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01-04-2006, 07:19 AM
Hey all,

Ive completed XD story mode 100%, beaten Master Greevil, purified all 83 shadow pokemon, and I have also completed the lucky egg quest (but boy the Orre Colosseum sure was hard).

Anyway, so now ive been going around trying to collect all the battle CD's, and ive realised that you have to get Battle CD 14 by talking to the wobbuffet in Agate Village.

But because ive already completed the lucky egg quest, (where all the pokemon go mute), and ive fussed around with that wobbuffet trying to unmute it, i cant seem to get Battle CD 14 off it now.

When I talk to the Wobbuffet, it just says 'Wobbu!!..' and thats it, but I dont receive the Battle CD 14.

Is there a way i can fix this? has anyone else experienced this problem before? Any comments appreciated.

Dj Skee
01-04-2006, 09:18 PM
ok .. i finished the game .. all i did was talk to the wobbafet and i got it..

since u finished the lucky egg quest .. wobbafet supposed to be unmuted -.- and u are supposed to get the battle cd .. if u dont get it .. try buying them from the shop.. (note: u have to finish the battle cd's u buy from the shop in reglam tower to get new 1's.. do that until u see battle cd 14) .. if u cant get it .. ur game messed up -.-

hope u found dis usefull

and btw wat pokemon did u use to finish orre collesum?? and wat level were they?? and if u can .. can u list the moves?? im having trouble finishing oree colluseum