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Dr Skottie
03-06-2004, 08:12 AM
Hey everyone, this is where I will begin posting up, again... "An Adventure of a Lifetime!" Follow the story of a teen named Kevin Sun and his many adventures in Johto. I hope you all have a chance to read my story... you won't be dissapointed...

Dr Skottie

Dr Skottie
03-06-2004, 12:24 PM
An Adventure of a Lifetime!

Chapter 1

"Pokeball Go!" yelled a voice.

A red and white sphere flew from the trainers hand and out onto the
battlefield. It opened and white light exploded from within. The massive
crowd cheered from the darkness as the light formed into a Charizard.

It roared as it flexed its wings. Its orange scales shone in the stadium lights
and its eyes glistened, filled with crimson fire.

The other pokemon, a huge Dragonite, eyed its opponent.

"Charizard use Flame-thrower!" called the voice.

A great ball of flame grew in the creature’s mouth.

"Dragonite use Hyper Beam!" ordered a second voice.

The dragonites eyes went yellow and a beam of golden energy shot forth
from the dragon’s mouth, lighting up the whole stadium. Charizard
unleashed its flame-thrower at the same moment and the 2 devastating
attacks flew through the air. The attacks hit each other in the middle of the
stadium with tremendous force. The two energies twisted and contorted
around each other causing a huge explosion...


Our story begins in the Western territories of Johto, in the quaint little
village of New Bark town where our hero, Kevin Sun, has just woken up
from a dream, to the sounds of his alarm clock. This is the beginning of his
pokemon story...

Kevin rolled over in his bed and switched off the alarm clock that was
beeping loudly on his bedside table. He ran a hand through his thick blonde
hair and looked out the window to see the sun rising over the hill in the
distance. He wondered why his alarm had gone off so early.

And then he remembered.

"Of course!" he thought stupidly. "I get my first pokemon today!"

He pushed off his covers and jumped out of bed, almost knocking over his
magnemite lamp in the process. He changed as fast as he could, putting on a
bright orange T-shirt and pulling on a pair of black cargo pants with red
trim around the pockets, Lastly fastening it with an orange belt, with a
pokeball symbol on the buckle. He went to his bedside table, picked up his
silver Pokegear and strapped it to his left wrist. He then looked at himself
in his full length mirror. He flexed his muscular, 15 year old body and his
emerald green eyes shone with excitement.

He pulled on a pair of flame colored gloves as he ran downstairs. The
aroma of bacon and eggs wafted from the kitchen. He walked in and sat
down at the table. His beautiful, blonde haired mother placed his breakfast
in front of him, smiling.

"Thanks Mum" said Kevin. "You’re the greatest!"

"Eat up honey" she said to him admiringly. "You’ve got your whole new
life ahead of you!"

He wolfed down his breakfast, got up, kissed his mum goodbye and
strapped on his single strap black bag.

"Make me proud son!" called his mother as he left the house. "Oh wait, you
forgot this" she dashed up to him, something in her hand. It was his father's
old silver necklace that was made especially to hold gym badges. She stood on
her toes and put it around his neck. She kissed him on the cheek. "Be careful

"Don't worry mom, I'll be fine!" he said smiling. He gave her one last hug and
walked out onto the dirt road.

He took a deep breath of the fresh morning air and made his way to Prof.
Elm’s Laboratory to get his first pokemon.

Ten minutes later he arrived at the lab. The gleaming glass doors slid open
and he walked inside to see Prof. Elm, glasses shining, sitting at a computer
looking intently at the screen.

The Professor turned in his chair, saw Kevin and said, "You must be

"Yep that’s me!", he replied excitedly. "I’m here to get my first pokemon!"

"Of course" said Prof Elm. "Right this way!"

He led Kevin over to a desk. On it were three pokeballs.

"You may choose a pokemon Kevin" said the Prof happily. "Which will it
be? Cyndaquil, the Fire pokemon; Totodile, the Water pokemon or
Chikorita, the Grass pokemon? Choose carefully"

Kevin thought about it for a moment.

"I think..." he said, "I’ll choose Totodile."

"Excellent choice!" said the Prof. and he handed Totodile’s pokeball to
Kevin along with a bright red pokedex and a handful of empty pokeballs.
Kevin put the pokedex in his pocket and clipped the pokeballs onto his belt.
"Your goal as a pokemon trainer is to become number one in the
world and to collect as many different kinds of pokemon you can find. At
the moment we know of roughly 300 different types but that total keeps
growing as pokemon trainers like yourself discover more and more. I wish
you luck on your journey Kevin."

"Thanks Professor! Cya later!" said Kevin leaving the lab.

"Goodbye Kevin! Good luck!" called Prof. Elm.

Kevin jumped down the steps and onto the road. He plucked Totodile’s
pokeball from his belt and pressed the button. The gleaming red and white
pokeball shot open and white light spilled from within onto the ground. The
light took shape and there was a little blue croc, smiling up at Kevin.
It's cute tail twitched back and forth and its eyes shone.

"Hey little buddy, I'm Kevin! Are you ready for an adventure Totodile?"
asked Kevin excitedly.

It quacked happily and it jumped up and down.

"OK then!" said Kevin. "On to Cherrygrove City!"

He shouldered his pack and with Totodile at his heels left his hometown for
an adventure of a lifetime...

03-06-2004, 02:03 PM
I'm so glad AAOAL is back on. I can't wait to read more Dr. Skottie!

Dr Skottie
03-07-2004, 04:22 AM
Chapter 2

Kevin decided to leave Totodile out of its pokeball for awhile as it had loads of energy.
They headed east from New Bark Town to enter the beautiful forest surroundings of
Route 29.
The sun was now beaming brightly at the pair as they traveled to Cherrygrove City, on the
look out for pokemon to catch. Kevin touched one of the empty pokeballs at his belt. Time to
fill one, he thought.

And then Kevin saw it.

On top of a grassy knoll, not too far away, was a little brown and white bird, digging for
worms in the soft turf. It scratched at the grass and soil with sharp taloned feet.

"Alright!" said Kevin. "A pokemon!" Kevin got out his new pokedex.

<Pidgey> <Tiny Bird Pokemon>

<Pidgey is a common sight in forests and woods. Gentle by nature they kick up blinding
sand at their enemy to avoid a fight. Capturing a pidgey is a good test of a beginning
trainers battle techniques>

"Do you think you can beat it Totodile?" asked Kevin to his pokemon.

Totodile quacked in affirmation.

The pair ran up to the Pidgey and it turned to face them. It tilted its head, sizing them up.

"Go Totodile!" yelled Kevin. "Use your tackle attack!"

Totodile ran towards Pidgey at high speed, catching it off guard, and knocked it to the

The pidgey jumped up and blasted sand into Totodiles face with a flap of its wings. It
then flew up into the sky, circling around Totodile.

"Get that bird out of the air with a bubble attack!" instructed Kevin.

Totodile leapt into the air and shot 5 shiny bubbles at the Pidgey. The bird pokemon
dodged the first 2 but was hit by the other 3, causing it to crash to the ground.

"OK! Pokeball Go!" yelled Kevin hurling it at the dazed pidgey. The pokeball struck the
wounded pokemon, opened and the pokemon transformed into a brilliant red light, that
was sucked into the pokeball. It snapped shut. The ball fell to the ground and it rocked
from side to side. Kevin waited anxiously for the ball to lock...


"Yes! We did it!" yelled Kevin happily. He ran over, picked up the pokeball and clipped
it on his belt.

"Okay Totodile, you deserve a rest, return" said Kevin and a red beam returned Totodile to
its pokeball.

Kevin couldn’t believe it. He had already caught his first pokemon!

He strolled leisurely in the dappled light of the forest until lunchtime where he let out his
pokemon under the shade of a great, big, berry tree. He reached up and picked some of
the dark red berries for himself and his pokemon.

"These are good" he said with a mouth full of the berries. "Here try some!"

He threw some into Totodile's gaping jaws, who chomped them down grinning. Pidgey
flew up onto his shoulder and Kevin gave it a berry to nibble. Pidgey, still a bit worn out
from being captured, seemed to regain its health. Pidgey chirped happily.

He returned his pokemon and started off again.

Kevin walked the rest of the day without coming across another pokemon. As the sun was
setting on the western horizon, he stopped, unrolled his black sleeping bag, climbed in
and fell asleep instantly.

He awoke the next morning bright and early and continued on his way to Cherrygrove
City. He hoped to arrive there today. After a few hours of traveling, he could see the
small city in the distance.

"Hey you there!" yelled a voice.

Kevin whirled around to see where the voice had come from. A boy, a bit younger than
himself with black hair, blue pants and a yellow T-shirt, was pointing at him.

"Yeah what?" replied Kevin.

"Are you the son of Lance?.... The Dragon Trainer?" asked the boy excitedly.

"Unfortunately" thought Kevin to himself. All his life he had been known by the whole
world because of his dad . He was always in his dad’s shadow no matter what he did. He
had won the Johto Martial Arts Championship, but it had seemed hopeless that he would
be known for anything he himself had done. That’s why he had become a pokemon
trainer, to beat his dad at his own game and become number one. But for now at least he
would be called 'the son of the Dragon Trainer' and there was nothing he could do about
it. He loved his dad very much, but he hardly ever got to see him. He didn't like being
linked to someone he barely knew. One day he'd be known for what he had done, not what
his father had done.

"Yeah why?" said Kevin a little bitterly.

"I challenge you to a pokemon battle!" said the boy confidently.

"You’re on!" replied Kevin. "Pidgey go!"

Kevin threw the pokeball out onto the grass and out came pidgey.

"Go Spinarak!" yelled the trainer as he hurled the pokeball onto the field. It burst open
and out came a little green bug.

"Pidgey, use your gust attack!" ordered Kevin.

Pidgey started flapping its wings, creating a mini tornado. The little spinarak tried to
stand its ground but was blown backwards by the rushing winds.

"Come on Spinarak, use a poison sting!" ordered the boy. Spinarak got to its feet and shot
out a volley of poison barbs.

"Dodge them Pidgey" called Kevin. Pidgey swooped away, narrowly avoiding the attack. "Now use
a quick attack!" Pidgey dived at the insect type, its beak punching into the green carapace. Spinarak
was sent reeling.

"Hang in there Spinarak!" said the boy. "Use your Stringshot!"

Spinarak got to its feet and spat out a line of web towards Pidgey. The web wrapped itself
around Pidgeys wings, tying them to its body. Pidgy fell to the ground and got up on its
taloned feet. Pidgey tried to spread its wings but the sticky coating kept them firm to its body.
It couldn’t fly now because of its entangled wings.

"You can do it Pidgey!" encouraged Kevin. "Give it a peck attack!"

Pidgey sprinted over to the Spinarak and pecked it 3 times on the head. Spinarak fainted.

"You did your best Spinarak, return" said the trainer, returning Spinarak into it's pokeball.
"Lets see if you can handle this, son of the dragon trainer!"

"Don’t call me that! Pidgey Return!" shot back Kevin, recalling Pidgey with the red laser.

"Go Sandshrew!" yelled the boy.

"Go Totodile!" yelled Kevin.

The two pokeballs flew onto the field and opened revealing the pokemon.

"Use bubble Totodile?" said Kevin. Totodile shot out a rapid burst of white bubbles. Sandshrew
leapt aside, avoiding the water-based attack.

"Sandshrew, use your scratch attack!" instructed the trainer.

Sandshrew darted over to Totodile scratching it on the face.

"Totodile, use your rage attack and then use scratch!" ordered Kevin.

Totodile started to glow an angry red and its eyes were aglow with fury. All of a
sudden, Totodile, full of fury, started slashing at Sandshrew again and again and again.

"Get out of there Sandshrew!" yelled the trainer. "Use rollout!"

Sandshrew jumped into the air tucked into a ball and rolled straight at Totodile, knocking
the croc over. It then started circling around Totodile.

"Totodile, use water gun!" yelled Kevin.

Totodile opened its gaping jaws and blasted a streaming jet of water at Sandshrew. The
attack hit head on. The sandshrew was defeated.

"Sandshrew return!" said the amazed trainer. "Wow, you’re awesome!"

"Thanks" said Kevin, "Totodile return, awesome work!"

"What did you say your name was?" asked the boy.

"Kevin" said our hero smiling, "Kevin Sun."

The trainer gave him a thumbs up and an admiration filled smile. He turned and walked away.

"Cya around!" called Kevin as he began walking again. Half an hour later he arrived in
Cherrygrove City.

Dr Skottie
03-07-2004, 04:39 AM
Chapter 3

The city of Cherrygrove had a certain tranquility about it. The peaceful home of many
with a crystal clear river running through the center of town. Kevin could see a wooden
bridge up ahead and on the other side was the city itself. Kevin stepped onto the bridge
and the sound of slow moving water could be heard below him. His feet thudded on the
wood. As Kevin was crossing, he heard a splash down below. He peered over the railing
and saw a funny blue pokemon, smiling up at him. Kevin got out his pokedex:

<Quagsire><The Waterfish Pokemon>

<This carefree pokemon is one of a kind as it is a water and ground type pokemon. It is
said that it adores round objects>

"Cool! I’m gonna catch it" said Kevin and grabbed a pokeball from his belt. "Totodile

Totodile leapt from the pokeball and dived into the river with a splash. The croc
resurfaced shaking water from its head.

“Totodile use scratch attack!” Totodile swam up and scratched the Quagsire across the
face. Quagsire winced then used a double slap attack, knocking Totodile under the water.

“Totodile, use Bubble!” called Kevin. Totodile resurfaced with a small explosion of
water. White bubbles shot out from Totodiles mouth and burst on impact as they struck
the Quagsire. The Quagsire was too dazed to fight back. Kevin grabbed a pokeball from
his belt and pressed the button to enlarge it. It was ready to go

“Alright! Pokeball Go!” yelled Kevin as he threw the pokeball at Quagsire. All of a
sudden, in mid flight, the pokeball was blasted out of the air by a jet of water! The
Quagsire poked out its long tongue used the distraction to dive under water and swim out
of sight.

“What the...” said Kevin and turned to see where the watergun had come from. There on
the bank was a Squirtle looking quite pleased with itself. Its little paws were on its waist
and it was smiling confidently. Next to the little turtle pokemon was a boy. He was
wearing dark blue 3/4 pants, a lime green shirt with a dark blue vest over the top, and a
pale blue belt. His long spiky hair was the colour of the sky and his eyes were a deep
ocean blue. His well muscled body and posture gave him the look of a fighter.

“Who are you?” asked Kevin in an agitated voice. “And why did you stop me catching
that Quagsire?”

“My names Storm” said the boy. “And what you were doing is against the law!”

“What is?” asked Kevin.

“You are not allowed to catch Quagsire in the Blue Moon River” explained Storm.

“Why not?” asked Kevin.

“This is a protected zone, no one is allowed to touch the Quagsire.”

“Oh sorry. I didn’t know” apologized Kevin, feeling stupid.

“That’s ok!” said Storm. “My Grandpa says all the new trainers that come from New
Bark Town do it. Hey! Lucky I stopped you or you would have been in for a hefty fine-
...hang on.... aren’t you the son of the Dragon Trainer?”

“My name is Kevin!” he said defiantly. “And yes, I am”

“Don’t you remember me?” said Storm with a smile on his face. “We versed each other in
the martial arts final. You snapped me!”

“Storm?”said Kevin remembering. “Oh yeah... I didn’t recognize out of your karate gear.
Anyway, I didn’t snap you, it was a tough match. It was pretty close at the end!”

“Whatever!” said Storm embarrassed. “Hey, why don’t I show you around!”

“OK” said Kevin. “Totodile return!”

They walked around through the quiet streets for awhile talking.

“Well it seems we both like pokemon!” said Kevin. “Why did you become a pokemon

“Well after the arse kicking you gave me!” he said laughing. “I decided to try my luck at
pokemon. I’ve always liked pokemon so it seemed like a good thing to do. How about

“To make a name for myself” replied Kevin. “My whole life I’ve been called ‘The Son of
the Dragon Trainer’ and it’s really starting to get on my nerves! I’ve done nothing for the
fame I have, so I decided I’d earn it.”

“That’s cool” remarked Storm. “Well here’s the Pokemon Center!”

They had arrived at a great big building. This would be Kevin’s first time in a pokemon
center but he knew this was the place that healed your pokemon, free of charge! The glass
doors slid open and they entered into the freshness of the air conditioned building. They
walked up to the counter and behind it stood a really good looking chick.. She looked to
be about 15 or 16, had bright pink hair and she was hot as. The way her hips swayed in
the little nurses outfit she wore was hypnotic.

“Hi Storm!” she said smiling. “How are you today?”

“I’m fine” said Storm.

“That’s great!” she said warmly. “And who is this?” she said looking Kevin up and down.
A glint in her eye and Kevin realised she recognised him.

“This is my buddy Kevin Sun. You know, the son of the Lance?” said Storm.

Kevin smiled at her. “So whats your name sweetie?”

“My names Nurse Joy” she said smiling, biting her lip nervously.

“A beautiful name, for a beautiful girl” he said winking.

“Thank you ” she said blushing, “ummm... would you like me to heal your pokemon?”
she said.

“If it’s not too much trouble” said Kevin. The song sexual healing seemed to be playing
in his head. Nurse Joy was on his lap and his hands were around her tiny waist. “Ohh
baby I’m hot just like an oven, I need some lovin’...” he sang outloud.

Nurse Joy and Storm just stared at him confused.

“Kevin?” said Storm shaking him. Kevin seemed to snap out of it. He sweatdropped and
unclipped Totodile’s and Pidgey’s pokeballs from his belt and put them on the counter.
Storm grabbed two pokeballs from his belt and did the same.

“I’ll be finished treating them in an hour” said the sexy nurse.

“Ok cya later babe!” said Kevin and he and Storm took a seat at a table not too far away
and ordered lunch that was served up by a fat pink Chansey.

“Smooth moves Kevin!” said Storm grinning. He looked at Kevin quizically. “But what
was with that singing? You kinda killed the moment”

“I was just thinking out loud I guess” said Kevin laughing.

“Anyway, I think she likes you” said Storm.

“Of course she does!” said Kevin smiling. “With this buff bod of mine no woman can
resist!” He flexed his muscles and they strained against the orange muscleshirt he wore.

“Hey man!” said Storm. “I gave you that body when I fought you, don’t forget that!”

After lunch, Nurse Joy arrived and gave them their pokemon back. After Kevin flashed
one more perfect smile, and Nurse Joy blushed once more the pair left the pokemon

Storm invited Kevin to spend the night at his house with his Grandparents so Kevin
agreed. The next morning they walked to the edge of the city.

“Hey Storm!” said Kevin. “I challenge you to a pokemon battle!”

“Challenge accepted” said Storm grinning evilly. “I’ll beat you this time!”

“We’ll see about that, Pidgey Go!” said Kevin tossing the pokeball onto the field.

“Go Rattata!” yelled Storm. He tossed the pokeball and it burst open, revealing a little
purple rat, with sharp teeth.

“Pidgey use your quick attack!” ordered Kevin.

“You too Rattata!” yelled Storm.

Pidgey swooped and dived at the rattata, who was ducking, dodging, running, trying to
get a piece of the Pidgey.

They broke apart, both wounded, but still able to fight.

“Pidgey use your gust attack!” yelled Kevin.

“Rattata use Hyper Fang!” instructed Storm.

Pidgey flapped its wings blowing Rattata onto its back and into the dirt. Rattata got up,
shook it’s head and leapt up at the Pidgey giving it a hyper fang around its middle. Pidgey
desperately shook it off and rattata fell to the ground.

“Pidgey, use a sand attack!” called Kevin. Pidgey flapped its wings blowing sand into
Rattata’s eyes. Rattata pawed at it’s eyes, trying to regain its vision.

“Come on Rattata!” encouraged Storm.

“Finish it off Pidgey” said Kevin. Pidgey swooped down at Rattata who at the last secong
jumped away and quickly attacking with another Hyperfang! Pidgey was down and out.

“Pidgey Return!” said Kevin, a bit disappointed but still confident.

“Looks like I win the first round! Rattata Return!” said Storm laughing.

“Alright Totodile Go!” yelled Kevin throwing the pokeball.

“Squirtle Go!” yelled Storm, sending out his squirtle.



“Water Gun attack!” they yelled at the same time.

The two water pokemon both shot out streaming jets of water that hit each other in the
middle of the field, water splashing everywhere. They were both equal strength.

“Squirtle use Skull Bash!” yelled Storm.

Squirtle lowered its head and dived at Totodile.

“Totodile jump!” yelled Kevin.

Totodile leapt out of the way just in time.

“Now use Bite!” ordered Kevin.

Totodile ran over and bit Squirtle on the arm where it isn’t protected by hard shell.
Squirtle cried out and then used a tackle knocking Totodile onto it’s back.

“Now Squirtle use a tailwhip!” ordered Storm. Squirtle spun and slapped Totodile in the
face with its tail.

“Don’t take that Totodile!” yelled Kevin. “Watergun!”

With Squirtle’s back to Totodile it was knocked facedown into the ground by the sudden
shot of water from Totodile. Squirtle struggled to get up but it was too much. Totodile
had won!

“Great job Totodile!” yelled Kevin happily and went over and hugged his little blue

“Squirtle return!” said Storm and the red beam returned Squirtle to its pokeball.

“Looks like its a draw!” said Kevin happily.

“I guess so!” said Storm smiling and they shook hands.

“Storm do you want to travel with me? We’d be an awesome team.” asked Kevin.

“It’s a nice thought” said Storm. “ but I think we should go separate ways. If we were
traveling companions I think we would get in each others way.”

“Fair enough” said Kevin. “Well it looks like we are rivals again!”

“I’ll see ya ‘round. I’m off to get the Zephyr Badge in Violet City.” said Storm and he
walked into the forest.

Kevin, thinking this was a good idea, left Cherrygrove City and headed north onto the
wooded surroundings of route 30 to get his first badge at the Violet City Gym.

Dr Skottie
03-08-2004, 10:02 AM
Chapter 4

The leaves rustled in the wind as Kevin made his way towards Violet City. The air was
cool and sweet and Kevin sighed happily as the breezed ruffled his hair. It was a perfect
day. As he walked amongst the trees he began thinking about his father. It was a very rare
occurence and always an exciting one when Lance came to visit. He would always fly in
on his most powerful pokemon, Dragonite and his mother would have tears in her eyes
and she’d rush out to hug him. Kevin was always overcome with a sense of awe
whenever he saw his father. With his armour and fluttering cape and his shock of spiky
red hair, who wouldn’t be impressed. I just hope I can be as awesome as him one day. But
it’s gonna take time and effort. Training. That’s what he should do. He realised that he
found a small lake, and he was standing on the deep brown earth that was the muddy
shore of the clear water. This looks like a good spot for some training.

"Come on out Totodile, you too Pidgey" he said, releasing his two pokemon from their

He told Totodile to do some laps of the sparkling lake and he got Pidgey to fly around at
top speed darting through the trees. He decided he’d go for a swim too so he pulled of his
shirt and kicked off his shoes. He braced himself and dived into the water. It was cold!
He swam to the bottom and he realligned himself before kicking off from the bottom.
There was a splash as he broke the surface, shaking his head, flicking water everywhere.
He joined Totodile and they began swimming laps. Kevin and his pokemon had swum
there for about 10 minutes until a noise got there attention. He looked to a bank near
where he had dumped his bag. He saw a leafy bush and out from behind had stepped a
girl. She was very pretty and looked to be about 14. She had long blue hair and was
wearing very tight jeans and a white top. Damn she’s fine.

"Hey sexy!" Kevin called as he waded through the water towards her. He walked up onto
the shore, a few feet away from her. "How long have you been watching me?"

"Ever since you got in! I’m impressed" she said smiling cheekily, looking him up and
down. "Your the son of the Dragon Trainer hey? So your... Kevin?"

"Yeh that's me" replied Kevin. "What's your name?"


"Care to join me!" he asked, licking his lips.

"Of course I will baby!" she said smiling. "But only if you give me a pokemon battle."

It was then Kevin noticed the pokeballs on her belt.

"Oh I’ll give you much more than that babe!" he said. She smiled at him. "OK you’re

By this time, Kevin’s pokemon had come over to see what was going on. Pidgey was
perched on his shoulder and Totodile was at his side.

"One on one, okay?" she said. "Go Honey!" and she threw a pokeball onto the field.
From inside white light burst forth and took shape. A little bear with a crescent moon on
its forehead appeared, sucking its paw.

Kevin got out his pokedex:
<Teddiursa><Little Bear Pokemon>
<This little pokemon has a unique ability to find honey anywhere. When it gets close to
the honey the crescent mark on its head glows. It usually has its paw in its mouth as it is
soaked with honey>

"She’s pretty cute!" said Kevin looking at the baby bear. He looked at Joanna and winked
"Just like you..."

Her ice blue eyes, sparkled and she smiled at him.

"I choose you Totodile!" said Kevin and Totodile walked up to face its opponent.

"OK Honey use your scratch attack!" yelled Joanna. Teddiursa ran up and swung at
Totodile, little claws extended. Totodile ducked under it. Teddiursa swung again and this
time Totodile grabbed its paw.

"I’m sorry babe, but you’ll have to do better than that!" called Kevin. "Totodile use your
water gun!"

Teddiursa who was standing right in front of Totodile got the full blast of the gushing
water. Teddiursa was sent flying through the air.

"Honey, Rollout!" yelled Joanna. The little bear tucked into a ball while it was in the air
and landed with a bounce and started rolling towards Totodile. Totodile wasn’t expecting
this and was taken out by the spinning Teddiursa. Totodile flopped to the ground eyes
spinning. It shook its head clear and jumped back to its feet. Teddiursa skidded through
the dirt and rolled towards Totodile for it’s second attack.

"Jump Totodile!" called Kevin. Totodile leapt over the oncoming Teddiursa. "Now use
bite attack!" Totodile fell down on the moving Teddiursa, trying to bite it. However it
was spinning too fast and Totodile was flicked away, barging into Kevin. They fell in a
heap, Totodile down and out.

"Yey we did it!" yelled Joanna leaping in the air. Teddiursa ran over and jumped into
Joannas open arms. "Good job Honey!" said Joanna hugging her pokemon.

"Geez that was quick, Totodile return" said Kevin putting his pokemon away. He got to
his feet, brushing himself off.

"Return Honey" said Joanna.

"Okay Joanna" began Kevin smiling. "I kept up my end of the bargain so lets go for a

"Sure thing" she said and she pulled off her top. She then slowly, teasingly pulled off her
jeans. There she was in a dark blue bikini, revealing her perfectly tanned and curved
body. She then walked past him and into the water smiling slyly and beckoning him
towards her. Pidgey took off from his shoulder and perched in a nearby tree. He walked
down to the water and swam out to her. The waded out to the shallows so they could
stand on the bottom, only their torso’s above the water. He reached out and gently pulled
her towards him wrapping his arms around her. She put her hands on his bare chest.
Kevin brushed her cheek with a hand and kissed her. She kissed him back and he could
feel her tongue in his mouth, as it danced with his own. She smelled so good he thought.
They stopped kissing and she rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. He held
her for awhile, kissing her neck until he noticed on the shore, a little yellow pokemon
with big ears rummaging through his bag, scattering things everywhere.

"Hey get out of it!" yelled Kevin.

"What is it!" said Joanna startled, lifting her head from his shoulder.

"That pokemon’s messing with my bag!" said Kevin angrily. "Pidgey go get it!"

Pidgey leapt from the branch and dived at the little yellow pokemon, who cried
"Peee-chu!" and used thundershock, sending a bright yellow bolt of electricity out from
its pink cheeks towards Pidgey. It’s eyes began spinning like it had been dazed.

"Pidgey watch out!" yelled Kevin who had now scrambled up to the shore pulling Joanna
by the hand. Pidgey swooped out of the way and dived down, knocking the pokemon
away from the bag. Kevin picked up his pokedex from the ground and pointed it at the

<Pichu><Tiny Mouse Pokemon>

<This tiny electric pokemon is just a baby so it has not yet perfected the ability of storing
electricity. Don’t be fooled by this pokemon’s cute appearance as it can even zap humans,
sometimes causing paralysis>

"Cool!" said Kevin. "I’m gonna catch it, Pokeball Go!" and he plucked a pokeball from
his belt and threw it at the Pichu who had just risen to its feet and was shaking its head.
The pokeball struck the Pichu and it flew open, sucking the pokemon inside. It snapped
shut and fell to the ground. It rocked one.....twice.....thrice......


"Yeah! Good job Pidgey!" said Kevin and he went over and picked up the pokeball and
clipped it to his belt. Pokemon number three...

"So, where were we" he said turning to see Joanna, who was finished pulling on jeans and
was now slipping on her top.

"What?" said Kevin annoyed. "You leaving already?"

"Sorry babe!" she said slinging her bag over her shoulder. "I have to get going, my
friends are probably wondering where I’ve gone."

Kevin smiled. "Get going then"

She walked over and kissed him. "Thanks for everything"

With one last dazzling smile she was gone.

"Well lets go! Return Pidgey!" and it was sucked into the pokeball by the red beam.
Kevin grabbed all his things, put them in his bag and strapped it to his back. All of a
sudden, Pichu’s pokeball flew open on his belt and Pichu jumped out onto the ground,
looking a bit frazzled.

"Don’t you like it in there?" asked Kevin. Pichu shook his head. "OK jump up!" and
Kevin held out his hand. Pichu looked at Kevin’s hand, smiled, jumped into his palm and
climbed up onto his shoulder.

"Comfortable?" asked Kevin.

"Peechew Peechew!" he said smiling.

With a last look at the waterhole, Kevin trudged back under the cover of the forest.

"Hey I'm Kevin Sun by the way" said Kevin to his new pokemon. "And you know what Pichu,
if it weren't for you, I could have a hot chick on me, instead of a yellow fuzzball..."

Pichu zapped him, and then, a little dazed, laughed at Kevin. It's cute little voice
echoed through the forest.

Dr Skottie
03-09-2004, 11:06 AM
Chapter 5

Kevin walked down the main road of Violet City, the tall buildings rising up into the sky around him. Pichu squeaked excitedly. He came across a sign that read: ‘Violet City: the city of nostalgic scents’. Kevin made his way to the Pokemon center and entered to find Storm just about to leave.

"Hey Storm!" said Kevin. "How ya goin?"

"I’m fine" said Storm. "Check this out!"

He pulled open his vest and pinned to the inside was a silver badge in the shape of a set of wings.

"Is that what I think it is?" said Kevin grinning.

"Yep!" said Storm proudly. "An official Pokemon league badge!"

"Great going Storm!" said Kevin.

"Thanks" said Storm. "Well I’ll see ya ‘round!" and he left the pokemon center.

After getting his pokemon healed and flirting with the beautiful Nurse Joy, Kevin made his way to the Pokemon gym. A few minutes later he arrived outside a tall pink and blue striped building, that spiraled up into the sky. A sign next to the door read:


Leader: Falkner

The Elegant Master of Flying Pokemon

"This must be the Gym" said Kevin. "Ready Pichu?"

Pichu squeaked happily.

They entered through the door and walked down a corridor. At the end of the hall was an elevator which they took to the roof. The elevator hummed and Kevin buzzed with nerves. The doors slid open to reveal an open sky arena. Kevin stepped out onto the roof. On the otherside of the arena stood a boy, about 16 years old, wearing a dark blue robe. His long blue hair fell across the left side of his face.

"Are you Falkner? The gym leader" called Kevin across the expanse that separated them.

"I am" he said. "I wish to be the greatest bird pokemon trainer ever! You are the son of the dragon trainer are you not?"

"Yes I am, my name is Kevin!" called Kevin. "I challenge you to a pokemon match!"

"I accept! Three pokemon each! Lets go Spearow!" and Falkner threw a pokeball onto the arena. It opened and out came a little bird pokemon with a stubby beak. Kevin flipped open his pokedex.

<Spearow><Tiny Bird>

<Don’t let Spearows size fool you. This little bird has a ferocious temper and will fight to the end, even if there is no way it can win>

"OK, I’ll use my bird pokemon! Go Pidgey!" yelled Kevin throwing out Pidgeys pokeball revealing the little bird pokemon.



"Fly!!!" they yelled at the same moment. The two pokemon flew up into the air and displayed some impressive midair acrobatics. They dived, swooped, climbed, banked, pitched both attacking each other, both taking some damage.

"Spearow, now its time for a fury attack!" called Falkner. Spearow tucked in its wings and swooped at Pidgey who banked sharply to the left. Pidgey barrel rolled and extended its wings, soaring up into the air.

"Impressive!" yelled Falkner. "Spearow use Gust attack!"

Spearow began flapping its wings at high speed.

"You too Pidgey!"

Pidgey did the same. They both formed tornadoes and launched them at each other. They hit in the middle causing great blasts of wind to knock them out of the air. They both spiraled out of control and fell to the ground. It was a draw.

"Good job Pidgey, Return!" said Kevin.

"You deserve a good rest, Return" said Falkner returning his wounded pokemon.

"HootHoot Go!" yelled Falkner throwing the ball. The white light transformed into a little owl and it looked like it only had one foot. Kevin looked it up.

<HootHoot><The Owl Pokemon>

<This usually nocturnal pokemon has excellent night vision. With a curious nature, this pokemon always stands on one foot and can identify pokemon, especially ghost type, with its foresight ability>

"OK Pichu, I choose you!" yelled Kevin and Pichu leapt from his shoulder and onto the arena. Kevin was taking a gamble using a pokemon with no experience but he had confidence that Pichu’s electric power would win the round.

"HootHoot, use tackle attack!" ordered Falkner and Hoothoot took flight barging into the little Pichu.

"Come on Pichu, you can do it!" encouraged Kevin. Pichu scrambled to its feet. "OK good job, use your double team!"

All of a sudden, pichu split into five and all of them began scampering around the stadium. Hoothoot, who had risen high above the stadium, didn’t know which tiny mouse to attack. Falkner realized this and had an idea.

"Hoothoot, use foresight!" yelled Falkner. Hoothoot shot red transparent beams, like spotlights, from its eyes down at the pichus. Everytime the red beam fell across one of them they would disappear with a flash. Soon there was only one Pichu left, the real one.

"Ha ha! It worked!" cried Falkner. "Now dive down there and give it a take-down!"

Hoothoot dived down at the little Pichu.

"Pichu Spark!" yelled Kevin and at the last moment, Pichu erupted with electric blue energy shooting out in all directions, zapping the Hoothoot and bringing it to the ground. It struggled back to its feet. Pichu shook its head, dizzy from the attack.

"Pichu finish it with a thundershock!" called Kevin. Pichu balled its little paws into fists and it sparkled before shooting out a bolt of electricity. The attack knocked Hoothoot to the ground, out cold.

"Yeah great job Pichu!" yelled Kevin. "Return!"

Pichu sprinted up and leapt up into Kevin’s arms, giggling hysterically very pleased with itself.

"Return Hoothoot!" said Falkner. "Very good! But can you handle this?" and he threw a pokeball into the middle of the arena. It sprung open revealing a tall pokemon with two heads each sporting long sharp beaks. Once again Kevin checked his pokedex.

<Doduo><Twin Bird Pokemon>

<Doduo can’t fly but they’re are so fast they don’t need to. Doduo leave giant foot prints in the ground. By alternately raising and lowering its two heads, it balances itself to be more stable while it is running>

"OK its your turn, Totodile I choose you!" yelled Kevin releasing the croc from its pokeball.

"Doduo use Extremespeed!" yelled Falkner and all of a sudden Doduo disappeared. It reappeared on the other side of the arena in the blink of an eye right behind Kevin’s pokemon. It kicked Totodile in the back with one of its long legs. It kept doing this, moving around so fast that Totodile couldn’t keep track of it and was taken out again and again.

"Your pokemon can’t take much more of this" taunted Falkner. "Better quit while your ahead!"

Then Kevin had an idea.

"Totodile blast a watergun straight down!" yelled Kevin.

Using the water gun attack, Totodile propelled itself into the air.

"What?" said Falkner disbelieving.

Totodile landed on Doduos back and used bite attack on one of its necks. The other turned and aimed a drill peck at Totodile who leapt nimbly avoiding it easily.

"Totodile use bubble attack!" yelled Kevin and Totodile blasted 5 bubbles at the doduo. Doduo however leapt aside.

"Doduo, Fury attack!" yelled Falkner. Doduo sprinted up to Totodile and began stabbing at Totodile with its sharp beaks. Totodile jumped, ducked and side stepped avoiding the attack.

"Totodile use Watergun!" ordered Kevin.

Water gushed from Totodile’s mouth blasting the Doduo to the ground. It couldn’t get up.

"Doduo Return" muttered Falkner.

"Yeah we did it!" yelled Kevin and ran over and gave Totodile a hug.

"Very well done!" said Falkner smiling. "Your a great trainer and I confer upon you the Zephyr Badge as proof of your victory.

Falkner walked over and gave Kevin a badge, exactly the same as Storm’s.

Kevin undid his necklace and clipped the badge to it and put it back around his neck.

"Good luck on your pokemon journey!" called Falkner as Kevin left the gym. He healed his pokemon at the pokemon center and checked his Pokegear for the map. The next city was Azalea Town where he could get his second badge.

Dr Skottie
03-09-2004, 11:14 AM
Chapter 6

Route 32 was a beautiful valley that funneled down to Union cave in the south. Kevin gazed up at the tall peaks wondering what was up there. He strolled happily down the track, surrounded by grassy fields and rolling hills. It had been about a week now since he had left his home in New Bark and he had already earned one of the eight badges he needed to get into the Johto League Championship. His thoughts were interrupted by a rustle in the grass. He leaned closer to have a look and saw a little green pokemon with a yellow flower on its head. He got out his pokedex:
<Skiploom><Cottonweed Pokemon>

<The evolved form of Hoppip, this grass/flying pokemon spreads its petals to absorb the sunlight and it floats in the air to get closer to the sun itself>

"OK Pichu! I choose you!" sad Kevin. Pichu hopped down from Kevin’s shoulder and eyed its opponent.

"Pichu use a thundershock!" Pichu blasted a electric shock at the skiploom who jumped off the ground avoiding the shock. It floated up and over the Pichu and used a poison powder attack. Pichu scampered out of the way and tried another thundershock. This one was a direct hit.

"Pokeball Go!" and Kevin threw the pokeball. Skiploom was sucked inside. It fell to the ground and rocked again and again and again....

Ping! The pokeball locked.

"Yes! We did it!" said Kevin happily and ran over and picked up the now occupied pokeball. All of a sudden there was a loud grumble from Pichus stomach.

"About time for a bite to eat, hey Pichu?!" Asked Kevin smiling. Pichu nodded and laughed bashfully.

"OK come on out every one!" said Kevin and he threw 3 pokeballs. From inside came Pidgey, feathers shining; Totodile its sharp teeth glistening in the sun and lastly the newly acquired Skiploom. They all sat down and had lunch and then Kevin returned all his pokemon and set off again.

The sun was now heading down below the horizon and the last rays of golden sunshine spread out across the valley casting long black shadows everywhere. Kevin unrolled his sleeping bag and fell asleep.

The next morning he was awoken by a strange buzzing sound and Pichu poking him, looking worried about something. He got up and quickly put everything away all the while the noise getting louder. All of a sudden he could see coming up the hill, a swarm of bug pokemon, long stingers shining in the early morning light. They didn’t look too happy.

"Are those Beedrills?" he said nervously, checking his pokedex.

<Beedrill> <Poison Bee Pokemon>

<The evolved form of Kakuna, this bug pokemon uses its three stingers to poison its prey. Beedrills are very protective of their territory and will attack in swarms>

"I think we better run!" said Kevin and Pichu nodded and scrambled up behind his head. Kevin slowly turned and, taking one last glimpse at the beedrills, ran. He sprinted down the hill as fast as he could the Beedrills slowly gaining. Leaping over fallen trees and skidding down the hillside trying to outrun them but they were too fast. Their stingers flashed in the sunlight.

"I have to think of something!" he said to himself desperately. "I know! Go Skiploom!" and he turned and threw the pokeball. It sprung open revealing the flower pokemon.

"Skiploom, use your sleep powder!" Skiploom floated up and above the beedrill, who were only 10 feet away, and dropped sparkling blue powder on top of the bug pokemon. They slowly closed their eyes and dropped to the ground one by one.

"Yeah we did it!" yelled Kevin stopping to catch his breath.

"That’s one fine Skiploom ya got there!" said a voice. Kevin turned to see a boy, about 11, who was chewing on a stalk of grass. His wide brim straw hat cast his face in partial shadow and an oddish was sitting on his shoulder.

"Thanks!" said Kevin.

"Hey aren’t you the son of the dragon trainer?"

"Yeah thats me!" said Kevin. "My name is Kevin!"

"Sorry, like I was saying, thats a good Skiploom. I’m a grass pokemon trainer and I specialize in training grass pokemon to be the best they can be. How about I trade you my Chikorita I just caught for it?" he asked. "I’ll show you! Come on out Chikorita!"

The boy casually threw the pokeball and out came a little pokemon with a leaf on its head and its red eyes stood out against its green skin. Kevin got out his pokedex.

<Chikorita><The Leaf Pokemon>

<The sweet smelling leaf that grows from its head can be used for the devastating Razor Leaf attack. This particular specimen is from the Violet Valley area where the more tougher and aggressive Chikoritas live>

"Cool!" said Kevin. "But why don’t you want your Chikorita?"

"I’ve already got 3" said the boy.

"Then why did you catch it in the first place?"

"I catch any pokemon I see and ask all the pokemon trainers who pass this way if they want to trade for their grass pokemon. Traded pokemon grow faster so they are easier to train" explained the trainer.

"That makes sense" said Kevin nodding. "Well how do I trade?"

"Come with me" said the boy and they walked down the hill and Kevin could see a cave in the distance. Next to the cave was a little pokemon center. The boy led Kevin inside and over to a machine.

"It’s a trading machine" explained the boy. "I just put my pokemon here" he placed the pokeball containing Chikorita in a slot, "and you put your pokemon there" and Kevin placed Skiploom’s pokeball into another slot.

"Now I just press this button and the trade begins" and he pushed a red button. The pokeballs were sucked up into a tube and into the machine. The silhouettes of the two pokemon crossed eachother on the screen and the fell down into the opposite slots that they began in.

"And the trade is complete! Thanks!" said the trainer and he shook Kevin’s hand and walked out of the center. Kevin clipped his new Chikorita’s pokeball onto his belt and walked out of the center towards the entrance of Union Cave.

Dr Skottie
03-09-2004, 11:18 AM
Chapter 7

As Kevin entered the cave he realized that the cave walls were lined with flickering torches, the fire light dancing across the cave floor. It looked like a huge cavern and he could here the ripples of an underground lake not far away. He followed the torchlight, Pichu on his shoulder, around the dark water and continued into a tunnel. He could hear the screeches of the bat pokemon, Zubat, echoing throughout the cave as he made his way down rough stone steps that had been carved out of the cave itself. He made his way into a smaller tunnel and it was here the torches, and therefore light, ended.
"Pichu, do you think you could do the flash technique?" asked Kevin turning to his little friend. Pichu nodded. Little sparks of energy leapt from Pichus electric pouches and then Pichu began to glow with little static bolts of electricity swirling around it, giving off enough light for Kevin to continue. With Pichu glowing on Kevin’s shoulder he made his way down the tunnel. He realised that it was getting considerably warmer...

All of a sudden the cave floor collapsed and Kevin was sent tumbling down through the opening. He reached out for something to grab and his left hand found and held onto a ledge. Pichu kept falling however and Kevin quickly reached out and grabbed Pichu by the tail before it was to late. As he looked down to see if Pichu was alright he realised where he was. Twenty feet below him was a cavern filled with bright red bubbling lava and the heat was almost unbearable. He pulled Pichu up and onto the ledge and began to pull himself up when the rock he was holding onto began to crumble.

"The heat must have weakened the rock" he thought to himself panicking. "If I try to pull myself up, the rock could give way and then...." he couldn’t bare the thought.

Was this it? Was he gonna burn alive in a great pool of lava? Kevin had to think of something...

"Hang on a mate, I got you!" said a deep voice and then Kevin realised he was being pulled up onto the ledge almost effortlessly by a pair of great big hairy arms. He looked up to see a great round face with little black eyes and a great big bushy beard smiling down at him as he was carefully put down away from the ledge against the cavern wall. Pichu ran over and Kevin hugged the little mouse glad it was okay.

"Gee that was a close one!" said the fat man who towered over Kevin. He was wearing hiking gear and his great big belly hung over his belt. "Lucky I was here trainig my pokemon or I wouldn’thave been able to save you!"

Kevin couldn’t believe his luck.

"Thankyou sir!" he said very greatfully.

"Ahh cut that sir stuff, you can call me Cliff" he said sitting down next to Kevin. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah I think so" said Kevin shaking a bit. He looked at his rescuer smiling. "My names Kevin Sun"

"Kevin Sun?"said the man surprised. "The Kevin Sun, the son of the dragon trainer?"

"Yeah thats me!" said Kevin also surprised that the man new his name.

"Wow!" said the man laughing. "I rescued Kevin Sun! Do you think I could have your autograph?"

Kevin laughed. "I’m not that special!"

"Oh but you will be!" said the man grinnig happily. " If your even half the man your father is, you will be, I know it!"

Kevin smiled. He decided he liked this man very much. He looked around at the rest of the cavern. It was enormous and roughly circular in shape. The ground they were sitting on made its way around one half of the cavern in the shape of a crescent. A tunnel led off into the darkness. The rest of the cave was filled with lava and little islands dotted the boiling mass. A shape leapt from one of the closer islands and made it way over here. It was blue and yellow and sparkling fire was flickering on its head, like a moehawk, and fire also came from its tail end aswell.

"Come here ‘Blaze’" called Cliff beckoning for his pokemon to come closer. Kevin got out his pokedex.

<Quilava><The Fire Pokemon>

<This firery pokemon is the evolved form of Cyndaquil. It is totally covered in fire proof fur so it can withstand even the hottest of flames. Be careful if this pokemon turns its back to you, it could mean that it is about to attack with the flames on its back>

"Cool" said Kevin.

"You think thats cool, watch this!" said Cliff rising to his feet. Kevin did the same."Blaze lets show Kevin here what you can do!"

And with that Blaze ran and dived into the lava dissappearing from view.

"What the-" began Kevin but then all of a sudden, the quilava leapt from the boiling lava in a shower of glowing embers and landed on one of the islands, lava dripping from its fireproof coat.

"Wow thats amazing!" cried Kevin.

"It helps his coat to be more heat resistant and builds his muscles swimming through the lava!" explained Cliff grinning.

Kevin thought he heard a noise off to his left and turned to see what it was. Lying comfortably on a boulder was a orange lizard. Fire was burning brightly from its tail as it yawned, showing its glittering teeth.

Kevin looked it up in his pokedex.

<Charmander><The Lizard Pokemon>

<This lizardlike fire pokemon loves to live in warm places and enjoys battling others of its kind. It has a flame on the tip of its tail that shows Charmander’s life force. The stronger the flame the stronger the Charmander>

"Alright, I need a fire pokemon, Go Totodile!" yelled Kevin and threw his pokemons pokeball onto the cave floor. It opened and Totodile appeared, spines gleaming.Cliff withdrew to the sidelines as the charmander rose to its feet.

"Totodile scratch attack!"ordered Kevin and Totodile moved over and lashed out at Charmander who reached up and stopped Totodile with one of its own clawed hands. It then spun around, using a tailwhip to knock Totodile off its feet. However Totodile jumped over the lizards tail. The charmander then used an Ember attack, fireing red hot embers at Kevins Pokemon hitting it in the chest knocking it backwards.

"Quick Totodile, get up and use your Watergun!" instructed Kevin and Totodile leapt to its feet and blasted an ice cold jet of water straight at the charmander knocking it down.

"Charmander, your mine!" yelled Kevin and he threw a pokeball striking charmander on the head. It opened sucked charmander inside and snapped shut. Kevin waited for it to lock...


"Totodile return!" said Kevin recalling his water pokemon and he went over and picked up the pokeball containing his new pokemon, Charmander. He clipped it to his belt.

"Well done Kevin!" said Cliff excitedly. "I don’t believe it! I just saw Kevin Sun in action!"

Kevin laughed.

"Its getting a bit hot in here Cliff" he said. "Do you think you can lead me to the Azalea

Town exit?"

"Of course! Sure thing!" said Cliff and led Kevin through the tunnel. With Quilava and Pichu lighting the way, Kevin could see the light of the exit in a few minutes. Exiting the cave Kevin took a deep breath of fresh air and turned to thank Cliff for everything.

"My pleasure!" said Cliff shaking his hand. "I have a feeling we will meet again someday!"

And with a wave goodbye, Kevin continued on his way to Azalea Town.

Dr Skottie
03-11-2004, 09:42 AM
Chapter 8
[FONT=Verdana]Walking through the long grass, surrounded by pine trees, Kevin wondered how long it
was until he got to Azalea Town.

“Hey you there!” yelled a voice and Kevin whirled around to see a beautiful woman with
blue hair, wearing a police uniform. “What are you doing here?”

“Umm I was just passing through” said Kevin a bit scandalised.

“Sure thats what they all say” said the police woman.

“No I promise!” said Kevin. “Here is my ID” and he pressed a button on his pokegear.

<This pokegear belongs to Kevin Sun, 15 years old from New Bark Town>

“Oh I’m sorry” she said looking worried. “You’re the Dragon Trainers boy aren’t you?”

“Yeah thats me” he said. “Whats up? You look worried Miss...”

“Officer Jenny” she replied. “Its the town Slowpoke. A few days ago they were all
reported missing. People are saying its Team Rocket but I’m not sure. Team Rocket
haven’t been around for three years now!”

“Slowpoke...” Kevin thought outloud as he activated his pokedex.

<Slowpoke><The Dopey Pokemon>

<This slow and dopey pokemon is of the water/psychic variety. It takes an average five
seconds for pain to register in its brain. Evolves into Slowbro if Shellder latches onto its

Kevin pulled a face. “It doesn’t sound that special to me”

“To the people of Azalea town it is a sacred pokemon” said Officer Jenny. “400 years ago
the town of Azalea had the worst famine and drought ever recorded. The crops were all
dead and people were getting sick.
“It was the Slowpoke that saved the town” explained Jenny. “They all gathered around
the dried up well and they all yawned. It is said that a slowpokes yawn brings rain and
that is exactly what happened. The town was saved because of the slowpoke. Now the
townsfolk are worried that another drought may come!”

“Well that makes sense” said Kevin thinking about it. A twig snapped in the bushes to his
right. They both turned and saw a figure dressed all in black. The man turned and ran.

“Hey you stop there! This is the police!” yelled Officer Jenny and she and Kevin took
pursuit. The figure ran into the forest and the pair gave chase. Darting between the trees,
losing ground, Kevin had an idea.

“Chikorita, stop that man with your Vinewhip!” yelled Kevin throwing a
pokeball. Out popped Chikorita. She shot out her vines, wrapping them around the mans
legs tripping him over. He fell with a thump and a groan. They ran up and Chikorita
flipped him onto his back revealing a man dressed in black with a crimson red ‘R’ on the
front of his uniform.

“So Team Rocket is back!” said Officer Jenny angrilly. “What have you done with the

“I’ll show you! I’ll show you!” he whimpered. “Just please don’t hurt me!”

“Chikorita, tie up his hands behind him with your vines!” said Kevin. Chikorita did just
that. The Rocket led them out of the forest and Kevin could see the town of Azalea in the
distance. He took them over to a well. A sign nearby said : Slowpoke Well.

“This is it” said the Rocket. “This is the entrance, down the Well.”

“How many pokemon do you have?” Jenny asked Kevin.

“I have five” said Kevin. “Totodile, Pidgey, Pichu, Chikorita and Charmander!”

“Ok come with me!” and she cuffed the man to the side of the well and began to climb
down the ladder in the dried up well. Kevin recalled Chikorita and followed. About 15
meters down, the ladder stopped and he dropped the last three metres into a dark, damp,
stone cavern which was filled with dark murky water. Jenny unclipped a flashlight from
her belt and shone it around the cavern, Kevin and Pichu watching and listening intently.

All of a sudden someone grabbed Kevin from behind and Pichu fell into the water. Kevin
took a glimpse at Jenny. She had been punched in the gut and was on the ground, tears
welling in her eyes, the flashlight rolling away. A teen about Kevin’s age wearing grey
pants, white shirt with a blue jacket. His white hair was spiked up in all directions and
steel knuckles glistening on his fist.

“Ice?” whispered Kevin disbelieving

“That’s right Kevin, I’m back...” he said menacingly, a glint in his eye. This couldn’t be
right! The boy that had gone missing from New Bark Town two years ago had joined
Team Rocket? Kevin remembered back to when he was in school, where he had first met
Ice. No one had known much about him except that he was as evil as sin. He had beat up
little kids until they were a bleeding mess, just for the fun of it and he had walked away
laughing. His real name was Simon Vortex, but as soon as people saw what he was
capable of they began to call him by what his heart was made of... Ice. He had loved the
name. But the one person that Ice had loathed, was Kevin. Everything about him he had

One day though, Ice had just dissapeared. Some people thought he had commited suicide,
others just thought he had commited a hideous crime and had run away. They never found
him and people forgot about him. Just another missing person...Now here he was.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time...” he said brandishing a knife.

Thinking fast, Kevin threw his head back, smacking the guy behind him in the nose
making let go of him. Kevin shot out a high kick at Ice, striking him in the chin, knocking
him into the water.

“Get him!” yelled a man nearby just before he was zapped by Pichu. His order was met
with cries from the darkness and suddenly the cave lit up with great roaring fires.There
were about thirty men, all wearing the rocket uniform, all wearing evil grins. Kevin could
see the slowpoke in a corner, locked in cages. Kevin let out all his pokemon and dashed
over toward Officer Jenny, who had just sat up clutching her stomch and he assumed
battle stance, ready to put his martial art championship skills into action.

The fight began.

Charmander, its eyes reflecting the great fires in the cave, added its own flame as it
blasted down two of the men with a Flamethrower. Pidgey took off and began pecking at
a Rockets face and Pichu zapped a man into paralysis. Chikorita was in the midst of five
men unleashing Vine whips and Razor Leaves in every direction. Totodile stayed near
Kevin, stopping any Rockets sneaking up on him and blasting them to the ground with
watergun attacks.

It was Kevin however who led the attack. Jenny watched in absolute amazement as Kevin
took down one man after another, lashing out with punches, kicks and chops; jumping,
spinning, ducking and side stepping, dodging their attempts to hurt him. But all the effort
he was putting in wasn’t enough and he began to fall back. Two men grabbed pokeballs
from their belts and let out a pair of Machoke.

“Everyone take out those Machoke I’ll take out the rest!” yelled Kevin to his pokemon,
blood seeping from a cut above his eyebrow. Kevins pokemon banded together and used
their attacks to take out one of the Machoke but they were too worn out to take out the
other. The reamaining Machoke came over and pinned Kevins arms behind his back after
he had knocked two Rockets to the ground. It hurt so much, they felt like they were gonna
break. But Kevin refused to scream or cry, he wouldn’t let the Rockets have that
satisfaction. It seemed to Kevin as he bit his lip in agony, that he was gonna die here, in
the hands of the Rockets when all of a sudden, a bright light dropped down from the well
and Kevin recognised it as an Elekid.Then he heard a familiar voice yell from the top of
the well.

“Elekid! Thundershock!”

It swung its arms and blasted down three of the closest Rockets with a thundershock.
Then Kevin new where the voice had come from as Storm, dropped down the hole and
swung a fist at a Rocket, breaking his nose.

“Elekid, Thunderpunch that Machoke!” yelled Storm as he jump kicked a man with a
goatee. Elekid ran and punched Machoke in the cheek, electricity flying from its fist.

Kevin scrambled free and realized that his pokemon too had been put into cages
alongside the slowpoke. It was then Kevin heard the sirens overhead and he turned to see
Jenny sitting in the corner with her walkie-talkie in her hand. She smiled at him
reasuringly. They were going to be saved.

“It’s the cops!” yelled Ice. His snow white hair glistened in the firelight and bright red
blood dripped from his mouth. The Rockets began to hurry around the room, ignoring
anyone else, as they gathered up the cages full of pokemon.

“Oh no you don’t your not taking my pokemon!” yelled Kevin and he shot the red
recalling beams from his pokeballs. They sped between the bars and recalled all of
Kevins pokemon. Pichu jumped out straight away and huddled in Kevins arms.

It was then the police dropped down through the hole with a K-9 squad of growlithes,
teeth bared in a growl. Since most of the Rockets were either out cold or in no shape to
fight, they gave up without a fight.

All but one. The teen with the white hair swung a dagger at Kevins chest, slashing
through the fabric, soaking it with blood. Pichu fell away from Kevin as he fell to the
ground clutching his chest. Storm dashed over and lashed out at the Ice’s face, who
dodged it. Then Ice swiped at him with the knife slicing him on the left shoulder. Storm
winced and then knocked the knife from Ice’s hand with a chop. The teen breathed
heavily and spoke.

“My name is Ice, a Team Rocket Elite and you will regret this day! I will kill you, son of
the dragon trainer!” and with that he ran into the darkness and splashed into the water
disappearing from view.

Storm recalled his Elekid, helped Kevin to his feet and led him out of the well. He was
placed in an Ambulance and rushed to the Azalea Town Hospital. Kevin blacked out.

Dr Skottie
03-11-2004, 09:47 AM
* * *

Kevin awoke in a hospital bed, staring up at the light blue ceiling. His muscles ached
dully, and there was a stinging sensation on his chest. Kevin turned his head to see
Officer Jenny, Storm and an old man with a white beard.

“How are you feeling” asked Storm.

“A bit sore, but I’ll be fine” said Kevin.

“You were amazing” said Jenny smiling. “You were so brave!”

“Thanks” said Kevin sitting up. The white sheet fell off him and Kevin looked down to
see he wasn’t wearing a shirt. A 5 inch scar that ran from his left shoulder to his belly
button, striped his chest.

“My name is Kurt” said the old man. “And I thankyou on behalf of the whole town for
helping to save our precious Slowpoke. The towns people have asked me to give you
these” and he handed him what looked like two pokeballs. One was bright orange, had
two yellow cicles on the side and a yellow zig zag on the top; the other was a deep green
and had a red patch on the top. Kevin gazed at them intently.

“These are my custom pokeballs. The orange is a Fast Ball which is used for catching fast
pokemon; the other is a Lure Ball for catching water pokemon. Use them well!”

“Thanks a lot!” said Kevin putting them on his bedside table.

“That is one wicked scar!” said Storm smiling, upper arm bandaged in white linen.

“I kind a like it!” said Kevin grinning. “Are my pokemon okay?”

“They’re fine” replied Officer Jenny. “They are at the pokemon centre ready to be picked

A few hours later, Kevin had picked up his pokemon and was sleeping in a comfortable
bed at Kurts house. His dreams began with him winning the badge that he was gonna try
to get the next day. But his dreams turned into nightmares of Ice, his new mortal enemy, grinning evily, knife flashing in his hand...

Dr Skottie
03-11-2004, 09:50 AM
Chapter 9

>>>Author’s Note: Since Kevins T-shirt was slashed by the blade, he got himself a new
shirt. It’s a blood red button up shirt with a yin yang symbol on his left side.<<<

In the afternoon, Kevin strolled down the road towrds the Azalea Town Gym, Pichu on
his shoulder, dark storm clouds billowing overhead. Kevin arrived outside the glass dome
gym and saw a sign. It read:

Azalea Pokemon Gym
Leader: Bugsy: The Walking Bug Pokemon Encyclopedia

“Well, lets go” said Kevin taking a deep breath and he pushed open the heavy double
doors. It seemed he had walked into a jungle, vines hanging from trees. It was very dark
as it was about to rain and the canopy of trees blocked out a lot of light. He walked
carefully through the dense foliage, brushing cobwebs away from his face. A lighting bolt
streaked across the sky and it began to rain, the water droplets thundering down on the
glass dome ceiling. Bright flood lights flicked on, lighting up the green house, and Kevin
could see he was standing in a clearing with a huge oak tree growing in the centre, great
branches spreading throughout the gym.

“Who goes there? called a voice from the tree above.

“I’m Kevin Sun from the town of New Bark!” said Kevin to the tree top. “I’m here to
challenge the Gym Leader and win myself a badge!”

“Challenge accepted!” yelled the voice and a boy, about 12, dropped to ground from out
of the tree. He was wearing, khaki shorts and shirt and his dark purple hair stuck out in all

“For I am Bugsy, the leader of this gym” he continued. “Lets get started! Three pokemon
each! Go Heracross!” and his pokemon leapt from the ball. It was a blue bug, about five
feet tall and had a great big horn protruding from its head.

Kevin got out his pokedex:

<Heracross> <Singlehorn Pokemon>

<This fighting/bug pokemon has a two pronged horn that it uses to throw its enemys. This
pokemon is usually docile but is a very strong and should be approached with caution>

“Fine with me! Go Charmander!” yelled Kevin and threw the pokeball onto the field. He
figured that because fire had an advantage against bug type he had a good chance of
winning. Charmander leapt from the pokeball, swishing its tail, heating up the air around

“Heracross! Tackle!” yelled Bugsy and his pokemon charged at Charmander striking it in
the stomach.

“Charmander use Ember!” yelled Kevin and shot out fire and brimstone, striking it in the
face. It shook the ashes from its face, hurt but still able to fight.

“Heracross! Use Megapunch!” ordered Bugsy and Heracross swung at Charmander with a
clawed fist. Charmander ducked under it and rammed its head into the bugs underbelly in
a headbutt attack. Heracross fell backwards.

“Good stuff Charmander!” said Kevin.

“Heracross use Horn Attack!” yelled Bugsy and Heracross flicked open its shell which
revealed buzzing wings and it flew over and rammed its horn into Charmander, knocking
it to the ground.

“Now finish it off with a Seismic Toss!” yelled Bugsy and Heracross thrust its
two-pronged horn under Charmnder, lifted and threw it over its shoulder. Charmander
flew through the air.

“Charmander, somersault and land!” yelled Kevin desperately. “Then use Flamethrower!”

Charmander spun in the air and landed on all fours. It lifted its head and blasted a searing
hot Flamethrower at Heracross. Heracross was sent flying into the trunk of the great tree
and it slumped to the ground.

“Heracross Return!” said Bugsy, recalling his worn out Heracross. “You are very good,
son of The Dragon Trainer.”

“Thanks” said Kevin. “But don’t call me that!”

“Lets see how you do versus... Yanma Go!” called Bugsy sending out a pokeball. It
sprung open revealing a red dragonfly-like-pokemon with big green eyes. Kevin flipped
open his pokedex:
<Yanma> <Clear Wing Pokemon>
<This flying/bug pokemon’s eyes can scan 360 degrees. It can look in all directions to
track its enemys movements. If it flaps its wings hard enough it can cause shock waves
that can shatter glass>

“Ok Charmander use ember!” said Kevin and Charmander blasted red hot embers at

“Yanma, whirlwind!” yelled Bugsy. The Yanma flapped its wings, blowing the embers
back into Charmanders face, knocking to the ground.

“Finish it off with a Sonicboom!” ordered the gym leader and Yanma flapped its wings at
an incredible pace. All of a sudden the was a huge bang and Charmander was sent
skidding through dirt. Its tail-fire was very low.

“Good work Charmander, Return!” said Kevin returning his pokemon. Pichu squeaked as
if to say it was ready for battle.

“No Pichu its not your turn” he said and he unclipped a pokeball from his belt and
through it onto the arena. It opened and out came...

“A Chikorita?” said Bugsy doubtfully. “Don’t you know that grass pokemon are weak
versus bug? You don’t have chance!”

“Type isn’t everything you know! Chikorita Razor leaf!” ordered Kevin. Chikorita spun
its head leaf like a propellar and shot out three razor sharp leaves at Yanma.

“Yanma, use agility!” yelled Bugsy and Yanma dodged the leaves with ease. It then began
zipping all over the stadium at incredible speeds.

“Go on!” taunted Bugsy. “Hit my pokemon, if you can!”

Kevin ground his teeth. “Chikorita, try another Razor leaf!” Chikorita swung its head leaf
again sending sharp leaves at Yanma but the dragonfly pokemon just dodged them aswell.
Then Kevin had an idea.

“Chikorita use Sweetscent!” A pink vapour wafted from Chikoritas leaf and up into the
air filling the arena. Yanma, entoxicated by the smell, slowed down considerably.

“Now use your Vinewhip to wrap around Yanma!” said Kevin smiling and Chikorita shot
out two vines and wrapped them around Yanma, trapping its wings. Unable to fly it
couldn’t escape the grass pokemon’s grip.

“Now use slam attack!”ordered Kevin. Lightning flashed over head. Chikorita swung its
vines and slammed Yanma into the ground.

“Clever, quite clever” Bugsy muttered to himself, recalling his pokemon. He threw out a
pokeball and it opened revealing a beautiful butterfly pokemon with blue wings. Kevin
looked it up.

<Butterfree> <The Butterfly Pokemon>
<This bug pokemon is the fully evolved form of Caterpie. It flaps its wings very fast,
filling the air with toxic dust such as Sleep powder, to put an enemy to sleep, and
Stunspore which paralyses>

“Butterfree, use tackle!” yelled Bugsy and Butterfree swooped down and rammed into

“Chikorita use Vinewhip!” ordered Kevin and Chikorita lashed out with its vines, striking
the bug pokemon. It recovered quickly.

“Now use Confusion!” yelled Bugsy. The room went dark, even though the bright lights
were still on. It seemed that Butterfree was sucking the light out of the gym and into
itself. Rainbow patterns began to trace themselves around Butterfrees wings. It was so
bright that Kevin had to shield his eyes. All of a sudden there was a blinding flash and
Chikorita was out cold. The room returned to normal as Kevin returned his Chikorita and
chose his last pokemon.

“Pidgey I choose you!” yelled Kevin and he released his bird pokemon out onto the arena.

“Pidgey Gust attack!” Pidgey flapped its wings, sending strong winds towards butterfree.

“You to Butterfree!” yelled Bugsy and the bug pokemon flapped its wings aswell,
blasting a gust of wind at Pidgey. Butterfree, being the bigger of the two pokemon and
having the stronger gust attack, blew Pidgey out of the air. It crashed to the ground.

“Your little Pidgey is no match for my butterfree!” taunted Bugsy as Butterfree hovered
in the air.

“Come on you can do it Pidgey” said Kevin to his pokemon. “Your my only chance to
beat him. Do it for me Pidgey, we need that badge!”

Lightning flashed as Pidgey rose to its feet. It chirped loudly, and in a flash of light began
to evolve. It turned into a white substance and grew in size and in a few seconds there
stood a Pidgeotto. The clouds parted revealing the sun. It spread its wings and its
feathered crest shone pink and its tail feathers were pink and yellow. Its sharp beak
glinted in the sunlight.

