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Tamer Marco
04-20-2004, 04:47 PM
Sorry but if you see my paragraphs not indented it's because my button for it isn't working.

James was a twelve year old pokemon trainer who just became the owner of his fathers gym. Sadly, James didn't like this turn of events. He was no where as good as his father and since he died when James became eleven he barely knew how to be a trainer. How could he face being a gym leader?! Today James was walking in the bright sunlight having the gym being closed. "
I need time off from that stupid gym." James thought. "It's bad enough that my dad died and had to give the gym to me but I haven't even been a pokemon trainer for three years!" "I can't compete with trainers that have years of experience..." James always thought about giving up. But wise words that his father told him helped him get along with the gym. "Remember that you can't set yourself up for failure. You always have to keep on trying." Thats what his fathers taught him. A warm breeze blowed and it calmed him down. He left the spot and headed to the local beach. When he got there a Krabby pinched his shoe. James shoved the krabby away sending it to a whole other part of the beach. "Cwaah!!" it yelled as it soared into the sun. James thought that this would be a good time to train and at least have fun in the sun with his pokemon. "Come out everybody!"

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Tamer Marco
04-20-2004, 10:02 PM
Red and orange lights surronded the beach. Once the lights formed pokemon they showed a black Totodile, a plump little mass that was pink could be reconized a ditto. The stronger pokemon came out next. A hyper active Kingler who was best friends with the last and strongest pokemon called Bubbles who was a fast Dewgong. The water pokemon James had owned were a interesting mix with a ditto and the water pokemon challengers laughed at the Ditto in the crowd of water pokemon. Jame's father had trained his pokemon a little too much for poor James. The only pokemon that James could control properly were Ditto and Totodile. Kingler and Dewgong could be controled also but not correctly. And two other pokemon, Kingdra and Vaporeon were monsters to control for the twelve year old. James looked at his pokemon and saw what they were doing. Totodile was spraying water all over the place causing a tourist to get soaking wet. "Hey, kid are these your pokemon!?" a tourist asked. "Yes sir." James replied. "Well keep e'm chained or something i'm probably gonna get sick!" "Sorry!" James could control Totodile but Totodile sometimes controled him. When Totodile was in a bad mood he would spray anything that he saw. He was a typical Totodile only black. Kingler burrowed in the ground and Dewgong swam tyring to improve his speed. Only little Ditto was on task. Transforming, transforming it's little heart out. James felt angry. Ditto was a little pokemon doing big things. "Hey you guys!" "Are you gonna let Ditto be stronger than you?" Ditto looked a lion on the face. "If you guys don't want to train then neither am I!!" screamed James.