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05-13-2004, 07:06 AM
Chapter 1: An End...


A word, one word, the word. The word that flew through his mind, consumed every thought, forced out everything else so that all he could think of was the word. And of her...


He should have been there! Why couldn't he have run faster? Why could he have fought harder? Why couldn't he save her?


And now... she was dead. Shot through the heart by a stray beam of energy. Jason watched the whole scene, experienced the entire saga within those few seconds. He dashed over to where she lay and held her in his arms. Blood shot out everywhere, staining her light blue jacket and Jason's brown vest. Jason stared into Sarah's deep blue eyes, watching as they focused to him. Her mouth slowly opened, quietly, and she said two words.

"I love..."

And then she was gone. Her eyes glazed over as her soul passed on to the next world. She went limp upon that field, among the dead pokemon and dead trainers. She died in his arms. She died before he could tell her that he loved her too.

05-13-2004, 09:31 AM
Great start HKim, I can tell this is going to be a great story!

05-24-2004, 08:03 AM
Four Weeks Later...

A light rain slowly poured over the pokemon center in Fuchsia. Dark clouds loomed over the down, pushed south by the blustery wind coming from the ruins of Vermillion City. Lighting strikes in the distant northern sea flashed every few seconds, foreshadowing the continuing rainstorms throughout the week. Yet to some, this was a blessing.

The havoc of the war, some even called it the Great War, caused havoc in the weather. Snow fell in deserts while hurricanes rose over mountains. Even a month later, the world regions continued to feel the after-effects of the war. The disturbance of the legendaries, all of the legendaries, was not a light matter. When Team Magma awoke Kyogre, it set about a chain of events that lead to complete chaos. If it weren't for the near-complete victory of Team Trainer, the world, and all the beings within it, would have died.

After the end of the war, the death of Team Trainer's leader, Harry Kim, and the defeat of both Hank, leader of Team Magma, and Syrus Saith, leader of The Magnificent Alliance; Team Trainer took the lead in the reconstruction of the world. The remaining trainers, those that did not perish in the war, helped return the legendaries to their rightful homes. As for the orbs, the seemingly magical items that saved the world, they were scattered, separated so that their power will never be united for evil. With the balance of power restored, the weather followed, returning to their normal habits. Only small fronts, like this storm, remained as they traveled back to their original locations. Yet, even though the weather reverted to its normal state, the damage done to the cities, people, and pokemon remained...


The thunder outside boomed throughout the pokemon center, shaking Jason Field out of his reverie. Immediately he stood up, his shoulders tensed and his right hand immediately grasped on of his remaining pokeballs. Shifting his eyes around the room, his mind searched for any signs of danger. Only after noting the empty chairs and secured windows did his mental walls drop and he relaxed.

Jason stood a moderate 5'6. Bits of dirt and oil held his hair in place, his bangs brushed off to the right side of his head. His eyes held the gaze of a worn veteran, a feature that used to be that of a young, optimistic boy. Hunched shoulders dominated Jason's figure, giving others the impression he was being shorter than he actually was. His clothes: a black T-shirt over matching pants; had changed from his previous blue T-shirt and jeans he wore as a trainer. Even his brown vest, the last remaining vestige of his innocence, disappeared at the cost of Sarah, his closest friend. The war transformed him into the person he now was.

Slightly sweating, even though the room air stood cool, Jason slowly sat back down in the waiting room chair. In contrast to his active mental state a second earlier, his mind lay weary. Glancing at his black watch upon his left wrist, Jason noted that the time to be 1:29. He had been there for seven hours.

"I need sleep," Jason thought to himself. Yet, as much as his body yearned for the peace sleep would give him, Jason knew that he had an obligation, one as important to him as the war itself. He needed to be here because a month ago... A month ago, he failed.

In a hospital bed several rooms down, lay Espeon, the last of Sarah's remaining pokemon.

05-29-2004, 04:09 AM
Jason looked up to the single lit sign above the double doors leading to the surgical rooms. The standard white needle marked the plastic, indicating to all that this lead to a room of medicine in care. However, the simple design failed to represent the true nature of the pokemon center. The entire place was filled with complex machinery and technology that boggled all but the trained professionals of medicine. Even Chansey, the nurse pokemon, did not know all the functions and uses of every single piece of equipment. Only the several doctors and nurses around the world could perform the delicate medicine needed in ever center. Only they could save the lives of humans and pokemon in dire situations.

And this was a dire situation for Espeon.

Over the course of the war, lives were lost. Trainers lost pokemon. Pokemon lost trainers. Jason lost two of his pokemon: Midreavous and Vibrava. Sadly enough, he was one of the lucky ones.

Many trainers with 6 pokemon, some with more some with less, lost at least 3 or 4 pokemon. Even with this average, many trainers lost all of their pokemon. And many pokemon lost their trainers, like Espeon. She was the last one living when Sarah died, but even then, Espeon's wounds were extensive. Broken bones, internal bleeding, and mental fatigue plagued her body until she too could no longer battle like her trainer. Jason managed to save her before the enemy finished her off. And now, after so many weeks, she still remained in critical care. The doctors in the field stabilized her, but her life remained in danger without proper treatment from a pokemon center. With several of them destroyed, many more filled with other injured pokemon, Jason finally managed to find care for Espeon in Fuchsia. And now, he could only wait.

06-15-2004, 06:06 AM
Several minutes later, minutes of agony and impatience, the imposing red sign darkened. Two possibilities now arose, either the surgery was successful or… it wasn’t. Yet, some hidden hope beneath Jason’s dark heart still shined with life. With it, Jason slowly stood up, his mind at full attention.

He could feel everything within this moment. His ears heard the pouring rain, diving at the same rate as his blood was pulsing. His nose smelled the cool, circulating air within the center. His tongue felt the dry roof of his mouth. And his eyes saw the opening door of the medical ward.

Out from the hall, a haggard looking Nurse Joy stepped out. Dark circles surrounded her weary eyes and her shoulders were hunched over from hours of surgery. Even her usually well-kept red hair had managed to escape the neat bun and several strands fell along her face. But what struck Jason the most was none of these. What struck him was her mouth, shaped in a slight frown. A frown that hinted at the outcome.

She looked up and Jason stared into her deep brown eyes, searching for the answer he needed to hear. Yet, within this search, he found the one he desperately wanted to avoid. Espeon didn’t make it. With the news, that last piece of hope within him died. Jason turned away from Nurse Joy, unable to stare into her eyes any longer.

“I’m sorry,” was all she could murmur.

And then, Jason ran. He ran from Nurse Joy who failed to save Espeon’s life. He ran from the pain within his heart. No longer thinking sanely, his pain deepened and stabbed him, sending him to tears. He failed Sarah, he lost Espeon, he failed Sarah…

Jason pushed through the double-glass doors into the howling rain. Large droplets struck him in, trying to drive him to the ground. Lighting struck in the distance, and thunder cackled around him, trying to swallow his entire being. Yet, he needed to do this, his heart wouldn’t hear of anything else.

He jumped to the ground from the porch of the center and continued his desperate dash. Suddenly, a root seemed to come out of nowhere and Jason tripped over it. His entire body fell forward into the mud, throwing up the dirt around him. Pain shot up his right leg, but he managed to stand with difficulty and began running again. His legs pounded along the mud, throwing it in all directions. He could barely see 10 feet in front of him, but he knew where he was going. The cliff was hard to miss.

Within seconds of his mad escape from the center, he reached the crevice. He quickly slowed to a stop and stared down into the dark abyss. His mind said it was crazy. Everything that he was before the war yelled at him to stop. Yet, his heart, forged by pain and sorrow told him what he needed to do. There will be no relief, no cure for the death within him. No cure, except to kill himself.

07-03-2004, 05:51 AM
The thunder crackled around him, shouting deadly intent into Jason’s mind. The swirling rain engulfed him, pulled him closer to the cliff. The swaying trees all leaned towards the trainers, edging him to his last step, his last doom. Endless dark clouds crashed in the sky.

“I’m sorry Sarah!” he yelled into the maelstrom.

Then, he backed away, half-stumbling. His mind no longer struggled with his final decision. Finally, moving back far enough, Jason paused. His chest heaved heavily as he clutched his broken heart. Finally, he ran. Dashing towards the edge of the cliff, he knew this was the only way to escape the pain.


Jason, not expecting a voice, instantly stopped and stumbled to the ground, only a meter from the edge of the cliff. He glanced back, stumbling to feet in frantic confusion. Through the thick rain and fog, he could not see the source of the voice.

“Who’s there?” he shouted, anxiety clouding his mind. His head kept shooting back and forth, trying to find the voice.

