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Aiya Quackform
04-11-2004, 06:53 PM
The Race of Tairo


Many hundreds of years ago, before the regions and their Pokemon leagues, there was a single event that surpassed all others and determined the greatest trainers of the time. The event was a race covering nearly 1,000 miles of scorching deserts, treacherous mountains, and deceptive swampland along the stretch of land known as Tairo. Aside from the elements and terrain, the stretch was known to harbor wild and vicious Pokemon, thieves, and bandits. Known simply as The Race of Tairo, the eventís competitors were put in teams of trainers who had to work together to overcome the obstacles of the race, and often ward off fellow teams to be the first group to make it to the end of Tairo. The members of the team who could do so were considered the undisputed Pokemon Masters of the time.


Map: http://www24.brinkster.com/htmlbb/rp.gif

- Salt Swamp -
So-called because all water in this vast swamp is salt water. There is limited edible vegetation, but once you enter, there is no drinkable water until you reach the streams at the base of Mountain Cliffs. Many trainers, even whole teams, have died in this expanse. The lack of fresh water is only the first problem with this area. Quicksand and blinding fog are two others of the countless obstacles in this, the first leg of the trip.

- Mountain Cliffs -
There is plenty of food and water here, but the steep and treacherous climp up the side of the mountain leads only to freezing temperatures amongst a maze of ice formations. If you lose your way, there is little chance of ever escaping alive. There are also many wild Pokemon here that have no fear of man. Dark Sneasel and prankster Delibird are among them.

- Dark Forest -
This forest has plenty of food, but few bodies of water. It has an old trail, but most of it has been made unidentifiable due to overgrowth. The darkness of the forest does little to help you find your way. Bug Pokemon with hypnotic, poisoning, and paralyzing powders live in abundance in this forest. This forest, above all other places, is known for its thieves and bandits due to the abundance of hiding places and plentiful wild food.

- Sharpedo Bay -
You could go around this bay on a grassy course, but the trip could take over two weeks. The estimated time thru this bay is only two days, but there is plenty of room for things to go wrong. The bay is known for vicious Sharpedo attacking trainers attempting to cross it. Storms are another factor to consider, but without them there is little room for the possibility of getting lost. Be warned the heat of the sun can quickly diminish your limited fresh water supply.


Not a whole lot, this is in the past. No Pokeballs, for one, so itís only logical each trainer wouldnít have many Pokemon. No plastics, some metal OK. Think leathers, but I really donít much care about clothes and accessories. Use your imagination, but keep technological limitations in mind. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

It is a land-based race, but flying Pokemon are allowed. However, they are not allowed to fly distances of more than 3 miles a day. Even then, only one person is allowed to ride them during said time. Multiple people may be allowed to ride the Pokemon for up to half a mile a day, and that distance is taken from the 3 mile total. In short, you can use flying Pokemon, but not to avoid the obstacles altogether to finish the race.

At the beginning of the race, each team gets along the starting line a half mile apart. Teams need to get a supervisor who takes them along the starting line to their spot, to make sure they don't get an illegal head start. At one o'clock the day after the RPG starts (RPG time), a flock of pidgey will be released from the city that teams from all over the starting line can see. That is the signal to begin. The supervisor also makes sure the team doesn't start prematurely. The team leaves, the supervisor stays.


No inappropriate language or content, no spirits/ghosts/magic, no godmodding or bunnying (no invincible characters or Pokemon, no controlling another person's character). All characters are normal, no special powers, I consider those godmodding. The RPG must be written in 3rd person story-line format. No legendaries or made up Pokemon. A Pokemon can only use moves it can legally gain in the games.


Because this is a single team working together, I donít expect to have too many RPers. If you wish to participate, post a sample of your RPing and a basic bio of your character. Remember, it's semi-medievil and characters should be created and RPed accordingly. Also, don't feel bad if I reject you. I want just a few, GOOD, RPers and I intend to make sure that happen as best as I can.

