View Full Version : [Mewtwo Invasion] Round 1 - 5TDL vs. Velocity (Judge: paperfairy).

02-11-2013, 04:39 PM
Prize: The winner will receive the Mewtwo medallion, $35, and two Vitamins/Items. Second place winner will receive $20 and a free Vitamin. The two non-Finalists will receive $10 and a randomly rolled item valued $25 or less.
Theme: Only Bug, Dark, and Ghost-types with no weakness to Psychic attacks may be used.
Restrictions: No signature moves, no Chills, you may not use the Pokemon you used for your Appeal.
Time Limit: 2 day DQ with no in-thread warning.
Arena: Faraway Island Jungles.
A dense, vivid jungle filled with the sounds of wild Pokemon. Thick, humid fog hugs the ground to about knee level. Vines are tangled within every tree and moss grows on every rock. Thin patches of sunlight are visible through the three branches and a slight haze is all around. The battle arena is flattened land with short grass and small flowers growing underfoot. It's 20' x 45' surface space will make for a wide range of battle options, however low-hanging trees are abundant.

Velocity, please declare your Pokemon.

02-12-2013, 12:51 AM
[Rikki] Zoroark (M)
Ability: Illusion
Signature Move:
Unseen Rush
Description: Most Zoroarks only hone their illusory abilities to the point where they can appear to be something else - a bush, a Scrafty, a lamppost, a little boy, etc. However, Rikki and I have trained his deceptive skills enough to where not only can he make illusions - he can completely disappear for a short time. This is very useful in battle. To perform Unseen Rush, Rikki makes himself completely invisible. He then runs at his opponent several times, slashing them with his claws as he rushes past. He does this until his invisibility peters out, whereupon his ability to create illusions vanishes for at least a battle's-length of time.
Type: Dark
Base Power: 35 per slash.
Accuracy: 85
Classification: Physical
Energy Modifier: 10
Effects: Rikki strikes the opponent 2-5 times with his claws. The exact number is determined via RNG.
Rikki cannot use moves that increase his Evasion, or Double Team, for the rest of the match.
Usage Gap: Once per battle.

Your time to shine, Rikki.

02-12-2013, 01:49 PM
Alright Radi. Let's do this.

[Radieva] Volcarona (Female)
Ability: Flame Body
Signature Move: N/A

Moves: Silver Wind/Fiery Dance

Radieva floated just above the misty ground of the surrounding jungle, her cerulean eyes observing the several Zoroarks in front of her. She had never fought one before, but there was a first time for everything. The orders from her trainer were clear and concise, and the Volcarona's eyes flashed as its large body tensed. The air around the makeshift arena seemed to shift as Radieva's wings began to beat more quickly. The trees shuddered for a moment as the wind picked up, gathering behind the Volcarona.

Radieva's wings glowed a bright orange color, embers kicking up around her as the wind picked up speed. With a final heavy beat of her wings, Radieva launched the wind towards her opponents, the embers lighting up the misty forest as they swirled viciously towards the Zoroark and her clones.

02-12-2013, 04:38 PM
For the record "Silver Wind/Fiery Dance" is read as a conditional, whereas Silver Wind+Fiery Dance is a combination. Editing your post is against the rules, so don't bother... just a heads up.

02-14-2013, 01:56 AM
"Your time to shine, Rikki."

The red-cheeked, confident grin on my Zoroark's muzzle doesn't waver as an elegant insect with long, silky hair and scarlet wings appears, floating inches above the shifting mist. His clone, an identical smile on its face, stands beside him and his Trainer behind. Even from such a powerful foe, he has nothing to fear. As well as brute strength, this is a contest of wits, flair, and showmanship - which he possesses plentifully.

My opponent gives orders; they are too quiet for me to hear but they must be clear enough to Volcarona, because its bright blue eyes immediately narrow in focus. Its wing-beats grow more and more rapid, stirring up a light breeze within the clearing. For a moment, I get a feeling of vertigo from the way the mist swirls around Volcarona, forming a sort of miniature hurricane. The trees themselves begin to waver, all pointing toward Rikki's foe.

With a flash, Volcarona's wings ignite. The wind begins to swirl faster and faster as the debris in the cyclone catches fire. One last, great flap of the six blazing wings releases the column of flame, sending it spiraling directly for Rikki.

My mind instantly begins to race. Several courses of action appear in my mind; I reach out for the best one and snatch it. "Rikki, use Aerial Ace!" I call out over the roaring winds. "And then cap it off with a spinning Night Slash!"

There is no hesitation. Rikki is on the move instantly, his clone falling in step behind him so as not to be blown away. A point of white light forms at the tip of his nose and begins to split, forming several streaming trails of glowing energy. For a second, he is visible, his legs blurring with speed and the bright white light surrounding him. Then he is plunging into the flames. For a second I'm almost biting my nails with worry - if this plan doesn't work, I'll have one deep-fried Zoroark on my hands.

But Rikki's opposing velocity stops the storm of fire in its tracks. For a second it burns, charring an ashen spot on the grass, before petering out to reveal a still-running Rikki. Fortunately - to say the least - he is still intact. Much of the fire has been caught up in his slipstream, forming a comet-tail like stream of fire that billows behind him. He positively glows, his black coat making him look like a singed volcano creature rather than a beast of the night.

He continues charging, narrowing the gap between himself and Volcarona. His claws begin to glow red, the gleam just barely visible through the inferno around him, and as I watch he reaches back and dips them into the flames. Then, mere inches from Volcarona with the blaze still crackling all around, he slows slightly, pivots on one foot, and lashes out. His claws glow with an intense light as he prepares to slice his foe with dark energy and the power of her own flame.

02-16-2013, 07:03 PM
I regret to say that the DQ timelimit has been surpassed and 5TDL is disqualified. However, she still receives $10 and a Pecha Berry.

Velocity automatically advances to the next Round.

02-17-2013, 02:51 AM
man, you have no idea how happy I am because i did NOT wanna do this. thanks 5TDL.