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CHAPTER ONE: A New Beginning :happy:

Sunlight streamed through the window of 14-year old Brian's room as he slowly turned over in his sleep. It was a quiet, sleepy morning in Littleroot Town, and the world was just waking up. Taillow swooped around the bright sky in hopes of finding juicy Wurmple to eat. Across the street from Brian's house, Mrs. Bushel was busily working in her garden, attending to her Roselia and Bellossom. As the sun slowly climbed higher and higher, the peaceful morning was interupted by an explosion...

KABOOM! The Electrode alarm clock on Brian's dresser worked perfectly. Panicked, Brian leaped out of bed and reached wildly for the snooze button. Finding it, he slammed his hand down on it and threw the alarm-clock out of the window. Geez, he thought. I know I had to wake up early, but that alarm is ridiculous. He yawned and stretched as he reached for his clothes.

After a quick shower, he was ready. "Okay," said to himself aloud. "I need my pack... there it is. Umm... Extra clothes, check... toothbrush, check... Pokenav, check..." As he went down the list, his mother quietly knocked on the door. "Honey," she whispered, "can I come in?" She let herself in and stood by Brian's door as he finished packing. "My little boy... all grown up and heading out on his first journey. It never is easy to let go, but when it's time... it's time..." she said, choked with tears.

"Mom..." Brian shifted uncomfortably. Hedidn't like seeing his mother like this, especially after her recent divorce with his father. She hugged him and shoved a pack into his hands.

"These are the essentials that every Trainer needs before going out into the world," she explained. "Extra food, an emergency kit, a Pokemon Center Kit, and a Guidebook." She sighed. "Now- go on and make me proud." She walked him to the door and watched him as he crossed the street. He turned to her and waved. With tears in her eyes, she waved back and slowly shut the door.

Brian took a deep breath. Then he looked up towards the huge lab that belonged to Professor Birch and headed towards it. Just as he got down the street, however, something made him stop. "BRIAN! WAIT!" Turning around, Brian saw Mrs. Bushel waddle up the street towards him. A Beautifly hovered in the air above her. Wheezing, she paused at Brian and waited for her breath to catch up to her. "Mrs. Bushel," Brian started, "You know you shouldn't run like that. The doctor said-"

"I know what the doctor said," she cut in. "Don't run, don't hurry, don't eat too much, don't breathe in Stun Spore, don't, don't, don't. That's all a doctor's good for, is telling you what you don't need to be doing." Brian laughed at his old friend's rant. Mrs. Bushel took Brian's hand warmly and smiled. "Now I know you weren't going to leave without saying goodbye to me, were you?" "No, I wouldn't have forgotten that, or I would never hear the end of it." They both laughed as Beautifly flitted near some potted flowers.

"Well, I guess you'd better go now, or you'll be late." Mrs. Bushel said. "But, take this-" She handed Brian a Pokemon Egg. "What's in it?" Brian asked as he gingerly took it. "It's a secret," Mrs Bushel said, putting a finger to her lips. "My husband brought that egg home from one of his his trips from Kanto. I've had it in my incubator, but no luck. It needs to be with a strong Trainer to hatch. You are the perfect candidate."

Brian looked into Mrs. Bushel's wrinkled but happy face. "I- I can't take this," he stammered. "Of course you can," she said. "You and I have had some special times, and that egg is my thanks. That garden of mine wouldn't be anything without you, and you're going to make a perfect Grass-type Gym Leader." Brian looked at the egg for a moment, and hugged his dear old friend. "Thank you," he whispered. "Don't mention it," she said. They let go of each other as Brian carefully put the egg into his pack. "I'll take good care of it," he said. "I know you will," replied Mrs. Bushel with a smile. Then, she waved to Brian as he made his way down the hill and out of sight.

Turning back towards his home, Brian saw Beautifly flit higher and higher into the sky. Then, it turned yellow and flashed brightly with a goodbye display of Morning Sun. Brian smiled and waved as he turned his back towards the warmth of his home.

<<<<< TO BE CONTINUED >>>>>

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CHAPTER TWO: It's A Start! :biggrin:

Brian looked at the polished wooden door:


"Hmmm... I guess this is the place," Brian thought to himself as he put a hand to the shiny handle. As he opened the door, Brian thought he heard voices inside. He listened again. It was a girl screaming! Brian threw the door open and sprinted down a narrow hallway lined with doors. As he neared the end of the hallway, he saw a door with a pane of glass for a window. He could see the shadows of a girl backing away from a large man.

Brian tried the handle. It twisted easily as he burst into the room. Glancing around, Brian saw a girl backed into a corner, still screaming her head off. There was a small, green Pokemon at her feet. The man was trying to calm the girl down. "You see, May? It won't hurt you. Treecko is one of the most gentle Pokemon that I have..." he said calmly. "I- DON'T- CARE!" the girl yelped. "IT"S A CREEPY DISGUSTING LIZARD!"

The man sighed and returned the Treecko to its Pokeball. As he turned back towards a table with two Pokeballs on it, he spied Brian and grinned broadly. "Brian!" he called. "Nice to see you!" "Hey, Professor," Brian said, walking into the room. "May, this is Brian, the boy I was telling you about."

"So, you're the one who wants to be a gym leader," she said. "Yup, that's me!" grinned Brian proudly. "Well, I'm going to train lots of Pokemon to become the greatest Champion this world has known! Hahaha!" May laughed. "You won't get very far if you're afraid of Pokemon," Brian teased.

"Now, you two. Don't get too ahead of yourselves. There will be plenty of arguing after you pick your Pokemon." Prof. Birch said. "May, you still have to pick your Pokemon, so hurry!" "Okay, okay," May grumbled. She walked over to the table a picked up a Pokeball. "Hmmm... this one feels like a winner." She threw it. With a flash of light, a small, orange Pokemon appeared.

'Torchic' it chirped. It hopped over to May and looked up at her with large, brown eyes. "Awww..." May gushed, stooping over to pick it up. It's so cute!" Torchic looked at May. 'Tor!' it growled, and pecked her on the forehead. "Ouch!" yelped May. She threw Torchic down and it snorted a puff of smoke at her. "Professor Birch, do you have any Pokemon that aren't creepy and don't peck?" May asked, rubbing her head.

The Prof. returned Torchic and grabbed the other Pokeball off of the table. "Well," he said. "this is the last one, so if you don't like it..." He held the Pokeball and said "Go! Pokemon!" FLASH! The light materialized into a blue Pokemon with orange fins on its cheeks. 'Mud? Kip?' It looked around and sniffed Brian. It shook its head and sneezed. Then it waddled over to May and sat down in front of her feet and went to sleep. "Awww... I choose this one, the Mudkip." May decided.

"All right,then, May." said Prof. Birch. "Now, Brian, which Poke-"

"The Treecko," Brian cut in. "I want the Treecko." Prof, Birch looked surprised. "Er, Okay Brian. Treecko it is. Great! You two need your Pokedexes and some Pokeballs." He turned to the table and opened a drawer. He took out a red device and a handful of small collapsed Pokeballs and handed them to the two young Trainers.

"Now, when you see a Pokemon, hold the Pokedex out like this..." He pressed a button and the cover flipped open, revealing a small screen with many buttons on it. "and Pokedex will scan the Pokemon and record it's data. If you catch more than seven Pokemon at a time, Put the collapsed Pokeball with the recently caught Pokemon here..." He showed them a small hole near the screen. "and it will be sent here. Any questions?"

May raised her hand. "Uh, Prof.? When is the Pokemon League Championship going to be held?" "Well, May, go to Oldale Town. The Nurse Joy there will eplain everything. Now, off you go. Into the world of Pokemon!"

"Bye Professor!" May and Brian waved to Prof. Birch as he shut his laboratory door. "Well, now that we got that out of the way, we can get on with our journey!" May said cheerily, keeping up with Brian and his new Treecko, who bounded ahead with Mudkip.

"What?" Brian blinked. "Our journey," May said. "We are going together, aren't we?" "Well..." Brian stalled. He remembered promising his mother that he would find someone to partner with when he started his Pokemon Journey.

"Well what?" May asked. "Are we buddies or aren't we?" Brian looked at her for a minute. He felt in his heart that this would work out, and Mrs. Bushel always said: "If your heart says to do it, then you do it. No buts about it. He smiled as he felt the egg in his pack glow, as if pushing him to say it.

"Okay, we're friends," he said, putting out his hand. "Great," said May, shaking it.

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Wow, your doing a pretty great job here Venusaur! I onlyl counted 1-2 spelling/grammer mistakes. The description was great and really made me feel the understanding of Brian's thoughts. This story has real potential, keep up the great work and please update soon.. this story has really caught my attention believe it or not. Keep it up!

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This story looks very promising Venasaur, it will be interesting to see a trainer who wants to be a Gym Leader. Your spelling and grammar were almost perfect. Keep up the good work, I'd love to read more!

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Awww... You guys... thanks. Anyway, here's more! :happy:
================================================== ========

CHAPTER THREE: The Crybaby and the Attack of the Mysterious Lillypad!

It's been two days since Brian and his new friend May set out on their Pokemon Journey. They were having a great time, laughing and talking as they walked through a meadow on their way to Oldale Town. The sun was bright and the air was fresh. But, there was one problem... "Where are all the Pokemon?" May whined. "The way everyone talks, the roads are covered with Pokemon!"

Brian shook his head. "You have to be patient, May," he explained, "and actually look. You've just been walking around without looking. If you look with your instinct instead of your eyes, you might find something."

"Okay..." May rolled her eyes. "Let's just say that I believed you. Then I would look over here..." She looked behind a rock. "or over here..." she parted a clump of grass and let out a shriek. She stood up and pointed at the clump. "The-the-there's a Pokemon over there!"
"It is? Where?" Brian looked to where she pointed. A small pink Pokemon cowered in fear at the sight of the two Trainers. It whimpered pitifully and stared at May with beady black eyes. "What is it?" May said while taking out her Pokedex.

<Whismur. The Whisper Pokemon. This timid Pokemon's voice is very quiet. However, when it is hungry or frightened, its voice can become earshattering.> The Pokedex informed with a polite tone. "Oh, how cute!" Squealed May. "I'm gonna catch it! Go! Mudkip!" She threw the Pokeball with Mudkip in it near Whismur. ' Whisma?' It squeaked. The Pokeball burst open with a flash of light, startling Whismur and making it squeal.

Mudkip stood near May, ready for the command that she would give it. "Mudkip! Use Tackle!" 'Mud...Kip!' Mudkip took a flying leap and slammed into Whismur, knocking it down. Whismur's eyes teared up and it opened it's mouth. 'WHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!' it screeched. Brian and May yelled in pain and held on to their ears.

"What's that?" Brian yelled over the noise. "It's Whismur! I don't know what its doing! Mudkip! Use Mud Slap!" Mudkip sprayed water on the ground, throwing up mud on Whismur. Whismur stopped crying and held its breath. Then it glowed blue and released its breath in a powerful blast, knocking Mudkip away. "What the-" May started. Whismur stayed blue and emmited more blasts, causing an uproar.
"That's an Uproar, I think. It's a powerful attack." Brian informed her. Mudkip tried to get close to attack it, but it was thrown back again and again. Suddenly, Whismur stopped glowing and calmed down. Then it yawned and collapsed, fast asleep.

" Ummm.... that was interesting, May said slowly, releasing her ears and grabbing a Pokeball from her belt. "Whismur is mine!" She threw the Pokeball at Whismur and crossed her fingers. The ball hit Whismur and digitized it into a mass of red energy, which was sucked into the Pokeball. It snapped shut and wriggled once... twice... then stopped. May went over and picked up her Pokball.

"Yay! I caught a Whismur!" she crowed triumphantly. Brian shook his head. "I don't want to say I told you so, but..." he chuckled. "Oh, you're just jealous because I caught a Pokemon and you didn't!" May shot back. They went back and forth for about an hour when a thunderous boom silenced their argument.

They looked up towards the sky, and ran for cover when they spotted the dark rainclouds above them. Finding a hollow cave near a pool of water, they rushed in as the swollen clouds released torrents of water from the sky. As they watched the rain fall in sheets, Brian released his pokemon. 'Treecko!' It cried happily. "Hey, that's a good idea!" said May. "Come on out!" 'Kip!' 'Whisma?' "Are you hungry?" she asked. Mudkip and Whismur looked at each other and nodded excitedly. They scrambled over May as she reached into her pack and pulled out a jar of Pokemon Feed.

May spent the next few minutes feeding her Pokemon as Brian looked up Pokemon in the Pokedex. "Hmm... I wonder..." He thought aloud. "What?" May asked, accidentally drooping some food on top of Mudkip. Whismur happily ate it. "The Pokedex says here that Lotad come out when it rains, so that means..." Brian brushed himself off and stood up. "Where are you going?" May asked. "To find a Pokemon," Brian answered. "C'mon, Treecko." Treecko tagged along behind its trainer as they left the dry safety of the cave.

May sat there, confused. Returning her Whismur, she took an umbrella from her bag and ran after Brian. "Wait up!" she called. She spotted him near a small lake not far from the cave. He was looking at the water, as if waiting for something. May opened the umbrella and held it over Brian. "Look, if this is about me getting a Pokemon before you, then..." she was interrupted when Mudkip dove into the lake. "Oh, Mudkip! Get back here!" Mudkip jumped playfully, splashing May. "I'm serious," she warned. "if you don't get back here..." Mudkip saw a bunch of lilly pads and swam over to them. Sniffing one, it dove and came up with a root. After it gulped down the tasty treat,Mudkip spied a lilly pad that was larger than the rest.

"Mudkip!" May scolded. Eyes sparkling, it raced over to the lillypad and took a bite. Suddenly,the lillypad moved! Mudkip jumped and quickly swam towards May. "C'mon, Mudkip! Swim faster!" May coaxed. Brian remained quiet, waiting for something to happen. The lillypad came at Mudkip faster and faster, until it was almost even with it. Brian heard a burbling noise over the loud splashing of the water.

"Treecko! Jump in there with a Pound Attack!" Brian said. 'Tree...Ko!' Treecko cried as it did a somersault into the water behind Mudkip, striking the lillypad before flying on a nearby rock. The lillypad sank slowly, but soon resurfaced again. "What kind of lillypad is that?" yelled May as she ran to pick up Mudkip, scared for its life.

"That's not a lillypad," exclaimed Brian. "it's a Pokemon!" As soon as Brian said the word 'Pokemon', a jet of water erupted from the water near the lillypad and was aimed at Treecko, who jumped out of the way just in time. Treecko did another somersault into the water, this time smacking the lillypad out of the water onto the shore. With a gasp, May and Brian realized what the lillypad actually was...

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Chapter Four: It's an Emergency!!!

"That's a Lotad!" Brian gasped in awe. "A what?" May asked. Brian pulled out his Pokedex and pointed it at Lotad. <Lotad. The Water Weed Pokemon. This Pokemon lives by floating atop water and collects water and sunlight in the leaf on its head. If the leaf on its head dies, this Pokemon grows weak.> "So, is it a Water or a Grass Pokemon?" May said, looking confused.

"It's both," Brian answered. "It can use water attacks like Water Gun and grass attacks like Mega Drain! The perfect Pokemon for an up-and-coming Grass Gym Leader like me," he continued.
"Up- and -coming?" May said skeptically, shifting her umbrella to her other hand and holding Mudkip. "Just let me show you what I can do," Brian shot back. "Treecko! Use Pound!" Treecko rushed at Lotad and swatted it with its tail. Lotad went flying into a tree, making some leaves shake off onto the ground. Lotad shook its head and fired a jet of water at Treecko.

"Treecko! Look out for it's Water Gun!" cried Brian. 'Treecko!!' Treecko yelped as it was blasted down by icy cold water.
"That's a powerful Water Gun!" exclaimed May. 'Mud!' Mudkip agreed. "That's because of the rain," Brian said, gritting his teeth. "It powers up water attacks. Treecko! Another Pound!" 'Treeeeee...Ko!' Treecko did a flying leap and came down on top of Lotad. 'Lotad!' it squeaked before rolling over and closing its eyes.

"All right!" cheered May, jumping up and almost slipping in the rain."
"It's not over," Brian commented. "Look:" Lotad grunted and flashed blue several times. Then it sat up and growled at Treecko. Brian balled his hands into a fist and narrowed his eyes at Lotad. "That's it's ability, Rain Dish. It restores it's health while it's raining, making it very hard to beat."

Lotad reared on its hind legs and charged at Treecko, who side-stepped and slapped Lotad with its tail. Lotad jumped up and slapped the ground. "Oooh, you're mad, aren't you?" taunted Brain. 'Lotad! It growled.

"Treecko! Hit it with an Absorb attack!" Treecko and Lotad jumped forward and rushed at each other. As they connected, a red glow of energy enveloped both of them. 'Treecko!' Treecko gritted its teeth and tried to topple Lotad. 'Lotad!' Lotad gritted its teeth and strained against Treecko. "What's happening?" May gasped.

"They're both using Absorb! Their draining the same energy from each other!" Brian said helplessly. Lighting bolts streaked across the sky and thunder boomed as the two Pokemon stood fast and held their ground. After a few minutes, Lotad stumbled and collapsed. Treecko stood there for a second, triumphant, until it too crumpled to the ground and fainted.

"Treecko!" Brian rushed to his Treecko and picked it up, trying to revive it. "Brian," May said, running over to him and shaking his arm. "Lotad! Quick- before it's Rain Dish kicks in..."

"Not yet, I have to help Treecko!" Brian yelled. "Oldale Town isn't far from here, let's go!" They sprinted to the cave and gathered their packs, with May stopping to pick up Lotad. They ran as fast as they could, while the rain pounded the ground.

Suddenly, Brian tripped and went flying face- down into the ground. Treecko shuddered in his arms. "Hang on, Treecko! We're almost there..." he reassured. May stopped to see if he was okay, but he just nodded and they kept going.

Finally, out of breath, they saw the glow of the city lights ahead. As they ran, May noticed something strange about one of the trees. It was smaller than all the rest, and it shifted slightly as they approached, as if waiting for them. Before they went past it, the tree reached up and pulled on its branches, revealing a small boy wearing dark robes. Brian and May skidded to a halt, obviously shocked. "Hah! Puny Trainer! I am Ken! A ninja in training! Feel the fury of my attack! I challenge you to a Pokemon Battle!" He bowed gracefully and brandished a Pokeball.

"Not now," Brian breathed. "My Treecko is in trouble, it was in a fight with a Lotad, and they knocked each other out! I need to get to the Pokemon Center right away!"

"Ah!" Ken said, pointing his finger in the air. "I know a shortcut! Just follow me!" Brian and May looked at each other. Brian whispered "I don't know, he seems a bit... full of it."

"Yeah, but if he knows the way to the Pokemon Center, it'll be better than walking around in circles!" May whispered back. Treecko and Lotad groaned in pain. Brian sighed. "Okay, we'll follow you." "Great!" Ken said. He led them through a thick forest of trees where the rain hadn't touched the ground, making the ground spongy and dry. "This way... left... now right...another right..." Ken repeated to himself as they moved deeper and deeper into the forest.

Finally, after minutes of wandering through the forest, they came upon the back of a building. There was a dumpster and a few old boxes soaked with water. "This is the back of the Pokemon Center," Ken informed them. "The city mappers had built the Center at the other side of town for some reason, and that makes it harder for trainers with injured Pokemon." Brian nodded and the ran around to the other side of the building.

Nurse Joy was standing near the door, preparing to close up for the night. May rapped on the door to get Nurse Joy's attention. "Nurse Joy!" she called. "Open up! It's an emergency!" Nurse Joy whirled around and gasped. Then she ran to the door and pressed a button. The doors slid open, allowing the young trainers inside.

