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11-05-2005, 05:12 AM
Alright. First, a few notes. Yes, I'm planning on using this team for quite a while, so no, it isn't just something thrown together. Yes, they're weak, and some moves svck. I'm working on fixing that.

This isn't some big 'I need to conquer the Elite 4 with just these 6 Pokemon' team. I'm somewhat proud of it, but I need some critisism to keep me on the right track. and no 'Your team svcks bottom line' junk. I mean. Advice. Pleasepeoplekaythanks?

Now, the actual team. xP

Slot 1:
Dratini Male
Lv. 18
Modest Nature
Holding: N/A
Ability: Shed Skin
-Shock Wave
-Thunder Wave

Side Note: This is my lowest leveled Pokemon, because I just got him from the Game Corner. I'm a Dragonite fan, and figured that having a Dragon type on my team certainly wouldn't hurt it any. I'm planning on teaching him a variety of moves. As soon as I get some TMs. -eyeroll-

Slot 2:
Flareon Male
Lv. 25
Hasty Nature
Holding: N/A
Ability: Flash Fire
-Helping Hand
-Sand Attack
-Quick Attack

Side Note: Not as low leveled as my Dratini, yet still a few levels lower than the rest. I evolved this little thing almost as soon as I got him, but unfortunately this one came at Level 25 and therefore didn't have the chance to learn Ember. I'm going to teach him a few useful moves as soon as possible, but until then I'll just have to bear. 5 more levels and he'll get Bite. Hallelujah, something other than Quick Attack.

Slot 3:
Nidoking Male
Lv. 30
Relaxed Nature
Holding: N/A
Ability: Poison Point
-Horn Attack
-Double Kick

Side Note: Yes, not the most useful move set in the world. I used dig to teach Lt. Surge a weapon, but I have to admit that it's come in handy since then, Nidoking being one of the only Electric-susceptible Pokemon I had for quite a while, apart from my little Electric mouse. He's one of my most lethal weapons - Lv. 43 Megahorn. Must. Grow. 13 levels.

Slot 4:
Pidgeotto Female
Bashful Nature
Holding: N/A
Ability: Keen Eye
-Aerial Ace
-Quick Attack

Side Note: Yes, normally, it's a bad idea to have two moves of the same type (Aerial Ace and Fly). But Pidgeotto is the only Flying Pokemon that I normally carry around, so I had to use the HM on her without question. Quick Attack is basically mandatory - you need something to hit those stubborn anti-Flying things. And if that doesn't work, Whirlwind will help. I might want to think about altering this moveset soon. I've seen better.

Slot 5:
Raichu Female
Jolly Nature
Holding: N/A
Ability: Static
-Mega Kick
-Thunder Wave

Side Note: Another of the dreaded two-movers, huh? Well, I decided I needed a condition-inducing attack on this little thing - so if the Static doesn't get them, Thunder Wave will. Teaching Mega Kick to it was one of the best things I've ever done. If they're strong against the electricity, Mega Kick can take them out in one fell swoop of they're low leveled enough. This is one moveset that I'm actually ocmpletely happy with.

Slot 6:
Wartortle Male
Timid Nature
Holding: N/A
Ability: Torrent
-Rapid Spin
-Water Pulse

Side Note: Another moveset I'm pretty alright with. Two offensive moves aside from the Water type attack, and then the defensive Withdraw, which I ept on. Another level and I will probably replace Withdraw with Protect. Boy can that be useful sometimes - if you're speedy enough. Naturally, Squirtle was my starter. As I said, this is one that I couldn't think of many ways to improve.

I hope that helps a bit. The last two, Raichu and Wartortle, are the only ones with movesets I'm happy with, but feel free to add critisism to them too!