- none -

Tamer Marco
04-11-2004, 06:57 PM
I'll join but where's the form?

Aiya Quackform
04-11-2004, 07:01 PM
I'll join but where's the form?


Because this is a single team working together, I donít expect to have too many RPers. If you wish to participate, post a sample of your RPing and a basic bio of your character. Remember, it's semi-medievil and characters should be created and RPed accordingly. Also, don't feel bad if I reject you. I want just a few, GOOD, RPers and I intend to make sure that happen as best as I can.

That shouldn't be too hard. Do you want me to post this for you?



Tamer Marco
04-11-2004, 07:11 PM
Oh, I didn't see it sorry. ^^;

Bio: Is a newbie at racing but will try his best to win. Has a green headband on blue and black shirt and blue pants. Has a personality like a Treecko calm always. Name: Marco

Sample:(Are we riding on pokemon? It's hard to post and watch TV at the same time.)

Marco heard the sound for the pokemon race to begin. He went as soon as he heard it and told his Arcanine to speed up. It would be tough for Arcanine to win because he hated water and it likely that he would get soaked. A large puddle was up ahead. "Arcanine dodge now"! said Marco his rider. Arcanine made it but got his paw soaked. It drained his energy but it just made him go faster.

Danielle Dragoon
04-12-2004, 01:07 AM
Bio: A small 14 year old, Danielle, but very flexible do to her ability of martial training from her deceased grandfather. She wears short jean shorts, and a small baby blue top with two small straps on each side of the top. Her eyes vary between Hazel, Green, and golden, do to her ancestors before her. She also wears a red headband in the memory of her grandfather.

RP Sample:

Danielle had seen something about an upcoming race, she decided it may help her in training so she took upon the task and looked it up.

She walked up in front of few people ready to take upon this dangerous task, she shivered a bit as some mentioned swamps. Itís not that she hated water, she was afraid of the creatures in them, she has strayed away from oceans and other bodies of water for she was attacked by some water pokemon when she was younger. But now she trusted her pokemon in helping her, so she settled down a bit and took a seat down yonder away from the majority of the people.

Until the race started, she would see to it she would try her hardest, or die trying.

Aiya Quackform
04-12-2004, 11:49 PM
You both look pretty good. I'll decide for sure on RPers when I get more applicants, though. You don't have to be riding a Pokemon. This is more of an endurance obstacle course race than a speed race. Just so you know, this is the kind of setting and RP skill I'm looking for. This was my first single post when I did this RPG at another forum.

A woman with night blue hair road up to the small town bareback on a Rapidash. Her attire consisted visibly of a long-sleeve buttoned-up jacket and pants. Both were made of hardy but obviously well-worn brown leather. Identical boots protected her feet. As she entered the town, a small wooden sign with the words 'Welcome to Tairo' caught her eye. A smile flickered across her lips. The usually sleepy town on the edge of marsh land was bustling with activity in preperation for the race.

"Maw!" cried the hungry companion behind her.

"We'll stop to get food first thing, Mawile," she reassured him.

The Rapidash whinnied in anticipation. They had been traveling for over a week to get to this town and they were all ready for some food other than biscuits and jerky. The trio stopped in front of a tavern and the woman jumped off her mount, Mawile jumping on her shoulder.

"If anyone tries to steal anything, burn 'em," she said to Rapidash regarding the packs on her back. The woman tied the mare to a pole and walked inside. Her green eyes darted around the smokey and crowded room.

"Can I help ya?" asked the busy barkeep.

"Two meals of whatever's good and something for my Rapidash outside." she replied, sitting down at a dusty wood table.

The barkeep shuffled around for a moment and placed two plates of food in front of her. "Here fer tha race?" he mumbled.

She nodded. "I still need teammates, however," she made this comment rather loud, announcing it to the people in the tavern.

Danielle Dragoon
04-13-2004, 08:12 PM
I see, I usually don't post but since it was required to join that you put in some meaning I did, otherwise I look for what other's want in the posting.