post. (is gonna feel silly if that is no one)

Cobalt Shadow
02-27-2013, 05:13 AM
LA? Louisana? Las Angeles? Somewhere else in the world?

I am half tempted to go ahead and post a travel post to somewhere
How many are left to do there first post. (is gonna feel silly if that is no one)

Los Angeles ha ha

02-27-2013, 05:19 AM
I see
I went and checked to see if you put it in the post

You murderer
already killing innocent monsters in your first post?
Haha, I am kidding

Cobalt Shadow
02-27-2013, 05:20 AM
I see
I went and checked to see if you put it in the post

You murderer
already killing innocent monsters in your first post?
Haha, I am kidding

Damn straight ha ha He was far from innocent.

02-27-2013, 06:05 AM
There's at least Sabi and Chibi, AcrossTheUniverse...maybe others? Not entirely sure wjo all hasn't posted.

I dunno who you'd meet--not sure anyone is that far west in the RP as of yet. However...does Dalton work with an organization or solo? The random vamp deaths might get Laura called up, if he's working free from organizations... I feel sorry for LA, though, with you unleashing Dalton on it--such a lovely city...well, the parts I've been to.

Hopefully things won't be so dull soon; Nar, er, Socratic made an interesting plot suggestion that might get some moving, but not everyone...mainly those with demon relations, as far as I can tell.

02-27-2013, 06:18 AM
Ooh someone raising Hell? In a literal sense?

Will we be hazing Hell on Earth?

And enough of the Hellishly stupid puns.

We may need to work on getting together for a coffee or something! Yay party at Starbucks Somewhere, World, In this dimmension (Preferably)

02-27-2013, 06:28 AM
Um, Dragotech, what the heck are you going on about?

Cobalt Shadow
02-27-2013, 06:40 AM
There's at least Sabi and Chibi, AcrossTheUniverse...maybe others? Not entirely sure wjo all hasn't posted.

I dunno who you'd meet--not sure anyone is that far west in the RP as of yet. However...does Dalton work with an organization or solo? The random vamp deaths might get Laura called up, if he's working free from organizations... I feel sorry for LA, though, with you unleashing Dalton on it--such a lovely city...well, the parts I've been to.

Hopefully things won't be so dull soon; Nar, er, Socratic made an interesting plot suggestion that might get some moving, but not everyone...mainly those with demon relations, as far as I can tell.

Dalton mostly works solo, eg if someone has a vampire, or another mythical creature (vampires are his specialty though) that is giving them problems, they will call him. If he thinks they need to die, he will kill them. Otherwise he will just scare them. He will charge for his services. However if he has a vandetta with a vamp, he does it for free. As long as he isnt asked to kill anything, or doesnt meet anyone who has him POed then LA will be fine XD

03-03-2013, 10:12 AM
Epic Win for stuffing forests in the Plains of Illinois!

Eternal Moonlight
03-04-2013, 09:03 AM
Name: Danica Serenity Garnet. She currently goes by Serana, not remembering her real name.

Age: Serana was killed at 20, and has only spent a short while in her current state.

Gender: Female

Race: Ghost/Spirit/whatever, she’s a deceased human.
Despite being a ghost, Danica does indeed have access to a solid form. However, in this state, she is rather fragile (bruising easily, bones breaking under less stress then a normal person’s, ect) and has unimpressive strength and endurance.

However, she also has her “ghost mode”, where she becomes translucent (or completely invisible if she so wishes). Unlike in her solid form, Serana can pass through walls, and cause lighter objects to hover and fly around as she wishes. She also cannot speak clearly, making communication difficult. Solid objects will also pass through her, including living beings.

In both forms, her body temperature is fair below the average, and she does emit tiny amounts of cooler air. It is more drastic in “ghost mode” however, and also more noticeable if she is in a small, enclosed space for a while. As expected, Serana is cold to the touch.

Taking too much damage in her solid form will revert her back to “ghost made” and will remain dormant in translucence for some time.

Affiliation: Neutral

Appearance: Both of Serana's forms use a similar base, a slightly altered version of young woman when she was alive. Standing at about 5’6, her minor surplus of weight is mostly downplayed by her above average height. A natural brunette, her hair is shoulder length, but the locks that frame her face are notably longer. At first, the young woman's eyes appear to be the same hue as her hair, but upon closer inspection, they are a warmer shade of brown. Quite piercing, they can also give her an air of eeriness and detachment for some. Her oddly pale skin is another thing that sometimes draws attention of passersby.

When it comes to clothes, it is fairly obvious the young woman favoured simple threads. She is most often seen pairing dark coloured tops (tank tops, usually) with lighter blue jeans, and completing the ensemble with grey Converses. Despite being impervious to the cold, for the sake of not sticking out too much, Serana will wear a somber coloured hoodie.

The only accessories she still has include a faded brown satchel, one small silver earring (on her left ear) and navy fingerless gloves.

Her appearance is given translucence and a slight grey hue while in her ghostly state. It may be worth noting her “true” form is… gruesome to say the least, and Serana has no way of accessing it willfully.

Personality: “The most important advice I could give you, I think it would be not to trust anyone or anything at face value. Digging a little deeper, you usually find that not everything… is what meets the eye”

Serana finds herself rather untrusting of both people and situations, to the point of being paranoid at times. It takes a fair bit to earn trust, and even then, she may slip into periods of weariness with said person. However, in exchange, she is fiercely loyal.

Even know, she remains shards of her previous logical mind. The young woman won’t charge into anything without at least giving it some thought, and trying to balance out pros, cons and the possible outcomes. While trying to make a choice, Serana doesn’t like to be rushed, but sometimes will need to be pushed along if the situation is urgent enough. She has retained most of her astronomical knowledge and can sometimes use the sky as a way to locate herself.

Despite having been given an objective, Serana often finds herself lost and with little direction. She knows it’ll take her unpleasant places, and finds herself worrying about it on a regular basis, along with weighing the possibility of failure, and if that is even at all possible. These thoughts usually lead her into a pessimistic, depressive mindset that, so far, has managed to be overcome.

Serana, when under intense emotional trauma, she tends to revert back to ghost mode, and will also forget about her death and believe herself alive. Being put back in the situation that ended her life would be a prime example of what could lead to this happening. Trying to reason with the young woman in this state only makes things worse.

History: The bulk of the young woman’s life was rather uneventful, especially compared to the way it ended. Dani was fortunate enough to spend her childhood in a loving (but often a little chaotic) household, under the wing of her older brother. Even as they grew older, he remained rather protective of his little sister, having both drawing positive and negative. Overall, her experiences as a kid were good.

In middle school, a mix up landed Dani in band class, which she ended up sticking with out of connivance and hoped for the end of the term. However, she soon began to enjoy it and stuck with music for the coming years. She was, and still is, quite good with the violin. It was also during this time that she started to go by her middle name of Serenity, due to there being another Danica and a Danny in her classes.

Freshman was a hard year, losing her favorite aunt in a “suspicious incident” was a hard blow. Having gone to another high school, Serenity didn’t have her group of friends to rely on, but learned the fragility of life and not to take people for granted. They never discovered the true circumstances behind her death, which continued to haunt the girl until her own death.

Sophomore was a better, getting a small but tight social circle and discovering a love of astronomy, things looked brighter, and stayed as such for some time afterward.

Despite rumours, Serenity, being more of a logical thinker, was completely disbelieving of “supernatural beings”. The topic would serve for good “scary stories” with some friends around the camp fire, but nothing more. Little did she really know what was really out there.

Graduating with impressive grades, the young woman chose to pursue a career in astronomy. She also reverted to going by Dani or Danica at this point, after being repetitively told that Serenity was "childish" and "too cutesy".

Third year into her Bachelor of Science degree, Danica and a friend (that she liked, mind you) stayed up late studying for finals. Afterward, he offered to take her for a walk in the nearby park. Not missing her chance, Serenity agreed without hesitation.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t as much a university student as a vampire that had a thing for the taste of young adult. He, however, being slightly inexperienced, wasn’t so good at being subtle, and once Danica caught on and panicked… things got ugly… for her.

He was pretty brutal and excessive and to get more blood, well, it was gruesome. Hers wasn’t a peaceful end…

… and neither was it really an end. In the afterlife, she was given a task, destroy the vampire who so mercilessly and irredeemably hunts and kills the innocent and in exchange, a second chance would be granted. After some thought and hesitation, Danica agreed.

The memories of her death were blurred and, of her encounters beyond her last breath, Serana only remembers having a task, and it will involve facing a fear. Little does she know, this fear will be revisiting her worst nightmare…

In ghost form:
Invisibility: You can’t see her. She still emits cold though, it’s worth noting
Poltergeist: She can levitate and throw around lighter (inanimate) objects. Heavier items and living beings seem to too much for her.
Passing though walls: Solid objects pose no boundary, unless specifically enchanted or something.

In her human form, Serana is currently limited to her bottle of bear spray, which is rather full at the moment.

Other: The young woman finds herself rather afraid of vampires, but fears being bitten in general above all.

Hope it's not too late to join :3

03-04-2013, 03:02 PM
Nope, Eternal, you're fine to join--things have actually been going pretty slow recently.

That being said, Dragotech and Cobalt Shadow, can you two please slow down your posting speed? I know it's easy to post rapidly since your characters are together, but we still have some people lagging behind due to issues they can't help, and bursts of posting can be a pain to go through for everyone else not involved in the bursts.

03-04-2013, 08:37 PM
No problem
slowing down intense posting speed

Cobalt Shadow
03-08-2013, 02:14 PM
I am thinking of making another character. Jaye, Drago and I have sorta made plans to travel together. Dalton will go insane if he has to be the only guy :P

Name: Chandler Steele

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Race: Unknown Humanoid

Affiliation: Chandler doesn't know any other mythical creatures/people exist. He would be pro secrecy.

Appearance: The first thing people notice about Chandler, is his height. He hasn't had his growth spurt, and is a fair bit shorter than most sixteen year olds.

He has brown hair which is short, but slightly longer on the top or at the front. His eyes are a deep, dark green. He wears dark blue loose jeans, and black skate shoes, as well as a black button up shirt, with a blue wintercoat, which hides his chains.

Due to working in the workshop most of his life, Chandler is fairly well built for a sixteen year old. He is much stronger than the norm, though most likely lacks the fitness. Eg he probably could beat a sixteen year old in an arm wrestle, but not a foot race.

His skin is tanned and worn from work, and has numerous scars, some deep which will never disappear completely, some have faded to the point that he forgot of their existance.

Personality: Chandler lacks confidence. He was the only student in his class most of the time who was adopted. The rest all knew their birth parents. People eventually found out about this, and though they said nothing, he felt different.

Chandler still lacks confidence today. He will speak only when spoken to, and is easily influenced. His small height doesn't help his view of himself. Though he is physically strong, he still sees himself as weak.

After the robbery, and learning of his powers, he has felt like he belongs less and less, and is desperate to leave New York, and see if there are others like him. But he doesn't want to leave his father by himself.

Chandler is loyal to his friends, and won't make a big deal if someone becomes his friend. As long as a person is nice to him, they can be his friend and not even know it. As much as he lacks confidence, he will always defend a friend if the situation arose.

History: Chandler himself doesn't know the truth about his past. He grew up in New York City. His father found Chandler as a baby in a basket, out the front of his house (Cliche` I know) His father (Dean), was a mechanic who lived by himself over the years. He was an honest man who worked for everything, and didn't rip people off. He brought up Chandler as his own son, and taught him right from wrong.

Because it was just Dean and Chandler, and Dean didn't have the money to put Chandler into day care, he took Chandler to work with him in the garage. From a young age, Chandler was surrounded by cars and metal, where he learned more and more each day about cars and the way they worked.

Chandler went to school, and lived life as a normal kid, not knowing where he came from, or who his parents are. He continued to learn more about cars, and working in the workshop. When he was 14 he left school to help his dad in the workshop full time.

During September, Dean went to deliver a car to it's owner after the service, and left Chandler in charge. They expected nothing to go wrong, as he would only be gone 10 minutes. He was wrong.

People were watching the garage, waiting for Dean to leave so they could rob it. There were numerous cars and parts, which might have fetched a decent price on the black market. They broke into the garage where Chandler was by himself. One of the robbers saw Chandler, and went to hit him with his crowbar. Chandler raised his hand in an attempt to protect himself.

Before either of them knew what was going on, the crowbar was immobilized in mid air. One of the other men snuck up behind Chandler and knocked him out.

When Chandler woke up, the cars were gone, and Dean was next to him. After a few minutes he remembered what happened with the crowbar.

Dean took him to the hospital where they gave him the all clear, saying he wasn't concussed. He went home, and ate dinner in his room. When he finished, he locked the door, and put his bowl on the desk, next to a book. He aimed his palm at the book, and concentrated on trying to move it.

The book didn't move. However the fork started rattling inside the bowl. After trying to move a few more things, and being unable to move the non-metals, he learned that he can only move metal objects.

Over the next two years, Chandler spent his spare time in the garage, attempting to move the loose car panels, screws, tools and chains, growing stronger with his abilities, and hiding his gifts from his father.

Chandler still lives in New York City with his Dean and works at the garage. However Chandler is curious as to how he is able to control metal, and wants to travel in order to find this out. He believes that the key to his power lies with his biological family.

Weapons/Abilities: Chandler has the ability to move metal with his mind. He keeps chains and other metal things on his person most of the time.

Teh Chainz of Doomz
Chandler has two lightweight and coiled, yet sturdy chains attached to inside of the back of his jacket. They are partially fed through each sleeve, and remain hidden near Chandler's wrists. When uncoiled, the chains are approximately 4 meters long each. He can control them telepathically, and extend them from his sleeves like whips, even to the point of using them to attach to something up high and pull himself up. However he cannot move very fast with these unless he travels George of the Jungle style, by connecting the chains to something and swinging, as the chains are very heavy.

Teh Neocube of Painz and Stuffz
Chandler a wristband around each of his wrists, that is made up of multiple small, yet powerful magnetic balls. The magnetism holds them together, however Chandler can send and individual ball flying towards a target at high speed. Each of these will leave a (on average) 20mm bruise or welt if it hits bare skin. One isn't too painful. However each wristband is made of 200...

Each looks like this


Teh Metal Armourz of Protection and Crushing-ness
When thin metal is around, Chandler can bend it to make metal armour for himself.images.wikia.com/avatar/images/2/2f/Toph_in_metal_armor.png

If someone is wearing anything metal, Chandler can control that to hold them in place, or even crush it, and whoever is in it. He is a medieval knights worst nightmare.

General Telekinesis of Metals
Chandler can levitate and move metal with his mind. However if it is too heavy, he will struggle, and may not be able to lift it.

Other: I have not thought of a race for Chandler. I am trying to think of a mythical creature that has some form of control over metal. That is why he doesn't know his true heritage. When I figure out what he could be a descendant of to have his powers, I will have him learn it in the RP.

Chandler cannot tolerate heat when he wears his chain jacket. The the jacket will cause him to overheat, and the metal on him (chains, wristbands etc) will burn him if he is somewhere too hot.

Chandler is a mechanical genius for his age, since he spent all his free time during his childhood working in the garage, and left school at fourteen to help his dad in the garage.

SIDE NOTE: I finished this at 1am my time. I am going to reread it and fix any spelling errors, continuity or general derpyness when I wake up

03-08-2013, 02:32 PM
Lol, looks good, Cobalt. Have fun with Chandler.

03-09-2013, 07:41 AM
Name: Corbos

Age: ...

Gender: N/A

Race: Crossroads Demon
Due to the fact that these demons are the tortured remnants of a human soul, they are typically labeled as lesser beings by the average demon. They seem as if they are programmed to enjoy their work as it seems they are void of most every other attitude. The most notable feature about these beings is that they have no physical presence on the Earth. They appear as a black smoke without a host. This form of demon are in some ways similar to ghosts. They are both essentially both spirits. These beings can be safely exorcised from a host. They can be injured by silver and blessed water. They can not cross lines of salt, and they leave behind sulfur when they leave a location. Priests and holy men would use ancient seals of questionable origin to trap and detain these beings. The known way to kill them is burning their earthly remains.

Affiliation: Affiliated with Demons

Appearance: Aside from appearing as a black smoke without a host, he tends to use a body he borrowed without consent. His host is male whether that was his own original gender is an irrelevancy to him. The host has dark hair and blank eyes. The host is fairly dead so the skin is quite pale. Corbos has kept the body in decent condition, so it doesn't smell terrible and look too corroded. He tends to have his host wear a suit. The body does smell like it was preserved in a morgue.

Personality: Being a demon, he has fairly low moral standards. He also tends to be relatively unpleasant, unless you are a client. As far as unpleasant, he tends to be rude and seems to place himself on a higher plane than more mortal beings. He doesn't play nicely with others. He also enjoys spectating violent affairs that do not directly affect him. He is a lover of the finer things life has to offer, perhaps because he had little to nothing in life. He tends to place himself as a friend to make contracts easier to make with clients. Of course once a deal is struck, how he acts towards the client is no longer a relevancy. He quite enjoys his work, and if he gets to see his client squirm then all the better. Of course it is in part because of what he has become and less because who he is.

History: His own life is lost to him. He remembers nothing of it, and he cares nothing for it. In life, his actually life, He was Edward Corbos. He was a British smith. He was decent at his craft. He made enough money to support himself and his wife. They lived a fairly meager life. Of course there was the incident where his wife was burned to death in the forge. He shut it down from the trauma. He did not support himself well afterwards. He took to drinking soon after that. He ended up making a deal with a stranger. Taking on the stranger's jest, he sold his soul for endless drink. His mug never emptied. After nearly drowning himself many times in ales and meads of unnatural origin, he finally died in 1642 as a worthless drunk. It turned out sword swallowing is a dangerous profession that a drunk should not attempt. His life, as far as he is concerned, started when he died. He found himself in hell. Here he was tortured for longer than memory allows. His soul eventually reached the point of not being very human. The transition was seamless and his tortured existence was replaced with something foul. Something that cared little about those hurt by its actions. Since he has become what he is, he has made numerous deals with wittless mortals who sealed their eternal fate for a ten year contract, so that they could enjoy what they wanted for the duration of that ten years. He then returns to them after the ten year period to collect the payment. He tends to work under contract of whatever demon is hiring, but, when free-lancing, he simply adds the soul to his own power.

The Deal: He offers anything (power, money, knowledge, anything) in exchange for the soul of the client. He typically gives nothing more than what is asked for. He cannot make deals with the soulless.

Possesion: He can possess people at will. Only one person at a time, and he can be trapped in a body.

Ozgmog: He can call his Hellhound.

Other: Not sure if I can toss anymore together for the character.

Name: Ozgmog

Age: ...

Gender: N/A

Race: Hellhound
Essentially the tortured spirit of a dog, they seem to follow similar rules to their masters. They cannot cross nor even touch lines of salt and they can be caught with the correct seals. They can be exorcised and can be injured by silver and blessed water. They are different in a sense, in that they have a physical manifestation though many cannot see them. Magical folk such as Fae or Warlocks should be able to see them at least vaguely. Most undead can also see them. Nonmagical beings normally cannot see them through natural means. It is quite obvious where they have been despite the lack of Sulfur, as they tend to make a mess. It is not completely understood how to kill such creatures, but it is assumed that it is a way similar to the that of destroying their masters.

Affiliation: his demon master.

Appearance: Those that can see him see the remains of a long dead dog of rather great stature. His fur is no longer present. The most prominent feature are the obvious and quite visible blackened bones. It appears as though he is burning, but his hellbent form no longer is effected by the flames. Those that peer close enough will see sections of flesh that withstood the torments of hell.

Personality: He isn't the loving companion he once was. What is left is more of a destructive beast than anything else. He is void of desire for his own free will and is completely obedient to his owner. He is normally used as a simple means to collect on his master's deals.

History: In life, it was the unnamed dog of Edward Corbos quite literally found as a puppy. After the dog's master had died quite foolishly by his own hand, the dog found itself in a peculiar predicament. Ironically after its death it sought its master out and found him in a rather unpleasant place. Of course the dog was kept here and suffered as much as any mortal soul could endure. What remains of the dog is the obediant, hellbent shell loyal to its former master.

They have claws and teeth.
They appear invisible to many things and all humans.

Other: The Hellhound really can't be expanded on further, and itself isn't meant to act as a character. It is more of an add-on to the Crossroads Demon. As far as Personality goes, it really cannot be expanded without breaking the mythology from which I based it from. The sign-up itself is more of just a reference point to give an idea as to what it is, what it looks like, and how it is.

In the original mythology that I pulled it from it was invisible to all beings. I figured giving it rules for visibilty would help balance it since it is an absolutely ruthless and nearly impossible to kill or deter killer.

03-12-2013, 05:44 AM
...Okay, now Drago, I do believe we have a problem. These SUs are just barely acceptable. You did a rough-looking minimum SU for both of these guys, and it doesn't look like you put much thought into them at all. Your descriptions under the Race sections are just bullet point summaries of each race's weaknesses and abilities when they were meant to be more of a quick informative about the character's race--what do typical Crossroads Demons do? What qualifies as a Hellhound? My definition is certainly different than yours (which is also redundant, considering you've devoted three points to saying two of the same things about people being able to see them and one more about everyone else), so explain what makes them what they are. You really need to look over and re-word, as well as possibly expand upon both appearance sections--some bits just don't compute. Your personality and history sections are also both abysmally short, again, take some time to expand upon these. What has Corbos been doing since he became a demon? How does he fit into the big picture? How was Ozgmog corrupted and how did Corbos find him? Again, what has he been doing since then? Moost of the stuff you have currently listed under Race could also be shifted down and included in abilities instead...

You definitely need to take some time to go back over and fix these before I'll accept these two.

03-13-2013, 11:02 PM

Is that any better?

03-18-2013, 11:31 PM
Sooo... I may have gotten carried away. I'm a bit worried he's too strong, but other than that I'm pretty happy with him. And I still have two more characters I want to make... >.<

Name: Raisoren Driike (Pronounced “Rise-oh-ren Dreek”) He typically goes by Rise, and occasionally goes by Ren.
Age: Somewhere in the 200-300 range, he never bothered to keep track. He appears to be in his twenties, like many dragons do with their youthful appearances.
Gender: Male
Race: Western Dragon. Someone else has already defined western dragon parameters in another sign-up, so restating them would be redundant. The only notable difference from that definition is that Rise could be a classified as “lukewarm blooded”. While he is technically a coldblooded creature, he channels his draconic fire abilities to quickly warm up his own blood, making the cold-bloodedness almost a moot point. His subspecies was long considered to have died out, but in the past they have been called “Dragon Slaying Dragons” because of their unique abilities which put them at a distinct advantage against other dragons in a fight.
Affiliation: Well…. Although not part of a group, he’s pro-secrecy, but his personality makes him a headache for those who wish for secrecy, constantly causing disturbances with humans for the fun of it.
Appearance: In human form, which is what he tends to keep himself in, Rise stands at a solid five feet nine inches tall. If some crony had to describe him to their evil mob boss after being beaten up or whatever cronies do, all they would have to say is, “It was that guy with the cheeky grin, he did it!” and Rise would be found pretty quickly. He just can’t keep the mischievous half-smile off his face, and he loves to flash his sharp pearly-whites before biting into someone with equally vicious words. His grey eyes might be considered enchanting to a normal person, all throughout the ash colored pupils there are veins of red and orange, almost like magma seeping through a crack in hardened stone. His obsidian hair is barely long enough to cover the points on the ends of his ears and its contrast with his pale white skin makes it appear even glossier than it is. He wears clothes that don’t stand out too much: plain black shoes, dark jeans, a dark black shirt, and a black jacket for when it’s cold. Around his waist he wears a plain brown canvas belt with loops for holding knives. Inside the loops are four pairs of throwing knives, probably made of steel.
In dragon form he is surprisingly small for a dragon, only about fourteen feet long and five feet tall, but don’t let this fool you, he is fully grown. His wings normally fold rather neatly on his back, and when unfolded are about 24 feet wide. His scales are the same ashen grey color as his eyes in human form and between the scales a red-orange glow emanates. The veins in his wings are strikingly noticeable against his almost see-through wingflesh. The blood is visible in them, a deeper crimson than even blood should be, and they give off the red-orange glow as well. On his neck, there is a set of three scars down the left side, devoid of any scales. His eyes are a fierce red-orange and they glow, the glow even stronger when he uses his abilities. His head is streamlined, with almost no protective scales on it and his teeth still have that same white shine, although they are much sharper than in human form. His whole body is built to be aerodynamic and it shows, with a long spineless ridge leading back to his tail, which has special winglike flaps for control.
Personality: Rise treats everything in life with disdain, humans high ranking on his list of things disliked. But his disdain is not limited to only humans. Were-creatures and vampires are as good as humans, and both fae-folk and demon-kin are only slightly above them. And fellow dragons? Pah! Not like he’ll ever meet one again, but he considers them below humans, although he’ll probably treat one with curiosity as well if he ever meets one. He doesn’t display this disdain by being aloof and haughty though, oh no, that would be much too typical and nothing like him. Instead, he likes to mess with people, play pranks and jokes, and perhaps lash them with sarcastic remarks. And he loves watching the humans flee by throwing a fireball into some pathetic warehouse or bar he might come across when he gets really bored. He also tends to be nosy and curious, getting into other people’s business. Deep down, he might actually have a kind soul, but none of the general riff-raff, that is everyone, would ever get through to him, so what does it matter?
History: Rise has been an aimless wanderer for a while now, causing trouble where he pleases and then running off. Perhaps if he actually cared to think of his early days, he might change his ways, but the thoughts are still too raw to be treated with anything but anger. Long ago he had a family. His mother and her mate reared their offspring in some unnamed desert, which is quite a favorable climate for dragons, and he was taught that there was actually a large a concentration of dragons in the area, although they kept to themselves, so he never met them. His life was happy and enjoyable, and so he grew and was happy. That was until his talents manifested. He was unlike any dragon his parents had ever heard of, racing back and forth at inhuman, erm, indragon speeds, but they raised him as best as they could.
His whole life changed when his parents just disappeared. At first it was nothing, as his parents would often take extended trips from their roost, but soon the young dragon found he could wait no more, and he was forced to fend for himself. This proved difficult for him, as he had not yet been taught to hunt and food is rather scarce in the desert, so when the youngling was found weak and exhausted by a small group of fellow dragons, he was relieved. They fed him and dressed his wounds and he slept deeply in their roost. For a while he lived comfortably with this group, learning at the very least basic hunting and fighting skills, but he never felt welcome and often he would find the patriarch of the group giving him long, suspicious stares. He tried to think nothing of this strange hostility towards him but perhaps he should have, for it almost cost him his life. One night, Rise woke up suddenly, and though his eyes were closed, he heard the heavy breathing of the other dragons in a circle around him. The low, gravelly voice of the patriarch snarled out. “I don’t care, his life must end, now!” Understandably, his eyes snapped open in alarm and he tried to roll out of the way as a massive clawed paw bared down on him, but his neck was caught, and both he and the elder dragon howled in pain as his red hot blood spilled upon the elder’s paw. The elder recoiled as the blood hissed acidicly against his skin, there was a blur of movement, and then Rise was gone. After that, his life has been survival, and when that became too easy, he began satisfying his boredom by messing with whatever got in his way.
Dragon Form:
+Enhanced sight and smell. He can see through most disguises and can recognize creatures transformed into human form.
+Natural dragon weapons such as teeth, claws, and a lashing tail.
+Dragon’s strength. Self-explanatory.
+Extraordinary speed and agility. Rise can run at speeds reaching 100 mph if he has enough room, and he can fly at a brisk pace of 500 mph if he pushes himself.
+Superheated blood. His blood is infused with his fiery abilities, hot enough to cause intense burns on all except the extremely fire resistant.
+Acidic blood (Dragons only). To other dragons, touching his blood burns like acid. The wounds are slow to heal, but creatures other than dragons are unaffected.
+Blood channel claws. His front claws deserve a special note above his other natural weapons. They contain special channels which if he desires will open, coating his claws in his own blood. Often, this causes his claws to burst into flame as well, causing it to be a truly terrifying sight.
+Fire resistance and empowerment. Dragons’ are creatures of fire, and therefore resist it. Rise has an added bonus of being slightly empowered by it as it heats his body up, and the more heat he has, the more power he has.
+Enhanced regeneration. Rise has enhanced wound regeneration, most likely because of his magical blood. It certainly isn’t instant, but a wound sustained at the beginning of a long fight could very well be healed by the end of it.
+Human transformation. For Rise, turning into a human is a rather quick process, taking only about a minute to transform. Aided with a bit of practical magic, his clothes appear when he transforms into human form and disappear when he transforms out of it. The process is painful and he will involuntarily cry out and lash about, but after the transformation, the pain is quickly forgotten.
+/-Fireball breath. Unlike most dragons’, Rise cannot breathe fire. Too much of his fire ability is used on the blood heating and control. He does however have a somewhat acceptable alternative. While he cannot breathe a stream of fire, he can fire small bursts of fire from his mouth at high speed which are slightly explosive.
-Weak scales. Rise is made for speed, and as such there are sacrifices. One of them includes his scales. Most dragons’ scales are like a set of armor, difficult to penetrate and dent. Rise’s scales are only a somewhat acceptable defense against slashing attacks. Piercing, bludgeoning, and the like work very well against him, the scales providing no defense. Piercing isn’t advised though, as his blood runs close to the surface and most likely harm whoever did the stabbing.
-Weak mind. Rise is a very easy target to psychically attack. He has few mental defenses. In dragon form, psychic attack will most likely cause him to lash out and attempt to kill any and all that are around him.
-Wing weakness. Wings are often considered a dragon’s weak point. They’re soft and easy to puncture, and when wounded cause great pain. This is true of Rise as well, but he has the additional disadvantage of wingflaps on his tail, which provides an extra weak point.
-Fleshy areas. Rise’s face is not covered in scales, and therefore is completely vulnerable. Also, the three long scars on the left side of his neck have no scales protecting them.
+Enhanced sight and smell. While not as strong as dragon form, his senses normally make it rather easy to pick out supernatural creatures.
+Super human strength. He isn’t extraordinarily strong in human form, but he’s stronger than a human.
+Super human speed. Speed is one of his defining traits. Now, he can’t outrun a speeding bullet or anything crazy like that, but he’s fast enough to make a notable difference if he gets into a fight. He could run perhaps 30 miles an hour in human form, but not for more than a quick burst of a few seconds.
+Fireballs. Rise’s breath ability still appears in his human form, but it no longer originates from his mouth. He can only summon weak fireballs to his fingertips, but a weak fireball is still all you need to burn down a building.
+Throwing knives. The set of steel throwing knives in his belt aren’t for show. Not only can they be thrown with deadly accuracy, they also work as fine melee weapons for someone with the speed that Rise possesses.
-Magical blood. His blood and it’s magic is not a positive thing for his human form. His human form has lost its regeneration ability, but still retains some of the heat and acidic properties to dragons, making it difficult for him to receive help if he is injured.
-Weak will. In human form, it would be very easy for a psychic to completely dominate Rise’s mind.
-Pain blocking transformation. While in dragon form, he can transform into a human no matter what his physical state. As a human however, if he is in pain or has a serious wound that is not at least partially healed, he cannot transform back into a dragon.
Other: Thanks for letting me sign up late.

03-19-2013, 05:59 AM
Drago: I'm still not overly happy with your SU(s) but it's better than before. Feel free to use them.

Hay: Oh my gosh, your SU is lovely--accepted!

Also, let it be noted that I'm probably going to drop Nora in the near future to an NPC...she will likely be replaced with my own half-vampire and her human "guard" as soon as I can get SUs done for them.

Name: Skylar "Sky" Boschtallen
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Demi-Vampire; the daughter of a noble vampire and human woman, Sky is one of those creatures everyone seems to hate...though she isn't sure why. She's not fond of bright sunlight, though it certainly won't kill her, and she needs less blood than others of her father's kind, but she refuses to hurt people to get it.
Affiliation: Herself and pro-secrecy
Appearance: Sky isn't the kind of girl you would want to approach and ask for directions if you saw her on the street. Heck, you probably wouldn't even be able to tell she was a girl at first--standing at a solid 5' 11" and having a very slender body, combined with dirty blonde hair gelled into spikes atop her head tipped off with blue dye, she looks more like a boy than a girl. She can often be found wearing worn jeans or cargo pants with often plain black shirts and rough yet sturdy looking pair of black boots as well as a pair of close-fitting black gloves. The only thing that really clues you in on much about her is the fact she's almost always wearing a gray Nightmare Before Christmas zip-up hoodie with Jack and Sally on it that's patched here and there. She's known mostly for her mischevious, "devil-may-care" smile and many people tend to notice the multiple pieces of jewelry in her ears.
Personality: Sky is one of those people that just doesn't get along well with others, and her recent seclusion from others aside from Damien has made it pretty apparent. She's just as likely to hit you as she is to look at you when you're aggravating her, and almost anything can count as aggravating her--especially when her headaches get more intense. She's prone to using sarcasm to answer everything, and is often unsympathetic to trivial problems, considering her life is currently a mess and people and vampires alike are continually trying to kill her. There are very few people who never end up on the recieving end of her moodyness...actually there are exactly four: her mother, father, half-brother, and Damien. She doesn't care much for airheaded, preppy or overly happy people, and tends to call these kinds of people "Barbies" due to childhood prejudices. Her go-to reaction to anything surprising her is to grab her gun, and has no qualms about asking people to "turn their thoughts down" when they get particularly loud, and doesn't seem to be bothered by answering thought questions out loud. She's often uneasy around people she doesn't know, and tends to be hard to pull out of her shell beyond making sarcastic marks once in awhile. She's always been that way, but spending the past few months alone with the guy she basically shares a mind with has made her particularly fond of simply talking to Damien mentally while ignoring most others. It's often Damien who starts relationships with others first, and she tags along before forming her own ideas on things.
History: Sky was born the daughter of a human woman and a noble vampire, not that she knew this for a good part of her life. Her parents met when her father ran away from his family upon finding out he had been volunteered for an arranged marriage to keep the family pure nobility. Some time during his free run in mostly human society, he met the woman named Caitlin, whom he fell in love with. He eventually shared the truth behind what he was with Caitlin, but she didn't seem to care, and was even excited when she found out they were going to have a baby. However, things went south from there, and her unborn child's father had to leave due to familial reasons before his relationship with Caitlin and her pregnancy were discovered, but that did not mean he abandoned the woman he loved and their child. Throughout the years, her mother was the recipient of many a large check that arrived in mail in an envelope with no return address. When Sky questioned her mother about them, she brushed the questions off, and despite her daughter's many questions, her mother never spoke about her father. As a kid, Sky often found herself on the outside of cliques and groups of girls, but she didn't mind being a solitary child. It meant she didn't have to avoid questions about what her father did or what she hated about her grandparents' odd cooking, or other things of that nature. Instead, she took to calling the pretty, clique-y girls "Barbies" and making odd friends with the other girls who found themselves outside of the mean little groups that cropped up more and more as she got older. She learned to pull her own weight in her house quickly and never had problems with her mother, with whom she lived until she turned sixteen. That was the year she came home from school and found a letter waiting for her from her father, who detailed the story about who and what he was, as well as why he hadn't been able to stay with his daughter and her mother. Included with this explanation was a request for her to come visit him, as he wanted to train his daughter to use what powers she had inherited from his side of the family before she was involved in some kind of freak incident where they could be revealed. Sky was rather shocked, to say the least, that the man claiming to be her father also claimed to be a vampire, but it didn't stop her from wanting to meet the man who had been absent from her life for so many years...and it also didn't help she was curious at to what the man believed that she had inherited from his side of the family.

That was when the attacks started. When her father, a man named Niccholi, revealed his daughter's existence to his wife (the one he was forced into an arranged marriage with) and their two children, only his eldest son did not react with revulsion. His wife and daughter were immediately convinced he had brought shame upon his family name and that the only way to right the shame was to have the girl killed, and when others found out, many felt the same way. Niccholi, however, refused to end the life of the only child he had been able to have with the woman he really loved, and Sky's half-brother stood with their father on the decision. After making his decision clear, there were several incidents in which Sky was nearly killed and often saved by the presence of her half-brother and her growing telepathic ability. After the third incident, her father brought in Damien Wright, a human telepath gifted with the ability to see most mythological creatures whose family had served various vampire families for generations, to work as a kind of guard and blood source for his daughter. Sky and Damien hit it off immediately, their relationship beginning with the words "I like your hair," and only growing from there as they learned how to fight together and protect each other. Eventually, the two became so close that their minds practically became one--there were no true boundaries between their minds; if you were able to look and actually see their minds, it would be hard to tell where Sky's ended and Damien's began, save for their individual thoughts. When things got out of control, Sky finally told her father she could not stay, and set out in the world with Damien at her side a year after she had originally arrived to meet her father. Fearing for her mother's safety, Niccholi separated himself from his wife and daughter, taking his son with him to find Sky's mother and hide Caitlin away. It has been this way for years now, Sky and Damien going where they pleased and getting rid of those who sought to kill her and eliminating Vampires who threatened other humans, taking up a kind of freelance Vampire hunting job.

Unfortunately now that the disappearances have started, Niccholi and Sky's half-brother have begun to worry, and managed to arrange for her and Damien to stay with another Vampire family who doesn't seem to care much about what she is. Sly isn't happy about having to live with other beings again, but if it will stop her father from panicking every five minutes and calling her, she will do what must be done. And just like always, she's determined to help find out what's going on and eliminate the problem.

Weapons/Abilities: Sky's vampire genetics make her base senses (sight, smell, hearing, etc) more sensitive, but her most vampiric qualities are her incredible physical strength and her inherited telekinesis and "sponge" telepathy from her father's side of the family. She heals more rapidly than normal people, but not as rapidly as a full-blooded vampire, though she will heal more quickly with human blood in her system. Despite the fact Sky is a psychic powerhouse, she's plagued with often not being able to block out the minds around her, which tends to lead to headaches of varying intensity, and can stretch to causing her to pass out if the thoughts around her are intense enough. The more she uses her telekinesis, the more she pays for it later, and often by having to compensate for the extra strain by taking more than the little bit of blood she normally does. She can and often does go out in the day, in sunlight, however she is prone to jerking her head away from the direction of sudden bright lights and is easily sunburned, however she never tans. She also packs a pistol that can either be found in one of her cargo pants pockets or strapped in place just by her left shoulder blade, which is loaded with silver bullets.
Other: Don't mess with Damien if you know what's good for you. She also has a nervous habit of reaching for her gun, however she's more likely to weaponize her telekinesis than she is to shoot.

Name: Damien Wright
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affiliation: He follows Sky almost without question, though will admit he thinks secrecy is for the best
Appearance: Damien is rather tall and lanky young man, standing just a little taller than Sky and just as wire thin in appearance, though don't assume that means he has no muscle--you would be dead wrong in doing so. His taste in style seems to be close to that of Sky's as he's been gelling his brown hair into spikes for years, and his twin brother convinced him to try dying the tips of his spikes purple not too long before he met Sky--it's actually something they find quite humorous--and his eyes are a funny nearly purple color that everyone seems to say suggests that there's Fae in the bloodline somewhere that decided to turn up in Damien and his twin brother. Rather than look like a standard guard, Damien dresses similarly to Sky, wearing a simple black short sleeves shirt under and purple and black striped zip-up hoodie with a messily cut out and stitched on red heart sewn to the front left side of the hoodie front. He wears this along with a pair of beat up jeans and black tennis shoes. Often, he can be seen wearing a simple black backpack, and a single read heart stud rests in his right earlobe.
Personality: Damien could easily be called Sky's other half, as he is exactly what she is not, and some of what she is to boot. Damien is openly friendly to anyone and thing he is certain is not a threat to Sky, who he tends to think of first. Despite his dei-vampire companion being more durable than him, Damien often insists on doing things that could easily get him hurt that wouldn't harm Sky as easily, and he's good at keeping track of when she needs to take blood from him. While serious about his job, Damien does have a more playful side, and often uses it to smooth out Sky's worries as a distraction. He's also typically the one to initiate friendships they both tend to eventually share, as he likely understands Sky better than anyone else does with how they are connected, and often tries to help her out in ways not even she understands until later.
History: Damien doesn't have a messy history like many humans entangled in the world of mythological creatures do. Born the "oldest" in a pair of twins, Damien spent most of his young life watching over his more gentle twin brother Verity. While they knew they were expected to serve the vampires, as the rest of their family had before them, they were not tied to any one family or vampire, and trained to deal with all kinds. The twins rarely spent a moment apart, and though one could visibly distinguish the two apart, it was harder to tell which twin was which when they began to talk. What started off as simple finishing of each others sentences and seemingly knowing things that had happened to the other when they were apart, turned into more questionable abilities as the pair grew older and their "twin telepathy" extended to others. Damien often answered unspoken thoughts aloud, unaware they hadn't been spoken, and Verity was uncannily aware of the emotions of those around him and even able to affect them at certain points in time. Eventually, it took the pair coming into contact with a telepathic vampire visiting their family's vampire family for the true extent of their powers to be brought to light--the Wright twins were psychically gifted; Damien was a sort of sponge telepath and Verity a rather powerful empath. Their family, however, attempted to keep their abilities hidden while they were taught how to properly work with vampires...not that the duo and their abilities could be hidden forever, nor could they stay together forever. Shortly after they were put up for possible assignment to vampire families, word about the telepath and the empath got out, and Damien was quickly brought in by a noble vampire named Niccholi Boschtallen to meet his daughter for a potential guarding job... What Damien didn't expect was that the one he was going to be guarding was the vampire's half-human daughter.

The thing was, Damien didn't mind the idea of danger. In fact, he was pretty ignorant of the danger, more interested in the daughter's odd appearance, which was similar to that of his own.

Cobalt Shadow
03-19-2013, 06:16 AM
Drago: I'm still not overly happy with your SU(s) but it's better than before. Feel free to use them.

Hay: Oh my gosh, your SU is lovely--accepted!

Also, let it be noted that I'm probably going to drop Nora in the near future to an NPC...she will likely be replaced with my own half-vampire and her human "guard" as soon as I can get SUs done for them.

Name: Skylar "Sky" Boschtallen
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Demi-Vampire; the daughter of a noble vampire and human woman, Sky is one of those creatures everyone seems to hate...though she isn't sure why. She's not fond of bright sunlight, though it certainly won't kill her, and she needs less blood than others of her father's kind.
Affiliation: Herself and pro-secrecy

Yay another half Vamp! I am still unsure how of Dalton would react to her, probably since there isn't much at the moment XD Should be fun :)

EDIT: One thing I noticed. Dalton's vampire linage is street scum sorta style, eg his father and stepfather being part of a pro vampire gang. Sky on the other hand seems more upper class ha ha

03-19-2013, 06:19 AM
Lol, Sky would want to know how the heck he's lived so long--people try to kill her very often. XD

Cobalt Shadow
03-19-2013, 06:24 AM
Ha ha humans would struggle to kill him because of his speed, and most of the time he can smell non-humans, and will have his hand on his gun when he is suspicious XD

Let me know when you finish the sign up. I am extremely interested in this. Especially how different to Dalton she will be since vampires have varying powers, and half vamps even more so.

03-19-2013, 02:26 PM
Lol, I can tell you this--she's...interesting. XD

Cobalt Shadow
03-20-2013, 07:32 AM
All the other RPs I am part of died :( more characters!

Name: Soren
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Raiju (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raij%C5%AB)
Affiliation: Anti Secrecy. He has been causing some trouble among the human, and mythical community, and has a bounty on his head after some trouble in Sydney.
Appearance: In his human form, Soren has shaggy grey hair, a sight which is rare for someone so young. He has a hairy body, causing some people to mistake him for a european (I am not trying to be racist here), and wears clothes enchanted for him by a witch to stay with him, but not be there, when he goes into wolf form. In other words, if he is wearing clothes when he transforms, he will have them back when he goes human again. He is 183cm tall in human form, and has grey eyes.

In wolf form, he has light blue fur, and stands at approximately 1.5 meters tall when on four legs. He has muscular legs and the same grey eyes. If he is calm, his fur will sit flat on his back. However when he feels threatened, it will stick up, and sparks will be visible flickering between pieces of fur.

Personality: Reckless is an understatement when it comes to Soren. Everything is stupid enough that it might work. And even if it is that stupid that it won't work, it is worth a try. Soren will jump straight in, and ask questions later. Thought the lack of hesitation is sometimes good, it has gotten him into trouble in the past. Soren is fun loving, sometimes to the point where he is just plain obnoxious and childish. Planning? That word isn't part of his vocabulary. Winging it? He lives by that.

When he wants something, Soren is a fast talking, almost like a con artist. He could sweet talk an old lady into giving him her pension if he wanted to. But when he doesn't, Soren is as blunt as an eraser. He will tell the truth, and whats on his mind. However he will not tolerate an insult, and will fight back. Lets face it. Soren is a jackass.

History: Soren was raised by wolves. He was born in England, to a wolf family, and spent the first six years of his life as a wolf. However at around age six, he started to show supernatural characteristics, unnatural of a wolf. He could generate and fire electricity through the air. He was not an ordinary wolf. He was a Raiju.

A group of Raiju were looking through the forests at the time, trying to find the next Raiju to be trained. Raiju were are rare type of wolf, and it had been 15 years since the last one was found. They came across Soren, and took him from his pack. They took him to a witch, who enchanted him into having a human form. He was raised by the group in London, and trained to use his power. He was a polite child, if anything introverted, before the incident when he was twelve.

For his twelfth birthday, the Raiju gave Soren 5 pounds, and let him go buy himself lunch. Due to learning to talk, read and write at age six, Soren was quiet, and didn't like speaking. He suffered from a horrible stutter. He went to get some food from the fish and chips shop, and went to the counter. When he struggled to read the menu, and was taking a little while to make his order, a big kid behind him pushed him and told him to hurry up. Soren got some chips, then left. However when he saw that only the boy who pushed him had his hands on the metal counter, Soren generated electricity in his palm and placed it on the counter, shocking the boy. The boy didn't now what happened, but chased Soren out of the shop, and when he caught him, beat him up.

After that, his Raiju teachers noticed a change in Soren. He seemed to have more confidence, to the point where he was cocky. The quiet child who never questioned the Raiju's place in society was now complaining about how they shouldn't have to hide.

At age 17, Soren had completed his training, and was given the choice to stay with the Raiju to find and train the next ones, or to leave and pursue his own goals. He left, and boarded a plan to Sydney Australia. There he joined a mythical creature activist group, composed of werewolves, vampires and every other type of creature imaginable. They would make their presence know, destroying public places.

However they were found, and Soren was forced to flee. He left Sydney and went south, to Melbourne, where he is currently hiding.

Weapons/Abilities: Soren has two forms. His human form and his Wolf form. Though he was not born with a human form, and has it through magic, he prefers it over his wolf form. He takes approximately 15 seconds to transform between forms.
In his human form, Soren can generate small amounts of electricity. Creating electricity uses energy, and is harder to do when tired or on an empty stomach. The more electricity created, the more energy it uses. It requires much more electricity for Soren to send it through the air. By the time it reaches its target it would have weakened. He can do just as much, if not more damage however if he is touching the person directly, or they are both in contact with a conductor. Enough to shock a human, and leave them with a small yet nasty burn. However there is not much else he can do in this form.

In his wolf form, Soren can generate and store much more electricity. Enough to send bolts of electricity flying without tiring himself out too much. He has large fangs as a wolf, and can run long distances, and jump large gaps in this form.

In either of Soren's form, he can completely change form into a bolt of electricity. However to travel across air, will use a lot of energy, so it is very rare that he does this. However if he were to use something metal to travel (eg traintracks) he could conduct himself through them, and travel large distances in the blink of an eye. However if he goes through an electronic device, he will short circut it and most likely blow it up.

In both forms Soren can not die from electrocution. If he were to come into contact with any charged surfaces, his body would absorb the electricity. However it won't stay there. Eventually he would discharge it all, whether he likes it or not if it is still in his body. The more electricity that is flowing through his body, the less time he can hold it there.

Other: Naturally, Raiju only have their wolf forms. However many years ago, a witch gave one a human form as a gift. This Raiju mastered his abilities and helped give the other raiju human forms and train them. This is how the group was formed.

03-21-2013, 05:02 AM
Oh jeez, Cobalt, Soren sounds like he's going to be a headache...but a working SU is a working SU. XD Accepted.

Also, I would appreciate those who haven't posted recently posting soon.

Cobalt Shadow
03-21-2013, 05:12 AM
Best part about him, he overuses YOLO XD

03-21-2013, 05:19 AM
Uggggggh, not YOLO! Anything but YOLO!

Sky's also partially done if you wanted to start looking her over.

Cobalt Shadow
03-21-2013, 05:31 AM
Oh yeah. I am at school (bloody after school classes) so I will have a post up in 3 hours

03-21-2013, 05:35 AM
You're at scho--ohhh. Dat Australia time. XD

I'm not pressing you, more like Velo, Doodle, Chibi...those people.

Cobalt Shadow
03-21-2013, 05:37 AM
I know ha ha I post too often XD

03-21-2013, 05:46 AM
It's not that you post too often, it's that you and Drago seem to get into posting frenzies without giving others time to see what's going on or reply if they're in the area.

Cobalt Shadow
03-21-2013, 05:47 AM
To be fair it was just the one frenzy XD

03-21-2013, 05:52 AM
Once so far. I'm just trying to warn you before it becomes a really frustrating habit.

Also: Sky is finished, though I'll have to work on her human companion later... But you're more interested in the demi than the human, I'm sure. XD

Cobalt Shadow
03-21-2013, 05:54 AM
We got the message after the first time ha ha. I will check it out when class finishes :D

03-21-2013, 05:58 AM
Sorry, just one of those things that used to drive me up the wall--there were two people I used to RP with (they never get on anymore) that would go into posting frenzies so long they would take up a full page to a page and a half worth of posts before someone else got on and the rest of us were left confused and trying to figure out what was going on more than once.

Have fun pondering how Dalton will react to her.

Cobalt Shadow
03-21-2013, 06:01 AM
Drago moonlight and I discussed it last night ha ha

03-21-2013, 06:03 AM
Ah, sounds like fun.

03-21-2013, 02:09 PM
New Dragon now
and another half-human Vampire

Has anyone else thought epic deathmatch between Dragons on their half-vampire steeds?

oh wait did I get that backwards?

03-21-2013, 02:25 PM
Even if you got it backwards, no.

03-21-2013, 03:39 PM
They always turn out longer than I want them to... anyways, here's Tiel. 2/3 characters down.

Name: Tiel’crec (Pronounced Tea-el’crek.) He goes by Tiel (Tea-el). I’ll give a virtual cookie to the first person who figures out how I made his name. It isn’t that difficult.

Age: At least a thousand years old, if not more. Age is irrelevant to him. In human form he appears to be in his twenties.

Gender: Male.

Race: Thunderbird-Pheonix hybrid. He shares almost all his traits with phoenixes, so I shall define my version of them here. Phoenixes are grand, majestic birds that are most famous for one trait: they’re immortal. Phoenixes never die, instead when they are in a situation in which they would die; their bodies disappear in a flurry, and all that remains is an egg. When the egg hatches, the phoenix bursts out exactly as they had been before reverting into egg form, both physically and mentally. A phoenix can only truly die when they have decided they have lived long enough, and when they do die, sometime in the near future a new phoenix egg will be laid somewhere else in the world, keeping the population of phoenixes in the world always the exact same amount. After they reach maturity, phoenixes will never age, always remaining youthful, looking to be in their twenties. Now, phoenixes also are elementally related to fire, but this is irrelevant in Tiel’s case so I won’t elaborate. Please note that this is simply my personal version of a phoenix.

Affiliation: Secrecy. Tiel is so secretive he tends to hide from other mythological creatures as well, and only a few know of his existence.

Appearance: I just realized that Tiel has 4 different forms, so forgive me if I don’t include a ton of detail. Anyways, let’s begin.
In his natural form, Tiel takes the shape of a giant raven. He can vary the size considerably, the smallest size having a wingspan of about six feet, the largest size having a wingspan of fifty feet. His plumage is the glossy black of a raven’s wing, but the edges of the feathers are a bold yellow and the bases of the feathers an electric blue, with the black being between the two unnatural colors. Occasionally a blue static spark may shock between his feathers. His eyes are an unnaturally bright yellow with an electric blue halo surrounding the pupil.

In human form, Tiel stands at five feet eleven inches tall. His blond hair falls down past his ears, but it typically clumps together in spikes, sticking out together in every which way. (Think anime style messy spiky hair.) If one looks closely, they may notice his hair has a blue tint to it, and if one were to poke and prod around his head, they would soon discover that the roots of his hair are blue, with the odd strand never turning blond as it grew longer, adding to the electric blue tinge (Did you know tinge isn’t a word? I didn’t, but I like it, so I’ll use in anyways). His eyes are the same yellow with blue halo as in his natural form. A silver necklace in the shape of a single feather rests around his neck. He wears black combat boots, tan cargo pants, and a bright yellow shirt with slits cut in the back around the shoulders. From these slips, two wings protrude; they appear exactly as his wings do in his natural form.

Raven form is rather boring, as there isn’t much to write about. In raven form, Tiel looks like your typical raven, although slightly large than normal. His eyes are also the same as in his other forms: electric yellow with a halo of electric blue.

Finally, we get to egg form. At first glance, Tiel’s egg form looks like a glass orb. Although it is a bit heavy, it can fit into a man’s hand easily enough. Inside the sphere, blue electrical energy pulses and plays along this glass, almost like one of those static orbs that cause people’s hair to stand up.

Personality: Tiel is generally quiet and reserved, thinking his own thoughts. He tends to be rather shy, but this does not mean he will run away from people, but rather that it is rare for him to start a conversation and also may not speak up in discussions if he is not comfortable with enough of the people there. When he finally becomes comfortable with a person, some of the quietness goes away, although it still remains in his voice. He tends to be very inquisitive after he is made comfortable with someone, and it’s obvious he tends to think deeply. In human form, he is more likely to speak up even when he isn’t comfortable with a person, but it’s still a rather unlikely occurrence. Tiel generally has a kind and generous heart, but he is so quiet and shy that people tend not to realize he’s even around.

History: To be honest, Tiel’s history is rather boring. Despite being a hybrid coming from a phoenix father and a thunderbird mother, Tiel has always been accepted by the few other members of these species he’s met. Growing up he was kind, quiet, and studious, and his life was content. Long after he reached adulthood, he remained in his parents roost, for he simply could not be bothered to leave. Sadly, thunderbirds are not immortal like phoenixes, and two years in the past, his mother died of old age.

Over the next year, his father began returning to the roost less and less, and the few times he and Tiel did speak, Tiel’s father often suggested that he was soon going to allow himself to move onto the next life. About a year before the beginning of the rp, after another of his father’s visits, Tiel heard a loud shriek from around the roost. Eventually, he found feathers on the ground and a few other signs that his father had given up his immortality. Something about the scene felt strange, but he put the thoughts aside. Soon, he began traveling, his curiosity about the world too great, and as he began overhearing stories of supernatural creatures disappearing mysteriously, he started to worry that something sinister may have happened to his father. Because of this, he has begun searching for clues far and wide to see if he can find any evidence that his father is still somewhere out in the world. So far, he has found none.

+Phoenix Immortality. Across all of his forms, if Tiel were to receive fatal wounds, he will revert into his egg form, to hatch from it again in three days’ time.

True form:
+Natural weapons. In his true form, Tiel has massive beaks and claws that can be used to rip things to shreds.
+Storm Magic. As an elemental creature, Tiel has deep connections to the power of the storm. In his true form, his powers are the strongest. He can generate and control massive amounts of electricity to do whatever he pleases, or summon winds comparable to the strongest storm. He can summon huge thunderstorms to boost his own power, or summon small lightning clouds to endlessly follow and shock a target.
+Shocking reversion. When Tiel is forced into his egg form from his true form, he releases one last powerful blast of electricity all around him which he can control well enough so that it does avoids allies.
+Easy transformation. When in his true form, Tiel can easily transform into his human or raven forms in a matter of thirty seconds or less. The process is painless for him, and the magic conveniently summons his clothes from whatever pocket dimension they’re in when he turns into a human. He can transform through most injuries or pain in this form.
+Size variance. When Tiel transforms into his true form, he can choose the size that he wishes to be, within certain parameters. Once he is in his natural form, he cannot change his size any longer. If he wishes to change his size, he must first transform into his human or raven form, and then back into his true form at the desired size.

Human form:
+Tiel still has access to all his Storm powers when in human form, although to a lesser degree than in his true form.
+Wings. Pretty straight forward, he has wings which give him the ability to fly. He has managed to use his magical power to create a weak spell around them to hide them, but since it is rather outside his elemental field, they are only protected from the sight of normal humans. Supernatural creatures or humans who know of the supernatural will most likely be able to see his wings just fine.
+Transformation. When in human form, it takes him around thirty seconds to return to his true form, and about a minute to transform into raven form. In human form, he can transform through some pain and injury, although not excessive amounts.

Raven form:
+The almost perfect disguise. When in raven form, no matter how well a person is able to pick out mythical creatures from a crowd, Tiel will not be recognized as a mythical creature. The only hint that he may be a mythical creature is his electric yellow eyes with their curious blue halo, and the fact that if he slips up, he might sound too human while talking.
+Tiel can still speak English while in Raven form, since ravens are language capable.
-Difficult transformation. Transforming into raven form is typically rather easy. To transform back into his true or human forms, Tiel must wait a full five minutes for the transformation to complete.
-Pain blocks transformation. If Tiel is injured or in serious pain when in raven form, he will be unable to transform back into his human or true forms.

Egg form:
+Power transferal. While in egg form, Tiel is able to give people holding his egg the ability to imperfectly control electricity and wind if he so desires. They shouldn’t try to do anything crazy though, as he can only give so much assistance in control.
+Telepathy. While in egg form, he has a short range telepathy, typically five feet around him, but if he concentrates he can speak over longer distances.
-He’s trapped in a freaking egg. He can barely do anything but wait around for three days until he hatches.
-The pain of immortality. Phoenixes must pay a price for their immortality. Although they can never be killed because of their ability to turn into their eggs, the process of turning into their egg form causes immense pain as their physical body is transformed into magical energy while they recuperate. And for Tiel, because he is not a true phoenix, the pain of turning into a magical "egg" is multiplied tenfold. Because of this, he will only use egg form when absolutely necessary. He would rather wait years for a serious injury to heal than to quickly heal the injury by forcing a situation that causes him to go into egg form, the pain is too great to even consider it.
-Imperfect immortality. Tiel is a hybrid, and although he was lucky enough to receive the gift of immortality from his phoenix parent, this immortality is not perfect, draining his life force whenever he reverts to egg form, and it takes him weeks to recover from this drain. The simplest way to explain how it works is a tier system. Whenever he transforms into an egg, he goes down a tier, and if a certain time limit is passed without transforming into an egg, he goes up one tier. Here are the tiers:
1. Perfectly normal.
2. Inability to transform into thunderphoenix form, weakness. 3 weeks without egg form to move up one tier.
3. In ability to transform into human or thunderphoenix forms. 2 weeks without egg form to move up one tier.
4. If this stage is reached, Tiel will fade from existence. Slowly, the electrical energy will dim from inside his egg until it is nothing more than a glass orb. The only way he can be saved from fading away is if someone else donates a significant portion of their life force to stabilize him. The person must have the knowledge and ability to do such a thing though, so it is unlikely this will happen.
-Raven incompatibility. This could also be put under his raven form, but I'll put it here. Because his raven form holds absolutely no magical power, if he is forced to transform into an egg from raven form, on the tier list above, he will drop two tiers, instead of one.

03-23-2013, 06:23 AM
Hmm, Tiel is powerful, but we'll have to see how things play out. He sounds like someone Leena would be interested in meeting, TBH. XD Accepted.

Cobalt Shadow
03-23-2013, 06:27 AM
Hmm, Tiel is powerful, but we'll have to see how things play out. He sounds like someone Leena would be interested in meeting, TBH. XD Accepted.

Jaye and I have been talking. Soren would be OP if he weren't an idiot. I am planning some CD where he will be smarter, but I will weaken him ha ha

03-23-2013, 06:30 AM
But he is crazy. He'd also have an interesting time fighting Leena, seeing as one of her main weapons is lightning. And CD? Not familiar with that term.

Cobalt Shadow
03-23-2013, 06:32 AM
But he is crazy. He'd also have an interesting time fighting Leena, seeing as one of her main weapons is lightning. And CD? Not familiar with that term.

Character Development.

I will look at Leenas SU now. His recklessness is his weakness. EG he could kill someone easier if he were to think about a smart way to do it. But he will run straight in and probably fail ha ha

03-23-2013, 06:40 AM

Lol, there's a lot in Leena's SU, but think of it this way...very old Warlock can handle herself. He'd have a heck of a time with other characters of mine that could possibly make an appearance as well...Morgan is a freaking "Thunder" magic branch fanatic, and he knows how to use it very well...and his mother is freaking magical powerhouse when she so chooses to be.

Recklessness and possibly science, provided one really thought about how to fight him.

Cobalt Shadow
03-23-2013, 06:43 AM
ha ha Soren is mostly out to get Dalton. Personal reasons. If Chandler chooses to come with Dalton, it could be a civil war ha ha. BTW I added you on skype so we can discuss small things like this without spamming the SU since the last two pages are mostly us ha ha

03-23-2013, 06:44 AM
Lol, I noticed that in your last post. And you did? Because I'm not getting a contact request...

Cobalt Shadow
03-23-2013, 06:47 AM
winter-oneechan? The one on your profile? if you still haven't got it, I am jacooby_cookie95 ha ha

03-23-2013, 06:53 AM
Did you use the button on here to try adding me? I think you have to manually input it into your Skype search bar. Not that it matters, I found you. XD

03-23-2013, 04:45 PM
Yeah, I can see your concern's with Tiel, but truthfully, he's a bit balanced with his personality like Rise. He is so concerned about keeping himself secret, even from other supernatural beings, than he will rarely be in his true form, and that's the form where he'll have the most power. Thanks for accepting him! My final character sign-up will be finished sometime soon, and she's considerably less powerful than Rise and Tiel. After that, I can finally get into the rp!

03-23-2013, 10:03 PM
Can people still sign up for this? It looks fun and I would like to join.

03-23-2013, 10:09 PM
Yup. XD Hay is just finishing his SUs as well, and I'm adding another character of my own as well. As long as you feel you can jump into the RP, feel free to sign up.

03-24-2013, 01:46 AM
Cool, I will have one character for now, possibly more.

Name: Quraza (Pronounced Kra-za) is his birth name. However he tells people to call him Spitfire, only those that have earned his trust can call him by his real name.

Age: 105

Gender: Male

Race: Wyvern - African Dragon
- Wyverns can fly at an altitude that makes it difficult for them to be spotted from the ground. Because of this they have excellent eye sight and can spot their prey from impressive heights.
- Wyverns have the ability to breath fire, however seldom do, instead they blow out hurricane force winds.
- Wyverns have a tough hide, it can deflect most weapons, mainly things made of wood, like arrows and spears. Their underside is much softer than the rest and can be penetrated with enough force.
- Wyverns, like other dragons, can perform certain magic.

Affiliation: Quraza isn't really on a side, but he would like to be able to roam the world without fear of being shot down.

Appearance: Dragon Form: Quraza is a light, muddy brown, almost dark green colour. Wyverns are the largest species of dragon, as Quraza is a fully grown adult, he is 19 feet high, 50 feet long and weighs 3071kg. He has a wingspan of 52 feet and his tail is 30 feet long, making his body, neck and head 20 feet long altogether. His tail is thick and heavy.

Wyverns only have two large back legs, with three forward pointing toes and a fourth, smaller thumb like toe which helps them grip prey. They have rather sharp talons, but prefer to use their strength and weight in a fight. His body is extremely thick as well as his legs and neck. His head is framed by long thick spikes, which run down the back of his neck and tail, along his neck they are smaller, flatter and less sharp. He has sharp teeth and light blue eyes, with a dark grey iris and black pupil. His wings are large and powerful, they have talons on the tip, which helps them to grab onto rocky ledges and mountains.

Human Form: Image. (http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z247/skye126/anime%20guys/meow.jpg) I will type up a description for it once I have time :P

Personality: Quraza is rather quiet, he tends to keep to himself, only really talking to a fellow dragon, rather than anything else. He is constantly calm and never resorts to violence, unless threatened and attacked first. He would rather everything was nice and peaceful, instead of angry and violent. He hates confrontations and tries his best to avoid them, however that will not make him a push over, he will fight back if someone tries to push him to do something he does not want to do.

He could be considered playful, as he likes to have fun with younger dragons if he comes across them, and kind-hearted, as he would always take in a stranded creature, as long as it made no indication to hurt him. He didn't like the thought of leaving an abandoned creature behind because of his own past, this includes humans, but he is more wary of them than any other creature he may come across.

History: Quraza has an impeccable memory, and remembers every single day of his life. He had been born in 1908 in Africa. Even though Wyverns were an African dragon, Quraza's parents loved to travel the world, never settling in one place. Of course the two had to stay in Africa for a few years, as that was where the egg was laid. So once it had hatched and Quraza was able to fly quite well, all three of them were up and flying all around the world. Of course, since dragons didn't want to be seen, the places they went to were limited, but the change in scenery was a nice thing, even when limited.

4 years after he was born, in 1912, Quraza and his parents had been flying over an ocean when they had witnessed a boat sinking. Quraza had always been caring from birth and had wanted to help, however his parents told had him not to, as the humans would only think he would be hurting them, so they had just left.

Six years later in 1918, Quraza and his parents were living in the mountains of Scotland. They go to leave, to move on, unaware of the war going on. As they flew over France to get to Africa, Quraza had been curious as to what had been happening in the world below, so he flew under their cover of clouds to find airplanes covering the sky. As the airplanes turned on him, thinking he could be an enemy, his father intervened, crashing into an oncoming airplane, falling to the earth below, his mother had quickly ushered him away to safety. After that they had decided to stay in Africa.

After many years of adjusting to living in one place, and countless observations of the people who live in South Africa and some surrounding countries, Quraza had picked up some of the languages, English included, but it was rather minimal. During this period his mother had taught him how to convey his thoughts to other creatures, so that him and his mother could talk to each other without alerting the nearby population. She had also taught him how to disguise himself as a human, this way they could have gotten food without being shot at.

