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05-01-2004, 04:14 AM
Harry awoke to a clear sunny day. He quickly got dressed and packed his stuff together. It had been a crazy night and Harry had to check his new pokeball to make sure it wasn’t a dream. Soon after making sure he had all his things, he quickly headed out of the pokecenter.

It was a beautiful day outside. The rain had cleared the foggy sky and the sun shown brightly. Small bird pokemon were flying through the air, weaving between the massive skyscrapers. Harry inhaled a large breath before heading for the next town. Well, he would have left for the next town, except his cellphone went off. Harry heard the ringing a quickly activated the phone.

Harry: “Hello, this is Harry Kim.”
Maple: “Harry? Hi, this is Professor Maple. I was wondering if you are willing to be a part of a new experiment in pokemon battles?”
Harry: “Well, I guess it would depend on the experiment.”
Maple: “Oh, it’s nothing dangerous. Just come on down to the lab and we’ll explain everything.”
Harry: “Okay, but I won’t promise anything.”
Maple: “Thanks, see you later.”

Harry ended the call. The day was still young and this experiment might be interesting. This could break way for a new wave of pokemon technology! So Harry, excitedly, walked towards the laboratory by the radio tower.

He reached there within minutes of the call. As before, he went up to the desk clerk. He looked up and smiled at the impatient trainer.

Harry: “Where may I find Professor Maple?”
Clerk: “Professor Maple? Let me check the computer. Okay. Professor Maple is currently working in the test lab here on the first floor. The test lab is to your left.”
Harry: “Okay, thank you.”

Harry turned to his left and walked straight down he hall. After several doors, he finally found the test lab. He turned the handle and stepped in. What he found was amazing. Inside were several white machines set up together. Several cables of multiple colors traveled between them. In the center of the machine was a chair. Above the chair was a machine that looked a lot like one of those hair styling machines in salons. In front of the chair were six pokeball spots. Professor Maple was working at a console to the right with her assistants. Harry walked up to them.

Harry: “Professor Maple, I’m here.”
Maple: “Harry, thanks for coming. I suppose you already seen the PBO.”
Harry: “If that’s what the machine is, then I guess I have. What is it?”
Maple: “PBO is short for Pokemon Battles Online. It’s the latest breakthrough in pokemon battle technology. You see, trainers who want to battle first need to find another trainer to battle with. Of course, this could take a while and the trainer might not be at the same skill level. So, we developed a system that allows trainers to battle over the Internet. The trainer sits in the chair and places his six pokeballs in the slots. He then places the headgear on. As soon as the machine is activated, he will be transported to a virtual pokecenter where thousands of other trainers using the PBO system will be. In the pokecenter, you can find an opponent and challenge him to a battle. The system will acknowledge the challenge and both of you will be transported to a virtual arena. All of this will seem quite real though. In the arena, you will have the six pokmon you chose. You can decide how the battle is run, but the pokemon you have gives you the choice to battle with up to six pokemon. The battles will take place like real life and after a match, the PBO system returns the trainers to the real world.”

Harry stared at the professor in awe of the invention.

Harry: “Wow. That’s amazing.”
Maple: “Yes. The machine will allow trainers from around the world to battle and see who’s better. However, the machine won’t be out for a couple of months if all goes well. What we need is for someone to test the system. That’s why you’re here. We want to you to test the machine.”
Harry: “Well, I suppose so, but is it dangerous?”
Maple: “We have predicted a 3% chance of injury, but the risk is minimal. If you get hurt, this laboratory will pay for any medical care. Just sign these papers and we can get started.”
Harry: “Well, okay.”

05-01-2004, 04:17 AM
Professor Maple handed Harry legal papers and after several minutes of reading, Harry signed them.

Maple: “Okay, we’re ready to go. Harry, please sit down in that chair.”

Harry walked over to the machine and sat down. The two assistants were waiting and placed the headgear on his head.

Assistant 1: “Please place the pokeballs you want to take with you.”
Harry: “Okay. I think I will take along Venasaur, Muk, Charizard, Starmie, and Steelix.”

Harry placed the pokeballs in the slots just as the machine activated. It slowly scanned the pokeballs.