“All right!” said Kevin disbelieving. The first pokemon he had ever caught had just
evolved right before his eyes. “There is no way I can lose now!”

“We’ll just see about that!” said Bugsy. “Butterfree Tackle!”

Dr Skottie
03-11-2004, 09:51 AM
Butterfree dived down at the newly evolved pokemon.

“Agility!” yelled Kevin ang Pidgeotto dissapeared in the blink of an eye and reappeared
on the otherside of the arena. Butterfree tried again and again but Pidgeotto was too fast
for the bug pokemon.

“Your pokemon won’t be able to escape if its asleep!” called Bugsy. “Butterfree use sleep

With one flap of its wing it shot out blue sparkling dust at Pidgeotto.

“Quick Pidgeotto! Use Whirlwind!” ordered Kevin and Pidgeotto caused a great rush of
wind with a few flaps of its wings. The attack blew Sleep powder back at Butterfree.
Butterfrees eyes began to droop and it fell out of the air. It fell to the ground, out cold.

“Yeah we win!” yelled Kevin jumping in the air, Pichu trying not to fall off his shoulder.
Pidgeotto flew in circles around the arena, calling happily.

“Butterfree return!” said Bugsy, a bit downcast, recalling his sleeping pokemon. “That
was a great match Kevin.”

Bugsy walked over to him.

“Here is the Hive Badge to prove your skills as a pokemon trainer.” Kevin took the badge
and held it up to the sun. It was round and looked like a red bug with with three spots on

“Thanks” said Kevin, clipping it to his silver necklace along side his Zephyr Badge.

They shook hands and Kevin recalled his new pokemon. He left the gym and found Storm

“Hey Storm! I just won the Hive Badge” said Kevin smiling.

“Cool!” he replied. “I’m gonna go challenge him now!”

“Good luck!” said Kevin shaking Storms hand and with a wave goodbye, he left Storm
and Azalea town behind, and continuing on his pokemon journey, he headed towards Ilex

Dr Skottie
03-11-2004, 10:13 AM
Chapter 10

Ilex forest was a dark and dank place and Kevin walked carefully along the path, Pichu on
his shoulder. The canopy was so thick that the sunlight couldn’t penetrate to the forest
floor. It was unnaturally quiet and Kevin shivered in the darkness. His stomach was
complaining so he turned to Pichu.

“You think we should stop?” he asked his little pokemon. Pichu nodded and squeaked
hungrilly. He unstrapped his bag and rested against a tree. He let out Chikorita and
Totodile to help gather some firewood. Once he had amassed enough wood he released
Charmander from its pokeball and told it to use an ember on it. Kevin let out Pidgeotto to
fan the embers and soon they were all sitting in front of a crackling fire and they cast
flickering shadows on the surrounding trees.

Kevin undid his fathers necklace and showed it to his pokemon.

“Look guys!” he said beaming at them. “We only need 6 more badges until we can enter
the pokemon league!”

His pokemon squeaked, chirped and growled happily.

“I couldn’t have done this without you! You are the best pokemon a guy could ever

All the pokemon gathered around him, hugging him to show they loved their trainer.

“Thanks you guys!” he said and he placed his necklace on a nearby rock, Zephyr and
Hive badges shining in the fire light, so they all could admire it. They had a flame grilled
lunch and sat back and relaxed, enjoying each others company. With food in their bellys
and a cozy fire, all of Kevin’s pokemon nodded off one by one. Kevin thought about
things as he looked around at his sleeping pokemon.

“I only have five pokemon” he thought to himself closing his eyes. “Most trainers usually
have at least six pokemon before they get their first badge. I need to catch another...”

He opened his eyes to admire his badges. They weren’t there.

“Oh damn it!” he said flicking his eyes across the campsite. They were nowhere to be
seen! All that hard work for nothing he thought. But then he saw them. A hand was
dangling from the canopy and hanging from a finger, was his necklace.

“Hey give it here!” yelled Kevin.

A round purple face with a big grin protuded from the foliage and laughed at him.

“Its a pokemon!” said Kevin excitedly as he flipped open his pokedex. The pokemon
continued to pull faces as the mechanical voice spoke:

<Aipom> <Long Tail Pokemon>

<This playful pokemon lives in the tops of very tall trees. When leaping from branch to
branch, it deftly uses its amazing tail as an extra limb, helping to move quickly through
the trees. Has been known to steal things from people>

“You little thief!” Kevin taunted. “I’m gonna catch you!”

Aipom laughed at his threat, leapt to the lower branches and ran. Kevin ran after it,
leaving his pokemon by the fire. The monkey pokemon leapt from one branch to another,
the necklace swinging on its tail. Kevin sprinted after it, pulse racing, as he struggled to
keep up with the pokemon. He was beginning to lose ground, the aipom getting further in
front. Then Kevin had an idea.

“Fast Ball Go!” he yelled, plucking the orange and yellow ball from his belt and hurling it
at the purple pokemon. The fast ball sped towards Aipom. It struck aipom on the back of
the head and opened to suck the pokemon inside as a red energy. The necklace and the
fast ball fell to the ground and Kevin ran over and picked up his fathers necklace. He
turned and saw the Fast Ball rock from side to side, the aipom trying to escape...

Ping! The ball locked.

“Yeah I did it!” said Kevin triumphantly and he clipped the ball to his belt. He made his
way back to camp.

Dr Skottie
03-11-2004, 10:15 AM
When he arrived his pokemon were all looking confused.

“Its okay guys!” he said happily. “We have a new friend! Come on out Aipom!”

Kevin held out the fastball and it opened. White energy leapt out and formed into a
smiling Aipom.

“Aipom, this is Totodile, Pichu, Pidgeotto, Charmander and Chikorita!” said Kevin
pointing to each pokemon in turn. “Say hello guys!”

Kevins pokemon squeaked, chirped and growled to Aipom. The monkey pokemon waved
with its tail hand.

After Kevin had given Aipom something to eat, he told Totodile to use water gun on the
fire, dousing the flames. Once Kevin had returned all his pokemon and Pichu was on his
shoulder, he strapped his bag to his back and continued on his way.

He walked for awhile thinking about his latest capture. Kevin was now content. He had
six pokemon.

He continued along , beams of light finding their way through the dense canopy, to
criss-cross the path. He stumbled into a clearing where there was no trees and the sun
beamed down at Kevin in all its brightness. A twig snapped to his left. He whirled around
to see a two headed shadow coming towards him.

“Arghh!!” cried Kevin. Falling over backwards. “A two headed monster!”

“Hahaha!” laughed the monster. “Your an idiot Kevin! Its me!”

“Storm?” said Kevin. The figure stepped out from the trees and into the light. It was
Storm, pale blue hair blowing in the wind, a Hoothoot perched on his right shoulder.

“Hey Kevin!” said Storm laughing, helping Kevin to his feet. “Hows it going?”

“All good” said Kevin, brushing himself off,” I just caught my sixth pokemon; an
Aipom” he replied proudly.

“Six?” said Storm disbelieving. “I just caught this Hoothoot and shes my seventeenth!”

“You have seventeen pokemon?” said Kevin surprised and annoyed.

“Yeah” said Storm acting as though it was not a big deal. “Hey why don’t I show you a
few in a battle?”

“You’re on! Three pokemon each!”said Kevin. “Go Pidgeotto!”

“Fine with me, Meowth I choose you!” yelled Storm. The two pokeballs flew towards
each other, opened and released the pokemon. The cat pokemon Meowth drew its claws
and Pidgeotto soared up into the sky.

“Pidgeotto gust attack!” called Kevin to the sky. Pidgeotto flapped its wings blasting a
mini tornado at the meowth.

“Meowth Endure!” ordered Storm. Meowth dug its claws into the ground and the gust
attack whipped past causing little damage.

“Pidgeotto! Dive down and use quick attack!” yelled Kevin and Pidgeotto tucked in its
wing and plummetted towards the cat pokemon.

“Meowth Jump!” yelled Storm and at the last second, meowth leapt over Pidgeotto, out of
harms way. “Now use swift attack!”

Meoth conjured up little yellow stars in its paws and it hurled them up in the air. The stars
streaked across the sky, striking Pidgeotto. It was hurt but still able to do battle.

“Pidgeotto, dive again!” ordered Kevin and Pidgeotto spiralled towards meowth.

“Meowth, use payday!” yelled Storm. Meowth began blasting out golden coins from it’s
charm towards the diving Pidgeotto. Kevin’s bird pokemon swooped between the coins
and streaked towards Meowth. Pidgeotto struck the cat pokemon, blasting it to the
ground. It rolled away, eyes spinning.

“Meowth return!” said Storm recalling his fainted pokemon. “Was that the Pidgey you
used against me the first time we battled?”

“Sure is!” said Kevin proudly. “It evolved when I battled against Bugsy!”

“You’ve trained it well, but it won’t be able to defeat...Elekid Go!” he said hurling a
pokeball onto the field. It opened revealing an Elekid, the same Elekid that had saved
Kevins life in Slowpoke Well. An image of Ice appeared in Kevins head. He rubbed his
scar beneath his shirt, remembering the Rockets words... ‘I will kill you Son of the
Dragon trainer’.....

Kevin shivered. Storms voice brought him back to the present.

“Elekid use Thundershock!” yelled storm and Elekid rotated its arms, built up enough
electricity, and unleashed the attack towards Pidgeotto.

“Pidgeotto Agility!” yelled Kevin and Pidgeotto dissappeared in a flash and reappeared
behind Elekid.

“Use Peck attack Pidgeotto” yelled Kevin and the bird pokemon plunged its beak into
Elekids back. Elekid cried out in pain.

“Spin around and use thunderpunch!” ordered Storm and Elekid spun and punched
Pidgeotto in the gut, electricity flying from its fist. Pidgeotto fell to the ground in a
crumpled mass of feathers.

“Pidgeotto Return!” said Kevin and he plucked a pokeball from his belt. “Chikorita Go!”

Chikorita leapt from the pokeball, red eyes glistening.

“Elekid, Quick attack!” yelled Storm. Elekid dashed towards Chikorita, head down,
ramming Chikorita down.

“Chikorita Razor Leaf!” ordered Kevin and Chikorita spun the leaf on its head, firing
razor edged leaves at Elekid. The leaves slashed Elekid as they darted towards it. Elekid
fell to the ground.

“Quick Chikorita, use Vine whip” yelled Kevin grinning. “Wrap your vines around it!”

Chikorita shot out its vines from its neck, wrapping them around Elekid’s middle. It then
lifted Elekid in the air and slammed it into the ground, again and again. Storm had to
think fast or he was going to lose this round. An idea popped into his head.

“Elekid Thundershock!” he yelled and his pokemon blasted out electricity. It travelled
through Chikorita’s vines like they were wires, zapping Chikorita into paralysis. All of its
energy gone, Elekid fainted.

“Chikorita return!” said Kevin returning his grass pokemon.

“Elekid return!” said Storm, recalling his pokemon.

“This is it!” said Kevin. “Last round, I choose you...Aipom!”

Kevin threw out the fast ball. It opened and white light gushed out, forming into the little
monkey pokemon. It grinned cheekily, bouncing on its three fingered tail.

“Ok, go Houndour!” yelled Storm hurling a pokeball onto the field. It opened revealing
the dog pokemon. Its black coat shone and its teeth glittered. It was in real good
condition. Kevin had heard that Houdour were pretty tough so he checked his pokedex:

<Houndour> <The Dark Pokemon>

<This ferocious, Fire/Dark pokemon is very intelligent. As it is a pack hunter, it uses
howls and barks while hunting to know the location of others of its kind so it can easily
circle and trap its prey. Approach with extreme caution>

“Be careful Aipom” said Kevin. The little monkey nodded.

“Houndour Ember!” yelled Storm. Houdour reared its head back and breathed out
burning ashes at Aipom. Aipom used its tail like a spring and leapt away from the attack.

“Give it a Headbutt!” yelled Kevin. Aipom dived at Houndour striking it on the head with
its own. Houndour fell back on to its hind legs. Aipom, being young, fell backwards also,
dazed from the attack.

“Houndour Flamethrower!” ordered Storm. Houndours howl echoed through the forest as
it unleashed its Flamethrower sending a blast of flames at Aipom. The monkey pokemon
only just managed to evade the attack.

“Aipom doubleslap!” yelled Kevin and Aipom darted over and slapped Houndour across
the face with its tail three times. The Houndour clamped its jaws down on the monkeys
tail. Aipom squealed and jumped away from the wolf pokemon. Aipoms eyes flashed
menacingly as it drew back its fist. Its hand glowed with a white light and Aipom swung
its fist at Houndours jaw. The dog pokemon was sent soaring through the air and fell
heavily to the ground. It was out cold.

“Yeah we won!”cheered Kevin. “Aipom return!” and he returned his grinning pokemon.
Storm returned his pokemon and approached Kevin.

“That was great” said Storm and he shook Kevins hand. Pichu and Hoothoot waved at
eachother. “I’ll beat you yet!” said Storm and he turned and walked into the forest out of

Kevin looked up at the sun beaming down on him, took a deep breath and strolled back
into the cover of the trees.

Dr Skottie
03-11-2004, 10:19 AM
Chapter 11

Emerging from Ilex Forest, Kevin gazed out at the rolling hills, breathing the fresh
morning air. It felt good to be out of the dingy forest and Kevin smiled up at the sun.

“Pichu Pichu” said the pokemon on his shoulder as it pointed at something.

“What is it?” said Kevin, following Pichu’s gaze. There, nestled on a hilltop was a cozy
wooden cottage painted white with a red roof.

“Lets go take a look shall we?” said Kevin and he began to hike up the hill. Once he
reached the top he noticed a garden out the front of the house which reminded him of
home. He suddenly realised how much he missed his blonde haired mother and her loving
smile. He also missed his room with his PC, warm bed, and posters of his favourite
Pokemon League Trainers like Azure Sapphire, Will Scarlet and Lance Sun, hanging on
his wall...

A white picket fence surrounded the garden. Kevin walked over to the gate and realized
there was a sign on it with red writing on it. It read:

Pokemon Daycare Center: Trainers Welcome

We’ll raise your pokemon for you!

“Pokemon Daycare huh?” he said and he opened the gate and strolled up the path to the
house. A Pidgey chirped at him from a perch near the door. He knocked. A few moments
later the door opened, revealing an old woman.Her white hair was pulled back in a bun
and she was wearing a red robe with lotus flowers embroided on it. She looked him up
and down, noticed the pokeballs on his belt and the pichu on his shoulder, smiled and
said “Come in, come in!”

She opened the door wide and Kevin, feeling kinda weird, entered the strangers house.
She ushered him over to a dining table where an old man, with a grey beard and ponytail,
was reading a newspaper. Kevin sat on a nearby stool and the old woman sat next to her
husband. The old man put down his paper and smiled at Kevin.

“Welcome to the Pokemon Daycare” he said, “My name is Dojo and my wife’s name is

“Hi I’m Kevin Sun” he replied nervously, “What do you guys do here?”

“We help trainers raise their pokemon” replied Old Man Dojo. “When a trainer is busy
they can drop off a pokemon for us to look after. They can leave it here for as long as they
want! From a few hours to a few months, we don’t mind. We love all Pokemon.”

“Our home is also open to trainers who need a break from their pokemon journey!” added

“Cool” said Kevin. Pichu nodded.

“Would you like me to show you the pokemon?” asked Old Man Dojo, a glint in his eye.

“Sure!” said Kevin smiling.

Old Man Dojo led him through the house and out the back door. It was an incredible site.
For miles around all Kevin could see were pokemon of almost every variety. There were
Zigzagoons, chasing eachother in the grass; a pair of Machop having an arm wrestle; and
even a giant Snorlax, snoozing in the shade of a tree, just to name a few. The giant
enclosure was full of things for the pokemon to play in, including a sparkling blue lake in
the middle.

“Wow!” said Kevin.

“Impressive isn’t it?” Old Man Dojo chuckled.

“I’ll say!” said Kevin laughing.

“Why don’t you let out your pokemon and let them relax and have fun” said the kind old

“Yeah ok” said Kevin. “Come on out everyone!”

The pokeballs on his belt sprung open revealing his Pokemon.

“Go have some fun guys” said Kevin smiling.

Totodile ran off and dived into the lake; Pidgeotto soared up into the clouds; Aipom
grabbed Pichu with its tail and ran off to play in and amongst a pile of rocks(they had
become fast friends in Ilex Forest); Charmander went over and played with two others of
its kind; and Chikorita trotted over to a patch of wild flowers and slept.

“You have a good team there!” said Old Man Dojo. “They will take you far, but , I doubt
you could become a champion with only six pokemon...”

“Yeah you’re right...” said Kevin.

“You are aware that a trainer can only carry six pokemon around with them at any one
time?” queried Old Man Dojo.

“Yeah...” said Kevin.

“Well, my boy, you can’t catch another pokemon until you assign a holding place for it”
said the old man.

“A holding place is where I keep the rest of my pokemon until I need them right?”

“That’s right” said Old man Dojo. “I saw you compete at the Martial Arts Tournament
and I must say I was impressed. You reminded me of myself when I was your age. I used
to be a Ninja Master myself. Now that I’ve met you I’ve taken a liking to you. Kevin Sun,
I ask that you would let the Pokemon Daycare Center be your holding place and that I,
Old Man Dojo, be your pokemon’s Caretaker.

Kevin smiled up at the old man.

“Old Man Dojo, looking around this place I know you will be the best possible person to
take care of my pokemon. Of course you can.”

“Thankyou very much! Well we better setup the APTPOC System!” said Old Man Dojo.
He turned and walked back inside and led Kevin over to a machine in the corner of the
main room. There was an area where it looked like a pokeball should go and there was a
blank display screen.

“APTPOC?” questioned Kevin.

“It stands for Automatic Pokemon Transfer as at Point Of Capture” said old man Dojo.
“When you capture a pokemon, it will automatically be teleported here.”

“Cool!” said Kevin.

“I’ll just need your pokegear for a minute” said the old man. Kevin unstrapped the silver
pokegear from his wrist and handed it to him. Old Man Dojo inserted it into a slot on the
machine. A picture of Kevin appeared on the display screen. A bar began to fill up at the
bottom of the screen. When it reached 100% a female voice came from the machine.

<Kevin Sun: Pokemon Trainer from New Bark Town age 15, now registered>

“All done” said Old Man Dojo smiling and he handed back the pokegear. Kevin strapped
it back to his wrist. “Kevin, if you wouldn’t mind I’d like to put my martial arts skills to
the test, against you...”

“Are you challenging me to a match?” asked Kevin surprised. He looked the man up and
down. The old man was wearing green fighting robes and a black belt was tied around his
waist. He looked in pretty fair condition for an old man but Kevin was sure that he would
be an easy opponent. “Sir, I don’t know... I don’t want to hurt you...”

The Old man smiled. “Trust me, son of the Dragon Trainer, you won’t.”

Dr Skottie
03-11-2004, 10:22 AM
“Okay...” said Kevin a bit uneasy.

Old Man Dojo led him outside again and took him over to a patch of grass. There was a
white circle on the ground about 5m across. Old Man Dojo kicked off his slippers and
entered the arena. Kevin also kicked off his shoes and slipped off his shirt revealing the 5
inch scar on his chest. He unclipped the pokeballs from his belt and took off his pokegear
before entering the arena.

They both assumed fighter stance. Kevin cautiously approached the old man. He then
lashed out with a fist towards the mans face. Dojo easily caught it and aimed a kick
towards Kevin’s gut. The kick hit home and Kevin reeled backwards holding his
stomach. Kevin’s Pokemon had seen their trainer and gathered around th edge of the
circle along with other pokemon.

“Don’t hold back Kevin!” said the old man smiling. Kevin jumped at Dojo and began
unleashing chops, kicks and punches at the old man. Dojo blocked everyone and swung a
fist at Kevin’s head. Ready this time, Kevin flicked his head to the side before planting a
knee in the old man’s stomach. The man fell backwards, breathing hard.

Using this opportunity Kevin leapt towards Old Man Dojo, aiming a jump kick at his
head. Dojo ducked and Kevin went sailing over his head. Spinning on the spot the man
turned and unleashed a kick at Kevin’s back. Kevin was sent sprawling out of the circle,
losing the match.

Kevin sat up, rubbing his back and looked at the old man, disbelieving.

“But... how?” said Kevin amazed. The man chuckled and extended an arm towards
Kevin. Kevin gratefully accepted and Old Man Dojo helped him to his feet.

“Never judge a book by its cover!” said the old man smiling. “The same rule applies for
pokemon. Just because a pokemon looks weak doesn’t mean it is. Never let your guard

Kevin stayed there for the rest of the day admiring all the pokemon and getting some
martial arts training from Old Man Dojo. At the end of the day he decided to stay the
night and he had a very restful sleep. He left the house promising he would send back a
new pokemon soon. He continued northward scaling a huge hill. When he reached the
peak he gazed down to see the beautiful sea side city of Goldenrod.

Dr Skottie
03-11-2004, 10:34 AM
Chapter 12

Kevin couldn’t believe his eyes. Goldenrod city was enormous! Hundreds of skyscrapers
rose up into the clouds. There were people everywhere going about their business. A
flock of Tailow soared between the buildings over head. Kevin saw a sign. It read:

The Festive City of Opulent Charm

Kevin wandered the streets in search of the Pokemon Gym. Instead he found the
Pokemon center. The doors slid open and Kevin entered into the air conditioned building.

He strolled up to the counter where the beautiful Nurse Joy was waiting.

“Welcome to the Goldenrod Pokemon Center” she said smiling. “How may I help you?”

“Hey Nurse Joy” said Kevin. “My names Kevin Sun. Do you think you could direct me to
the Gym?”

“Your the son of the dragon trainer aren’t you?” she said excitedly.

“Yeah that’s me” replied Kevin.

“Cool!” she answered. “Umm... Just keep following the main road to the otherside of the
city. Cross the railway line and it will be on your right. You can’t miss it.”

All of a sudden a Chansey came bursting through the door, wheeling a stretcher. On it
was an unconscious Growlithe. A girl followed, a worried look on her face.

“Thats the second one today!” said Nurse Joy sadly.

“What happened to it?” asked Kevin.

“Whitney...” she said.

“Who’s that?” said Kevin.

“A very powerful trainer” replied Nurse Joy. “She is also the Leader of the Goldenrod
Gym. No one has beaten her in a long time. Be careful Kevin.”

“I will...”

After getting a checkup on his pokemon he took Nurse Joy’s directions and arrived at the
gym half an hour later. A sign outside said:

The Incredibly Pretty Girl!

He entered into the red and white domed building. Kevin felt like he had stepped inside a
huge garden. Grass spread out in every direction and bright flowers spotted the landscape.
Pichu hopped down from his shoulder to sniff a bright red flower by Kevins feet. Kevin
gazed around. He could see what looked like a greek style parthenon at the far side of the
gym. Thats where Whitney must be, thought Kevin. He called Pichu who leapt up
effortlessly onto his shoulder. He marched toward the building but before he could enter,
two 16yr old girls appeared at the entrance, blocking his way.

They both were beautiful in every way a girl could be. They both had long blonde hair
and were wearing tight blue dresses. Kevin guessed that they were twins and he was right.
The only difference was one had sapphire blue eyes and the other had emerald green.

“Who are you?” said the one with green eyes.

“I’m Kevin Sun from New Bark Town, and yes, I am the son of the dragon trainer...”
sighed Kevin.

“Cool!” she said. “You are so much cuter in real life!”

“Yeah you look fatter on tv...” said the other.

“Right...” said Kevin. “And you foxes are...”

They smiled shyly at him.

“My name is Caitlyn!” said emerald eyes.

“And I’m Alissa!” said the other.

“We are the door guards of the Goldenrod gym!” said Caitlyn smiling.

“No one is allowed to see Whitney until they beat us first!” said Alissa.

“Okay lets get started” said Kevin reaching for a pokeball on his belt.

“Not so fast mister!” said Alissa. “At the goldenrod gym we do things a little different.
Time for a Double match.”

“Double?” queried Kevin.

“It’s a two on two pokemon battle” said Caitlyn smirking. “Four active pokemon on the
arena at once. Think you can handle it?”

“I know I can!” said Kevin smiling. They moved back into the garden, girls on one side
Kevin on the other.

“Ok go Jigglypuff!” yelled Alissa.

“Go Clefairy!” yelled Caitlyn.

Two moon balls flew out onto the arena. They burst open revealing the pink pokemon.

Kevin checked his pokedex

<Jigglypuff> <The Balloon Pokemon>

<This mysterious pokemon can use its sing technique to sing its enemys to sleep. It can
also puff it self up like a balloon>

<Clefairy> <The Fairy Pokemon>

<This exceptionally rare pokemon is said to have magical abilities. Using its Metrenome
ability, anything can happen>

I need two pokemon that can work well together, thought Kevin to himself. I know just
the ones. He plucked the fast ball from his belt.

“Go Aipom!” yelled Kevin and hurled the ball onto the field. It flew open and out came
the little purple monkey.

“You too Pichu!” he said and Pichu leapt from his shoulder.

“Let the battle begin!” said Caitlyn. “Go!”

Jigglypuff and Clefairy charged towards Kevin’s pokemon in a tackle attack. Aipom leapt
nimbly aside followed by Pichu.

“Pichu get clefairy, Aipom stick with Jigglypuff!” ordered Kevin. “Pichu Bite, Aipom
double slap!”

Pichu skitted around behind Clefairy and sunk its teeth into the pink pokemons tail.
Clefairy shook him off and delivered a pound attack to Pichus nose. Pichu fell backwards.
Meanwhile Aipom was slapping Jigglypuff around with its tail hand. Jigglypuff glared at
Aipom and blew itself up like a balloon and began using its own double slap attack on

“Aipom send Jigglypuff soaring with a megapunch!” ordered Kevin. Aipom drew back a
sparkling fist and lashed out at Jigglypuff, sending into the air. Jigglypuff didn’t seem
phased though. It just pumped up like a balloon and gently floated to the ground.

Clefairy now having the upper hand, began to use metronome! It rocked its fingers back
and forth and then suddenly, Clefairy unleashed a sparkling blue Ice Beam!

“Pichu watch out!” called Kevin. Pichu flung itself to the ground, just in time and the Ice
Beam flew past freezing a patch of grass nearby. Before Pichu could attack however,
Clefairy was already halfway through another Metronome, a confident smirk on its face..
Clefairy began to glow a brilliant white and then all of a sudden...


There was a huge explosion! When the smoke cleared there lay Clefairy eyes spinning,
out cold.

“What the...?” cried Caitlyn, Clefairys trainer.

Kevin had already figured out what had happened. “That was Self Destruct!” Kevin
laughed. “Metronome’s attacks are totally random! Unlucky!”

“Thats unfair!” cried Caitlyn falling to the ground.

“Thats life baby!” called Kevin. “Pichu go help Aipom!”

Pichu nodded and ran over to its team mate. Aipom and Jigglypuff had been using hand
to hand combat until Alissa’s pokemon had used its sing technique to make Aipom fall

“Pichu give Aipom a thundershock alarm clock!” yelled Kevin. Pichu abliged and sent
out a bolt of electricity that woke up Aipom in an instant.

“Aipom fling Pichu into the air!” ordered Kevin grinning. He could taste victory! Pichu
leapt into Aipoms tail hand. Then aipom used its tail like a catupult, launching Pichu into
the air.

“Pichu use Thundershock!” yelled Kevin.

“Peeee-chuuuu!” cried the pokemon and blasted a yellow streak of electricity towards
Jigglypuff. The pink pokemon was zapped into paralysis and fell to the ground.

“We did it!!!” cried Kevin.

“Ohhh we lost...” moaned the twins at once.

“You can go on through” sighed Alissa.

Dr Skottie
03-11-2004, 10:36 AM
Kevin congratulated his pokemon and returned them. Taking a deep breath
he walked into the parthenon. Down a flight of ten steps or so Kevin
walked onto a clay arena. He stepped into the trainers box.

Across on the other side of the arena stood a girl. She looked to be a little
shorter than Kevin and looked about 13 years old. Her red hair was tied
back in two pig tails. She was wearing a tight button up,pink and white
shirt and white hotpants. Her bellybutton was showing. The sign outside
was right, thought Kevin. She was pretty sexy.

“I’m Whitney, of the Goldenrod Gym!”she said. “I started collecting
pokemon because all my friends were. Pokemon are so cute!” she said
giggling. “Hey you’re the son of the Dragon Trainer aren’t you?”

Kevin smiled. “Yep my name’s Kevin!”

“Cool!” she said smiling. “My pokemon are cute and strong! Think you
can handle them?”

“Only one way to find out!” said Kevin.

“One on one pokemon battle! Go Miltank!” she cried and hurled a pokeball
onto the arena. It sprung open and out came a pink, cowlike pokemon.
Kevin looked it up.

<Miltank> <The Milk Cow Pokemon>

<The milk of the Miltank is packed with nutrition, making it the ultimate
beverage for the sick or weary. Do not be fooled by its docile appearance as
Miltanks are strong fighters, handle with caution>

“Okay I choose Totodile!” yelled Kevin and he threw a pokeball onto the
field. It opened revealing his beggining pokemon.

“Miltank use your horn attack!” ordered Whitney. Miltank mooed and
charged towards Totodile, horns shining. Totodile leapt from harms way.

“Totodile use your bite!” ordered Kevin. Totodile jumped at Miltank and
bit its long tail. Miltank cried out.

“Miltank! Headbutt!” Miltank turned and delivered the attack sending
Totodile skidding through the dirt.

“Totodile get up and use your Water Gun!” yelled Kevin. Totodile opened
its jaws and a jet of water came gushing out, blasting Miltank to the
ground. “Great going Totodile!”

“Not so fast Kevin, you won’t beat me that easily!” smirked Whitney.
“Miltank recover!”

Miltank began to glow and in a few seconds was in perfect condition.

“Dammit!” said Kevin annoyed. “Totodile use another Watergun!”

Totodile blasted another jet of water, but this time Whitney was ready.
“Miltank Rollout!”

Miltank bunched up into a ball and began spinning, the water gun
rebounding off it. Miltank then began to roll towards Totodile at high

“Totodile aim a water gun at the ground!” called Kevin. Totodile used the
water gun and was propelled into the sky to avoid the rampaging Miltank.
Whitney wasn’t phased at all as she knew Miltank knew just what to do.
Miltank still rolling leapt from the ground, knocking Totodile out of the
air. Totodile fell to the ground badly bruised.

“Come on Totodile get up!” cried Kevin. Totodile struggled to its feet, but
Miltank came rolling towards it. Totodile was sent crashing into the wall. It
slumped against the wall, out of energy.

“Looks like I win!” said Whitney smiled. “Just think I’ve beaten the son of
The Dragon Trainer!”

“My name, is Kevin!” he said defiantly. He then turned his attention to
Totodile. “ Come on Totodile get up. I know you can do it! We need that
badge to get into the pokemon league! Come on Totodile do it for me! You
can do it!”

“Pee Pee Chu” encouraged Pichu.

“Get up Totodile and teach that Miltank a lesson it will never forget!” said

Totodile slowly turned its head and smiled at Kevin...

Then it happened.

There was a flash of light, and Totodile glowed with a white radience.

“He’s evolving...”whispered Kevin.

Totodile got to its feet and began to change shape. The white light doubled
its size and the light vanished. There stood a newly evolved Croconaw. Its
yellow underbelly was covered in blue patches. Its head was addorned with
a red crest and its yellow eyes shone.
It looked ready for round two!

“Oh no...” groaned Whitney.

Kevin checked his pokedex:

<Croconaw> <Big Jaw Pokemon>

<Croconaw the evolved form of Totodile. This savage pokemon has a
monstrous jaw that it uses very well in battle. It always has 48 fangs in its
mouth. It is also an excellent swimmer>

“Aright!” yelled Kevin. “Croconaw use your Rage!”

Croconaw started flashing red and fire flickered in its eyes. It let out a loud
roar and charged at Miltank with the force of a speeding train. Croconaw
plowed into the pink pokemon knocking it to the ground. Then in a rage of
Fury, it unleashed Mega Punches, Scratches and Bites on the poor Miltank.

Croconaw backed away to see Miltank gasping for breath, covered in
bumps and bruises.

“Finish it Croconaw” yelled Kevin smiling. “Watergun!”

Croconaw took in a deep breath and blasted out a huge jet of water, that
blasted Miltank into the concrete wall. The Milk Cow Pokemon slumped to
the ground, eyes spinning.

“Yeah we did it!!!” yelled Kevin jumping in the air. Pichu laughed with
glee. Croconaw came over to his trainer. “You were great Totodile, I mean

“No this can’t be!” cried Whitney tears streaming down her face. “I’m
supposed to win not you!” She glared at him, “You! Get out of my gym

“But I won!” he said defiantly.

“Go away!” she screamed, hugging her pooped out Miltank.

Kevin cursed to himself, returned Croconaw and walked up the stairs.
When he got to the top the twins stopped him.

“Don’t worry about it” said Alissa. “ Whitney always crys when someone
beats her”

“Yeah just go back and ask her nicely for the badge.” agreed Caitlyn.

“Thanks” he said and turned around and approached Whitney.
“What?” she said. “Oh sorry here you go. Heres the Plain badge”
She reached down her blouse (hehehe) and revealed a yellow diamond with
silver edges.

“Thankyou!” said Kevin. He attached it to his necklace, alongside the Hive
Badge. He winked at her, and she smiled. With that he left the gym, Pichu
giggling on his shoulder.

Dr Skottie
03-11-2004, 10:40 AM
Chapter 13

Walking along route 35, Kevins thoughts were distracted by a ring from his Pokegear. He
pressed a button on it and a text message appeared. It read:

Hey Kevin, the Bug Catching contest is on today at the National Park! It’s a great
way to catch a new pokemon! It would be great if I could see you there!
Kevin flicked to the map on his pokegear an realised that it was only ten minutes walk
away. I’m there, thought Kevin.

“Let’s go Pichu!” said Kevin. “Off to the Bug Catching Contest!”

Kevin raced through the forest and arrived at the National Parks gates in no time at all.
There was a big crowd of trainers mingling around the entrance.

“Hey Kevin!” called a voice. Kevin turned to see his rival Storm running up to him. A
Hoothoot was perched on his shoulder.

“Hey Storm wassup?” said Kevin.

“The Bug catchin contest thats what!” said Storm. “I can’t wait! It should be starting

Sure enough, a man with a red cap stepped up onto a small podium. He started speaking
thru a microphone. “Welcome trainers to todays Bug Catching Contest” he began. “The
rules of this contest are simple. Using one of the special Park Balls provided, and using
only one of your own pokemon, catch the best bug you can find. At the end of the contest,
the pokemon you caught will be judged and the winner will win a Sunstone! You also get
to keep the pokemon you caught! Here are the park balls!

Four women began handing all the trainers a parkball each. Kevin looked at his own. It
was green on top and grey on the underside with lime green bug wings coming from the
release/lock button.

“Okay everone through the gates! Leave your packs by the gate along with the pokemon
you are not using.”

Kevin dumped his pack on the ground and removed all but one pokeball from his belt.
“Pichu look after my bag okay?”

“Pee-chuu” it said nodding. Storm dropped his bag and took all his pokeballs off his belt,
leaving himself with the Hoothoot on his shoulder.

“You have twenty minutes until times up! ” said the man. Kevin set his pokegear to count
down from twenty minutes so he’d know how much time he would have left.

“On the gun we’ll begin! Three...”

“I’ll beat you this time” whispered Storm.


“We’ll just see about that”said Kevin grinning.



The trainers raced into the forest. Kevin jogged between the trees on the look out for a
rare bug pokemon. He pressed the button on the remaining pokeball he had. It sprung
open and light gushed onto the ground. It formed into his Charmander, tail swishing back
and forth. Kevin had used his head and realized that Charmanders fire attacks would extra
effective on the bug pokemon.

“Charmander, be on the look out for a rare bug type!” said Kevin. Charmander growled
excitedly. A rustle in the grass behind them caused them to turn. This could be it, thought
Kevin. Out from the grass emerged a....

Caterpie...(Kevin and charmander fall over, anime style)

Kevin continues searching between the trees, through the grass and in the tree tops but to
no avail. Kevin checked his pokegear:

>>7:23 remaining<<

Come on I have to find something soon, thought Kevin.

“Charrr Charrr!” called his pokemon pointing. Kevin looked and saw what he was
waiting for. Between the trees he could see a clearing and meditating on the ground, eyes
closed, he could see...a Scyther!

“This is it” said Kevin to Charmander. They carefully creeped into the clearing. Kevin got
out his pokedex:

<Scyther> <The Mantis Pokemon>

<This terrifying Pokemon is of the Bug/Flying variety. It’s sharp scythes are perfect for
fighting. Add to that its ninja like speed this is one pokemon to avoid if you are a
beginner. Approach with extreme caution>

“Alright with its eyes closed I can catch it easily.” He grabbed the park ball from his belt.
“Scyther, your mine!” he yelled and hurled the green ball at the pokemon. The Scyther
opened one eye and the park ball was sent flying back at Kevin. He caught it in one hand.
“What the...?” he said and his pokedex spoke from his left hand:

<Scythers Slash attack moves too fast for the human eye to see>

“Incredible...”said Kevin smiling. “I gotta catch it! Charmander, you’re up buddy!”
Charmander growled and marched towards the Scyther. The bright green bug pokemon
stood up and faced its opponent.

“Charmander use your ember!”ordered Kevin. Charmander opened its mouth and shot
forth three fireballs. Scyther slashed through them with ease. It then used a quick attack,
smacking Charmander to the ground.

“Quick Charmander get up and use your Flamethower!” called Kevin. Charmander got up
took a deep breath and blasted a stream of fire at it’s opponent. But Scyther used a double
team attack and avoided the Flamethrower.

Now, five images of Scyther surrounded Charmander, who didn’t know which to attack

All of a sudden Charmander roared and turned into a white light, and it began to grow.
The white light faded and there stood a Charmeleon. Its skin was a deep red and its claws
were longer and sharper then before. Kevin couldn’t belive his eyes! His Totodile had
evolved into Croconaw only a few days ago and now this! His pokedex spoke:

<Charmeleon> <The Lizard Pokemon>

<This pokemon is very hot headed by nature, so it constantly seeks opponents. With its
Fire Spin attack charmeleon can attack two to five times in a row before its enemy can

Kevin glimpsed at his pokegear:

>>1:15 remaining<<

“Ok Charmeleon” called Kevin. “Use your fire spin!”

Charmeleon roared and spun on the spot, sending out waves of flame from its tail in all
directions. When the smoke cleared there was the real Scyther lying unconcious at
Charmeleons feet.

>>0:26 remaining<<

“Scyther your mine!” called Kevin as he threw the ball at the pokemon. The parkball
sprung open and the scyther was transformed into red energy that was sucked inside. The
Park Ball snapped shut and fell to the ground.

>>0:08 remaining<<

Kevin waited anxiously for it to lock...


“Yeah we did it!” yelled Kevin jumping in the air. Charmeleon blasted a spout of flame
into the air. “Great going Charmeleon, return!” the red light shot forth from the pokeball
returning the Fire pokemon. The horn sounded from the gate to indicate the game was
over. All the trainers made their way back to the podium. All pokemon that were captured
were placed ino a basket so they could be judged. The judgeing was finished in no time
and the announcer read out the results.

“Here are the results for todays Bug-Catching Contest!” he said. “Placing third is Lucas
Abraham who caught a Butterfree. Placing second is Kevin Sun who caught a splendid
Scyther! Placing first is Storm Craft who caught a Heracross!”

A massive cheer from the crowd as the top three walked up onto the stage. Kevin was
given a pokeball with his new Scyther in it and a ticket to see a performance by the
Kimono Sisters in Ecruteak City. Storm was given his Heracross and a Sunstone. All of a
sudden the pokeball with scyther in it that Kevin was holding in his hands, vanished in a
flash. Kevin realized it had been transported to the pokemon daycare, south of Goldenrod,
and he knew it was in safe hands. After the ceremony Storm approached Kevin, a big grin
on his face.

“Well I finally beat you!” he said.

“Well enjoy it while it lasts!” said Kevin smiling. “You won’t beat me again!”

“It was nice seeing you again!” said Storm and he shook his hand. “’Til next time?”

“Til next time” replied Kevin. “See ya round”

With that they went their seperate ways both on their way to Ecruteak City to earn their
next Johto League badge.

Dr Skottie
03-11-2004, 10:44 AM
Chapter 14

Continuing his Pokemon Journey, Kevin and Pichu look up into the afternoon sky to see a
small flock of Pidgeotto.

“Wow” said Kevin smiling. Pichu squeaked in excitement.

The Pidgotto were swooping in and around eachother, putting on a fantastic show.

“Impressive aren’t they”

Kevin jumped in surprise, and turned to see a middle aged man in khaki uniform, a pair
of binoculars slung around his neck.

“Who are you?” asked Kevin.

“I’m Jack Ravenwild, a Pokemon watcher! And you must be Kevin Sun!”

“Yeah thats me. A pokemon watcher?” asked Kevin.

“A pokemon watcher is like a proffessor in the field. We follow and study different
Pokemon, make sketches and take notes. Its also our job to discover new pokemon
species. I’ve been following this flock of Pidgeotto for sometime now but there seems to
be a problem...”

“A problem?” queried Kevin.

“This flock of Pidgeotto used to be a huge group of fifty or so birds, that migrated
between their nesting grounds on the Whirl Pool Islands and the coast of Fuschia City in
Kanto. But as you can see there is little more than a dozen left. I can’t understand whats
been happening.”

Kevin nodded.

“And the strangest thing is that they’ve only been disappearing in the last week or so!
They retire at sunset to roost in the treetops and I set up camp a few meters away to keep
an eye on them. But in the morning five to ten birds are gone! These last few nights I’ve
been staying up to see whats been happening, but the same thing keeps happening.”

“Whats that?” asked Kevin, beggining to become really interested.

“Well the last thing I can remember is sparkling blue powder wafting through the trees”
Jack said. “And then I always fall asleep... I can’t understand it...”

Kevin nodded. He thought about it for a second and had an idea. He plucked a pokeball
form his belt and opened it. There was a flash of white light and there stood Chikorita.

“Sir, did the powder look anything like this?” asked Kevin and the he directed his
attention to Chikorita. “Chikorita show Jack a Sleep Powder”

“Chiko” she said and exaled. In her breath were little blue glints of light.

“Thats it!” said Jack. “Thats exactly what it looked like. Of course! Its so obvious! But
are you saying that someone’s been putting me to sleep?”

“Thats exactly right” said Kevin solemly. “And while your asleep, they’re stealing the

“This is Terrible!” cried Jack. “Those poor Pidgeotto...”

All of a sudden there was a bird call from the sky. They looked up to see a lone Pidgeotto
flying towards them. It looked seriously beat up. Suddenly it began to fall from the sky,
plummeting out of control. Kevin gasped, and ran towards it. Pichu jumped aside. Kevin
leapt from the ground, catching the wounded pokemon in mid-air. Jack, Pichu and
Chikorita ran over to Kevin. Kevin gently placed the bird on the soft grass. It’s colouring
was darker then a regular Pidgeotto. Its crest was a deep red, its wings were a dark
maroon and its underbelly was a dull pink.

“Quick, spray this on it!” said Jack and handed Kevin a Super Potion. Kevin sprayed the
healing mixture all over the injured Pidgeotto.

“I know this Pidgeotto!” realized Jack. “She’s the Leader of the Flock and one of the first
ones to go missing. I gave her the nickname Scarlet. She must of escaped.”

The potion had done its miracle and the Pidgeotto regained conciousness, although it still
was a bit tired.

“We need to find out where the others are” said Jack, stroking the birds feathers.

“Leave that to me.” said Kevin reaching to his belt. Grabbing a pokeball he said
“Pidgeotto, I choose you.”

A white light revealed Kevin’s own Pidgeotto.

“Pidgeotto ask it what happened” said Kevin. Kevin’s pokemon and Scarlet met eye to
eye and it was love at first sight. Scarlet battered her eyelashes at Pidgeotto, and Pidgeotto
turned bright red.

“Hey look!” said Kevin pointing. “Pidgeottos going red!”

Pidgeotto shook its head to clear its mind and began chirping to Scarlet in an inquisitive
tone. Scarlet nodded and chirped back pointing back to where she had come from with a
wingtip. Pidgeotto began to talk to Kevin.

“Pigdeo-Pidgeo-geotto-Pi-Pidgeotto” it chirped at Kevin who nodded.

“You understand that?” said Jack a doubtful look on his face.

“I think so...” replied Kevin and continued listening to Pidgeotto. Kevin’s eyes widened
and he cursed when Pidgeotto finished.

“What is it? asked Jack.

“We were right.” said Kevin. “The Pidgeotto have been stolen by a teen with white hair,
and if I’m not mistaken, an elite member of Team Rocket”

“Team Rocket?” gasped Jack. “We’ve got to find him!”

Kevin nodded. “Scarlet’s gonna show us”

Scarlet nodded, spread her wings and rose into the air.

“Pidgeotto, stay with her” said Kevin. Pidgeotto nodded and flew up next to Scarlet.

“Let’s go” said Jack. Kevin nodded and returned Chikorita back into her pokeball. They
raced after the two airborne pokemon.

After what seemed to be like fifteen minutes, They found themselves outside a small
warehouse. Standing outside it, leaning against the door was Ice, white hair blowing in
the wind, a smirk on his face. He was wearing a white jacket over a dark blue shirt and a
pair of white boardies.

“Ice...” muttered Kevin.

Dr Skottie
03-11-2004, 10:45 AM
“I had a feeling you’d showup Kevin” he said smiling malevolently.

“Your not wearing a Rocket uniform?” said Kevin surprised.

“Yes I am” said Ice. “This is my personal uniform given to me by Giovanni himself. I
kinda like it, don’t you?”

“What have you done to the Pidgeotto!” yelled Jack.

“All in due time good man” he said confidently. “First I would like to reclaim one of my

He gazed into the sky, sights set on Scarlet. He grabbed what looked like a gun from his
belt aimed and fired. A net blasted from the gun, wrapping itself around Scarlet and
bringing her to the ground. He picked up the bundle from the ground and dumped it at the
door. Kevins Pidgeotto looked like it was ready to peck Ice’s eyes out.

“Kevin, I’ve decided I don’t want to kill you for now” he began turning to Kevin. “But
I’m rather bored. How about a one on one pokemon match? If you win, I’ll give you all
the Pidgeotto. If I win... I’ll kill you. Fair enough?”

“Don’t do it Kevin” whispered Jack. “It’s too dangerous!”

“I’ll be fine” said Kevin smiling. Then to Ice “Your on! Are you gonna use the pokemon
you put Jack to sleep with?”

“What? Venomoth?” asked Ice. “No I have another pokemon in mind” he plucked a
pokeball from his belt. “Lets destroy these weaklings! Go, ‘Wolverine’!”

Ice tossed the ball onto the grass. It sprung open in a flash of light and out came his
pokemon. It’s black coat shone in the sunlight, and it’s pair of twin claws flashed.

Kevin checked his pokedex:

<Sneasel> <The Sharp Claw Pokemon>

<This Dark/Ice Pokemon is vicious by nature and will hide in the shadows before
attacking without warning with its sharp claws. After they reach a certain level they learn
to hover using special powers.>

“Pidgeotto, I choose you!” called Kevin to the sky, where his pokemon began to dive
towards the Sneasel at top speed. It shrieked a battle call and extended its talons aiming a
slash attack at Sneasel.

“Dodge it Wolverine” said Ice arms folded, smirk on his face. Sneasel dissapeared in a
flash and reappeared a few meters away.

“Wolverine, Powdersnow” said Ice confidently. Sneasel took a deep breath and blew out
thousands of freezing snowflakes.

“Pidgeotto use your whirlwind!” called Kevin. Pidgeotto rapidly flapped its wings,
blowing the Powdersnow away.

“Use your Faint attack!” yelled Ice. Sneasel nodded and streaked through the air towards
Pidgeotto. Kevins pokemon braced itself for the attack... but nothing happened. All of a
sudden, Pidgeotto was sliced from behind and it began to fall.

“Pull out of it Pidgeotto!” called Kevin. Pidgeotto strained its muscles and pulled out of
the dive just in time, scraping its underside on the grass. Kevin looked up to see Sneasel
hovering in the air an evil grin on its face.

“What happened?” he said turning to Jack.

“That was Faint attack” the pokemon watcher began. “The user creates an identical image
of itself that attacks from the front, while the real pokemon attacks from behind, putting
its opponent off guard.”

“Well done Wolverine” said Ice.

“Pidgeotto, use Quick attack!” yelled Kevin.

“You too Wolverine!” ordered Ice.

In a flash the two pokemon streaked towards eachother and collided midair. SMACK!
Wolverine fell to the ground with a thud. Pidgeotto had mussed up some feathers and lost
some altitude, but was alright.

“Get up you pathetic weakling!” yelled Ice.

“Wolverine’s trying its best!” called Kevin to Ice in anger. “Cut it some slack!”

“It’s not trying its best, you idiot!” the evil teen called back. “And I didn’t ask for your
opinion. Wolverine use Icywind!”

The dark pokemon got up, narrowed its eyes at its trainer, then turned to Pidgeotto. It
took in a deep breath and breathed out a storm of very fine glittering frost at the bird

“Watch out Pidgeotto!” called Kevin. Pidgeotto dived away from the ice attack and sped
towards Sneasel.

“Wolverine use Faint Attack!” yelled Ice and Sneasel leapt towards Pidgeotto. Kevin
remembered what Jack had said and was ready this time. The false image of Sneasel
dissapeared in a flash.

“Pidgeotto, spin around and use Gust!” cried Kevin. Pidgeotto turned and sure enough
there was Sneasel. Pidgeotto flapped it wings and within an instant had conjured a small
tornado. Sneasel was caught in the swirling wind and was sent crashing in the dirt. It was
out cold.

“Yeah, Alright Pidgeotto!” called Kevin, Pichu grinning ear to ear.

“Useless Pokemon” muttered Ice recalling his Sneasel. “Well Kevin, your life is spared...
for now. Here’s the red one.”he picked up the net containing Scarlet and threw it into the
air towards Kevin.

“Pidgeotto grab it!” ordered Kevin and Pidgeotto swooped at the net, catching it in its
talons. Pidgeotto slowly brought it to the ground. Pidgeotto opened the bag with a well
aimed peck. Scarlet clambered out and snuggled up under Pidgeottos wing. Pidgeotto
cooed softly to her and Scarlet blushed an even deeper red. “Takes after me” thought
Kevin smiling at the couple.

“Sickening...” muttered Ice.

“Here are the rest of them” he said as casually as he could and he pulled open the big
doors of the shed. The entire flock of Pidgeotto erupted from within and soared up into
the sky. It was a beautiful sight. “We’ll meet again son of The Dragon Trainer” said Ice
and he turned away into the forest. Kevin watched him go.

Kevin looked down to see his own Pidgeotto, looking up at him a tear in its eye. Kevin
understood immediately. Pidgeotto was torn between Scarlet and Kevin. Kevin knelt
down beside Pidgeotto, stroked its feathers and smiled.

“Scarlet” said Kevin turning to the bird under Pidgeottos wing. “I want you to take good
care of Pidgeotto for me”

Pidgeotto looked at Kevin in disbelief. Kevin nodded. “Have a great life ol’ buddy. Go
join your new family”

Pidgeotto chirped with joy and rose up into the sky, Scarlet close behind. Pichu began to
cry as it waved goodbye.

“That was a very noble thing you just did Kevin” said Jack putting his hand on Kevin’s
shoulder. “Thanks for everything you’ve done Kevin. I’ll keep an eye on Pidgeotto for

Kevin smiled up at him. “Thanks Jack!”

The pair looked up into the afternoon sky and saw the entire flock of Pidgeotto, sun
reflecting of their feathers, flying off into the distance.

Dr Skottie
03-12-2004, 08:37 AM
Chapter 15

“Are you a pokemon trainer?” called a voice. Kevin turned towards the voice.

“Yeah why?” he said. A girl stood in front of him, a bang of red hair fell across one side
of her face and the rest of her brown hair was tied back in a bun. She had beautiful olive
skin and deep brown eyes. She was gorgeous, thought Kevin as he looked her up and
down, and she knew it. She was wearing a fleecy orange jumper with a hood and tight
blue jeans that showed off her beautiful shape. She looked to be about 13.

“I challenge you to a match!” she said smiling. “One pokemon each!”

“Your on!” he said. “I choose you Aipom!”

He threw out his fastball and it opened. White light poured out of it and formed into
Aipom. Aipom grinned happily, ready to go.

“Okay, Go Eevee!” she said and threw out a pokeball. It opened revealing a little brown
dog like pokemon.

Kevin checked his pokedex:

<Eevee> <The Evolution Pokemon>

<This rare pokemon is very unique as it has unstable DNA. This attribute allows it to
evolve into one of five other pokemon: Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon or Umbreon>

“Interesting” muttered Kevin to himself.

“Eevee use tackle attack!” called the girl and Eevee bounded towards Aipom. Eevee
lauched itself at Aipom but Aipom just bounced it away with a flick of its tail. Aipom
chuckled to itself. Kevin tried to hold back a grin.

“Aipom, show these girls your tackle!” he said and the purple monkey obliged. It sprinted
towards the dog pokemon and collided head on, sending Eevee flying.

“Eevee are you okay?” asked the girl. Eevee struggled to its feet.

“Aipom finish this” said Kevin. “Use your Mega Punch!”

Aipom grinned evilly and drew back a sparkling fist. It lashed out and hit Eevee with
tremendous force, knocking the little pokemon to the ground. It was out cold and the girl
recalled her pokemon into its pokeball.

She looked at him with a smile on her face and said “You’re perfect!”

“Perfect?” said Kevin recalling Aipom.

“Whats your name?” she asked.

“Kevin” he said surprised. Most people already knew his name. “You know... Kevin

She shook her head puzzled.

“The son of The Dragon Trainer?” he asked again.

“Doesn’t ring a bell” she said honestly.

Wow thought Kevin.

“By the way, my name is Bonita, Bonnie for short” she said revealing her beautiful smile
again. Kevin had fallen in love with her smile, even in the short time he had known her.
“And we have to go see my sisters!”

“Sisters?” queried Kevin.

“Yeah, now come on!” she said taking his hand and began pulling him up the hill. They
reached the top and Kevin couldn’t believe his eyes. Looking down he could see a huge
town. Jutting up from above the buildings he could see two towers, one which looked to
be have burned a long time ago. Kevin new exactly which town this was. It was Ecruteak

She led him down the path into the city. Kevin noticed that a lot of the buildings were
very traditional with stylised roofs. They finally stopped at a big building. The property
was huge with gardens, creeks and bridges. They entered through the gates and
approached the building. Kevin could here music coming from within.

“Sounds like my sisters are performing...” Bonita thought aloud. “This way”

She led Kevin, who was still wondering what was going on, around the back . She opened
the door quietly and stepped inside. Kevin followed her in and found himself backstage of
a performance. He could see four beautiful seventeen year old girls, wearing tight silk
robes dancing on stage. OMG, he thought, my dreams have come true...

“Hello... Earth to Kevin...” pestered Boni, waving her hand in front of his face. “They’re
only my sisters”

Kevin nodded and continued to watch.

“Boys...” muttered Boni. The performance ended with a huge applause and whistling fom
the crowd. The crowd filed out of the building until the hall was empty. Bonita
approached her sisters who were sitting on the edge of the stage.

“Hey guys” said Boni.

“Hey sis!” they said happily.

“I found the perfect one!” said Boni excitedly. She dragged Kevin over by the hand. The
touch of her skin on his was electrifying. “His name’s Kevin Sun!”

“Pleased to meet you!” they all said. They introduced themselves.

“I’m Naoko” said the one in red.

“I’m Zuki” said the one in white.

“I’m Kuni” said the girl in blue.

“And I’m Miki!” said the girl in the yellow robe. “Kevin Sun... aren’t you the son of the
Dragon Trainer?”

“Yeah thats me” said Kevin who was now under control from first seeing them. “Why
does Boni think I’m perfect?”

“You mean she didn’t tell you?” asked Zuki.

“Boni, how could you?” asked Naoko, who was the oldest.

“Sorry” she said embarressed. “I was just so thrilled at finding him, I guess I forgot”

Kuni began to explain. “Boni thinks you would be perfect for a traveling companion, and
Boni... you picked well this time...” she said licking her lips.

Boni giggled. “He’d be great! I challenged him to a match and he beat me hands down.
His Aipom is really tough! Besides he’s really nice don’t you think?”

“He looks strong...”said Naoko. “Hey... didn’t you compete in and win the Johto Martial
Arts Championship?”

Kevin nodded.

“That’s good. He would be able to protect her if the need arose” continued Naoko.

“How many badges do you have?” asked Zuki. Kevin showed them the necklace. “Three:
The Zephyr, The Hive and The Plain.”
“Impressive” said Kuni.

Miki spoke up. “Girls, don’t you think we’re forgeting something? Does Kevin actually
want a traveling companion?”

They all looked at Kevin, realising their mistake.

“It’s okay” he said grinning.”Its starting to get lonely by myself. I would love to have
Boni along, it would be great.”

Bonita smiled at him.

“Well there is only one thing left to do” said Zuki. She stood up and faced Kevin. “To
prove your worthy and strong enough to take care of Boni, you have to defeat me and the
girls in a pokemon battle!”

“A pokemon battle?” asked Kevin. “Great!”

“Let’s go out into the garden” said Kuni. She led them outside. “Each of us sisters will
use one pokemon each and you can use four”

“Sounds good” said Kevin. Boni retreated to the sidelines

Dr Skottie
03-12-2004, 09:23 AM
“I’ll go first, I choose you Vaporeon!” said Kuni throwing a lure ball. It opened and out
came a blue dog, with gills and a fish tail. Kevin checked his pokedex:

<Vaporeon><The Bubblejet Pokemon>
<Evolves from Eevee when a Waterstone is used. This clever water pokemon can melt
into water and make itself disapear. Vaporeon likes to live close to rivers and streams>

“A Vaporeon...” thought Kevin to himself. “Pichu your up!”

Pichu nodded and leapt from his shoulder into the arena.

“Pichu use Thundershock!” ordered Kevin.
“Peeeee-Chuuu!” calld the mouse pokemon, shooting electricity from its cheeks at

“Vaporeon, Mirror Coat!” ordered Kuni. Vaporeons skin rippled like liquid steel and the
attack was deflected out of harms way. “Now use your Bubblebeam!”

Vaporeon shot out a jet of rainbow bubbles at Pichu, who only just managed to scramble
out of the way.

“Pichu use Quick attack!” called Kevin. Pichu zipped across the field at high speed
ramming into Vaporeon.

“Vaporeon, get up and use watergun!” ordered Kuni.

“Pichu use agility!” yelled Kevin. Vaporeon shot out a column of water at Pichu, who
jumped clear.

Vaporeon kept blasting out water attempting to hit the yellow mouse. Pichu continued to
avoid danger. Kevin realised, looking at Pichu struggling, that it won’t be able to keep
this up for much longer. He had to think of something...

“Pichu, aim a Thunderbolt at the Watergun!” yelled Kevin. Pichu worked up and released
a great amount of electricity. The Thunderbolt traveled through the water and electrocuted
Vaporeon. The Bubblejet pokemon collapsed on the ground.

“Vaporeon return, “muttered Kuni downcast recalling Vaporeon.

“Yeah great going Pichu!” cried Kevin.

“Peechuupee!” it squeaked.

“My turn now, go Jolteon!” said Miki tossing out a fastball. The orange ball opened
revealing a yellow dog pokemon with spiky fur.

“Let’s see what the pokedex has to say...”thought Kevin activating the database:

<Jolteon> <The Lightning Pokemon>
<Evolves from Eevee when a Thunderstone is used. This Pokemon collects negatively
charged atoms from the atmosphere. It then uses them to crash out 10,000 volts of
lightning. In battle the hairs on Jolteons back turn into needles that it fires at its

“Pichu use Thundershock!” called Kevin. Pichu sent out a streak of lightning. Jolteon
easily avoided it.

“Jolteon, use Sandattack!”ordered Miki. Jolteon turned and kicked up sand into Pichu’s
face, blinding it. “Now use Thunderbolt!” Jolteon howled and blasted out electricity that
knocked Pichu to the ground. It couldn’t get up.

“Pichu are you okay?” asked Kevin, picking up the little mouse. Pichu squeaked softly
and lost conciousness. Kevin put Pichu in its pokeball so it could rest. He would let it out
later. Right now he had to choose another pokemon...

“Chikorita, I choose you!” said Kevin throwing out a pokeball. It opened and out came
the grass pokemon. “Chikorita, use tackle!”

Chikorita nodded and galloped towards Jolteon. Bang! Jolteon skidded through the dirt.

“Jolteon, use Pin Missile!” called Miki. Jolteon barked and its hair stood on end. It shot
out glowing yellow pins, that streaked through the air towards Chikorita.

“Chikorita, use reflect!” yelled Kevin. Chikorita’s eyes flashed and a yellow panel of light
appeared in front of it. The pin missile attack hit the sheild and did no damage to
Chikorita. “Okay Chikorita, use Razorleaf!”

Chikorita spun its head leaf, flinging razer sharp leaves at Jolteon.

“Jolteon, use agility!” ordered Miki. Jolteon zipped between the leaves easily. “Now use

Jolteon howled again and shot out a bolt of lightning that struck Chikorita but Chikorita
didn’t seem to feel it.

“That was a direct hit!” called Miki to Kevin. “Why didn’t your pokemon feel it?”

“Electric attacks don’t work very well on grass types” said Kevin grinning. “Chikorita use
your vinewhip!”

Vines shot out from Chikoritas neck, which lashed out at Jolteon, hitting it across the
face. Jolteon fell to the ground, eyes spinning.

“Oh I lost too!” cried Miki, recalling Jolteon.

“Alright! Great going Chikorita!”said Kevin.

“Okay, lets see if you can handle this! Go Umbreon!”yelled Zuki. Throwing out a
pokeball. It opened revealing a black dog with yellow markings. Kevin checked his
pokedex again:

<Umbreon> <The Moonlight Pokemon>
<Evolves from Eevee at night under certain conditions. When darkness falls, the rings on
the body of an Umbreon begin to glow, striking fear into the hearts of anyone nearby.
These dark pokemon are very clever and should not be underestimated>

“Umbreon, use your Scaryface!” ordered Zuki. Umbreons eyes glowed and it bared its
teeth. Chikorita cringed in fear. “Now use scratch attack!”

Umbreon swiped at Chikorita with a paw, knocking the grass pokemon to the ground.

“Chikorita use Leechseed!” ordered Kevin. Chikorita got to its feet and launched a seed
from a bud around its neck. Umbreon ducked and the seed went flying harmlessly past.

“Umbreon! Use your Nightshade!” ordered Zuki, white robe flapping in the wind.
Umbreon focused its energy and unleashed a red and black beam of darkness at Chikorita.
Boom! Chikorita fell to the ground, eyes spinning.

“Well done Umbreon!” cried Zuki. Umbreon barked happily.

Kevin shot out the red recalling beam from Chikorita’s pokeball, returning his pokemon.
“Good work Chikorita, you deserve a long rest”. Kevin plucked a pokeball from his belt.
“Time to get serious now, go Croconaw!”

Kevin threw the pokeball and it sprung open. White light cascaded down onto the grass
forming into Kevins Croconaw. It roared loudly, ready for some action.

“Croconaw, Bubble!” commanded Kevin and Croconaw shot out white bubbles from its
mouth. The bubbles hit Umbreon and exploded on impact. Umbreon was pushed back.

“Umbreon, use Faint attack!” ordered Zuki. Umbreon nodded and disapeared into thin

“Where did it go?” cried Kevin anxiously. An invisible enemy is a dangerous enemy he
thought. Croconaw didn’t see it coming. Bang Bang Bang! Croconaw fell to the ground,
clutching its chest. Umbreon reappeared, evil grin on its face.

“Croconaw, are you okay?” asked Kevin. Croconaw nodded and struggled to its feet.

“Pretty neat trick isn’t it?” said Zuki smiling. “Umbreon goes invisible and can attack its
opponent without fear of getting hurt!”

Kevin nodded. “Croconaw use your Rage!” Croconaw began flashing red, and anger
filled its entire being. Croconaw roared and charged at Umbreon, claws flashing in the
sun! Umbreon was sent flying as the Big jaw pokemon slammed into it.

“Come on Umbreon!” encouraged Zuki. “Use Faint Attack again!”

I’m ready this time, thought Kevin smiling. Umbreon dissapeared from view. Silence
filled the garden.

“Croconaw, use a whirlpool attack and surround yourself with the water!” called Kevin.
Croconaw caught on and nodded. Croconaw opened its mouth and white water poured
out. The water then began twisting around and circling Croconaw, traveling incredibly

All of a sudden there was a flash of light and a spray of water and Umbreon was in sight
skidding through the dirt. It was unconsious.

“What happened?” cried Zuki, kneeling down by Umbreons side.

“I guessed Umbreon had never failed when using that attack, so I figured it had let its
guard down. When Umbreon tried to attack, the whirlpool surrounding Croconaw
deflected him away!” said Kevin smiling.

Zuki nodded, thinking about it. “Your good at this” she said before returning Umbreon
and retreating to the side lines.

Dr Skottie
03-12-2004, 09:26 AM
“Okay Kevin, if you beat me, you win Boni” said Naoko. Bonita smiled and rolled her
eyes. Win, she thought, whatever.
“Lets make this a quickdraw round”continued Naoko.

“Quickdraw?”asked Kevin.

“We’ll put all the other rounds behind us and we will pick one pokemon each to do
battle” Naoko explained, reaching into her robe to pull out a pokeball.

“Okay return Croconaw” said Kevin retreating Croconaw into its pokeball. He plucked a
pokeball from his belt. He threw it out into the field. “I choose you Charmeleon!”

The pokeball opened and out came Charmeleon, snorting fire from its nostrils.

“Looks like its gonna be a fire fight... Go Flareon!” called Naoko sending out her
pokemon. There appeared a red and yellow dog pokemon. Kevin flipped open his
<Flareon><The Flame Pokemon>
<Evolves from Eevee when a Fire Stone is used. This fiery pokemon stores thermal
energy from the sun in its body, causing its temperature to skyrocket to more than 1,600

“Okay lets get started, Charmeleon use Slash attack” ordered Kevin. Charmeleon lept
forward towards Flareon claws extended.

“Flareon, Swift Attack!” yelled Naoko. Flareon barked and shot out yellow stars from
glowing eyes. Charmeleon was caught in its tracks and was knocked back by the spinning

“Charmeleon use Ember!”called Kevin. Charmeleon abliged by shooting out a burst of

“Flareon use Agility!” ordered Naoko and Flareon zipped between the flames with ease.
“Now use a Flamethrower!” Flareon howled and unleashed a jet of flame that blasted
through the air towards Charmeleon.

“Charmeleon use your Protect!” yelled Kevin quickly. Charmelon nodded and crossed his
arms in front of his face. The fire was deflected away inflicting minimal damage.

“Dammit!” muttered Naoko to herself. “This guy is too good.”

“Okay Charmeleon use a Firepunch” called Kevin. Charmeleon stood there, scratching its
head puzzled.

“Char Char Charmeleon?” it growled confused.

“Hmm... I guess you havent learned that attack yet” said an embarressed Kevin, grinning
Mareepishly. (All the girls and their pokemon fall on the ground anime style)

“Then again...” shrugged Naoko. “Flareon use a quick attack!”

Flareon nodded and jumped at Charmeleon, striking it in the chest.

“Quick Charmeleon use your Furyswipes!”cried Kevin. Charmeleon grinned evilly and
leapt towards Flareon, claws flashing. Charmeleon slashed Flareon again and again.
Flareon fell to the ground badly injured.

“Time to finish this, Charmeleon use Flamethrower!”yelled Kevin. Charmeleon opened
its mouth and a jet of flame blasted out from within. Flareon was knocked away by the
roaring flames and skidded through the dirt. It couldn’t get up...

“Damn straight!” grinned Kevin, giving a thumbs up. Charmeleon roared happily and
shot a spurt of flame in the air. “Great work there Charmeleon! Return!” said Kevin and
Charmeleon was sucked back into its pokeball.

“Yeah!”cried Bonnie, throwing Eevee into the air. Eevee laughed with glee.

“I lost...” said Naoko, sinking to the ground.

“Sure did!” said Kevin smiling. Naoko glared at him and returned her fainted pokemon.
She got up and approached him.

“Listen you! I want you to take good care of Bonita! You hear me?” she growled.

“Okay okay I will!” wimpered Kevin.

Kevin watched as Bonita hugged her sisters goodbye and grab her things. She came up to
“Ready to go?” he asked her.

“Yep!” she said smiling. “So where are we going?”

“Well first to the pokemon center where we’ll crash for the night. Then tomorrow I’ll
challenge the Gym Leader of Ecruteak City!” said Kevin.

“Okay, lets go!” she said and they began walking towards the Pokemon Center.

03-12-2004, 04:45 PM
YAY! Bonita's back! Great work Dr. Skottie, you really make the story come alive!

Dr Skottie
03-13-2004, 03:10 AM
Chapter 16

The pair arrived at the pokemon center and Kevin approached the front counter. Behind it
was yet another beautiful Nurse Joy.

“Can you heal my pokemon please?” asked Kevin, putting Pichu on the counter along
with his pokeballs.

“Sure thing” said the nurse smiling.

“Mine too Nurse Joy” said Bonnie and handed over Eevees pokeball.

“Of course” said Nurse Joy. “They’ll be ready to pick up in an hour”

“Thankyou” said the two trainers. Kevin and Bonnie went over and sat on one of the
lounge chairs.

“Why did you want to leave home Bonnie?” asked Kevin, picking at a loose thread on his
black pants.

“Well for two reasons”, she said, smiling sweetly. God, I love that smile thought Kevin.
“The first reason is because I wanted to get away from my sisters. Sure, I love them and
all but they are way too protective, they don’t let me do anything! I was always kinda in
their shadow, you probably felt the same thing with you and your dad.

“Yeah pretty much” said Kevin nodding. “What’s the other reason?”

“To become a great pokemon trainer” she said.

“Thats what all trainers are trying to do” said Kevin, pulling a face.

“Yeah but they do it different ways” said Bonnie, shaking her head. “A lot of people want
to become the Champion like your dad. Others want to become pokemon masters with
incredibly strong pokemon. But I want to collect all the rare pokemon out there. I have
Eevee and she’s rare, but to collect other rare kinds I have to travel. But my sisters
wouldn’t let me leave by myself. I thought I would never be able to live my dream... but
then you came along”

She smiled prettily and lent over and kissed him on the cheek. Kevin blushed. He had
never done that around a girl before, he was usually Mr Cool. There is something special
about her, he thought smiling.

They began talking for awhile and the subject of winning the badge at Ecruteak Gym
came up.

“Kevin, why wait until tomorrow?” asked Bonnie. “Why not verse him when your
pokemon are healed?”

“It’ll be dark by that time” said Kevin. “Won’t the gym be closed?”

“Nope, Morty the Gym Leader keeps it open until midnight. His Ghost Pokemon enjoy
fighting at night,” she replied.

“Ghost Pokemon...” thought Kevin aloud. “I’ve never battled against a ghost type

“They are really tough” she said. “But I think you’ll manage”

Kevin nodded. He decided he would have a crack at it. He had never lost against any
other Gym Leaders before, why should this one be any different? They waited around
until Nurse Joy returned.

“All your Pokemon are fully healed” said the nurse smiling. “And I must say that both of
you must take exellent care of your Pokemon. They are all in excellent condition.

“Thanks Nurse Joy” they replied. Nurse Joy handed back their Pokeballs, along with
Pichu who leapt off the counter and into Kevin’s waiting arms.

“Well shall we go then?”said Kevin, clipping the last pokeball to his belt.

“Yep lets go” replied Bonnie.

They strolled out of the Pokemon Center. Kevin looked up to the top of the hills that
surrounded Ecruteak, and saw the fading golden light of the sun setting in the west. He
looked up to already see little diamonds in the sky, as the first stars appeared. Bonnie led
him through the city until they found themselves out the front of the gym. It looked like
an ancient Japanese temple, with ornate bronze dragons, decorating the roof. There was a
sign at the beginning of the small flight of steps that led to the huge double doors. Kevin
could just make out what it said in the fading light:

The Mystic Seer of the Future

The pair walked up the stairs and pushed open the huge double doors. The door creaked
as it swung inwards. Inside it was completely dark.

“Hello?” called Kevin into the darkness. Pichu huddled behind Kevins neck. “Is anyone
here? I’m here to battle the Gym Leader.”

Kevins voice echoed in the dark and there was silence. All of a sudden a light flicked on
at the far end of the gym. A figure stood in the ray of light.

“I am Morty, Gym Leader of the Ecruteak City Gym. I specialise in ghost Pokemon. Who
are you?”

More lights flicked on. Kevin could see Morty more clearly now. He looked to be about
22. He had shaggy blonde hair that he kept back with a blue head band. He wore a light
blue, long sleeve shirt and dark blue denim pants with white skate shoes.

“I am Kevin Sun of New Bark Town, son of the Dragon Trainer, and I challenge you to a
Pokemon Battle.”

“Challenge accepted” he said and the house lights turned on revealing a huge arena.
Columns of stone lined the walls of the gym. Kevin stepped into the trainers box...
“Son of the Champion himself?”thought Morty out loud. “This should be fun. One on one
pokemon battle. Lets do this! Come on out Gengar!”

Morty threw out a pokeball. The light reflected off the smooth surface as it flew through
the air. It shot open, spilling its contents of white light onto the arena. The light took
shape, forming into a dark purple beast, as tall as Morty, with glowing red eyes.

“A Gengar...” muttered Kevin accessing his pokedex:

<Gengar> <The Shadow Pokemon>
<Gengar is the evolved form of Haunter. Like all Ghost types, it has the ability to make
itself invisible, making this a tricky Pokemon to deal with. When the moon is full, Gengar
wander about the land scaring people by pretending to be their shadow>

Kevin thought about what pokemon he could use. He had heard there weren’t many
pokemon who had the advantage against ghost types, and he didn’t think he had any of
those pokemon who did. Gengar was a fully evolved Pokemon so it would be strong...

Kevin plucked a pokeball from his belt.

“I choose you, Charmeleon!”

Kevin threw the pokeball and it sprung open, with a flash of light. There stood Kevin’s
Charmeleon, tail fire blazing strongly.

“Charmeleon, use Flamethrower!” commanded Kevin. Charmeleon abliged by blasting a
jet of flame from its gaping jaws. The fire streaked towards Gengar.

“Gengar, dodge it” said Morty calmly. Gengar jumped aside and the Flamethrower flew
past. “Gengar use shadowball!”

Gengar summoned a swirling purple and black ball of energy in its hands. Gengar lauched
the attack. It flew across the room at an incrdible speed and exploded into Charmeleon.
Charmeleon fell to the ground.

“Geez that was fast” said Kevin. “Get up Charmeleon, you can do it”

Charmeleon got up rubbing its chest. The dazed fire pokemon looked up to see its
opponent, but Gengar had disappeared!

“Where did it go?” shouted Kevin, looking around. Then he remembered what it had said
in the pokedex. Gengar had become invisible.

“Neat trick isn’t it?” said Morty smiling. “Now that Gengar is invisible, your pokemon
will have no idea where the next attack will come from...”

Kevin looked around the gym, but there was no sign of the ghastly ghoul. Morty was
right, there was nothing he could do. The whole gym was tense and silent. Bonita, leaning
on a pillar, held her breath. Kevin was full of dread... could this be it?

Morty stretched out his hand and simply said, “Now Gengar”

All of a sudden there was a flash of light, as black and red energy blasted out of a corner
near the ceiling, as Gengar used its Nightshade.


An explosion shook the gym and a huge dust cloud covered the arena.

“You have been defeated Kevin Sun” said Morty. The dust settled revealing Charmeleon
unconscious on the floor of the arena. Its tail flame was dangerously low.

Kevin couldn’t believe it. He raised the pokeball in his hand and shot out the red recalling
beam. Charmeleon was sucked inside the pokeball. Kevin clipped the ball to his belt,
turned and left the gym.

Bonnie stood, fixed to the spot, shocked at what had just happened.

“You better see if he’s okay” said Morty to her gently. “He probably thinks that you were
confident in his abilities, and now he has let you down.”

She turned to him with a worried look on her face.

“Don’t worry, he’ll be okay” said Morty. “He is destined to be great, maybe the greatest
ever. I have seen it...”

Bonnie nodded and darted out of the gym, and off into the night...

Dr Skottie
03-13-2004, 03:13 AM
Kevin wandered down the road towards the Pokemon Center, shoulders slumped with
hands in his pockets. Pichu squeaked softly as Bonnie came running up behind him.

“Kevin, are you okay?”she asked. Kevin was silent for a moment.

“I lost...” he said quietly. “I was so sure I could do it. I’ve never lost a gym battle because
I have never run out of ideas. Each time the strength of my pokemon and my quick
thinking has got me through... but this time...”

Bonnie grabbed his arm and stopped him. “Don’t be so down on yourself Kevin. Even
the greatest pokemon trainers lose from time to time. You can always go back for another
go when you think you’re ready.”

They looked into each others eyes.

“And don’t worry about feeling silly when you lose in front of me,”she said smiling
sweetly. “I’ll always be proud of you.”

She put her arms around his waist and held him. Kevin layed his head on her shoulder
and breathed deeply. She smelled beautiful and he felt the sadness melt away from him as
he hugged her.

“Thankyou.” he said, whispering in her ear.

“Your welcome” she said and gently pulled away from him. “How about we go back to
the center and get some rest? Tomorrow we will try and think of way to beat Morty.”

“Sounds like a plan,” he said smiling. “Lets go.”

The pair walked back to the center and entered through the glass doors. Kevin gave
Charmeleon’s pokeball with the pokemon inside to Nurse Joy to be healed. Kevin and
Bonnie made their way to the back of the Center to the bedrooms. They found a room that
was unoccuipied. Inside were two beds on opposite sides of the room, along with 2
bedside tables.

Kevin unbuttoned his red shirt and threw it over a chair, took his gloves off and kicked
off his shoes before climbing into bed. It was the first time in weeks since he had slept in
a bed and it was unbelievebly comfy. He looked at the wall that the bed was up against
while Bonnie got changed. She took off her jumper and singlet top she wore underneath
and pulled on a tight little singlet from her bag. She pulled off her jeans and put on a pair
of gym shorts before taking out her hairtie. Her silky hair cascaded down her shoulders.
She climbed into the other bed and pulled the covers up to her chin. Pichu jumped up on
the bedside table closest to Kevin, curled up in a ball and began snoring softly.

“Goodnight Bonnie” muttered Kevin as he drifted off to sleep.

“Goodnight Kevin” whispered Bonnie and closed her eyes.

* * * * *

Bonita awoke suddenly in a cold sweat. She was shaking and holding the sheets close to
her body. She glanced up at the window. It was closed and no one was there. She
breathed softly and tried not to think about the nightmare that had woke her. However,
trying not to think about it made the images flood back into her mind. In her dream she
had been lying in that very bed when all of a sudden the window had opened and in had
crept a man. There was a knife in his hand and it glinted in the moonlight. The figure had
turned towards the other bed, but in her dream, her old boyfriend was there asleep instead
of Kevin. The man hidden in shadow lifted the knife in his hands... and plunged it into
her boyfriend. He cried out and blood soaked the sheets as it oozed from the wound. The
man sniggered softly and turned towards her. A beam of light from the moon outside lit
up the man’s face. Then she knew who it was that haunted her dreams...

It was the same person who had attacked her two years ago. His name was Simon Vortex.
She had been walking in the park just after sunset with her boyfriend. It was puppy love,
because she was only 11 and the time. Her boyfriend had his arms wrapped around her
and he had held her close. A shadowy figure that had been hiding in the bushes had snuck
up behind them, with a knife glittering in the early starlight.

“This is what you get for stealing my girl” he had whispered before plunging the knife
into her boyfriends back. He went rigid in her arms and his eyes glazed over, before
slumping to the ground.

Bonnie had looked to see who it was that had done it. Simon stood there, smiling at her.
He had liked her as soon as he had laid eyes. He asked her out but she turned him down.
Simon was an evil and unpredictable boy and so he had decided to hurt Bonita the most,
by watching her boyfriend die.

Bonnie was shocked and tears streamed down her face.

“Now its your turn my sweet”, Simon had said, advancing towards her. Thats when Eevee
had stepped in, the same Eevee she had now. It had been wild then but it defended Bonnie
like she was its trainer. Eevee had leapt towards Simon, shooting a swift attack from its
golden eyes. Simon had fallen back on the ground, clutching his stomach.

“If you tell anyone, I will come back and finish what I started” he had whispered
menacingly before running off into the night. She never saw him again. She kept the
Eevee and it had been with her ever since.

Bonnie lay there in her bed at the Pokemon Center, and shivered. She was still afraid that
he would come back and get her one day but it had been two years since that awful night.
She had never told anyone about it.

She looked across the room to Kevin’s bed and felt drawn to him. His sheet had slipped
down and she could see his muscular body. He’s hot, no doubt about it, she thought to
herself. She new she wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep, so she swung her legs around
to the side of the bed and got up. She slowly walked towards Kevin’s bed, trying to be

Kevin however, with his many years of martial arts training was a light sleeper and he
opened his eyes. Bonnie was standing there, hugging her slight body. Kevin noticed a tear
roll down her cheek. She’s so beautiful, he thought.

He shuffled across and invited her to lay down. She gladly accepted and climbed into bed
with him. He spread the sheet over them with a flick of his hand. Bonnie wriggled closer
to him and snuggled up against his bare chest. He put an arm around her and held her
close. She began crying silently. He squeezed her gently.

“Shhh...” he whispered softly. “Its okay... I’m here...”

Kevin stroked her hair. She stopped crying after awhile and fell asleep in his arms. Kevin
smiled to himself before drifting off to sleep.

Dr Skottie
03-13-2004, 03:21 AM
Chapter 17

Kevin awoke the next morning with Bonnie laying by his side. Her singlet top had come
up a bit during the night and a lot of her stomach was showing. He gently pulled it down.
Bonnie stirred and opened her eyes.. She saw what he was doing and giggled.

“Don’t you like what you see?” she said smiling cheekily.

Kevin smiled and squeezed her gently.

“Time to get up Bonnie” he said pushing his golden hair out of his eyes. “We have to beat
Morty today, and still have to figure out a strategy.”

Bonnie nodded and climbed out of bed. She took her bag and left the room to go have a
shower. Kevin yawned and poked Pichu, who was still sleeping. Pichu awoke with a start
and sent out a thundershock, filling the room with electricity.

“Ahhhh!” cried Kevin falling out of bed in a tangle of sheets. Pichu looked around and
saw Kevin on the floor a sheet over his head. Pichu started laughing as Kevin pulled the
sheet off revealing a bump on his head.

“Its not funny Pichu” he said in a fake stern voice, trying not to laugh himself. Pichu just
laughed more. Kevin jumped up off the floor, grabbed Pichu and started tickling him.
Pichu shot out little sparks from its cheeks as it giggled.

“Good morning Pichu!” cried Kevin laughing.

“Peechu!!” said the pokemon happily. Kevin threw him playfully on the bed and put his
red shirt on, not bothering to button it up. He quickly pulled on his gloves and shoes.

“Come on Pichu” he said walking towards the door. “We have a phone call to make!”

“Peechu Peechu” squeaked the little pokemon and leapt up on Kevins shoulder. They
walked out into the main room. There were a few other trainers having breakfast and cups
of coffee to wake themselves up. Kevin grabbed a bowl of breakfast from the counter and
sat down at a phone terminal. He typed in a few numbers and a picture of a ringing phone
appeared on the screen.

“Time for a chat with Old Man Dojo” he said, winking at Pichu. “He has something I

The screen flashed and an image of the old man appeared.

“Hello Kevin, Hi Pichu!” he said in his kind voice. Pichu smiled and waved.

“Hey Mr Dojo!” replied Kevin.

“Where are you?” asked the bearded man.

“In Ecruteak City” answered Kevin.

“Ahh Ecruteak...” he said. “Morty the master of ghost pokemon is the gym leader there if
I remember correctly. Hes a powerful trainer.”

“Yeah I know” said Kevin. “Thats what I wanted to talk to you about. I challenged him
yesterday but his Gengar defeated my Charmeleon in two moves!”

“Charmander must have evolved, well done!” he said before continueing. “Charmeleon
was a wise choice to go against Ghost type. Charmeleon has a very high attack power.”

“Yeah thats why I chose him to battle but during the match Gengar just disappeared!
Charmeleon didn’t know what hit him.”

The old man nodded

“A pokemon with the foresight ability would come in handy against a ghost pokemon. Do
any of your pokemon know the technique?” asked Old Man Dojo.

“Not any of the ones I have with me” replied Kevin. “But I have read about some
Scythers knowing the attack and I was wondering...”

“Sure Kevin I can send you your Scyther. Its an excellent pokemon. It did a great job
trimming the hedge in my garden :P ”

Kevin fell off the chair anime style.

“Well the gardenings gonna have to wait!” said Kevin climbing back onto his seat. Just
then, Bonita appeared by his side. She punched his arm playfully. “Who’s this?” she
asked, looking at the screen.

“That’s Old Man Dojo!” said Kevin. “His home is just south of Goldenrod City. All my
pokemon when I catch them get transported there and he takes care of them.

“Hi Mr Dojo!” she smiled brightly. “My names Bonita, pleased to meet you.”

Kevin looked at the screen and saw Old Man Dojos eyes almost pop out of their sockets
and his face was a bright red. He kept opening his mouth as if he was trying to say

Kevin laughed. “She’s beautiful isn’t she?”

Bonnie nudged him. “Stop it” she said smiling.

The old man just kept staring.

“Umm... Mr Dojo... my Scyther, please” said Kevin.

“Huh!?” cried Old Man Dojo, shaking his head clear. “Oh of course, I’ll just go get it!”

He dissapeared for a moment and reappeared holding a shiny new pokeball. He placed it
in a machine and pressed a button.

“Here it comes Kevin!” he said. The machine hummed and a bolt of white energy struck
the pokeball and it dissapeared.

Kevin looked to the left of the moniter and saw what looked like a pokeball holder. White
energy swirled around, there was a flash of light and there was the pokeball that held the
key to victory. Kevin picked it up and clipped it onto his belt.

“Thanks Mr Dojo!” said Kevin and he hung up. He quickly spooned down the rest of his
breakfast and got up and went to the counter.

“Do you think Scyther will help?” asked Bonnie.

“I know he will” said Kevin. “But I’ll still need Charmeleon aswell.”

Nurse Joy heard him and handed over Charmeleons pokeball. He clipped the ball to his
belt and he went outside, Bonnie by his side. He plucked a pokeball from his belt.

“Come on out Scyther!” he said throwing the ball. It shot open and white energy gushed
out. It swirled around and formed into the green mantis pokemon. It slashed the air in
front of it in a show of strength.

“Hey Scyther, I’m counting on you today. We have to beat Morty so we can get a badge.”
said Kevin. Scyther nodded and the sunlight flashed off its carapace. “Do you think you
could use a foresight?”

Scyther crossed its scythes in front of its chest and closed its eyes. When it opened them,
a beam of yellow light shot out of them.

“Yes!” cried Kevin. “With your help Scyther I know we can win!”

“What does foresight actually do Kevin?” asked Bonnie confused.

“Foresight is an ability that stops ghost pokemon from going invisible” explained Kevin.
“It also allows physical attacks to do damage to ghost types when they normally go right

Bonnie nodded. “Cool” she said. “Well lets go to the gym!”

“Exactly what I was thinking. Scyther return!” said Kevin recalling the bug pokemon.
They walked down the road and found themselves outside the gym in no time. Kevin
couldn’t help having a feeling of dejavu as he pushed open the big double doors for a
second time. No, he thought, this time things will be different.

Dr Skottie
03-13-2004, 03:25 AM
Once inside he looked to the far end of the gym and could see Morty, laying back on the
steps that led to the small pedastal where he waited for challenges. Morty looked down at
Kevin and smiled.

“I knew you would be back” he said. “I saw it in a vision. I believe you have another
pokemon this time... no matter, I will still defeat you. This time it will be a two on two
match. Are you ready?”

“Sure am” said Kevin smiling smugly.

“Very well then, Go Haunter!” cried Morty, leaping down the stairs and into the gym
leaders box. The pokeball flew through the air and burst open. Twisting energy cascaded
down and formed into the indigo ghost. Its clawed hands flew around and Haunter

“Go Scyther!” yelled Kevin running into the trainers box. The bright energy leaped from
the ball and formed into the green pokemon. It cut the air about it with swift strikes.
Bonnie stayed by Kevins side.

Kevin grabbed his pokedex from his pocket. He flicked it open:

<Haunter><Gas Pokemon>
<Haunters are usually found in caves and abandoned buildings. They wait in total
darkness, where nothing is visible, silently stalking their next victim>

“Lets begin. Haunter us your confuse ray!” ordered Morty. Haunter gathered a white light
between its palms and released a white beam of light towards Scyther.

“Scyther use agility!” called Kevin. Scyther nodded and dissapeared in a flash,
reappearing on the otherside of the arena.

“Fast...”muttered Morty. “Haunter use Nightshade!”

Haunter blasted beams of red and black from its hands at Scyther.

“Scyther, knock it away with a slash attack!” Scyther slashed at the two beams deflecting
them into a pillar. Boom! The dust cleared and Kevin could see that a huge chunk of the
pillar was missing.

“Haunter you know what to do!” said Morty. Haunter laughed and vanished!

“Now Scyther! Use your foresight!” called Kevin. Scyther shot twin beams from its eyes
and scanned the room for the ghost pokemon.

“Scyther!” It cried as it revealed the Haunter. Haunter didn’t know what was going on.

“Haunter! Dissapear again!” cried Morty. Haunter nodded, tried and failed. “I hate that

“I love it!”cried Kevin smiling. “Scyther use a quick attack!”

“Scyther-Scy!” it cried and its wings came to life, buzzing at an incredible speed. Scyther
dashed across the arena and plowed into Haunter, sending the ghost pokemon reeling.

“Haunter use another nightshade!” commanded Morty. Haunter blasted the attack at close
range knocking Scyther to the ground.

“Get up Scyther and use your fury swipes!” called Kevin. Scyther sprang to its feet and
dived at Haunter, blades slashing everywhere. Scyther stopped and leaning on one of its
scythes, examined its handywork. Haunter floated motionless in the air, out cold.

“Yay!!” cried Bonnie giving Kevin a hug. Pichu danced around happily.

“Return Haunter!” said Morty as the red beam recalled his defeated pokemon. Morty
clipped the pokeball to his belt.

“Your Scyther is quite impressive” said the ghost trainer. “Time for the final test, I
choose you, Gengar!”

He hurled the pokeball on to the arena. It sprung open revealing the shadow pokemon.

“Okay Scyther, thats one down, one to go!” said Kevin determinely. “Use your swords

Scyther stretched out its arms and spun on the spot. It stopped and the lights gleamed off
the sharp scythes. Scyther was ready for more.

“Gengar, use your mean look!” Gengar smiled widely and narrowed its eyes. Time
seemed to stand still for an instant... and nothing happened.

“Okay...” said Kevin doubting that anything happened at all. “Scyther use your

Beams of light flashed from the mantis pokemons eyes for the second time and fell across
Gengar. A faint light seemed to ripple around Gengar, signifying the technique had

“No matter” said Morty calmly. “Gengar use your lick attack!”

Gengar dashed over and licked Scyther, paralysing it for a moment.

“Now use Hypnosis!” ordered the gym leader. A purple glow came from Gengar and
Scyther fell asleep!

Scyther is no good to me asleep, thought Kevin. “Return Scyther!”

Kevin shot the red recalling beam at Scyther but just before it hit, it was deflected away.
Kevin tried again and again but Scyther would not be recalled.

“What did you do?” Kevin asked angrily turning towards Morty.

“Mean-look” replied Morty reading a line from a handbook that had appeared in his hand.
“A move that prevents the opposing trainer from recalling their pokemon.”

“Where did you get that book from?” asked Kevin surprised.

“I don’t know?” said Morty looking at the book suspiciously.

Kevin looked back at his helpless Scyther. It was a sitting psyduck.

“Gengar use your dream eater!”ordered the gymleader. Gengar laughed and began the
attack. The light dissapeared from the gym and a trail of swirling yellow light was
transfered from Scyther to Gengar. Scyther who had been standing this whole time fell to
the ground.

“I think your pokeball will work now” said Morty.

Kevin angrily called back Scyther and this time Scyther was sucked inside the pokeball.

“Thanks buddy” said Kevin to the pokeball. “You did great”

He clipped it to his belt and selected another pokeball. “But Charmeleon here has a score
to settle.”

He threw the ball up in the air. White energy shot out from within and took shape. There
stood charmeleon, dark red scales shining in the light. It swung its tail and the flame leapt
and danced. Charmeleon locked eyes with Gengar and growled.

“Okay Gengar use Shadowball!” called Morty. Gengar summoned a ball of purple and
black energy and unleashed it at Charmeleon. Charmeleon was ready this time and leapt
to one side and the attack flew harmlessly past.

“Charmeleon use Flamethrower!” called Kevin. Charmeleon shot out a pillar of flame
that rocketed towards Gengar.

“Gengar use Barrier!” called Morty. Gengar waved its arms and the barrier appeared,
protecting it from the flames.

Charmeleon growled angrily.

“Charmeleon use Firespin!” cried Kevin. Charmeleon opened it mouth and flames poured
out, twisting and crackling as they swirled around Gengar, trapping it in the midst of the
fire. There was nowhere Gengar could go and the flames burned painfully.

“Finish this off Charmeleon, Slash attack!” Charmeleon ran towards Gengar and leapt
through the flames, clawed hand outstretched. With one swipe, Gengar fell to the ground.
The flames died out.

“Come on Gengar, get up!” called Morty. Gengar struggled to get to its feet, but collapsed
on the ground. The match was over.

“Yeah you did it!” cried Bonnie ecstatically. Pichu jumped around, sparks flying form its
cheeks. Charmeleon turned and looked at its trainer. Kevin just grinned and gave him the
thumbs up! Charmeleon returned the gesture and shot a ball of flame into the air.

“Return Gengar” said Morty recalling his pokemon. He smiled. “You were awesome!”

Morty came up to Kevin. “That was a great match Kevin! Almost as good as the one I had
against Storm Craft a few days ago.”

Kevin collapsed on the ground. He smiled weakly. “Storm came through here?”

“Yep” said Morty. “Beat me first go. His Noctowl and Houndoom were amazing! Why?
is he friend of yours?”

“He’s my rival” Said Kevin scratching his head. Storm was getting too strong for his
liking he thought to himself.

“Well anyway, heres what you came for, the Fogbadge! Congratulations!” said Morty and
he handed Kevin the badge. Kevin held it up to the light. It looked like a little grey ghost.
Kevin smiled broadly and clipped it next to the Plainbadge on his necklace.

“I’ll see you around Kevin” said Morty holding out his hand. Kevin took it and they
shook hands.

“Later Morty” said Kevin nodding. He recalled Charmeleon and left the gym.

Once outside Bonnie leant against him and kissed him on the cheek. “I’m so proud of
you!” she said smiling. Kevins ears went red and he smiled.

“Well where to next?” asked Bonnie. “We could go west to Olivine City at the beach or
we could go east to Mahogany Town in the mountains.”

“I’d love to see you in a bikini, so lets go to Olivine!” laughed Kevin. Bonnie giggled,
punched him, grabbed Pichu from Kevins shoulder and ran on ahead.

Kevin smiled. “Olivine City it is then,” he said to himself and ran to catch up.

Dr Skottie
03-13-2004, 04:11 AM
Chapter 18
“Eevee, use your quick attack!” ordered Bonita.

“Give it all you got Sentret!” called the opposing trainer, a young boy with red hair.

Kevin watched from the sidelines from under the shade of a tree, as Eevee darted towards
the Sentret. Sentret jumped to the side and flicked its tail out, tripping up Eevee.

“Quick get up Eevee!” cried Bonnie. Eevee sprang to its feet and bared its teeth.

“Sentret use Fury Swipes!” yelled the boy. The Sentret squeaked and leapt towards
Eevee. It lashed out with its paws scratching Eevee again and again.

“Eevee use Swift Attack!” Eevee howled and its eyes went yellow, blasting out stars.
Sentret was caught off guard and knocked to the ground.

“Don’t give up Sentret, use a slam attack!” ordered the boy. Sentret nodded and brought
itself up onto its tail. Kevin watched in amazement as the little pokemon used its tail like
a spring and sprung into the air. Spread eagled, it plummeted towards Eevee in the
devastating slam attack.

“Eevee use agility, hurry!” cried Bonnie. Eevee lept to the side as Sentret plowed into the
ground belly first. “Quick Eevee, pounce on it and bite it!”

Eevee jumped on the sentret and plunged its needle like teeth into Sentrets back. Sentret
cried out in pain and passed out.

“Dang it!” cried the boy as he recalled his injured pokemon.

“Yeah!” cried Bonnie, throwing her hand in the air. Eevee jumped about on the springy
grass and Pichu clapped its little paws together from the perch on Kevins shoulder.

“Nicely done Bonnie” said Kevin smiling at her. She winked at him. It had been about a
week since they left Ecruteak City and she had flirted with him all the way. She hadn’t
kissed him since that day at the gym, but he didn’t care. He wasn’t good enough for her
he thought so he was happy with her friendship. He had been helping her train her little
Eevee and it looked like all the training had paid off.

“Well it looks like I win Timothy!” she said to the boy.

“Not so fast!” he replied. “I still have a pokemon left. You didn’t set down any rules
before we began so technically the battles not over”

Timothy smiled knowingly. Bonnie looked to Kevin for help. He shrugged.

“He’s right Bonnie” said Kevin.

“But I only have one pokemon!” she said. “Do you think I could borrow one?”

Kevin pointed to his belt. “Which one do you want?”

Bonnie thought for a second. “Aipom” she said.

Kevin casually plucked the fastball from his belt and threw it to Bonnie. She snatched it
out of the air with a quick movement. She smiled at Kevin sweetly.

“Come on back Eevee!” she said to her little pokemon. Eevee bounded back and sat by
her side. Kevin had told Bonnie there was no point in keeping Eevee in her pokeball
when that was her only pokemon. The exercise would make it stronger as well.

“Come on out Aipom!” said Bonnie throwing the orange fastball. It shot open revealing
the purple monkey pokemon. It jumped up and down grinning cheekily.

“Do what ever Bonnie tells you to do!” called Kevin. Aipom nodded.

“I choose you, Killer!” cried the boy and he hurled a pokeball onto the field. The bright
morning sun shone off the spinning pokeball. Killer, thought Kevin, I don’t like the sound
of that.

The pokeball made a electronic sound as it opened. The white energy swirled around and
formed into a pokemon. Blue and yellow stubby horns glistened on its forehead and its
fleece shimmered like gold. Killer, the Mareep had emerged.

Everyone falls on the ground anime style, even Kevin who was sitting down at the time.

“Don’t pay any attention to them Killer!” said Timothy to the Mareep.

“Ma-Mareep” it said and sparks flickered from its wooly body.

“Kevin, what does the pokedex say?” asked Bonnie. Kevin took it out and pointed it at

<Mareep> <The Wool Pokemon>
<This electric pokemons fleece is always growing. If static electricity builds up in its
body the fleece will double. Touching it then will shock you>

“Okay, Aipom use doubleslap!” ordered Bonnie. The monkey pokemon hopped over to
the opposing pokemon and slapped it across the face five times with its tail hand.

“Come on Killer! Tackle!” yelled Timothy. Mareep pawed at the dirt with its hooves
before charging at Aipom. Bang! Aipom was knocked back but it steadied itself with its

“Aipom use quick attack!” cried Bonnie. Aipom darted towards Mareep and struck with a
forceful blow. It then began circling the pokemon at high speed jumping in every now
and then to deliver an attack. Timothy looked at the helpless situation and had an idea.

“Killer charge up your fleece!” called Timothy and sparks began to fly from the Mareeps
body. “Get ready...”

Aipom darted in for another attack. “Now use Spark!”

Mareep blasted out bolts of static electricity in every direction and Aipom was knocked
down by the attack.

“Well done Killer!” called the trainer. “Now keep your distance and use a thundershock!”

Kevin watched as the mareep ignored its masters command and started running towards
Aipom in a horn attack.

“What are you doing?” cried Timothy. “Stop!”

But Mareep just kept up its steady gallop, lowering its head to charge at Aipom. This is
exactly what Bonnie wanted.

“Aipom use a Megapunch!” called Bonnie. Aipom drew back a sparkling fist and
unleashed the attack on the Mareeps nose. The Mareep was sent skidding through the dirt.
It came to a halt and its eyes were spinning. Bonita had won.

“Well done Aipom!” said Bonnie. “You were great! Return!”

Yeah, because its my pokemon, thought Kevin. The Mareep had gotten to its feet and it
approached its trainer. Timothy was downcast and he wiped a tear away from his face.
Killer tried to nuzzle up to Timothy to help comfort him but the boy moved away.

“Get away from me!” he cried angrily. “If it wasn’t for you we would have won! If only
you had listened to me!”

Killer looked like it had been slapped in the face. Kevin, Bonnie, Pichu and Eevee
watched as the Mareep bleeted mournfully and dashed off into the long grass. Timothy
didn’t seem to care and he just sat on the ground head in his hands. Kevin got up from the
shade under the tree and approached the young trainer. Bonita came up behind them
carrying Eevee.

“You shouldn’t be so harsh on your pokemon” said Kevin.

The boy looked up at him. “He made me lose!”

“Whats more important Timothy?” asked Kevin gently. “The outcome of a match or your
pokemons feelings?”

“Its feelings...” said the boy.

“Exactly” said Kevin. “The only way a pokemon can grow and get better is if it learns
from its mistakes. Killer will know now to listen to its trainer. You have to encourage
your pokemon, not tell it to go away.”

“I didn’t mean it” sobbed the boy. He got up and looked around. His pokemon was
nowhere in sight. He looked up at Kevin and Bonnie. “Can you help me find Killer? I
miss him already.”

“Sure we’ll help” said Bonnie. “Did you see which way it went?”

Dr Skottie
03-13-2004, 04:13 AM
Kevin scratched his head and gazed out and around from the top of the hill they were
standing on. Long blades of grass bent in the wind for miles around. Kevin could see a
small patch of forest away in the distance. He couldn’t see the mareep anywhere.

“Wait!” said Timothy. He grabbed a pokeball from his belt. “I have an idea!”

He popped open the pokeball and out came his little sentret.

“Sentret, see if you can see Killer anywhere” said the boy. The sentret raised itself up on
its tail and shielded its eyes from the midday sun. Kevin checked his pokedex:

<Sentret> <The Scout Pokemon>
<This pokemon is very cautious and wary of danger. It has an extremely useful tail that it
raises itself up on to survey its surroundings. If it sees a threat with its excellent eyesight,
it raises the alarm and warns the rest of its kind>

Kevin watched as the Sentret turned this way and that. It gave out a cry and pointed down
near the forest in the distance.

“Can you see Killer?” asked the boy. Sentret nodded and raced down the hill, and Kevin
and the others took off after it. They sprinted across the grassy fields and were soon in
amongst the forest. Sentret called back for them to stop. They halted and carefully
scanned the area with eyes and ears.

“MAREEEP!” came a cry.

“Thats Killer!” cried Timmy.

“Its sounds like its in trouble!” said Bonnie, Eevee by her side.

“That way!” yelled Kevin pointing deeper into the forest and they ran towards the
direction of the cry. They burst into a clearing and there was Mareep... with a gang of
angry bird pokemon with huge wings surrounding it.

“Those are Fearow” said Kevin and he flipped open his pokedex:
<Fearow> <Beak Pokemon>
<It can stay aloft for hours on end with its huge regal wings. It uses its Long beak as a
weapon and to dig up insect prey. Fearows are known to be very protective of their
territory and with their long neck and beak they have a long reach that can inflict some
serious damage>

Thats exatly what the birds were doing to Mareep. They were diving and swooping on the
wooly pokemon stabbing at it with their long beaks.

“Stop that!” cried Timmy. “Leave my pokemon alone!”

He ran towards the Mareep and dived under a swooping Fearow.

“Don’t do it Timmy!!” called Kevin but Timmy had already reached his injured
pokemon. He put his arms around the mareep, shielding it from the attacking Fearows.
“Are you okay?” asked the boy.

Killer looked up into the caring eyes of its trainer.

“Its me who got you in this mess, I’m sorry!” whispered Timmy. A Fearow streaked
towards Timmy.

“Timmy watch out!” cried Bonnie. Timmy turned and saw the Fearow and cried out in
fear. Killer sprang into action. The Mareep leapt towards the onslaught of sharp beak and
feathers and blasted out a Thunderbolt attack!

The Fearow was caught dead in its tracks and it crashed into the leafy floor of the forest
clearing. There was a bright flash of light and all eyes were on Killer. A white ball of
energy was twisting and growing and Timmy looked on in amazement. His pokemon was
evolving. The light dissapeared and there was Timmys new pokemon. Its head and
shoulders were covered in an electric blue fleece and its rubbery skin was pink. A bright
blue ball was attached to the end of its stripey tail.

“Wow” said Kevin and he pointed his pokedex and the newly evolved pokemon.

<Flaaffy> <Wool Pokemon>
<The evolved form of Mareep. This pokemons fleece can easily store electricity and its
rubbery skin prevents it from being shocked by an electric attack. Its thunderpunch attack
has devastating power>

Timmy was grinning stupidly. “Yeah! Alright! Okay Killer, take those other two down
with a thunderpunch attack!”

Killer nodded and dived towards the other pokemon. The two Fearow dived towards the
Flaaffy at high speed. Flaffy pulled back both its fists and they began to crackle with
static energy. The bird pokemon came into range and Killer unleashed its attack. It swung
and lashed out with its fists, electricity flying everywhere. The two pokemon crashed to
the ground and quickly took off into the forest.

“The other Fearow! Watch out Killer!” warned Timmy. Killer turned to see the other
Fearow on its feet and ready to plunge its beak into the wool pokemon.

“Peeechu!” cried the little mouse pokemon as it leapt off Kevins shoulder, electricity
flying from its pink cheeks. It zapped the remaining Fearow and Kevin plucked a
pokeball from his belt.

“Pokeball Go!” cried Kevin and the metallic ball flew through the air. With the last ounce
of its strength, Fearow knocked it away with a wing before flapping its way back into the
forest to join its brothers.

“Oh dammit...” muttered Kevin picking up the empty pokeball from the ground. Kevin
looked up to see Timmy hugging his new Flaaffy. Bonnie idled up next to Kevin and he
put his arm around her. Pichu leapt up onto Kevins shoulder and Eevee sprang up into
Bonnies arms.

“That’s so cool” she said quietly.

Kevin smiled. “It sure is. A boy and his pokemon.”

Timmy came up to them, Killer by his side.

He held out his hand and Kevin shook it. “Thanks for all your help Kevin! If it weren’t
for you things could have turned out for the worst.”

“No worries” said Kevin.

“I”m gonna head to Ecruteak City and challenge Morty at the gym!” said Timmy.

“Goodluck!” said Kevin grinning. “Your gonna need it!”

“Don’t worry about me,” began Timmy. “With Killer by my side there is no way I can
lose! I have a feeling we’ll meet again sometime Kevin.”

“I’ll look forward to it” said Kevin and gave him the thumbs up.

“See ya guys!” he said walking back into the forest.

“We better get going too Kevin” said Bonnie. “Lets go!”

Kevin nodded and they continued there journey to Olivine City.

03-13-2004, 06:07 AM
I'm confused? What pokemon do the main characters have? Last time I saw, Kevin(I think this what his name was) had caught someone a skitty. Also, do you think you could a character I made up for one(If you use it for more than one, No objection! :biggrin: ) chapter? You don't have to if you don't want to, I was just thinking a side guest for them to battle. You can name her and everything! But, could you try to make her sound like an old woman who refuses to act her age.

Dr Skottie
03-15-2004, 07:05 AM
I'm confused? What pokemon do the main characters have? Last time I saw, Kevin(I think this what his name was) had caught someone a skitty. Also, do you think you could a character I made up for one(If you use it for more than one, No objection! :biggrin: ) chapter? You don't have to if you don't want to, I was just thinking a side guest for them to battle. You can name her and everything! But, could you try to make her sound like an old woman who refuses to act her age.

What are you confused about? I have had to repost the whole story again cuz the forum is different. What your thinking of doesn't happen til about Chapter 24. This is only up to Chapter 18. And sorry I won't use your character, although I do like it. Maybe I could use her in the sequel for my next story...

Dr Skottie
03-15-2004, 07:49 AM
Chapter 19

“Help! Stop him!” cried a female voice. Kevin and Bonnie whirled around to see a slim
young woman with short purple hair wearing jeans and purple long sleeve shirt. What
they failed to notice was there was a rampaging Tauros, horns shining, heading straight
for them.

“Ahhhh!” cried Kevin and Bonnie as they jumped clear, and the Tauros went rushing

“Are you okay?” asked Kevin.

“Yeah I’m fine!” said Bonnie. Pichu squeaked and Eevee nodded.

“That Tauros is out of control!” said Kevin getting up. He plucked a pokeball from his
orange belt. “Come on out Chikorita!” he called and he threw the pokeball. It made a
noise as it sprung open and Chikorita came out. “Chikorita use your vine whip to stop
that Tauros!”

Chikorita nodded and shot out vines from the sides of its neck. The bright green vines,
lashed out towards the Tauros and rapped around its legs. The ferocious Tauros stumbled
and fell to to the ground heavily, dirt skidding everywhere.

“Thankyou so much!” cried the woman, flicking a bang of hair out of her eyes. “I’ll take
it from here. Come on out Granbull!”

She threw a pokeball into the air and it shot open and light spilled onto the ground. It
turned into a purple, dog-looking pokemon, with a huge bottom jaw lined with sharp

“Cool!” said Kevin, accessing his pokedex:

<Granbull><The Fairy Pokemon>
<The evolved form of Snubbull. The massive fangs in Granbulls jaw are so heavy,
Granbull always keeps its head lowered. With its vicious bite and fearsome appearance,
Granbulls make excellent guard-dogs>

Granbull bounded towards the flailing Tauros and growled menacingly. The Tauros
quieted down.

“You can recall your Chikorita now” said the young woman. Kevin nodded.

“You heard her Chikorita, come on back” said Kevin and Chikorita released the Tauros
from the grip of the vines and came bounding back to Kevins side. The Granbull nudged
the Tauros’ side and the bull pokemon rose to its feet. The purple pokemon then escorted
Tauros back to the young woman.

“Well done Granbull!” she said smiling. She turned to Kevin. “Thanks for your help kid!
My names Sandy, whats yours?”

“My names Kevin, and this Bonita!” he said.

“Pleased to meet you!” she said happily. “Would you like to come back to my ranch for
some lunch? Its the least I can do!”

“Sure!” answered Kevin. Pichu jumped up and down on Kevins shoulder.

“We’d love too!” added Bonnie. Eevees eyes glinted.

“Well then, follow me! Come on Granbull!” called Sandy,and Grandbull took the lead,
shepherding the Tauros.

* * *

“Mmmm!” moaned Kevin, mouth full of food. “This is delicious!”

“Peeeechuuu!” cried Pichu, gobbling down its lunch.

Sandy giggled. “I’m glad you like it, its my own secret recipe!”

They were all seated in Sandys dining room. She lived in a small wooden house, just the
right size for her. Kevin gazed out the window to see rolling pasture land as far as the eye
could see. Off in the distance he could see a herd of Tauros galloping across the grassy

“What do you actually do here Sandy?” asked Bonnie, putting down her knife and fork.
Kevin turned to listen.

“Well, this is my familys Tauros Ranch” she said smiling. “When my Ma and Pa passed
away they gave this ranch to me. I make a living off training the Tauros and selling

“Cool!” said Kevin.

They all watched as Pichu dived off the table in a playful tackle attack on Eevee. Eevee
skipped away and swiped at Pichu with a paw. Pichu ducked under it and sprang on
Eevee, and began wrestling, laughing with glee. The two pokemon were having so much
fun, that they weren’t aware of Granbull approaching. Granbull growled loudly. The two
pokemon froze with fear and looked up at the menacing face of the dog pokemon.
Granbull glared down at them... and then smiled broadly and began laughing.

“Pichu!” cried Pichu smiling and jumped towards Granbull who pretended to have been
hurt by the gentle tackle. Pichu and Eevee looked worried until Granbull raised its head
and started laughing again: “Gran Gran Gran!”

The three pokemon then started to wrestle, laughing and carrying on.

“Wow, look at that!” said Bonnie smiling. “Granbull is getting on really well with the
other pokemon. They look like they are having so much fun!”

“Sandy do you think I could battle against you and one of your special trained Tauros?”
asked Kevin eagerly.

“Challenge accepted, lets go outside!”she answered, a glint of enthusiasm in her eye.

This should be good, thought Bonnie. They got up from the table and taking their
pokemon, went outside onto a grassy hill. The clouds rolled pass overhead and the sun
shone down on them.

“Okay, two pokemon each,” said Sandy, plucking a pokeball from her belt. “Are you
ready Kevin?”

“You bet I am!” said Kevin, Bonnie by his side. He grabbed a pokeball and threw it into
the air. “Croconaw, I choose you!”

Dr Skottie
03-15-2004, 09:08 AM
The pokeball sprung open and light leapt out, forming into the water pokemon,
Croconaw, who bared its teeth menacingly.

“Tauros, come on out!” cried Sandy and a huge Tauros emerged from the ball, muscles

Kevin checked his pokedex:
<Tauros> <The Bull Pokemon>
<When angered, this mighty pokemon goes on a rampage, charging with its great horns.
Its hot headed nature makes it a challenge to control, even for the advanced trainer. Its
three whip like tails, sharp horns and hooves make this pokemon hard to defeat and
should be handled with extreme caution.>

“This is gonna be tough Croconaw but I know you can handle it!” said Kevin
encouragingly. Croconaw nodded and eyed the Tauros which snorted in anticipation.

“Tauros, use your take down attack!” ordered Sandy, hand outstretched. Tauros pawed
the ground, kicking up dirt, and charged towards the water pokemon.

“Croconaw, cool that hot head down with a Watergun!” called Kevin. Croconaw breathed
in and blasted out a jet of water that struck the Tauros on the head. The bull pokemon
charged on through the attack and slammed into Croconaw. Kevins pokemon was sent
skidding through the dirt.

“Uh-oh” muttered Bonnie, Eevee in her arms.

“Woh...” said Kevin. “Sandy’s Tauros ploughed straight through Croconaws watergun!”

“That was only a taste of Tauros’ power.” said Sandy. “Tauros, use another Take-down!”

Tauros rounded on its opponent and galloped towards it.

“Croconaw, watch out!” cried Kevin. The big jaw pokemon scrambled to its feet and
leapt out of harms way. The Tauros went speeding past. It dug its hooves in and came to a
halt. It turned and started bearing down on Croconaw again. Croconaw only just manged
to dodge the rampaging Tauros for a second time.

Its too fast, thought Kevin. I need to slow it down somehow...

“Croconaw use your bubble attack!” called Kevin. Croconaw opened its mouth and
blasted out a barrage of bubbles.


The bubbles burst as they struck the speeding Tauros. It slowed down considerably.

“Keep it up Tauros! Use a Horn Attack!” cried Sandy. Tauros lowered it head and its
horns glistened.

Its worked before, I’ll do it again thought Kevin. “Watergun straight down Croconaw!”

Croconaw blasted a jet of water down at the ground and propelled it self into the air.

“Your not getting away that easily!” said Sandy grinning. “Get it Tauros!”

Tauros leapt into the air after the water pokemon and thrashed its head wildly. Tauros
landed with a huge thump on the ground, with Croconaw trapped between its horns.

“Oh No!” cried Kevin. “Try and break free Croconaw!”

Croconaw squirmed with all its might but it was stuck.

“Tauros... Seismic Toss!” said Sandy.
“Croconaw, No!” cried Kevin. Tauros spun wildly on the spot and thrashed its horned
head and Croconaw was sent flying. Croconaw landed heavily on the ground.

“Come on Croconaw you can do it!” yelled Kevin. Bonnie bit her lip.

“Finish it Tauros, Stomp!” cried Sandy. Tauros galloped over and towered above the
grounded Croconaw. Tauros mooed loudly and raised its front hooves ready to inflict the
devastating attack.

“Roll away Croconaw!” yelled Kevin. Croconaw rolled to the side, as the the stomp
came. Boom! Dust flew into the air as the hooves struck the dirt narrowly missing
Croconaw by an inch.

“Again!” ordered Sandy. Tauros raised its hooves and tried again. Croconaw rolled back
and the attack missed.

“Croconaw watergun!” called Kevin. Croconaw shot out a huge stream of water that
blasted the Tauros off Croconaw and onto its back.

“What???” cried Sandy. “Get up Tauros!”

“Croconaw use a tackle attack!” yelled Kevin grinning. Croconaw ran at Tauros, lowered
its shoulder and plowed into Tauros. It mooed painfully as it skidded across the grass. It
tried to get up but it fell back to the ground out cold.

“Yeah! Well done Croconaw!” cried Kevin. “Thats the stuff!”

“That was awesome!” said Bonnie smiling. Croconaw grinned and did a little victory

“Tauros return” said Sandy returning the bull pokemon to its pokeball. “That was one of
my best Tauros, Well done Kevin”

“Thanks” he replied.
“Lets see how you do against... Granbull Go!” she said throwing out a pokeball. It popped
open and out came her Granbull. It growled menacingly.

“Croconaw, tackle attack!” ordered Kevin. Croconaw ran at Granbull at full speed.

“Granbull use your Pound!” cried Sandy. As Croconaw approached, Granbull drew back
a fist. As soon as its opponent was in range, Granbull unleashed the attack on Croconaws
chin. Croconaw was sent reeling.

“Finish it Granbull, Bite attack!” called Sandy. Granbull pounced on Croconaw and sank
its teeth into Croconaws side. Kevins pokemon cried out in pain and fainted.

“Come on back Croconaw, good job buddy!” said Kevin, recalling his wounded
pokemon. He looked to the pokemon on his shoulder. “Your up now Pichu, I’m counting
on you.”

“Pi!” it said, a determined look on its little face. It leapt off Kevins shoulder and ran
towards the purple pokemon.

“Pichu, use thundershock!” cried Kevin. Pichu bared its little paws into fists and closed
its eyes.

“Pichu!” it cried sending a jolt of electricity towards Granbull. Granbull wasn’t fast
enough and was shocked by the attack. Pichu’s eyes were spinning and it looked a bit

“Come on Granbull, Take down attack!” called Sandy. Granbull shook its head clear and
growled loudy before sprinting towards Pichu.

“Pichu, use charm!” said Kevin. Pichu looked deep into the Granbulls eyes and smiled
cutely while its eyes sparkled. A shiny love heart appeared and floated towards Granbull
before it shattered on its forehead. Granbull came to an abrupt halt and gazed at Pichu

“What do you think your doing Granbull?” called an annoyed Sandy.

“Well done Pichu!” said Kevin smiling. Pichu grinned broadly and clapped its hands
together. All of a sudden there was a flash of light and Pichu began to glow brightly. It
turned into a white light that twisted and changed before dying away.

“Wow...” gasped Bonnie. Kevins Pichu had just evolved into an energetic Pikachu.

“Awesome, my very own Pikachu!” cried Kevin happily, getting out his pokedex:

<Pikachu><The Mouse Pokemon>
<This electric pokemon is very intelligent. It roasts hard berries with its electicity to
soften them up. When a whole group of Pikachu gather in one place, their combined
energy can cause thunder storms and power outages in nearby citys>

“Alright Pikahu, finish this off!” called Kevin. “Use a quick attack!”

Pikachu nodded and darted at the dazed Granbull at high speed. Pow! It knocked the
Granbull to the ground. Pikachu then started flexing its muscles and showing off.
Suddenly, Pikachu was knocked off its feet by a punch from Granbull. Pikachu rolled
across the ground.

“Come on Pikachu!” yelled Kevin. “Stay focused!”

Pikachu jumped to its feet and nodded.

“Pika-Pika... chuuuuuu!” it cried and blasted out a huge bolt of electricity in a
Thunderbolt attack. The streak of lightning blasted into Granbull knocking it to the
ground, eyes spinning.

“Yeah!” cried Bonnie hugging Kevin around his waist from behind. Eevee danced about
on the grass.

“Alright! Nicely done Pikachu!” called out Kevin. “Come here!” He held his arms out
stretched and Pikachu bolted back to its trainer leaping into his arms.

Sandy returned her defeated Granbull and walked over to Kevin and the gang.

“Well done Kevin” she said shaking his hand. “Your gonna go far!”

“Thanks Sandy!” said Kevin. “You helped my Pichu evolve into Pikachu”

{Pika Pi!}

“No Problem” said Sandy smiling.

“Come on Kevin” said Bonnie scooping Eevee up into her arms. “We better be going, we
are almost at Olivine City.”

Kevin and Bonnie said their goodbyes and left Sandy and the ranch behind to continue on
their pokemon journey...

Dr Skottie
03-15-2004, 09:40 AM
Chapter 20

Kevin and the gang reached the top of a hill and gazed out at the sight before them. The
ocean sparkled as the noon day sun reflected off its surface. Hundreds of bulidings were
scattered all over the shore and a lighthouse stood tall to the south-east. This was Olivine

“We finally made it” said Kevin, breathing in the fresh sea breeze.

“This place is beautiful” sighed Bonnie.

“What do you say Pikachu, think we should find the gym?” asked Kevin turning to the
electric mouse on his shoulder.

“Pika Pika!” it cried.

“Alright lets go!” cried Kevin and sprinted down the hill. Bonnie ran after him. They
entered the busy harbour side city and slowed to a walk. It was a hot day, and sweat
trickled down Kevins face. He wiped it away with the back of his glove. He saw a sign a
few feet away. It read:

The Port Closest to Foreign Lands

“Excuse me” said Bonnie. Kevin turned to see her walking up to a young sailor. He
looked to be about 17 or 18 and he was a little taller then Kevin. He had dark olive skin,
and was well muscled. He had spiky black hair with blonde tips and a black bandana
circled his head. His handsome face was framed by a trimmed moustache and beard
(similar to Craig David). He wore a white muscle shirt and blue baggy jeans with black
skate shoes. Three pokeballs adorned his upper right pant leg and he wore indigo training

Kevin walked up to them and slipped an arm around Bonnies waist.

“Yeah?” said the sailor, looking at the pair. “Can I help you?”

“Yes” replied Bonnie, smiling sweetly. “Do you think you could tell us where the gym

“Yeah sure, for all the good it would do you” he replied. “Just follow the main street and
turn into Iron road. Just follow that until you get to the gym.”

“For all the good it would do us?” asked Kevin looking at a puzzled Pikachu on his
shoulder and then back to the man. “What do you mean?”

“Jasmine the Gym Leader isn’t there at the moment.” said the Sailor. “Hasn’t been there
for three days now.”

“Do you know where she is?” asked Kevin.

“Yeah sure,” said the sailor. “Shes up at the lighthouse looking after a sick pokemon. She
won’t leave the pokemons side. That woman has got a heart of gold.”

“To the lighthouse Kevin?” asked Bonnie, looking up into Kevins eyes.

“Of course!” he said squeezing her gently. He turned to the young man. “Thanks for your
help. Whats your name by the way?”

“No problem, my names Jacob” he said and flashed a perfect smile.

Kevin felt Bonnie tremble slightly when he smiled at her. They turned and headed in the
direction of the lighthouse.

“You like him don’t you?” said Kevin grinning at her.

She bit her lip trying to hold back a smile but failed. “And what if I do?”

“Well, you have no chance with him” said Kevin matter of factly. “Your 13 and hes -”

“Almost 14!” she interrupted.

“Almost 14” he said shaking his head smiling. “And hes about 18!”

“Yeah I know” she said nodding. “He’s still hot though” She turned to him and put a
hand on his chest and leaned in close to him. There lips were inches apart. “Don’t worry
Kevin your the only man for me...”

She moved in closer and Kevins heart pounded in his chest. He closed his eyes, waiting
for their lips to touch.All of a sudden, she pushed him away laughing. “Keep dreaming
Kev! Friends only!”

Kevin fell to the ground anime style, and Pikachu and Bonnie burst out laughing. That
was mean thought Kevin, grinning embarressedly.

“Pika Pikachu!” Pikachu had stopped laughing and was pointing. They had reached the
base of the lighthouse. It looked like it was covered in panels of mirrors which made the
sunshine bounce everywhere. An automatic glass door was set into the side and Kevin
and Bonnie walked inside, Pikachu on Kevins shoulders.

Once inside, Kevin realised this was the place where people hung out and battled
eachother. They walked around to the stairs without anyone challenging them. The
staircase spiraled up around the inside of the Lighthouse. They reached the second floor
and a pokemon battle was under way. The bug pokemon Ledian verse the rock type

Kevin scanned the rest of the room and saw a familiar face. A teen with spiky blue hair
and fair complexion.

“Hey Storm!” called Kevin. “Long time no see!”

Storm turned and seeing Kevin, he grinned. “Not since the bug catching contest.” He
turned and looked at the young girl beside Kevin with the olive skin and and silky black
hair with red bangs framing her face. “And whos this lovely lady?”

“This is Bonnie” said Kevin. “Her older sisters are the dancing Kimono girls”

“From Ecruteak hey?” asked Storm.

“Yep” she replied. “And who are you?”

“I’m Kevins long running rival, ever since the martial arts contest” he replied. He looked
at Kevin.“So up for a Pokemon battle Kevin?”

“How could I refuse?” said Kevin. “Three pokemon each?”

“Sounds good to me!” he replied. Bonnie moved to a bench against the wall and sat
down. She never got tired of watching Kevin battle.

Dr Skottie
03-15-2004, 09:47 AM
Storm grabbed a pokeball from under his green vest and threw it. “Come on out
Noctowl!” The pokeball sprung open and out came the brown bird. It spread its
magnificent wings and landed gently on the floor.

“Okay go Pikachu!” said Kevin. Pikachu leapt from Kevins shoulder and onto the tile
floor. Its coat bristled with electricity.

“I see your Pichu has evolved” said Storm.

“And your Hoothoot aswell” replied Kevin as he got out his Pokedex:

<Noctowl> <The Owl Pokemon>
<This majestic looking pokemon is the second and final evolution of Hoothoot. Noctowls
eyes are specially adapted for the night. They concentrate even the most faint and distant
light and are able to obtain perfect night vision. You can always tell a Noctowl is thinking
because it turns its head 180 degrees>

“Noctowl, quick attack!”ordered Storm. Noctowl jumped inot the air spread its wings and
streaked towards Pikachu.

“Pikachu use agility!” said Kevin. Bonnie watched as Pikachu vanished and appeared on
Storms side of the battle area. “Now use Thundershock!”

“Pika!!!” it cried as it shot out a bolt of electricity from its cheeks at Noctowls exposed

“Noctowl turn and use reflect!” called Storm. Noctowl spun in mid air and its eyes
flashed yellow. A barrier of light appeared in front of it and the Thundershock was
cancelled out.

“Pretty good Storm” said Kevin.

“Not so bad yourself!” replied his rival.

Bonnie, sitting on the bench heard a noise coming from the staircase that led up to the top
floor. She turned and saw at the top of the staircase a young woman sitting on the steps
watching the match. She was very beautiful Bonnie thought. She was wearing a light
purple dress and her hair was a honey blonde that was tied back into two pigtails that
reached down to her waist. This must be Jasmine she thought.

The young woman became aware of Bonnies gaze and turned to her and put a finger to
her lips to tell her to keep quiet. Bonnie nodded and turned back to watch the match.

“Noctowl, use your confusion!” ordered Storm. Noctowl spread its wings and a blue aura
surrounded the pokemon. Its eyes flashed and Pikachu was sent reeling backwards.

“Come on Pikachu!” called Kevin. “You’ve got the advantage!”

Pikachu got to its feet, shaking its head.

“Noctowl fly!” called Storm. Noctowl pushed off the ground and rose into the air.

“Don’t let it get away Pikachu!” ordered Kevin. Pikachu scrambled across the floor and
leapt into the air. It grabbed hold of Noctowl by the leg with a paw.

“Oh no...” said Storm.

“Pikachu, Thunderbolt!” cried Kevin.

“Pi-ka-chuuuu!” it cried as it blasted out a dozen bolts of electricity. Noctowl was
shocked by the attack and it fell to the ground. Pikachu leapt aside as the Noctowl hit the

“Good job Noctowl...” said Storm as he recalled the defeated pokemon back into its
pokeball. He clipped it to his belt and grabbed another pokeball.

“Sudowoodo, I choose you!” he cried as he threw the pokeball. It opened with an
electronic buzz and white light poured out. The light took form into an odd looking
pokemon that resembled a small tree. Kevin checked his Pokedex again:

<Sudowoodo> <Imitation Pokemon>
<This unusual pokemon looks like it might be a plant type at first glance. However, on
closer inspection, these Pokemon are rock types and hate the water. Sudowoodo usually
live by themselves in forests and hide from trainers by staying motionless and blending
into their surroundings>

“Okay Pikachu, use a Thunderbolt”

Pikachu shot off another blinding bolt of electricity that hit the Sudowoodos antenna like
head. However the attack didn’t seem to work.

“Didn’t you listen to your pokedex Kev?” asked Storm grinning to himself.

“Oh yeah, Sudowoodos are rock type!” cried Kevin exasperately. “How could I be so

“Its okay Kevin, you can win!” called Bonnie from the sidelines. He smiled at her and she
winked at him. He was so glad he had her around.

“Pikachu, use double team!” ordered Kevin. Pikachu nodded and split into five.
Sudowoodo looked at them confused.

“Sudowoodo, use rock throw!” said Kevin. Sudowoodo conjured up a mass of rubble out
of thin air and threw it. It hit all the targets and 4 Pikachus dissapeared and one fell to the

“Pikachu...” moaned Kevin. He ran out to it and scooped the little pokemon up into his
arms. “Are you okay Pikachu?” The little pokemon nodded weakly. He rushed over to
Bonnie and looked pleadingly at her. She nodded and reached out to take the pokemon.
She held Pikachu like a baby in her arms.

Kevin turned back to the battle. He grabbed the fastball from his belt and threw it. He
should have chosen Chikorita or Croconaw because they would have had the advantage;
But he wanted to beat the Sudowoodo when it had the advantage. He had to prove he
could do it. Aipom popped out of the pokeball with a flash of light. It did a cartwheel and
bounced up and down on its tail grinning like only an Aipom new how.

“Aipom use your swift attack!” called Kevin. Aipom jumped on the spot and spun,
shooting stars out from its tail. They hit home and Sudowoodo was pushed back but
recovered quickly.

“Sudowoodo, use your slam attack!” called Storm. Sudowoodo rushed forward towards
the monkey pokemon. It swung down at its opponent with one of its strong arms. Aipom
bounced away, and Sudowoodos attacked missed, cracking the tiles on the floor.

The woman on the staircase winced. That one was gonna cost the owner of the

“Aipom try a Headbutt!” called Kevin. Aipom launched itself at Sudowoodo headfirst.
They bother staggered backwards from the force of the blow.

“Come on Sudowoodo!” called Storm. “You have the type advantage, use a low kick!”

Sudowoodo lashed out with a kick. Bang! Aipom bounced across the tiles. It shook its
head and got gingerly to its feet.

“Well done Aipom, use a Mega Punch!” ordered Kevin. Aipom skipped over to the
Sudowoodo and jumped in the air. It drew back a sparkling fist and unleashed at
Sudowoodos face. Smack! Sudowoodo toppled to the floor out cold.

“Yeah!” yelled Bonnie happliy. “That was awesome!”

“Yes!” cried Kevin. “You did it Aipom well done!”

Aipom danced around on the spot, ending with a peace sign from its tail.

“Sudowoodo return.” said Storm recalling his pokemon back to its pokeball. He grabbed
another pokeball.

03-15-2004, 09:48 AM
I would have to agree with Bonnie on this one...I never get tired of watching (or reading) Kevin's battles either! Especially against Storm, rival battles are usually the best. Keep it up Dr. Skottie!

Dr Skottie
03-15-2004, 09:50 AM
“Wartortle I choose you!” yelled Storm as he threw the pokeball. It popped open and
white light gushed out. It formed into a blue turtle with pointy ears and a curly tail. Kevin
checked his Pokedex:
<Wartortle><The Turtle Pokemon>
<The evolved form of Squirtle. Wartortles are excellent swimmers as their long ears help
them to balance in the water. The longer its tail the more mature and wise the pokemon
is. Wartortle like to hide under water to sneak up on prey>

“Wartortle, watergun!” cried Storm.

“Wartortle!” it growled. It took in a deep breath and then blasted out a jet of water at
Aipom. Aipom didn’t know what hit it. It cried out as it was blasted into a wall. It
slumped to the floor.

“Aipom return” said Kevin recalling his injured Pokemon. He clipped the fastball to his
belt and chose his last pokemon.

This was Storms beginning pokemon and a water type. I think I’ll use my own.

