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Chapter 1: The Beginning

Harry sighed as he put down the phone. He knew that it would be the polite thing to do, but every time he went over there, something strange happened.

The first time, Harry had tried to be friendly and had brought over some chocolate chip cookies to introduce himself. Unfortunately for him, that was just what the professor needed and just as Harry stepped through the door, the professor grabbed the platter and shoved it into his "greatest invention". However, within seconds, the entire thing exploded sending chocolate flying everywhere. Being the one standing in front of the machine, Harry was splattered from head to toe with chocolate, a very uncomfortable feeling.

Of course, the professor apologized and vowed to make up for it. Of course, he meant that he would try to improve Harry's life with other inventions he wanted to test out. The first one that caused the cookies to explode was meant to enhance their flavor. Other times, he had machines meant to do your hair or write a report by speaking to it. Unfortunately, they didn't work out like the professor planned. For a week his hair stood on end as a green mountain. As for the writing, half his dictation was written on his shirt before he managed to escape the insane machine. Obviously the professor needed to work out a few bugs.

And now he wanted Harry to come over and help him test his latest invention. He didn't say what is was though. The professor learned long ago to not tell Harry what he made because usually, Harry then tried to avoid helping him test it with some excuse. But by not telling him, Harry had to come over to his laboratory and see what it was.

Of course, Harry could always outright refuse, but the last time he did that, the professor locked himself in his house for 3 days. It took several phone calls and an invitation to dinner before he finally came out. Harry knew that the man was quite strange and if he made him upset, he would likely kill himself with his own stubborness.

Harry sighed again, then finally resigned himself to the knowledge that he couldn't avoid it. Slowly walking over to his desk, he picked up his "Survival Pack". Something he threw together after one too many visits to the professor. A first-aid kit for emergencies (and there were a lot of them), rubber gloves for touching chemicals (or other nasty things), water, emergency food, and other odds and ends that helped him throughout his visits. Finally, Harry picked up his 6 pokeballs on his desk. His own pokemon had also been great help in saving him, expecially during the one time when his Tyranitar save him and the professor from the insane "Robot Chef". It was a great idea, until humans were added to the menu.

Harry quickly scanned his pack to make sure he had everything. Black fire marks as well as several scratches and other "unknown" things scarred the blue backpack. Obviosly, it too had been through too many of the professor's experiments in technology.

After making sure he had everything, Harry quickly adjusted his white shirt so that it didnt' bunch up and exited his room. Quickly walking down the stairs, he walked over to the living room table and scribbled a note that he was going over the professor's laboratory.

Placing the note on the table, Harry turned around and wallked out of the house, remembering to close the door firmly behind him. Down the road, he could see the professor's white laboratory in the distance. It was two stories and government funded. Apparently he helped design the pokedex, but Harry could never figure out how he make something that actually worked.

Casually, he began walking down the sidewalk towards the lab. It was a dreaded walk that he unofficially named the Path of Anxiety. A good name, considering that he never really did come home from the laboratory without experiencing an accident or two.

In fact, most trainers seemed to distance themselves from the professor. Harry, unfortunately, had been the unlucky one that never could break the man's heart. Oh, he was nice and energetic. But the accidents didn't really give him a good name.

Finally, after a few minutes, Harry arrived at the professor's laboratory. The glass doors glinted with the reflection of the blue sky and Harry took a moment to breath the fresh town air, before entering.

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Inside, Harry was shocked to see the professor running around chasing after what appeared to be a pokemon. Harry quickly looked down to see what it was, but it soon disappeared around the corner. Returning his gaze to the professor, Harry quickly spoke up.

Harry: "Professor Wood, what are you doing?"
Wood: "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm going insane! Ha ha! No really, I'm chasing after this pokemon before it destroys my entire lab! Help me!"
Harry: "Okay Professor."

As the Professor disappeared around the corner, Harry mentally sighed, then dashed after him into the laboratory.

From the looks of the room, Harry reasoned that the Professor had been chasing the pokemon for some time now. Tables were overturned and everywhere lay broken glass on the floor as well as parts of machinery. The entire place was a mess and Harry stood there shocked for a moment before he remembered to help chase the pokemon. Carefully trying to avoid the debris, Harry ran after the Professor who had by now entered an adjoining room.

However, by the time Harry made it over there (nearly slipping on some glass), the Professor had stopped running and had collapsed onto the couch. He was breathing heavily, apparently not used to running for such a long time.

Wood: "Didn't... manage... to catch... the pokemon..."

Hary, seeing that Professor was resting and thinking of nothing else to do, sat next to him. After a minute of silence, Harry spoke up.

Harry: "Professor, why were you chasing after that pokemon?"

Wood looked over at Harry, his breathing beginning to calm down.

Wood: "The pokemon was a Ralts. I had recently been experiementing with telepathy and unfortunately attracted this thing into my laboratory. However, after I turned off the machine, it suddenly snapped out of the trance I created. I guess it was scared of me since I was a lot bigger and tried to run away, knocking over my lab equipment in the process. I didn't want it to destroy the rest of my laboratory, so I tried to catch it. You know the rest."
Harry: "Yes, I see that you've destroyed more of your laboratory."
Wood: "Heh, the burdens of science."

Harry smiled slightly, then turned back to the conversation.

Harry: "So you asked me here to see your telepathy machine?"
Wood: "Actually no. I'm still working on that one. What I really wanted you to see is my Time Veiwer."
Harry: "Time Viewer?"
Wood: "Yes, here, let me show you."

The Professor, now recovered from his jog, immediately jumped up from the couch. Harry could see that his eyes sparkled with excitement just like all the other times he showed an invention. The Professor, then quickly walked to another laboratory, one that wasn't damaged, and Harry quickly followed after him.

Entering the room, Harry was once again amazed by the professor's genius. Sure, he had seen many of the Professor's inventions, but nothing as big. The machine, was covered with buttons, screens, and knobs. It must have been 10 meters long, 2 meters high, and 1 meter wide, basically, not the average machine.

Harry: "Professor, is this the Time Viewer?"
Wood: "Yes, my greatest invention up to this point. You see, by tapping into the quantum molecules released by the sun, I can transfer them through the plasma screen. In turn, the bipolar relays can convert the quantum molecules into bio-molecular energy. Now if we take that energy and run it through the Beta-Screen I invented we should allow us to tap into the space-time continuum!"

The Professor turned around to look at Harry who simply stood shocked.

Harry: "Well Professor, that's a nice explanation, but what does the machine do?"
Wood: "Basically, it allows us to view the past and present through this screen."

The Professor tapped on the center screen about the sized of a large television set.

Wood: "This isn't a simple approximation, we can actually see into the past. Just think, all of history's mysteries are at our fingertips! We can see how the Egyption's lived, the invention of the telescope, and most importantly, who killed Kennedy! With this technology, the past is now the present!'
Harry: "Wow.... I must say Professor, you have outdone yourself."
Wood: "Yes, but I haven't tested it yet. I decided to wait for you. Because out of everyone, you're the only one that's willing to put up with me."
Harry: "Professor...."
Wood: "No, hear me out. I know my inventions have been a little buggy and if it weren't for you, I would be dead. So I want to make up for it with this. If it works, I'll be famous and I want to put that I never would have been able to create this. I think it's only fair that you should know that I'm grateful for your help."

There was a moment of silence. The Professor never talked about this before and Harry realized that through everything, Harry had been a friend to him and the Professor knew it. He wasn't a bad person after all.

Harry: "Thankyou Professor."

The Professor smiled, then turning back to his machine he began to turn some knobs.

Wood: "Okay, then let's test this thing. Are you ready?"
Harry: "Yes, Professor."
Wood: 'Then let's do it!'

In an instant, the Professor pulled down the lever and the lights in the laboratory began to flicker.

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Harry: "Um.. Professor?"
Wood: "Don't worry. The Time Viewer requires a lot of power and is draining it from the sources the lights used. In a moment, the lights will flip to the back-up batteries."
Hary: "Okay...."

Luckily for Harry, the Professor was right and 5 seconds later, the lights turned back on, illuminating the room. As for the Time Viewer, the screen was filled with lines running across it, kind of like a television with bad reception.

Wood: "Hold on, I'm going to try and isolate a time period. The screen should clear up in a moment.'

The Professor continued to fiddle with the knobs and buttons. Harry, meanwhile, patiently waited and watched the blurry screen. For a moment, he thought he saw a picture, but it bleeped out in a second and Harry continued to wait. Finally, after what seemed like minutes, a picture formed on the screen. At first, it was blurry, but slowly, the pciture formed together.

Harry: "It's the Middle Ages. About 700 years ago."
Wood: "Yes, I wasn't really trying for anything specific. This is uncharted territory you know."

Suddenly, the printer near the screen to the right began to print some paper out. The Professor quickly walked over to read it.

Wood: "Amazing, it says here it's about 1327 A.D. in a small village about 10 miles east of Goldenrod."
Harry: "Interesting, though, why are you surprised? I thought you built this machine."
Wood: "I did, but you may have noticed that most of my inventions don't seem to always work out the way I plan them. I wasn't sure if the machine could even tap into the past, much less tell me when and where."
Harry: "Well Professor, I must say. It looks like it works perfectly."
Wood: "Yes, yes, it seems.... Harry, behind you, it's the Ralts."
Harry: "Don't worry, I'll take care of it. Pokeball go."

Within a moment of eachother, Harry threw a pokeball over his head, then turned around to see the Ralts standing there, peering into the room. As the pokeball hit the ground, a mass of red energy unleashed itself and formed together into a Venusaur.

Harry: "Quickly Venusaur, vine whip and catch that Ralts!"

Venusaur nodded and three vines suddenly burst from its back. Ralts, surprised by the attack, quickly turned to run away, but was too slow and was caught by the vines. Struggling to escape, the vines slowly began to drag it into the room.

Harry: "Great job Venusaur."

Suddenly, Ralts began glow purple. The aura surrounded it as Ralts began to focus its psychic energy. Slowly, the purple energy moved up the vines and Venusaur grunted in defiance. For seconds, the battle ensued with vine vs. mind until, the vines flew apart and Ralts was free.

Harry: "Venusaur, try to catch it again with vine whip!"

Again, several vines flew out, but suddenly, the still glowing Ralts split to form several versions of itself. The duplicates surrounded Venusaur and it quickly looked side to side wondering what to do.

Harry: "Use your vines Venusaur, hit all of the images until you find the real one!'

The vines flew out in every direction, quickly images began to disappear as the vines ran through them. Suddenly, a cry went out as the vine to Harry's right hit the real Ralts. In an instant, the copies vanished and Ralts slid across the wooden floor. However, using it's psychic abilites, it levitated itself back to a standing position. Then, it closed its eyes.

Harry: "It's using Calm Mind to boost its power. Venusaur, use tackle!"

Venusaur charged forward, it's speed increasing as it approached the calm Ralts, suddenly, just as it was about to hit it, Ralts vanished and disappeared. Venusaur, surprised tried to stop and hit the wall. Slightly stunned, it turned around slowly, to see Ralts had teleported behind him. But it wasn't over yet, suddenly, beams of purple energy dropped down from above him and surrounded him to create a jail. Enraged, Venusaur tried to escape and ran into the purple bars, only to find them quite solid.

Harry: "My gosh, it has used imprison. Venusaur, use Solar Beam, try to blast away those bars."

Immediately, the flower on its baclk began to glow. Harry could see the light energy be sucked in. Meanwhile, Ralts simple hovered in front of the purple cage. Apparently focusing its energy. It knew what was coming.

Harry looked back to Venusaur, the absorbtion rate began to slow and Harry knew it meant one thing, the solar beam was ready.

Harry: "Now Venusaur, use Solar Beam!"

In a wave of light, the rainbow colored beam shot out from the flower and hit the purple cage's walls with an intense fury. Immediately, Ralts brow tightened as it tried to increase the strength of the cage.

For a moment, Harry thought that Ralts migh suceed in keeping the cage stable, when suddenly the cage burst. Parts of purple energy flew outwards leaving the beam to continue through and hit Ralts. Worn out from the attack, Ralts was unprepared for the Solar Beam and was thrown across the room. With a loud thud, it hit the wall and fell to the floor.

For a moment, Harry stayed still, comprehending it all before finally realizing he won. Quickly taking out a pokeball, he threw it directly at the Ralts.

But Ralts, wasn't done. It had detected the ball and with its remaining energy, began to form a purple sphere of psychic energy to blast the pokeball away. But, the solar beam had hit the mark and it collapsed, releasing the psychic ball too soon. The ball missed the pokeball.

Harry sighed in relief after holding his breath and watched as the pokeball hit the fainted Ralts. Worn out, it became a red light and entered the ball.

However, the psychic ball didn't entirely miss. Redirected from the pokeball, it flew straight to the side, right into the Professor's new machine. In an instant, Harry could hear the explosion and turned around immediately.

Wood: "Ralt's attack hit the machine!"

Suddenly, before Harry could respond, a giant dark hole appeared in front of the machine. At the same time, the hole suddenly began to suck everything around it. Loose books and papers flew into its giant maw, but the force grew stronger. Within seconds, Harry could feel that he too was being pulled in. He quickly tried to grab onto the couch, but his hands lost the grip and with a big whoosh he was pulled in.

Harry: "Noooo!"

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When Harry awoke, he realized he had lost consciousness before entering the hole. Slightly dazed, he slowly openned his eyes. only to discover he was laying on some dirt. Around him lay the loose articles of materials that had also been sucked him. Also passed out on the ground was Venusaur. Apparently it hadn't escaped either. Taking out Venusaur's pokeball, he pointed it at his worn out pokemon.

Harry: "Venusaur, return."

In an instant, Venusaur became a beam of red light and entered its pokeball. Now with that done, Harry decided to try and figure out what happened. Slowly standing up, he looked around. From what he could tell, he was in the wilderness. He couldn't find his town anywhere and didnt' recognize the scenery. He must have been transported farther than the area around his town.

Suddenly, he heard a noise and looked behind him to see two armoured men on horses run at eachother. From the looks of things, they were... jousting? But that's impossible, that took place only in the Middle Ages... which he had been watching.

Suddenly it dawned on Kim, the combination of the Time Viewer and Ralt's attack must have collided together to form the hole. The hole must have transported them back in time. Immediately, the physical implications bombarded him reguarding time travel, but he pushed them aside. He knew that the important thing, was to find a way to get back to his own time, before he accidently kills his own ancestor or something.

He turned back around, hoping to find something that would help him return to his own time, when he spotted the pokeball he threw. Remembering Ralts was a part of the creation of the hole, Harry hoped that he had caught the pokemon. Wether or not he could return might depend on it.

So slowly, slightly quivering as he picked up the pokeball. Hoping that he did indeed catch Ralts, he threw the pokeball. The pokeball hit the ground and openned to reveal....

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Story: This was very interesting. I enjoyed this alot actually and it was of good length as well.

Detail: You did a great job here. This story had more description than many that I've seen.

Grammar: I think I saw 3 or 4 minor mistakes in the whole story, good job.

Battle: Very good. It was long enough and jam packed with detail and creativitiy.

Outcome: Ralts Captured!

Tips: I can't think of any except keep up the good work!

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Chapter 2: To Be or Not To Be a Wizard

As Ralts popped out of its pokeball, Harry felt slightly assured that he indeed did catch Ralts. With the integration of psychic power and machinery, there was no telling what might be the cause of his misplacement in time. If Ralts was partly responsible for travelling back in time, he hoped that with her they could travel forward.
Wood: "Harry... Harry are you there?"

Suddenly, Harry heard Professor Wood. He immediately turned around, but the Professor wasn't there. But he was sure he heard his voice. He didn't imagine it, or did he.

Wood: "Harry, are you there?"

Now he was sure that he heard Professor Wood. Now facing towards the sound, Harry realized that Wood's voice came from the ground, with some of the rubble that followed him through the hole. Curious about what was going on, Harry immediately dropped to his knees and began scrounging around looking for the source of the voice.

After a minute of searching, Harry found it. On the ground next to the broken and lamp and half torn book lay a watch. It had a black rubber strap that was adjustable, but more importantly, on its face showed the time, not just regular time, but the year, month, day, hour, minute, and second. From what he could tell, Harry realized that it was 1347, April 13, 7:25. He had been thrown back more than 600 years from his own time.

Slightly taken aback for a moment, he suddenly heard the Professor's voice again from the watch. Hoping to respond, Harry turned the watch to find a button or something. Ironically enough, there was only 1. Pretty hard not to make a wrong choice. Slightly amused by his inside joke and concerned about what to do, Harry took a deep breath before finally pressing down the button. He held it while he spoke.

Harry: "Professor Wood, is that you?"
Wood: "Harry! Thank goodness you're alright. I was worried about you. Anyway, hold on."
Harry: "Hold on for what? Professor? Profess..."

Suddenly, the face of the mechanical watch disappeared to show the Professor. His face was slightly distorted due to the round shape of the watch. However, it didn't matter, Harry was just glad to see him.

Harry: "Professor, you found me."
Wood: "Yes, I have. I had managed to hold on to some heavy lab equipment when the timehole formed in the room. After it closed, I discovered you weren't around. logically, you must have been sucked into the hole. Anyway, from my research, apparently, when the psychic energy contacted the machine, it somehow integrated it's chemical and neural power with the machine's components and managed to create the timehold with verteron particles. It's quite amazing isn't it?"
Harry: "Uhh..., yes, that's nice Professor, but can you bring me back?"
Wood: "Actually, I have been working on that as well for the past few hours..."
Harry: "Hours? I've just arrived."
Wood: "Yes, from your perspective, but here it's been at least 5 hours since you disappeared. With my research, I was able to send this watch to you around the same time you arrived. Do you understand?"
Harry: "Yeah, a little. I'll just remember, that time here is diferrent then time in the present."
Wood: "Exactly. Anyway, I'm working on a way to create a controlled timehole to retrieve you, but it will take some time."
Harry: "I understand Professor. Shall I just wait here?"
Wood: "Yes, that's the best idea. I don't want you to go and pollute the timeline, changing the course of history. I'm not even sure if you already have by simply arriving. There's a whole sleuth of theories about time travel including alternate dimensions, but I won't get into that right now. Just try to keep a low profile. Even if it won't matter to history, the 14th century isn't exactly a cup of tea. One wrong step and you could end up dead. Just be careful."
Harry: "Okay Professor."
Wood: "Anyway, I need to get back to work. Unfortunately I each time I contact you through the watch, I have to let it recompensate the temperol diferrentials. This includes both times, so I suppose I won't talk to you in at least an hour. That is, if I find a way to control the timehole. So, back to work! See you in one hour Kim!"
Harry: ''See you later, Professor."

The Professor nodded and the screen changed modes, replacing the Professor's face with the time once again. Slightly confused, Harry sat down on an overturned sofa to think. He knew some basic time principles, but with all this time travelling, he was beginning to have an headache. Event A led to Event B to Event C, which in turn leads back to Event A. It just didn't make sense.

Sighing, deciding to let the Professor concern himself with time, Harry realized all he could do was wait. Turning his attention back to the watch, he slowly placed it on his left arm and adjusted the band to fit his wrist. The touch seemed wierd, but at least this way he could keep in touch and know the time if he needed to.

However, it looked like Harry wouldn't be staying put like the Professor asked. Unfortunately for him, Harry's arrival surprised a young boy who had been our collecting sticks for a fire. The boy saw the hole suddenly appear out of the sky and spit out things he had never seen before and of course, Harry Kim himself. The boy, frightened by the magical force, dropped the sticks in shock and ran all the way back to his village, telling them of a wizard, who could appear out of thin air! Horrified by this news, especially at the eve of the Great Feast, the villagers followed the boy back to Harry Kim.

Harry, oblivious to the events around him, was suddenly quite surprised when the leader of the village approached him. He was even more surprised by what the leader said.

Leader: "There's the wizard! Grab him!"

03-06-2004, 04:25 AM
In an instant, a mod of angry villagers rushed out from the forest behind him. Harry spun around, only to be tackled by an onslaught of people. Pushed by the crowd, he fell backwards, hitting his head on a wooden chair that had also been misplaced in time. The last thing he remebered, was the screams of the crowd. Then, he lost conciousness.

Harry awoke feeling quite stiff. When he openned his eyes, the picture kept sliding in and out of focus. Blinking to clear the fuzz, he tried to clear his mind and focus on the situation. Moving his arms and legs, he realized that he was bound to the chair he was sitting on. He pulled against the coarse ropes, but there was no escaping. He was stuck.

Focusing back on his eyes, now that they had begun to function, he scanned around him, trying to figure out what was going on. From the looks of things, he appeared to be in a horse stall. Hay was spread all around the ground and there was a faint odor which Harry could only identify with the waste of animals. He was definitely in a horse stall.

03-06-2004, 04:26 AM
Suddenly, a mob of villagers burst into the room. Looks of anger and fear peppered their faces. Some carried ropes, some carried torches, and some carried pitchforks which Harry hoped was for the hay and not him.

The villagers began to crowd around Harry, facing him. Their faces flickered with uncertainty, yet there was a definite sense of uneassiness. An air of confusion blinded them, from seeing Harry in reality, and from killing him in reality. Either way though, Harry didn't want to end up dead, hundreds of years before his birth, and decided to speak up before they mangled him.

Harry: "Um... Hello. I'm Harry Kim."

Eh, it was a start, he supposed. The words had an effect, though. At the mere utterance of his phrase, the entire mob became silent. Several pitchforks changed position to be directly pointing at Harry. Whatever he did, it sparked their attention.

Harry: "Yeah. Well, from what I know, you're accusing me of being a witch."
Man 1: "Wizard."
Harry: "Uh... right, wizard."
Man 2: "Actually, I think the politically correct term is Warlock."
Man 1: "Warlock? We're not at war."
Man 2: "It doesn't matter if we're at war you fool. It's just the correct title to give him."
Man 1: "Oh yeah. And what gives you the authority to title this witch?"
Man 2: "Warlock."
Man 1: "Right... title this warlock?"
Man 2: "I went to Harvord."
Women 1: "He went to Harvord!"
Women 2: "Yes, he went to Harvord!"
Harry: "You went to Harvord?"
Man 1: "What's a Harvord?"
Man 2: "Harvord is a university you bafoon."
Man 1: "Oh. What's a bafoon?"
Man 2: "Something that isn't good. Anyway, like I was saying, this person here is a warlock, not a wizard. He's called a Warlock, because he's the evolved form of Hemlock. It's all about Darwin's Theory of Evolution and such."
Women 3: "Wait, Darwin won't be around for another hundred years."

There was a moment of silence.

Man 2: "Well... I will overlook that fact, if you will."

There were murmurs of agreement around the room. Harry sighed, this was not going anywhere.

Harry: "What if I disagree?"
Man 2: "You disagree with Darwin?"
Harry: "Of course I disagree with Darwin, but more to the point, I disagree that I'm a wizard."
Man 2: "Warlock."
Harry: "Qhatever."
Man 1: "He speaks the ancient tongue of Qhat!"

Immediately the mob backs away. The pitchforks are still pointed towards Harry Kim, however, less stable then before due to fear. Harry sighs, but just before he's about to explain, the door bursts open again to reveal a well clad man in a purple robe. His posture indicates he's a man of wealth and learning. Slightly arrogant and slightly cautious, he steps forward into the barn. Immediately, the peansants drop down to their feet and bow.

Man 1: "Oh, Lord Figgy. What have we done to deserve your presence?"
Figgy: "Nothing, it's what you are about to do. Is this the witch?"
Man 2: "Warlock."
Figgy: "Fine, warlock."
Man 1: "Yes, my lord, this is the warlock. He fell out of a dark shadow and brought with him strange instruments of demons. He surely is the darkness!"
Figgy: "Well, I'll decide that peasant."

Slowly, Figgy walked forward, his cane softly pressing the hay. His face a melange of curiousity and fear, yet he hid it behind a stern exterior. Continuing to eye Harry while he spoke, he made sure all ropes were tightly secure.

Figgy: "So you're name is...?"
Harry: "I'm Harry Kim from Saffron City."
Figgy: "Where?"
Harry: "It's... in a place far from here."
Figgy: "Then you are a long way from home, even for a wizard."
Man 2: "Warlock."
Figgy: "Did I ask you to interrupt me!"

The peasant, terrified for his life, slunk back into the group.

03-06-2004, 04:27 AM
He continued to watch Harry.

"So, Harry Kim, if you're not a wizard, I need proof. Charles!" he called out to his servant. "Dictate the test for magic!"

A young servant stepped forward, his eyes shifted back and forth as if he were afraid the floor might jump out at him. Yet, when he spoke, he sounded with an air of authority as if it came from someone else.

"There are three ways to test if someone is a wizard!" he began. "One, is to sing...."The Song!" and see if he cracks."

Figgy looked over to the peasants, but they continued to remain silent.

"What are you waiting for!" he yelled. "Sing the song!"

The peasants stepped back, but, realizing their orders, began to sing.

I want to be the very best, which no one ever was...

Harry sighed.

Three hours later

... Pokemon!

The peasants had by now grown worn of the song, some had even passed out from the lack of air. Harry, lucky enough to not have to sing it, had fallen asleep, nowhere near insanity. Figgy, his face scrunched together in concentration, finally gave up on the first way.

"Charles!" he yelled, waking up Harry, "What is the second way to determine if he's a warlock!"

Charles quickly stood up and began to speak.

"The second way to find magic, is to say the magic words. If he doesn't dissapear, then he's a wizard."

For another moment there was silence.

Figgy turned to his servant and growled,"Well, speak the words!"

Charles slightly jumped, but quickly composed himself, used to this attitude. He began to speak. "Figgyiscoolandgreatbutmustremembertonotgoneargirls ."

The peasants slowly openned their mouths in shock, some of the women stepped away, but when Figgy glared at them, they immediately reformed the crowd.

Figgy, looking quite angry, yet controlled, spoke slowly through his teeth. "Charles, we need to talk after all this."

Charles merely nodded, nervously grinning.

03-20-2004, 05:54 PM
Harry, completely bored out of his mind now, couldn't take being silent for any longer.

"Well.... it looks like I past your two tests." he blatantly stated. "May I go now?"

Lord Figgy merely glared at Harry, still angry that they haven't proven Harry was a witch, warlock, whatever. He turned back to Charles, obviously wanting a third way. Charles looked over, realized the unspoken question, and quickly responded.

"Well... there is one f- f- final way." he stuttered. "The last test r- re- requires the "witch" to battle the Huge One. If he wins, then he's not a witch. It's the last test we know."

Lord Figgy sighed, half-relieved and half-intrigued. He glanced over quizitively at Harry, rubbing his half-grey beard in curiousity. He walked over to the tied up prisoner, and stared gracefully into his eyes. After seconds of silence, Lord Figgy began to speak.

"Prisoner..." he said. "We will release you if you defeat the Huge One. In our history, there has been no one able to defeat such a large and hungry creature. We've offered tribute so it wouldn't destroy our lands, eat what's left of our homes and villages. If you win, we'll be eternally greatful and will let you go. Are you ready to battle such a creature?"

Harry's mind raced. He knew that he needed to prove himself. His pokemon were with him and if he ever hoped to return back to the present, he would need to use every skill he learned.

"Okay" Harry merely replied. "I'm ready, seeing as I have no choice."

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Well... This is a bit strange, Kim... Very strange indeed... :confused:

A Pokémob Future (http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=893758&chapter=2)

That's a link to a story that I originally posted up on FanFiction.net on 8/4/2002... It also shows that the last time I updated it was on 8/12/2002...

It seems that the first two chapters of my story bear a striking resemblence to the beginning of yours... :sad:

I really hope that this is just a coincidence...

04-09-2004, 09:04 AM
']Well... This is a bit strange, Kim... Very strange indeed... :confused:

A Pokémob Future (http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=893758&chapter=2)

That's a link to a story that I originally posted up on FanFiction.net on 8/4/2002... It also shows that the last time I updated it was on 8/12/2002...

It seems that the first two chapters of my story bear a striking resemblence to the beginning of yours... :sad:

I really hope that this is just a coincidence...

Fair, I'm shocked. I thought we knew eachother better than that.

The truth is, I never read your story until you posted the link. Anything that resembles it is merely a coincidence. You know I wouldn't steal anything from you...

Anyway, I hope you're not insulted.

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OMG HARRY you wrote a LOT.. in my day we walked 5 miles in the rain... wait wrong story. I don't believe I've ever writen that much for a pokemon. lol Standards just keep getting higher I suppose.

04-14-2004, 11:46 PM
OMG HARRY you wrote a LOT.. in my day we walked 5 miles in the rain... wait wrong story. I don't believe I've ever writen that much for a pokemon. lol Standards just keep getting higher I suppose.

Heh, Flare. Lep has been raising the standards so now we need to write insanity to catch anything.

04-15-2004, 12:17 AM
Heh, Flare. Lep has been raising the standards so now we need to write insanity to catch anything.
I can "Fix" that problem if you want me to, Kim... I can make people "Disappear"... :wink:

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']I can "Fix" that problem if you want me to, Kim... I can make people "Disappear"... :wink:

Heh, nice Fair.

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Charles quietly walked over to Harry and untied the binding ropes that held him to the chair. Seconds later, Harry stood up, free for the most part except for the knots that locked his two hands together behind his back. On the bright side, he would soon be able to prove his worth to Lord Figgy and his subjects. Then, with a bit more luck, Professor Wood would soon, relative to time travel anyway though Harry couldn’t figure out how time worked, retrieve him back to his own time period.

Lord Figgy led the group out of the old, worn barn and out into the village green. A slight wind stirred the grass, pushing each blade slightly. Waves after waves of wind and grassed seemed to strange past where the eye could see. Behind him stood the village and to his right stood a large pine forest. To his left lay the remains of the items sucked into the time portal. Though a nice, wide open area for battling, Harry couldn’t see his opponent.

Turning to Lord Figgy, he indicated to the open, vast space with his head, his hands still tied, and said, “Lord Figgy, where is this creature I will be facing?”

06-29-2004, 05:59 AM
Lord Figgy merely smiled, though Harry could see a sort of pain behind it. Sweeping back his hands in a wild gesture, Harry could see that he was playing a dramatic role, more to impress the villagers than any sort of tradition. Harry mentally sighed, once again, and braced himself for what appeared to be another strange and ancient ritual. Apparently, history was full of these wild notions.

Continuing to hold his hands up, ignoring Harry’s obvious signs of boredom, Figgy began to speak.

“Long ago, our village tilled this peaceful land. We were a peaceful people, caring for our families, crops, and pokemon. Yet one day, all of that changed. A new, dark force entered our lands. This gigantic minion of evil caused grounds to shake. Its gaping maw devoured our entire countryside, leaving us ruined. Starvation struck and many of our villagers died due to this horrible hunger. We lost everything we had.’

Lord Figgy continued hints of tears beginning to form in his eyes. Even the villagers were moved. Several of them already were weeping from the memory.

“Yet, this gigantic creature of pain and suffering never left us. Every year, it returned, ready to consume everything we have worked hard on. The village grew poor. Everyone depends on scavenging and hunting to survive. What once was a prosperous countryside, now lies in ruin thanks to that monster!”

With that ending, Lord Figgy finally broke down into tears. The villagers, less composed then their leader, were already crying, several shuddering in despair. Even Harry, although annoyed at being bound, felt the pain the villagers were feeling. Emotions of sadness were universal in any time period. Suffering was understood by all. Lord Figgy, although a poor leader, knew how to make others understand. His words touched Harry’s heart, pulling it into the realm of understanding and compassion. Harry knew that whatever the case, he would try to help these villagers.

Finally, after a long moment of pause, Harry looked directly into Figgy’s eyes.

“I’ll do it. I’ll defeat this monster.”

02-19-2006, 06:23 AM
“Great!” Lord Figgy yelled in triumph, his tears suddenly disappearing from his face. His face lit up in a smile. “Based on our calculations, the monster will show up…oh say around now. Good luck, have fun!”

One of Figgy’s attendants quickly untied the rope that bound Harry’s hands together. Yet before he could say “thank you”, he, along with Figgy and the villagers, dashed off back to the safety of their homes, leaving Harry alone in the empty field.

“This is comforting.” Harry sarcastically replied to no one in particular.

Suddenly, a loud thumping noise interrupted Harry’s thoughts. At first, the noise seemed distant and soft, but slowly, the volume increased until Harry could feel the rumbling of the monster’s footsteps. The creature was approaching.

For the first time since he arrive here, Harry felt actual fear. No longer safely protected within his hometown, he now faced a new era, and possibly, new monsters. Yes, he still had his pokemon, but that didn’t help the clenching feeling in his heart

Yet, Harry felt determined to stay and fight. He knew he owed Lord Figgy and the villagers nothing, especially after they bound and gagged him. Even so, as a human being, he had an obligation to defend the lives of others, even if that meant sacrificing effort, time, and one’s own life.

By now, Harry could determine where the beast was originating from, though it was hard to miss with the loud thumps and shaking vibrations. Whatever the thing was, it was massive. Several hundreds of pounds, Harry guessed, if not in the thousands.

Harry guessed right. A form began to appear as it climbed the hill towards Harry position. Two grey-blackish ears appeared first over a white-tanish head. The eyes of the creature seemed to be closed as if asleep, though they must have been open since the creature was walking normally. Eventually, the rest of the monster appears, white belly surrounded by more grey-black fur. The entire creature seemed to be a gigantic doll.

Snorlax… So the great monster that has terrorized this village is non other than this pokemon. Well, it may not be a monster, but I still have my work cut out for me. Time to keep a promise.

Immediately, Harry’s hand reached down for a pokeball. In all his years of training, he had memorized the order of his pokeballs and without looking, threw the red and white sphere on to the field before him.

02-19-2006, 06:24 AM
“Go Tyranitar!” Harry yelled, drawing the attention of Snorlax. As the white energy formed into Harry’s pokemon, Snorlax turned to face it, trying to decide whether to fight or continue on towards the village and, eventually, the fields behind it.

Of course, Harry quickly decided for it.

“Tyranitar, charge at Snorlax and use Crunch!”

Tyranitar grunted in acknowledgment and rushed towards Snorlax, causing even more minor earthquakes. Snorlax, already ready for Tyranitar, quickly braced itself for the attack and shot both arms forward just as Tyranitar crashed into it. Immediately the two hands of both pokemon locked in a struggle, Snorlax holding Tyranitar back, preventing him from completing the Crunch.

For several second, both pokemon attempted to gain the upper hand, twisting and turning their hands. Harry, quickly analyzed the situation.

“Tyranitar, use Earthquake!” he yelled above the shouts of both pokemon.

Tyranitar immediately lifted his right foot when he heard Harry and sent it crashing down. It would have worked too, had Snorlax not seen the attack coming. At the last second when Tyranitar shifted his weight from the left to the right foot, Snorlax shifted his arms to follow, causing Tyranitar to lose balance and tumble to the ground.

Snorlax, which had released Tyranitar’s hands to avoid being dragged down, now stood over the surprised pokemon. Immediately, Snorlax followed through with a powerful Body Slam, practically falling upon the helpless Tyranitar. A roar of pain shot from Tyranitar’s mouth as Snorlax’s Body Slam, amplified by the pokemon’s weight, crushed Tyranitar’s body. Even more challenging, Snorlax had now successfully pinned Tyranitar to the ground.

With Tyranitar helplessly flailing upon the meadow grass, Harry knew that he was in a bit of a situation. Snorlax, although a wild pokemon, had enough experience to easily shift the battle in its favor. Harry underestimated it, using attacks without much thought or strategy. Now he knew that needed to change.

“Return Tyranitar!” Harry yelled as he pulled out the pokeball and recalled his large pokemon. Immediately, Tyranitar reformed into energy. With nothing to hold it up, Snorlax fell to the ground, but immediately recovered. Harry, by the time Snorlax stood up, had already chosen his next pokemon.

02-19-2006, 06:24 AM
“Steelix, I choose you!” Harry threw the pokeball, sending it flying to land directly in front of Snorlax. Even before the sphere touched the ground, Steelix began emerging. Snorlax can only stare as the towering pokemon formed. Steelix merely smiled roughly, all the while glaring at Snorlax.

Harry started the second round, shouting, “Steelix, use Screech!”

Steelix responded with a loud roar that shook with ferocious intensity. Unlike the attack, Roar, Screech focused more on power rather than fear. This was needed, of course. The strong vibrations would temporarily reduce Snorlax’s hearing ability, and ultimately, its defense capability. By eliminating one of the five senses, Harry already was set upon the path of victory.

Unlike Snorlax, Harry knew about the attack and managed to cover his ears before Steelix unleashed his voice. Protected from the initial blast, Harry was uneffected by the attack, managing to keep his wits about him.

Seconds later, Steelix’s voice died down, allowing Harry to strike another blow before Snorlax recovered from the first attack.

“Iron Tail!” Harry commanded. Steelix immediately whipped his entire body around, building up the power within his metal frame.

Steelix’s body, quicker than one would expect for a long rod of metal, spun around, swinging his tail directly at Snorlax. Still stunned, and a bit deaf, Snorlax reacted too slowly. The tail crashed directly into Snorlax’s thick head, creating a loud smack that reverberated across the plains. Snorlax, stumbled back, but luckily managed to remain standing.

“Let’s keep up our streak, Steelix! Dig underground!” Harry shouted. Although Steelix would be vulnerable to Snorlax if it used Earthquake, Harry hoped Steelix would be able to strike before Snorlax even realized what was going on. If his lucky streak just held on a bit longer…

Tough luck. Steelix dove into the ground, it’s steel plates rotating like a drill, but it wasn’t fast enough. Snorlax, although stunned, managed to catch a glimpse of Steelix as it disappeared down the hole. Smart enough to recognize the attack, Snorlax did what any intelligent trainer would do: Earthquake.

That pretty much was it for Steelix. Steelix, though sturdy and strong, could not withstand the shockwaves that pulsated from underneath Snorlax’s body. Being underground did not help for that simply multiplied the damage from Earthquake. Harry gambled and he lost. Steelix barely pushed out from the ground before fainting right in front of Harry.

“Good try, Steelix,” Harry sighed as he recalled his pokemon. Apparently this Snorlax was not so easy to defeat. It defeated the villagers and gained experience from those battles. How in the world would he defeat Snorlax?