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THis is for all you Yu-gi-oh fans out there. JUst a little comedy that I wrote a while back. I'll post a little bit at a time. Any way, enjoy!

Yu-gi-oh!: THe first 50 days of first gradeBY: Saya
Yu-gi, Joey, Tristan, and Tea are all six years old and starting 1st grade.

Week 1
Day 1
After much persuasion Yu-gi’s grandpa manages to get him up and to drag him to school.
Joey finally agrees to separate from 4-year-old Serenity long enough to go to school.
Tea runs excitedly to school.
Tristan’s family finally manages to drag him to school after suffering many black eyes, bloody noses, and bruises.

Day 2
Tea sulks because Joey spilled water all over her drawing in class.
“The only thing Yu-gi does the entire day is sit in the back of the class and read an “Early readers duel monsters rule book”.
Tristan and Joey get in a fistfight over who sits where. They both end up in the princepals office with black eyes and bloody noses.

Day 3
Tea comes to Yu-gi’s house to walk to school with him. Yu-gi is very quiet on the way while Tea chatters endlessly.
Joey refuses to come to school unless Serenity comes with him. Serenity now comes to school everyday with Joey.
Tristan thinks Joey is crazy and tells him so. Soon they get into another fistfight and are again sent to the Princepals office.

Day 4
In Music class they are taught a song. Yu-gi and Tea sing along with the rest of the class while Tristan and Joey get into another fight in the back. They are yet again sent to the Princepals office.

Day 5
The whole class becomes hyper knowing that it is the last day of school before the weekend. While the class was painting in art, Joey accidentally knocks a can of green paint over on to Tea. Tea ends up staying green for the rest of the day.

Week 2
Day 6 after the weekend
Tea comes to school with her hair still green from the paint.
Yu-gi trips on a building block in the middle of the floor and ends up with a bloody lip.
“Tristan secretly brings a snake to school and sticks it in the teachers desk. She freaks and Tristan is sent to the princepals office.
Joey didn’t show up because he thought it was the end of the school year.

Day 7
Joey appears at school again along with Serenity after he was told his mistake.
“Tea still has green paint in her hair.
“Yu-gi’s lip is swollen up huge.
Tristan fell asleep in class.

Day 8
Serenity ran to the ice cream truck a recess and Joey and the teachers had to pull her away.
“Yu-gi made a paper airplane and threw it during class. It hit Tea in the eye.
A new kid in the class named Backura made a tower of building blocks. Tristan knocked it down on top of Backura. Backura ended up with bruises all over.

Day 9
At gym Serenity tripped Tristan accidentally. Tristan (Who didn’t like her then and didn’t care about girls) yelled at her. Serenity started crying and Joey started yelling at Tristan. They got into another fistfight and once again went to the princepals office.
Tea’s hair was back to its normal color.

Day 10
Tea refuses to come to art class because of “the green paint accident” last week.
Yu-gi invites Tea, Joey and Tristan over to play at his house after school. Joey refuses to come unless Serenity came also. Tristan refuses to come if Serenity comes. Eventually only Tea comes over.

Week 3
Day 11 after the weekend
Serenity starts crying in class for some unknown reason and won’t stop. Joey and Serenity go home.
Tea brings in a gerbil named Gerby to be the class pet.
Tristan lets it out. The end result was having no classed that day because of the search for the gerbil.

Day 12
Yu-gi decides to find out what would happen if he wrote with permanent black marker all over the walls of the classroom. He ends up having to wash the marks off the walls.
Joey is back in school this time without Serenity.

Day 13
Tristan TP’s the boys bathroom and ends up cleaning it up and buying as many new rolls of toilet paper as he used, with his own allowance.

Day 14
Joey sulks all day because Serenity isn’t with him.
Tea refuses to use a green crayon to draw with.
Yu-gi is still working on the permanent marker.

Day 15
Tea still refuses to come to art class.
Yu-gi is still working on the walls.

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Thanks for reviewing Gold. I have the next 3 weeks here. Enjoy!

Week 4
Day 16 after the weekend
Yu-gi is almost done with the walls after working on them all weekend.
Tristan insists on being a monkey for the class play.
Joey doesn’t do much since Serenity isn’t there.

Day 17
Tea finishes reading “my first book for young readers.”
Yu-gi is tired at school because he had to clean the marker off the walls after school.
Joey looks a bit happier now but he still misses Serenity.

Day 18
Joey joined Tristan in writing with soap on the windows.
Yu-gi had finally gotten all the marker off the walls.

Day 19
Tea makes a bad model of a bird out of clay. Joey picks it up to look at it and accidentally drops it and ruins it. Tea sulks for the rest of the day.

Day 20
Tea still refuses to go to art class.
Yu-gi manages to climb to the top of the jungle gym but falls off and gets a bloody nose.

Week 5
Day 21 after the weekend
Joey brings Serenity to school for show and tell. All the kids had already seen her and weren’t very interested.

Day 22
Tristan brings a bag of popcorn for snack. He sticks it in the microwave. It burned and let off a lot of smoke. The fire alarm went off. Every one had to go outside because the teachers thought there was a fire. The fire department came and found out that it was a false alarm. Tristan doesn’t say anything about his popcorn.

Day 23
Yu-gi is very nervous for a spelling test they have to take.
Joey is sure he will fail.
Tea is quite confident that she will ace it.
Tristan doesn’t care.

Day 24
Yu-gi did very well on the test and so did Tea.
Joey and Tristan both failed.

Day 25
Joey and Tristan took the test over again.
Gerby, the gerbil, got loose again. Yu-gi and Tea were assigned to look for it. They missed all their classes. Tea was glad to have an excuse for missing art class.

Week 6
Day 26 after the weekend
Joey didn’t show up because he refused to come to school with out Serenity. Serenity isn’t allowed to come to school with Joey anymore.

Day 27
Tristan decided that he is an orphan and goes around telling everyone so.
Joey is back and he copies Tristan and also decides that he is an orphan.
Tea argues with them about it.
Yu-gi just sits back and stares.

Day 28
Tristan sits in front of the entrance of the playground and threatens to beat anyone up who doesn’t pay a dollar to enter the playground.
Tea tells on him and Tristan gets no recess for the next week.

Day 29
Joey and Tristan get into a huge fistfight. They end up getting a friendship lecture from Tea as well as a trip to the princepals office.

Day 30
Tea finally gave in and went to art class. Joey was very careful not to do anything to Tea.

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