“Croconaw I choose you!” said Kevin. Croconaw leapt from the thrown pokeball and
bared its teeth ready for battle.

“Croconaw, use your rage attack!” called Kevin. Croconaw began flashing red and its
face turned to a scowl. It roared and dashed towards Wartortle.

“Wartortle Withdraw!” cried Storm. Wartortle pulled its head, limbs and tail inside its
hard shell. Croconaw ploughed into it and the shell flew through the air and bounced off a

“Croconaw, bite it!” ordered Kevin. Croconaw ran over to the shell and clamped its teeth
around it. It kept biting down hard and little cracks began appearing in the shell. “Keep it
up Croconaw!”

“Oh no you don’t Kevin!” cried Storm. “Wartortle use Rapid Spin!”

All of a sudden, Wartortle spun at an incredible speed and freed itself from Croconaws
jaws. Croconaw moved back rubbing its jaw. It spat and two teeth fell out. Croconaw
wasn’t worried, they would grow back but damn did that hurt. Croconaw looked at its
opponent to see it was now out of its shell.

“Croconaw, Watergun!” called Kevin. Croconaw took in a deep breath and blasted out a
jet of water at Wartortle.

“You too Wartortle!”

The two jets of water splashed everywhere as they struck in the air. They were equal

Kevin got a sudden sense of deja vu from the first time he and Storm had battled. His
Totodile had battled against Storms Squirtle. Kevin supposed that the rivalry that was
between himself and Storm must be as strong between Wartortle and Croconaw and he
was right.

“Wartortle tackle attack!” called Storm. Wartortle sprinted towards Croconaw. This was
the chance Kevin had been waiting for.

“Croconaw, Bubblebeam!” cried Kevin. Croconaw took in a deep breath and blasted out a
barrage of rainbow bubbles. They burst as they struck the turtle pokemon and Wartortle
was sent sliding across the floor eyes spinning.

“Alright!” cried Kevin. He gave Croconaw a high five.

“Wartortle return” said Storm, dissapointed. The turtle pokemon was sucked inside the
pokeball. He turned to Kevin. “You did well this time Kevin, but just wait until next
time.” He smiled at Bonnie and nodded his head to Kevin before descending the stairway.

“Cya later man!” called Kevin, before turning to Croconaw. “You were awesome buddy,

“Hello Kevin” came a voice from the staircase leading up. The young woman that Bonnie
had spotted before was now walking down the flight of steps.

“Who are you?” asked Kevin as she approached. Damn shes fine thought Kevin.

“I’m Jasmine, leader of the Olivine Gym.” she said smiling, but she looked tired.

“Awesome, I’ve been looking for you!” said Kevin grinning. “I want a battle with you to
win a badge.”

“Normally I would accept, but I can’t leave the lighthouse. The pokemon that lights this
tower has caught a disease and I have been caring for it for the last few days.”

“Why don’t you just take it to the pokemon center?” asked Bonnie walking over to them,
cradling Pikachu in her arms. Kevin nodded.

“I did at first but the Pokemon Center couldn’t do anything to help. But you can Kevin.”
said Jasmine.

“ME??” cried Kevin. “What could I do?”

“There is a young man that lives in Cianwood City by the name of Stan. He makes special
potions for pokemon. If anyone has a cure, he does” she said. “I need you to go to
Cianwood City and bring back the medicine I need. Can you do that for me?”

Kevin nodded. “Bonnie and I would be glad to help, wouldn’t we?”

“Of course” said Bonnie.

“Thankyou so much. I knew after you defeated Storm that you would be the best possible
choice. Here let me help...” said Jasmine and she pulled a Full Restore out of her pocket
and sprayed it on Pikachu. Its eyes flicked open and it jumped into Kevins arms, smiling.

“Thanks Jasmine, we won’t let you down!” said Kevin and Bonnie as they left the
lighthouse begining a new quest...

Dr Skottie
03-15-2004, 10:35 AM
Chapter 21

“Wait!!!” cried Kevin and Bonnie as they raced along the sun drenched boardwalk, arms
flailing trying to catch the attention of the ferry in the distance.

“Pika!” yelled Pikachu from Kevins shoulder.

“Don’t leave without us!” called Kevin, but it was too late. They stopped running and
watched despairingly as the ferry pulled out of the harbour and began sailing towards the

“Ohhh, we missed it...” sighed Bonnie. “That was the last ferry for today...”

“For this week actually” said a voice. They turned to see Jacob, the sailor they had spoken
to earlier.

“Great...” said Kevin sarcastically. “So we are stuck here until next week!”

“Not necessarilly” said Jacob smiling. “I own a small jetboat. I’d be happy to give you a
ride. On one condition.”

“Whats that?” asked Kevin.

“If you’ll let me join your little group” said Jacob. “Is that -”

“YES! Of course its okay!” cried Bonnie, grinning from ear to ear.

Kevin leaned towards Jacob. “You see how shes so excited? Its because she really -”


Kevin fell to the ground, rubbing the red mark where Bonnie had punched him. Pikachu
laughed. Bonnie giggled nervously as a sweat drop ran down her face.

“Don’t pay any attention to him” she said. “Wheres the boat?”

“Its just a few jettys away...” he said looking at Bonnie apprehensively.

“Great lets go!” cried Bonnie. “Come on Kevin!” She grabbed him by the collar and
pulled him to his feet.

Jacob led them to his boat. It was a sleak hightech looking thing. It was white, silver and

“Hey this looks pretty sweet!” said Kevin. “What do ya think Pikachu?”

“Pika pi!” it cried happily.

“Climb aboard!” said Jacob smiling. Kevin and Bonnie climbed down the ladder on the
side of the jetty and dropped into the boat.

Pikachu scurried off to the front of the boat and looked over the side. As Jacob untied the
boat, Kevin gazed south to the horizon. The vast ocean was calm and the skys were clear.
Kevin took a deep breath of the fresh sea air and sighed contently. He couldn’t believe
how lucky he was. A now experienced trainer, he was already halfway to qualifying for
the pokemon league. He had a good repertoire of pokemon of all different varietys. Kevin
was still a bit phased by the fact that he only had six, but he was sure he would catch a
new pokemon soon.

Kevin looked over to where Bonnie was staring out over the water. Her olive skin
glistened in the sunlight and her hair blew in the soft breeze. She felt his gaze and she
turned to look at him. Her eyes sparkled and she smiled as she tucked a bang of hair
behind her ear. At that moment, Kevin was filled with an absolute adoration towards her,
and he swore to himself that he would never let anything bad happen to her.

He turned the other way to see the newest member of the group. Jacob had finished
unting the boat and Kevin watched as he jumped from the jetty and landed persian-like on
the deck of boat.

“Lets get going shall we?” he said, moving towards the cockpit. He started up the motor
and slowly steared them out of the busy docks of Olivine and out into the open ocean.
They cruised in silence for awhile. The sun beat down on the boat and Kevin began to
sweat. He unbuttoned his shirt and the breeze whipped it back behind him. He ran a hand
through his blonde hair making it stick up. Bonnie went below deck and came out a few
minutes later wearing a red bikini top and a pair of small red and white boardies.

Kevins eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. She walked sexily across the deck,
rocking her hips back and forth. She sat down down on one of the 2 deck chairs and put
on a pair of silver sunglasses with red lenses.

She looked up at Kevin and smiled. “Kevin, can you rub some lotion into my back?” she
said innocently. Kevin couldn’t believe his luck.

He walked over to her and sat down behind her. He sqeezed a bit of lotion onto his hand
from the bottle that Bonnie had and began massaging it into her back and shoulders. She
rubbed some into her arms and legs and onto her stomach before leaning back into Kevin
as he gave her an expert massage.

“Ohh, that feels good” she sighed. Kevin prided himself in his massages. Back at school,
girls had sat near him at lunch just for the chance of getting their shoulders rubbed.

As Bonnie closed her eyes and lent back into Kevins chest, he struck up a conversation
with Jacob to distract him from the beautiful girl.

“So Jacob, what do you actually do?” asked Kevin, still rubbing Bonnies shoulders.

“Well, I used to be part of a small ferry business, but it got closed down. The big
oceanliners were just too much competition. So now I hang out at the docks, looking for
work and battling trainers in my spare time.”

“Hey do you think I could battle you?” asked Kevin, a glint in his eye.

“If you think your up to it” said Jacob. “There’s a little island just over there where we
can battle.”

Kevin looked over to where he was pointing. A small island, about a kilometre across
broke the surface of the water. It was covered in dense tropical plants and a pearly white
beach rimmed the island.

“Sounds good” said Kevin. Jacob steered the boat in the direction of the island. The bow
of the boat sliced through the sparkling water. He shut off the ocean 20 metres from the
shore and dropped the anchor.

“Time for a swim!” said Jacob before pulling off his shirt kickin off his shoes and diving
into the water. Kevin followed suit, taking off his shoes and shirt and joining Jacob in the
water. Bonnie tipped her sunglasses and looked over the top of the lenses. Needless to say
she blushed. She still couldn’t believe that her travelling companions were the two hottest
guys ever. She had to join them.

“Wait for me!” she said. She jumped up from the deck chair ran to the railing and jumped
over into the water. The water felt cool against her skin. She broke the surface of the
water, flicked her hair back out of her eyes and swam after the guys.

They body surfed the waves and clambered up onto the shore. Kevin all of a sudden got
the feeling that he was forgetting something...

“Oh no, I forgot Pikachu!” cried Kevin, looking back towards the boat.

“Pikachu didn’t forget us though” said Bonnie giggling. She pointed.
There was Pikachu, surfing on a surfboard with Eevee crouched at the nose of the board.
Eevee must have gotten out of its pokeball she thought.

Kevin smiled. “Where did he get the board from?”

“It belongs to one of my Pokemon” said Jacob as Pikachu continued surfing. “Anyway,
lets get this battle started.”

“I’m with you there”said Kevin.

Bonnie moved into the shade of a huge palm tree and sat down, resting her back against
the trunk. She watched as the pair faced off, psyching eachother out. Her gaze rested on
Kevin, and she studied his bair chest. He was well muscled and his stomach looked as
hard as rock. She noticed for the first time that there was big scar that striped his chest.
She wanted to ask him how he had got it but the battle had started. So she sat back and
waited for what she knew would be an exciting battle unfold.

“3 on 3 sound good?” asked Jacob, hand poised over a pokeball on his pantleg.

“Thats fine with me!” said Kevin.

Dr Skottie
03-15-2004, 10:44 AM
“Go, Tyrogue!” cried Jacob throwing a pokeball onto the sand. It burst open and white
light spilled out, forming into a little brown, human shaped pokemon.

Kevin got out his pokedex:
<Tyrogue><The Scuffle Pokemon>
<This fighting type pokemon is very competitive. It willl constantly seek out opponents to
make itself stronger. It will always fight no matter how difficult the challenge. Be warned,
Tyrogues tend to attack at random>

“Hmm, I’ll need something fast, but has a lot of power aswell...” thought Kevin. He
plucked a pokeball from his belt and threw it hard.“Scyther, I choose you!” It flew
through the air and sprung open, spilling energy onto the ground. It formed into Kevin’s

“A Scyther aye?” said Jacob. “Okay Tyrogue, Focus Energy!”

Tyrogue stood with its feet apart, fists clenched, eyes closed. A red Aura appeared and
swirled around the pokemon.

“It’s gathering power” thought Kevin, watching closely. He turned to Scyther. “Scyther
use your swords dance!”

“Scy!” it relied. It held out its scythes on either side of it’s body and spun on the spot at
an incredible speed. Sand was whipped up in the swirling wind of the technique.

“Scyther! Slash Attack!” cried Kevin. Scyther jumped towards Tyrogue, wings buzzing.
SLASH! Scythers blade sliced through air as Tyogue flipped away.

“Tyrogue go for a tackle!” called Jacob. Tyrogue ran down the beach a few meters
skidded in the sand, turned, and came sprinting towards Scyther.

“Scyther, try a cut attack!” called Kevin. Scyther faced the oncoming Tyrogue and drew
back both its blades to use a scissor move. Jacob watched Tyrogue come flying down the
beach. Just as Tyrogue was about to hit, Jacob cried out, “Low Kick!”

Tyrogue dropped and stuck out a leg, as if it was sliding into homebase. Bang! Scythers
legs were kicked out from under it and it fell to the ground.

“Quick Tyrogue!” cried Jacob. “Get it with a Karate Chop!”

Tyrogue jumped up into the air and came down on top of Scyther ready to deliver the

“Scyther Agility!” cried Kevin. Scythers wings buzzed to life as it zipped away from the
Tyrogue. “Now use Quick attack!”

Scyther spun in midair and came rushing at Tyrogue, knocking it to the ground.

“Now use Fury Swipes!” ordered Kevin. Scythers blades slinted as it slashed at Tyrogue
again and again. Tyrogue was hit by the first strikes but avoided the rest; jumping side
stepping and ducking out of the way.

“Tyrogue use double kick!” called Jacob. Tyrogue waited for a break in the onslaught of
sharp scythes and jumped up in the air. It lashed out with one foot, spun and kicked out
with the other. Scyther was hit in the chest and face and was knocked back.

“Tyrogue finish this!” yelled Jacob. “Fire Punch!”

Tyrogue drew back a fist and it ignited, flames burning a bright red. It struck Scyther in
the stomach. Scyther fell to the ground, breathing heavily.

“Scyther Return!” said Kevin, calling back the wounded bug pokemon. Scyther was hit
by the red beam of the pokeball and was sucked inside. He clipped it to his belt and
grabbed another pokeball. “Your Tyrogue is pretty tough Jacob, but lets see it beat my
Charmeleon, Go!”

Kevin threw the ball and it burst open. White light poured out and formed into the red
flame pokemon.

“Tyrogue, use a swift attack!” called Jacob. Tyrogue conjured up a handful of bright
yellow stars in its hands before throwing them at Charmeleon. Kevin’s pokemon avoided
the first few stars but was knocked back by the rest.

“Charmeleon, use a Flamethrower!” ordered Kevin. Charmeleon open its mouth wide,
and searing red flame erupted from within. It streaked across the beach and hit Tyrogue
right in the chest, sending it skidding through the sand. It was down and out.

“Tyrogue return” said Jacob, recalling his first pokemon back into its pokeball. He
grabbed the next pokeball.

“Wingull, I choose you!” cried Jacob, throwing the pokeball out onto the beach. It sprung
open and white light spilled out forming into a white bird pokemon with blue on its

“A wingull...” Kevin said to himself, flipping open his pokedex:

<Wingull><The Seagull Pokemon>
<This flying/water type pokemon rides updrafts rising from the sea by extending its long
and narrow wings to glide. It uses it long beak for peck attacks and also hiding any
objects it steals from unwatchful trainers.>

“Okay Charmeleon, Wingull has the advantage” said Kevin. “Do you want to keep

“Meleon..” it snorted, sending a burst of flame into the air.

“I’m asking the wrong pokemon here” said Kevin rolling his eyes. “Charmeleons
probably my most stubborn pokemon. Okay Charmeleon use another Flamethrower!”

Charmeleon opened its jaws and blasted another plume of flame towards Jacob’s
pokemon. Wingull sprung into the air and spread its wings, avoiding the attack easily.

“Wingull, use Fly!” said Jacob. It soared up into the air and began to circle Charmeleon
from above.

“Use your ember Charmeleon!” ordered Kevin. Charmeleon took a deep breath and
breathed out a barrage of fireballs, that soared through the air towards the seagull
pokemon. Wingull dived toward Charmeleon, wings tucked back against its body. It
dodged the oncomng fireballs as streaked towards the beach. It opended its wings and
swooped at Charmeleon, orange beak shining. Bang! Charmeleon fell to the ground
rubbing its jaw, from where it had been hit.

“Good job Wingull!” called Jacob to the air. “Now use supersonic!”

Wingull pulled off a perfect Imelman turn and came back towards Charmeleon. It
squarked loudly and bright yellow rings streaked towards the ground, passing through
Charmeleon. The flame pokemon began to turn in circles, not knowing what to do.

“Charmeleon! Snap out of it!” cried Kevin.

“Now that your pokemon is confused, I can easily win this!” called Jacob to Kevin.
“Wingull, Watergun!”

“Wingull swooped around, opened its beak and out came a jet of sparkiling water. The
watergun attack knocked Charmeleon to the ground. Its tail flame was almost out.

“Charmeleon, Return!” said Kevin, sucking Charmeleon into it pokeball. “There is only
one pokemon in my team that could beat wingull...” he thought to himself, “and that’s

Kevin looked out at the surf. He could see Pikachu and Eevee still surfing.

“PIKACHU!” yelled Kevin. “YOUR UP BUDDY!”

Pikachu’s ears twitched. “Pika Pi!” it cried as it rode a wave into shore. It leapt from from
the board, and scampered across the sand towards Kevin. Eevee sprinted over to Bonnie
and jumped into her arms.

“Okay Pikachu” said Kevin, arm outstretched. “Use a Thunderbolt!”

“Pikaaaa-chuuuu!” it cried as it blasted out a bolt of yellow lightning from its cheeks. It
streaked through the tropical air and struck Wingull, sending it spiraling to the ground.

“Get up Wingull! Come on!” called Jacob.

“Alright! Pikachu, tackle it!” called Kevin.

“Pika!” said Pikachu, as it ran over and plowed into the crumpled mass of feathers.
Wingull was out cold.

“Wingull Return” said Jacob and the seagull pokemon was sucked back into its pokeball.
He clipped it to his pants and grabbed the remaining pokeball.

“Your good Kevin!” said Jacob smiling. “And luckily for you, you’re gonna have the
advantage in this last battle”

“Doesn’t mean I’ll win though” said Kevin modestly.

“Just what I was thinking” replied Jacob. “Octillery, Go!”

He threw the last pokeball and it burst open, revealing a dark orange Octillery.

“Lets see what the pokedex says” said Kevin opening the database:

<Octillery><The Jet Pokemon>
<This water type pokemon love to hide in underwater caves and often steal the nests of
other Octillery. During battle, it will trap its enemies with its tentacles, and then use a
devastating Skullbash attack with its rock hard head>

“Okay Pikachu, use a quickattack!”

Pikahu scampered over towards Octillery and dived straight into it. Bang! Before Pikachu
could revover however, Octillery had it trapped in its tentacles.

“Thats a bind attack!” said Kevin.

“Octillery, Skullbash!” cried Jacob.

Octillery drew back its head.

“Quick Pikachu! Spark!” cried Kevin. Pikachu let out a burst of blue electricity in every
direction. Octillery cried out and lossened its grip enough for Pikachu to scramble free.

“That was quick thinking Kevin” said Jacob grinning. “Octillery, IceBeam!”

Octillery shot out a rippling static beam of blue at Pikachu.

“Woh Pikachu, watchout!” cried Kevin. Pikachu flung itself sideways and the Icebeam
froze the patch of sand where it just was.

“Again Octillery!”ordered Jacob. Pikachu only just managed to dodge the second

“Pikachu, use a Thunderbolt!” yelled Kevin.

“Octillery, stop it with a sludge attack!” said Jacob. Octillery shot out a blob of brown
sludge that hit Pikachu in the face, cancelling the attack.

“Ahh, Pikachu!” cried Kevin worriedly. “Get it off!”

Pikachu tried to wipe it away from its eyes but it wouldn’t come off.

“Yeah that did it!” cried Jacob. “Octillery, Finish this with a Watergun!”

Octillery shot out a jet of water which blasted Pikachu to the ground. Pikachu fainted.

“Looks like I win” said Jacob smiling. “Octillery Return!”

Wow hes good, thought Kevin. I’m glad hes on my side...

Dr Skottie
03-16-2004, 09:30 AM
Chapter 22

Back on the boat, miles away from the little island, Bonnie and Kevin laid back in the
deck chairs and relaxed in the warm sun. They had pushed the chairs together and were
resting their heads against eachother.

Pikachu and Eevee were playing around on the deck, chasing eachother all over the place.
Jacob had a firstaid compartment on his boat and had used a full restore on Pikachu.
Jacob was now off in another world, steering the boat and listening to his favourite tunes
on his discman.

Bonnie began talking quietly with Kevin.

“That was a great battle Kevin, even though you lost” she said.

“Yeah, Jacob’s tough” said Kevin. “Especially that Octillery of his...”

They were quiet for awhile before Bonnie spoke up again.

“Kevin,” she began. “If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get that scar from?”

Bonnie felt Kevin tense up and he traced the scar on his chest with his fingertips without
meaning to.

“I was attacked” he said quietly. He then told her of the time he had jumped down a well
with Officer Jenny, when he was only a rookie trainer. Bonnie listened as Kevin
explained how he had almost managed to rescue the stolen Slowpoke, when the white
haired teen by the name of Ice and slashed him with a knife. Bonnie winced as she
imagined a knife cutting through Kevins shirt and drawing dark red blood. The thought
flicked back to her memory of her boyfriends murder...

Wait a minute, she thought, white hair?

“Was Ice his real name?” she asked nervously.

“No,” said Kevin. “He just liked to be called that. His real name was Simon Vortex...”

Bonnie shivered, even though the hot sun was beaming down on her. She wriggled closer
to Kevin and he put his arm around her.

“Whats the matter?” asked Kevin kindly.

“Nothing” she replied.

If you tell anyone I will come back and finish what I started...

“Tell me,” said Kevin, holding her close.

“I’m scared” she whispered after awhile.

“You don’t need to be scared Bonnie,” said Kevin smiling. “ In fact, the last time I saw
him was only a few days before I met you. He had stolen almost a whole flock of
Pidgeotto, but I stopped him. I havent seen him since.”

Bonnie relaxed a bit after she heard this. She had been with Kevin for a few weeks now.
Simon would be far behind...

“But I have a feeling we will meet again...” said Kevin carelessly. “He wants to kill me.”

“Aren’t you scared?” asked Bonnie.

“Not really,” he replied. “I have escaped from him twice and even if he does come back,
the three of us have more pokemon then he does. I think we’ll be able to handle him.”

Bonnie, thought this through and realised she was safe as long as she stayed with Kevin.
He had been so good to her in the short time she had known him. He had allowed her to
get away from the place where she had seen her boyfriend stabbed to death; and in doing
that, enabled her to fulfil her dream of catching all the rare pokemon out there. She
smiled... it would be okay.

All of a sudden there was a squawk from the air. Kevin looked up and saw a pokemon. It
was a brown bird and it was holding a leak in its beak. It looked like it was circling the
boat, getting ready to attack at any moment.

“Thats a Farfetch’d” said Jacob, pulling the earphones of his discman out of his ears.
“There is a whole bunch of them that live out here at sea and they nest amongst the rocks
that break the surface of the water. We must have entered into this ones territory”

“Farfetch’d...” said Kevin as he got up from the chair and got out his red pokedex:

<Farfetch’d><Wild Duck Pokemon>
<This flying type pokemon likes to live amongst the reeds of a stream but some prefer the
open ocean instead. The leak it carries is used as a weapon and Farfetch’d are never seen
without them. Sometimes Farfetch’d fight eachother to get better leaks>

“I’m gonna catch it!” said Kevin, determined look on his face. “Lets go Pikachu!”

“Pikachu” growled Pikachu. The Farfetch’d pulled back its wings and plummeted to the

“Get ready Pikachu” said Kevin warningly. The wild duck pokemon came closer... “Now
Pikachu! Thundershock!”

“Pikaaa-chuuuuu!” it yelled and a bolt of yellow lightning streaked towards Farfetch’d. It
was zapped by the electric attack and fell to the deck of the boat. Thump. It quickly got to
its feet and brushed itself off and spun the green plant around, finishing with a pose and a

“That Farfetch’d is quite a character!” laughed Jacob.

“Sure is!” said Bonnie smiling. She looked past the Farfetch’d and saw dark clouds in the

Kevin grinned. “Your gonna be mine Farfetch’d! Pokeball Go!”

Kevin grabbed a spare pokeball from his belt and hurled it at the bird pokemon.

“Farrrr- fetch’d!” it sang out as it swung its leak like a baseball bat at knocked the
pokeball back into Kevins hand.

“Its too strong” said Kevin to no one in particular. “Okay Pikachu, get in there with a
tackle attack!”

“Pika!” cried the yellow mouse as it ran towards the Farfetch’d.

“Fetch-far-far!” it said as it hopped away and spanked Pikachu on the ass with its stick.
Pikachu crashed into the railing of the boat. “Far-far-far-far-far” cackled the bird

“Ahh, come on Pikachu!” encouraged Kevin. “Get up and use a Thunderbolt!”

Pikachu got up and started to get ready to use a thunderbolt.

“Pika- Pikaaa!” it cried as it blasted out a bolt of electricity. Farfetch’d was zapped for a
second time. It squearked loudly and fell onto the deck, eyes spinning.

“Farfetch’d... your mine!” cried Kevin throwing the pokeball. The red and white ball
struck the wild duck pokemon and flipped open. Farfetch’d was turned into a red light
and was sucked inside the pokeball. The ball snapped shut and fell to the deck of Jacob’s
boat. It rocked once.... twice... three times.....


“Alright! I caught it!” cried Kevin, punching the air. He ran over and picked up the
pokeball. As he admired it, it flashed white, and was gone.

“Where did it go?” asked Bonnie.

“All the way back to Mr Dojo’s house!” said Kevin. “I’ll get it later.”

All of a sudden there was a loud clap of thunder. Kevin and the gang looked up at the sky,
to see navy blue storm clouds sweeping in covering up the late afternoon light of the sun.

“Woh, that came out of no where!” said Bonnie worriedly. A fork of lightning zig-zagged
across the sky, lighting up the clouds, followed by another clap of thunder. Boom!

“It looks bad...” said Jacob, a grim look on his bearded, olive face.

Dr Skottie
03-16-2004, 10:21 AM
Kevin felt a droplet of rain fall on his nose. Then his cheek. It began to
pour. The rain thundered down on the boat, and Kevin pushed back his now
dark gold hair out of his face. Bonnie returned Eevee to its pokeball,
grabbed Kevin by the hand and pulled him under the canopy of the cockpit
where Jacob was.

Lighting flashed again and the sea began to churn. Waves began splashing
over the deck.

“Pika Pika!!!” cried the frightened voice of Pikachu.

“Arghhh!” cried Kevin, concern filling his face. “Where’s Pikachu?”

“Kevin, over there!”yelled Jacob, pointing. Kevin looked to see Pikachu
holding on to the railing of the boat for dear life. Another wave splashed
over the boat, rocking it from side to side. Kevin looked back to where
Pikachu was... he wasn’t there.

“No!!! Pikachu!” screamed Kevin. He pulled free of Bonnie’s arm and ran
across the deck to the railing. He looked over the edge to find Pikachu, but
the rain was falling so heavily he could only just see a few metres away
from the boat.

“Pika” came a cry of panic, muffled by the downpour.

“Don’t worry Pikachu, I’m coming”cried Kevin to the darkness, but the
strong wind swept his words away.

“Kevin, don’t!” screamed Bonnie, clutching tightly to Jacob’s arm.

“I have to!” yelled Kevin, and he climbed over the railing and dropped into
the rolling ocean. Splash. It was almost silent underwater and then Kevin
broke the surface and the deafining sound of the storm filled his ears.

“Pikachu! Where are you!” cried Kevin, trying to stay above the water.

“Pika pii” came the faint cry again. Kevin began swimming towards the
sound. He looked about desperately for his pokemon. And then he saw him.
He dived towards Pikachu, who was on its last legs. Pikachu slipped
beneath the surface...

“Noooo!” screamed Kevin, getting a mouthful of salty spray. He dived
beneath the surface of the water. He looked around franticly through the
churning water, beginning to panic. He saw Pikachu struggling to get to the
surface. He kicked through the water, and reached out, grabbing Pikachu
around the middle. His lungs were hurting now, he needed air. He swam up
to the surface and as he broke, he was greeted with the roaring noise of the
huge storm. Trying to keep himself and the yellow pokemon above water,
he reached down to his belt and grabbed Pikachu’s pokeball.

“Pikachu, get inside” yelled Kevin above the thunder. Kevin pressed the
button and Pikachu was sucked inside. He clipped it back to his belt just as
a huge wave towered over him. It broke and crashed down on top of him.
Kevin was swept under, turning over and over. He straightened himself and
made it to the surface again. He took a deep breath and struggled to stay
above the waves.

He peered through the darkness. A flash of lightning lit up the ocean and in
the distance he could see the shape of an overturned boat. Jacob’s boat...

Oh no, thought Kevin despairingly, Bonnie...

Kevin splashed through the treacherous waters, swimming with all his
might to get to the overturned boat. It seemed like he had been swimming
for miles when he finally got there his muscles burning from trying to stay
above the water.

All of a sudden, a figure surfaced in front of him. It was Jacob and he was
breathing hard. He had his blue backpack and Kevins black bag.

“Where’s Bonnie!” yelled Kevin, as the raindrops thundered down on the
dark sea surrounding him.

“She’s trapped!” replied Jacob. “She is still in the boat!”

Kevin began to panic. He looked at the boat and saw that it was almost
totally under the water.

“Jacob I need Octillery! I have an idea!” said Kevin, reaching down to his
belt and grabbing a pokeball. He brought it above the salt water and pressed
the lock/release button, bringing out his Croconaw into the water. The blue
croc easily stayed above the waves. Jacob released his orange Octillery into
the water.

“Croconaw, Octillery!” cried Kevin, getting their attention. “Bonnie is
trapped under the boat! I need you to help me get down there and help get
her out!”

The two water pokemon nodded. Jacob knew what Kevin planned to do. He
was going to have Croconaw help him swim and Octillery would help get
Bonnie out from under the boat. Jacob gave the okay.

“Okay lets go!” yelled Kevin and Croconaw dived under the surface. Kevin
followed and reached out and grabbed his pokemon’s feet as Croconaws
use their tail to swim. It was eerily quiet under the water. Croconaw’s tail
slashed back and forth, propelling the two deeper into the water. Kevin
looked to his left and saw Octillery, using its 8 powerful tentacles, gliding
through the water. The yellow spots on its head and tentacles glowed
guiding them down. The three began to swim straight up under the boat.
Kevin saw Bonnies red and yellow over-the-shoulder bag, hooked on the
railing of the deck. He reached out an arm and pulled it free. Octillery led
them inside the boat.

Kevin saw Bonnies legs up ahead. His lungs were burning, he needed air!
He let go of Croconaw and swam himself. Splash! He broke the surface of
the water and breathed in deeply. Kevin looked around and saw that they
were in an air pocket inside one of the sleeping quarters. He turned towards
Bonnie just as she flung her arms around him. She was crying.

“Thankyou!” she sobbed into his shoulder. “I was so scared...”

“Me too” he said pushing her away gently. “But its not over yet, we need to
get hell out of here! I’ve got the water pokemon here to help. We’re gonna
swim down, across and up to where Jacob is, okay?”

“I can’t!” she whimpered, shaking her head. “I’ll drown!”

“You won’t drown!” Kevin said to her loudly. “Octillery is gonna carry
you, because he’s the strongest swimmer. I’ll be there as well!”

Bonnie nodded, tears still streaming down her face.

“Okay, Octillery hold onto Bonnie!” said Kevin turning to the jet pokemon.

“Octee!” it said. It quickly swam around behind Bonnie and wrapped its
front 2 tentacles around her, holding her tight.

“Okay Croconaw, lead the way!” said Kevin grabbing onto both of its feet
with his hands. The all took a deep breath, and dived into the icy water.

Dr Skottie
03-16-2004, 10:23 AM
They swam down until they were out of the boat. Kevin pointed across and
away from the boat and they glided through the water before swimming up
to the surface. They broke the surface and took a deep breath. Kevin looked
around and saw Jacob a few metres
away and they swam over to him.

Lightning forked across the dark sky and the thunder rumbled loudy around

There’s no way I’m gonna get out of this one, thought Kevin as he and
Jacob held onto Bonnie. The only thing that could help us now would be a

A huge wave splashed over them and they were underwater, surrounded by
the silence of the world under the waves. A sound began to fill Kevin’s
ears, like a strange mournful cry...

A giant shadowed silvery shape, streaked through the salty water in front of
Kevin heading towards the sky.

It’s a pokemon... thought Kevin in awe.

Kevin quickly swam to the surface to see what it was. Back above the
water, Kevin, Bonnie, Jacob, Croconaw and Octillery watched as the huge
shape flew up into the heart of the storm. Lightning flashed and it was
relfected off the silvery white feathers of the enormous Pokemon and for a
brief second, Kevin knew what it was...


The half drowned group of trainers and pokemon watched in reverence as
the mighty pokemon of the sea rose up into the sky and began to illuminate
the dark sky with a ghostly radiance. The blue aura that surrounded the
creature of legend, blasted out in all directions, filling the sky. The
lightning and thunder ceased, the sea began to calm and the clouds
dissapeared. It was almost sunset and the rays of golden sunlight streaked
the orange, blue and purple sky.

Lugia looked down upon them and its gaze fixed on Kevin.

“Thankyou...” whispered Kevin, a gentle smile on his face. The mighty
pokemon replied with its haunting song. It flashed a brilliant white, and was
gone. What looked like a glimmering star fell serenely down towards them,
and landed in Kevin’s outstretched hand. Kevin looked at it closely and
realised it wasn’t a star at all but a silver feather.

“Wow, thats a Silver Wing!” said Jacob, floating in the water next to him.

“Silver Wing?” replied Kevin.

“Yeah” said Jacob, looking closely. “The Silver Wing has been a lucky
charm in this area for centurys. People make jewlery that looks like it. But
only a few people in the whole world actually own a real silver wing. It
symbolises peace, success and goodluck. This is a gift from Lugia to you

“Wow, thats so cool” said Bonnie smiling.

Kevin was speechless. Why would the lengendery pokemon of the sea, the
controller of storms and guardian of the ocean do this? thought Kevin.
Why would it pick me; of all the trainers in the world? Why give me it’s

“Look!” cried Bonnie excitedly. “Theres an island over there!”

They turned and looked and, sure enough, there was a little island in the

“It’s getting dark” said Jacob, looking up at the sky. “Lets get going.”

With the help of Croconaw and Octillery they made it over island. The stars
were shining down on them by the time the clambered up the sandy shore
and into the cover of the the tropical foliage. They hung up there wet
clothes and built a fire. Jacob recalled his Octillery. Kevin returned
Croconaw into its pokeball and released Pikachu.

“You okay buddy?” he said to the little yellow mouse.

“Pika pi!” cried a happy Pikachu. It then scampered over to a soft patch of
grass and curled up and fell to sleep.

Kevin was wearing his red boxershorts and a white t-shirt; Jacob was
wearing a black pair of shorts and a blue t-shirt; and Bonnie was wearing
her little grey gymshorts and a yellow singlet top.

They rolled out their sleeping bags. Bonnie moved close to Kevin and
asked him if they could unzip the sleeping bags and share them, using one
as a mattress and the other as a blanket for the both of them. Kevin agreed.
They hopped into the newly made double bed and Bonnie snuggled up to
Kevin, putting an arm and leg over him. Jacob was already snoring softly.
She propped herself up on an elbow and leaned down and kissed Kevin
gently on the lips.

“Thankyou” she whispered in his ear. Kevin wrapped his arms around her
and held her close to him.

“I promised myself I wouldn’t let anything happen to you” he replied,
stroking her long dark hair with his fingers. With their arms around each
other, they fell asleep.

Dr Skottie
03-17-2004, 12:21 PM
Chapter 23

Kevin awoke early the next morning. The sound of waves, gently foaming up the beach,
filled his ears. He wiped the sleep from his eyes and turned to see Bonnie sleeping
peacefully beside him. The dawn light shone through the foliage, lighting up her innocent
face. Kevin smiled and quietly pulled the blanket back and got up. He stretched and ran
his hand through his golden blonde hair.

“G’Morning Kevin” said a deep voice. Kevin looked to see Jacob rekindling the fire.

“What are you doing?” asked Kevin walking over to him.

“Cooking some breakfast” he said, standing up. “It should be ready in about half an hour.
Hopefully your little ‘Sleeping Beauty’ will be awake by then.”

Kevin playfully swung a fist at his head, which Jacob caught in one of his indigo gloved
hands. Jacob spun him around and got him in a headlock.

“Didn’t know I could do that, did ya?” he said laughing, letting him go.

“Do you do the martial arts?” asked Kevin, straightening his fathers necklace. The four
badges glinted.

“It was a hobby of mine for awhile” he said shrugging. “But I’m no where near your
standards. I watched you compete in the Johto Martial Arts Tournament! You were

“Thanks” said Kevin blushing, scratching his head.

“Why don’t you go for a walk?” suggested Jacob. Kevin thought it was a good idea so he
grabbed his pants and shirt from where they were hanging up. He pulled them on and,
barefoot, he strolled out of the shelter of the trees and onto the sand.

Kevin began strolling along the beach. The feel of the soft, white sand between his toes
was soothing. He thought about last night and the kiss he had shared with Bonnie. He
smiled. It wasn’t something he would forget about any time soon. He wondered if it
would lead anywhere. Bonnie and him had been very close, ever since that night back in
Ecruteak City. He had woken up to see her crying. Kevin realised he had never asked her
why she had been so upset. He had a sick feeling in his gut about it...

He had lied to her back on the boat about not being scared about Ice. He was plenty
scared and he often had nightmares about it. The thought of Ice hunting him, caused him
to shiver. He saw a rock on the ground. He picked it up and hurled it as hard as he could
into the water. He would have to talk to Bonnie about it later and find out why she had
been crying; and also why she had been so scared when he had mentioned the real name
of Ice...

All of a sudden his thoughts were interupted by a roar from the ocean. He turned to see
water flying through the air and in the midst of it, a huge Gyarados, the early morning sun
glinting off its scales.

I must have hit it with the rock, realised Kevin. It must have been sleeping in the
shallows. Woops...

“Let’s see what the pokedex says” said Kevin to himself. Getting it out from his pocket.
Surprisingly it hadn’t been damaged by the storm. He flipped it open and pointed it at the

<Gyarados> <The Atrocious Pokemon>
<This pokemon is the evolved form of Magikarp. These water pokemon usually live in
the open ocean but some live in rivers and streams. Its fangs can crush stone and its scales
are harder then steel. Rarely seen in the wild, huge and vicious, it is capable of destroying
entire cities in a rage>

Gyarados swam a bit closer and thrashed its head about. It roared again. It didn’t look too

“Gyarados, I’m gonna catch you!” yelled Kevin. Pikachu would have been the perfect
pokemon for this battle but it was still sleeping back at camp. So Kevin reached to his
belt and plucked a pokeball. He threw it out onto the sand. “Chikorita, I choose you!”

The pokeball burst open and the white light turned into the little grass pokemon. “Chiko!”

“Okay Chikorita, start off with Leech seed!” ordered Kevin. Chikorita popped out a seed
from around its neck and it sailed through the air, landing on the Gyarados’ forehead. It
glowed and then sprouted little vines. It began to flash red every now and then, sapping
the energy from the water snake. It reared back its head and blasted out a watergun, icy
blue water gushing towards Kevins Chikorita.

“Dodge it Chikorita!” cried Kevin, and the grass pokemon jumped aside. The water
pounded into the beach, sending water and sand everywhere. “Now use Vinewhip!”

Chikorita shot out snake like vines from the sides of its neck. They slashed at Gyarados,
whipping its face from side to side.

“Okay that should be good enough!” called Kevin and reached down and plucked the
empty Lureball from his orange belt. “Lureball go!”

Kevin hurled the blue and red ball into the air. It struck the Gyarados on the side and
sprung open. Gyarados was turned into a field of red energy that was sucked inside the
ball. It fell to the shoreline and began rocking from side to side on the white sand. It
rocked once...twice...three times....

All of a sudden it burst open and out came the scaly blue Gyarados, looking madder then
ever. The Lureball flew back to Kevin and he snatched it out of the air. The enraged
Gyarados reared back and shot out blue swirling energy, filled with white and blue flame.
It hit the ground and spiraled upwards, creating a tornado of surging energy.

“Woh, Chikorita, watch out!!” cried Kevin. “Thats a dragon rage!!!”

Chikorita galloped away and the dragon rage attack streaked past, ripping up the sand. It
flew back up the beach and dissapeared.

“Chikorita, use Razor Leaf!” ordered Kevin. Chikorita twirled its head leaf and shot out a
volley of razer sharp leaves. They struck the Gyarados, all over its body. It was starting to
look tired now.

“Gyarados, your mine!” yelled Kevin, throwing the Lureball for the second time.
Gyarados was sucked inside and the ball fell to the ground. Kevin held his breath as he
waited for the ball to lock. Once... twice...3 times...


Kevin’s face broke into a grin.

“Alright!” he yelled jumping in the air. “I caught a Gyarados!”

“Chiko-chikorita” cried Chikorita running around Kevin’s feet. Kevin bent down and
stroked the grass pokemons head.

“You were great Chikorita!” he said smiling.

All of a sudden, Chikorita flashed white and began to change shape. It grew and the buds
around its neck, opened up. The bright light vanished and there stood Kevins new

“Wow!” said Kevin, pointing the pokedex at the new pokemon.

<Bayleef> <The Leaf Pokemon>
<The evolved form of Chikorita, Bayleef is much stronger and faster. The leaf on its head
has many uses. It uses it to perform the attack Razorleaf and can also be used to create an
unusual aroma. When a pokemon smells it, it makes there urge to battle increase>

“Sweet!” said Kevin grinning. “Two pokemon in one go! Thanks Bayleef, return”

The new grass pokemon was sucked back inside its pokeball. Kevin walked over and
picked up the Lureball, containing his new Gyarados inside. It flashed white and

All the way to Mr Dojo’s house, thought Kevin.

He made his way back to camp where he was greeted by the delicious aroma of hot soup
that Jacob had made. Bonita was up and dressed and was now combing her hair. Their
eyes met and she smiled and winked at him.

Dr Skottie
03-17-2004, 12:25 PM
“Eat up Kevin” said Jacob thrusting a bowl of steaming soup into Kevins hands.

“Thanks Jacob!” he said and started spooning it into his mouth. It wasn’t until the first
mouthful had been swallowed did he realise how hungry he was. He wolfed down the

“Wow! That was great!” said Kevin, licking his lips.

“Well, we need to get off this island and over to Cianwood City! If only we still had the
boat... my poor boat...” said Jacob. He looked like he was about to cry. He grabbed a ball
from his pants and opened it, releasing his wingull. It flew around the camp and chirped.
“Wingull, do a flight around the island and see if there are any houses or boats

Wingull soared up into the sky and flew off, squawking.

“Hey my Farfetch’d could help!” said Kevin, reaching for his belt.

“Kevin, Farfetch’d is at Mr Dojo’s remember” said Bonnie, tying her hair back.

“Oh yeah...”Kevin sweatdrops.

“You could use your pokegear to talk to this ‘Mr Dojo’ guy, whoever he is” said Jacob
packing stuff away into his back pack.

“How?” said Kevin looking at the silver pokegear on his left wrist.

“You can use it to teleport pokemon” replied Jacob. “You just have to establish a link
with Mr Dojo’s computer.”

Kevin started pressing buttons on the pokegear. The screen flashed. There was Mr Dojo,
on the screen.

“Hey Mr Dojo!” said Kevin to the old man with a grey beard on the little screen.

“Kevin, is that you?” said Mr Dojo, peering closely. “How are you doing?”

“Well not too good. Our boat sank and we’re stuck on an island” replied Kevin.

“Where are you?” asked the old man.

“Somewhere in the Whirlpool Islands.” said Kevin vaguely. “Listen, I need you to send
me my Farfetch’d and my Gyarados.”

“GYARADOS?”cried Bonnie and Jacob. “Where did you get that??”

“I caught it this morning!” said Kevin grinning triumphantly.

“Sure thing!” said Mr Dojo. “But you’ll have to send me two of your pokemon to make
room for them.”

Kevin thought about it for a moment.

“Okay I’ve decided” said Kevin. “What do I do?”

“Just put the two balls on the ground infront of you. The computer will home in on their
ID signatures and teleport them here” he explained.

Kevin plucked Charmeleon’s pokeball and Aipom’s fastball from his belt and put them
on the ground. “See you guys later!” said Kevin to the spherical devices.

“All ready Mr Dojo!” said Kevin.
“Great! Three, two, one...” he said and the two balls vanished in a flash of white. There
was another flash and there was a glossy pokeball and lureball. Kevin picked them up
and clipped the lureball to his belt, but he pressed the button on the pokeball. It opened
and white light splashed out and formed into Kevin’s Farfetch’d. It twirled its leak around
and posed, winking at them.

“Farfetch’d, I need you to fly around the island and see if you find if any people live here”
said Kevin. “Wingull is already up there, go help it.”

“Far-fetch’d” squawked the bird pokemon. It put the leak in its bill, flapped its wings and
soared up into the sky.

“Goodbye Kevin, and goodluck!” said Mr Dojo and he hung up.

“They should be back in a few minutes” said Jacob, sitting down, his back against a palm
tree. Kevin walked over and sat down next to Bonnie. She kissed him on the cheek.

“Did you have a good sleep Bonnie?” asked Kevin.

“Of course I did” she said smiling cheekily. “ I was with you!”

Kevin blushed.

“Bonnie, I want to ask you about something” said Kevin regaining his composure.
“Yesterday, back on the boat, when we were talking about Ice... do you know him?”

Bonnie hugged herself and she looked frightened.

“Bonnie” said Kevin gently. “I need you to tell me...”

Bonnie took a deep breath. “I know him...” she said croakily. “He... about a year or two
ago... I was with my boyfriend. He, he was jealous of him. We were out walking in the
garden at night. He came up behind Ryan and... he had a knife...”

Tears ran down Bonnies face as she said this. She lent in towards Kevin. He put his arms
around her and held her tight. Bonnie hugged him back. Jacob watched with pity.

These guys are too young to have to deal with this stuff, he thought to himself.

“That’s when Eevee came” said Bonnie continuing her story. “She chased him away.
Before he left he said that if I told anyone he would come back and kill me. Then he ran
off. I hadn’t heard of him since. That is until you said he’s hunting you....”

Kevin sighed. Well, if I can save her from the ocean, I can save her from Ice...

“Fetch Far Far-fetch’d” came the cry of Kevins pokemon as it swooped down
towards them through an opening in the foliage, followed closely by Wingull. Kevin gave
Bonnie one last reassuring hug and got up.

“Did you find anything guys?” asked Kevin.

The two pokemon shook their heads.

“Does that mean we’re stuck?” said Bonnie worriedly.

“Not at all!” said Jacob standing up and recalling his Wingull, blue bag on his back.
“Kevin’s new Gyarados is going to take us!”

“Oh yeah!” said Kevin smiling returning Farfetch’d to its pokeball.

They gathered up everything, put their shoes on, strapped their bags to their backs and
strolled down to the beach. The sun was higher then before and it was starting to get hot.
Kevin took a breath of the fresh sea air and threw his lureball out into the water. It burst
open and white light poured out into the surf. It formed into the impressive Gyarados with
its shining scales. It roared menacingly but saw Kevin and relaxed. It came over and
dipped its head down to Kevin. Kevin stroked the huge pokemon’s head.

“Pika Pikachu” said the yellow mouse on Kevin’s shoulder.

“Gyarados, we need you to take us to Cianwood City. Do you know the way?”

The water dragon nodded and dipped its head lower so they could climb on. Jacob
climbed on first, followed by Bonnie and lastly Kevin. Kevin sat just behind Gyarados’
head, Bonnie behind him, arms around his waist. In back of her was one of the
pokemon’s huge fin-like spines, with Jacob holding onto it.

“Alright Gyarados, lets go!” yelled Kevin. “Cianwood City here we come!”

Gyarados bellowed, thrashing its tail back and forth and began the long swim towards

Dr Skottie
03-19-2004, 11:25 AM
Chapter 24

From his perch on top of his Gyarados, Kevin could see lights in the distance. That must
be Cianwood City, thought Kevin. It was early evening and the stars were coming out.
The moon was full and it reflected off the surface of the water. They had been traveling
for two days on Gyarados and Kevin was glad that they were finally there. The lights
drew nearer as Gyarados’s powerful body moved through the water. Kevin could see the
buildings now. They arrived at the docks. Gyarados swam up to an empty jetty and
lowered its head. Kevin jumped down and Bonnie clambered down after him, followed
by Jacob. Gyarados mumbled a roar.

“Thanks for your help Gyarados, you deserve a good rest! Return!” said Kevin and
Gyarados was sucked inside the lureball, the red light filling the night air.

“Lets get to a Pokemon Centre” said Bonnie tiredly.

“Pika-pi”said a worn out Pikachu from Kevin’s shoulder.

“Okay follow me guys, I know where it is” said Jacob, and he walked up the jetty and into
the city, Kevin and Bonnie following close behind. They made their way through the busy
streets. Kevin saw a billboard on the main street:

“A Port Surrounded by Rough Seas!”

They found the Pokemon Centre a few minutes later. The shining glass doors slid open
and they walked inside. Another beautiful Nurse Joy was behind the counter and the room
was full of trainers of all shapes and sizes. They approached the counter.

“Hi, how may I help you?” she said smiling sweetly.

“We need a room for tonight and we would like you to heal our pokemon.” said Kevin.

“Wait a minute... aren’t you the son of the Dragon Trainer?” she asked excitedly. Kevin

“Yeah that’s me” he said. “My name’s Kevin Sun”

“Wow! Are you really the son of the Lance?” asked Jacob, eyes wide in shock.

“Yes” said Kevin a bit annoyed now. “Here’s my pokemon”

He had taken a tray before and on it now were 4 pokeballs, a lureball and Pikachu of
course. Jacob put his 3 pokeballs on the desk and Bonnie put Eevee’s pokeball up as well.

“They’ll be ready by tomorrow, have a good sleep” she said smiling and gave them a key
to a room they could stay in. She winked at Kevin and licked her lips. Kevin sighed.
Another one hungry for fame...

They weaved their way through the trainers standing around in the hall and made it to
their room. They went inside and got into bed.

“Guys, I expect a good present tomorrow” said Bonnie.

“A present?” chorused Kevin and Jacob. “What for?”

“My birthday of course! I’m 14 tomorrow!” she said happily. “Goodnight boys”

Kevin and Jacob looked across the room at each other (they were both on the bottom
bunks) and pulled a face.

“Where are we gonna get a present from?” mouthed Kevin, brushing hair out of his eyes.

“I don’t know!” whispered Jacob. “We’ll find something tomorrow”

Kevin rolled over onto his back and closed his eyes. I need to get that medecine for the
sick pokemon in the lighthouse and on top of that I need to get a birthday present for
Bonnie; and I need to win a badge from the Cianwood Gym.

With these thoughts Kevin drifted off to sleep.

* * *
“Good Morning boys!!!” yelled Bonnie happily.

“Argghh!” cried the two as they fell out of bed. They got up untangling themselves from
the sheets and looked at the 14yr old beauty. She was already ready to go, her glossy
brown hair tied back and red bangs hangind down at the front, framing her face. She was
wearing a white low-cut singlet top and a short denim skirt and white shoes. They wished
her a happy birthday.

“Thanks guys!” she said and gave them a hug kissing each on the cheek. “Now, I hope
you know, today is my day! So what I say goes, got that?”

“Yes miss” sighed Kevin and Jacob.

“Oh, cheer up guys, we’re gonna have heaps of fun!”she cried. “Now hurry up and get

She left the room to go and get Eevee from the front desk.

“Prepare yourself Kevin, this is gonna be a long day!” said Jacob pulling his baggy jeans
on and fastening them with a black belt.

“Why’s that?” said Kevin buttoning up his red shirt.

“Have you ever been shopping with a woman before?” he said putiing on his white shirt
with blue sleeves.

“I went shopping with my mother once” said Kevin fully dressed now, and admiring
himself in the mirror.

Jacob smiled. “What was that like?”

“Hell” said Kevin, smiling sarcastically.

Jacob laughed as he put gel through his hair with his finger tips, causing his black hair
with blonde streaks to stand on end. “Well teenage girls are so much worse then that!”

“Damn!” muttered Kevin.

“Ready to go guys?” yelled Bonnie barging into the room, Eevee in her arms.

“As ready as I’ll ever be” sighed Kevin.

“Oh come on Kevin!” said Bonnie pouting. Her lips broke into a smile and there was a
cheeky glint in her eyes. “I’ll make it worth your while...”

Kevin snapped to attention. “Alright, Lets go!”

They ran into the main hall, grabbed their pokemon and ran out the door.

“Pika pika?” said Pikachu curiously, from Kevin’s shoulder.

“Get ready for a big day Pikachu!” said Kevin trying to keep up with Bonnie as she
weaved in and amongst the early morning shoppers. She took them from one shop to the
next, looking at makeup, jewelry and all sorts of things.

“Wow this smells nice!” she squealed, testing some perfume at one of the shops. “Smell

She sprayed the perfume right in Kevin, Pikachu and Jacob’s faces. They fell on the
ground, gasping for breath.

“My eyes are on fire!”cried Jacob clawing at his face. Bonnie grabbed the two guys by the
hand and pulled them to their feet. “Come on! We got no time for your silliness!”

She dragged them to the next shop.

“Oh no...” whimpered Jacob.

“What now?” asked Kevin worriedly.

“Its a clothes shop!” he cried.

“Arghhhh!” screamed Kevin as the were pulled inside the shop. It was a girls only clothes
shop. Girls everywhere were looking at clothes. Kevin saw other lost souls like himself
and Jacob who had been dragged in by girlfriends and bestfriends. They looked ready to
hang themselves with the nearest pair of jeans. Bonnie darted around the store, taking
shirts, tops, jeans, skirts, pants, dresses and accessories of their racks and piling them on
Kevin, Pikachu and Jacob. She nodded finally and led the two towers of denim and cloth
over to the change rooms.

“Here it comes” came a mumbled voice from one of the piles of clothes.

“She’s not going to try them all on is she?” replied the second mass of clothes, followed
by a muffled cry by Pikachu.

“It think so...” answered the other, and they were right! They dumped the mass of clothes
at the entrance to the change rooms and they waited for Bonnie to try them all on. It
wasn’t that bad, because they got to admire Bonnie in all these sexy clothes when she
came out to show them. After what seemed like forever she said she was finished. Kevin
watched in exasperation as she only took a pair of dark blue jeans with sparkles on them
and white belt with studs to the counter. She paid for them with her sisters money, put
them in her bag and left the shop.

“What now?” asked Kevin, checking his pokegear. It was 11:52am. Bonnie stood there
thinking. All of a sudden there was a growl of a terrible beast coming from inside her.
Bonnie sweat drops...

“I’m hungry” she says bashfully. Kevin and Jacob fall over anime style. “Lets get an

“Now we’re talking!” said Kevin and Jacob grinning. They found an Icecream parlour
and sat down and ate their icecreams. As Kevin spooned the sweet icecream into his
mouth, he realised he still had to get Bonnie a present.

“So, where’s my present?” said Bonnie smiling, licking some icecream off the corner of
her mouth. “Jacob...?”

“Umm...” thought Jacob, looking frantically around for a gift for her. He looked across
the street and saw a shop. A little sign out the front said it was the: CIANWOOD PHOTO

Jacob’s mouth split into a huge grin as he reached into the back pocket of his jeans and
pulled out his wallet. He opened it up and pulled out a piece of paper. Man, I’m so glad I
kept this! he thought to himself.

“Well, with this we can get a free photo shoot for two people” he said showing her the
coupon. “The studio’s right over there!” he pointed to the building across the road.

Bonnie smiled. “Wow! Thanks Jacob!” she said jumping up and hugging him. “Lets go

They finished up and walked across the road. Bonnie walked in first, followed by Jacob
then Kevin. BUMP! Kevin falls to the ground rubbing his face where he had walked into
the door.

Jacob opens the door and looks out. Peering down he sees Kevin sprawled on the
pavement. “Ahh, sorry Kevin but this is for two people only, you’ll have to wait out here”

Kevin watched as the Jacob closed the door. Kevin got up and brushed himself off. Stupid
Jacob... thought Kevin, as he started walking down the street.

“I still need to find a present for Bonnie” said Kevin. “Any idea’s Pikachu?”

“Pika Pikachu Pi!” said Pikachu clambering down and tapping a pokeball on Kevins belt.

“You think I should give her a pokemon?” asked Kevin.

Dr Skottie
03-19-2004, 11:26 AM
“Pika!” cried Pikachu, giving a thumbs up.

“Thats a good idea!” said Kevin scratching Pikachu behind the ear. Kevin looked down
the road and saw that it led up into the grassy hills that surrounded the west side of
Cianwood. “I bet we could find a pokemon up there!”


They ran down the road and in a few minutes were up on one of the hills. The wind blew
around them bending the grass stalks. The whole hillside rippled. It was quiet and

“Skitty?” came a soft cry from the grass.

Kevin and Pikachu turned around to see a little yellow and red pokemon, peering
curiously out of the grass at the two of them.

“Hey thats pretty cute!” smiled Kevin.

“Pi Pikachu” sighed Pikachu.

“Lets see what the Pokedex says” said Kevin reaching into the pocket of his black pants
and pulling out the red Pokedex:

<Skitty><The Kitten Pokemon>
<Rarely seen in the area of Johto, it is more common in Hoenn. Skitty are fascinated by
moving objects and love to chase them around. They are so playful they often chase after
their own tail until they get dizzy. Because of its cute appearance and playful nature, it is
a favourite among female trainers>

“Perfect!”cried Kevin, balling his hands into fists. “Alright I choose you, Farfetch’d!”

He threw a pokeball onto the ground, releasing his Farfetch’d in a flash of light.

“Farfetch’d!” it cried.

“Farfetch’d, use a cut attack on that Skitty!” ordered Kevin, pointing at the kitten

“Fetch-far-far!” it squawked as it dashed towards the Skitty. It swung with its leak, but
the Skitty leapt aside. The grass stalks fell to te ground where they had been cut. The
Skitty dived at Farfetch’d in a headbutt attack. Farfetch’d was sent sprawling on the
ground. The little Skitty giggled at the wild bird pokemon.

“Get up Farfetch, and use another cut!”called Kevin. Farfetch jumped to its feet and ran at
the Skitty. However, Skitty sent out a shiny red love heart that broke as it hit Farfetch’d in
the face. Farfetch’d blushed at the Skitty and drew pictures in the dirt with its leak,
obviously embarressed.

“An Attract, clever” muttered Kevin. “Farfetch’d, snap out of it!”

Farfetch’d shook it’s head, and refocused on the task at hand.

“Farfetch’d, use peck attack!” said Kevin. Farfetch flapped its wings and dived at the
Skitty, hitting it with its beak. The Skitty fell to the ground.

“Your mine Skitty! Well you’re really Bonnies, but we’ll worry about that later!” said
Kevin. Pikachu sweatdrops. Kevin threw a pokeball. It sailed through the air and struck
the little pokemon on the side. The ball sprang open and Skitty was turned into a red
energy that was sucked inside the pokeball. It snapped shut and fell to the ground. It
rocked once, twice, thrice...


“Sweet!” said Kevin, picking up the pokeball. “Thats Bonnie’s present out of the way!
Lets go Pikachu! I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she see’s what I got her!”

“Pika Pi”

All of a sudden the ball flashed white in his hand and was gone.

“Man thats getting annoying” said Kevin rolling his eyes. He made his way back to the
Pokemon Center, Pikachu on his shoulder. The glass doors slid open and he walked in
and sat down at a Computer Terminal, where he rang Old Man Dojo. The old man
appeared on the screen along with Kevin’s Charmeleon. The fire pokemon was using a
weak flamethrower and Mr Dojo was toasting marshmellows on a stick in the flames.

“Now be careful Charmeleon, not too much firepower.” said the old man. Without
warning, Charmeleon sneezed sending out a huge burst of flames. “Arghhh!”

“Umm... Mr Dojo?”

“Oh hello there Kevin!” he said smiling, wiping the soot off his face. Charmeleon waved
and grinned cheekily, flashing a mouthful of needle sharp teeth.

“Hey!” replied Kevin.


“Where are you now?” asked Old Man Dojo.

“I’m in Cianwood City, and I just caught a pokemon” replied Kevin.

“Ah yes! A Skitty isn’t it?” wondered the old man.

“Yeah thats the one!” said Kevin. “I caught it for Bonnie. It’s her birthday today!”

“An excellent idea! I’ll just go get it for you, won’t be long” said the old man getting up
and walking off screen. Kevin watched as two very familiar people sat down at Old Man
Dojo’s computer. One was tall and skinny and had glasses and brown hair. The other was
a tall, attractive blonde haired woman. Kevin couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Proffessor Elm? Mom???”cried Kevin.

“Hi Sweetie!”replied his mom. Prof. Elm waved.

“What are you doing at Goldenrod?” asked a shocked Kevin.

“Well you havent kept in touch!” yelled his mother. “I have been worried sick about you!
You should have called!”

Prof Elm butted in. “Old Man Dojo is an old friend of mine. So I rang him up and asked
if he had seen you. He said he was the one who looked after the pokemon that you
weren’t using. I was interested in your progress of course so I decided I would visit. I
decided to bring your mother as well because I thought it might cheer her up.”

Kevin nodded. “Mom, I’m sorry I haven’t let you know whats going on. I just forgot! I’m
having an awesome time. I’ve made some new friends and I have caught and raised some
awesome Pokemon. Plus I have 4 badges!”

“I’m so proud of you Kevin!” she said admiringly. “I’m sure your father would be very

“I have had a look at your Charmeleon and your Aipom. They are in very good condition”
said Prof Elm smiling. “What other pokemon do you have?”

“I have Pikachu here!” said Kevin pointing to the yellow mouse on his shoulder.

“Pika Pika!” it said.

“Plus I have a Croconaw, a Scyther, a Bayleef, a Farfetch’d and my Gyarados!” said
Kevin grinning.

“Thats a good team!” said Prof Elm.

“I have your Skitty, Kevin” said Mr Dojo, pushing his way into view. The pokeball ID
signature has been changed from yours to Bonita’s. I’m sending it now!”

Kevin watched as he put the pokeball in a round depression next to the computer.
Electricity flashed down and hit it making it dissapear. It then reappeared next to Kevin.

“Thanks Mr Dojo!”said Kevin piccking up the pokeball and showing them. “Goodbye!”

“Bye honey!” cried his mother.

“Goodbye Kevin!” said Old Man Dojo and Prof Elm. The link was closed and the screen
went white.

Kevin got up and made his way back to the Photo Studio, just as Bonnie and Jacob were
coming out. They showed him the photos and they looked great. Bonnie handed him one
and said he could keep it. It was her standing there, looking beautiful. She had a peaceful
smile on her face. Kevin took his bag off and unzipped and took out a little box that he
had where he kept his special things. Inside was a photo of him and his family; a few
pokemon cards; a Dragonite tooth that his Father had given him; his SilverWing from the
Lugia that saved his life; and now a photo of Bonnie. He zipped his bag up and put it on.

“Here’s your present Bonnie” said Kevin, holding out the pokeball. “I hope you like it!”

Bonnie took it and pressed the button. It opened and white light spilled out onto the
ground and took shape into the kitten pokemon.

“IT’S SO CUTE!!!!” cried Bonnie grabbing it up into her arms.

“Skitty!” it cried happily.

“Its the rare pokemon Skitty” said Kevin smiling.

“I love it!” she said hugging it tight to her. She moved over and kissed Kevin on the lips.
“Thankyou so much!

“Anytime” said Kevin blushing.

“But there is still something I want for my Birthday...” she replied, returning her new
Skitty into its pokeball.

“WHAT!?!”cried Kevin and Jacob.

“I wanna watch Kevin get his 5th badge” she said smiling.

“Wow, you really mean it?” said Kevin excitedly. She nodded. “Alright lets go right

“Don’t forget, we need to get that medecine for that sick Pokemon at the lighthouse.” said

“We’ll get it tomorrow” said Bonnie.
“Okay lets go” said Kevin, hardly able to contain himself. He ran off down the road with
Pikachu; Bonnie and Jacob close behind.

Dr Skottie
03-19-2004, 11:28 AM
Chapter 25
Kevin and the gang approached the gym. It was beside the beach, its granite walls
reflecting the sun. They walked up the path to the door. Nearby was a sign.
It read:

“His Roaring Fists Do the Talking”

Kevin wiped a bead of sweat off his forehead with the back of his gloved hand. He took a
deep breath and pushed the heavy doors open. They creaked as they swung inwards.
Kevin and the others walked inside, there footsteps echoing in the long hall. The walls
were earthy colours of red, gold and brown. Pillars lined the walls and the floor was make
out of polished wood. Huge boulders were scattered around room. Kevin thought it was
too quiet.

“Hyahhhhhhh!” came a war cry from the air. A skinny man with red long pants and bare
chest was flying through the air towards them, leg outstretched. Kevin flung out a hand
and caught the foot sending the young man to the ground. Bang!

“Owww!” cried the man, getting up and rubbing his backside. He winced. “That hurt!”

“Umm... sorry” said Kevin sweatdropping. “But you attacked me”

“I wasn’t going to hit you!” he said indignantly. “I was just trying to make a big

“Well you certainly did that” said Jacob sarcastically. Bonnie giggled.

“Anyway, I’m Dave, and I’m training here at the Cianwood Gym under the guidance of
the great Chuck, Master of the Martial Arts!” he said with great gusto.

“Well I’m Kevin Sun and I’m here to battle him” replied Kevin.

“Chuck doesn’t have time for weaklings like you!” he said cockily, folding his arms
across his chest. He blew a bang of orange hair out of his face. “I’m more than enough for
your skills!”

“Alright, lets just see about that!” said Kevin, grabbing a pokeball from his belt.

“Okay this will be a one on one pokemon battle! I choose you Hitmonchan!” cried Dave
as he threw a pokeball. It burst open and white energy poured out revealing a
humanshaped pokemon with gloved hands and a mean look on his face. It punched a
nearby boulder, and it exploded, bits of stone flying everywhere. Hitmonchan smiled

“Woh...” said Kevin checking the Pokedex:

<Hitmonchan><The Punching Pokemon>
<One of the evolved forms of Tyrogue, this fighting type pokemon uses only its fists for
fighting. It can punch faster than the speed of light. With the ability to punch right
through concrete walls, this pokemon is one of the strongest of its type>

Kevin threw the pokeball in his hand out into the air. It sprung open revealing his Scyther.
It slashed the air a couple of times with its twin scythes and awaited the first order.
Bonnie and Jacob moved onto the side lines.

“Hitmonchan, Mega Punch!” cried Dave, arm outstretched. Hitmonchan ran at Scyther
and drew back a fist.

“Dodge it Scyther!” yelled Kevin. Hitmonchan swung its fist, enveloped in white flames.
Scyther ducked under it and Hitmonchan missed, putting it off balance.

“Scyther Skull Bash!” cried Kevin. Scyther rammed its spiky head into Hitmonchans
stomach. Hitmonchan gasped and was sent flying through the air. It hit the ground and
slid on the wooden floor.

