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Phoenix dx
01-05-2006, 01:20 PM
Her's my team:
1.Scaptile lvl.100 @ Mirecle seed

2.Swellow lvl.100 @ ???
>Areial ace
>Wing attack

3.Pikachu lvl.100 @Ameulet coin/Magnet

4.Absol lvl.100 @ Blackglasses
>Rock smash

5.Flygon lvl.100 @ ???

6.Glalie lvl.100 @ Nevermeltice
>Ice beam

Could anyone rate my team..

Is it good or bad???

Diboofm Efmjcjse
01-05-2006, 04:06 PM
I'm not an expert, but I reckon I can point out some of the easier things to improve your team. It looks like this is an ingame team, and you'll want to keep the HMs, but generally they're bad for battling (with the exception of Surf). I'll rewrite your teams without them but if I can I will indicate which moves you could replace with an HM.

Sceptile @ Leftovers (Type-boosting items aren't really very good, you already have STAB)
~ Leaf Blade
~ Leech Seed
~ Substitute
~ Hidden Power (Electric)

I guess you'd get rid of HP(Electric) for Cut if you had to.

Swellow @ Choice Band
~ Aerial Ace
~ Return
~ Quick Attack
~ Hidden Power (Ground)

Physical sweeper. If you want Fly...you'd probably get rid of Aerial Ace...

Raichu @ Leftovers
~ Thunderwave/Encore
~ Double Team/Substitute
~ Brick Break/Focus Punch
~ Thunderbolt

On the left is the Raichu moveset I have at the moment, on the right one that was suggested to me. Take you pick. Flash could replace Double Team on the left, but there's not really room for it on the right.

Absol @ Leftovers
~ Swords Dance
~ Shadow Ball
~ Taunt
~ Baton Pass

Rock Smash would have to replace Shadow Ball, but having it as your only damage attack would be suicide basically, even with Swords Dance.

Flygon @ Leftovers
~ Fire Blast
~ Dragon Claw
~ Giga Drain
~ Earthquake

Strength? Probably Giga Drain, being the least useful attack there.

Glalie @ Lum Berry (for variety)
~ Spikes
~ Explosion
~ Ice Beam
~ Toxic


One thing that you've done a lot is have more than one damaging move of the same type. This won't help your team because you just have two wasted moves doing the same thing as one better move.

Hope I've helped.

01-06-2006, 12:49 AM
Her's my team:
1.Scaptile lvl.100 @ Leftovers(yeah stat boosters...ick)
>Dynamicpunch Leech Seed(to inacurate)
>Cut Detect(Hms bad)

2.Swellow lvl.100 @ (Lefties, or a phsyical attack upping berry)
>Areial ace
>Wing attack HP Grass
>Fly Agility

3.Pikachu lvl.100 @Lefties or good berry for either spec attack or speed
>Thunderbolt Raindance
>Slam Substitute
>Flash Focus Punch

4.Absol lvl.100 @ Lefties or berry, same old same old.
>Rock smash Baton Pass
>Theif Swords Dance
>Bite HP Psychic

5.Flygon lvl.100 @ Salac berry
>Sandstorm Sunny Day
>Dragonbreath Flamethrower
>Strengh Giga Drain(filler)

6.Glalie lvl.100 @ Salac this too.
>Ice beam
>Blizzard Toxic
>Sheercold Block

Could anyone rate my team..

Is it good or bad???

I decided to give it a shot. modifications above.

The last is a novelty set, fun and unexpected.

01-06-2006, 01:23 AM
Ok..I think I can help.....

Her's my team:
1.Scaptile lvl.100 @ Mirecle seed
>GigadrainNO..bad. go substitute
>Dynamicpunchhits with newspaper* crunch/dragon claw
>Cut.........leech seed

2.Swellow lvl.100 @ choice band
>Areial ace
>Wing attackNo...stop using useless moves. quick attack here
>Flybad move....steel wing/hp ground

3.Pikachu lvl.100 @Ameulet coin/Magnetlight ball
>Thunder******* redundant again..go thunderwave
>Slamfocus punch or if you suck at predicting brick break
>Flashno...bad. hp ice or grass or go with sub or something

4.Absol lvl.100 @ Blackglasses
>Rock smashswords dance
>Slashslash is bad with swords dance, because if it criticals you lose the stat ups so I would go return
>Theifif you go thief you need to take away his item...but shadow ball is better
>Bitebaton pass or anothe rphysical move..maybe magic coat if you feel up for it

5.Flygon lvl.100 @ ???
>Sandstormrock slide
>Strenghquick attack or return

6.Glalie lvl.100 @ Nevermeltice
>Ice beam

Could anyone rate my team..

Is it good or bad???

Its bad...very poorly constructed

01-06-2006, 04:01 PM
Her's my team:
1.Scaptile lvl.100 @ Mirecle seeduse a petaya berry instead
>GigadrainLose this, use crunch
>DynamicpunchLose this, use dragon claw
>CutOh, gawd. use hp ice or ice punch if you've emerald

2.Swellow lvl.100 @ ???leichi berry/brightpowder
>Areial ace
>Wing attack
Too many flying moves
>keep aerial ace
keep return
double team if you use brightpowder
Maybe Hyper beam, Swellow doesn't last long anyway

3.Pikachu lvl.100 @Ameulet coin/Magnetlightball
>Thunderboltrain dance
>Slamhp water
>Flashanything's better than flash, maybe thunder wave?

4.Absol lvl.100 @ BlackglassesSalac berry
>Rock smashSwords dance
>Slashmaybe brick break?
>TheifQuick attack
>BiteAgain, Hyper beam. I know it's disliked but combined with s. dance...

5.Flygon lvl.100 @ ???dunno, lum?
>CrunchFire blast/flamethrower
>SandstormSunny day

6.Glalie lvl.100 @ NevermelticePetaya/kings rock
>Ice beam
>Sheercoldkeep as a last resort
>Reflectperhaps headbutt combo'd with kings rock

Could anyone rate my team..

Is it good or bad???
That's what I've come up with. Your overall team lacks defenses, you could do with a tank - maybe a skarmory or Umbreon? Hope I helped.