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Half a Dollar
05-10-2004, 06:21 AM
You have Klion,a nomal 16 year old teen who comes from a very normal family. He has a girlfriend,Nariti,16 year old sweetie of the University of Pokemon. But, his life is changed by the Dawn of the Portral. He now must face every soldier of the Queen! He only has a Reversed Blade sword,and 6 Pokemon. With twists and turns...how far will the adventure take him? If he fails....he is gone from the universe forever! What will happen? This is a story of action and romance.

Hi,it's Nick. This is a fic that I might finish this time. I'm one of those people who really never finish fan-fics. :oops:

Be ready.

This is my fic.

Judgement by Truth.

Half a Dollar
05-10-2004, 06:46 AM
Chapter 1. Dawn of the Portal.

Klion's house. 7:30 AM

"Come on Natitri! We're gonna be late again!"

"Oh,I'm coming. I just need too....."

"Need to what.....?"

"Put on my make up! ^_^."


*Klion falls head first on the floor.*

10 min later....

Natari: "I'm ready! ^_^!"

Klion: "-_-. Finally...took you like 10 minutes."

Natari:"Let's go!"

20 min later.....

Teacher: Hello Class. Today's lesson What to food to give Pokemon. Open your books to pg.84 please.

*noises of books and pages are heard*

Teacher:Ok class. Let's learn about the Enigma Berry. It is a berry that is not know to the world as of now. It is...................

*talking goes on for 50 minutes*

Teacher:Ok class. Quiz tomorrow. Be prepared. Goodbye.

*Klion and Nariti leave class*

*They go out to the Poke-Park*

Klion: So, what do you want to do?

Natari: Hold on, I'll be right back.

*Natari goes off somewhere*

10 min later.

*Klion is lying on the ground, under the tree.*

*Natari somes back and lies on Klion*

Klion:Where'd you go?

Natari: When finding a Pokemon to catch. Didn't get one though.

Klion: XD

Chap 1 continued...