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What if everything you knew wasn’t true?

What if vampires and werewolves and faeries and almost every other mythological creature you were told weren’t real actually were? And what if they were living among you?

Well, they are real, and they are living among you. Except their existence is supposed to be a secret…the key word here is “supposed”. Not all creatures agree with the idea of being confined to secrecy, and believe that they should be able to roam the world as they truly are—that humans should know of their existence and fear them. Others disagree; fear on the humans’ part could only lead to more chaos and crusades against even the most harmless, even helpful supernatural creatures. Currently, secrecy of the mythological creatures is enforced by a handful of parties—special human groups like vampire and werewolf hunters, as well as groups among the mythological creatures themselves. With these groups working separately (and very rarely, together), both secrecy and a fragile peace have managed to exist for quite some time…

And then creatures began disappearing…and reappearing, murdered or mutated in some of the most grotesque ways. Every party imaginable began pointing fingers, and just like that, the peace among the groups shattered completely. Unsure of who to blame, some believe that the existence they have fought so hard to keep secret has been uncovered, others believe that the human groups are turning to mistreating the mythological creatures. Some cry for the discovery of those responsible for the deaths and mutations so that they can be eliminated and the secret of their existence kept intact while others call for the revealing of their existence to humankind in order to appeal for rights of their own.

Welcome to modern times, where mythological creature are real, and they have a problem. What happens is up to you.

All PE2K rules apply, people...
1: For the love of RPs--NO GODMODDING!!!
2: No one's invincible, take a hit every once in awhile, more often than not.
3: For the sake of the RP--PLEASE be active, and if you can't be active, let me know!
4: Don't constantly make fun of RPers, if they make a mistake, kindly let them know, don't bite their heads off.
5: No bunnying without permission.
6: Please limit use of profanity.
7: Keep things PG-13. (Both romance and violence)
8: Try to have decent spelling and grammar, I can understand typos, but not anything really bad.

~SU Form~
Age: (Please make this appropriate for your character)
Race: (Human, Vamp, Were-whatever; what your character is, please give a small explanation of what “rules” apply to them, as there are tons of different kinds of mythological creatures)
Affiliation: (Who are they with, group-wise? Are they for or against secrecy?)
Appearance: (Simple paragraph describing you character’s appearance, if they have multiple forms, please describe them as well—this applies to mythological creatures who need a human disguise.)
Personality: (Simple paragraph describing how your character acts)
History: (Some basic background on your character; paragraph minimum)
Weapons/Abilities: (Does your character carry weapons? Know magic? That kind of thing? Put that down here)
Other: (Anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else in the SU)

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OOC: Had all my intros done and then lost everything for Reine and Straton, so they'll show up as an addition soon...this isn't my best work anyway. I just didn't want to put this off anymore. People may feel free to show up wherever they want, but prexisting relationships with other RPers characters are something you should discuss with other RPers first, should the issue arise.

Aileena Crowfeather
Warlock; Pro-Secrecy
Somewhere in the US
ARPers: None right now
"Watch your tailfeathers, my hatchling," Aileena regarded the crow before her and nodded. She was centuries old and her father still called her his hatchling when he got nervous...or as close to nervous as demons got. She thought it had something to do with her mother--he had been helpless to defend the woman who had raised their daughter because he remained absent from their lives, and she had died because of it. What Aileena had seen of her father and remembered of him suggested she looked a lot like the woman who had raised her until her daughter's wings had been discovered. If he felt anything towards the woman, guilt would be a powerful motive, or maybe it was just the fact he had a daughter--something that was part him. She wondered if he was trying to make up for it by trying to keep his immortal, combat trained, warlock daughter safe from every danger he heard about...though she often heard of the dangers first, and was well-prepared to handle them.

"I always do, father. I always do," she replied softly, raking a hand through a river of crimson hair. "Mine and those of every other I possibly can. You know that."

"But I am not worried about the others, Aileena. I am worried about you." She really wished he weren't so stubborn and that he would remove himself from her crow's mind. Whenever her father used Alois for a mouthpiece, the crow could do nothing with his own body, and she knew it wore him down. The warlock had a feeling she would be feeding her feathered companion extra and sharing her own energy with him to replace what her father took while badgering her about watching her back and making sure she could protect herself.

"I know, father, and I will be perfectly fine. There is no need for you to worry so much. On the other hand, I am starting to worry about Alois. You're putting a huge strain on him with all these calls and he's not a demon crow like those of your flock, father. He isn't as durable. As you keep watch over the well-being of your flock, I wish to keep watch of the well-being of the only member of mine." She knew it wasn't the kindest tactic, but at the same time she knew there wasn't much else she could do to get her father to let the subject, and therefore her crow, go. A sigh rattled from the bird's beak.

"You are a good hatchling and flock leader, Aileena. I urge you again to watch your tailfeathers, dear one, but I will leave you now. When I must contact you next, I will send one of my flock to you so that I do not harm your Alois again. Stay safe until we speak next." Aileena smiled slightly and reached out to stroke her crow's feathers.

"I will father, and I appreciate your understanding of my concern for Alois. You stay safe as well," the warlock woman replied, and suddenly it was as if her father's control over the bird under her fingers vanished. Alois stumbled forward a moment before Aileena silpped a hand under him and shifted her crow into the crook of her arm.

"Food, Leena?" the bird asked her after a few moments. Aileena laughed as she lifted her other hand, which had taken on a soft green glow, and pressed it to the bird's side.

"Give me a moment, and I'll feed you, goofball," Aileena muttered, moving towards the counter, hand still glowing. "Let me give you some strength back, first." The crow seemed to be okay with this idea, as he didn't object. As she reached the countertop, the glow around her hand faded and she gently placed her feathered friend on the counter. Alois watched his warlock companion as she opened a jar and pulled out a third-cup scoop of...well, there were a lot of things in it since Aileena mixed his food herself. As she set the scoop in front of him, someone frantically knocked on the door.

"Have visitors, Leena," Alois told her. Aileena just sighed as she reached back to brush her fingers along both her wings, hiding them from the sight of all but a few before she left her crow to eat on the counter to answer the door.

Aileena Crowfeather, Laura Blackwood, and Nora
Warlock, Vampire Hunter, and Werewolf; Pro-Secrecy
Somewhere in the US
ARPers: None right now
"I refuse to lay down and die," the young woman slung over Laura Blackwood's shoulder snarled, though they both knew she was too weak to put up much of a fight. When Laura had found her, she'd been running from the vampires for most of the day and taken a hit or two from the silver knife one of them had been carrying--she hadn't been cut deeply, but the fact the knife was silver had kind of screwed her over. The wounds weren't healing and they burned, the skin around the cuts looked puckered and angry. She hadn't even had the strength to fight Laura off when the human girl had picked her up and tossed her over her shoulder.

"I'm telling you, I'm taking you to a healer--best I know, actually," the vampire hunter replied as she knocked on a door. Nora let out an indignant snort.

"Yeah, I'm not trusting a thing coming from the girl who smells like bloodsucker." Laura rolled her eyes in reply; werewolves and their pointless prejudices. She'd realize there was no deceit soon enough.

"Is that a werewolf slung over your shoulder, Laura? I thought vamps were your thing," Aileena greeted the pair as she opened the door, green eyes lit with surprise. Nora snarled something that sounded suspiciously rude in reply that made Laura from before she spoke up.

"I saved her from vamps; that counts, doesn't it, Aileena? I brought her here because one of the vamps had a silver knife and she got cut a time or two as far as I can tell, but she's not being too cooperative and you know me--do you have time to fix her up?" The redheaded warlock grinned at the strawberry blonde standing before her.

"Mind your own bu--" Aileena didn't bother to acknowledge the fact that Nora was trying to mutter more threats, instead, she spoke like she heard no one else.

"Bring her in and let's see." Before Nora could object, Laura was stepping into the warlock's apartment and moving in just enough so that she could pull Nora off her shoulder and try to stand the girl back up. The werewolf's legs didn't cooperate and folded almost immediately--if Laura hadn't been there, she would have hit the floor. Aileena made a soft 'tsk'-ing sound before moving around to get a look at her prospective patient. When she did, Nora gasped in surprise as she now caught sight of an enormous pair of black wings trailing behind the woman, who was dressed rather casually in a pair of red plaid pajama pants and a black t-shirt that seemed to have the back open to some degree to allow her wings to stick out freely.

"What are you?" The young woman demanded to know, and and Aileena sighed.

"Warlock!" Alois squawked from the counter, causing both Laura and Nora to jump and the bird's master to chuckle.

"Looks like Alois beat me to it--I forget he can do that," Aileena admitted. At the curious look she got from two pairs of eyes, she laughed. "Crows are capable of mimicking human speech, like parrots. They're incredibly intelligent birds, that's what I love about them. There's just no need for him to use it with me; I thought you knew, Laura?" she explained as she looked the werewolf over slowly. Without bothing to say much else, she reached out to grab the blue camisole the girl was wearing and yanked it up. Nora yelped before she bit her lip and Laura had to fight to hold the girl in place. "Dang," she whistled at the sight of a long, thin gash. "You got yourself a lovely little nick, miss werewolf."

"I have a name, miss warlock. It's Nora." The response dripped with sarcasm. Aileena looked up and gave her a wicked smile.

"You have a lovely collar, too, Nora. And might I comment on how sharp your sarcasm is?" The warlock's voice was icy. "Mine is sharper, and I'm not the one with the deadly allergy to silver. I intend to heal you, but if you keep it up, I might be inclined to do you harm. Show respect to the woman who's older than you by a good few centuries and is good enough friends with the girl keeping you from hitting the floor at the moment that I'm willing to heal you." Laura's eyebrows shot up, clearly surprised by the outburst, as Aileena lifted a glowing hand to hold it to the long, thin cut along the werewolf girl's torso.

It was going to be a long night.

Reine Gisela and Straton Sinclair
Yuki-onna and Demon hunter; Pro-secrecy
Somewhere in Europe
He solidly regretted having ever opened his mouth as he watched the shoot progress. How could he have been so stupid as to think his ironic suggestion of theme was funny? Reine moved fluidly as the cameraman suggested, skin set at half it's normal tone, causing the lights in the room to set it shining like ice, making Reine looking just as beautifully inhuman as she really was...and he hated it. He hated the woman and every single one of her kind; those that weren't like him, weren't human. She turned, and he saw her eyes again, set much like her skin at half their nearly silvery glory. This had been a very bad idea.

He glanced across the room to find Davide leaning against the opposite wall, hovering near the set, ready to grab his--their--charge at any moment if trouble should occur. The older man always seemed to be the one to stay closest to her, and Reine always left him in charge of the guards. It would have made sense if all her guards had been normal humans, but they weren't. Technically the Fae guard was the oldest, but he always looked like he was up to something--not that that wasn't typical of most Fae, they tended to do nothing but cause trouble, and with a name like "Ashfinger" he was often subject to raised eyebrows and people watching him to make sure he didn't pull put a lighter and set everything around him on fire. That aside, he was the one with the most combat experience, and he was probably the best armed for any situation, but with his past record... Okay, well maybe she did have a reason to leave the human in charge of them. Next to the man sat a large, white wolf that, as far as he knew, had been with her as long as she had been in the public eye. He had a cover story (much like most of Reine's life did) that he didn't care to memorize, but Straton knew better; in her file it had been listed that the wolf was her brother simply refusing to take human form. He kept an eye on Neige, but it wasn't really the brother he had to look out for--it was his sister, with her lovely smiles, charming words, and seemingly odd quirks to go with her freezing hands and inhuman beauty that he had to watch out for. The hunters didn't need another incident like the one that occurred with her mother, nor did they need anyone finding out that one of the biggest "lead by example" for secrecy and coexistence models for mythological creatures was far from human.

This was a "look both ways" kind of job; and it was the kind of job he really hated. Particularly when he had to watch Reine hang close to Davide. Sure, they weren't in any kind of relationship--the man was as professional as could be with the exception that he was one of the few people he'd noticed Reine would talk to in excess. She acted more human around the older guard than she needed to be--and in some ways she acted less so. It was her actions around Davide that put him most on edge...and he was already on a pretty big edge.

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Lisa Blackeye
Dragon, Not for secrecy
Somewhere in the Southern part of the United States
Arpers: N/A

Lisa looked at the burger in front of her. It was tall for a burger and would have been greasy if it had been left on the grill longer. She shuddered as she knew she had to put that into her mouth. The meat may had still been quite red on the inside, but she hated the taste of fast food. The greasy fried potatoes were always too moist and over-salted. She stared them down and passed them to an associate. He thanked her and gobbled down the salted morsels. She would have been surprised were this the first time she had done this. She shrugged and lifted the burger to her mouth. The edges of her teeth carved through bread, lettuce, tomato, and the meat. The meat gave off a pleasant enough flavor, while the bread was fairly neutral. The lettuce was unpleasant as was the tomato. Her teeth carved through it too easily as they were designed for wild game and not this human waste.

One of her associates voiced a joke that wasn't all too pleasant to her ears. She looked at him. Her expression showed that she wasn't humored by his jest. She shook her head and returned to her less than pleasant meal.

After she had returned to her place of residence she looked at the paperwork. She was going to move out her appartment soon. She figured that it was time to move north. There was nothing here she really cared for. A second-rate appartment and a crappy job, she considered it and decided that she was going to head back north. She wasn't sure why, but she felt compelled to move north.

She stepped outside and looked at the sky. She desired to spread wing and join the clouds of the sky. She stepped back inside and slept with sorrow. The next day she would be gone and head north.

Socratic Sarcasm
02-08-2013, 08:04 PM
Michael Mikulak and Mira*
They really don't give a care
Their facility, somewhere in the US
ARPers: None

Mira discovered that, even if you have fae heritage, there are no real graceful ways to fall out of a hole in the fabric of reality.

It sounds overly dramatic, she supposed, when phrased that way, but the frosted pines of the evergreen forest were the perfect place for the Queen of Winter to throw her assassin into (Mira briefly wished that this was a figure of speech). According to the Queen Medb, the place had a reputation for being deadly.

And then when I ask her why she just smiles enigmatically and says nothing.

Mira decided that the best option would be to complete this God awful assignment and be done with it. The Sun's height in the sky suggested that it was sometime around noon, and since there were more likely to be people to ask questions farther south, Mira walked with the sun in her face. But only so much: the tall pines of the boreal forest did a good job of blocking the star's blinding light.

After a good while-Mira had long lost track of time, having spent a good amount of it in Faerie-she happened on a clearing with nothing more than a bony child in the middle. He was staring opposite the direction Mira came, and was drawing absently in the dirt with a stick. He was positively bony, and his slightly tan skin (despite the cold, the child was wearing only a pair of ill fitting jeans and baggy T shirt) was out of place in the cold.

The predatory, Unseelie part of Mira screamed at her to take such easy prey: to rip open his guts and feast on his intestines. It howled at the weakness of the potential quarry, noting how it looked like he was not long for the world anyway. It urged Mira to attack the boy, and not let up until he was ripped to slivers in her bare hands.

Mira almost rolled her eyes at this; it was so routine for her to quash this side of her, to discipline herself, that she could just turn her attention to it for a second and return to th-

And then Mira was fighting for her very self. Mental assault was something she trained against extensively, since the Queen did not want her favorite assassin to be turned against Winter, but she had never faced something like this. The attacker (and she wasn't even able to identify who it was) bombarded her with images of despair, of hopelessness, of the quiet, wearing terror that came from not knowing the fresh horrors you would be facing this time around. Mira found that she had to draw from the viscous power of the Unseelie Court in her merely to not succumb immediately to the onslaught, especially since it took her by such surprise. She tried to build a defense, but the mind attacking hers was like an ocean, crashing on hers in powerful waves of will. Mira realized that whoever this was, he or she was fighting to end the person Mira was and replace her mind with its own will.

Mira was, in some distant part of her mind, terrified. But she was too focused on not dying to be scared. She fought to lay every brick in the mental wall that would protect her (hopefully).

Wait, when did hopefully enter the equation?

Mira fought tooth and nail while searching for the person or thing attacking her. But the only thing in the area was the boy in the clearing.

The instant Mira thought that, the psychic attack on her intensified. Mira is many things, but stupid was never one of them, and she realized that it had to be the boy attacking her. The boy who she just dismissed as a threat.

Mira felt very stupid. But she had no time to lament, as the boy's mind was starting to worm its way into hers to subvert her will from the inside. Mira realized that the only real way she stood a chance of winning was if she was able to move the attack to a physical one.

So, she drew on the power of her Court as deeply as possible, and unleashed it.

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Manus Flynn.
Neutral Human/Fae Sorcerer.
Moonbeam Marvels, US.
ARPers: None.

Before dawn, Manus Flynn was already awake. He began the day as he usually did: by preparing a pot of strong coffee and cooking breakfast for himself and his niece, which on this particular day consisted of fried eggs on toast. As he waited for the food to finish, he continued his mundane morning activity by reviewing the magical wards he had placed over the locks on his front door and windows. By the time that was finished, his niece - whose wild mane of hair was still damp from showering - was in the dining room, helping herself to the meal. "Morning," she muttered.

Manus nodded at her and fixed a plate for himself. "Morning," he replied. There was little conversation as they ate, which neither of them minded; Manus didn't have anything important to say and Cathleen tended to use as few words as possible in the early hours of the day.

Breakfast was over quickly. The plates and silverware were put away, and Cathleen tossed her school bag over her shoulder. "I've got that art thing after school, so I'll be a bit late getting back," she reminded him. "See you later."

"Bye," Manus replied. "Have a nice day, and all that." He followed his niece downstairs to the cluttered main room of his shop, where 'magical' trinkets of all kinds, from dragon statues to eight balls to colorful crystals, lined the shelves. He then leaned against the counter, watching her head out. The door shut with a faint creak, leaving Manus alone until some customer walked through his door.

Cathleen Flynn.
Anti-Secrecy Werecat.
Generic High School, US.
ARPers: None.

Cathleen sat through the bus ride with her headphones in her ears and her sketchbook in her lap, looking half asleep. This was, however, an illusion; Cathleen was perfectly awake, and idly studying the people around her and trying to glean their feelings. She found them to be rather dull usually, but it was always good to practice the skill.

The bus let out, and Cathleen walked into the crowded hallway. The day had barely begun and she was already impatient with it. Her classes were tedious, as she didn't have much of a like for algebra and physics. But that was the price of living, she supposed. With a huff, she sat down in a desk, drumming her fingers and waiting.

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OOC: Only Luca for now. Cannot think of anything for Lilith. o_e

Luca Brown
Werewolf; Pro-Secrecy
Somewhere in the US
ARPers: N/A

Luca could tell that it was going to be one of those days the moment he woke up.

Ignoring the fact that he had probably only slept for four hours on a mattress full of bugs, he had a crick in his back and dread in the pit of his stomach. The crick in his back could easily be traced to the mattress being flatter then he thought was actually possible, but the dread was a little harder to place. Eventually, after the third cup of hotel coffee that tasted like foot, he felt cognizant enough to work out the problem. He didn't have anything to dread. The full moon was a good week or two away, he hadn't encountered nor heard of any werewolf hunters in the area, and there shouldn't be anything untoward about the town. Regardless, disquiet gnawed at him, making him jump at every movement and noise. Luca rubbed his face. He had initially planned to pass through town and head to the next spot, as he hadn't heard of anyone non human living in town that might be involved in Rosemary's disappearance. But his instincts seemed to be trying to tell him there might be something in this town after all.

Luca considered this. He hadn't seen much of the town when driving through it last night- or really, very early in the morning. It could be a small town or a sizable community that he had barely entered. If he stayed in the town's good parts, it wasn't likely he would be attacked by anything mythological or otherwise. Besides, he was probably one of the scariest beings in the town. If something was to happen today, he wanted to see it.

Of course, that meant he had to stay in the fleabag hotel. He eyed the lobby, which had peeling wallpaper and lighting that made everything look sickly. He could probably last one more night. Not that he particularly wanted to. Luca sighed and stood up from the table that the hotel graciously provided. He wouldn't see anything if he hung around here. He walked through the lobby and pushed open the hotel doors, exiting onto the paved parking lot. It was mostly empty, except for a few banged up cars and birds pecking the ground. He plodded over to his car, a dented pickup that had probably once been red. He gave it a precursory glance, then looked down the road into town. If he was going to explore the town, he might as well walk. He shrugged his shoulders and began to amble towards town.

Cobalt Shadow
02-26-2013, 06:45 AM
Dalton Amaro
Half Vampire
Vampire Hunter
Central London (Beginning), Los Angeles (End)
Affected RPers: Anypne in LA who wants to find him

Dalton stood by the corner of the building, looking at his phone, rapidly tapping the screen. To a passer by he was sending a text message. What they didn't know was that the camera app was open, and he was looking at the church across the road on his screen. Inside the church was a member of his father's old gang, The Blood Angels. Five year's ago the gang split up, and were in different countries. So far he had only been able to track one. Daniel, Stefan's supposed best friend.

After a few minutes, Dalton saw a man walk out of the church. The sudden smell of blood that hit Dalton confirmed his suspicions. This man smelt more like blood that the average human. This man was a vampire.

Dalton pocketed the phone, and put his left hand in the right side of his jacket, grabbing his Suppressed S&W .500 Magnum, keeping it hidden. If Daniel wasn't willing to talk, he might need some convincing.

The vampire turned onto a quieter street, and Dalton waited a few minutes before going onto the street. The less people around, the harder it is to follow someone. Keeping his distance, Dalton followed the vampire into an alley.

As Dalton walked into an alley, he stopped. Nobody was there. It was a trap. He moved his right hand into the sleeve of his left arm, and held onto the hilt of his knife.

"You smell different." said a voice from behind him. Dalton froze.
"See vampires smell like blood. A lot of it. So do humans, but not as much. But not you." said the voice, "I could barely smell the blood on you. As if you have cleaned yourself excessively. You know who do that? Vampire hunters..."

Dalton pulled the knife out of the sheath sewed to the inside of his sleeve, and slashed at where the mans neck should be. The man quickly grabbed Dalton's wrist, and held it in place. His strength and speed exceeded Dalton's. Dalton had no doubt in his mind now. This man is definitely a vampire.

"Are you Daniel of the Blood Angels?" Dalton asked.
"Who is asking?" Daniel replied, slightly loosening his grip on Dalton's wrist.
"The son of Mary and Stefan. They were killed by members of the Bloody Angels, who didn't approve of Stefan being with a human." Dalton replied. "I want names and locations of the vampire's who killed my parents."
Daniel seemed confused, then smirked.
"That's what you think? You really don't know?" Daniel laughed.
"Don't know what? Look, are you going to tell me, or will I have to force the answers out of you?" Dalton yelled.
"The gang has separated, but I am still loyal. I know who was involved with your parent's death. I was part of the group. But I won't tell you anything else."

Dalton lit a flame on his palm, then wrapped his arm around Daniels. Daniel yelled in pain as he let go of Dalton, who kicked forward. Daniel disappeared from in front of Dalton, causing the kick to miss, and Dalton to lose his balance. Daniel reappeared behind him and kicked him to the ground.

"Damn he's fast." Dalton thought to himself, as Daniel reappeared in front of him. Dalton got up, and crouched, holding his knee where Daniel kicked him.

"Shame. Your father was weak. Though even he was stronger than you." Daniel laughed.

When Daniel was distracted, Dalton jumped up, and spear-tackled Daniel. Before Daniel could get up, Dalton pulled out his revolver and shot him in the shin. Daniel screamed in pain at the wound, which viciously bled.

"Are you going to tell me what I want to know?" Dalton asked Daniel.

"Go to hell!" Daniel yelled clutching his leg.

Dalton aimed the gun at the other leg and shot in the same place. He walked over to Daniel, and picking him up by the collar, pushed and held him against the wall.

"I have another 30 rounds in my jacket, and will be here all night if I have to." Dalton said, as blood poured on the ground around them from the wounds. "Tell me what I want to know."

"Edward. USA. He was the only person from the Blood Angels I knew involved in your parents murder." Daniel said softly, crying from the pain of the gunshots. Dalton put the gun away, and let go of Daniel, causing him to fall to the ground.

"I will find him and the rest of them and kill you all. If you lied to me, I will find you again, and we will do the same thing." Dalton said as he walked away. After a few seconds he heard a scream. He turned around and saw Daniel hobbling towards him. Daniel jumped, and attempted to grab Dalton, but was stopped by a gunshot to the head.

"Rot in hell, scum." Dalton said at the corpse on the ground, as he left the alley.

Three days later, Dalton walked out of LAX Airport, looking for a tattoo parlour to get another line on his wrist. One line for each vampire. After that, the hunt will continue...

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Lisa Blackeye
Dragon, Not for secrecy
Somewhere in the Southern part of the United States
Arpers: Cobalt Shadow

Lisa has looked at the area around her. She recounted her journey.

She had woken up and grabbed her few measly belongings and tossed them into a large back pack. She had always traveled light. She had occasionally stashed belongings she could not carry in places, but she had a tendency to forget about where she left them. She abandoned that practice, so if she couldn't simply carry it in that bag it was left behind.

She stepped out of the door and headed towards the wooded area. She moved quickly to the woods. She was not confident she was out of the clear yet. She stayed in her human form. She ran quickly through the woods. She did this for a while. She found herself in a place far enough from human civilization. It was deep in the woods. She had begun to transform. An hour or two later she was in her true form. She dashed through the woods. The trees could put up little resistance against the force of her body colliding into them.

This quickly got tiresome. She decided that breaking branches was not the brightest idea. They were going to leave bruises. She knew they would heal quickly, but she would feel them next morning.

She decided she wanted an alternate mode of transportation. She managed to catch a ride for a short while. She slept in the car and regenerated her bruises.

Later on she left that vehicle and took to moving on foot once more.
She ate on the run snagging wild game. The flavor of fresh venison was much more pleasing than the pathetic excuse for food typically served in human establishments. She feasted rather messily. She cleaned off the carnage in fresh water streams. Soon after she these meals she would be back on her feet in one form another. Cascading through these forests or between their trees. She was careful not to cross many humans.

It took a great deal of time on foot but she got to a place where she decided to stop for a short while. She stood looking at a map of Illinois.
She would set up camp here and stay for a while. She was unsure whether to head west or east. She decided she was sick of heading north for the time being.

And so she set up camp, a fresh kill lay out on the ground, a fire was burning on the ground. The Carcass was torn open and it was rather unreckognizable as to what it was prior to meeting its fate.

She had not taken time to wash off the carnage from the recent kill, and it almost seemed as there was a pair of eyes watching. Whether there was or not was another story.

Cobalt Shadow
03-03-2013, 10:27 AM
Dalton Amaro
Vampire Hunter
On a train near Illinois
Affected RPers: Dragotech

Dalton awoke from his nap from the sound of a kid yelling outside his cabin.
"The sooner I am off this damn train, the better." Dalton thought to himself. He hadn't fed since he arrived in Los Angeles four days prior. He had been battling chronic headaches since, and was beginning to feel sick in the stomach. He couldn't wait for the moment when he finds an animal to sink his fangs into. He had been on the train the past day and a half, and was feeling claustrophobic.

"I need to distract myself. At this rate I will be considering humans as dinner." Dalton thought to himself. He opened the window in his carriage, to try and get some fresh air. Until a smell hit his nostrils. Blood. And a lot of it.

"Either that is a vampire, who is either a problem and needs to be killed, or knows where this Edward is."

Dalton checked his watch. 8:15pm.

"The train is supposed to arrive in Chicago at 9:30." Dalton thought to himself, "I think I will get off a little earlier."

Dalton grabbed his bags and checked everything was in them. He next locked the door and drew the curtains. He pulled out his gun, and checked that everything was in place. Once he was certain he was ready to go, he walked out of the room, and pulled his hood over his face, looking for the door. After a few minutes, he found the door. Nobody was around, and next to the door was the lever for the emergency break.

"I hope everyone is holding on." Dalton thought, as he pulled the lever. The train slowed down drastically, and Dalton kicked the door. His strength was beyond that of a regular human. The door burst out of its frame, and hit the ground. Dalton stood back, then ran forward and jumped, rolling out of the train. Making sure to not dawdle, he sniffed the air, attempting to find the source of blood. It was south.

After jogging a fair distance, Dalton found himself in a forested area. As he walked through, the smell of blood got stronger. Whatever caused this wasn't an animal. It was either a vampire, or something far worse.

The smell led him to a small camp site. There was a fire in the center. He kept his distance, watching for anyone. Until he saw something that shocked him. An animal carcass. Bones, fur and blood which had soaked into the ground. Vampire's usually would just drink the blood. Animals on the other hand will eat the flesh, but not to this degree.

"Crap!" Dalton thought to himself at the sight of the carcass, "I could be dealing with a werewolf here, or worse."

He pulled out his revolver, and took the suppressor off it. After making sure it was loaded, he stood out into the campsite, where he found a girl not much older than him. He pointed the gun at her. If she was a werewolf, she might turn at any time.

"I don't want to hurt you. This is just for security. What are you?" Dalton asked, as he felt his headache get worse. He looked at the girl and noticed something. Blood on her shirt.

"All that wasted blood." Dalton said to himself, feeling the bloodlust rising.

Dalton's vision started to blur, as he felt the urges to drink the girls blood grow stronger.

"No! I will not be one of them." he thought to himself.

Suddenly he collapsed to the ground, and vomited...

03-04-2013, 02:05 AM
Lisa Blackeye
Dragon, Not for secrecy
A forested area of Illinois (hurray for conservationists)
Arpers: Cobalt Shadow

Lisa had seen someone arrive. This stranger had walked up and examined the campsite. He found particular interest in the ripped up leftovers.

He carried a gun, and to Lisa's displeasure the barrel was directed towards her. She quickly considered if she could jump him and rip out something important before getting shot. This seemed a poor idea considering that she doubted she could out-run a bullet. He opened his mouth, "I don't want to hurt you. This is just for security. What are you?" Lisa heard the words and somewhat doubted them. She began to reply. The man then spoke something quiet. Lisa could barely hear it, but she could catch something about wasted blood. This seemed odd enough, but the stranger collapsed. She wondered if she should take advantage of this and run.

She decided to stand her ground. She climbed above him in a nearby tree. She took a stance that showed a readiness to pounce. She began to question why so many trees were here in these plains. She assumed humans put them here for some reason. She noticed this man was vomiting. She considered that humans had a weak stomach and could not help it seeing the result of her eating habits.

She began to shift her hands and feet. Just enough to get more lethal claws than the human fingernail, or her variation of it. She eyed this human. She figured it was human. She wondered why it instantly demanded her to explain what she was and not why there was a carcass torn open. It didn't seem to have a typical human fear. She didn't smell enough of certain pheromones to indicate much fear. She began to question what he was. After all she was a dragon, so if she can hide in this manner, then what else could as well?

She decided to wait to ask the redundant question until after this thing that seemed human recovered. She perhaps could explain what she was. Of course she figured based on her decision not to flee, she would have to anyways.

Cobalt Shadow
03-04-2013, 02:48 AM
Dalton Amaro
Vampire Hunter
ARPers: Dragotech

Dalton stood up and held the gun slightly lower away from the girl. If she intended any harm she would have already killed him.

"What are you? You reek of blood like a vampire. But vampires don't eat those victims. Are you a werewolf? Or something worse?" Dalton asked. "I am a vampire hunter. I was hoping you might know where my next target is."

The pain of the headache contined to worsen. Suddenly Dalton heard something. He raised his gun and point it to the left, where he heard the sound and shot. He walked to the trees and found a deer, dead on the ground.

Dalton holstered the gun, and got on his knees, dug his fangs into the deer. After a few minutes, his headache and nausea were gone. He walked back to the girl, and held out his left hand to shake.

"I'm Dalton." He said, ready to pull the knife out of his sleeve if she attacked him.

03-04-2013, 03:18 AM
Lisa Blackeye
Dragon, Not for secrecy
A forested area of Illinois (hurray for conservationists)
Arpers: Cobalt Shadow

Lisa watched this person get up. He held the gun lower. "What are you? You reek of blood like a vampire. But vampires don't eat those victims. Are you a werewolf? Or something worse?" the man asked. "I am a vampire hunter. I was hoping you might know where my next target is."

She looked at this man. "I- I'm a dragon..." she muttered under her breath. It was not exactly believable claiming to be a dragon. He watched him turn and shoot a deer. She again blamed humans for such creatures being here in the plains. Of course having eaten one for supper, she should have already thought on that. Of course hunger can addle the brain, she found herself fairly unsurprised.

The man appeared to have bit into the deer. She questioned whether vampires existed, so this surprised her. She stared at this thing. "Are... Are you a vampire?" Lisa asked. The man seemed not to pay attention. He got up and put his gun away. He introduced himself and put his hand out to shake.

She noticed immediately that this was his left hand. Her eye twitched. From what she read this was an insult, and she did not appreciate it. "I am not going to shake that." She offered her right hand in response. "Lisa... You don't... sparkle... do you?" She stated as her own introduction and then asked a question.

Cobalt Shadow
03-04-2013, 05:07 AM
Dalton Amaro
Vampire Hunter
ARPers Dragotech

"Why does everyone assume we sparkle?" Dalton said, "You read that twilight crap?"

He pulled the knife out of his sleeve and threw it into one of the trees.

"What about now?" Dalton replied shaking her hand, and holding his left in the air away from the gun.

"Half Vampire. My mother was human. Father a vampire." Dalton responded

Then he remembered why he was here.

"Do you know of a vampire called Edward?" Dalton asked, "He has information on who killed my parents."

It had been an hour since Dalton jumped from the train. He would have to get going soon to make it to Chicago before dawn.

"Where are you headed? I am on my way to Chicago, then New York from there."

03-04-2013, 05:39 AM
Lisa Blackeye
Dragon, Not for secrecy
A forested area of Illinois
Arpers: Cobalt Shadow

"Why does everyone assume we sparkle?" Dalton said, "You read that twilight crap?"
Lisa looked at him and simply said, "No, an associate made me sit through the movie. It's gonna be fun she said... God I wanted to rip my eyes out..."

He threw a knife from his sleave and shook Lisa's hand. "What about now?" Were his words. She looked at him crossly as he shook her hand.

"Half Vampire. My mother was human. Father a vampire." Dalton responded. Lisa did ask, but he did seem to busy with his meal to answer when she asked.

"Do you know of a vampire called Edward?" Dalton asked, "He has information on who killed my parents." Lisa looked at this half vampire creature. "Are you telling me you are looking for a fictional character that calls itself a vampire, sparkles in daylight, and watches little girls while they sleep? Sorry 'bout your parents, but I didn't even know that vampires actually existed until right now."

"Where are you headed? I am on my way to Chicago, then New York from there," said the non-sparkley vampire/human hybrid. Lisa shrugged. She had no where else to be. "Well, I hate big cities, but sure why not?"

Lisa looked intently at him. "By the way, whether you believe it or not, I am a dragon."

Cobalt Shadow
03-04-2013, 06:06 AM
Dalton Amaro
Vampire hunter
ARPers Dragotech

"You know I only just picked that. If Daniel did lie to me, I will fly back to the UK and kill the son of a ***** early." Dalton responded.

Dalton walked over to the knife and pulled it from the tree, placing it back in its sheath.

"I will not be there too long. Maybe a night or two each. The vampire underworld is easy to find if you know where to look."

"By the way, whether you believe it or not, I'm a dragon. " Lisa said.

" I thought I heard you say that earlier. Didn't know how to ask how that works without seeming rude. That would explain the carcass over there." Dalton replied, realising what he had said, "though pointing a gun at you isn't very polite either so that is redundant."

"If we start walking now, we might get to Chicago by dawn. I am powerless during the day." Dalton said. "We can stay here for tonight or leave now. What do you say."

03-05-2013, 05:33 AM
Pro-secrecy, Mawr Cattân
Somewhere in Europe
Affected RPer: Winter

Photo shoots. Always endless photo shoots, day in and day out. Of course Ash didn't expect anything different, given his current's charge's occupation but still, he thought there would be at least a little more excitement going on around here. Today was a pleasant change in way, playing heavy on the irony of a wintery Fae and of the fact that the humans had absolutely no idea of it, and Ash found himself grinning to himself more than once at the fun of it all. It was always so much fun to tease to humans, to dangle things right in front of their stupidly blind faces and then snatch it away right before they finally open their eyes and notice something. That was the game the Fae had been playing for centuries and they played it even now, even Reine, despite her fondness of humans and her ideas of them one day realizing who all of the Fae were. Of course that day was long off, especially when the humans still had their centuries-old prejudices against them... take the human guard on his right for example. Unlikable, hating anything Fae, and immediately judging of anyone and anything that so much as spent time around the Fae. He was always glaring at Ash as if expecting him to do something, like burn the whole place down just for giggles. His reputation probably didn't help since he was known as "unreliable" among the secret circle of hunters and whatever organizations there were, but they still welcomed him with open arms so that could say more than anything.

His golden eyes flickered to Straton, standing a few feet away from him, and his mouth curved into a wicked grin. It was the smile of a thief or prankster planning something behind veiled faced. As if sensing the stare, Straton immediately turned to him, alert and already bristling as if expecting a battle. "Why so tense, mortal?" Ash asked in a low voice so that only Straton could hear. "You look deliciously uncomfortable today, and tense to boot. You really need to loosen up some." He very obviously raked his eyes down Straton's form, as if savoring a future meal, and briefly contemplated licking his lips but decided that that would be way too much, too soon.

03-08-2013, 05:43 AM
Reine Gisela and Straton Sinclair
Yuki-onna and Demon hunter; Pro-secrecy
Somewhere in Europe
ARPers: Enkaku

Turn around. The warning that went off in Straton’s head was right, he discovered almost immediately upon turning to find his fellow guard standing a few feet away, looking at him with mischief in his golden eyes and a wicked smile on his lips. He was on his best guard immediately, and with the Mawr Cattan’s provocative comments, it took all Straton had to ignore his instinct not to put all his focus on Ashfinger and move his gaze back to Reine.

“As attractive as some women find me,” Straton started icily in reply, “our jobs are to keep our eyes on the girl and be on the lookout for potential danger. You should be looking at the model, or at the door, not at me—unless I somehow pose a clear threat to the model.” It was clear that he wasn’t amused in the slightest. For Straton, this job was a punishment and the assignment he could fail under no circumstances, but nothing more.

