View Full Version : [Survivors] Let the Survivors Begin!

01-10-2006, 01:58 PM
Beginning of the Survivors URPG Tournament

Today is the official starting date of the Survivors URPG Tournament, the 10th of January, as I promised. This is the day when the strategizing, battling, backstabbing and mostly importantly, outlasting the other players begins. The tournament itself will last as long as 10 months, including difficult quizzez, raging battles and outsmarting your opponents with cunning strategies.

Now, less formally, this is the thread that will announce the official start of the Survivors. From now on, you are part of a tribe, either one of those two. I will make a separate thread to announce the contests as the tournament proceeds.

I would like to point out that if, which I don't hope happens, you leave the forums for good, please inform me so I can spare the tribes from a Tribal Council.

For further information on the tournament, please check the Rules or any other threads that begin with [Survivors] prefix.

Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.