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Saraibre Ryu
02-03-2013, 04:14 AM
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It’s dark; you’re lightheaded and feel as if gravity is being pressed against you ten-fold. The floor beneath you is steely and unforgivingly cold. Vision blurred you attempt to look around at your surroundings, seeing nothing but patches of grey and white. Only, those patches of grey and white are actually lines, and once your brain starts to kick in again, you realize the floor is not only cold, but is actually made of steel. You get up as well as you can but feel something hard bump the back of your head, stalling your mind from readjusting to the situation for only a moment. You look up, finding the lines not only meet the floor, but a dull grey mass above your head that is identical to the ‘floor’.

You’re in a cage. A cold, metal trap of isolation, covered in a grey sheet. You don’t remember how you got here, or why you are here, but soon a painful scream catches your ear, sending fear to crawl down your spine and leave lead in the pit of your stomach. Time passes and the paranoia does not leave your mind. Every change in the atmosphere seems to be incredibly obvious to you, and the slightest of sounds put you on the alert. Fatigue beginning to set in, you try to stay as ever vigilant, but your head starts to nod up and down, creating an internal struggle with your mind.

Then suddenly, your cage opens.

Apprehensive, you come out slowly, and with hesitation. Looking around there is no one there, to claim responsibility for setting you free. There are other cages beyond panes of glass with other Pokémon emerging from them, looking only as scared and confused as you are. Taking in your surroundings, there is metal equipment everywhere, sharp and shiny looking objects on plastic canisters, computer monitors and metal tables in the room. There is also a door, one that just happens to be a crack open. You go out the door, but it only brings you to a larger hallway that is part of a much larger building.

You aren’t alone, there are other Pokémon with you here as well. Trapped in a science lab, you need to escape it before whatever brought you here, finds you again. Either find the others and get out together, or step on everyone else to escape for your own good.


No godmodding, spamming, flamming or bunnying other people's characters.
This is a No-Sign-Up RP, meaning you post that you are participating, and as what Pokémon.
You will be playing a Pokémon. Only one character per person as this is not planned to be a very long RP.
You cannot play a Legendary Pokémon.
You cannot play a Ghost-type Pokémon, with the exception of the following:
Sableye, Spiritomb, Golett, Golurk, Shedinja, Drifloon, Drifblim
You cannot play as Ditto.
I will be playing all the NPC’s and making a final judgement on what happens next based on the actions of characters. If something happens in my post, it happens that way, like in an Interactive Story.

Everyone who participates will be eligible to receive a Mewtwo in the Invasion Event. Those who participate in Part 2 will be eligible for that prize as well.

Those who play well and escape the laboratory will earn an awesome graphic stamp/banner/icon thingy from myself.

You may post in the RP thread as soon as I give you the OK. Everyone starts in the same scenario: escaping their cages and into a hallway. This is not necessarily the same hallway.

The bigger Pokémon you are, the harder it will be for you to hide. Remember, your focus here is escaping, not battling your way out.

Character Listings:

Cobalt Shadow: Umbreon
Dragotech: Magikarp
Latio-Nytro: Sneasel
Shen: Larvitar
Neku Sakuraba: Whismur
5TailedDemonLizard: Arbok
Socratic Sarcasm: Starmie


The laboratory is dark, with neon lights of cyan and green, with the odd red screen here and there shining through the windows of the rooms you just exited. Some hallway’s twist left, some twist right, some go in either direction. You don’t know where you are, but so far, you’re alone with nothing to go on but instinct. The lab is monochrome and poorly lit, giving it a creepy ambiance that would send chills down any Pokémon’s spine.

First thing is first, you need to escape, but how? There is no clear way out, and the facility is incredibly huge. That much you know, somehow. You’ll need to find a map, and then after that, figure out the exits, maybe find something intelligent enough to read human writing and someone who is able to use human tools if necessary. Are you alone? Are you the only one here though? With a place so large, if you aren’t alone, can you trust anyone? Will you band together or step on everyone to get out?

