View Full Version : Bloody Roar

05-10-2004, 09:39 AM
Has anyone heard of it?

It's probably my favorite game for GameCube because it has a lot of movies in anime style. :sweat: And it's fun to beat the crap out of your opponent.

Basically it's about these people who can turn into animals to fight... :rolleyes:

My favorite character is Uriko, because she is um... cute. lol ^_^




Um... Oh, and the official site is http://www.bloody-roar.com

05-10-2004, 11:59 AM
Of course people heard of it... =P

My favorite is Nagi and Uranus ^^;

Tamer Marco
05-10-2004, 10:03 PM
I've only played the third one. I can't remember the names of the characters becuase it's my friends game. I like the guy who can turn into a wolf and usually when I play I put it in kids/big head mode. :tongue3:

05-11-2004, 12:00 AM
lol They are so cute when they have those big heads. lol ^_^

05-13-2004, 04:01 PM
I remember playing this game a long time ago. I think it was 3 I always played, or maybe 2. My favorite is Bakuryu and the wolf guy (forgot his name).

05-13-2004, 04:54 PM
Only played 2, on the PSX.
My favourite was Jenny, the Bat.

Ironshell Blastoise
05-15-2004, 06:45 AM
The mole pwns j00

The wolf is just badass

Tamer Marco
05-21-2004, 02:06 AM
The mole pwns j00

The wolf is just badass Yeah, that's why he's so cool. I love the characters movies! ^_^