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*The Master*
11-23-2005, 12:28 AM
Dragon Ball Agency

We are simple fan's of Dragn Ball , Here you can discuss about everything to do with Dragon Ball
Diacuss it all here, We will have plenty of actvities like quizes, Contests and more, so please join all DB fans!

join now ad request a banner like this for example

just fill out this form:

and join by filling out this form
desired rank:
Why are you joining?:
Whatwill you do to help?:

Current Members

*The Master*
rank: Legendary Sayian

Grass King
11-28-2005, 04:26 PM
Name: Grass King
Colours: Blue, Green

name: Grass King
desired rank: Super Sayian
Why are you joining?: I love DBZ + DB GT
Whatwill you do to help?: Advertise the Agency

Th3 L3g3nd4ry Sayain
11-28-2005, 06:14 PM
Name: The Legendary Saiyan

Colours: Red, black

name: The Legendary Saiyan

desired rank: Super Sayian4

Why are you joining?: Becouse I like db/dbz/dbgt n I wonna talk with some ppl about it

Whatwill you do to help?: I will talk 2 ppl, who do not respekt other member and flaming others... Im olways like a forum guardian :crackup: