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The End
03-06-2004, 07:56 PM
OOC: THis will inclde most well-known members here so on so on so forth. Even if you are not a grader, i would appreciate your input.

Part One: The first part.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Alex's pencil kept tapping upon the top of his desk. He was sitting in English, the first period of the day, very bored and tapping his pencil as he lounged in the back of the class. It was a hot summer day, and he was stuck inside the school. The droning of the teacher and the heat coming in the room made his eyes droop with sleepiness. When his pencil fell from his hand and hit the floor, the teacher knew instantly that he was asleep, for the pencil tapping was a sure sign of alertness. "Mr. Alex, wake up!" she shouted. When that failed and he continued to snooze on, she walked up to him and raised a red ruler above her head. As she began the strike upon his head, his autopilot turned on and he swiftly dodged the ruler. "Ms. Smith, how many times must I tell you, you can never touch me with that ruler. I am simply too good." he said cockily. The teachers cheeks turned a bright red. Alex knew she was about to give him detention, but then, just as he had planned, the bell went off, he grabbed his bags, and got out of the room before she could say a thing.

"I cannot beleive that our parents are making us go to summer school, this is supposed to be for stupid kids, not us." said a stout and quite round boy, who was messing with his PDA.

"Apparently they want us to lose none of our knowledge while participating in summer festivities," said the signature nasaly voice of a dork, who was also following Alex.

"Man, all the other kids are going to catch tons of pokemon over the summer break, and we are going to get none." yet another kid grumbled, who was fingering his pokeballs at his belt.

"You better put those away, or a teacher will get those things and keep em forever." Alex said, walking along.

"Yes, this time of year there are many pokemon active, mostly Electric and grass.." said the nasaly voice from behind Alex.

The End
03-07-2004, 03:52 PM
"Look, I know which pokemon come out in the summer, I had a whole list of the ones I wanted to catch, and now I can't." Alex snapped, turning around to bash the kid in the nose.

The smaller, weaker child was about to learn Darwin's Rule of Survival, but then something saved him. Three Pikachus were running down the hallway, shocking everyone that was in their way. Alex threw the kid against the locker and stood there, thinking. He knew that in the summer Pikachus came out of the woods because they were low on energy from hibernating all winter, so why would they waste their remaining energy attacking the school? [Yes, I realize that the part about the pikachus and hibernating was all crap, but I needed something] He didn't doubt that the reason of this attack was not to cause chaos, for Pikachus were much smarter than that, but what could the reason be? The Pikachus were now halfway down the yellow tiled hallway, and kids were lying in the floor, knocked out by the electrical current that was sent through their body.

The End
03-07-2004, 04:06 PM
He thrust his hands deep into his pockets, searching for the only thing that could save him and his dignity. He pulled it out: a small metal ball, the top red, the bottom white, and a silver button in the middle of the two layers. He pressed the button and threw the ball at the Pikachus. The small ball expanded and a red beam of energy shot from it, forming into a Mr.Mime. The yellow pickachus kept up their suicidal mission towards Mr.Mime. The squat, human-like pokemon raised its hands and awaited its orders.

"Mr.Mime, use your devastating Psychic attack!" Alex shouted with enthusiasm.

"MistaMime!!" the pokemon shouted as a blue auroa started radiating from his hands.

A blue beam shot from Mr.Mime's gloved hands. The beam was tearing through the hallway, tearing up the tiles as it flew towards it's three targets. Just as it was about to hit one of them, it jumped to the wall, jumped off, and landed in front of Alex. The other two did the same thing, except on different walls. As the final Pikachu landed at Alex's shoes, they all let out a thunderbolt right at his face. Alex was hit full on, and knocked from his feet. He was laying in the hallway, face down, when Mr.Mime went into autopilot. Now that his master was out of commision, he could do whatever was needed to take out the pikachus. He unleashed another psychic. The pikachus were not anticipating this attack, so one of the Pikachus was hit full on. It was sent flying into the wall. It bounced off and landed on the floor also.

The End
03-07-2004, 04:22 PM
Alex slowly arose to his feet, and saw what Mr.Mime had done. The damage from the Pikachus and Mr.Mime was astounding for only four pokemon. All those tiles were torn up, Pikachu had left a dent in the wall he had crashed into, the lockers were all torn up and dented from Pikachus knocking children into them, and now all four of the pokemon were standing there, staring at Alex. Alex picked up Mr.Mimes pokeball and clicked the button on it again.

"Mr.Mime, RETURN!!" Alex shouted as the small red and white ball absorbed Mr.Mime with a white light. The three pikachu sensed something and fled the area.

Agent Orange
03-08-2004, 12:12 AM
Pretty Cool so far Alex!