He cast his own gaze to the Yuki-onna girl and cringed; she was wearing a snow white ball gown. The white tulle-covered skirt shimmered like her skin with swirls of silvery glitter, the close-fitting strapless top of the dress followed the skirt’s example. It was hard to tell where the dress began and Reine Gisela ended, to be honest—they were all the same blinding, shimmering white. This was the embodiment of everything he hated. Straton made a soft sound in the back of his throat and made to move away, tell Ash he was taking a quick break despite the fact he knew the shoot was nearly over, when commotion erupted outside the door. Straton heard shouting over the camera’s clicks. At the room’s back wall, the white wolf beside Davide had risen, and was most likely growling. “Ash,” he started, whole demeanor changing in a blink. He was already moving towards Reine, “Be ready for—“ Straton was cut off as the door exploded open.

As he continued moving towards Reine, he unzipped his jacket and reached into one of his many pockets, counting on Ash to do his job and cover them. “Davide, exit route!” he bellowed, pulling a small black box out of his jacket as he reached the model. As he reached out and propelled Reine forward, he gave a satisfactory smirk and tapped the button on the box’s side before flinging in down on the floor behind them. The box emitted a bright flash of light Straton looked away from as he pushed Reine towards the room’s other exit, just as they had planned for.

The worst had happened; they were under attack.

Aileena Crowfeather, Laura Blackwood, and Nora
Warlock, Vampire Hunter, and Werewolf; Pro-Secrecy
Somewhere in New York, USA
ARPers: None right now

"...I'll call Kaylie in the morning, make sure she has someone keep an eye on her. The girl might not be a part of a pack, but that's no excuse to let her go about alone all the time. That's how you end up dead these days," Aileena sighed, looking down at the lanky figure curled up on one of her couches. She'd managed to heal the silver wounds as best she could, and the werewolf had since dozed off. Laura nodded grimly in reply, looking the girl over as well, wondering what her reaction would be. Judging from her actions earlier, she'd probably throw a colossal fit, not that it would bother Aileena much. She just hoped that pack leader's appearance didn't become a subject of discussion--about half the woman's face was as pretty as it used to be, the other half had been subject to some of the worst silver burns Laura had ever seen, but she still commanded her pack with pride and stern rules.

"Sounds like a good idea--I'd hate to find out someone else got her later on. She's young and full of fire, it would be a shame to see more kids with potential lost…” Laura shook her head and sighed. “Well, I need to get home, Aileena. You know how the family is.” This was met with a colossal roll of Aileena’s green eyes.

“More like how your boyfriend is. I don’t hear you ever getting called by Angelo or Wes, and it’s not them that send the maid or their brother to go check on you,” the warlock laughed, resting a hand on Laura’s shoulder gently. “But go home and be safe on the way there. I’ll keep an eye on werewolf girl and make sure she’s okay,” Aileena assured her as they walked to the door. As she watched Laura step out into the cold night air, smiling and thanking her for the favor one last time, she couldn’t help but laugh softly as she told her to get home.

When she shut the door, she found herself almost completely alone again, with the exception of Alois. Always with the exception of Alois.

Sighing again, Aileena clicked her tongue and raised a hand, inviting Alois to come to her before parking herself heavily in a large armchair with fluffy cushions. The werewolf girl would not leave until she said so.

OOC: And I finally post again! Hopefully posting will pick up the pace a little soon.

Cobalt Shadow
03-08-2013, 10:33 PM
Chandler Steele
Unknown Humanoid
New York City USA

Chandler placed the envelope addressed to Dean with his keys to the garage on the bench. Inside the envelope was a letter, explaining why he left. He was searching for other like him.

He stood out the door, locking it behind him. This was the point of no return. He had the clothes on his back, which were loaded with chains and other metal things, some food and drink, and a bit of money. He didn't want to return here until he learnt what he was.

It was 3am and the moon was high in the sky. New York City was dangerous enough for other people at this time of night.

Chandler walked through an alley on his way to the train station. Suddenly he heard voices. Drunk by the sound of it. Not taking any chances, he raised his arms to the nearest fire escape on one of the buildings. Two long chains whipped out if his sleeves and wrapped themselves around the handrail. Chandler grabbed the chains and coiled it around the poles, pulling him up onto the fire escape. After a few minutes the voices disappeared and nobody was around. Chandler climbed down the fire escape and continued his trip to the station. After 2 hours of walking, Chandler found himself at the interstate train station. He didn't know where he was going. Only that he was leaving. The soonest train was Chicago bound at 7am.

Chandler bought a ticket, and waited for the train. When it arrived, he walked off the platform onto the train, and stood by the hand rail, as there were no seats available.

After twenty minutes, the train slowed down suddenly, causing Chandler to fall, since he wasn't holding the hand rail. Without thinking, he extended the chains from his sleeves, which grabbed the rail and pulled him up. Lucky for him nobody saw it...

Eternal Moonlight
03-09-2013, 06:39 AM
Neutral Ghost
New York (on a train)
Affected RPs: Cobalt

When people say the mode of transportation known as trains is dying, they obviously aren’t seeing this packed cabin. There were no free seats left, but for some reason, they sold enough tickets to make people stand. It was a long way to be stuck on one’s feet the entire time.

Serana was lucky enough to be able to sit taking one of, if not the, last spot available. She was already worn out from the sleepless night, and standing like that for a few hours would likely have caused her legs to give out at some point. Already, they were rather sore…

She didn’t know why, exactly, it was Chicago that would be her destination. It had been mulled over, and from all the possible options, this just stuck out. Even now, Serana wasn’t that sold on her own choice, but staying in New York wasn’t getting her anywhere. Something was urging her to go on…

Serana glanced around, almost searching for something off. She was a bit weary, being surrounded by strangers in such tight quarters, but nothing more than that. After a little bit, the brunette brought her attention to the morning paper a man nearby was reading.

“Slenderfairy, the horror fantasy box office hit will be getting a sequel,” the headline read, in big boxy letters.

He was obviously checking out the entertainment section.

The train made a few stops, but didn’t seem to empty too quickly. A few spots opened up, most being filled almost instantly. However, the opening beside Serana had been there for a while, the other woman leaving complaining about the drafts in the train. The brunette had only nodded, but knew it wasn’t the vehicle that was the cause of the lady’s chills…

Serana felt her mind begin to trail off, but before it got too far, the train suddenly braked, a loud hiss filling the cabin.

Now what followed was very strange, leaving Serana wondering if she was seeing things. One of the passengers, a boy appearing to be in his teens, was knocked over. However, out of his sleeve, a chain appeared to spring, the metallic object wrapping around the handlebar and saving him an unpleasant fall. It all happened so fast…

… no, it had to be the lack of sleep, although she was sure that’s what happened. Either way, riding standing up like that was dangerous, with the train driver’s jerky driving. On top of that, the teenager appeared rather tired.

Serana bit her lip, wondering if she should ask him to take the seat next to her. It would fill eventually, but it could very well be by one of the scruffy looking guys that appeared hung over. That would be… unsafe and unpleasant

“Hey… you can sit here… if you’d like,” her voice was low, but hopefully loud enough for him to hear…

03-11-2013, 06:05 AM
Lisa Blackeye
Dragon, Not for secrecy
Chicago bound
Arpers: Cobalt Shadow
(Did recieve minor bunnying rights outta Public Chat to bunny Dalton to Chicago)

Lisa examined her companion. He was powerless during the day. She figured that ironic. She was weary and had not slept much. The idea of large cities was equally unappealing to her. Of course... she figured she could use a drink, and a bed would be nice.

Despite the rather rude behavior of her companion, she decided to travel now for his convenience, this time. She scooped up her bag and said, "Let's just go."

And so the unlikely pair set off, a half-vampire hunter and a dragon, heading towards Chicago. Lisa quickly noticed that during the night, this half-human hybrid could run signifcantly faster. She used the excuse of little sleep and quite a significant run on foot already.

It seemed a good while, but the lights of Chicago were in view. They continued down on their way. They slowed down as they grew nearer to civilization.

Once there, Lisa found herself rather sore.
She bent down and massaged her sore legs a little.
"Okay... we are in Chicago... I think you had somewhere to be?"
She straightened up. "If you need me... check the bars... I will probably find one where I won't need identification... Not being human outta be identification enough."

Lisa left the company of Dalton.
It didn't take too long to find a bar that supported non-human patrons. She would have to look harder to find one that supported only non-human patrons.

After some looking, she happened upon one. One of the patrons was less careful in his drunken state. He happened out of the bar for a moment and was quickly pulled back in.

She peered down this alley. It seemed safe enough. It looked at the back door to a discreet location. She could smell the ales and wines from where she was standing.

She decided to head on down the alley and find the rest of this establishment. She found it. The guard was of fae origin and his glamour was not the best. She could see through it well enough.

When the guard gave her trouble. She glared at him allowing her eyes to appear less human for a moment.

"Let me in, Woodface!" she spouted at him. His eyes showed some surprise, and he let her through. She shuffled towards the Ladies room prefering not to change out in the open. Her fellow patrons watched as she went through. It was evident that they didn't like the lack of glamour. Her appearance all through appeared human. Some could note something not human. Something suppressed in the mind. Those that could see beyond skin and had a greater understanding could identify she was not human.

She found the ladies room and stepped in. She found an unoccupied stall and entered it. She disrobed enough to allow her to shift without completely destroying her clothing. It took a little while, but she shifted to her half-dragon form. She put her human clothes in her bag. She retrieved clothes that would not be destroyed by her current form. She stepped out of the stall and stretched her wings. It felt good to be able to do that.

She stepped out of the bathroom, and some patrons were sober enough to guess that she had walked in a little more than twenty minutes ago in a different form. She heard a patron say, "What the **** are you?" she ignored the patron and walked up to the bar. The bartender, an Ifrit, seemed unimpressed. "What will you be having, Miss?" he said. She rolled her eyes and pointed towards her throat giving the impression she would be unable to speak. "What? Are we supposed to play charades?" he stated. Another patron spoke up. A telepathic perhaps? He answered for her. She raised her brows in surprise and nodded. "Ah well, I guess you are lucky he is sober enough to read minds." said the bartender. The Ifrit tossed the drink together. She paid it off. She ingested the beverage. She ordered another with a wave of the hand. She drank it as well. She paid it off.

Seeing the pace at which she was drinking, another patron called on her for a drinking contest. The one simple rule: The loser buys.

Cobalt Shadow
03-11-2013, 10:06 PM
Chandler Steele
Pro Secrecy
On a train from New York to Illinois
Affected RPers: Eternal Moonlight

The following quotes are PMs Eternal Moonlight and I exchanged as we planned for a lot of character interaction but didn't want to post heaps. Any bunnying was done with permission and what is said by characters is what their owners specified

"Thanks. It isn't too safe to stand on a train. I'm Chandler." he said holding out his hand to shake.

Serana grew slightly more uncomfortable, a bit hesitant on how to respond. However, after a moment or two, she ended up taking his handshake.

"I'm Serana" she replied, "it is a pretty jerky ride, yes"

After she told Chandler her name, there was an awkward silence.

"It will be a while until we get to Chicago and I don't feel like sitting in silence." Chandler thought,

"So what brings you out to Chicago?" he asked.

Serana, whose eyes had drifted, focused on Chandler as he spoke. `She paused for a moment, a bit unsure as what to answer.

"I needed a change of scenery, you know?" `

It wasn't a lie, far from it in fact.

"What about youself?" she asked, for the sake of avoiding more heavy pauses.

Chandler smiled at her reason. It was similar to his.

"I just needed to get out of New York. This was the first train out of there. I need some questions answered, and I won't find those answers here." Chandler responded.

Serana felt a smile tugging at her lips. His reply resonated with her as well, and in response nodded.

Somehow, they ended up conversing for the longest time, about casual things mostly, but it was still interesting none the less. In there, she had mentioned her being a university student and studying science, not remembering the exact field, left it out.

There was a certain something about him that made her feel... okay. Serana wasn't over cautious, and although she still watched her words and his actions, it was less so then usual.

"Ha, that's pretty good, but the best flavour of ice-cream is strawberry banana."

However, before Chandler could retort, the train began breaking, signalling it would once again be making a stop.

"The train service to Chicago will be taking a one hour break. Passengers are allowed to leave the train, however it will be leaving in exactly one hour, and will not wait for any passengers who have not returned. Refunds will not be given to passengers who miss the train." said the announcer over the speaker system.

The train had stopped in a small town between New York and Chicago. Chandler had spent the train trip talking with Serena.

"I am thinking of finding a place that sells food and getting some breakfast. Do you want to come? I am sure we can find some strawberry banana ice cream, even though chocolate mint is by far the best." Chandler said.

Serena agreed, and the two got off the train and left the station, looking for some sort of cafe open for breakfast.

However the dynamic duo made the mistake of taking a short cut through an alley. At the end of the alley stood a man in a hooded jacket, holding a gun. Chandler looked behind him and saw another man, also holding a gun. They were twitchy, and had that look to them that gave away that they were drug addicts.

Chandler assumed control of the chains in his jacket, and had them slither down his sleeve, just at his wrist, if the need to fight came...

Serana immediately felt trapped, but managed to remain under control. The best way about this was to try and diffuse the situation before it could get worse...

"We mean you no harm..." She stated, taking a small step backwards.

"Money and phones!" yelled the mugger, "Now!"

He held the gun towards Chandlers head.

"Big mistake jackass." Chandler said. He flicked his right arm forward, and the chain flicked out. The chain wrapped around the wrist of the mugger's gun hand, and tightened. Chandler heard it break, as he lunges forward with his left and grabbed the gun from the muggers hand. Suddenly he heard a gunshot from the mugger behind him...

Serana was horrified when Chandler lashed out against the muggers. Despite the chain, it would only take one well placed bullet to end him, and...

She turned, noticing the second had a clear shot at him. There was no time to warn him or try to pounce on the aggressor.

A slight feeling of panic welled inside, trying to figure out what to do. However, when Serana heard the gun fire, that sound seemed to snap urgency into her.

There was only one thing she could do at this point. She let out a shout and leapt forth, taking the hit to the left side. Immediately, Serana felt a searing pain coming from where the bullet had stuck. She clenched the area with both her hands, feeling tears come to her eyes. `

"D-do s...some..." she squeaked, feeling an intense burn well up as the words left her lips.

"Serena!" Chandler yelled.

Assuming control of his chains, he levitated them into the air, and telekinetically wrapped them around the muggers necks, lifting them.

The muggers kicked and grabbed at the chains which choked them. Eventually they went still.

"Sh*t, what have I done?" Chandler said as he pulled his spare shirt from his bag. He tore a few strips from them, and tied it over the wound.

"She needs a hospital, but if I go there, I will have to tell them we were mugged, and they will link that with the dead muggers." Chandler said to himself, as he picked Serena up. All the work in the garage had made him much stronger than a 16 year old.

"Sh*t, what am I going to do?" Chandler said, as he carried Serena out of the alley, unsure of where to go

Serana started to feel faint, her senses going on her. It was a horrible experience, but it felt vaguely familiar.

"It... g-going... al-ight-" talking was a chore, and it caused intense blasts of pain, and eventually, she found them too much of hassle for what was getting out

The near empty streets made it so none noticed the events... at this point anyway. After a bit of aimless wandering around, Chandler found himself in another, cleaner alley, still unsure what to do. If he didn't make choice soon though, Serana would die, her already pale skin was almost white and she was frigid to the touch.

She struggled to keep her eyes open, despite her vision having blurred already. Losing consciousness... couldn't... be... good

And, with that, Serana wasn't able to keep awake, the blood loss, internal trauma and pain taking their toll.

However, before Chandler could react to her body going limp, it simply slipped through his fingers and hovered a good 30 centimetres above the ground.

Her now translucent body simply hovered there

Chandler stood there shocked. In front of him was Serena, now translucent and hovering in front of him. She was unconcious, and Chandler was unable to touch her. His hands went straight through.

"What are you?" Chandler asked, shocked as to the recent events.

Serana, in her current state, was unable to hear anything and even less capable of replying. Once every so often a weak pulse of light would emit from the wounded area, spreading all around her body before vanishing.

A significant amount of time passed, Chandler watching the ghost-like Serana and occasionally checking for passersby. This wouldn't be an easy thing to explain...

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, a faint glow of light consumed her body. It only lasted an instant before fading out in the blink of an eye. Serana was now lying on the ground, in solid form.

Feeling the cement below, she snapped her eyes open. Everything was quite blurry, and Serana felt rather sick.

"What... happened?"

"I tried to fight off the muggers. But you were shot. I'm so sorry." Chandler said quietly as he knelt over Serena.

"You did what you thought was right..." she said, looking up at him. "don't worry about it. We'll be more careful next time"

Chandler looked at his watch, and saw the time.

"We had better get back to the station." he said, helping her stand up. They slowly walked back to the station, and found some seats on the train.

"We might as well be honest. We are both far from normal." Chandler said. "I grew up in a car garage in New York. My father found me on the doorstep as a baby. He taught me everything I know about cars. Two years ago, when I was in the garage alone, we were robbed. Thats when I learnt about my powers. I can control metal."

Chandler pulled up his sleeve revealing the magnetic ball bracelet. There were at least 200 all joined together to make a metal wristband. Chandler faced his palm towards it, and the balls disconnected and spun around his palm. They connected and created a sphere, then made a thread, wrapping it around his wrist. It looked the same as it did 20 seconds prior.

"I have chains hidden in my jacket. I have never used them to fight until today."

Serana's eyes widened slightly as she watched the metal move around, at Chandler's will.

"That's... a pretty cool... power" she replied, still weak from earlier. The only sign there had been an injury was a small scar, but no other trace she had been shot.

"I'm... dead" Serana started, her eyes going to the floor. She knew there was no trying to loop around this one, he'd seen her... ghost form. Trick of light... not continuously for so long. For better or for worse, he was getting the truth.

"I can't remember... too much about what happened. I know I was attacked... and that it was very painful." She then paused, feeling a bit dizzy.

"I have... some sort of mission. I don't know what it is though... not exactly." The dizziness was unrelenting, and getting a bit weak, leaned against Chandler for support.


"The train is now arriving in Chicago. Thank you for travelling with Illinois Rails."

Serena almost passed out, and Chandler couldn't help but feel guilty. When she was able to sit up by herself, Chandler spoke.

"Let me stay with you for a bit. You aren't in any state to be by yourself, and it is my fault that this happened." Chandler said, "who knows, I might be able to help you figure some stuff out, like this mission."

Dalton Amaro
Pro Secrecy
Streets of Chicago
Affected RPers: Dragotech and Eternal Moonlight

"So your asking $5000" Dalton asked the salesman at the car yard.
"Yep, $5000. Roadworthy and Registered." Replied the salesman.

In front of Dalton was a white Toyota Hilux. It was a manual 98 4 door model.

"I'll take it." Dalton said, pulling out his wallet and getting his bank card.

Within four hours Dalton had already sworn multiple times about the car.
"I swear I am gonna kill that salesman. Roadworthy my ass." He said. The car was parked on the side of the road, with the hood up, and Dalton inside attempting to figure out what was wrong with it.

Chandler Steele

"There has bound to be some place where we can crash." Chandler said to Serena as they left the station. He made sure to keep a slow pace and an eye on Serena. She was doing well for someone who had been shot earlier, but she still wasn't a picture of perfect health.

"Stupid piece of sh*t!" Chandler heard someone yell. He looked in the direction of it and found a tall man with long black hair kicking one of the front panels of a white ute.

Chandler found a seat and sat Serena down.
"I will be back in a second. I am just gonna go help this guy with his car." Chandler said as he walked over.

