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12-03-2005, 07:33 PM
1. Blaizekin lv100
2. Typlosion lv84
3. Groudon lv70
4. Kyogre lv70
5. Rayquyaza lv71
6. Mewtwo lv100

12-03-2005, 07:39 PM
Read this:

The #1 Rule for this forum:
Post ONLY level 100 teams for competitive battling.

Do NOT post in-game teams! *Unless it is for competitive battling, not just beating gym leaders.*


1) Don't act like a moron.
===> Don't run around screaming someone's cheating for using gameshark or just act as if you have no brains. This is an intellectual forums. People have opinions. Whether or not their opinion agrees with yours are different. If someone has a different opinion, DO consider their opinion and negotiate rationally. If it comes down to flamewars, do it via PM.

2) Don't act like a smartass.
===> If someone has a different opinion from yours, one of which is a considerable idea (Eg: Tackle on Golem is NOT a considerable idea.), please do not try to prove your idea's superiority with trivial things like "OMFG YOU CANT SPEEL I WIN". Not only does it violate rule #1, it makes your argument much weaker because you seem to have problem coming up with counterclaims.
Punishment for Violation: I will edit or delete your post, depending on my mood. Edits, of course, would be fun things.

3) Patience
===> Are we lifeless losers around 24/7? No! So don't bump threads going "OMFG HELP ME DAMNIT" unless it's been a week and your question is not answered yet.
Punishment for Violation: I will edit or delete your post, depending on my mood. Edits, of course, would be fun things.

4) Don't double post. There's an edibt button for a reason. Obvious? Yes. Followed? Not always.

That's pretty much it here. Other rules regarding team posting and rating can be found on the sticky below, titled exactly that.

Other things

=> We're here to have fun, or just have intellectual debates about strategies in pokemon. This is NOT where you ask how to get thunderwave on Jolteon. This is NOT where you advertise your site. This is NOT where you come and say "That's a good team." If your comment is "Your team is good," PM The person please.

=> When in a debate, consider your opponent's argument before responding. Show courtesy by reading their entire post, understand their point, and then provide counterarguments. Posts violating this rule will be severely ridiculed.

=> No flaming. This rule may be violated if the victim of the flame violates rule #2.

I can be flexible...


Any other questions regarding rules should be posted here.
There are many things that we should know when posting a team. We all assume that we all know these things, but some people do not (and that's olay.) In this thread, you'll find out just what 'those things' are.

First of all, only post Neo-Elite Four teams here. What I mean by "Neo Elite Four" is that you've already beaten the Elite Four, and your pokémon are completely geared towards being as powerful and as efficient as possible (rather than knowing moves like Fly and Cut to make your way through the game).

When posting your team, remember to include the following:

-which games the team is for (R/S, G/S/C, or R/B/Y)

-What pokémon it is (you may include the nickname, but make sure you list the species as well)

-what moves each pokémon knows

-what item each pokémon is holding (use the @ in front of the item)

<<<You may also include the following, but you don't have to:

-what characteristic each pokémon has (like Chlorophyll, Overgrow, Trace, etc.)

-what personality each pokémon has (Brave, Shy, Rash, etc.)

-What EV training it has had


-your pokémon's stats
-your pokémon's level

12-03-2005, 07:40 PM
Blaizekin: Blaze kick, Fire Blast, Sky uppercut, Flamethrower
Mewtwo: Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Recover, Psychic
Kyogre: Sheer Cold, Thunder, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam
Groudon: Solarbeam, Fire Blast, Fissure, Eruption
Rayquaza: Hyper Beam, Thunder, Blizzard, Outrage
Typlosion: Fire Blast, Crunch, Flamethrower, Hyper Beam

12-03-2005, 07:50 PM
Blaizekin: Earthquake, Fire Blast, Sky uppercut, Rock slide
Mewtwo: Brick break, Thunderbolt, Recover, Psychic
Kyogre: Sheer Cold, Thunder, Water spout, Ice Beam
Groudon: Solarbeam, Earthquake, Fissure, Eruption
Rayquaza: Extremespeed, Thunder, Blizzard, Dragon claw Typlosion: Fire Blast, Crunch, Thunderpunch, Hyper Beam

These are some corrections for your team

12-04-2005, 11:10 AM
Train some more. also be sure to have mewtwo know phychic.