View Full Version : Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu

04-12-2004, 07:35 AM
Has anyone seen it? I just love that anime! ^_^

It's so cute and funny. ^-^ It quickly became my favorite. :smile:

I mean, it's so unique! It's not just a normal anime about some high school guy who gets into perverted situations, like most animes are. It's actually about a boy who lives in jungle with his mom (very weird and hyper mom ^_^; ) and a girl that didn't have any parents, so they adopted her. But there is something wrong with her personalty. She can change from a nice and cute girl, to a girl who could care less about anything. And let's not forget that she has a world INSIDE of her stomach. ^_^;; Sounds weird, but you have to watch it to like it. ^_^

Oh, and it hasn't been released in US yet. ^_^; Only in Japan.