Dalton Amaro

"Do you want some help? I have been working on cars all my life, and might be able to get this started again." Said a voice from behind Dalton. Dalton pulled his head out from under the bonnet, hitting it in the process. Behind him was a short teenager in a blue winter jacket.
"You can try, but I think I am better off getting my money back." Dalton replied.
The teenager stuck his head under the bonnet while Dalton went to the drivers seat.

"Try now." Said the teenager. Dalton turned the key, expecting nothing to happen like usual. The car turned on, sounding healthier than before. The teenager walked over to the driver side door.

"It should stay running for a bit. But a service would go a long way. If I had the tools for it, I would do it myself for free." The teenager said, "I'm Chandler by the way."

He held out his hand to shake. Suddenly Dalton heard a scream.
"Chandler look out!"
The voice came from a sick looking girl a little younger than Dalton.

Before he knew what was going on Dalton saw a chain flick out of the kids sleeve and wrap itself around A pole on the opposite side of the road. He was pulled across the road, just out of the way of the taxi that sped past.
"I gotta go" Chandler yelled to Dalton across the road, "Good luck with your car."

Chandler and the girl who yelled at him quickly walked away, making sure they weren't followed.

"That kid isn't human." Dalton thought to himself, "but what is he?"

Dalton drove along the road and followed them. He drove past them and pulled the car up in front of the duo.

"That was a nice trick Chandler." Dalton said.

"What trick? I dived out of the way." Chandler said.

"Kid, don't lie to me. I saw the chains. That wasn't human. " Dalton said, "I would know."

"We don't want any trouble. We just want to be on our way." Chandler said.

"Neither do I. I am just curious. What are you?" Dalton replied, "I have been hunting vampires for years, yet never seen anything like what you did before."

"I don't know what I am. I am trying to figure it out myself." Chandler replied.

The sun was starting to set and darkness began setting in.

"This kid could be useful," Dalton thought to himself, " He is a quick thinker, and could make a good hunter. The amount of scum in the world, we need them."

"If that is the case, why don't you come with me? I have a few assignments that involve a lot of mythical creatures. You might be able to find out what you are."

Chandler Steele

"If that is the case, why don't you come with me? I have a few assignments that involve a lot of mythical creatures. You might be able to find out what you are." Dalton said.

Chandler thought about this. If he was telling the truth, then Chandlers identity might reveal itself faster. Plus he had a car, which would make transport cheaper.

"How do I know you aren't some crack addict? You could be lying. How do I know that vampires, and other creatures even exist?" Chandler asked.

Dalton lifted his hand. Suddenly a flame appeared above his palms.
"I'm half vampire. My mother was a human, and my father a vampire. They were killed by vampires, and I am tracking them down." He said, "the person I am travelling with is at a bar called Mythic Nights on Belmont avenue. I am heading there now and leaving at 9pm. If you decide to come with me you will find me there."

Dalton walked over to his car and drove off.

Chandler turned to Serena who had remained quiet throughout the whole conversation.
"I will be honest with you, I want to go to this bar and find out more. But I am not going to leave you by yourself in this state. It's your call. Who knows, maybe if he is telling the truth, his experience might help with your mission." Chandler said. "What do you want to do?"

Dalton Amaro

"This is an exclusive bar," the guard said to Dalton, "Only those on the list can get in."

Dalton opened his palm and lit a flame.

"This enough of an invitation?" Dalton asked.

The guard apologised for mistaking him as a human and let him in.

As he walked in, he found Lisa by the bar. She appeared to be halfway through her transformation to a dragon. He walked over and sat next to her.

"I got a car." Dalton said, "And I might have found someone special who could prove useful."

Lisa didn't respond. Just pointed to her throat. She mustn't have been able to talk in this form.

Dalton turned his attention to the bartender, who looked stressed. He was on a phone speaking to someone.

"What do you mean the blood won't be here until tomorrow?!" He said, "Edward is coming tonight!"

"Edward? Wow this is gonna be easier than I thought." Dalton thought to himself.

03-12-2013, 04:36 AM
Lisa Blackeye
Dragon, Not for secrecy
A Bar for the Supernatural
Arpers: Cobalt Shadow

Lisa quivered from side to side slightly for a moment. She heard Dalton come in. Her vision was a bit too impaired from the alcohol to really catch onto him. She was staring at the empty mugs. There were quite a few set in front of her.
"I got a car."said the voice of a man who sat besides her, "And I might have found someone special who could prove useful."
She recognized the voice as Dalton's but couldn't make out all of what he said. She put the rest of what she decided she heard together. Something about a new stranger and a car. She pointed towards her throat to try and give off she was unable to speak.

She gazed back at the guy who challenged her to a drinking contest. He was still quite unconcious with his face pressed firmly against the table.

She soon found herself distracted by her own hand. She waved it back and forth watching it. She found that while drunk, this action looked quite humorous as her hand seemed to be duplicated and moved rather slowly. She chuckled which sounded like a serious of choppy growls.

She stood up and looked around the bar. In her addled state she missed the call the bartender made. She managed to get up. Everything in front of her was blurred and confused, and she did not mind. She flicked her tail around watching it flick back and forth. It was entertaining to her. It wasn't a lot different than her hand, but the movement it made seemed to be.

She stared with drunken interest. She took a moment to stretch out her wings and yawn. She breathed a small bit of flame as she exhaled. Her breathe caught fire much easier than normal, but she did not notice. She was, of course, quite a bit drunk.

Cobalt Shadow
03-21-2013, 08:12 AM
Raiju, Not for secrecy
Melbourne CBD Australia
Affected RPers: None

It had been a year since the incident. Where so many of Soren's brothers and sisters lost their lives for the most worthy cause. The Silverbloods were his family. All united by one cause. To be able to live freely as their true selves. Mythical creatures. They made up the Silverbloods.

Then it happened. The moment when they were so close to their goal. Silverbloods from all over Australia gathered in Canberra, to infiltrate and take over parliment house. They would make their presence known or feared. Any blood shed in the process was a worthy sacrifice.

Three days before the attack was to take place, the headquarters of the Silverbloods was ambushed by hunters. They were betrayed. By the half vampire, Dalton Amaro, who had faked his was into their ranks as a spy. Many Silverbloods were killed, and the rest fled. Without a leader, they fell.

Soren swore vengeance on Dalton. But the coward fled. He left the country, and Soren had spent the past year trying to figure out where he went.

Soren stood by a light pole on the corner of Flinders and Swanston street, looking up at the clocks on the front of Flinders Street Station. It was almost 2am. The streets of Melbourne weren't safe at night for everyone else. Probably because he was around. Suddenly his phone rang.

"Hello?" Soren said into the mouthpiece.

"Soren, it's Jesse." said the voice on the other end.
It took Soren a second to remember who Jesse was. Then it hit him. A Silverblood werewolf. One of the few survivors of the ambush. He moved to Britain after the attack, thinking he could make more of an influence there.

"Hey Jesse, what's up?" Soren replied, curious as to why he made this overseas call.

"It's Daniel. He is dead." Jesse responded.

"Daniel is dead?" Soren thought to himself. The middle aged Vampire from Britain. One of the ones who came to Canberra to coordinate the attack on Parliment, was dead?

"I know who did it. It was Dalton." Jesse said, "He was on his way to my house after church. When he didn't show up, I walked over to meet him halfway. Found him dead in an alley. There was a security camera on the wall that saw the whole thing. I climbed up and got the card out of it, almost breaking my neck in the process."

"Why Daniel though? There are plenty of Vampires in Britain, and he wasn't causing too much trouble." Soren asked.

"This wasn't business, it was personal. Apparently Daniel used to be in a gang called the Blood Angels, who killed Dalton's father. He is hunting them." Jesse replied, "All I know so far is that he is in the USA looking for a vampire called Edward."

"A vampire called Edward?" Soren asked, "Wow, after Twilight, I feel sorry for the guy."

"I've done my research. Edward is a pretty important guy. I was able to track him down. Chicago." Jesse said.

"Anyway, if you want to hunt this guy down, I can get you a flight to Chicago that leaves at dawn. You in?" Jesse asked.

Soren thought about it for a minute.
"I'm in."

Soren went home after that, and packed a small bag with his clothes. When he was ready to go, he put his finger to the power outlet, and felt himself become pure electricity, flowing through the wiring of the house, and out into the power grid. He was going to find Dalton Amaro. And kill him...

03-22-2013, 01:53 AM
Manus Flynn.
Neutral Human/Fae Sorcerer.
Moonbeam Marvels, Michigan.
ARPers: None.

Once Cathleen was gone, Manus settled into a familiar, easy routine. People began to come into the shop as the hours passed - none of them magical, of course. Some left without purchasing anything, but those people were few. Most people were too enthralled by the charm of the glass-eyed statues and the dormant, unenchanted stones. Manus wanted to laugh at the way some of them talked. They believed that they were getting real magic. Manus could show them real magic, and chances were good that they'd beg him to make them forget.

As he idly watched a young woman scan the shelves of multicolored quartz, he noticed a presence. He recognized the feel of it instantly: something cold and primal, something that pulled and repulsed him all at once. An Unseelie. His eyebrows knit together and his hand tightened on the 'walking stick' - that would be his channeling staff - that he constantly toted about. Other fae tended to stay away from him. This area was his territory. Ever since his banishment, Seelies shunned him; Unseelies still respected his power. Whoever it was, they had better pass soon. Otherwise, they were in for some serious violence.

Cathleen Flynn.
Anti-Secrecy Werecat.
Generic High School, Michigan.
ARPers: None.

Cathleen passed her school day like any other teenager would: doodling on her notes and folding them into little paper animals, planning a new arrangement for her alchemy garden, and resisting the urge to alleviate the monotony by turning into a lion and breaking everything in sight. By the time the bell rang, she was barely keeping herself human. Shaking her head, she hefted her backpack onto her shoulder and stepped onto the bus.

Honestly, why does school have to be so boring? she wondered.

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Pro-secrecy, Mawr Cattân
Somewhere in Europe
Affected RPer: Winter

Ash had heard them approaching long before Straton could; he may have been in his human form but his hearing hadn't diminished in the slightest. It was why he paid no attention when Straton looked as if he would walk away from him, his brief game immediately dissipating as he leaned forward, ears and eyes alert. Suddenly there was shouting coming from the next room and the white wolf that followed Reine practically everywhere rose to his feet, growling. Now he knows Starton heard that, hell everyone did.

In fact--"Ash," he heard Straton say, watching the human step next to him. "Be ready for--" the rest of his sentence was cut off by an explosion that blasted the door off its hinges, sending it flying into some distant corner of the room.

He had already been moving, his reflexes faster than any human's. Ash all but leaped out of his hiding place, skidding protectively in front of Reine with his hands out, fingers curled into claws and sparks already dancing between them. He would have thrown fire into the midst of their attackers and was actually drawing back his hand to do so when a small black box flew by him. He swore and immediately covered his eyes, wincing as the black world behind his eyelids was dyed an angry red from the intense light the box emitted. It lasted for only a moment though, and when Ash lowered his arm he saw their would-be assassins stumbling around, some of them rubbing their eyes and moaning. A wicked grin sliced through his features, his eyes practically glowing with delight. Perfect.

The Mawr Cattân laughed and raised his hands again, but this time bright tongues of orange flame shot from his fingertips, crackling and wooshing as they sucked in the oxygen from the room to stay lit. The fire flowed through the air as Ash directed it like a puppeteer, pulling on it and making it form a great ball of fire above them, then he shot it forward, letting it explode at the same time. A huge wave of flame washed over the gunmen's heads just barely missing them. Screams of panic now echoed throughout the room, no one was concerned about where the fire was from or how it even got there, they just knew that there was fire and it was near them and they had to get out. He watched them scramble back in an attempt to reach the doorway they had just come through and knew that at least by now the others had reached the room's other exit with Reine. Strangely, nothing in the room seemed to have caught fire except for the doorway the attackers had just gone through, and all of the flames that had previously engulfed the room seemed to have vanished without a trace. In fact the only other thing on fire was Ash's hand, something which he was both totally aware and unconcerned about, and he merely hid his hand behind his back while the other was unhooking the whip from his belt.

The Fae guard quickly shuffled backwards, going out the other door while keeping his eyes trained on the flaming entrance across the room the entire time.

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Thunderphoenix; Pro-Secrecy
Somewhere in New York, USA
ARPers: Winter

Tiel was in pain. He had grown accustomed to it over the past week, but growing accustomed to it didn’t solve his problem. He was growing tired of his raven form; it was so much smaller, much more confining, and so… weak when compared to his other forms. It had been nearly two weeks since his judgment had lapsed and he had allowed himself to be caught flying in a storm. He didn’t even have time to land and transform into his true form before the storm began tossing him around mercilessly. How ironic that he, a creature of lightning and wind, would be given so much trouble by a storm.

Tiel shook his head to clear his thoughts. Reflecting on the irony of his situation wouldn’t help him; it would only cause him to waste time. Gingerly, he moved his injured right wing to test the pain. The pain didn’t appreciate the test and sent back a harshly worded message to his brain. He winced. His wing had been impaled by a branch during the storm. Fortunately, he had managed to get the branch out, but the wound had refused to close, and in recent days a constant burning pain had begun radiating the wound, accompanied by a rank smell. He feared infection, and he was becoming desperate. He needed his wing healed, and fast, before it forced him to regress into egg form. He wanted to avoid that drain on his life force if at all possible.

The past few days, whenever he hadn’t been searching for food, Tiel had been on the lookout for anyone who looked like they might be kind enough to heal his wing instead of put him out of his misery. So far, he hadn’t had any luck, and the current day wasn’t looking much better. Earlier today, the old woman feeding pigeons shooed him away, calling him a nasty bird. Even now, his feathers ruffled at the insult. The only nasty birds there were the pigeons she was feeding!

Once again, Tiel shook his head to clear his mind. He feared the injury, along with his weakness and current lack of food, would soon have him in a state of delirium. Tiel needed help before that happened. He needed to look around and be aware to identify a new person who might help him. Slowly, awkwardly, he ascended the tree whose bottom branches he was perched in. It was difficult work, hopping from one branch to another, using the occasional flap of his wings when absolutely necessary. Eventually, he reached the highest point he could, and he puffed up with pride for being able to do the simple task. He tried to take time to enjoy the little victories.

After about an hour, Tiel’s victory was even rewarded. His attention had begun to wane, and by now he was so delirious, he had almost missed it. Beneath his perch, a human woman hurried by with what appeared to be another human over her shoulder. Tiel wasn’t certain, but it appeared the woman that was thrown over the other’s shoulder was injured. Now, he didn’t understand much about human society, but he was quite certain that when they were hurt they could quickly call in aid if they remained in the same spot. The only reasons humans didn’t use these services were if they had committed a crime or… or if they were not human. Therefore, perhaps they were going to some supernatural healer! Proud of himself that he had come to this conclusion, even if it was rather irrational, he let out a loud squawk. He looked down for his quarry to begin following them, and he was alarmed to see that they were no longer there. With a worried and frantic cry, Tiel launched from the branch, gliding unsteadily with his injured wing. He couldn’t lose them, not now! However, try as he might, he was unable to keep his own weight in the air, and he dropped, and there was a loud crash as he plummeted into a bush beneath the tree.

As he slowly awoke, Tiel became aware that he now had pain in his left wing, not just his right one. It felt broken, or at the very least dislocated. Not only had he injured himself in his enthusiasm to receive healing, which he noted as more irony, he had lost his quarry. Tiel tried to let out a furious shriek, angry at himself, but it came out as only a weak croak. He needed that help now more than ever. After he had time to collect his thoughts, he carefully began untangling himself from the bush he had landed in. As he finished untangling himself, he thought he heard a sound. Cautiously, Tiel stuck his head out of the bush, looking around at where he had landed. He was rewarded with the sight of one of the females he had been following before, the carrier, walking away from a building. The one carried was not with her, so perhaps there was a healer here after all!

He waited until he was sure the carrier had left. Then, with a resurgence of new hope along with an unhealthy dose weakness induced crazy, Tiel began hopping away from his bush, hopefully towards someone who could help. If he had been thinking clearly, he may have been more cautious, taking the time to wonder why the supposed healer here would help him at all, but he was too desperate to care. He had already made it to the door before he realized his issue. How was he to open it? Grumbling as well as a raven could, Tiel turned from the door, looking for a way into the building. He found none, but he did spot something else, a window. If he could just get up to the window and tap on it a few times, perhaps he would be heard. The only problem: he’d have to fly up there on two injured wings. If he could have grit his teeth, he would have. The determination showed in his bright yellow eyes.

On the fifth try, Tiel finally made it to the window. Exhausted from trying, with much squawking and complaining, he managed to lift himself high enough. With a loud thunk, he slammed into the window, and then slid back to the ground, exhausted and in pain. If he could be smiling as he fell into unconsciousness, he would have been. He had made a noise. That meant help was coming. Or so he hoped.

Raisoren Driike
Dragon; Pro-secrecy
ARPer’s: Drago, Kinda Cobalt

Rise mumbled and grumbled his way down the alley. He was in a furious mood. Earlier some pathetic human had almost hit him with a car, and he had more than a few choice words to say to the driver. He wasn’t quite as peeved as he was earlier though, he had already practiced a little stress relief. He chuckled slightly at the memory of the vermin’s face when it walked out of its workplace to a burning car. But Rise was still furious and a drink at his favorite, nonhuman bar would do the trick. He was glad he had found it when he came to Chicago, he didn’t have to deal with any of those humans, just were-this and vampire that. They were still annoying, but not nearly as much as the vanilla humans. He kicked at a can in the alley and grinned cheekily as it hit the fae bouncer in the face before he quickly ducked into the bar.

As he walked into the bar, he received quite a few looks from the patrons as he walked in. The majority of those who looked glared at him, victims of past pranks who didn’t have very good senses of humor. A few of them perked up a bit, watching his every move so they could get a few laughs out of his jokes as well. He ignored them. What did he care what this rabble thought; he was just here to blow off some steam and to have a few good laughs. He walked up to bar and sat down as far away from other customers as he could.

Rise managed to pick up the last few words the bartender said over the phone before coming over to serve him. Something about Edward coming tonight. He closed his eyes and thought for a moment. The name Edward sounded familiar. Suddenly, he broke into a fit of obnoxious laughter, remembering the prank he had pulled on Edward. The look on Edward’s face as Rise explained that he had “missed the dartboard” when he had hit Edward’s shoulder with a throwing knife was priceless!

“So can I get you a drink, or are you going to sit there laughing like a madman for the rest of the evening?” Rise opened his eyes and glared at the bartender for interrupting his memory.

“Just get me the regular.” Rise said with mischief in his eyes.

“You don’t have a regular. You get something different every time you come here!” The ifrit grunted.

“I said get me the regular.” He grinned an impish little grin, a pointed tooth showing through. The bartender grumbled something under his breath, poured Rise a drink, and then walked off before Rise had the chance to complain that it wasn’t the right type. Rise shrugged, he’d just have to complain later. He turned his attention to the rest of the bar. Perhaps there would be something new tonight.

Sadly there wasn’t too much new tonight. In one corner, the regular dart game was surprisingly abandoned. Beside the battered normal dartboard, there was a crudely carved wooden dartboard. It was reserved for more dangerous items than darts, such as Rise’s own throwing knives, and it was well-used, often having to be replaced when it became uneven from all the nicks it sustained. In another corner, the regular card game was in full swing. He had been told that sometimes it didn’t involve gambling, but he had yet to see a game played where there wasn’t something of value at stake.

