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The Elite Ygseto
05-04-2004, 09:40 PM
The Fishing Rod

Leaving the cave Ygseto where tired and needed a nap, so the started to knock on people’s houses trying to see if anyone would let them take a nap.

Ygseto knocked on the door of an old ratty house made of cedar. When he hit it a plank of wood fell out and some termites scurried away from the bright day light. “Ack that wasn’t suppose to happen!” Ygseto cringed looking in, “It doesn’t look like anyone is home.”

“See if the door is unlocked,” RD said pointing to the doorknob.

Ygseto put his hand on the old rusty handle and turned. It let out a loud shriek and clicked open. “I guess it is open,” Ygseto said pushing the door open and walking in. “Hello is anyone here!”

“Hey look over there,” RD said pointing over to two small beds. Each with a down blanket and a pillow. “Since no one is here why don’t we take a little nap?” RD walked over to the bed, pulled the blanket off, and climbed in. “This is pretty comfy,” he sank into the bed and closed his eyes.

“Well ok I could definitely use a nap,” Ygseto pulled back the covers and found an old stick. “Hey what’s this?” he picked it up and turned it around in his hands. It was a long wooded stick with a string at the end and at the end of the string was a little Wurmple hook.

“It looks like a fishing rod; I would say it’s one of the Great Rod models.” Rd yawned, opening his eyes. “You must be pretty lucky to find such a good thing.”

“Really that’s awesome,” Ygseto said amazed at how lucky he was. He went to an old moldy table, sat down, and started to look at the fishing rod when he heard a noise. “Hey Rd did you hear that?” He turned around to see RD fast asleep. Worried Ygseto stood up and started to walk around the old house. He found an old kitchen, another bedroom, and this strange den that looked different from the rest of the house. It was actually clean, it had a new coat of paint, and there was a mahogany desk and a nice leather chair with it’s back facing the door.

“Who’s there?” an old raspy voice said. The chair turned around to reveal an old man with a white beard and kaki fishing clothes. His face had a very warm happy glow “Who are you? And why do you have my Great rod?”

“I’m Ygseto Oak and I’m trying to be the next Pokemon master!” Ygseto said standing up proudly. “I have your Great rod because I found it in your bed.” Ygseto realized how crazy and stupid that sounded.

“You said you want to be a Pokemon Master, is this true?”

“Yes, yes sir it is true.”

“To be a master you need to be able to get all types of Pokemon and you can only get water by fishing”

“I guess that is all true, but what is your point?”

“I want you to have my Great Rod, take care of it.”

“Thank you sir, but why are you giving it to me. We barely know each other?”

“I actually know more about you than you think. You said your name was Oak.”

“Yes sir, Ygseto Oak, why do you ask?”

“And your great Grandfather is the great Prof. Oak?”

“Yes sir, my Great Grandfather was Prof. Oak. But sadly he died a couple of years ago.”

“That is sad; he was the person that gave me my first Pokemon Sqirtle. So if you are half the nice guy he was you will use that Great Rod with care. Now go and fish all around the world.”

“I will sir, thank you.” Ygseto said waving and leaving the room.

The old man smiled and thought about that great day of his life. The day he got his Sqirtle, witch evolved into that wonderful Blastoise.

The Elite Ygseto
05-04-2004, 09:41 PM
Tentacle Tango

After getting his Great Rod Ygseto went back into the other bedroom took a short nap, got RD up, and left to go fish.

“Wow he just gave it to you because you are Prof. Oak’s great grandson?” Rd said amazed that he got a fishing rod.

“Yup, and now I want to use it. So let’s find a spot and do some fishin’.” Ygseto said looking for a good spot to sit. “Ahhh, there’s a good spot. Let’s fish there.”

They went and sat down. Ygseto pulled out his new fishing pole and cast it. “This will be a breeze.” Ygseto said lounging.

Rd then pulled out his Great Rod.

“Hey when did you get that?” Ygseto asked.

“It’s the Great rod my parents got me before we started our journey.” RD said casting his pole.

“That’s cool no lets start fishing.” Ygseto said looking into the crystal clear water.

They sat there for a while not talking just concentrating on the task at hand, then RD broke the silence when something caught his line. “Hey, I think I got something big!” Rd said standing up and pulling on the rod.”

“Come on pull RD, you can do better. Pull, pull, pull.” Ygseto yelled rooting Rd on.

Splash the thing on the line popped up out of the water. “What is it?” RD asked.

“It looks like a… a boot.” Ygseto answered. “Ha ha ha you did all that work and all you got was a boot!”

“Damn!” Rd picked up the boot and threw it at a tree and went back to fishing. The boot fell to the ground and started to move.

“Hey, Rd I think something is in that boot.”

“Ok, but I don’t care. You can have whatever is in it.” Rd said still mad.