Nurse Joy looked at Brian and asked what was the matter. Brian told his story about the big battle with Lotad, and how his Pokemon's energy was severely drained. Nurse Joy checked Treecko and Lotad. "Hmm..." she said.
"Looks like Post-Energy Deprivation Shock. That's when a Pokemon's health is drained by another Pokemon's moves, such as Leech Seed, Giga Drain, or Absorb. If the Pokemon is exposed to the drain long enough, it's body can't regain the health it lost. It's a very serious condition, and you're very lucky that Treecko and Lotad are Grass types, or it would be much worse." She turned to a Chansey that showed up while she was speaking. "Chansey, Severe Energy Drain. Get these Pokemon in Intensive Care!"

Chansey nodded and pulled up a stretcher, and wheeled the two Pokemon out on it. Brian went to the waiting room as Ken and May left their Pokemon with Nurse Joy. Brian leaned back and closed his eyes.

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Chapter Five: For the Love of Lotad!

"Nice job, Sceptile!" Brian looked at his Pokemon with admiration. "You've grown stronger!" 'Sceptile!' It crowed. A trainer who looked about twenty years old suddenly appeared behind him. "Hey, kid. Wanna have a two-on-two Pokemon battle?" he challenged, pulling out two Pokeballs.

"Sure," Brian said. "All right then, GO!" the trainer yelled. Flash!Flash! With a few snaps and a burst of light, the trainer's Pokemon were revealed. A Blaziken and a Linoone! Brian released his Ludicolo. Sceptile stepped forward and the match began.

"Blaziken! Flamethrower" cried the trainer. 'Blaze!' it screeched as it blew flames from it's mouth. "Sceptile! Dodge and use Dragonbreath! Ludicolo, use Hydro Pump!" Brian directed. Sceptile blew greenish flames at Linoone, who was paralyzed and knocked out. Ludicolo took a deep breath and fired a twisting jet of water, blowing away Blaziken. "AHHH! MY POKEMON!" the trainer wailed. "Sorry, but no badge. Better luck next time!" said Brain returning his Pokemon and walking away.

"Brian! Snap out of it!"

"Wha-?" Brian jumped up, startled. He looked around and saw Ken and May standing in front of him. "Are you okay?" asked May. "Oh, I'm fine," muttered Brian. "You should get some rest," Ken said, looking at the clock. "Okay," moped Brian.

The sun was warm on Brian's face as he turned over in his sleep. "Solarbeam attack," he muttered in his dream. Something prodded him in his side. He grunted loudly and turned over. He was prodded again. He groaned and stuffed his face into his pillow.

Suddenly, he was doused with cold water. Sputtering, he leaped out of bed. Seeing a flash of green, he noticed that Treecko was on the bed. "Treecko!" he called happily, running back to the bed. 'Lotad?' he heard. He looked over. It was Lotad! It grinned and jumped on the bed. "Lo- Lotad!" Brian said, not believing what he saw. 'Lotad!' It said excitedly. "Are you- saying that you want to be my Pokemon?" asked Brian. Lotad jumped up and sprayed him with more water, and Brian laughed.

Later that day, Brian and May were thanking Nurse Joy when Ken came up behind them. "Ahem!" he coughed. "Oh! Our battle!" Brian remembered. "A battle? I'll referee!" sang Nurse Joy.

Brian and Ken stood near each other in front of the Pokemon Center, each holding a Pokeball in his hand. The wind rustled the leaves in the trees as they threw their Pokeballs. "Go! Lotad!" "Go! Nincada!" FLASH! FLASH!

"Nincada?" Brian said, holding up his Pokedex. <Nincada. The Trainee Pokemon. Nincada is a Pokemon that possesses great potential, even though it hasn't reached full strength. It lives by sucking on tree roots as it awaits evolution.> "Nincada! Use Leech Life!" Ken said.

"Not so fast!" Brian shot back. "Lotad, use Water Gun!" 'Lotad... Lolololo!' burbled Lotad as it sprayed water from its mouth. Nincada dodged it by going underground. "Where did it go?" asked Brian. "Ninja secrets... Nincada! Now!" Nincada burst out of the ground, striking Lotad hard.

"Lotad! Use Water Gun!" said Brian quickly. "Nincada, use Endure!" said Ken, even faster. Nincada glowed red as the Water Gun hit it, but it didn't faint. "Nincada, use Silver Wind!" 'Cada!' it cried.

Nincada's body glittered silver as it fired ribbons of energy at Lotad, who was hit and severely injured. "Lotad, are you okay?" called Brian. Lotad struggled to its feet. 'Lo...' it groaned.

"Finish it! Use Leech Seed!" yelled Brian. Lotad reared up on its hind legs and threw its body down, flinging out seeds that planted themselves on Nincada. Suddenly, vines snaked out and wrapped themselves around Nincada, sapping its energy away with every second.

"It's over," Nurse Joy called. "Lotad and Brian are the winners!" May cheered as Brian shook Ken's hand. "That was a fine battle, looks like I have some more training to do!" lauged Ken.

"Where are you all headed off to?" Nurse Joy asked. "May and I are heading out to Petalburg City," Brian informed her. "I'll stay in the forest for a while and train my Nincada," said Ken. "Well, until next time!" said May. "Goodbye! Thanks for all of your help!"

Nurse Joy and Chansey and Ken waved goodbye as Brian and May took off down the path. Though they leave each other now, Our friends know that they'll see Ken again someday. And, until they do, they can only wish the best for him on his journey.

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CHAPTER Six: Save the Swablu!

Petalburg City. At least, that's what the welcome sign said when Brian and May finally reached it two uneventful days later. As they looked at the sign, Brian got a sudden urge. May knew exactly what he was thinking: FOOD! They rushed to the Pokemon Center Cafe, famished as a Snorlax . As Chansey came to fill their orders, Brian ordered two hamburgers, half of a pepperoni pizza, a plate of pasta, a bowl of rice, an orange, one slice of apple pie, and a nice cool glass of lemonade. I would say what May had, but I don't have the time or the stomach to tell you.

Anyway, the two stocked up on food and were on their merry way to the PokeMart. The door slid open upon their arrival, and a friendly 'ding' sounded as they walked through. "Be with you kids in just a moment," a store clerk said cheerily. He turned his attention back to the young man who was impatiently tapping his fingers on the counter. "Now, what can I do for you today, sir?" asked the clerk.

"Well," the boy told him with a British accent, "me Swablu won't evolve, see, an' I need a Rare Candy to force it!"
"Uhh, I'm afraid I can't do that. Your Pokemon would be better off if you train it and take care of it, not force it to do something it doesn't want to do. And, besides, you can't purchase Rare Candies in stores," pointed out the clerk.

"What?" roared the boy, "Don't feed me that rubbish about trustin' an' love! I need a stong Pokemon now, whether it's ready or not!" The boy whirled around and stormed out of the building, bumping into Brian as he went past. "Hey!" called Brian. "Just who do you think you are!" The boy stopped and turned slowly around. "Me name's Damien, punk. I'm a great Pokemon trainer and battler! Don't mess with me, or you'll regret it," Damien growled. He eyed May and blew a kiss. "Hey there, sweetheart! Why don't you leave your little boyfriend and come with me?"