In 1987 a group of African's had attacked the two dragons. Quraza had managed to escape while his mother had fended off the people. This had caused Quraza to find refuge in America. He had found that forests were good places to hide, while traveling from forest to forest he had found some nice caves in a Wisconsin mountain. Every now and then he had gone to Africa to get some food, but he had learned to live off almost nothing as he adjusted to life once more. During the next years he had adapted well, he had learned more of the English language and he had begun to hear of the war between the different races, he knew something was soon to happen and he had hoped he would soon be able to fly in the sky without fear of being shot down or having people hunt after him.

- Telepathic Powers: Quraza is able to convey his thoughts to those close to him, it is minor and very few words get across, but it is enough to understand the dragon of few words.
- Tail: Quraza's tail is thick and heavy and he can use it to crush and swipe at enemies.
- Talons: Quraza's talons are sharp and can dig into rough hide, crushing certain things. Just by landing on an elephant he can crush the creature with brute force and his weight alone.
- Teeth: Quraza's teeth are sharp and strong and can easily rip into the rough hide of a rhino, so some metals may bend to their force.
- Wings: Quraza has large powerful wings that can kick up strong winds through take off. He can use the tough leathery skin of his wings to deflect some attacks, including fire as his skin and scales are somewhat fire proof.
- Fire: Quraza can breathe fire like a normal dragon, but it is used with limitations as their insides aren't as fireproof as an ordinary dragons.
- Air: Quraza has large, strong lungs and is able to blow out large puffs of gale force winds.
- Transformation: Quraza is able to transform into a human, it is a long and horrible process, it takes a good few hours and hurts like hell. However Quraza knows it is important for him to have some form of disguise.

Other: Quraza is neutral in this war, however he will help those that manage to find him, and convince him to join their side. He isn't as aggressive as other dragons and because of his large size he might be willing to transport the people he sides with. Non humans have a much bigger chance of befriending him than a human, but Quraza is a forgiving dragon and will help humans if they prove he can trust them.

03-25-2013, 05:30 AM
I tried to make her the shortest one, but she ended up being the longest. Guess you can't remake your second oldest rp character without putting a lot into it.

Name: Celeste
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Griffin. I’m just going to shamelessly copy and paste from the Wikipedia article, because it states it the best. “The griffin is a legendary creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; the head and wings of an eagle; and an eagle's talons as its front feet.” Griffins age at the same rate as humans, but their lifespans tend to last from 150-200 years. Griffins are very intelligent creatures, but they are unable to speak human languages, making it difficult to show that they are more intelligent than the beasts they appear to be.
Affiliation: While she wishes that she and her kind could go out into the world without having to hide, she does not believe that this is an achievable goal, so she begrudgingly supports secrecy.

Appearance: Griffins rarely stand taller than a human, and Celeste fits that mold. Standing next to an average sized male human, Celeste’s shoulder is even with their waist and the top of her head reaches their mid chest. Her wingspan is about seven feet, her wings strong and muscular to be able to sustain her weight in the air. Her ears sits atop her head, long and pointed, covered in soft feathers. For the most part, she looks to be a standard griffin with her tawny, muscular lion torso, hind quarters, and tail. Her eagle half is a bit more distinctive because of its unusual coloration. Her talons: a glossy dark black; her feathers: stark black; her beak: guess what, black; her eyes: a pale crčme color, with reflective opal-colored flecks. What, you didn’t think those would be black, did you? On her forehead, if you can call it that, is a distinctive white mark that seems to be ingrained in her feathers. It stands out on her otherwise black feathers, a simple silvery-white circle with wavy lines appearing to radiate out from it, looking to be a stylized sun.

Although she does not know of it, and is unable to transform into it at the present time, Celeste has a human form. In human form Celeste is petite and frail, standing at five feet five inches tall. The best way to describe her features would be angelic; she has shoulder length light blond hair and pale skin. Her eyes are the same color as in her griffin form, a pale crčme color with opal flecks inside. She wears a pure white hoodie with a zipper, very dark blue jeans, and white running shoes.

Personality: Celeste’s personality is harsh, abrasive, and fierce, quite fitting given her predatory appearance. Having only recently been released into society, Celeste has difficulties with things of a social nature. She doesn’t trust anyone, always suspecting they wish to do her harm or to take advantage of her. Intensely sarcastic, she doesn’t even need her claws to rake someone raw, and if she’s forced into doing something she dislikes, the offender is most likely going to hear about it for the next century. Although recently she has been discouraged from it, Celeste is on a “quest” to find the thing that can unlock the rest of her powers. She has lost some of her fervor in finding that goal, and has begun to look for someone to befriend, but if she hears any rumor of something that may unlock her magical seal, she will at the very least be tempted to leave whomever she is befriending. Despite her harsh nature, she does not like seeing others in pain, tending to sympathize with them. She doesn’t understand how human society can let people fall through the cracks, so she tends to be compassion for individuals society has left behind, and may even help or stand up for them. Whatever it is she gets into though, whether it was a job to deliver a bunch of cupcakes or to prevent a dragon from reaching her friends until they escape, she wholehearted puts all of her effort into it, no matter what the cost. She has an intense fear of confinement, so much so that she doesn’t even like to be inside buildings for more than a few seconds. If she ever befriends anyone, she is likely to have large personality swings as she tries to determine who she really is, as her personality has always been irrelevant to survival.

History: From the moment she hatched, Celeste was marked as special, different from the other hatchlings, with her black feathers and unique mark. Her elders did not understand what it meant, so they decided to ignore her specialness, and raised her the same as the other the hatchlings. Soon, she befriended another young griffin, named Destrian, and they became inseparable playmates, the troublemakers of the flock. For the most part, their trouble was harmless, and often their elders had difficulties keeping as straight face while punishing the pair for their mischief. But, unfortunately, those who get into harmless trouble find it much easier to get into serious trouble.

One day, Destrian and Celeste wandered away while the other young ones played, wanting to explore the wide world around them, like they often did. As night fell, the pair saw something strange, a flickering light that stayed close to the ground paired with the loud noises of some strange creature. Destrian wanted to turn back, but Celeste refused to listen, and so he begrudgingly followed. Slowly, they snuck up to the light and saw that all around it there were strange, furless, featherless creatures which were making the loud noises. The two young griffins were in awe of the strange beasts, and because of this, they let their guards drop. A loud noise screeched out from behind them, causing the two younglings to jump in fright. “Hey! Look what I fou-” The strange beasts never had a chance, shrieking griffins materializing from the wilderness all around them, protecting their young. Soon, the slaughter was over.

Celeste was expecting a harsh scolding and punishment after the incident, not fully understanding the situation she and her friend had caused. Instead, she received a lecture, and by the end her head with swimming with the new knowledge she had received. She had learned that the world was mostly run by those strange, naked beasts, and that the beasts were called humans. To stay safe, she and her flock lived in a remote corner of the world that was still rather lush, called Alaska by the humans, but there was still danger if their existence was to be discovered. She fell asleep with foul thought on her brain, mostly directed towards the humans. Why shouldn’t she and her kind be able to freely roam the world if they wished, it should be their birthright! When she awoke, she awoke in a completely different world.

Blinking, her vision hazy, she awoke to a bright light. Slowly, she stumbled to her feet, and instead of soft grass beneath her feet, there was something cold and hard, like stone. As her vision cleared, all she could see was grey, like the color of fog, but darker. The floor was grey. The ceiling was high above her short little head and it was grey. There were… walls surrounding her, but the walls were not like the cave walls she had been seen before. They were like saplings made of this dark grey material, with space in between them for the harsh light to shine through. And a few bruises later, she determined they were too strong to break through. After some time, a figure was visible in the light, walking towards her, and she identified it as another one of those human things. She decided that she despised them. It walked up to the enclosure she was in, and knelt down beside it so that they were at eye level with each other. Then suddenly, the human’s body began to twist and reshape itself. Celeste stumbled back as far as she could until she was pressing against the strange saplings on the other side. She stared wide eyed and in shock at what the human had become. It was her friend, Destrian! Before she could even begin to grasp the situation, he spoke to her.

He explained to her where she was, a facility designed to observe and study creatures that had powers beyond those they were supposed to, powers that were beyond normal. He explained that he was one of those creatures, a werecat (whatever that was) who was able to shapeshift beyond his limits into whatever creature form that he wanted, who had eventually become an agent of the facility. Here, she was to be taught about humans and the world under careful supervision, although always under lock and key, because she had already threatened the veil of secrecy carefully crafted by all nonhumans. Her special abilities had already been identified and sealed, and she would most likely never be taught to use them. She would live in the facility for her whole life, unless she was able to prove herself trustworthy enough to become a field agent, like he had become. Then her friend was gone, and she was left reeling from the events that had occurred.

It happened much like Destrian said, if that was really his name. She was taught of the world and its current state under human control. She was taught of the most common mythological creatures in the world and some of the more uncommon ones as well. But she was never allowed to fly, never allowed to be free, always in transit from one cage to another and back again, to do whatever she was told. She always resisted, but she soon learned how to resist without getting herself punished, never going too far. This is how she grew up, resenting her captivity and those who had put her there, and seemingly nothing changed. But behind the scenes, something had changed. Her childhood betrayer eventually became the other to oversee the facility and its operations, and perhaps out of guilt, or perhaps just because the time was right, he gave the order for her release.

The day started like any other, being ordered around from here to there, lessons from her annoying human teacher, examinations after. There had been some strange whisperings among the staff during her examination, and it seemed to take longer than normal, but she didn’t pay any attention to it. She was walked back to her cell, like normal, but instead of stopping, she was directed by her attendant to continue walking. Surprised and suspicious, Celeste was lead to a door, and through it there was nothing but a grassy expanse. Gingerly, she tread upon it, feeling it for the first time in a good fifteen years. She wasn’t given time to enjoy the moment however, as the attendant gave her the terms of her release. A very small amount of her powers had been unlocked, enough for her to survive in urban environments without disturbing the veil. The rest of her powers were locked, but the magical seal on them would fall away if she found a specific something that would unlock them. Other than that, she was free, although she was warned that if she were to take actions to disturb secrecy, agents of the facility were likely to attempt to pursue and contain her. Then, the attendant walked back into the facility, and she was free.

Note: Celeste naturally has elemental abilities related to the element of light. However, a large amount of Celeste’s special abilities have been locked by a magical seal that is impossible to forcefully remove. She was told that she needed to find something to unlock it. This is a bit of an untruth. The seal is linked to her emotions, the more she learns to trust others, and the more of her powers will be unlocked. Given her background, it’s unlikely she’ll break the seal quickly. In this list, all things that are marked with an = sign instead of a + or – sign are currently locked until further notice.

Griffin form:
+Natural weapons. Griffins are equipped with sharp talons and beak, and her hind legs are those of a lion, so they can do some damage as well.
+Strength. Although not too much larger than a lion, griffins have immense strength, enough to carry off a horse larger than themselves if they so desired.
+Telepathy. Griffins cannot speak human languages. Celeste has the ability to make up with this with the ability of telepathy to the range of 100 feet, perhaps more if she pushes it.
+Iron will. For some unknown reason, perhaps because of their animalistic nature, a griffin’s mind is intensely difficult to psychically invade. Any psychic probes sent into Celeste’s mind, even if only to read thoughts will be instantly attacked by her own mind and she will know about the incurious immediately.
+Cat illusions. Along with telepathy, this is the only one of her special abilities currently at her disposal. Celeste can bend light to create the image of either a lion or a pure white, short-haired house cat. These are only visual illusions however, the house cat illusion easily broken if someone were to touch her physical form, which is larger than the size of the illusion. The lion illusion is a bit more difficult to break, but if someone were to feel her forequarters, they would feel feathers, and the illusion would break.
=Stronger offensive light based powers. The offensive side of her light based powers is strongest in griffin form. She can use her powers to empower her claws or to summon orbs of forceful light, perhaps a beam if she wished to. She can also empower others attacks to make them stronger with her powers. Perhaps I should include a little note on light magic. It functions quite a lot like force magic, but it is very visible and typically has more destructive raw power.
=Weaker defensive light based powers. Celeste’s light powers can also be used defensively, but in griffin form the defensive branch of her magic doesn’t work nearly as well as her offensive side does. She has the ability to create shields of force around herself and others. She can also create illusions, but these are much less convincing than illusions created in human form.
=Quick, effortless transformation. Because different aspects of her magic are stronger in different forms, Celeste cannot afford to be bogged down by a long transformation in combat. When she transforms, there is a blinding light that emanates from her, and when the light fades in about five seconds, she is in her other form. The clothes come as part of the transformation, how convenient.

Human form: (Currently, this whole form is locked.)
=Telepathy. Even though she can now speak English perfectly well, Celeste still has the ability of telepathy to the range of 100 feet, perhaps more if she pushes it.
=Iron will. For some unknown reason, perhaps because of their animalistic nature, a griffin’s mind is intensely difficult to psychically invade, and this trait carries on to her human form. Any psychic probes sent into Celeste’s mind, even if only to read thoughts will be instantly attacked by her own mind and she will know about the incurious immediately.
=Stronger defensive light based powers. Celeste’s defensive light powers are strongest in human form. She has the ability to create shields of force around herself and others. She can also create illusions, and these illusions are strong enough where if she concentrates, she can fool all of the five senses. It takes a considerable amount of extra effort to trick any sense besides sight and sound however.
=Healing magic. In human form, Celeste has access to a branch of her magic that is completely unavailable to her in griffin form. Healing is not easy, far from instant, and quickly exhausting, but it works, and that’s what counts.
=Weaker offensive light based powers. The offensive side of her light based powers is weaker in human form. She can still do all the same things in her human form as in her griffin form, but it is much more difficult and much less effective.
=Quick, effortless transformation. Because different aspects of her magic are stronger in different forms, Celeste cannot afford to be bogged down by a long transformation in combat. When she transforms, there is a blinding light that emanates from her, and when the light fades in about five seconds, she is in her other form. The clothes come as part of the transformation, how convenient.
Other: Not much. Didn’t have time to proofread before posting, so sorry for mistakes.

03-26-2013, 05:41 AM
Okay...sorry this took so long, but time to get to some SUs...

CherryTomato-While most of your SU looks good, Quraza is going to have a difficult time doing much of anything if he has no way to disguise himself and join the fray, even as a neutral. I would also advise you to stay away from writing your history section in the present tense in the future.

Hay-Celeste make me wonder how easily it will be to abuse her powers...but for now, accepted.

03-26-2013, 11:40 PM
OK, I'll give him a disguise >.< Sorry for the tenses, English isn't my first language, but I will try and make it OK.

03-27-2013, 03:50 AM
Sorry, I just see it as being difficult to get anything going if he can't do much because he can't find any way to disguise himself, or seemingly have any way to get info.

English isn't your first language? Then what is? On the off chance it's French, I might be able to explain tenses to you, but I don't know that I can be much help if it isn't. XD I can see why tenses might be difficult, though.

Saraibre Ryu
03-27-2013, 04:17 AM
OK, I'll give him a disguise >.< Sorry for the tenses, English isn't my first language, but I will try and make it OK.

Holy drums, you speak better english than some of the people who have it as a first language on the internet...

03-27-2013, 04:36 AM
Holy drums, you speak better english than some of the people who have it as a first language on the internet...

Sabi makes a very good point. I noticed that, too.

03-28-2013, 01:37 AM
Changes have been made. I'm now starting to consider doing a second character. :P

As for my first language it was sort of German and Japanese. My family moved to Japan before I was born but I grew up with both languages. I'm also glad that my English is OK. I like a lot of English and American writers and a lot of context from translated books can be weird so I taught myself English so I could read the original books, but I never thought I was that good. :P

03-28-2013, 02:40 AM
I'll look the canges over later tonight or tomorrow.

German and Japanese? Wow, colorful combination. That's pretty cool, though! I can totally get how things just don't translate over well, but I've never thought of teaching myself a totally different language just to read books, however your English seems fantastic, with the slight problem of tenses, but for that to be the only problem I've seen so far, you're pretty good.

03-29-2013, 01:18 AM
I guess I like to think of myself as a book nerd. :P But thank you, I do try.

03-29-2013, 04:51 AM
To those who are interested, I edited Tiel and added these limitations to his egg form:

-The pain of immortality. Phoenixes must pay a price for their immortality. Although they can never be killed because of their ability to turn into their eggs, the process of turning into their egg form causes immense pain as their physical body is transformed into magical energy while they recuperate. And for Tiel, because he is not a true phoenix, the pain of turning into a magical "egg" is multiplied tenfold. Because of this, he will only use egg form when absolutely necessary. He would rather wait years for a serious injury to heal than to quickly heal the injury by forcing a situation that causes him to go into egg form, the pain is too great to even consider it.
-Imperfect immortality. Tiel is a hybrid, and although he was lucky enough to receive the gift of immortality from his phoenix parent, this immortality is not perfect, draining his life force whenever he reverts to egg form, and it takes him weeks to recover from this drain. The simplest way to explain how it works is a tier system. Whenever he transforms into an egg, he goes down a tier, and if a certain time limit is passed without transforming into an egg, he goes up one tier. Here are the tiers:
1. Perfectly normal.
2. Inability to transform into thunderphoenix form, weakness. 3 weeks without egg form to move up one tier.
3. In ability to transform into human or thunderphoenix forms. 2 weeks without egg form to move up one tier.
4. If this stage is reached, Tiel will fade from existence. Slowly, the electrical energy will dim from inside his egg until it is nothing more than a glass orb. The only way he can be saved from fading away is if someone else donates a significant portion of their life force to stabilize him. The person must have the knowledge and ability to do such a thing though, so it is unlikely this will happen.
-Raven incompatibility. This could also be put under his raven form, but I'll put it here. Because his raven form holds absolutely no magical power, if he is forced to transform into an egg from raven form, on the tier list above, he will drop two tiers, instead of one.

It didn't quite sit right with me that he gained all the advantages of his phoenix parent with absolutely no negatives, so I added in a few disadvantages.

03-29-2013, 05:38 AM
Okay then, Hay.

And looks fine, CherryTomato.

03-30-2013, 04:39 AM
Two heads-ups. Firstly, I fiddled with Manus's SU a little bit - I edited his appearance section to account for changes I've made whilst drawing him, and I mentioned his accent in the 'other' section. Secondly, two new characters are coming. They are British manticores.

03-30-2013, 11:57 PM
OK, I've decided to make another character, I was a little iffy at first because Hay has already made a Phoenix hybrid and I didn't want to have two characters the same species as another persons character, but then I realised Hay's interpretation of a Phoenix was different to mine so, I'm gonna make her. :razz: This is currently a WIP so just reserve her please because it's late and I shall complete her another time.

Name: Freya Smith

Age: She has gone through 21 years of this cycle. In reality she is 291.

Gender: Female

Race: Stymphalian bird/Phoenix hybrid
- Because both of her parents were birds, Freya has great eyesight and can spot an enemy from miles away.
- A Stymphalian bird is a bird with a beak made of bronze and metallic feathers that they can launch at their victims.
- Being a hybrid, the only trait Freya inherited from the Stymphalian bird was the colour scheme.
- Phoenix's are immortal, this is something Freya inherited from her Phoenix parent. Phoenix's live in 30 year cycles. Every 30 years they are reborn, however after the first cycle a Phoenix will stay at the age of 30, they won't be reborn as a baby, and after the first cycle they never look beyond the age of 30, however Freya looks 21 instead of 30 and is still aging, almost like she's going through her first cycle again. They also retain all memories from previous cycles.
- Because she is only half Stymphalian bird, Freya is flesh and feathers, she is still able to launch her feathers at people, but they are not metallic and do little harm.
- Freya is able to transform into a human at will, but it requires a lot of energy. There is also a halfway stage that Freya likes to stay in, because it takes less energy to convert into a full human or back into a bird.
- When a Phoenix is reborn they keep the same form as the previous cycle, if Freya is reborn as a bird, she bursts into flames and emerges as a black bird, the black fades after a few hours, this is the best form to be reborn in. If Freya is half transformed or a fully transformed human, the process is a lot more painful. The body is burnt up inside out until there is only ashes. From these ashes Freya would emerge as a black skeleton, over a few hours muscle and flesh start to grow until she is fully human again, this process is excruciating and leaves her incredibly vulnerable, it is easy to kill her while she is like this.

Affiliation: Freya is a Monster Hunter, she's only against secrecy because it could possibly make her job easier.

Appearance: Bird Form: As a bird Freya has a wingspan of 7 feet , she weighs 14 lbs, and is 37 inches long, from beak to tail. She has a muddy brown coloured beak and silvery grey feathers. The feathers have an orange tint to them, it's more prominent on the tips of the feathers and on the underside of the wings. Her legs are the same muddy brown as her beak and her talons are a silvery grey as well. In this form her eyes are a deep orange with a black pupil.

Half Transformation: When Freya is half transformed she is 6 foot tall, and is mainly human in form. She has long light orange hair that falls around her knees, but most of the time it is tied back, which makes it fall around her waist. Her eyes are the same dark orange eyes as her bird form, her skin has a light natural tan. While transforming, Freya also transforms with clothes, while half transformed she still has clothes, but they are made of the same feathers she has as a bird, however they are attached and pulling out a feather is like pulling out a hair, it hurts. The feathers cover her upper body in a strapless tank top like fashion and carry on to cover her lower half in a shorts like fashion. While half transformed Freya still has a pair of wings, however they are much larger and she has a wingspan of 10 feet. In this form the feathers on her wings have a more prominent orange tint.

Human Form: When she is in her human form, Freya's eye colour is changed to match that of her hair, her wings are gone and she wears real detachable clothes, other then that she looks exactly the same as the half transformation stage. The clothes are normal clothes, made of real material and can be take off, she wears a black strapless tank top and dark blue denim shorts.

Personality: Freya is cold hearted to those like herself, she kills without mercy and if she has to capture someone without killing them she treats them with no respect or just ignores them. She has a true hatred to mythological creatures and will act hostile when she meets one, she will only ever act civil towards humans or a mythological creature that can spark some form of interest in her, but otherwise she is cruel and cold.

However if a human can get close to her and actually earn her trust they would find someone who secretly wants to be proven wrong, she wants to find someone that can prove that her views on mythological creatures are wrong. They would also find a stubborn and determined girl that loves fluffy things, is curious beyond belief and hates to be wrong when she thinks she's right. Her view on mythological creatures being an exception to that.

History: Freya was born as an orphan, she had no clue who her parents were and she had no clue of her true heritage, not until she was 8. Someone had broken into the children's home that she had been staying in, and she had bumped into them, not knowing who this person was, she had questioned him about what he was doing there, when he had pulled out a knife she had screamed and a blinding light was emitted. She had awoken to strange looks and even a few glares, without knowing what she was doing, Freya had produced a glowing orb to try and scare the man off, while simultaneously transforming into a bird. No one knew what had happened and when people came down because the had heard her scream, only to find a bird on the floor and no sign of the burglar, they became suspicious. They had thrown the bird out, assuming it was an ordinary bird that had gotten into the house, and Freya was dubbed as a missing person from then on.

After that she lived most of her life as a bird, not really knowing how to change back into a human. One day when she was 14 she had come across a group of travelers, unknown to her many of them were mythological creatures. While she was flying above them, trying to examine them, she unwillingly collided with another bird, and the shock of it made her transform back into a human, effectively landing on one of the travelers. The travelers, fearing that the girl could be a hunter, tried to get rid of her, they told her to go away. So Freya left, but she made sure to keep following them, hoping they could lead her to a town or village, on the way she realised that they were mythological creatures and she began to hate them, feeling like they only told her to go away because she was different, even though she wasn't, she felt like they hadn't given her a chance.

Once they had reached a village she tried to make a living by getting a job at a pub. While there she met a man that said he knew who she was. At first she was wary of the man, but after he came back with her birth certificate and a picture of her at the age of 29. He told her that he had been an old friend of her father, he told her what she was, who her parents were and that they had been killed by a were animal, who was a monster hunter. During the battle she had been injured and the man, who called himself Clive, had promised her father he would look after her. He told Freya that she had been injured badly, and that she was dying, so he risked his life to try and ensure she lived, however what had happened was she had been reborn as an egg, instead of a bird, and before she hatched Clive had been taken by some other monster hunters. Then she was born as a baby again, and while she was crying on the floor, a human had found her.

That was when Freya realised she was really 284, she left the bar and started to travel with the man, who taught her how to transform easily and how to control the light that she could project. However while they traveled Freya's hatred for mythological creatures grew, they had killed her parents, they had made her who she was, and they shunned her even though she was one of them. They had made her forget her past, they had made her forget her parents and they had ruined her life. She hated them and she knew Clive wouldn't approve. So when she was 19 she had left him while he was asleep, she had traveled to the closest city that had a weapons store and bought a standard 9mm gun. Using that she began her journey as a monster hunter, she went to special bars, looking for work, she gave out her card, she wanted her name to be known, and by the time she was 21 she had a reputation and had earned enough money to get some better, more specialized and suitable weapons.

- Transformation: Freya is able to transform into a human at will, the transformation is painless, however it takes up a lot of energy and she would need to rest for a while after doing a full transformation from human to bird or vice versa, however there is a midway stage, which is easier to transform into. Freya likes to stay in the half way stage, as it is easy for her to transform into a full human or bird, depending on the situation, without using too much energy, this is also good for quick getaways.
- Light: Because a Phoenix is a fire elemental bird, Freya is able to conjure up spheres of light which she can control, these spheres produce moderate light, and some heat, however the amount of heat each sphere produces can be changed to suit the temperature around it and/or Freya's wishes. Freya is able to do this in all three forms, but when in bird form Freya is also able to change the brightness of the spheres.
- Feathers: Like her Stymphalian bird parent Freya is able to launch her feathers at enemies, this is only possible while in the half way stage and as a bird. The feathers produced are normal bird feathers and are more than harmless, however she can use them as part of an escape plan, or to confuse, blind and even scare the enemy without actually hurting them.
- Bow and Arrows: Freya has a simple recurve bow as her main weapon against most enemies. Because of her great eyesight it isn't hard for her to spot enemies from far away, especially if she has a high vantage point, because of this she likes to use long range weapons, which is why she favors the bow. Freya uses two different types of arrows, the normal arrows are steel tipped and have a poison in them, which is injected into an enemy upon breaching the skin, the poison is fast acting an leaves a normal human paralyzed for hours. Her secondary arrow type is an explosive arrow, these are highly destructive and she mainly uses them when a target is in a vehicle. These arrows are activated by a button on the side of the explosive head, once the button is pressed the arrow will explode when the front of the head comes into contact with a surface, they can be quite fragile and Freya makes sure to use them selectively.
- Ballista: Freya also carries around a BALLISTA, a bolt action sniper rifle. This weapon is mainly a night time weapon, it has a night vision sight and has much more range than her bow. The gun is also equipped with extended mags and customized silver bullets as well as a noise suppressor for added stealth. This weapon is mainly used for were creatures and most nightlife that might be a little tougher to kill then a human. Because of this it is rarely used.