Maple: “Okay Harry, we have to wait for the machine to prepare itself. Are you ready?”
Harry: “Well, I’m kind of nervous, but go ahead.”
Maple: “Okay. Because we only have one system, we programmed a computer opponent for you. What is the systems status?”
Assistant 1: “Analyzers are functioning and power cells are at 99% efficiency.”
Assistant 2: “Psychological connections are steady and connection to the virtual pokemon center is complete.”
Maple: “Okay, all systems are go. Activate the PBO system.”
Assistant 1: “Activating.”

Slowly, a giant hum filled the air as the machine came to life. Harry could feel a small vibration as the machine prepared to send him on a virtual journey. A small butterfly flew inside his stomach as Harry slowly regretted volunteering for the experiment.

Assistant 2: “The system is 26% loaded. Now it’s 45%. 68%. 82%. 94%.”
Assistant 1: “I’m reading a massive overload in the CPU conduit! An electric surge is forming!”
Maple: “Abort! Shut down the system!”
Assistant 1: “I can’t the overload is too powerful!”
Assistant 2: “The surge has been activated. It’s traveling to the psychological connection!”
Maple: “Stop it! Shut down the system!”
Assistant 1: “I can’t! The surge has entered the headgear!”

Harry was listening to this with great fear. He tried to move his legs, but his mind was already partially integrated into the virtual system. A bead of sweat formed on his face as the hum of the machine soon drowned out the voices. The hum grew larger until it felt like it was right on top of him. A surge of pain traveled through his brain and soon a wave of white light passed by his eyes before he fainted.

05-01-2004, 04:18 AM
Harry awoke with a harsh headache. He held his head as he got up. He rubbed his eyes to clear his vision and looked around. Around him was a thick layer of fog that swirled in and out. He couldn’t see pass the fog. Harry looked down. He was on a patch of dirt, but nothing was growing in it. It seemed slightly moist from the fog. Harry looked back up. He tried to remember how he got here. He remembered the machine and the experiment, but after the failure, there was a blank. “Maybe, I’m dead.” Harry thought to himself. However, just as soon as he finished his thought, a figure emerged from the fog. It was his grandfather.

Harry: “Grandpa! You’re, you’re alive!”
Grandpa: “Harry, you must come with me.”
Harry: “How is this possible. Are we dead? Where are we going.”
Grandpa: “Harry, follow me this way.”

His grandfather pointed to a direction in the fog. Harry looked in that direction, but he couldn’t see anything.

Harry: “Where do you want me to go?”

But Harry’s grandfather had vanished from sight.

Harry: “Grandpa? Where did you go.”
Holmes: “He probably left in the direction he told you to go.”

Harry turned around. Behind him stood the famous Sherlock Holmes he had met in Cerulean.

Harry: “Mr. Holmes. How did you get here.”
Holmes: “You’re Grandfather must have had something important to show you if he wanted you to follow him.”
Harry: “Yes, but where does it go?”
However, Sherlock Holmes had vanished, just like his grandfather.
Harry: “This is getting kind of creepy.”

With no other choice, Harry walked toward his direction his Grandfather told him to go. All of a sudden, Ron appeared to his left.

Ron: “You don’t know where you’re going. It could be an illusion.”
Harry: “Ron, what do you want?”
Ron: “Is your Grandfather really there or is he an illusion?”
Harry: “What? What are you saying?”
Ron: “It’s foggy tonight. Better be careful.”

Then Ron stepped back into the fog and disappeared. Harry paused for a moment. Why would Ron be here and not try to get revenge? Why would Holmes be here? Where is his Grandfather? These questions flew through his mind as he continued to walk on.

Joy: “I’m scared. I can’t see through this fog and there are strange people everywhere.”
Harry: “Nurse Joy? Where did you come from?”

But she had disappeared like the others. Harry quickened his pace and covered his ears. However, he kept hearing the voices.

Pine: “I’m sure there is a logical explanation for this.”
Flint: “We must fight to survive.”
Ron: “Or will we?”
Joy: “This is scary.”
Holmes: “But the end is near.”
Joy: “I can feel it.”
Grandpa: “Follow me.”
Ron: “No, it’s a trap.”
Flint: “If it is, then we’ll fight to overcome it.”
Holmes: “But will that work?”
Pine: “Ever trap has its weakness.”
Ron: “And every trap has its strengths.”
Joy: “I’m scared.”
Grandpa: “Harry, stop.”

05-01-2004, 04:20 AM
All of a sudden the voices stopped. Harry stopped running and looked around. He was standing on one side of a pokemon arena. The fog surrounded the field, but he could see the arena clearly. He looked from side to side. No one could be seen around him. However, at the edge of the arena toward the center appeared a referee. It was Dr. Watson.

Watson: “This is a trainer battle with no limit on the number of pokemon. There is no time limit. Today we have Trainer Harry Kim versus the Champion."

Out stepped from the shadows a giant Tyranitar and a cloaked figure with a hood. The black cloth surrounded him and covered his face. With him, the Tyranitar’s long green body hovered over the arena and its roar sent a wave of fear down Harry’s back. The Tyranitar roared angrily.

Stranger: “Who dares challenge me?”
Watson: “The challenger is Trainer Harry Kim.”
Stranger: “Then, I’ll defeat him. Are you ready to battle.”
Then Ron appeared out of nowhere.
Ron: “Harry, you’re not ready to fight. This guy is a lot stronger than you are. Let’s get out of here while you can.”

Ron grabbed Harry’s hand and pulled him back into the fog, away from the arena.

Ron disappeared, but Harry continued to run until he came to a small clearing in the fog. He leaned against a large rock. All of a sudden, all the people that had appeared to him came out of the fog.

Harry: “Who are you?”
Grandpa: “We are you, Harry.”
Flint: “We have been a part of you since the beginning.”
Pine: “We will be a part of you to the end.”
Ron: “You can’t get rid of us.”
Harry: “What?”
Joy: “You are alone.”
Pine: “Here in the fog.”
Holmes: “We can help you.”
Grandpa: “If you listen.”
Harry: “Listen? Who are you?”
Holmes: “Harry, think for a moment.”
Pine: “You were in an accident.”
Ron: “The experiment fizzled out your brain.”
Joy: “You fainted.”
Pine: “Now, you’re here in your mind.”
Holmes: “We represent your mind. Each part of you that makes you who you are.”
Pine: “Memory.”
Joy: “Emotions.”
Ron: “Doubt.”
Grandpa: “Common sense.”
Flint: “Motivation.”
Holmes: “And deduction. We are you Harry Kim.”
Grandpa: “Now’s the time. You must face your opponent.”
Ron: “The fight will be difficult.”
Flint: “But you can win!”
Pine: “Trust in yourself.”
Joy: “You have the courage.”
Holmes: “Now use it and destroy your opponent or else you might never leave this place.”
Watson: “Are you ready Harry?”

Dr. Watson walked up to the group.

Harry: “What do you represent?”
Watson: “I represent the solution Harry, but to win, you must fight. So I ask you again. Are you ready?”
Harry: “Yes.”

05-01-2004, 04:27 AM
Suddenly Harry found himself standing back at the end of the arena. The giant Tyranitar looked back at him with an evil look. The masked figure just stood solemnly at the other end of the arena.

Watson: “I declare this an official match. Trainer, send out your pokemon and begin.”
Harry: “Okay, then I’ll use Starmie.”

Starmie flew out of its pokeball and landed on the field. It faced its menacing opponent.

Harry: “Starmie, use water gun on Tyranitar.”
Figure: “Block it and use Crunch.”

Starmie launched a powerful stream of water at Tyranitar, but it placed its arm up and blocked the attack. It apparently was very strong and could stand up to some water even though its type was weak against it. It slowly walked forward toward the Staryu as it continued to launch the water attack. Each step shook the ground as it walked.

Harry: “Uh. Starmie, back away slowly, but use water gun still.”

Starmie tried to maneuver its legs back and succeeded, but it wasn’t meant to walk and even though Tyranitar was slow, it came closer and closer to Starmie. The water wasn’t affecting it at all.

Harry: “Okay, if water isn’t working. Let’s use tackle.”

Starmie jumped up and flew at the Tyranitar. Its body began spinning, and soon it became a moving blur. However, even though Tyranitar was slow, it had fast reflexes and caught the Starmie in the air. It pulled it in and took a big crunch at the center. It only took one. Starmie was badly hurt and had fainted. It was lucky that it was at the center where it was the strongest. Anywhere else and it would have split into two parts.

Harry: “I’m sorry Starmie. Forgive me. Return.”

Harry was faced with a hard decision. Starmie was badly hurt and it had a type effective against Tyranitar’s type. How could he win this battle? However he was in a match and he had to fight.

Harry: “Okay, then I choose Muk.”

Muk popped out of its pokeball and splashed down onto the arena. It turned to face the gigantic pokemon.

Stranger: “Is that all you got? A blob? Fine, I’ll destroy it and you. Tyranitar, use Earthquake.”

The giant Tyranitar brought one of his thick feet up and then slammed it down on the ground. Immediately, the ground shook and Harry fell to the floor. Muk was luckier however and had managed to ooze with the motion of the ground. Strangely enough, the mysterious figure did not appear to feel the effects of the attack as if he was not vulnerable to the shaking effects of the earthquake.

Harry: “Muk, use Sludge Bomb!”

Muk reeled back and then using its slimy might, spit out a large glob of muck at the Tyranitar. The attack flew with accuracy and being to big and too slow, Tyranitar was unable to avoid it. The glob hit Tyranitar in the face and spattered all over. Immediately Tyranitar attempted to pull the glob off of his face, but his short stubby hands prevented him from reaching it easily and he couldn’t remove the poison from his nose and mouth.

Time was ticking and the giant pokemon continued to struggle. Its air supply began to run low as slowly parts of its body began to shut down due to oxygen depravation. Its muscles slowly began to stop and a foggy logic settled onto the Tyranitar. Within seconds it would pass out. But the stranger had other plans.

Stranger: “Tyranitar, inhale!”

05-01-2004, 04:28 AM
Immediately Tyranitar bent down then stood up taking a deep breath. A huge snort sounded out throughout the battlefield and Harry could only watch shocked as the Tyranitar seemingly breathed in the poisonous globs. However, like any creature, the foreign objects in the throat blocked Tyranitar’s air passage and immediately Tyranitar began coughing. The ground shook with a loud pounding as the Tyranitar tried to force the globs up his throat and jumped around to do so. However, it didn’t work and finally being desperate, Tyranitar slammed his own fist onto his chest.

Immediately the compressed air in his lungs flew out and pushed the globs up his throat and out his mouth. What was left of the poison flew past Muk into the dense fog surrounding the field. However, although alive for now, Harry could see that Tyranitar had been poisoned. It was breathing hard and its neck was slightly purple. Apparently the poison had been absorbed into his organs and was slowly eating away at his health.

Then, suddenly realizing he had the chance to attack, Harry slapped his head and returned to the battle.

Harry: “Muk, use Pound!”

Muk yelled out in a battle rage and flung itself forward at the Tyranitar. Flying through the air, it hardened as much as it could and hit Tyranitar directly. Tyranitar, still dazed from before, yelled out in pain, but didn’t move. Muk splattered across the pokemon’s body, reformed together and dropped down.

Stranger: “Perfect, Tyranitar Stomp!”

Tyranitar slowly acknowledged and then began lifting his foot.

Harry: “Muk dodge!”

The foot came crashing down upon Muk, but in the last second it oozed away. But it wasn’t safe for long. Tyranitar lifted his other leg and brought down and again and again. Muk quickly began dodging the trampling feet. The stomps grew louder and more intense as the Tyranitar began to recover from his suffocation. Muk was having more and more difficulty trying to avoid it. But it was too much. In an instant Tyranitar managed to land a direct hit on Muk. Muk yelled out in pain, but Tyranitar wasn’t finished and kicked the small pokemon into the air. Muk flew across the arena until landing next to Harry. Seemingly dazed, Muk slowly tried to stand up, but the force of the Tyranitar was too much and it fell back into a lifeless blob in a faint.

Harry: “Return Muk.”

05-01-2004, 04:43 AM
Stranger: “Do you give up yet?”
Harry: “I’ll never give up. Go Venasaur!”

Venasaur sprang forward out of its pokeball and stood silently on the arena floor. It stared directly into Tyranitar’s eyes. But soon, the tense situation broke as the trainers yelled out their attacks.

Stranger: “Tyranitar, use Hyper Beam!”
Harry: “Venasaur, dodge by rolling!”

An intense ball of energy immediately formed in Tyranitar’s mouth and in a second shot forth at Bulbasaur. However, Bulbasaur was ready and several vines shot out and pushed strongly against the ground to its left. In an instance Venasaur pushed its body to the right and rolled out of the way of the powerful beam.

Harry: “Now, use Solar Beam!”

Venasaur landed on its feet facing Tyranitar, a gleam of adrenaline coated its eyes as it began absorbing the light energy around him. Now it was his turn.

Stranger: “Tyranitar, use Leer!”

Tyranitar struggled to stare at the charging Venasaur, but it was no use. The Hyper Beam had been too draining and it needed to rest. Unfortunately for him, the break was too long. Venasaur fully charged for the attack unleashed the Solar Beam with an awesome furry. The beam flew straight across and hit Tyranitar directly in the chest. Not only being unprepared for the attack, its type was at a disadvantage. The powerful grass attack plowed into him and pushed him back several feet. The Tyranitar mightily tried to absorb the attack, but it was too powerful and lost its balance. There was a giant crash as Tyranitar fell to backwards due to the immense impact of the beam.

Harry: “Perfect, now use Mega Drain!”

Venasaur nodded and leaned forward facing its bulb towards the now fallen Tyranitar. As Harry’s favorite and first pokemon, it had the honor to finish off the Tyranitar. It yelled a mighty shout of honor and victory and then formed a beam to the wounded pokemon. The yellowish beam flowed with power as it transferred energy from the Tyranitar, draining it of its life.

Harry watched silently as the gigantic pokemon seem to fall away from activity and life. The powerful grass attack and poison seemed to have finished it off. The battle was over…. Almost.

Stranger: “Tyranitar. Sandstorm!”

As if suddenly recharged by some gigantic battery, Tyranitar snapped out of its daze and jumped up. Seconds later, the dark pokemon landed stiffly on the ground, sending out small shock waves. This time, however, Harry and Venasaur managed to keep their footing. But, the real purpose of the attack was to kick up dust. By simply shifting his feet as he landed, Tyranitar managed to throw up tons of tiny sand particles. Though, to the confusion of Harry, there were no sand particles on the ground originally. Even stranger, a powerful force of wind appeared out of thin air and tossed the dust around in a kind of swirling whirlwind. The entire arena seemed to be covered by this dense fog.

Harry: “Venasaur!”

Yet, Harry’s cries were to no avail. While he could see Venasaur’s outline, the strong gust force forced his voice into the wind and away from his pokemon. And all Harry could do was watch. Suddenly, a white beam of light appeared in the tan cloud and hit Venasaur. For a moment, it seemed as if Venasaur survived the attack. His body stood still for several seconds, seemingly frozen within time. Yet, the entire battle and the sandstorm had its effect. Venasaur soon collapsed to the ground and fainted.

05-01-2004, 08:10 AM
For a moment, Harry could have sworn that he heard a large roar of victory within the swishing wind. He was down to his last two pokemon. If he lost… well… he didn’t want to think about it. It was now or never.

Harry: “Charizard, go!”

Harry threw his pokeball containing the flying, fire pokemon. The ball flew raggedly through the sandy air before finally hitting the ground, releasing the dragon-like Charizard. Charizard reared up upon his hind legs and squinted in an attempt to pierce through the tan mist. Harry two wished to see through it, but seeing as he couldn’t, he tried a different approach.

Harry: “Charizard! Use your wings and blow the sand away!”

Because Charizard’s pokeball landed near Harry, the fire pokemon heard his trainer’s command. With grace and strength, Charizard swept back his wings and then pushed them forward. The pace of the wings increased, beating faster and faster. At first, the dust cloud continued to blow, barely affected by the slow bursts of air. Yet, as Charizard’s wings increased in speed and power, the dust began to shift, flying back away from Harry and Charizard. The field began to clear, revealing outlining figures; until finally, the wind had cleared the arena of the sand, leaving only the fog that surrounded the arena since the beginning of the battle.

Stranger: “It appears as if you’re losing. Tyranitar, use Earthquake.”
Harry: “Charizard, fly!’

Tyranitar reared up his right leg and then stomped ferociously on the ground beneath him. Another shock wave formed, and threw Harry off balance, sending him to the floor. Charizard, however, was unaffected by the ground attack as he flew into the air above.

Stranger: “Rock Slide, Tyranitar.”

Immediately, several boulders seemed to magically appear high in the air above Charizard. They appeared as quickly as the sand in the storm.

Harry: “Charizard! Dodge the boulders above!”

Charizard dashed from side to side as the boulders fell around him. Two fell close enough to scratch him on the neck and right wing. Each time he cried out in pain, but kept flying. He managed to avoid most of the boulders.

However, even though they missed Charizard, they still continued to fall towards the arena. Harry looked upward and began to move, trying to avoid being hit by any of the falling rocks. Luckily for him, they fell towards the center of the arena, though he nearly was squashed by a stray boulder that rolled into the fog after it hit the ground. As for his opponent, he simply stood still, ignoring the boulders crashing down around him. After the last boulder fell, Harry regained his thought process and yelled his command to Charizard.

Harry: “Charizard, use rage!”
Stranger: “Stand your ground Tyranitar.”

As soon as Harry ordered his command, Charizard’s eyes began to glow bright red. In his pupils, fire began to burn as an entire inferno engulfed his body and mind. In it, there was no longer logic, only pure emotion and adrenaline. Charizard, dove down with incredible speed. Using his wings as a way to steer himself, Charizard aimed his attack at one location, Tyranitar.

For a second, Harry was afraid that Charizard was coming in too fast, that he would crash in the ground and faint. Luckily for him, Charizard’s mass experience prevented him from such a mistake. In the last second, Charizard pulled up and lashed out his claws striking Tyranitar in the face. Harry could hear the dark pokemon yell out in pain yet it managed to remain on his feet.

Stranger: “Keep waiting Tyranitar, build up your power.”

Tyranitar nodded and continued to stand still, even though Charizard was coming around again to continue his raging attack. Seconds later, Charizard struck Tyranitar in the center of his body. Feeling the even more powerful strike, Tyranitar winced, but kept quiet this time, intent on focusing its energy. With poison running through his veins and severe pain from several attacks throughout the battle, Harry knew that the concentration took a lot of effort. Though he didn’t see why, until Charizard’s third approach. Just as Charizard aimed itself at Tyranitar, the stranger yelled out.

Stranger: “Tyranitar! Use Hyper Beam!”

Suddenly, Harry realized his opponent’s strategy. By building up energy, Tyranitar could use the powerful attack quickly. With Charizard enraged in the battle, Harry wouldn’t be able to call him back in time to stop the power. With such close range, Charizard would take a direct, critical hit and faint.

Harry: “Charizard! Stop!”

Yet, as he thought, Charizard was too engaged in the battle to hear Harry. Just as Charizard approached within 3 meters of Tyranitar, Tyranitar unleashed his powerful energy beam. The intense power attack flew from Tyranitar’s mouth and struck Charizard squarely in the chest. The attack threw Charizard on his back and he hit the ground, sliding several meters before stopping at a boulder near Harry. Harry didn’t need to check to know that Charizard had passed out.

05-01-2004, 08:11 AM
Harry: “Goodjob Charizard. Return.”

As Harry recalled Charizard to his red and white pokeball, his opponent called out.

Stranger: “4 Down, 1 to go.”

Harry didn’t even acknowledge that with a response. Shrinking Charizard’s pokeball, Harry used his other hand to pull off Steelix’s pokeball from his belt.

Harry: “Steelix. You’re our last hope. Do your best!”

Harry threw the sphere intensely towards the center of the arena. In an instant, the ball released the energy inside. The energy shot up and elongated, quickly forming the figure of Steelix, his final pokemon.

Stranger: “This is battle is over. Earthquake!”

The stranger seemed to smile under his dark hood as he said his attack, and suddenly, Harry realized the battle was over. Being steel, Steelix would be weak against an intense ground attack. Tyranitar would succeed over his pokemon and win the battle for his opponent. Worst yet, he wouldn’t be able to escape this strange virtual realm. The entire battle depended on this last attack and he knew that whatever he did would determine the entire course of the world here and his future.

So, knowing that he had little choice and that he need to defeat his opponent at all costs, Harry said the only attack that would finish this battle.

Harry: “Steelix, Bind Tyranitar and use Explosion!”

In the second before Tyranitar lifted his foot and brought it down, in the second before the entire battle would end for Harry Kim, Steelix leaped forward and wrapped himself around Tyranitar. Then, in an equally quick fashion, he simply, blew himself up. A large force of power blew out from the pokemon and pushed Harry back as he attempted to remain standing. For a moment, Harry was blinded by force of the explosion, but soon, he saw what remained of the two pokemon. Steelix, self-destructing himself for the good of the battle, lay silently around several boulders. And Tyranitar, sick by poison, drained of energy, and injured by several different attacks, had fainted as well. The battle had come to an end with a draw.
For a few seconds there was silence. Neither human moved. Harry merely stared at his opponent and his opponent stared back. Finally, the stranger spoke.

Stranger: “We tied.”

Harry looked back at him.

Harry: “Yes, but who are you?”
Stranger: “I am you.”

The stranger suddenly pulled of his hood to reveal… himself. There, standing in the black cloth stood Harry Kim. He was his opponent. But the stranger merely sneered.

Kim (Stranger): “Surprised? You shouldn’t be. I am your dark side, the part of you that you hide, conceal within yourself. All the pain, the suffering, that is what I am. You try to hide me, but you can’t forever. One day I’ll come out and ruin you Harry Kim. I’ll destroy everything that you love and then I’ll be free!”
Harry: “But you not today I have defeated you at the cost of all of my pokemon. Leave now. I won.”
Kim: “You may have won for now, but so have I. I am a part of you and I help make you who you are. The light and darkness co-exist and one cannot exist without the other. Remember that Harry Kim. I will be back.”

The stranger pulled out a dark black pokeball and recalled Tyranitar to it. Then ,in an instant, he turned around a walked away into the fog. Slowly, the sound of his footsteps softened as they echoed across the arena. Harry merely stared after him.

Harry: “And I’ll be ready.”

Suddenly the fog began to fade into a white light and Harry happily disappeared into it.

05-01-2004, 08:12 AM
Harry woke up with a slight pain in his head. He slowly opened his eyes to see a white light, slightly blurry and he reached up to rub his eyes. Suddenly, a voice rang out to his left and he turned to see Professor Maple standing next to him.

Maple: “Harry! You’re awake!”

Slightly confused, Harry began to speak. His voice sounded a little slurred, but he managed to talk.

Harry: “Professor, where am I?”
Maple: “You’re in the Goldenrod Hospital, Harry. After the accident, you were knocked out into a coma. For three days you lay unconscious until now when you just woke up.”
Harry: “Wait, I wasn’t in cyber space?”
Maple: “What? No, we had to shut it down. Whatever you experienced was all in your mind.”
Harry: “In my mind…”

Seeing that she may have disturbed Harry slightly, she reached into her lab coat pocket and pulled out a dark, black pokeball.

Maple: “Your other pokemon appeared to have fainted during the battle and so we currently have them in a pokemon center. However, this pokeball seemed to have appeared out of thin air. What’s more, is that no one knows where it came from. You entered with 5 pokemon and finished with an extra one. I suppose it’s yours.”

Professor Maple handed Harry the dark pokeball. For a moment, Harry simply stared at it. On the top, written in blood red, was the simple phrase: “Remember me.”

Maple: “I don’t know what’s inside.”
Harry: “I have an idea. Let’s see if I’m right. Pokeball….go!”

05-13-2004, 01:34 AM
Um, could someone grade my story?

Jack of Clovers
05-29-2004, 07:53 PM
...so...long...must...keep...eyes...awake...blurry ...vision...the pain!

man, i don't know where to start with this, but I do know the outcome. :goofy:

Outcome- Dark Pokeball with Mystery Evil Pokemon Caught! lol


05-29-2004, 11:36 PM
...so...long...must...keep...eyes...awake...blurry ...vision...the pain!

man, i don't know where to start with this, but I do know the outcome. :goofy:

Outcome- Dark Pokeball with Mystery Evil Pokemon Caught! lol


Heh, I thought it was short, but.... nevermind. Thanks Jack.