Suddenly, through the thick rain and fog, a form appeared. It appeared to be human, slightly shorter than Jason was. Yet, as the shadow approached, Jason knew who it was. Long hair flowed from her head. She was female.

“Sarah!” he yelled, half in shock. Color drained from his face and his hands began to shake. “You’re… dead! This isn’t possible…”

Yet, the figure continued to approach closer. Even over the wind of the storm, he could hear her voice…Sarah’s voice.

“It’s okay. I won’t hurt you.”

But, by now, Jason knew who she was. Sarah was dead. He had seen her die within his arms. Now, her ghost has come back to seek revenge.

“Sarah! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to let you die. I… I tried to save Espeon…I couldn’t…”

Yet the girl continued to approach, her steps never failing, her voice continuing to haunt the shouts of the wind and rain.

“No…Sarah! Please…I’m sorry!”

Jason stepped back away from the shadow, his fear gripping his heart and mind. Sarah was back to kill him.

Suddenly, he tripped over the rock. His entire body fell backward over the cliff and down into the dark maw below. Jason shouted in surprise, agony, and fear. Seconds later, his mind went blank, hearing only the voice of Sarah Smith.

07-08-2004, 04:16 AM
Lying on his back, Jason slowly opened his eyes and blinked a few times. He could only see white light, and for a moment, he thought that someone was shining a light into his face. Suddenly, the events of the night rushed back to him and he realized that he was…


Jason quickly scrambled to his feet upon…. A white ground. In fact, as he glanced around him, he could only see white. White everywhere, except for a lone figure that stood to his left. Yet, even in this strange white world, he knew who she was. After a month of life in utter pain and agony, he finally followed her to death.

“Sarah…” He managed to whisper, half in shock, half in joy.

But, she simply held up her hand causing Jason to stop in his tracks. Confused, he simply stared at her. Her flowing, brown hair seemed to fly in the wind, even though he didn’t feel a breeze at all. It was if she was standing in a torrential storm. Even her white, cotton dress blew with the breeze against her nimble legs. Confused, Jason gazed into her aqua blue eyes, only to find deep sadness.

“What’s the matter Sarah? Why are you sad?” Jason asked.

And then, she spoke.

“Jason, you are in pain.” She whispered a tone of sorrow in her words. Her entire voice seemed to echo within the white void. There was a musical quality to it; yet, the music was deep and full of melancholy.

“No, Sarah. I’m fine. I’m here with you now. That’s all that matters.” He took a step forward.

“No.” Sarah said again and held up her hand like before. “Jason, you cannot remain here with me. While our love may be strong, your place is in the world below. You still have many years to live Jason. Don’t throw it away for me.”

“But, I want to.” He responded. “Sarah, I can’t live without you.”

She shook her head. “You can and you will.”

She turned around daintily. Then slowly began to walk away. In panic, Jason quickly sprinted after her, but she seemed to drift farther and farther away.

“Sarah! Don’t leave me! Not again!” He shouted.

She seemed to turn her head, as if gazing upon him one last time. Jason could see her mouth open and her words sang within his mind. “One day, you’ll see me again. But for now, you have a life. Live it to the fullest, Jason. That is my final wish to you.”

And with that, Sarah disappeared into the white void.

07-08-2004, 10:57 PM
At first, Jason seemed to be lost within the darkness of his dreams. But slowly, as he returned to consciousness, sounds of birds chirping seemed to penetrate his mind. Their voices weren’t clear, as if a wall blocked their beautiful songs. His mind continued to push forward, fighting against the fatigue of his body. He could feel a soft material around him, smooth and fuzzy. He was in a bed. Finally, his will pushed all the way through into the real world. Jason slowly opened his eyes.

His pupils quickly adjusted to the bright morning light that shot through the window. Jason turned his head to the side, wincing as he pulled at a knot in his muscles in his neck. Instantly moving up his hand up to his neck, he massaged the tense muscle while continuing to slowly glance around the room. His room appeared to be a medical facility. The white walls only had a few paintings on them, mostly of pokemon within their natural environment. There was only one brown door with a handle on the right side. Functionally stark, the hospital room was meant for medical purposes rather than comfort.

Jason continued to glance around the room. Several pieces of medical equipment surrounded the bed and the far counter below the plastic cabinet. But, as he continued his turn to his right, he saw something, rather someone.