Then, there was movement from somewhere else along the bar, and the second he caught sight of what was doing the moving, his eyes narrowed. It looked to be… a dragon. No, he mustn’t jump to conclusions; it was merely some sort of humanoid reptile. But then there were the wings. He shook his head. There shouldn’t be another dragon, not here, not now, why would there be? He had almost convinced himself that this beast was not a dragon. But then it breathed flame.

As Rise watched the dragon stare at the movement of its own hand, he smirked. In his head, he narrated to himself. ‘And here we have the great, noble, majestic beast known as the dragon. Can you see its grace and poise, its intelligence as it stands there, fully aware and in control?’ He chuckled at his own narration. He had forgotten how much he disliked dragons. He might even like humans better! He slipped into thought, and unwanted the memory of his last encounter with a dragon slipped into his thoughts. He subconsciously rubbed the side of his neck, rubbing the scars that didn’t appear in his human form. He remembered the great claws crashing down. The intense pain in his neck. The elder dragon recoiling as Rise’s blood came into contact with the dragon’s scales.

Rise’s eyes snapped open, and he snarled. He didn’t want to linger on such memories. But something stuck out from his memory. The other dragon seemed hurt from his blood, but that didn’t make sense, the heat shouldn’t affect another dragon. Unless… his blood was more than just hot. He smirked cruelly; he even had a perfect test subject standing just a few feet away! It was a perfect opportunity to test his theory.

Rise looked down at his drink, he hadn’t had a drop yet, so it would work. Underneath the bar, out of sight, he took one of his knives and held it up to his wrist. He winced as he made a small cut, but soon the blood began leaking out at a steady enough rate. He pulled the drink underneath the bar and let some of his blood trickle in, the alcohol almost boiling as it was heated by his blood. Then, he set the drink back on the bar, tinted red, and he called over the bartender.

He slipped a sizeable amount of cash to the tender. “Mind helping me with my latest prank?” Rise motioned down at the drink. “Give this to that lizard-lady over there. I promise it won’t kill her.” He grinned. The bartender gave him a skeptical look, and Rise sighed, slipping over more cash until the bartender complied. “Just say that someone bet you she wouldn’t be able to drink the whole thing, or whatever you like, as long as she’ll drink it.” The bartender nodded, he understood. As the bartender walked over to the overgrown lizard, Rise chuckled, the cruel, mischievous look in his eyes fully aflame. This would be enjoyable, no matter how it turned out.

(Pretty sure I proofread it, but if there’s some sort of error, someone let me know.)

03-31-2013, 11:53 PM
Dragon - Neutral
Madison, Near the border of Wisconsin and Illinois, USA
ARPers: Anyone who hears him I guess...

Africa was a horrible place for Quraza, it brought back too many bad memories, of his family, his past. He had hoped that his mother had escaped the humans, but since he never found her, or any sign that she might have escaped he had given up hoping. He landed with a loud thud on the dry ground, he looked around. There really was no point in searching for food after a landing, the noise and vibrations normally sent most prey scurrying, but Quraza was angry, he was tired, he was annoyed and he was bored. He couldn't stand being alone any longer, he had to find someone, something to do. He had heard of hunters, people that killed mythological creatures, maybe one of these hunters could recruit him, maybe he could be pointed in the direction of a fellow dragon, anything to get him mind off of this wretched country. Quraza roared, he dared people to come and look for him, he dared them, but no one was around, no one heard him and no one came. He grunted and took off again.

While he was in the air he flew high enough to be above the clouds. He didn't want to be seen. Quraza had learned the hard way that he had to be careful while flying above America, the humans did flight tests and other such things in rather hard air-crafts. But Quraza relaxed slightly, the sun seemed to be going down, it was almost night time, which meant no tests or other such things right now. It was normally during the day when people could see. But today had been a bad day for Quraza, he has been hungry for three days and he hasn't found anything that could be considered food, he was starting to consider becoming a human and eating some human food, but he had waited too long, transforming when he was this weak from hunger could leave him vulnerable.

Quraza shook his head, he twisted his body and moved to go under the clouds, he needed to know if he had reached America yet, it took quite a bit of time to reach his home from Africa. As he flew under the clouds, he didn't expect to literally bump into two air-crafts. The two T-38 Talon's hadn't really been expecting the large dragon to just pop out of the sky either, and before the two pilots could think about moving out of the way, they collided. Quraza roared as one T-38 crashed into his left wing and the other crashed into his right leg. All three of them went down after that, Quraza tried to straighten up but the darn air-crafts kept getting in the way, he could get out of the fall in time and unfortunately for the pilots that had been doing some training, they couldn't use their parachutes to get out because Quraza was in the way. When they finally reached ground, the noise was horrible, the loud crunch of metal and bone was sickening and Quraza knew this was bad. He tried to get up, to untangle himself from the metal. After finally reaching his feet he took off, the pain in his left wing was unbearable and he knew he wouldn't be able to fly for long, luckily for him he had been lost in thought for longer than he had originally thought since he was almost in Wisconsin, he tried his best to gain height but he couldn't manage it, but the sun had already set and it was dark, so he doubted people would see him.

When he reached his cave he dove in and crashed into the side of it. He knew he had probably made it worse but he didn't care, he grabbed a duffel bag that had been inside the cave and flew back out, he wasn't sure where he was headed but he needed help. Soon enough he crashed into a wooded area, he had no clue where he was but he had to transform. Using all of his strength he willed his body to change, the pain of his injuries worsened as his body shrank and morphed. He cried out, he noise a mix between a scream and a roar. Quraza knew that while he transformed the pain made his telepathy work uncontrollably, people around him could sometimes hear his thoughts, they would know what he was feeling. The amount of pain he was in was horrible, and he had no clue how far out his telepathic cries were being sent, he had no clue who was getting them, all he knew was that the only things they would probably receive were shouts of pain and help. Possibly even the occasional dragon. Quraza writhed on the floor, he was almost human, his body had shrunk enough, his shape had changed, he had hair. But his skin was still turning, it looked green, there were still scales attached. His wings had moved into arm like positions, he started to get claws, which soon turned into fingers and then a hand formed as the scales, skin, tissue, bone and muscle contracted into a human arm. He knew this would only make his injury worse, to be honest his arm was probably now broken. He was glad his leg hadn't be hurt more, just an arm injury was something he could deal with. He grunted and rolled over onto his back as his skin started to turn into a light pink and his eyes began to change into those of a humans.

Once he was fully transformed, he let the cool night air wash over him, he turned onto his right side and spotted the duffel bag not that far away, he tried to reach out to it but he couldn't move his left arm, the pain was too much. He grunted and turned onto his stomach, trying not to jolt his left arm too much as he pushed himself up. But it wouldn't work, the pain had drained him, he was weak and hungry. He sighed and tried to crawl and drag his way over to the bag. After a horrible five minutes, that seemed to drag on, he reached the bag and pulled out human clothes, he tried his best to pull them on, so if anyone did find him he wouldn't be naked. He managed to get on underwear and trousers, but he just pulled out a warm jumper and placed it over his chest, instead of trying to put it on.

Quraza sighed and closed his eyes, he was so tired. Maybe he could try and get up a little later, so using his jumper as a cover for his chest and his bag as a pillow, Quraza attempted to get a little rest and to hopefully forget about the pain in his arm for a little while, absently he wondered who might have heard his telepathic calls. He didn't know much about telepathy, but he wondered if the people who heard him could find him. Hopefully it wasn't anyone that would want to kill him.

04-01-2013, 03:03 AM
Lisa Blackeye
Dragon, Not for secrecy
A Bar for the Supernatural
Arpers: HayBaleBarn
(OOC: is your dragon part troll by chance lol)

Lisa was quite distracted. She had barely noticed that the bartender had placed a drink in front of her.

It took a moment but she became fully aware of the beverage. She stared at it unsure.

Better judgement suggests that is not good to accept a drink from a stranger.
Better judgement also suggests that it is not good to drink strange liquids.
But a drunk dragon lacks better judgement.

Lisa was still quite unsure, but placed a hand on the drink. Just a taste couldn't hurt, right?

She lifted the beverage to her lips and took a short swig. She set the rest down and swished the liquid in her mouth.

She immediately noticed something she didn't like. She quickly became aware of a seering pain.

Her eyes widened as she spat out the red liquid and a thread of flame traveled with it. The liquid was boiled away and the wounds towards the inside of her mouth were cauterized and the healing process was stimulated by the heat. Her claws had dug into the wood in front of her. Her teeth were barred and her eyes were wide holding a shocked expression. Her own blood seeped from the wounds towards the outer area of her mouth. They sealed quickly. Her eyes watered as she was experiencing this pain and she had gouged out paths in the wood as her claws raked across it. She held her expression until she became conscious of laughter erupting accross the bar.

She hung her head and wings low in shame and slipped to the back corner of the bar and sank down into a chair with only one patron. The patron she sat near spoke, but she ignored him. She decided to not socialize with her fellow patrons. As he talked she pretended not to hear him. Much to his annoyance.

Crossroads Demon, does not care about Secrecy
Some Bar in Chicago
Arpers: not really

Corbos sat in a bar. His untouched wine simply sat on the table near him.

He was here for business. He had already sent his hound after the coward who had made a deal ten years ago.

The fool had fled here to Chicago. Corbos simply came for payment, but he figured it was his duty to make deals on the side while waiting for the inevitable.

It was a rather slow night for business. Drunks were usually a lot easier to do business with. He had managed a contract so far to someone who wanted fame for prowess with a guitar. He thought such deals were hilarious and quite easy to boost. The idiot then just about stumbled out the door without disguising himself. He sat watching his fellow patrons. He was rather bored as new patrons entered.

His interest was piqued as one of the patrons had taken his beverage beneath the table. He watched carefully enough to see that the patron used a knife in some manner. He could only guess why the drink was tinted red. Another surprise was at hand when he sent the drink to another patron. Then the reaction was quite humorous to him. He couldn't help a chuckle.

This fooled patron got up and sat at the table where he had been for a good while now. He chuckled as the rather embarrassed patron sank down into a chair. "And scorned by your own kind... Hahahaha! Absolutely glorious! Yes, I know what you are. aaand you have no idea what I am saying... I knew you were drunk, but..." He stopped and looked at this patron. "Dragons and alcohol... they never go well together." He looked rather dissappointed. He would be unable to make a deal here. He decided to see if something more impressive would happen.

04-05-2013, 06:49 AM
OOC: OH my gosh, never intended this to get this long... Laura's post has been put off until I can post for Sky and Damien...whose history isn't finished because I'm lazy. XDDD

Reine Gisela and Straton Sinclair
Yuki-onna and Demon hunter; Pro-secrecy
Somewhere in Europe
ARPers: Enkaku

Something about dangerous situations changed Straton, focused his thoughts. He had made sure to wave Davide down ahead of him, along with the wolf. While he knew what they were dealing with, Davide packed a handgun he was very capable of using, and he didn't need the clueless human seeing what Ash was doing to deter those who had initially broken into the room. Still propelling Reine along, his mind didn't quite bother objecting to how he was moving just behind the Yuki-onna girl in front of him, his hand just barely hovering on her shoulder, both guiding and restraining as they moved down the stairway to the building's ground floor lobby. It probably wasn't the most safe idea, but it was their best option--if they could make it across the lobby, there was access to a basement that housed a network of historic tunnels that they could use to escape or fight.

With his free hand, Straton reached up to the strap crossing his chest and pulled a wicked-looking steel dagger free, cursing the fact he had no gun or crossbow at his disposal like Davide. These people obviously weren't going to take his lack of a firearm into account and try to make it a fair fight, and he was at a massive disadvantage. But Davide has a gun, Ash can create fire, and Reine... Straton bit his lip and mentally kicked the thought away. No, he would not allow himself to rely on the human and...nonhuman...he was supposed to be protecting. He wasn't even incredibly happy about trusting Ash to cover them, either, but he really had no choice but to trust the Fae in this case. At least Ash knew what was really going on.

They were laying in wait a the bottom of the stairs, but they seemed to not have expected anyone to come down this way--sloppy, sloppy, Straton's mind chided as the wolf practically hurled itself down the stairs and onto the nearest human, snarling. "Neige!" Reine shrieked, trying to pitch herself forward, after the wolf, but his hand on her shoulder yanked back and down as guns whirled on them and fired. Davide swore and started firing his own handgun. The wolf continued the fight among the humans.

"You wouldn't happen to have another one of those boxes, would you?" Davide asked, jerking to the side as a bullet pinged off the stair railing and ricocheted away.

"Won't work here," Straton replied, before turning his attention to Reine, who was struggling to try to move herself further down the staircase, to the wolf. "Stay down, dangit!" he snarled, "There's no point in us getting shot at if you don't stay safe!" He yanked Reine down as another bullet sped past, and the girl looked at him with wide eyes, even as his attention moved back to Davide. "I don't have any tricks up my sleeve here, and we all know there's no point in bringing a knife to a gun fight." Despite the fact he was concentrating on not getting shot, Davide actually laughed.

"I'll make you a deal--you only have to fight what I can't shoot." There was a sudden series of bangs as Davide squeezed the trigger of his gun, and cries of surprise were abruptly cut off into silence. Straton felt Reine tremble under his hand when no other sounds came.

"Don't think, don't look, just keep moving," Straton ordered before pulling her back up. As he followed her down the stairs with Davide, he continued to advise her with the same words until the wolf greeted her at the foot of the stairs, bumping his head against the large mass of her dress' skirt, the fur around his muzzle red and pink. Davide moved forward ahead of them, peeking through the door to the lobby and swearing softly as he shut it.

"There are more. Several more. Getting across and to the door will be tricky, and it will be even more difficult to manage an escape once they know that's where we're going."

"I can stall them in the tunnels once Ash follows us," Reine said suddenly, voice trembling. "Don't ask how, Davide, please, but I can do it..." she twisted her head to fix her gaze on Straton, looking both scared and unsure. "Can't I? If it's just the floor? That would be acceptable here, wouldn't it? They wouldn't...for that?" They both knew what she was skipping over, and when the wolf snarled, Straton realized her brother was well aware that she had only just avoided saying 'They wouldn't kill me for that?' as well. Davide, however, was clueless and annoyed that the girl was looking to Straton for permission for something.

"What are you talking about?" the older guard demanded to know, but Straton wasn't paying attention.

"You're going to ask me permission?" He snorted and cast his eyes up the stairway. "How am I supposed to know what is and isn't acceptable? Besides, you know I..." He stopped. How did he say he hated what she could do in front of Davide? How did he say he didn't want to mess this up? How did he say he didn't want her to ask for permission? "Thin layer, just enough to slip on, and it has to melt. I'm sure they'll have a field day cleaning up whatever damage Ashfinger does anyway, and if it means we have a better chance of getting you to safety, go ahead. If it doesn't work, we're all likely to die anyway." The wolf snarled at his bluntness and Reine shivered.

"What are you two talking about?" Davide demanded again, to which Reine answered.

"Sorry, Davide. Can't explain that." The guard opened his mouth to object, only for Straton to cut in.

"We need to move soon. How many can you take out from the moment we open the door?" he asked, throwing Davide off.

"A few, but Ashfinger--"

"Davide, there are several factors that went into both he and I being chosen to guard Reine. I assure you that, had he the time and no Reine to protect, Ashfinger could likely fix this situation by himself. We need to move, he'll follow." At least, I hope so--I'm trusting him to make sure I don't shot in the back, Fae or not. Straton was just hoping Davide wouldn't continue to fight him. Soon enough, he had a feeling someone would realize the gunshots had meant the people who had been waiting for them had lost and they would lose their only possible advantage--that of surprise. The older guard sighed and produced another clip for his handgun.

"Remember, you fight what I miss. Straight across and into the basement, no detours. Ready? On three." Straton placed a hand on Reine's shoulder again, free hand tightly gripping the steel dagger in his other hand. On the girl's other side, the wolf tense, ready to run and looking as terrifying as an angry member of his assumed species would be. When Davide hit three, he shoved the door open and took two shots before moving forward with surprising speed. Straton shot out after him, pushing Reine ahead, between them, and into the building's large lobby area.

There was little room to really hide, however. The lobby shot for a kind of stereotypical old Grecian style, walls painted white, floor covered in marble tile, and columns lining the wall at some predetermined length. On one side of the glass entrance was a small block of space marked off as the security station by collapsible walls--not a smart decision, Straton noted once again. On the other side was a reception desk, the receptionist now absent from her station, and some chairs off to the side meant to be a waiting area where a large fish tank was set into the wall.

Reply shots were fired immediately, but the group was no longer where they had been when they first exited. "Get her cover, if you can," Davide ordered, prompting Straton to pull Reine towards the space between a column and a bookcase that held books featuring past photo shoots. It was the most easily defensible place in the room, even if it was a bit noticeable...

He turned his head for a second as Reine cried out after the wolf yet again. "He knows what he's doing--stop trying to shelter him! You can't keep--" Straton stopped speaking and whipped around as a soft click sounded behind him. As he watched, all the color; everything remotely human about Reine melted away, leaving a too-pale girl with skin like ice and nearly colorless eyes in place of the perfect human model she had looked like before. Upon turning towards the sound, he found the barrel of a pistol in his face, a human man who looked to be a little older than him gripping it.

Okay, it was really noticeable.

Straton had faced down a lot of things, but a gun so close that he probably could have touched it with his nose? The idea honestly terrified him. "Give me Reine Gisela."

"I'm sorry, as much as I would love to hand Reine over to you, I would lose my job and there are several humans and a wolf that would likely kill me for letting you have her," Straton replied, trying to stall and think--maybe discover why they were after Reine. Behind him, freezing hands grabbed fistfuls of his jacket. A look of perplexion spread over the man's face.

"You said human...you know the truth. You know she's a monster."

"I wouldn't say she's a monster, the term can be applied to anything with the right temperament, human included, and she doesn't have that temperament. She is not human, true, but she is also not a monster," he said almost conversationally, causing the man to become irritated.

"She shouldn't exist! You should be willing to hand her over to us!" he shouted, waving the gun in front of Straton's face. The demon hunter flinched back, into Reine, who was still clutching handfuls of his jacket.

"I do believe that's the exact opposite of what my job is to do, so as much as I might agree with you, I really can't let you take her." He felt one of the hands gripping his jacket let go as he watched the man's face redden.

"I will shoot you right here, right now, and you won't have to worry about your job ever again, how about it?" the man snarled.

"The wolf scares me more. Go ahead and shoot me--at least I won't have failed if you kill me."

"No!" Reine gasped from behind him, and the next thing Straton knew, the Yuki-onna was leaning around him and grabbing the gunman's wrist with a bare, pale, and almost glittering hand. "I'm sorry," she whispered as she looked at the man and held on as a layer of frost spread across his skin like fire would consume paper. Belatedly, Straton realized she was freezing the man, keeping him from shooting or harming anyone else. She was doing what her kind were known for, and specifically what she should never have done, and saving both of them in the process. Despite the fact he should have been revolted, should have stopped her, all he could do was feel a sick kind of relief. He would not die now, though he knew he would have to explain later why she had been allowed to do exactly what she had been monitored for in the beginning, and he now owed the nonhuman girl he was supposed to be protecting against his will his life.

When she let go of the man, Reine was trembling. "I had to," Straton heard her whisper. "I had to to keep him from shooting Straton. To keep him from hurting me. I had to..." It seemed he wasn't the only one shocked by the whole thing, but Straton couldn't let the shock get to him.

"I shouldn't do this, and Davide is going to throw a fit, however," Straton reached out and tried to twist the gun out of the gunman’s hand with no success. Annoyed and seemingly having no sympathy for the man who had pointed it at him, Straton tilted the frozen body, flicking the safety on the gun and pivoted the body, slamming the gunman’s frozen hand against the wall and shattering it, freeing the gun. Reine made a small sound that might have been in surprise or shock, but he didn’t really care. “I’m not having someone point a gun in my face again. I’m the bodyguard, not you.”

Aileena Crowfeather
Warlock; Pro-Secrecy
Somewhere in New York, USA
ARPers: Haybalebarn

Thunk. Aileena jerked into awareness, unsettling Alois in a flurry of feathers and inhuman shrieks. Looking over to the werewolf on the couch, Aileena found that Nora hadn't moved an inch.

"What the heck?" she asked, finally getting up with Alois perched on her shoulder. "That was the window, wasn't it?" she asked out loud, though she got no reply, Alois being just as confused at her. Slowly, she rose from her chair and moved to the window, gathering magic in one hand and readying herself for an attack. When she reached the window, however, she saw nothing out of the ordinary outside of it.

"If I unlatch the window, will you check to see if everything's okay?" she asked, glancing to the crow on her shoulder.

"'Course, Leena," the bird croaked, in reply. The moment Aileena reached down and unlatched the window, Alois hopped to the ledge and waited for her to open it for him. She lifted up the glass with one hand, slowly, the other hand ready to fire magic if she needed to. She was powerful, she would not be taken down by petty humans, especially when she had someone else to protect. As soon as there was room, her crow launched himself out the window. Aileena watched Alois flew around the building until he was out of sight, and then watched as he swooped lower to the ground. That was where she lost him among the darkness of the ground for a few moments before he flew back up to the window.

"Hurt bird down there, Leena. Bird like us." Aileena frowned and looked back at the sleeping werewolf on her couch. "Going to help?"

The warlock sighed and brushed her fingers along her wings, making them invisible once more. It wasn't really a decision, it was an obligation--just as her father took care of his demon crows, she took care of any bird she came across. Come on, Alois. We're going outside to go get the bird."

She locked her door with magic before she exited, and shivered in the night air. Aileena hadn't even bothered to put on shoes before leaving. Alright, Alois, where is this bird?" she asked. Immediately, the crow hopped off her shoulder and glided to a bush under her window.

"Here. Bird under bush." Following him, Aileena crouched down in front of the bush and pushed the branches aside, allow herself to light up the area with her hand very dimly. On the ground, she could clearly see a raven, though she got the sense it wasn't a normal bird.

"Now what do we have here...?" She asked softly, wondering why on earth the bird hand flown into her window to begin with.

Eternal Moonlight
04-11-2013, 07:24 PM
Neutral Ghost
Affected RPs: Cobalt

Serana immediately bit her lip, obviously unsure. A bar was never the best of places, especially considering the strange nature of the man who offered the invite. She crossed her arms somewhat tightly, bringing her gaze away from Chandler and to a random crack in the sidewalk. It was rather obvious she was pondering it over.

It didn’t feel or seem like a good idea, not at first. However, Chandler did make valid points; this could be beneficial to the both of them. She really didn’t trust the other man, but maybe going to the bar and seeing what was going on there could at least point them in some direction. If it was a trap though, or something was to happen, Serana really wasn’t up for conflict, especially feeling so weak. Too bad she didn’t have the time to rest a bit, but this was a small window of opportunity.

The young woman sighed, bringing her focus back to Chandler. She knew he really wanted to go, and that made it harder to side against, although the thought of going made her very uneasy.

Another sigh, this one was a lot heavier then the last, “Maybe we could go and see what this is all about, but we have to stay alert and careful” she warned, her tone going lower toward the ending of the sentence.

04-15-2013, 05:13 AM
Pro-secrecy, Mawr Cattân
Somewhere in Europe
Affected RPer: Winter

A flick of the wrist sent several fireballs spinning across the room, each slamming into the cameras that had only minutes ago been snapping pictures of Reine--and possibly pictures of him throwing fire into the air, hence the cause of their destruction. Satisfied that he had destroyed all the evidence in the half-melted cameras, he turned and almost skipped down the stairs, taking them three at a time and leaping clean over the bodies that littered them near the bottom. He skidded into the large lobby area, almost bursting right into it, and he stopped himself just in time.

It was a good thing that he did, too, since the middle of very spacey room was not a place to be. He saw a dark shape lean out from behind a column and start to take aim at him and he let the whip in his hand fly. Usually carrying a whip would considered inconvenient against a gun, but humans didn't carry Fae whips. Almost instantly it was around the man's neck, stretched a distance that it didn't look like it could travel, given its appearance when it was in his hand. Ash smirked and gave the whip a hard jerk, snapping the man's neck instantly. Ash then dove behind the nearest column, puling the whip back to him after the body fell to the ground. Bullets chipped off of his hiding spot, and from the sound of it there was only one shooter left.

He looked at his hand contemplatively, then formed a small fireball in his palm. He chuckled a little then tossed it out casually, and watched it bounce along the floor like a tennis ball. It quickly veered off, sensing its target, and exploded. There was a scream of agony before it was mercifully silent. Ash waved his hand out from behind the column before stepping out. "So, I trust we've been taking care of ourselves while I was gone?" He said, sauntering over to Straton and Reine. "No cuts, scraps, bruises, holes in the he--oh." He stopped in his tracks at the sight of the frozen man, his eyes lighting up and a grin coming across his features. "Little problem, I see."

Cobalt Shadow
04-15-2013, 05:44 AM
Chandler Steele and Dalton Amaro
For Secrecy
Affected RPers: Just about everyone in the bar

Chandler struggled to hide his excitement when Serena said they could go. He managed to contain himself, and began walking towards the bar Dalton mentioned. Chandler still kept an eye on Serena, making sure she wasn't struggling too much to walk the distance.

After an hour of walking, they arrived at the bar, and found Dalton sitting by the counter.

"So you came!" Dalton said, hiding a smile.

"We aren't making any promises, we just want to find out a bit more." Chandler responded.

"Well you might want to wait for me outside. I just heard the vampire I am hunting at the moment will be here later tonight. Things might get messy." Dalton said, giving his car keys to Chandler, "Your choice."

Chandler took the keys, and thought about what to say. Until he heard a voice behind him say excuse me.

In the doorway stood a tall, pale man with short black hair, wearing suit. He had crimson eyes, and short fangs were visible at his lips.

As he walked past, he seemed to notice Serena most of all out of the three of them, but continued to walk over to the counter.

Dalton Amaro

"And I think that is the vampire. Edward. He reeks of blood." Dalton told Chandler.

"Edward, I am sorry to tell you the bad news. We are out of human blood. We don't get more until tomorrow night. We have veal blood however." said the Bartender, shaking as if he expected to be killed.

"I will have to settle for that then won't I?" said the vampire, with a sour look on his face. He took his glass, and walked over to a table on the opposite side of the room, a few meters away from Lisa.

Dalton walked over to the counter, and asked for a bottle of the veal blood. He paid for it, and took the bottle and the glass, and sat next to Lisa, pouring himself a glass, then putting the bottle in his bag.

"The vampire I have been tracking is a few meters away from us. Just letting you know things will get bloody." Dalton said to Lisa, as he finished his drink.

Dalton closed his eyes, and attempted to listen to Edward's conversation. It all seemed irrelevant to what he wanted to know, except one comment that surprised him.
"My cousin got into a bit of trouble in Vancouver a few months back. Got a bit to careless with a girl. Ended up killing her. The girl over by the bar with the teenager looks a lot like her."

Dalton looked over to the bar, and saw the girl with Chandler.

"I will talk to her later. Right now I have to kill Edward." Dalton thought to himself. He grabbed his gun, and kept it hidden, then walked towards Edward.

"Are you Edward of the Blood Angels?" Dalton asked.
Edward seemed somewhat surprised.
"I haven't heard anyone mention the Blood Angels in years. Yeah I'm Edward. And you are?" Edward replied.

"The son of Stefan and Mary Amaro. Your worst nightmare." Dalton said, as he pulled the gun out of his jacket, and aimed it at Edwards head, pulling the trigger, ending Edward's life with a bang.

Chandler Steele

Chandler watched Dalton get out of the seat next to the lizard woman, and walk over to the vampire. They spoke for a few seconds, then Dalton did something that shocked Chandler. Dalton pulled out a gun, and shot the vampire in the head.

There were screams from around the building, as other people, who Chandler assumed were also vampires got up and attacked him. Dalton pulled a knife out of his sleeve, and lit a flame on his hand. He fought one vampire, while another snuck up on him.

"Dalton's car is the white ute out the front." Chandler said to Serena giving her the keys, "Go wait out there if you want. Dalton looks like he could use some help."

Chandler extended the chains from his sleeves, and flicked them towards the vampires, as he ran towards the pack of them to help Dalton.

"Do most of your jobs end up like this?" asked Chandler, as he hit one of the vampires over the head.

"Only the fun ones." Dalton responded, shooting at someone who tried to attack him.

04-16-2013, 09:55 AM
Lisa Blackeye
Dragon, Not for secrecy
A Bar for the Supernatural
Arpers: Cobalt Shadow

Lisa rubbed her scaled temples. She heard the familiar sound of Dalton's voice. She acknowledged his presence with a subtle gaze as he said something about a vampire tracking blood.

He seemed to leave, and she watched when he and his phantom double roamed to a stranger. It was quite a surprise to her when he pulled a gun on the stranger and shot him. This seemed to cause a bit of an uproar as it seemed that multiple patrons got up to attack him.

Lisa pushed herself up to her feet. She stared at the moving phantoms. Her dazed eyes watched as she moved closer. Her clumsy stride allowed her to approach quickly. Her tail struggled to preserve balance. It flailed into patrons and their beverages knocking them over.

She attempted to grapple one of the vampires, but struck a miss tearing at air. She quickly attempted another phantom reaching flesh she leapt forward onto the vampire. She tore at this blurred opponent. She was unsure of what she tore, but the subject appeared dead enough.

As she was rising another thing slammed into her. She found herself on her back with her wings unfurled and in the air. She guessed it was another of the vampires... or the same one. She couldn't be sure. She just felt a tickle on her nose from dust perhaps. What was important was that she needed to sneeze.

Whatever had jumped her was now covered in flame that came with the sneeze of the intoxicated dragon. She struck towards the chest of her assailant and broke through something hard. She clawed around attacking the important organs in the chest cavity. She pulled her hand out of her assailant who fell dead. She could feel discomfort from her hand. She clumsily got to her feet. She looked around no longer sure which shadow was Dalton or pair of shadows that he could be.

She stood puzzled trying to discern what to do now. In her daze she felt something hit her in the gut forcing her to stagger. She recovered from the hit quickly and mauled whoever had delivered it. She lost time as she felt a pang of pain in her head. She cringed holding her head. It seemed the fighting had calmed down. At least from her view of shadows jumping and moving.

She began to shift her form. It was slow and painful and her newly developing headache was of no help. She sat cringing in her human form. Her knees up to her chin and her hands clasping her head, she looked rather miserable scanning the room restlessly. She found herself once again in the Ladies room as her body attempted to purge itself of alcohol in one of its less mysterious and least pleasant ways.

As soon as she had finished she began to look for Dalton, but seeing many slow moving shadows, that endeavor became rather difficult. She ended just about where she began ironically. She sat at the counter cringing her head.

Crossroads Demon, does not care about Secrecy
Some Bar in Chicago
Arpers: Cobalt Shadow, Eternal Moonlight (If they care to spot Ozgmog)

Corbos sat fairly amused as a fight broke out amongst patrons. It was quite pleasing to him. Of course he would have preferred the pathetic gun toting half-vampire to have been ripped apart, he did not intervene and accepted the outcome as it was. The only real nuisance to him was that the rising beast had sent his full wine glass into the air.

He noticed his dog had fetched the soul he had came for, so he would finish wasting his time here.

He whistled and something darted into the building through the door. It moved quickly and despite its rather loud entrance. It went unnoticed by many patrons, and he hurried it along as it stopped to bark at patrons that it believed had noticed it. As soon as his hound had reached him, he departed. His departure was the equivalent of simply disappearing in a puff of smoke. One moment he was there and the next he was home on Hell's highway to a new destination.

04-16-2013, 10:16 PM
(OOC: Socratic, I hope you don't mind me getting in on your characters are up to. If you do I can always make it unrelated.)
Lilith Killough and Farley Patterson
Demon Hunter and Possessed Laptop; Neutral
Forest, somewhere in the US
ARP: Socratic

"I just hope you realize how stupid this whole thing is."

"I thought it was your statistics that led us to this location," Lilith pointed out calmly, examining her violet painted nails. "Wasn't supernatural activity supposed to be high in this area?"

"Well, yes," the nasal voice emanating from the laptop sitting on the car seat next to her said. "That doesn't change the fact that plowing directly into where the nice little map I made labelled as 'run away as fast as possible' is a really bad idea."

"Your concern is touching," she said, sliding her booted feet down from the car's dashboard and onto the floor. "But I think it's unnecessary, since we've been staking out this area for a few days now, and absolutely nothing unusual has happened."

"Well, then we should move on then," Patterson said. The map popped back up onscreen. "Look, how about we head over here?"

Lilith glanced at the spot he had highlighted. "That area is completely void of activity."

"That's the point," he said, as if speaking to an imbecile.

"I'm a demon hunter," she responded. "Demon hunting does actually require demons, Patterson." He merely hmphed in response and the screen went dark. She sighed. "You're not in any danger, you know."

"Well, not physically, sure," he retorted. "But if something happens to you, I'm stuck in here permanently. And it's not like I can sprout legs and move around."

"Well, it's a good thing nothing is going to happen to me, then," she said primly. "Especially not at this rate. Are you sure we're in the spot I wanted?"

The laptop snorted. Lilith had given up trying to figure out how it was making noises like that without nostrils. "Of course. I wouldn't lie, and I don't make mistakes."

She was about to reply when there was a loud boom in the distance. She immediately crouched down in the car, bracing for an impact that never came. When she had counted ten seconds, Lilith sat back up, suppressing the idle thought that her makeup was probably smudged now. "Patterson?"

"On it," he said. The screen lit up. "That was fae energy, with some psychic overlap. Could've been from the same source, but I don't think so."

"A fight?" She glanced at the array of colors he had arranged on screen.

"Yep," he said.

"Fae energy. Not exactly what I was looking for," she said, weighing the risks and possible benefits.

"I'd stay out of it," Patterson advised. "Fae are dangerous and they're either tricky, mean, or both. They've got no reason to cooperate with you and every reason to fight with you."

Lilith glanced out at the trees. There was no indication of where the fighting had been in the skyline. "Can you trace it?"

A loud groan. "Oh, please no. Can we not do this?"

"I could just be looking for a way to leave while avoiding it," she said mildly.

"You're not, though," he said irritably. Lilith reached over and began inputting commands on the keyboard, and he let out a yelp. "All right! All right. You've got a serious death wish." A map appeared on the screen.

Lilith took a moment to analyze it, then nodded. She opened the door to the car, ignoring Patterson's protestations from behind her. "I'm just going to take a look," she said mildly, shutting the door behind her. That really was all she had planned. If there wasn't anything of use to her, she'd just be on her way. And she'd never seen fae fighting before. It was good research to observe from a distance. She patted the knives concealed under her jacket to assure herself they were there, checked her twin guns were loaded, and paused to finger the wands at her waist. Then she set off into the woods, grey eyes ever vigilant.

04-17-2013, 04:17 AM
Thunderphoenix; Pro-secrecy
Somewhere in New York, USA
ARPers: Winter

From the edges of his consciousness, Tiel heard noise. A muffled, barely audible noise, but a noise all the same. Instantly, survival instinct kicked in. As they snapped open, his bright yellow eyes were filled with alarm. Weakly, he tried to stand, to flee, to fly, but as quickly as he got up, he collapsed back to the ground. His breaths heavily and raspy, he tried to calm himself, and make sense of the situation.

Immediately the pain in his wings returned, stronger than ever. He blinked his eyes more than a few times, trying to focus. All around him were branches, and through the branches a shape loomed overhead. There was another round of blinking as he weakly tried to focus. The shape held some sort of light, which made his yellow eyes water profusely. But behind the light he could make out… a human face. He almost cried out in surprise, but all that came out was a small croak. His insane plan had actually worked!

Tiel started to speak, slowly and haltingly the noise sounding so raspy it almost couldn’t be recognized as speech. His eyes still blinked as he tried to focus more on the face behind the light. “Tiel… need help. Wings bad state. You. You help Tiel?”

With one last rasping croak, he closed his eyes and tried to hold onto whatever he could to stay awake. The only thing he could focus on was his pain, so he did. His left wing, although hurt, couldn’t compare to the burning sensation in his right wing from his old wound, and so he focused on that burning feeling to stay awake as long as possible. It was either last through this, or suffer through the intense pain of regeneration. He’d take this pain over regeneration any day.

Raisoren Driike
Dragon; Pro-secrecy
Supernatural Bar, Chicago.
ARPers: Cobalt, Eternal

The other dragon had taken the bait. Rise could barely contain he cruel glee as she took one sip of the drink. As he watched the violent reaction, a grin slowly grew on his face. The cruel light showed in his eyes as the dragon slunk off to some corner of the bar. He made a mental note where they were, he wouldn’t want to lose such a great target, and then the grinning specter just looked around the bar, content to observe.

It seemed there were quite a few new visitors at the bar tonight, and Rise noted this as yet another new pair walked in. They looked… strangely normal. The first was mere boy. Well, Rise supposed humans would categorize him as a “teen”, but to Rise, he was a mere boy. The second drew his interest a little more. At the very least, she wasn’t a kid, or rather not as young of one. He tried to determine anything interesting about her, but his interest quickly waned, and he started to heckle the barkeep once more, glancing to the corner where the dragon was on occasion.

When he spotted Edward, the smirk reappeared on his lips. It grew into a cheeky grin as Edward learned of the lack of human blood and he snigger slightly at the vampire’s misfortune. Almost as quickly as Edward left with his veal blood, another customer ordered blood from the bartender as well, but Rise couldn’t be bothered to notice much more of him than his presence.

Suddenly, there was a loud pop, and merely a moment later, Rise was out of his seat and facing the rest of the bar, his knives at the ready, and a snarl on his face. It took him but a moment to assess the situation. Edward was dead. While sheathing his knives, Rise made a noise of disgust. There was no fun in death; you couldn’t pester someone when they were dead.

Rise felt his foul mood return with a force, and with a snap of his fingers, summoned to fireballs into his hands, ready to throw into the escalating fight. His eyes caught a movement outside of the fight. The two who had entered earlier. The boy was standing next to the girl and with a quick word handed the girl something before he went to join the fray himself, on the killer’s side. With his left hand, he hurled the fireball at the boy, and with his right hand, he lazily tossed his other fireball at the one who was fending off all the vampires, presumably the killer.

After that, his taste for violence was satisfied, and he edged away from the fight, towards the door. He tried to keep track of the girl from earlier and follow her. He was in a foul mood, and most of his playthings were fighting or on the floor bleeding out. Hopefully the girl wouldn’t join the fight, so he’d have something fun to play with.

04-18-2013, 02:04 AM
Manus Flynn.
Neutral Human/Fae Sorcerer.
Moonbeam Marvels, Michigan.
ARPers: None.

It's not going away.

Manus shifted his grip on his staff, thoroughly annoyed. The woman who had inspected his quartz crystals was gone - sans a pretty penny but plus a 'healing' pendant - and now he was alone. However, he didn't feel very alone. The Unseelie presence that hovered just at the edges of his senses was still there, lingering like a bothersome insect. He began to wonder what the other fae was - or were, depending on whether there was more than one - doing there. No one had come around since the old days, when he had lived by his staff and his knife and everyone was either his target or targeting him...

A cold knot of suspicion formed in the pit of his gut. No. Surely no one, not even an Unseelie, could be fool enough to come at him like he had gone rusty? But there was no way that he could just let the possibility go. Especially not when Cathleen's on the streets, Manus thought. At the thought of his niece a pang of panic struck him, but he fought it back. Everything would be fine. He just needed to check something. He hurried up the stairs, shouting at the front door to shut and lock itself as he did. There was a silver pan upstairs that he kept for scrying purposes. When it was filled with water and activated with a proper dose of magic, it could provide a handy view of the surrounding area. Before he got all in a frenzy, he would track the presence to its source; if he didn't find anything worthwhile, he would simply drop the matter and ignore it as best he could.

He set the full pan down on his study desk and muttered an incantation layered with ward-breaking magic. Immediately, the surface of the water rippled and twisted. Faint images appeared below its surface: a group of blurry-faced people standing in a relatively clear-looking city. Manus scanned their surroundings with an attentive eye, greeted immediately by a cheerfully-colored building that confirmed his worst suspicions.

A convoluted and very loud string of foul language left his mouth as he bounded down the stairs, out the door, and into his car.

Heracles (Thomas Archer) and Achilles (Leonard Cole).
Anti-Secrecy Manticores.
A bar in Blackpool, England.
ARPers: None.

Guitar chords, sweet and melodious, echoed through the old bar. Seconds later, a sonorous voice joined in. "When she was just a girl, she expected the world," sang Achilles the manticore-in-disguise, "but it flew away from her reach, so she ran away in her sleep and dreamed of para-para-paradise!"

The bar was abuzz with conversation. Live entertainment was a huge hook in almost every case, and Achilles tended to draw crowds with his - quite literally - enchanting voice. Even as he sang, he layered the music with magic so as to inspire emotion and imagery in the minds of his listeners. "She'd say oh-woah-oh-ho, I know the sun must set to rise!"

With a quick riff on his guitar, Heracles finished out the song. "Thanks, ladies and gentlemen!" said Achilles, even though no one was actually cheering. "Any requests?" he added, and when no one responded, he shrugged and glanced at Heracles. The latter responded by starting up a new song with a loud chord on his guitar. Achilles turned back to the mic and began to sing again.

((The song that Achilles was singing is Coldplay's Paradise. Also, Cathleen's exclusion was deliberate))

04-18-2013, 09:36 PM
Freya Smith
Anit-Secrecy Phoenix/Stymphalian Bird Hybrid
A bar in Blackpool, England
ARPers: Velocity

Freya walked toward a bar, she had left her weapons back at her hotel room, she didn't need them at the moment since this was just a little visit to see what kind of creatures she was dealing with, he client hadn't told her much, just that they were Manticores and rather vicious. She sighed and flicked a few strands of orange hair over her shoulder as she walked, remembering what had happened only yesterday.


It was a nice day out in London, and Freya was enjoying a nice glass of wine in her favorite club, she was supposed to meet up with a client today, get information on who she was about to kill, she had only been to England a few times on a couple of kills, but it was rare for her to come to this rather wet country.

She spotted her client walking in, he was rather short, a little stubby but he seemed to be the posh stuck up type of stubby, not rich, just posh. She watched him walk over with a beer in hand and he took a couple of big gulps before starting up the conversation.

"There are a couple of creatures I would like you to kill." Freya rolled her eyes, this man was getting on her nerves already.

"It's two Manticores," Freya raised an eyebrow, she had read about Manticores in a book once, she wasn't sure how reliable the source was but apparently they could be fierce creatures. He handed her a small folder. "I have some information on them, pictures, their fake names and where they live, as well as some likely places for them to be."

Freya smiled and the thumbed through the contents of the folder, she could easily find out where the two creatures live but having the information given to her was so much easier. "How much are you willing to pay."

"As much as you want." The man almost shouted, "Those things killed my brother an-" He was cut of by Freya's raised hand.

"I don't care about your motivations, I just wanted to know if you could pay." She sighed and thought about the job. "Give me £5,000 upfront, and then another £5,000 after I complete the job, can you do that?" The man nodded and they left for the bank.

End Flashback

Freya walked into the bar as a song finished, she was never into music and would never be able to name the song or the artist. She walked over to the counter and ordered an orange juice. Once she got her drink she sat down near the back of the bar, watch the two people on stage. She sipped at her drink occasionally, ignoring the few stares that she received.

Saraibre Ryu
04-19-2013, 07:10 AM
Tanzanite Gargoyle|Neutral
Somewhere else in Europe
ARPer;s: Winter and whoever is with Winter

'The sun will set in two hours, three minutes and fourteen and a half seconds.'

It was a castle overlooking the Oceanside in grand old Europe. The castle was old, based on the architecture and style of the buttresses and arches. The most aged pieces of the entire building was anything made out of wood. Even with that, the entire place was locked from the inside out, and not a single soul had been in or out of that building in hundreds of years.

That was, anything not human. Triplets of bell towers rose from each corner of the stony piece of history, arches that doubled as bridges worked between them to connect each one to the other. In the centre of a large courtyard remained one, single tower at the centre of this network, one that looked over the entire grounds of the castle. Few had ever seen this sight, and those who did were in awe, and somehow knew to pass on. Within the castle were many old rooms, the tower included. At the top however, one would find the unexpected.

The room was held together with stone arches that lifted the ceiling high into the shadows, but ones with crystals of all kind growing on them with lights glowing from odd plant life not seen or from the planet they were currently on. One could not see where these supports ended, as if the ceiling itself were its own night sky. Pieces of furniture including a few cots, a chair, a couch and a very large table with chairs all around it decorated the room, if one were to put it kindly. There was a desk opposite the table with an old music player next to it, one that looked recently used. Beside it was a laptop that was currently on, and a grey tabby, swatting at the keys on it as if attempting to type something. Beyond it, looking out one of the openings in the wall where crystal seemed to me replacing where stained glass used to be, was a gem covered, stony beast. Still and unmoving, even as it sat it loomed over the edge just a touch. Eyes were closed as it seemed to be meditating of some sort. Everything was so calm and quiet; one would have been able to hear the shifting of dust should the wind blow through.

Moments after the tabby had finished attacking the laptop keyboard, the great beast opened her eyes, looking out to the horizon that would soon claim the sun in slumber. “Lexife.”

“Mrrrow?” The tabby answered, jumping down from the stool and making his way over to his large master.

“I sense a chaos… one that intrigues me.” She told her changing familiar friend. “The crystals have shown me that one, or many need help, but being neglected of the Skysean entity of nature… I cannot say for sure.”


“Haven, was the key. I believe they need one, whoever they may be.” She continued to explain. “Find them, and bring them through the passage under the courtyard. Fire and ice… fire and ice.”

“Meeeeow.” Lexife responded, darting off down the open trap door as his body changed quickly from that of a tabby, to that of a German Shepard. The trapdoor shut with a slam behind him as he changed shape, heading down a very steep set of spiralling stair cases, down a ladder, and into the courtyard where the grate that let water into a pond flowed from. That grate led down a tunnel where the water was a bit more than ankle deep, and after long twists and turns, finally led outside into a heavily forested area where the foliage seemed to choke out any hint of their being a secret entrance. Lexife crawled through the small stony spacing between the boulders, shaking off his fur in the process and putting his nose to the air. Catching the ‘scent’ of ice and fire, the canine darted off towards where his master claimed trouble was.

When he would arrive, he would attempt to lead them to the ‘haven’, otherwise known as his master’s medieval penthouse.

Socratic Sarcasm
05-02-2013, 05:40 PM
Mira and Michael Mikulak
Winter Changling and Psychic
Mount Mitchell, North Carolina
ARPers: Doodlebop

The entire forest was covered in ice. Plants had withered and died; the chill in the air became biting, everything in the area had the mark of deathly cold.

Everything, of course, except for a triangle, starting a few feet between Mira and the boy and branching. Mira’s attack had not touched the boy.

But the mental attack the boy had initiated ceased. Which was what Mira had been planning from the beginning. She did not afford the boy any time to start another mental assault; she coiled up like a snake, and leapt at him.

To his credit, the boy did not try to directly apply force against her trajectory. Instead, he resorted to applying countering lateral forces, one to him, the other to her. The result was a simple miss.

But Mira could not let him get footing long enough to invade her mind again. Instead, she summoned forth a howling gale of Unseelie chill to support and turn her as necessary to attack the boy.

The boy and the girl danced. Each attack the changeling could throw was countered by something innovative maneuver the boy would come up with. Every counterattack the boy tried cleanly missed the preternaturally quick predator woman. Gales howled, rocks flew, plants froze, the ground bucked. Each force one of them employed was defeated by an opposite and equal reaction force.

But there was something Mira was counting on. Psychic powers, especially thrown with such violence, were very tiring.

Whereas Mira was a supernaturally powerful scion of a fae who could do this all day long.

After a couple minutes, Mira’s breathing needed a little more effort. The way the boy was swaying made it clear that he was barely sitting upright. It was only a matter of time bef–

The boy collapsed.

Mira was a bit disappointed with the fact that the powerful battle ended so anticlimactically, but she didn't hesitate to go up to the boy and put her hand on the boy's throat to rip it out. Just as she was about to pull, though, Mira heard a shear from her pants, and–

Agony! Agony like none she had felt before, splitting her open like a physical thing! Agony unmatched by rolling in boiling acid, immolating yourself, and being flayed alive at the same time. PainpainpainpainpainpainPAAAAAAIIIIN!

And just as quickly as it started, it stopped. Mira turned her head around (keeping her hand on the boy's throat) and looked down. Her jeans were split open at her right thigh, and where she could see her skin, it was a bright red, as though burned. And right next to her leg was a levitating knife.

It wasn't remarkable, as knives went. It had a wooden handle, a blade that, while long and sharp, clearly came from the kitchen. But the bread knife had one attribute that made it so painful to Mira.

Its blade was clearly made out of steel.

It was obvious who was responsible, so Mira turned to the boy under her hand, and snarled,"I could rip out your throat."

The boy showed his teeth, and with a clear effort and hoarse voice replied,"Bleed? 'R poison?"

Mira remembered where the blade had been pointed. As she ran through the angles, Mira realized that if the blade had gone in much deeper, it would have hit an artery. And it was clear that the boy knew it, too. And he could still make it happen.

Not to mention the agony of having an iron blade thrust into her leg.

"What would you have me do?"

"...Deal. Alone?"

"No. We can't just go our separate ways. You attempted to invade my mind, and I cannot forgive that."

He pointed at her,"Here." he coughed,"Reason. Help?"

Mira caught on at last to her Queen's game. The boy was clearly powerful and the Queen just as clearly knew he was there,"Yes. I'm here for a purpose. If you help me, I'll forgive you for your crime."

"And alone."

Mira turned her head to the knife. "Yes. Alone." She withdrew her hand from his throat as he buried the knife in the ground, blade first. He gestured towards each of their heads, and then Mira felt a vague, but not invading, psychic pressure on her mind.

"You do understand that if you attempt to subvert me, I will either take you with me or be avenged?"

He simply nodded. Mira tentatively let him inside her mind, ready to try to force him out at a moment's notice.

A deep-ish voice made itself heard in her head,<That's better. Sorry I couldn't talk much earlier. Something They did hurt my vocal cords.> Mira could hear the capital letter on the word "They", but she said nothing indicating that fact. He continued,<So why are you here? I need to know what to help with.>

It was terrifying, knowing that this boy had just exposed her to some of the most terrifying things she had ever seen (and she had seen plenty of horrifying things in Arctis Tor, Medb's stronghold–the Queen absolutely saw to that) and was talking about what, if he knew as much about the Fae as he appeared to, was probably him having to assist in an assassination, as though he was just being asked to buy groceries.

Mira knew the theory behind telepathy, so she thought,<A demon binder. According to my sources, he's operating somewhere in Pennsylvania.>

<You got sent for a demon binder? Those guys tend to explode themselves really quickly. I mean, usually if you're going after a bunch of things that are trying to eat your face, one will eventually succeed.>

<Medb wouldn't have sent me if she thought he was going to explode himself.>

It was silent for a second, before she heard a slightly quieter (and somewhat fearful) voice go,<Medb. The Medb. As in, the Queen of Air Darkness?>


<Monarch of the Unseelie Court. Ruler of Winter.>


<And you work with her.>

Mira smiled.

<I am suddenly quite glad you're on my side. Shall we?> The boy got up an offered his arm like a perfect gentleman. Minus the blood, the messy hair, the gray skin, the tattered clothes, and the sheer number of scars the boy had, it was quite classy.

<Not until you buy me dinner.>


<But seriously, I don't even know your name.>

<When people called me by a name, it was Michael.>

<Most know me as Mira.>

The battered boy and the fae woman got up, and walked, the boy leading the way north.


SorrysorrySORRY for not getting this up sooner. I got superbusy, but I should be able to post more quickly now.

Also, Lilith should approach the two before Mira smells her/Michael senses her. Otherwise, it'll probably end up choppychoppyfreezefreeze.

05-06-2013, 10:53 PM
Lilith Killough
Demon Hunter; Neutral
Forest, somewhere in the US
ARP: Socratic

Lilith advanced through the forest at a quick trot that slowed when she the cold rapidly became more intense. It was as if winter had suddenly lashed out. There wasn't anything natural that could explain the cold, which left the obvious explanation of magic. She pursed her lips, weighing her options. She didn't want to get turned into a popsicle, yet she didn't want to turn back now. She had too many questions that needed to answered- and while she hadn't gone looking for fae, she was sure that they could provide some insight. But she wasn't exactly equipped to fight fae. She resisted the urge to sigh.

It was then that she heard the sound of footsteps.

Lilith, listening to the footfalls, identified one person- then after a moment, heard a second, much quieter. They were heading this way. She didn't really have a choice at this point then, she decided grimly. Lilith began to walk briskly and as quietly as she could towards the footfalls, casually rearranging her weapons in case it came to a fight. The guns first, she decided. She knew those would work. If it got close, she would use the knives. The wands were a last resort. Having just had this last thought, she emerged into a clearing just as two other people entered it from the other side.

Damn. That blew most of her plan out of the water. She managed to keep from frowning, instead donning an enigmatic smile. "So sorry to interrupt your walk," she said lightly. "I was just wondering if I could ask you a few questions." She kept her hands at her side, wishing she had had time to replace the gun in her shoulder holster. At least they wouldn't immediately dismiss her as an ordinary human. Lilith took a moment to scan the two. The woman was obviously fae- she had that sort of unnatural beauty they supposedly possessed. The boy looked human, but there was something very decidedly off about him. Odd couple. She had no doubt they were the source of the activity Patterson that had picked up. In her jeans pocket, the wands were thrumming. Lilith would have hoped they couldn't pick up on the magic, but she was already sure that at least one of them could.

Well, she'd been in worse situations before. She smiled sweetly and prepared for the worst.

Socratic Sarcasm
05-07-2013, 01:36 AM
Michael Mikulak and Mira
Psychic and Winter Changeling
Mount Mitchell, North Carolina
ARPers: Doodlebop

<Someone. I smell someone.>

Mira voiced her concern in her head as she entered a clearing with Michael. Lo and behold, there was indeed a smallish girl in the clearing in the forest. She wasn’t tall, shorter than Mira by a couple inches, with a shock of light hair to contrast Mira’s elegantly bunned black. She was clearly human by her scent, but--despite not appearing to know much about the fae from the way her request was phrased--she was clearly competent. Mira was about to speak when she heard a voice in her mind speak:

<Two someones. Not one.>

<I would have smelled another person or any corporeal being.>

<Keyword: corporeal. There are two minds. I know it like my name. I suggest we flay her and use her intestines as garlands.> Michael thought calmly.

Mira believed that Michael intended this quite literally: she noticed a hanging intestine almost exactly the way one would hang a garland just before she saw Michael.

<Not yet.>

<I thought the Unseelie Court was made of predators.>

<Have you ever seen a cat just eat a mouse? Or does it play, first?>

<I don’t like the second presence.>

<We’re pretending it’s not there, at least until it exposes itself.>

Michael completed the thought,<If it tries an ambush, it gets the nasty shock of someone prepared.>

Mira nodded her head imperceptibly. An idle part of her mind noted that only about a second had passed--the conversation literally took place at the speed of thought.

Mira took the time to note that, despite clearly being deadly and at least somewhat in the occult (though those tattoos and mascara would have made Mira think the girl was just a poser if it wasn’t for her deadly stance and the capably handled gun), the girl did not understand just how bone deep the fae were tied into magic. If she had, she would have at least been more discreet about preparing magic, especially since the girl didn’t have the sense to stay downwind.

So, Mira gave a small smirk to the blond in reply to the smile. Mira’s clear and melodious voice was calm with just a hint of being shark like as she asked,”What questions? How many? And most importantly, for what price? I cannot give the valuable commodity for free, you know.”

OoC: Told you I'd post more quickly.

05-07-2013, 03:59 AM
Lilith Killough
Demon Hunter; Neutral
Mount Mitchell, North Carolina
ARP: Socratic

The two were silent for only a moment, but Lilith was dead certain they were appraising her and how dangerous she was. She hoped they underestimated her and she was overestimating them. That would most likely even it out. Lilith wished she was more prepared to deal with fae. The woman smiled at her, answering her with more questions. She seemed certain she was in control of the situation.

In response, Lilith shrugged a shoulder. "I wanted to ask if you knew anything about a series of disappearances that have been occurring to creatures of a more supernatural nature." She tilted her head and smiled while she carefully planned how to play her cards. "I'm sure you've heard something about it. The Unseelie Court knows all, doesn't it?" This was something of a gamble- she was assuming the faerie had a direct connection to the court- not all fae did. She was also assuming the faerie would not immediately gut her for knowing about it. She was fairly confident about this last bit, though. She hadn't struck yet after all. "The amount of questions depend on the answer, and as for price…" She paused. Letting the faerie name a price was an obvious mistake, but Lilith wasn't exactly sure what the appropriate price for knowledge was. If she survived this, she was really going to have to do more research into fae. "I'm sure we can negotiate something," she said primly. That seemed appropriately vague. This was like picking her way through a floor covered with shattered glass- from a glass she had dropped.

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Cobalt Shadow
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Raiju not for secrecy
A bar in Illinois
ARPers: Dragotech, Eternal Moonlight, Haybale Barn

"Soren, he got to Edward." Said a voice from the other end of the phone.

"How do you know that Jesse?" Soren asked, angered that Dalton had killed more of his own kind.

"I have connections in Illinois. Edward was at a bar, and Dalton showed up, pulled a gun and killed him. There is a fight there at the moment. I will SMS you the address."

Soren ended the call, and felt his phone vibrate as an address appeared on the screen. Preparing to fight Dalton, he changed forms to his wolf form. He snarled as he shifted onto four legs, and light blue fur covered his body. He felt his teeth extend into fangs, and heard the crack of electricity building up in his fur.

The wolf ran towards a street light, and jumped. There was a flash as he changed into a bolt of lightning, which shot into the light with a bang, shattering the globe.

Soren felt himself speed through the electrical grid in a matter of seconds, until he found himself doing laps of the wiring in the bar. Soren escaped the wiring through the lights, destroying them in the process. A crack of lightning hit the floor from the roof, and after the flash, a wolf was present.

There were many people here, all most trying to kill two people. Dalton and a boy a little bit younger than Soren. He fought with chains that extended from his sleeves, whipping and choking his enemies.

Soren hadn't been noticed yet. He howled, and raised the fur on his back, causing lightning to crackle more so than usual. It was obvious he wanted to kill Dalton, and some of the other vampires stood out of the way so he could do so.

Dalton Amaro, Chandler Steele and Soren

The fight continued, and Dalton and Chandler were holding their own well enough. Until Dalton saw two fireballs aimed for him and Chandler.

"Chandler, look out," Dalton said, raising his arm and gaining control of the fireball, throwing it at a vampire quickly to keep its momentum.

Chandler wasn't as lucky. The fireball hit his wintercoat igniting it. He ripped it off and threw it on the floor as it burned revealing his chains. He had a nasty burn on his arm, which stung badly. Chandler looked around, angry at what had happened, and saw a dark haired pale man with a cheeky grin walk towards the door.

The door was bar the bar, where there were several small knives. Chandler detected them, and assumed control of them. He held them in the air aimed at the man, as well as pulled four hidden knives from him, which joined the bar knives.

Suddenly there was a bang, as the lights disappeared. Underneath them was a pale blue wolf, with electricity crackling from its back. It started at Daltom with a look of rage in it's eyes.

Unable to see the man any more, Chandler threw the knives at where the man was, unable to see if the man had escaped them or not.

Dalton fired a shot and looked at the wolf, noticing how much it was looking at him. The wolf howled, and the vampires nearby stood back. If Dalton was right, this wolf wanted to kill Dalton personally, and the vampires knew it.

Chandler pulled the chains from his burning jacket, and whipped one out around the wolfs neck. The wolf barked, and Chandler felt and electric shock flow through his body.

"Chandler, get the girl and take her to where we spoke earlier today." Dalton said, "I will take care of this, just make sure you get her to safety. I need to talk to her."
Chandler stood up and nodded, and walked over to where he left Serena. Dalton looked over, and saw a vampire following him. Dalton aimed the gun at the vampire, and killed him.

The wolf charged a white ball of light above his back, which shot at him as a bolt of lightning. Dalton ducked out of the way, barely missing it, as the lightning bolt hit the wall behind him and exploded. Dalton threw a ball of fire at the wolf, who ducked it, and ran at Dalton, locking its jaws on his left wrist.

Dalton accidentally dropped his gun, but pulled the knife from him sleeve, and slashed at the wolf. The wolf released its grip, but jumped at Dalton.

The wolf jumped as Dalton, who grabbed it in mid air and threw it, before it had the time to shock him. The wolf hit the wall, as Dalton picked up his gun and ran towards it. He beat the wolf over the head with the weapon, as it howled in pain. Suddenly the fur disappeared, and it changed shape, revealing a teenager, a few years younger than him.

Dalton aimed the gun at the man, and readied himself to pull the trigger.
"Give me a good reason not to kill you now," Dalton said.
"Because you would be killing more of your own kind." Soren said, "we should be free, but you fight to have those that believe it killed."
"I fight for the safety of everyone. Unfortunately those of us that believe we should be free, generally tend to be idiots who threaten everyone else." Dalton said, "Just like you."

Dalton bashed the man over the head with the gun, knocking him unconscious. He turned and walked towards the door, gun ready to kill anyone who would stand in his way.

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Socratic Sarcasm
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Michael Mikulak and Mira
Psychic and Winter Changeling
Mount Mitchell, North Carolina
ARPers: Doodlebop

<You idiot.>

Michael did not actually telepath this so the girl could hear–he wasn't stupid, after all. But Mira couldn't help agreeing as the woman allowed Mira to name her price. At least the woman wasn't completely clueless, as evidenced by we identification of Mira's loyalties. Not that that was hard, Mira thought to herself. The snowflake ring on her hand, alone, would give an indication to those in the know.

I should probably remove that so that I don't get identified by any schmuck on the street next time.

<Yes. Probably. I figured it out from your glamour and the cold, but you don't want less observant people to start speculating.>

It was kind of disconcerting, rememebering that someone was in her head.

<I aim to please!>



<Don't respond to my thoughts unless I'm thinking to you.>

<And what price will you pay for the performing of this favor?>

Mira did what she usually did when she was annoyed and completely ignored Michael.

"The number of questions depend on the answer? We can negotiate something? Very well. You are correct. The Court knows some little of what you speak. I can give you information about it, for one of the standard going rates. Three favors you will perform for your debt to me. In return, I will answer here your questions about the matter of the supernatural murders that have been increasing in rate."

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Skylar Boschtallen and Damien Wright
Demi Vampire and Guardian; Pro-Secrecy
Somewhere in the New York
ARPers: None right now
She sat hunched in on herself, on arm around her legs, the other holding a phone to her ear...though one might not realize she was a girl at first, with her short, spiked hair and thin frame. Next to her, on the side she wasn't holding up the phone to, lounged a young man who was similarly dressed to her in jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie. He looked to be half-asleep, however he was observing, always observing, and trying not to hear the whole phone conversation through Sky's mind. He was doing a bad job of succeeding.

On the other end of the phone, a man's voice chuckled. "They have a human girl dating their son, and she and her brothers live with them, there will be no trouble, Sky," he said, causing the girl to snort.

"Until others find out who I'm staying with," Sky murmured in reply. "Then it'll get nasty all over again." Damien reached up to place a hand on Sky's shoulder in a gesture of comfort as her mind whirled with images of the attacks she had only barely survived while living with her father. Her father chuckled again.

"The girl and her brothers are Blackwoods," he seemed to ignore the abrupt choking sound his daughter made, or maybe he didn't notice it. Damien, on the other hand, tightened his grip on her shoulder as Sky recognized the name. "I'm sure things will be significantly safer there--all three have been proven capable fighters and loyal to the family."

"Oh I'm sure the children of Hunters are very loyal to the family!" Sky hissed, barely managing to stay quiet even though their car was empty. They had decided to travel when fewer people would be around to see them, made things easier. "Loyal until they put a knife in my back!"

"I doubt that, besides, you should be able to catch any problems before they become problems now, Sky. Better than worrying about the few people under one roof than few in millions you may or may not catch in time. Caitie and I are worried." The demi-Vampire's heart twisted in her ribcage; her father had mentioned her mother. She missed her mother most of anything else she had missed since practically being forced into exile for her genetics.

"How is mom?" she asked, trying to calm herself down, though Damien was still tense beside her.

"She's fine, dear. Fine, though worried to death about you," her father replied softly. "She's really taken to Danny well, and he's now convinced you got the better end of things until I..." his voice trailed off as the train slowed down and announced that the last stop was coming up. "Best wishes, Sky. I will talk to you, later." Rather abruptly, there was a click and the line disconnected. Sky blinked in surprise before sighing and wedging the phone in her pocket. She couldn't mind-read over phones, but it was pretty obvious what he had been going to say--until I messed everything up.

"I know you're nervous, but maybe they really are nice? We can always hope, can't we?" Damien asked, picking up a black backpack at his feet. Sky muttered something unintelligible in reply as the train finally stopped. As they stepped out, Sky noticed a single man standing on he platform.

...just like they described her... The words floated through her mind softly, carrying no hint of malintent, but a bit of curiosity. As she and Damien approached, a smile lit up the man's face that made her think of her half-brother. "Sky and Damien?" he asked, voice still curious, maybe even a bit amused. Both stopped stiffly, causing him to chuckle. "My name is Winter Forrester, I was sent to make sure you two made it to my family's home safely," he offered rather cheerfully, brushing a hand through the tangle of nearly white hair atop his head. Sky received several more thoughts from him--something about Laura going to have a cow, then wondering if whoever Laura was had finally made it home, followed quickly by a laughing thought about how he felt sorry for everyone else in the house until she did. Of everything she did hear, revulsion and hate were not present in any of it.

Seems safe enough, Damien's thoughts announced. Sky gave him a slight nod before she nodded to Winter. "Nice to see courtesy is still important to some people," she muttered sarcastically, which got a soft laugh from their greeter. "You lead the way."

Laura Blackwood
Vampire Hunter; Pro-Secrecy
Somewhere in the New York
ARPers: None right now
Laura stopped short at the corner turning onto the street she now lived on. Waiting for her was a young girl with straight hair that fell to her shoulders and was the color of butter--it was amazing how much Été looked like her brother. The two oldest siblings of the Forrester family looked slightly different than the younger two; Automne's hair was a darker, more brown color, and Winter's was more pale. Été and her brother, Haru, looked like they could have been twins if there wasn't such a glaringly obvous age difference between them. "Laura!" her boyfriend's little sister greeted her by practically leaping into her arms so quickly that Laura had to fight to remain standing for a moment.

"Été, what are you doing out here so late? And alone? What was everyone thinking?" she asked in confusion.

"They said you'd be unhappy, and it helps to have something cute nearby to calm you down." For being nine, the little vampire was rather smart and mature...well, in most areas.

"Why would I be unhappy? Did something happen? Is everyone okay?" Laura questioned, however she wasn't answered by the little girl.

"Everyone is fine, we just have some houseguests that you might...well...be unhappy about." Her twin brother seemed to appear out of thin air. "The parents agreed before telling any of us and kept their coming a secret until tonight. It wasn't the best idea, considering they should know how you are by now, but they said they couldn't tell Niccholi no." Laura frowned, as she only knew of one Niccholi, and he was rather infamous at the moment for--

"Oh no. The mother or the daughter?" Laura groaned, not that it really mattered. It still meant she was going to be on her toes for the duration of the time the houseguests were going to be staying.

"The daughter and her human guard. Solomon's been evicted for the moment to remove that danger from the equation, and everyone else is supposed to be on high alert...we all kind of got drafted. They pulled Wes from the kitchen tonight and Shirley is about ready to have a panic attack--no one but Haru can understand half the words coming out of her mouth at any given time and she makes the daughter nervous." A look of nervousness flitted across Angelo Blackwood's face. "Living with a pair of telepaths is going to be...interesting."

Laura laughed in reply. "That's one way to put it. Hopefully it will prove more useful than annoying," she told him as Été's nose brushed her shoulder, then the side of her neck. "What do you think you're doing, young lady?" she asked, lifting an eyebrow as her boyfriend's sister lifted her head again.

"You carried a werewolf? And it let you? Haru is going to make a huge enough fuss over you because you went out patrolling, but you know he's going to make you prove you aren't hurt once he smells werewolf on you, right?" Laura groaned at the little vampire's fairly accurate observation and her twin's reaction; Angelo's expression turned incredibly dark as he stepped towards his sister.


"All she did was growl and make rude statements. She'd already taken a few cuts from a silver knife, the poison weakened her to the point that she couldn't have scratched me if she'd had the energy to try--and trust me, she didn't. Some vamps had been chasing her for a while, from what I was able to gather. I picked her up long enough to carry her to Leena's for healing and nothing happened," she told him before starting to walk towards the house with Été still in her arms.

"Try telling your boyfriend that. Été's right about the fact that he's likely going to inspect you the moment you walk in the door, important houseguests or not," Angelo replied, quickly following his sister down the street and up the stairs to the enormous house they called home. Before Laura or Angelo could touch one of the doorknobs, the double front doors practically flew open.

"Finally!" A male voice exclaimed, and the trio found themselves looking into frustrated glacial eyes framed by messy white-blond hair. The second-oldest of the Forrester sons was an imposing presence at times when his patience wore thin or out completely with his athletic build, expressive face, and inhuman strength, and it had seemed his patience had been worn out completely as he let go of one of the doors to yank Laura inside with a single large hand to her shoulder. "There, she's home! We don't need to go out and rescue her from anything, you can stop trying to wear a track in the hardwood now!" he shouted over his shoulder, likely back to wherever his younger brother was.

"Hi, Winter. Nice to see you, too," Laura greeted the vampire at normal volume. In reply, he looked back at her and patted the shoulder he had grabbed to pull her inside.

"Sorry, Sunshine, he's been more unbearable than usual, and tossing his hysteric maid into the equation, as well as a house on high alert, and I'm ready to go break open your equipment locker to get a stake or torch." Winter punctuated his reply with a tired smile, but Été gasped, flinging herself from Laura's arms to cling to her older brother.

"You wouldn't!" she growled accusingly, only for her brother to laugh.

"I wouldn't," he agreed. "But that doesn't mean I can't entertain the idea for personal enjoyment. I certainly don't want to get on Sunshine's bad side for actually doing it--she'd probably stake me faster than you could say, well, stake." Été didn't seem to like the joke, cringing at both of his uses of 'stake'.

"Winter, please stop talking about staking in front of the nine year-old, or I might just consider having a nice, long discussion with you later. One that involves a lighter." That Angelo wasn't as deadly as his sister was a fact--he didn't have years of hunting experience under his belt--however he didn't need to be deadly to make a simple threat sound like a promise. Laura frowned and opened her mouth to reply, however that was when Haru appeared out of what seemed to be nowhere, pulling Laura into his arms for a hug.

"You're late," he said softly, though the words held nothing but relief.

"Something came up, and I had to visit Aileena at the end of my patrol." When Haru's eyes widened and he sniffed the air, Laura rolled her eyes. Seeming to smell what the others had, her boyfriend immediately reached for her jacket zipper, jerking it down once he had ahold of it, and Laura stepped back. "Hey now, where are your manners? Why don't you ask like your sister did rather than try to rip off my clothes in the entryway? I didn't get hurt, there was no blood exchange, I just picked her up and hung her over my shoulder, where she snarled lovely but useless threats at me the whole walk over to Leena's. I'm fine. Now what is all this I've heard about houseguests?" she asked. Haru frowned, but his older brother's face lit up in reply, not seeming to be bothered at all by the werewolf story.

"You mean Skylar Boschtallen and Damien Wright? They seem to be just as unsure about us at present as we are of them. Household security has been stepped up to make sure no one was on their trail and comes barging in on us for now, not sure how long it will be stepped up, but it will be at least a week, at most it will be for the duration of their stay. Mom and dad have already made it clear that if they so choose to go out, they go with someone, likely you, and that they aren't supposed to bring more attention to themselves than they do already. Damien is like her walking food supply, and though she needs less than us, they've been informed that if they plan to keep to that method of feeding, it needs to be done outside of the house, even with Soloman out." He gave Laura a friendly smile and patted her shoulder again. "Wes has already practically interrogated them, Sunshine, all you need to do is go up and introduce yourself while attached to Haru's arm so they'll settle down, seeing as you're the one with the fantastic track record," he offered cheerfully, as if he wasn't talking about the possible death of his family and his brother's girlfriend's rather famous previous career killing vampires on order. Laura found herself wondering (and not for the first time) if there was anything out there Winter couldn't put a cheerful spin on before she sighed and reached out to grab Haru's arm, sliding under it to tuck herself against his side. Once situated, she glanced down at her clothing and smiled--she doubted they'd be expecting someone with her "fantastic track record" to walk in wearing a black skirt and shirt with a burgundy and pink striped hoodie with pink shoes. Not when most Vampire Hunters had solid black wardrobes of skintight clothes and severe attitudes.

"Well, let's go clear up this situation. Time to go meet our new houseguests," she said.

"Have fun, they're upstairs in the meeting room," Winter offered. Haru allowed himself to be led off by Laura, who started immediately for the staircase, leaving the others behind to go meet the new “houseguests”.

Aileena Crowfeather
Warlock; Pro-Secrecy
Somewhere in New York, USA
ARPers: Haybalebarn
“Oh hell,” Aileena murmured when the bird began to speak in English. Real English rather than the bird-noises that translated themselves in her head as English. “It’s not just a bird. It’s more…like me, I think,” she breathed. Alois made a croaking noise that, in human context, probably could have been a whistle before looking to his warlock expectantly. “What is that look for, Alois? You seem to act like I’d abandon him even when you know I’d sooner cut off my own arm or lose my wings than willingly leave a bird in pain or danger.”

“Leena surprised,” the bird replied simply as his mistress turned her attention to the bird in the bush.

“My name is Aileena Crowfeather. I am a warlock,” she said softly, extending her glowing hand out to him. “One who has quite the fondness for birds. Of course I will help you,” she offered, her hand coming to a stop just millimeters away from the strange crow itself, and releasing a quick, sunburst-like green glow that wrapped around the injured crow. It was a rapid-fire, weak healing spell meant more to briefly ease pain by giving the target a quick shot of relief. “The spell I just used on you was a minor healing spell,” she told him. “For me to perform the more extensive healing I would need to do to fully repair your wings, I must move you into my home. Is that alright?”

Alois watched the exchange with what might have been mild interest, but it was really difficult to tell without him being human. At the end of the statement, he hopped up on Aileena’s shoulder. “Leena always treat birds nice. All birds part of Leena’s flock,” he said encouragingly, though Aileena wasn’t quite sure whether or not whatever this creature was would fully understand the language of the birds.

Reine Gisela and Straton Sinclair
Yuki-onna and Demon hunter; Pro-secrecy
Somewhere in Europe
ARPers: Enkaku
Straton looked at Ash with contempt as he eyed the frozen man now lying when Straton had carelessly dropped him on the floor. “Yes, minor of course,” he said sharply, “and one whose solution Davide most definitely does not need to see. We need to get out of here, and fast. There are likely many more on the upper floors that will come back down in due time and we need to get her to a place where we can keep her safe and I can call my people to report that she’s been blatantly targeted now. They knew.” Reine was still looking at the frozen man with wide eyes, as if she couldn’t believe what she had done to him and muttering to herself. She was only brought back to the present matter by Straton snapping in front of her face, not daring to touch her.

“I’m sorry, what Straton?” she asked, voice coming out tiny and still trembling a bit.

“After that, I’m not guiding you around by your shoulder. Come on, we need to go. Now,” he said before moving towards where Davide and Neige were surveying the damage the entire group had done beside the door to the tunnels. Reine followed quietly after him, only then realizing that a layer of twisting ice had formed on the back of Straton’s jacket where she had grabbed onto it earlier. Partway there, he turned back to look at her and repeated what he had told her before: "Don't think, don't look, just keep moving.” In silent reply, Reine almost jogged forward after him, about the same time footsteps and cries of anger erupted from the staircase across the room. Seeming to forget his previous statement, Straton darted past her, pushing her forward as he ran back to cover her retreating body. Of course, that was when he remembered something else.

“Ash, the security station!” he barked, “It will have video from all over the building—take it out!” he squeezed the trigger of his stolen gun a few times in succession as an unlucky few came down the stairs at the wrong time before he glanced back to make sure Reine was heading into the tunnels with Davide and her brother before he began to back up as well. “When you’re done, you know where to find us,” Straton told the Fae, taking one last glance to see that Reine and Davide were out of sight before he bolted towards the door after them.