View Full Version : Chapter I: How Francis met Nash

04-18-2004, 06:42 AM
It's the first chapter of a new story. please post any comments and suggestions in this thread and make sure they're useful and constructive. It's my very first story, 1st draft and I don't know If I'm going to continue it.

‘Francis’. A gentle voice awoke me. ‘Francis honey, It’s 7 o’clock. Time to wake up!’
I grumbled a bit and turned over in my fluffy, warm bed. ‘we’ve already put up all the decorations.’ That’s when I remembered: My birthday! I snapped out of my dazed state in seconds and leaped out of my bed. I ran down the stairs, jumped over Billy and into the kitchen. ´Hi grampa!´ he turned around looking happy as ever. ´Oh hello there son. Excited about your birthday?’ ‘You bet!’ I replied. It was finally my 15th birthday. I was surely gonna make ‘em stick to their promise! Grandma came shuffeling down the stairs. ‘Son, You forgot your slippers!’ She always made wear slippers. She said it reduced the chance of catching a cold. I never believed that, but I put them on anywas, for her pleasure. Plus, they feeled nicer than the cold wooden floor. Grandma took place at the kitchentable, as did I. Grandpa seemed to be making some last-minute changes to the cake. ‘Done’ he said, and turned around, revealing a beautiful cake with a pokémon motive and a.. what..? could it be? ‘Is that a…’ I said, but couldn’t finish my sentence. I was gobsmacked. After I lifted my chin from the ground, Grandpa said ‘go ahead son, take it. It’s all yours.’ I looked from grandpa to grandma, the last of which was knodding and smiling, urging me to take the pokéball placed on top of the cake. I was overcome with joy and yanked the ball off of the cake. I held it in both hands, trying to surpress the urge of cuddling it. Billy walked… well, walked… Billy never “walked”.. Billy…stumbled. That’s it, Billy stumbled into the kitchen, brushing up against my leg. Billy was my Grandpa’s pokémon, a Linoone. It always walked.. I mean stumbled along side my grandpa when he went to take in the berries. That’s what my grandpa did. He had a berryfarm. ‘Dear’ said grandma, ‘why don’t you see what pokémon is inside?’ It didn’t occur to me that the ball could even have a pokémon in it. I just saw it as a sign that they’d finally permit me to go on my own pokéjourney. ‘o-okay’ I stuttered, slowly moving the ball away from my body. I pushed the button on the ball. It opened in my hand and a red beam lashed out of the ball. At first, I couldn’t identify the shape, but when the red glow died, I recognized the pokémon: Pichu! I was overjoyed. I didn’t know who to hug first: the cute lil’ pokémon, my grandparents, or maybe even billy! Well, someone made the decision for me: the pickachu lunged at me, uttering high-pitched ‘Pichu! Pii!’ it said. My grandfather asked me ‘what are you going to name it, son?’ I thought about it. ‘Nash’ I said determined. I had thought this over so many times before! ‘That’s a mighty fine name there, son!’ My grandmother agreed. ‘But it’s not all we’ve got you!’ she added, and directed me to the livingroom where a whole pile of presents lay, waiting to be opened. I ripped apart the biggest ones first. I got a shoulderbag, a mobile phone, 3 pokéballs, a sleepingbag, a regionmap, a flashlight and lots of berrys. ‘this must’ve cost a fortune!’ I said. ‘well, Jake from the department store gave us a discount ‘cause we told him it was for you.’ My grandpa said. Maybe you should pay him a visit later on. ‘I will’. After we had cake and I played with Nash a whole lot, I figured it was time to go. My grandfolks agreed. My grandma gave me a lunchpackage for along the road and a can of PokéChow too. I thanked them again, bid them farewell and left before grandma was gonna cry. ‘be sure to call sometime, ok?’ she shouted. ‘I will!’ was my response. And I was on my way. On my way to become a POKÉMASTER!