A teenage girl sat calmly in her chair. A concerned expression placated her pale face. Her black hair reached down past her shoulders and down her back, though it was tangled with bits of dirt stuck to it. Her blue jeans and black cotton jacket was covered with grime. Even her brown eyes seemed to glow with concern and weariness. Yet, Jason could see a fire in her eyes, a fire that burned from her heart and soul.

“Good morning.” She said as she uncrossed her arms. Slowly she stood up from her chair and walked over to Jason’s bed. “You had quite a fall last night. Luckily, I was there to save you.”

“Save me?” Jason said, confused. The last thing he remembered was falling off of the cliff. He quickly attempted to sit up, and with some pain in his right leg, thanks to his trip in the rain, he managed to sit up.

“Yes, save you.” The girl coolly replied. She sent over to the bottom of the bed and sat on the side, yet continued to face Jason. “My Ivysaur launched a series of vines that grabbed you during your fall. You almost died.” Concern once again appeared in her eyes. “What were you doing there anyway?”

Jason looked down. He didn’t want to discuss his near suicidal action. For a month, he had kept his feelings to himself, telling no one about his internal despair. And now after his near-death experience, for it was too powerful to be a dream, he felt closer to peace than before. Sarah wished for him to live. He wasn’t sure if he could simply forget his failure; his heart still ached. Yet, he didn’t want to kill himself any longer.

“I…” He began, unsure of how to answer the question. “I was out there to kill myself.” Even though he couldn’t see his rescuers face, he could sense her shock.

“Why?” She asked.

“I lost someone. Someone close. Her death greatly affected me.” After a moment of pause, Jason managed to look up. He caught a glimpse of compassion in the stranger’s eyes before it vanished to be replaced by concern.

“Don’t worry.” He said, trying to reassure her. “I… had a change of heart. I believe that Sarah wants me to live. That I should live my life to the fullest.” He smiled weakly. “Perhaps I just need time to heal.”

The stranger merely nodded. “I’m Melody, by the way.” She said.

“Jason.” He responded. “Melody…. Thank you.”

“Just don’t do it again.” She merely replied and with that, she slid off the bed and walked to the door, exiting quietly.

For a few minutes, Jason mused over this strange young woman, before finally drifting back into a deep slumber.

07-11-2004, 12:46 AM
Pushing the plastic, sliding shower door to the side, Melody silently stepped out of the shower. She picked up a white towel from the rack and began drying herself off. Yet, her mind seemed to be focusing somewhere else.

That trainer, he’s crazy. First suicidal, then not, that doesn’t make any sense. But, that’s the only reason he would be standing on that cliff. So, if he wanted to kill himself, why didn’t he simply jump off when he saw me? Wouldn’t he realize that I would try to stop him?

Quickly finishing off drying her legs, she hung the towel back upon the rack and walked over to the sink counter where she lay out her clothes. Automatically she began dressing, barely paying attention to what she was doing.

It was if…. he recognized me. But we’ve never met before, so he must have thought I was someone else. Sarah perhaps? He did mention her name.

Melody assumed that Sarah was Jason’s sister or something, but seeing his weariness, promptly decided to ask him later.

So, if I reminded him of Sarah, he must have been confused. Eh.

Melody suddenly realized she had put her T-shirt on inside out. She quickly pulled it off, fixed it, and placed it back on again. Finally, all dressed, she walked back over to the rack and started wrapping her long, black hair with the towel.

Next time I see him, I’ll ask him directly. No more scratching around the issue. He probably thinks I’m all soft now. I have to show him that I’m tough, strong, and not weak. Don't want any rumors to get around now.

Finally finished with her hair, Melody grasped the doorknob and pushed the bathroom door open into the trainer sleeping quarters, provided freely by every pokemon center around the world. Most of the beds lay empty, as the morning had already come and several people had already left to continue along their way. Only a few late birds remained in bed.

Melody hadn’t caught a wink last night. Although she secretly wouldn’t let anyone know about it, she did have compassion. Her worry over Jason plagued her to stay awake the rest of the night into the morning. Knowing that he was okay had calmed her mind and she suddenly felt the weariness of her own body. Finally, unable to fight the unavoidable, she crawled into one of the unused lower bunks and fell asleep.