That’s all up to you, but be certain, you are not the only thing within the walls of the laboratory.

Current Objectives:

Find a map of the facility.

Info: Everyone starts out on either BF 1 or BF 2. The map is somewhere on F1. Threats are minimal by this point. Watch out for stray humans and security scanners.


Neku Sakuraba
02-03-2013, 04:31 AM
After managing to escape that horrid cage, I made my way to the next floor. Or, at least, I think it's higher up. All I know is that I have to get out of here. They're not preforming tests on me--Oh, Bidoof, no. There's carts scattered around this hall, giving me the opportunity to hide a little bit if the problem arises. First things first, I HAVE to get out of here. HAVE to. I make it through the hallway to find a fork in the road--er--hall. Oh dear lord, what is that thing? It looks like a death thing of...DEATH!

"whi--" A voice almost escaped my lips. My big mouth definitely wouldn't help now, especially if there might be captors here. I think of what I could possibly do to stop it. Well, my father was a great Psychic, or, so I've heard, so I focused on psychic energy. Eventually, I managed to get the camera to focus on the wall. Wonderful. I sneak past it to go to the right. Hopefully, I'm going in the right direction.

02-03-2013, 06:00 AM
I watched in groggy, stunned silence as my cage slowly opened on silent hinges, the nonexistent sound sending a shiver through my coiled body. I felt weak, like I had taken one too many Psychic attacks. My memory was hazy as well, for I couldn't even remember why I was in the cage in the first place. Flicking my tongue out to taste the sterile air. My lips curled back in a grimace of disgust as I slowly slithered from the cell. I let my body unfurl as I cast my eyes around the dark room. Where was I...?

As I moved towards the single doorway, I listened for any sounds that would give away the presence of any other beings. I could smell others, though the stench of chemicals was almost too overwhelming. I grimaced in disgust once more before slithering out into the shadows of the hall, keeping myself as undetectable as I could. Whatever this place was, it wasn't friendly to me.

02-03-2013, 01:58 PM
I was jolted out of my sleep by the sound of my cage door creaking open, blinking my eyes and raising my head wearily. I hadn't been in the cage all that long, at least not long enough to know who had put me there or why. I lost complete track of time while in the dark where I was; I can at least tell it had been days since I was taken, from the fact that the food I'd been left with was all gone. I was left completely alone in my cage by whoever had put me to sleep, there weren't even any other Pokémon in the room, though judging by the fact that there were more cages they had been planning on putting more in the room with me at some point. I looked around, checking to see that whoever opened the cage door wasn't in the room, before I slid out the front and hopped down to the floor.

Ah, concrete...not quite earth, but closer still to that than the metal was. It felt a little good to feel under my footpaws. I relished in the fact even such a small thing could help me feel better before I refocused on the task. My cage door had been opened by someone not in the same room as me, so I wondered if there were more cage doors opened and more Pokémon released. The room was small, the door right in front of me. I was too short to reach the handle as I stood, but a short hop allowed me to grasp the handle and turn it to pull the door open towards me, flooding the dark room with a single light from the ceiling of a hallway. The scent of the place was hardly readable, a multitude of smells overriding each other and creating a confusing mess, but my strength lie not in what I could scent, but in what I could feel, using my footpaws as little tremor detectors to tell if something was nearby, coming closer, or moving away. And so far, I actually didn't feel a thing; I was the only one close to me at all, as far as I could tell simply by feel.

I looked back and forth down the hallway both ways, which looked quite similar. Nothing helped me to make a decision, so I simply tossed it up to chance and took the right path, taking a slight jog down the hallway, keeping enough sense about myself to remain cautious while also moving with a purpose.

I have to get out.