“Get up Hitmonchan and use a Fire Punch!” ordered Dave. Hitmonchan jumped to its feet
and dashed towards Scyther, its flaming fists drawn back, ready to unleash the attack.

“Watchout!” yelled Kevin. Too late. Boom! Scyther was knocked back by the force of the
fiery attack. It breathed heavily and shook it’s head trying to block out the pain of its
scorched carapace.

“Alright! Quickly Hitmonchan, Seismic Toss!”ordered Dave, a smug look on his tanned

Hitmonchan grabbed the mantis pokemon and began to swing it round. Around and
around and around.

“Let it go!” cried Dave. Woosh! Hitmonchan let its victim go and Scyther was sent flying
through the air towards a pillar.

“Brace yourself Scyther” yelled Kevin desperately. Scyther quickly realigned itself and its
wings buzzed to life bringing it to a halt. Scyther hovered in the air a few meteres above
and a way from the Hitmonchan.

“Alright Scyther!” cried Kevin happily. “Dive down and finish this with a barrage of fury
swipes.” Scyther buzzed towards the Hitmonchan, its wings moving at lightning speed.

“No! Hitmonchan!” screamed Dave.

Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash!

Scyther gently lowered itself to the ground stood motionless. Behind it, Hitmonchan
groaned and fell to the floor unconcious.

“Alright!” said Bonnie and Jacob smiling.

“Pika Pi!” cried Pikachu happily.

“Well done Scyther!” said Kevin giving his pokemon a thumbs up.

“Scy...”said Scyther, giving the air about it a slash. Kevin returned it to its pokeball.

“Oh man, you beat me so easily!” whimpered Dave, returning his KOed pokemon to the
ball in his hand. “Wow... I can’t wait to see you battle with Chuck!”

He showed them to the back of the hall where another huge door was inlaid into the wall.
Dave pushed it open and they stepped through it. Kevin felt as though he had just stepped
into a ravine. The roof was completley open and the sun shone down and bathed the stone
walls in a bright light. In the center of the room was a pokemon arena, made out of fine
red dirt.

On the otherside of the room was a big armchair facing a TV in the corner. Great booms
of laughter echoed through the arena. Walking over to the chair Kevin saw a bare chested
man, his round stomach hanging over his belt, eating a packet of chips and watching
Spongebob Squarepants. His black beard was full of chip crumbs.

“Ah sir, there’s a challenger... he’s here to battle you” said Dave a bit nervously.

“Well duh!” said Chuck. His voice was a low rumble. “Why else would he be here for,
you idiot?” he laughed at his own joke and put his chip packet aside. “Well hurry up and
help me get out of this chair!”

Dave leapt forward and pulled the man out of his seat. Kevin saw that even though he
was fat, that he was still very muscly. The muscles in his arms and back rippled as he
stretched and brushed the crumbs away from his chest and beard. Dressed only in a long
white pants that were tied with a black belt, Chuck spoke to Kevin.

“So your my next victim are you?” he said laughing. “What’s your name kid?”

“Kevin Sun” said Kevin.

Chuck’s eyes bugged out. “Woh, you’re Kevin Sun!? You’re Lances boy aren’t you?”

Kevin nodded.

“Hmm.. this will be interesting...”said Chuck moving into the trainers box. Kevin did the
same and Bonnie, Jacob and Dave sat on a seat by the sidelines.

“Remember you have to win for me” called Bonnie to Kevin and she blew him a kiss. “Its
my Birthday remember.”

Kevin smiled and winked at her as he fingered the four badges that hung aroung his neck.
Time for another badge to add to my collection...

Dr Skottie
03-19-2004, 11:29 AM
“Alright, in case you didn’t know I’m a master of Fighting Pokemon! I’m second only to
Bruno of the Elite 4. Let’s see if the blood of a master trainer flows through your veins,
just like your father’s. This will be a 3 vs 3 match.”

He grabbed a pokeball from his belt and through it onto the arena.

“I choose you Hitmonlee!” cried Chuck as the pokeball burst open and revealed the first
pokemon, commencing Kevins 5th gym battle. As the white light receded Kevin saw an
olive brown pokemon with extremely long legs and glaring eyes. It flexed it’s muscles
and assummed battle stance. Kevin whipped open his Pokedex:

<Hitmonlee><The Kicking Pokemon>
<This fighting type pokemon, unlike it’s cousin Hitmonchan, uses ony its legs for
fighting. The evolved form of Tyrogue, Hitmonlee is able to stretch its legs so it can
cover great distances with ease. Also known as the kicking fiend>

Kevin reached down and grabbed a pokeball.

“Croconaw, I choose you!” he cried as he threw the pokeball. It spun through the air and
out onto the arena, bursting open with a flash of white. Kevin’s Croconaw formed on the
ground and it growled menacingly.

“Okay Croconaw, use watergun!” ordered Kevin. Croconaw took a deep breath and then
blasted out a jet of water. It flew across the arena towards the Hitmonlee.

“Hitmonlee, dodge it!” ordered Chuck, sweat glistening on his forehead. Hitmonlee leapt
nimbly aside and the watergun streaked harmlessly passed. “Now Hitmonlee, get in there
and use a double kick!”

“Monnn-Lee!” it cried and dashed towards the Croconaw. It jumped and lashed out with
one of its long legs and spun kicking out with the other a split second later. Croconaw
skidded through the red dust of the arena.

“Hang in there Croconaw” encouraged Kevin, brushing the hair out of his face with his
fingers. “Get up and use Slash attack.”

Croconaw got to its feet and ran at Hitmonlee, clawed hand back and ready to strike.

“Hitmonlee, agility!” cried Chuck in his deep voice. Hitmonlee disappeared and
reappeared on the otherside of the arena.

“Woh that’s fast” commented Jacob as he intently watched the battle.

“Try again! Slash!” yelled Kevin. Croconaw’s feet pounded the earth as it ran at the
Kicking Fiend.

“Quick attack Hitmonlee!” ordered the Gym Leader. Hitmonlee moved at an incredible
pace as it streaked towards Croconaw. “Now use Hi Jump Kick!”

Hitmonlee leapt in the air and kicked out with a clawed foot. Bang! Croconaw was sent
reeling. It hit the ground heavily, face down.

“Finish it off with a Mega Kick!” cried Chuck, through his black mustache.

“Quick Croconaw, Bubblebeam!” cried Kevin. Croconaw flipped on its back and blasted
out a beam of rainbow light, bubbles and water at point blank range. Hitmonlee was
knocked away with a tremendous force. It hit the ground but quickly got back to its feet.

“No way!” yelled Kevin.

“Hahaha, yes way!” laughed Chuck. “Time to end this round. Hitmonlee, use Hyper

Hitmonlee jumped high into the air. It’s right foot began to glow yellow.

“Now Hitmonlee!”cried the Gym Leader.

Hitmonlee kicked out with its foot and at the same time unleashed the golden energy that
was the Hyper Beam. The beam of light rocketed towards Croconaw and hit it dead on.

There was a huge explosion followed by a dust cloud that filled the arena.

“Croconaw!” cried Kevin. The dust began to settle and there was Croconaw, out cold.

“Oh no...” said Bonnie worriedly.

“This is not a good start” said Jacob, grimacing.

Damn it, thought Kevin to himself. “Croconaw Return”

The red recalling beam sucked Croconaw back into its pokeball. “Well done buddy, you
fought well...”

Kevin clipped the ball back to his belt.

“Pika!” said Pikachu determinedy from Kevins shoulder, little paws balled into fists.

“No Pikachu, it’s not your turn.” said Kevin as he grabbed another pokeball.

“Farfetch’d, go!” cried Kevin, throwing the ball into the air. It burst open and Farfetch’d
flew up into the air, leak held in its webbed feet.

“Farfetch’d!” it cried as it hovered in the air awaiting Kevin’s order.

“Use an agility!” Farfetch’d began darting around the arena at full speed. Hitmonlee
watched warily. “Now quick attack!”

Farfetch’d turned abruptly in mid air and streaked towards Hitmonlee. Bang! Farfetch’d
flew away, leaving a bruised Hitmonlee behind.

“Hitmonlee! Use another Hyper Beam!” ordered Chuck, belly wobbling.

Hitmonlee jumped high in the air and its foot glowed gold a second time. It flung out its
long leg and the golden beam erupted from its foot. The arena lit up as the attack streaked
through the air towards Farfetch’d.

“Farfetch’d, Fly!” cried Kevin desperately. Farfetch’d flapped hard and shot up into the
sky, narrowly avoiding the powerful attack.

Kevin looked at the Hitmonlee. It was kneeling on the ground, tired from attack.

“Now Farfetch’d! Attack!” yelled Kevin. Bonnie, Jacob and Dave held there breath as
Kevin’s Farfetch’d pulled back its wings and plummeted to the ground at high speed. It
dived right at Hitmonlee, who was too tired to react in time. Smack! Farfetch’d hit the
kicking fiend at full force knocking it to the ground, eyes spinning.

“Yeah!!!” cried Bonnie and Dave jumping out of their seat.

“Nice going Kevin!” said Jacob, giving a thumbs up.

“Not bad, not bad....Hitmonlee, return” said Chuck recalling the unconscious pokemon.
He grabbed another pokeball and threw it out onto the arean. “Go Primeape!”

The pokeball burst asunder, and a white energy field leapt forth and took shape. A big
hairy pokemon, with a pig nose and angry eyes appeared ready to go.

“Hmm Primeape...” wondered Kevin checking his red pokedex:

<Primeape> <The Pig Monkey Pokemon>
<The evolved form of Mankey. This fighting pokemon is always furious and tenacious. If
you make eye contact with it, it will become enraged. When it gets mad it will not stop
until it beats up its victim. An excellent fighter, Primeape are extremely hard to train and
inexperienced trainers should avoid them>

“Woh...” thought Kevin. “You ready to go Farfetch’d?”

“Fetch Far Far!” sqwawked the duck pokemon.

“Alright, remember you have the advantage!” reminded Kevin. “Use a peck attack!”

Farfetch’d flapped its powerful wings and darted towards Primeape, beak glistening.

“Primeape, mega punch!” called Chuck.

“Priiiiiiiime-ape!!!” cried the pokemon swinging a sparkling fist at the oncoming
Farfetch’d. Bang! Farfetch’d was knocked to the ground.

“HAHAHA!” laughed Chuck. “Primeape... haha... Low Kick!”

“Farfetch’d Fly! Get out of there!” cried Kevin. Farfetch’d pushed up from the ground,
leak in its mouth . Primeape lashed out with a lowkick, narrowly missing as Farfetch’d
soared up into the sky. The sun shone on its glossy feathers as it circled the arena.

“Primeape! Sky Uppercut!” ordered Chuck.

Primeape tensed its muscles and leapt up into the air uppercutting Farfetch’d. Farfetch’d
plummetted to the ground.

“Farfetch’d!” cried Kevin.

Kevin’s Pokemon extended its wings at the last moment and landed gently on the ground.
Primeape fell back to the ground a few meters away. Farfetch’d twirled its leak about,
showing it was ready for more.

I’ve got to think of something, thought Kevin to himself. Primeape is extremley strong
and can get Farfetch’d in the air. Maybe if Farfetch’d stayed on the ground... speed is the

“Farfetch’d, get in there and use a fury attack! As fast as you can!” ordered Kevin,
crossing his fingers.

Farfetch’d streaked forward, leak ready to swing. Primeape made a grab for the feathered
pokemon, but Farfetch’d easily avoided it. The wild duck then began pummeling the Pig
monkey, making large angry welts all over the Primeape. It screamed and thrashed about

“Primeape! Stop squealing and use a body slam attack!” bellowed Chuck.

Oh no! Farfetch’d is right underneath that brute! realised Kevin. The Primeape began to
fall, its huge bulk seemed to move in slow motion as it fell down towards Farfetch’d.

“Farfetch’d!!! Stand your ground and use your leak!!!” cried Kevin. Farfecth’d
understood its trainer and rolled to the dirt ground, holding the leak up so it pointed
straight towards the Primeapes advancing belly.

The Primeape screamed in agony as its weight fell on the leak, bruising its stomach.

“Push it off you Farfetch’d!” said Kevin grinning. Farfetch’d heaved against the leak and
the gym leaders pokemon fell to the dirt floor with a thump, out cold.

“Alright! That was smart thinking Kevin!” cheered Jacob from the sidelines.

“Your the best Kevin!” squealed Bonnie, clapping her hands together.

Dave sat silently, watching in disbelieve. No one has beaten Chuck in a long time... could
this kid change things...?

“Not bad kid, you certainly have your dad’s skills.” said Chuck, laughing to himself as
the red recalling beam, returned the Primeape. His face turned grim. “But its not over yet.
One more for you to beat... go my most prized pokemon!”

Dr Skottie
03-19-2004, 11:39 AM
Chuck threw a pokeball out onto the field. It shone as it sprang open, spilling the white
energy on the ground. The energy formed into a deep blue pokemon with a white
stomach. There was a black swirl on its stomach. The pokemon flexed its arm muscles in
a show of strength.

“Poleee!!” it growled, knocking its fist together.

“Kevin thats a Poliwrath” said Jacob from the bench. “They are really strong”

“A Poliwrath hey?” he said before checking the database:

<Poliwrath><The Tadpole Pokemon>
<The fully evolved form of the water pokemon Poliwag, Poliwraths are fighting types
aswell as water types. A powerful swimmer, it uses its strong arms and legs to swim
faster then any champion athlete. With the capability of using water and fighting type
attacks, Poliwrath is one tough customer>

“Do you wanna keep going Farfetch’d” asked Kevin to his pokemon.

“Far!” it squawked, noddin its beaked head.

“Alright use get in the air and use a quick attack!” said Kevin. Farfetch’d clamped the
leak in its mouth and took off into the sky. Poliwrath watched it with its gleaming eyes.
“Now dive down and hit it full force!”

Farfetch’d whirled in the air and put the leak in its webbed feet, tucked its wings back and
plummeted towards the blue pokemon.

“Poliwrath, Dynamic Punch!” cried Chuck, spit going everywhere. Poliwrath pulled back
a fist and unleashed the attack on the attacking Farfetch’d. There was an explosion and
Farfetch’d was sent reeling though the air.

“Finish it with a watergun!” ordered Chuck. Before Kevin or his pokemon could so much
as blink, Poliwrath had unleashed a jet of water from the center of its spiral, knocking
Farfetch’d into the stone wall. The three trainers on the sideline grimaced.

Kevin pressed the button on Farfetch’d’s pokeball. The red beam zipped across the arena
and sucked the wild duck pokemon inside the confines of the metal sphere.

“Excellent job Farfetch’d” said Kevin to the pokeball. He clipped it to his belt. Chuck
watched smugly from the otherside of the battle field as Kevin took his last pokeball from
his belt.

“I choose you, Bayleef!” he yelled, tossing the ball out onto the arena. It burst open,
revealing the grass pokemon. It twirled the leaf on it’s head, ready for battle.

“WOW! A BAYLEEF!” hollered Dave, jumping up from his seat, his face split in a
toothy grin. Everyone looked at him. He blushed and sat back down when he realised that
all eyes were upon him. “Bayleef is my favourite Pokemon...” he said, his face almost
matching his hair. Everyone sweatdrops and turns back to the match.

“Poliwrath, use a watergun!” yelled Chuck, belly wobbling. Poliwrath cried out and shot
a jet of water from its belly. It flew towards Bayleef.

“Bayleef use lightscreen” called Kevin. Just in time, Bayleef erected a barrier of light
with a flash of its eyes. The water splashed everywhere as it struck the shield. The
lightscreen began to weaken and the water came through, striking Bayleef but doing next
to no damage.

“Poliwrath use a takedown!” cried Chuck. Poliwrath flexed it’s muscles and ran flat out
towards Bayleef, its big feet slapping the dirt.

“You too!” ordered Kevin. Bayleef reered up and then galloped at the oncoming
Poliwrath. The two pokemon came closer and closer...


The opposing pokemon collided, knocking them both to the ground.

“Quick Poliwrath, use Megapunch!” ordered the Gym Leader. Poliwrath rolled over and
punched its opponent, with incredible force. Bayleef was sent rolling across the arena.

“Come on Bayleef! I’m counting on you!” cried Kevin.

“Pika Pi!” cried Pikachu, jumping up and down on Kevin’s shoulder.

Bayleef got to its feet and glared angrily at the gym leaders pokemon.

“Alright!” cried Kevin happily. “Use a Vine whip!”

Bayleef shot out twin vines that streaked towards Poliwrath. They began striking the
water pokemon, doing considerable damage. Poliwrath cowered beneath the onslaught of
whipping vines.

“Poliwrath grab onto the vines!” called Chuck. Poliwraths hands darted out and grabbed
both vines. “Now use Seismic toss!”

Poliwrath began spinning on the spot, swinging Bayleef around by its vines.

“Bayyy!” screamed Kevins Pokemon.

“Poliwrath... let go!” ordered Chuck, grinning widely under his facial hair. Poliwrath let
go and was sent flying through the air. Bayleef hit the ground hard. It struggled to its feet.

“Keep it up Bayleef!” cheered Kevin. “Use a Razorleaf!”

Bayleef’s spun its head leaf and shot out a volley of razor sharp projectiles that flew
through the air. The first few struck Poliwrath doing damage but Poliwrath jumped
behind a rock on the field, avoiding the oncoming leaves.

“Poliwrath, use bubble!” yelled Chuck. Poliwrath emerged from is hiding spot and faced
its palms towards Bayleef. Its hands glowed white and shot out speeding bubbles. Bayleef
shot out Razor leaves, splitting all the bubbles, popping them harmlessly. Poliwrath
darted back to its shelter.

“Bayleef use Vinewhip and wrap Poliwrath up in your vines!” ordered Kevin. Bayleef’s
vines rocketed across the arena and reached around the rock grabbing Poliwrath. Chuck
looked on in disbelief as Bayleef lifted his pokemon up onto the rock, holding it in place.
The swirl on its chest was a perfect target.

“Bayleef, this match is ours! Use a Solar Beam!”cried Kevin. The sunlight from above
bathed Bayleef in solar energy. As Bayleef powered up, the leaves around its neck lit up
one by one, bright yellow in colour. All the leaves were glowing, Bayleef opened its
mouth and blasted out a white blue and yellow beam, the colours flowing into eachother
as it blasted across the arena. It hit Poliwrath with tremendous force, light energy going
everywhere. Everyone shielded there eyes from the brightness.

When chuck opened his eyes Poliwrath was unconcious on the ground, defeated by the
power of the Solar Beam.

“Yes!”cried Kevin, punching the air. “That was awesome Bayleef!”

The onlookers on the bench jumped to there feet and cheered, Dave the loudest.

“Incredible! What an unbelievable battle, what an excellent Bayleef!” he cried jumping

Chuck laughed to himself and recalled his Poliwrath. He walked over to Kevin.

He shook his hand and smiled.

“Thankyou Kevin!” he said smiling.

“For what?”” replied the son of The Dragon Trainer.

“For an excellent battle and teaching me something I forgot. I have gotten lazy and
haven’t been training with my pokemon. The bond between a pokemon and its trainer is
where the real power lies. Never forget that. I’m going to start training so I can increase
mine and my pokemons power, and hopefull lose some of this in the process.” said
Chuck, grabbing one of his rolls and shaking it. He laughed and reached into a little
pouch that hung by his belt. He pulled out a badge, that was shaped like a little golden
fist. “Here is the Storm Badge, wear it with pride...”

He gave Kevin the badge, who held it up to the light to admire it. He clipped it onto his
necklace next to the Fog Badge. Kevin recalled Bayleef and beckoned Bonnie and Jacob
over as he began to leave.

“Goodbye Chuck!” said Kevin waving.

Bonnie grabbed one of his hands and held it in hers. “You were great Kevin” said Bonnie
smiling at him. Jacob slapped him on the back. “Great job buddy!”

Just as the gang left the gym, Dave came running up behind them. “Wait!”

He caught up and held out a pokeball to Kevin. “Kevin, can I trade you one of my
pokemon for your Bayleef? I have always wanted to own one!”

Kevin looked at him. “I don’t know... I’ve had this pokemon for a long time...”

“I’ll give you a pokemon I just caught the other day! Its a rare psychic type that I have
never seen before. I’m sure you’ll love it.

“Only if Bayleef wants to...” said Kevin. He grabbed Bayleefs pokeball from his belt. He
hit the button once to increase the size and a second time, releasing Bayleef onto the

“Bayleef... you want to come with me?” asked Dave, nervously.

“Bayyy!”cried Bayleef happily, galloping over to Dave, knocking him to the ground. The
grass pokemon licked Dave all over the face.

“I think that’s a yes!” said Jacob laughing.

Kevin agreed and they all went to the Pokemon Center to make the trade. After the trade
was complete, they said goodbye to Dave and made their way to Stan’s to pick up the
medicine for the sick pokemon back in Olivine...

Dr Skottie
03-20-2004, 06:52 AM
Chapter 26

Kevin studied the special potion they had got from Stan, from the perch behind his
Gyarados’ head. It was the day after Bonnie’s birthday and the sun was beating down
upon them from a cloudless sky. Bonnie’s arms were wrapped around Kevin’s waist, and
her body was pressed against his back. Could this day be any better? he thought to
himself as he put the bottle of indigo potion back in his bag.

Gyarados moved through the water like a serpent, swishing its powerful tail back and
forth, propelling itself and its passengers through the water. Kevin could hear laughing
behind him and he turned his head to see the back of Jacob’s head. He was leaning back
on one of Gyarados’ spines and he had gotten out his Tyrogue from it’s pokeball. He was
playing a game of Jun Ken Po (Scissors, Paper, Rock). Whenever one lost, the other was
allowed to punch the loser in the arm. Kevin smiled and turned back around and looked
out over the sparkling ocean. The sea was a deep blue and Kevin glimpsed the shapes of
ocean dwelling pokemon just under the surface of the water, out of reach to the blonde
haired son of the Dragon Trainer. He felt the five badges that hung around his neck. Only
three more to go...

“Pikachu!” cried the yellow pokemon, from its lookout on top of Gyarados’ head. Kevin
looked to see his pokemon pointing to his right. Kevin peered in that direction to see over
two dozen rocks breaking the surface of the water. Amongst them was a guy, about
Kevin’s age, maybe older, with light brown wavy hair and well tanned skin. He was
sitting on the edge of one of the rocks in dark blue board shorts, his feet dangling in the
water. He was supervising a little girl in a one piece pink swimming outfit. Her short
strawberry blonde hair was tied back in two cute pigtails. She was splashing about in the
water with a fish pokemon, a white horn protruding from its head.

“Wow what a pretty Goldeen” cooed Bonnie from behind Kevin, who looked closer at the
boy and saw a pokeball hanging around his neck on a gold chain. Time for a battle
thought Kevin.

“Let’s go Gyarados!” Gyarados roared and began gliding towards the pair on the rocks.
As they approached, the boy stood up and the girl stopped playing with her pokemon and
waded in the water. She looked at the Gyarados with awe and at the same time, fear. She
scrambled up out of the water and onto the rock, hiding behind the young man, clinging
to his leg.

“Hey man, cool Gyarados!” said the trainer on the rock, his hand shielding his eyes from
the sun’s rays. “Did you raise it yourself?”

“Yeah!” said Kevin grinning, scratching his head. “All the way from a magikarp!”

“No you didn’t!” said Bonnie indignantly and she thumped him on the arm. Jacob and
Tyrogue laughed at them before putting away his pokemon. He clipped the pokeball back
to his belt swung his leg over and jumped down, persian like, onto one of the rocks.

“Hey!” he said jumping over to the stone the boy was standing on. “My name’s Jacob” he
held out his hand and the trainer shook it. “Those two you see fighting up there are
Bonnie and Kevin Sun, you heard of him?”

The youth’s eyes widened. “Yeh, I have heard of him, he’s the son of the Dragon Trainer.
They did an article on him in the latest issue of Pokemon Today. Just a short one, saying
how he is following in his father’s footsteps and begining to make a name for himself. By
the way, my name’s Sebastion.’

Kevin and Bonnie leapt down from the sea serpants back, Kevin returning the Gyarados
back to its shiny blue lureball. He approached Sebastion. “Did it really say that?”

“Sure” said Sebastion. “My little sister Maria is a bit of a fan of yours.” The little girl
hiding behind Sebastion’s leg smiled shyly and Kevin blushed.

“Well Sebastion, I came over here to battle you, think you’re up to it?” said Kevin, a bit

“Wow! A battle with Kevin Sun!” said a grinning Sebastion. He regained his composure
and stared determinedly at Kevin. “Bring it...”

They moved to each end of the archipeligo of scattered boulders, Jacob and Bonnie
standing alongside Kevin.

“One on one! said Kevin.

“Perfect” said Sebastion, plucking the pokeball from the gold chain around his neck and
throwing it into the waves. It burst open with a flash of radience and electronic buzz as it
struck the water. The light twisted and grew forming into a red and white fish pokemon.

“Seaking!” it proclaimed in a deep baritone. The sun shone on its ruby red scales.

“This is Seaking, my most prized pokemon”, said Sebastion, his hands on his hips.

“A Seaking...?” said Kevin thinking aloud as he checked his pokedex:

<Seaking><The Goldfish Pokemon>
<The evolved form of Goldeen, these water type pokemon make excellent parents. Using
their sharp horn, they crack and burrow into underwater boulders, making caves to keep
their young in. The father and mother are extremely protective of their offspring and will
guard them with their life. Seaking is one of the most loyal pokemon>

Kevin put the pokedex away and with a quick movement was holding a pokeball in his

“I think I will use my latest pokemon, go pokeball!” he said confidently. I’m such a good
trainer, I’ll win no matter what this pokemon turns out to be, he thought to himself as the
ball broke open and white light poured out. It formed into a little grey pokemon with pink
cheeks, a flat nose and a pink pearl on its head.

“Spoink, spoink, spoink, spoink”, it chanted as the little pokemon bounced up and down
on its spring-like tail.

“Is that my pokemon?” wondered Kevin a bit surprised at what he saw.

“Kevin what are doing?” asked Bonnie grabbing his arm from behind. “You havent
trained it yet!”

“She’s right man, you’re taking a huge risk here...” said Jacob, who was just as shocked
as Bonnie.

Kevin ignored them and got out his pokedex for the second time. He flipped open the red
device and pointed it towards the bouncing pokemon:

<Spoink><The Bounce Pokemon>
<Spoink, the Psychic pokemon. This pokemon keeps a pearl on top of its head, which is
used to help control and increase the pokemon’s psychic powers. The bigger the pearl, the
stronger the pokemon. Spoink is always seen bouncing, as it is that which keeps the
pokemon’s heart beating>

“Okay, Spoink, I’m Kevin, let’s beat this Seaking” said the emerald eyed trainer. Spoink
just kept bouncing, and didn’t look at Kevin, oblivious to the fact its trainer was talking.

“Seaking, build up some speed” ordered Sebastion. The fish pokemon darted around
under the surface of the water. The shadowy shape of Seaking skimmed just under the
small waves.

“Spoink, use a psybeam!” said Kevin excitedly, he had never seen a psychic pokemon in
battle before. Spoink bounced up and down at top speed the pink pearl on its head
begining to glow a vibrant violet. All of a sudden, as its spring made contact with the
rock it slipped and fell in the water.

“What!?” gaped Kevin. Seaking hadn’t even touched his pokemon and it was already in
the water. Bonnie and Jacob tried to stifle back giggles. “Its not funny!” growled Kevin.
The little girl Maria looked startled at this sudden outburst.

“Seaking, use a Horn Attack!” called Sebastion. Seaking streaked through the water at top
speed, leaving a wake of bubbles behind it. Seaking, drove its horn straight into Spoink.
Bang! The little pig was blasted out of the water and fell with a thump on one of the
rocks, covered in water. With a quick twist of its body, it was cleverly back on its spring
and jumping away.

“Spoink hurry up and use a disable!” ordered Kevin. Spoink looked a bit confused and
then didn’t seem to care, as it happily jumped up and down in the sun. “Spoink what are
you doing?”

Nothing it seemed as Spoink jumped up onto a taller rock and jumped around in circles.

Sebastion looked a little dissapointed. Not to mention his little sister Maria, who looked
downright devastated, at her hero’s lousy performance, not to mention his temper.

“Kevin Sun, I expected better from the son of the Dragon Trainer...” said Sebastion
sighing. “Seaking, use a bubblebeam.”

“KING!” it bellowed in its deep voice as it leapt out of the water and shot a jet of
bubbles, swirling with rainbow colours, out of its mouth and straight at Spoink. Kevin’s
newly aquired pokemon was struck mid leap by the attack and was sent reeling, landing
with a splash in the salty water. Its unconcious form floated to the surface.

“Spoink Return...” said Kevin, the pokeball shooting out its red recalling beam and
sucking the pokemon inside.

“Well my Seaking still looks ready for a battle, so -”

“I just gave it a battle!” yelled Kevin, cutting off Sebastion.

“You call that a battle?” said Sebastion tauntingly. Kevin went quiet at this and looked at
the ground, lips held tightly closed.

Dr Skottie
03-20-2004, 07:14 AM
“Anyway, do you two wanna battle me and my sis’ in a double match?” he said gesturing
at Bonnie and Jacob, who looked a bit shocked at Kevin’s loss, since Jacob had never
seen him lose before, let a lone so miserably.

“Yeh... okay” he said moving in front of Kevin. Bonnie gave Kevin’s hand a quick
squeeze before stepping forward next to Jacob. She grabbed a pokeball from her belt and
pressed the button releasing her little Skitty onto the rock beside her. The little kitten
pokemon meowed happily.

“Skitty, I want you to watch Eevee, because you two are similar pokemon, that way you
can get some ideas at how to battle.” said Bonnie smiling sweetly as she stroked the little
pokemon’s head. She stood up and grabbed Eevee’s pokeball and held it in her hand, the
sun reflecting off its shiny surface. Jacob thought about his choice of pokemon, before
selecting one of the pokeballs that were clipped to his right pant leg.

Maria stepped out from behind her brothers leg, a determined look on her face. “Let’s go

The Goldeen swam serenely through the water until it was next to its evolved form,
Sebastion’s Seaking.

“One pokemon for each of us” said Sebastion. Kevin sat down behind them and looked
between their legs to the battle field of water and stone. I hope they do better then me,
thought Kevin. That shouldn’t be hard, said another voice in his head.

“Octillery I choose you!”cried Jacob, throwing the ball out over the water. It skipped off
the surface splashing white foam. Tsssuuu! The pokeball buzzed open and Octillery
appeared within a flash of energy. It thrashed its primary tentacles and glared at the
opponents pokemon.

“Go Eevee!” Bonnie threw the ball into the air. It sprung open and light dropped out onto
one of the rocks. Eevee appeared swishing its tail.

“Alright lets get this battle on the way, Seaking watergun that Eevee!” Seaking leapt from
the water and blasted a jet of water from its mouth.

“Eevee, jump!” cried Bonnie. Eevee leapt nimbly aside, avoiding the attack. “Now quick
attack!” Eevee sprang to life and and streaked through the air, knocking into Seaking.
Eevee fell into the water and quickly began to swim to one of the rocky platforms.

“Goldy, get Eevee with a horn attack!” squealed an excited Maria.

“Goldeeeen” its voice echoed as it moved below the surface and moved torpedo like
through the water towards the splashing Eevee.

“Eevee move!” called Bonnie anxiously.

“I’ve got it. Octillery, bubble attack!” ordered Jacob. Octillery moved under water and
shot out a volley of bubbles towards the Goldeen. Maria had obviously trained her
pokemon well as Goldy, weaved in and around the onslaught of exploding bubbles,
moving closer to Eevee who was alomst at the rock.

“Octillery get between them!” yelled Jacob and Octillery moved at an incredible pace, its
strong tentacles propelling across the surface of the water to intercept.

“I don’t think so!” yelled Sebastion grinning. “Seaking, take-down!” Seaking, who had
now recovered from Eevee’s quick attack, streaked through the water, leaving bubbles
and churned water in it’s wake. Octillery shot out a tentacle to stop the speeding pokemon
but missed and Seaking barged into Octillery with all it’s might. Bang! The two were sent
tumbling through the water leaving a clear shot for Goldy.

“Hurry Eevee!”cried Bonnie too her little pokemon who was now only a foot away from
the rock.

“Go Goldy!!!” encouraged Maria as her Goldeen put on a burst of speed. Goldy’s horn
stabbed into Eevee from below, sending the little furry pokemon careening out of the
water and through the air, landing with a thump on the boulder. Meanwhile, Octillery and
Seaking were still fighting beneath the waves. Sebastion called to his pokemon.

“Seaking, use a fury attack!” Seaking obeyed and began lunging at Octillery with it’s horn
over and over again, pushing the orange pokemon away.

“Octillery, get it away from you, use Octazooka!”yelled Jacob. Kevin, who by now had
crawled to the edge of the rock to watch the underwater action, watched excitedly. As he
watched he realised what a fool he had been to go into battle with an inexperienced
pokemon. He promised himself that he would raise the young Spoink, and add its power,
and more importantly its friendship, to his own.

“Goldy, go help!” called Maria, jumping up and down, water dripping from her body.
Sebastion smiled at her.

Octillery slapped at Seaking with its front two tentacles, to give itself room. It breathed in
the surrounding water and its yellow suction caps glowed. It glared at Seaking, before
blasting out its strongest attack. Oil, mixed with water and energy, rocketed out of its
mouth towards Seaking.

“Move!” cried Sebastion, and Seaking managed to avoid the attack, but it’s partner
wasn’t so lucky. Goldy who had been swimming up behind Seaking to help, was caught
unawares and was hit by the oncoming Octazooka.

“Noooooo!” screamed the little girl, jumping into the water. The Goldeen was now
floating belly up on the surface, totally spent. Maria went out and hugged her pokemon
and swam back to the shallows of the rocks, towing her Goldy. That’s how trainers
should treat their pokemon, thought Kevin, feeling even more stupid about how he had

“Pika Pi?”, came the mouse pokemon’s voice from behind him. Kevin looked at his
Pikachu and saw a hint of fear mixed with sadness in it’s glossy brown eyes.

“I’m okay Pikachu” he said reaching out to his pokemon. Pikachu smiled and jumped into
his arms. Kevin smiled and they turned to watch the remainder of the match.

With Goldeen now out of the picture, there was now only Sebastion’s Seaking to worry
about. Octillery and the fish pokemon sized eachother up under the water. Eevee was now
recovering from the attack from Goldeen and was tentativley standing up. It peared down
into the depths at the two pokemon.

Dr Skottie
03-23-2004, 11:11 AM
“Seaking, Water Pulse!” cried Sebastion, arm outstretched.

“You too Octillery!” came the cry from Jacob and the two pokemon attacked. They shot
out a series of white rings from their mouths that got bigger the further they travelled. The
sound of them echoing through the water, filled the trainer’s ears. Boom!!! There was a
huge blast of sound as the Water pulses collided and the ocean lit up. Jacob shielded his
eyes and as the light dimmed, he saw Octillery had been knocked hard by the explosion.
Sebastion’s pokemon was in the same shape. Bonnie saw now that Eevee was now ready
to enter the battle again, the little puppy splashing at the water with an outstretched paw.
Skitty meowed excitedly. Bonnie smiled to herself and whispered something in Jacob’s
ear. He shared the smile and then gave his command.

“Octillery Dive!” Octillery began moving down deeper into the darkness. Kevin could
only see its glowing tentacles, and they were getting dimmer.

“Your not getting away that easily, Seaking use Dive!”said Sebastion to his prized

“Seaaa” came the deep voice of the Seaking as it dived down at Octillery.

“Now Octillery, to the surface, full speed!” cried Jacob.

“Follow it!” yelled Sebastion. Octillery moved at an awesome speed, rapidly nearing the
surface, Seaking close behind. Octillery broke the surface of the water, leaping high into
the air and landing on one of the rocks, water splashing everywhere, the sun shining
through them, causing a rainbow to appear. A split second later came another crash of
water as Seaking leapt out of the sea, its scales glistening wetly. Bonnie was ready.

“Eevee! Swift Attack!” she cried and Eevee blasted out a ray of yellow stars from
glowing eyes. They hit their target and Seaking was hit full force. With a splash, Seaking
fell back to the water, unconcious, defeated.

“Yeah Alright!” whooped Jacob, throwing a fist in the air.

“We did it!” cried Bonnie, hugging the tall bearded form of Jacob. Kevin smiled. He had
to admit, it was a great battle.

“Seaking Return” said Sebastion, smiling kindly, the red beam recalling the fainted
pokemon to its pokeball. He clipped it back to his necklace.

“That was awesome, you guys” he said waving. “One of the best battles I’ve had in a long
time. Well we gotta go now, wave goodbye Maria”

“Bye-Bye” she said smiling, and she waved at Kevin.

“Oh and Kevin, don’t feel down about losing, I know your better then what you showed
me. Trust me, I’ve been a trainer a lot longer then any of you. Maybe I’ll battle you again

He turned to the ocean. Looking out over the far horizon he let out a long low whistle,
that seemed to travel along the surface of the waves. He closed his eyes and listened
intently. Kevin and the other’s watched him eagerly. From the ocean came a long
mournful cry. Bonnie sighed and Kevin smiled, it was beautiful.

All of a sudden there came a mighty crash of water as a huge pokemon erupted from the
surface of the water, about 300 feet away. Its huge blue body leapt from the ocean, its
great bulk temporarily blotting out the sun. It then it seemed to look right at Sebastion, its
body suspended in mid-air. It then plummeted to the ocean landing with a resounding
crash, water splashing in all directions. It momentarily disappeared from sight but then
emerged again, just a few short feet away from Sebastion and his little sister. The two
trainers leapt aboard the giant pokemon. It shot a plume of water from its blow hole. The
pair waved goodbye as their ride began moving away at a surprising speed. Kevin was in
awe. He quickly got out his pokedex:

<Wailord><The Float Whale Pokemon>
<From the oceans of Hoenn. No futher information available>

The group watched as the young man and his little sister dissapeared into the horizon.

“I’ve got a feeling that he was just playing with us...” said Bonnie, cradling a sleeping
Skitty in her arms.

“I think your right, he’s a lot stronger then he was letting on to be” agreed Jacob nodding
his head.

Kevin listened to them and the thought crossed his mind that whatever pokemon he had
used, Sebastion would have beaten him some how. He had got angry at Spoink and his
friends for nothing.

“Sorry guys...” he said softly, standing up and facing them. “I was an idiot to yell at

“No problems man” said Jacob patting him on the back. Bonnie moved up to him and put
her arms around his waist.

“Its ok Kevin, you know I love ya” she smiled at him sweetly and kissed him on the
cheek. I’m so lucky, realised Kevin, as he brushed a strand of red hair out of Bonnie’s
eyes with his fingertips. She let him go and returned Skitty and Eevee to their pokeball’s.
Jacob recalled Octillery and clipped the ball to his jeans.

Kevin grabbed a pokeball from his belt and opened it. White energy leapt out and formed
into a bouncing Spoink, who still looked a bit tired, but seemed very happy.

“You’re not mad at me are you Spoink?” asked Kevin apoligeticaly. Spoink bounced
higher and higher until its bounces were eye level with it’s blonde trainer.

“SPOINK!” it cried happily as Kevin grabbed it mid-bounce and gave the little pokemon
a hug.

“Thank’s little buddy, I promise I won’t treat you bad again” he said smiling, poking the
bounce pokemon on its black nose. Spoink giggled.

“Pika Pika!” said Pikachu affectionately, jumping up on Kevin’s shoulder and patting the
little Spoink on the head. “Chuuu...”

“Time to get going again Kevin” said Jacob, hoisting his bag on his back. “We still got to
get that potion to the sick pokemon back in Olivine City.”

“Right” said Kevin, returning Spoink to it’s pokeball. He plucked the lureball from his
belt and threw it. With a burst of light and sound, Kevin’s Gyarados appeared, ready and
raring to go. They climbed aboard and continued onwards across the vast ocean,
Gyarados’s mighty tail propelling them forward to their next adventure...

Dr Skottie
03-23-2004, 11:15 AM
Chapter 27

“Man I didn’t realise how hungry I was!” Kevin mumbled around a mouth full of
succulent fruit, the juice running down his chin. He wiped away with the back of a gloved
hand and gave some fruit for Spoink to nibble. The bounce pokemon greedily gobbled it

“Pika Pi!” said Pikachu, mouth full to the brim with one of the many bright purple fruits
Kevin and the gang had found. The exotic fruits seemed to grow everywhere on the island
they had arrived at. Jacob estimated they would be back at Olivine within the next few
days. At the moment however, Kevin was content with filling his belly with the delicious
morsels. Bonnie nibbled at her fruit thoughtfully looking at her two little pokemon. Eevee
and Skitty were chomping into their own piece of fruit as were the rest of the companions

Bonnie was thinking about why she was here. To collect rare pokemon and to travel she
said to herself. The collecting of rare pokemon had seemed to have taken a backseat in
her life since she had joined Kevin. She had certainly travelled but she hadn’t caught a
single pokemon since she had been away and that had been close to 2 months ago. If I
could get either of them to evolve...

“Hey everyone watch this!” said Jacob grinning like a simpleton. “You ready guys?” he
asked a line of pokemon that had formed. They all nodded smiling. Kevin had been too
busy eating his food, and so had no idea what Jacob was about to do with the bunch of
pokemon. He looked at the long row of different monster’s. In order was Jacob’s
Tyrogue, then Kevin’s Scyther and Farfetch’d. Next came at a 90 degree angle to
Farfetch’d was Jacob’s Octillery. Each was spaced at least 10 yards apart to form a big L
shape. The ex-sailor’s Wingull soared above Octillery. They all seemed to be waiting for
something. Kevin and Bonnie, intrigued, watched closely as Jacob handed a plump fruit
to Tyrogue.

“Okay... GO!” yelled Jacob. Tyrogue drew back his arm and threw the fruit with all its
might along the line. As it passed Scyther, the mantis pokemon’s blades swished through
the aira number of times. The fruit, now in five parts, continued to hurtle along towards
Farfetch’d who drew back its leak like a baseball bat. The fruit approached... Wak Wak
Wak Wak Wak! The fruit was sent towards the awaiting Octillery who lashed out it’s
tentacles catching the bits of fruit. Putting them in its mouth it shot them high in the air
with a water gun. Wingull then, in a flash of speed, peirced them through with it’s beak. It
swooped low and dropped them acurately into Jacob’s upturned mouth. He swallowed it
in one gulp.

“Tada!” he said grinning. Kevin and Bonnie laughed giving him a round of applause.

They heard a roar from the ocean and they turned to see Kevin’s Gyarados and Croconaw,
swimming in the ocean hunting for fish. Bonnie spoke up. “Boy’s do you think we could
do some training today. I want Skitty and Eevee to get a lot stronger.”

“Yeh sure thing baby” said Kevin touching her thigh. She glared at him. “What made you
think that you could call me that or touch me?”

“But I thought we were -”

“You thought wrong Kevin” she said harshly, then more softly. “Sorry Kevin, but I have
told you before, just friends okay?”

Kevin gave a tiny nod, trying his best not to yell at her. He pushed him self up from his
seat on the sand and brushed himself off. Spoink bounced around by his feet. He looked
out over the horizon, the sea breeze blowing his blonde hair about. It was oddly quiet, and
he looked around at his friends and realised they were all staring at him.

“I’m gonna go for a walk, you guys can train” he began walking away from them, leaving
shoe prints in the sand. Spoink began bouncing after him, smiling dreamily to itself.
Kevin heard the little pokemon and stopped, smiling fondly at it.

“Spoink stay here and train, I wanna be alone for awhile” he patted the black pokemon.
He grabbed his little box of treasures from his bag and holding it in his hands walked
down the beach and out of sight.

Bonnie couldn’t help but feel bad about what she had said... if he only knew how I really
felt about him... her thoughts were interupted by a shrill blow of a whistle.

“Alright you maggots, to attention NOW!” bellowed Jacob, a whistle in his mouth, a drill
sergeant hat sitting at a jaunty angle on his head. “Line up, Attention!”

The pokemon hastily ran to form a line. They lined up: Scyther, Tyrogue, Octillery,
Pikachu, Farfetch’d, Eevee, Croconaw, Skitty, Wingull. Gyarados continued to swim
about in the surf, Jacob and Bonnie already finding out that Kevin was the only person
Gyarados would listen to.

“Salute!” came the order from Jacob, and Bonnie laughed. All the pokemon put their
claw/scythe/hand/tentacle/wingtip/paw to their temple and cried out their name.

“What you laughin at missy! In line NOW!” screamed Jacob with only a hint of humour
in those deep amber eyes of his. Bonnie jumped up and quickly joined the line, making
room for herself between Croconaw and Skitty. She gave her own hasty salute.

“Are you ready to do some training?” he asked them. They all cried out loudly.

“I can’t hear you...”

The pokemon yelled their names as loud as they could.

“Thats better” said Jacob, the beginnings of a smile playing around his mouth, as he tried
desperately to stay in character. “Everyone pair up, the person who you pair with will be
your sparring partner.”

The pokemon, and Bonnie, paired up. Croconaw with Octillery, Farfetch’d with Pikachu,
Skitty with Scyther, Eevee with Wingull, Tyrogue with Jacob and Bonnie with...

“Sir I don’t have a sparring partner” said Bonnie raising her hand cheekily.

“Yes you do, right there” said Jacon pointing out to the ocean just as the mighty form of
Gyarados leapt from the water in show of strength.

“Ahhhhhhhh! NO WAY!” screamed Bonnie. All the pokemon laughed at her. Jacob
chuckled and then counted everyone.

“Thats not right, you should have a partner too...” he wonder outloud. Then it clicked in
both Bonnie and Jacob’s minds.

“Where’s Spoink??” they cried looking around.

“Pika-Pika” came the cry from Pikachu, pointing to little circular tracks that went on
down the beach, following Kevin’s shoeprints.

“The little rascal has followed Kevin after all” said Jacob smiling. “Ohwell, I guess I will
sit out, you can par with Tyrogue here...” he winking evily.

“Ah thats ok I’m fine, I’ll just watch...” said Bonnie nervously, as she sat down in the
sand and watched the sparing take place. Octillery launched a water gun at Croconaw
which was countered with its own water gun. Scyther seemed unwilling to attack due to
Skitty’s charm technique. Farfetch’d was nimbly avoiding thundershocks from Pikachu
while Tyrogue was lashing out with kicks and punched which were all blocked by Jacob.
Wingull was using a wing attack on Eevee who jumped aside, shooting out a volley of
stars in a swift attack as it swooped away.

Bonnie watched attentively but she wondered Kevin was gone and what he was doing
with that box....

Dr Skottie
03-23-2004, 11:50 AM
Kevin wandered down the beach thinking about Bonnie’s remark to him. Kevin angrily
kicked sand into the air. I thought she liked me more then that, the way she acts around
me sometimes...

As he walked he noticed a little trail that led off into the jungle overgrowth, the fruit trees
heavily laden with the sweet purple fruit. Kevin, wanting to escape from the heat of the
sun beating down upon him. He greatfully moved under the respite of shadows that the
canopy provided and began walking up the track, that began as an upward ascent before
dipping down into the cool dampness of a little vally. Kevin could hear the gurgling of a
stream. He ducked under a branch that was blocking his path and turned a corner to find a
little spring, bubbling cool fresh water over the submerged rocks and down the little
stream that ran as far as Kevin could see. Seeing the crystal clear water made kevin aware
of how parched his mouth was. The fruit was tasty he thought, but it left you thirsty. He
knelt down by the little brook and dipped his fingertips in. It was icy cold. Kevin removed
his gloves and and cupping his hands, plunged them into the water. The water felt good
on his skin the current tugging gently at his fingers. He brought a mouthful of water up to
his lips and drank deeply. He did this a few more times until his thirst abated. He looked
around the small clearing and saw a fallen tree. He sat down and leant against the tree
trunk behind it and closed his eyes. So peaceful he thought.

He put his gloves back on his hands and pulled out the little box from his pocket. As he
opened it he got the weirdest sense that someone watching him. He heard a rustle from
some of the foliage a few meters away. He peered through the leaves but saw nothing and
so returned to his box. He pulled out the picture of Bonnie and stared at it, trying to take
in every beautiful detail about her. If only... he thought sadly to himself and he put the
photo next to him on the log. The glint of the Lugia feather grabbed his attention and he
carefully took it out. He turned it in his hands, running his fingertips over its unflawed
glossy surface. Kevin thought he could still see a soft shimmer of blue aura about it.

He heard a rustle in the foliage again. He looked up, his heartrate building by the second.
The was definetly someone there.

“Who’s there?” he said warily into the darkness of the trees.

“Just an old friend...” came a cold voice that dripped spite and hatred, just like an Ekan’s
fangs would drip venom. The figure of a teen emerged from the heavy foliage, his white
shaggy hair covering his head. Two eyes, as hard as steel stared in an almost amused way
at Kevin’s shocked features.

“Ice...” Kevin muttered the name under his breath, full of contempt for the person it
belonged to.

“Hello Kevin...” he said smiling silkily.

“What do you want?” said Kevin cautiously.

“What’s that in your hand?” said Ice, stepping closer. Kevin glared at him.

“It’s a silver wing, given to me by a Lugia” boasted Kevin. “What do you care?”

Ice’s eyes glinted with excitement as he looked at the shiny feather in Kevin’s left hand.

“Give it to me” he said commandingly. He reached out his hand, palm open to recieve it.
Kevin gritted his teeth and knocked his hand away, with a quick chop from his hand. Ice
drew back a step and massaging it. He looked furious.

“Over my dead body...” said Kevin softly so Ice only just caught it.

“That can be arranged” said Ice coldly and he smiled at the thought.

“What is wrong with you?” asked Kevin indignantly. “Why do you always wanna kill

Ice who had begun to move forward stopped abruptly and looked Kevin in the eye.

“They are weak... weakness disgusts me” he said coldly and he spat.

“I bet when you killed Ryan it had nothing to do with weakness... more like jealousy?” said Kevin mockingly. Ice looked shocked.

“She told you didn’t she” he said looking at the photo of Bonnie that which had
fallen to the dirt floor. Her smiling face imprinted itself into Ice’s mind.

“Yes” said Kevin warily. She will pay thought Ice to himself and then he looked into Kevin’s emerald green eyes with his own blue-grey.

He whispered menacingly. “You have no idea what it’s like Kevin. I’ve
hated you since the moment I first saw you, because I was jealous of everything that you
had. You think you are so perfect, with your good looks, and your fame, and your money and you
popularity... I had nothing Kevin. But Giovanni took me in and gave me a purpose, a way I could
make something of myself, to accomplish something worthwhile -”

“Hurting people and pokemon is not something that is worthwhile” interrupted Kevin.

“Don’t feed me your charity bullcrap!” he yelled
at him. Then softer he said, “Give me the Silver Wing.”

Kevin knew Ice was running out of patience and yet, stood
firm and shook his head. Ice lashed out with a fist at Kevin’s face. Kevin grabbed his fist
with his own hand and made his own punch. Ice ducked under it and spun, planting an
elbow into Kevin’s midsection. Kevin gasped for air, the wind being knocked out of him.
He pushed Ice away with a shove, who came back almost instantly. Kevin made a hasty
punch which connected with Ice’s brow. Blood began to seep from the wound. The white
haired teen swung his leg up to break Kevin’s jaw. Kevin had no time to duck so made a
quick block with his left forearm.

CRACK! The kick connected and the Silverwing floated softly to the ground

Kevin cried out and fell to the ground clutching his arm to his chest. The silver wing lay
in the dirt.

“Sounds like its broken” said Ice smiling. Kevin bit his lip and fought back the urge to
scream. Tears welled in his eyes. Ice kicked Kevin away from him, who rolled through
the dirt. He came to a stop, unconcious.

Ice gingerly touched the spot where he was bleeding and winced. Bastard... he saw the
picture of Bonnie on the ground and he picked it up.

“I told you not to tell anyone...” he whispered before getting out a pocket knife from the
inside of his jacket. He put the picture on the log. He hesitated only for a second before
stabbing the knife through Bonnie’s smiling face. The knife stuck in the log. Ice bent
down and picked up the Silverwing. He brushed the dirt from it.

“Thank you Kevin” he said smiling.

Tsuuu!! A pink and purple beam blasted out of the foliage and hit the hand Ice was
holding the Silverwing.

“Aaarrrghh!” he yelled and held his hand to his body.

“Spoink-spoink-spoink!” came the cry of the bounce pokemon as it leapt into the
clearing, its head pearl already charging up for a second Psybeam. Ice made a desperate
grab for the Silverwing. Spoink glowed blue, and used its psychic powers to quickly pull
the wing to its mouth.

Ice cursed loudly. “Next time Kevin...” he said hate dripping from every syllable. With
that he turned and ran into the foliage dissapearing from sight.

Kevin dreamed he was underwater at the deepest darkest depths of the ocean. A voice
appeared in his mind.

“You must not let him have it” said the voice and Kevin was filled with fear and awe.
The one who spoke had power, he knew that.

Kevin peered into the murky gloom, pressed in on all sides from the water. A cerulean
glow eminated in front of him and there was the mighty Lugia. Its hugeness astounded
Kevin. It’s eyes seemed to pierce right into his soul.

“What are you talking about?” he asked. Bubbles came from his mouth but Kevin could
hear his own voice inside his head.

“The bringer of death,” echoed the voice in his head. “The Silverwing holds great
power that he must not aquire. If he does, the entire world will be plunged into darkness. You are the only
one worthy enough to guard its power. If he should obtain it, you alone are the one who must retrieve it.”

This doesn't make sense thought Kevin. "Why do you have to give it to me?"

"Every decade I must shed a single feather, you are it's keeper."

Kevin couldn’t believe this was happening. It isn’t happening he thought, this is just a

“Is it?” echoed the voice once more. Kevin was dumbfounded. “He must not have it...”

There was a great flash of white light and Kevin closed his eyes to shield them. When he
opened them again he found he was laying in a bed staring up at a white ceiling. His arm
hurt and he realised it was in a sling.

“Where am I... ?” he whispered aloud.

“Shhh... you’re in the Olivine General Hospital” said an angelic voice to his right.

“Bonnie?” he asked hopefully.

“Yeh I’m here sweetie” said the voice again, full of concern. He turned
his head and smiled at her.

“Hey bro I’m here too” came Jacob’s voice. Kevin looked to his left and saw Jacob
standing there with Pikachu on his shoulder.

“PIKA!” cried Pikachu jumping down onto Kevins chest. Pikachu licked Kevin’s hand
and hugged him.

“Spoink-spoink-spoink!” The little grey-black Pokemon jumped up and down on the bed.

“Ice!” he yelled and sat up, gritting his teeth against the pain in his arm.

“Kevin lay down” said Bonnie forcefully and she pushed him gently back down to the pillow. “You
are hurt enough, just be still.”

“But Ice, he -”

Dr Skottie
03-24-2004, 01:31 AM
“Don’t worry Kev, we know what happened. When you had been gone for sometime we
went off to search for you, and for your Spoink who had followed you. We came across
the track leading deeper into the island and we saw you unconcious in the dirt with
Spoink standing, well bouncing I guess, over you. The Silverwing was sitting on top of
his pearl and instead of it being pink it was blue. Spoink began talking to us! We could
here its voice in out minds, it was crazy!”

“It wasn’t actually Spoink that was talking though Kevin.” said Bonnie who was now
sitting on the bed and playing with his hair gently. “It was Lugia!” her eys lit up when she
said this and Kevin couldn’t help but smile. “Lugia was speaking through Spoink!”

“I guess Lugia had made a psychic link between itself and Spoink using the Silverwing
said Jacob, thinking out loud.

“What did it say?” he asked.

“Lugia told us what had happened with you and... Ice...” Bonnie said his name as a
whisper. “And ordered us to take the Silverwing and keep it safe. We took the silver wing
and Spoink went back to normal. We sent out Wingull and Farfetch’d to look for help.
Wingull came back after a few hours, having found nothing, but then Farfetch’d returned,
with a small fishing boat following it. We loaded you on the ship and we set sail for here.
It took us all the rest of that day and all night to reach here.”

“And we have been sitting here since yesterday waiting for you to wake up,” added Jacob.

“Have I been unconcious the whole time?” asked a surprised Kevin.

“Yep, you had a bit of a fever from being injured so yeh you have been sleeping this
whole 2 and a half days. Except you were muttering something in your sleep when we
were on the boat about Lugia and the Silverwing...”

Kevin nodded. “What about this” he said, moving his broken arm about in the sling.

“The doc says it was only a greenstick break and you will be okay in about a month or
so.” said Jacob smiling.

“When can I get out of here?” he asked, looking at Jacob, Pikachu, Spoink and Bonnie
who smiled when there eyes met.

“Tomorrow!” she said happily. “The doctor wants you to rest up a bit and then you can
continue your journey.”

“Oh yeh, Kevin, we gave the potion to Jasmine a few hours ago and she gave it to the sick
Pokemon. It turned out it was an Ampharos. She’s incredibly greatful and she said she
can’t wait to battle you when your ready.”

Kevin grinned. “Awesome, I’m looking forward to it, what type of pokemon does she

“Steel” said Jacob. “And she says its going to be two pokemon each. I’m suggesting a fire
and water type because some steel types are part ground aswell...”

“Charmeleon and Gyarados” it is then he said without thinking.

“This match is going to be so awesome!” said Jacob excitedly and Bonnie grinned. Kevin
looked at Spoink who was still jumping around on the bed. “Thankyou heaps Spoink, I
might be dead if it weren’t for you!”

Spoink jumped around happily until its tail got caught in the bed sheets, causing the
bounce pokemon to fall off the bed. They all laughed and Kevin laid back and relaxed. He
had a big day ahead of him tomorrow and he couldn’t wait to get started...

Dr Skottie
03-24-2004, 01:32 AM
Chapter 28

Kevin strolled down the road with Aipom on his shoulder, the little purple monkey
grinning widely. Bonnie and Jacob were by his side, anticipating the battle that was to
come. It felt weird not having Pikachu there. Kevin had swapped his pokemon around
that morning with Old Man Dojo. He had sadly had to part with Pikachu and Croconaw,
to make way for Charmeleon and Aipom. He decided that it was for the best and that
Pikachu and Croconaw, the Pokemon he had been with him the longest, deserved a rest.
The other pokemon still needed to be trained more aswell.

Kevin could see the white buliding that was the Olivine Pokemon Gym in the distance.
As it loomed nearer, Kevin began to wonder what pokemon Jasmine would use. He had
only ever read things about Steel types and had never actually seen one before. He
remembered seeing that Magneton was a steel type and he wondered if that was one of
Jasmine’s pokemon.

They had arrived. Kevin could see his reflection in the glass doors that led the way into
the gym. Kevin fixed his hair with his right hand, his left resting in the sling. Kevin had
never broken a limb before, surprisingly, and he didn’t like it very much. The life of a
pokemon trainer I guess, he thought to himself. as the glass doors slid open. It was nice
and cool inside and the interior had a vaque futuristic-techno feel. The walls seemed to be
made of a shiny metal and the glass and steel dome overhead let the light from outside
pour in, bathing the gravel arena in sunlight.

“I thought you would be here today” came a voice from the far end. The group saw
Jasmine, standing in the trainers box at the opposite end as them. She was smiling.
Wearing a sky blue sun dress that came to below her knees, and with her long brown hair
tied back into pigtails, she was the essence of sheer beauty.“Thankyou so much for
bringing that medicine for Amphy! It came just in time.” she stopped and looked at his
cast apoligetically. “I’m sorry about your arm, I feel like it was my fault.”

“No thats okay” said Kevin. “I was glad to help. Right now I want to win my sixth

He showed her his necklace which now contained a Zephyr, Hive, Plain, Fog and Storm

“Its the least Ican do” she said kindly. “But don’t think I’m gonna go easy on you...”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way” said Kevin grinning. Bonnie and Jacob moved to the
bench on the sidelines. Aipom leapt from Kevin’s shoulder, soaring through the air and
landing nimbly on Jacob’s head.

“Two pokemon each Kevin” said Jasmine taking out a pokeball from a bag she wore over
her shoulder. She pressed the ball to enlarge it and it was ready to go. Kevin plucked a
ball from his belt and did the same.

“I choose you, Lairon!” she cried and she threw the pokeball. With a flash of light and a
crackle of energy, Jasmine’s first pokemon appeared. It snorted from its nostrils and
pawed at the ground, the steel plates on its back reflecting the sun.

“Lair-ron...” it growled deeply.

“Go Charmeleon!” yelled Kevin. The ball bounced onto the gravel arena and burst open.
The light from within formed into Kevin’s Charmeleon. It snorted flame from its nostrils
and slashed the air with its razor sharp claws.

“Meleon...” it said confidently, its tail flame burning brightly.

“I’ve never even heard of a Lairon before...” said Kevin puzzled at the steel pokemon’s
presence. He withdrew his Pokedex from his pocket, flipped it open, and pointed it at the
cool but unusual looking pokemon:

<Lairon><The Iron Armour Pokemon>
<The evolved form of Aron, these pokemon can only be found in Hoenn. Lairon tempers
its steel body by bloating itself with mineral rich water that is present on the mountains
where they make their home. Lairon are very teritorial and often clash with humans that
encroach on their homes. Built like a tank, Lairon make the perfect pokemon for battles>

“Woh... Well good thing I’ve got the advantage.” said Kevin a bit apprehensively.

“I caught this pokemon when I was hiking in the mountains of Hoenn, when I went their
for a holiday.” said Jasmine smiling cockily. “Lairon, use Takedown!”

The steel type roared and charged at Charmeleon, its head lowered. Its heavy feet
pounded through the gravel arena as it came closer.

“Charmeleon use Slash!” cried Kevin. Charmeleon stood its ground and wiated for the
armoured hide of Lairon to come in range. At the last moment, Charmeleon stepped
sideways and raked its claws against Jasmine’s pokemon, sending sparks flying.
Squinting, Jasmine gave her next order.

“Lairon turn and use tackle!” Lairon skidded through the gravel and barged sideways into
Charmeleon knocking the fire pokemon to the ground. “Now use Body Slam!”

“Move Charmeleon!” called Kevin. Lairon leapt into the air to an inredible height,
condidering its weight and then plummeted towards Charmeleon who was quickly trying
to get back to its feet. Charmeleon leapt aside and tumbled through the gravel just as
Lairon crashed into the ground.


“Lairon, go get that Charmeleon with a Metal Claw!” said Jasmine pointing. Lairon left
the small impact crater it had made and ran at Charmeleon.

“Charmeleon, Flamethrower!” cried Kevin and Charmeleon shot out a plume of fire from
its gaping jaws. The flame scorched the stones as it streaked towards Lairon. Lairon
however leapt aside and the Flamethrower sailed harmlessly past. Putting on an extra
burst of speed Lairon knocked Charmeleon to the ground and sunk its claws into
Charmeleons stomach.

“Charrr!” it cried out.

“Use Ember!” cried Kevin and Charmeleon shot out a mouthful of flames that blasted
Lairon off its body.

“Now use a Flamethrower!” cried Kevin again.

“CHARRR!” cried Charmeleon sending out a huge explosion of flames that rocketed
towards Lairon, hitting the pokemon full force. The tongues of flame licked and whipped
at Lairon’s fire susceptible body. It cried out and collapsed to the gravel floor, the flames
still burning around it.

“Lairon return...” said Jasmine, the red beam shooting out and returning the unconcious
pokemon to the confines of its pokeball. She put the ball back in her bag and then she
brought out another one.

“Steelix, I choose you!”she proclaimed as the pokeball left her hand and burst open. A
huge amount of light cascaded out and took shape. Whatever pokemon this is, it sure is
big... thought Kevin as the light began to fade.

The huge pokemon roared and the light from outside reflected on its metallic surface.
Kevin guessed it was over 30 feet long as it swung its head about like a snake. Great steel
spikes came at intervals along its body and they rotated slowly, as Jasmine’s pokemon
looked down at the comparitively small figure of Charmeleon who met the huge
pokemon’s with its own determined stare.

Kevin checked his pokedex for information about the impressive looking pokemon:

<Steelix><The Iron Snake Pokemon>
<The evolved form of Onix, this steel-ground type pokemon is rare to come across in the
wild. It’s said that Onix’s go deep underground which compresses their bodies until they
become like steel. The steel plates are highly reflective, and are sort after by collectors
who pickup up plates of steel that have been shed by the Steelix as it grows>

“Okay Charmeleon, use a Fire-spin!” called Kevin. Charmeleon’s jaws sprang open and a
torrent of flame burst forth and encircled the huge Steelix. The flames scorched the sides
of Steelix, who roared and ignored the pain.

“It’s gonna take more then that to beat my Steelix!” said Jasmine winking before giving
her first order. “Steelix, go underground!”

The giant serpantine body of Steelix uncoiled itself and with a spray of dirt and gravel, it
plowed its great head into the arena floor. Its body and tail quickly followed and Steelix
was gone.

A small hoot came from Aipom as it looked around searching for the huge pokemon.
Bonnie couldn’t believe it... how could something that big dissapear so quickly? Kevin
was asking the same question as he stood stock still. Charmeleon looked agitated and
worried, swishing its flamed tail back and forth. Kevin could just feel a tremor through
his feet as the Iron Snake pokemon moved below the gym.

“Now Steelix!” cried Jasmine suddenly. The earth shook under Charmeleons feet and all
of a sudden Kevin’s pokemon was airborne, Steelix leaping from the ground from where
it had stood. Charmeleon landed with a thud on the ground and a gasp from its mouth as
the wind was knocked out of it.

“Kevin, ground moves are super effective against fire type pokemon.” said Jacob aloud.
Kevin turned to him and nodded.

“But fire is strong against steel” said Kevin under his breath. “Charmeleon,

Charmeleon shot out a jet of flame that seemed to singe the air about it as it flew towards
Steelix. It crackled loudly as it struck the gym leaders pokemon, the flames licking
Steelix’s side. Steelix roared in pain.

“Steelix, Iron Tail!” called Jasmine, a hint of shock in her voice. With the flame still
spilling onto its body, Steelix swungs its tail about, glowing white in the process.

Bang!! Charmeleon was sent flying through the air, skidding through the gravel and
bouncing out of the arena. It was unconcious and its tail flame was a mear flicker of light.

“Charmeleon Return” said Kevin holding out Charmeleon’s pokeball. The red beam shot
out and dematerialised the unconcious form of the fire type pokemon which was sucked
back within the pokeball. “Awesome work Charmeleon...” Kevin downsized the pokeball
and put it back on his belt. He grabbed the Lureball and pressed the button. It enlarged
and was ready to go.

