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03-06-2004, 08:03 PM
Hi everyone I have been playing pokemon for 5 years ever since I was ten and I have a question. Has anyone noticed that any and all pokemon in ruby/sapphire all have horrible stats compared to gold and silver? I train a very secretive and hard way so my lugia and ho-oh have 415 hp. ( NO I DIDNT USE GAMESHARK!!!) Rayquaza should have around the same hp. INstead her gets 373ish. MY strategies don't work!!! Has anyone else noticed this? I even raised a crobat in gold and a crobat in Ruby and the Ruby one was AWFUL compared to the gold one. please let me know thanks a lot!!!

03-06-2004, 08:38 PM
Ruby and Sapphire pokes are more complex and require more work than those that were in G/S.

Pokemon World Mazter
03-07-2004, 12:16 AM
Like Blazyken said, the pokemon in Ruby and Sapphire are more complex and they require more work. G/S are very different from R/S, so pokemon are different as well as their stats. Now, why did Nintendo made the pokemon in R/S weaker than the ones in G/S? I dont know. I just know for sure there was a specific reason why this was done :smile:

03-07-2004, 01:31 AM
Every mon have their different stats. Rayquaza is NOT similar to Ho-oh or Lugia. Also it depends on the mon's EVs, well, I'm not explaining, there's no point doing so anyway, another 10 n00bs would pop up and say "What are EVs?".

Jerry Neal
03-07-2004, 02:31 AM
The versions red/b/y/g/s/c all have glitches in them. That is why it was so easy.

Jerry Neal
03-07-2004, 02:33 AM
Suicune, do you just max out your pokemon with hp up, protein ect. (Everyone knows that.

03-07-2004, 02:50 AM
i don't use protein,iron,etc. I do something MUCH more complex. Besides in red, blue, yello protein an stuff is BAD. Thanks all who responded I just wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy. I know the reason they are weaker is because of personalities and you have to get the right one for the right pokemon but still.


03-07-2004, 08:31 AM
Jeremy, you are SO wrong -_- They are NOT glitches, they are just programmed into the game.

And Suicune, no, stats boosting items like protein and HP Ups are NOT bad. Get that through your skull.

03-07-2004, 10:30 AM
I think his 'secret' way of training his mons is called 'EV training' :P

BTW statboosting items (at least in R/S) just increase the growth your mon will get in each stat department, for instance if you feed him 10 HP ups he maybe gets 1 or 2 HP but every time he levels up he will get a bit more.... just like normal EV training but it saves time :)

Pokemon World Mazter
03-07-2004, 01:39 PM
True, so practically, stat boosting items such as Protein, Iron, Carbos, and more, are good not bad. I always use some of them to increase my pokemon's stats. Like someone said already, it relates in a sort of way with the EVs a pokemon has.

03-08-2004, 07:11 AM
no. you can only use a certain number of stat boosting items before you can't, but their stats cannot be maxed with these. i'm not sure about this crap, but i'm pretty sure there's something negative about the stat boosting items.

as for ev training...wait, i'll link you.


a bit of ev basics for you all...

03-08-2004, 11:59 AM
What stat-boosting items do is simply add 10 EV points to a stat. You can't use vitamins on a stat that has an EV value of 100 or more.
So, if you catch a fresh mon which hasn't had any EV training yet you can feed him up to 10 vitamins for each stat you want to boost to save time :)
For instance if you got a groudon, you could feed him 10 protein (attack) and 10 HP up so your first 200 EV's will be in the pocket. Then proceed to EV train the last 310 points.
If you already have EV trained your mon a little bit, you will see he only takes 3 or 4 vitamins before reaching the 100 mark. If your stat is at or above 100 he won't accept any vitamins for that particular stat anymore.
All that vitamins do is speed up the EV training process. As soon as you catch a mon it's a good idea to pump vitamins because it saves A LOT OF TIME. You can distribute almost half of your EV's (or more if you want to train more than 2 stats) beforehand.

For more info on EV training and stat boosting items read ken egervari's 'advanced trainer guide' on gamefaqs.com which I am too lazy to link to :)

Hope I could be of assistance to you all

03-10-2004, 01:34 AM
There is something negative about stat boosting items. I did a huge test for the red,blue, and yellow versions. It proved to hurt your pokemon stats. HOWEVER, rare candy is bad for your pokemon. It makes them weaker. hp up, protein, iron,etc. cancel the effects of rarecandy so your pokemons stats will turn out average and mediocre. The training i do you an not even imagine. Lets just say for starters each pokemon I use in my party is raised individually.That means for each pokemon I restarted my game to raise them. This is a small portion of my strategy. I assure you I DONT USE PROTEIN,IRON,etc.

Crimson Spider
03-10-2004, 02:32 AM
Uh... yeah. You see, the EV system replaced the stat enhancing system.

The role of stat boosting vitamins and minerals remains almost identical to that of it's older cousin.

Regardless of any studies that you do, the very math formula that the game uses to calculate your pokemon's stats doesn't allow the stat-exp added from each vitamin to hurt your stats in any way.

03-12-2004, 02:26 AM
Ok, here is how i see it...

Protein and such are items that give your pokemon a bonus in the stats, but it will never replace a good training (slower is better).

I see it as a start... theese points will replace lacks in the bonus in stats that a pokemon will reicieve by a hard training... sum vitamins that helps your pokemon grow healthier :smile:

Stats have not been lowered in R/S, it is only harder to find a better pokemon...

here is how i proceed...

lvl 5 is the best level to start. catch a bunch (about 30) of the same pokemon, take your time to compare stats (total, how they are balanced depending of the pok nature etc). Take the one you choose, give em all vitamins they can take, and take them to level 10 to compare how stats evolve... then, you choose the best!

I have made it for a raikou, and my ruby baby had a 10 to 20 more points in all stats at level 40 :biggrin:

here is an idea of my kyogre... my new adoration :wink:

level 45
hp 165
at 124
def 96
sp att 154
sp def 142
speed 99

03-12-2004, 11:57 AM
Well, perhaps the rby/gsc vitamins worked differently (i never really played those games so I honestly don't know) But, in R/S, vitamins do the SAME as EV-training a certain stat.
Feeding 10 of the defense-boosting-vitamin which name I forgot (protein??) adds a total of 100 points to your defense EV, that's the same as killing 100 duskulls. It does EXACTLY THE SAME. It saves time, you have to kill only 150 more duskulls to get to the max 250 EVs for defense that way.

Let me repeat: Ruby/Sapphire vitamins add EV's to a stat the same way as killing pokémon that provide certain EV's. So they are NOT BAD. Rare candies level your pokémon without providing EV's, say you catch a mon and level it to 100 using nothing but rare candies, he will NOT have the 510/4 = 127 extra statpoints that normal mons will have, but you can STILL EV train them to give them those extra stats!!! You can feed them some vitamins and hunt the EV-boosting pokémon for the stats you want, he WON'T level up but if you put him in a box, then remove him again his stats WILL have changed. Rare-candy'ing your mon to lvl 100 before his EV's are maxed out is a bad idea though since it doesn't help in any way, you still have to EV-train your mon so it saves minimal time, seeing you could do that too while leveling your mon.

05-23-2007, 09:51 PM
Dont Respond negative to this but a game shark could get you max stats.:neutral: :ermm: