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05-04-2004, 01:00 AM
Bleh, since I have no homework because of testing I'm going to write some simple little story and hope for a catch. :cool: The 1st part should be up in 30 minutes or so. :tongue:

05-04-2004, 01:36 AM
~Journal: (My birthday gift [April 2nd])
~Today's date: April 5th, 2000

"Get your hooks and rods ready," I heard a deep monotonous voice say loudly. For a minute after that announcement there was silence. In fact, it was so quiet I could hear Beedrill far in the distance. After that wait that seemed to last eternally, the deep voice cried out again, "Fish!"

You are probably wondering what this voice is talking about by now. It is Vermillion City's annual fishing contest. Every year, once a year, fish and other water Pokemon from the deep sea come to the shore. I have never quite understood why they do this, but my daddy says I will learn in good time. Hopefully he will inform me about the real reasons soon or my curiosity may get the best of me!

But before I get ahead of myself, let me tell you a bit about myself because I have not done this yet in my previous entries. I am a nine year old and a 3rd year student at Pokemon Academy. According to statistics, it only accepts very very very gifted young Pokemon Trainers (or so says my granddaddy! He went there when he was a boy too). This means I am gifted like he is! I suppose I am because people always tell me I write and speak as intelligently as someone a lot older than me. I think this is because my auntie always made me study writing for two hours every night since I was three. That's a lot of work but it makes me feel smart to know I do not make myself look dumb in writing. Oh, and onto what I look like. I am very tall for my age. I am like a tower in my classes at Pokemon Academy. I look down on everyone, even some of the teachers! My height is 5 feet 3 inches. Also I have long and curly brown hair. Also, I have shiny blue-green eyes. People always say that my eyes are as beautiful as jewels. Although, because of my features and writing skills, people often say I look and act like at least a 5th year! That is really good because the 5th years are almost as smart as professors. Or at least they seem like they are! Because of all of what I just mentioned, my classmates envy me.

Although, never mind all that, because right now I ought to be thinking about this fishing contest. Participating in this fishing contest looks really good for me at the academy so I do it every year. The only problem is, I have no idea how to fish (even after three contests)! So, I always have my mommy bait the rod for me. All I do is set it down in the water and hole the cushioned wood part at the end of the stick. I do not know how to use the spiny thing on the rod; I don't touch it (I am trying to use the ; because my auntie taught me how to use that this morning! I should try again). I do not think fishing without knowing how to fish is a good idea; I would have no idea what to do if I did get a fish caught. Well, I caught a Magikarp in the 2nd contest; it jumped into my boat. (I think I'll stop now, those things make me write slowly. Maybe I will try a few more.) When Magikarp jumped into my boat it made me laugh. Better than it just jumping into my boat, it pressed the Pokeball's button and caught itself. I think Magikarp are silly. Oh wait; about catching fishies, I better go put my fishing line in the water. I hope I can make it stay still because I am in a tiny inflatable raft this year. Every other year they let me go out on my daddy's yacht. I'll tell you what happened when the contest ends. Wish me luck!

05-04-2004, 03:24 AM
~Today's date: April 5th, 2000
~Entry for date: #2

The fishing contest is over! Boy, have I got a story to tell about what happened during it.

To start things off at the contest, immediately after shutting you (my journal), I put the line into the water and paddled out to the deeper sea. Out there it is more likely for me to catch a fish. As usual, I spent at least an hour just looking around the sea and watching other fishing experts reel in boatloads of Water Pokemon. The nearest boat to me had a Trainer with a very strong Elekid on it. That Elekid caught lots of Goldeen, Magikarp, and other common Pokemon. Luckily for the rest of the competitors, he did not seem to have any luck coming across rare Pokmon. However, further in the distance I could see a short man with a Bulbasaur at his side. I think he looked very determined about winning this contest. After lots of work casting then reeling his line back in he eventually did snag a Spheal. Spheal are rare, even at this time of the year, in this area. I guess that is because it is so warm here. The battle between Bulbasaur and Spheal was quite amusing. When the battle began, Bulbasaur launched a giant seed from the bulb on its back at the Spheal. This seed planted itself on Spheal's upper body (or is it just a head?) and zapped energy from Spheal. This attack is called Leech Seed. After doing this Bulbasaur reopened its bulb and took in a lot of light. That attack is called Solar Beam. While it was doing this, Spheal started launching, what seemed to be, random beams of ice from its mouth. At the time, I had no idea what it was doing. The Solar Beam was eventually launched and it hit Spheal. This sent Spheal flying up into the air. Before Bulbasaur could launch its final blow, one of these beams of ice came down from the sky and hit Bulbasaur, immediately KOing it. I later found out this attack is called Sheer Cold. Since Bulbasaur got KO'd, this man was disqualified from the competition. This reminded me how hard this really was.

After watching this battle I went back to looking at my rod. A group of Luvdisc was swimming circles around it, but none of them were interested in the bait. This made me angry. Why do all the other fishers have hungry fish near them while I have ones that could care less about the tasteful worm on the end of my line? It really did not seem fair. I know I usually come in near last in the contest, but this year I really want to do better than that! I know I can. After waiting for about 30 minutes more I noticed most of the other fishermen were heading back towards shore. By now, most of them had caught at least 5 fish. However, by the looks on their faces, it seemed as though none of them had caught anything they thought would win. Since they were heading in, I decided I had better do the same. Another year in last place! However, as I began to paddle in I noticed something was tugging the other way. I honestly did not think it could be a Pokemon, but when I turned around I was proved wrong! It wasn't a Pokemon I would have expected to catch either.

Oh, my mommy's calling me for dinner. I will explain the battle as soon as I get back. Actually, I think I will make it into a narrative story so I can also submit it as my essay in the Pokemon Academy. But don't worry, I will still show it to you, Journal.

05-04-2004, 04:10 AM
~Today's Date: April 6th, 2000

Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you; I had a good deal of homework to do before I could get around to writing this. Now about the battle....

~Battle: Entry 1~

The wind softly blew across the landscape of the sea near Vermillion. Never before in my life had I seen the sea so beautiful. The sun was setting, which gave the clouds in the sky a red tint; the perfect backdrop for any setting.

"I know I can do this," I quickly thought, turning back towards my fishing rod. As I turned my curly hair blew into my face. As I cleared it away I went onto think, "I will win this contest."

When I had my hair pushed away from my face I could clearly see that something was, in fact, pulling on my rod. The wood rod humped over, as if this Pokemon was trying to get away in a somewhat panicked manor. I at once knew this was no Magikarp.

"Finally," I said joyously aloud, throwing my arms into the air as if I had won the lotto, "Finally I might actually place in this contest."

I then bent over the edge of the boat, gloriously looking down at the Pokemon I thought sure would win me the championship title in the Vermillion Fishing Contest. However to my greatest surprise, it was hardly a glorious Pokemon at all.

"Oh no!" I exclaimed. I pulled my hands down across my face, pulling my skin down as they went. I had not caught a fish at all. Instead, I'd hooked a duck -- a psychotic Psyduck.

05-04-2004, 04:48 AM
~Today's Date: April 9th, 2000
~Battle: Entry 2~

"Now what am I to do? Psyduck certainly isn't a fish," I sighed loudly, my mind clouded with depressed thoughts, "Although, I suppose it did not say it had to be a fish. All it said was 'Water Pokemon'."

I glanced back towards Psyduck. This one looked quite healthy. Its skin was bright yellow; this was a good sign. I looked into its eyes; they bulged with chaotic fear. It had no idea what was going on. I could be certain it had never been hooked by a fishing rod before. As I continued to watch it flop around, Psyduck drifted nearer and nearer to my boat. In 30 seconds, I could feel water created by its panicked splashing hitting my hair.

"I suppose I had ought to catch it," I thought, looking down towards its poor, confused face, "At least I will do better than I have in previous years...if I manage to catch it, that is."

"Go Pokeball!" I exclaimed, throwing a red and white sphere from my hand. The ball hit the edge of my blue inflatable boat, and from it came a Voltorb. This Voltorb was as bright a red and white as Psyduck was yellow. It too was in prime health. However, Voltorb, unlike Psyduck, was determined and ready to battle.

Voltorb has been my partner in battles since my first year at Pokemon Academy. It has always been one of the best battlers in my class. I am even able to brag about the time it beat one of my peer's Geodude. Voltorb can pull through in any battle. However, I knew that in this battle I had to be quite careful with it. If it exploded, it would surely sink my boat.

"Come on Voltorb, we can easily beat this..." I struggled not to use an insulting word to describe Psyduck, "yellow Pokemon. Use Swift to start this battle off!"

Right on my command, Voltorb spun quickly in many circles, building up speed with each turn. Once it had become nothing but a blur on my boat, rapid shooting stars flew away from it. As they did, I realized they easily could punch a hole in my inflatable boat, so I quickly ordered Voltorb to stop. As quickly as it had started, it stopped. I wiped a drop of sweat from my head. The boat was safe after all. Then I turned and looked overboard. Swift had not done much damage against Psyduck. Actually, it only helped Psyduck! The Swift attack had cut the line and now Psyduck was free. At least it did not look as panicked anymore.

"Darn," I said with moderate anger, "That plan did not go as well as I hoped. What's worse is due to Voltorb's poor accuracy I cannot use an Electric attack. If I did, it would probably hit the water and shock the boat as well as Psyduck, which is not good. Also, I have to come up with a new plan quickly or Psyduck may easily escape."

After only 30 seconds of thought I came up with an idea.

"How could I have forgotten?" I thought slyly to myself, "Psyduck's only strength will soon be its greatest weakness."

05-06-2004, 06:10 AM
~Today's Date: April 10th, 2000
~Battle: Entry 3~

(Sorry it is taking so long to write this! I am making sure it is good enough for school as I write.)

"Voltorb," I exclaimed, shaking my head back and forth, admiring myself. For my age, I thought I must be pretty smart to come up with what I was about to do, "Use Screech! Over, and over!"

Voltorb turned towards me; it was confused. I was sure it was wondering why I would have it use an attack like that in the heat of a great battle. Of course, it knew to listen and followed through with my commands. It opened its mouth and from it came many loud screeches. I covered my ears to protect myself from it. Psyduck on the other hand, did not even seem to realize it was being Screeched at. Instead of covering its ears as I had expected, Psyduck opened its mouth and from it came a stream of water. It was using Hydro Pump! At first I thought this may be the end, but when I realized the water was no stronger than that of a sprinkler, I felt quite reassured. Voltorb was not too pleased with the water though. It was growing angry...and that meant it could possibly explode at any moment.

"Voltorb, move as close as possible to Psyduck and continue the screeching!" I said loudly. My voice was filled with worry. I honestly was starting to doubt if I would be able to catch a puny little Psyduck. Although, to my surprise, as Voltorb moved closer to Psyduck, the Screeching began to work! Psyduck tried to reach its puny webbed fingers up to its ear for protection but it failed. Its hands were far too short!

"Psy-yi-yi!" Psyduck exclaimed. When I heard this screeching, I knew my plan was occurring just as planned, and it had only been delayed earlier when Screech did not appear to work. Although Voltorb appeared to be growing quite tired from all the screeching -- another thing that might risk it exploding!

"Just a minute longer Voltorb," I said to it with confidence, "Just one more minute."

05-06-2004, 06:32 AM
~Today's Date: April 10th
~Battle: Entry 4~

"Good job," I said in a calm voice to Voltorb, "Keep it up!"

I knew in order to keep Voltorb from giving out and exploding, I had to compliment it. This is how to get almost any Pokemon to behave -- praise it. Voltorb was getting very tired making a continuous Screech, because most of the time, Screeches were short. In fact, it could have been left over water from the Hydro Pump, but I think I even saw Voltorb break a sweat! I did not even know Voltorb could sweat. Although, my concentration did still mainly focused on Psyduck. I knew if my plan was going to work, it would begin soon.

"Come on," I thought anxiously, "If this does not work, I have lost the contest."

For 10 more seconds I stared at Psyduck's blank yet panicked face. Never before had I seen anything so clueless! Just as I was beginning to think my plan did not succeed, something happened. Psyduck's eyes changed. Instead of being egg white with a dot in place of the yoke, they were glowing purple. They purple swirled around inside the eyes, almost like little tornados. Its face no longer was clueless. It now appeared to be quite angered. Then, Psyduck stood up onto its feet, in the water!

"PSYYYYYYYDUCK!" Psyduck furiously exclaimed. Its eyes beat down on the screeching Voltorb and me. I now was quite happy; my plan had worked! I succeeded in giving Psyduck its strength, a headache! Now it could use powerful Psychic attacks. All I had left to do was turn this newly gained strength of Psyduck's into my own and win the match.

05-31-2004, 10:24 PM
~Today's Date: April 11th
~Battle: Entry 5~

Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, Psyduck's eyes opened wide, glowing with pain and frustration. By the look in its face, I began to think I would rather be anywhere besides here. It was nearly as scary as facing a Charizard, but not quite!

"Psyduck," I said, building up courage, "You stand no chance against me. Just TRY to win!"

With that said, Psyduck's eyes filled with more anger than before, its eyes opened wider, its temper had grown. It looked toward Voltorb and me, and the area around its body turned a distorted purple and black; it was using its Confusion. As the confusion continued to grow I looked down to Voltorb, making sure it was staying steady. It seemed shocked by the sudden change in Psyduck's temper.

"Steady," I said, trying to be calm, "Stay steady, Voltorb."

Right as I finished my sentence, Psyduck launched its ferocious attack! It was very scary, but thankfully, I had my plan still. The psychic rays flew out from its body so fast I hardly had a second to yell my next command.

"Mirror Coat!" I screamed right when the Confusion had just about hit us. I threw myself toward the bottom of the boat as I was screaming the attack to try to avoid being hit. I narrowly missed being hit by the attack. Voltorb, on the other hand, took a Direct Hit. It seemed quite confused and hurt from Confusion. In the condition I doubted it would be able to use Mirror Coat. Although I did know one thing, in the next few second Voltorb would either be using its Mirror Coat or it would use Explosion.

06-29-2004, 06:38 AM
~Today's Date: April 12th
~Battle: Entry 5~

For what seemed to be an eternity, I stood in my boat, waiting for an attack to come; I knew that an attack was coming. However, unless time was simply at a standstill due to my anxiousness, something was not right. I was able to look around and see a few of the other competitors staring at me, watching the battle intently. Most of them appeared miserable. They probably had the time to watch me because they had no luck in finding anything. As I looked back toward Voltorb, I noticed something strange happening -- it was floating in the air.

"That can't be good," I thought to myself, "Confusion must have taken control! Although that is strange, all my books say Mirror Coat strikes first."

Voltorb continued to move slowly upward, growing closer to Psyduck. Its round body was surrounded by a purple, fuzzy glow. The glow was light, just barely visible. It appeared to be more like fur on Psyduck's body than a glow.

"Perhaps it's so weak of a glow because the attack is weak. If that's the case, I should be able to end it. Wait, that's it!"

I reached down into the boat and picked up my clear glass jar full of bait for the contest. Immediately, I threw the jar right up toward the glowing Psyduck. The time this jar spent in the air truly was endless, even though I knew it was flying very quickly. It was like the world had frozen around me. Finally, the world melted again and the glass hit, knocking Psyduck down from the air and into the water. As it fell, it grabbed its head in confusion. As soon as Psyduck was in the water, Voltorb began to fall too.

"Oh crud," I said to myself quickly. As I said this, I grabbed Voltorb's ball from my belt and held it out. Quickly, I clicked its button and it withdrew Voltorb in a flash of red light.

I looked back down toward the water and Psyduck still had not surfaced. Although, under the water's rough surface I could see a black shadow floating up approaching closer and closer to the top of the water. When it became close enough to see for certain it was Psyduck, I reached toward my belt to grad Voltorb's ball to release it and continue the battle. However, Psyduck surfaced right before my hand reached the ball.

"Hey wait," I said, my voice's pitch rising with every word I said, "I don't need to battle anymore!"

I glanced toward Psyduck again, and it had little X's floating in the whites of its eyes instead of dots. Psyduck's bill was wide open and full of water.

"I guess not closing its mouth when it went underwater is what did the most damage, even after all this hard work."

Now, I reached down toward the other side of my belt and quickly pulled a different, empty ball of it. I held the ball into the air, right in front of where the outline of the moon could be seen in the day, admiring myself.

"Psyduck, you're mine!"

I threw the ball right toward Psyduck, and it hit.


06-29-2004, 06:57 AM
Hmm, interesting story...

Length: In all, this story was at minimal length for a pokemon of this type.

Creativity: You did the journal style well, including the girl's immaturity as well as times where her thoughts seemed to leed astray.

Battle: The length of the battle could be longer. Next time, use a few more attacks. However, the entire strategy throughout the battle was unique.

Grammar: There were some mistakes, but nothing too serious.

Reality: I see this happening. You kept the parts of the pokemon correct.

Storyline: Unique. In addition to the playing the role of a little girl in a contest, you have also involved the anime version of Psyduck. Interesting choice.

Results: In all, even though the story is too short (as well as the battle), your creativity in writing offsets it, barely. Psyduck captured.