View Full Version : Blaziken Lover...

Tamer San
11-19-2005, 02:51 PM
Blaziken Lover was a very good member, one of the members and URPGers i liked to actually URPG with. But the last couple of days he was acting really strange but it was beyond my tolerance. he did his Referee test and passed it, next day I learned from Mike (Loyal Arcanine) that he actually CHEATED in the test and can't actually roll the dices because he doesn't know how to. I faced him and asked him why did he cheat, and I also told him that he was a good URPGer why did he do something that he might get banned over and he simply threatend me and started making fun of me. I also knew that he did the same to Mike (LA) before me and he ASKED to be banned. I wondered why he changed, and I then asked him about it, he told me being banned gives you more respect in the eyes of the vets than leaving the URPG peacefully. I laughed actually and he got what he wanted, congratz BL, you are now officialy banned from URPG :)