02-03-2013, 04:31 PM
The cage was open?! After all this infernal time wasted lollygagging in it (OK, I couldn't have myself escaped, but still), waiting for who-knows-what? Was this the fate I was destined to have? Ah, luck, you fickle thing, you smile upon me now in my darkest hour!

I henceforth decreed three things that I were to complete: First off, I would escape, and after escaping take precautions to prevent myself from being caught twice. Second off, I would thank whatever being had opened these doors the instant I knew who did it. And last but not least, I would eventually rip the eyes out of whatever decided to imprison me here. All in that exact order. Hopefully.

Sneasels, as a generally reliable rule of thumb, were very sneaky Pokemon. Being a predator had its benefits, even when the predator was turned into the prey. Like right now! My eyes and ears were on the alert, and my fortune of being a Dark-Type who stalked his prey at night was paying off already; despite the lack of the cold chill that usually accompanied my hunts, the unnatural feel of the ground beneath me, and the general alien nature of my surroundings, my instincts were right at home in the darkness, giving me a slight comfort in an otherwise dreadful situation. I also had my sense of smell, but that putrid mixture of chemicals that peppered the air with its foul odor was too much for my nostrils.

That being said, being able to see more didn't always mean good things. The realization of the presence many, many sharp implements in the room were less pleasant, personally, than just not being able to see the room's contents; sometimes, you are better off not knowing what horrendous things lay in wait for you. But that was my opinion. I looked around, sensing that, at least for now, I was clear-though I knew that could change in an instant.

The door in the room, the only door, the only means that would otherwise make this room just a bigger cage, as if by some miracle, was open, just a tiny bit. A crack of light penetrated the murk of the room I was in. I opened it just enough to slip through, and it moved, silently. Such a lovely day, so graced by silence, especially with the opportunity to escape at hand!

Peeking out of the room, I looked around: the place I was in was a hallway, leading left and right. My room was only one of many. There were hallways that lead directly to the left and the right, my only two choices! On a whim, I decided the left route was the better one for now, but I was hesitant to put another, equally-likely route of escape behind my back (though I'd have been doing that no matter what). Eyes and ears on the lookout for whatever could help or hinder my pursuit of freedom, I walked on, as quietly as possible, favoring quiet footsteps to fast ones, looking out for anything and everything. Escape was an absolute must, and this was most likely my only chance-I must not fail! Or else...Err... Actually, I don't know what would happen. But I would rather escape than find out, obviously.

Saraibre Ryu
02-04-2013, 04:44 AM
Neku: Whismur
With one camera out of the way, there are more further obstacles ahead of you. To your left is another, slightly open door, and to the right is another bend in the hallway. You can see a clear pair of characters along the mid-wall molding, clearly stating 'B1'. Farther down the hall you see a door with a very odd looking frame to it, leading into another room that's locked behind an automized metal door. On the frame is a keypad. No one has seen you yet but you hear footsteps coming down from the opposite end of the hall.

5TDL: Arbok
As you move along the smell of chemicals grows stronger, seeming to be coming from a room behind a closed door. The door isn't locked, and a light is on inside. Through a glass pane you can see alphabetized containers with letters and symbols that seem like gibberish to you. Due to your poison typing you can smell something slightly familiar amongst a couple of the containers. Down the hall leads to a set of stairs that are brightly lit that lead to the floor above you. On the stairs read 'B2'. There are mechanisms along each corner of the spiraling stairwell that resemble cameras.

Shen: Larvitar
As you jog down the hallway you come to a fork in the path. One leads directly to an office that has the lights off, and the lock is firm, but otherwise old fashioned and nothing special. The other leads into a janitorial closet that is neatly kept, with a cart carrying various cleaning chemicals. On the ceiling is an airvent that leads into a dark hole, of which you cannot see where it leads. At some point, you will meet with a Sneasel. [Latio-Nytro]

Latio-Nytro: Sneasel
Your keen eye and light feet keep you out of trouble and camera view for the most part, however everything seems to look the same. On the floor you notice something flat and in the corner next to a trash can. It looks like a piece of plastic with writing on it, and a long black stripe. The hall divides again into two ways, one towards an office, and the other towards a storage room containing extra supplies such as light bulbs, test tubes, syringes and first aid supplies. At some point, you will meet with a Lartivar. [Shen]

02-04-2013, 01:35 PM
I came to the stairs after slithering along in silence, and my eyes traveled up their spiraling form before resting on the cameras. Normally, they would have simply been stairs, but now they towered over me like a beast that blocked my path. Whatever had trapped me in here had clearly wanted to keep me contained. Getting detected by these cameras wouldn't help my escape in any way. Letting out a slight hiss of anger, I moved back and tried to think of a way to get past without being detected. To come and get me...they would have to see me..

I needed to disable those cameras somehow.

I let out another hiss, the air thickening around me into a dark haze. I couldn't see the cameras anymore through the haze, and took my chance to slither up the stairs quickly. The black haze disappeared quickly once I reached the top, hugging the dark wall as I let out a long sigh of relief.

"Damn humans..." I muttered as I closed my eyes for a moment, trying to slow my fast beating heart. Once I had regained my breath I cast a glance around this new hallway. It seemed to be almost the same as the one below, filled with doors and rooms of unknown content. I cast my eyes around for any more cameras before hugging the wall and moving down the hall once more.

02-05-2013, 01:35 AM
I studied my surroundings after I woke from my slumber. The last thing I could remember was swimming around in my little pond. It was small and had no outlet to the sea, but it was home. I figured I would stay there with my Magikarp brothers. How wrong I must have been. I do not know how, but I awoke in a small cage.

I was not sure what to asume by this. Humans perhaps brought me here, but I can not concieve why. I thought to myself. I knew I had to escape. I thought back to my training back in the pond. I used the most powerful move I could muster. Unfortunately my Splash attack seemed to be ineffective. I didn't even seem to shake the cage I was in.

The air seemed hard to breathe to me. Of course, being a fish, air is already hard to breathe. I thought back to my previous attempt to escape. I thought to myself, I must escape. I yet again unleashed the most elegant and powerful move I knew. I released upon the cage another helping of my Splash attack.

I was dissapointed that it seemed to be of no effect. I mustered all of my strength. I unleashed my ultimate move! With great exertion I released my Splash attack one final time. I was thrown into despair as my final attempt had failed. I breathed heavily, for that last Splash attack drew a lot of my energy.

I layed there on my side drowning in my Self-Pity. Then something miraculous happened! The cage door opened itself. The way was open to me! I mustered the strength to flop from my cage. I landed on cement with a thud. I tried to look around as best I could, but I could not see the hero that had liberated me from my doom.

I flopped onward taking very frequent breaks. The air was not easy on me and neither was gravity. I flopped onward panging onto the concrete and back up into the air and into the concrete. After what seemed a long while I came across a door that I asumed was built by humans. The massive thing stood open. The doorway seemed inviting, but something seemed to be hanging from a wall of the human cave. It appeared like an eye of some kind, it moved back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, and it seemed as if it would never stop. I stared at it, and it never seemed to look directly at me. I guessed it could not see me. I glanced back at my cage. It was just on the other side of the room and elevated from the floor. I knew there was no going back. I had to move behind its view somehow. I watched it some more, and as soon as it was heading back to look in the other direction. I leapt into the air and flipped and flopped out of its sight.

I was tired but knew I could not stay here. My bright orange scales would reveal my prescence to anything that I would come across. I flopped along exerting myself. I had to stop, for I was short of breath. I breathed in the air. I was wishing I was underwater. It would be much easier to breath then. I trudged onward down a hall. I hoped I would find some cover. I could let my heart slow, and my muscles could unburden themselves.

02-05-2013, 02:05 AM
(OOC: I'll let Shen find me.)

