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Legends say that one day a hero will come and save the world. The prophocies are wrong, today two prophocies are born.

Chapter 1: Starting Day/Hidden Secret

Now it was the last day of school I mean Poke Oaks Acadamy. Every week batles went on. I couldn't battle because I didn't have one, well actually I did. I just didn't want anyone to know execept my Mom and Dad. Also my best friend Doug. I just didn't want Professer Birch to know. I have a Wurmple and with that I can't get Treeko the grass type starter. So a battle was going on and Mrs. Turnr called me up.

She said," Here is your starter pokemon Treeko. Professer Birch knew you wanted him. Mark you're fourteen and you could've started four years ago. Why didn't you? Never mind that, go battle."

I replied, "Ok. Who wants to battle me?''

A kid stood up and said, "My name is trainer I will battle.''

"Good," I said trying to sound very brave.

Trainer yells, '' Mudkip go."

Treeko came out of the green ball and looked at me. Mudkip had a nice light blue color on it. I could tell trainer bred Mudkip really nicely.

"Treeko go!" I yelled.

This should be an easy battle.

"Treeko use um.... what are your attacks?"

''While your doing that Mudkip water gun''

''Oh yeah Treeko dodge the attack and then vine whip"

Mudkip's attack came so fast I thought Treeko would get hit. Treeko stood still and stared at the attack. Then all of a sudden he jumped in the air so high I couldn't believe it and then Treeko let out a huge vine whip. It hit Mudkip and Treeko kept it on. He then slamed Mudkip on the ground. Bam. The hit made a huge noise and completely knocked out Mudkip.

''Treeko you are the bomb. Our first vict...'' I was cut off

Trainer said, ''Not so fast. Go Ziggy!"

A huge brown and white Zigzagoon came out.

"Ziggy tackle."

The tackle hit Treeko and he went flying. Treeko hit a wall, as he got on his feet he fell. I can't believe it I lost.

''Mark catch.''

I reconized that voice, it was Doug's. He through a poke ball at me. I caught the ball.

"And now for a pokemon no one knows that I own. Wurmple!'' I said.

"Yes our match continues.''

Everybody gasped.

"Treeko return, now Wurmple use tackel attack."

The hit was so tremendous Zigzagoon almost fainted.

"Ziggy tackel."

Zigzagoon was so weak he couldn't get up. I won.

"Wurmple ret...."

"Yes a new pokemon in one day and my first battle won. Wurmple return," I said. I then looked uo at Trainer, ''What is your real name.''

He just ran off not saying anythinng.

Well now I am goin to Rustburo Town after school. My mom knows she, my dad and my sister are in Kanto at Mr ketchum and Mr. Oak's studying building. So Doug told me he was going to go with me and we would be a team. I had a new pokemon and Doug has one getting ready to do what I did get, a starter anyways.
School ended and I walked home with Doug already in my room.

''Well I helped you pack. I mean your cell and poke balls," Doug said.

"Yeah thanks. Lets get going to Professer Birch,'' I replied.

We left to go to Birch's studying palace, as we call it in Littleroot.

We got there and Doug took Torchic so he could always beat my two grass types. As we started to walk out Birch called our names.

"Doug, Mark your moms' just called me. Go into the plane in the back and you're going to Kanto. Here is two pokedex and Mark congradulations on your first victory and a new pokemon,'' Birch told us.

Doug turned around and said, ''Ok, thanks."

I said, ''Thank you, but how did you new I got one and not two?"

"Never mind about that. It is ok, I know about Doug too. Now go!" he said.

We walked out and went to the back, and saw the plane. We walked in and smiled. After two minutes the plain took off. We were in the air for an hour and we just made it to the Johto line.

"Doug I'm getting bored. Lets bat..." I was cut off.

''Sure lets go."

Once again Doug knew what I wanted or was thinking.

"Alright go HootHoot." Doug threw out his secret pokemon, but not to me.

"Alright time to use Wurmple," I replied. Doug gave me a weird look and I said, "You'll see.''

I took out my pokedex and pointed it at HootHoot, it said, "It has a perfect sense of time.Whatever happens, it keeps rythem by precisley tilting its head in time."

I shrugged and look at Wurmple in an a cool way, then smiled.

"Wurmple the worm type Pokemon, it eats leaves and has two evolutions Cascoon and Silicoon.." Doug's pokedex said

He looked at HootHoot and said, " HootHoot peck."

It came so fast.

"Wurmple string shot."

A white string shot at HootHoot so fast, its mouth was closed together and fell down on a sofa

"Wurmple use tackle."

The tackle hit and knocked out HootHoot.

" Wurmple I knew those two attacks would work. I'll keep you out and let you fight Torchic," I told Wurmple.

Even though it couldn't smile I knew it was.

" Go Torchic. Now ember."

As I looked up Torchic's ember came Wurmple's direction and hit him. He was badly damaged.

"Wurmple tackle!"

It went strait after Torchic and hit him. Torchic got up and used another ember. Before I could tell Wurmple to dodge the ember hit him leaving him knocked out.

"Wurmple return. Your Torchic is strong," I told Doug.

"Thank you, I knew," he said gloating like.

Well I thought I if should send Treecko out. Treecko no, because he is a grass type and is weak against fire types.

"I give up," I said

"Torchic return. Wow I can't believe I won," Doug said after giving me a high five.

"Well I guess we will just wait till we get to Kanto," I replied.

"Yeah," he said sarcasticly.

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wow 523 thumbs ... up.... I MEAN DOWN

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Great story one thing Treecko can't use Vine Whip.

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Run-on sentences, comma splits, bad grammar, and lack of a dictionary in one chapter? I'm impressed.

Get better.

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wow 523 thumbs ... up.... I MEAN DOWN

Great story one thing Treecko can't use Vine Whip.


Run-on sentences, comma splits, bad grammar, and lack of a dictionary in one chapter? I'm impressed.

Get better.

Well hey, giving someone heck isn't likely to be the best way to get them to write better stories.
HM: Try reading around to different stories on this and other sites. The more exposure you get to good writing, the better you'll get as long as you practice your writing skills.
Don't worry, everyone starts somewhere.

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Sorry, I was a bit grumpy when I posted that. So anyway, try running chapters through MS Word and editing it before posting.

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This story's been posted in 2004, guys, TrainerNick just revived the thread. ^^;

- Kat

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:eek: Holy...
Writer absence? :eh:
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