Dr Skottie
03-24-2004, 01:38 AM
“This is your first real battle but I know your strong so, I choose you Gyarados!”cried
Kevin throwing the lureball with all his might. It bounced on the gravel in the middle of
the arena before unlocking and sending forth a dazzling white energy that formed into the
impressive form of a mighty Gyarados. It’s teeth shone brightly and its might tail swept
the gravel arena. It looked about two thirds the size of Steelix however so its power was
in the shadow of Steelix, metaphorically and literally. The final round was about to begin.

“Steelix Tackle attack!” ordered Jasmine. Steelix roared and charged towards Gyardos.

“Gyarados Tackle aswell!” echoed Kevin. Gyarados met the attack head on, the pokemon
colliding with a burst of sound and an explosion of gravel.

“Gyarados use dragon breath!” The Atrocious pokemon shot out a focused jet of green
flame. Steelix ducked its great head and neck, the attack only singeing the steel plates.

“Steelix, Iron tail!” yelled Jasmine. Steelix’s tail glowed bright white. Steelix then swung
it’s tail about with an incredible amount of power. Bang! Gyarados winced under the
spine shattering attack, but recovered quickly enough.

“Gyarados use watergun!” cried Kevin. Water attacks will be the key, he thought to
himself. Steelix is also part ground type. As Kevin pndered this, Gyarados shot out a
burst of water that splashed against Steelix’s head. Steelix looked considerably pained at
the attack.

“Nice try Kevin, but lets see you try that again when the sun is scorching” Jasmine
smiled. She then turned to the massive form of Steelix. “Steelix, use sunnyday!”

Steelix seemed to go rigid. It looked straight up through the glass dome of the gym at the
sun above. It then emitted a deafening roar, that sounded like a deep rumble of boulders
grinding together. Nothin happened at first but then there was a burst of light from above
as the sun doubled its power, heat and light.

Jacob, Bonnie and Aipom squinted through the glare of the suns rays. What happened?
wondered Bonnie.

“So what if its a little bright?” said Kevin shielding his eyes with a hand. “Gyarados use
another watergun!”

Gyarados thrashed its tail about, drew back its head and shot out a stream of water that
splashed all over Steelix. However this time, Jasmine’s pokemon didn’t seem at all
phased and just shook it off.

“What?” muttered Kevin. “I used the same attack before and Steelix looked like it was in
pain but now...”

“Do you now understand the effects of my Steelix’s sunnyday?” asked Jasmine politely, if
not a little mockingly.

“Kevin, she is useing a weather status change technique” said Jacob, who having had
more experience with pokemon then both Kevin and Bonnie put together, knew what was
going on. “The move sunnyday changes a lot of aspects about the battle and one of those
is that the effectiveness of water attacks are cut in half!”

“Damn it...” said Kevin.

“Steelix! Attack with a crunch attack!” cried Jasmine and the snake like form of Steelix
slithered through the gravel arena towards Gyarados. It opened its mighty jaws and
crunched them down on Gyarados’s scaly neck. Gyarados cried out in pain and renched
its neck from the attacking jaws.

“Hang in there Gyarados! Get in close and use a wrap attack!” called Kevin. Gyarados
wrapped its long body around Steelix and began to squeeze. Steelix however looked like
it could barely feel it. Kevin then realised his mistake.

“Kevin, wrap is a normal move! Normal is NOT at all good agianst Steel type”

“Steelix, use Thrash!” ordered Jasmine. Steelix rolled onto the ground and began writhing
around in the gravel, twisting and turning, badly hurting Kevin’s Gyarados.

“Hold on Gyarados!” cried Kevin, balling a fist, the other hand resting uselessly in the
sling. At this rate there is no way Gyarados can win unless the weather changes...

“Jacob, how can I change the weather?” cried Kevin suddenly. Jacob looked mildly
surprised before answering.

“Raindance, try raindance!” he replied.

“Gyarados try to use raindance!” yelled Kevin. Gyarados, still clinging to Steelix, roared
at the sky. The sun’s brightness seemed to die immediately and then Kevin heard a
rumble overhead. Dark rainclouds had suddenly appeared. It was cooler now and then the
rain began. The rain came in torrents from above and seemed to fall right through the
glass dome above. Kevin worried that the rain water would hit the cast and that he would
need a new one but the rain seemed to be only falling on the gravel arena that was quickly
becoming muddy.

“Kevin, now that Raindance is in a effect, water attack power is doubled!” called Jacob,
over the noise of the rain. Bonnie was leaning up against Jacob with Aipom in her arms,
not likeing the drop in temperature.

“Alright Gyarados! Lets finish this! Use Bubblebeam!” hollered Kevin. Gyarados roared
and breathed out a jet of bubbles swirling with rainbow colour that exploded off Steelix’s
hide at the point blank range.

“No!” cried Jasmine, eyes wide. Steelix’s voice bellowed from deep in its throat. Its great
head swung heavily from its neck before collapsing to the gravel arena, with enough force
that Kevin had to balance himself.

The rain stopped suddenly and light peirced down, causing a hue of rainbow colours to
appear in the air.
“Yes!” yelled Kevin, throwing his right arm in the air. “That was great Gyrados!”

Kevin’s water pokemon, uncoiled itself from Steelix and moved towards Kevin, lowering
its head. Kevin touched its head appreciatively before returning it to it’s lureball.

“Thanks Gyarados” said Kevin smiling. All of a sudden he was hugged from the side by
Bonnie. Kevin kissed her quickly on the forehead. She looked a bit apprehensive but
smiled and hugged him tighter. Aipom was jumping up and down on his head and Jacob
patted him on the back.

“Nice work mate” he said grinning.

“Couldn’t have done it without your help” said Kevin matter of factly.

Jasmine approached them now, having returned Steelix to its pokeball. She was holding
something shiny in her hand.

“That was great battling Kevin!” she said smiling politely. “I wasn’t expecting a
raindance technique. You deserve this, the Mineral Badge...”

She gave it to Kevin. It was a pale purple colour, almost grey shaped octagon. Kevin tried
to put it on his necklace but couldn’t with one hand. Bonnie snatched it from his hand and
did it for him. Kevin couldn’t believe it... two more to go...

Dr Skottie
03-24-2004, 01:39 AM
Back at the Pokemon Center, as Kevin’s pokemon were being healed, he decided to ring
up his mother, all the way back in New Bark Town. Bonnie and Jacob were having a little
battle outside between Wingull and Skitty. Skitty was doing pretty well, using a clever
charm act on Wingull to stop its onslaught of Peck attacks. Kevin sat down at the phone
terminal and punched in the number for his home. A little animated ringing phone
appeared on the screen...
Fiona Sun was in the front yard gardening when her new pet Poochyena came running
from the house barking. She wondered what was wrong. She listened carefully and heard
the phone ringing.

“Ring Ring Ring - Ring Ring Ring - Phone call - Phone call!” came the sound from

“Good girl Cheeni!” said Fiona affectionatly, scruffing up the the little pokemon’s fur.
Cheeni licked her hand briefly as Fiona dashed inside and took the call.

“Kevin!” she said happily as an image of her son’s face appeared on the screen. An
Aipom sat on his shoulder and it grinned and waved.

“Hi Mom!” said Kevin smiling. “How are you?”

“I’m great, I just - WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR ARM!?” she screamed as she saw his
arm in a sling.

“Oh that” said Kevin smiling unconcernedly. “Yeh its nothin to worry about, its just a
greenstick break it will be good to go in a week or two as long as I take the antibiotics
that the doctor gave me.”

“How did you break it sweetie?” she said, still not entirely convinced.

“Oh, I just, tripped actually” said Kevin thinking quickly. “Yeh I tripped on a tree root.
Luckily Bonnie and Jacob were there to help me out.” Kevin didn’t really know why he
had made up the story. He guessed that telling her the truth that there is a psychotic out
there trying to kill him would not be a good idea.

“Thank goodness, make sure you thank them for me” she said sincerily.

“Yeh I will” said Kevin nodding. There was a bark from his mothers end. “What was

“Oh thats Cheeni!” his mom said excitedly. A little black and grey pokemon with bristly
fur jumped up on her lap and licked her neck. She giggled. “My pet Poochyena!”

“Where’d you get it from?” asked Kevin.

“Proffessor Elm gave it to me. She had been sent to him from Hoenn and he had been
doing research on her. When he finished, the people in Hoenn said he could keep it, but
Prof Elm has enough to do without looking after an energetic puppy aswell. So he gave it
to me, to ‘keep me comapny’.” His mother replied as she scratched the Poochyena behind
the ears.

“Sure sure” said Kevin winking. “I think he fancies you...”

His mother blushed. “That is a possibility. But if he lays a finger on me, I’ll get your
father to blast him away with one of Dragonites Hyper Beam attacks!”

They both laughed.

“Well I just rang to tell you that I just won my sixth badge. I’m on my way back to
Ecruteak City and then on to Mahogany Town up in the mountains.”

“Okay be careful Kevin” his mother said.

“I will” replied Fiona’s son. He hung up the phone with a click.

“Come on Aipom” said Kevin standing up and stretching. “Lets go get the others, we
need to get a move on”

Aipom hooted and ran outside to see Bonnie win her match against Jacob, her Skitty
using a pound attack with its tail, knocking the seagull unconcious. They packed their
things and left the city. At the top of the hill that surrounded the port, they turned, took
one last look at the ocean, and continued their journey.

Dr Skottie
03-24-2004, 01:41 AM
Chapter 29

Kevin’s arm itched inside the cast. Having a broken arm is not good, he thought to
himself as the group slowly plodded up the hill. Huge cumulus clouds rolled by lazily
overhead, the sun peaking at the trainers with its shiny face every so often, beating them
down with its intense gaze.

“Man it’s hot...” muttered Jacob from Kevin’s left as he wiped sweat away with an indigo
glove. “When I was a sailor I would have just jumped overboard to cool myself down.
But here! No water anywhere!”

He was right. Kevin looked out over the rolling planes, the once lush green grass begining
to yellow. Delicate little wildflowers filled the air with their sweet scent. Kevin could see
mountains on the horizon to the west. He turned his head the the north east and saw a
snow capped moutnain way off in the distance.

“That’s Mount Mortar” said Bonnie leaning against Kevin’s shoulder for a rest. “Its the
second largest mountain in the whole Johto-Kanto region. Between here and there is
Ecruteak City and beyond Mount Mortar is Mahognay town, where you’ll get your next

Kevin could’t help but smile at that last remark. He had been journeying for just over six
months now. He had travelled far and seen plenty, as well as meeting lots of different
people. I still have a long way to go though, thought Kevin.

Tsuuu... came the sound of a pokeball opening. Kevin looked down at his belt to see a
pokeball snap shut and white light on the ground forming into Spoink.

“Spoink Spoink!” it cried bouncing up and down.

“Who said you could come out of your pokeball Spoink?” said Kevin mock sternly.
Aipom scrambled from its spot on Kevins arm up onto his head. It then started pulling
faces at Spoink , spanking its butt with its tail hand.

“I think Spoink is jealous of Aipom” said Jacob. Kevin watched in amusement as
Spoink’s body glew pink and Aipom was lifted into the air. Aipom was scared witless, as
Spoink made it do a loop-da-loop, before making it crash head first into the grass. They
all laughed.

“Aipom thats what you get for teasing Spoink. I think you can get back in your fastball,
and Spoink, back in your pokeball.”

Spoink activated its pokeball on Kevins belt and was sucked inside with a red light.
Aipom hung its head in sadness before Kevin returned it to its yellow fastball with the red
recalling beam.

“That was a bit tough Kevin” said Bonnie sceptically.

“I need to be a little tough on them otherwise they won’t listen to me in battle.” replied
Kevin shrugging.

“Yeh I guess...” said Bonnie.

“You guess right” came a familiar voice from behind her. She turned to see Storm,
Kevin’s long running rival; and a teenage girl with bright orange hair that was tied into
two pigtails. She was wearing a white minskirt with a yellow lowcut top. Kevin thought
she was beautiful.

“Hey Kevin, long time no see!” said Storm grinning as he approached. His smile faded as
he saw Kevin’s arm. “What happened to you?”

“I broke it” said Kevin sarcastically. “It will be good soon”

Storms smile returned. “Kevin Sun, always optimistic... oh, have you met my girlfriend?
Megan - Kevin, Kevin - Megan”

Kevin smiled at her but it was no where near as big as hers. “Wow, are you really THE
Kevin Sun?”

“Yeh that’s me...” said Kevin.

“Umm, do you think I can battle you?” she said shyly. Kevin was about to say okay when
Storm jumped in.

“Hey! No I’m going to battle him, he’s my rival after all.”

“Why don’t we make it a doubles match?” said Kevin, gesturing to Bonnie.

“Yeh that would work!” said Megan excitedly.

“And to make it more interesting, lets’s make it two pokemon each, so that is eight all
up.”added Storm.

They all agreed and moved apart. Jacob was going to referee the match.

“This is a Doubles Match.” said Jacob in his best judges voice. “Kevin Sun, Bonnie Rose
versus Storm Craft and Megan Kiln. Two Pokemon each, no time limit, no boundaries.
Let the battle begin!”

“Go Pokeball!” came a chorus of voices and four pokeballs bounced onto the ground.
They all burst open revealing their pokemon: Kevin’s Farfetch’d, Bonnie’s Eevee,
Storm’s newly aquired Bulbasaur and Megan’s pokemon, a Gligar.

Kevin flipped open his pokedex:

<Bulbasaur> <The Seed Pokemon>
<This strong manageable pokemon is an excellent pokemon for beginning trainers. No
one knows whether Bulbasaur is a plant or animal, as it holds characteristics of both.
When born, the mother plants a seed on their back that grows and develops with this

<Gligar> <The Flying Scorpion Pokemon>
<This Pokemon ususally clings to the side of cliffs, and when it spots its prey, it spreads
it’s wings and glides down to attack. This pokemon is very fast and with its sharp claws,
needle teeth and poisonous sting, is a tough opponent.>

“Alright lets get this battle started!” cried Kevin. “Farfetch’d, use a cut attack on that

Dr Skottie
03-24-2004, 01:55 AM
“Bulbasaur don’t let it get near you, Razor Leaf!” ordered Storm.

“Gligar, use Poisonsting on that Eevee!” called Megan, to her purple pokemon.

“Eevee dodge it and use swift attack!” instructed Bonnie.

The wild duck pokemon Farfertch’d, sprinted towards Bulbasaur who shot out a volley of
Razor Leaves. Farfetch’d dodged through the attack and was on top of Bulbasaur.
“FARFETCH’D!” it cried as it swung it leak, bringing it down on Bulbasaur’s head.
WAK! Bulbasaur took the heavy blow but then unleashed a sudden vinewhip, catching
Kevin’s pokemon off guard and knocking it back towards Kevin. Gligar streaked towards
Eevee, its tail stinger out stretched. Eevee ducked and Gligar went sailing over, followed
by yellow stars as Eevee shot out a swift attack. The attack hit home, but Gligar seemed
barely effected at all.

“Farfetch’d get up into the air” said Kevin. Farfetch’d put its leak in its bill and flapped
its wings propeling itself into the sky.

“Bulbasaur, use another Razorleaf!” called Storm. Bulbasaur used Razor leaf, shooting
the sharp projectiles up into the sky at the flying pokemon. Farfetch’d swung at the leaves
with its leak to knock them away, and it thought it had succeeded... until its leak fell
A farfetch’d without a leak??? Kevins pokemon began to cry.

“Oh no, don’t cry Farfetch’d, you can still win this!” encouraged Kevin.

“Gligar use a Screech!” cried Megan. Gligar spun around in mid air and let loose an ear
peircing call. Eevee flinched under the sound. “Now get in their and use a Slash attack!”
Gligar dived down towards Eevee at top speed and swiped at it with its claws. Eevee
cried out in pain as it tumbled through the dirt.

“Come on baby you can do it!” called Bonnie to her Eevee as it struggled to get back to
its feet. It barked and then flashed white. Bonnie watched in wonder. “Eevee’s

Everyone turned to watch as the white form of Eevee grew larger, its ears grew longer
and its tail split in two. The light faded and there stood Bonnie’s new Espeon.

“Kevin check your pokedex!” said Bonnie excitedly. Kevin hurriedly got out his pokedex
and pointed it at the sleek form of Espeon:

<Espeon> <The Sun Pokemon>
<Espeon, the evolved form of Eevee. This rare psychic pokemon only comes about if the
bond between it and its trianer is incredible strong during the day time. If it evolved at
night an Umbreon would have come about. By reading air currents with the fine hair that
covers its body, Espeon can predict things such as the weather or its foes next move.>

“Bonnie lets swap opponents, your psychic powers will work well against Bulbasaur
since it is part poison, aswell as grass.” said Kevin. “Come on Farfetch’d pull yourself
together and use a Wing attack on the Gligar!”

Farfetch’d shook its head to rid its eyes of tears before flying towards Gligar, its wings
glowing white. It hit Gligar, knocking it out of the air. Farfetch’d chased it to the ground
ready to deliver the final blow but Gligar counter attacked. As Farfetch’d was just about
to hit, Gligar lashed out withs stinger in a Poisontail attack. Farfetch’d fell to the ground a
crumpled heap of feathers. It had been poisoned badly.

“Finish it off Gligar!” called Megan, and Gligar defeated its opponent with a Slash attack.
“Farfetch’d return!” said Kevin and the wild duck pokemon was sucked inside its
pokeball. Kevin grabbed the Lureball from his belt and pegged it out into the feild,
“Gyarados! I choose you!”

The lureball sprung open, white light flashed brightly and the mighty form of Gyarados
appeared, towering above the other pokemon.

“Bulbasaur, use a Solarbeam on that Gyarados!” cried Storm. Bulbasaur’s bulb began
taking in sunlight powering up the most powerful grass type attack.

“Espeon, stop it with a Confusion!” called Bonnie to her newly evolved pokemon.
Espeon narrowed its eyes and barked, blasting out a wave of blue psychic energy.
Bulbasaur leapt out of the way and continued powering up.

“Gyarados use a raindance!” cried Kevin. Gyarados’s upper body began swaying like a
charmed snake and then it emitted a terrorfying roar. Out of nowhere, dark rain clouds
appeared and rain began to pour down. “Lets see you get that Solarbeam charged now”

“Good thinking Kevin” said Jacob over the rain. “Except your cast...”

“Oh crap!” said Kevin trying to cover his arm.

“Here,” said Bonnie. She rushed over to him and hugged him from the front, his arm
between their two bodies, keeping it dry. Kevin smiled at her and she blushed. They
turned to continue the match.

“You think thats going to stop me?” said Storm. “Bulbasaur might not have full power
but it can still attack. Bulbasaur, Solarbeam!”

A blast of solar energy rocketed from the bulb on its back, and it struck Gyarados witha
lot of force. Gyarados was hurt but it could still fight.

“Espeon, we have to get rid of Bulbasaur otherwise Gyarados is in a lot of trouble!””said
Bonnie. “Use a Psybeam!”

Espeon shot out a red and pink beam from the jewel on its head that blasted the Bulbasaur
off its feet, knocking it unconcious.

“Gyarados, use a bubblebeam on Gligar!” called Kevin over the raindrops.

“Gligar, use quick attack!” called Megan. Gligar zipped through the air towards Gyarados
but it wasn’t fast enough as it was blasted out of the air by a surge of rainbow bubbles.
Gligar was down.

“Alright!” cried Bonnie and Kevin, and they hugged eachother closer.
“It’s not over yet, not by a long shot!” called Storm, as both he and Megan recalled their
Bulbasaur and Gligar. They each got out a new pokeball.

“Houndoom, I choose you!” yelled Storm throwing a pokeball. Out of it came Storm’s
Houndoom, Kevin knew one of his strongest pokemon.

“Go Plusle!” cried Megan, the pokeball leaving her hand and bursting open revealing its
little yellow and red pokemon. Electrical energy buzzed around it and it looked ready for
some fun.

<Houndoom><The Dark Pokemon>
<This Dark/Fire type pokemon is the evolved form of Houndour. Upon hearing its eerie
howl, other pokemon flee the area. It is rumoured that if you are burned by the flames of a
Houndoom, the pain will never go away. In legend it is the messenger of hard times hence
the name Houndoom.>

<Plusle><Cheering Pokemon>
<This electric type pokemon is from the land of Hoenn. Often seen in the wild with
Minun, this pokemon fights better if it has one by it’s side. This pokemon loves to cheer
on its team mates by emitting electrical sparks from its cheeks.>

“Gyarados use a watergun on Houndoom, you have the advantage!” called Kevin.
Gyarados balsted out a torrent of water. Storm’s Houndoom leapt nimbly aside avoiding
it easily. It then shot a Flamethrower at Gyarados. The flames however were weakened
considerably by the rain and Gyarados just shrugged it off. Gyarados shot another
watergun that hit Houndoom knocking down.

“Espeon use a psybeam on Plusle!” cried Bonnie. Espeon shout out another beam of
Psychic energy at Plusle who dodged the attack.

“There pokemon are fast...” muttered Kevin to Bonnie as they held eachother close. She

“Plusle use the rain! Direct a Thunder attack on Kevin’s Gyarados!” ordered Megan.
Plusle charged up, eletricity buzzing around it. A blue bolt of lightning crashed down
from the heavens above onto Plusle as it prepared to launch the electric attack.

“Espeon, use a lightscreen!” yelled Bonnie. The psychic pokemon dashed between the
Plusle and Gyarados and closed its eyes. A glossy yellow lightscreen appeared just in
time and the huge fork of lightning which was the thunder attack was deflected.

“Oh no you don’t! Houndoom use a Crunch on Espeon!” called Storm. Houndoom
sprinted over and barged into Espeon from behind knocking it down. Its eyes glowed read
as it snapped its jaws savagely on Espeon’s neck. Espeon screamed and passed out.

“No Espeon!” cried Bonnie. She grabbed it’s pokeball and shot out the red beam.

“Gyarados! Use a surf attack!” ordered Kevin. Gyrados shot out a huge jet of water that
grew larger the further it went. The rain falling down seemed almost magnetically drawn
to it and the collosal water type attack punched hard into Houndoom. Houndoom was out
of this match.

“Houndoom return” said Storm. He clipped the pokeball to his belt. “Well I’m out of the
match” he said rolling his eyes.

“I’m not, come on out Skitty!” said Bonnie tossing a pokeball into the rain. It burst open
and with an angelic mew Skitty appeared.

“But someone soon will be, Plusle use another Thunder!” called Megan. Lightning
rippled through the sky, blasting into Plusle and then forking out and zapping Gyarados.
A direct hit. Gyarados cried out in agony, letting loose a deafening roar before falling to
the wet ground with a crash. Kevin recalled Gyarados.

“Good job buddy” he said to the pokeball. “It’s all up to you now Bonnie.” She nodded.

“Okay Skitty, quick attack!” called Bonnie. Skitty bounded through the rain and bashed
into Plusle knocking it into a puddle. Plusle got up and shook the mud off its once clean
and glossy coat. Up above the rain had begun to stop and the clouds were receding to

“Plusle, use a thundershock!” cried Megan.

“Skitty use a faint attack!” ordered Bonnie.

Plusle chared up the attack and released the thundershock. Skitty darted away and
dissapeared. Megan watched closely...

“From behind, use spark!” she cried, and Plusle charged itself, forks of blue and yellow
electricity buzzing around its body. Skitty attacked but was zapped and knocked away.

“Plusle use a thunderpunch!” said Megan. Plusle charged up its fist and ran towards Slitty
who had just gotten up.

Dr Skottie
03-24-2004, 01:55 AM
“Skitty, quickly use sing!” called Bonnie. Skitty glowed a very slight shade of pink and
began to sing. It’s song was beautiful and incredibly calming thought Kevin. Plusle eyes
began to droop and in mid run toppled to the ground, sleeping like a baby. Kevin yawned
and tried to stay awake.

“Skitty, stop” said Bonnie. Skitty stopped and smiled cutely. “We win!”

“Plusle return!”said Megan, and Plusle was sucked back into it’s ball.

“That match was great!” said Jacob.

“I’ll say!” said Storm moving over to Kevin. “probably the best we have had yet!”

“Good job man” said Kevin shaking Storm’s hand. “I’ll see you again sometime. I can’t
wait until we face off in the Silver Conference. It’s gonna be awesome!”

The rest of them said there goodbyes and Storm and Megan left. Kevin was feeling pretty
good about himself. Just two more badges... it’s gonna be so easy, what could go wrong?

“Great job Bonnie, you won the match for us” said Kevin as they began walking again.

Bonnie blushed. “Oh it was nothing, It was really Skitty who won it for us. Plus my new
Espeon! I love it so much, it’s so cool!”

“Another rare pokemon for your collection” said Jacob smiling at her. Bonnie couldn’t be
happier. She linked arms with Kevin and Jacob on either side. I’m so lucky she thought as
the gang continued their Johto League journey.

Dr Skottie
03-24-2004, 01:58 AM
Chapter 30

Kevin stretched out on the sofa and closed his eyes. The sound of a busy pokemon center
surrounded him. The young trainer was back in Ecruteak City and he was worn out.
Because of the cast on his arm he had had trouble falling asleep on the road from Olivine
to Ecruteak. All the walking, late nights, early mornings; they were starting to take a toll.
Kevin smiled serenely. It would be good to catch up on some rest. Bonnie had gone to see
her sisters and to show off her new Espeon and Skitty to them. They would be proud of
her, thought Kevin. Jacob had left a little while ago to do a little sightseeing. He’d never
been to Ecruteak before and the history that surrounded it fascinated him. He had gone to
check out the Burnt and Tin towers. Kevin wasn’t all that interested. Sleep was a much
better alternative. He shifted his postition and exhaled. If only everyone were a bit more

He began to think about all that had happened since he had left home, all those months
ago. Going to Prof Elms lab early in the morning to pick Totodile as his starter. Catching
a Pidgey the same day. Meeting up with Storm in Cherrygrove. Catching Pichu, after
getting with that blue haired chick... what was her name? Oh it doesn’t matter. I’ve
changed since then. No more womanising for me. Kevin realised then how much he had
grown up and learned since leaving New Bark town. Getting his first badge... that was
something he would never forget. Catching a Skiploom and then trading that for a
Chikorita, who evolved into Bayleef which he then traded for Spoink. Meeting the kind
climber Cliff and catching a Charmander. Rescuing the Slowpoke from Ice. Kevin
touched the scar through his shirt with a fingertip. Winning his second badge, and
catching Aipom in Ilex forest aswell as battling Storm again. Old Man Dojo and his wife
at the Pokemon Daycare. Getting his 3rd badge in Goldenrod when Totodile evolved to
Croconaw. Catching a Scyther in the bug catchin contest and Charmander evolving to
Charmeleon. Two new pokemon in one day. Kevin still couldn’t believe it. Releasing
Pidgeotto into the wild after rescuing the flock from Ice. Meeting Bonnie... Kevin sighed
to himself. That olive skinned beauty. She had been so helpful, always encouraging him.
Winning the badge from Morty. Meeting Timmy and Sandy on the way to Olivine.
Battling Storm in the Lighthous at Olivine. Crossing the ocean. His first encounter with a
legendary pokemon, the mighty Lugia. The Silverwing... why was it given to him?
Catching Gyarados on the deserted island. Arriving in Cianwood, catching a Skitty for
Bonnie because she was turning 14. Getting his fifth badge. Returning back across the
ocean. Sebastian and his little sister, from far away Hoenn. Facing Ice in the jungle.
Kevin grimaced as he remembered the snap of his arm as it was kicked. He scratched at
the cast with a fingernail. Getting his 6th badge from Jasmine, and then battling against
Storm and his girlfriend a week ago.

Only two more gyms left to go to. Then he would be able to qualify for the Silver
conference. He couldn’t wait! He had seen pokemon tournaments on the tv before, but he
wondered what it must be like, standing in the trainers box, with thousands of people
screaming for you. He heard a phone ring from the reception desk

<Ring Ring Ring, Ring Ring Ring, Phonecall! Phonecall!>

I wonder when Bonnie and Jacob will get back thought Kevin. His thoughts were
interrupted by Nurse Joy’s sweet voice.

“Kevin Sun?” she called out across the room. There was a murmur among the people in
the center as they looked around eagerly.

“Yes nurse?” he said reluctantly. He thought he heard someone whisper, “It’s the son of
the Dragon Trainer” but he ignored it.

“Theres a phonecall for you, take it in the other room.”

Kevin nodded and got up, trying to ignore the stares of some of the people he walked
passed. He opened a door that led into a small room with four phone terminals. The room
was empty. He sat down at the closest phone, typed in his ID and waited. The screen
came alive and Kevin could see...

“Ice?” Kevin asked disbelievingly. The teen with the shaggy white hair and blue grey
eyes smiled at him.

“Hello Kevin, you seem surprised to see me” he said evily.

“What do you want?” Kevin’s voice barley came out as a whisper.

“Your cold lifeless body, but that is not what I’m calling about.” he said smiling. “The
Silverwing, I want it.”

“What makes you think I’ll give it to you. If you try anything, I’ll call the police!” said
Kevin menacingly.

“No, I don’t think you will.” he said confidently. His arrogance disgusted Kevin. “Not
unless you want to see Old Man Dojo, join his wife in the next life...”

“What??” gasped Kevin.

“See for yourself” said Ice and he turned the camera. Nina’s body lay on the wooden floor
of the daycare center, in a pool of her own blood. Weeping over her lifeless body was Old
Man Dojo.

“He will be next son of the dragon trainer” came his venomous voice, “if I don’t have the
Silverwing within 5 minutes. I’m sending you a pokeball. In it is an Abra. Use it to
teleport here. Come alone. If you don’t then I’ll shoot the old man. You have no choice
Kevin. See you soon...”

The line went dead and the screen went black. Kevin was panicking. He couldn’t let Old
Man Dojo die. But Lugia had said not to give Ice the Silverwing. Ice was right... he had
no choice. Kevin was startled as the little socket next to the computer terminal lit up and
a pokeball appeared. Kevin took a deep breath and took the pokeball. This was it...

Dr Skottie
03-24-2004, 02:00 AM
Kevin could still here the sounds of people talking and laughing in the other room,
completely unaware of the dilemma that he was facing. The light reflected off the shiny
pokeball in his hand. He took a deep breath and pressed the button. With a flash of
brilliance there was Ice’s Abra. The unusual looking yellow pokemon seemed to be
asleep. Kevin tentativlely reached out and touched his hand to the pokemons head.

“Abraaaa...” it spoke in a haunting voice. Kevin’s body tingled as a yellow light traversed
around his body. Kevin shut his eyes. He heard a weird noise and then he reopened his
eyes. He had been teleported, right into Old Man Dojo’s dining room.

“Ahh Kevin, glad you could make it...” came a voice. Kevin whirled around to see Ice
leaning on the table, a gun in his hands. The youth looked at him with cold eyes. “Now
hand me the Silverwing.”

Kevin hesitated, trying to think of something. He sensed movement behind him. Turning
he saw Old Man Dojo, tears running down his face into his beard, standing defiantly.

“Kevin, the Silverwing?” said Ice again.

Kevin tried to stall for time. “First tell me how you knew about this place. How’d you
know I would come?”

“Isn’t it obvious Kevin?” said Ice. “I’ve been spying on you. Why else do you think we
keep meeting up with eachother?”

Kevin was shocked by this. “Why do you want the Silverwing so badly anyway?”

“Why should I tell you? I have my reasons, and so does Giovanni. Hand it over.”

Kevin reached into his pocket to get the wing when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t do it Kevin. Don’t give into him.” said the old man. “We can stop him -”

“I’d love to see you try,” said Ice smiling. “One wrong move and I’ll shoot you both.”

Kevin thought about getting one of his pokemon out. If he could just get Gyarados or
Scyther out of their balls, I could stop him. Kevin slowly moved his hand towards the
Lureball. Ice saw it and cocked the gun pointing it at Kevin’s arm.

“Do you want me to bust up the other arm too?” said Ice.

Kevin gave up. This was too big for him to handle. “Okay... you win Simon...”

“My name is Ice, son of the dragon trainer.” said Ice swiftly. “And of course I win..”

Kevin reached into his pocket and pulled out the Silverwing. It seemed to shine of its own
acord. Ice walked over to Kevin, the gun still pointed at his head. Ice reached out and
took the Silverwing. He grinned and put it away in his jacket. He moved towards the
door, his Abra floating along behind him. He turned and locked eyes with Kevin and
raised the handgun. “Goodbye Kevin...”

“Noooooooooo!!” cried Old Man Dojo.


Old Man Dojo pushed Kevin aside, the bullet hitting him in the chest. Blood splattered
and the martial arts master cried out in pain. He fell to his knees and slumped to the floor.

Kevin looked up, tears begining to well in his eyes, just as Ice teleported away with his
Abra. Kevin crawled over to the heavily breathing Dojo. Kevin rolled him over onto his
back. The old man grimaced in pain. He looked up at Kevin, his eyes slightly out of

Kevin had trouble forming words. “W...Why?” was all he could muster.

“Because...” started the old man. He coughed and blood started to dribble from his
mouth. “You... are the only one... who can stop him.... I - have lived my life...”

“What if I can’t stop him?” Kevin cried. He wiped his tears away with the sleeve of his
red shirt.

“You will... you must believe...” coughed Old Man Dojo. “Goodbye Kevin... I go... to
beee, with my... wife....”

Old Man Dojo’s eyes rolled back and his eyelids closed. He drew one last ragged breath
before falling silent. Kevin crawled to a corner of the room and cried. It’s all my fault....

That’s where Bonnie, Jacob and the Goldenrod police found him. They had asked Nurse
Joy in Ecruteak asking where Kevin was. After watching the hi-res security camera’s,
they knew where to go. Bonnie used her Espeon to Teleport herself and Jacob to the
Goldenrod Police department, but they had been too late. After they had cleared away the
bodies, they questioned Kevin about what had happened. Kevin was reluctant to speak,
seeing how he felt as if he opened his mouth that he would throw up, but he told them
what had happened. The Police thanked Kevin for his help. Kevin, Bonnie and Jacob
teleported back to Ecruteak. By that time, the sun was setting, and the dying sunlight
caused the Tin tower to cast a long shadow across the town. Bonnie and Jacob
encouraged Kevin to eat something but he couldn’t do it.

“I’m going to bed” he whispered, before standing up, his chair scraping on the pokemon
center floor. Kevin made his way to their room. Opening the door, he stepped inside
before closing the door again behind him. Kevin went to his bed, the only light being the
moons eerie white glow. Kevin buried his face in his pillow again and the tears came.
Why did this have to happen? Old Man Dojo and his wife are dead, and I gave up without
a fight. I should have done something...

The door creaked as it was opened, light from the hallway, spilling into the room. Kevin
didn’t need to look to know who it was. The way she breathed and the sounds of her light
footsteps; it was enough to know that it was her. He thanked God for her. She shut the
door behing her. He heard her approach and felt the bed move as she sat down. Kevin
wiped his tears on the pillow before turning to look up at her angelic face, that was bathed
in moonlight from the window. The tears in her eyes sparkled. The little singlet top she
was wearing clung to her olive skinned body, as did the little gym shorts. Her dark brown
hair was tied back, the red bangs hanging free, framing her face. They just looked at
eachother, staring into eachothers soul. She moved down the bed and took his shoes off
for him. She then slowly unbuttoned his shirt, revealing more of his chest and abodmen.
He sat up and shrugged out of it, the muscles in his arms and chest rippling with hidden
power. Bonnie lay him down and lay on top of him. She kissed his scar tenderly before
moving up and kissing his neck. She whispered in his ear.

“Kevin... its not your fault...” she breathed. It was almost as if she had been reading
his mind. “There was nothing that could have been done to save him. If you had tried
something... he... he would have killed you...” He felt the wetness of a tear on his
neck. “Kevin, I don’t know about you, but I believe in fate. Things happen for a
reason, because they are supposed to happen. I was meant to find you on that sunny
day a few moths ago, just as you were meant to survive this encounter. Last time we
were in this room, you were the one who cared for me. This time, I’m gonna take care
of you...”
She ran a hand through his thick blonde hair, and kissed him on the lips. Kevin was
taken aback. She said she didn't like him more then a friend...
"But I thought -" he began before she cut him off by putting a finger to his lips.
"I didn't want to get close to you becuase I was afraid that I was gonna lose you, just
like I lost Ryan. But I don't care anymore... I love you..."
Kevin woke suddenly and opened his eyes. There was no one else in his bed. He
looked across the room and saw Bonnie sleeping softly in the bottom bunk, Jacob
dead to the world and snoring on the top. Kevin grimaced. It had only been a dream...
he was very alone. He closed his eyes again and saw Old Man Dojo pleading him for
help. Tears came freshly from his eyes again. It was his fault. If he had never met Old
Man Dojo and his caring wife, they wouldn’t be dead now.
Kevin shook his head, as his body was racked with silent sobs. It wasn’t his fault. It
was Ice’s... that bastard! he thought angrily. Kevin made a covenant with Old Man
Dojo’s memory to stop Ice, no matter what.
His grief still remained and so did the tears...

Dr Skottie
03-24-2004, 02:01 AM
Chapter 31

Three pairs of feet skuffed dirt into the air with each step, as Kevin, Bonnie and Jacob
made their way uphill. The sun beat down. It was another hot day. But Kevin still felt
cold inside. Bonnie squeezed his hand reassuringly. Kevin was fine during the days, the
sunshine lifting him away from grief and sorrow, and he was thankful for Bonnie’s rare
sign of affection towards him. Jacob was awesome aswell, always makin him laugh with
his crazy antics with the pokemon. His friends were helping him as best they could and it
was working. He was slowly but surely coming to terms with the shocking tragedy. They
were on there way to Mahognay Town which was nestled amongst the foothills of the
biggest mountain range of the entire Johto/Kanto area. There, Kevin could get his next
badge, making it 7 out of 8. So close...

As all these things were going through Kevin’s mind, there came a beeping from his
pokegear on his wrist. Kevin moved his arm with the cast on it to press the button. Kevin
peered at the screen and saw Professor Elm’s face.

“Hello Kevin, how are you?” came Prof Elms voice, slightly distorted by the tiny speaker.

“I’ve been better...” muttered Kevin, as he and the gang sat down under a tree to get out
of the suns heat.

Prof Elm looked a little uneasy.

“Sorry Professor, did you have something to tell me?” said Kevin apolegetically.

“Yes I do actually.” he said beaming. “The APTPOC system has been recalibrated to my
labratory, so any pokemon you capture will be sent to New Bark Town. Your Croconaw
and Pikachu have been relocated here from the Daycare Center and are doing fine.”

“Thanks Professor.” said Kevin.

“Okay well I have more research to do and I must look after the pokemon. Goodbye

“See ya.” said Kevin and the screen went blank.

Kevin, Bonnie and Jacob enjoyed the shade that the tree provided and sat there for
awhile, recovering there strength, getting ready to face the heat again. As Kevin was
taking a swig from his water bottle he looked out across the fields. They were in fairly
hilly country, and the grass was yellowing, a visual sign of the heat. There were a few
scattered trees around. Kevin looked to the west and saw a mountain towering in the
distance. That was Mount Mortar and Kevin knew that a little further on was Ecruteak
City. The sun reflected off the snow capped peak of the mountain blinding Kevin. He
looked out towards the east and saw other mountains in the distance. Thats where they
were headed.

A hint of movement caught his eye and he turned to look at the long grass to his left.
About a hundred feet away he saw what looked like a big yellow sun flower. Except it
was moving. It was a pokemon!

“Look over there!” he said pointing. Seeing new pokemon always made him happy.

“Its a pokemon!” said Bonnie.

“Yeh it looks like a Sunflora,” said Jacob rubbing the stubble on his chin. “Check your

They approached carefully and Kevin got out his pokedex. The Sunflora was stepping
back and forth, moving rapidly, soaking up the sun’s rays and it seemed oblivious to there

<Sunflora> <Sun Pokemon>
<This grass type pokemon is the evolved form of Sunkern. Sunflora like to live in warm
places where there is lots of sunlight. It will move around during the day as the sun is
constantly being converted into energy. At nightime, Sunflora closes its pettles and comes
to a complete stop>

“Why don’t you catch it?” said Bonnie smiling.

“Yeh, a new friend is just what you need!” said Jacob from behind him.

Kevin smiled. They were right. Using his good hand he unhooked a pokeball from his

“Scyther I choose you!” he said and threw the ball. It burst open with a dazzling flash and
there stood the mighty Scyther. Sunflora whipped its petaled head around to see what was
going on.

“Scyther use Cut!” came the first command from Kevin. Scyther lunged forwards through
the grass stalks, rapidly reducing the distance between itself and the Sunflora. Kevin’s
pokemon slashed out with its scythe at Sunflora’s skinny neck. The grass pokemon bent
back doubled over, the attack missing by inches. Sunflora righted itself and sprung
backwards, giving itself room. It flicked its leaf arms at Scyther shooting out a volley of
Razor leafs.

“Cut them up Scyther!” called Kevin. Scyther cut them all in two when they came near,
the foliage falling to the ground in a harmless pile. The petals around Sunflora’s face
began to rapidly light up one by one a brilliant white.

“Woh, watch out, thats a Solarbeam!” warned Jacob. “Because it’s so sunny it will be
ready real soon.”

The last petal lit up and then Sunflora’s face was alight with radiance.

“Sunflora!” it cried, and it launched the powerful attack. The huge white and yellow beam
rocketed through the steaming air right towards Scyther.

“Woh! Scyther agility!” cried Kevin. The blood was pumping in his viens. A pokemon
battle was just what he had needed. Scyther disappeared in a flash, and reappeared next to
the Sunflora, completely avoiding the devestating grass move that streaked past into the

“Scyther Slash!” yelled Kevin. Sunflora was taken completely off guard and was knocked
to the ground hard with a one powerful swing of Scyther’s blade. Sunflora started to get
back to it’s feet.

“Fury Cutter!” came the order from Kevin. Scyther cut at Sunflora 5 times in sucsession
knocking the grass pokemon unconcious.

“Sunflora, your mine!” cried Kevin, hurling a pokeball. It spun through the air, hitting the
motionless pokemon. It popped open with a buzz and Sunflora was enveloped in a red
light, which was drawn inside the pokeball. A metallic click sounded as the sphere
snapped shut. It fell on the ground, bounced and rolled, rocking
sporadically. Kevin crossed his fingers...


“Alright!” said Kevin punching the air! His friends smiled. Kevin was back again. Kevin
went to pick up the ball which contained his new Sunflora when it dissapeared with a
flash before he could reach it. Kevin rolled his eyes.

“Proffessor Elm is gonna have a new arrival.” said Kevin. He tapped in a number on his
pokegear and a tiny phone symbol appeared. Prof Elm’s face came into view.

“Hello again Kevin” he said cheerfully. “I assume you are calling about the Sunflora you
just sent me. I did a quick scan on it as soon as it arrived and its an excellent specimen.”

“Yeah, I thought so, it used a solarbeam on my Scyther, it was impressive!” said Kevin,
grinning from ear to ear.

“Do you want to swap your team around?” he asked.

“Yes, if its not too much trouble. I’d like to send you my Gyarados, Farfetch’d and
Aipom in exchange for my Croconaw, Pikachu and my new Sunflora.”

“Sure thing” came Elm’s reply. Kevin carried out the steps, placing the fastball, lureball
and a pokeball on the ground. They glowed white and vanished soon being replaced with
3 shiny red pokeballs.

“Thankyou very much Professor!” said Kevin and he hung up. Kevin bent to pick up the
pokeballs when suddenly one burst open, releasing an unhappy Pikachu. The unhappiness
quickly transformed into delight as Pikachu saw its trainers face. It jumped up on to
Kevin’s shoulder and hugged his neck.

“Its good to see you too buddy!” said Kevin laughing.

“Whats that over there?” came Jacob’s voice. Kevin saw him pointing down to a
nieghbouring hill. “Is it a pokemon?”

Kevin squinted, the sun hindering his vision. “I’d say it looks like a boulder...” he
muttered. Pikachu made a sound and hid behind Kevin’s head.

Bonnie rolled her eyes. “Guys, its a man, and hes coming this way” Bonnie was right, and
he was already half way to them. He was bellowing loudly at them, and he seemed

“Kevin! Kevin Sun is that you???” he hollered. Kevins eyes widened in surprise. It couldn't be...

Dr Skottie
03-26-2004, 12:56 AM
“Cliff?” he called back. The fat hiker with his big black beard and even bigger belly
began huffing and puffing up the hill until he stood by them. He towered over them, even
Jacob who was pretty tall. He was grinning like a simpleton and he grabbed Kevin in a rib
crunching bear hug.
Kevin gagged and Cliff let him go when he realised he was hurting his idol.

“Kevin, its you again!” he cried.

Kevin smiled. “Yeah its been awhile.”


“Kevin whos this?” asked Jacob.

“This is Cliff, I met him back in Union Cave when I was about to fall into a pit of
smouldering lava. Cliff here pulled me out. He saved my life”

“Aww, stop it Kevin, it was no biggy” said Cliff grinning, scratching the back of his head.
“I was just in the right place at the right time. Woh! what happened to you arm!”

“Thats a long story...” said Kevin

The four of them sat down and continued talking about all that had happened between
Union Cave and now. There was a lot to tell and the sun had reached its zenith hours
before they finished. The gang told Cliff the same story that Kevin had relayed to his
mum, how he had tripped and broke his arm. Cliff was very impressed with Kevin’s six

“I told you were gonna be a damn good trainer!” he laughed, his rolls jiggling. “WellI
have been doing some serious training myself...”

Cliff paused and then nodded, as if he had made up his mind about something.

“KEVIN I CHALLENGE YOU TO A POKEMON BATTLE!” he roared, his gargantuan
voice blasting from his mouth. Kevin winced noticably.

“Yeh sure, no need to yell...” he said, a finger twisting in his ear.

“Oh, yeh, right... sorry...” Cliff sweatdrops.

“Lets make it two pokemon each” said Kevin getting up and moving to a clear area of
grass for the match.”

“Two sounds good to me” said Cliff. They moved apart and faced each other, Bonnie and
Jacob staying in the cool shadow of the tree.

“Go Graveller!” cried Cliff, throwing a ball out into the arena. It burst open and zoomed
back to Cliff’s outstretched hand leaving behind an impressive looking pokemon. Its two
sets of stone arms flexed, daring anyone to challenge the living boulder.

Kevin whipped out his pokedex:
<Graveller><The Rock Pokemon>
<This ground/rock type pokemon is the evolved form of geodude. As Graveller grows its
shed its rock like skin. This pokemon rolls down hills to move around and it won’t stop
for anything. Once it reaches the bottom of the hill its slowly climb up again. This keeps
them in peak condition.>

Kevin put away the database and picked a pokeball from his belt. He spoke to it.

“I’ve never used you in battle before but I’ve seen how powerful you are. I know you can
win this. So I choose you, Sunflora!”

Kevin threw the ball and it exploded in a white light releasing the grass pokemon onto the
field. The ball streaked back to Kevin and he snatched it out of the air. The stage was set.
“Graveller use Rockthrow!” bellowed Cliff. Graveller summoned with a yellow glow,
small boulders into the palms of its hands. It heaved them with all its might at Sunflora.

“Sunflora, dodge it!” cried Kevin. Sunflora dashed about, avoiding the rocks as they
crashed into the ground, sending dust into the air. “Now use razorleaf!”

Sunflora flicked its leaves, sending the sharp projectiles spinning towards the rock

“Harden!” It’s skin flashed briefly white and the leaves bounced off with a metallic
CHINK. Cliff was grins all over.

“Hahaha!” he laughed heartily. “I can’t believe I’m battling Kevin Sun! Oh Gravller,
good job by the way!”

Kevin chuckled and rolled his eyes. “Sunflora... use your... megadrain!” he said, trying to
think of a move and succeeding. What looked like a ray of sunshine shot out from
Sunflora and hit Graveller square in the face. A visible ball of energy was sucked across
to Sunflora, weakening the hiker’s pokemon.

“Graveller use a defense curl!” Graveller tucked itself into a ball, increasing its defensive

“If he’s going to increase his defense, then I should increase my attack” said Kevin aloud.
“Sunflora, use growth.”

Sunflora nodded and looked up at the blinding sun. Sunflora glowed a faint yellow and
slightly increased it’s size.

“Quick Gravller, use a rollout!” shouted Cliff. Graveller leapt forwards and began
tumbling towards the preoccupied Sunflora, rolling at an incredible speed.

“Woh, Sunflora move!” Sunflora turned to move but it was too late. Bang! It was hit by
the oncoming Gravller, doing considerable damage. It streaked on past and began to turn
around for its second run.

“Kevin be careful, that rollouts attack has been doubled!” called Jacob.

“Because of the defense curl?” asked Kevin. Jacob nodded. Kevin turned back to the
battle to see Graveller bearing down on Sunflora.

“Move Sunflora!” cried Kevin, and Sunflora sprinted away, but Graveller beagn
following it and was slowly gaining.

“Yeah! Thats the stuff Graveller!” yelled Cliff. Graveller was just about on top of

“Sunflora spin and use Vinewhip!” Quick as lightning, Kevin’s pokemon spun and shot
out twin vines slapping them into graveller. who was deflected off course and went
sailing overhead. It landed with a thump on the otherside and kept on rolling.

“Now Sunflora, charge up a Solarbeam!” Kevin guessed in this sunlight that there was
just enough time. Sunflora’s petal lit up one by one, as Graveller came ever closer.

“Speed up Graveller! Don’t let it finish!” called Cliff, jumping up and down. Graveller
seemed to increase its speed. I’m cutting it close thought Kevin...

The last petal lit up and so too did the smiling face of Sunflora. “NOW!”

Boom! The swirling solar energies erupted from Sunflora’s face, the yellow and white
beam plowing right into Graveller. Cliff’s poke was sent reeling through the air, landing
with a groundshaking crash outside the field. Its eyes were spinning.

“Yeah alright!” cried Kevin, punching the air with his good hand. “That was excellent
work Sunflora!”

“Pika Pikachu!”

“Wow...” breathed Cliff, eyes wide in astonishment. His face split into a huge grin. “This
is so awesome! Graveller return, you did a great job old buddy!”

03-26-2004, 04:48 PM
The battle is looking great so far Dr. Skottie, I thought it was Cliff, especially when Kevin mistook him for a boulder! Keep it up Skottie, this fic is great!

Dr Skottie
03-29-2004, 06:52 AM
“Alright Kevin, I’m not holding back now! I choose you Blaze!”

Cliff’s belly wobbled as he hurled the pokeball out onto the field. the red and white ball split
open and poured out the white energy. The light faded revealing a yellow and blue pokemon
almost as tall Kevin. Its narrowed eyes glared at them and it bared its needle sharp teeth. Kevin
checked the pokedex:

<Typhlosion><The Volcano Pokemon>
<Typhlosion is the final evolution of Cyndaquil, evolving from Quilava. This very strong fire type
pokemon is ferocios in combat. When it’s rage peaks, its fur can become so hot that anything
that touches it will burst into flames. Handle with care>

“Time to heat things up!” yelled Cliff. Voom! Flames erupted around the back of Typhlosion’s
neck and the fire type let loose a roar. Sunflora recoiled from it and held its head in its leaf like
hands. “Blaze, use flamewheel!”

Suddenly, Typhlosion’s fur exploded with flames, the fire spiralling around the its sleak form. It
lunged towards Sunflora, sprinting on all fours.

“Sunflora use a vinewhip!” cried Kevin. Sunflora shot out twin vines but Typhlosion avoided
them easily and kept on coming.

“Again Sunflora” The grass pokemon tried again, this time nicking Blaze’s shoulder. The fire
pokemon stumbled slightly but recovered quickly. Putting on a burst of speed, it plowed right
into Sunflora.

“Ember!” rumbled Cliff. Blaze whipped its head around and blasted a shot of flaming ember’s at
point blank range. Sunflora wobbled around and fell to the ground. It was out.

“Good job Sumflora, return” said Kevin, “That Typhlosion of yours is powerful!”

Cliff’s beedy eyes widened and he began jumping around. “He complimented my pokemon!”

Kevin, Bonnie, Jacob and Pikachu all sweatdrop. Kevin put Sunflora’s pokeball back on his
belt and grabbed another one.

“I choose you Croconaw!” cried Kevin, sending out the water pokemon. Croconaw balled its
fists and was ready to go. “Croconaw use a bite!”

Croconaw dashed over to Typhlosion biting it on the arm, clamping down hard. Typhlosion
flung its arm hard, flinging Croconaw off. Kevin’s pokemon hit the ground but flipped up onto
its feet in no time.

“Blaze use Flamethrower!”bellowed Cliff. Typhlosion shot out a plume of fire, that streaked
towards Croconaw, burning up the air.

“Croconaw, hit it with a watergun!” ordered Kevin. Croconaw launched a out a jet of water
that hit the oncoming flames head on. The two attack hit in the middle, pushing against eachother
sometimes gaining a bit of ground and sometimes losing. Both Pokemon stopped.

“Wow, your Croconaw has spirit. But lets see if its watergun can take this. Blaze! Fireblast!”
yelled Cliff. Typhlosion stood tall, breathing in the air about it. It opened is mouth slightly flames
licking up out like thousands of tongues. Blaze opened it mouth and the searing hot flames
exploded outwards, forming the fireblast symbol, like a 5 sided star. The huge fire attack
rocketed towards Croconaw.

“Croconaw watch out!” cried Kevin. Croconaw stood firm and shot out an impressive
watergun attack that slowed the fire attack, but didn’t stop it. It came ever closer to Croconaw.
Suddenly there was a flash of white light from Croconaw and it began to grow.

“No way...” breathed Kevin, a smile playing across his lips. Bonnie and Jacob were wide eyed,
as they witnessed Croconaw’s evolution to Feraligatr. The light faded and there was Feraligatr
at almost 8 feet high, towering over Typhosion. Its sky blue scales shone in the light and its huge
clawed hands flexed with new power. The sun reflected off the giant red spines that stood erect
on its head, back and tail.

“My very own Feraligatr...” said Kevin exilerated. The Fireblast was still bearing down...

03-31-2004, 06:57 PM
this is real great skottie. i cant wait to see feraligater beat up tyflosion. good work!

Dr Skottie
04-03-2004, 07:30 AM
“My very own Feraligatr...” said Kevin exilerated. Kevins previous pokemon had past on
the baton to Feraligatr, water still streaming from its huge jaws. The fireblast was being
pushed back! It dissolved and the raging flames died with the water.

“Come on Blaze we have battled harder opponents then this!” said Cliff passionately.
Typhlosion smiled at its trainer and snorted flames from its nostrils. “Go Blaze,

Typhlosion in an instant dashed towards Feraligatr and barged into its stomach. Feraligatr
only winced slightly.

“Feraligatr, use a Slash attack!” called Kevin. Feraligatr swung its arms raking its strong
claws into Typhlosions flesh. It cried out in pain.

“Flamethrower!” cried Cliff. The flames blasted out of the Typhlosions mouth and point
blank range. Feraligatr barged through the flames and tackled Typhlosion to the ground.
Feraligatr’s menacing form stood over it.

“Alright Feraligatr! Watergun!” ordered a smiling Kevin. Feraligatr breathed and blasted
out a torrent of water, hitting the fire pokemon with incredible force, pinning it down into
the mud, preventing its escape.

“Alright thats enough Feraligatr” said Kevin. Feraligatr stopped the flow of water. Its
mighty tail swished back and forth. Typhlosion lay unconcious in the mud. Kevin was the

“Yes!” said Kevin. He smiled at his new pokemon. “Great job Feraligatr!”

Feraligatr let out a roar and winked at Kevin before it was sucked back inside its

“Typhlosion return, you fought bravely!” said Cliff returning his pokemon with a flash of
red. Tears welled up in his eyes...

“THAT WAS THE BEST BATTLE EVER!” he bellowed at the top of his lungs. “Kevin
you are amazing. Your going straight to number one! Your already number one in my
books anyway.”

Kevin laughed. “Thanks a lot Cliff, that means a lot to me.”

Kevin moved over and shook the giant hiker’s hand. He grimaced slightly at the crushing
force of his grip but endured.

“I’ll see you at the Silver Conference Kevin! I’ll be sitting in the front row!” said Cliff

“Seeya round Cliff, take care big guy!” said Kevin.

“Will do” said Cliff winking. “Goodbye Kevin, Bonnie, Jacob...”

The gang said there final good byes as Cliff plodded off down the hill, over the next and
out of sight. It was late afternoon, but there was still enough light to travel a bit more
before they set up camp. They grabbed there things and set off again towards the
mountain range in the desert.

“You were impressive back there Kevin” commented Jacob patting his back.

“Kevin just keeps on getting better and better.” said Bonnie, nudging him with a shoulder.
Kevin blushed.

“And now that I have Feraligatr, I’ll be unstoppable!” he said grinning, stroking
Feraligatr’s pokeball. The Silver Conference... Kevin couldn’t wait.

Dr Skottie
04-06-2004, 12:52 PM
Chapter 32

Kevin breathed a sigh of relief. They had finally made it to Mahogany Town. It was a
intriguing village that was nestled amongst the lower skirts of the Golden Range
Mountains. The small yet classy houeses perched on the slopes that surrounded the center
of town, sometimes precariusly, as if a small gust of wind would send them crashing
down the mountain. The air was fresh, sweet and cool here. The searing temperature had
slowly fallen since Kevin aquired his two new pokemon, and there was a slight chill in
the air even though it was around eleven in the morning. During the time he had travelled
from Ecruteak to Mahogany here had come to terms with the loss of Old Man Dojo and
his spirits had risen considerably. The gang walked down the main road of the town,
people going about their everyday business. Before this day ends, thought Kevin, I’ll have
seven badges... A smile played across his lips.

“I’m so glad we are finally here...” breathed Jacob, his muscles sore from the ascent to the

“Pika-Pikachu” said Pikachu happily from Kevin’s shoulder.

“No wonder your happy” said Jacob resentfully. “You’ve been taxied around by Kevin
this whole time, you fat lump!”

Pikachu growled “Pika...”

Uh oh, thought Kevin as he braced himself.

“CHU!” cried the yellow mouse, sending a jolt of lightning from its furry red cheeks.

“Ahhh!” cried Jacob falling on the ground, fried to a crisp. Kevin and Bonnie both

“Serves you right for insulting one of Kevin’s pokemon!” Bonnie giggled.

“Yeah, they know they are champs, just like their master!” said Kevin egotistically. He flexed his right arm muscles (as his left was in a cast still) and winked at an invisible
crowd. Jacob rolled his eyes.

“Your not the champ yet Kevin” he said, bringing Kevin abruptly down to earth.

“Well yeh... umm anyway, lets get to the Pokemon Centre, get a checkup on all our
pokemon and while we are there we can grab something to eat. Then I’m gonna go get
badge number seven! Oh yeah!”

“Good idea” said Bonnie leading the way. They searched for a few minutes and then
stumbled across the dome shaped building. Kevin pushed the door and it swung inwards
letting the gang enter in. The moved up the counter and her greeted by a stunning Nurse
Joy who was soon overwhelmed when ten pokeballs and a Pikachu were placed on the

“Permitting they are healthy this shouldn’t take more then fifteen minutes” she said
brightly. The gang thanked her and went and grabbed a pizza from the cafeteria before
taking a seat, Kevin and Bonnie next to eachother, Jacob sitting across from them. They
began there lunch, Kevin taking a slice of the steaming pizza and biting into it. They
commented on how good the pizza was and just generally relaxed.

Suddenly the door burst open with a bang as it hit the wall. Kevin looked over to see what
looked like an experienced pokemon trainer a long with two friends. The trainer looked
angry and frustrated. His shock of white blonde hair was tied back in a neat ponytail, and
his long brown trenchcoat trailed behind him. He had black pants and t-shirt. A long
white scarf was thrown around his neck, finished the impressive look. Kevin glimpsed
pokeballs at his belt.

“Hey Rick you did great!” said one of his companions, a short girl with bright pink hair,
tied into two cute pigtails. She had a white top on, with a red jacket over the top, a tartan
miniskirt and knee high white socks with white shoes. Not bad thought Kevin. “You were
so close, I swear you looked like you had it in the bag.”

“Shutup Amy, I sucked!” said Rick angriliy.

“No you didn’t! You did better then last time!” said Amy, not giving an inch.

“Oi, don’t start now” said the other guy, with a shock of black spiky hair with a white
jacket and jeans. “You fought for a whole hour last time you battled Pryce, just drop it
now. Rick can always try tomorrow.”

“Your right as usual Danny...” said Rick smiling. They moved and put a bunch of
pokeballs up on the counter and moved away to the otherside of the room to take a seat.

“I wonder what all that was about” said Kevin curiously.

“Kevin, I think Pryce is the Gym Leader here...” said Jacob.

“He sounds tough Kevin...” said Bonnie, taking a small bite out of her slice of pizza.

“Sure does...” muttered Kevin. “But I know I can beat him...”

Dr Skottie
04-15-2004, 10:12 AM
Kevin looked over to the counter and saw Nurse Joy still checking up all the pokemon.
His eyes wandered the room and settled on the group in the corner. It wouldn’t hurt to
know something about what he was up against...

“I’m gonna go talk to him. See if I can find anything about this Pryce guy.”

“We’ll come with you” said Bonnie, gesturing for Jacob to follow. They got up, leaving
the half finished pizza on the table and approached the group. The one called Rick looked
up at them.

“Can we help you?” he said in a disinterested manner.

“Yeah, I was wondering if you could give me some tips about how to beat Pryce.” said

Rick looked him up and down. “Why should I help you?”

Kevin controlled his temper. “Why shouldn’t you?”

“Because you don’t look like anyone worthy of help.” said Rick grinning at his friends
who laughed.

Kevin balled his fists, but before he could do anything Jacob stepped in. Rick and Jacob
looked about the same size and age noted Kevin.

“You seem pretty cocky for someone who hasn’t beaten Pryce.” said Jacob confidently.

Rick glared at him. He stood up in his seat but Danny, his black haired friend stepped in
front of him. Jacob and Danny locked eyes with each other.

“How dare you talk to the grandson of the great Gym Leader Pryce!” said Danny coolly.

“And how dare he be rude to the son of Lance the Dragon Trainer himself!” matched

Kevin and Rick’s eyes widened and they peered around there ‘bodyguards’ and stared in
surprise at each other. Amy and Bonnie looked at each other, and rolled there eyes
giggling. ‘Boys’ they thought in unison.

“It looks like you have a good friendship with Rick” said Jacob smiling. Danny returned
the gesture.

“And you and... Kevin is it?” he asked. Kevin nodded. “You guys seem pretty close”

“Do you want battle?” asked Jacob. He had been itching for a good battle for a long time.
Seemingly so had Danny.

“Let’s do it!” he said. The pair made to move outside.

“Umm guys” said Kevin and Rick at the same time. They laughed and Kevin continued.
“Doesn’t Nurse Joy still have all our pokemon?”

Jacob and Danny fall over anime style, crashing to the floor. They got up laughing. “Got a
bit carried away then” said Jacob and Danny agreed. They all took a seat and introduced
themselves. Rick apologized for his rudeness, as there were many people who asked him
for things because he was moderately famous. Kevin knew exactly where he was coming
from and readily forgave him. Rick told Kevin he hadn’t left Mahogany town to go on his
journey yet and that he wasn’t going to until he could beat his grandfather Pryce. He had
caught a few pokemon from nearby areas and had been training for quite awhile but he
hadn’t yet been able to beat his grandfather. Danny was Rick’s best mate and had left and
come back from a Pokemon journey to join his friend in his adventures. He had only won
a few badges. Amy just liked the two boys and wanted to travel around and meet people.

“So tell me about Pryce” said Kevin.

“He is an extremely powerful Ice type trainer. He has had his pokemon for years and they
are incredibly faithful to him, not to mention strong! He doesn’t lose often...”

“Woh... he sounds like a bit challenge.” said Kevin stroking his chin, feeling the bit of
stumble that had been growing there lately. Kevin scratched the plaster on his arm. It was
really annoying him...

04-18-2004, 10:03 AM
Great Job, Dr Skottie! I really can't wait to read more!

04-18-2004, 02:44 PM
Pryce's grandson was a great idea, I don't think any of us saw that coming! Great work Skottie, I can't wait to see the Gym battle, since Gym, Rival, and Tournament battles are my favourite. It's going to be brilliant, I know it!

Dr Skottie
04-19-2004, 07:04 AM
Thanx guys. I'm havin trouble gettin the motivation to write more at the moment. It will be good when I finally write it, trust me. Jacob and Danny's battle, Kevin battling for his 7th badge. And much much more... :wink:

highlight to read...

Kevin and the gang hear rumours of strange things happening at the lake of rage and decide to investigate. There is a close and personal chapter where we change from following Kevin to following, you guessed it... Ice and his dealings with Giovanni. Something incedible happens to Ice and it's up to Kevin to save the day calling on the help of a legendary pokemon to stop the Team Rocket Elite... stay tuned. We are only just gettin started...

04-20-2004, 01:38 PM
Wow! A Gym and a Rival battle! And with Jacob too; it's good to see Jacob getting more involved in the fic. The ideas mentioned in the spoiler are going to be great too. Good luck Skottie!

Dr Skottie
04-25-2004, 07:55 AM
“All done” chirped Nurse Joy waving at them. The two groups of trainers went and
retrieved their pokemon from the front counter.

“Alright let’s battle!” said Jacob to Danny.

“Your on man” he replied and he led them outside and around to the back of the center
where there was a clay arena, white paint marking out the boundaries. Jacob assumed his
position in the trainer’s box and Danny moved to the opposite side facing them. Rick,
Amy and Bonnie moved halfway up the small stadium seating and sat in the fifth row,
making sure they had a good view of the battle. The stadium was used for local
tournaments which explianed the seats explained Rick to Bonnie. Kevin moved to the
sideline acting as referee and cleared his throat.

“This will be a three on three pokemon battle between Jacob of Olivine City and Danny,
of Mahogany Town. No time limit, let the battle begin!”

“Pika!” cried Pikachu from Kevin’s shoulder.

“I choose you Octillery!” hollered Jacob, tossing out a shiny pokeball. It burst open with a
flash revealing the strong watertype pokemon.

“Octee!” it screached.

“Go Tangela!” yelled Danny. Danny’s pokeball left his hand to go spinning out into the
middle of the arena. It popped open releasing the the twisting white energy. It formed into
a very strange looking pokemon. Two staring white eyes peered out from a mass of
purple/blue vines, with two red feet sticking out the bottom.

“Woh, check that out” said Kevin reaching in his pocket to get his pokedex:

<Tangela><The Vine Pokemon>
<This grass type species of pokemon is covered in a mass of tangled vines. During battle,
it waves these vines around to unnerve its opponents. Because of these vines, Tangela’s
face has never been seen.>

“Alright Octillery, use a watergun!” called Jacob. Octillery shot out a jet of sparkling
water towards the the Tangela.

“Stand your ground Tangela.” said Danny to his pokemon. The water splashed off the
grass type pokemon, who didn’t seem to be affected at all. “Too bad I have the type
advantage Jacob. Alright Tangela, use Vine whip!”

Tangela lashed out with many purple vines that hurtled towards Octillery.

“Octillery move!” yelled its trainer, and Octillery leapt aside flicking itself into the air
with is numerous tentacles. “Now use an Aurora Beam!”

“Aurora beam? But thats an Ice attack!” cried Danny in surprise.

“I know, Octillery has a habit of learning not only water attacks, but Ice type attacks
aswell. Now Octillery!”

A white ball of energy appeared in Octillery’s mouth and from it shot forward a many
coloured beam, striking Tangela right between the eyes. Tangela was sent tumbling
across the clay arena, the ice attack having been super effective.

“Quick on your feet Tangela!” encouraged Danny. Tangela stopped and righted itself with
help from its vines. It was back and ready for more.

“Octillery, Aurora Beam again!” came the command from Jacob, and the water pokemon
shot out the ice attack for a second time, the dazzling rainbow coloured beam streaking
thorugh the air. Danny and Tangela were ready this time...

“Tangela, double-team!” Tangela split into 10 images of itself, and they all darted around
Octillery, encircling it on all sides.

“Now use Vinewhip!” called Danny. Vines shot out from all directions, lashing at
Octillery, doing considerable damage. The vines came again and again, doing serious hurt
to Octillery.

Suddenly an idea came to Jacob. “Octillery Lock-on!”

Octillery’s eyes flashed white and Octillery could see the real foe.

“Now use Aurora beam!” yelled Jacob.

Octillery tracked the target and timed it exactly right, launching the many hued attack
which knocked Tangela to the ground. Tangela struggled to get up.

“Now get in there and use a headbutt” said Jacob

Octillery crawled with astonishing speed and picked up the wounded Tangela in its
primary tentacles, and moved its head back to deliver the devestating blow. But it never

“Tangela use wrap!” called Danny. Tangela roped its many vines around Octillery’s body
and began to squeeze hard.

“Octillery, try and shake it off!” Octillery thrashed about but it couldn’t dislodge its
unwanted passenger.

“Finish this off Tangela! Megadrain!” ordered Danny. Tangela sucked the remaining
energy out of Octillery with a green and yellow light, regaining some health. Octillery
went limp in Tangela’s viney grip. Tangela released its defeated opponent who slumped
unconcious to the ground.

“Octillery is unable to battle, first round victory goes to Danny and Tangela!” said Kevin
enthusiastically. It had been an awesome battle, even if Jacob had lost.

Amy and Rick cheered from the stands. “That was excellent!” they cried.

Jacob smiled. “Well done Octillery return.” Jacob’s pokemon was hit by the red recalling
beam and sucked back inside the comfortable confines of it’s pokeball. Jacob put it back
on his pants leg and selected a second pokeball. Holding it in his hand he looked at

“This is not over yet...”


Hey everyone, sorry for lack of updates. Tell me what you think of the latest installment. Take care and God Bless...

04-25-2004, 10:03 PM
Octillery vs Tangela was a good idea, and the battle was awesome! Great work Dr. Skottie, you had me thinking that Octillery was going to win after using Lock-on. It was a cool fight and I can't wait for the next part.

Dr Skottie
04-26-2004, 07:48 AM
Octillery vs Tangela was a good idea, and the battle was awesome! Great work Dr. Skottie, you had me thinking that Octillery was going to win after using Lock-on. It was a cool fight and I can't wait for the next part.

Thanx man! I was very happy with this match up too. Something different, never been used b4. Stay tuned... :wink:

04-29-2004, 02:36 AM
I really did think that Octillery was going to win too!! Can't wait to read some more!

Dr Skottie
05-03-2004, 04:41 AM
Jacob threw the ball into the center of the arena, crying, “Wingull, I choose you!”
The pokeball broke open and the confined energy leapt out forming into the flying/water
type pokemon. Wingull chirped and flew around above the arena.

“Hey I’ve never seen that pokemon before!” said a voice.

“It must be from Hoenn.” said another. The gang of six looked around to see that other
trainers had sidled into the stands and were now watching the battle. Kevin estimated that
there were about twenty of them, all gazing at Jacob’s Wingull.

“Tangela use vinewhip! Get that Wingull out of the air!” came the command from Danny.
Tangela flicked out twin vines up into the air, hurtling them towards Wingull.

“Wingull agility!” said Jacob and Wingull disappeared in a flash, Tangela’s vines missing
its target. Wingull appeared on the other side of the arena.

“Try again Tangela!” called Danny. Tangela shot out its vines again but Wingull just used
the incredible speed of agility to avoid harm.

“Wingull use fly!” cried Jacob and Wingull flapped hard and fast soaring up into the sky.

“Tangela use a doubleteam!” said Danny smirking. That was a smart move, thought
Kevin, with Tangela moving around like that, the odds of Wingull hitting it a very slim...

Jacob also smirked. “Come one down Wingull!”

“Wing!” it cried as it suddenly barrel rolled and then dived down at the ten Tangela’s on
the ground.

“Now Wingull use a supersonic!” said Jacob smiling. Wingull screeched at shot out the
supersonic attack, bathing all the Tangela’s in its effects.

“Oh no!” cried Danny grimacing.

As Wingull continued to streak towards the ground, one of the Tangela’s suddenly
tripped and went face first into the dirt, the other Tangela’s catching up with it and
vanishing. Tangela looked dizzy, the supersonic taking effect.

Wingull swooped in low and fast. Bang! Tangela went tumbling through the dirt, out

Kevin called out for all to hear. “Tangela is unable to battle, Wingull wins.”

“Yeah alright Jacob!” called Bonnie.

“Pika Pika!” cried Pikachu.

The stand, now with more occupants in it applauded. There had been smart moves from
both the trainers. Kevin glanced around, there were about fifty people now taking a seat
in the stadium. Kevin jealously wished it was him in the arena instead of his friend. As
Danny recalled his Tangela, Kevin heard Rick speaking to Bonnie behind him.

“Nothing much happens in Mahogany Town usually and so most of the people who live
here get bored. Obviously words got out by pokegear or mobile that there is a good match
going on and word also I think, that a celebrity is in town”

Kevin turned to look at Rick who saluted him. Kevin smiled and rolled his eyes. Sure
enough he began to hear the words of some of the spectators.

“Is that him?”

“Oh my god, its Kevin Sun”

“I wanna get his autograph before he leaves.”

“The son of Lance, here?”

Kevin tried to ignore it as Danny brought out his second pokemon.

“I choose you Electrode!” yelled Danny throwing the pokeball. It sprung open and
Electrode materialized into view.

“Electrode” it said in its mechanical voice. Kevin winced - Jacob was at a severe

Dr Skottie
05-10-2004, 09:41 AM
Kevin grabbed his pokedex:

<Electrode><The Ball Pokemon>
<Electrode is the evolved form of Voltorb. This dangerous electric type pokemon
explodes often and for no reason at all. This is because the electricty inside it is contained
under such high pressure.Also known as Bomb Ball.>

“Wingull return” said Jacob, the red beam pinpointing the flying type and sucking it back
inside it’s pokeball. Jacob put it back on his pant leg and picked his last pokeball,
throwing it out onto the arena. It popped open and with a buzz and flash of light, stood
Jacob’s Tyrogue. The fighting pokemon began stretching its leg’s, readying itself for the

“Tyrogue vs. Electrode, Begin!” called Kevin.

“Electrode use Sonicboom!” cried Danny.

“Electrode!” cried the ball pokemon and there was sudden burst of sound that was so loud
it made the air ripple in front of it. Tyrogue was knocked off its feets and landed hard on
its back.

“Quick Tyrogue get up and use a tackle!” ordered Jacob, arm outstretched. Tyrogue
nimbly leapt to his feet and dashed towards Electrode rammin into it. Electrode rolled
backwards before right itself.

“Tackles a normal attack, it’s not gonna work well against Electode’s hard steel body!”
mocked Danny smiling.

“Electrode use Thunder!”

Electrdoe closed its big eyes and its body vibrated irratically. A huge blast of electricty
pulsated straight up into the sky only to instantaneously come back down towards

“Tyrogue agility!” yelled Jacob. At the last possible moment, Tyrogue leapt aside, the
Thunder attack crashing into the clay arena, blackening where it struck.

“Tyrogue use a Hi Jump Kick!” called Jacob and Tyrogue lunged at Electrode foot

“Electrode rollout!” cried Danny and Electode tumbled and rolled out of the way of the
oncoming attack. Tyrogue fell to the dirt, hitting the ground hard. It struggled to its feet,
dusting its arms and legs, as Electrode accelerated and came flying toward Tyrogue.Bang!
Tyrogue was knocked to the dirt and Electrdoe began turning around for a secong run.
Thought’s raced through Jacob’s mind. He grinned suddenly.

“Tyrogue, wait for it to come to you and use a Machpunch!”

“Ahh, Electrode pull out!” yelped Danny but it was too late, Electrode was moving too
fast. Tyrogue brought it’s fist back which flashed white and red and with incredible
power and speed, the fighting pokemon Mach-punched the Electrode. The electric
pokemon was sent flying through the air, bouncing heavily on the clay arena. The trainers
in the stands cheered.

“Now finish Tyrogue, use a Double Kick!” called Jacob. Tyrogue went to finish off the
job by delivering the twice striking technique. However as Tyrogue was about to deliver
the blows, Danny called out:

“Electrode Explosion!” he cried. Electrdoe glowed white, then red before detonating. The
sound and explosion was imense, flame and smoke going everywhere. As the smoke
cleared, both pokemon were out cold.

“Both pokemon are unable to battle, draw!” said Kevin loudly to the audience. “Each
trainer has only one pokemon remaining.”

The two trainer’s returned there unconcious pokemon back into the pokeballs and each of
them getting a fresh one, with their last pokemon inside.

“Go Wingull!”

“Go Golem!”

Two pokeballs flew out onto the arena, splitting asunder and pouring the white light onto
the ground, the two pokemon forming and taking shape. Wingull stretched its wings,
while Golem clenched its fists and stomped the ground with its big feet. This would be the
final round.

05-23-2004, 06:01 AM
I really love your story and characters and you keep suprising us at every turn! I love it and hope to see more soon!

Dr Skottie
05-24-2004, 03:19 AM
I really love your story and characters and you keep suprising us at every turn! I love it and hope to see more soon!

Hey, thankyou very much! :happy: I'll probably update this afternoon and finish up this battle between Danny and Jacob. I'm at school at the moment, supposedly researching consequentialism and other ethical things, hehe. :sweat:

Your from Australia too! Nice to see you here! I'm glad you like it. Who is you fave character? :think:

05-24-2004, 07:00 AM
Hey there!
Yeah us Ozzies are rare on the boards hehehehe
My fav Character is Jacob and Kevin, as well as Kevins Pokemon, there great!
I like storm too, nice job with him.

Im hoping to put up my own fanfic soon, it wont be as good as this but hopefully it will draw a crowd.

Where in australia do you like Dr.? i live in Queensland....
Hope to see more soon!!keep up the great work!

Dr Skottie
05-24-2004, 09:47 AM
OOC: Hey I live in Qld too! in ipswich, near brisbane. thanx again for the praise. Now on with the story, the conclusion to Chapter 32!:

“Wingull Watergun!” cried Jacob.

“Golem Tackle!” cried Danny.

Wingull flapped its wngs, and streaked towards Golem. It opened ite beak and shot forth
the watergun. Golem, who was barreling towards Wingull leapt aside, dodging the
watergun, and plowed into Wingull. Bang!

“Come on Wingull fly up out of reach!” called Jacob. Wingull swooped up and away into
the air above the small stadium.

“Oh no you don’t, Golem use rockthrow!” yelled Danny. There was a flash from Golem’s
palms and it had summoned small boulders. It hurled them up into the sky at Wingull.

“Wingull use agility!” Wingull zipped between the hurled boulders, avoiding harm.

“Now dive down and use another watergun!” The gull tucked its wings back and
plummeted down like a bullet. It blasted another shot of water this time hitting its mark.
Golem roared in pain.

“Yeh, good work Wingull!” congratulated Jacob.

“Lets go Golem” cried Danny. “Use Rollout!”

Golem pulled its limbs and head inside its boulder like body and began speeding around
the arena, moving at high speed. It got itself a run-up and then came hurtling towards
Wingull. Golem’s rocky form bounced into the air coming straight for Wingull.

“Woh dodge it!” cried Jacob. Too late. Bang! Wingull was sent reeling through the sky,
feathers in a mess. Golem struck the ground with a thump and rolled away. Golem’s
whirling body skidded up the clay of the arena sending dust into the air. It was coming
back for a second attack. Jacob had an idea.

“Stay there Wingull!” said Jacob to his pokemon, who remained airborne, flapping its
wings rhythmically. Golem leapt up at Wingull.

“Wingull, Watergun!” cried Jacob. Good idea thought Kevin, lure the opponent in close
and hit them and point blank. Jacob used the same idea against Danny’s Electrode.
Wingull opened its sharp beak and blasted out a shot of sparkling water, that hit the
spinning Golem. Too Jacob’s surprise and Danny’s delight however, the watergun was
deflected off of Golem because it was rotating so fast. Golem pushed through the
watergun to hit Wingull for a second time. Wingull began to fall towards the ground.

“Hang in there Wingull” said a concerned Jacob, and Wingull opened up its wings and
regained a bit of height. Golem crashed back to the ground and continued rolling. Jacob
had another idea.

“Wingull fly down to the ground and move to the sideline”

Wingull streaked through the air and touched down on one of the white lines.

“Get it Golem!” called Danny. Golem tumbled towards Wingull.

“Agility!” cried Jacob simply, and that was all it took. Wingull vanished and appeared on
the otherside of the arena in a split second but Golem on the otherhand kept on rolling
and rolled right out of the arena, crashing into the barrier around the stands. Golem was

“Golem has left the battle arena. The victory goes to Jacob of Olivine City!”

The crowd screamed. Kevin smiled... what a subtle way to win. Wingull hadn’t even
touched Golem and yet there was the little water bird pokemon, squawking happily on
Jacob’s shoulder as its trainer stroked its feathers in thanks.

“Golem return” said Danny and Golem was sucked inside it’s ball. Danny moved towards
Jacob and the two shook hands.

“That was a great match” said Danny smiling, gracious in defeat.

“You took the words right out of my mouth” said Jacob, grinning back at him. The crowd
of happy spectators began to leave. Kevin noticed that more were looking at him, then
were lookign at the two trainers who actually battled. Kevin sighed and made his way
over to Jacob and Danny, the rest of the group close behind.

“That was so awesome!” said Amy and Bonnie together.

“Yeah, and Kevin, if Jacob is YOUR sidekick, then you must be one deadly trainer.” said
Rick. Kevin rolled his eyes but thanked him anyway. Rick continued. “Well that battle
got me pumped. So I’m gonna go back to the Gym right now, and I’m gonna beat my

“No way man,” said Kevin. “You already fought him today! I’m gonna go first!”

“Yeh right pal!” said Rick angrily. “I’d like to see you try!”

“Well then why don’t you!” said Kevin just as aggravated. “I’ll race you to the gym!
Winner gets to face him first.”

“Fair enough” said Rick bolting out of the arena. He called back. “Too bad you don’t
know where the gym is!”

Kevin did a double take, he was right. Kevin took off after him, Pikachu holding on for
dear life. Kevin had come too far to have to wait now.

“Hey wait for us!” cried Bonnie and they chased after the two competitive trainers.

05-24-2004, 02:22 PM
Nice conclusion. I like how the battle ended like that, kind of creative on your part. The battle was nice and long, great length with great moves. Most of all I cant wait for Kevin's gym battle. I hope he wins getting there... I dont feel like waiting either. Keep up the great work Skottie!

05-24-2004, 10:45 PM
Yes! Another Gym battle! Gym battles are always really exciting and they are great to read. Brilliant battle by the way Dr. Skottie, I'd have to agree with Kevin that it was a subtle way to win. Then again, sometimes the simplest moves are the most effective, because nobody expects you to bother with simple methods, it takes them by suprise.
Anyway, still doing as great as ever Skottie, I can't wait to see the Gym battle, but how is Kevin going to find the Gym?!

05-25-2004, 09:04 AM
Im a six hour car drive north of brisbane... I love your story and the battle was great.

Cant wait to see the gym battle!

Dr Skottie
06-01-2004, 12:52 PM
Chapter 33

Kevin’s black and orange shoes thudded loudly on the pavement as he chased after the
white haired Rick. Pryce’s grandson had dashed out of the stadium and into the streets of
Mahogany Town, Kevin close behind. Kevin, cast covered armed swinging heavily,
followed closey behind Rick as he took an abrupt right hand turn, dashing down an alley.
Rick sidestepped cardboard boxes, on a path well known to his feet. Kevin swiftly yet
carefully traced his steps, Pikachu clinging to his neck. The alley sloped downhill, the
concrete walls of the two buildings loomed up oppressively on either side. A small family
of Rattata scurried hurriedly out of the way of the young trainers.

A wire fence blocked the path. Rick leapt, expertly placed both hands on the top and
vaulted over it, landing lightly on his feet. He turned and smiled at Kevin. “Too bad your
arm is broken!”

And he dashed off down the alley and out into the sunlight, turning left and dissapearing.
Kevin cursed to himself.

“Quick Pikachu, in your ball, I can’t be worrying about you aswell...” said Kevin to the
furry pokemon on his shoulder. Pikachu reluctantly agreed and Kevin put him in his
pokeball in a flash of red.

The blood was pumping in his veins as he frantically tried to think of a way to get past the
fence. He was amazed at how easily Pryce had made it over the fence, it was close to 6
foot high. Kevin regretted his lack of practice in his martial arts lately, he was rusty. This
will need a pokemon...

An idea hit him suddenly and he grabbed a pokeball from his belt. He drew back his arm,
aimed for the rooftops and threw with all his might. The pokeball flew through the air and
just made it to the top, bursting open. Light sprung out and formed into his Sunflora. It
stood on the rooftop, two storeys up and looked down on it’s trainer.

“Quick Sunflora, help me up there with a Vinewhip!” yelled Kevin, realising Rick could
already be there by now.

“Flora!” cried the grass pokemon and its leaf like arms extended, flicking down vines that
wrapped around Kevin’s middle with a snap. Sunflora strained, and Kevin was suddenly
lifted from the ground and jerked up into the air. Kevin’s head swam and he couldn’t help
but give a laugh. Sunflora placed him gently on the roof and smiled at him.

“Thanks Sunflora Return!” said Kevin grinning as Sunflora was sucked inside the
pokeball. The cold air rushed past and Kevin felt exilerated. He sprinted to the edge of the
building and could see Rick quite a distance away, still running down the road. Kevin
looked across and seeing all the other rooftops, braced himself. He took a breath and
bolted towards the edge of the roof. He launched himself from the edge. Adrenaline was
racing around his body as he made the jump, landing lightly on the otherside. He
continued running, came to the next gap and leapt, sailing through the air, his sneakers
striking the roof as he touched down. He could still see Rick and Kevin realised he was
gaining. Rick was having to worry about people in the streets, while Kevin was free from
any roadblocks.

“I guess cuz this isn’t exactly a road” said Kevin to himself and continued running and
jumping. And then Kevin saw it. The road that Rick was running on came to end and split
off in either two directions, forming a T. Across an expanse of grass and up a small hill,
stood a building, nestled in the rock wall of the mountain. Kevin jumped across to the last
building and jogged to the edge, puffing from the exertion of jumping between all those
buildings. Rick was already halfway up the hill. Kevin felt a sinking feeling in his
stomach. He would never make it in time. He watched desparingly as Rick made his way
up the hill.

Kevin racked his brain for an idea. He absent mindedly traced his fingers over the six
pokeballs at his waist. As he touched one it burst open, still on the belt, revealing Spoink.
The little psychic type pokemon jumped up and down on the spot.

“Spoink-Spoink-Spoink” it chanted repeatedly as it bounced on its spring-like tail. Then
Kevin smiled, he knew what to do.

“Spoink, thank God you jumped out of your pokeball! See over there?” Kevin pointed to
the building on the hill. “Can you teleport me to it?”

Spoink responded by glowing a faint yellow. Kevin touched the little pokemons head.
Kevin felt a slight pulling sensation and he was gone in a flash. He reappeared on the hill,
just outside the doors of the gym right in Ricks path. Rick collided into him and they both
went down.

Kevin laughed. “Bet you didn’t see that one coming, aye Rick?”

Rick looked at him with a shocked expression. “How’d did you - ?

Spoink interjected by bouncing on his stomach. Rick smiled. “You cheater, you used
teleport didn’t you?”

“Hey you never explained all the rules.” said Kevin laughing, delirious that he actually
made it, drawing with Rick in the street race. “I figured anything goes!”

Rick jumped to his feet and helped Kevin up. They stood looking at eachother.

“So much for whoever wins goes first idea...” said Rick rolling his eyes. “Lets go inside,
and we’ll let grandpa sort this out.”

Just then they heard the rest of the gang from behind. Amy, Bonnie, Jacob and Danny. Kevin noticed asign by the door. It read:

The Teacher of Winter's Harshness

Rick led the way, moving up to the doors. They slid open automatically and he
dissapeared inside. The rest of them followed suit. A blast of cold air hit them as they

“Obviously an Ice type gym” said Bonnie shivering. Kevin was dazzled by the light. The
beams from the flood lights were reflected off of an arena made of ice in the middle of
the hall. The frozen arena sparkled.

“Wow” thought Kevin. “This is going to be different...”

Kevin’s group unzipped their bags and pulled out their jackets. Bonnie pulled on a bright
red jacket with hood over her white singlet top and blue glitter jeans. Jacob slipped on a
bright yellow jacket and zipped it up over his white muscle shirt and black-blue baggy
pants. Kevin put on a black trenchcoat which really offset the blood red of his button up
shirt and black cargos. Kevin couldn’t put his left arm into the sleeve because of the cast,
so he wore it over his shoulder and slipped only his right arm through.

“You think this is cold, then you wouldn’t last a moment up on the mountain peaks”
came a voice from the opposite end of the room. The voice was aged yet still held
strength in its tone. Kevin gazed out to the other side of the ice arena, squinting from the
glare. He saw a figure standing in the grey gravel trainers box. It was a short man with
dark, wizened skin, wearing only a t-shirt and shorts, both of them and ice blue colour. A
shock of white hair crowned his bald head, which reflected the lights. His deep dark eyes
peered out from bushy eyebrows.

“I am Pryce, the Leader of Mahogany Gym. I am a master of the rare and mysterious Ice
pokemon. Who challenges me?”

“I do!” cried Kevin and Rick at once. They glared at eachother.

“As you wish...” said Pryce flashing a grin. “I accept your double battle challenge. You
will face me... together...”

>>>Memo from Dr Skottie: How's that for a cliff hanger? :wink2: <<<

06-01-2004, 04:30 PM
A double battle? Now this is something interesting. I'm sure you won disappoint us with it either. That was a nice race to the gym. You showed us how Kevin is trying to us use his head more then his body. Very lengthy and I was on the tip of my seat throughout most of the chapter. Great job and I'm lookin for more up soon hopefully!

06-02-2004, 12:18 AM
A very cruel, yet cunningly placed cliffhanger. Great work Skottie, I just know this match is going to BRILLIANT!!!

Dr Skottie
06-02-2004, 01:18 PM
Kevin and Rick looked at eachother. A double battle?

“Wow, this is going to be awesome!” squealed Bonnie. The others agreed.

Kevin couldn’t believe his bad luck. “I don’t want to battle alongside a rookie!”

“Rookie!?” cried Rick. “I’m no rookie! Just because I havent collected any badges yet,
doesn’t mean anything. I have had my pokemon for a long time, and grandpa has helped
me train them”

“He speaks the truth, son of Lance...” croaked Pryce.

“Don’t call me that” said Kevin offhandedly.

“You may have more experience but my grandson is not a pushover.” said Pryce. “This
will be a test of trust not just between you and your pokemon, but also between you and

Kevin thought about it and reluctantly agreed. He turned to Rick. “We have to work

Rick nodded.

“Would you do the honours Amy?” asked Pryce. She smiled and moved over to the
sideline, Danny, Jacob and Bonnie moving over to a bench. Amy cleared her throat.

“This is an official double gym battle. Kevin Sun, from New Bark Town and Rick Frost
from Mahogany Town versus Pryce. The gym leader may use six pokemon and the
challengers may use three pokemon each. The challengers are free to substitute, the gym leader
is not. No time limit. Let the battle begin!”

“Go Seel and Dewgong!” cried Pryce hurling out two pokeballs onto the frozen arena.
They burst open revealing two white pokemon. They had powerful swimming tails and a
sharp horn protruded from each of their heads. The smaller one stuck its tongue out and
clapped its flippers together.

“Wow, they look so graceful.” said Bonnie.

“They are powerful too” said Danny. “Pryce usually starts with these two, to test how
strong his opponents are.”

Kevin flipped open his pokedex:

<Seel> <The Sea Lion Pokemon>
<This water type pokemon loves to live in icy waters. It uses the horn on its head to
punch holes through the ice. It’s glossy fur helps to keep the cold out. Although it can’t
walk well on land, it can easily navigate around on Ice and is a powerful swimmer>

<Dewgong> <The Sea Lion Pokemon>
<This dual water/ice pokemon is the evolved form of Seel. Its streamlined body makes it
an exceptional swimmer. Dewgong stores thermal energy from the sun inside its body to
keep warm. It hunts at night when it is cold. The colder it is, the faster it becomes.>

“Go Magby, I choose you!” said Rick. He threw open a pokeball, that split open and
released a red and yellow pokemon. It shot a small plume of flames into the air and
looked at its opponents, sizing them up.

Kevin turned the pokedex to Rick’s pokemon:

<Magby> <The Live Coal Pokemon>
<This fire-type pokemon is the pre-evolved form of Magmar. Magby like to live in
Volcanic areas. It’s body temperature is 1100 degrees and it dribbles burning hot embers
from its mouth.>

Kevin put away his pokedex and grabbed a pokeball.

“Pikachu, I choose you!” he cried. He tossed the ball and it burst open and Pikachu

“Pika...” it said, electricity buzzing around its red cheeks.

“Badge seven... your mine!” whispered Kevin as he tapped the empty slot on his
necklace. “Pikachu, use a thunderbolt!”

Blaze Lizardon
06-03-2004, 02:30 AM
Just started the story. :happy: I've got a lot more to go, but I wanna let you know you're doin' an awesome job! I'm gonna keep reading 'til I catch up to where you currently left off. I'll post a full review soon enough. :wink:

Dr Skottie
06-08-2004, 08:47 AM
“Seel, Dewgong, Headbutt!”

“Magby use ember!”

Pikachu yelled its name as sparks danced about it’s cheeks before a jolt of lightning shot
forth towards the two icy pokemon as they slid forwards on their stomachs. The lightning
forked across the arena, aimed at Dewgong. The target pushed to the left, dodging the
lightning which struck the ice, sending shards into the air. The many bursts of fire that
came from Magby shot across to Seel, a direct hit. Seel plowed right through the attack
seemingly unphased and rammed into Magby, knocking it on its rump. Dewgong put on
an extra burst of speed, skimming the ice towards Pikachu.

“Jump Pikachu!” At the last moment, Pikachu leapt up and over the Dewgong and landed
on the otherside. As Pikachu touched down it slipped on the frozen surface and its little
legs scrabbled to keep purchase. It carefully righted itself and was ready for more.

“What?!” cried Rick. “How could Seel ignore a fire attack?”

“Its a water type, thats why,” said Kevin. “It knows Ice attacks but technically its a water,
Magby’s fire attacks aren’t gonna work on it.”

Kevin looked at Magby who was having trouble getting back up, it’s little feet sliding on
the slippery surface.

Pryce chuckled. “An ice arena is the perfect way to test the skills of pokemon. Dewgong,
Icebeam on Pikachu. Seel use a watergun on Magby!”

“Dew gong gong gong!” cried the Ice pokemon as it charged up the icebeam. A white star
appeared atop the horn on its head and glowed a cold white. From it shot out what looked
like blue electricity that flashed through the air towards the electric pokemon.

“Pikachu, use a double team!” called Kevin. As Pikachu split itself into seven and
avoided the icebeam, Seel blasted out a watergun towards Magby.

“Magby, use your double team too!” ordered Rick and Magby rapidly split into three.
There were now what looked like 12 pokemon on the field.

As Pryce considered his next move, eyes darting over the mirage pokemon, Kevin spoke
to Rick.

“We need to co ordinate our moves. Pikachu and I will focus on Seel as Pikachu’s
electricty will make short work of it. You can focus on Dewgong, since it’s part Ice, your
Fire moves should work well.”

“Right” said Rick. “Magby use a Flamethrower on Dewgong! Full power!”

One of the Magby’s shot out a huge plume of intense flame singed the air as it blasted
towards Dewgong. Pryce’s pokemon took the hit full force and flinched badly.

“Seel, take out that Magby with watergun!” cried Pryce.

“Oh no you don’t!” called Kevin. “Pikachu use a Thunderbolt on Seel!”

Pikachu let loose the thunderbolt which crackled loudly. It zapped Seel badly and stopped
it in its tracks.

“Now get in there with a quick attack to finish!” ordered Kevin. He didn’t want to waste
his pokemon’s electricity.

“Seel don’t let it near you! Aurora beam!” yelled the gym leader. Seel’s horn glowed
before it shot out a beautiful rainbow beam.

“Pikachu, duck!” cried Kevin and Pikachu flopped its belly down on the cold Ice and the
Aurora beam sailed over. Kevin made a face. He couldn’t get Pikachu close enough. He
looked across at Rick, his Magby continuing the onslaught of fire attacks with a Firespin,
holding the pained Dewgong in place.

“Rick, Give Pikachu some cover!” said Kevin.

“Sure thing Kevin!” said Rick smiling. “Magby help out! Use a smokescreen!”

Perfect thought Kevin, as the smoke billowed from Magby’s mouth and wafted around
the arena, concealing almost everthing in the thick cloud.

“Pikachu, get in and deliver that Quick attack.” called Kevin into the shrouded arena. He
heard the sound of paws sprinting on the ice and the sound of a collision.

“Yeh good job Pikachu!”

The smoke slowly cleared away and Seel was unconcious and Dewgong was... asleep?

“Your pokemon is sleeping on the job Pryce” said Kevin grinning.

Pryce returned the smile as he recalled Seel to it’s pokeball. “I know, it’s using rest.
Meaning it is recovering from the burns ands regaining full health. It should be waking up
any moment now!”

Sure enough, Dewgong opened it eyes and its body glistened with energy. Kevin looked
at the healthy pokemon in shock. Rick smacked his own forehead. He’d seen this before.

“I will continue for now, with the one pokemon. If you can beat my illustrious Dewgong,
I’ll bring out two more pokemon.” said Pryce. “Now Dewgong, use takedown on

“Move Magby!” called Rick. It didn’t have a chance. Dewgong charged across the Ice, its
streamlined body making it a living missile which smashed into Magby knocking it out of
the arena, out cold.

“Damn it...” muttered Rick as he recalled his unconcious fire pokemon. Dewgong turned
its head on its incredibly muscled neck and locked eyes with Pikachu.

06-08-2004, 06:03 PM
:happy: HEy what's up. I'm sorry i haven't been able to keep up reading your fanfics, i have been pretty busy studying for the SAT's and working.Anyway This is really the coolest story. :rolleyes: :biggrin: Keep up the great work!! :wink2: :surp:

06-08-2004, 06:42 PM
Greatest story ever read SSMGoku? *Goes spits on the post you put on Quest of a Champion*

Great battle Skottie. Your putting a lot of character into Rick and Kevin in this chapter, showing how they can cooperate with one another. I would like to see how this one turns out...

Shining Dragonite
06-09-2004, 03:08 AM
hey not bad. Write more, Skottie.

-Kyle :wink:

06-10-2004, 12:12 AM
This Gym battle is going great Skottie! You are so clever the way you coordinate their attacks and take advantage of the surroundings.
However, I did notice a mistake (which we don't see everyday in your story!). You said Pryce recalled Dewgong, but I think you meant Seel. Not exactly a major mess up but I thought you'd like to know.
Brilliant work Skottie, I can't wait to see the rest!

Dr Skottie
06-10-2004, 01:24 PM
This Gym battle is going great Skottie! You are so clever the way you coordinate their attacks and take advantage of the surroundings.
However, I did notice a mistake (which we don't see everyday in your story!). You said Pryce recalled Dewgong, but I think you meant Seel. Not exactly a major mess up but I thought you'd like to know.
Brilliant work Skottie, I can't wait to see the rest!

Haha, thanx for picking that up man! I didn't notice it and neither did my younger bro (he proof reads it for me). Its so obvious too! Ohwell, I went back and fixed it up. Thanx for the great comments everyone. the next post should come on the weekend sometime.

Shining Dragonite
06-13-2004, 10:12 PM
I just finished catching up on ur stories skottie. At first I noticed some flaws, like the battle scenes being really rushed, but I think you worked out those problems in the newest chapters.

Great stories skottie! Is Kevin going to meet Lance when fighting Team Rocket in the Hideout? That would be great to see Kevin and his dad kickin' ass against Ice and his Team Rocket cronies...

funny thing is, I started a story with a character named Keith who's dad is lance, and HE chooses a totodile as his starter. I started the story befo' reading yours, and now that I see it, if I post it on the forumz, you'll say I'm stealing your story. Lol your story turned out way better than mine is.

06-14-2004, 08:56 PM
I know how you feel Shining Dragonite, I started notes on my fic before I read this, and then realised there were some similarities. I've had to modify some plans for my story, but it is still my fic. I think it is stupid to copy other people, it's much more fun to make up your own ideas.

Dr Skottie
06-15-2004, 08:50 AM
Hahaha, maybe I'm not that great a writer. Maybe my story is just the most obvious and coolest idea for a fic and everyone has thought about it at some stage, maybe even started to write it for themselves, but I just happened to be the quickest and got it "published" hehe...

hmm more story coming in a few days. I'm in the middle of really important exams at the moment so thats the reason for lack of updates.

06-15-2004, 11:30 PM
I have to agree with you there Skottie, Trainer fics are very common, but despite that, almost everyone is unique. I'm sorry to hear you are being clogged up with exams, because I am too! Fortunately, my exams are finishing soon, and I will be posting again in a few days. Not too long until the first Gym now!
Anyway, I hope the exams go well Skottie, if you have to write a story in any of them I'm sure you'll get top marks!

Blaze Lizardon
06-16-2004, 02:13 AM
I haven't actually caught up reading the other parts, but I couldn't resist. This gym battle is amazing! Keep up the good work, Skottie!

EDIT: Finally caught up with everything, and I must say this is an excellent trainer fic! I read the whole thing in like, a week and a half, so I'm amazed by how dynamic all of your characters are. It was cool watching Kevin change so much as the story went on.

I love the action sequences and battles, and I think those are your story's strong points. There's always a surprise and when you do them good, they turn out great. :biggrin:

Also, you do a great job with keeping the story vibrant and new. There was always something cool going on, turning the story in a new direction or just making it more interesting in general. Kevin's always running into a new and intriguing character, catching a new Pokémon, or trading. These things make sure the story doesn't get old too fast. :wink:

At the beginning Kevin seemed kind of like a perfectionist (strong, famous, got all the girls, catching every Pokémon he tried and winning every battle he fought) but as the story progressed, things got harder for his character and seeing how he got out of situations always impressed me and showed me his character in a new light.

Overall, this is a good fic and if it continues at this level of quality, I know I'm gonna love the Silver Conference saga and any sequels that come afterwards (any chance of those?).

Dr Skottie
06-30-2004, 06:15 AM
>>>OOC: Hey yeh, sequels... sequels... i'm not sure what the next one will be about. Whether I will continue with Kevin in a different region. Whether to follow his children maybe. Or start afresh. Maybe a spinoff. I was thinking maybe to make a story about Sebastian, the trainer from Hoenn who had the Seaking and Wailord in Chapter 26. Hmm, I like that idea... anyway, here is some more story for your reading pleasure...<<<

Rick selected his next pokemon.

“Magcargo, I choose you!” he cried as he hurled the pokeball out onto the ice. It
exploded, revealing the fire pokemon. Its lava body melted the ice around it, until it was
resting on gravel.

“Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!” cried Kevin. Pikachu’s cheeks launched the attack, the
electricity flying towards Dewgong. Pryces pokemon countered with an ice beam, the
blue and yellow bolts crackling against eachother.

“Take it out Rick!” yelled Kevin as he watched Pikachu’s electricty struggling against
Dewgongs attack.

“You heard him Magcargo, flamethrower!” called Rick.

“Mag- Cargo!!!” bellowed the lava-bodied pokemon as it breathed out the searing flame
that blasted Dewgong across the arena. Pikachu gasped at the respite from using the
continuous thunderbolt.

“Pika...” it groaned, before collapsing on the ice. Dewgong, struggled to get up but it too
collapsed, leaving only Magcargo on the arena.

“Return” chorused Kevin and Pryce as they returned their unconcious pokemon to their

Kevin waited for Pryce to make his move before choosing which pokemon to enter the

“I see you have some considerable talent Kevin Sun, son of Lance.” said Pryce sagely. He
inclined his head to Rick. “You too grandson. You are doing better than this morning,
Kevin’s guidance has proven invaluable so far for you. I choose my next two pokemon...
Swinub go, Cloyster go!”

He flicked out two pokeballs which burst open in a flash. The two Ice pokemon were
ready to go. Kevin got out his pokedex:

<Swinub><The Pig Pokemon>
<This ground/ice type pokemon has an extremely sensitvie nose and can smell things
miles away. Once it finds an enticing aroma, it dashes towards the source, not stopping for
anything. It uses its snout to dig up things out of the ground. They are excellent at
locating hot springs.>

<Cloyster><The Bivalve Pokemon>
<This water/ice pokemon is the evolved form of Shellder. Cloyster is surrounded by an
extremely tough shell, that can withstand almost any attack. Apart from its black face, no
one has ever seen a cloysters soft innerbody. It uses the the spines on its shell to launch its
spikecannon attack.>

Kevin took a moment to think. At the moment, Rick’s Magcargo has a disadvantage to
both pokemon. Sunflora would do some damage but its too susceptible to the ice attacks.
The smart choice would have to be...

Kevin grabbed a pokeball from his belt and with a flick of his wrist sent it spinning onto
the arena. White light dazzled out of it as it popped open, revealing Kevin’s Feraligatr.

It roared menacingly and flexed its claws.

“Rick in case you hadn’t realised, your pokemon is at a huge disadvantage here.” said
Kevin to the trainer beside him. “Switch out”

Rick looked at the scene. Kevin was right. He recalled Magcargo and released his third
pokemon, a Scizor. The lights in the gym reflected off the metallic surface of its carapace
and its yellow eyes gleamed. The second round was ready to begin...

06-30-2004, 06:22 AM
Well I saw you were on the forums so I stuck around for a little while because I had a feeling you were going to update. This was a nice little post to bring to us before the second round comes in. I like the pokemon selection's you have brought to the battle scene. I'm sure the second round of this battle will be a great one.

Dr Skottie
06-30-2004, 06:36 AM
Well I saw you were on the forums so I stuck around for a little while because I had a feeling you were going to update. This was a nice little post to bring to us before the second round comes in. I like the pokemon selection's you have brought to the battle scene. I'm sure the second round of this battle will be a great one.

haha, well lucky for u, ur hunch was correct. I'm glad you liked it. Yeh this next round is gonna be sweet as... :biggrin:

06-30-2004, 10:14 PM
haha, well lucky for u, ur hunch was correct. I'm glad you liked it. Yeh this next round is gonna be sweet as... :biggrin:

Sugar? Lol, just kidding. This Gym battle is one of your best yet Skottie, and Pryce's and Rick's Pokemon are cool. I'd like to see Scizor in action, he is one of my favourites. Keep up the great writing Skottie!

Dr Skottie
07-09-2004, 06:28 AM
>>>Memo from Dr Skottie: Hello everyone, sorry there has not been more updates, I have been too busy relaxing. God bless holidays, Amen? AMEN! So yeh anyway, here is another part to Kevins 7th gym battle. This is my longest battle ever... I hope you like it. Post reviews and comments about my story in here or in the fanfic feedback, wherever you prefer. Enjoy!<<<

“Feraligatr, use a watergun on Swinub!” came the order from Kevin. Feraligatr opened its
huge jaws revealing serrated teeth. Feraligatr roared as water leapt from its mouth,
coming in torrents, the attack punching through the air, moving towards Swinub.

“Swinub use dig!” croaked Pryce. Swinub scratched at the ice with its front paws and
then, nose first, scurried underground. The watergun sailing harmlessly over the hole left
by Pryce’s pokemon. Kevin clicked his fingers in an agitated manner. Swinub was no
where in sight.

“Scizor quick attack!” cried Rick and the glossy red figure of Scizor darted forward in a
blur of movement. Kevin pointed the equally red pokedex in his hand towards the
crimson streak:

<Scizor> <The Scissors Pokemon>
<This fearsome pokemon is the evolved form of Scyther and is a bug/steel type. It uses
the patterns on its pincers to frighten its foes by making it seem as if it has three heads.
It’s pincers, like the rest of its carapace, are made of steel and can crush almost anything>

“Cloyster use withdraw!” smiled Pryce. He’s using a defensive strategy now, realised
Kevin. The giant shell of cloyster closed shut with a clang that reverbrated throughout the
gym. Scizor rammed into the pokemon at high speed and leapt away. Almost no damage
had been done.

“Here let me try!” said Kevin to Rick. “Feraligatr use Strength!”

Feraligatr fell forwards onto all fours and its body twisted as it shambled towards the near
impervious shell of Cloyster. Feraligatr raised itself up, dug its claws into the Cloysters
shell and with almost no effort, lifted it into the air. Feraligatr’s voice rumbled in its
throat as it hurled the pokemon across the arena. It hit the ground with a mighty crash,
sending shards of glass-like ice into the air, the light reflecting off the surfaces, causing
them to shimmer.

“Now Swinub!” cried Pryce, seemingly unconcerned about Cloysters flight and resulting
crash. Damn, thought Kevin, I forgot about Swinub! Suddenly the pokemon emerged
from the ice, plowing into Feraligatr with its tough nose, sending the big jaw pokemon
down onto its backside. Feraligatr rubbed where it had been hit.

“Scizor, use headbutt!” Scizor pulled back its head then bashed it savagely into Swinub
who bounced away across the ice.

“Feraligatr, aim another watergun at Swinub!” Feraligatr complied by shooting out the
spray of water.

“Swinub use Icywind!” yelled Pryce. Swinub breathed out a rush of freezing vapour with
thousands of glittering particles of ice. It hit the Watergun head on and froze it, turning it
into a pillar of Ice. However the momentum of the watergun caused the now frozen attack
to continue its course, plowing into Swinub like a batteringram. Swinub was hit back
again. It struggled to get to its feet.

“I’ll finish it off Kevin, you take care of Cloyster!” said Rick before he ordered a quick
attack from Scizor to take care of Swinub.

“Cloyster Icebeam!” cried Pryce. Feraligatr flung itself to the ground, the sparkling blue
attack sailing overhead. Kevins pokemon quickly got to its feet.

“Feraligatr use a Bubblebeam!” called Kevin to his starting pokemon. Feraligatr roared
and shot out a rainbow swirl of bubbles and energy.

“Withdraw!” ordered Pryce and Cloysters bivalve shell snapped shut, the bubblebeam
blasting onto it doing only minimal damage.

“Swinub return” said Pryce recalling his injured pokemon. It hadn’t fainted yet. Before
the red recalling beam could reach Swinub however, Rick used some quick thinking.

“Scizor pursuit!” Ricks pokemon opened up a pincered claw and shot out a ring of little
purple balls of energy. It spun towards Swinub as quick as lightning, blasting into its
already weak body, causing it to faint. Pryce smiled as he finished recalling his now
unconcious pokemon.

“Your a smart boy Rick” said the grandfather gym leader to the grandson trainer. Rick
flashed a smile before focusing his attentions to the battle at hand.

“Feraligatr, get in there and open up that shell!” ordered Kevin. Feraligatr lumbered
across to the withdrawn pokemon.

“Not so easy Kevin” said Pryce. “Use spike cannon Cloyster!”

The giant spikes on Cloysters shell suddenly lit up a dazzling white before it shot out a
volley of spikes. They shot into Feraligatr’s chest, knocking back the powerful pokemon.

“Try again Feraligatr!” said Kevin. “If we can’t get past that shell, we won’t be able to
win this.”

Feraligatr roared and sprinted on all fours towards the closed shell of its opponent.

“Spikecannon!” yelled Pryce again. The shell spikes flashed white and blasted out the
attack. Feraligatr rolled to the side this time, the spikes digging into the ice, sticking up
like snow covered blades of grass.

“Rick, we need a way to stop that spikecannon. Any ideas?” said Kevin to his partner.
Rick pondered for a moment, surveying the situation. An idea popped into his head. He
didn’t think it would work but it was worth a shot...

07-09-2004, 06:46 AM
Ok I'm furious. Some cliffhangers are brutal and this is one of them. I guess I'll just have to wait... oh and by the way, that sense kicked in again and I had a feeling I should wait and see if you were going to post. Its like a Skottie Sense. But anyways, the battle is still coming along perfectly, not much to say that hasn't already been said in previous reviews.

07-11-2004, 01:25 AM
It's like I always say KC. "Cliffhangers: Love to write 'em hate to read 'em!"

Anyway Skottie, this battle is going great! I love the way you describe all the Pokemon's movements and attacks, it makes it seem more real.

Please post more soon Skottie, I'm dying to read what happens next!

Dr Skottie
07-11-2004, 06:55 AM
“Kevin I’ve got an idea. You know how your pokedex said that Cloyster’s shell is almost
impervious to anything?” began Rick and Kevin nodded. “Well I heard that it’s spikes are
even tougher. But your pokedex also said that Scizor’s pincers can crush almost

Kevin caught on right away. “Good thinking Rick, lets do it”

Rick grinned proudly as he turned to his pokemon. “Scizor use agility!”

“Scee zorr!” it wheezed before disappearing in a flash. It darted around the arena before
leaping into the air, the occasional flash of red the only proof of its presence in the frozen
arena. Scizor was on top of Cloyster in an instant, it’s pincers gripped firmly onto it’s

“What’s this I wonder...” muttered Pryce to himself. Bonnie, Jacob, Amy and Danny were
equally puzzled, as they observed the scene from the sidelines. It had been an impressive
match so far and the four spectators were on the edge of their seats.

“Scizor use metalclaw!” yelled Rick, caught up in the moment. There was a metallic
sound and the blades of Scizor’s pincers glowed white. It began to squeeze with all of it’s
strength, trying to break off the spikes.

Pryce burst out laughing. “Nice try grandson! Cloyster spikecannon!”

The spikes on Cloysters shell flashed white for an instant before turning to normal.

“What!?!” spluttered Pryce in disbelief.

“Keep it up Scizor!” encouraged Rick and Scizor squeezed harder.

“Now is your chance Feraligatr, go and open up that shell!” called Kevin. Feraligatr
lumbered up to its opponent, dugs its claws into the crack and pulled hard. Feraligatr’s
muscles strained incredibly at the effort.

“Come on buddy!” cried Kevin to his pokemon. There came the sound of cracking and
the trainers looked to see tiny splits beginning to appear where Scizor was using
metalclaw. Scizor put on an extra effort and suddenly... SNAP! SNAP! Cloyster’s spikes
broke off and landed with a thud on the ice. Feraligatr’s efforts at prying opent he shell
were paying off. There were not many pokemon out there who had the muscle capacity of
a Feraligatr. Cloysters shell was beginning to open.

“I’m not gonna sit around and watch you take apart my pokemon. Cloyster Icebeam, close
range!” commanded Pryce. Cloysters shell flew open putting Feraligatr off balance. The
cold beam lashed out, striking Feraligatr dead center. Icicles began to materialize all over
Feraligatr’s body, encasing it in a block of frozen water.

“No Feraligatr!” cried Kevin anxiously. Rick wasn’t gonna sit idly by and watch them
lose this match.

“Scizor flip down and use Hyperbeam!” came the cry from Rick’s mouth. It was certainly
a long shot. They had only recently begun practicing this move and they hadn’t quite
gotten it to work yet. However Scizor leapt down from the top of Cloyster with a
somersault, turned and, opening a pincer, unleashed the devastating attack. Golden energy
swirled around before firing. The swirling vortex of energy caught Cloyster off guard
blasting into Cloyster’s unprotected face.

“CLOYSTER!” it bellowed in pain, falling heavily on to its side, splitting the ice around
it. Cold vapour came heavily from Scizor’s mouth. It collapsed onto the frozen ground,
the combined strain of the Metal claw and then a Hyperbeam too much for Rick’s
pokemon. All pokemon were down and out.

Exclamations of excitement, dissapointment and disbelief echoed throughout the gym as
the sound of three red recalling beams returned the pokemon to their pokeballs.

“Awesome work Rick” said Kevin smiling.

Rick blushed. “You too man...”

“Final round” said Pryce quietly, throwing two pokeballs that split open simultaneously,
bringing his final two pokemon out onto the arena.

07-11-2004, 04:27 PM
:happy: What an amazing battle! Update soon. :hand:

07-12-2004, 09:05 AM
Cool idea using Scizor's claws to open Cloyster's shell. You always seem to find weird new ways of beating different Pokemon.

Anyway, the battle is getting better with each post, and I doubt the next one will be an exception! Keep up the good work Skottie.

Shining Dragonite
07-13-2004, 01:43 AM
Ah, I'm glad I finally got my computer fixed. Wow, this is probably the best of Kevin's battle's I've read so far. *Thumbs up to skottie* too bad about feraligatr, though... I was hoping that Feraligatr would pry open Cloyster's shell completely to reveal its soft innerbody. (According to the official Pokemon handbook, which I bought when I was seven, nobody has ever seen Cloyster's soft innerbody.)

Dr Skottie
07-13-2004, 02:49 AM
Hey thanx for these nice posts. I'm back at school now, in fact I'm writing this in my computer studies lesson. Yeh Feraligatr started to open it, he was doing pretty well, considering one of the pokedex entries says its impossible to open Cloysters shell against its will. But yeh, i thought it would be kinda unrealistic to just have Cloyster sit there and allow itself to be opened. So I opped for the surprise Icebeam. Here are some Spoilers if you want...

The next round consists of these 4 pokemon: Kevins Charmeleon, Ricks Magcargo, and Pryces Delibird and Piloswine. Kevins Charmeleon evolves into Charizard, winning the battle for Kevin and Rick. Woohoo!. Next chapter is them at the Lake of Rage... I think... Bonnie catches an Azurill adding another rare pokemon to her collection. Only 2 or 3 more chapters until the special episode... the showdown between Kevin and Ice.

Shining Dragonite
07-13-2004, 06:50 PM
So I don't give anything away, I'm going to ask skottie a question in spoiler-mode.

does Lance join Kevin as he fights team rocket???????

Woohoo Charizard is one of my favorite Pokemon, right behind Tyranitar, Dragonite, and Salamence.

Cool no one can see the text but me...

Dr Skottie
07-14-2004, 02:58 AM
Hey this is for Shining Dragonite:

What makes you think he's gonna take on team rocket? Lance does come into the story, but not for a while yet... :wink2:

07-16-2004, 11:59 PM
Why,Skottie? WHY?! This cliffhanger is to much to handle...GAH!

Shining Dragonite
07-26-2004, 05:31 PM
hmm... Skottie hasn't updated in quite a while...

Dr Skottie
07-27-2004, 02:49 AM
Hey, sorry for lack of updates, i'm out of inspiration for the moment. However Reading Renna's "the One Drop" is slowly gettin me in the mood for writing again. I'm in the middle of serious school descions at the moment so that contributes to it aswell. Trust me when it finally comes, you'll love it. I'm just not in the mood. :oops:

07-27-2004, 03:02 AM
I know how you feel Skottie. Every once in a while, I'll have some spare time to work on one of my fics, but I just don't have that little spark that inspires me to write. That's one of the reasons I read this story. Not only is it a great fic, but it is also one of the many stories I read on this forum which really inspires me too write more of my own stories. Great things shouldn't be rushed, so take your time and then post some award winning battle scenes! I'm cetainly looking forward to it!

Shining Dragonite
08-07-2004, 04:08 PM
Ditto. http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkfrlg132.png Your stories really gave me some inspiration for my Johto trainer fic. Seriously, man, you are the master of fanfic-writing.

Dr Skottie
08-21-2004, 06:22 AM
The first was a red and white bird holding it’s tail like a sack of presents. It’s black
rimmed eyes seemed to gleam with hidden mischief. Kevin pointed his red database at it:

<Delibird> <The Delivery Pokemon>
<These flying/ice type pokemon like to live at the edge of sharp cliffs. It builds it’s nest
there. It always carries something around with it, usually food to feed itself or it’s young>

Kevin’s focus switched to the other pokemon. Large and woolly it was, with solid
looking tusks and a bright pink nose. Kevin looked it up:

<Piloswine> <The Swine Pokemon>
<The evolved form of Swinub. This ground/ice type pokemon uses its tusks to dig
through the frozen ground in which it lives. It has poor eyesight, yet excellent hearing>

There was only one logical choice to make for Kevin and he made it; snatching
Charmeleon’s pokeball from his orange belt, he threw it out onto the arena. It burst open
with a dazzling display of white light and formed into his trusty fire type pokemon.
Charmeleon sized up it’s two opponents.

Rick sent out his final pokemon, his Magcargo. It’s oozing red body radiated heat in all
directions and steam rose from where it stood.

“All right then, let’s finish this battle!” yelled Kevin excitedly. “Charmeleon
Flame-thrower on Delibird!”

Flames leapt out of Charmeleon’s mouth and streaked towards Delibird. The Gym
Leader’s pokemon leapt nimbly aside, avoiding the scorching attack.

“Delibird, Present!” croaked Pryce, arm outstretched. Delibird squawked as it reached
into its bag and brought out a shiny orb of light which it threw at Charmeleon. Boom! It
exploded in a puff of smoke and ice shards, and Charmeleon was sent reeling.

“Magcargo Flamethrower!” came the call from Rick. Magcargo blasted out the jet of
flame and it struck Delibird head on! The ice bird was knocked to the ground.

“Piloswine! Use takedown!” Piloswine barreled towards Magcargo at an incredible pace
despite it’s bulk. It barged into Magcargo and both were hurt considerably. Piloswine
winced as it was burned by it’s opponent’s lavaskin.

“Charmeleon Flamethrower again!” ordered Kevin. The flames erupted outward and
knocked Piloswine away. Piloswine and Delibird were already looking a bit tired. Kevin
and Rick grinned at each other. This was in the pocket.

“Piloswine, Earthquake!” The two trainer’s eyes opened wide at this statement. They both had
the type disadvantage against ground type attacks! Piloswine reared back on its back legs
and slammed its front ones down onto the ice. The gym rumbled as the whole place
shook. Splits ran through the ice as it shattered. Charmeleon and Magcargo grimaced in agony. Their pained expressions were mirrored by their trainers. The quake ceased.
Both Kevin and Rick’s pokemon had withstood the attack, but not without taking heavy

“Magcargo use Fire-spin!” called Rick. His pokemon mustered up the strength from
somewhere and unleashed the whirling fire. Piloswine was trapped behind the burning

“Delibird, Use present on Charmeleon!” Delibird pegged the white orb at Charmeleon
and struck him right in the chest. However this time instead of an explosion there was a
flash of pink as it was absorbed into Charmeleon restoring it’s health!

Kevin breathed a sigh of relief. “Charmeleon use a -”

But Kevin’s command was cut short as Charmeleon flashed white. Kevin was shocked
along with the four in the stands.

“No way...” breathed Bonnie in shocked awe. Kevin’s heart pounded in his chest as he
watched the white mass of light twist, contort and grow. There was a moment of silence
before the light dimmed and there stood the mighty dragon... Charizard! Kevin’s new
pokemon gave itself the once over. It flexed it’s claws, reveling in it’s new found
strength. Charizard stretched it’s impressive wings to their full span and swished it’s tree
trunk thick tail, the bright tail flame burning fiercely. Kevin, shaking with excitement,
pulled out his pokedex again:

<Charizard> <The Lizard Pokemon>
<This is the final evolutionary stage of Charmander. This dual fire/flying type uses its
massive wings to effortlessly fly from place to place. Known worldwide for their
destructive power, trainer’s who own one are held in high esteem. At high levels it’s
flames can melt boulders>

Charizard swung its head around on its long neck and locked eyes with Kevin. Charizard
grinned, showing its needle like teeth. It shot out a plume of fire and gave Kevin a
thumbs-up, in the now familiar gesture that Charmeleon had used frequently. Kevin’s
mouth split open wide in a smile.

“Charizard...” Kevin couldn’t believe he had just uttered those words. “Flamethrower on

Charizard whipped its head around and opened wide its gaping jaws. Boom! Searing
flames erupted from it’s mouth like a volcanic eruption. The flames were so bright
everyone shielded their eyes. The flamethrower burnt up the air as it rocketed into Delibird.
The force of the flames was so strong that it was knocked clear out of the arena. It
slumped to the floor its feathers singed. It was unconscious. Pryce looked at his knocked
out pokemon in shock. He quickly recalled it with a pokeball and turned back towards the

“Piloswine! Earthquake!” he yelled. Piloswine pushed through the Fire-spin and jumped
high before smashing heavily into the ice.

“Fly Charizard!” cried Kevin quickly and his new pokemon flapped it’s mighty wings,
propelling it into the air and out of harms way. Magcargo had no such alternative. The
Earthquake hit hard and by the time the tremors ceased Magcargo was unconscious. Rick
breathed deeply and recalled his pokemon. He turned to Kevin.

“It’s all up to you son of the Dragon Trainer...” he said the pain of defeat heavy in his
voice. Kevin just nodded.

“Charizard, dive down!” Charizard heard the order and complied, tucking its wings back
and diving down at Piloswine.

“Piloswine Blizzard!” called Pryce. Ice shards were sent flying up towards Charizard in a
tunnel of fury. Charizard banked to the right and avoided the freezing attack.

“Charizard Flamethrower!” yelled Kevin. Charizard shot out the flame and it was a rain
of fire that struck Piloswine. It bellowed in pain before rolling on it’s side. It was out
cold. Pryce, the Gym Leader of Mahogany town, had been defeated.

“YES!!!” came the ecstatic cry from the half dozen teens in the building, but none louder
than Kevin. Charizard flew over and touched down lightly by Kevin’s side and it’s trainer
embraced him. “That was so awesome Charizard!”

Rick came over too and so did Bonnie, Jacob, Danny and Amy; all of them gave him their
congratulations. Pryce stood by himself on the other side of the arena smiling benignly.
He recalled his pokemon and approached the excited group.

“Kevin, Rick...” he began. He reached into a pocket. “That was an awesome display of
skill. For proving your worth as great pokemon trainers, I present you each with a Glacier
badge. Wear it with pride because you both deserve it.”

He handed them each the Glacier Badge. It was blue and looked like a snowflake. Bonnie
reached up and clipped it to Kevin’s necklace for him alongside the mineral badge. There
was only one empty spot left for Kevin’s final badge. Kevin and Rick thanked Pryce for the
battle and the badges. The group of six left the gym and stood outside. It was late
afternoon and the sun was beginning to fall in the western sky. The sky was a radiant
orange and the dying sunlight bathed the mountains in a golden glow. Kevin smiled contentedly. He
shook hands with Rick.

“That was nice work Rick.” said Kevin. “Couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Right back at ya buddy” he said grinning.

The two groups said their good-byes and parted ways. Kevin led the way, Bonnie and
Jacob on either side.

“That battle was amazing Kev” said Jacob patting him on the back.

“It was so cool!” said Bonnie jumping up and down. “Your Charizard was so strong!”

“And to top that all off, your cast can come off tomorrow! Just a quick stop at the
Mahogany General Hospital and you’ll be cast free!” added Jacob.

“It’s about time” said Kevin flicking his cast with a fingertip. “I can’t stand it!”

“So where to next Kevin?” asked Bonnie, tucking a loose bang of hair behind her ear.

“I think I need a break” said Kevin. “There is a place north of here; my dad used to talk
about it all the time; it's one of his favourite places to go. The lake of Rage. It’s supposed to
be one of the most beautiful locations in all of Johto”

“The Lake of Rage it is!” announced Jacob.

Seven badges, Kevin thought to himself as they approached the Pokemon Center. The first stars were beginning to emerge in the sky. One more to go and then he could compete in the Silver Conference... Kevin couldn’t wait.

08-21-2004, 04:53 PM

One thing I love about reading fanfics on this forum is that they really inspire me to write more of my own stories. I think there is nothing more inspiring than a well described, action packed Gym battle. Thanks for updating Skottie, this is one of my favourite stories! Keep up the great work!

Shining Dragonite
08-28-2004, 05:21 PM
That was ******* excellent. Unfortunately I can no longer update my Pokemon fics due to social issues (my friends will laugh at me hysterically if they find pokemon fics on my comp.). So, R.I.P. "Johto League: Keith's Story."

I still enjoy ur stories, skottie. That was one of the best gym battle's ever done. Thumbsup!

09-04-2004, 12:20 AM
Awesome! I really love the Charizard! YEAH!

Dr Skottie
09-18-2004, 05:52 AM
Kevin wriggled the fingers of his left hand, reveling in their newfound freedom out of the
confining cast. Bonnie and Jacob were on either side of him as they treked through the
forest, the grass underfoot brushing their legs. A gentle breeze blew through the treetops,
rustling the vibrant green leaves that adorned the branches. Kevin shifted his black back
to a more comfortable position.

They were travelling in silence, enjoying the peacefulness of the woods. Kevin touched
the new badge that hung on his necklace with a fingertip and smiled. He was so close to
qualifing for the Silver Conference; to having a chance to live up to the name that had
been bestowed upon him...

He pushed those thoughts out of his head. He was on vacation now, he didn’t to think
about it. It was there second day out from Mahogany Town and they were almost at their

Spoink bounced a few feet ahead of the group of teenagers, happy to be out of it’s
pokeball. Kevin was trying to train Pikachu to get used to the confines of it’s ball and it
was starting to work, albeit very slowly.

Kevin, mid stride, bent down and scooped up a handful of twigs. He broke the silence.

“Alright Spoink, psybeam!” he cried, and tossed one of sticks into the air.

“Spoink!” it growled, its pink pearl lit up and shot out the purple psybeam. It hit
the stick dead center blasting it into the undergrowth.

“That was a really good response time” said Jacob smiling.

“A nice shot too” added Bonnie.

“Well we have been training hard” said Kevin, and to prove his point, he threw two sticks
at once. Spoink dispatched of them easily. They continued this exercise for awhile,
Spoink only missing a few of the targets.

Kevin could see a figure up ahead. Drawing closer he realises it’s a female trainer. She
looked like a girl scout, wearing a dark green jacket and pants. Her pitch black hair was
cropped short and spiked. Bright green eyes looked our from a tanned face. Pokeballs
hung on her waist.

“Kevin Sun” she called out, “I challenge you to a pokemon battle!”

“How do you know my name?” asked Kevin a bit taken aback by the sudden outburst.

“Everyone knows your name Kevin, son of Lance, you’re in all the magazines. You’re
one of the favourites to win the Silver Conference this year. I want to test your skill. Do
you accept my challenge?”

“Challenge accepted, two pokemon each. I choose you Spoink!” replied Kevin and the
battle was underway.

Shining Dragonite
09-18-2004, 09:53 PM
Yay skottie finally updated. That chapter was good, albeit rather short.

09-19-2004, 01:13 PM
Don't worry SD, I've seen smaller posts; I've written smaller posts. Besides, we don't know that's the whole chapter.

Great work as usual Skottie. So Kevin is a favourite to win at the Silver Conference eh? Interesting, but not unexpected considering his Win/Lose/Draw record. Almost all his battles have been wins. Who is this girl who has just challenged him though? She obviously knows who he is (who doesn't?) but she didn't introduce herself.

Anyway, looking forward to the next post!

Blaze Lizardon
09-19-2004, 10:38 PM
Good work, Skottie! :biggrin:

Even though you haven't seen me around, I've still been readin'. :wink:

Dr Skottie
09-20-2004, 07:02 AM
“Come on out Nidorina!” cried the woman unleashing the pale blue pokemon onto the
field. The woman looked up at Kevin. “My name is Jacq, I’m a pokemon enthusiast. Oh
yeah, and I have never lost a match...”

“There’s always a first for everything Jacq!” said Kevin confidently as he whipped out his

<Nidorina><The Poison Pin Pokemon>
<Nidorina is the evolved form of Nidoran Female. Much more docile than its male
counterpart Nidorino, Nidorina’s horns grow far more slowly. It prefers to use biting and
clawing when fighting>

“Nidorina, tackle attack!” came the first command from Jacq.

“Spoink bounce over.” replied Kevin. Nidorina barreled towards Spoink who at the last
moment leapt high over the top of the attacking pokemon’s head, landing behind it.

“Quick Nidorina, slash attack!” cried Jacq. Too quick for Kevin or Spoink to react,
Nidorina had raked it’s claws against Spoink. The little pig pokemon squeaked in pain.
Nidorina went to swipe again but Kevin thought quickly.

“Spoink use confusion to get it off you!”

Spoink’s pink pearl glowed blue, purple hues of light and energy swirling around it.
Nidorina was lifted from the ground. In a sudden psychic blast, Nidorina was sent
rocketing into the ground. Bonnie and Jacob cheered.

“Come on Nidorina, get up and use poisonsting!” called Jacq. Nidorina rose to it’s four
squat feet and opened its mouth shooting out the poisonsting attack.

“Move Spoink!” yelled Kevin and Spoink bounced away from the attack. “Now use a

Shouting it’s own name in a warcry, Spoink shot out the purple beam from it’s head, the
psychic energy sizzling. Boom! It punched into Nidorina harshly, the poison pokemon

“Go Nidorina, go for a bite attack!” ordered the woman trainer.

“Keep it away from you with psybeams!” came the call from Spoink’s trainer. Nidorina
began rushing towards Spoink who blasted out psychic energy. Jacq’s pokemon just
avoided the attacks and kept on coming. Suddenly it was too late, Nidorina had Spoink’s
body locked in its powerful jaws. The little pig shrieked in agony.

“Teleport away!” yelled Kevin over the top of his pokemon’s painful cries. Spoink heard
and in a flash had dematerialized from Nidorina’s mouth and was gone; only to reappear
right behind it!.

“Now use psywave!” cried Kevin. Spoink was surrounded in a red field of light. It’s eyes
flashed yellow and Nidorina was bashed through the grass and crashed into a bush. It’s
eyes were spinning, Nidorina was out.

“That’s one down, one to go...” said Kevin smiling. “Good job Spoink!”

“Spoink, Spoink, Spoink!” came the enthusiastic cries from the grey and pink pokemon.

“Nidorina Return” said a thoughtful Jacq. As the red beam recalled the unconscious
Nidorina, Jacq addressed her opponent. “Well I’m starting to believe what I’ve read about
you. Nidorina is one of my strongest pokemon, is Spoink one of your strongest?”

Kevin gave a sideways glance to Bonnie and Jacob and then looked at Spoink.

“Ahh... not really... oh no offense buddy” Spoink appeared to take none as it continued to
bounce blissfully around the field. “Spoink is my most inexperienced pokemon actually”

“Really?” said a slightly shocked Jacq. She grabbed another ball from her waist. “All
right then, I’ll use my strongest pokemon. Come on out Misdreavus!”

Hoenn Mirror Girl
09-20-2004, 03:31 PM
Tee hee! That battle was awesome! Can't wait to see Misdreavus in action!

Shining Dragonite
09-30-2004, 01:12 AM
Oh great another battle...I hate to say this, but I never liked trainer-vs-trainer battles unless it's a tournament. But nonetheless, we've gotta have them in the fic.

Dr Skottie
10-24-2004, 07:08 AM
Tossing out a pokeball, Jacq smiled confidently as the ball split open. Out came a pink and blue pokemon. Its red eyes swept over Spoink and Misdreavus began to cackle harshly.

“I don’t like that Misdreavus’s attitude…” muttered Kevin as he pointed the pokedex at the source of the patronising laughter.

<Misdreavus> <The Screech Pokemon>
<This ghost type pokemon likes to bite and yank peoples hair without warning, just to see the shocked expressions on peoples faces. It also loves playing mischievous tricks such as howling and screaming at night to scare innocent people>

“Lets show it a thing or two Spoink! Use Psybeam!” cried Kevin. Spoink powered up and blasted out a shot of purple psychic energy. Misdreavus casually drifted to the left avoiding the attack easily.

“Misdreavus!” began Jacq. “Use confuse ray!”

“A white spotlight shot out from the central jewel on Misdreavus neck, bathing Spoink from pearl to tail. It’s eyes were spinning.

“Come on snap out of buddy!” called Kevin to apparently no effect, as Spoink totted about on its springlike tail before tripping over.

“Blast it away with a shadow ball Misdreavus!” on hearing the order from its trainer, Misdreavus conjured up a swirling sphere of black and red energy. It rocketed across the field, punching into Spoink with tremendous force. Spoink, being a psychic pokemon which are weak against ghost type, was out cold.

“Spoink return!” said Kevin recalling his defeated pokemon. He clipped the pokeball containing Spoink to his belt before selecting a pokemon to take down Misdreavus.

“I choose you, Scyther!” he yelled, as he threw the pokeball. It burst open with a flash of white light. Scyther stood primed and ready its carapace glinting and its scythes shining.

>>>Memo from Dr Skottie: Hey sorry everyone for the dodgy post. I thought i owed you guys something. And yes I know its ANOTHER trainer battle, but his pokemon have to get strong somehow. Ohwell...<<<

11-28-2004, 03:22 AM
Wow. I just read the first two chapters and I'm already in awe. Well, I'm off to read the other chapters and I'm sure I'll love 'em.

Dr Skottie
12-04-2004, 10:41 AM
Hey, its nice to have another fan. I hope you enjoy the rest of it!

Hey everyone, yes its been awhile, i know. I have graduated from highschool! And at the moment I have been doing nothing but sleeping in! I know i promised some more AAOAL but yeh, its very low on my prority list atm. I was going to write and update tonight, but there is something wrong with my word processor. So yeh sorry about that. I can't update tomorrow cuz i'll be out all day. So monday there should be an update. That will be around... umm between 10pm-12am Sunday night for everyone in the USA and Canada...everwhere else... haha, i have no idea! but until then... have fun and God bless!

From the one and only Dr Skottie ^_-

12-24-2004, 12:54 PM
Congrats on graduating Skottie, and I don't blame you for not posting in a while, I've been really busy with school up until I broke up. Now I have to revise for my mocks after the holiday too.

Anyway, I hope you have a great Christmas, and that you update soon.

Aiya Quackform
01-15-2005, 06:55 AM
Okay, I finally finished Ch12! Let's take this one review one step at a time...

Characters: First, naturally, there's Kevin Sun. I really enjoy his attitude towards being Lance's son. (Incidently, that would make him my favorite RP char's cousin. :wink: ) I have seen several fics where the main char is related to a famous figure, but you bring a very good spin to it in that Kevin is both proud of his father and annoyed with his "celebrity by association". That's very good, both realistic and a good character point that can be played with.

However, I personally am not fond of the whole "I'm so cool that every chick wants me attitude". As a "chick", I've met guys like that in real life and they annoy the heck out of me. Some of your characterizations of women so far also somewhat... insult me. I refer particularly to the Joanna character, who he battled and then promptly made out with in a lake, with absolutely no character development or even romance. I really didn't like that. However, since then I haven't seen anything like that since in your fic, I won't denounce Kevin as an icky womanizer just yet, and I truly hope that I don't see anything like it again. :wink:

I wish there were more Pokemon character development, although I don't know if I'll be seeing that later. It's hard to review a series I'm not totally caught up on!! Meh, more on this later...

I like Storm. He's a good rival. Not overly evil, not overly buddy-buddy. He stays close to Kevin, and accepts him as Lance's son, having the back story of them being previously martial artist rivals was a nice touch, too.

Plot Development: As you mentioned in your PMs, the first bit of your story very closely follows the game, and therefore is very predictable. It's still early yet, though, so I'm looking forward to see what happens.

Description: Very nice description! Let me compliment you about this for awhile. You describe your characters, surroundings, and battles all very well. Not too much, I have seen this done. It's not too little either, there's just enough for the reader to get a good idea of what's going on.

Battles: Wow, LOTS of battles! For my personal taste, there have been too many. However, I just read all 12 chapters in a row, so it just might be that I'm reading them all at once. :oops: As I stated before, the description in them is excellent! You were also very smart to keep minor battles short and simple, and more important battles longer and more detailed. That highlights the importance. Nicely done!

Overall, very nicely written! Your characters have both good and bad points, which makes Kevin in particular very human. Your plot is developing, and I'm very interested to see what happens to Kevin and his Pokemon.

Dr Skottie
01-15-2005, 10:40 AM
Hey thankyou very much renna, now THATS a review. but like you said its only a review on the 1st 3rd of my story. Kevin's arrogance is a trait that kinda gets weeded out of him as he matures on his journey. however he IS full of himself, but he learns humility as he goes and that its not all about him. Trust me, he doesn't make out with anyone after that incidence with Joanna, haha, i was 14 when i wrote that so yeh, u get the picture. i'm glad your enjoying it, but like i said it doesn't get good til about chapter 15-20 onwards. :cool:

Aiya Quackform
01-15-2005, 09:58 PM
Hey thankyou very much renna, now THATS a review.

LOL, thanks.

but like you said its only a review on the 1st 3rd of my story. Kevin's arrogance is a trait that kinda gets weeded out of him as he matures on his journey. however he IS full of himself, but he learns humility as he goes and that its not all about him. Trust me, he doesn't make out with anyone after that incidence with Joanna, haha, i was 14 when i wrote that so yeh, u get the picture.

Ah, yes it's clear to me now. Hormones. :goofy:

i'm glad your enjoying it, but like i said it doesn't get good til about chapter 15-20 onwards. :cool:

Yay! Almost there! *party*

Dr Skottie
01-18-2005, 04:24 AM
>>>No your eyes are not decieving you, I have updated!<<<

Scyther had proven invaluable against the gym leader Morty’s ghost type pokemon, and Kevin hoped the bug type would pull through again.

“Misdreavus, use another shadowball” called Jacq, and her pokemon complied,
launching the swirling orb of black energy.

“Scyther use agility!” said Kevin, planning to rely on Scyther’s speed. Scyther
vanished in an instant, the dust swirling, the only hint of its rapid movement.
Misdreavus’ eyes flicked around the field searching for the combatant.

“Scyther use foresight!” called Kevin. twin beams of yellow light spotted onto
Misdreavus’s who glowed faintly for a moment.

“Quick Misdreavus, Shadowball!” ordered Jacq. Misdreavus shot out another
attack, this one blasting into Scyther’s chest. Kevin’s pokemon winced and then locked eyes with Misdreavus. Kevin had seen this look before... that ghost type was going down.

“Scyther furycutter!” yelled Kevin and Scyther streaked forward towards
Misdreavus, its outstretched blade temporarily painting the air with a white line. It cut through Misdrevus and Scyther appeared on the otherside. It darted back slashing with its glowing claw, cutting deeply into the ghost type. Jacq watched in horror as her pokemon was mercilessly attacked again and again by Kevin’s Scyther.

Scyther stopped suddenly and ran it's tongue over it's glinting blades. Misdreavus floated unconcious in the air. Kevin was victorious.

Kevin punched the air and smiled at Scyther, who raised its scythes in triumph. Jacq ordered the return of her pokemon back into its ball, the redbeam sucking it inside. She looked at Kevin and shook her head smiling.

“I had no chance...” she said to Kevin.

Kevin winked. “I’ve been training my pokemon for awhile now. I guess it pays off. Scyther return.”

The pokeball buzzed as it Scyther was recalled.

“Well that was fun” said Jacq just a little sarcastically. A smile spread across her face again. “I can’t believe it’s you!”

Kevin scratched the back of his head and grinned widely. “Well believe it baby!”

Bang! Kevin rubbed the bump on his head where both Bonnie and Jacob had hit him.

“Your head is so big it's a wonder it hasn’t exploded!” said Bonnie haughtily. Kevin rolled his eyes and looked at Jacob.

“What’s your reason?”

Jacob smiled. “No reason”, and he burst out laughing.

“So where are you guy’s headed?” asked Jacq.

“We’re having a bit of a break before I go for my final badge, so I thought we’d check out the Lake of Rage.” said Kevin, trying to keep his dignity.

“Well you’re nearly there.” said Jacq helpfully. “Once you crest this ridge on the otherside you’ll see it. I just came from there. Do you guys like fishing?”

“Yeah I love it!” came the cry from Jacob. As a sailor he was having a real hard time being away from the water.

“Well your in luck! When I left they were getting ready to start the The Lake of Rage Fishing Competition. If you hurry, you might be able to register for it.”

“Let’s go Kevin!” said Jacob excitedly and he dashed past Jacq, yelling back his thanks.

“Thanks for the battle Jacq, see ya round” said Kevin as he and Bonnie raced after Jacob.

>>> I know its not much but at least its something! <<<

01-22-2005, 04:35 AM
Great fic, Skottie! I've only read Chapters 1, 2, and 3 but I am really enjoying this. I thought it was weird how he acted around Joy, though...

Dr Skottie
01-22-2005, 11:17 AM
Great fic, Skottie! I've only read Chapters 1, 2, and 3 but I am really enjoying this. I thought it was weird how he acted around Joy, though...

Well Kevin starts off real full of himself, so yeh he thinks he's all that. But really he's not. He has a lot of pride in him. His dad is Lance the Dragon Trainer and even though he hates the recognition, he kinda likes it too. In the first couple of chapters just gloss over the way he treats girls. He is a bit of a womanizer at first, but yeh he matures as he goes, so don't write Kevin off yet, he is a good guy but yeh, he certainly ain't perfect:

there must be something good about Kevin, I mean, he did win the award for best male character, 2 yrs in a row!

Like I said before, this story doesnt even get half decent til chapter 15-20 onwards! I'm glad you like it though! :happy:

01-22-2005, 02:34 PM
Holy poo!


Wonderful as usual dude. Just a question though. Why don't you update your website? It's STILL on Jasmine VS Kevin. =[


Thoughts: I check that page every day!

Dr Skottie
01-22-2005, 11:15 PM
Holy poo!


Wonderful as usual dude. Just a question though. Why don't you update your website? It's STILL on Jasmine VS Kevin. =[


Thoughts: I check that page every day!

Are you serious? Well I actually didn't know that page was still up there! I said ages ago that I wasn't going to update it anymore, that I was gonna going to replace it with a better site. But yeh, I never got around to doing that. Ohwell.

I'm glad you like it by the way :happy:

01-23-2005, 12:20 AM
Dr. Skottie, you have inspired me to start my own Pokemon journey fic. I'm not trying to steal your idea and there should be a difference between our fics. Just click the banner on my sig; "A Girl's Journey" to read it.

Dragon Lover
02-17-2005, 09:11 AM
This story is reallly good and i personally love long storys cant wait for your next post *wating..*

Dr Skottie
02-19-2005, 03:14 AM
The pair ran hard out, their shoes thumping the grass covered earth below their feet. Side by side, a mischievous grin spread across Bonnie's face. Without warning she flung a hand out and pushed Kevin hard. Kevin's eyes widened in shock as he was knocked sideways, almost landing flat on his face. Bonnie laughed and raced ahead up the hill, pulling away from him. With his mouth set into a determined grin, Kevin pushed himself hard, sprinting to catch up to the laughing girl.

Just as he was about to catch her, she stopped abruptly next to Jacob who had also stopped running. Jacob stuck an arm out and barred Kevin's way and the son of Lance was glad he had. They were standing atop the hill but in front of them it was a steep decent. Kevin saw a flight of concrete steps off to the right. If Jacob hadn't had held him back, Kevin would have gone tumbling down the embankment. Kevin rubbed his left arm nervously... he didn't want to break anything just after he'd gotten the cast removed.

Kevin looked out at the view and realised they'd arrived at their destination.

“Wow” he said in awe and his companions nodded in assent. The Lake of Rage. Its rippling surface reflected the shining sun that hung high overhead in the sky. The water was a hue of deepest blue and was peppered with the little shapes of boats floating on the water. Children splashed in the shallows with their pokemon, while smiling parents watching on happily. Kevin was a bit taken aback at the sheer size of it. It looked like a small sea. The lake almost dissapeared over the horizon, but Kevin could just make out a line of trees on the far side. The sun was beaming, the water was blue, the grass beneath their feet a rich green. Dad's right, thought Kevin to himself, this has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world.

“Registration for the Lake of Rage Fishing Competition will close in approximately five minutes” An amplified voice resounded throughout the area.

“You heard the man, lets get going!” said Jacob. He led the way over to the right and down the stairs until they found themselves on the grassy field that surrounded this end of the lake. There was a large wooden building that was built half on shore, half on the water, held up by sturdy posts that emerged from the waters surface. A couple of docks branched out from the building, unused boats tied onto them.

Jacob went through the doorway, Kevin and Bonnie on his heels. While Jacob went over to the registration desk to sign them up as a team, Kevin and Bonnie had a look around. Hanging from the walls were many photos, some old black and white ones that seemed a little faded; to some brand new ones, that looked like they had been hung up just a few minutes ago.

“These must be all past winners of the fishing competition” said Bonnie.

Kevin studied the photographs, Bonnie by his side. Each showed a grinning person with a pokemon, all of them water types. One of the old photos showed an old man with a drooping moustache, face split in a toothy grin, holding a collosal magikarp. Kevin's eyes widened. He didn't know magikarp could grow so big. He had a look at the one next to it. A young girl stood with her arm around a Quagsire, both sticking their tongues out. Kevin smiled. Cute.

They kept checking out the photos. When they got to the more recent ones, one caught Kevin's eye. He couldn't believe it! It was his dad! He stood their with his hands on his hips, black laquered armour shimmering. He was winking at the camera, his shock of spiky red hair sticking out everywhere. But Kevin's disbelief didn't stop there.

Behind the figure of his father was a Gyarados, rearing up out of the Lake. This Gyarados was almost twice as big as Kevin's own Gyarados; and its scales were ruby red.

“Lance Sun?” said Bonnie reading the caption. She turned to him. “Is that your dad?”

Kevin looked at her increduously. “Yeah of course it is, havent you ever seen him before?”

“I never really watched much tv back at home” she replied. “Didn't read too many magazines either.”

“Why not” asked Kevin.

“I was just too busy, either being at school, looking after Eevee, helping my sister's with their performances. Getting councelling...”

She went silent and Kevin's stomach twisted uncomfortably. I know what it feels like he said inside his own head. To see someone you care for being murdered before your eyes. The memory of Old Man Dojo, gasping for breath as blood spurted from his chest, flashed into Kevin's mind. He shook his head abruptly, trying to supress the thought.

“We're all set to go” came Jacob's cheerful voice from behind them. “Lets go get our fishing gear.”

Hoenn Mirror Girl
02-19-2005, 03:24 AM
I guess Old Man Dojo's death is still stuck on Kevin's mind. Poor guy...

Great chapter, even though it is kinda sad.

02-20-2005, 07:06 PM
Another great post, I liked how you mentioned one of Lance's achievments other than League Champion.

02-22-2005, 02:18 AM
That was a great chapter. Please Update soon. :happy:

Dragon Lover
02-23-2005, 05:58 PM
YES!YES!YES! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: one of my most favoirite storys in this site has been updated im so happy ive been looking every where for a good fic and all the good ones ive already read.Hmmmm......i could find other sites? naaaaaaaahhhhhhhh this sites already good.

Blaze Lizardon
02-26-2005, 04:50 AM
Wow, I can't believe how long it's been since I've been here. :eek: I didn't forget your story though, and I liked the latest additions to it. Keep it coming. :biggrin: Who knows, maybe I'll get out my story again...

Dr Skottie
02-26-2005, 11:54 AM
Wow, I've got some good repsonses here. Thanks you guys who commented, it means a lot to me. There should be some more story soon. :wink:

Dr Skottie
03-22-2005, 05:04 AM
Kevin and Bonnie turned to follow Jacob, who led them over to the inventory area. Jacob took his bag off and rummaged inside, coming out with a collapsed rod. He began to put it together as Bonnie and Kevin took a rental rod each from their wall mounts.

Fully equipped to do some fishing, the gang moved outside onto the large dock and moved off down a jetty to find a boat. They located a small white boat with a red 7 painted on the side. It was just big enough for the three teens. As Kevin carefully sat himself down in the boat, he saw a lot of other people doing the same. Kevin guessed there were roughly 20 boats in all, with 1 to 3 people in each. We've got some competition...

The voice came over the PA system: “Welcome to the Lake of Rage Fishing Competition! You have 2 hours to hook a pokemon and catch it. You may only catch one pokemon each. Pokemon that are caught will be judged on weight, colour, health, rarity and species. Good luck everyone... Begin!”

As the announcer spoke the final word, the sound of twenty outboard motors roared to life and the boats sped away in every direction.

“We need to get away from everyone else” said Jacob over the sound of the motor. Kevin and Bonnie nodded. They cruised for about 5 minutes until they found themselves fairly isolated from everyone else. Kevin peered back and could make out the Docks in the distance. Jacob cut the motor. The boat bobbed gently on the calm clear waters.

Kevin and Bonnie cast there lines in as well as they knew how, seeing how this was there first time fishing. Kevin eagerly peered down into the water where his line disappeared. He thought he could make out the shapes of pokemon swimming down below but he wasn't sure. Bonnie had cast her line over the other side of the boat, and she lent back and rested on Kevin's back.

“Where is it?” muttered Jacob to himself as he searched inside his bag.

“What are you looking for?” asked Kevin, not taking his eyes from the water.

“My secret weapon of course! Hah hah!” he yelled triumphantly. He held something in his hand. “The Joyful Jacob lure! It's one of a kind the best looking lure on the face of the planet!”

Bonnie laughed and Kevin joined in as he turned to see Jacob holding up a lure that looked like himself! Complete with a little blue head band and winking face.

“You stole that idea from Misty of the Cerulean Gym in Kanto! I saw her on TV with it!” said Kevin laughing.

Jacob just smiled. “You'll see, the pokemon will see what a good looking trainer I am by seeing this lure and they will be fighting amongst themselves to get on this hook!”

With that, he attached the Joyful Jacob lure to the line and with a graceful sweep of his arm cast it out into the water with a plop.

“Now we play the waiting game...” said Jacob who sat back and closed his eyes.

Kevin rolled his eyes and kept watching the shadowy shapes move down below. Suddenly , Kevin's Pikachu burst out of it's ball and sat atop Kevin's head. Kevin smiled as he checked his pokegear. 2 hours and 43 minutes that time, Pikachu was getting better.

The rolling white clouds creeped across the sky and Kevin thought time was moving at the same agonisingly slow pace. Half an hour had dragged by and nothing had happened. Kevin was bored out of his mind. “Would they just hurry up already! This is so boring!” he cried.

“SHHH!” came the harsh reply from his companions.

Kevin was about to retaliate when suddenly Bonnie squeeled excitedly. “I've got something!”

“Reel it in!” said Jacob and Kevin simultaneously, both eager to see what she had hooked.

Bonnie's hand was a blur as she reeled in her catch. She pulled back hard on the rod and there was spray of water as the pokemon she had hooked was dragged up out of the water.

“Woh what's that?” said Kevin as he got out his pokedex. He pointed it at the blue pokemon who had just removed the hook from its mouth.

03-22-2005, 02:02 PM
Another cool post Skottie, although I would say that the Pokemon are more likely to flee from the lure!

Kevin rolled his eyes and kept watching the shadowy shapes move down below. Suddenly , Kevin's Pikachu burst out of it's ball and sat atop Kevin's head. Kevin smiled as he checked his pokegear. 2 hours and 43 minutes that time, Pikachu was getting better.

This part made me laugh! He's actually been timing Pikachu?

“Woh what's that?” said Kevin as he got out his pokedex. He pointed it at the blue pokemon who had just removed the hook from its mouth.

I wonder what Pokemon it is? I won't guess in case I give it away, I'd probably be wrong anway! You have a habit of suprising me in the Pokemon they capture.

03-28-2005, 02:06 AM
Battle Descriptions
Style (In fact, your style is my favorite type)
Kevins Relationship with Lance
Ice Side Story
His varied pokemon team

Jacob joining
Kevin winning countless times
Bonitas name (I just find it weird)
The whole "Kevin Sun??? Son of the dragon trainer Lance!"
(I made a list of dislikes since I know it would be hard to remember it off the bat, but I lost the list)

So as you can see I love this fic! I think the way you describe battles is awesome and Kevins personality is pretty good. When I first read this fic (especially after the whole freaky deaky with Joanna) I was like "ugg, Gary Stu" but as you said it was just to show his immaturity. But I still dont like the fact that Kevin is rather perfect with the whole winning all the time and junk. I thought Jacob joining was kinda weird cus hes an 18 year old who suddenly pops out of nowhere and says "Hey! Can I join?" But its okay, cus Jacob seems pretty cool.

Overall I rate this fic an 8/10 (the 2 points lost are for Kevin being a little perfect)

Keep up the good work and I can hardly wait for the next "sub section"

03-28-2005, 12:35 PM
I disagree with you about Kevin being perfect, he has lost several battles including at one gym battle. He's also had his arm broken by a sadistic maniac and failed to save two friends from being killed by the same maniac, doesn't sound perfect to me.

Besides in the battles he has won, they haven't exactly been easy matches. He usually wins through great use of strategy.

Dr Skottie
03-29-2005, 03:40 AM
You both have very good points. I have been getting a lot of negative feedback about the whole incedent with Joanna. I wish someone had made a point of it a lot earlier so I could change it. But I'm gonna leave it in there. Kevin is certainly not the perfect guy, in fact he can be quite pigheaded and at the beginning of the story was a womanizer. I do realise he does win a lot of battles, it's just I put so much effort into describing the battles, it seems a shame for him to lose, haha. but yes I will keep these things in mind. i kinda try and make up for his constant winning by revealing the flaws in his character.

Jacob joining up with the team... I guess it is kinda weird. I hadn't really thought out his story when I stuck him in there, I just wanted a new character, thats all.... hmm...

Bonnie is actually named after a friend of mine who I used to have a huge crush on. Bonnie was originally gonna be named Sakura. And also Kevin's name was gonna be Kamon.

Kevin trying to become independant of his father's fame is a central theme to the story, so if you don't like that, theres not much I can do. Thanks for the honest review, its refreshing to get something other then blind praise. :happy:

03-29-2005, 09:52 PM
Sorry if my review sounded kind of mean. I tend to focus more on the dislikes rather than the likes. I guess Kevin is not as perfect as I think he is, but I still think he is a little too good. And I didnt mean that I didnt like the idea of kevin being the son of Lance, I meant I was tired of people saying it, but then again so is Kevin so I suppose its kind of done on purpose so readers can be just as annoyed as Kevin about people constantly mentinoing the relationship

Dr Skottie
03-29-2005, 11:35 PM
Sorry if my review sounded kind of mean. I tend to focus more on the dislikes rather than the likes. I guess Kevin is not as perfect as I think he is, but I still think he is a little too good. And I didnt mean that I didnt like the idea of kevin being the son of Lance, I meant I was tired of people saying it, but then again so is Kevin so I suppose its kind of done on purpose so readers can be just as annoyed as Kevin about people constantly mentinoing the relationship
No its fine Iceking, it wasn't mean at all, it was honest. The quality of stories at this site is not what it used to be because people are praising stuff that should not be praised. Almost all our stories (including mine) would be ripped to shreds at other forums because they ain't up to scratch. You told the honest truth about what you think of AAOAL, and thats awesome man, thanx... :cool:

PS: Yeh the whole fact about Kevins relationship with his dad being constantly brought up is to kinda show how annoying it gets, so if thats annoying you, it annoys Kevin even more. I got something right for once... :razz:

Hoenn Mirror Girl
04-03-2005, 05:22 AM
Your latest entry isn't your best entry. Aside from some minor errors (there instead of their at one point), it pretty much felt like a clone of an anime episode. Can anyone say "Seaking Catching Competition"? Hopefully, the whole outcome won't be too predictable.

Wow... my first negative comment on AAOAL... :dazed: *washes her mouth out with soap*

Dr Skottie
04-03-2005, 05:44 AM
Your latest entry isn't your best entry. Aside from some minor errors (there instead of their at one point), it pretty much felt like a clone of an anime episode. Can anyone say "Seaking Catching Competition"? Hopefully, the whole outcome won't be too predictable.

Wow... my first negative comment on AAOAL... :dazed: *washes her mouth out with soap*

I must have missed that episode... They don't air pokemon in australia anymore. They only have it on cable and I don't have that... I havent seen the anime in so long so if I have seen it I don't remember... sorry... :oops:

Trust me I'll make up for it in the next chapter! Its gonna be so good. Well at least I hope it will be. I wonder what Ice is up to... :wink:

Kayden Javlaíakín
04-03-2005, 09:16 AM
I must have missed that episode... They don't air pokemon in australia anymore. They only have it on cable and I don't have that... I havent seen the anime in so long so if I have seen it I don't remember... sorry... :oops:

Trust me I'll make up for it in the next chapter! Its gonna be so good. Well at least I hope it will be. I wonder what Ice is up to... :wink:

That's too bad.... Anyway, LOVE your fanfic! Keep going! I WANT MORE, Dr Skottie!!!! :wink:

Hoenn Mirror Girl
04-03-2005, 10:18 AM
That's too bad.... Anyway, LOVE your fanfic! Keep going! I WANT MORE, Dr Skottie!!!! :wink:
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04-04-2005, 05:42 PM
cool fanfic!! the only thing i dont like is Jacob joining the team just like that

Dr Skottie
05-03-2005, 02:04 AM
Hey everyone, I just thought I would apologize for lack of updates and let you know that one will be coming soon. In the meantime, take care, and God Bless. :happy:

Dr Skottie
05-06-2005, 06:30 AM
<Azumarrill> <The Aquarabbit Pokemon>
<This rare water type pokemon is the evolved form of Marrill. Azumarrill has excellent hearing and can pinpoint sounds over the cacoughany of a raging river. Its blue and white markings enable it to hide effectively in water>

“Awesome, a rare pokemon!” said Bonnie excitedly. She grabbed a pokeball from her belt.
“Come on out Espeon!”

The ball burst open in her hand and out came the sleek form of Bonnie's Espeon.

“Espeon use a swift attack!” ordered Bonnie and her Espeon blasted out a barrage of yellow stars that struck the Azumarrill. The water pokemon retaliated with a bubble attack.

“Espeon use Lightscreen” Espeon's eyes flashed for an instant and a pale glowing barrier appeared in front of it, protecting itself from the bubbles.

“Now use a confusion!” Espeon's red gem lit up and its body was surrounded by a blue aura. Azumarrill was lifted up out of the water and hit with a psychic blast weakening it considerably.

“Alright Azumarrill, your mine! Pokeball go!” proclaimed Bonnie, throwing a pokeball at her catch, striking it on the head. The pokeball opened and turned the pokemon into a red light, sucking it inside. It snapped shut and fell into the water. It rocked and wriggled as it bobbed on the waters surface, the Azumarrill trying to escape. Bonnie, Espeon, Kevin, Pikachu and Jacob watched anxiously.


Bonnie's face split in a wide smile. “Yay, I did it! Good job Espeon!” she stroked the beautiful pokemon's fur before returning it to it's pokeball. She lent out over the boat and scooped the pokeball up in to her hand. She looked at it admiringly.

“Nicely done Bonnie” said Jacob smiling.

“Pika Pika”

“Thankyou” she said blushing slightly.

Kevin asked her, “Hey is that the first pokemon you've caught in a battle. Seeing how Eevee kinda followed you home and I gave you Skitty?”

“Hey your right!” she said, getting more excited. “This is so cool!”

“Now I need to catch a pokemon” said Kevin, enthused by Bonnie's success. If she can reel in and catch a rare pokemon, why not me, he thought, recasting his line out into the water.

Much to Kevin's dismay, an hour passed and still there hadn't even been the slightest tug on his line.

“Oh come on, we've been out here for nearly two hours and I've got nothing to show for it, except for my ass going numb.” Kevin grumbled.

“Pika pi...” sighed Pikachu, sitting next to Kevin.

“My Joyful Jacob lure... why have you forsaken me?” weeped Jacob pitifully. He'd had no luck either.

“Well I got my pokemon” said Bonnie gloatingly, spinning Azumarrills pokeball on the tip of her finger.

The two males in the boat gritted their teeth and ignored her.

“Hey I've got an idea!” said Kevin laughing mischieviously. “Pikachu, use a thunderbolt on the water! That will bring 'em up here!”

Electricity sparked across Pikachu's cheeks as it began to charge up.

“No stop!” yelled Jacob. Pikachu froze. “Just be patient man. Besides, the rules state that you have to use the fishing rod.”

“Fine” said Kevin rolling his eyes. “I was just playing”

Suddenly there was a sharp tug on Kevin's line, nearly pulling the rod clean out of his hands.

“Alright I got something!” cried Kevin. He began reeling it in. The others in the boat turned to see what Kevin had caught. Kevin yanked and with a splash of water appeared the hooked pokemon. It was green and yellow with webbed feet and a swirl on its stomach.

“It's a Politoed” said Jacob knowingly. Kevin checked the dex:

<Politoed> <The Frog Pokemon>
<This water pokemon is one of the evolved forms of Poliwhirl, the other being Poliwrath. Politoed are rarely seen on there own as they are communal pokemon, there cry attracting Poliwag, Poliwhirl, and others of its kind. They have a loud bellowing voice>

“Let's go Pikachu, use a Thundershock!” said Kevin. Pikachu shot out a jolt of electricity, shocking Politoed. Politoed shook it off and blasted out a quick watergun knocking Pikachu over.

“Quick get up Pikachu and use a Thunderbolt!” Pikachu got to its feet and blasted out the attack, zapping the watertype. Politoed looked pretty tired.

“Excellent Pikachu” said Kevin as he enlarged a pokeball. “Pokeball go!”

The ball flew from Kevin's hand and struck the Politoed and opened, pulling the pokemon inside. It shook angrily on the surface of the water. Kevin crossed his fingers...

The pokeball buzzed as it sprung open, Politoed escaping. The ball zoomed back to Kevin's hand.

“Damn, I need to weaken it more...” said Kevin. Politoed stretched out its hands and its eyes glowed pink.

“Chu...” yawned Pikachu, as it fell backwards again, this time fast asleep. Politoed dived under the water and swam out of sight.

“Oh man...” sighed Kevin. “It must have used hypnosis to put Pikachu asleep and then escape.”

“That's too bad” said Bonnie.

Kevin returned Pikachu to it's pokeball. He was about to cast out his line again when suddenly.


“Time is up everyone, please return to the docks immediately” came the voice from the PA.

Jacob gunned the motor, speeding them back to the docks.

One inside, they returned the borrowed fishing gear and Bonnie handed in her catch to be judged. They waited around for the judging to finish up, leaning against the wall outside the building.

“Do you think I'll win?” asked Bonnie excitedly.

“It's possible” said Kevin. “You did catch a rare pokemon, and it looked in very good shape.”

“It just depends on what everyone else caught though” added Jacob.

“Attention please” said a big dark man in a fishing hat. “Judging is finished, would everyone please assemble at the docks.”

The people complied, standing around on the wooden planks.

The black man continued, in a resounding voice. “The following five people are the finalists. If your name is called, please make your way to the front.”

“Bob Lord” a skinny teenager with mousy brown hair dashed to the front.

“Ashleigh Rebel” A pretty woman with long dark hair and bright blue eyes joined him.

“Bonita Rose” Bonnie's eyes lit up as she rushed to join them.

“Scott Richard” a young man with broad shoulders, expressive green eyes and shaggy brown curls, strode confidently forward.

“And finally Daniel O'rourke” a middle age man with black hair and muscular arms joined the group of finalists.

Each finalist was given back their pokemon and they all released them, showing them to the crowd. The five pokemon were released in order: Magikarp, Corsola, Azumarrill, an electric blue Golduck with a pink bill, and a Quilfish.

“And the winner of this contest is....”

Bonnie held her breath.

“Scott Richard and his amazing find, a shiny Golduck! Congratulations!”

The crowd applauded the good looking man and his new pokemon. Bonnie came down from the front, her new Azumarrill by her side. “Ohwell... I didn't win” she said.

“But you get to keep the Azumarrill” said Kevin as she joined them.

“I know, that's a prize in itself.” said Bonnie, hugging the pokemon beside her.

“Azuu!” it said happily.

“So what now?” asked Jacob.

“Lets just hang out for a bit, and then we'll head east to the next town so I can get my final badge.” replied Kevin a glint in his eye. He looked out across the water to the tiny line of trees on the horizon. He shielded his eyes for a moment. Is that smoke...?

>>>Memo from Dr Skottie: Well that's the end of the chapter. I know it wasn't one of my best, and I hope it wasn't too predictable for you. Smoke on the horizon... Next chapter is from the viewpoint of Ice... I wonder if they are linked? :wink: <<<

Dragon Lover
05-06-2005, 11:49 AM
Yay i'm the first one to reply!

The chapter was good but not one of your best. I see you have tried to not make Kevin have a lot of sucess....good job on that. Smoke in the horizon...oooh, sounds interesting and it might be linked with ice... :eek:


the chosen one
05-08-2005, 01:04 PM
just read the whole thing in a hour :redface:
really good. just don't like the name of the girl :rolleyes:

Dr Skottie
05-08-2005, 01:09 PM
just read the whole thing in a hour :redface:
really good. just don't like the name of the girl :rolleyes:

Hey, awesome, glad you like it. Someone else mentioned that they didn't like her name being Bonnie. She was originally based on a girl i used to know who had the same name. But there was a stage where Kevin's name was gonna be Kamon and Bonnie was gonna be Sakura. Bah. :happy:

the chosen one
05-08-2005, 04:02 PM
right i see :oops:

i read this the first time you posted it but only got up to the fearow part.
I give 10/10 :smile:
5 stars :wink:
100% :eek:

05-11-2005, 11:49 PM
Can't say I liked the new chapter too much, but it was good. An interesting catch for Bonita, I was expecting Gyarados, but then again Kevin already caught one of those. Im also glad that Bonita didnt win, its nice when people dont win all the time. By the way, can you give a list of all th epokemon the different people have? I sorta forgot

Dr Skottie
05-12-2005, 09:53 AM
Sure thing:

Pikachu, Spoink, Scyther, Feraligatr, Charizard, Sunflora

Espeon, Skitty, Azumarrill

Wingull, Tyrogue, Octillery

Houndoom, Noctowl, Meowth, Elekid, Bulbasaur, Wartortle, Rattata, Sudowoodo, Heracross

Sneasel, Venomoth, Abra

Blaze Lizardon
06-07-2005, 04:50 AM
While I didn't enjoy this chapter as much as the others, I think it gave the story what it needed: a nice, relaxing break from the action-packed scenarios that Kevin & Co. often find themselves in. For what it was, I think you did a good job revealing more of each characters' personality too. Let's keep it coming! You gotta make an update before it becomes a month since your last update. I know I have no right to talk, but still... :biggrin:

Dr Skottie
06-08-2005, 11:20 AM
Hey everyone, sorry for the wait! The beginning of Chapter 35 will be posted up in the next 24 hours! I promise! :happy:

Dr Skottie
06-08-2005, 04:08 PM
Chapter 35

The clack of boots echoed in the dimly lit corridor. Ice strode confidently past other team rocket members who averted their eyes in respect to the Team Rocket Elite. Ice sneered. These pathetic grunts will never amount to anything, the way they snivel and cower before me. He turned a corner, his dark cloak billowing out behind him.

Ice thought about his past, before he had joined the criminal syndicate. As an orphan, he had been left abandoned on the streets of Ecruteak City at the age of five. He had no memory of his father or mother. People had looked down at him with contempt, at his ragged and starved appearance, many pinching their nose to block out his stench. He had been forced to fend for himself, with no one willing to help him. If no one was gonna help him, he would help himself. Tired of being pitiful and weak he took action. He had mugged people in back alleys, broken into the wealthiest of homes and had accumulated enough money to rent a tiny apartment. His only purpose in life, was not only to survive, but to gain power. For Simon Vortex knew deep down the world was split into two: People with power, and people without. He vowed he would never be the latter again...

It was wandering through the streets of Ecruteak that he had stumbled across the dance studio, and first laid eyes on her. Bonnie Rose. Ice was captivated by her beauty the first time he saw her. He would watch her as she danced with her sisters, by peering through the windows, always keeping himself hidden. He soon realised that this wasn't enough... he had to have her.

He began trailing her every move, and he became obsessed with the sight of her. He introduced himself to her at school and would leer hungrily at her from the other side of the room. Ice gritted his teeth angrily as he rememberd how she had feared him. He tried to impress her with his power and his intolerance for weakness by bullying the smaller kids. But it just drove her away.

When he saw her that night in the park with that Ryan kid, it became to much for him. Ryan had no power, had no tenacity. He was weak like the rest of them. No weakling should have her. It was at this point, Ice crossed over from just an angry teen to a killer.

Ice could remember vividly the first time he killed, the fear in the victims eyes. Ice revelled in that look, because it was then the victim knew that it was he who had the power, and not them. The feeling overwhelmed him and the bloodlust over took him. After that night the police were everywhere, trying to track down the psycho who had killed an eleven year old boy in cold blood, right in front of a young girl.

Ice had fled that night, running into the forest. He travelled aimlessly, trying to come to terms with what he had done. He knew then that he must embrace this new self or he would end up weak again, like when he was alone on the streets. And that he could not tolerate.

Eventually he had made it to the other side of the region, down in New Bark Town. He enrolled himself in school, knowing the age old saying: "Knowledge is Power" was truth. It was there he had met Kevin Sun. Ice was filled with rage even as he thought about that name; he grabbed a passing grunt by the collar and threw him hard against the wall, the sound of his head cracking against the concrete resonating along the corridor.

Kevin had everything. As the only son of Lance, he had fame and fortune. Along with looks and talent, everything had been given to him on a silver platter. And this was what disgusted him about Kevin Sun, he hadn't worked to get any of it. It wasn't fair, thought Ice, that he had been given everything and himself nothing when he was the more deserving.

Suddenly there was a beep from Ice's eairpiece:

"Ice" sneered an evil voice.

"Yes Giovanni" replied Ice respectfully. The Boss had a similar story as himself, building the world's largest criminal syndicate by himself and for his own gain. He was someone that Ice aspired to be.

"Come down to Lab A1 immediatley."He said. He paused. "I have something to show you..."

"On my way Boss, Ice out"

As Ice changed direction and began to head towards the elevator, he scanned his memory for what was being done in Lab A1. Then it clicked. The Silverwing...

Blaze Lizardon
06-09-2005, 03:38 AM
Excellent backstory on Ice with this new addition. It's always good to learn more about the story's intriguing main characters. And that was a chilling entry... :eek:

the chosen one
06-09-2005, 04:11 PM
the sound of his head cracking against the concrete resonating along the corridor.


anyway i really like this chapter because i like GORE!!

Dr Skottie
06-22-2005, 07:15 AM
When Kevin revealed that he had found a Silverwing, ideas had swirled through Ice's head. What kind of knowledge could be extracted from this specimen? A solitary feather of the legendary Lugia, the guardian of the seas. A satisfied smile played across Ice's mouth as he remembered the horror in Kevin's eyes when that old man had died in front of him. However, Ice's smile was short lived and turned into a scowl. Jacob hasn't reported in for too long.

As the metallic doors of the cylindrical elevater slid open, almost soundlessly, Ice touched a button on his earpiece and stepped inside.

“Agent Judas” he said. An electronic female voice stated: “Connecting now...”

There was a moment of static.

“What do you want?” came Jacob's voice.

The elevator hummed to life and began it's decent to the labs.

“I want to know why you havent been reporting in. The last report you made was nearly a month ago, when I shot that old man.”

There was a moment of silence before Jacob spoke again defiantly. “I don't want any part of this any more. When I agreed to spy on Kevin for you, I was desperate. All I had was my pokemon and the clothes on my back. I had to sell my boat to survive!”

“We provided you with a brand new one” said Ice.

“And now that's at the bottom of the ocean.” He paused for a moment. “I can't keep doing this. He's my friend now. And Old Man Dojo and his Wife Nina are dead because of me. His arm was broken because of me!”

“Some friend you are Agent Judas” mocked Ice.

“Don't call me that” said Jacob shakily.

“Oh but it's so fitting...” he sneered. “You do realise that it is impossible to leave Team Rocket... once you sign up, you're here for life.”

“I'm not working for you anymore” said Jacob as boldly as he could and then the line went dead.

“Then you will suffer the consequences...” muttered Ice to himself.

The doors slid open and Ice stepped into the artificial light of the labs. He was up on a balcony that encircled the huge room so people could survey the goings on down below. Scientists in white lab coats moved around their stations, recording data, analyzing results and conducting experiments. Ice took the flight of metallic steps down to the main floor. All the scientists and engineers scurried out of his way. Ice could see Giovanni standing on a small observation platform, his trademark orange suit and red tie standing out like a sore thumb in the overly white room.

“Ahh Ice.” he said in his husky voice as Ice approached. “I have a proposition for you.”

“Go on” said Ice, studying what Giovanni had been looking at.

Suspended in a glass cylinder was the Silverwing. It glowed a ghostly blue and energy lazily looped about it, pulsing with hidden power.

“We have been able to unlock the secret of the Silverwing.” Said Giovanni proudly. “However our techinicians have failed to harness this power in any kind of mechanical device, so we can't turn it into a weapon. Our scientists have concluded that it must be in some way connected to a living creature for its power to be accessed.”

“Will you use it on a pokemon then?” asked Ice fascinated. He had received a huge award for bringing Giovanni the Silverwing but he was still interested in what would become of it.

“I have had... bad experiences with super-pokemon before...” said Giovanni a little reluctantly.

Ah yes, thought Ice. Mewtwo.

“So I have decided this time to not rely on a pokemon... but to rely on a human.” said Giovanni looking at him, a glint in his eye.

“Are you talking about a Pokemon/Human hybrid?” said Ice, his eyes widening. It had only been tried a few times before and the results had always been failures, the human subject being left either dead or severly deformed and disabled.

“Yes I am, and I believe we have developed the technology to do it successfully.”

Ice looked up at the towering form of Giovanni... he knew what was coming.

“Ice, we would like you to be the one to fuse with the DNA of Lugia. To be able to wield the power of a legendary.”

Ice swallowed a little nervously, but then realised, that with that kind of power at his command, he could throw down Giovanni and rule Team Rocket... not only that... but the world. Ice's burning hunger for power erupted inside him and consumed any fear he had. He grinned wickedly.

“When do we start?”

“Right now”, said Giovanni and the same evil smile crept across his face.

Dr Skottie
07-02-2005, 01:39 AM
The dull hum of a life-support system accentuated the dark ambiance of the room. A figure floated, suspended, inside a glass spherical tank, filled with a clear blue liquid. Bubbles floated lazily around him as Ice slowly and deliberately opened his eyes.

Where am I?

A ghostly cyan light seemed to permeate the water.

Water!? I'm going to drown!

Ice tried to swim to the surface; if there was one. However his limbs would not obey his commands. He felt as if he was in a dream, aware but unable to change the situation.

I need air!

Involuntarily he breathed in the water around him. Amazingly he didn't gag or choke.

What is this?

Ice tried to look out beyond his tank that confined him. But all he could see was black. Darkness.

What happened to me?

Suddenly it rushed through his mind all the horrible pain he had experienced. It invaded his senses and threatened to break his mind. He tried to scream but no sound came out. Then, realisation came to him like a flash of lightning. He had fused with the DNA.

When he had agreed to the procedure, all his inhibitions had been buried with the thought of the immeasurable power that would come with it. To be able to wield the awesome might of Lugia... but why was he in such agonising pain? Had something gone wrong?

This had to be a nightmare, some horrible creation from the morbid depths of his satanic mind. Where was the strength? Where was the power he craved so desperately?

A voice filled his mind, a voice Ice recognised instantly. Giovanni.

“Welcome back to the world of the living, Ice...”

07-06-2005, 05:15 AM

Plot twists! I reread the line where Jacob was mentioned about 4 times, then I was convinced the dudes name must have been jake not Jacob, until I read forward. I wonder, did you do this on purpose because of the comments of Jacobs coming seeming rather sudden and weird? Nice to know a bit of Ice's backhistory, though I thought Ice had horrible guilt about killing Ryan. He seems rather mature for his age, but I suppose living on the streets can doing that. What im wondering is how Ice is actually going to look like now that hes a hybrid of sorts.

Good luck with future chappies!

07-06-2005, 02:57 PM
The last few posts have been full of plot twists ans excitement! I don't think anyone was expecting Jacob to be a spy! Great work as always Skottie.

Dr Skottie
07-07-2005, 03:32 PM
The last few posts have been full of plot twists ans excitement! I don't think anyone was expecting Jacob to be a spy! Great work as always Skottie.

Tell you the truth, I wasn't really expecting either! It just popped into my head one day, cuz a lot of people complained that Jacob added nothing to the story. And then I thought... a traitor... why not?

Oh yeh and Iceking, originally Ice wasn't a cold blood killer, I at one stage took him in the direction of having a conscience and having a soft side. But that didn't really send the right vibe across. So yeh if you actually go back to chapter 27 or so, I did make some alterations in the dialogue to keep him evil, not just misunderstood. I want people to hate him, not feel sorry for him. so yeh, thanx for your feedback, it's VERY appreciated, you guys rock! :biggrin:

Dr Skottie
10-14-2005, 08:18 AM
Well... it's been a long time... there could be an update soon, no promises, but there should be... I want to finally finish this damn thing... any one agree? this story has been going on for far too long.

Dr Skottie
10-15-2005, 09:13 AM
Ice could hear the sounds of footsteps. The click of hard soled leather shoes that belonged to the boss. Ice's eyes could make out the tall figure of Giovanni who stood on the tiles of the laboratory a metre below him.

“Bring the lights up a bit, I want to see my creation” said Giovanni proudly to a scientist in the corner of the room.

His creation?

Ice still could not move himself, though the pain had subsided somewhat. However, the constant pounding in his head remained. It felt like his brain was too big for his skull.

The lights came up a bit, and Ice felt his eyes readjust instantly. His eyesight cleared up and Ice realised that it had dramatically improved. The room was still only slightly illuminated but Ice could see everything as though it was broad daylight. He could see clearly the triumphant look in Giovanni's eyes as they admired him. He could not move his head so he still could not see what he looked like. How much had his appearance changed? Was he more pokemon then human now?

<Why can't I -> Ice stopped short. He had spoken and yet his mouth had not moved... how was this possible?

“I see you have already discovered your telepathic abilities... just one of the many new powers available to you...” said Giovanni.

Telepathy? The ability to speak directly into another persons mind?

<Why can't I move? Did something go wrong?> Ice tried to keep the panic out of his voice... was voice the right word for it now?

“Everything went according to plan young Ice” said Giovanni. Ice detected something in his voice... was he being mocked?

He asked again. <Why can't I move?>

Giovanni sneered. <Ice you do realise I couldn't risk letting you be in control of this new body of yours. I'd be sealing my own doom if I had allowed that, I know how ambitious you are...>

Terror mixed with rage began to whirl inside of Ice.

<What have you done?>

“We implanted a device into your central nervous system; we now control your every move, you are the perfect weapon. The power of a legendary encased inside a controllable human body.” Giovanni smiled wickedly. “You are mine...”

Betrayal! How could he have he have let this happen? He had put his faith in someone only to have his power stripped from him! Ice screamed inside his own head. He had vowed never to let this happen. He would not be some sort of tool. He must have power, he would have power...

A scientist came over to Giovanni and whispered something in his ear. But Ice could hear what the bald man in the white lab coat said, as though he was the one being spoken to.
“Sir, his power level is rising. Rising beyond anything we had anticipated.”

“Excellent” said Giovanni, but the scientist shook his head, his bottom lip trembling.

“Sir if it continues at this rate we will lose control of him!”

“WHAT!?” bellowed Giovanni.

As Ice heard these words he began to get feeling in his fingertips. He slowly, painfully raised his hands to his face. His eyes widened at the sight before him. His fingers were long, flexible and a ghostly white. He discovered he could move his head. He looked down at his body. His chest and stomach were a pale blue. His legs were long and bent backwards at the knee and his feet were large and white with only two toes. His tail – his tail!? Ice flexed this new apendage. It was long, white and full of strength. He could feel his tongue inside his mouth. Its length felt almost ridiculous and he ran it over and between his new sharp teeth. He flexed the muscles in his back and he felt, rather then saw, long spines stand erect on his back.

“He's moving!” cried the scientist. An alarm went off. And sirens began to blare loudly.

Ice snarled. And then he could feel the psychic energy inside his mind, inside his body. He held a hand out in front of him and pressed it gently against the glass and he thought one single solitary word.


SMASH! The glass exploded and blasted out like a wall of razor blades and the amniotic blue fluid splashed out onto the floor. A few of the scientists fell over screaming, their hands clawing at the glass shards that had embedded themselves in their necks and eyes, blood gushing everywhere.

“No this cannot be! Not again!” cried Giovanni.

Ice stepped out of his confinement tank and onto the tiled floor. An evacuation siren had been set off and with his new acute hearing he could hear the hundreds of panicked footsteps of people all over the base fleeing for their lives.

He held his hand up towards a piece of machinery that dominated one side of the room. It suddenly erupted into a ball of fire, sparks shooting out everywhere. He turned to the other side of the room and blasted out a white beam of energy, destroying more expensive equipment.

Giovanni held his arm up to protect his face from the searing heat. “Stop him!”

A unit of Rocket Guards came barging into the lab, many of them shocked at the destruction that had already begun. Two of the Rockets threw a pokeball each and they burst open, releasing a pair of Machamp. They rushed towards the half human half pokemon freak. Ice held up a long fingered hand and blasted out a shot of psychic energy that knocked one of the Machamp to the ground. He tried to shoot another telekinetic blast but to no avail. He was too weak. The other Machamp slammed into him, it's four heavily muscled arms grabbing him tightly. Ice struggled and whipped his tail up striking the fighting pokemon in the head. The Machamp winced in pain but held onto Ice. Ice filled with rage, blasted out an uncontrolled psychic wall, pushing Machamp away and ripping up the tiled floor.

There was the sound of a massive explosion and the room began to collapse. Ice, using the last of his strength lifted into the air and rocketed towards the ceiling, shooting up through the earth. He was so tired already, and he was in agony. He shot out into blue sky

The sun shone down upon him as he hovered for a second high above the trees. And then he began to fall... and he remembered no more...

10-18-2005, 05:15 PM
Nice job skottie! you have so many chapters i didnt bother to look back and check where i left off, i'm just wondering how this story will end....... there are so many plot twists and there is no fixed aminitions like a pokemon master or anything....... we'll just have to wait and see.

10-28-2005, 12:21 PM

Nuff said...lol

I started the story almost a month ago, but had a massive break, because the family had like three weddings in a row, and I didn't have time to go on the forum. A couplke of days back, I decided to continue this story, and was I surprised!

Unlike most people, I kind of liked the idea of Jacob getting in the story. I found him a very interesting character, even if he really didn't do much to help the plot. However, when I saw the line where Jacob's name was written in the second from last post, I couldn't believe my eyes. I decided that there must have been someone else in the story called Jacob, but I understood later on...I kind of feel sorry for Jacob.

The story is full of plot twists, especially the last chapter, and I was really surprised to see Giovanni at it again...:rolleyes:

Anyway, nice work Skottie, and I hope for more soon.

Dr Skottie
11-22-2005, 02:32 PM
Chapter 36

Kevin stared out of the window, the early morning light awash on his face. It had been two days since the fishing competition at the Lake of Rage, and now they were back at the Pokemon Center in Mahogany town. Kevin yawned hugely. He shook his head to try and wake himself up. He had woken up pre-dawn and had made his way to the common room of the center. Jacob and Bonnie were still asleep. And apart from Nurse Joy, who was already up and working, Kevin was the only person present in the room.

Once again, his memories kept playing the sight of smoke on the horizon. For some reason the image wouldn't leave him, and he couldn't understand it. It was just smoke. It could be anything, a fire started by a fire pokemon maybe. However, Kevin had the strangest feeling that it was important somehow.

He heard a cough and footsteps, and turned to see Jacob approaching him, his hair still wet from the shower.

“Morning Kevin” he said, taking a seat opposite the blonde trainer.

“Morning” said Kevin distractedly, continuing to stare out the window.

There was a pause before Jacob spoke. “Why are you up so early? You're usually the last person to get out of bed in the morning.”

“I don't know, I just woke up and I couldn't get back to sleep. Thinking too much.”

“About what?” said Jacob.

Kevin turned and looked at him, a thoughtful expression on his face. “When we were at the Lake of Rage... did yousee smoke on the horizon?”

Jacob sat up at this. “Smoke? In what direction?”

“North” said Kevin. Jacob's eyes widened. Kevin looked at him with a searching stare. “You know something don't you...”

Jacob wrestled with his thoughts and squirmed slightly in his seat. He stared hard at Kevin before deciding to come clean.

“Kevin... I can't keep this from you anymore.” began Jacob. He paused. “I think that smoke is from one of Team Rockets main bases.”

Ice's face flashed in Kevin's mind.

“How do you know?” he asked.

“There is no easy way to say this so I'm just going to say it. Until a couple of days ago... I was a member of Team Rocket.”

Kevin tensed in his seat and he heard a gasp from the doorway where Bonnie had appeared. Jacob pressed on before Kevin could say anything.

“Kevin just before I first joined you in Olivine City... I was homeless. I had no job, I only had my 3 pokemon. I was desperate. When I first met you, I guided you to the lighthouse remember?”

Kevin gave an almost unnoticeable nod.

“After I sent you on your way I was approached by a teen with white hair. He said he had a job for me and he would pay well. When he told me he was from Team Rocket, I said I wouldn't do it. But he persisted, saying that I wouldn't have to hurt anyone. I would just have to spy on someone.”

Realisation hit home and Kevin stood up in his seat. “Me...” he said in a shocked voice. The whole time Jacob had been spying on him? Who he thought was one of his best friends had been a deceiver from the beginning?

“And Kevin I'm sorry, but I accepted the job. I was desperate. Hell they even gave me a boat! But as I watched you and became friends with you... I knew what I was doing was wrong. When Ice broke your arm... I had told him where you were. And when Old Man Dojo...”

“You didn't...” said Kevin menacingly. But some of his anger disappeared when he saw tears glint in Jacob's eyes. Kevin just glared at Jacob who continued.

“I did Kevin and I am so sorry. After I saw what happened to them I stopped making reports. I'd had enough and I wanted out. This is not the person who I wanted to be. The other day when you were battling Jacq. I was on the phone to Ice. And I told him I couldn't do this any more, not to a friend.”

“Some friend!” yelled Kevin. He looked across at Bonnie and there eyes met and he saw tears running down her cheeks, she couldn't believe it either.

“Kevin I'm sorry, I know what I did was wrong, why do you think I'm telling you all this? I want to make it right. The smoke you talked about. In that direction, north of the Lake of Rage is a Team Rocket Facility, specialising in research aswell as doubling for the Johto Headquarters. It could mean that something bad has happened to them.”

Kevin thought about the possibility. If what Jacob was saying was true, then Kevin might not have to worry about Ice ever again. I feeling of relief washed over him for a moment, mixed with the sense of being cheated.

I want to be the one who finishes him...

Jacob looked at Kevin and Kevin returned the gaze. Jacob certainly seemed sincere. But he had always seemed sincere!

“What are you thinking?” asked Jacob timidly after an awkward silence.

“I don't know what to think” muttered Kevin. “I believe you are sorry for what you've done... but how can I ever trust you again?”

“I'll have to earn it...” said Jacob softly.

Bonnie approached the two of them, a hint of apprehension in her soft footsteps. She subconsciously cleared her throat and spoke for the first time. Her voice was soft and yet full of an inner strength.

“My mother said to me before she died...” she began, and she wiped a tear from her soft cheek. “You can't change your past... but you can change your future. What Jacob has done... he can't take it back. But,“ she looked at Kevin tenderly, “Him telling us his first step in changing his future... I think he deserves a chance.”

Jacob smiled gratefully as he looked up into her pretty face. He then turned to Kevin whose emerald eyes glanced at Jacob before looking at Bonnie.

“Your mum sounds like she was a smart woman...” said Kevin and the beginnings of a smile appeared on his lips. He looked Jacob square in the eyes.

“I don't know if I trust you...” he began. “But I do believe everyone deserves a second chance.”

Kevin smiled at Jacob and extended a hand. Jacob reached out with his own and the two clasped hands together.

“You know Kevin, if there has been some kind of accident or attack on the Headquarters... It's possible that we might be able to get back the Silverwing.” said Bonnie excitedly.

Kevin nodded. She was right. If there was any chance of getting it back, this was it.

11-27-2005, 07:30 AM
Sentimental to the limit!

But, It is kind of odd that Jacob decides to tell Kevin about him being a member to Team Rocket so early after he quit. And it's even more odd that Kevin believes Jacob after all of this. Maybe, I would recomend, that Kevin keeps an eye on Jacob, until Jacob does something drastic against Team Rocket to save Kevin's life, or something.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts, so don't change everything because of what I just said, and keep up the good work


Dr Skottie
11-28-2005, 03:49 AM
Oh I totally agree ds, that's why i had Kevin say "i forgive you but I don't trust you". Jacob told him cuz he feels so incredibly guilty about it. But yeah, for sure, Kevin is definately gonna keep his eye on him.

11-28-2005, 01:12 PM
Right. That's good to know that Kevin isn't the ******* that he seems. Anyway, If I didn't mention it in my previous post (which unfortunately I didn't), I kind of liked the chapter. Although I must say that Chapter 35 was my favourite, you know, the one from Ice's point of view.

I like the style in which you portray Ice as pure evil, rather than someone who had a bad childhood and wants revenge. Even though that pretty much sums up Ice's history, its still nice the way he talks to anyone, even Giovanni. Let's not forget the fact that he killed a member of Team Rocket, or atleast cracked his skull open...ugh


12-08-2005, 07:26 PM
Doing great so far.... keep it up!

btw, i liked Jacobs confession. I was sorta getting worried that he would never reveal the dreadful truth, like i always say, the truth is the only way.

12-20-2005, 01:51 AM
No... there isn't anymore... I got all the way here... and there's no more story... I need to finish it! It's awesome!

Dr Skottie
12-21-2005, 01:00 AM
A big hello to all my fans. I regret to announce that I will no longer be writing An Adventure of a Lifetime. Sorry about this...

Hehe, nah I'm only joking! Of course there will be more! I'm not sure when though, cuz I have started writing a fantasy fiction novel. So yeh just hang tight guys and gals. Thanx to everyone who reads AAOAL and making one of the most well known stories on this site. You guys are awesome!

12-21-2005, 07:21 AM

You can't! Not after all the hard work that you put into it!

*Goes to read the last two lines*


Dr Skottie
09-07-2006, 02:51 PM
Hey everyone I know its been a long wait... but there should be more AAOAL goodness for your enjoyment soon... depends if you still want it or not...:tongue:

Dr Skottie
09-08-2006, 01:35 AM
“We can teleport back there with Espeon.” suggested Bonnie. She picked the pokeball that held the sleek psychic type and popped it open, Espeon appearing in a flash.

“Are you guys sure about this?” asked Kevin. They both nodded their agreement.

“Espeon, I need you to teleport us back to the Lake of Rage. Can you do it?” asked Bonnie. Espeon gave a positive yip. The gang reached out their hands to place them on Espeon's soft fur. The pokemon's eyes went yellow and their was an eerie buzzing in the air. Then... pop! Kevin felt like he was hurtling out of control at break neck speed, but only for a moment before... pop!

Kevin looked around, it was the Lake of Rage alright. The morning sunlight reflecting off the water, Kevin was again taken aback at the beauty of the place.

“Espeon return” said Bonnie recalling her pokemon.

“I don't see any smoke Kevin...” said Jacob, shielding his eyes from the glare off the water. Kevin peered carefully at the horizon and saw he was correct.

“Well wouldn't you know where it is? You being a Team Rocket member?” said Kevin a little bitterly.

Jacob winced at the comment. “No... I've never been to any headquarters, I just know there is one here somewhere.”

“Well the smoke was directly north...” said Kevin. “Let's get a boat.”

They walked across the grass and onto the little jetty, the old wooden boards creaking slightly as they were stood upon. They all stopped. All the boats save one were gone, the rest had been taken out for some dawn fishing. This wouldn't have been a problem except this boat had no engine. One oar was laid across the seat; the other was nowhere to be seen.

“We're not going to get far with just one oar” said Bonnie sceptically.

“We will with one pokemon though” said Kevin smiling. He grabbed a pokeball and threw it.

“Come on out Feraligatr” the ball sprung open and the light flashed out forming into the imposing form of Kevin's first pokemon. The water pokemon growled a greeting.

“Good idea Kevin, I got some rope in my bag” said Jacob and he pulled out some lengths of rope. They tied it around Feraligatr's shoulders and chest making a makeshift harness. Securing the other end to the boat, they were ready. The gang jumped into the boat and with a swish of Feraligatr's powerful tail, they were headed north, the pokemon towing them across the surface of the water.

09-13-2006, 05:52 PM
WOW!!!!!!!!! Don't stop make the next chapter can't wait to read it.

09-17-2006, 09:13 PM
I was so happy to see your still writing my all-time favorite fanfiction! i've been reading it since you first started writing it years ago on the original PE2k! Great work, I can't wait to read more, I just reread the whole thing! I couldn't stop!

Dr Skottie
09-18-2006, 04:59 AM
I was so happy to see your still writing my all-time favorite fanfiction! i've been reading it since you first started writing it years ago on the original PE2k! Great work, I can't wait to read more, I just reread the whole thing! I couldn't stop!

Wow thanx... that means heaps to me. I'm glad you like it. That blows my mind that you have been reading it for this long too. Sorry it has taken so long, I should have finished it years ago.

Dr Skottie
09-18-2006, 05:03 AM
>>> Sorry guys, I know it's not much at all. I'm still trying to get back into the routine of writing. The posts should start getting longer from now on.<<<

“Do you think we should get the authorities involved” asked Bonnie, who was getting more nervous by the second.

“Not without them knowing that Jacob has been a part of the whole thing” said Kevin. He breathed out slowly to calm himself. “We gotta do this on our own. We all have some strong pokemon... and I have to get the Silverwing back. Lets go Feraligatr!”

Feraligatr gave an extra burst of speed and continued swimming north. When they reached the northern bank they climbed out of the boat and untied Feraligatr.

“Thanks buddy, return!” said Kevin. He recalled the muscular water pokemon into its pokeball.

The great forest they had seen from the far shore of the Lake of Rage came right down to the waters edge. The trees were tall and covered in moss and lichen, their leaves barely making a whisper as the soft breeze blew amongst them. Without speaking, they continued forward. They carefully made their way through the trees, stepping over gnarled roots that sort to catch a foot and trip them up. The undergrowth was getting more and more wild and was starting to impede their progress. Kevin got an idea and reached for a ball on his belt.

“Come on out Scyther” Bzzz... The mantis pokemon appeared ready for a fight.

“Umm there's nothing to fight Scyther... I just need you for a bit of gardening” said Kevin a bit embarrassed. Scyther sweatdrops and turns around to start hacking away at the bushes. With the bug pokemon slashing away they began to make good time.

09-18-2006, 05:26 PM
awesome............yeah i hope the next one's are a little bot longer:wink:

09-19-2006, 02:33 PM
Wow thanx... that means heaps to me. I'm glad you like it. That blows my mind that you have been reading it for this long too. Sorry it has taken so long, I should have finished it years ago.

It's been worth it though ^^ Even if it takes three more years I'll still be reading!

Dr Skottie
06-28-2007, 05:43 PM
Ok... so I'm pretty sure I will start updating this story again soon. The creative juices are beginning to flow again. Just thought I would give you all the heads up. An Adventure of a Lifetime... WILL be finished. That is all.:cool:

06-29-2007, 04:26 AM
WoW :eek:

You are a genious. Because I read it in one go, I don't have a problem with that Joanna scene. Bonita is a fitting name if that is her true name and not just a nickname. I was devastated to learn that Jacob was a spy, but Kevin's reaction to the news was admirable. Ice's character is getting better and better. I want Wingull to evolve, as well as Skitty. I also want Jacob to capture a new pokemon. I can see everything that you write perfectly in my head, and the battles are beautifuly written. I love the description of Ice's transformation, but I would like a description of his head to go with it. I find this story incredibly entertaining and inspiring. Besides the odd typo here and there it is pretty much perfect. Well not that, but it is decidely better than anything I could come up with. (I'm racking my brain trying though.)

06-29-2007, 10:12 AM
Ok... so I'm pretty sure I will start updating this story again soon. The creative juices are beginning to flow again. Just thought I would give you all the heads up. An Adventure of a Lifetime... WILL be finished. That is all.:cool:

I await the update patiently... :happy:


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This is prolly the best story that i have ever read:biggrin:. Will you write soooooon!?!?!
I hate waiting:dazed:

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I luved-ed this story so much i told-ed my friends.

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