07-12-2004, 10:28 AM
Chapter 2: A Trek Home

Sometime during the mid-afternoon, Melody woke up. As her mind drifted back into consciousness, she slowly stretched out. Her arms pushed up past her head while her legs shot downward. Her entire body felt the intense pull on her muscles until she finally relaxed them. The ease on her body issued out a sigh from her mouth before she opened her eyes.

“Looks like it’s a warm day.” She murmured seeing how she unknowingly kicked off her blankets while asleep. Already she could feel the day’s heat upon her light skin.

Slowly, she slid out of the bunk bed, carefully avoiding hitting her head on the upper bunk. Her towel continued to wrap itself around her now dry hair, though it barely hung on. Instantly, she removed the wet cloth and held it loosely in her left hand. Like before, she glanced around the room, noticing that now all of the beds were unoccupied. Apparently even the late risers beat her.

She turned and began folding the towel in her hands. She had dried her hair so many times that it was second nature. She easily strolled across the room to a storage closet in the side of the wall. The double doors stood open, a result of the last person to use it. She didn’t mind though, herself being a bit untidy at times. Quickly she looked in and located her light blue and green backpack hanging on one of the hooks. She zipped open the main pocket and effortlessly placed the towel inside. Sealing it, she then easily lifted the backpack up and placed it upon her shoulders.

Now to get some answers.

With that, she turned to the nearby door, twisted the knob, and exited the room. Her legs propelled her out into the sunlit corridor. Almost forgetting to close the door behind her, she had to backtrack a few steps to shut it, before continuing down the corridor to the recovery area. While she tended to be curious, this time her concern drove her to find out more about Jason and his near suicidal attempt.

07-13-2004, 06:40 PM
Within seconds, Melody reached the recovery ward area and easily found Jason’s room. She quickly grasped the handle and pulled the wooden door outward. Once cleared, she stepped through and looked around.

Jason appeared to be awake, sitting up sleepily in his bed. A surprised look appeared on his face upon her entrance that quickly transformed into light amusement.

“Thank you for knocking.” He sarcastically commented. A slight smile appeared on his face as he mentally laughed at his own joke.

Melody almost forgot to keep a stern face. His jest and friendly smile relieved her. Yet, she came here for answers, not friendship, so she continued to maintain her serious composure and stepped forward towards Jason’s hospital bed.

“Jason,” she began, “I would like to know more about Sarah. You mentioned her earlier.”

All of the energy in Jason’s face suddenly drained away at the mention of Sarah’s name. Melody knew she hit a weak spot, but she needed to know Jason’s true feelings and intent. She needed to know that he wouldn’t try and kill himself again. If that means reopening his old wounds, so be it.

“Sarah…” He began, pausing out of remorse rather than thought, “Sarah was a friend. One of my best friends actually. We traveled together for close to a year before…”

Melody could see Jason’s gaze turn inward. No longer did his eyes focus upon her but rather towards the inside of his heart and soul. The memory sparked feelings he didn’t want to feel. Yet, Melody needed to know.

“Before…” She reminded, yet Jason’s eyes merely softened at her words, not really looking at anything in particular.

“…Before the war snatched away her life. Before we lost everything we’ve shared. Before our dreams were shattered.”

Tears appeared around his eyes, though they were controlled tears. Tears that had been shed before, no longer a stranger to his face. His breathing quickened and he brought his hands to his face as if he could hold back his tears. Soft sobs escaped his mouth.

“You loved her, didn’t you?” Melody asked, though she knew the answer.

Jason merely nodded, unable to answer. He turned away from her and curled his body over. Letting the tears fall upon the soft bed sheets under him. Jason began to weep lightly, desperately trying to keep his emotions intact, but failing as he wailed for his dear and departed friend and love.

Melody stepped forward. It pained her to see him mourning, alone. She wanted to comfort him, to tell him everything would be all right. Yet, her own heart prevented her from doing so.

I provoked his heart into this distress. I’m the one who reminded him of his loss. I don’t have the right to comfort him now. He was in pain, and I simply barged in.

Suddenly, Melody felt a light tap on her right shoulder. She immediately turned around to see Nurse Joy holding what appeared to be a letter.

“I have a letter for Jason.” Nurse Joy whispered, not wishing to disturb him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give it to him.” Melody replied as she lightly grasped the letter. Nurse Joy nodded her gratitude then walked away.

Carefully, Melody looked down at the letter and turned it around so the address faced the right direction. She scanned the envelope’s writing, searching for anything of meaning. After finding none, she gave up, not knowing the power she held in her hands. There, on the upper left corner of the envelope stood the return address. At the top was a single name: Mrs. Smith.

07-15-2004, 10:31 AM
Melody turned away from the door towards Jason. Quietly she stepped forward, keeping her focus upon Jason. When she reached him, she paused, unable to decide how to hand him the letter. Jason, too preoccupied with his pain, didn’t notice her presence. Finally, she simply tapped him on the shoulder. Jason looked up, lowering his hands from his face.

“I… um…. I have a letter for you.” She mumbled. “Here.” She said as she forced the letter into his face. Immediately she regretted the direct action, but bit her tongue.

For a moment, Jason merely stared at the letter; his uncontrollable sobs the only movement of his body. Finally, he reached up and plucked the envelope from her hand. He held it for a moment, as if it was the rarest gem in the world. Yet, as his gaze drifted upon the front, he soon discovered whom it was from.

A combination of a gasp and a cry escaped Jason’s mouth. For a moment, his voice seemed to be caught in his throat as a slight daze overtook him. His eyes locked on to the words, to the name. His entire being converged on the letter.

Finally, seconds later, Jason snapped out of his daze. He turned the letter over, his hands shaking. Slowly, he began to open the top using his fingers. Roughly he unsealed the white envelope, leaving the top a tangled mess. Yet he didn’t care about the white shell, but rather the precious message inside. Jason pulled out the folded letter, allowing the envelope to drop down to the hard linoleum floor. His hands enfolded themselves around the paper and slowly unfolded the paper before his soft eyes.

A mysterious silence fell upon the room. Jason’s pupils scanned each line, absorbing every word, every letter. His sobbing slowly dissolved into mere sniffles. As for Melody, she could only stare, searching Jason’s face for any hint to what the letter said or whom it was from. Yet, this time she took no action, leaving Jason alone in his thoughts.

A minute passed, though it seemed like an eternity to Melody. Jason’s gaze eventually reached the bottom of the paper to the signature. A single tear from his face fell upon the paper, but his crying did not resume. For a moment, he simply held the letter within his hands, his eyes unable to neither reread the letter nor look anywhere else.

Finally, Jason looked up towards Melody. A slight spark of life seemed to glisten in his eyes, surprising her. Before she could say anything, or even think to say anything, Jason spoke up, though quietly, unwilling to break the mystical silence.

“Melody,” he whispered, “This letter was written by Sarah’s mother.”

07-30-2005, 11:28 AM
Melody gasped. Her mind tumbled with thoughts and questions.

Why would Sarah’s mother write to Jason? Does she hate him because he couldn’t save her?

However, she knew that none of the questions in her mind would be answered if she didn’t find out. Instead of asking Jason for the answers, Melody quickly grabbed the paper from his hands. Her eyes spilled over the letter, pulling the answers from the multitude of sentences. Luckily for Melody, Jason did not protest. He continued to remain sitting, staring upon the space in which the letter used to occupy.

Dear Jason,

I received your email regarding my daughter’s death.

I write this in great pain. There have been so many deaths in so short a time. First her father and now little Sarah. She was a special girl, perhaps more so than we’ll ever know. A part of me dies with her.

Yesterday, a member of Team Trainer informed me that Sarah’s body had arrived in Celadon City. I’m glad that they managed to recover her remains. We can finally lay her to rest.

Her funeral will be a private ceremony, family only. However, you’re invited to attend, Jason. I only request that you bring Espeon home. In your last email, you discussed how Espeon appeared to be dying, yet you had hopes. If she is alive, I hope that you bring her back safely. If she died while in surgery, bring her body home safely.

I am told that electronic communications are down, so I’ve sent this using the old-fashioned Pidgey mail system. You don’t have to respond, just follow the path back here. Our house is deep within the woods near Celadon, but I believe you know the way. May God save us all, Jason.

Mrs. Angela Smith

Melody’s hand slowly fell, her fingers releasing the sorrowful letter. As if guided by some invisible hand, the letter floated down to land in front of Jason.

For a moment, he merely stared at the befallen letter, sniffling slightly. He slowly leaned forward to pick it up, but hesitated halfway. For a moment, he remained in that position seemingly unsure whether to retrieve the funeral invitation or to leave it in peace.

Melody could only watch Jason’s hesitation.

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