Other: Even though she is a mythological creature herself, Freya can be a threat to all mythological creatures. Unless you are human, or you are able to befriend the girl quickly, she will try and kill or paralyze you so that she can earn a bit of money.

04-01-2013, 06:33 PM
Name: Heracles (goes by Thomas Archer).

Age: 28.

Gender: Male.

Race: Manticore. Manticores are creatures with lions' bodies, human faces, and trumpet-like voices through which they utilize magic. Depending on their ancestry, some manticores may have rams' horns, hooved hind-feet, bat-like wings, any combination thereof, or none at all. Manticores can use their magic to disguise themselves as human, but the strength of their disguise depends heavily on their magical competence.

Affiliation: Anti-secrecy, but not very actively. The people who hunt down non-humans without differentiating good and bad attract his special hatred.

Appearance: http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb320/photophinish_2007/Manticores_zpsa979c2d8.png
Heracles is a big manticore, built broadly and standing at about 4'7" at the shoulder. He has a pair of batlike wings; he can use them to fly, but due to his heavy weight his flights tend to be short. His body is covered with light brown fur, while his mane and beard are much darker. His eyes are brown.

Thomas Archer, Heracles’s human persona, is a big man, standing at 6’3” with a broad build. His hair is short and dark brown, with the same little spike at the front. He still has the same facial features as he does in manticore form, retaining his bushy brows, brown eyes, pointed nose, and thick beard. He tends to dress in clothes that are warm and practical and picks things out in a subdued color palate.

Personality: By nature, Heracles tends to be introverted and prickly. While he's not deliberately rude, he doesn't have a particularly great sense of tact or diplomacy. He is generally patient, but his persistent problems tend to end in him getting violent, which usually happens whenever someone is bothering him and won't leave (Achilles). He has a fairly serious outlook on life, and tends not to joke except when around those closest to him. When he is in a comfortable environment, he's surprisingly calm and gentle, but can easily be switched back into grump mode again. He is stubborn and unshakably loyal to the few who he feels merit his friendship and trust, which is why he maintains a deep and abiding hate for the group that killed Helen. He won't hesitate to fight, but the only people he would kill are the aforementioned group.

History: Heracles was born in Blackpool, England to a family favorable in both in the eyes of mortals and of his fellow mythological beings. His parents were both manticores, and his father served in the Royal Air Force before being forced to retire thanks to a crippling leg injury that occurred while he was off-duty. For the most part, he had a good upbringing. While he had few friends due to his solitary nature, his school was fairly saturated with other closet magical creatures, who for the most part were fairly accepting of their own.

In his second year of primary school, he met a scrawny, wild-eyed manticore by the name of Achilles. Achilles proved to be the bane of Heracles's existence, pulling pointless pranks and pestering the bigger boy until Heracles finally snapped. The fistfight that followed lasted for only minutes; the bruises on Achilles lasted for a week and Heracles's guilt lasted for ages. Heracles apologized for the violence, and afterward the two became nigh-inseparable friends.

Once Heracles and Achilles were attending university, they became roommates. Achilles, ever the romantic, decided that Heracles needed a girlfriend. Heracles was less than enthusiastic, but before he knew what was going on he found himself on a date with a friend of Achilles and his family - a sphinx by the name of Helen. They bonded fast, stealing time together whenever possible. Heracles found his relationship with Achilles growing just a bit more distant, but he was busy with Helen and Achilles was busy with his magical studies. They talked less, but their friendship was still a good fallback for Heracles right up until the point where the fan was hit by the crap.

A group of monster hunters discovered Heracles's, Achilles's, and Helen's true identities and attacked them in the night. The battle left Achilles wounded, Heracles emotionally crushed, and Helen a corpse that was bloodied almost beyond recognition. Heracles became embittered, withdrawing from the world and despising nearly everyone in it. He shut out Achilles, who he blamed for Helen's death on the days that he didn't blame himself. Achilles never gave up, continuously trying to regain their lost friendship until finally Heracles lashed out in violence yet again, slashing Achilles across the face and scarring him permanently. This fight had the same effect as the one that began their friendship - it drove them closer together.

Currently, he resides in Blackpool, once more rooming with Achilles, making his living by playing guitar and setting up equipment at Achilles's gigs. However, the both of them are doing a good deal less of that now that these mutilations have begun. Heracles wants to find out if the people who killed Helen are behind these killings, as well, and if they are he wants to pay them a visit so as to rip out their organs with his teeth.

Pocket Knife: Heracles's only weapon, which he obtained at insistence from Achilles. It's made of iron and generally doesn't get used, since Heracles prefers to fight in his natural form.

Lion Skills: Like other lions, Heracles is a natural hunter and fighter. He's hardy and strong with sharp senses. However, also like other lions, he does require extra rest. Due to his broad, muscular build, he is stronger than many other manticores and can generally be relied upon to win physical fights.

Mace Tail: Manticores' tails are arguably their best natural weapon. They are not dextrous enough to grip things, but between their strength and the wicked spikes that tip them, they can be used to bludgeon people pretty effectively.

Song: All manticores possess some degree of musical talent; Heracles has a moderate voice. Through his magic, he can influence the world around him - creating barriers, blasts of force, reshaping the elements, or putting people to sleep with different tunes. The spell's effect depends on tempo and volume; something big like an explosion would have to be created by a very loud sound, for instance. If he is rendered incapable of making sounds, he cannot access his magic.

Applied Song: Long ago, manticores learned to use their song to shift into a human form. This form is created by a rather weak type of shapeshifting; if the human form is disturbed (either by magic or by the manticore taking some sort of damage) it will possibly fail, depending on the strength of the song that made it. If the manticore loses consciousness, he will definitely lose control and revert back.

Other: Has a British accent, for obvious reasons.

Name: Achilles (goes by Leonard Cole).

Age: 28.

Gender: Male.

Race: Manticore. Manticores are creatures with lions' bodies, human faces, and trumpet-like voices through which they utilize magic. Depending on their ancestry, some manticores may have rams' horns, hooved hind-feet, bat-like wings, any combination thereof, or none at all. Manticores can use their magic to disguise themselves as human, but the strength of their disguise depends heavily on their magical competence.

Affiliation: Decidedly against secrecy, although Heracles tends to temper his rasher impulses.

Appearance: http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb320/photophinish_2007/Manticores_zpsa979c2d8.png
Achilles is a smallish manticore, standing at 4'2". His back legs resemble those of a draft horse. His body is covered with sandy-colored fur, while his mane is a rich gold color. His eyes are blue. He has four scars, like claw marks, on the bridge of his nose.

Leonard Cole, Achilles's human persona, is of average height and somewhat lean build, standing at 5'9". His hair is a rich blond color, cropped at shoulder length and kept in pristine condition – sometimes in a ponytail, sometimes left alone. His facial features are still pretty much the same, with the scars, blue eyes, large nose, and rosy cheeks carrying over to his human face, although in this form he has a line of stubble on his chin that isn’t normally there. He tends to dress in fashionable clothes, preferring to cap out whatever outfit he's wearing with a dark-gray fedora.

Personality: Achilles tends to be optimistic and extroverted. He is usually smiling, laughing, and telling jokes that are just toeing the line between what is and isn't appropriate. He's usually full of energy, which he likes to burn off through playful pranks or nights out on the town. He tends to be somewhat vain, and enjoys being the center of attention. It's very hard to get him angry, but when he's mad he will often lash out with words and claws. He's not much good with his fists or his claws, but he's very good with his song and therefore he's usually unafraid to fight. His confident, friendly nature makes him quite popular, and he is very charismatic and quick of with and tongue.

History: Achilles was born in Edinburgh, Scotland; his mother was a sphinx and his father was a manticore. When he was four years old, his mother died of a sudden illness, which prompted his father to move away from the painful memories. The two settled in the first place his father could find a good job in - Blackpool, England. There, Achilles attended a primary school where he met a fellow manticore who didn't talk much. When Achilles tried to draw him out of his shell, there was a brief fight. Afterwards, the manticore, whose name was Heracles, apologized and the two quickly became friends.

Achilles and Heracles attended the same university, where the hard-working Heracles and the party-loving Achilles both flourished. During their second year, Achilles noticed an acute lack of romance in Heracles’s direction and decided to help out his friend. He paired Heracles up with a family friend, a young sphinx named Helen. The two quickly fell for each other, which left Achilles plenty of time to study magic without feeling like a jerk for secluding himself during his magical studies.

It was these studies that enabled Achilles to survive and save Heracles's life when a group of monster hunters attacked their home. None of the hunters left alive; however, Helen was also killed in the fighting. Afterward, Achilles was guilt-ridden and struggled to make things right with Heracles. Heracles ended up resenting Achilles with his claws, slashing Achilles across the face, but afterward Heracles apologized and their shared bond recovered.

Achilles now resides in Blackpool, where he has built a name for himself locally as a talented singer. He opens for bigger bands or sings at bars for his living, while in his spare time he helps out with the anti-secrecy movement and joins Heracles in investigating the latent mutilations.

Enchanted Knife: Achilles keeps this on his person almost at all times. It's styled similarly to a Bowie knife, with a hilt wrapped in red leather. The blade itself is made of silver and enchanted with lots of ward-breaking magic that makes it useful for killing things like demons, monsters, and anything else that has soft, bleed-y bits.

Shotgun: A standard pump-action shotgun. It doesn't fire silver bullets, but it's very good at frightening away intruders with its recognizable noise and blowing away people who refuse to leave. Achilles keeps it near his bed for security.

Lion Skills: Like other lions, Achilles is a natural hunter and fighter. He's hardy and strong with sharp senses. However, also like other lions, he does require extra rest.

Mace Tail: Manticores' tails are arguably their best natural weapon. They are not dextrous enough to grip things, but between their strength and the wicked spikes that tip them, they can be used to bludgeon people pretty effectively.

Song: All manticores possess some degree of musical talent; however, Achilles's voice is among the strongest. Through his magic, he can influence the world around him - creating barriers, blasts of force, reshaping the elements, or putting people to sleep with different tunes. The spell's effect depends on tempo and volume; something big like an explosion would have to be created by a very loud sound, for instance. If he is rendered incapable of making sounds, he cannot access his magic.

Applied Song: Long ago, manticores learned to use their song to shift into a human form. This form is created by a rather weak type of shapeshifting; if the human form is disturbed (either by magic or by the manticore taking some sort of damage) it will possibly fail, depending on the strength of the song that made it. If the manticore loses consciousness, he will definitely lose control and revert back.

Other: Talks like a native Brit, but he can put on a convincing Scottish accent when he wants.

Also, Cherry, I can't help but notice that Heracles is going to want to separate Freya's head from her body. This is going to be such fun!

04-03-2013, 10:32 PM
Finished with Freya's SU :P Man she didn't want to be written, I hope the tenses are OK for the history.

04-10-2013, 05:21 AM
...Okay, I'm sorry about not getting to these before, but I've not been my best recently.

Cherry: Freya's history kind of baffles me, but I guess it's acceptable... I'm not sure if it's because I'm tired or what, but it's like it makes sense and yet it doesn't...and it has nothing to do with tenses.

Velo: Your manticores look fine, accepted.

05-11-2013, 04:22 AM
Ooookay. Yeah, I know, double post. HOWEVER this is important, guys--do you want to try to move this RP to PXR by chance? That would probably mean reposting stuff, like SUs and posts and all that jazz, unless you guys thought it better to try and start over completely with a partially new community and a better sense of where everyone is and where everyone wants to go.

Any thoughts on it? I know I have one yes already, and I know several people here are already on it...but yeah... Anyone up for a move?

Cobalt Shadow
05-11-2013, 04:23 AM
I'm down for a relocation.

05-11-2013, 04:41 AM
Sure, I'm up for a move. Might as well.

Socratic Sarcasm
05-11-2013, 04:44 AM
Relocation. But NOT restart. I want to keep my progress.

05-11-2013, 04:45 AM
What about a potential restart?

EDIT: You knw you can copy/paste stuff, right? We aren't that far in anyway.

Socratic Sarcasm
05-11-2013, 04:57 AM
You knw you can copy/paste stuff, right? We aren't that far in anyway.

Yes, but I'll have to be as mind as Medb with Doodlebop if (s)he doesn't consent to Ctrl C and V.

Sorry Doodle. :D

05-11-2013, 05:00 AM
I think a restart would be fun, and possibly good for the health of the rp, but I don't mind continuing from where we are.

05-11-2013, 05:19 AM
Yes, but I'll have to be as mind as Medb with Doodlebop if (s)he doesn't consent to Ctrl C and V.

Sorry Doodle. :D

Um, what now, Socratic? I am so confused...

I really am leaning towards a restart, though, because it will give people a better idea of who is going where and what's going on. If nothing changes, than we can just repost what we have currently, but I really think that at this point, maybe it would be a smart move to offer people the chance to move their characters to someplace with more people.

05-12-2013, 06:43 AM
Well I prolly won't be able to make it since I am about to disappear for seven months.

05-12-2013, 06:54 AM
If you're going to disappear for seven months, then you're not exactly likely to be in the RP for awhile anyway. You'd always be welcomed back, MM would just be on a different site.

And I think that's gonna be it, guys. Pretty sure MM will be packing its bags and moving to PXR, where you guys can repost SUs or add or subtract characters, because I am ninety-five percent sure we're just going to up and restart to give others a chance to join in. You can still recycle posts if nothing changes for your characters, but I think with the way things are going, restarting is just going to be the best thing to do.

Cobalt Shadow
05-12-2013, 07:45 AM
I might modify My characters slightly before the reboot. After RPing with them for a bit, I found some flaws which make them slightly annoying to RP with.