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Pok-e-xpedition Capture Park (Name subject to change)

Welcome to a new Branch of #009-14 Industries. It was known as the longest lasting park in the TPM ASB. The business was originally created by Blastoise #009 and Deckbuilder14 (Deck Knight now), hence the name of the Park. It went through many Owners, Co-Owners, and other stuff. Now Moltrecuno/Teresa owns it on TPM and I Co-Own it with Her here in the URPG. Here you will find all legal Pokémon you can use at the URPG.

Rules and Regulations (http://www.angelfire.com/art2/virtualplay/pokestuff/00914pokepark/) (Old Website. Only for Temporary Reference)

Notice of Entrance Fee:
A Fee of $2000 will be charged for every time you enter. This goes toward Park Maintenance and the wellbeing of the Pokémon. You are issued a Temporary Item called an Entrance Pass. This is to not make Stories and the Pokémart obsolete.

Notice of Limit:
You can only enter the Park twice per Week and catch no more than two Pokémon per week. This is also to not make Stories and the Pokémart obsolete.


The regular Park Balls for the specific Areas (excluding the Hyper Ball) are specialized to capture Pokémon in special areas within the Park Areas. If you want to switch Areas, just ask your Park Ranger and you can exchange the Park Balls too.

Types of Park Balls:
Lure Ball: For Catching Pokémon at the Great Lake (Water Pokémon one Set of Water Pokémon)
Forest Ball: For Catching Pokémon in the Woods (This is a completely new Area created by Me and contains Bug, Normal, some Poison, one Steel, and Set of Fighting Pokémon)
Nature Ball: For Catching Pokémon at the Botanical Gardens (Grass and one Rock Pokémon)
Heat Ball: For Catching Pokémon at Mt. Fuji-Chibi (Fire, Rock, Ground and one Steel Pokémon)
Power Ball: For Catching Pokémon at the Abandoned Power Plant (Lightning, Poison, some Steel and one set of Poison/Flying Pokémon)
Frigid Ball: For Catching Pokémon at Mt. Chibi-Everest (Ice, Fighting, one Set of Normal Pokémon)
Low Ball: For Catching Pokémon at Meteor Valley [in between the two Mountains] (Ghost, Psychic and Dark, and some Normal Pokémon)
Sky Ball: For Catching Pokémon in Outer Heaven (I got the idea for the name from Syrus and Eliminate in War Season 1. I hope they don’t mind Me using the name. This is a completely new Area created by Me. It contains Flying, Dragon, and one Steel Pokémon.)

The areas might still have missing Types so let Me know if I missed one.

Park Ball: $200
This Pokéball can capture Pokémon with one evolution stage (ex: Girafarig), first link of a two-evolution chain (ex: Magby and Exeggcute), the first link of a three-evolution chain (ex: Charmander), and Pokémon that is last link of two-evolution chain (ex: Magmar and Exeggutor) or second link of three-evolution chain (ex: Charmeleon)

Hyper Ball: $600
This can be used on any Pokémon in any Area and doesn’t need to be exchanged when switching Areas. Gives a higher chance of capturing Pokémon of any stage lower than a third stage at a higher percentage of health. Only Ball able to use for capture of third stage Pokémon (ex: Charizard and Politoed) in the Park.

Repellent: $100
When used, it can repel a Pokémon of your choice for five encounters. Example: If used on a Weedle, the Weedle will not be seen for five encounters.

Family Repellent: $500
When used, it can repel a whole evolution chain of a Pokémon of your choice for five encounters.
Example: If used on Weedle, Weedle and its evolutions will not be seen for five encounters.

Type Repellent: $1,500
When used, it can repel a whole type of Pokémon classified under a certain type for five encounters.
Example: If used on Bug type Pokémon, any bug Pokémon will not be seen for five encounters. Its useful for Areas with more than one type of Pokémon.

Family Poke-Pager: $5,000
Allows you to attract any member of a Pokémon's family (ex. I set mine to Machop and I'll definitely run into a Machop, Machoke, or Machamp)

Poke-Pager Deluxe: $10,000
Allows you to attract a specific Pokémon (ex. I set mine to Machop and I'll definitely run into a Machop)

Egg Case: $500
This is a Case for the Rare chance that you find an Egg. The Egg hatches when you leave the Park but you cannot keep the Baby if you don’t have the appropriate Park Ball.

Healing Potion: $600 for 2 health
This is the only item that can be purchased while in the park. Yeah, the owner made sure that’s the only item rangers would bring when they bring trainers around the Park. This can be purchased multiple times and can heal 2 health.

Permit: $400
This enables a single extra Pokémon to be brought into the park with the trainer per Permit purchased.

~ Each Pokémon brought into the park by their trainer, per visit, can only use each Health Recovery Move and Rest once.
~ Only one Customer per Ranger.
~ If you want to have a Catching Session on Messenger, (Suggested as a possibility by Harry) then a URPG Leader MUST be present. This is only in the cases that I am not online at the time that you want to do that. In that case, a Ranger AND a Leader must be present. It can be avoided if you can get me to be the Ranger on Messenger or if you can get me to be present for the Session while somebody else is the Ranger.
~ When you start, please tell us what items you are buying, what Pokémon you are bringing, where you want to go, and who you want to ref for you. This ref must be a Ranger here. We will verify all this.
~ Treat this like a real battle, except that you may choose to not accept up to three times without getting kicked out of the park. Accepting is only needed when a Pokémon attacks you, not when you start the battle. You can “run into” as many Pokémon as long as you haven’t used your last Ball and you have a Pokémon with at least 0.1 HP left.
~ When you start a battle, your Pokémon will have the HP they left off with from the last one. You may only heal between battles using our services.
~ A single Ball may only be used once and will not be refunded if you do not catch the “opponent” with it.
~ You may only use one Pokémon unless you buy a Permit and you must leave if you do not have any Balls left or all your Pokémon faint.

Workers of the Park

Me: In charge of making new topics, distributing paychecks, making sure workers and customers behave, communicating with the Leaders, and regular Ranger duties. For your information: If business is slow, I will not take a Paycheck for that week.

Moltrecuno: In charge of making new topics, distributing paychecks, making sure workers and customers behave, communicating with the Leaders, and regular Ranger duties. SHE IS MISSING IN ACTION BUT IF SHE EVER DOES COME BACK HERE, THIS IS JUST SO PEOPLE KNOW SHE IS STILL AN OWNER.

Park Rangers:
They just do regular ranger duties like reffing and helping customers. They also help the owner in adjusting things in the Park (like prices, giving suggestions, etc.)

Dana (my NPC companion is not paid)
NOW HIRING! *Will hire up to 5 workers*

Park Rangers’ Pay: $500 per completed Session. (Must still be Validated by a Leader)

Web Site Updater/Builder: ???

Does anybody want to make a Website?



There is up to one Job Opening available so that means if you want to work here invite Me to one of your Reffings and I’ll see. If you are not approved then you have to prove yourself otherwise

If You Want To Be A Worker, You Must Believe You Have The Criteria Below
~ You enjoy Reffing
~ Have Good Knowledge of all Pokémon and Their Movesets.
~ Can be Funny.
~ Can Be Active In Reffing.
~ Are most likely to be part of the URPG for 6 months or more.
~ You MUST know how to ref. It is not required to be approved because I’d like to have some people who are not approved Refs to provide for Variety in Reffing. I mean so it’s not the same people Reffing all the time.
~ A really good Imagination for the RPG/Fanfic-like Scenes we are going to be depicting. (Required).

The Prices are subject to change (up OR down) at the Leaders’ choice (Or Mine). As soon as I am notified of proposed Price Changes, we will talk it over and the Prices will be changed.

It’s still a “work in progress” and is being Adjusted on a Case-by-Case basis.

If Anyone Has A Question, Please PM (Only if you don’t have a Messenger or if I’m not on a Messenger and you have an Emergency.) or IM Me (I prefer this method.). Please (If you can avoid it.) do not post Questions in here.

Leaders, please don’t edit these posts without telling Me first. It took Me about 2 hours to copy and convert this into URPG format. The FAQ just took a very long time to write.

This first post may change occasionally so check it often.

Also... Read over this post CAREFULLY before you purchase anything!!

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Thread- Stickied.

04-26-2004, 03:45 PM
Thank you Curtis for keeping the Topic clean.

News: I am writing a large FAQ that will probably span more than one page (post). I plan to have it answer common questions and to have it put into perspective the Magnitude of the large project I am undertaking. Posting it ASAP but not today or tomorrow since it's long.

FAQ progress: Many common questions answered. Jack's question answered (Curtis showed it to me while I was on AIM Mobile on Saturday). Pkmn list for first two Areas done.

Coming questions after Locations: "How do I RP in the Park?", "Where is it located in relation to everything else?" and "Who is Dana and what does she have to do with this?"

Note 1: This post is a placeholder for the first part of the FAQ as well as the next couple of posts.

Note 2: I am working on a Map in Image format, also.

Note 3: Please, nobody post here because I plan to have many questions becides the above answered when I am done with it and posting would just be SPAM and useless work for the Mod(s). Thanks.