Oooooh! A random flat square...Thing...With a black stripe! I pick it up between my claws, feeling the unnatural feel of whatever it was made of. I truly don't know what it is, of course, but it might be helpful, though I doubt it somewhat. Why keep this next to something meant for waste disposal (I could judge that much from the smell that thing gave off), I mean? I keep it in my grip, nevertheless. Optimistic as ever, I continue onward.

When I reach the fork in the road, I look at both directions, still listening and looking out for any trouble. I decide to go in the direction of the office. I still kept an eye and an ear out for signs of trouble. As it happened, my ears detect something-the sound of footsteps. Not human, thankfully, that would have been a nightmare. The footsteps are that of a smaller being, a Pokemon. Normally, they would be my next unfortunate meal, but not today, not when I need them! I looked towards where the sound was coming from, still alert for human footsteps and anything else that would gladly recapture me. I approach the source, cautiously, in case its intentions are not so friendly.

Socratic Sarcasm
02-06-2013, 01:46 AM
I was angry.

Angry that I was taken from Diana, angry that I couldn't find Helios and Phoebe, angry that these... things (I couldn't call them humans, or even beasts: the former implies some morality, and the latter implies being ruled by passion-this reeked of malevolent calculation) had imprisoned me. My anger did not even abate over time: I did not need sleep, so I wasn't tired (though I was beat up), and I was ready to hold a grudge until I had slaked my thirst for vengeance. So I did what I normally did when I got that way, and touched my center of calm in myself.

It doesn't do to knock down buildings until you're sure you won't cause an ally to die. It makes people less likely to desire becoming your ally in the future.

I meditated for quite sometime, waiting to make an opening. Then, someone made it for me. My door simply. I'd have to thank the person responsible later. I'd probably have to assure they didn't get in the way of my wrath, too. Now, I had to escape, and bring down the building. Hopefully in that order.

I levitated out of my box and briefly debated destroying it before dismissing the idea as absurd. What would be the point, besides exhausting myself for petty vengeance? I had to save my energy for my grand vengeance.

As I walked the hall, I stealthily levitated three pieces of heavy and sharp metal far above my head, where no one would think to look. That way, in a moment's notice, I could drop them, at worst creating a distraction for my opponents and at best removing an enemy from play.

Chess. That is life. Let no one tell you different.

Saraibre Ryu
02-10-2013, 09:09 PM
5TDL: Arbok
Your adventure up the stairs gets you where you need to go, however the upstairs doesn't look much diferent from the last floor you were on. To your left however, you notice a door with an odd lock on it. You can smell that room is cleaner than the rest were downstairs. It's intriguing but you aren't sure why. The lock looks like a special human technology, but the keyhole is covered in buttons and has one long, vertical 'crack' down the side. You need to find where the key is. Latio currently has the key.

Dragotech: Magikarp
Your flopping hasn't caught anyone's attention, though you need an alternate mode of transportation. The hall breaks four ways in an intersection of decisions. In one room on the right, the door is slightly open with a Pokemon laying on the floor. It is unclear if it is hostile or not or even concious, but a Nidoking would cause anyone to be skeptical. There are burn marks all over his body which look rather painful. The left leads up a flight of stairs that are brightly lit. Straight ahead is a set of stairs that go down to a lower floor.

Latio-Nytro: Sneasel
With your card in hand, still waiting for the other Pokemon to make themselves known, there are a few options here for you. You can move into the vent system, despite it being incredibly dark and unlit and not knowing where it takes you. There is the janitors closet with a trolley tht isn't too hard to push, complete with an overhanging cloth to cover you from camera's view, though who may or may not be watching would get curious about a stray trolley rolling down the hall. There are also other unlocked rooms of which you could look around in for clues or other loot.

Socratic Sarcasm: Starmie
Your metal plan is a good cover for yourself, however the hallways aren't that tall. The stairs will be exceptionally hard to traverse with that trap in place, so avoiding them might be in your best interest. There is a darker room on your left drenched in a dim green light from one of the computers. There's a desk covered in papers as well as a few half open drawers. The hallway continues onward into another dark room without the lights on, but the room, unlike the others, stretches and has another door at the end of it.