"Please," May spat. "I'd rather sit on a Cacturne than go with you!" "Whoa! All right, then, sweety. Suit yourself," Damien laughed. "What a jerk," May grumbled as Damien swaggered out of the PokeMart. Brian looked at May suspiciously. "Would you really sit on a Cacturne?" he teased. "Oh, shut it!" May said as they purchased some items: Pokeballs, Potions, Antidotes, Pokemon Chow, a Pink Bow, (A real bargain, according to May. Brian didn't think so; it was his money) and some Repel. They thanked the cashier and were on their way out when May heard a group of kids laughing. Not wanting to miss the fun, they jogged around the PokeMart to see what the fun was.

As they rounded the corner, May gasped at what she saw. About four guys were standing around in a circle, kicking a Swablu! It cried out in pain as each boy took a swing. In the middle of this was Damien, in an obvious rage as he was kicking Swablu the hardest. "Worthless piece of rubbish!" he yelled. "Why don't you evolve! I spent a fortune on you, so you'd better do something!" With each word, he kicked Swablu harder and harer. 'Swablu!' it chirped weakly, gasping for air.

As Damien pulled back his leg for another kick, May forced her way into the ring of boys. "Stop this! Right now!" she pleaded. "Why, aren't you that girl from the PokeMart?" He asked innocently. "Why, you sure are!" The other boys in his gang roared with laughter. "It's not funny! You could have killed te poor little thing! Shame on you!" scolded May. "Boo hoo! You're breaking me heart!" joked Damien. "Next you're gonna tell me that abandoning my Charmander long ago was wrong, too."

Brian stepped in the circle. "You did what! What a disgrace! You're not a Trainer at all, you're just a little kid with no hopes and dreams," said Brian sternly. "Whatch it kid, or I'll let you have it..." Damien warned. May stepped forward and picked up Swablu. "I'm taking Swablu," she announced. "No you're not, it's staying right here where it belongs, with me" Damien replied. "With you? It'll be safer in the jaws of a hungry Gyrados than with you," Brian shot back.

"I've got an idea," suggested Damien. "We'll battle for it: me and Petey over there," he nodded at a guy across from him, "against you two. Winner gets the Swablu and the girl," he said with a sly grin.

"All right, we accept you challenge!" May responded. The Trainers took their places and prepared their Pokeballs. "Go!" Damien yelled, throwing an Ultra Ball. "Hiya!" Petey grunted, tossing a Great Ball. Flash!Flash! 'Torchic!' 'Zigoon!' the Pokemon cried as they danced in anticipation. "Go! Whismur!" May shouted. Brian grabbed Treecko's Pokeball and threw it. Flash!Flash! 'Whisma!' "Treecko!' they screamed.

"Let's do this!" Damien yelled, and the match began.

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04-19-2004, 02:11 PM
Great chapter Venusaur! Dont think I saw any spelling errors and the description was nice. I am still confused on how this is written like when you are talking from Brian's and May's point of view and then you seem like you are an announcer for a disney cartoon :tongue: Dont take that personal, not saying this is like a disney cartoon! Anyways, I'm sure I am just confused on it more then you did but overall your doing a nice job and I cant find a lot to criticize you on. Just keep posting and keep me entertained! :biggrin:

04-20-2004, 12:36 AM
Thanks for the review! Sorry it's a little confusing, though. I'll try to fix it up whenever I get a chance to update a little more... Anyway, thanks!! :biggrin:

05-04-2004, 06:13 AM
CHAPTER SEVEN: And the Winner Is...

"Torchic, use Ember!" Damien commanded. 'Torchic!' It screeched as it shot bullets of fire from its beak. "Treecko, dodge away and use Pound!" shouted Brian. Treecko jumped wildly to avoid the flames, dancing nearer and nearer to Torchic. Just as it swung its tail around, Zigzagoon jumped in the way and was struck instead. "Whismur, use your Pound, too!" May called to her Whismur. Whismur scurried and reached around to pound on Torchic, but Zigzagoon jumped in the way again!

"What's going on?" said May, puzzled. "They're using Zigzagoon to block our attacks so Torchic can attack our Pokemon when they get tired. "It'll have to wear out soon," assured May. "Zigzagoon, Rest!" Petey commanded. 'Zigoon...' Zigzagoon was soon out like a light, shielded in a blue aura. "Wait..." said May, "If it can't sleep, then it can't rest... if it can't rest, then it can't regain health! Whismur, use Uproar!" Whismur glowed blue and fired its voice, waking up Zigzagoon from Rest. "What!" roared Damien. "Torchic, use Flamethrower!"

Torchic ruffled its feathers and fired a blast of flames that his Whismur and Zigzagoon. "Ahhhh! My Pokemon!" May and Petey said in unison as they rushed to their Pokemon. It was now up to Brian to stop Swablu's abuse. He took a deep breath. "Nice job so far, Treecko," he praised. "Yeah, nice job- but it stops here! Torchic, use Flamethrower!" Damien yelled 'Tor!' Torchic screeched. Flames flew at Treecko and missed by inches. "Not a bad move, too bad it didn't hit, though." Brian smirked. "Treecko, Use Absorb!" 'Tree...ko!' Treecko yelled as it flew towards Torchic, pinning it down and creating a glow of energy that surrounded both Pokemon.

Treecko leaped away from Torchic, confident that the match was over. But, Torchic slowly got up. "That's it, Torchic! Never let 'em see ya sweat!" yelled Damien. Suddenly, Torchic started to glow white! It changed shape as it glittered and sparkled. "Oh, man," breathed Brian. Torchic had evolved into Combusken.

"Combusken?" May asked, taking out her Pokedex. <Combusken. The Young Fowl Pokemon. This Pokemon has great speed and endurance. The flames it blows from its beak are intensely hot, and its legs can deal powerful kicks.>, the Pokedex said. "Give up while you can," said Damien proudly. "My Combusken was ready to evolve anyway, so you don't stand a chance."

"I'll never give up! Treecko, use Pound!" Treecko stood there, hesitant. Then, deciding that its trainer was right, it leaped forward and swung its tail around. Combusken lazily reached up and caught Treecko, and then threw it back down towards the ground. "Oh, no!" gasped May. "Combusken, use Seismic Toss!" yelled Damien. 'Busken!' it cackled as it raced towards Treecko at top speed, slamming it down as it leaped into the air, spinning round and round. "Treecko, use your Absorb!" tried Brian. 'Treecko!' it called, enveloping Combusken with a reddish glow, draining its energy. The two Pokemon hit the ground with a thunderous crash, throwing dust into the air.

