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05-13-2004, 01:02 AM
Ok, this is the first Fan Fic I've ever made, so I hope it turns out well...


5 years ago...

Deep in a forest, a 5 year old girl ran, her electric blue eyes filled with fear. About 45 feet behind her was a fully grown man; his eyes were the same as the girl's, a vivid electric blue. But his eyes held no love, no feelings. All they held was pain, and a maniac-like stare. The man yelled after the girl, a murderous look on his face.
"You cannot escape your destiny, Fleur!"
Fleur, who had slowed her pace slightly, looked back and ran faster. From the trees Zigzagoon, Oddish, Ratticate, and many others watched in fear and hatred.
Fleur pushed away some branches as she yelled back to the man fearfully.
"No! Ugh!"
She tripped over a tree root suddenly, causing her to fall face first into a grassy clearing. She scrambled to the nearest tree as the man aproached her, speaking gently, but with false care.
"Fleur, my daughter...I know it's difficult, but you will see that joining Team Rocket is what you were meant to do."
Fleur shook her head, her shoulder length wavy ocean blue hair swishing around her face swiftly.
"No Daddy! I can't go with you..."
The man chuckled slightly, though nothing Fleur had said was funny. He spoke again, this time his voice filled with force.
"You will join Team Rocket, Fleur...whether you like it or not, you will join us..."
After he spoke these words, and smiling slightly, he took out a single PokeBall and released a Raichu, though it's eyes were just like the man's: colorful, but heartless.
"You know I don't want to do this, Fleur. Join Team Rocket and you won't get hurt."
Fleur shook her head again, getting to her feet. She spoke, her voice filled with sadness and defiance.
"No, Daddy! I won't...I won't join Team Rocket!"
The man's smile faded quickly in disappointment.
"I didn't want to have to do this........but you have given me no choice. Raichu, Thundershock!"
The Raichu nodded, sparks flying from it's cheeks. A small surge of electricity flowed from them and struck Fleur, causing her to cry out in pain. Suddenly, a strange creature leaped out of the bushes nearby, colliding with the man. Fleur watched in pain, but saw only a few moments before she blacked out. The man disappeared; as did the creature.

5 years later...

An alarm clock buzzer went off, and a 10 year old girl hit the clock lazily. After about 15 minutes, the girl finally woke up, but even as she stared at the clock she only realizes after 5 more minutes what day it was.
"Oh my gosh! Why didn't it go off sooner?! Oh man....gotta hurry..."
She got dressed hurriedly, ran down the stairs and grabbed a peice of toast as she pulled on her blue backpack. A woman with golden brown hair looked to the girl kindly, sighing slightly.
"Well, good luck, honey! Gosh, has it really been 5 years alre-"
"'Bye Mom, gotta hurry!"
The woman chuckled quietly as the girl rushed through the door and down the path to the Pokemon Lab.
The girl's long wavy ocean blue hair flowed behind her as she ran. Her electric blue eyes looked determinedly before her, each step bringing her closer to the thing she had always wanted: a Pokemon of her own.

05-13-2004, 03:15 AM


The girl reached the lab at last. Panting heavily, she moved inside, searching for the professor.
"Hello? Professor Birch...are you here?"
A voice came from behind a large peice of machinery, as the Professor's assistant's head popped up behind it.
"The Professor is in the back, young miss."
The girl nodded as she moved towards the back door. As she opened it, Professor Birch fell on top of her. He rose to his feet quickly, pulling the girl to her feet as well.
"Are you okay, Fleur?"
Fleur nodded.
Professor Birch's face lit up, as he moved toward a desk with several PokeBalls.

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Dr Skottie
05-13-2004, 04:48 AM
Hey I like it, keep it up, nice prologue. :cool:

05-13-2004, 12:04 PM
Well I think it is a very good start especially the prolouge, brilliant work keep it up you might just inspire me to write a fan fic! :happy:

05-14-2004, 10:35 PM
Yay!!! People actually like the way I write! **runs around throwing Nadeshiko and Sakura flowers happily** Okay.....back to the story then.......



Fleur followed the professor to the table. Looking closely at it, she could see that on top of it were 6 PokeBalls, each decorated with the element of the Pokemon contained inside. The markings were: a Lightning bolt for Electric, flames for Fire, a drop of rain for Water, a leaf for Grass, air currents for Flying, and three lines for Normal. Professor Birch stood behind the table, waiting for Fleur to make her decision.
"Choose wisely, Fleur. The Pokemon you choose today will be a lifelong partner, so you want to pick one you feel you can befriend the best."
Fleur nodded, as she looked over the PokeBalls carefully. If she was going to pick anything, she was going to pick Electric, Fire, or Water. She knew from her 'brothers' that the choices were Pikachu, Mudkip, Torchic, Treeko, Eevee, and Pidgey. Her hand moved slowly towards the Electric PokeBall, picking it up slightly.
"Are you sure that's the Pokemon you want? Electric types can be very temperamental."
Fleur nodded again, holding tightly to the PokeBall.
"Yes, Professor Birch. I'm sure."
Professor Birch nodded, and they both moved towards the front door. As they opened it, a deafening roar of people talking happily greeted them. Fleur blushed slightly as her mom came running towards her with a stack of clothes in her hands.
"Fleur, honey, you forgot these at the house! Oh, I feel so happy for you! A Pokemon of your own..."
Fleur's mom sighed happily, handing the clothes to her. As she hugs Fleur, she remembers something that she wanted to give to Fleur on the day she left home.
"Fleur, there's something I forgot at the house. It's for you, so I need you to come with me."
Fleur's mom grabbed her arm and half pulled, half dragged Fleur back to the house. When they got there, Fleur's mom held a finger to her mouth, and closed all the windows, doors, and blinds. She walked over to the desk, and took what looked to be a diamond, but it was a glowing electric blue color and had what looked to be a lightning bolt inside of it. Fleur looked at the stone as her mother walked towards her, the stone in hand. A small hole was at the top, with a single string wrapped around and through the hole so it wouldn't fall. Fleur's mom tied it around Fleur's neck, speaking quietly.
"You must never let anyone see this, sweety. This is an important thing that I wanted to give you as soon as I found you, but I couldn't; it would've put you in danger."
Fleur looked very confused at her mother, starting to open her mouth when the PokeBall in her hand opened; clearly the Pikachu had been very bored of the area inside of it. Fleur gasped slightly, looking the Pikachu over carefully. Even though it was hard to tell in the dark, the Pikachu had abnormal coloring. Instead of brown markings, red cheeks, and black tipped ears and eyes, all of them were different shades of blue.

05-15-2004, 08:20 PM


1 hour later........


Fleur waved good-bye to her mother, who was in tears and shouting advice as Fleur and her Pikachu moved towards the edge of the town. Fleur was determined not to cry and run back to her mom when she was already this far along, but she did anyway. She ran as fast as she could, and when she reached her mom, she hugged her tightly and said a few words quietly.
"I love you, Mom..."
Fleur looked up at her mother and smiled slightly.
"I'll come back and visit when I can, okay Mom?"
Fleur's mom smiled lovingly and kissed Fleur on the forhead.
"Okay, honey. But be careful, okay? If you get hurt, come straight home, do you hear me?"
Fleur nodded, tears starting to make their way down her face. She started to make her way to the edge of town, and they were on their way.


Their journey was quiet, but that was soon to be interrupted.

05-15-2004, 10:51 PM
I like it. * fingers itch * Must make... Sprite of Fleur and her Pika... * twitches *

Anyways, I really liked it. A Whole lot! Mind messaging me if you update? :)

05-19-2004, 01:11 AM
Ack..........I'm having a writer's block, so there might not be any updates on the story for a day or so......... :oops: :oops: :oops: :sad: :sad: :sad: :susp: :susp: :susp:

05-22-2004, 05:45 PM
Okay, the writer's block has left! Most likely to go bother J. K. Rowling...but anyways! Back to the story then!


Pikachu@-- Lvl. 5
Thundershock, Tail Whip
Extra: All points of fur that is normally brown, black, or red are all different shades of blue.





Fleur and Pikachu were walking along the path to the next town: Oldale, and then to Petalburg City. It was a beautiful day; cloudless blue skies overhead, a gentle breeze blowing across the grass...but something wasn't quite right. It was quiet...
"Too quiet."
Fleur said, looking around worried.
"There should be the sounds of the Pokemon, but there aren't any..."
Pikachu looked worried as well, and ran into the bushes.
"Pikachu! Where are you going?!"


Pikachu was at least 5 meters inside, when she finally saw why all the Pokemon were being so quiet. They were playing Hide and Seek! Suddenly, two Eevees tackled Pikachu, thinking that she was playing with them as well.
Pikachu cried as she was knocked back. When she got up, she looked closely at the two. One was pure white, with gold tipped ears and paws. She also had 3 gold stars on her hip. The other one, however, was pitch black with deep brown eyes.
"Pikachu, pika pi?" -=Do you wanna come with me?=-
Pikachu asked quietly, waiting patiently.
The Eevees thought for a moment, then replied happily.
"Eevee!" -=Sure!=-
Pikachu smiled and started moving back to Fleur, leading the Eevees quickly.


Fleur was sitting under the shade of a rather large oak tree when she heard rustling in the grass. She leaped to her feet, grabbing a PokeBall, just in case. To Fleur's surprise, Pikachu came bounding through the bushes, followed by two Eevees. The Eevees stopped when they saw Fleur, the white one's eyes filled with slight fear, the black's filled with slight anger. Without thinking, Fleur told Pikachu to ask the Eevees if they wanted to come with them. Pikachu nodded and leaped down from Fleur's shoulder, moving towards the two Eevees.
"Pikachu pika pi chu?" -=Do you want to come with me and Fleur?=-
The white Eevee nodded, but the black one shook her head and spoke.
"Eevee!" -=Not without a fight!=-
Pikachu nodded, her face sad. She didn't want to fight the black Eevee, but she knew she had to. Fleur threw a PokeBall at the white Eevee, and she went in without complaint.

New Pokemon!

Starlight@Oran Berry Lvl. 10
Light Eevee
Tackle, Quick Attack, Growl
Extra: Completely white, with gold tips on ears and paws, has 3 stars on left hip.

/New Pokemon!

06-04-2004, 12:17 AM


Pikachu watched the black Eevee, a confused look on her face. Why did Eevee want to fight? She sighed, and moved forward, her cheeks searing with electricity.
Eevee growled quietly, crouching close to the ground, black fur bristling roughly. She was prepared for all out war if it came to that, and in Eevee's case, she really hoped that it would be.
Fleur watched from a few feet back, awaiting with annoying suspense of what would happen.
"Pikachu, use thundershock!"
Nodding, Pikachu followed commands and used Thundershock, and luckily Eevee had been watching Pikachu and not thinking about anything but what she was going to do next. Eevee was hit by the attack, but stood firm.
"Eevee..." -=I'm gonna win...=-
Eevee sprinted towards Pikachu in a harsh Quick Attack, making Pikachu fly backwards with the impact. Getting to her paws, Pikachu used another Thundershock attack, packing more electricity into this one than the first. Eevee, who had leaped into the air to use a jumping Tackle, was hit again by the Thundershock and thrown to the ground. She landed on her back and rolled backwards, to finally land on her stomach. Wincing, she tried to get up, but collapsed, breathing heavier and murmuring slightly under her breath.
Fleur, spotting the moment of truth, took out another PokeBall and threw it at the Eevee. The ball bounced off, landing on the ground. It shook one, two, and finally three times, making the familiar "Ding-dong" sound.

New Pokemon!

Shadow@Oran Berry Lvl. 10
Dark Eevee
Tackle, Quick Attack, Growl
Extra: Is completely black, with deep dark brown eyes.

/New Pokemon!

Fleur ran over to the PokeBall, ecstatic that she now had 3 Pokemon. She picked it up, putting it on her belt for safekeeping, along with the PokeBall containing Starlight. Pikachu leaped onto Fleur's shoulders, smiling happily as they made their way down the path again.

06-04-2004, 12:38 AM
AWESOME story!!! I like the way you write!

06-04-2004, 01:14 AM
Great job on the first few posts. I havent got that far yet but what I've seen this fic is going to be a great one. Keep up the great work and I'll read some more later!

06-06-2004, 05:34 PM

Pikachu@-- Lvl. 6
Thundershock, Tail Whip
Extra: All points that is normally brown, red, or black are different shades of blue

Starlight@Oran Berry Lvl. 10
Light Eevee
Tackle, Quick Attack, Growl
Extra: Is completely white with gold points on tail, paws, and ears. Three gold stars on hip.

