View Full Version : Togetic Mechanic

11-25-2005, 10:48 PM
Today I was going through some sites, looking for random pokemon strategies... and I managed to stumble on to togetic (I was really interested in this lil thing)...and before u say it, I know, Toge's stats are quite crappy....pokemon have feelings too...

Anywayz, I realized that Togetic has the ever so cool special...Serene Grace so I basically tried to build a moveset around it, hoping to help the lil guy out...

Togetic (Serene Grace) Modest/Bold/Calm

(Leftovers/ if used as batton passer, I guess one of the stat increase berries would help)

EV's: (Not sure, depends on how he is used)

Psychic: Hopefully with serene grace, it lowers sp def.

Flamethrower: Togetic's worst stat is its Phy. Def, hopefully it burns lowering the enemies att.

Ancientpower: This is a move that I'm not sure would do goos with this guy since his att sucks just as much as his phy. def. but given ancientpower's special effect, it should make togetic a lil stronger.

Heres where it gets sketchy, I could try and help out its lackluster defences by teaching either both or one of the defencive moves (light Screen/ Reflect)...and that would kinda help out the other pokes in the team i guess.

then there's the option of Safeguard and Wish...Batton Pass could also be utilized with the Ancientpower effect....the only problem is, togetic can't really survive a decent hit, unless u waste all the ev's into defences...which really still wouldn't do much good.

Togetic learns a good amount of moves that can help out its team mates...Even though I haven't managed to test this guy out...I think it might make a good strategy to involve him into a team, even if it is a UU team.

(I am open to any suggestions for this guy, the moves he learns give him some potential)....thx :happy: