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04-12-2004, 12:57 AM
I've been meaning to write this story for some time now...and here it is at last. It tells the tale of Simon, a fifteen-year old boy growing up in the Order of the Black Claw. He is surrounded by darkness, but will he conform to the Order's dark ways?


[PART 1]

The sun sank low in the western sky, painting the heavens a dark hue of orange. As the day waned, the people of the small mountain village of Chiiro finished up their work and return to their homes. The houses were crudely made of wood, with thatched roofs. An aura of serenity seemed to encompass the simple villagers.

On a small outcropping of rock that overlooked the village, a white, four-legged pokémon with a black face and a dark blade on its head stood. As the moon rose behind the mountains, the Absol let out its cry. A simple, seemingly docile chord rung out in the town below.

At the melodious sound of the pokémon's noise, an old man walking with a cane cried out in despair.

"Oh no...this cannot be. God save us all!!" the blind man exclaimed with what loudness his voice allowed.

A young girl, about eleven years old walked up to the man, asking "What's the mater sir?"

"Don't you know, young one? That sound you just heard was the dark cry of an Absol. Legends say that it is a sign of catastrophe. Great disasters have been known to arise in its wake. The appearance of this pokémon can bring us no good; we are all doomed." the man explained candidly.

The little girl ran away crying hysterically, greatly frightened by the old man's words. And then, all of a sudden, as if summoned by the man's prediction, fire began to rain down from the sky. Bolts of flame came crashing down, igniting the straw roofs of the houses. Within minutes the village was in a state of utter chaos. Children ran about in search of their parents. Parents fled the village with their loved ones, not bringing anything with them but the clothes on their back.

The villagers did not have enough composure to think to try to douse the flames; their sole concern was their lives, and the well being of their loved ones. As the village was being voluntarily emptied, a number of men shrouded in black cloaks scurried out of the surrounded forests. The stealthily moved through the streets, moving into each building. They ravaged all of the houses, taking anything of value they could get their hands on.

Most of the houses contained the monetary nest egg of each family, and so the thieves made off with a large amount of gold. Once they had found what they had came for, some of the shrouded men took off into the forest. The rest of them took a red and white orb from under their cloaks, and took to the skies on large steel birds.

As one of the men flew away from the burning village below rode away on his Skarmory, he pored through his sack containing the heist's spoils. Dozens of gold coins shone within, lending credence to the group's recent success.

"Excellent." the man exclaimed, "This village sure was worth the trouble."

[To be continued...]

04-13-2004, 08:34 PM
[PART 2]

In a dimly lit room with earthen walls, a boy sat up in his bed. He had black hair, and was of medium height and build. He threw off his blankets, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. As he was about to stand up, a door at the other end of the room burst open.

"Simon! Get a move on. The meeting's about to begin, and father won't wait for you again." an older boy informed in a condescending tone.

"Yeah, Max...I'll be right there." Simon replied.

"You'd better be, or father will have your head on a platter," Max berated, slamming the door shut.

Simon got out of bed, got dressed, and put on his belt. On the brown, leather belt four small red and white orbs hung. He rushed out the door into the hallway beyond. The house, if you could call it that, wasn't what you would call modern. Most referred to it as 'the compound'. The floors were stone, the walls of a greyish clay. Brown soil constitued the ceilings, braced with large, wooden beams.

Simon ran down the hall towards two, massive green stone doors. They were wide open, beckoning into the large gathering chamber beyond. Simon rushed in, and took a seat on one of the many stools that girded the three long tables in the room. Hundreds of men and women sat donning black cloaks, with the hoods off their heads. All eyes were on Simon as he entered the chamber. Max, who was leaning up against the wall, sneered as he passed.

"I'm glad to see you could join us." Max greeted scornfully.

Simon made no reply.

At one end of the room, staning behind a podium on a wooden platform a man that seemed to be the leader began to speak. He was dressed in simliar garb as the rest of them, and wore a dark grey beard.

"Brothers of the Black Claw, I am very pleased with our recent success." the man began, addressing the group before him in a loud and confident voice, "The people of this land have no idea of the chaos that surrounds them. They write it off to natural disaster-"

At the thought of their malevolent wiles being construed as natural occurances, an audible laugh resounded throughout the room. The speaker paused momentarily at this, but didn't scold them.

"As much wealth as we have procured, our victories thus far have been trivial. Soon, we shall strive for a much loftier greatness, one that shall live on in tale and song for millenia!"

At the words of their leader, the members of the Order listened more intently than ever.

[To be continued...]

09-01-2004, 09:22 PM
[OOC: I'm very sorry for not updating this; but I should be able to do so pretty often from here on out. Enjoy!]

[Part III]

As the leader was about to continue his speech, the large, wooden door of the chamber burst open. Simon appeared behind it, standing in the doorway panting. It was painfully obvious that he had run from his room. His father shot him a look of askance.

"Late again, Simon?" the leader affirmed inquisitively.

At this point, every person in the room was looking at Simon, awaiting his excuse. Before he had the chance to answer, Max walked passed him.

"Of course; he'll never be as responsible as I am." Max interrupted.

At his older brother's comment, Simon gave him a spiteful look.

"Max..." he muttered wrathfully under his breath.

Simon quickly saw that his anger was the focal point of the entire congregation, and quickly regained his composure, turning to his father, going down on one knee with his eyes closed.

"Father...I'm sorry. It shan't happen again." Simon replied.

"See that it does not!" the leader of the clan commanded in anger, "Now then, who here has heard tell of Rayquaza?"

At the mention of Rayquaza's name, numerous gasps could be heard. The rest of the people remained silent, eager to hear more.

"For those of you who don't know, Rayquaza is a pokémon of immense power and strength. It lives high above the clouds, in the stratosphere of the earth. Few have had the honor of even seeing it from afar. However, it is said that Rayquaza has a natural attraction to gold."

At that point, there were many quiet comments of understanding.

"We do not yet have enough gold to attract him, but it is what we work towards. Gold brings even things that cannot be bought. So, continue my brothers, with our pillaging with redoubled efforts and strengthened resolve." the leader explained.

The crowd of minions cloaked in black roared in support for their leader. He stepped down from his podium, and the members of the clan began to filter out of the hall. Simon, Max, and their father remained.

"Simon, if you plan on becoming a full member of the Clan, you must apply yourself more. I won't have you dishonoring this family. We've stood as a pillar for the Clan for generations. Maybe you could learn a thing or two from your brother; he was on time for the meeting this today."

The leader walked away without another word. Max put Simon in a headlock once their father was out of earshot.

"Well, well, Simon, it's as I thought. You really should be more like me." Max teased playfully.

"Come on, that's not what Dad said..." Simon complained, trying to get out of Max's grip.

"Are you even ready for tomorrow, bro?" Max asked in a serious tone.

Simon was finally able to get out of the headlock. He flew backwards, slamming into the wooden door. He got up, rubbing his head.

"I don't know...I think I am." Simon replied sheepishly.

"You 'think so'? That's not good enough." Max answered curtly.

"Huh? Come on, you know how tough the trials are..." Simon protested.

"I didn't think they were tough." Max shot back, lying, "You want me to help you, don't you?"

"I guess so..." Simon replied.

"Oh, come on! You're so indecisive! If you want me to help you, than tell me so. Don't be a wimp!" Max yelled in frustration.

"Alright. I want you to help me." Simon said in a firm voice, looking Max in the eyes.

"Good; let's go." Max instructed.

The two brothers walked down the dark hallway to Simon's room. It was a large, plain room with only a bed an dresser to cover the bluish-gray stone that surrounded them. The two stood about ten feet away from each other, facing each other. Max enlarged a red and white orb from his belt, and tossed it up and down in his hand.

"Are you ready, Simon?" Max asked.

"Yes, let's start!" Simon replied with conviction.

[To be continued...]

09-03-2004, 12:40 AM
[Part IV]

"Prepare yourself, Brother, for I shall not hold back...for your own good. Vigoroth, I choose you!"

Max threw the pokéball with a great deal of force. It bounced off the cold, hard, stone floor and it opened up wide. A white specter-like image appeared, and it quickly took shape. A white mammilian creature appeared twixt the two trainers, hopping up and down, slashing its claws in the air.

"Vii-go!" Vigorth yelled in rage.

"Well, then I'll choose Magmar!"

Simon threw his pokéball in front of him, as a red-hot being appeared from the red and white orb. Magmar's heat radiated throughout the vast room.

"Magmar, let's begin with a Fire Punch!" Simon instructed with faith and confidence in his voice.

Magmar charged at Vigoroth, swining his burning fist at his face. Vigoroth stood, still hopping up and down, looking Magmar in the eye.

"Vigoroth, sidetep it and try to block!" Max commanded.

Vigoroth hopped to the side, setting Magmar's punch far off the mark. Vigoroth reached out with his hand, and caught Magmar's Fire Punch. He grasped Magmar's hand in his own, wrapping his claws around his opponent's wrist. The lava from Magmar's hand singed Vigoroth's fur, but Vigoroth stood adamantly, seemingly unhurt by the intense heat.

"Now, Vigoroth, use your Slash attack!" Max instructed.


Vigoroth swung at Magmar with his other hand, slashing him with surmountable force in the face. He let go of his fist as Magmar flew back from the sheer power of the assult. Magmar sat on the floor for a minute, rubbing his face in agony.

"Get up, Magmar! It'll take more than that to take us down!" Simon goaded on kindly, "Let's throw him off gaurd with Smokescreen!"

Magmar spewed thick, black smoke out of his mouth. Within seconds, the smoke had filled up the entire room. Max coughed as the smoke entered into his lungs.

"What were you thinking, Simon? Filling your bedroom up with smoke?" Max berated.

"What's the matter, brother? I reguard this battle to be more important than that." Simon snickered, amused by his brother's apparent flaw.

"Vigoroth, use this opportunity to focus your energy." Max commanded.

Vigoroth closed his eyes, building up his power. Mamar approached him in the darkness of the smoke, awaiting his next command.

"Magmar, give him another Fire Punch. Give it everything you've got!"

Magmar swung violently at Vigoroth, but before the attack connected, Vigoroth opened his eyes. Since Magmar was a matter of feet in front of him, he could see him clearly, even through the smoke.

"Vigoroth, smash him with your Focus Punch!" Max exclaimed in rage.

Vigoroth rushed at Magmar, and slammed his fist into Magmar, who flew back and slammed into the stone wall on the opposite end of the room. When the smoke finally cleared, Magmar was lying unconcious on the floor. Simon brought his injured warrior back into its home with melencholy and despair.

"Hmph. This isn't going well for you, Simon." Max commented seriously.

"This battle has only begun!" Simon yelled angrily, throwing another pokéball into the fray.

[To be continued...]

09-05-2004, 11:03 PM
[Part V]

The pokéball flew through the air, carrying with it the stalwart determination of it's master. As it bounced off the stone floor with a loud noise, a large, rock-like snake appeared before Vigoroth. The mighty beast stood twenty feet tall; it's head almost touched the ceiling of the room.

"An Onix, huh? Why'd you ever catch that thing anyway?" Max snickered.

"You'll soon see! Onix, immobilze Vigoroth with Bind!" Simon declared with pride.

Onix moved it massive tail towards Vigoroth, and curled around him, preventing escape. He picked up the white creature, and began to squeeze it.

"VII--GO---ROTH!!" Vigoroth wailed in agony, as audible cracks resounded as his ribcage shattered, one by one.

"Vigoroth, no!! Try to get out of its grasp." Max pleaded emotionally.

But it could not be done. Vigoroth was so tightly bound by his eartly foe that he couldn't move a muscle in his body. The large boulders that constitute Onix squeezed tighter and tighter, until Vigoroth went limp, all signs of life ceasing.

"Onix, that's enough." Simon proclaimed with meloncholy.

Onix let go of Vigoroth, and recoiled itself, preparing for its next adversary.

"Vigoroth, you fought valiantly, come and rest." Max announced, bringing his partner back into his pokéball, "Simon, you'll pay for that disgrace! Go Sandslash!"

Max threw another pokéball, and a shrewlike creature with spines covering its back emerged. It slashed its large claws in the air in front of itself, ready to do battle.

"Sandslash, let's get this round off the ground with a Sandstorm!" Max exclaimed.

Sandslash rolled up into a ball, and rolled in place on the floor. As he did so, sand was spewed forth, until it was flying everywhere, greatly reducing visability.

"Heh, you do realize that Onix isn't damaged by Sandstorm, right?" Simon asked mockingly.

"Of course I do, you dolt! You'll see why I've set it up soon enough." Max retorted, taken aback by his brother's comment.

"Onix, smash that shrew with your tail!" Simon instructed.

Onix lifted its two-ton tail into the air, and smashed it down into the blinding sandstorm. In such conditions, he wasn't able to see, and hoped that he hit his mark. After a few seconds, it was obivous that Onix had missed. So, he continued to smash his tail downwards in a dire effort to smite his foe. With each attack, the very walls around them trembled. After about a dozen tries, he grew weary and stopped. In the fray, Sandslash sensed by the sand hitting his body where the tail would land, and jumped out of the way accordingly.

"Brother, do you know why you fail so miserably in striking my Sandslash? He has an innate ability that raises his awareness, and thus his evasion skills during a sandstorm." Max explained nonchalantly.

"Urgh...well then, let's try this! Onix, try your Earthquake!" Simon exclaimed in frustration.

"Sandslash! Use your Earthquake attack as well!" Max ordered.

The two pokémon struck the floor beneath them simultaneously, both creating a powerful Earthquake that neither was able to evade. Sandslash focused all of its energy to minimize damage form the attack, but Onix was not so lucky. After both attacks had finished, the sand began to settle. Onix lay unconcious on the ground, while Sandslash was able to hang on by a string.

"Heh, even you should know that rock pokémon are quite susceptible to earth based assaults." Max taunted.

"Hmph. Of course I knew...Onix, return!"

Onix was returned to his pokéball, and Simon threw another in its place. A small, brown animal emerged, with a short bushy tail.

"Evee..." said Max, rolling his eyes, "I should've known."

"Yes, you should have. He was my first pokémon, and my most loyal. Eevee, being by using Sand-attack on Sandslash!"

Eevee ran at Sandslash, and kicked some of the sand that lay on the floor from the sandstorm into Sandslash's eyes.

"Heh, now who has the evasory advantage?" Simon asked sarcastically.

"Sandslash, slash him!" Max commanded.

Sandslash, who had been trying to get the sand out of his eyes (to no avail) took a step foreward, and slash its claws a few times. Eevee stepped back a few feet, and Sandslash was unable to make contact.

"Evee, finish him off with a Body Slam!" Simon instructed with confidence.

Eevee rushed at Sandslash quickly, pouncing at his head. Sandslash was knocked back from the sheer force of the assault, and smashed into the stone wall behind his trainer. He slid to the floor, unconcious.

"Good job Sandslash...you've now outlived your usefulness." Max berated, sending his Sandslash into its pokéball, "Congratulations, my brother, on managing to get this far. I assure you that this is as far as you'll get. Come forth my trusty servant!"

Max threw his last pokéball towards Simon, and a large green insect with wings and two scythelike blades as arms appeared before Eevee.

"SCY--THER!!!" The new pokémon screeched.

[To be continued...]