When the dust cleared, Combusken was standing up, breathing very hard. Treecko lay there, struggling to get up. "All right, then. I told you to give up, but you wouldn't listen. Now, you'll learn the hard way not to mess with me," Damien smirked. "Combusken, finish this with Focus Punch!" Combusken closed its eyes and its body started to glow red. "Focus Punch?" Brian asked, taking out his Pokedex. <Focus Punch. A Powerful Fighting move learned at a high level. If the user is hit while charging up, then it will flinch and the move will fail.> said the Pokedex.

"Treecko! You've got to get up!" called Brian. Treecko opened its eyes and slowly stood up. 'Treecko,' it said weakly. "You don't stand a chance against Damiean's Combusken, kid, so why don't you just give up?" laughed Petey. "Because I trust in my Pokemon. No matter how strong my opponent is, there's always a weakness," Brian said, looking at Treecko. "My Treecko may not be evolved, but it can pack a whallop!"

"Whatever," Damien yawned. "Oh, well, time to wrap this up! Combusken- Focus Punch!" 'Combusken!' it screeched as its fist glowed white and it darted forward to Treecko. "Treecko- you can do it! Leech Seed!" said Brian wildly. Treecko stared at the Combusken charging at it. It remained calm as it swung its tail at Combusken, letting loose seeds that arched gracefully into the air before landing on Combusken.

"It's not working!" cried May from the crowd of cheering boys.Indeed, it seemed that they weren't. Combusken kept on coming. "Those wimpy things!" laughed Damien. "They won't do any..." his voice trailed off as Combusken, reaching Treecko, leaped high into the sky. Suddenly, the seeds burst open, and vines snaked out around Combusken, pinning its arms down to its sides. 'Combusk!' its voice cracked as it hit the ground with a thud. The seeds then began their job, sapping away Combusken's energy, making it cry out in surprise. "Treecko, use Dragonbreath!" yelled Brian. "Dragon what!?" screamed Damien in fury. 'Treeeeeee.....' Treecko inhaled deeply.

"Dragonbreath," smiled Brian as Treecko fired green flames, overwhelming Combusken and making it faint. "What! You little... fine, take the stupid Swablu. It was weak anyway. But watch your back, because if I see you again... It won't be pretty," threatened Damien. "Let's go!" he called to his gang as they sauntered off. "Good riddance!" yelled May after them. "Treecko, are you okay?" asked Brian. 'Ko! Tree tree ko tree!' laughed Treecko. "You were awesome, Treecko. Thank you," said May, petting Treecko on the head.

Then she went over to Swablu and checked it. "You're gonna be fine," she said as she took a Potion from her bag and sprayed Swablu. 'Blu! Swablu!' it chirped happily. "That mean old Trainer will never bother you again," said May, taking it in her arms. "You're free to go now, anywhere you want to." 'Blu?' it said, tilting its head. May held up Swablu. "You can go where you want, you're free! Fly!" she yelled as Swablu flapped its wings and took off, becoming smaller and smaller until it was a speck against the sky.

"You let it go?" Brian asked softly. "The last thing that Swablu needed was a Trainer," May started. "I- I don't know. I just wanted it to be happy," she said at last. "You're a great Trainer," said Brian, putting hand to her shoulder. "I know," she replied. "and you're a great friend."

Later that evening, the two walked out of the Pokemon Center. Stretching his arms, Brian said, "There's a Gym around here somewhere... I can't find it, though."

"What?" May asked, nervously. "A Gym," Brian said, waving a hand in front of her face. "Hello, earth to May! We need badges to compete in the Regional Pokemon League Competetion, Nurse Joy said so."

"Yeah, but the Gym here isn't the first Gym, so we need to go to Rustboro City, because that's the first Gym, not this one," May rushed. She pulled Brian's collar and dragged him towards the edge of town. "Besides," she said, staring straight ahead, "there are lots of Grass Pokemon in the Petalburg Woods..." "Really? Then what are we waiting for! Let's go!" Brian exclaimed.

Hearing a noise, Brian looked around. "What was that," he asked nervously. "It sounds like- a song," May said, peering around. "It's getting closer..." Brian whispered. 'Swablu, swablu swa... blu... Swablu swablu swa... blu..." sang the voice. "Wait," realized May. "That's- " something plopped on her head. "Swablu!" she said happily. "What are you doing here?" 'Swab! Blu blu swablu!' It chirruped. "I think it wants to go with us," Brian said, petting Swablu's wings. "Is that true, Swablu? Do you really want to come along with us?" May asked Swablu. 'Swab!' it said decidedly, and settled down on May's head. "All right!" yelled May. "Off into Petalburg Woods!"

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05-06-2004, 01:56 AM
I've been waiting for more to this fic. Great chapter, I loved how the opponent's pokemon evolved, not a lot of that seen in fics. I'm glad that May got Swablu afterall! Keep up the great work! Can't wait for more.. hope it comes soon!

Tamer Marco
05-06-2004, 02:53 AM
I've read this fan fic and it is awesome! Everything about it is great exept in your earlier chapters you're battles were a litttle too short. :wink:

05-09-2004, 05:58 AM
CHAPTER EIGHT: A Rocketing in the Woods!

The sun was shining brightly as our two friends trudged their way through the dense foliage of the forest. Taillow dipped and swooped high in the branches of the tall trees, chattering loudly. Wurmple were peeling the bark from trees and munching happily. Swablu slept peacefully on May's head, oblivious to the beauty of the area.

Taking a deep breath, Brian looked around. "Isn't this a perfect place for Pokemon?" he sighed. "Yeah, right." grumbled May as she warily eyed the Bug Pokemon.

After a few minutes of walking, they stopped in front of a large tree that blocked the path. Its branches reached high into the canopy and swung in the cool afternoon breeze. Its trunk was old and dark, and its bark was peeling.

"What kind of tree is this?" Brian wondered out loud. "You don't know? I thought you were the big Grass expert," May said suspiciously. "Hey, I know some things, but not all." Brian apologized.

As they talked, some Pokemon resembling seeds dropped slowly from the branches and swung in the trees.

Suddenly, Brian thought he heard a strange noise. He looked at May. "Could you get Swablu to stop singing," he asked. "Uhh, Swablu is asleep," May pointed to the small Pokemon on her head. "Then what was that..?" Brian wondered. May shivered. "It's giving me goosebumps!"

The noise became more distinct, and was finally made out to be a flute. "Who would play a flute that sounded like that?" May asked. "I don't know, but it is creepy," Brian agreed. Not knowing it, our friends have been distracted and are going in the wrong direction by listening to the haunting melodies of the flute. They wandered about, in circles around the tree, until the whistling became louder. And then fear settled in. "I'm scared," May whispered. "Shhh... listen." shushed Brian.

