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Jack of Clovers
11-15-2005, 05:44 AM
by: Lan

This is the official URPG quiz about anything URPG in general. This will test your knowledge and see how much you know. At the same time, you are rewarded for any answers you get correct. And if you get all 25 correct, your name is placed in the second post and you get an extra $1000 bonus. Take your time and good luck!

*This is a quiz for you. DO NOT ask for help from anyone, and anyone that is asked DO NOT help them. If I find that you got help and/or cheated, you will lose the amount of money from your stats that you would have won. If you don’t have enough money, it will be something else then. You may also never take any other quizes again. It's not worth cheating!

25 Questions @ $200 a piece. That’s a chance for $5000 + $1000 for getting them all correct-- $6,000 total.

Submit all answers to Marth via PM with the title "Quiz 001 Answers". He will reply back with your reward.

Short Answer

1. In the original URPG, what did the U stand for?

2. What year and date did the URPG start?

3. An official Grader does what for your story?

4. When you first start, what type of moves does your Pokemon NOT know? And which type of moves can your Pokemon NEVER learn?

5. When are you allowed to trade your Starter Pokemon?

6. How many Legendary Pokemon are currently taken, which ones, and by whom?

7. What type of topics are only allowed to be posted in the Trainer Court Section?

8. How do you evolve Pokemon that use happiness?

9. Who is in charge of the Johto League Gyms?

10. Who holds the best Winning Streak?

11. Name all the current URPG Moderators. (You must have them all to get this correct.)

12. Give the official link to the URPG backup forum.

13. Who created the URPG?

True or False

14. It is possible to own a Gym and be an Elite at the same time.

15. In Gym battles, the Gym Leader sends his/her Pokemon out first.

16. Vulpix needs 5 battles and a Fire Stone in order to evolve to Ninetales.

17. You have to purchase Pokeballs at the Pokemart in order to catch Pokemon by writing a story.

18. “If you choose to copy/steal the URPG for you own, you will be warned and told to take it down. If you continue you will be told to leave the URPG. No group copied from the URPG has ever survived.”

Multiple Choice

19. You can make money from all of the following, EXCEPT:
a. Regular Battles
b. Writing a Regular Story
c. Entering a Contest
d. Entering the Story Competition
e. Entering a Tournament

20. Which of the following is not a Battle Style to officially battle under?
a. r/b
b. g/s
c. fr/lg
d. Anime
e. Stadium

21. Which of the following battle payments is correct for winning a Gym 3vs3?
a. $500
b. $1000
c. $1500
d. $2000
e. $2500

22. Which of the following people was not a Leader of the URPG?
a. Dire
b. Nintendofreak
c. Figgy
d. Flareon
e. White Rider

23. How many Forum Battles are you allowed to have if you don’t have a messenger?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
e. as many

24. Which Pokemon can you choose as your Starter Pokemon?
a. Dratini
b. Scyther
c. Feebas
d. Munchlax
e. Mr. Mime

25. What is the one thing I (Jack) want everyone to achieve from the URPG?
a. Have fun.
b. Make friends.
c. Take the challenge.
d. Improve your writing.
e. All of the above.

Jack of Clovers
11-15-2005, 05:45 AM
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Group Results
A- (25-23) 2
B- (22-20) 9
C- (19-18) 2
D- (17-15) 4
F- (16-0) 5

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