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Dog of Hellsing
02-26-2013, 11:58 PM
National Park Easter Capture Contest

Spring is just around the corner, and you know what that means! The Pokemon in the Park know what that means, too, and are gearing up towards welcoming the new season by introducing a new generation to the Park. A lot of the Pokemon, though, have decided that perhaps it would be best for their young to grow up in a world outside the Park; communicating with the Rangers and Park Heads via Psychic Pokemon, everyone has come up with an interesting event sure to encourage Trainers from around the world to visit the esteemed island.

For the entire month of March, Trainers will be able to sign up for a special run. In this run they will bring only one Pokemon and will have only five encounters. They will also be given a special Entry Basket containing various items the Trainer can use during their run. At the end of a Trainer’s run, they will put one of the Pokemon they caught up for Judging. The three who get the most points will be able to claim special prizes; everyone who participates will be able to claim either one of the Pokemon they caught, or instead pick a random Egg given to them by one of the Park’s Pokemon. The rank of the Pokemon or Egg that can be chosen will be determined by the number of Points the Trainer’s Judged Pokemon receives.

So get those Park Balls ready and train up those Pokemon, and get ready for the Park’s first-ever Easter Capture Contest!



1. You have to be part of the URPG.
2. You have to have an approved Sign-Up for the National Park.
3. You may take part in this Contest even if you already have a normal run going.
4. You may choose which area to visit for this Capture Contest.
5. All of your posts must be readable. No chat speak. It also helps to be creative with your posts - like in normal Expeditions, higher quality posts will yield better results.
6. You may only bring one (1) Pokemon for the event.
7. There is a $3,000 entry fee to take part in the event.
8. Your Entry Basket includes: 3 Park Balls; 2 Super Balls; 1 Hyper Ball; 2 Lava Cookies, 2 Energy Powders, 1 PokeDoll. Please note that unlike normal runs, balls break if they fail to capture a Pokemon. You may only use the items provided to you in your Entry Basket - this includes Digital Cameras, Pokeplayers, previously-obtained PokeDolls, etc. These items are for use during the event only and any left over are discarded when your Event Run ends.
9. The Event Run consists of 5 encounters. Once your 5 are done, your run is completed. Legendary Pokemon will not be encountered.
10. All healing moves and healing secondary effects are negated (i.e. Slack Off, Aromatherapy, healing effect of Drain Punch, etc).
11. Escape Attempts are the same as normal except you may attempt repeatedly. The Wild Pokemon will not attack you after your first failure but will attack you once on each subsequent failure.
12. If your Pokemon faints your Event Run ends, but you may still choose a Captured Pokemon to be judged if you managed to capture one.
13. After your run has ended, you may submit one of your captured Pokemon to be evaluated. You can only take one of your captured Pokemon or an Egg out of the Event and the one you can take will be determined by your score. The Pokemon you claim, if you do not pick an Egg, does not have to be the one you chose to be judged. You must wait until after your run has ended and your Pokemon Judged to claim your Pokemon/Egg.
14. You may only participate in the event one (1) time.



1. The rank of the Pokémon caught 10PTS POSSIBLE
~Common = 2 point
~Uncommon = 4 points
~Borderline = 6 points
~Intermediate = 8 points
~Rare/Special = 10 points

2. Health of the Pokemon caught 10PTS POSSIBLE
~Pokemon @ 1-20% = 10 points
~Pokemon @ 21-40% = 7 points
~Pokemon @ 41-65% = 4 points
~Pokemon @ 61-80% = 1 point
~Pokemon @ 81-100% = 0 points

3. Status of the Pokemon caught 5 PTS POSSIBLE (additive)
~Pokemon is Frozen = 3 points
~Pokemon is Burned = 3 points
~Pokemon is Asleep = 2 points
~Pokemon is Toxiced = 2 points
~Pokemon is Paralyzed = 1 point
~Pokemon is Poisoned = 1 point

4. Effort 10PTS POSSIBLE
~Trainer was 10% or more below the MCR = 0 PTS
~Trainer was 5% or more below the MCR = 2 point
~Trainer met the MCR = 6 points
~Trainer went 10% over the MCR = 8 points
~Trainer went 20% or more over the MCR = 10 points

~4 incidents = 0 points + run ends
~3 incidents = 1 point
~2 incidents = 2 points
~1 incidents = 4 points
~0 incident = 5 points

6. Finishing the run 10PTS POSSIBLE
~All five Encounters not finished before the Event ends = 0 points
~All five Encounters finished before the Event ends = 10 points

7. Health/Status of Remaining Pokémon 20PTS POSSIBLE
~Trainer's Pokemon @ <=10% HP = 0 points
~Trainer's Pokemon @ 11-25% HP = 4 points
~Trainer's Pokemon @ 26-40% HP = 8 points
~Trainer's Pokemon @ 41-60% HP = 12 points
~Trainer's Pokemon @ 61-80% HP = 16 points
~Trainer's Pokemon @ 81-100% HP = 20 points
~For Burn, Toxic, and Freeze; remove 2 points. For Poison, Sleep and Paralyze remove 1 point.

8. Grammar/Punctuation 10PTS POSSIBLE
~Posts were impossible to understand = 0 points
~Posts were very hard to understand = 2 point
~Posts were somewhat difficult to understand = 4 points
~Posts were slightly difficult to understand = 7 points
~Posts were clear = 10 points

9. Creativity of the Trainer 20PTS POSSIBLE
~Like the Bonus Rangers can normally give, this will be a personal choice with no outside modifiers

Score of 90+: Bring out Special or lower
Score of 75+: Bring out Rare or lower
Score of 65+: Bring out Intermediate or lower.
Score of 55+: Bring out Borderline or lower.
Score of 45+: Bring out Uncommon or Common.
Score of 35+: Bring out Common.

If a Trainer does not encounter any Pokemon they wish to take out, they may instead choose to receive an Egg. Everyone can, if they wish, post an “Egg List” that contains up to five Pokemon, barring Legends of course. If a person doesn’t want any of the Pokemon they caught during the event, they can have a Pokemon Egg rolled from this Egg List to receive instead, so long as they meet the point requirement for its rank. For example, a Trainer earns 80 points; if their Egg List had a Rare/Special Pokemon on it, that Pokemon could be rolled. If the Trainer earns 35 points, then only Common/Uncommon Pokemon on their List could be rolled. The Egg will hatch as soon as the Pokemon inside has been rolled. Egg Lists MUST be posted here BEFORE you know your score. This is to prevent someone from filling their Egg List with all Rare/Special Pokemon if they know they have 70+ points and so on. Also, your Egg List can contain Pokemon from any area, not just the one you visit for the event.

Once a Trainer’s run has ended, a different Ranger will Judge whatever Pokemon has been chosen to be Judged. There will be a thread for Rangers to post in when a run has been completed so the submitted Pokemon can be Judged. The final point tally will then be posted in this thread, along with whatever Rank(s) the Trainer is allowed to claim a Pokemon from. Trainers will then be allowed to claim and use their Pokemon. When posting the point tally for a Trainer, the Ranger must also post what Pokemon the Trainer claimed, or if an Egg was taken, what Pokemon was rolled from it.



1st Place: 5,000 Park Shop Credits + Special Park Item + Park Pass
2nd Place: 3,500 Park Shop Credits + Par Pass
3rd Place: 1,500 Park Shop Credits + Park Pass

On Sunday, March the 31st, the event will officially end. Any Trainers who have not yet put a Pokemon up to be Judged must do so within a week of the event ending. After that point, only Trainers who have had point tallies posted will be eligible for receiving Prizes. The event runs CAN continue once the Capture Contest ends, however, if a Trainer has a current normal run that ends before their Contest run does, they MUST finish their Contest run BEFORE beginning any new regular runs.

To clarify, this only pertains to the 1st/2nd/3rd place prizes for the overall Contest. Runs that continue after the event has officially ended can still have a Pokemon Judged afterward and can claim a Pokemon once that run is over. They simply won't be eligible to be in the running for the place prizes if they don't submit a Pokemon to be Judged in the week-long window after the 31st. This is to prevent slower runs from holding up announcing the winners of the overall Contest.


If you’re interested, please post here w/ your sign up; you’re basically using the same one that you use for the Front Gate, but you’re not bringing extra Pokemon or Items you currently own. Also, please post here when you claim a Trainer. There will be a list at the end of the post so we can keep track of who has and hasn’t had their Contest run claimed yet. Also, post your Egg Lists here as well please, and they will be added to a list keeping track of those as well.

Note: You can sign up now, but the runs themselves cannot be posted until March the 1st.



Egg Lists:

Dog of Hellsing
02-27-2013, 12:01 AM
And a note: You can sign up now, but the actual runs themselves won't start until the 1st.

02-28-2013, 04:17 PM
Name: Minty
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Personality: A very happy-go-lucky person, Minty is always excited to take on new challenges. She is enthusiastic about this event; it is her first time in the park.
Description: Minty is slightly shorter than most female trainers her age; about 5'2". She has pale skin, and vibrant lime-colored hair. She dresses in a Gothic Lolita style, with the exception of her neon pink feather boa.
Pokemon Captured: None yet :'(
Pokemon Natures: Treecko (I'm bringing him in!)- Hasty
Park Items: 3 Park Balls; 2 Super Balls; 1 Hyper Ball; 2 Lava Cookies, 2 Energy Powders, 1 PokeDoll

Dog of Hellsing
02-28-2013, 09:25 PM
Heh, you have to post your actual Park SU in the Sign-Ups thread (located here (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=98092)). Once you've done that, you post your SU for the Contest here.

Also, a note to everyone: the point requirements for Mon has been increased. They are now:

Score of 90+: Bring out Special or lower
Score of 75+: Bring out Rare or lower
Score of 65+: Bring out Intermediate or lower.
Score of 55+: Bring out Borderline or lower.
Score of 45+: Bring out Uncommon or Common.
Score of 35+: Bring out Common.

I did some calculating, and even factoring in some worse-case scenarios, it's still pretty easy to at least nab Borderline. So yeah, too much of a change, but enough that people actually still have to work towards their captures.

04-08-2013, 03:15 PM
All right, as of now, the Easter Capture Contest is officially closed! Anyone whose run DID NOT get finished will receive a refund on their entry for the event, but are unable to take any Pokemon out of the event, regardless of whether you capture one or not.

There are still a few runs that need to be Judged, and once I have all the scores I'll make a new thread with the results, as well as the overall 1/2/3 place winners of the Contest overall. I'll mention everyone again so you all know the thread is up, too.