The music seemed to be coming from the left. Brian turned and yelled at the sound. "Who are you? What do you want?" The bushes started to rustle, and out of them stepped a woman dressed like a Pokemon Ranger. Beside her was a small Pokemon with a rolled up leaf to its lips. The Pokemon was blowing into the leaf, making an eerie whistle. "What's that?" said May, pulling her Pokedex from her pack. <Nuzleaf. The Wily Pokemon. This Pokemon is the evolved form of Seedot. It lives in dense forests and frightens lost people and Pokemon by making a flute from the leaf on its head.>

"Ok, Nuzleaf, you can stop now," the woman said. Then she turned to Brian and May. "Aha! I've found the poachers, it seems like,'' she gloated. "and now I can turn them in!"

"Poachers?" May and Brian looked at each other. "We're not poachers,'' May tried to convince the Ranger, "we're Pokemon Trainers! We just got lost, that's all." The woman looked at them with raised eyebrows. "Here," said Brian. He handed the woman his Pokedex and pressed a button. <I am an official Pokedex for a liscenced Pokemon Trainer. The Trainer who has me in his or her possession is gauranteed to have no criminal records or any other blemish on his or her part. Part three, chapter one of the Pokemon Trainer's Handbook, series six.> replied the Pokedex. "Oh! I am so sorry," the woman said. "My name is Danielle, and this is my Nuzleaf." Nuzleaf bowed and grinned slyly. "We go around making sure that the Pokemon around here remain safe. I have Nuzleaf here use Grasswhistle to confuse poachers and drive them away."

"Why do you have to protect the Pokemon so heavily? Aren't they for capturing?" May asked. "Well, it wasn't always this way," explained Danielle. "Several weeks ago Seedot and Shroomish have been disappearing more and more rapidly, and I was sent here to investigate. So far, I've found nothing but empty branches and logs."

"Huh?" said May. "Seedot live on branches in trees, and Shroomish love fallen logs," Brian informed her. "Oh," said May, looking up. "Like those things up there?" Brian and Danielle followed her gaze up into the branches. There were a few Pokemon resembling seeds swinging from the branches. 'Seedot!' they said in unison.

"Seedot!" cried Danielle happily. She ran up to the great tree and looked up. "Are you okay?" she called to the Seedot. 'Dot,dot seeeeeed!' they whined. "Okay, we'll get you down from there, okay?"

"How are we going to get them down from there?" May asked. "I'm not really sure," admitted Danielle. "But we'll think of something."

As they tried to make a plan, they were being spied on. A trio of thugs peered from the bushes. A man with blue hair, a woman with long red hair, and a Meowth.

"Hmmm..." said the Meowth. "What is it, Meowth?" asked the man. "I was tinkin'..." it started. "Get on with it!" yelled the woman. "Well, those Seedot there are very valuable Pokemon, and I was tinkin' that people would pay big bucks to own one,"finished Meowth. "Oooh! Meowth is right for once," agreed the man.

"James, you think all of Meowth's cruddy ideas are great," the woman yawned. "But Jessie, this plan might actually work," whined James. "And besides: No twerps to deal with!"

Suddenly, a Pokeball burst open, revealing a very wobbly Pokemon.
'Wobbuffet!' it cried. "Grrr... Get back in your ball and stay there!" screamed Jessie as she returned her Pokemon. "Well, as much as I hate to admit it, we don't have much of a choice," admitted Jessie. The three put their heads together and whispered out a plan.

"I know!" exclaimed Danielle. "What?" said Brian and May together. "Nuzleaf, go up there and knock down the Seedot," commanded Danielle. 'Nuz!' Nuzleaf scrambled up the bark of the ancient tree and began to climb up. Just as it reached the branches, a mechanical claw reached out and grabbed Nuzleaf!

"What!? What's going on?" asked Danielle. Out of nowhere, laughter burst around them. A robot shaped like a giant bug catcher wheeled its way from behind the trees. There was a screen that revealed three characters. "Who are you! Answer me!" yelled May. "Or there'll be trouble!" added Brian.

"Trouble?" said the man, sitting to the right of the woman and Meowth. "He said it!" said the Meowth gleefully. "Prepare for trouble!" started the
woman. "And make it double!" said the man. "To infect the world with devastation, to unite all peoples within our nation. To denounce to evils of truth and love! To extend our reach to the stars above! Jessie! James! Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light, surrender to us now, for you'll surely lose the fight! Meowth! That's right!" they finished together, in a brilliant display of lights and color.

"Team who?" said May, turning to Brian. "I'm not sure," replied Brian, rubbing the back of his head. "Maybe they're like Team Magma or something."

"Excuse me! We are nothing like Team Magma! How dare you!" screamed Jessie in a fury. "Let's go!" The robot lurched forward, smashing into the tree and making the ground tremb;e, throwing our friends to the ground. The more the tree shook, the more the Seedot swung, until they finally dropped.

Instantly, a net opened up from a compartment inside of the robot and scopped them up. "We have to stop them!" cried Danielle. "Let's do this!" yelled May, throwing a Pokeball. FLASH! 'Whismur!' "My turn," called Brian. "Treecko, stop them with Pound!" 'Treecko!' it said as it rushed from its Pokeball.

The two Pokemon rushed at the Robot, tackling it. "Nope, not even a scratch!" laughed Meowth. "Now, let's go hunt for some Shroomish!" The Robot turned and rumbled away.

"Get em, Whismur! Sonicboom!" said May. 'Whis! MUR MUR MUR MUR!' boomed Whismur, throwing shockwaves at the Robot. Groaning and creaking, the robot turned and threw out a claw at Whismur. "No!" screamed May as Whismur and Treecko were dumped into the net along with Nuzleaf and the Seedot.

"Nice shot, Jessie!" said James. "Really? And on my first try, too!" giggled Jessie. "Go, Swablu! Use Take Down!" said May, throwing Swablu from her head. Confused, Swablu woke up and yawned. "What a cutie! I want that one!" squealed Jessie as the robot advanced on Swablu. "Get out of the way!" yelled Brian. Swablu blinked sleepily. 'Blu?' "No!" screamed May.

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http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rstrainer00.pnghttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/gifjigglingegg.gifhttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs001.gif http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs019.gif

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CHAPTER NINE: 3...2...1... Blast Off!

"Teddiursa, use Dynamic Punch!" called a voice. 'Ursa!' A small, brown, teddy-bear-like Pokemon leaped from the trees and swung a glowing fist at the robot. Startled, Team Rocket stopped.

"What was that?" said Jessie. "Hmmm... Not sure, but I think it was a Pokemon," replied James. "Let's catch it!" cried Meowth. "Don't lay a finger on Teddiursa," said a boy, stepping out from behind the bushes. He wore a red jacket with matching shorts, and a hat turned backwards on his head. "I'm afraid you don't understand," he continued. "I'm from the Johto region, and you don't want to mess with me."

The robot paused for a minute. THen, it sprung to life and grabbed Teddiursa and Swablu. "Hey!" the boy yelled. "I'm afraid you don't understand, little twerp," Jessie sneered. "We don't take no for an answer. Now that we have all that we can carry, we'll be leaving. Meowth, take us out of here." "Right-o, Jess!" obeyed Meowth. The robot turned and began rumbling down the path.

"You won't get away with this!" Danielle growled, sprinting down the path. Just as Brian, May, and the boy were about to follow her, Brian's pack started to glow with a whitish light. As if in a trance, Brian slowly reached for his pack and unzipped it. The Pokemon Egg his friend Mrs. Bushel gave him was glowing brightly.

"What's that?" asked May. "It's an egg my friend gave me," Brian answered. "It's hatching," said the boy knowingly. Brian took the egg out and cradled it in his arms. The glowing that had started turned into flashing and sparkling, and the egg shaped into a Pokemon. After several seconds, the shape became a Pokemon.

'Bulba!' it cried. It stared at Brian for a moment, then inspected him with its vines that came from somewhere beneath its bulb. Then, satisfied, it nuzzled against Brian. "That was cool," the boy said, amazed. "Hey, I have an idea," said Brian. "What is it?" May asked. "Follow me," Brian said, and they ran down the path.

A few minutes later, they saw Danielle, out of breath. "Which way did they go?" May said. Danielle pointed a finger farther up the path. "Let's go; Brian has an idea!" May exclaimed. As they ran, Brian talked to his new Pokemon. "Okay, Bulbasaur," he said softly. "I know you may not understand this, but a group of bad people took away some Pokemon. We need your help." Bulbasaur looked at him but didn't say anything.

Finally, our heroes reached Team Rocket's robot. It wheeled and rolled its way through the trees, knocking some down as it went. Pokemon scattered to avoid being crushed. "Stop right there!" called Danielle. The robot stopped and turned slowly. "You again? You can't be serious," said Jessie lazily.

"We have a secret weapon," smiled Brian as he put Bulbasaur on the ground. "That's your weapon?" laughed Meowth. "You'll see! Bulbasaur, use Solarbeam!" commanded Brian.

Bulbasaur looked at Brian and growled. 'Saur, bulba,' "Oh, you don't know Solarbeam,'' said Brian sadly. Team Rocket burst into laughter, rolling about on the floor of their robot.

'Treecko!' Treecko called from the net. 'Bulba?' Bulbasaur seemed to ask, tilting its head. 'Nuzleaf! Leaf!' said Nuzleaf, pointing at its leaf. ''Bulba! Saur!' yelped Bulbasaur as it fired multicolored leaves from its bulb, cutting at at the net. "A Razorleaf won't cut tru dis net!" laughed Meowth in glee. "That's not a Razorleaf," informed Danielle. "That's a Magical Leaf. More powerful than a Razorleaf!"

"What?" screamed James as the net was torn to bits, releasing the Pokemon. "That's it, now you're toast!" said the boy.

"Wait-- where's Whismur?" said May, panicked. "Over there!" pointed Brian. Whismur was standing in front of the giant robot, its face twisted into a horrible sneer. "Whismur?" said May. 'Muuuuuuuuur...' growled Whismur, as it glowed white. It changed shape and became bigger. Its small mouth and eyes were switched for a large, gaping jaw and angry, narrowed eyes.

'LOUDRED!' it bellowed. "Whoa," gasped May, taking out her Pokedex. Loudred. The Big Voice Pokemon. It's voice has the capabilities of moving objects several times larger than itself. It becomes louder when it is angry.> "Uh-oh..." said James, shaking nervously. 'Wobbuffet!' interrupted Wobbuffet, blocking everyone's view into the robot. 'LOUD!!! LOUD LOUD LOUD! DRED!' roared Loudred, sending shockwaves from its mouth at the robot.

With a horrible creaking noise, the robot tipped over, hitting to the ground with a mighty crash. Then, crackling with electricity, it blew up, sending Team Rocket sky high.

"Why does this always happen to us!" whined James as they sailed higher and higher. "Well, Jimmy boy, we are losers," comfirmed Meowth. "We aren't losers!" screamed Jessie. "We're just- Blasting off again!" Team Rocket disappeared in the distance with a twinkle.

"Woo-hoo!" "Yeah!" "That's it!" our heroes celebrated. Loudred suddenly growled and made quite a ruckus. Covering their ears, nobody knew what to do but yell.

Nuzleaf took the leaf from its head and made it into a whistle. Blowing it with all of its might, it caught Loudreds attention. 'Loud?' it asked, tapping its foot. Then, to the beat of Nuzleaf's flute, it danced around the group. "Thank you," breathed Danielle.

"Excuse me, May," said Danielle over the noise of the flute. "Yeah?" May answered. "I've been thinking... Loudred would be a valuable Pokemon to my force; it can be an alarm to warn me of poachers in the area. Do you mind trading it?"

"Trade?" asked May. "Well...'' "That's a great offer, May. I would take it," said Brian. "Okay," agreed May. "It's a trade."

"Great! I have a Portable Trading System in my bag. I'll set it up," Danielle exclaimed. As she set up a computer, May went over to Brian and the boy. "I was thanking Alex here for his help," Brian informed her. "He's from the Johto region, and he's agreed to travel with us, if it's okay with you." May looked at Alex.

"Hey, cutie," she thought out loud."What?" said Alex. "Uhh, I said yeah, sure," said May, blushing. "It's okay with me!" "May, I'm ready now," called Danielle. "All right,everyone. Return," May said returning her Pokemon to their Pokeballs. Brian and Alex did the same.

"Now, put the Pokeball with Loudred in it right here," Danielle instructed, pointing to a small tray. May followed the instructions, and Danielle did the same. The Pokeballs flashed and the screen showed Loudred crossing in front of another Pokemon. After several seconds, the computer sounded a tone. "Okay, we're done," said Danielle.

"Have fun with your new Pokemon!" May held the Pokeball and tossed it. Flash! 'Skitty!' the Pokemon cried as it appeared from the Pokeball. "A Skitty!" May cried. "I've always wanted one!" "Well, now you have one," smiled Danielle.

After a few minutes of talking and laughing, Danielle decided that it was time to go. "Gotta take the Seedot and Shroomish back into the forest," she explained.

"Allright, then," said Alex. "It was nice meeting you all! See you all later!" said Danielle, as our friends wave goodbye. Now, the sun sets on an exciting and eventful day as our heroes, along with their new friend Alex, take the road that will lead them to the first Gym in the Hoenn Region.

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http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/gsctrainer03.gifhttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs310.gifhttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs358.gif http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs230.gif