“Cool,” Ygseto said walking over to the boot. He picked it up and turned it over and a little blue squid fell of. “Holy cow! A Tentacool!”

The little Tentacool fell out of the boot and landed next to Ygseto’s feet. It got up and little bubbles formed around its mouth.

“It looks mad.” Ygseto said taking a step back. “Hey are you up for a battle?”

“Coool Tentacool!” the little blue thingy squeaked.

The Elite Ygseto
05-04-2004, 09:41 PM
The Battle

Ygseto fingered his Pokeballs thinking witch Pokemon would be the best.

“Ahhh I got it, go Gastly!” Ygseto threw Gastly’s Red-and-white Pokeball out, it hit the ground a popped open to reveal a large clump of gas. “Gastly use Hypnosis!”

“Gas Gas tly,” Gastly said eerily. He started a low hum then blue rings of light shot out of his eyes. They shot towards Tentacool like bullets, but amazingly Tentacool dodged them in the nick of time.

Now Tentacool was furious. He stuck out 2 of his tentacles and they quickly formed a circle around Gastly. Tentacool than tried to squeeze Gastly, but the tentacles cut through Gastly like if he wasn’t even there. “Cool?” Tentacool said confused.

“Ha ha ha normal attacks don’t affect ghost types” Ygseto said cracking up at how stupid the Tentacool was. “Now Gastly use Hypnosis, and this time don’t miss!”

Yet again Gastly shot out dark blue circles from its dark and eerie eyes. The psychic rings missed Tentacool by a hair, or should I say tentacle.

Tentacool’s eyes turned all blue. Five balls of water started forming around Tentacool. Each one got bigger and bigger until they where the size of Tentacool. The balls shot out huge streams of magnificently clear, blue, water. The balls hit Gastly with a loud thud, fainting Gastly.

“Wow that was a great Hydro Pump” RD said astounded by the sheer complexity of the great water attack. “No wonder Gastly fainted.”

“Crap,” Ygseto said pulling Gastly’s Pokeball from his belt. “Return Gastly!” A red light of energy popped out of the Pokeball hitting Gastly, and then it sucking it into the ball. “Go Charmeleon!” Another ball flew to the soft beach dirt. It opened up reveling a red-orange lizard stand on its back legs.

“Charmeleon,” the lizard roared.

“Ummm… Ygseto,” Rd started, “It’s not a very good idea to fight water Pokemon with a fire one.”

Ygseto turned to face RD. “What could possibly go wrong?” At that moment they heard a load splash and a screaming Charmeleon.

“That could happen,” Rd said.

“Oh brother,” Ygseto said shaking his head and recalling Charmeleon into its Pokeball. “Ok Mareep go!” Ygseto again threw a Pokeball that opened up to revel a fluffy sheep like Pokemon.

“Now that’ll work!” Rd said, grinning.

“Reeep!!” Mareep squeeked.

“Ok Mareep us your Thunderbolt attack on Tentacool!” Ygseto ordered.

Mareep puffed up and shot a large yellow (with a little light blue) lighting bolt. It pointed towards Tentacool with a grin. It zapped him burning the tips of Tentacool’s tentacles. Tentacool feel to the ground, eyes a spinning.

“Great shot Mareep!” Ygseto Shouted in joy. He grabbed a empty Pokeball. He chucked it at Tentacool. It opened and sucked him in, then it fell, and started rocking.

1…2…3 will it lock?

05-04-2004, 11:54 PM
Outcome: Read below.
Length: Ok, not long, not short, with the 2/3 strategy, 2 parts of storyline, 1 of battle.
Well, the story line is quite thrilled, except the part of the cabin... same thing as "I went to the forest and caught a pokémon". there was no trouble at all in founding tentacool, you ownly fished it!
There's a few grammar mistakes, most of them at the beggining.
You never said who was RD exactly, he/she wasn't that well described.
There's not so much reality in the house, I mean, why would the fisherman leave so unattended a part of his house, and polish everything else.
I don't think he would havee reacted so easily on you, he would hav chased him out of his door.
It's a good thing to use Prof. Oak as your granparent.... when did he died? :sweat:
Now the battle...
I think Charmeleon was fainted too quickly, and Mareep knocked out tentacool quick too. Everything else was fine.
Outcome: Not captured. :naughty:

Tamer Marco
05-05-2004, 12:41 AM
I hope this isn't spam but I think he wasn't finshed. :oops:

The Elite Ygseto
05-05-2004, 01:37 AM
Thanks for tha advice Marth. I have some things to say.

- I know the Cabin thing was dumb, i didn't really think of anything for it.
- RD is part of my story line that was on the old boards.
- And about Charmeleon fainting was because a Hydro Pump was used, and Mareep is usally stronger than Tentacool.

Agian thanks for the advice, i'll fix those and repost it. :happy: