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04-19-2004, 09:58 PM
This is going to be a Medi-eval type story so it's going to have alot to deal with like Swords and apricorns instead of Pokeballs.

Kouga walked through the forrest, alert, he was ready for anything that could jump out at him. The forrest was supposed to be haunted by many ghosts who would come out late in the night to attack a trainer, or even just an unexpecting traveler. Kouga was traveling earlier, though still at night, and heard deep laughs coming from within the forrest. He walked through cautiously and saw the ghosts of trainers who had lost their lives in the forrest. Kouga wasn't sure if some of the stories were just made-up or if they were really true. Some people didn't believe the stories but some people just thought that some of the ghosts were actually Ghost Pokemon trying to scare people for thrills. Others believed people would just dress up and try to scare others. Others truly believed it though. Kouga was 17 however and had a very mature mind so he wasn't going to jump to conclusions until he saw it all himself.

Kouga heard a cry coming from deeper into the forrest. He started to run towards the cry to see who or what it was. He figured it could have been a ghost that could be trying to play a trick on him but he wanted to see for himself what it was. He finally reached the scream and it appeared to be a young girl around his age. She was sitting on the ground in front of Kouga. She had brown hair, and green eyes. She wore a skirt that came a little over her knees.

I'll edit to add on later.