02-10-2013, 09:44 PM
I looked, still waiting for that Pokemon to arrive (perhaps they did something to my ears?), noticing my surroundings. Many, many things were around here, including a convenient...Thingy on wheels. A closer inspection proved I could push it. What fun, pushing the mobile thingy on wheels! But I didn't goof off, no no, more important things were at hand. I looked into the ventilation shaft...My eyes were as keen in the dark as they were the light, but that was with some slight form of light: a glimmering star, a sliver of moon, something that emitted light. Not that absolute darkness.

I highly doubted I would want to go into those caves. I looked back at the cart, and inspected it a little better. Certianly that thingy hanging off of it would serve the purpose of hiding me while I pushed it...But what would push it so that it would look completely unsuspecting?

The doors held no interest: I already had my small thing of weirdness, and I would waste no further time here. I was going to climb into the cave, hopeful that nothing bad happened. Tally ho!

02-12-2013, 12:52 AM
I studied my surroundings. I found myself admitting that my ability to flop was rather slow paced. There was a room, it appeared to have a Nidoking. I had initially decided that it would not be a good idea to mess with it. I flopped forward until realizing that there was a strange formation. Yes a formation even stranger then a well lit cave. The formation did not have a slope but it led up.

I quickly realised tht it would be impossible to flop up this strange formation. There was an identical formation heading down. I was unsure as to whether or not down would be a great idea. It seemed to easy. Like a trap, and I knew I would be unable to flop my way up.

This air was unpleasant enough. I wished for water but could not concieve where it could be.

I decided to go back and take a look at this Pokemon who seemed badly burned. If he was awake I may be able to use his assistance. If he wasn't, then I would be free to search the room. If he was unfriendly, then he would have to answer to my mighty splash attack!

I proceeded into the room with the Nidoking. I flopped at a comfortable pace. I took a moment to breathe before attempting to communicate with this being.

Saraibre Ryu
02-17-2013, 06:22 AM
Latio-Nytro: Sneasel
You crawl through the tight vents, feeling your way through despite the fact you can't see. You go through twists and turns, making quick decisions about going left or right. Soon the vents feel tighter and tighter, restricting your movement but you have no way to turn around. Then, suddenly you feel a space above your head, and reach out, feeling that there is enough space for you to stand up. The vent shoots upward, for how long you aren't sure, but as a Sneasel, getting your claws to grip what little grooves the weldings of metal provided you was an easy task. You move at a fast pace, that is until a metal grate hits you on the head, greeting you with a metalic ringing. You bring yourself up, quietly closing the grate behind you.

Then your ear twitches. Something growled, and it wasn't your stomach. Turning around you find a sullen eye'd, scarred and angry Rampardos staring you down, before trying to smash it's head into the ground where you're standing. You manage to leap on a nearby table to avoid the attack, however you notice your immediate surroundings: the room is about fifteen feet by twenty feet, it appears to be a lab of some kind, with an open cage in the corner. You see a door, but know from the dents in it [no doubt from the Rampardos' head] that it's locked. You have little else to do other than to survive.

Goal: Battle the Rampardos and find a way to escape the locked room. You may write how the battle goes on, including what attacks the Rampardos uses. However, the final outcome of the battle will be determined by the GM [me]. The more convicing the battle is, the better the reward.

Dragotech: Magikarp

Your attempts to communicate with the Nidoking at first, seem futile. He appears to be asleep. However your suspicions are proven wrong when the purple beast grabs you by the tail, and slowly brings you to his eye level, standing on two stout legs with a slouched stance. He glares at you, breathing heavily with fangs bared, as if he looks to eat you. You notice he's far too tired to even blurt out a growl, and as you struggle, you feel his grip loosening. The Pokemon is on his last legs, but as he looks at you, he seems to calm down a bit, either due to fatigue or him simply not caring.

"Flip flop... that's all you do and all... the Magikarp. Then you become big, scary, powerful Gyarados... humans wanted to know how..."

His words seem like complete rambling, but you gain insight as to what kind of place you're actually in. Thinking fast, you realize that the Nidoking seems to be in the same predicament you are in. There is the problem of convicing this Pokemon to try and help you, as he has no reason to. He looks as if he is about to keel over.

Goal: Convince the Nidoking to help you either a) go up the stairs b) go down the stairs c) search the room. Depending on your arguments depends on the result. Result and rewards will be posted by the GM [me].

Socratic Sarcasm
02-17-2013, 11:11 PM
A fork at the end of the hallway. I could either go down the stairs, down the hall into a dark room with a door, or into a glowing room with no door. I dismissed the stairs as a stupid idea, because they would not interact with my trap well at all. The glowing room had no exit besides the door I would go in, which would go poorly if someone cornered me.

So I went into the dark room at the end of the hall and investigated.

02-19-2013, 05:34 AM
I looked at this Nidoking. A moment ago he hoisted me up as if I was to become lunch. If he had eaten me he would have regretted it. We Magikarps are high in fat and cholesterol, but enough about our nutritional value.

I continued looking at this Nidoking. He was in a bad way. I was not sure how long he would survive in this state. "Hey, Big and Purple!" It is doubtful the Nidoking appreciated being addressed this way. "We need to find you some kind of medicine. I can't hope to search this room alone. Most of these... things with flaps and things are too high for me to even reach... Maybe the humans have some of those weird spray... things stored away in here, but I need your help to search this place." I knew I didn't seem all that convincing, but I spoke the obvious truth. I could not search this... place alone, and if I managed to help him, I may be able to acquire his assistance. Aside from my needs, he needed healing as soon as possible or he may not last much longer.

Saraibre Ryu
03-04-2013, 07:01 PM
Socratic Sarcasm:Starmie
The dark room yeilds nothing at first sight it seems. The dark doesn't want to yield anything to you. You see a long window with some kind of room on the other side, one that looks incredibly beatten up, and as you move closer, you notice that the glass is cracked in all sorts of places. The door at the other end doesn't look like the others, and in fact, looks like an elevator upon closer inspection. however it appears to be out of power, as the rest of the room seems to be out of power. If you ind a way to power the door open, you may take the elevator up either one, two or three floors.

Dragotech: Magikarp
The Nidoking glowers at you and your arguments. He didn't like sprays, though there was one that didn't hurt, and it felt like ice. He seemed coherent enough to understand medicine. He looked up at the shelves, lowering the fish he had in his claws. The first thing he grabs is an industrial plastic bucket, of which he soon finds empty and then puts you in promptly out of mild frustration. He pulls out drawers, of which a piece of paper falls out of, but the Nidoking doesn't notice. Soon he finds a square container with a plus sign on it, and proceeds to tear it open. Inside are bandages, salves and a few first aid sprays, along with some, more specific sprays. There is a clear green one, a clear yellow one and a clear blue one.

"You, fish... which one is for burn?"

The Nidoking specifies the rather specific bottles as he shows each one to you. You'll have to pick the right one, or risk the consequences.

[I really do hate being sick.]

03-05-2013, 03:16 AM
I found myself bucketed as the Nidoking began searching for a remedy. He proposed three sprays before me asking what was good for a burn.

I thought back to my experieces back in the pond. Trainers did battle near here. I recalled the yellow Spray being used once. I thought the Pokemon was hit from a thunderbolt. I figured that was Paralysis. I could not remember ever seeing the green one. The blue one, I think that Pokemon was asleep.

I decided on the one I had never encountered. "I know it isn't the other two, so I will say the green spray." I waited to see what would happen when he used it upon himself.