Shadow@Oran Berry Lvl. 10
Dark Eevee
Tackle, Quick Attack, Growl
Extra: Is completely black with deep, dark brown eyes.






The form of Oldale Town began to form in the distance when Fleur and Pikachu stopped for lunch. They stopped under a large willow tree, sitting in the shade as Fleur rumaged through her backpack for a sandwich and some PokeChow. Finding what she was looking for, she let Shadow and Starlight out of their PokeBalls. Starlight was very excited and leaped on Fleur happily, but Shadow kept her distance from Fleur. Pikachu and Starlight were nibbling quietly on some PokeChow, but Shadow, it seemed, wasn't hungry. Fleur stopped eating her sandwich to watch Shadow carfully.
"Hey...Shadow, why aren't you eating?"
Shadow growled slightly, evidently not trusting Fleur at all.
"Vee...vee..." -=I'm not hungry...=-
Fleur smiled slightly, rumaging through her backpack once more, this time pulling out a Potion. She sprayed it on Shadow, who had bruises on her body as well as scratches.
"There you go. Better than before, at least."
Fleur whispered, as Pikachu pricked up her ears slightly. Something was coming, and fast.
"Pikachu, pika pi chu!" -=Fleur, something's coming! We'd better hide...=-
Fleur nodded, returning Shadow and Starlight quickly as she picked up her things and ran behind the tree quietly. Down the road, Fleur could see a large cloud of dust. She couldn't make out who or what was causing it, but she could see dust. Fleur ran out of the shelter of the willow into the road and started running towards the dust, hoping to find out what was wrong. Pikachu ran after Fleur, trying to go as fast as she could to reach Fleur as soon as possible.
Fleur tripped over a rock in the path, getting scratched up slightly. She rose to her feet again, running swiftly to the scene on the outskirts of Oldale Town. When she reached the scene, she saw who was causing the dust to rise: It was a squabble between Team Rocket, Team Aqua, and Team Magma all at once! Fleur gasped when she saw who the represenitive of Team Rocket was. Running into the bushes, she watched the arguement go on, hoping desperately that Officer Jenny would be there soon. Fleur watched the man from Team Rocket, fear and hatred glowing in her eyes as she tried to remember why she hated that man so much. She waited for about 5 minutes, and still, the teams were squabbling, and Officer Jenny had not arrived. Having seen enough of the arguement, Fleur jumped out of the bushes.
"Hey! Stop arguing right this second!"
She yelled at the top of her lungs so she would be heard. The team members stared at her, the Team Rocket member watching with a glint of revenge in his eyes. He spoke, his voice oh so very familiar and cold.
"Fleur...so you have found me again. How sweet and...so predictable."

06-11-2004, 01:18 AM
Me: *Grins* This is getting good!
Treecko: I'm with Shadow. Never trust a human!
Evenure: I think the two Eevees are actually one eevee which had its nice and mean side become two seperate eevees.
Me: Sorry about these two.^^;; They are the characters of my fic. and like to help me when I praise someone's story.
Treecko: I think the story should be more about pokemon...

06-11-2004, 01:25 AM
Thank you! I really am surprised that people actually like my story...cause I know I can't reveal anything from this story to anyone I know besides my best friends in RL...but I can't wait for later in the story! I've got an entire chapter planned out...but it comes later...so I can't tell ya...

06-11-2004, 01:30 AM
This story is one of the best Fan Fics I have ever read! How did you get so good if you haven't written a Fan Fic. before? I would really like to know. *Gets out notebook and pencil*

06-11-2004, 01:36 AM
well...I like to read, and I roleplay a lot, so I guess those help a bit...plus, I really like stories anyway, and I was thinking of writing a book...but I wrote this instead... ^^;;

06-11-2004, 01:43 AM
Cool! Try not to add to many special pokemon to you trainer's team or else the story won't turn out so good. :wink:

06-12-2004, 12:46 AM
Don't worry, I won't...with Shadow and Starlight, I think that my "special" Pokemon are done...and I'll post the next part of chapter 4 sometime soon...school's finally letting out on the 22nd, so I might not have much inspiration...but oh well.