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02-19-2006, 07:30 PM
It's time to lay down some ground rules before anything else gets out of control. These rules are for all three art boards.

Art Forum Rules

Art Theft

The stealing of art is a serious matter here at PE2K. Not only is it pathetic that someone has to take someone else's hard work just to have others think that they are "good" at art, but it is also reason enough to ban a member. Art theft will by no means be permitted here. If you are caught you will be:

First Offense: You will be temporarily banned from the forum
Second Offense: You will be temporarily banned from the forum for a longer period of time
Third Offense: You will be permanently banned from the forum

You have only 3 chances, if you blow them all then you're out.

Art thieves better think twice before even thinking about calling someone else's art their own.

What does Art Theft involve?

Art theft not only involves the direct stealing of someone's art, it also involves using their art in your artwork without their permission. Say if you wanted to use someone's fan art in your banner, but didn't have their permission. That is considered stealing their art. It is perfectly all right to use someone else's art as long as you give credit and have their permission.

Another form of art theft is taking someone else's art and editing it. For example, taking a sprite that someone created and then recoloring it, then calling it your own is against the rules. Of course, taking the general Pokemon Game Sprites is perfectly ok, but editing anything created by members, including fusions, is against the rules. This not only includes sprites, but banners, fan art, etc...

When Creating Threads

Here are some guidelines while creating threads in the Art Forums.

Displaying Images

Single images such as sprites, banners, or other artwork are not allowed to have their own thread. You may make a gallery thread and continue to add on to it. But a single sprites must go into the "General Spriter's Showcase". Individual banners and other pieces of art go into either the "Signature & Banner Showcase" or the "Other Images" thread.
Here are links to the specified threads you can post these images in.

Banners & Avatars: Signature & Avatar Showcase (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=36)
Banners and Avatars should be displayed in the Signature and Avatar Showcase.

Sprites: General Spriter's Showcase (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9953)
Sprites belong in the General Spriter's Showcase

Fan Art/Drawings: Share A Drawing (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1452)
Have some fan art or drawings you want to share? Post them in the Share a Drawing thread.

Other Images: General Image Display (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=14969)Any other images should be displayed in this thread.

Also, due to the high volume of activity on these boards, artists may only have one gallery/request thread. So keep all of your artwork, no matter what form it may take in one thread, or it will get locked or fused to your other thread.

Request Threads and Requesting Images

When making a request thread, it is vital that you show examples of your work, otherwise nobody will request. Any thread not having any images in it, either as display or examples, will be warned. Failure to put examples up in the thread will result in a lock. You can PM a moderator to re-open it if you decide you want to put requests in.

When requesting images, make sure you give enough information on the image depending on what it is. Usually, the person doing the requests give guidelines on what they want you to request, but here are the basics you should follow when requesting:

Banners and Avatars

Size: A good sized banner would be approximately 400x100 - 600x250
Colors: Color is all a matter of preference
Text: Your banner says whatever you want it to say
Stock: Throw in some images or keep it simple
Background: Want a complicated background? Or maybe you just want a simple gradient.
Other: Maybe you'd like your banner to have a dreamy look to it. Or even a rigid theme.

These are obviously just the basic guidelines, and the different specifications may vary between different images. You do not have to follow these guidelines unless the person doing the request requires that you do.

Creating your own Guidelines & Tutorials

If you want to create your own guidelines and tutorials, you must have enough information so that the tutorial actually helps someone. Tutorials are not only supposed to involve words on how to do something, but images to show you how to do them. There are some exceptions for tutorials without images however. But it is strongly recommended that you use images. Moderators will determine if the tutorial you've written has enough information of a high enough quality to be included in the stickied "Art Tutorials" thread.

There are also many tutorial sites that you can visit that have hundreds of tutorials on many programs:

Pixel2Life (http://pixel2life.com/)
Good-Tutorials (http://good-tutorials.com/)

Want to know something?

There have been a lot of people in the past that create threads for simple questions such as, "how do I make banners", "how do I recolor sprites" etc...PLEASE!!! Simple questions like this do not deserve their own thread. If you would like to know how to make something, such as a sprite or banner, please ask it in this thread: Graphic Arts Chat (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6253)

Also, if you want to know, for example, which program is best to create an image, or where can I find an animation program, please use the Graphic Arts Chat. All questions on where to find something, how to do something, and who to go to for the best banner, or whatever, please use the Graphic Arts Chat.

Rules for Contests

Each contest has their own set of rules. The Contest board itself has its own set of rules.

First of all, no one may make their own contest without the authorization of a moderator. If you do make your own contest, it will be locked immediately. If you'd like to create a contest you think members will be interested in, please PM either Defense.2, RocketMeowth, or SurlyProfessor and give them the details. Usually, they will reject a contest if it is simply something like "create the best sprite" or "whoever has the best banner wins". If there is a contest you'd like to see continue weekly, monthly, etc...we will discuss it and see if it is something the members will be interested in. There are already fan art, banner, and spriting contests going on in this board, so anything related to these will probably be denied. But there are exceptions such as a one time contest for a certain club and whatever.

And this concludes the Art Forum Rules. If you have anything to add to this, please PM a mod and we'll see if we can add it. Also, if you see any newbs running around the art boards, direct them to this thread to avoid any further grief. =P